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Creators and Feeders: The blueprint to save America is at your local book store

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To those that want to know the answers to everything they are right in front of you. Literature, even though considered a harbor for the liberal arts degree, thus creating just another damn hippie to cast their unproductive concepts of love and peace in a world that is quite the opposite, literature is about truth ultimately. It is in the interpretation of that truth that everything gets distorted.

This is what happened in Thus Spoke Zarathustra, which I’ve proclaimed openly, is my favorite book. Zarathustra came down out of the mountains to help “mankind” understand that they can become “better” than just human beings. That’s where the Ubermensch idea comes from translated loosely into English as “the overman.” I learned about Nietzsche reading a lot of Joseph Campbell and was drawn to Nietzsche’s anti-institutional ideas in quotes that littered the massive body of work known as The Masks of God, which is a four volume set that Campbell spent many years writing based on the course he taught at Sara Lawrence College. One thing that Campbell was doing in his comparative mythology work was breaking down the differences between collective societies, such as you find in the east, and individual oriented societies that you find in the Occident, otherwise the west.

Where the west fails, and I’m thinking of Europe in this case is when they attempt to copy the east with their own culture. Somewhere in that attempt progressivism was created, and has been and will always be a disease to the creative power of the individual which propels all society.

There is a reason that you don’t find development in Africa except what the American or European mind brought to it. There is a reason that China spent many years as a stagnate country. They had periods of renaissance, one such period during our European dark ages was quite explosive, but fizzled out only to be reawakened once England handed Hong Kong back to the Chinese in 1999 which they then decided to adopt their culture around which has helped create the renaissance they are currently experiencing. But ultimately collectivism, especially progressivism, is an idea killer that hinders society in terrible ways for the trade-off of social security.

Two bodies of literature jump out at me exhibiting these collectivism warnings. One is A Brave New World, the other is Atlas Shrugged.

I wrote my own book, The Symposium of Justice in 2004, many years before I eventually read Atlas Shrugged myself. I was surprised that Ayn Rand had created similar characters and themes as I did, and she did it over 50 years ago. It might have something to do with the fact that we both studied Nietzsche at some length. I’m thinking particularly of the diner scene, which seemed awfully close to something I did without knowledge of Ayn’s work. The reason? Because truth is truth. There aren’t these degrees of negotiation along some political lines where there are extreme right-winged views or extreme left-winged views and somehow in government these views must be compromised into some stew of thought representing everyone as best as possible. People who seek the truth and find it, come to similar conclusions that cannot be escaped.

Because of my kids, I get to meet a lot of young people, and I must say they are a very disappointing group, bent and distorted around years of progressive thought. I blame progressivism for their foolish behavior, the desire to get “trashed” as they put it, where their right of passage to adulthood is the ability to drink and lose consciousness. That is a pathetic goal. These young people are a soft species robbed of honor because they have been taught to be entirely too sensitive for their own good, indecisive, insecure, raised in broken homes where step parents are a major factor, the whole situation is a mess, and progressive thought is to blame. The most recent catastrophe cast upon the fragile psyche of today’s youth is a thing called Facebook Depression. Listen to Doc Thompson of 700 WLW talk about this mysterious new progressive illness here.

One young boy that my youngest daughter knows lost his job for sleeping and playing on Facebook during his work hours. The kid is a video game wiz so I know there is intelligence there. But he can’t handle basics of reality. For him, it is acceptable to fall off the horse and let the horse keep on running down the path leaving him behind. I feel sorry for the kid because his fundamental belief system will prevent him from seeing the truth of the reasons he continues to fail. You could sit the kid down and scream at him and it would be no different from yelling at a dog that wants to please you, but can only wag its tail or drop its ears, completely unable to understand what you’re trying to tell it.

This kid is just a product of progressivism. I don’t blame him as much as I feel pity, much like I feel pity of an insect that falls into a swimming pool and struggles to free itself, hoping a kind hand lifts it from the water before it drowns. There are millions upon millions of these kids functioning in the world today, most of them completely lost by adults that are just as lost. This is the result of progressivism. Progressives seek a level of fairness that is not earned, but is perceived as a right, which it’s not.

