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Ann Becker and Libertarian Girl: New weapons of the freedom movement……….sex

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Ann Becker has been President of the Cincinnati Tea Party and was at the core of arranging the Tax Day Rally in Eastgate, Ohio on April 15th 2014. As is typical of her position she is heavily involved with the liberty movement and has teamed up with another powerhouse for freedom—Libertarian Girl. The two of late have been inseparable, and are deeply involved in a carefully planned strategy which has establishment Republicans terrified. It is unlikely that there is anywhere else in America where the types of people who Ann and Libertarian Girl are reside together toward the strategic goals that is resonating throughout the world. It is for that reason that Matt Clark of WAAM radio came down from Ann Arbor, Michigan to cover the event organized by Ann. I knew that putting these two girls on the radio would be a great interview—and it was. The radio segment featured below is a battle plan that should be shared with every member of every liberty front member throughout the country. Matt did a good job of getting out of the two girls a very concise interview that has some real power to it. Have a listen.

You can see part of how that interview looked in person with the next video. The audio wasn’t very good, but you can see what Ann and Libertarian Girl looked like so that there are faces to go with the voice. Essentially what the girls said was that they are currently involved in a similar movement of infiltrating the Republican Party in the opposite way that communists infiltrated the Democrat Party back in the 1950s. Libertarians are attacking the foundations of Republicans with conservatism pulling it away from the progressive middle ground from which it currently resides—and there really isn’t anything machine politics can do about it. A few years ago, Ann likely wouldn’t have been so loose with her tongue, and Libertarian Girl was just creating her online persona. But now, it’s too late. Sure machine politics will still win in the short run, but over time, people like Ann and Libertarian Girl are pulling Republicans away from the middle, and back to the right. The current middle has been established by progressives who allowed communists to pull the political left so far in that direction. The new middle is where hard Democrats used to be in the 50s and 60s and the old political “center” is now considered extreme radical right-winged. What Ann is talking about doing is pulling the political right back to the old center where the current left would be forced to place their centrist views at the current right.

And how will this be done? Well, that’s no secret either. Libertarian Girl uses sex to bring people to her message, and she doesn’t apologize for it—and why should she? Sex sells, and Libertarian Girl is selling freedom. How many men would follow Libertarian Girl just to have a chance to talk to her? For the answer, check out her Facebook page.


She has a lot of fans, and they often hinge on her every word. She is smart, she knows how to explain things simply, she is very articulate, and she has Barbie Doll proportions that simply melt men like a stick of butter on a hot ear of corn at an August picnic. If she is selling freedom, 8 out of 10 men are buying it—and 6 out of 10 women also buy it just because they don’t want to appear insecure. Libertarian Girl is dangerous to the political left. Watch this video by her explaining beer—which reaches over 80% of the population with a political metaphor that makes sense.

What the freedom movement is doing now has been done in a similar fashion. It doesn’t happen over night, but often takes generations to pull off. After all communists began their infiltration of the Democratic Party as far back as the 1930s—it wasn’t until the 60s that they recruited Jane Fonda to be their spokeswoman. It is incalculable how many men became young socialists because they admired Jane Fonda’s breasts and enjoyed her nudity in the film Barbarella. The political left has been using sex appeal for years to convince testosterone driven men to the voting booth and setting the social parameters for other women. It was a smart strategy; after all, a lot of men are perfectly willing to squander their values just to get laid. Heck, many middle-aged men who are very successful still spend most of their time making money, buying cars and trying to hide their baldness exclusively to have opportunities to bed young 22-year-old women—so sex is a powerful ally in politics. Communists in America used sex to take of the political edge in the 60s and now most young Hollywood actresses advocate worship of Mother Earth—which is essentially the new version of communism—large government managing virtually everything—for the good of “nature.”

Most men once they’ve spoken to Libertarian Girl strive to read books so they can converse with her and vote for Libertarian candidates to win her approval and have a chance to talk to her again.  I’ve been around her while this process was happening, and it is truly amazing. People want to have their picture taken next to her, and when it comes to voting, they will listen to her 100% of the time over some stuffy square-faced progressive. Once other pretty people see how successful Libertarian Girl has been, they will copy off her and thus join the party of freedom. Within the next couple of decades more mainstream beautiful people will join Libertarian Girl, and her mission will then be fulfilled. It’s actually happening right now—there are several actresses and spokeswomen who are jumping away from the progressive establishment and onto the freedom loving bandwagon. After all, Fox News set its roots in the media by hiring attractive women. They do have the highest ratings of all cable news—and it’s not because people want to look at Bill O’Reilly.

Ann and Libertarian Girl are at the heart of Southern Ohio politics and there isn’t a damn thing progressives from the Right and Left can do about it. They don’t have a similar offering in their established parties to match Libertarian Girl so all they can do is curse her—and Ann for their effectiveness. Because the secret is not just that Libertarian Girl is just another pretty face—she’s also smart—very smart. Once she gets older—and not so pretty—she will still have her mind and that is a dangerous combination. She’ll have years of experience by then and will only get better over time.

The point is that freedom lovers aren’t going to surrender ground to progressive big government types any longer. We’re going to hit back, and we’ll do it more often and better than the left has now for five decades. They have pretty much had unfettered access to America during that whole time—until about five years ago when the Tea Party groups began popping up—and with them Ann Becker and Libertarian Girl who came up with an approach to politics that would swing the pendulum the other way. And one proven way to do such a thing is through long legs, platinum blond hair and flawless female features—with a mind behind it–that combination is more powerful than millions of rounds of ammunition at the point of a gun. Progressives have lost the ability to appeal to average people, because they have lost the sexual edge. Madonna kissing Brittney Spears no longer raises eyebrows, Jane Fonda is an old lady, and Hillary Clinton looks like somebody’s 60 year old alligator purse lost as luggage in a Brazilian airport. In a game of beauty where Hollywood puts up their latest topless A-List actresses against people like Libertarian Girl, voters will follow the later over the former because in the end brains trump stupidity when breast sizes and long legs are equal.

