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Barbarians at the Gate: The Hypocrisy of Progressives

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“Barbarians at the gate!” Shew, that’s what the Vice President of the United States of America thinks about people like me, and Doc Thompson of 700 WLW. In fact, those barbarians seem to be all those radical people who make up the Tea Party. Those crazy Tea Party people like Sarah Palin when she was heavily criticized for using “targets” on her website regarding congressional races. It was people like the VP who proclaimed that we all return to a level of “civility” and drop the war mongering rhetoric in favor of a peaceful exchange of ideas. Well, that sounded fine till over Labor Day Weekend 2011 the VP and union leaders like James Hoffa declared war with the Tea Party. (SEE MY ARTICLE ON THIS SPECIFICALLY AT HOW THE MOB IS CONNECTED TO UNION LABOR, SEE THE DOCUMENTARY ON JIMMY HOFFA)


Well, Doc Thompson was thinking much what I was on his September 7th, 2011 broadcast where he played clips from those two labor speeches where those so-called “powerful” politicians really turned up the rhetoric hoping to march “Obama’s Army” in behalf of labor interests against those “dangerous” Tea Party people. Listen to that broadcast here:

While those labor leaders were declaring war against the Tea Party, a group called Starvingeyes released their new online game called Tea Party Zombies Must Die. Here is the link to the site.


The game allows a player to shoot zombies who look like Glenn Beck, Sara Palin, and other popular figures on Fox News, complete with stereotypical sets at the Fox Headquarters and “redneck” oriented “confederate flag” brandishing hillbillies. I looked at the game with some humor, at the perceived thought of what the typical “Tea Bagger” is by definition of the extreme left.

It cannot be mistaken that all these events unfolding over Labor Day weekend was part of a grand attack on behalf of those left-winged interests to protect the Empire that they’ve built over many years using our tax money. And their frustration is evident in their rhetoric. Their battle cries are obvious and they are lashing out at those figures they perceive to be the ones who want to dismantle their Empire.

And their Empire is coming apart, quickly, but the blame for it is misplaced. They only have themselves to blame for the folly of their actions. I woke up this morning to the stat update from this site which told me that my article Most Successful People Who Didn’t Go To College had over 177 hits already in the day. That article tends to get 50 to 100 hits a day, but for some reason it had seen an explosion of interest as this war was declared by the Vice President and James Hoffa, along with the new video game. See that article here:


So what does that mean? Well, here it is in a nut shell. Normal every day Americans are figuring out that they’ve been lied to, and have been used for a long time to perpetuate a “progressive” political agenda when in reality they thought they were just being good tax paying citizens. Some of these people have decided that they felt “used” by these progressive politicians and decided to join together to wrestle back from those progressives control of their country. The power grab was initiated by the progressives, the Tea Party came together to stop being bullied by the progressives, not the other way around. The progressives advanced their political platform into public education and into college where they sold their services as “essential” to a better life and created a society of “enlightened” human beings who would care for planet Earth, spread the word of peace, and become a “global community.” The progressives gained control of the entire media because everyone in the media was trained by the same centralized institutions, college. Meanwhile, the labor movement advanced into the public sector and gained power as more and more college graduates took executive service oriented jobs. Private Unions drove up the cost of labor to the extent that companies decided to move their jobs to other countries, which almost entirely destroyed America’s manufacturing ability.

This was bad for the progressive leaders in the labor movement, so they advanced their efforts behind their public sector unions which allowed the expansion of government at unprecedented levels. But the real effort behind the progressive idealism has been ultimately the simple looting of the American people. The public unions have greatly enriched themselves with this Progressive Empire they have built and this has driven up the cost of education proportionally. Public education have raised personal property taxes to incredible levels where taken by themselves don’t seem like much, but when the progressive empire collects taxes from property, fuel, income tax, death tax, sales tax and on and on and on, the ten cents here, the forty cents there add up to hundreds, even thousands of dollars looted from the American people who just want to live their lives month to month.

