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Warnings of the NDAA Act: Visions of the future

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Darryl Parks of 700 WLW talks to Gerald Celente of The Trends Journal about his predictions for 2012. The broadcast which aired on December 21, 2011 just before Christmas is an epic diatribe from two men who don’t normally over exaggerate political topics. Gerald brings into focus some of the very real threats to the American way of life in a must listen transmission on the heels of the senate passage of the NDAA act which allows the President of the United States to arrest and incarcerate American citizens indefinitely. Listen to that now:

For a review of who voted for that bill you can see them here:


The truly tragic aspect of the NDAA act is that it proves even the most ardent conspiracy theories correct. We are seeing a government political class making the kind of manipulative moves that one might find best in a Shakespearian play, a quest for power that is only fit for the small minded. And these power quests come from lawyers, academics, and legal thieves known as lobbyists to use the American people as wealth generation opportunities for their own fragile world perspectives. The situation is so serious that even Racheal Maddow, who is a progressive leaning commentator, sees just how detrimental NDAA is for the American people. I agree with virtually nothing that Maddow utters nightly, but the NDAA is even to the left of her! That is how bad the NDAA Act is.

It is clear that there has been an escape plan concocted from the political class for many years to make themselves wealthy through insider trader, creating legislation that favors lobbyists, and out-right public looting of tax revenue with political give-aways to voters and tremendous government employee compensation packages. And for people like Bill Clinton, who has been an American president, has been there and done that, he now has sights on what he considers a higher prize, president of the United Nations, which would require a major downgrade in the American economy to allow an American to become President of that international government body. The below video is poorly rendered, but the audio is clear and is from 2008, when Clinton was asked to dispel the myths that the United States government was building concentration camps to hold political prisoners within America. Clinton did not answer the question, but instead said something even more disturbing.

It is clear now with the passage of the NDAA Act that many members of the government are involved in this plot to decertify the United States as a world power, to incorporate America and its people into equals in an international community, and they are using public schools to spread their message to lower resistance to their power grabs. This has been going on for over twenty years so it’s not specific to one particular person, but is indicative of those who crave power, which is how this type of thing has been advanced slowly over a long period of time without a centralized leader to rally the cause. The society of the small-minded power grabbers are simply like rust on metal, once it breaks out on the surface, the rust oxides and destroys the surrounding structure of a metal slowly, too slowly for the naked eye to detect, but over time it weakens the metal till the structure falls apart do to the corrosion of the structural properties of the metal. Politicians like Obama, Clinton, Kennedy, Johnston, Roosevelt, Bush and many, many others have acted like rust upon the surface of America to weaken it and change the metal of our nation into something else less stable. They do not see the process as corrosion because they are themselves corrosive.

Politicians who are corrosive by nature are like people who have gingivitis and their mouths are loosing their teeth. To people speaking with those who are losing their teeth to this slow degradation the breath of these people stink. With every word comes the reek of bad, rotten breath. But to the person with gingivitis, they are so used to the rot taking place inside their mouth that they cannot taste the rot, or smell the horrid odor in their own mouths. The rotten politician cannot see that they are falling apart, they do not see, smell, or taste the corruption of their own decay. Secretly they are aware of their state, and they attempt to make the world into their condition because that is their state of mind. This is why they cannot be trusted.

These decaying politicians are protecting themselves from the wrath of the American people who do not fall neatly into line with the global plans they are making for America. That is why they wanted the NDAA Act and why they have an infrastructure all over the United States to collect political enemies from being able to organize against them and remove their decay from office, as the United States Constitution grants as a right.

I first learned just how bad the situation was when I put together the below video which I’ve referenced before, but will present it again for review. The government has distorted the language of the Constitution in so many ways and used legal language and manipulation to create case-law that suits their power quests for such a long time that repair through legislation is out of the question, and the power grabbing politicians know it. That is why they are making the decisions they are now, to protect themselves from the American people. They have already so forsaken the United States Constitution that they find they have painted themselves into a corner and can only get out by embracing socialism.

The situation is dire, and if left as it is now, within 5 years from this Christmas it will be routine to see Americans that you know and love disappearing forever into these camps because those in power perceive them as a threat to their political existence. It won’t matter that the politicians who wrote the laws that allowed for these unconstitutional arrests are long retired and out of the scene, because in politics it’s a society of thieves who look out for the next generation with an ever corrosive encroachment of legislative case-law that benefits the lawyers who become politicians and allow them to use the power we temporarily grant them to gain wealth for themselves while enslaving us in the future. And each year it gets worse and worse because the American people have let it continue and have not exercised their Constitutional rights to prevent it.

And the time to fix the situation is quickly running out………………….



Rich Hoffman

16 Responses

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  1. I’ve long been a fan of Gerald. Straight up common sense guy.
    He does however, put my freak- o -meter at a 10.
    He’s right about Costa Rica. Good luck getting there.
    Have you seen the list of Executive orders? Lord.

    On the upside, good ole Martin to the rescue. He dosen’t sugar coat it…. he’ll fold like a cheap suit! LMAO!!!


    December 23, 2011 at 1:24 am

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