Rich Hoffman www.OVERMANWARRIOR.com 

America’s Last Stand: The new Atlas 3 poster, domestic terrorists and Schwarzenegger

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Listening to all this uproar coming from the political left about the people supporting Cliven Bundy in Nevada defending his very way of life has reminded me of the final chapters of Atlas Shrugged.  Harry Reid and other progressive radicals are looking at typical flyover Americans as “domestic terrorists” because they refuse to acknowledge the law in the form which politics controls it.  The standoff at the Bundy Ranch is just a sign of things to come when the federal government decides to step outside of the cities which are filled with broken people long beaten by progressive politics, and engage rural Americans who reside on nearly every farm from Pennsylvania to Nevada.  Reid and the New York progressive pundits calling these Americans “domestic terrorists” are following the plot of that famous novel almost page for page.

Speaking of that novel which has been made into three films, the third part of which is due out on September 12th of 2014 as shown on the new movie poster seen above—the filmmakers will likely fall within the same category as Bundy.  I saw that movie poster weeks ago, well before it was released and I loved it.  In it, John Galt essentially stands up to a group of Harry Reid types and declares in front of the American flag that he will not live his life in sacrifice to others.  For progressives, this is a radical ideal, that a human being would declare that their life has more value than the collective sum of other people.  In the novel, John Galt was considered a domestic terrorist by the corrupt government that was running around with a super weapon designed to control entire cities with fear of immediate annihilation.  All John Galt did to be considered such a villain was to declare that his life was his own and he was free of their attempts at intimidation.

In the real world, Cliven Bundy has essentially stated the same, and he has been ridiculed, and threatened to no end.  Snipers have had Bundy’s head in their cross-hairs moments away from taking a kill shot just because Cliven has refused to pay grazing fees for land grabbed by the federal government who write the laws that makes such actions legal.  Harry Reid is at the center of the controversy apparently using such deals as ways to enrich his family members—and he is the one who thinks that Bundy is wrong.

The Atlas films have certainly provoked a similar hatred from the progressive left.  My friends at Galt’s Gulch have certainly seen their share of harassment at the website linked below.  (YOU CAN ALSO BUY THE MOVIE POSTER FROM THAT LINK)  This third film looks to be the most profound of the three.  Without question, some of the actors in the film were concerned about their future employment in the film industry because their affiliation with the project will be viewed harshly.  Nobody wants to be considered a “domestic terrorist” just for acting in a film that has conservative/libertarian values in it—which go against progressive thinking of mass collectivism and sacrifice to the goddess Mother Earth.


I recently watched Arnold Schwarzenegger’s The Last Stand which opened with a domestic box office total of $12,050,299 and a foreign take of $36,280,458—which is considered a failure.  The production budget was $45 million, so the film made back more than it spent and it has a healthy life in DVD sales and Netflix contracts—which isn’t bad for a January release.  The move was a lot of fun from an action movie perspective, and it actually reminded me a lot of the type of characters in the Bundy case as well.  I wanted to see the film for three reasons; Arnold wore my version of the U.S. Wings jacket, and used my .500 Smith and Wesson magnum.  He was also telling my kind of story.  I loved the movie, and I imagine that the people defending Bundy at his ranch love the film also.  The movie was about small town self-reliance and bravery over terrorists.  Several key scenes made no mistake about their intent; one was a scene where Schwarzenegger told the patrons of a local eatery to evacuate—which they refused because they were eating breakfast.  Schwarzenegger as the sheriff respected them and left them alone even though tremendous danger was headed in their direction.  Another was the scene where a farmer was killed off his tractor for defending his land against the encroachment of a drug cartel.  A third was an old lady who shot one of the drug cartel members after telling the guy to leave her home.  All three examples provided situations where older people were defending either their right to make personal decisions, or their concept of private property.  That is something a person like Harry Reid considers “radical.”

The reviews for The Last Stand were scathing.  They were so brutal that I didn’t even go see the movie at the theater, even though I had made a point to want to see it—because of the reasons mentioned.  I missed the opening weekend and it didn’t last far into February and was pulled before I made it to the theater.  I watched it on Netflix over the Holiday weekend because I actually had time to sit down long enough to catch up on movies like that, and the last Die Hard film, A Good Day to Die Hard.  Bad reviews against movies like Atlas Shrugged, The Last Stand and A Good Day to Die Hard are provided for the same reasons that Harry Reid called the Bundy standoff a situation of domestic terrorism—because progressives are insulted by the concept of individual liberty over collective salvation.  By the way, The Last Stand is so good that I will watch it many more times—I LOVED IT!  LOVED IT!

Atlas Shrugged isn’t even about violence, but it does contain the same messages of self-reliance and that alone in the eyes of progressives is a sign of domestic terrorism—when defined by them that the most important attribute to a stable society is the concept of collective sacrifice.  In Harry Reid’s case, he wishes to use collective sacrifice to enrich his son and political contributors—so he needs the ruse of justice to continue his scam, and the Bundy Ranch standoff is essentially no different from the anger the bad guys felt toward Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character from ruining their plans in The Last Stand.  By the end of the film they were either dead or very pissed off.  Reid isn’t angry that the Bundy’s don’t want to pay for grazing fees, he is afraid that other ranchers might feel embolden by the standoff and also challenge the federal government.  To him—that is terrifying.

What is equally terrifying to writers at The Huffington Post, Move On.org, The Hollywood Reporter, and MSNBC is that people may actually want to see movies like Atlas Shrugged Part 3, The Last Stand, or God forbid, A Good Day to Die Hard over progressive films like American Hustle and Dallas Buyers Club.  If Americans ignore their bad reviews and see those types of films anyway, producers may feel emboldened to make more movies that speak against progressive policies and before anybody knows it—it’s the 80s all over again—and no progressive wants that.  After all, progressives want communism, and in the 80s, capitalism was celebrated—music was awesome, movies where great, presidents were bold, and America was respected all over the world.

I will be one of the very first people to see the new film Atlas Shrugged: Who is John Galt.  I may even get to see it at the premier in Vegas right down the road from the Bundy Ranch.  I’m sure that progressives will see me as a domestic terrorist for enjoying a film where the hero declares that his life is not to be sacrificed away for the “greater good” as defined by people like Harry Reid.  In the real world, Cliven Bundy is doing the same thing, and the culture behind him was shown beautifully in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s The Last Stand.  I know many people like the characters in The Last Stand and Harry Reid knows now what progressives feared most—that once they leave their cities the rural population will fight them—and fight them hard.  The United Nations will not gain control of America’s heartland with regulations and EPA legislation from the Federal government.  Bundy is just the first—but he won’t be the last to take a Last Stand in America.  The villains in the American senate bowing to the United Nations and Socialist International believe that self-reliance is an act of domestic terrorism.

