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Rich Hoffman Told You: Lakota gives over $2 million in raises to their teachers

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Don’t say I didn’t tell you so, because I did.  I told the world over the radio, in newspapers, and in countless online articles that Lakota’s levy passage in 2013 was about one thing—giving their teachers raises for unaccountable performance.  Over this last week the Lakota school board kissed the feet of Sharon Mays, the Lakota Education Association president—particularly Julie Shaffer by providing not even a hint of resistance throwing money that was just approved in November for so-called security issues “for the children,” at the union.  The school board unanimously approved a $2,200 dollar salary increase for over 900 teachers which equate out to over $2 million dollars in increases— a huge portion of the money confiscated through the new tax increase.  Now that you dear reader have seen what Lakota did with the money they extracted from the public through a manipulative campaign where they played to the sympathies of the public, spent thousands and thousands of tax dollars on public relations strategies—it all came down to teacher pay increases just like I said it would—exactly.  Here is the video I put up prior to the 2013 election and my prediction for 2017.  Watch closely…………………….

Notice in that video what I said about 2017.  Well, guess what, the contract that Julie and Sharon just ratified together runs out June 30th, 2017.  Guess what happens then—more pay raises are expected just as the chart in my video shows—right on schedule.  Of course Julie, who is the representative of the union on the school board had good negotiations with the LEA.  She was their girl all along—that was evident as far back as when I debated her on 700 WLW before Scott Sloan’s wife put the clamps down on him so she could sell more homes as a realtor.  The sliced elective classes, the busing, the sports fees were all part of the extraction process.  As soon as the union realized they were going to get what they wanted, Lakota voted to give many of those things back to the public.  The game all along was to hold the public hostage until the union got their money.  Now that they have it, things can return to normal—its all part of the extortion racket set up in virtually all public schools.

The next move for the union was to allow the school rating to decrease from Excellent with Distinction.  If the November levy didn’t pass, that was the next step by the school board, superintendent, and their friends in the labor union.  There was already pressure from outside finance to alter the bond rating, which had to be averted because of the failed levies—and many of my friends on the No Lakota side knew that.  The radicals at Lakota contemplated letting the Excellent rating slip—which is mostly politics anyway.  This would drop the bond rating and throw the burden back on the No Voters.  That was too much for many of them to deal with, because that would have an immediate impact on realtor sales.  That is nearly the same type of dilemma that Congress faces when they decide whether or not to raise the debt ceiling.  It might be the morally correct thing to do—to not raise it—but in so doing the economy is wrecked.  The real problem is the debt spending, but the radicals spending the money use that dilemma to their advantage to prevent management action—so nothing happens because nobody wants to take the hit on their watch.  At Lakota if the 2013 levy did not pass, this was the union’s next step, to let the bond rating slip and drop the Excellent with Distinction certification to a level lower.  School board members of course didn’t want this to happen while they were in office, but the LEA union was fully prepared to employ that strategy.  That’s how much they care for the “children.”

I of course stood against the levy, even though I knew what was coming next.  For that I was personally attacked in many different ways and told that I should move from the district.  Even Scott Sloan who originally supported the No Lakota Levy position on the radio advocated that those against the Lakota tax should just move to another community if they didn’t want to see levy passage.  This was just an asinine position.   I have lived in Liberty Township since before a lot of the levy supporters in Lakota were even born, and I was told that I should surrender my home to all these panicky parents and radicalized left-leaning teachers just because they wanted more money.  That is how stupid the whole argument was—and continues to be.  Fairfield failed their levy in November and guess what—six months later it is back on the ballot and will continue to be until the unions get their money from the public.  Every time a levy is failed, the crazy union policy is to take more and more away from the public until they give in and pass a levy. The newspapers, television news, all mainstream outlets are all in on the heist because ultimately, property has been connected to these public schools which is the last line of defense for the union, an arrangement concocted through politics.

This problem will continue on until people no longer care about having their property values attached to a public school.  Lakota is near that saturation point, but is not quite there.  Liberty Township has a lot of out-of-state investment pouring into it from people moving into the area from other places—typically more progressive places like the East Coast and they bring with them these high tax trends which will last for about 15 years and taper off once a new hot spot is designated.  Currently these types of people outnumber homeowners like me who have been in the area for much longer than they have.  Through democracy they have the ability to pillage the land and its resources, and then leave it like an empty carcass.  They treat Liberty Township like the tail of a shrimp at a fine restaurant.  They dip the tail in a sauce and suck out all the meat leaving the remnants of a shell on a plate to be thrown away.  That is what Pro Levy voters and the labor union at Lakota are doing—and the school board lets them do it.

So what’s next?  Well, there will be another levy in 2017—as I predicted.   There will be another in 2023 as well and taxes will then become unsustainable for residents and businesses.  There will be a short-term influx of wealth created through this new labor contract as even No Lakota Levy people were happy to see the levy pass so not to affect the developments of Carriage Hill and Liberty Center.  But that will diminish as well over a fairly short period of time.  The battle plan of the radicals is fully set, and there just aren’t enough people with the stomach to stand against them—which they know.  As for me, I’ll continue to stand against the tax increases.  As it has been noticed, my focus lately has been on larger issues—the origin problems of how this whole system was constructed.  I have no desire to deal with the effects.  Doc Thompson and I are planning a documentary which was originally scheduled to shoot this past winter, but has been moved to the summer.  In it we plan to interview former Lakota school board members to tell a national story of how and why public education is a travesty and parasitic failure.  The documentary is set to be released through Doc’s affiliation with The Blaze—Glenn Beck’s vast Dallas-based enterprise.  I presented this material to everyone prior to the vote—what the teacher’s union planned to do with the money, but voters chose to preserve their level of comfort over the long-term sustainability of the district.   They picked short-term thinking over long-term management—and the levy narrowly passed.  Celebrations among progressive groups attached to public education erupted, because they knew the money tree had been turned back on and the scam known as public education was once again yielding fruit.  So for me, the next step is to attack the foundation of this debacle—and not the effect.

Lakota certainly mislead the public.  Sheriff Jones participated—he said during the levy campaign that the money was going to go toward security at the schools.  Well—guess what?  Now Liberty Township is seeking a levy to pay for police—for the schools. The two public employee unions, the FOP in Butler County and the LEA at Lakota are trying to double tax the residents of Liberty Township and they hope people are too asleep to notice.  That’s why the press release was put out for Lakota during the spring break period just ahead of Good Friday—while most people are otherwise distracted before the May 8th vote for the police levy, where residents can actually put some tax money back in their pocket.  Most levy supporters are too busy to pay attention to all these issues between soccer practices, career obligations, and the television shows stacking up on their DVR machines.  All these technical details are just too much to pay attention to—so they continue to vote foolishly to tax themselves—and Lakota knew all along that even though I was publishing their plans so people could vote accordingly, that in the end people either didn’t care enough to act, or were afraid of the results.  And thus—the teachers got what they wanted—more money.  Now they can go back to sexting students and enjoying one of the few professions in the world where they can make so much money doing virtually nothing but spreading left-winged political ideology and babysitting for parents who lack personal management.

Rich Hoffman



Rusty Humphries at the Cincinnati Tea Party: Why “WINOs” are in a lot of trouble

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imageI have been extraordinarily busy of late—much, much more than I care to be. My bullwhip friends from the Western Arts had of course my top priority and that occupied most of the last weekend. Then of course there are family obligations, normal career type commitments, a meeting Monday at the Elks Club for the Liberty Township Tea Party which I wrote about yesterday. Then there was the event on Tax Day out in Eastgate, the Cincinnati Tea Party rally which brought out some of the most vigilant patriots of the current liberty movement anywhere. Doc Thompson was there, Ann Becker and all her posse including Chris Littleton, Mike Wilson, Ted Stevenot and Libertarian Girl were there. Rusty Humphries flew in from his Washington Times gig representing the new Atlas Shrugged movie. My friend Matt Clark came down from Ann Arbor to do a live podcast from the event. There were many, many more names—all of them very good—and all of them fighting hard every day for what’s right by way of the American Constitution—but my time was occupied primarily by those names mentioned. To do the event justice, there is no way I can cover everything in a single article, so I’ll start with the Rusty Humphries speech, which can be seen below—and embodied the tone of the entire evening magnificently.

Rusty also did an interview with Matt Clark who was set up outside the main conference hall. The interview was every bit as entertaining as would be expected by Humphries who has a nationally syndicated radio show. He also writes for the Washington Times, and is even acting in the new Atlas Shrugged Part III movie. Watching he and Matt work together was like watching the present and future aligned. Matt Clark certainly has in his future a syndicated talk show as he shares with Humphries the ability to use social media to blast his message to the world. The only difference is that Humphries has been doing it longer, and already went through the kind of criticisms that Matt Clark often inflicts upon himself constantly looking for broadcast perfection.

