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Graveyards and Government: Why do we need more taxes? Ask The Brakeman!

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When I hear the President discuss the details of his Jobs Bill, the same question comes to my mind as it does when a local school or a city discusses their budget demands for raising taxes, and that is, why does the government assume that every job created in government deserves to be funded, and that the funding of that job dictates higher taxes?  Just because some politician in Washington, or some board of education member either at the state level or local level makes a decision and creates a job, the merit of that job never gets questioned……….why?

Why is it our obligation as a tax paying base to subsidize bad decisions made by politicians who have long since left office, leaving in their wake a turbulent chaos of bureaucracy, so that their puny minds could relish in the creation of a job, when in fact the merit of those jobs add little to the overall society? It would seem that politicians like Obama are so emotionally attached to certain jobs like teachers, police, firefighters, BMV workers, administrators and the like that they never measure the productivity of those positions against the taxes it takes to maintain them, and that is a catastrophic error.

If the United States is not number one in the profession of teaching, then why would we spend so much money to maintain that mediocre status. Or why would we spend more money, when other countries which exceed our education statistics, do more with less money spent per pupil? How many firefighters does it take to run a community given that there aren’t exactly fires and emergencies every single day, could much of that staffing be done equally well with a volunteer staff instead of an army of full-time employees, the same with police? What are the measurements as to how many you need to keep criminals in check? Who is asking those questions…………nobody? How many workers does it take to run a Bureau of Motor Vehicles? Couldn’t some of the traffic regulation be reduced to help with staffing of these bureau positions?

The trouble with government is every time someone like Obama wants to make a name for himself, and history has produced millions of those types, they “create” a job and expand government just a little bit more. And the cost of that expansion is what drives our taxes higher and higher in order to maintain the growth. This is why politicians are in such a panic over the sudden desire from the public, of which I am a proud part, to reduce government, because those expansions are part of a politicians “legacy.” To a politician removing a government program is similar to taking away their tombstone once they’ve been laid to rest in a cemetery.

My family explored a cemetery hidden away in the hills of Eastern Ohio a few years ago which was supposedly haunted. As we sat in the dark with cameras and other recording equipment waiting for a ghost to come up out of the ground and dance with the evening mist which engulfed us, I looked at the tombstones laying all about, mostly eroded away beyond recognition. The cemetery itself was about 150 years old and the town which housed the residents had long ago disappeared. This cemetery no longer had relatives who came to visit. These people were simply forgotten by a town that no longer existed. (TO SEE SPECIFICS ON THIS TYPE OF STORY SEE MY ARTICLE ON THE GHOST TOWN KERR CITY) CLICK THE LINK:


To the people of a ghost town, all the activity of the town seemed so important while the town lived. My daughter and I looked at the tombstone of “The Brakeman” in the misty, haunted night where civilization wasn’t even remotely connected. The night air called out no hints of mankind’s existence from this place, as we waited for the ghost of The Brakeman to walk the cemetery at night, as legend said he does occasionally.

The Brakeman worked the railroad of the nearby town and had an affair with the wife of his card playing friend who was in charge of all the freight which left the town. When the friend found out about what the brakeman had done with his wife, he challenged his friend to a card game where he got The Brakeman drunk to the point of passing out. At that point the estranged husband laid his friend “The Brakeman” across the railroad tracks to be killed by the passing train, which happened within the hour, decapitating completely The Brakeman. Now legend has it that the ghost of the headless Brakeman roams the cemetery at night, and that’s what we wanted to see for ourselves in spite of all the reports from people who did exactly what we were doing, but suffered from being driven insane by curses that the angry Brakeman casts upon anyone who disturbs his grave. That’s the story anyway.

Strange things did happen that night, but not the expected “strange stuff.” But as we sat there waiting I thought about how important sleeping with that man’s wife had been to The Brakeman. How important all their jobs had been to the people of the town, even how important the man’s marriage to the cheating wife had seemed to the killer. Now here we were 150 years later waiting for a ghost to appear from that time and show us some hint to a mystery which occurred so long ago. And all the things that seemed so important to the people of this graveyard back when they lived were no longer even relevant to the order of the universe. The people were all decayed away and forgotten. Even the tombstones proving their existence was nearly gone. In another hundred years nobody would even know this graveyard ever existed.

This is the secret behind government expansion, and what is truly behind the words of politicians like Obama. Government programs and created jobs are the “tombstones” of the politician. They hope that when they are long gone, dead to the world that society will remember that they were good people once, and that their legacy will live on in some way. Social Security is the tombstone of FDR. Medicare is the tombstone of LBJ. I am 100% convinced that when those presidents signed those government programs into law that they thought to themselves, “people will remember me when I’m gone. These programs will outlast a tombstone.”

That is what is behind almost every government program created. It’s behind nearly every law created, every building built, every bridge that spans a river; it is in the infantile mind of the spiritually cumbersome which seeks some measure of immortality in the form of something that will carry their memory beyond the tombstones of a cemetery. And this is the mentality behind the President’s Jobs Bill, and the anger of many who think like him that people would “dare” to reduce the size of government by eliminating government programs, or even entire branches of it, because to them, this would be equivalent to desecrating the grave of the dead, for the impact, is the same. The fear is to be forgotten so nobody ever knew they lived. People like Obama understand this at a primal level and will protect those who came before him in hopes that someday someone will protect his tombstones in the form of created legislation. Isn’t that what Obama Care is after all, a memorial to Obama for all eternity?