Additionally, am I upset that Arnold Schwarzenegger took my look and used it in his film The Last Stand…………absolutely not.  Likely some of his people saw me in this video and put that clothing on Schwarzenegger—it’s the exact same jacket that I use—a G2 jacket from US Wings firing a .500 Magnum one-handed.  I love Schwarzenegger and his movies, so I’m always happy to help.  It isn’t the first nor the last time something like that will happen.  A lot of people read here at Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom and it is for those types of reasons that I do some of the things that I do.  Mimicry is the ultimate compliment.

Rich Hoffman



Lakota’s Greg Snyder Suspended: More abuse of power from public school teachers

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I don’t normally give the Lakota school board credit, but they deserve some for the hard decision of reprimanding and suspending the famed band director Greg Snyder.  Snyder shortly after the disciplinary action took early retirement which takes place next February 20th 2015. At Lakota that is similar to punishing a star athlete who is a team’s bread and butter—it is difficult—but is something that must be done when impropriety is discovered.  The band director who took Cincinnati to the Tournament of Roses Parade and the famous Macy’s Day Parade used his $81,733 per year position to make at least $6000 additional dollars more in private lessons, and free travel for his family members.  Here are the details according to a good report from Channel 19 news in Cincinnati.


Lakota West High School’s band director has been suspended for 17 days without pay after a district investigation found that he violated several policies and state laws, including using his official influence for personal gain.

A letter dated Monday to Greg Snyder, the district’s executive director of human resources outlines the conduct led to the suspension.

“Mr. Snyder, I must indicate to you that I am deeply concerned for your disregard for board of education policies, the Licensure of Professional Conduct, ethical considerations and other directives given by Lakota administration,” Diane Brunsman said. “This attitude and disregard is not acceptable and will not be tolerated.”

Snyder has conducted a band clinic for seventh, eighth and ninth grade students for nearly 20 years that’s never been a district sponsored event. Before the past two years, Snyder received the student participation fee money directly for the band clinic.

Snyder advertised the band clinic by posting a flyer that sits next to programs at band concerts and he made the flyer on his district-provided computer.  Snyder determines who receives money for the clinic.

The district said that conduct violated several policies and state laws, including the state’s prohibition against the use of official influence for personal gain.

Snyder also encouraged the hiring and payment of family members by the Upbeat Club band boosters for band camp. That violates state law that says public employees are not permitted to authorize or use their authority to secure a public contract for himself, relatives or business associates.

The district also said that Snyder hosted private lessons at his home for Lakota district students. Board policy required that he received permission for the lessons but the district found no records that he received the approval. The board found that Snyder gave students extra credit for taking private lessons.

Since at least 2004, Snyder received free school band-related trips from travel agencies. The district didn’t pay for the trips. Until a recent New York trip, Snyder arranged the traveling. He decided what vendors to use for travel services, Brunsman said.

The travel-related conduct violated several policies including the prohibition against the use of official influence for personal gain, the district said.

Brunsman found more alleged misconduct.

At last year’s band camp, a student was told by a college student to run laps while all staff and students went inside. The student passed out outside alone. The student’s father found the student and spoke to Snyder about the incident. But Snyder didn’t tell anyone at the district about the episode.

“You were the district employee in charge during this incident and failed to adequately supervise the students,” Brunsman wrote.

The district also said that a uniform vendor treats Snyder and his wife to a variety of places for dinner including Applebee’s, Skyline and an annual dinner at The Precinct or other Jeff Ruby restaurants. That too violates several policies or laws.

Snyder has agreed to retire/resign effective Feb. 20, 2015 or when he is eligible to retire through the State Teachers Retirement System of Ohio with 35 years of service.

Snyder’s salary is $81,733.

Lakota West’s band has performed in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and the Tournament of Roses Parade.


The school board did the right thing, even though it was surely difficult.  However, here is where attention needs to be directed.  The story was very cleverly released on the Thursday before Good Friday immediately after the release of the new teacher contract with the union where that same board agreed to pay over $2 million dollars more in raises to over 900 teachers just like Snyder, who are highly paid already.  The actions of Snyder who was an example at Lakota West of everything that was right about a teacher proved that the temptation to abuse power for personal gain is just too great, and even large wages cannot prevent the kind of greed that fueled his actions.

I can only use my own experiences for reference in judging Greg Snyder’s behavior which I’m sure levy apologists will attempt to declare is much to do about nothing.  Professionally, I do pretty well—so much so that my wife doesn’t have to work.  Just last weekend I spent some time with my friends at the The Whip Artistry Studio helping them do promotional work.  CLICK HERE FOR REVIEW.  At the conclusion of the event I was offered quite a lot of money for my services, which I turned down because I like the people involved and felt my pay-day had already come from other sources.  It didn’t cross my mind to charge money—not even remotely until a few hundred bucks were stuffed in my face which I refused.  A few days later some high level entertainers saw the work I was doing for WAAM radio at the Cincinnati Tea Party Tax Day and assumed I was highly paid talent producing a show.  When they discovered that I was doing everything for free, they were shocked.  I explained that it was passion that drove my actions, and I would never expect payment for doing what I enjoyed while helping friends.  For me the value is in doing something I feel passion for.  When I hear about Greg Snyder’s actions, if I had a nice position making a comfortable $81,000 dollar per year salary which is more than enough to live on—and I wanted to share that passion with students outside of school, I would never charge for extra classes or mentorship—and I’d pay for my own meals.  What Greg Snyder did was so ridiculously cheap and low-class.  He is just the latest example of a poor mind corrupted with terribly bad judgment at the Lakota school system.

The scary thing about Greg Snyder is that he is an example of what’s right in public schools, and not even he with a very comfortable wage can turn down the temptation to abuse power to enrich himself.  One of the reasons the school board stated that they needed to give teachers $2 million dollars in pay raises is because they wanted to retain their quality of teachers—yet Snyder is one of their examples of a quality teacher—a real school asset who was very well paid.  But the money wasn’t enough to keep him from abusing his power—so why would the school board think that throwing more money stolen from tax payer property values would alleviate future Greg Snyders from their poor conduct?   The answer is that they fail to recognize good teachers from bad ones.

