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The Money Hole: Facts and Facts and more Facts about why Issue 2 is needed in Ohio

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I have been a fan of John Stossel for years, particularly when he was doing work for 20/20 which I watched every Friday night. Stossel is what a journalist should be, he digs deep for a story and he never takes anything at face value. For my money he has produced some of the most stunning documentaries over the years which have been a tremendous service to American society. One of his more recent documentaries, The Money Hole is one of his best. In that documentary which you can see below, John Stossel shows why America is in a financial hole, what has caused it, and how do we get out of it. For my readers in Ohio, or anywhere else in the world where government spending is out-of-control, I’d urge you to watch John’s documentary so to gain insight to the problem. If you are in Ohio and are confused about ISSUE 2 this documentary will help you. It is the kind of waste that John outlines in this video production that Issue 2 is seeking to get control of, and why Issue 2 is so important to the future of our state, which will then have implications for the entire nation.

John Stossel is not a Republican. John is not a Democrat. John is what might be called a “libertarian” a person who believes in extremely small levels of government. Stossel would most likely tell the story that he didn’t start off this way in his journalism career. He like many in the media who studied from institutions where pictures of Walter Lippmann loomed like a God down the halls of journalism, had a progressive view of the world until his reporting drove it out of him. His conclusions observed in the fields of living did not match what he had learned in college, and he made adjustments to his belief system to incorporate this new data.

This adjustment of political sensitivity occurred for the same reason it occurs in other journalists who continued to push the edge like Bill O’Reilly. Journalists who actually go against the grain, like they are supposed to, learn what works and what doesn’t. Unfortunately, a majority of the journalists out there know what John knows, but they don’t act on it because the editors and producers they work for not only admire the picture of Walter Lippmann, but they wear his picture around their necks like a religious icon. This is why more reporters don’t do as John Stossel has done, and that’s forged his own way, and do hard hitting stories like you can see in The Money Hole.

Stossel isn’t unfair when he does a report. He sits down with all sides to get a story and you see that in The Money Hole. He sits down with union leaders, democratic politicians; in fact he sat down with a representative from every side of the Wisconsin dispute over collective bargaining reform, which is similar to what Issue 2 in Ohio is doing.

A lot of people didn’t know until a few years ago, just how bad the public sector unions have been on our government. It is reporters like John Stossel that has exposed this cost for all to see. It is only a matter of time that the public unions recognize what an imposition they have been to the tax payer and join the rest of us in that negative assessment. But the beginning of that assessment came from the reports of John Stossel, who did this kind of reporting before it was fashionable.

I became interested in education reform when another documentary by Stossel called Stupid in America showed me how ineffective our public education system had become, and what stood in the way of fixing the problem. He did that documentary before there was ever a film called Waiting for Superman, or Glenn Beck was a household name. Stossel has been doing this kind of reporting service for a long time, and it’s always been unpopular, but he has never wavered from stepping into the fire to bring back a story to share with the rest of us.

As to Issue 2 in Ohio, if the evidence present by John Stossel, who has no skin in this game, and is certainly not a “republican stooge” or “corporate crony” can arrive at the conclusions shown in The Money Hole, then why can’t all tax payers see it? Well, like John showed in his documentary, politicians have spent a lot of money on ads which program the fleeting mind of the average person to repeat like a parrot whatever message those politicians intend. The trouble is that to preserve a free society, or even to eliminate corruption within a government, it requires the people of that government to think, and ask questions. But just as thousands and thousands of students graduate from journalism in college each year, there are only a few who end up like John Stossel, the same ratio can be seen among the tax payer base. Everyone knows the problems, but few have the courage to face the problem squarely, even if it personally affects them, to do the right thing. Many of these union members in these public unions who are double-dipping, and abusing the “rules” for their own financial advantage know they are doing wrong, and they hide their guilt in the collectivism of their unions, for it is easier for them to live with themselves when they know their union brothers and sisters are also “gaming” the system for all it’s worth. And they don’t want to see the documentaries that John Stossel produces.

