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Obama is an Illegal President: He’s spent over 10 million hiding his birth certificate

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We have an illegal president in the White House. That is the only conclusion one can reason when it is considered that Obama has established a defense fund that has spent more than 10 million dollars keeping his “birth certificate” from public disclosure. Why? The only conclusion one could equate from such action is that there’s something wrong with his birth certificate, otherwise such a document would be readily provided.

Part of the money spent by that defense fund was in public relation campaigns to invent the whole “birther” disclaimer which paints anyone that questions this issue as some wacko conspiracy theorist. It has taken someone like Donald Trump to put this issue back on the table, because Trump understands how the game is played and knows there is something fishy about the whole situation.

Of course the ladies on The View are like the rest of America, they don’t want to admit that they elected a guy that has a questionable citizenship standing who has appointed judges, signed bills into law and ran around the world acting as a President of the United States, when the fact is, America was in such a hurry to prove that we aren’t a racist nation that we openly overlooked any perils that were in the way. Below, Bill Cunningham of 700 WLW who is sometimes a conservative leaning radio personality, and sometimes a liberal leaning personality but is a practicing attorney addressed the whole “birther” issue in great detail. If you want a clear understanding of the Obama controversy listen to this broadcast which is extremely good.

As stated in the interview, there is a preponderance of evidence that Obama was born in Hawaii. What that means is that there are some newspaper reports, and some other documents that lean in the direction of birth in Hawaii, but it appears that Obama claimed otherwise to get financial aid. So on one side of the story or another, Obama has lied in his past. He’s either claimed to be a foreign student for admission into Occidental College or he was really born in Kenya and his grandparents placed the notification in the newspaper in Hawaii. I think many Americans would forgive him for the first offense. Because the second offense is much more serious, which is why over 10 million dollars and much public relation debate has been created to combat even bring up the question.

People like George Soros, and he’s not the only one, with his Open Society Institute, do not think citizenship is important, because the goal is to bring down the borders of the United States anyway, so a president with citizenship problems is not an issue to people of this nature. With the amount of organizations that Soros is involved in by way of financial contributions, it is completely conceivable to understand how using the term “birther” as a way to attack the credibility of anyone that brings up the Obama citizenship issue keeps Obama from going through the process of serious investigations by congress, and is used to shape public opinion.

For a list of all the organizations Soros is involved in check out this link.

Look…….this isn’t some right winged conspiracy. This isn’t an attack on a black man in the White House. Nobody in the United States cares about that kind of thing anymore. I know a lot of level-headed people and Obama being black never even comes up.

This is an issue of whether or not the president of the United States is illegally in place, because if he is, he needs to go as a matter of law.

What I see is that nobody in congress, the senate, federal judges; anybody of any government merit has the backbone to admit such a monumental failure. Nobody wants to suffer through the embarrassment. It is obvious that the press doesn’t want mud on its face either, so there is a uniform lack of will to enforce the will of law.

We all remember the controversy when Bill Clinton didn’t release his medical records, most likely to cover up his syphilis problem and other issues, but he avoided the controversy with the same reluctance as Obama has with his birth certificate. The question we have to ask ourselves is why we’re electing people like this into the White House? What is it about our nature that even puts idiots like this in office with all this baggage to hide? Can’t we do any better than this? Are these types of people the best we have to offer from American civilization?

The answer is of course not. Most Americans think these people are jokes. In many ways the best of us have declined to be a part of the political process. We tend to our lives and let the fools go to office. We see those fools in our school boards, township trustees, city councils, state and federal governments because the best of us have better things to do and generally leave politics to the fools of our society. The problem is, those fools think we are the fools and they are marching our country into a direction most of us don’t want to go.

I’m all for globalism as long as the globe wants to adapt American ideas. I certainly don’t want anything to do with what the rest of the world is doing so keep your global progress. When countries like Brazil, France, and China start controlling the sex trade industry in their counties, they can tell us to control our pollution issues. Otherwise, their opinion isn’t wanted. And I don’t want a president that can’t even produce a birth certificate that spends millions of dollars keeping it from the public and travels the world bowing to the leader of every country, taking us in that direction. Obama is a joke. I’m sure he’s fine to play basketball with, but as president………come on. Get real.

If we are stuck with this joke for a few more years because everyone is too weak to actually demand that our public officials live by the actual rules of our law, then I say the law goes our way too. Ignore that speed limit sign, those demands to buckle up, forget the DUI laws. And for taxes, forget about April 15th, just send in your taxes whenever you feel like it. Heck, it’s just rules and laws. Who cares……..right?

And don’t even ask the question of whether the President is an American citizen because he has issues with his birth certificate, because all those “globalists” (that are attempting to break down our borders and scrap our Constitution) might call you a name……which might hurt your feelings. That’s more important than having an illegal president in the White House.After all……..it’s just a law, and according to our politicians, laws are meant to be broken.

Rich Hoffman


20 Responses

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  1. I haven’t had time to look into this issue as thoroughly as I’d like. My philosophy since this issue came to light has been that while it’s a travesty if Mr. Obama is not legally eligible to be President, the issue does not get much traction with the average American and there’s many, many concrete policy issues which we can hold against him.

    I may be too clever by half here, but I also think that Mr. Obama may be encouraging the furor over his birth certificate. I think he may enjoy being able to paint his enemies as “kooks”, knowing that the press and the court system is stacked in his favor. Ten million spent to keep his birth certificate hidden seems like a lot of money but I keep thinking of that MasterCard commercial as seen from Obama’s perspective:

    Money spent on birth certificate: $10,000,000
    Keeping conservative adversaries chasing their tails and being able to paint them as kooks in the media: priceless

    Also, there’s two words that strike fear into my heart: “President Biden”.


    April 11, 2011 at 11:45 am

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