The Benefits of Hard Work: What’s desperately missing from the world

Typically, union members who participate in collective bargaining agreements cheat themselves out of the good practice of benefits rendered from hard work—the type of work that leaves every bone in your body tired, where you fight hard with others to achieve a task under ominous circumstances to arrive at a goal many thought impossible. When work is throttled down to where breaks must be taken every two hours on the hour and deep concern is paid to how much one has sold their time for per hour—the union laborer becomes simply a whore who sells their time for a price instead of a producer who willed with sheer resolve to a conclusion invisible to others functioning from emotional limitations.

To those who have pulled all nighters, or several of them in succession especially when a team of other people is involved they understand the feeling of tackling the impossible and just how good a breakfast can taste after 32 straight hours of good work concluded. Those hours for the truly productive are not about making money—but about making something from nothing and pushing the project uphill against all odds to a successful conclusion. To achieve such things, it often requires exceptional willpower to pull off.

I have been involved in many of these events over the years and they always feel good to participate in, and finish. I never tire of the euphoria of a job well done. There is a bonding quality which comes naturally with a team when they all struggle as individuals toward an objective and there is always much back slapping that goes on afterwards when tired bodies struggle against sleep after being awake for more than 24 straight hours working so hard that they forget to take breaks.

Union workers always look at the time clock not willing to miss a smoke break, or a chance to stand around and talk about little ideas with shrinking minds. They are always in a hurry to discuss nothing, do nothing, and prepare their lives for one useless event after another for example—“hey Bill, lets grab a cold one when we get done with this shit.” That type of banter means nothing and goes nowhere and usually only contributes to their inner self-imposed misery.

I have seen the kind of magic hard work creates during difficult camping trips where there is often a lot of struggle. I have seen it after busy nights of work where the hours are long and people struggle together to finish the job. I have seen it on movie sets where everyone works hard for 12 straight hours to get everything just right and overcome thousands of technical problems to arrive at the objective. I have even seen such magic on long drives to distant lands where all night travel wears away your senses until daylight rescues tired eyes from the clock-like movement of highway lines steadily going by under your car. It is through struggle that good things happen.

What gets lost in the attempts at an assured “living wage” is the struggle to get something of value. Money is cheapened to an expectation when it is given away easily through a collective bargaining agreement. Sure it can purchase the same iPhones, the same Xbox, the same flat screen televisions—but those items have less value to the union worker who doesn’t have to struggle to receive them. There is a spoiled nature to such people who comes from having things given to them as opposed to earning them with sweat and tired eyes.

Whenever there is struggle and people do it together there is joy in knowing those other people who travel with you—no matter what their political affiliation is, their religious beliefs, their financial status—people all come together when they do hard work together. It is good for their souls and cleanses their spirits. Hard work is the great unifier.

This is why labor unions are that much more of a detriment—they provide a disincentive attribute to hard work by their very nature. They do this by assuring that no matter what the performance level, no matter the schedule, no matter if they get along with others for a united task—that they will get paid. They do not feel they need to work to earn money, because the money is typically given to them just for showing up. So there is no reason to push themselves toward a struggle which holds the secret ingredient toward productive—unifying enterprise.

Capitalism brings out the struggle of an enterprise. Socialism destroys the struggle by bringing everyone down to the unproductive levels of any endeavor. It doesn’t take long for hard workers to become discouraged when some union knuckle dragger stops work in the middle of a difficult endeavor to take a mandated break. It is even worse when you get knee-deep into a project to discover that you still have 10 to 12 hours left and you’ve already put in 12 and you need it by tomorrow—and the union worker walks off the job to have one of those meaningless drinks before Monday Night Football starts leaving the struggle for the next day and a guaranteed schedule slip that is costly beyond measure. When it is wondered why American enterprise is struggling it is because of this very basic element of modern society—the loss of contact between monetary value and productive enterprise—the lack of urgency that avoids struggle because it all pays the same whether it gets done today or tomorrow. Without the struggle, any endeavor is a cheapened experience.

This is the case for any experience in life, from sex to food. Nobody would argue that a McDonald’s meal is of equal value to a five star restaurant which costs half of a thousand dollars for a dinner for two. Even though they are both categories of food, one is undoubtedly more valuable than the other. It is the struggle to make the food that makes the five star restaurant so much more valuable than the quick processing that takes place at McDonald’s. The same holds true for workers of all types, there are those who avoid struggle, and those who thrive in it. The good workers are those who enjoy pushing themselves to the limit. Bad workers are those who just show up in exchange for money like a simple prostitute—lawyers come to mind who charge for small talk about sports when they have a rate of $200 to $500 an hour. At the conclusion of an hour of legal advisement the lawyer strikes up a 6 minute conversation about college football which invokes animated discussion among two men who love sports. But when the bill comes that 6 minutes is included, just like the whore who goes over her time by the same and expects compensation. So to is the union worker who will do nothing above and beyond the collective bargaining agreement even if it is for the good of productivity. Those are bad workers who do things purely for money and seek to avoid struggle of any kind—especially pushing themselves toward excellence.