All evening there was a constant steam of interviews which went through Matt Clark’s WAAM broadcast table, most of which will be featured over the next couple of days. One of the funniest comments made over the course of the evening was Humphries reference to Hillary Clinton. During his speech he talked about the various RINOs in politics, people like John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, any of the Bush brothers, etc. RINO of course means “Republican in Name Only,” which is to say that those so-called Republicans have been terrible at preserving conservative ideals. They’ve been more interested in compromising with people who want to fundamentally change American life, and have done a great disservice to their nation. This is when Humphries said that Hillary was a “WINO,” a “Wife in Name Only.” That drew quite a laugh and it stuck with me throughout the night.

The “WINO” comment was funny because most people feel that Bill and Hillary Clinton have an open relationship where they have simply pulled a ruse on the American public for more than three decades of scandalous crusade. Their mission as Marxist loving young college students was to deliver America to the doorsteps of the Socialist International controlled United Nations and they pretended to be like every day Americans to concoct the ruse. Part of that deceit was to pretend that they are a traditional married, husband and wife–while at the same time advancing LGBT agenda points and a gradual erosion of American sovereignty to the chaos of the world cesspool. Does anybody honestly feel that Hillary would not do anything to become elected into an office, even if it meant committing herself to a loveless marriage in the typical European style of power arrangement? I don’t doubt it for a moment, and it is likely that she cannot even relate to a typical American romantic comedy because she does not have the kind of feelings in her life associated with “love,” “passion,” or “sexual longing,” as her primary motives appear to be exclusively—for her entire life—committed to social reform built on a progressive reference established by Marxism—which she learned in college.

It was good to hear Humphries say what virtually everyone was thinking—it was therapeutic and was the primary reason that most of the hundreds and hundreds of people came to the Cincinnati Tea Party Rally on a Tuesday night. They needed relief from the insanity of a world spinning out-of-control and into perpetual progressive madness. The people present were awake and all aware of the follies around them—and having so many people in such a state gives hope that the world will not degrade into a bottomless pit from which it will never return.

Matt bought a hamburger for me once the event was over at the bar. We barely placed our order before the kitchen closed as the rally went late into the evening. Humphries had already left as many others were leaving, but Matt and I hadn’t had any food all day, so a well-earned hamburger was just the thing. Kelly Kohls and some of her party joined us in the bar for a bit as the waiter brought us our food. Kelly laughed when she saw the incredible size of my hamburger, complete with everything on it, onions hanging over the edge with huge leaves of lettuce, largely cut tomatoes and a tremendously huge bun sprinkled with sesame seeds. Her son happened to be sitting next to me and I took his mother’s comments and expanded on it by saying that this was an example of American food. “You wouldn’t get a hamburger like that in France, or Spain, or Italy. In those countries they give you some silly little noodles and some crappy vegetables off on the side of the plate—and they consider it art. Their food is like their crappy little Fiat cars, their bad breath, terrible economies, and wimpy sports. Here in America, like this hamburger,” which I had to put all my weight on to smash together to fit into my mouth, “we like V-8 engines, fast cars, violent sports, guns and women in thongs.” At that point Kelly called me a few names and took her 15-year-old son away from my bad influence. I told her that her son was a guy, and that he needed to hear those kinds of things. She laughed and hit me in the shoulder and walked off. I didn’t blame her, after all she is running for a Senate seat, and she needed to maintain her respectability in the eyes of the masses. But I don’t. Hamburgers, fast cars, rock music, football and chicks with thongs are the kinds of things I think of when I think of America—and specifically freedom. So after the evening festivities the gigantic hamburger from the hotel bar complete with Coors beer was the perfect night-cap to a busy day.

Much of what was discussed at the Cincinnati Tea Party could be summed up into not apologizing for what Americans are, but rather, being proud of it. It is clearly time to stop feeling sorry for every other country on earth and to make ourselves less just to make other countries feel equal. I know I’m done with such things, and according to Matt, Doc, Rusty, Ann, and all the others, they are too. The biggest difference between those at the Tax Day Rally and everyone outside of that room is that the attendees have arrived first to a conclusion that is inevitable—that progressives like Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and many others, have taken America to a bad place, and people don’t like it. My friends are the first to express that displeasure—and soon, so will the rest of the nation. imageThe old WINO tricks won’t work this time, as an $18 trillion-dollar deficit looms over the richest nation in the world—caused by progressive mismanagement of American resources. And once the rest of society gets to the level of frustration that the people attending the Cincinnati Tea Party rally displayed on April 15th, 2014 in Eastgate, Ohio—WINO’s like Hillary will be in a whole lot of trouble—and I’ll celebrate with an even bigger hamburger. The secret to American excess is not that The United States consumes too many natural resources, but that it has produced so much—because of capitalism. If more nations throughout the world adopted capitalism over socialism, they’d discover excesses of their own and would be a whole lot less miserable.

Rich Hoffman  


Beating the IRS: The Pride of the Liberty Township Tea Party

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imageOn April 15th, “Tax Day” I woke up with a special sense of pride experienced the night before. Behind the trees of my front yard, seen above, and across the golf course behind them, Jordon Sekulow flew in from Washington D.C. to personally thank the members of the Liberty Township Tea Party for their fight against the IRS. Sekulow is from the American Center for Law and Justice and is handling the civil case against the IRS on behalf of their unjust harassment against liberty groups—specifically the Liberty Township Tea Party. The LTTP had a meeting at The Elks Lodge, which I think is the best golf course in Cincinnati painting a picturesque evening of cold beer with fantastic views out the north windows silhouetting Jordon as he spoke to the large group of Tea Party patriots.

Without the Liberty Township Tea Party sticking up for themselves during the IRS case, it is likely that Louis Lerner would have never been forced to take the “fifth.” The story would have died quickly as it was planned. It was Justin Binik Thomas and The Liberty Township Tea Party who refused to go quietly into the night resulting in the congressional testimony that forced Lerner to implicate herself by default. The primary issue with Lerner is not that she took the “fifth” but that she provided testimony, then took her constitutional right trying to avoid cross-examination. That was a big no, no, and that mistake was forced in essence by the American Center for Law and Justice in its case against the IRS who was able to take the Liberty Township Tea Party case because the issue was pressed. The ACLJ needs clients otherwise they cannot conduct a case—and the Liberty Township Tea Party gave it to them—and the whole battle took place essentially in my front yard. And that makes me very proud.

Without the LTTP this article from Breitbart.com would have never been written: Former IRS official Louis Lerner and her colleagues at the tax agency were under a tremendous amount of pressure from President Obama and other Democrats to scrutinize a Tea Party applicant for public disclosure, despite rules protecting the privacy of unapproved applications, according to a staff report from the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.

For example, in emails regarding how the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision could imperil the Democrats’ majority in the Senate, Lerner wrote that she hoped the Federal Election Commission would “save the day,” apparently by curtailing political speech.

In another email referencing a news article about the businessmen and benefactors Charles and David Koch, Lerner suggested the IRS should begin a “project” to rein in political speech but to craft it in such a way as to avoid the appearance of focusing on political activity.

“We do need a c4 project next year,” Lerner wrote. While she initially said, “my object is not to look for political activity,” later in the exchange she acknowledged that it will examine political activity. “We need to be cautious so it isn’t a per se political project.  More a c4 project that will look at levels of lobbying and pol. Activity along with exempt activity.”

Lerner is the only IRS staffer who refused to testify before Congress, so the report relies solely on information garnered from “e-mails, documents, and other testimony about her cracking down on tax exempt organizations that exercise their rights to free political speech,” the Republican staff on the Oversight Committee says.

One e-mail thread turned to the possibility of whether a Tea Party applicant would challenge the IRS ruling in court. Lerner said that Tea Party groups would litigate because they are “itching for a Constitutional challenge.”

The emails show concern from Lerner about the Citizens United case decision hurting Democrats in the upcoming Senate elections. One document shows Lerner saying the Supreme Court gave the issue to the IRS “to fix the problem.”

She said, “The Supreme Court dealt a huge blow, overturning a 100-year old precedent that basically corporations couldn’t give directly to political campaigns. And everyone is up in arms because they don’t like it. The Federal Election Commission can’t do anything about it. They want the IRS to fix the problem.”

After a senior advisor emailed her about the political danger Democrats could be placed in, she replied in an e-mail, “Perhaps the FEC will save the day.”

The Oversight Committee points out that Lerner mishandled 6103 taxpayer information by dealing with such data from her personal e-mail account. Lerner, however, told Congress under oath in Novmber of 2013, “I have not violated any IRS rules or regulations.” In a November 2013 letter from Daniel Werfel, Werfel writes, “We do not permit IRS officials to send taxpayer information to their personal email addresses.” Werfel stresses that this is the case even if information is redacted.

