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Constitutional Terrorists Anesthetize America: The result of having too many attorneys in government

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Have you ever had an operation where a doctor numbed you or put you to sleep prior to the procedure? If you have, you know why they do it, the trauma of opening up your body and taking things out is often too great to consciously realize. So the doctor anesthetizes you to make the pain less so they can perform the operation. This is similar to what has happened in American culture by producing too many attorneys from our education culture, all of them seeking employment, and through manipulative legal language they anesthetize us while they needlessly operate on our legal system founded by the United States Constitution. It is correctly perceived that lawyers are parasitic occupations that thrive like cockroaches off the garbage of our society. A quick look at our government positions will find that most office holders also hold a degree in law, so when it is discovered that our American culture has spun out-of-control and is no longer what we thought it was, we must examine the BAR Association and the graduates of those law degrees to understand what taught them that it was OK to undermine the American Constitution.

My current favorite show on television is Sons of Guns on the Discovery Channel. The show is about a Gunsmith named Will who operates a gun shop in Louisiana with his daughter and a handful of apprentices who do a lot of custom gun repairs and modifications. I find the show refreshing because it reminds me of my youth where my grandfather gave me my first gun when I was 16. Shooting was a tremendous part of my youth. My first initiation into manhood was with my uncle, grandfather and male cousins when we went on a gun shooting trip to my grandpa’s boyhood home and visited the old moonshine stills he and his father worked in his youth on a property he still owned deep into the Kentucky coal country near the Virginia border. We shot over a $1000 of ammunition that day from my grandpa’s .38 special and his 30/30 deep into the evening. I came back from that trip more of a man than I left at the tender age of 14 and it set me on a course that would last a lifetime.

It’s now my turn to do that for the many young men who look to me for leadership. My son-in-law is now a gun collector even though he comes from the gun grabbing country of England and one of my nephews packs a Glock pistol everywhere he goes as he openly carries it in a holster on his hip. My father-in-law and several other male family members are all very avid gun supporters who shoot regularly as it is generally accepted that practicing in gun related activities is an all-American ritual that is almost as important as pancakes in the mountain town of Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Now my family is not a group of trailer park living ex-moonshiners, but is made up of very successful businessmen who are certainly on the upper middle-class pay scale. They drive Mercedes, BMW’s, and large Ford pick-up trucks and their homes are generally valued in the higher price ranges.

And for those who know me, I am involved in the Western Arts and many of my best friends are trick shooters, quick drawl artists, knife throwers and bull whip specialists. So guns are very important to me. I keep one with me most everywhere I go and I keep one near me within easy reach while I watch television, read and write. Why, because I have a lot of enemies and people have tried to come after me and my family before, and they will do it again, and when that happens, it’s my fault if I’m not ready for them. I don’t go looking for trouble, but it does come looking for me.

This progressive notion that the global, greenie, weenies envision of peace on earth is a half-backed philosophy that has been given to them by the political left and has it’s roots in the European gun grabbing culture that still craves to have kings, queens, and nobles in a hierarchy type of society disarmed and easy to rule. And yes, I have several friends in Europe as well, direct friends of our family, and they do not think like Americans. They honor their queens and princes and do what they are told without question. It’s part of their culture. It is through the education culture that we have seen citizens become prone to the static patterns of socialism within those institutions even if the philosophy isn’t called out by name, the functions are the same. And it is from these pretentious, overly educated, mind numb citizens that this idea that guns are bad was initiated.

As shown in the 45 points from the book The Naked Communist published in 1958 America has been under siege from foreign enemies’ employing a new tactic, subtle cultural manipulation instead of open warfare, and it is through the university system that they have sought to attack, by insisting on an economy that required a college degree and forcing a majority of society to attend these institutions; the communists only had to convert the professors of these colleges to teach socialism to the rest of American society. And in the law schools the trend has been to dismantle the Constitution of the United States through case-law by attorneys, with the aim to destroy American society and using its own people to perform the task.

Consider how important the First Amendment is to American society. To the press it is the paramount portion of the Constitution. It is what allows for the Black Panthers to harass voters at their precincts. It’s what allows for the gay rights community to run around half-naked in parades. The First Amendment is protected because it allows the enemies of America to attack aspects of American culture with impunity. However, the same care is not given to the Second Amendment by the same lawyers who protect the First. The Second Amendment is the right to bear arms. This amendment is attacked as ludicrous by many political attorneys who are serving their role of disarming America with the aim of creating an all-powerful political class, made up almost exclusively of attorneys and former college professors. These attorneys to me are simply constitutional terrorists who have used fear to erode away the rights of the Second Amendment.