It is so rare these days to have those struggles when dealing with other people and I cherish each instance. When I see them first hand they restore my faith in the human race. I relish it and when I have breakfast after 32 straight hours of work where every bone in the body is sore and shaking from exhaustion; the food tastes better than anything on the face of the planet—because there is value in it being earned and worked for. That is why it tastes so wonderful with the added purity that only comes from a difficult task accomplished above and beyond all odds and opposition.

Rich Hoffman

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The DOJ Cover-up with the IRS: Caught by Doc Thompson and Judicial Watch

There is likely more to the sudden appearance of the CIA report regarding the liberal senate’s disapproval of waterboarding occurrences during the Bush Administration. At the same time the $40 million dollar report was produced, Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber was testifying about his role of deceit in fooling Americans into accepting the takeover of the health care industry by hidden tax methods in front of congress—which somehow mysteriously took a back seat to the waterboarding information—even on Fox News. The Gruber story was the second story on Fox as the waterboard story was the primary. But even deeper was the revelation that the Department of Justice who is supposed to investigating the IRS targeting of conservative groups seeking tax-exempt status was forced against their will to reveal a few pages of internal DOJ documents that prove Lois Lerner was talking to officials about prosecuting tax-exempt entities criminally. Only under a lawsuit by Judicial Watch v. the Department of Justice, N. 14-cv-01239 did the DOJ hand over two of their withheld pages showing many redacted emails. There was only one news source that covered the story that I know of as the information hit—and that was my friend Doc Thompson, at The Blaze Radio Network. Below are the contents of that powerful radio show which should be listened to from beginning to end.

Documents from a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against the IRS show that Ms. Lerner asked the DOJ whether tax-exempt entities could be criminally prosecuted. This May 8, 2013 email by Ms. Lerner went to Nikole C. Flax, Chief of Staff to Acting IRS Commissioner Steven T. Miller, who would later be fired by President Obama:

“I got a call today from Richard Pilger Director Elections Crimes Branch at DOJ … He wanted to know who at IRS the DOJ folk s [sic] could talk to about Sen. Whitehouse idea at the hearing that DOJ could piece together false statement cases about applicants who “lied” on their 1024s–saying they weren’t planning on doing political activity, and then turning around and making large visible political expenditures. DOJ is feeling like it needs to respond, but want to talk to the right folks at IRS to see whether there are impediments from our side and what, if any damage this might do to IRS programs. I told him that sounded like we might need several folks from IRS…”

DOJ’s Mr. Pilger admitted that DOJ officials met Ms. Lerner in October 2010. Moreover, according to congressional investigators, a Lerner email from October 5, 2010 shows the IRS sent the FBI and DOJ a “1.1 million page database of information from 501(c)(4) tax exempt organizations” that contained confidential taxpayer information. (read more)

So there you have it, the DOJ who is supposed to be investigating this criminal activity was involved—intimately. Lois Lerner stepped way out of her position at the IRS to act as an activist to prosecute those in political opposition to the big government views of the Obama administration. Using the IRS and DOJ as a personal weapon against political opponents and a labor union president who worked directly with Barack Obama, the IRS launched an attack against the American people using coercion in any means they could get by with under the law—or the DOJ’s interpretation of the law—to destroy their political rivals.

Doc Thompson broke down the entire story with his partner Skip LaCombe. The story is out, the proof is there, and prosecutions should happen immediately. Yet, the media caught in their complacency, and just about every level of the federal government has been caught red-handed and nobody wants to deal with the embarrassment of the public ridicule which should follow if there was any justice in the world. Instead the cover-up continues leaving only a few radio outlets and typical conservative journalists to report the matter to a public consumed over waterboarding ten years ago and what Christmas presents they have yet to purchase a week away from the end of the 2014 year.

This story is far larger than Watergate and involves many, many more people. Likely, if the same standards of Watergate were held today, a large part of Washington D.C. would have to throw themselves on the sword and resign. It is the biggest story of the year, but not even Fox covered it—which should tell everything.

The proof is there, the emails exist and the paper trail is conclusive even with mountains of evidence still ready to be uncovered. Even with the danger of bringing up a story over ten years old regarding waterboarding during the Bush presidency we are now told that we should not look further at the Benghazi tragedy because it was too far removed in the past—a whole three years ago during a presidential run that could have knocked Obama out of the election if the story had not been contained with sheer lies. But worse even than that story is that the DOJ directly worked with the IRS and the White House to bring down political rivals using their tax-exempt status to hold them back and encumber them with paperwork and a silent shrill of bureaucratic terrorism to stall their efforts. I know of that work first hand through the Liberty Township Tea Party. I had to help with the paperwork because some of my videos came under scrutiny by the IRS in their investigation of the Liberty Township Tea Part and more specifically, Justine Binik-Thomas. CLICK HERE FOR REVIEW. Yes, I was at the center of that storm and I’m proud of it. But it was my friends there who suffered the most—they had to waste hours of their time filling out paperwork to hold off the IRS attempts to halt their progress as an education oriented organization designed to produce a more alert voting population. In the world of the criminals running things at the White House, DOJ, and the IRS, being an educated voter is a very dangerous thing and that is what they targeted to cover the tracks of their crimes.