When I was a very small kid, I actually took a tombstone from a graveyard and hid it in the basement of our house. I wanted to study it. My mother was aghast and demanded I put it back where I found it, which was an old cemetery I had found deep in the woods near our house. She told me the ghost of that man would track me down all my life, that God would be angry with me for desecrating the grave of this poor man. I was confused by her anger so I drug that tombstone the 2 miles back to the graveyard and put it back the best I could, wondering why my mother was so upset about it. I found out later that she had done the same thing when she was a little girl and her parents, my grandparents had put the fear of God into her, and she never did such a thing again. I asked her if she actually believed the Earth would swallow her up and she’d be damned to hell for all eternity if she took a tombstone, a simple rock with writing on it that the process of natural erosion would destroy within a few hundred years anyway. Why did human beings think such things are actually sacred? Well, the only answer she had was that it was wrong to do such a thing. And the rationality is just as simple when speaking about reducing a government program, or a law. All those things are just memorials to the deceased when taken down to their most elementary function.

I’ve explored graveyards all over America since then and seen and done things that many would consider sacrilegious to the religions of the Earth. I have done these things with the view toward science, not just belief, and this lends itself to the proper perspective in understanding the nature of a problem. And this is the case of government. It grows and expands not out of necessity, but out of fear……..fear of the lives that make up that government growing old and dying off to be forgotten by the world. This is the fundamental error behind many of the human beings who roam this Earth. They are living their deaths by planning for it their entire lives, wondering how they will be remembered instead of living the life that is before them one day at a time and when the time comes to leave this world of the living honorably to join with the greater mysteries of existence, most of mankind clambers with the fingers of both hands dug deep into roots of the living and while they hope that there is an afterlife, they don’t truly believe it. So they seek to be remembered for “something.” And this is the catastrophe of politics. It allows the small-minded to use tax money to build memorials in their honor, and that is not the role of government. And it is not the responsibility of the tax payer to make people who view themselves inwardly as “worthless” to project an outward appearance of “worth” long after death robs them of life and confines their Earthly bodies to a cold, decaying grave.

What I learned in my many trips to the graveyards of the world is that many people are dead long before they ever come to these places, and memorials are the most common form of hiding that fact from themselves. But deep inside, we all know the motives, including people like Obama. His ghost already haunts him, and he is doing what politicians all do, he spends money, he runs for office, and he runs, runs, and runs hoping he can outpace his own ghost, because when the ghost finally catches up with him, he will face a crises that no law or memorial can hide him from. On that day, he will be wrecked with that grim reality that his life was no more important than anyone else’s, and that when he dies, he will be forgotten just as everyone is because within a few millenniums all the laws of politics will be gone forever and the Earth will have recycled the human race many times over and the world will be plagued with the ghosts of those who just never understood what happened, like The Brakeman who just wanted to have sex with his friend’s wife in a town in Eastern Ohio in a moment of passion. Death came so quick that the man never knew what hit him and he still roams around sadly looking for a town, for a people, for a world he knew but is now erased from the world except for a few eroded tombstones.

Every politician ever known or yet created will suffer the same fate as The Brakeman, and no amount of money, of government program can protect them from the fact that they are living a death and their ghost will soon come to claim their bodies erasing their footprint from the mind of mankind forever.

So knowing all that, why should the rest of us pay for memorials to those weak-minded fools?

For the answer to everything as to why labor unions fail, check out this link:

Rich Hoffman

22 Responses

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  13. [...] In my own life, I have always watched where every dime goes. That’s why paying taxes to me is a painful experience, because I watch where the money is spent and how much comes out, and don’t numb my mind with senseless television shows and pop music to make me forget. I actually enjoy asking the hard questions. I enjoy being awake. And it is frustrating to me to see so many people asleep, willingly asleep. I don’t wish to run on a tread mill like some gerbil on a wheel of taxation, for the amusement of government. I do not wish to put my wife to work in order to pay our taxes; rather I’d have her shop at Victoria Secret at the Kenwood Mall to buy something to greet me at the door with. And that’s our business, not the affairs of anyone in government. I do not consider it a badge of honor to “afford” my taxes because that is the position of a fool. As of now I can do both, but if at some point the looters of government continue to take, and take a… [...]

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  21. How do you feel about Teddy Roosevelt creating a national park service to protect places like the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Grand Tetons, etc. for the American people. This created jobs. But hasn’t it stopped a few greedy men from destroying these beautiful places, that otherwise they could have made a lot of money for themselves?

    Rick gillmore

    September 1, 2012 at 4:25 am

    • I am a fan of National Parks and I understand what Roosevelt was thinking. The Smoky Mountains come to mind where all around the parameter of the National Park is commercial actvity, to some extent. But I also think that commercial activity is not greedy. Wanting to make money is no more greedy than wanting to eat. Money is the lifeblood of an economy and when you regulate the consumption you are controlling the size of economic expansion. In the Smoky Mountains, I see the balance between an appreciation of nature and the wonders of nearly pure capitalism. But like all things in government, many of the good intentions created by the National Park System were used by government in domain cases where property was taken to satisfy the needs of some government official’s project. I see National Parks as forced weight control which might look nice to the eye, but it is achieved through limiting economic activity.


      September 1, 2012 at 10:03 am

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