Ultimately, the Oversight report says, Lerner personally placed all Tea Party applicants through a “multi-tier review.” An IRS employee testified that Lerner “sent [him an] e-mail saying that when these cases need to go through multi-tier review and they will eventually have to go to [Judy Kindell, Lerner’s senior technical advisor] and the Chief Counsel’s office.” A D.C. IRS employee said this level of scrutiny had no precedent.

The head of the IRS office in Cincinnati disputes Lerner’s claim–and President Obama’s Fox News interview with Bill O’Reilly–that the scrutiny on Tea Party cases was only a local issue, saying, “[Y]es, there were mistakes made by folks in Cincinnati as well [as] D.C. but the D.C. office is the one who delayed the processing of the cases.”


All of that investigation started with the same Tea Party group that met at The Elks Golf Course on April 14th, 2014. If not for them, the IRS case would have ended as quickly as it started, and Louis Lerner would still hold her position as an activist for the Obama administration at the front of the powerful government agency the IRS. The evidence shown above that Louis Lerner was corrupt and everything that Tea Party groups feared about their government is extraordinarily clear one year after the story initially broke. Because of the Liberty Township Tea Party, a new day in America is emerging, one where people aren’t so terrified of the IRS and the government—where more people than ever are coming out from hiding and telling their stories of harassment and paperwork terrorism issued against them by the federal government. As usual, such things begin with just a few brave souls who help usher in movements that change the direction of society in general. And for me, I will always live with the pride of knowing that one of the biggest battles in our lifetimes took place in my front and back yard—with my friends and neighbors in a prideful community called Liberty Township who refused to back down when villains presented themselves with overwhelming force, and ever-present determination to impose themselves as the latest dictators in a long chain of human failure. In Liberty Township, those dictators were turned away, and slapped down in embarrassment.

Rich Hoffman  


The Black Lightning Wild West Show: Traditional bullwhip artists at their “Best”

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Not far off from a personal request from the NBA star LaBrone James to entertain his children, Richard and Donna Best asked me to spend a little time with them freshening up their media presence online.  As a traditional couple deeply committed to western arts for several generations now they needed some updated footage to continue offering their Wild West show to audience everywhere continuing a tradition they advanced for more than 3500 live performances.  Another mutual friend of ours David Crain has become a prized bull whip maker for Richard’s shows so we all met up at Gery Deer’s studio to film some of Richard and Donna’s act for a new video featuring some of their highlights.

The show is called the Black Lightning Wild West Show and it is a throwback to the old vaudeville performances that were so popular a hundred years ago, to a period in America where value still ruled.  So I didn’t have to think twice to help them.  Their goals are my goals, and they do a lot of good traveling The United States advancing western arts keeping that tradition alive.

Richard and his wife are regulars at the Annie Oakley Western Showcase that I attend every year and unfortunately we are all so busy, especially David, Gery, and myself that we seldom can align our schedules to meet together outside of Annie Oakley.  David Crain from Heartbeat Artistry has emerged as a top whip maker in the field of nylon whips. Being a normally kangaroo hide whip guy who nearly exclusively uses Terry Jacka whips out of Australia, Crain has won me over.  His whips are very fast, and balanced.  He was the same whip maker who built my grandson his first three bullwhips which were given to him when he was born, and can be seen practicing with below at age 1 and a half.

Nylon whips are really optimal for indoor performances which Richard Best has a great deal of experience with, so he and David Crain have become quite well acquainted with each other.  It was good to get together with them for a day of whip cracking, eating pizza and catching up on stories that have occurred for the last several of months.  Of their most unusual adventures since we all last spoke at the 2013 Annie Oakley festival was the Labrone James party for his children where Richard and Donna were brought in along with live circus animals particularly a giant elephant to personally perform for James and his entourage.

One of the coolest new tricks done by Richard and Donna was one where his wife held a dime in her fingertips that Richard cut out fearlessly.  That trick was also seen in the promotional video put together above. They were very good at it, and before filming routinely littered the floor of the studio with dimes knocked from his wife’s fingers.  A dime is a pretty small target.

There is a lot wrong with the world, but the Black Lightning Wild West Show is not one of them.  Just knowing they are out there doing the good work of preserving western arts makes me very happy.  It was a pleasure to assemble some of their footage for marketing purposes demanded by our modern times.  Business cards and word of mouth referrals are no longer sufficient in our high-tech world, so western arts must adapt accordingly.  The tradition is still very low tech, but the method of letting employers like Labrone James know about them must compete directly with everything else out there.  So I was happy to help.

We ended the day with the typical reserve.  I can’t think of a single time that we’ve all gathered where I didn’t leave feeling like I under-anticipated the level of fun that we’d all have.  This time was no different.  We found ourselves stalling for time once I had gathered up all the shots I needed.  We extended the day unnecessarily for another hour, but eventually it did come to a close.  I spent the rest of my evening playing X-Wing with my brother at my niece’s birthday party, David Crain and his family went back to his whip making shop in a Middletown backyard, and Gery went back to being an independent television producer in the Dayton area where he just recently completed a segment with Phil Donahue.  The sun set on the day, but it rose just a bit higher for the art of the Wild West.  And in that field, the Black Lightning Wild West Show is carrying proudly a tradition in America that is nearly as old as the nation, and important to its very soul.

Rich Hoffman  


West Chester Chickens: The roots of a community built on self-reliance

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Those pesky zoning people are back at it in West Chester, Ohio picking on Danielle Richardson who recently moved to one of the most successful and financially lucrative areas in the Midwest.  Like cowards in the night, they left a message on her door informing her that she would not be able to keep the nine chickens that she has in her back yard because it’s in violation to a ridiculous zoning resolution.  Richardson was told that her pet chickens would have to go because West Chester Twp. does not permit farm animals in residential neighborhoods, according to spokeswoman Barb Wilson. “In our definition, when you talk about farm animals, poultry are clearly identified as such, chickens, horses, cows, sheep, goats would be considered farm animals.”


What Danielle Richardson doesn’t know is that the zoning terrorists who left the note on her door are using zoning to carry West Chester Twp. into a city classification as local progressives understand that before such a measure can be made, references to West Chester’s rural past must be erased.  Farm animals have been a part of West Chester’s past for as long as I can remember.  I remember when cows came up to the fence behind the Wendy’s restaurant by the corner of Cox Road and Tylersville, and half a dozen homes between there and the Lakota high school had farm animals around their homes.  That symbol of self-reliance, of the farmer and country living is what made West Chester attractive for development, because people did not want to live in a city and liked driving by large fields, cows, horses and other farm animals—images that they couldn’t get in a city environment.

But slowly these new residents have changed the nature of West Chester from a rural community to one of a progressive New England suburb, and with that image has come a zoning adherence to ICLEI, (International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives) which is the architect behind the United Nations Agenda 21 strategies.  The eventual goal of Agenda 21 is to pull residents out of the suburbs and back into the cities where their behavior can be carefully controlled through regulation—which is what is happening to Richardson.

Zoning officials do not want residents to be self-reliant, to have chickens where they can produce their own eggs.  In Richardson’s neighborhood she gives her neighbors free eggs as a gift.  This is something the ICLEI people do not want to see—because they want to control the issuance of eggs.  They want Richardson to get her eggs from the local Kroger where regulators have their hands in on the action.  They certainly don’t want to support self-sustaining lifestyles—which is the real message behind their angst toward farm animals.  They certainly aren’t protecting the home values of neighborhoods with such zoning regulations, because the homes were built around the farm culture that is at the roots of West Chester.

My grandparents had a farm on Seward road very close to the Erie Canal which was some of the best farmland in the world.  The valley below Beckett Ridge which flooded often had some wonderful farms which extended all the way to the west into Fairfield.  My grandfather married my grandmother by taking a canal boat to the east where he met her at a dance at Port Union, which was next to the current drive-thru that is diagonal from the United Dairy Farmers at the corner of Port Union Road and 747.  Many people have no knowledge that the Erie Canal ran right along those railroad tracks and is still visible as a relic to West Chester’s past.  I grew up knowing many of the farmers in the region.  They bailed hay, slaughtered cows, had horses, goats and just about every kind of animal imaginable.  At a minimum they had chickens—because that is how they had eggs for breakfast.  Over the last 30 years, people who wanted to be close to these activities moved to West Chester, people like Danielle Richardson.

With the new homes came pretentious progressives and their big government regulations and social tampering trained in the ways of ICLEI.  The far away entity of The United Nations is jealous of American self-reliance, and they certainly find the farmers of North America repulsive—and through Agenda 21 wish them regulated out of existence.  That is how zoning ordinances like the one Barb Wilson cited came to be.  But that is not how it’s supposed to be.  Those ICLEI worshippers desire to change West Chester, not preserve it, and getting rid of chickens in a neighborhood are part of their strategy.

