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The “Wind” is Taking the NO LAKOTA Levy Signs: A sin known but left alone is still a sin!

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Since Sandy Wheatley of the Move Forward Lakota push used references to the bible in the debate we had toward the end of September, I’m sure she could appreciate an event of BIBLICAL proportions since she also said recently that the reason the No Lakota Levy signs were missing was because the “wind” was blowing them away. You can see that reference and debate here:


Well……as you can see, one of our very large signs located on Hamilton-Mason went missing over the weekend and it appears that the loss was biblical in nature. You see, when the owner of the sign went out to discover where his sign had gone, he saw that the “wind” had torn away all the straps that held the sign in place, cutting them completely in half. The sign mysteriously disappeared into the heavens leaving only the frame of the sign behind.

Also, as you can see, these “good” Christian soldiers of the Move Forward campaign are running such a clean campaign that they are putting their signs in front of our signs in a childish attempt to cover our message. Isn’t that very………………Christian of them.

Oh, I’m sure God is on their side.

Well, I wouldn’t bring God into this if I didn’t know that being good and kind was an important attribute to some of the people working on the Move Forward campaign. If they knew there was vandalism going on surely they wouldn’t endorse it with ignorance. Or surely they wouldn’t participate by offering encouragement.

No, I wouldn’t think so. Surely not. Nobody is that much of a lowlife, are they?

Well, I heard from a Levy supporter, one of those kind people who were at the school picking up signs and other material to support the levy. For those people I have a message here:


The email from the levy supporter is wonderful in showing the quality of the mind of their supporters. Read the email for yourself:

This is from a guy named Carter,

> I hope all of you are will to take the same pay cuts you want the teachers to take,
> remember that schools are a service industry and payroll will be the largest part of the budget. I am sure none of you have every been to a band competition or a football game or an art show. The impact has also already started. I am sure you could not tell me who the band director is at East and how the band did this year and the last 10 years. You would like our students to just be average and not prepared for college. If you put signs near the school where kids walk by and expect nothing to happen, this is why you think only of yourself.


What do you say to a person like that? They live in an education bubble and clearly need a basic education to even have a foundation discussion. Yes, I know who the band director was, Mr. William Thomas. I wrote about him at the link below. I actually like that guy.


Hey Carter, or the Levy Supporters working the campaign. Where were you when one of your treasured teachers seduced the mother of one of our community families using the child to do it? Oh….yes……where were you when that crime was being committed against the child’s family? You can read about that situation here.


Oh, maybe adultery isn’t a crime anymore. After all, it’s only sex………….right. The problem with this story is I know that everybody on the inside of the Lakota Levy knows about the case I’m talking about, yet they chose to turn their eyes away from it. I think they actually believe that God is on their side, because I also know some of them are very active in their churches. So when I hear comments like, “The wind is blowing down the signs of the No Lakota Levy People,” coming from the Move Forward Campaign I have to assume that the same blind eye is being turned toward the knowledge of vandalism of the No Lakota Levy signs, and the knowledge that some of the employees that are employed at Lakota are actually quite bad, such as the teacher who attempted to break up this family. Don’t tell me you don’t know……………….it’s all the rage?

But maybe it wasn’t God or the Wind at all who took our signs at the home on Hamilton-Mason Rd. Maybe it was something else; some sinister force conjured up by the true nature of a black heart hiding behind a veil of goodness………………………..perhaps. But as we inspected the fasteners of the lost sign I can tell you one thing……………………….IT WASN’T THE DAMN WIND!!!!!!!!!!!

Just remember Move Forward Lakota people, a sin known but left alone is still a sin, even if you turn your eyes away and pretend you know nothing.

For the answer to everything click the link below!


Rich Hoffman

20 Responses

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  1. I have waited my entire life to witness a miracle…imagine my surprise that moving from NY to Ohio has shown me that first miracle…as reported on the news last week, the “wind and rain” is responsible for all the missing signs!! Somehow this “wind and rain” plucks the NO signs out and crushes them, and spares the Move Forward signs. Reminds me of the biblical story of Passover, where houses that were marked were “passed over”.
    Oh, and I have a bridge to sell you….:)


    November 7, 2011 at 12:24 am

  2. We all know that the union is unified in doing anything it takes to pass the levy.

    Taxpayers and voters should know that most, if not all of the money, will be used for raises and benefits. Nothing in the district will change because there will never be enough money to satisfy the greed of the union.

    The budget is determined by people who have a vested interest in spending our money.
    The administrators are all former union members. They get a raise, at least, every time the union negotiates for more money.

    When they complain about the Supreme Court of Ohio saying the way schools are funded is illegal. Don’t be misled. They love to keep tax levies local. Then they can make it more personal. They can threaten to cut what their “people” love about the local districts. Lots of people love to go to band concerts, football games and other school activities. They get to relive their high school days through their children. Remember the TV sit-com “Happpy Days” with Ron Howard. It was an all touchy-feely show about a bunch of high school kids. Same idea. Brings the memories of the “good old days” to people who never grow up.



    November 7, 2011 at 12:29 am

  3. Wow. That email was not only difficult to get through but I pity him. He has not only gone down the proverbial rabbit hole but has been “sucked” in head first by the “Wind.”
    Ugh… between Kathy Herald telling me to buy a dead bolt and vote no on 2 to protect myself, the Unions bankrolling and propping up the Occubaggers, and this guy….I’m dumbed down to a second grade level which is apparently where his education ended.
    Force Change…Starve the Beast!

    Thankfully a year from today 11.6.12, we take back the Oval. If we can survive another year. Here come the Executive orders. Tons of them. We are quickly becoming “inconsequential.” (Carter, that means not important..just sayin’)
    Karl Heinrich Marx can rot in Hell. (he published Communist Manifesto..Just helpin ya out there C.)