Greg Snyder’s behavior is typical of employees protected by a labor union.  Even with all the media coverage, Snyder will still teach at the school until he is eligible for retirement, which is almost a year from now.  So the punishment is pretty toothless—except for the embarrassment of the experience.  Such labor unions like Lakota’s LEA is filled with these types of small-minded employees, who are so cheap mentally that their generous salary isn’t enough—they want more—and more—and more, levy after levy, after levy.  They are never happy because they are mentally empty vessels inside perpetually seeking to be filled.  There are not enough raises the school board could ever pass or taxes levied against the community that will stop the behavior of similar Greg Snyders.  Because Greg Snyder isn’t so good—it is just that the rest of public education is that bad.  A person capable of making the bad decisions of Lakota West’s band director is not a person who should be teaching children.  So what if they get to go to New York on Thanksgiving Day to participate in the Macy’s Parade—if to get there they had to pad the pockets of Greg Snyder and his wife to become a bit better.  It takes extra work to be better than the next competitor, and Snyder was charging students for that boost—so there is nothing special about Greg Snyder which is the heart of this story.  What was assumed about Snyder was that his bands were good because he was just better than other band directors.  The truth turns out to be that he was teaching in a rich district that had great benefits like being sent to The Precinct and other Jeff Ruby restaurants, accompanied with under the table cash from The Upbeat Club because the parents were willing to pay for their kids to get a bit of a boost in life.  Snyder was too cheap to cover those events with his voluminous paycheck.  Greg Snyder turned out to be just another typical example of a public employee—much more concerned with their payday than actually doing good work. And at Lakota he was considered one of the good ones.

Imagine what the bad ones are like—and out of the 900 teachers who just got a levy increase funded pay raise, you can bet there are employees in that mix who also make similar money as Snyder did under the LEA collective bargaining agreement who are so bad that they make Lakota’s band director look like a saint in comparison.

“Just as a note to Randy Oppenheimer, Lakota’s director of media and community relations who reads here quite often for obvious reasons—I put this story up after Easter was over, because you know how things are.  You released your story during a holiday weekend so that people would have their minds on other things and it would be dead by Sunday morning.  Clever move—so I waited until people were reengaged with reality before I commented on it.  You didn’t think I’d forget did you?  Surely not.” :  )  This little chess game between us wouldn’t be any fun otherwise.


Rich Hoffman



The Emcee Doc Thompson: Future film and documentary production

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It was kind of a funny story that took place at the 2014 Cincinnati Tea Party Tax Day Rally in Eastgate, Ohio.  Doc Thompson was brought in to perform as emcee, however, when the event began he was outside the crowd filled room on the radio with Matt Clark leaving Ann Becker standing at the podium waiting.  So I had to get Doc off the radio and fill in for him during the broadcast so he could begin the ceremony.  You can hear that exchange below as Doc and Matt were involved in an interview for WAAM Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Doc as usual came in and did several segments of ad lib, with no notes to speak of.  He didn’t even know that he was emcee for the event as he had just returned from Dallas, Texas where he was hanging out with Glenn Beck’s group at The Blaze—where they are moving into film and television production.  Doc and his radio partner Skip LeCombe had just finished the post production duties for a new documentary they are producing about the effectiveness of the Tea Party over the last five years—and are planning many more projects.  Glenn Beck is in production on three motion pictures at his Dallas studios, so things are moving quickly for Doc Thompson.  He came to the Cincinnati event on a whirlwind fresh off an airplane and didn’t know that Ann had slotted him to be emcee.  When I told him that he was the emcee he was surprised, but happy to fill the role.  Then he forgot about again it during his radio segment with Matt Clark.

As can be seen below, Doc doesn’t need notes.  He does so much radio every day from 6 AM to 9 AM on The Blaze Radio Network that he can just rattle off statistics and current events from memory.  He occasionally does television on The Blaze, so he has become very proficient at public speaking.  He was always good at it, but now it’s effortless for him.

During Doc’s radio segment with Matt he hit on something that is at the core of a huge modern problem.  Doc is moving beyond just providing radio commentary.  If you are a conservative, there are not film production venues out there that can currently represent our viewpoints.  Not that long ago in Hollywood conservatives like John Wayne and Clint Eastwood were openly attending Republican conventions in Los Angeles—but now, a Republican cannot be found in mainstream Hollywood—until very recently.  One of the reasons the Atlas Production Company had to be formed was to actually produce the novel, Atlas Shrugged—because Hollywood was not interested.

I have been to film festivals and at those events, there are seldom openly conservative films because it is well-known that projects with those kinds of messages will not get play—there is nowhere to distribute those types of creations—until now.  Prior to Glenn Beck’s Blaze television station, there was not a single conservative distribution outlet for a conservative project.  Anyone who wanted to make such a thing these days had to invent not just the product, but the production company as well, making funding of those types of projects even more difficult.  For instance, when my novel Tail of the Dragon hit the market the people who read it all agreed that it would make a great movie, it had product placement tie-ins, a strong NASCAR type storyline, and had its roots in traditional American film.  I would thank them, but in the back of my mind was—who would make it—Warner Brothers, 20th Century Fox, Paramount……………Amblin, would Harvey Weinstein at Miramax make a movie of the novel—of course not.  As a progressive Harvey would be repulsed by my material.  Not even Jerry Bruckheimer was able to overcome the hatred of conservative values in Hollywood with the Disney backed The Lone Ranger starring Johnny Depp.  The Hollywood machine hated the ideal of a modern western taking America back to the good ol’ days, so they attacked the film out of the gate.  It is nearly impossible to produce conservative projects like movies and documentaries unless a production company is created to make them.  Even then, distribution outlets are even scarcer—until now.  Perhaps Depp’s heart is changing with time and wisdom, his new fiancé is Amber Heard, who is a bisexual and would otherwise be touted among the Hollywood elite with welcome arms—except that she is a huge Ayn Rand fan.  That represents part of an emerging undercurrent that cannot be stopped and Hollywood is not happy about it.

Among conservatives like Doc, Beck, the Atlas Shrugged guys, and me we are all approaching our projects from the ground level.  The Steven Spielberg’s of our day are not able to provide the kind of mentorship that he had learning from Hitchcock and other notable directors from the past, because they are afraid to be associated with conservatives—for fear of blacklisting.  Some great filmmakers like Gerald Molen have broken loose from Hollywood and are now associating with Glenn Beck’s studios—and more are on the way.  But things are now changing because technology has given power to conservatives to bypass the studio system if they can figure out the distribution issue—and now that Doc has The Blaze at his back, he is making his move.