The world is built by people who produce. It is very simple. There is no room for interpretation or negotiation on that simple fact. There are those who create. Then there are those that feed off that creation. The trouble always occurs when those that feed off creation take too much, or stand in the way of that creation. And the problem with modern society is that we don’t create enough, and those that do create keep it to themselves so they can avoid the problems with progressive thought.

Ayn Rand’s book has been out there for everyone to read for a great number of years. There is no reason to reinvent the wheel here. When a congressman or senator says to the Speaker of the House, “you need to abandon the tea party,” they just don’t get it. They are as foolish as the young person I told you about that think something is going to fall out of the sky and somehow fix his life if only he drinks one more drink, or goes to school and gets a degree for a job that doesn’t exist. It is only by getting down in the mud and fighting, and creating a new job that anything happens. The tea party knows what Ayn Rand knew 50 years ago, that progressive thought will kill your country.

She wrote Atlas Shrugged at a time that socialism hadn’t failed yet. In fact, there was a real threat that the Soviet Union might overtake the United States and its capitalist ways. When Ronald Reagan took the gloves off for a bit in the 80’s, we saw how rapidly capitalism could work, and how quickly socialism failed. Reagan’s strategy worked and proved Ayn Rand correct. Now, in hind-sight we have the benefit to go back to her work and admire how she arrived at truthful conclusions that are truly American in their context. The critics talk about the 80’s as a selfish age, which ironically is explored in great detail in Atlas Shrugged from all angles. Selfish or terms like it are cast from those in the progressive camp, from their distorted perspective corrupted by a sense of entitled fairness which does not exist anywhere in the universe because the laws of physics prohibit such a preposterous notion.

One element in that book that haunts me is the discovery of a new type of engine built by a genius that turns his back on the world in a way because he knows that the world as it is designed through progressive thought will reject new ideas because all new ideas threaten the security of people. This engine runs off strictly static electricity. It would never need fuel, oil or any other element. It would run along the same premise that lightning is generated in the atmosphere. The sickening thing about that bit of science fiction is that it is rooted in fact.

I’ve told you on these pages about regenerative medicine. I’ve told you about the Skycar. There are many, many inventions sitting on the shelf right now, that are being held back from society for all the reasons that progressivism fails, and that failure is outlined beautifully in the book Atlas Shrugged.

If you haven’t read it and you want to know the truth of what is going on in the world. If you want to understand why the welfare system fails, why government regulation is bad, and how the feeders in life, called “the looters” in the book are destructive read that book. Forget the mindless politicians. They are looters, every one of them. We must have some level of government in this country, but we don’t need it to be nearly as large as it is now.

It is true that there will be suffering. Those that are feeders off society will have a difficult time adapting, but this process must happen. It is not a matter of right or left. It is literally right or wrong.

Nature does not lie. The reason progressives believe that the earth is so vulnerable is because at their true nature, their mentality, they believe that they can change the world. They can engineer thought. They can engineer control of the whole world. But with nature, it is survival of the fittest. Progressives seek to change that. The reason, well not everyone can be the fittest, so in the pursuit of fairness the strong are attacked, and the strong are what everyone feeds off of. If you bring down the strong, there is nothing for anybody to feed off of. And government, especially a large, progressive government that is extremely expensive is that there are too many people feeding off the strong and society will crumble.

The key is that if you want to be a feeder, or a “looter,” then find yourself a creator that is a fair-minded person that appreciates your labor, because through competition, the creator in order to get a competitive edge over other creators will adapt to necessity, just as a stream will always run downhill and find the path of least resistance. If you want the benefit of that flow, put yourself in that path of least resistance and you’ll always be employed and of a benefit to a creator. And if you are a creator, create. Don’t attempt to be a feeder if you are a creator. You will only frustrate the hell out of yourself.

Every single politician in existence is a feeder. They are almost completely worthless. Yet they believe that they have some kind of dominion over everything that is created. And that is what needs to change. This is a belief given to us from Europe, which is a corrupt notion. It hasn’t worked for them, and it won’t work for us.