It is not an issue for dispute any longer. The proof is there, the time-line is complete. Doc Thompson laid out the entire case, and there are documents to prove the accusations. The DOJ is the only real investigative body capable of prosecution on this issue, and they are directly involved—so who goes to jail, who resigns from office, and who carries out justice in this case? Nobody. It gets swept under the rug and forgotten about until finally ten years from now, just as Democrats have thrown the Bush administration under the bus yet again trying to deflect attention away from their vile actions with public sympathy toward waterboarding that they will finally run out of hiding places over this IRS debacle. Because it’s not going to go away. People like Doc, and I will never let it die. So they can run—but they can’t hide. Eventually, they will peek around the corner of their hiding places and see that justice is before them—and they will have no other option but to accept it. Eric Holder, Barack Obama, Lois Lerner and all those like her involved in this scandal will have to deal with that justice for the rest of their lives. Because even with all the proof that there currently is, it is just the tip of the iceberg, and the American people will be uncovering that evidence for decades. And with each new introduction the anger will only increase and the only institution truly at blame will be the DOJ for its actions in participating in the scandal—and its active role in the cover-up.

Rich Hoffman

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ISIS Price List for Trading Modern Slaves: UN workers at Club La Sirene hanging with prostitutes

Here is the essence of how the terrorists of ISIS have used religion as justification to satisfy their sexual fantasies with underage girls by an endorsement of evil from Allah himself. For every hypocrite who points to former slavery in America and still expects guilt, every domestic terrorist who demands more national debt to operate a monstrosity of a government which deserves to be defunded, and every loser who thinks that the human race should be depopulated so to save “Mother Earth” and her terrestrial gods and villains designed purely from the vantage point of its ridiculously confining elliptical orbit around the sun in a mediocre solar system in just one silly little Milky Way galaxy among millions in the known universe—the new ISIS pamphlet is an excuse to ruin the lives of women and girls on the grounds of a religion that satisfies the urges of men to disguise the advancement of pure evil into the human race. To learn more about this “pamphlet” check the links below—especially this one.

It is clear what’s going on and it is truly a tragedy that the United States no longer has the moral authority to do anything about it. With an $18 trillion-dollar national debt which for the first time exceeds our nation’s GDP Americans have much more severe things to worry about than whether innocent young girls are being raped and maimed by Middle Eastern terrorists under the protection of a religion. And that was always the design—to keep America busy with racial fires, a collapsing education system serving the institution itself instead of the children it was created to help, and an undercut economy hand strung by political red tape to prevent new businesses from being created under capitalism. The goal was to ruin America from within—destroy its sense of family and morality so that it would not be prepared to look at the rest of the world which is an armpit of sweaty and unkempt hair and pass judgment on the vile behavior witnessed there. ISIS doesn’t care about Sykes-Picot, they only care about using Allah as an excuse to have sex with underage girls. Here is the proof as indicated from the recently released pamphlet instructing those terrorist insurgents how to conduct their lives in the presence of women. It says, for those who are not virgins, their uterus must be “purified” first and it even says that it is legal to have sex with a child, providing she is “fit for intercourse”.

The pamphlet even provides the full ISIS price list for female slaves captured during their terrorist rants across the communist infected desert west of the Mediterranean. A woman aged 40 to 50 can yield – 50,000 dinars (£27) A woman aged 30 to 40 – 75,000 dinars (£40) A woman aged 20 to 30 – 100,000 dinars (£53) A girl, aged 10 to 20 – 150,000 dinars (£80) A child under nine – 200,000 dinars (£106) For every human being who wishes to decry slavery in the world from the past—well, it’s happening in the present and there is the price list. Where is the outrage over this issue? There isn’t any—none what so ever. All the people who might point at the morality of the issue are busy protesting a shooting in Ferguson and still looking to make amends with the slavery issues resolved in America during a Civil War that took place over 150 years ago. Yet right now a poor, innocent young girl is being sold into slavery and is a sex toy to some towel headed, sweaty, smelly ISIS extremist—and nobody cares. Here is more from the ISIS pamphlet, a few questions that the terrorists hope to resolve so that there isn’t any confusion as to what they can do to their captured female slaves that might piss off Allah. For instance, say a nice family wanted to visit Syria to see some of the sites around the Bible Lands. Say they were staying in a hotel in Damascus and the young daughter of the family who is 9 years old goes down to the lobby to get some ice for the cooler in their hotel room. Playing games of chance in the Damascus hotel lobby are some ISIS members just killing time since their aren’t any people to kill for the time being, so they see the young girl and decide they want to take her and have sex with her. Here are the questions they would consult from their ISIS pamphlet.

Question 13: Is it permissible to have intercourse with a female slave who has not reached puberty?

It is permissible to have intercourse with the female slave who hasn’t reached puberty if she is fit for intercourse; however if she is not fit for intercourse, then it is enough to enjoy her without intercourse.

Question 18: May a man use the al-‘azl [technique] with his female slave?

A: A man is allowed [to use] al-‘azl during intercourse with his female slave with or without her consent.

Question 19: Is it permissible to beat a female slave?

It is permissible to beat the female slave as a [form of] darb ta’deeb [disciplinary beating], [but] it is forbidden to [use] darb al-takseer [literally, breaking beating], [darb] al-tashaffi [beating for the purpose of achieving gratification], or [darb] al-ta’dheeb [torture beating]. Further, it is forbidden to hit the face.