A few years ago I had the very grim realization that only I could make a project I had written into the kind of movie I wanted to see.  I had worked with selling to Hollywood for years but they never understood what I was trying to do.  I was sitting with some very notable Hollywood types at a restaurant in Glendale where belly dancers were performing and everyone wanted to think of themselves as very worldly.  The women were dressed in the latest fashion all perfumed up, and the men looked cut from the pages of GQ.  I had on camouflage pants and my outback hat with Gargoyle sunglasses and they accepted me well enough.  I cracked my whips in front of a movie theater on Brand Blvd and cut targets out of people’s mouths and everyone was having a delightful time—until someone brought up politics.  I voiced my opinion and that was the end of a productive evening.  They didn’t want to understand my Midwestern sensibilities, my position against public education, my views on small government, my hatred of Marxism, and my love of traditional westerns.

It’s not that people didn’t agree with me—often they do—but in a town run by progressive labor unions, and Hollywood is, it is hard to get work unless you are properly politically aligned.  And it is nearly impossible to even make a movie unless Hollywood is backing the project at least through distribution.  I have never known a single independent filmmaker who didn’t enter a film at Sundance or some other place like the Cannes Film Festival and hope that Hollywood picked up the project for distribution.  A Tea Party documentary is not the way to get distribution in Hollywood, and neither is a western.  Even though Disney has the power and money to produce a film like that, and even distribute it—the town of Hollywood attacked it through their critics and trade magazines to preserve their industry.  The same thing happened to the Atlas Shrugged films.

When I watch the Atlas films, or the Dinesh D’Souza’s documentaries, or even Glenn Beck’s documentaries there is something unpolished about them—even though the filmmakers are often industry professionals.  I attribute a lot of this to the fresh perspective of conservatism being represented once again in the film industry more than any lack of experience in film production.  But the key to reaching a public is through those methods and unless conservatives retake the film industry, the plight of traditional values returning to mainstream America is nearly impossible.

Doc is now moving into that realm.  His Tea Party documentary is just the first step.  He and I are planning to work on a project together, and I am planning things of my own.  It has taken time for me to assemble my thoughts on the matter, but I’m nearly there.  Like a lot of things, I had to go through a process of unlearning what was taught to me and that is matching up with the magnificent tools that are now at the disposal of anybody who dares to use them.

As usual, it was good to see Doc, and this year had a different feel to it than in times past—where a sense of desperation was ever-present.  This time we all had a presence of veterans who had been around and done most everything before.  Like I said on the air with Matt while sitting in for Doc Thompson as he went to emcee the Tea Party event, conservatives are getting better at putting our message out—and that is something that the other side is significantly terrified of.  In the future, there will be a lot more conservative competition in visual arts than there has been, and that is something to be very excited about.

Rich Hoffman



Rich Hoffman Told You: Lakota gives over $2 million in raises to their teachers

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Don’t say I didn’t tell you so, because I did.  I told the world over the radio, in newspapers, and in countless online articles that Lakota’s levy passage in 2013 was about one thing—giving their teachers raises for unaccountable performance.  Over this last week the Lakota school board kissed the feet of Sharon Mays, the Lakota Education Association president—particularly Julie Shaffer by providing not even a hint of resistance throwing money that was just approved in November for so-called security issues “for the children,” at the union.  The school board unanimously approved a $2,200 dollar salary increase for over 900 teachers which equate out to over $2 million dollars in increases— a huge portion of the money confiscated through the new tax increase.  Now that you dear reader have seen what Lakota did with the money they extracted from the public through a manipulative campaign where they played to the sympathies of the public, spent thousands and thousands of tax dollars on public relations strategies—it all came down to teacher pay increases just like I said it would—exactly.  Here is the video I put up prior to the 2013 election and my prediction for 2017.  Watch closely…………………….

Notice in that video what I said about 2017.  Well, guess what, the contract that Julie and Sharon just ratified together runs out June 30th, 2017.  Guess what happens then—more pay raises are expected just as the chart in my video shows—right on schedule.  Of course Julie, who is the representative of the union on the school board had good negotiations with the LEA.  She was their girl all along—that was evident as far back as when I debated her on 700 WLW before Scott Sloan’s wife put the clamps down on him so she could sell more homes as a realtor.  The sliced elective classes, the busing, the sports fees were all part of the extraction process.  As soon as the union realized they were going to get what they wanted, Lakota voted to give many of those things back to the public.  The game all along was to hold the public hostage until the union got their money.  Now that they have it, things can return to normal—its all part of the extortion racket set up in virtually all public schools.

The next move for the union was to allow the school rating to decrease from Excellent with Distinction.  If the November levy didn’t pass, that was the next step by the school board, superintendent, and their friends in the labor union.  There was already pressure from outside finance to alter the bond rating, which had to be averted because of the failed levies—and many of my friends on the No Lakota side knew that.  The radicals at Lakota contemplated letting the Excellent rating slip—which is mostly politics anyway.  This would drop the bond rating and throw the burden back on the No Voters.  That was too much for many of them to deal with, because that would have an immediate impact on realtor sales.  That is nearly the same type of dilemma that Congress faces when they decide whether or not to raise the debt ceiling.  It might be the morally correct thing to do—to not raise it—but in so doing the economy is wrecked.  The real problem is the debt spending, but the radicals spending the money use that dilemma to their advantage to prevent management action—so nothing happens because nobody wants to take the hit on their watch.  At Lakota if the 2013 levy did not pass, this was the union’s next step, to let the bond rating slip and drop the Excellent with Distinction certification to a level lower.  School board members of course didn’t want this to happen while they were in office, but the LEA union was fully prepared to employ that strategy.  That’s how much they care for the “children.”

I of course stood against the levy, even though I knew what was coming next.  For that I was personally attacked in many different ways and told that I should move from the district.  Even Scott Sloan who originally supported the No Lakota Levy position on the radio advocated that those against the Lakota tax should just move to another community if they didn’t want to see levy passage.  This was just an asinine position.   I have lived in Liberty Township since before a lot of the levy supporters in Lakota were even born, and I was told that I should surrender my home to all these panicky parents and radicalized left-leaning teachers just because they wanted more money.  That is how stupid the whole argument was—and continues to be.  Fairfield failed their levy in November and guess what—six months later it is back on the ballot and will continue to be until the unions get their money from the public.  Every time a levy is failed, the crazy union policy is to take more and more away from the public until they give in and pass a levy. The newspapers, television news, all mainstream outlets are all in on the heist because ultimately, property has been connected to these public schools which is the last line of defense for the union, an arrangement concocted through politics.

