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Dynamic Intellectualism and the Tea Party: The battle between the Spider and the Wasp!

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I have spent a lot of time explaining the troubles of finance in education, the disparity of truth propelled by the organized labor elements, and the general failure of progressive politics on this site. Generally society as a whole is happy with general assertions as to those failures because once they understand what they are, they can act correctly in understanding the danger and how to avoid it. I see pointing out the danger of progressivism and all that falls under it, such as public education models, communism as a governing body, and the lack-luster ambition the hippie-generation has propelled upon American society, the same as I might warn a spider that it is the nature of the wasp to stun a spider into paralysis, inject a wasp egg into the spider to live as a parasite using the body of the spider as food for the young wasp before emerging forth from the carcass of the spider to live a wasps life. Looking to nature in understanding the behavior of our current society is an intelligent thing to do, because all living things are following the innate laws of cellular biology. In human society the more intellect applied to creating new rules from which to live, the less of a tendency for human beings to behave in such a raw biological form, such as can be seen in this following video of the spider and the wasp. But when intellectualism fails by picking all the wrong things to think about for all the wrong reasons, and the default for the human mind is to resort to biology, then it is entirely possible to suggest that there are elements in our current society that will inject other elements of our society with an egg, to feed off our collective bodies for sustenance until those host bodies are dead completely giving rise to the parasitic infant which will seek to procreate using the same destructive methods.

Needless to say what I refer to throughout this article may require a foundation understanding of the principles of quality discussed with elementary terms in my previous article Why Public Unions Fail: The Science of Stagnation, where I provide some basic foundation concepts that will assist the reader on this next exploration of thought. The following article will explain why our society is failing, and the paralyzing force behind racism as the primary concerns of our age, and why it is necessary to return to a new foundation built from the Constitution and what role the Tea Party plays in this. The goal of this article is not to simply point out what’s wrong but to properly diagnose the trouble much the way one would diagnose the failure of an automobile, so that the car can be fixed. Society cannot be fixed if we do not diagnose it correctly, and that’s what we’re about to do.


Unique to the 20th Century was a human effort to place intellectualism as the foundation principle of our society. Through public education and colleges, this has been the great leap attempted by the human race. Intellectualism was intended to usher in the values of the Victorian Era morality taking individuals above their biological natures in their mere social class natures to function from a grand new intellectualism built upon science. However, as pointed out in my article The Secret of Malden Island, science is far from perfect. It often fails when objective observations alone are its foundations and mode of operations, so the intellectual is already handicapped, right out of the gate. This is why progressivism has failed and will always fail, because intellectuals require a “dynamic” component, which they are missing and often reject.


The joke that intellectuals can only see what’s right in front of their face and nothing else is actually quite serious. Such an observation is completely true. This is why they are reluctant to speak outside their field of study citing that they do not have the authority to speak on a topic for which they are not trained properly. That notion is a distant result of the old Victorian era beliefs which were also flawed. To put it in terms easy to understand the Victorian, who essentially built up New York city into the type of society it is today and left behind the type of culture most easily found on the East Coast of the United States who look to Europe with those homesick eyes function in a similar nature as the spider in the video shown. Their job is to cast a web and hunt other insects to eat. They are clearly the superior species and they considered it best for the rest of the world to make all living things more like them. That is the foundation of their morality. But they are not wired in their brains to defend themselves from the wasp, a more aggressive creature than they are who is able to sting them and plant their eggs within the spider’s bodies to provide growth and sustenance to the larva of the young wasp.

The wasps of our current American culture are those aggressive religions, such as what Glenn Beck was attempting to point out in his Restoring Courage speech in Israel. It is also in allegations of racism where societies built upon their biological natures can poke holes in the intellectual approach that science has not observed, and therefore cannot pass judgment on one cultures belief system or another’s because all cultural beliefs are relative to that culture. So the intellectual scientist will not see, much like the spider will not see, that they are in danger of being stung by a wasp to provide host to its young by devouring the spiders body. The spider is helpless because its cultural conditions do not provide protection from a wasp, so the spider won’t see the danger, and is therefore always vulnerable.

This is what happened in the Hippie Movement of the 1960’s. Intellectualism, built on many poorly conceived premises failed. The intellectuals led at first by Woodrow Wilson then followed by many, many others were not able to stop poverty, they created more of it. They could not end racism, they simply did as the typical scientist does, and they pointed it out, allowing different cultures to take advantage of other social cultures with a kind of paralysis of observation. They tried to imitate communism which has halted America’s competitive advantage. They tried to eliminate the need for a parent, because it was thought that the biology of child rearing could be better achieved with Victorian intellectuals who could provide the young with more perspective than the biological parents. What the intellectuals really achieved was providing the wasps of the world, (the communists, the radical religions, the social reformers) bodies to carry their larva. Of course the consequences were completely unintended.

Intellectuals did not mean to usher in millions of young people into the sting of a wasp. They intended to save those children from the ignorant biological impulses of their parents, but it didn’t work. It failed massively which led to the hippie movement of the sixties, which our American society has never recovered.