If you want to know how to do that, understand what needs to be done or how to fix what’s wrong with America and you want the truth go to your local book store and read Atlas Shrugged. The movie will be out soon also. But if you really want to soak up something that won’t lie to you, go get that book! Today! Then watch the news armed with the truth and see what you think about comments over the federal budget and what we can cut or should cut.

The cost if you don’t take a step to understand the truth, as a taxpayer, is that we will find ourselves in the situation that London found itself over the weekend, which is ridiculous and pathetic, headed up by people like the kid I described above, someone who thinks they are entitled to a good life and everything will magically fall in their lap without them doing anything to create that reality. Because they believe the great lie of progressive thought, which is an audacious naïveté of human influence seeking to alter the behavior of nature itself.

Literature, especially literature that has stood the test of time, will cast light where the darkness of progressivism resides like termites deep in the foundations of our existence. Figure out who you are and be it. That’s the first step because we’re not all equal in the world of Mother Nature and never will be.

If there is a book that can give America a blueprint on how to rebuild the country, it’s Atlas Shrugged. Read it word for word and understand it sentence by sentence.

Rich Hoffman


42 Responses

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  1. Sorry Rich..the constant berating of Atlas Shrugged won me over the Symposium of Justice. Did you do yourself in my friend? No. I will have my summer reading not picked by Oprah thank you.
    Can’t wait to delve into it.


    March 29, 2011 at 12:36 am

  2. [...] No. It’s not. Villains, looters, feeders, predators, are all words that can be accurately used to …. They are those things because they have become too greedy, demanded too much, and are now in a position to make demands to the people that pay them. They have become corrupt to the point of treason if the word treason was used in a traditional capacity. [...]

  3. [...] The private sector will replace those jobs in time, but we have to deregulate our society so that those that create will create those jobs. Government only knows how to feed. Someone has to do the creating, and creators do not take governme… [...]

  4. So I’m finding that the book is such as massive undertaking at this time, but I’m already into it. I decided to go yesterday and pick up the video seies unabridged by Scott Brick. 25 CD”S!!!!! Luckily I get to start at#3. The chick behind the counter asked if I was either taking a long road trip or was looking for something to do until Thanksgiving. :) By the way, she read it twice and was jazzed to see it go out the door.


    March 31, 2011 at 12:37 pm

    • It’s a big read, but worth the time. Well worth it. Soak it up! It really is the key to understanding the world we’re in right now. I can’t say that enough. I’m going to beat that drum until people get it, buy the book, read it, understand it, watch the movie and demand the next two installments. It’s important and the time for the events that happen in the book is right now, and I’m talking about the second half of it, under A IS A.


      March 31, 2011 at 2:31 pm

  5. Audio series. Not video. I got called out on that. There is no video series. My bad.


    March 31, 2011 at 3:31 pm

  6. [...] To the foolish looter’s……………there is only one passage I know from all of literature to d…. Among that rhetoric, is the belief that money is somehow free and easy to get, and that only the greedy rich are sitting on piles of money, that if removed could be taken by all and shared. People who believe such things have no idea what the “good of money” even means. So I will draw from literature to provide a definition that every American should be required to read in high school. That quote is listed below. [...]

  7. [...] I understand how important it is to discover relics from the past to help us comprehend our future. Atlas Shrugged is a relic from America’s past that is uniquely American. And by dusting it off and… I can tell you what being an American isn’t, it’s not a white person, a black person, an [...]

  8. [...] Doc Thompson discusses this vile evil on 700 WLW. It’s an evil topic because the perpetrators havi…Yes, because the taking of taxes is a theft no different from a robber that held you at gunpoint and said, “give me your money or I’ll shoot.” “Pass this levy to protect our kids.” Pass this levy police levy for ‘protection.’” The ethical standard is the same, because my question is, “or else what?” Why does the implication that more money means better service even come into play? My experience is that money does not always get you the best employees, so why do people think that more money gives us anything of value? The reason is that public employees have knowingly lied to the tax payers, manipulated them using emotion, in order to secure outrageous salaries for themselves without any care for the sustainability of the tax revenue system. It is greed at its absolute worst. [...]