This is what the Constitutional Terrorists have done when they recently signed the NDAA Act which as been discussed extensively here. This act is a direct violation of the 5th, 6th, and 14th Amendments of the Constitution. The bill was signed with the premise of fear from terrorists penetrating American society which shouldn’t be a problem if the FBI, and the CIA had done their jobs properly to begin with. So the Department of Homeland Security was created because of government ineptness and the gradual slide into a police state is nearly complete as a result. The attorneys in government read the Constitution and found ways to manipulate the language to justify their domestic terrorism. And these attorneys learned that terrorism was appropriate in law school, where their ideological principles of serving society was shattered with the muddy world of political manipulation where they behave as terrorists of the Constitution.

I know many attorneys personally, and I like them one on one. But I think their profession is that of a looter. They provide virtually no productive contribution to American GDP. I have been to court more times than many people have years on their current lives and have sat in front of so many judges I could never write down all their names. <a title="LaHood Brings Money to Cincinnati: Picking up members of the opposite sex"

href=”http://overmanwarrior.wordpress.com/2011/12/19/lahood-brings-money-to-cincinnati-picking-up-members-of-the-opposite-sex/”>I have seen the legal process up close and personal one too many times and my conclusion is that it is a failed system created by looters to simply rob money from the citizens of the United States. The real criminals are out there and work between the cracks of the legal gray areas. The court system makes a lot of commotion over high-profile murder cases and domestic violence situations because it’s low hanging fruit that gives the illusion that the lawyers and judges are doing something, but in reality it’s just a show to keep public support from looking too closely at what a failure the entire system truly is.

These attorneys learned in law school, subtly, many of them don’t even realize it, to turn the gray areas of the law into any color they want, and that’s what has happened to our Constitution. For proof all anyone needs to look at are the epic abuses of the 10th Amendment, in how the so-called Commerce Clause has been used against that Amendment. See my article on the War with the Constitution here:


The system under the rule of academics and attorneys is irrevocably broken, which is why all the case-law established by the inferior minds of attorneys and judges over the last 150 years must be thrown out and we need to reset everything back to the basic language of the Constitution. This must be done for the primary reason shown in the so-called Supremacy Clause, where attorneys have colored so much gray area of the law with brushes dipped in pink that America might as well be Sweden.

Attorneys, like doctors have learned to anesthetize American society while they operate on the American Constitution taking away piece by piece until there is almost nothing left of our original body. While we are asleep and under their spell we are vulnerable to them, for we might wake up and find they have removed our arms and legs leaving us completely vulnerable to the care of others, which I believe they learned in their law schools. It was always the intention to weaken American society through our teachers, our attorneys and our politicians by the real enemies of our culture to use these professions as inauspicious soldiers to their cause.

That is why it is a relief to my mind to see shows like Sons with Guns doing so well and being enjoyed by so many people. Such shows are wonderful ways to re-teach American culture what the attorneys and politicians have attempted to vanquish from our society through the gray area of the law, which is a manipulation of The Second Amendment in an effort to disarm American society, which isn’t going to happen. My take on the Second Amendment is not one established in the case-law of these Constitutional Terrorists who have attempted to anesthetize American culture through destroying our original law and smudging it with their corrupt fingerprints so that we can no longer read it.

That’s why I tune in to Sons of Guns every Wednesday night on the Discovery Channel! Will, the owner of the gun shop Red Jacket is what America is really about, before the lawyers and politicians screwed up everything. And when the politicians and lawyers stand on their looted yachts in the Caribbean patting themselves on the back for ruining America, it will take those of us with the guns to put everything back together again.



Rich Hoffman

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  1. looters, lawyers, lakota , they all sort of blend together::::::::::sigh::::::::::::::


    January 5, 2012 at 1:31 am

    • Hey, that sorta goes together. Maybe you could help me work the next campaign!


      January 5, 2012 at 2:49 am

      • ::::::give me an L:::::::: :)


        January 5, 2012 at 2:54 am

  2. Here’s a video you’ll enjoy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-TC2xTCb_GU

    Picktown Patriot

    January 5, 2012 at 2:17 am

  3. the video or my cheer?? :)


    January 5, 2012 at 1:30 pm

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