Danielle Richardson made some good arguments in her reasoning for keeping her pet chickens.  She used all the ICLEI buzz words, like “sustainable living” and “green” friendly which are the weapons zoning typically uses to alter behavioral lifestyles.  After all, what is greener than raising chickens and eating the eggs produced by them?  But that is not what zoning has in mind when they talk about “sustainable living.”  They wish to handcuff human beings so that nature can prevail and incorporate all living into city-state control and regulation.  And they plan to pay for their offensive through taxes that adversely destroy private ownership of property.  Danielle Richardson took the spirit of West Chester back the other way—toward self reliance, which is what ICLEI finds so repulsive about American lifestyles.

West Chester has within its zoning administrators, as does virtually every community in America—progressive terrorists who salivate for the opportunity to regulate society into a direction of their strategic choosing.  That choosing was not shaped by the traditions of a community like West Chester but the far away fools at The United Nations and their ICLEI arm of bureaucrats.  It is likely that Richardson had no idea that she would cause so much of a ruckus over her personal desire to have chickens on her property, but ICLEI seeks to regulate how private property owners use their land.   The strategy at ICLEI is to impose themselves on private property ownership to the point where taxation and heavy regulation make investment not attractive.  At that point government will own those properties and control what goes on there—and chickens will be a thing of the past.  Government regulators want to be the one to place eggs on the doorsteps of neighbors instead of Danielle Richardson because they want to gain control over what people eat and when they eat it.  In that way, they want to change West Chester, not preserve it.  They want to remove from its past the image of self-reliance and personal sovereignty and change it into a city of tax producing citizens under the control of petty regulators and zoning officials.

I have a personal recommendation for Danielle Richardson–at the zoning hearing, tell those idiots what you really think of them.  Let them have it, because the next step in that process is in your favor.  There are friendly ears above the zoning bureaucrats who know exactly what is going on, and you’ll get to keep your chickens.  Just don’t yield to the zoning people.  This fight goes far beyond chickens and eggs—but to the heart of what it means to be a property owner in America—during a time when the rest of the world wants to be the supplier of the eggs.  Yet they wish to do so without having chickens to lay them.  ICLEI is about to discover which comes first, the chicken or the egg.  Danielle Richardson already knows that answer—and the rest of the world is about to find out.  They want to control the eggs, but they don’t respect the chickens that make them.

Rich Hoffman  www.OVERMANWARRIOR.com  

F**k the Earth: Save man’s mind

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I enjoy a nice babbling brook running through the mountains surrounded by trees and fresh air illuminated by sunrise firelight. Often I have slept on the ocean front to the sound of waves beating on a beach as a steady breeze pours in from offshore thunderstorms lighting up the distant night clouds like cannon fire from a distant battle. I have pondered often the forces of a cliff face as I rappelled down it and marveled at the magnanimity of nature. I have equally stared deep into the heavens and contemplated the countless galaxies of space and considered the perplexing reality of a multiverse. But what most impresses me is the mind of man and the ability of that species to overcome obstacles, invent tools of creation, and extend beyond the limits of nature to something new. What is marveled at when large mountains are observed, or the beauty of a forest, or the running water of a stream is the creation of nature into activity of which our short-term lives will only witness a fraction of. However, it is still destruction that is observed, mountains were caused by tectonic plates being forced together by earth forces, and trees grow, die, fall down and decompose, just like human beings. Water falls from the sky in the form of rain, runs across the earth, is consumed sometimes by creatures like humans, disposed of as waste and evaporates back into the sky to begin the process again. The work of man’s mind is the only life form in known existence to take all the raw materials of the planet and organize them creatively against the tide of chaos that exists in nature. A skyscraper is a deliberate construction of mankind that is organized and useful as opposed to the mountain that is simply the result of opposing forces colliding.

The current green movement which is simply the next generation of communism is attempting to take mankind back to worship of the earth the way tribal groups have in the mystic past. Their sole intention is to turn worship of the earth into a religion that has political consequences and their method is one of regression—of angst against the creation of mankind. They look at the creations of man, the space ships, the cars, the buildings and they hate them like natives screaming at lightning streaking across the sky. Their answer is to conduct a rain dance to appease the gods creating the lighting. Meanwhile, inventors like Tesla actually took the mind of man toward creating their own lightning. Inventors created irrigation as a way to take charge of their own destinies and stop wasting time doing a rain dance to appease some stupid god. Forget about rubbing a couple of sticks together to make fire, or waiting for lightning to strike and ignite a small blaze, mankind made ovens, and furnaces, and air conditioning units to control their environment so that they could be comfortable and invent even more things instead of running around looking for sticks to catch fire just to cook food.

Nature is the construction of Mother Earth, and the galaxies the inventions of the universe. But are those constructs superior to the equations E=MC2 or the nanotechnology of cell sized bots that can repair human flesh? When was the last time the earth invented anything new, or Jupiter, or Neptune? What have those natural products done except float in space and be bombarded by asteroids—their fates tied to their proximity to a dying sun at the center of a solar system? Where will the creeks, animals, and mountain ranges be during the next meteor collision, or the eventual explosion of energy at Old Faithful in Yosemite? They’ll all be destroyed, and what will there be left of anything on earth if the mind of mankind is extinguished as a retreat to the primordial worship of Mother Nature?

I would argue that the mind of man is more important than the saving of Mother Earth. The earth is inferior to man’s mind—the inventions, the potential, and the ability to shape its own destiny in spite of natural elements, such as planetary restrictions, life spans, and proximity in space to heating sources like planetary balls of fire we call suns. There was never a turtle that built an economy as sophisticated as humans, or an otter that built a train station. No bird ever invented a light bulb. And ants don’t write books, make movies, or create sophisticated music. We are amazed that dolphins and whales show signs of intelligent life, but even they are about as intellectually wise as an average 4-year old human—and what is so special about that? The reason we respect these creatures so much is that they are at least close to human intelligence—so why would human beings yield to them?

The real issue is one of creation and the value of those creations. Are the creations of nature more valuable than the creation of mankind? My answer is that mankind’s inventions are more valuable. Both, man’s and nature’s acts of creation are destructive in nature. Mountain ranges are the results of terrible destructive forces, and trees are daily fighting it out in a battle for sunlight. They don’t whip out stones to throw at each other, or fire guns, but trees are constantly at war with one another. One tree will spread its branches out over another one that is smaller to try to choke off its light so that the roots aren’t fighting for the same water supply. Don’t environmentalists know that? Are they so stupid but to look at trees and not see life forms at war with one another? Trees are not sitting in a forest singing campfire songs to each other living in harmony. They are fighting—and some of their battles go on for 50 or more years. The only reason humans don’t see them is because the battles occur without human reference and time frames. Every day spiders are catching other insects to devour for their personal consumption, mice are being eaten by snakes, fish are being eaten by bigger fish, and Great White Sharks are eating dolphins.

At some point the modern worshipers of Mother Earth decided that the way to deal with these tragedies is to revert to the past worship of earth as a deity and to appeal to its sensibilities hoping that human life would be spared some of this tragedy. But only mankind has even attempted to solve any of these destructive problems. At least humans know to replant a forest, to re-grow the food they consume, and to not poison the water they drink with sophisticated filtration systems. Only a human being has sought to mimic the abilities of a bird, the hunting agility of a lion, the communication aptitude of a dolphin, and actually offer alternatives to the stupidity of nature—the inevitable destruction that is always just around the corner with the next black hole consumption, or planetary impact.

Every global environmentalist on earth is wrong in its worship of earth. Earth is dying as we speak—it may take a few billion more years, but if left alone—it is dead. It will not live forever—it is not a god. It is not worthy of worship. Earth is a tool for man’s mind. It is meant to be a lunching point for human consciousness and nothing more. It can only be hoped that 4 billion years from now to 10 billion years that the minds of man will still live in the universe and will punch beyond the confines of that barrier to whatever is beyond it. Earth will have long been gone by then, every turtle, every bird, every fish, every drop of water in the ocean ripped off the planet to become water molecules in the vacuum of space by expansion of the sun. Every idiot who professes worship of nature at the expense of man’s mind is preaching doom for both. The earth has its best chance because of mankind, not in spite of it. Of the two, man’s mind is more valuable and if one has to be saved, it must be the imagination of human beings.

Every advocate of communism, socialism, social justice, and environmental conservation is ignoring the basic rules of our universe and stand in defiance of nature when they profess to preserve earth because they think it’s pretty. They ignore the violence; the very foundations of all life—that they are built on violence and destruction. Only the human being stands in rebellion to this trend by advancing toward an unknown intelligence only it can create—because it is not yet present among all known life forms. It is time to abandon the fools who do not believe that man does not have dominion over all the earth—because they do—and that is the will of nature as a species that is vastly superior to every other life form on earth. Its time to stop feeling guilty about it for the good of everyone, and everything involved.