This problem will continue on until people no longer care about having their property values attached to a public school.  Lakota is near that saturation point, but is not quite there.  Liberty Township has a lot of out-of-state investment pouring into it from people moving into the area from other places—typically more progressive places like the East Coast and they bring with them these high tax trends which will last for about 15 years and taper off once a new hot spot is designated.  Currently these types of people outnumber homeowners like me who have been in the area for much longer than they have.  Through democracy they have the ability to pillage the land and its resources, and then leave it like an empty carcass.  They treat Liberty Township like the tail of a shrimp at a fine restaurant.  They dip the tail in a sauce and suck out all the meat leaving the remnants of a shell on a plate to be thrown away.  That is what Pro Levy voters and the labor union at Lakota are doing—and the school board lets them do it.

So what’s next?  Well, there will be another levy in 2017—as I predicted.   There will be another in 2023 as well and taxes will then become unsustainable for residents and businesses.  There will be a short-term influx of wealth created through this new labor contract as even No Lakota Levy people were happy to see the levy pass so not to affect the developments of Carriage Hill and Liberty Center.  But that will diminish as well over a fairly short period of time.  The battle plan of the radicals is fully set, and there just aren’t enough people with the stomach to stand against them—which they know.  As for me, I’ll continue to stand against the tax increases.  As it has been noticed, my focus lately has been on larger issues—the origin problems of how this whole system was constructed.  I have no desire to deal with the effects.  Doc Thompson and I are planning a documentary which was originally scheduled to shoot this past winter, but has been moved to the summer.  In it we plan to interview former Lakota school board members to tell a national story of how and why public education is a travesty and parasitic failure.  The documentary is set to be released through Doc’s affiliation with The Blaze—Glenn Beck’s vast Dallas-based enterprise.  I presented this material to everyone prior to the vote—what the teacher’s union planned to do with the money, but voters chose to preserve their level of comfort over the long-term sustainability of the district.   They picked short-term thinking over long-term management—and the levy narrowly passed.  Celebrations among progressive groups attached to public education erupted, because they knew the money tree had been turned back on and the scam known as public education was once again yielding fruit.  So for me, the next step is to attack the foundation of this debacle—and not the effect.

Lakota certainly mislead the public.  Sheriff Jones participated—he said during the levy campaign that the money was going to go toward security at the schools.  Well—guess what?  Now Liberty Township is seeking a levy to pay for police—for the schools. The two public employee unions, the FOP in Butler County and the LEA at Lakota are trying to double tax the residents of Liberty Township and they hope people are too asleep to notice.  That’s why the press release was put out for Lakota during the spring break period just ahead of Good Friday—while most people are otherwise distracted before the May 8th vote for the police levy, where residents can actually put some tax money back in their pocket.  Most levy supporters are too busy to pay attention to all these issues between soccer practices, career obligations, and the television shows stacking up on their DVR machines.  All these technical details are just too much to pay attention to—so they continue to vote foolishly to tax themselves—and Lakota knew all along that even though I was publishing their plans so people could vote accordingly, that in the end people either didn’t care enough to act, or were afraid of the results.  And thus—the teachers got what they wanted—more money.  Now they can go back to sexting students and enjoying one of the few professions in the world where they can make so much money doing virtually nothing but spreading left-winged political ideology and babysitting for parents who lack personal management.

Rich Hoffman



The Cliven Bundy Standoff: Pacifism versus resistance in response to an aggressive federal government

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Before Doc Thompson or Rusty Humphries was on the radio with Matt Clark I was his first interview while doing a live podcast from the Cincinnati Tea Party Tax Day Rally.  As I was speaking with Matt on his WAAM broadcast out of Ann Arbor, Michigan I felt him cringe next to me as I indicated that I was actually looking forward to the time when the federal government came to my home to attempt to take me away on a train during some future purge.  Saying such things, especially in today’s overly sensitive climate of hyper sensitivity can quickly label you as an extremist—and is the kind of thing that mainstream talk show hosts like Matt Clark, Doc Thompson and Glenn Beck avoid.  But I was being truthful.  As I was giving my interview I had Cliven Bundy on my mind as the federal government and he were involved in standoff over a cattle grazing incident on claimed federal land.  Bundy refused to pay the proper fees for using that land.  The situation came very close to escalating into an armed engagement—and was what I believe to be a sign of things to come.  When that time comes to me, I know how I’ll deal with it—and it won’t be with protest signs and strongly worded letters.  I wasn’t kidding when I said I was looking forward to such a time.  I am tired of having the pretense of civility when it is so grossly obvious that the federal government is using law as a club to impose wealth grabs and redistribution of resources they deem worthy by force—then not expecting anybody to resist them.  Just off the top of my head are the lies of Fast and Furious, Benghazi, the IRS scandal, the treachery of Common Core directly attempting to reprogram our youth into progressive soldiers, the school levies that are defeated in November only to be put back on the ballot in May—because they are  socialist attacks on American private property.  There are serious impositions on American life that are simply inexcusable and eventual confrontation is inevitable between the forces of good, and the progressive parasites intent to social engineer all life on earth to their philosophy.

I am sympathetic to Cliven Bundy, his issue which is explained properly by Glenn Beck below in an interview with him is really about the old Nevada rancher refusing to acknowledge the acquisition of land which has been in his family for a century.  Bundy is refusing to acknowledge the legal power the government has given itself to force him to pay grazing fees for land that it has no real technical right to claim a fee for him to pay.  Bundy is simply not recognizing the power of the federal government in a legal issue which it controls from a legal perspective.

My observations of the federal government, and I’m saying this for future reference, is that it is incompetent and not able to properly manage basic finance, let alone wealth creation strategies or a proper interpretation of justice.  The government as it is today is filled with poorly constructed minds deeply prone to error and cover-up, and they cannot be trusted.  The only way to deal with them on their terms is to surrender logic, and thought to the ease of their appeasement—and I’m not willing to do that.