The pamphlet, written in Q&A form, was published about a month ago and states, the MEMRI report says, that having sex with non-Muslim slave women is permissible, even when these are young girls, and that one may beat them and trade in them.

According to the pamphlet – which was translated by MEMRI – while the buying and selling of captive women is permissible, there are certain limitations on the allowed “uses” of these women: for example, while the beating of a female slave is permissible, one may not torture them or hit their faces.

Any sexual contact with a female slave owned by another man is forbidden, the pamphlet states – unless one first marries the female slave, at which point she continues to belong to her master, who is henceforth forbidden of conducting intercourse with her, a “right” reserved for her husband only. While permitting intercourse with prepubescent slaves, the pamphlet forbids the separation of such girls from their mothers.

According to Islamic State, female slaves – just like all women – must be fully covered with only their necks, feet and hands visible, the pamphlet states.

While stating that the female slaves who attempt to escape – a “grave sin” – are to be punished, it does not state in what way such punishment should be meted out.

A report published by the United Nations in October charged that ISIS was committing war crimes and charged that the group committed particularly heinous crimes against women.

In August, the report said for example, ISIS took 450-500 women and girls to the Tal Afar citadel in Iraq’s Nineveh region where “150 unmarried girls and women, predominantly from the Yazidi and Christian communities, were reportedly transported to Syria, either to be given to ISIL fighters as a reward or to be sold as sex slaves.”


So there you have it. The young girl who went down to the lobby to get ice for her family never returns and will likely be raped and abused for 5 or 6 years by several different owners traded from man to man like a baseball card until she dies and is thrown in a ditch after she reaches the old age of 15 and is no longer any use to the terrorists of sand-land Iraq and Syria. That hypothetical situation might be considered radical if it wasn’t true and happening virtually every day somewhere in the Middle East to some unsuspecting and gullible tourist.

Don’t bother calling the U.S. Embassy—their hands are tied. Don’t bother calling the international media—while on assignment, they are dipping their wicks in those poor young girls as Muslim sympathizers initiated into siding with ISIS through sex—until they are captured and used for ransom themselves. And for a news organization who sends female reporters to the region—they are lucky if they ever come back. They too will end up gang raped and tossed to the side of the road like a used up condom. That is life in the ISIS dominated Middle East. There is nobody there to offer protection and help to females in the region both foreign and domestic. And certainly don’t call the United Nations—that is a useless group more interested in preserving the earth with carbon credits disguised as taxes, and building sidewalks in America to stop urban sprawl. And do you know why dear reader—because the comb over bureaucrats who want to regulate everything for every country in the world are spending their nights at the Club La Sirene having sex with all kinds of sex trade workers—so who are they to judge ISIS except with some strongly written letters. They cheat on their spouses every week that they are away from home and experiment with all types of sexual perversions routinely—because it’s legal there—legal just as the ISIS pamphlet makes it legal to have sex with underage girls—because somebody wrote it down and put a stamp of approval on it. Read the link below to learn more from the perspective of the sex industry workers in Geneva who are having a tough time making ends meet due to the declining economy in Europe. The Geneva Convention certainly has a lot to say when it comes to American torture techniques, like waterboarding. But have little to say when it comes to sexual slavery other than to defend the legalization of prostitution as a way to regulate the sex trade.

Sex crimes against innocent girls are happening in great abundance in Europe and the Middle East—not to mention in the areas around the South China Sea. Too many people want to exploit the weakness of a defenseless child purely for sexual means which forever tarnishes their judgment on all other matters leaving them paralyzed to pass ridicule toward the ISIS pamphlet properly. Once they are paralyzed to make judgment calls on something so obviously evil, they are unable to make any management decisions on any topic throughout the world and this is why virtually everything everywhere is so screwed up. And this time—there is no America coming to the rescue. Obama has defanged the only nation in the world capable of doing anything about these problems and has threatened to topple the free nation all together with a national debt that is nearly beyond hope without collapse. And you know whose guilty dear reader of spreading modern slavery to every corner of the globe? Every person who sat back and did nothing to lift a finger in judgment—likely people like you.  Oh, and you stuffy wives of New York who have husbands who work at the United Nations headquarters there summoned to Geneva to discuss ISIS and the trouble in the Middle East. Guess where he is at during dinner time EST—deep into the innards of a Geneva whore at the Club La Sirene with his buddies—working hard on the ISIS problem and the crimes against young girls who have nothing better to do with themselves after they’ve been ruined for life if they survive in the Middle East—but to immigrate into Geneva to subject themselves to future employers at the United Nations. That is why nobody helps the young girls in the Middle East—because they want a crack at them at some future time and that is the vile truth of the matter.

Rich Hoffman

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What is Waterboarding: The cost of John McCain’s pacifism


An MMA fighter who is kind of typical young kid who leans in the direction of progressive education gave a demonstration shown below of what waterboarding looks like and described the feeling it invoked in him. With all the protests of torture from the CIA that has been released lately from the political left, the example by this young guy was interesting as his point was to prove how terrible the torture technique was. What it actually did was show how silly it was and made me wonder how hardened criminal terrorists broke so easily—even after two or three days of such torture. It looked pretty soft to me—compared to the kind of torture that actual terrorists conduct against Americans and others in the free world. Just as the CIA report came out which cost $40 million dollars produced by senate Democrats the terrorists of ISIS put out an offer for the body of James Foley in exchange for a million dollars. Of course, without the head they cut off as an act of terrorism broadcast to the world. Compared to the terrorists of ISIS, the waterboarding torture techniques looked pretty soft. Just hold your breath during the soakings and force them to bring harm to you which would allow a law suit for violation of the Geneva Convention later—and a hardened terrorist could last days if they really had the resolution. Foley didn’t have the option—and many like him. Yet liberals continue to empower evil with their cries for inaction in the face of maniacal villains.