Rich Hoffman   www.OVERMANWARRIOR.com 

Tomorrow’s Winter Soldier: Agenda 21 predictions for the next 20 years of Liberty Township after the new police levy

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A lot of people who do not know history well, think that the term “Winter Soldier” is an invention of Marvel Comics for the recently released Captain America movie.  It is however named after the 1971 Winter Soldier hearings held during the Vietnam War where veterans talked about the atrocities they had imposed on the enemy and civilians that made them feel terrible.  America had a hard time with the information because it took away the illusion of feel good patriotism that many wanted to believe about American troops and showed that given guns, superior firepower, and a typical bureaucratic chain of command typical human beings American or otherwise will abuse their power easily even under conditions of minor stress.  Things get much, much worse under major stress.  On a previous article about Agenda 21 I showed the video published by the socialist organization Democracy Now featuring another Winter Soldier conference held in 2008 where a former member of the 8th Marines from the Kilo Company of the 3rd Battalion revealed all his war crimes to a panel and audience.  Democracy Now of course was salivating over the testimony because it was proof of how corrupt American imperialism was throughout the world, and put pressure on American military figures to withdrawal from engagements.  As much as I do not support socialists, tree hugging hippies, communist greenie winnies, and environmental wackos, the video of Jon Michael Turner at the Winter Solider testimony was brutal, and evidence to a much larger impending problem centering on The United Nations and their pursuit of Agenda 21.  No matter how well-trained, no matter how well equipped, no matter how morally correct one might think that they are—when powerful weapons are put into the hands of kids like Turner and rewarded for killings just to get a 4 day pass by his superior officers—lots of innocent people will be harmed.  Under the United Nations proposed Agenda 21, which they hope to keep under control at the local level of government—globally through ICLEI (International Council for Local environmental Initiatives) the end game is massive control of the population by police using force to instigate fear and respect.

Now that some time has passed and people are somewhat ready to deal with the reality of Agenda 21—largely because of Glenn Beck’s recent novel which has been stewing about for a few years now, it is time to declare that America should abandon the United Nations Agenda 21 proposals unequivocally.  That means that local politicians who support ICLEI must be harassed so to find themselves between the desires of the U.N. and their friends and neighbors who elect them—so to prevent future Winter Soldier events that eclipse those of the Vietnam and Iraq experiences.  The atrocities have not yet been committed, and to prevent them all participants who support ICLEI must have the fight taken to them before we find future Winter Soldier’s on our doorsteps shooting men in the head so that they can rape their wives and daughters.  If all the elements of our present day are added up, that is the end result for our eventual futures.  The atrocities won’t happen in some far away land but right in our back yards in America and it will be our local politicians trained to support ICLEI who will bring it to us.

In my local community there is a police levy that is up for renewal.  Just six months ago voters passed a tax increase against themselves to support the local school, which is largely committed to The United Nations backed Common Core program.  Public schools seek to place all children under the control of government nurturing and away from individual instruction by parents.  Now the police want more money which is desired because government jobs are overpaid so to get viable candidates to hold those positions even when they suspect that organizations like ICLEI are up to no good in relation to American sovereignty.  When school teachers and cops make $75,000 to $85,000 a year with a nice pension that they wouldn’t get anywhere else, they tend to put on the blinders to potential dangers—because knowledge of those dangers is inconvenient to their paychecks.  So like the bored idiots that they are, they have blanketed my community with their campaign signs asking for residents to sign up for another ICLEI initiative, an expansion of law enforcement.  In Liberty Township where all this is taking place, there are two large developments that the trustees are promoting which indicates an increased need for police in the future, the Carriage Hill development and the Liberty Way development, both of which I support as economic engines—but detest the Agenda 21 type of ICLEI initiatives promoted by the zoning department headed by Jon West.

Jon West once went to Hilton Head Island to make his argument against the newly built Frisch’s restaurant just off Cincinnati Dayton in Eastern Liberty Township.  He lobbied as Director of Planning and Zoning for the Liberty Township Zoning Commission to prevent a Big Boy statue from going up in front of the proposed restaurant.  His background is as a planner for the Butler County Planning Division.  He worked previously at Entran PLC, and was educated at The University of Cincinnati.  He is associated with the American Planning Association and the American Institution of Certified Planners.  Jon West likely has no idea what Agenda 21 is, but he has been accused of advancing it into Liberty Township.  What he does know is that the U.C. fully supports the Climate Protection Action Plan, (The Green Cincinnati Plan) published on June 19, 2008 and that the alliance between the University of Cincinnati and ICLEI is centered on that document which is the presiding reason behind the streetcar project in Cincinnati.  As young zoning planners full of career zeal and gumption this is how local bureaucrats are trained to move into their communities so to invoke Agenda 21 strategies.  Jon obviously doesn’t care about the minds behind ICLEI, he has simply taken what was taught to him and applied it to the world, just as thousands just like him are making a real menace of things in America to this very day.  He’s certainly not alone in this assault, he is but one of many—but is the example here because of my reference to the politics of my community as a sample.

Of that same community, even though the Carriage Hill development is a community of upper priced homes, there are apartments designated to fill that land use plan which was established many years ago on that section of 747.  The way West softens up developers to the ICLEI philosophy is to pick small fights with them over things like Big Boy signs in front of Frisch’s restaurants, or leaving the garage door up at West Chester Lawn and Garden store giving zoning a position of authority to harass business owners on, a similar way that police harass political targets.  This makes developers much more willing to bend a little when constructing projects so to fulfill the Agenda 21 desires of zoning and planning.  There will be Agenda 21 implementations into Carriage Hill and Liberty Way which is a concession that European planners anticipated twenty years ago when they came up with all these schemes through ICLEI and Socialist International advancing the dialogue.  What European planners really wanted was wealth redistribution and a plan to return development projects back to the earth by removing human beings from it.  With such planned expansions come higher taxation and market drivers such as apartment dwellers who tend to vote in support of school levies which feed programs like Common Core at Lakota with mind numbed teachers to teach what the state tells them to. Liberty Township currently doesn’t have a police department.  The Butler County sheriff’s department patrols the area and this new levy is being sold as a way to continue that application of police resources.  However, Liberty Township Trustee Christine Matacic is supporting this police levy because the new developments will need increased police coverage and the local public schools of Lakota need officers to protect students from school shootings—which is all the rage from recent news reports.  But all these demands on resources were caused by land use plans created by planners trained to support ICLEI and its parent group Socialist International long ago before the money was even lined up to develop Carriage Hill and Liberty Way.

The results of those planned developments are more cops in future elections.  Liberty Township will desire to have its own police force, which will then cause more taxes on property owners.  And of course Lakota will be looking for another school levy sometime around 2017, then again around 2023.  Eventually, after another 20 years when the economy collapses under the weight of all that taxation, and businesses flee the heavy regulations that people like Jon West spent his life creating in Liberty Township guided by the invisible hand of ICLEI for the entire duration of a career, everything will spiral out of control.  When that happens property values will drop, like they have in modern-day Evendale, Fairfield, Mt. Healthy and Lincoln Heights, the nice apartments of Carriage Hill today will become tomorrow’s “Fountains” and crime will move into the neighborhood as businesses flee high taxes.  Jon West will by then be retired and living in a condo somewhere, Christine Matacic will also be retired as well as all the current police officers.  But new ones will replace them—and these will be trained to Common Core standards, and will get even more exposure to ICLEI than West did—and they will tamper more with local government than ever, crushing innovation and basically turning nice Liberty Township into another version of dilapidated Detroit.  Yet the police will still try to sustain themselves and will be looking for something to do, and will become tomorrow’s Winter Soldiers.

If Clinton has his way, his wife will be President of the United States and he can then bring America under full control of The United Nations ending Constitutional sovereignty and upon command those Liberty Township cops will answer U.N. mandates which is when the really sinister aspects of Agenda 21 kick in.  At that time police will kick in our doors, have their way with our families, steal our property and begin the process of pushing citizens back toward the cities where Cincinnati will have new apartments and a streetcar waiting on them for transportation.   The developments of Liberty Township will be bulldozed flat so that the earth can reclaim the world and people will be heavily regulated with a kind of religious zeal to protect the environment from human minds.  The religious freaks at Socialist International, the people ultimately behind ICLEI, the University of Cincinnati involvement with Climate Protection Action Plan, (The Green Cincinnati Plan) and the training of zoning planners like Jon West will then achieve their preservation of Mother Earth—which was always the goal.