When I was in the fifth grade a number of bullies surrounded me on the school bus.  The bullies were taking hits of speed in the form of a pill.  They wanted me to participate in that activity with them because they decided to do it in front of my eyes and wanted to make sure that I would not tell on them for their activity.  If they convinced me to also take hits of speed then I would be complicit in their crime—and would not have the moral ground to say anything against them.  So they tried at first to attract me to the drug by telling me how good it would feel.  But little did they know that I had then—and I still do—a very strict anti drug position.  I despise drugs—especially marijuana, speed, meth, and cocaine.  I don’t even like alcohol where intoxication is the goal.   There was nothing that those bullies could do to me to get me to take those hits of speed.  When I refused them, they then turned to violence hoping to convince me to take the path of least resistance and just swallow the speed.

The bullies encompassed the entire rear end of the school bus.  There were at least 8 kids directly involved and about 15 others who were passively supporting the activity.  The school bus driver was not equipped to handle the situation so refused to look at the activity in the mirror because she was also afraid of the boys.  Those same boys had been in trouble with the school principal many times, and had lost their respect for authority a long time ago.  They were unmanageable, and knew it.  So they were taking hits of speed on the school bus right in front of everyone just to prove that they could.  And the more who participated in the activity with them the stronger they became.  So when I refused their attempts to convince me to participate with them in the drug taking, they turned to violence.  They cornered me and tried to force me to take the speed with the threat of violence.  They put the pills in my hand and told me to swallow them otherwise they’d beat me up.  I threw the pills out the window behind me and a massive fight erupted.  I went to personal war with those boys for the next 8 years.  By the time those eight years concluded every one of the boys was in trouble for something and either moved away, or were not able to attend school any longer.  The violence really escalated in junior high school with some of the stories I have told here previously.  But a long story short, I was the last one standing as they collapsed on themselves.  If I had done what they wanted me to, my life would have been much different.  So would the lives of my children, and wife.  Because I fought through that situation, my family legacy is so much stronger—which became very important just ten years after the conclusion of the drug battle which started on the school bus.

The federal government is really no different from those drugged out bullies.  They want complicity in their crimes and use fear of violence to impose people to comply and become part of their zombie cult of mindless tax payers.  Cliven Bundy said no.  Many others are saying no, more and more people every day.  I have certainly said no.  I said no to the ridiculous brainwashing of the public schools, the failed economic policies, the paralyzing federal regulations, the EPA wackos using environmental terrorism to advance socialist politics, the many crimes and lies of the federal government corrupted by the two-party system—both controlled by radical political elements intent on social decay—and I refuse to be complicit in their activity.

I do have a lot of friends and associates who are in well placed positions—who are concerned about the perception of statements in relation to the Overton Window which has pulled the logic of America into a progressive direction. They are not progressives, but are concerned about feeding into a line of dialogue that progressives can twist around to their advantage.  However, the real intent of this strategy is no different from the school bus bullies trying to force innocent spectators into taking drugs.  They wanted to know that some “holier-than-thou” kid wouldn’t rat them out—and the best way to do that was to get the kid to participate in a crime with them.  The federal government has done the same with land grabs, taxation, social policy, and corrupt election procedures so to stay in power and collect the voluminous benefits of public office.  Federal officials like the school bus bullies simply put on suits and obtained law degrees.  They are still scum bags seeking complicity.

When those scum bags try to move me in some way or another against my will, trouble is insured for them.  I have lived my life in a way where I haven’t even allowed myself to be forced to take drugs under coercion.  So a federal government using force or manipulation against me will do no better.  Right now I do occasional radio shows talking about these things, and I write about them here at Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom, but at a certain point, those will no longer be effective outlets.  And I’m looking forward to it.  Because there is honesty in what Cliven Bundy did in Nevada.  It might seem radical or crazy from the perspective of legal analysts, Supreme Court professionals, and sell-out politicians—but it’s the right thing to do.   At a certain point, we all have to come to terms with the fact that most of American case-law has been formulated by corrupt minds who are simply bullies looking for drug consumption complicity.  Drugs aren’t always the kind taken and consumed through the human body—but the kind of thoughts injected into a mind.

Most of my media friends do not have the same kind of background that I do.  They are still trying to play the game of fitting in to the rules of the FCC.  Fortunately for them, they do not have backgrounds in violence..  When Glenn Beck states that Jesus, Martin Luther King, Gandhi and other peaceful pacifists achieved great things in the context of history—he’s right—but they are also all dead, or were unnecessarily jailed with their freedoms removed from them ultimately.  I would prefer that the world work with law, and respect, but it is obvious that the federal government has no interest in either—unless either allows them to confiscate wealth from those who produce it.  My life is more valuable than the greater good of a bunch of parasites, and they don’t have the right to remove me from my family, or my future in their quest for complicity.  I disagree with the pacifist approach, the approach that many who have FCC licenses hanging over their heads, or religions around their necks are imprisoned to.  I seek freedom from those restrictions also, and this is why I look forward to the day where the standoff off with destiny finally arrives.  In many ways I have been preparing for it my entire life.  It won’t be I who provokes it, but it will be my decision to ignore the case-law of thieves who have written laws to enrich themselves at the cost of value in a mindless—collective quest for complicity as they consume the drug of power that rots the human mind worse than any disease, any cancer, or mental ailment of treachery.  The future fight that I yearn for is not the lust of violence, but the defense of a mind, and its ability to think free of tyranny—a trait that cannot be preserved with pacification.

America would have never won its independence with peaceful protests and soft talk.  American independence had to be taken—with force.  And now that it has been seen how corrupt the United States federal government has been, I don’t see peace in the future if independence is to remain.  Elections do not work, and the laws are stacked against common men and women.  Generations of children have been brainwashed into statism and do not have the intellectual capacity to deal with these complicated matters—which is quite on purpose.  American society is surrounded by complicit individuals who may deep in their hearts be good, but are like the kids on that bus long ago afraid to stand up to the bullies, so they took the speed to keep from being beaten up.  But what was taken from them was their minds and moral standing which is forever tarnished by actions which were forced upon them.  That is why Cliven Bundy is right and the federal government is wrong.  It is also why I am looking forward to the future instead of being weary of it—because I enjoy such things.  The Bundy Ranch standoff is only the beginning.