That is assuming that a terrorist actually has rights to be considered. American torture for aims protecting the interests of capitalism and freedom throughout the world are nowhere near as severe as those of global terrorists—yet the political left, mainly those of mainstream Democrats believe that pacifism is the means to dealing with aggression. They are wrong.

To many cultures throughout the world good and bad, right and wrong are relative to perspective. To the terrorists of the Middle East, they have a legitimate beef regarding the Sykes–Picot agreement; however they do not have a right to impose that frustration on individual liberty. When they use confiscated individual suffering to invoke collective sympathy, they cross the line and become evil—just as Europe was evil in screwing the Arabs out of their land after World War I. But the continued anxiety about such things become no different from the Ferguson riots who use race tensions as an excuse to bust windows and create havoc. The Middle East terrorists today just use Sykes-Picot as an excuse to cut off heads, rape women, and steal property—under the disguise of a freedom fighter. The political left, unable to determine values, simply look at the wrongs of Sykes-Picot and declares that America should be punished for supporting Europe after World War I and that any suffering inflicted against the imperialist nation should be taken without question. It is the same logic when dealing with race relations, or the behavior of the government against the American Indian—the United States is always assumed to be wrong regardless because the left sees the country as an imperialist power that should be brought down by any means possible. So America can never do anything right in their eyes because it was built on capitalist enterprise.

Young people like that MMA fighter have been raised in public schools to believe in left leaning political theory and it takes a while for them to mature away from it into their late 30s and 40s until life finally tells them that waterboarding is too good for most terrorists—especially ones who helped cause the creation of the TSA. Air travel in America has been a pain in the ass since—so waterboarding doesn’t create enough pain to justify the enormous inconvenience that terrorists have brought to American lives. Waterboarding is a form of torture, but so is dealing with the TSA. Terrorists wanted to take away American freedoms with their acts of aggression, and they were successful. Yet the political left believes that nobody should pay for those crimes because they were done against America—and to their minds—America has to pay for the crimes of its creation.

The political left uses the same logic that the Palestinians have against Israel when they argue that the Gaza strip was always their land and they will never stop trying to destroy Israel until they regain it. Yet the value that Israel brings to the region through its capitalist endeavors is quite a benefit to the region. Their irrigation systems are technical and quite enterprising compared to the communist driven hatred behind the politics of the Palestinians. Just across the border from Israel is an armpit of poverty because the region has failed to embrace capitalism and is force feeding their people collectivism and are angry at the result. So they take that anger out toward nations that show them how backward their cultures really are—and use that frustration and hatred to justify their foolishness. They brew that hatred until there is no longer any rational discussion and terrorists seek to impose collective will against individuals.

To defend individual liberty the CIA took to a soft means of torture in waterboarding to keep the terrorist cells of radicals on their heels and out of the lives of Americans. And for that the political left is offended—so much so that they’d waste $40 million dollars on a one-sided report on the same day that Jonathan Gruber was grilled before congress for his role in the Obamacare debacle. The pattern is obvious—and the terrorists are always crazed lunatics from the Middle East.

The worst terrorists of all are those pacifists who declare that America should be punished just for existing, and that any attempt to fight back against terrorism is futile—and unjust. To keep people from inflicting pain against the United States in the mind of the liberal left is to prevent the punishment that America deserves to receive as a capitalist country who dares to spread freedom across the world as a beacon of light to individual achievement. The torture method used by America could be making terrorists play video games—and the left would still call it unjust. There is no way to appease their temperament because they are in league with the enemies of the United States.

Waterboarding has been made out to be so severely unjust and those who live in a bubble of intellectual curiosity might believe it vacant of perspective. But the reality of the matter is that those who are declaring such injustice are rooting for the other team—and do not like America. In the case of Senator John McCain, he has come out against waterboarding and the CIA report as a Republican who was a former POW who was tortured himself—so he has a soft spot for the behavior. I feel sorry for his experience, and his opinion. As a pacifist, he lost his presidential election attempt in 2008 to Barack Obama because he was a pacifist and refused to attack his opponent in the manner that might have prevented the epic dept of over $18 trillion dollars that we currently have. His pacifism cost America dearly—just as those who cry out against the CIA for their waterboarding methods do the same in empowering terrorists throughout the world to shoot bullets while we are supposed to throw wadded up paper in return. It’s a preposterous proposal, yet it remains an escalating mantra that becomes louder with each Republican who flees to their offices and shuts their door to controversy. The left has sided with America’s enemies, and they require a system of no value judgment to continue their insurrection—and for that to happen fully, they have to disarm the CIA so that their radical loons can further penetrate American governance so that finally without struggle the imperial power of capitalism will topple forever leaving the world with socialism as the new guiding light.