But the costs have not escalated anywhere like they have in college institutions however. Tuition increases have climbed ridiculously in the last 20 years where parents of children start saving hundreds of thousands of dollars to spend on their children’s education almost before the fetus leaves the womb and what businesses have learned is that the college graduates they are hiring aren’t so great. The college educated employees businesses are hiring are having a hard time thinking outside-the-box, which makes sense, because the function of traditional education is to teach people to color in the lines. So it shouldn’t be any surprise that the results of a heavily college educated society is a failure in innovation. College does produce great doctors, and other science oriented individuals. Engineering needs college, but progressives in their vision of an “educated” “enlightened” society learned that they needed to have “everyone” go to school to pay their college institutions the extraordinary amounts of money that progressives promised those employees in the beginning of this whole socialist dream.

Now that manufacturing jobs have left America, this leaves a society heavy with lawyers, doctors, nurses, teachers, police officers, and the like; all those people are looking for ways to survive off public service, so genetic medicine is being ignored in favor of protecting the traditional jobs in that industry. This is why Health Care Reform was so important to the President and his progressive friends. (SEE MY ARTICLE ON THE FUTURE OF MEDICINE)


Meanwhile the real jobs, in manufacturing, are gone and the fault is on the progressives who drove up labor costs with radical behavior and their “looting” mentality. It is also their fault that colleges taught everyone to think inside-a-box during the college years, which has limited innovation, and college has simply created a high priced service mentality that cannot compete with places like India, and China who will work for much lower wages and perform the same job. SEE MY ARTICLE ON THE GREAT COLLEGE SCAM:


The large unions recognizing this trend have now looked at expanding their unions globally, so they can eliminate this trend of foreign markets doing labor at less cost, but that foundation has cracks from the outset. Many of the cultures they are trying to penetrate have strong cultures who won’t participate in the radicalism required to maintain a union. So the progressive unions are in real trouble, all of it their own making. For the first time in over 100 years people are actually questioning the validity of college because college is not giving people what they thought it would, and it’s costing entirely too much to get it. Higher education have priced themselves out of existence and a massive rebellion against the college experience is about to be unleashed and when that happens, the progressive political stranglehold on society of which that collection of empire builders currently enjoy will collapse under it’s own weight.

So the progressives in these unions and these video game makers and the apologists in the media are scared of what they’ve done. And for them it is far easier to blame the people who are beginning to refuse to participate in their Grand Empire by continuing to feed it with more and more taxes as we watch them enrich themselves at our expense. So they are lashing out like a common thug, a thief who demands money with violence and they are seeking to ridicule anyone who disagrees with them under a threat of violence or peer pressure.

The proof that this Grand Progressive Empire exists, and that it is beginning to crumble can be seen in the hypocrisy of how their rhetoric is covered versus how the Tea Party is covered, if anyone doubts that the media is not locked arm-and-arm in that Empire can be witnessed in their actions. Nobody but a progressive could get away with creating a video game where people like the Vice President could be dressed up like a zombie and shot in the fantasy of a game. Think what would happen if Richard Trumka were treated the same way, or James Hoffa? The media would come after anyone who did such a thing with a vengeance. In fact, there would most likely be congressional hearings going after anyone who promoted violence of any kind toward a progressive person or institution.

Unfortunately for Progressives, they have nobody to blame but themselves. They cannot manipulate their way out of this mess, of which they committed. In Ohio, it is because of progressive recklessness that created the law behind Issue 2. Progressives know that their ability, their power, will erode away if Issue 2 remains law. What they fail to recognize is that it’s all coming down with or without Issue 2 staying in tact. Because the people who have been looted against are aware of it now, and it is they who have a right to be angry, yet it is those people who are being called “barbarians” by the Vice President of the United States.

The Tea Party has to do nothing to help this process along. All the people have to do to end this Progressive Empire is to stop giving the Empire money. The leaders of that Empire will complain and call people names, like they have been doing. They may try to provoke a fight with video games and other social jabs, but the results won’t change. The Great Progressive Empire of the United States is collapsing, and they know it. The real barbarians at the gate are not the Tea Party, it is their own guilt which is bringing that Empire to its knees, and they have only themselves to blame. Those of use who have made a decision not to go down the drain with them are not the guilty party. The only thing we’ve done is made a decision not to feed those “tax addicts” our hard earned money of which they built that empire, and that money was never theirs to begin with.

For more about how Progressives “think” and defend their actions when guilty see my article on “The Wookie Defense.”


Rich Hoffman

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