Rich Hoffman



Rusty Humphries at the Cincinnati Tea Party: Why “WINOs” are in a lot of trouble

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imageI have been extraordinarily busy of late—much, much more than I care to be. My bullwhip friends from the Western Arts had of course my top priority and that occupied most of the last weekend. Then of course there are family obligations, normal career type commitments, a meeting Monday at the Elks Club for the Liberty Township Tea Party which I wrote about yesterday. Then there was the event on Tax Day out in Eastgate, the Cincinnati Tea Party rally which brought out some of the most vigilant patriots of the current liberty movement anywhere. Doc Thompson was there, Ann Becker and all her posse including Chris Littleton, Mike Wilson, Ted Stevenot and Libertarian Girl were there. Rusty Humphries flew in from his Washington Times gig representing the new Atlas Shrugged movie. My friend Matt Clark came down from Ann Arbor to do a live podcast from the event. There were many, many more names—all of them very good—and all of them fighting hard every day for what’s right by way of the American Constitution—but my time was occupied primarily by those names mentioned. To do the event justice, there is no way I can cover everything in a single article, so I’ll start with the Rusty Humphries speech, which can be seen below—and embodied the tone of the entire evening magnificently.

Rusty also did an interview with Matt Clark who was set up outside the main conference hall. The interview was every bit as entertaining as would be expected by Humphries who has a nationally syndicated radio show. He also writes for the Washington Times, and is even acting in the new Atlas Shrugged Part III movie. Watching he and Matt work together was like watching the present and future aligned. Matt Clark certainly has in his future a syndicated talk show as he shares with Humphries the ability to use social media to blast his message to the world. The only difference is that Humphries has been doing it longer, and already went through the kind of criticisms that Matt Clark often inflicts upon himself constantly looking for broadcast perfection.

All evening there was a constant steam of interviews which went through Matt Clark’s WAAM broadcast table, most of which will be featured over the next couple of days. One of the funniest comments made over the course of the evening was Humphries reference to Hillary Clinton. During his speech he talked about the various RINOs in politics, people like John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, any of the Bush brothers, etc. RINO of course means “Republican in Name Only,” which is to say that those so-called Republicans have been terrible at preserving conservative ideals. They’ve been more interested in compromising with people who want to fundamentally change American life, and have done a great disservice to their nation. This is when Humphries said that Hillary was a “WINO,” a “Wife in Name Only.” That drew quite a laugh and it stuck with me throughout the night.

The “WINO” comment was funny because most people feel that Bill and Hillary Clinton have an open relationship where they have simply pulled a ruse on the American public for more than three decades of scandalous crusade. Their mission as Marxist loving young college students was to deliver America to the doorsteps of the Socialist International controlled United Nations and they pretended to be like every day Americans to concoct the ruse. Part of that deceit was to pretend that they are a traditional married, husband and wife–while at the same time advancing LGBT agenda points and a gradual erosion of American sovereignty to the chaos of the world cesspool. Does anybody honestly feel that Hillary would not do anything to become elected into an office, even if it meant committing herself to a loveless marriage in the typical European style of power arrangement? I don’t doubt it for a moment, and it is likely that she cannot even relate to a typical American romantic comedy because she does not have the kind of feelings in her life associated with “love,” “passion,” or “sexual longing,” as her primary motives appear to be exclusively—for her entire life—committed to social reform built on a progressive reference established by Marxism—which she learned in college.

It was good to hear Humphries say what virtually everyone was thinking—it was therapeutic and was the primary reason that most of the hundreds and hundreds of people came to the Cincinnati Tea Party Rally on a Tuesday night. They needed relief from the insanity of a world spinning out-of-control and into perpetual progressive madness. The people present were awake and all aware of the follies around them—and having so many people in such a state gives hope that the world will not degrade into a bottomless pit from which it will never return.

Matt bought a hamburger for me once the event was over at the bar. We barely placed our order before the kitchen closed as the rally went late into the evening. Humphries had already left as many others were leaving, but Matt and I hadn’t had any food all day, so a well-earned hamburger was just the thing. Kelly Kohls and some of her party joined us in the bar for a bit as the waiter brought us our food. Kelly laughed when she saw the incredible size of my hamburger, complete with everything on it, onions hanging over the edge with huge leaves of lettuce, largely cut tomatoes and a tremendously huge bun sprinkled with sesame seeds. Her son happened to be sitting next to me and I took his mother’s comments and expanded on it by saying that this was an example of American food. “You wouldn’t get a hamburger like that in France, or Spain, or Italy. In those countries they give you some silly little noodles and some crappy vegetables off on the side of the plate—and they consider it art. Their food is like their crappy little Fiat cars, their bad breath, terrible economies, and wimpy sports. Here in America, like this hamburger,” which I had to put all my weight on to smash together to fit into my mouth, “we like V-8 engines, fast cars, violent sports, guns and women in thongs.” At that point Kelly called me a few names and took her 15-year-old son away from my bad influence. I told her that her son was a guy, and that he needed to hear those kinds of things. She laughed and hit me in the shoulder and walked off. I didn’t blame her, after all she is running for a Senate seat, and she needed to maintain her respectability in the eyes of the masses. But I don’t. Hamburgers, fast cars, rock music, football and chicks with thongs are the kinds of things I think of when I think of America—and specifically freedom. So after the evening festivities the gigantic hamburger from the hotel bar complete with Coors beer was the perfect night-cap to a busy day.

Much of what was discussed at the Cincinnati Tea Party could be summed up into not apologizing for what Americans are, but rather, being proud of it. It is clearly time to stop feeling sorry for every other country on earth and to make ourselves less just to make other countries feel equal. I know I’m done with such things, and according to Matt, Doc, Rusty, Ann, and all the others, they are too. The biggest difference between those at the Tax Day Rally and everyone outside of that room is that the attendees have arrived first to a conclusion that is inevitable—that progressives like Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and many others, have taken America to a bad place, and people don’t like it. My friends are the first to express that displeasure—and soon, so will the rest of the nation. imageThe old WINO tricks won’t work this time, as an $18 trillion-dollar deficit looms over the richest nation in the world—caused by progressive mismanagement of American resources. And once the rest of society gets to the level of frustration that the people attending the Cincinnati Tea Party rally displayed on April 15th, 2014 in Eastgate, Ohio—WINO’s like Hillary will be in a whole lot of trouble—and I’ll celebrate with an even bigger hamburger. The secret to American excess is not that The United States consumes too many natural resources, but that it has produced so much—because of capitalism. If more nations throughout the world adopted capitalism over socialism, they’d discover excesses of their own and would be a whole lot less miserable.

Rich Hoffman  



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