Rich Hoffman

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MSNBC Blaming Capitalism: More communism for black communities

What was that dear reader, you just heard that MSNBC was blaming capitalism for economic poverty? That rock you have been living under must have really been heavy, because it blotted out all sound and sight. Anyone who has read here knows I have warned of this issue for a long time. Even most recently Matt Clark and I on WAAM radio broadcast the truth all over southern Michigan and the world over during his well-received show informing the unknowing masses that communism was behind much of the trouble in Ferguson and poor back communities in general. Click here to review our radio broadcast. So you thought it was a conspiracy theory from some tin foiled, right-winged, “haters” who populated radio broadcasts lately properly identifying the attempt of communist factions to use the emotional turmoil of black communities to incite revolution against “white—capitalist—America?”   No, sorry, as usual, history has proven Matt and I right more than enough times now—you should have known better. The proof was cited recently on MSNBC, as follows:

“The problem extends beyond police departments. What is the next institution that needs to be isolated and challenged?” guest host Eric Dyson asked Clemente.

“The economy. Capitalism,” Clemente responded. ”I think that’s the institution all over this country, it is really what is the oppressive force.”

Clemente went on to say that law enforcement officers keep working-class people from achieving “economic justice.”

“Economic justice is not devoid from racial justice, just like it’s not devoid of gender justice,” Clemente added.

The guest MSNBC host seemed to agree: “Absolutely,” Dyson said.

Of course they didn’t use the “communist” word by direct name, but instead used all the key words around its meaning—such as “economic justice,” “working-class,” and most specifically—the oppressive nature of capitalism as an evil institution. To understand how those meanings apply directly to Karl Marx—read the work of the old German philosopher and it will quickly become clear. Matt and I as recently as last week discussed this very issue on the radio for all to hear yet many thought we were making too much of the issue—as communism supposedly died with the walls of the Cold War. Well, it didn’t and once again, you heard it here before the mainstream accepted that grim reality.


I’m not very sympathetic to the come-lately types who think that their faulty viewpoints warrant respect just because of their existence. I have a track record that is robust—even if controversial—time has validated the things I have said too many times that I no longer feel it necessary to sugar feed the facts to people any longer. When it comes to communist influence directly and indirectly influencing black neighborhoods with the sole purpose of keeping them poor and ready for revolution at any minute just to take advantage of their collective based cultures to exploit for political upheaval—I don’t have any tolerance for practitioners of deceit who still point at McCarthyism and racism as reasons to disguise the military objective against capitalism.


The left was so successful in labeling anybody who called them communists with the derogatory title—McCarthyism that the term actually is in the dictionary. According to official definitions, McCarthyism is the practice of publicly accusing somebody, especially somebody in government or the media, of subversive or Communist activities or sympathies, especially without real evidence to substantiate the claim. Only the evidence is abundant—it’s not without proof, and even for all the hoopla against the McCarthy hearings—he turned out to be right after all—as history proved also. In the 1960s when the hippies emerged to overturn college campuses with a counter-culture movement the culture that they attacked was the one built by capitalism. Through music and liberal institutions communist insurgents straight from the KGB fanned the flames of rebellion on behalf of the Soviet Union. If anyone named the evil thus—and pointed to the communists behind the movement, they were called MacCarthy conspiracy advocates and categorized as kooks—even though what they said was true.


Years later those same influences went to work again measuring the ground they had made in the 60s. The “make love not war” mantra didn’t hold as Charlie Manson scared America away from the hippie cult. So communists turned toward civil rights to hide their insurrection attempts this time attacking youth with the “wigger culture” largely led by rap artists intent to tear down American culture to be rebuilt into a socialist utopia. The anger behind rap music is to destroy the institutions of capitalism and give rise to something else. When youth began pulling down their pants and walking around like penguins it was in rebellion toward the traditional young male built under capitalism. The deliberate defacing of that youth was to declare to the world that they didn’t care if they worked for white America and its “corporate” structure of pin-heads. They’d rebel against them to bring down the evil institutions which fuel capitalism, and greed. So they pulled down their pants in protest to proper—American conduct—to be rebuilt into the same old communist radicals of old—to tear down capitalism to create room for socialism and communism in the future of America.

But this story has been told before—especially by me. History will confirm each and every word of my statements—it is not my burden to prove myself to anybody. MSNBC has already provided the evidence—along with a long list of other revolutionary communist driven radicals who have only hid their intentions loosely behind the mask of McCarthyism anxiety. If the intent of a movement is to destroy capitalism, it is communism at the root of that attempt—because the beginnings started with Karl Marx.


Only fools and willing idiots would take anything that is happening now with a spoonful of sugar and a lot of good will—because it is insurrection that MSNBC and other progressive organizations are after. They want the destruction of capitalism to make way for more socialism and they are using poor black communities—which they created—to provide troops for their aggression. When you see a kid with his pants pulled down walking around in public—you are seeing a created insurgent desired to use sympathy toward black poverty to attack institutional capitalism with defaced young people ill prepared toward productive lives—only left to be rotting husks of future welfare—the ultimate socialism controlled by the state. The fantasy of the music industry is that capitalism will fall if there are no youth to fill its corporate boardrooms and its factories of unfairness. Of course they’d be wrong—because in capitalism it is not the masses who make wealth—it is individuals—and individuals don’t find themselves pawns in a global game of communist insurrection. They make money through productivity.