Meanwhile the United Nations will get their army paid for by the American tax payer as the demand was created by American politicians artificially through zoning and planning.  New rules at a feverish pace will be enacted against human impact with the earth and to enforce those laws will be the police officers of today’s levy attempts.  They are tomorrow’s Winter Soldiers, the armed United Nations gatekeepers who kick down doors, rape innocent women, cut off the heads of our neighbors and steal everything we ever built and desired to build in our lifetimes.  These new Winter Soldiers will do it because they can, because there is inherit in human beings a desire to abuse power especially when they have guns, and the rest of society doesn’t.  And mankind will regress backwards into the mold of a primitive.

The only way to stop all that was mentioned above is to stop people like Jon West now, before the damage is irreparable.  The path is already established.  The government workers like Jon West, Christine Matacic, and Butler County Sheriff Jones do not have the ability to think so deeply into things, because they are government workers—they are just cogs in the wheel of progress—only that progress was not designed in Philadelphia during the Revolutionary War in America, but in Europe under the organization Socialist International inspired by the communist attempts of the Soviet Union and the philosophic works of Immanuel Kant, and Karl Marx.  The European will not be sympathetic to the stories of the future Winter Soldiers who will testify that they cut off the arms and legs of men as they slowly bled to death watching police and military personally rape the women they love before killing the women  too—for no other reason but to get a few days off by their division commander.  That is the future of Agenda 21 and if it is not rejected completely—every green initiative included—every electric car, every smart car, every smart meter, every instance of Common Core, every carbon credit—it will be in your very near future.  If you are under 40, you will see it for sure.  If you are under 60, you will likely see it.  If you are under 30, you will wonder how we arrived at a place where you are forced to live in a downtown apartment sharing space with three other people and suffering through water rations even though there is a river 500 yards away that will be illegal to drink from.  Places like Liberty Township will be gone and all their developments bulldozed flat becoming vast sums of farmland once again.  And the lives of the humans will be regulated to that of a dog managed by their masters at the United Nations and their blind, zealous dedication to the goddess Mother Earth and the sacrifices she demands.  The Winter Soldiers of tomorrow are the cops looking for levy support, and are suing current trustees because they dare to stand in the way of Agenda 21 initiatives.  This is not wild fantasy, or anti-levy propaganda—it is a fact of life as clear as an open window with the glass removed.  It is yet another way that communists seek to destroy capitalism—this time they are coming under the disguise of compassion and safety—but behind their smiles are the teeth of a wolf looking to consume us all.

The European socialists are coming after American life–they are in fact at war with it.   You better defend it before the Winter Soldiers arrive at your door.  You stand a better chance now than you will then.

Rich Hoffman   www.OVERMANWARRIOR.com 

Save Money by Voting NO on Liberty Township Police Levy: Cops are like weeds in a garden

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Police put out their signs for the upcoming May 6th replacement levy vote trying to convince homeowners to further accept high taxation as an acceptable means of community management of resources. To be honest, I have lived in Liberty Township for most of my 46 years, give and take a decade or so here and there, and have never had to call the police except to file a report. So long as I have the Second Amendment, they don’t do anything for me except show up after a crime is committed. I noticed that the big tax local Rino Republicans like Christine Matacic are supporting this tax along with my old friends the Terrys at the Carriage Hill development. They are conservatives of convenience. Carriage Hill is openly trying to bring in more people to the community so they can make money off them. Those outside investments enjoy police cars sitting around especially if those voters come from California or the New England states—it makes them feel safe. And Matacic is running for Butler County commissioner and wants the backing of the FOP in whatever form she can get it. But that doesn’t mean the rest of us should pay for their desires. This is what I submitted to the Today’s Pulse as a “Letter to the Editor” which should appear in the upcoming weekend edition on the matter.

Save Money; vote “NO” on Liberty Township Police Levy

There have been some complaints about how high the taxes are in Liberty Township especially after the Lakota levy took effect in 2014. Sheriff Jones supported that levy saying that some of the money gained from levy approval would go toward police in Lakota schools. Now just a few months’ later Liberty Township trustees are supporting a “replacemet” levy to pay for those same additional Lakota police officers coming up on the May 6th ballot. The signs from the police are already up.

Of course the argument is that taxes will not increase but will in fact cost $94 per $100,000 in property assessment to fund $2.5 million in projected spending for the 2014 police fund. Clearly the police and the school are double dipping in their projection numbers. The sheriff lives in Liberty Township and since he came out in favor of the Lakota levy, then it should be his task to figure out how to provide police coverage for his community without additional taxes.

This time they won’t be able to say that the tax is “for the kids.” This election is a chance to take back some of the money wrestled away from us during the Lakota election of November 2013. It is a chance to lower our taxes during a time when that’s what most everyone needs. I will be voting a big, “NO.” Elections have consequences and by voting NO, voters have a chance to let the police shoulder that burden instead of the homeowners.

Rich Hoffman

When politicians and developers support more police, they are essentially stating that they want police to sit on the side of the road and write tickets which costs us more money in taxes through fines and fees, so they can get an indirect benefit specific to them. They also indicate that this levy is to pay for the 20-plus detectives who are still looking for the student who left the shooting threat letter in the girl’s bathroom just days before the Lakota levy election of 2013—which they still have not found. CLICK HERE TO REVIEW. The police haven’t been very successful—so what have they been doing?

Lt. Morgan Dallman is the division commander for Liberty Twp and stated in favor of the levy that deputies responded to 16,000 calls for service in 2013, so to justify all the needed police activity. That comes out to approximately 43.835 calls per day in little bitty Liberty Township covering every domestic violent episode, every car wreck, every kid who tries to burn down their house with their parents in it, every bomb threat, every vandalism case–everything. What he failed to point out was that many of the calls probably went something like this, “hey Bill, where are you?” Bill answered professionally on his radio leaning in to his left shoulder looking very serious, “I’m at United Dairy Farmers getting a milk shake.” The caller then says, “Hey, some of the fire guys down at the 747 south house have a good game of Call of Duty going. You up for it?” Bill looked at the cashier hoping she didn’t hear, which of course she did, because she told me about it hoping that I’d write a story in Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom. “I’ll be right there,” Bill says making his voice sound urgent and professional. The cashier holding back a smile gives him back his change and the cop leaves as the UDF attendants break out laughing. That is just a sample of the 16,000 calls mentioned by Lt. Dallman. Sometimes the call is for Halo, or Madden football—so it’s not always the same thing—to be fair.

My friends down in West Chester are doing it right. The trustees down there have already told voters not to pass a tax increase for their police department because the cops make too much money. In response, the police are suing the president of the West Chester trustees. CLICK TO REVIEW. In Liberty Township there is no such courage. Instead, they just lay down and let the FOP run right over them making up facts, inflating their statistical numbers to include every cat rescued, and every time a neurotic levy supporting husband and wife fight over the television remote. When it comes to actual crime, there isn’t any because bandits have come to learn that Liberty Township residents—at least the older ones tend to paint their cars with the blood of criminals. Later the police show up to file a report—but they certainly aren’t the deterrent to crime. Gun carrying homeowners are, and there is a LOT of guns in Liberty Township. A lot of GUNS. Enough to equip a small army if needed. Word gets around and it will stay that way unless the police actually drop off criminals hoping to instigate crimes to gain support of a levy. I’ve seen it done in Mason, so it’s certainly not beyond imagination.

I doubt people will vote themselves a tax savings on May 6th 2014. Liberty Township has too many new—weakened, neurotic, insecure parents who are still in their early 30s doubting their ability to handle the Second Amendment the way it was designed, so they look toward the police to protect them. But this is a chance to actually take back some of the tax money stolen from us through past manipulations if enough people would stand up for themselves. We’ll see, I know how I’ll be voting—and it won’t be for more police. Too many cops around isn’t good for anybody but their union numbers. They are too expensive, always behind the action, and simply represent the arm of politics and their authority—which is obviously deeply flawed. Cops are like weeds in a nice garden, the more you water them, the more of them you get until eventually they overrun the beauty of all the nice flowers and trees planted there. One of the reasons that Liberty Township is so nice is that there are fewer cops—weeds. Giving them more money will just make more of them and that isn’t good for Liberty Township’s future, or the people who live here.

  Rich Hoffman  


Ragnar Danneskjöld Played by Eric Allan Kramer: Why the modern pirate never gets caught

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Eric Allan Kramer, is playing the pirate Ragnar Danneskjöld in “Atlas Shrugged: Who is John Galt?.”  The footage below shows what to expect from Kramer in his rendition of the unique pirate from the very popular American literary classic Atlas Shrugged.  I volunteered to play Ragnar to producer Harmon Kaslow because I was worried that it would be hard to find the right actor who could do such a character justice—because getting that part right means a lot to the overall story of the third Atlas Shrugged film.  But after seeing this interview from Eric Allan Kramer, I am no longer concerned.  Ragnar Danneskjöld is a key role to understanding Atlas Shrugged, he is a pirate built on philosophic principle.  He does not loot for the right to steal from others to gain for himself the way a typical progressive sees the world, instead he loots to take back what is stolen and gives it back to those who truly produce. 