  9. [...] So now that the film is coming to Cincinnati, GO SEE IT! If you want to spend your hard earned money… [...]

  10. A few years back I found out how many of todays youth obtain a free degree with zero effort.

    I attended Miami U. and was taking classes with people less than half my age. I was determined to maintain a 4.0 GPA and so worked hard to accomplish my goal. I was amazed and appalled to find out that most courses demand a “group project.” The project gives the same grade to each individual in the group. Usually the grade is also a huge percentage of your final grade. The instructor puts one of the best students in with three failing students. Example, my group consisted of four people. Two never showed up for any work on the project, one did almost zero and I did 99% of the project including the presentation. We received an A for the project. I maintained my grade and three failing students ended up with “C’s” in the course. Three were on a free ride and I was paying my own tuition.

    I have found out that this is the method that is passing for a college education these days. I have talked to friends and family and it is a standard way of pushing inferior and failing people through the system and out into the working world. They possess a meaningless degree. Unfortunately, those that actually performed the work are put into the same category as the rest until they are able to prove themselves as excellent workers and thinkers.

    So to the point of your essay, the incentive to do well and earn your way is obsolete in todays society. Schools are labeled “Excellent With Distinction” when they are not. Coaches, students and teachers are deluded into believing lies that they want to believe. Our society has been effectively “dumbed down” to the point that the illiterate believe they are genius level individuals.
    Wrong and immoral are a thing of the past. There is no such thing today as right and wrong. Situational ethics is the norm. You decide what “you think” is right or wrong. It all depends on “your” needs at the time of the decision. This “philosophy” has been taught in the schools for years. I know most of you went through the “lifeboat” drill when you were in high school. Inculcation of the religion of Humanism. Stamping out our Christian foundation has been the goal of educators for 100 years. John Dewey, the father of modern education, signed the original Humanist Manifesto.


    April 9, 2011 at 4:30 am

  11. Excellent comment Sandra!! You are a prime mover and we know what Ayn Rand said to them in her journals.


    April 9, 2011 at 10:07 pm

  12. [...] All the issues discussed above are out of sheer frustration. It is obvious to anyone that cares to l…. These looters give the appearance that they are doing something beneficial for the community, but it’s all a smoke screen. What’s really going on is a lot of nothing and the tax payer is paying for things they don’t need to pay for. [...]

  13. [...] It’s not radical to not accept threats issued by these radical leftist groups, unions and public o… The clash is inevitable with these people because they built their livelihoods on the backs of those that supply all the money and are tired of carrying the extra load. [...]

  14. [...] The next election will be a circus. Don’t have any illusions that it’s going to be a serious end…. I would like to have a negotiator like Trump on the world stage, and as for a circus actor, nobody is worse than Obama. He has lowered the bar to make any candidate a legitimate option. I could run one of my nephew that is 5 years old and get better results. [...]

  15. [...] To me, as I told the reporter, education is one of the most obvious things you tackle when you’re …. When money is taken from one group of people and given to another against the first person’s will, it is robbery. And all forms of taxation could be said to fall under that category to some extent. With schools money is given freely, and the money is spent and when the money runs out, more money is asked for. Most of the money is taken from the people who vote against a levy, and the money is taken from them against their will. I don’t want one cent of my money to go to a teacher who thinks like the young girls that are in that video. “Empowering?” I don’t want people like that teaching the kids that we’re going to hand this world to. [...]

  16. [...] Oh, and good news while I’m writing this: the book Atlas Shrugged is now number 4 on Amazon.com’… That’s great news. People are learning how the game is played, and they’re primed to take the nation back from the clueless progressive. [...]

  17. [...] Terrorists have accomplished what they intended scaring our policy makers into over-reacting like co… [...]

  18. [...] A much older Walter Lippmann stated at the time that the New Dealers would “Rather not have a reco…That statement embodies most everything that the press speaks to this day, and socialist leaning union members, film makers, and politicians that hide their beliefs in socialism behind the Democratic Party, or under the more encompassing term, progressive. [...]