Rich Hoffman

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Trey Gowdy’s Symposium: Establishing proper managment systems

 We always hear from radical left-winged protestors that “this is what democracy looks like” as they chant in mass over a particular issue—whether it is police shootings in Ferguson, union pensions, or that Breaking Bad is moving to a new night. But seldom do we get to see what proper government management looks like. So it was quite enjoyable to watch congressman Trey Gowdy of South Carolina apply proper management methods to the Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber. Gruber had been caught talking about how Obamacare was passed by a Democrat controlled congress and senate through deceitful means, so Gowdy had an obligation to apply some force to the matter in articulating the crime and mismanagement of taxpayer resources.

Every city council meeting should look like the way Trey Gowdy conducted his interrogation of Gruber. Every school board meeting, every trustee meeting, every gathering of government managing of tax payer resources should look like Growdy in congress. It is not the job of politicians to be liked, it is not their job to pander and get along with a consensus—it is their job to manage—and that’s it.

Of course unpopular politicians tend not to get re-elected, so that is part of the problem for the typical attention seekers who desire public office. But they should at a bare minimum attempt to behave as Gowdy did in the hearings over Obamacare. Of course the current congress has no stomach for actual management—just tough talk—but it’s a start. The congress has an obligation to not fund Obamacare especially after the Gruber testimony. But such a position in modern Washington is considered radical and Republicans won’t walk into the touchy-feely trap that Democrats have set to snare them in the court of public opinion—so they won’t do anything “tough” with Obamacare except talk.

Without management of resources you get run away budgets—just like what is found at virtually every public school dominated by radical labor unions were overwhelmed school board members lay down to be run over by left-leaning radicals who advocated collective bargaining agreements without any management opposition to keep them in check. But on each one of those school boards should be people like Trey Gowdy to provide an equal opposition to the radical nut cases who declare large sums of money with no oversight but only tax increases every five years.

The goal of every government body should be to create surpluses with the same voracity that corporations seek profits. Money saved is money made so no government should look at a budget surplus and think of new ways to pass out money to potential voters. And any government that hires consultants, like public schools often do to find ways to deceive voters into higher taxes deserve to be grilled the way Jonathan Gruber was by Trey Gowdy. Gruber was paid millions of tax payer dollars for discovering a means to deceive them with Obamacare—and the people who made those decisions mismanaged the money under Gruber’s charge. The only way to prevent such abuse is with management of resources in the manner the Gowdy provided.

The sad condition of our modern times is that Gowdy is looked at as an exceptional case—and not the norm. By those who wish to perpetrate a con against the taxpayer, of course Gowdy is hated. He is paid as a congressman to be hated—not loved. If a manager of any kind is loved by everyone, they are not doing their jobs. So it is a compliment for a manager to be called names and to have quibbles said about them behind their backs or by organized masses seeking collective efforts. If such a thing occurs, the politician is doing their jobs.

Many felt pride at Trey Gowdy’s grilling of Gruber because they instinctively understand the value of the exchange. Gruber a once arrogant government despot was reduced to admitting that he had been an ostentatious fool seeking to take advantage of the system for his own ideological and financial gain. Gruber’s strategy was to throw himself on the sword, take his millions of looted tax payer dollars and go into hiding with his loot. He was willing to sacrifice the self-respect he had gained within progressive academic circles for the stolen wealth he had acquired during the Obamacare fraud. So he declared foolishness and took the beating.

But imagine that there wasn’t a beating for Gruber—where would there have been any justice? Gruber without Gowdy would have disappeared into the sunset a progressive hero wealthy and wise. At least now, because of Gowdy, Gruber is only wealthy off stolen money—at least he had to endure some punishment—even if it’s just verbal.

Not everyone is capable of management—but for those who are—management provides a hedge against the despots of looting inclination. Without management there is no protection from the forces seeking to attack value—that is why communism and socialism seeks to make management the villain in their philosophy. That is also why labor unions make management into villains—because they want open access to the wealth of a corporation so that they can exploit it for all the worth—just as Gruber did. So we cheer on Trey Gowdy for his management chastisement of Gruber because we wish it was more commonplace. Not to mention that the mass conspiracy conducted right out in the open as Democrats released the controversial CIA report against the Bush administration on the same day that Gruber was dissected by Gowdy—hoping to take the edge off the government deceit that is Obamacare—there is much more management that needs to be done on behalf of tax payer resources.

Government is filled with many more people like Jonathan Gruber. In fact, most of the Washington D.C. wealthy suburbs are filled with government looters just like him. Without people like Trey Gowdy there is no resistance to their bottomless needs of tax payer funded lifestyles. There is no management of revenue taken in by the federal government under force and the distribution of that vast wealth—but to surrender it to the diabolical menaces who make careers out of politics for the purpose of creating personal wealth in ways they could never do under any other means. Without management, there is nothing that stands in the way of crime and justice. At least when it comes to the words spoken by Gowdy—at least we know Gruber will lose something due to his corruption and arrogance. Not enough—but at least it’s something.