This is why even when the facts are placed out in the open for all to see, there are still people who will not see those facts. They refuse to see because the realization of those facts will indicate that they are bad people to participate in such a bad system and they believe that if they just shout louder, then they can prevent people like John Stossel from putting the truth in front of their faces to look at. But Stossel doesn’t budge, and he’s not going away, and now that it’s been exposed, The Money Pit of government, it is only a matter of time before major reforms are enacted. Many of the crimes shown in The Money Pit were done while the public wasn’t paying attention, and now, thanks to reporters like John Stossel, a few of us are now looking at this problem armed with facts, and not just intuition. And it is what we do with those facts which will bring about the dawn of a whole new age.

When new age happens, be sure to give thanks to people like John Stossel for his part in exposing the truth when there were many who tried to drown it from ever being seen, even by their own eyes.

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Rich Hoffman

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  1. Rich, do you read Jason Hart’s blog? I think you guys might be 2 peas in a pod….you’ll love his latest installment http://thathero.com/2011/09/27/oea-vp-dont-take-to-heart/

    jessica koebel

    September 27, 2011 at 7:00 pm

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  3. [...] But that existence is coming under fire more and more, as the truth is seeping out from behind the collectivist’s masks of deception. And there is real fear in their eyes of what will become of them if those of us who produce decide to turn off the facet to their livelihoods. We are learning that the teacher asks for too much and does too little. We are learning that the gov… [...]

  4. [...] However…………I didn’t get a chance to ask a single question, partially because I couldn’t step away from the camera as long as would be required as the union members were not shy about asking questions. Of course I knew the answer to all those questions, but I wanted to ask them to allow the two person… [...]

  5. Stossel is AWESOME!!! And he does it all while rocking a 70’s PORNO ‘stache!!

    Robert E. Stage Jr.

    October 6, 2011 at 10:58 pm

  6. [...] To understand this situation clearly and how close the alliance between big government and organized labor has become, one only has to examine the situation with Boeing, a large aerospace employer known best for their large manufacturing facilities in Washington, Oregon, and Kansas. Boeing is a private company, not a public one, but even here, the government has stuck its nose into the situation of regulating the way Boeing does business in favor of organized labor. Boeing has suffered some difficult work stoppages over the last decade with one of the most costly being a 58-day strike in 2008. So when Boeing needed to build a new plant for their new 787 craft, they elected to build it in South Carolina, a “right-to-work” state, which means the union would not be have an unfair negotiating advantage over Boeing to halt customer commitments of the 787 craft. Boeing knew that if they attempted to build the 787 in one of their existing manufacturing plants wi…. [...]

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  10. [...] In my opinion one of the greatest threats to our modern society has been the extraordinary quantity of attorneys our universities have produced. Those young attorneys encouraged into those fields by parents who wanted better for their children breed a society of legal professions with little to do but attempt to advance the divorce rate, which has destroyed the American family, create endless litigation from law suites which has driven up production costs, and created mountains and mountains of legal provisions of which only the attorneys can translate in government. They have destroyed “common sense.” Since many attorneys move into politics for stable income and networking opportunities, we have seen an endless stream of complicated laws created to provide future opportunities for professionals in the legal profession to serve as council in future court cases. It is the attorneys who have virtually destroyed America with paperwork and compliance. [...]

  11. [...] At Lakota while this broadcast was roaming across the Eastern United States, mailmen were putting the letter you see below into the mail boxes of “select” supporters of Joan Powell, the school board president. Have a look at that letter for yourself.  The first thing that should send an alarm up your spine is that Joan chose to put pictures of her grandchildren on the letter, that always means there is something hidden underneath the surface of the message. [...]

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  15. [...] bankable personal days, which are actually large costs, the compensation is $130,219 per year. For the average resident of West Chester who makes $60,000 per year brings in just $74,520. The hour…. For the average West Chester resident it’s $38.81. Now, who believes that a teacher at Lakota is [...]