Read more at http://www.galtsgulchonline.com/posts/67d29d1/meet-ragnar-danneskjold#Br92Za8JkLaC2zRe.99



Ragnar Danneskjöld was born in Norway, the last son of one of its first families. His father was the Catholic Archbishop of Norway.  When he was sixteen, his father sent him to study at the Patrick Henry University, in Cleveland, Ohio[1] (not to be confused with the real-life Patrick Henry College in Chesapeake, Virginia).

Ragnar Danneskjöld studied physics and philosophy—a highly unusual double major. While at PHU, he made two lasting friendships that would change his life forever, though he did not know it at the time. One of these friends was Francisco Domingo Carlos Andres Sebastián d’Anconia, who also was an aristocrat of sorts, though Latin American rather than European. The other was John Galt, who was anything but aristocratic, and came to PHU with barely a penny to his name. These disparities in background and circumstances did not matter to any of these three. All three shared a love of the natural world, how it actually worked, and how one should function within it.

When they graduated, each made a different plan. Francisco d’Anconia planned to take over his father’s great copper company, D’Anconia Copper SA of Argentina. John Galt at first earned his master’s degree in physics and began work on his Doctor of Philosophy degree, until events impelled him to leave university life and go to work as a commercial engineer and inventor. Ragnar earned his master’s degree in philosophy and stayed on to earn his doctorate.

Of the two Chairmen who shaped his life, Hugh Akston, Chairman of Philosophy, stayed true to the ideals that attracted Ragnar and the others to him. Robert Stadler, Chairman of Physics, did not. Stadler’s decision to endorse the establishment of a State Science Institute, impelled John to leave. If Dr. Akston discussed John’s rather acrimonious break with Stadler with Ragnar, neither man said anything about it to any other character.

Though each of the three began to implement his respective plan, all three would receive a rude interruption.

Six years after the three received their bachelor’s degrees and when Ragnar was on the cusp of becoming a PhD himself, Ragnar received a summons from John Galt to meet him, not at his home in Starnesville, Wisconsin, but in a garret apartment in a run-down brownstone in New York City. Francisco d’Anconia received a similar summons. John Galt then told his two friends what had happened to him.

Galt had gone to work for the Twentieth Century Motor Company in Starnesville, named after Gerald “Jed” Starnes, the company’s founder. There he had built the prototype of the first-ever practical electrostatic motor. But Gerald Starnes had died, and his three children inaugurated a plan to have everyone at the factory work according to his ability, but be paid according to his need. Ragnar probably recognized that principle at once, from The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx.

John Galt had refused to work under such a plan. He not only quit the factory, but also announced to the three heirs that he would “stop the motor of the world.” He began, of course, by wrecking his prototype and carrying away with him those portions of his notes that would enable any future investigator to duplicate his work. And now he was asking his two friends to join him in what he called the strike of the men of the mind, and recruit others to do the same. The rules were simple: anyone having savings to retire on, would do so; the rest would take the lowest jobs that they could find, so that they would not give society the benefit of their talents.

The next morning, Francisco accepted John’s strike call. Ragnar accepted that afternoon. Francisco set out to implement his own strike plan: to assume the guise of a playboy, while systematically destroying D’Anconia Copper. Ragnar and John traveled to Cleveland, where Ragnar told Dr. Akston that he was quitting his graduate studies, and why. Before the evening was over, Dr. Akston not only accepted Ragnar’s decision but vowed then and there to hand in his own resignation, and for the same reason.

Ragnar found the overall strike plan elegant and logical—but incomplete. In truth, Ragnar was infuriated with what John Galt had told him. Or perhaps the business plan of the Starnes children struck Ragnar as a prize example of a much larger social and political problem. This problem had long filled him with righteous indignation, and now this indignation boiled over. As Ragnar saw it, society was guilty of armed robbery—and if that society would not police itself, then the men of the mind must not only withdraw from it, but make war against it to reclaim what was rightfully theirs. Ragnar decided then and there to fight that war and carry it directly to what all three called “the looters.”

Ragnar Danneskjöld’s solution came from the heritage and tradition of his Viking forebears. Ragnar had a fast ship that nevertheless carried guns capable of bombarding either another ship or a shore target at long range. Ragnar also had at his disposal at least one aircraft: a cargo carrier with which Ragnar would later transport large quantities of the gold he collected in his activities.

Ragnar set out at once to assemble a crew of demobilized Navy officers, petty officers, and seamen. These men told him that the US Navy planned to retire one of its most famous aircraft carriers, and the one having the longest flight deck in history: USS Enterprise CVN-65. Ragnar had other plans: he hijacked the ship at sea, and this was the occasion in which he suffered his one and only combat wound.  So he became a privateer, and in fact became known as the scourge of the high seas (chiefly the Atlantic Ocean and occasionally the Caribbean Sea). (In fact, the name Enterprise, as the name of a ship, might have appealed to him on this specific account: a privateer under license to the Second Continental Congress during the American Revolution also bore that name.)

He was careful never to kill a member of another ship’s crew if he could avoid it; if he ever had to sink another vessel, he would put the crew adrift in lifeboats. One such sailor described Danneskjöld’s face as terrible to behold, because it showed no feeling whatsoever. It did not even show hatred; it was cold and hard. It was the face of one who, having a job to do, did it and did not waste time emoting about it.

He never directly attacked any naval vessel, unless said vessel attacked him first. He never attacked any private vessel, nor seized private property. With one exception: at Francisco d’Anconia’s specific request, he attacked D’Anconia Copper ships and sank them with their loads. This was in keeping with Francisco’s own strike plan to destroy D’Anconia Copper systematically, so that no one would benefit from his talents or those of his father and grandfather and ancestors.

Ragnar’s actual targets were what he called the “loot carriers.” These were “humanitarian” cargoes paid for with taxpayers’ money and sent by order of the Bureau of Global Relief. This was the best method available to Ragnar to recover the substance that was taken from men of the mind by force. Eventually, not a single such cargo could ever sail from an American port to any of several “People’s States” throughout the world and hope to reach its destination. Ragnar Danneskjold was always waiting, and always found his targets. From the description given of some of his other activities, one may infer that he had an espionage network unrivaled for effectiveness and avoidance of compromise.

Ragnar would take these cargoes to various smugglers throughout Europe (whether he ever penetrated the Straits of Gibraltar with one of his prizes, the novel never says) and sell them. He also found a market for some of his plunder in the United States—a black market, which eventually became the only market available. He always demanded payment in gold. The most likely black market is in fact Midas Mulligan himself, and Ragnar would then be the “safe channel” by which Midas could purchase any goods the men of Galt’s Gulch could not produce on their own.) He would never accept any fiat currency, be it Federal Reserve notes or the scrip of any People’s State.

He began his career in privateering very early into the strike. He was wounded only once (see above), and never thought of that wound again, unless John Galt reminded him of it. Ragnar thought of his wound as a necessary lesson that an amateur must learn before he can call himself a true professional. He quite often told John, Francisco, and (later on) the others who joined the great strike to quit worrying about him. He ruefully observed that they never listened.  By the last year of the strike, Ragnar easily captured every prize he set his sights upon, and had lowered his casualty rate to zero.



There is much more to Ragnar, but that provides a brief history.  Out of all the Atlas characters it is Ragnar which I most closely identify with, and why I volunteered to play the part in the movie.  After the poor reception of the first two films I was worried that career actors might avoid being added to the cast for fear of blacklisting, but Kaslow and Aglialoro actually had no problem.  When Eric Allan Kramer was added to the list, my concerns quickly alleviated.  There is a reality to Ragnar Danneskjöld which is explored no place else.  His ability to travel the world with the military might of every nation peeking at his doorstep might seem ominous to most, but to my experience is very realistic and it looks like Kramer pegged the role. 


Over this last weekend a young man asked me why I wasn’t worried about assassination attempts, and political harassment for the things I get involved with.  As I tried to explain why I did not worry about such things to him I could only think of Ragnar Danneskjöld.  Readers here know that I have been involved in friendships with hit men, I have known members of crime syndications well, I have been a property repossesor, a body guard, a bouncer, and have been in many conflicts.  I have known prominent judges representing the highest order of the law who looked like nice family guys who were deeply in bed with crime families doing really bad things so I have some very good experience and the bottom line is this; the NSA, the big banking families, the FBI, CIA, Muslim radicals, communists, socialist, labor unions, crazed lunatics and fanatical collectivists of the world taken together cannot for the life of them find their way out of a paper bag without proper leadership to help them.  They are, taken at their collective intelligence, incompetent.  As individuals, there are very competent people in those organizations—but as long as they function as a collective unit they are only as strong as the weakest links and are paralyzed with inaction.  They can literally do nothing.  The experience of Ragnar Danneskjöld in the novel Atlas Shrugged is reality.  He was too competent to be captured by collective fools—which is a contrary message shown on cop dramas on television.  In real life bullets don’t often fly as straight as people think, nor do they do as much damage upon impact.  This is similar to when you punch someone in the face—they do not immediately go down like they do in the movies.  If a person is bold, competent, and more intelligent than his rivals—he will win no matter what the odds and no matter what the number and this is something only a handful of people in the entire world understand.   