Rich Hoffman

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Politics Standing in the way of Regenerative Medicine: The difference between life and death

 A few years ago I wrote about the art of regenerative medicine, CLICK HERE TO REVIEW. At that time much of the technology was fairly new and the information leaned more toward the education speculation side of debate as opposed to confirmed fact. Now—it is a reality and the only thing preventing people from the benefits of regenerative medicine is politics and the drug companies. We have officially reached the point where politicians will have to step out of bed with traditional drug companies and the business models of the pharmaceuticals will have to change—or they will go out of business. There is no reason why a human body has to wear out and die. It is cells that make up a body and like a car that is kept alive with new parts—it is now possible to make new parts for a human body so that it can continue operating for many years. Below are a few videos talking about this phenomenal new breakthrough along with an article from Ted Talks which dives deeper into the evolving science.   It is an exciting time, but one which requires new ways of thinking and politics being so far behind the curve of thought that it typically is—is not capable of taking a leading hand on this issue—especially since pharmaceuticals enrich them with great wealth. The cure to many diseases is right in front of us—so please use this article as your gateway into an understanding that will take you to the other side where everyone’s life will become greatly enhanced.

Will the next generation think about diseases like Alzheimer’s and diabetes the way we think about polio and the whooping cough? Susan Solomon, the co-founder of the New York Stem Cell Foundation (NYSCF), certainly hopes so. In this fascinating talk from TEDGlobal 2012, Solomon delves into the foundation’s work on research with stem cells, which she calls the “black boxes for diseases.”

“[Stem cells] are our bodies’ own repair kits. They are pluripotent, which means they can morph into all of the cells in our bodies,” says Solomon. “Right now there are some really extraordinary things that we are doing with stem cells that are completely changing the way we model disease, our ability to understand why we get sick and even develop drugs. But … this field has been under siege, politically and financially.”

While much of the fray is about embryonic stem cells — still the gold standard when it comes to cells — Solomon explains that another type of pluripotent stem cell (called iPS cells) can now be created by, essentially, reprogramming skin cells. These cells hold great promise for allowing researchers to see how diseases develop in humans, rather than in rodents.

Currently, developing a drug takes an average of 13 years, costs $4 billion, and has a 99% failure rate. And because it’s impossible to test a new drug on a large and representative sample of the human population, even a drug that tests well with many people will have side-effects for others, based on their genetic makeup. This is a problem that’s sometimes not apparent until the drug is on the market and being prescribed to patients — like in the tragic case of Vioxx.

But Solomon stressed that it will be extremely difficult to change the current systems of drug development.

“All the established companies have been using mouse-and-rodent testing forever,” she said. “A lot of people’s careers are staked to a method that is outdated. It’s like the tech sector; this is really the high-tech sector for biomedical research.”

To hear more about the NYSCF, watch Solomon’s talk. Below, watch 9 more talks about the incredible promise of stem cells.

In addition to politics and the lobby power of the pharmaceuticals, religion is another part of our society that will require revision just to deal with the implication of regenerative science. It will be very difficult for average people of average means to grapple with the prospect that their lives are not defined by bench marks of age any longer centered on a growth period from their youth to a slow decline back into old age. It is no longer necessary to think of getting old—it will become a reality very soon to just make a new body part and replace whatever is broken—or diminishing with a healthy replacement.

So what does this do to a society dedicated to living death so that they might live again in the afterlife? That is the paramount restriction to regenerative science. Most people use religion as a crutch to explain away the misery of living without proper answers and philosophy and look to the yonder shores of immortality and God’s infinite wisdom for an answer they never take responsibility for obtaining on their own. Regenerative science takes that tendency and places it within the power of science on earth and God moves from some external force out in the heavens and places it within the context of the human being.

Jesus said that the kingdom of God is all around us, yet men do not see it. He was right—it is, and only a few human beings understand such a concept. Scientists are some of them—especially in the regenerative science fields. But for the politician and the CEO’s of drug companies knowing that millions of jobs are at stake if death and sickness are taken out of the field of health care—doom is on the horizon for those people and they have no philosophy or religion to help them deal with the change. It is because of them that we do not yet have full access and funding into regenerative health—they purposely want to maintain the cycle of death so to keep alive their empires built on suffering.

Much suffering upon the earth is due to ignorance, and regenerative science requires intelligence—which is lacking currently. Politicians are stuck on a fifty year quest to bring health care to the poor when they should be focused on ending Medicare, Obamacare, and the health care system all together with regenerative science. Because of their lack of vision, politicians are committed to a bankrupting system of maintaining the Social Security system when it is possible that the average 75-year-old could maintain their bodies into the health of a 40 to 50-year-old and could continue working and being productive for another 50 to 100 years—perhaps longer.

It’s not the science that is the problem; it’s the people who have to refocus their intellectual energy on a change in thought that will rattle them to their cores. Good scientists like the fine people shown above have already delivered mankind to the precipice of life-changing benefits. The pharmaceutical companies are now as archaic as elixir medicines soaked in whisky were during westward expansion in the United States. They are no longer relevant. And this knowledge won’t be going away—too many of us know about it now. All that we have to do is wait for everyone to realize that heaven is on earth and is all about them—and that we are the masters of our own fate destined to reside out in the outer reaches of our galaxy for a human race just hatching from the dark embryo of ignorance fermenting over the last few million years. We have finally hatched.

Rich Hoffman

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