    VOTE YES on 2!!!!!

    November 7, 2011 at 12:46 am

  4. [...] I have watched in some surprise how the Pro Lakota Levy people either indirectly or directly attempt… Over the last 48 hours it’s been our big 4’X 5’ signs as seen in the pictures here that have turned up missing. Those signs are too big to put in the back of a car, it would take a truck to steal them. And they were stolen using razor blades to cut loose the ties. And it would also require the police departments who are on duty to look the other way while cars and trucks drive around in the middle of the night stealing property. After all, aren’t all these public employees united in their anger toward Issue 2, and therefore protecting each other? [...]

  5. [...] Kasich has approached the governorship of Ohio at the “SPEED OF BUSINESS” and this is a big “NO, NO” among the labor unions who have built their entire existence on dragging their feet to drive up their wages and benefits. When Kasich said, “You either get on the bus with us, or you’ll be run over,” he meant it. He wasn’t going to waste time sitting down with a bunch of selfish socialist to empower them. And regarding Issue 2, if he had sat down with the unions, the results he has today would have been far less. So I am proud of the way he and the rest of the Republicans who voted with him on Issue 2 approached… [...]

  6. [...] Issue 2 was the fix to the school levy problem, and I saw that as the results came in, that the same “machine” of the public unions that we saw in the Issue 2 debate had taken its toll on the school levies. Little Miami on the ninth time passed its levy and Lebanon did also, both by margins of less than 200 votes. Both of those schools are on their second attempt within the same calendar year, and show clearly ho… [...]

  7. [...] The solutions to politics are not in the pond, it’s on the mountaintop. So any effort applied to the pond is a waste of time. This is why I played Wii Golf during the election results and did not celebrate, because the effort was simply a temporary fix to a larger problem. The long-term fix though is in my manuscripts, and whether or not people understand it now… [...]

  8. [...] Specific to the Penn State Program, and just how sinister the situation truly is, listen to Scott Sloan and Tracy Jones of 700 WLW talk about the “time line” of the scandal, and who knew what and when they knew it. Also listen to one of the students who participated in the riots at Penn State when it was announced… [...]

  9. [...] As seen during the Lakota campaign where our signs were stolen and vandalized, I know all too well t… At that time they typically resort to violence or legal action. [...]

  10. [...] you are not as strong as you think you are. Yes, you have many members who are selfish activists to suit your cause. You have built a system con… But people are waking up. You spent over $30 million dollars and could only get 2 million voters to [...]

  11. [...] This is actually much worse and wide-spread than you might think it is. After the election here at L… It is stunning the audacity some of these teachers exhibit, and the PTA moms who kiss their pretentious asses. The radical self-centeredness of a very good school like Lakota is mind-boggling, and we’ve tried to reason with them and explain how they can lower their costs while still maintaining their excellent rating. Their response is to quickly blame any member of the 18,000 who voted to put that tax levy down and is nothing short of astonishing. They forget they are the employees of the community; the community does not work for them. In light of such actions the vandalism experienced during the campaign against our property makes perfect sense. [...]

  12. [...] America is due for a complete, philosophic identity calibration. It is time for our nation to figure out once and for all what it is. Are we going to continue to be the home of the free, and land of the brave…….or are we just simp… [...]

  13. [...] are part of the community, but they are not the hub of the wheel that everything else revolves. They are according to them however. The pretentious school employees behave like some only child fro…. Well, finally the community is learning to stick up for itself and not allow themselves to be [...]

  14. [...] I know that many of you just returned from shopping at Macy’s, or JC Penny or some other wonderful… But they are a fact, and they happen because the population has been trained in public education to follow direction, not to think. [...]

  15. [...] Well, my other Christmas present came on Christmas Eve as a matter of fact from a very upset residen…First, Laura was paid such a large sum of money because Lakota did like the results of the failed levies and blamed Laura for them and wanted to hire a new PR director for upcoming tax increase attempts. Or second, which looks to be the case after reading the letter below, Laura had lost her edge, was caught in a rift with the school board over the upcoming school levy attempt and claimed she could not perform her task because of a “neck” injury and left her job on a leave of absence. The reason the person writing the letter below is upset is because Laura was also employed by the letter writer as a horse trainer, and when they learned that Laura had been paid such a large sum of money for an injury settlement at the school, and was unable to perform her duties at the desk of the Lakota Administration Building, Laura was performing her second job as a horse trainer for the letter writer. You can read that letter here: [...]

  16. [...] So that’s what a PR director does for a school and personally, I’m not impressed at all. Most of what they’ve listed is work I’ve done and I consider the work so irrelevant that I wouldn’t even put those tasks on a resume. And anyone who reads here knows that I can perform the tasks of a PR director more than adequately because I’ve done it for No Lakota Levy with great success. I can’t imagine charging people money to perform these tasks because the tasks are so easy, but the Kursman’s are making a very healthy living doing exactly that! They aren’t just receiving very healthy sums of money from Lakota, but several other sources as well, for doing nothing but convincing the public that things aren’t as bad as they seem, and that things are better than they are. In relation to their other incomes, Laura’s $90,000 pay out is just one source of income for providing a service that in my opinion does nothing to help society move forward, does nothing to solve any problems, creates nothing new. All a PR director does is manipulate facts. That’s all. I could never perform a job like that, whe… [...]

  17. [...] While it’s true that the unions have brought an extreme leftist ideology that includes never-endin…. [...]

  18. [...] business who locates their establishment in another community because the taxes are cheaper. The business has value because it produces materials that bring happiness, or assets directly exchanged … The fight to pass a tax levy is a defense of socialism. And that is a battle for the soul of [...]

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