Intellectuals fail over and over again because the foundation of everything they believe is built upon static social patterns constructed by objective observation. But as explained, this form of science is just one step in scientific observation. There must be creative thought applied to the process as well. This is why NASA has been successful as a government organization. All the static patterns of traditional science are present. But at NASA they can also dream, brainstorm, and reason out the gaps between what is observed and what they have yet to discover. NASA functions with the needed element of Dynamic Intellectualism.

When I went to college I saw that the intellectual culture there, of which the education institutions were attempting to sell to me as “fact” was flawed because the foundations of their teaching was rooted in static observations and did not readily allow for dynamic adjustments. This is why so many dynamic personalities just drop out of the college experience because there really are only a few choices. You accept at face value the teaching the intellectuals are providing, which is flawed to begin with, or you reject it in favor of your own life experiences, your own dynamic impulses. Most people chose the former, they allow the Static Intellectual to “teach” them, but those people only grow up to be stung and paralyzed by a wasp to carry the egg of a parasite which uses them as a host. Look into the eyes of many parents who look at their children covered in tattoos, living failed lives of two and three marriages, children out-of-wedlock, severe psychological trouble. Those parents realize by age 40 or 50 that they were simply consumed like a spider by the larva of a wasp. Their bodies are used up and wrinkled and death is the next step and all they can cling to is their flawed beliefs that static intellectualism will save those children. So they save up all their money and send their children and grandchildren to more college to get more Static Intellectualism hoping that somehow the results for the next batch of children will be different. All it does is allow those children to become host of a wasp larva much quicker. That’s great if you’re a society of wasps, but not if you are a society of spiders.

As seen in my article on The Most Successful People Who Did Not Go to College,


 many of those people became Dynamic Intellectuals at some point in their lives. They either did not go to college at all as in the case of Walt Disney and Henry Ford, or they dropped out, such as in Bill Gates, Steven Spielberg, Richard Branson, the list goes on and on at great length. The Dynamic Intellectual has an education that never stops, they push scientific observation to the limit with creative thought and are always seeking to reach beyond the static patterns of Static Intellectualism without shattering those previous patterns, but bringing new information that will build upon the static patterns. This has worked incredibly well, and makes one wonder why colleges have not picked up on this trend and made adjustments to their educational style. Even worse, why public education has not realized its failure and done the same…………………………well, they can’t. You see, the Static Intellectuals who cling to their static patterns are also some of the more timid of the human species. It is under this new idea of Static Intellectualism created by Victorian Intellectuals that these timid creatures have been revered so highly in our current society, and if America were to return to a society where actual bravery, and valor were the values of that culture, the Static Intellectuals would suddenly be looked upon as frail and meaningless. So the static pattern motivation of the modern intellectual is no different from a typical politician, and that’s to be viewed as meaningful by their peers, to be accepted, which is not an intellectual trait at all, but a biological one of basic human essence. So the ultimate failure of the Static Intellectual is that they are falsely propped up socially, and provided no incentive to be anything larger than their primary biological impulses for social acceptance. This makes them spiders in a cage run by wasps with full intention to use their bodies as a breeding ground.

The way to correct this entire situation is to return to a social static pattern that worked then rebuild society from that static pattern using a combination of Static Intellectualism with Dynamic Intellectualism to allow for expansion of that static pattern. This is what the Tea Party is doing by going back to the Constitutional principles of America’s foundation. The Constitution is a static pattern for the creation of a country, and it worked. So the Tea Party wants to reset the pattern. That is equivalent to teaching a spider how to defend itself from a wasp. Back when the Constitution was written it was designed to protect the spider from a wasp, the New America from the Old Europe. That is good if you are a spider, bad if you are a wasp. Good if you are American, bad if you are from Europe.

To understand who the wasps of our society are, all one has to do is look at the various sectors of our society who are upset with the Tea Party. Those are your wasps, and now you know their intentions. They may not actually want to inject your body with larva. But they do seek to paralyze you in the form of Static Intellectualism so that they can inject your children with ideas that will grow up and serve their purposes. This process is not some grand design of the types of world builders like George Soros and the super wealthy. They are simply the nature of parasites, and the human race is filled with them.

American society used to know how to detect parasites, back in the days when frontiersman had to understand the dangers of the world in order to live, back before the time of the Victorian Static Intellectual. Once those Static Intellectuals came to be, those timid creatures were paralyzed by their own intellect to be easily stung by wasps which gave birth to more parasites which are now ravaging our culture at an alarming rate and a war between spiders and wasps is underway.

The answer is to return to a static pattern that works and in going forward to lean on the insight of the Dynamic Intellectual to grow society properly, not in the manner we currently see. The Static Intellectual has failed on their own, and should have never been given so much power as to determine the fate of our species, for they are not the most dynamic of our society and can only hold us to a static pattern like a spider caught in its own wed, only to be consumed by a wasp.

Rich Hoffman

Written by overmanwarrior

August 28, 2011 at 12:00 am

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