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My New Book: The Tail of the Dragon

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For the last couple of months I have received a lot of email asking me why I spent so much time dealing with education issues but not addressing the obvious problems involved in law enforcement and the incredibly top-heavy budgets involved with them.  Well, it’s a bigger issue and can’t really be dealt with locally like education issues can.  And to me, I knew I recently completed the first draft of my second book The Tail of the Dragon that takes a hard look at just how far law enforcement has a right to go into our lives and the impact ethically that having too much restriction can have on the human soul. 

It has been quite a journey writing that novel. It started with a trip my wife and I took to the Smoky Mountains, where we ran the famous Tail of the Dragon on our motorcycle.  On that trip we witnessed the heavy hand of the THP as shown proudly in the video below.

I’m a small government guy. My childhood roots are in great car chase films like Hooper and Smokey and the Bandit. The way the Tennessee Highway Patrol acted toward drivers on the Tail of the Dragon set my blood boiling a bit.  So I wanted to do a story about The Tail of the Dragon, and the aggressive, and in some cases oppressive police presence there, and make the whole story like the climax of Hooper.   View that video below.

It is my belief that writing a novel can add new mythology to the embroidery of human existence, and is the most important, and responsible job on the face of the planet.

While most of the old car chase stories are considered to be low brow entertainment, I see a level of sophistication in simplicity that is missing from modern stories, which prevents readers from falling in love with the characters like some of the beloved characters of those old films and TV shows.  

The Dukes of Hazzard, which was on every Friday when I was a kid, still has a popular appeal to many.   To this day they still have these Dukesfest events where they jump and crash cars and everybody has a great time. I love events like this, because everything is so “unsafe,” and people have fun knowing how dangerous everything is. It’s a culture that most in New York and Los Angeles don’t know much about, but it represents a huge part of the country, particularly in the south.  And it’s a market that has been largely ignored.

Below is the famous Blues Brothers mall scene. Nobody has done a mall car chase like this in over thirty years! This is still a classic and beloved by millions, many for this scene alone.  So I made sure there was a mall scene in my book.

This past election put me on every news station in southwest Ohio, I was quoted in every newspaper, my presence was in high demand on talk radio, but above all those efforts, it was my ability to write, and communicate that made the difference on the unpopular issue of forcing education reform and defeating issue 2.  But I don’t plan to stop there.  Those of you that know me best understand I am not new to taking positions where I speak out on topics.  The issues explored in the Tail of the Dragon however, are larger and more complicated and require a broader public tapestry than what I can explore in a blog, and those other forms of communication.     

I think it’s time that something in our modern culture can reflect the happy-go-lucky attitude and tenacity displayed in scenes like this one from Hooper.  Socially, we’ve all become so sensitive that we’re all about to burst with frustration.  I offer the Tail of the Dragon as a relief valve for that frustration.

I wrote The Tail of the Dragon to entertain, and provoke thought.  It is an exploration of an authentic human existence explored through Rick Steven’s who after 20 years of marriage and a grown son that has just moved out of the house, finds he and his wife had seen their personal hopes and dreams drift away over the years.  Rick had put aside a career as a race car driver to raise a family, a decision that had always haunted him. Rick meets Chet Watson, a powerful attorney and former candidate for governor of Tennessee and finds himself caught up in the games of Watson and the current Governor of Tennessee in a plot to run for President of the United States by increasing the hiring of police officers all over the state.


After reading the first draft, I feel the work is close to what I’m looking for. The story is there and I’m happy with how the scenes go to together. Now it’s time for some re-writing. But, I am happy that I was able to capture the good old fashion thrill of the car chase story spewing with romance and danger, and to have characters that people might actually invest their emotions in.

And for the record, it’s OK to thumb you nose at the law……………..it’s even healthy for our republic.  So please, enjoy my new novel Tail of the Dragon, seen in the clip above and celebrate the law breakers who keep America free.

Rich Hoffman


For info on my screenplay The Lost Cannibals of Cahokia, check it out here.  I’ve been looking for a good group to assemble for that project.

30 Responses

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