  19. [...] So that leaves us to wonder, who will want to take these public jobs? The answer will be, fewer people and for shorter tenure. Politicians should be the elderly that have already made their livings, raised their children and are at the end of their life. They should have the wisdom of a lifetime to resort to. They should not be people in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s that are trying to prove their worth in the world, attempting to use power to obtain property, or sex. No human being that is prone to any thoughts of giving to themselves the wealth generated by others should be in public office. For instance, a man like Barrack Obama should not be in public service, because he could not create any wealth for himself. H… [...]

  20. [...] In the private sector the teacher would be paid based on the value of their service, not some arbitr…. [...]

  21. [...] Now playing all these versions of existence against each other are looters, and thieves. In an uncivilized society, looters put on a mask and rob people in side alleys of their wealth. In a civilized society, the looters put on masks too, but they are the masks of authority, and they rob you without threats of violence, not openly. They rob you with the threat of potential violence inflicted by some random act beyond your control, which they as an authority figure can protect you from. So what they do is basically extort from the unknowing, naive victim, “protection money.” These are looters. They are anybody that makes a living off the public. Anyone that takes, but does not give back. For instance, Barrack Obama is a looter. Not because he’s a black president, or even a democrat, a progressive or a socialist. But he is a looter because he could never have personal success without public work. He’d not sell one book if he wasn’t running for president or if he wasn’t the current president. And none of the money he earns is for the personal worth of what he produces. He earns money for what he won’t do to a company, such as GE. Companies throw money at Obama and his progressive friends in congress and the senate to avoid regulation, and to create regulation against enemies. Obama earns his money by this process. Not by creating a product, or even working a punch press. He simply loots off the public to facilitate a process favorable to thieves. Without public office,… [...]

  22. [...] Through taxation we have created a political class that believes just as kings and queens did in Europe that they are our rulers. They are entitled to loot from us, to rule us as they see fit. And to pay for their service we are taxed on virtually every movement we make in society. We are taxed for every item of food we eat, every gallon of gas we buy. We are taxed for the cloths we wear and the cars we buy. We are taxed, taxed, and taxed working towa… [...]

  23. [...] I watched the various teachers proudly drape their arms about the shoulders of their students in great affection.  Flash bulbs filled the room often as proud parents took pictures to remember the event.  But I frowned in disappointment.  I looked into the eyes of those teachers, those bright eyed young women in most cases, and I saw a looter.  They are looters because the traits they are celebrating in the young students were given to those students by their parents.  The teacher is just along for the ride, yet in the ceremony, the school system is taking credit for the success of the child exclusively.  This is being done to justify the existence of the education industry.  The teachers don’t know a…  [...]

  24. [...] There is much evil in the world that is done under the disguise of “safety.” There are DUI check… [...]

  25. [...] The looters of the government, and to my view, most every employee in government is a looter, becau… [...]

  26. [...] Mythology like Star Wars touches the mind beyond the animal hungers for sex, food, or the desire for… [...]

  27. [...] My answer to that is the same that I say for public education. If government at the federal level an… [...]

  28. [...] Where would a community be if the developer did not build homes, if they did not have a vision for t… [...]

  29. [...] Government is no different from NASCAR in that the decision makers are often gun-shy and comfortable… [...]

  30. [...] America goes wrong by letting Presidents like Obama think they are royalty of some sort. When powerf… [...]

  31. [...] And he’s right.  Many people have asked me how I can speak out on the tax topics the way I have, … [...]

  32. [...] So the argument is not one of union busting, Republicans or Democrats, or young against old. It’s … [...]