  16. [...] Everyone who knows me understands that I’m not a fan of teachers unions. But instead of standing around with signs protesting Issue 2 in Ohio, shouldn’t they have been protesting to help Stacy Schuler and her fall from grace? I heard nothing from the union about defending her behavior or even attacking some of the administrators who participated in this debacle. Instead, everyone went into cover-up mode and showed the world what cowards they truly are. [...]

  17. [...] work is subtle and has been for years. Even many of the teachers who belong to their organization aren’t aware of the slow cooking empl…. This doesn’t happen in one school year. It happens over decades and the true intentions are [...]

  18. [...] It’s wonderful that even with all these errors Lakota is still such a highly respected school but it could also be said that the other schools are just worse in varying degrees. But that’s not enough. As a community we expect you to behave at a higher ethical standard and at the very least, to keep your teachers from seducing our spouses in parent/teacher conferences. And when it happens, get rid of the teacher and don’t demonize the poor parents. It’s tough enough to put a marriage back together again after an incident like that, but have a little respect for the institution of a family. And certainly don’t make him feel like his only outlet for justice is to go to the Ohio Board of Education. For God sakes, if you can’t handle a simple little problem that is as cut and dry as improper behavior between a teacher and the parents of the students, then it will be impossible to expect a school to deal with any real problems. And drop the Move Forward Lakota idea. It’s tasteless as a campaign slogan. Deal with the problems you have. Don’t attempt to spend more money to MOVE FORWARD and forget abou… [...]

  19. [...] Doc Thompson did a wonderfully balanced segment on 700 WLW on Issue 2, the collective bargaining ref…. This portion of the conversation begins with an interview from a rep from Freedom Works, but consists of many phone calls from people on both sides of the Issue 2 argument. Doc also breaks down the specifics of Issue 1 and 3 in Ohio as well, so if you aren’t sure what those issues are, you’ll want to spend time with this broadcast. Click the video link to listen. [...]

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  21. [...] I’ve heard the same type of comments about this site, Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom.  “You should charge money.  Who’s paying you to do all this?”  Well, people who ask such questions have missed the point. I do not write hundreds of thousands of words at this site to make money.  I do it to help educate my friends, neighbors and enemies.  My hope is that by sharing my knowledge and life experience that people MIGHT COPY IT.  In fact, I hope they do!  I have noticed that people who think like I do tend to charge money for their services, so the cost might be a prohibitive factor in obtaining the knowledge.  If my goal is to make society just a little bit smarter, just like with the whip arts it might be t… [...]

  22. [...] It was only 20 years ago when Pee Wee Herman was caught masturbating in an adult movie theater. For that act he lost his TV show and never recovered. Since that time the porn industry has went to video, and now is abundant online. Porn is now mainstream and easy to get at. People no longer look down on their neighbors for visiting a pornographic outlet; instead porn participants are commended for their actions. It’s joked about as “natural,” and is now accepted. This creates the need for a massive amount of content to fuel this industry so there is a voracious fervor to find people to film for these movies, people willing to allow millions of people to watch them have sex. To lower the barriers so men and women will allow themselves to be filmed in this fashion sex education has started earlier and earlier in public school, and premarital sex has been encouraged. The family unit has been attacked so that fewer parents are available to steer their children away from sexual predators, because the practice of the sex trade is viewed by the perpetrators as throwing wood on a fire. They do not care at all about the lives they consume. They only care to supply fuel to that never-ending fire of passion which comes from sexual desire. And from that addiction to sexual desire, the rulers of our world can easily control the masses. Thi… [...]

  23. [...] Well, Superintendent Mantia and School Board President Joan Powell have been tight-lipped about th…. It’s entirely possible that Laura was being blamed for the failed levies since she was the PR director, whatever the issue was, Lakota is in an awful hurry to part with her.  We can only speculate on this issue because Lakota has not been open in their reasoning, and the cloak and dagger tactics with the public smells bad.  [...]

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