  33. [...] 9/11 has allowed the “looters” of society to capitalize on this psychological defeat. By looters in this instance I’m thinking of the do-gooder, who shows to the public an effort at honor, respect, and valor, but the inner meanings are sinister and selfish. An example of this type of looter would be the long-lost sibling who discredited their parents, and when the parents die, the sibling seeks to launch the event into a long sought after resolution. These people show up and cry, and act as though they are devastated by the loss of the parents, but their inner aim is to reconnect with the family of which they severed relations for whatever reason. They seek to use the death of the parents as a way to reestablish contact and respect within the family unit itself. Enshrined within the 9/11 ceremonies that I witnessed were many such types, who on the surface of their soul believe their intentions are good and pure, but in reality are quite sinister. These looters seek to capitalize on the decline of America and to actually perpetuate phase 7 shown above. The goal of the looter is to use the tragedy to gain power. When people grieve in those moments of weakness they look to a leader to help put them back on their feet. That is when the looter strikes, and gains the respect and loyalty of the grieved, like the distraug… [...]

  34. [...] That is why Cincinnati fails. And that is why Chiquita wants to move to a dust bowl of a town in Charlotte, North Carolina. Because when times get tough, for a business to survive taking care of the “looters” of a town is not their responsibility. This is the reason so many of those “looters” seek government work, because that is the most secure way to care for their network wi… [...]

  35. [...] That is why Cincinnati fails. And that is why Chiquita wants to move to a dust bowl of a town in Charlotte, North Carolina. Because when times get tough, for a business to survive taking care of the “looters” of a town is not their responsibility. This is the reason so many of those “looters” seek government work, because that is the most secure way to care for their network wi… [...]

  36. [...] I remember poking the school bully in the eye with my scissors in first grade because he said he was…. Mine was worse because that kid had problems that would require him to take more time off school. In fact I received a paddling from so many principals that I can’t even remember them all. I remember making sure to let the principals know that I felt no pain, or that I could take it without flinching, even when I was 6 and 7 years old. You see, it was important to be tough, not only in respect from your class-mates, but it seemed important later in life somehow. [...]

  37. [...] It was in reading the book Walden that I felt I was reading some of my own personal notebooks, and I instantly understood why my daughter said what she did. I felt angry that I let a couple of teachers turn me off to Thoreau at an early age by presenting th… [...]

  38. [...] To sum up all these influences and where they come from here is Glenn Beck who has figured out what the poster that many of these Wall Street Protestors are rallying behind means and he connects the dots between what is happening in America with what is going on globally. By the way, remember what I’ve said about Bill Clinton and his attempt to become President of the … [...]

  39. [...] The video you are about to see puts in perspective just how much a hundred million dollars is and how it can dramatically improve the life of one individual person. It should be noted that the video is a campaign video from a fan of Ron Paul and is advocating the political beliefs of the person running for Paul’s congressional seat. And like or hate Ron Paul’s foreign policy views, Paul is certainly the only politician on Capitol Hill, besides his son, who grasps the concepts uttered in the classic book Atlas Shrugged. And like the plot line of that great book, much of the money supply that America and the rest of the world is fighting for is being held up not by the rich, and not by an over burdened middle-class, or even consumed by the welfare class. Money and people’s access to it are being controlled by the “political class” simply to keep class warfare intact, war perpetuated so that the citizens of the earth are distracted enough to look for a leader to guide them through the turmoil. But before we can examine why and how, the understanding of how much money one hundred million dolla… [...]

  40. [...] The problems of America and of the world will not be solved by one more politician or lawyer creatin…. The idea of an OVERMAN is to pursue the honest good as it is termed by all the mysteries of spirit even if it must break free of the social shackles of control to do so. An OVERMANWARRIOR is one who does not TAP OUT of the fight, knows of no surrender, does not yield to an inferior mind, and will live a life committed to not sanctioning the evil by allowing it to feed off the GOOD. And the very good people, even though they may be few, who ate pizza on an unusually warm January in the opening week of 2012 and told stories of blood lost, victories won, and conquests yet to be gained are part of creating a philosophy that will have an impact spanning far into the future. Behind it all is the flag that seeks vengeance on those who wish to strip America of its Constitution in an act of war that plays out like tanks on a battlefield, but simply amounts to words on a piece of paper by a government who believes they have a right to feed off the good to sanction their injustice. [...]

  41. [...] it’s not to hurt people like Kari. My aim is to hurt the system used to turn Kari against me with the distorted facts she had at her w… Lakota as an organization had all those teachers convinced that what I have been saying is a lie, [...]

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