I do not worry about my home being surrounded by “authorities” and I do not worry about them tracking my statements or watching my every move.  They should not have the right or ability to do so—but I do not worry about it either because they are incompetent to act on what they witness.  Ragnar Danneskjöld’s world view and experience is more accurate to reality than anything ever put on CSI, Magnum PI, or Miami Vice.  Collective authority is incompetent against a quality individual—Ragnar would easily be able to outmaneuver all the armies of the world for as long as he wished simply because he as an individual was better than their cumbersome intellectual capacity weighed down by the brain dead weak links of their institutional thinking.  Atlas Shrugged as an American novel was one of the first works of art in the world to even explore the concept of quality versus quantity. 


The popular assumption which Atlas Shrugged challenges is that masses trump minorities—in this case, not reflective of skin color or sex, but of ability.  Few people actually posses quality ability and this cannot be solved by the looting by the many of the few for the sustenance of all.  Ragnar was fighting against this trend and even with all the efforts of every government and military against him, nobody could beat him.  This is a hidden reality that is probably the best kept secret of the modern age.  The NSA can collect every bit of data about every human being, insect, and cell structure ever known to exist on planet earth, yet they cannot overcome this glaring fact.   As I said to the young man, so what if they watch me, so what if they want to dispose of me, so what if they listen to and read every word that comes from my mind—what would they do with that information?  They are incompetent and are paralyzed to act—so what would there be to worry about?  Just because “they” desire something does not mean that they can magically whip up competency to execute the task.  A lot of people want to cook good food, fix a car, and install air conditioning units on homes, but only those with the skills to do so can hope to achieve such a thing. And often, not just anybody can do these tasks when trained—there are some cooks better than other cooks, some mechanics better than other mechanics and so on—but without the basic skills at a particular quality level, nothing happens. 

Governments hope that by bringing in all kids of different minds that the collective will of the institution will benefit equally, but what they discover is that once those of quality are looted by those without quality that their few good people among their ranks stop contributing leaving the weak and clueless to perform the tasks.  It doesn’t matter if the organization is large or small, once individual contributors realize that their efforts will not be rewarded, they stop working.  This is why characters like Ragnar Danneskjöld were able to travel the world unchecked and unstopped by even the most technically proficient governments, because the minds behind those governments are incompetent to action because of group consensus. 

Ragnar Danneskjöld is really the first pirate of his kind, and audiences won’t know quite what to think of Eric Allan Kramer’s performance if they have not yet studied the novel Atlas Shrugged.  While critics of the premise of Ragnar will scoff at the reality of such a pirate, what their protests really indicate is a deep insecurity at the truth behind the character.  Ragnar Danneskjöld is a character that properly identifies a flaw in human nature which the pirate Blackbeard exploited several centuries ago.  Blackbeard would have continued to have success as a pirate if he had not grown so power hungry, and arrogant.  The English navy couldn’t stop him, and they were the most powerful in the entire world at the time.  Jesse James is another example of such a personality.  The might of the United States military could not stop the guy—it took an individual assassin of some level of competency functioning outside of the bureaucracy of the law to perform the task.  For a character like Ragnar, he does not have the personality flaws of such outlaws—he’s a man of goodness which makes him much more difficult to deal with.  And that is why Ragnar Danneskjöld is the Atlas Shrugged character that I most identify with and the moment things go sour where American society no longer functions—could very well be my own potential future.  It wouldn’t take much for me to go pirate.  All that stops me from doing it now is the hope that using the First Amendment can stop the spread of collectivism before The Second Amendment is needed.  But the moment that there is no First Amendment, it will be a pirates life for me, and the world will note be able to stop it—for all the reasons that Eric Allan Kramer’s performance of Ragnar Danneskjöld will display. 


Rich Hoffman



Why a Good Man Goes to Court: Boot-lickers shape a story

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The Cincinnati Enquirer has taken an interest in the Lang case involving the law suit pressed by three West Chester police officers against the current president of the township trustees.  The Enquirer has cut together a video clip seen at the link below illuminating some key statements by Lang which the officers are building their case on.  If the entire video is watched, which I have put in its entirety on another article, it is clear that Lang wasn’t picking a fight with the West Chester police, but was trying to explain why he—as a trustee had agreed to an out-of-court settlement to keep the victim of police brutality from going to court against the police department.  I know the context of the video because it’s my video.  I shot it, I uploaded it, and I own it.  Lang didn’t ask me to, he didn’t “publish” any such statements intended for public consumption beyond the explanation to a group of fiscally concerned Tea Party members who wanted to understand why he spent tax money for an obvious out-of-court settlement.


The Enquirer has a history of doing hit pieces.  It was Lang’s predecessor Cathy Stoker who worked up a hit piece against me along with some other Lakota levy supporters because they were upset that I was involved in a charity event that undermined their community altruism—power.  So they used segments of my statements made on these pages to try to paint me as a sexist—because they essentially didn’t have a way to answer my arguments against them.  They played politics—which is the same as saying that they “cheated.”  This is often the strategy used when an establishment is challenged by new ideals—they dig in and use “politics” to protect themselves from change.

George Lang represents real change in the role of community politics.  This makes many people very upset—particularly government type workers.  In that same video highlighted by the Enquirer Lang also told the audience not to vote for any future tax increases for the police department because as he said, they are already well paid and make too much money.  And he’s right.  They are.

Government workers from police to school teachers and the reporters who are aligned with them for feel good “community” stories don’t want people like Lang in charge.  They want chaos, and open purse strings that will demand tax increases every time those government workers want a pay raise.  If there was anything that Lang said negative in that video it wasn’t the very fair statements made about the case involving the beating—because he didn’t say anything that could even remotely be considered as “slander.”  He didn’t even mention the officers’ names.  They did that to themselves when they filed a law suit against Lang.  Surely their lawyers told them that Lang would bring forward the officers who told him about the bragging that was going on at police headquarters and that they’d be put under oath at the trial–surely they aren’t that stupid—then again, perhaps they are.  Or that the doctors who worked on the victim wouldn’t provide testimony as to the contents of the beating to validate the truth of Lang’s statements about why the township had to settle out of court.  The police obviously didn’t think this case through.  Instead, they have already slandered George Lang by attacking him.  They have already provided false statements to the public.  Lang had nothing to do with “publishing” the video.  I did.  And he never said a word about the case to me at any point in time under any circumstance which of course I will provide testimony to—under oath.

The real problem the police have with that video based on my personal experience with all the parties involved is that Lang came out against a future police levy.  They won’t admit to that under any circumstance, but deep within their secrets of their minds, they know it’s the truth.  That is their real issue.  Lang told the audience not to give the township any more money because the trustees would just find a way to spend it.  Does that sound like a bad, malicious, slanderer?  Lang also said that the police were heroes and that he was glad that he didn’t have to do their job?  That comment didn’t show up in any of these Enquirer clips and articles.  None of those statements made it into the story at any point—because they are all on the same side.  When the video is played in court, the judge, the jury and the audience will also see that Lang said all those things—that were far from disgraceful, slanderous, or mean-spirited.

Oddly enough this story broke only one week after Lang’s trustees stood with the residents of West Chester in preventing a Kroger Marketplace from going in to a controversial plot of land where the developer was seeking a zoning change.  It might be a coincidence, but the timing is awfully similar to my own situation where I had quite a sensation with my charity announcement to help Lakota students, then the very next week my name was plastered on every radio station in the Cincinnati area in a negative way—the context removed.  Developers give quite a lot of money to sheriff campaigns, so favors against political rivals are not out of the question.  In this case the issue is irrelevant, because I know the meaning of the video— I shot it, I published it, and I was there to confirm the context.  It only took two years for the police to become upset about it, and it just so happened that this story hit the Enquirer a week after the Kroger Marketplace deal fell through………….I’m sure it’s all just a coincidence…………….by the way………I have some swamp land to sell in Alaska.

The case against Lang is not one in pursuit of justice or fairness.  It is to pound him into political submission by the political currents of West Chester in my opinion.  Behind the three police officers involved in this law suit is a labor union aligned with all government labor unions driven by radicalism to their own selfish desires.  What they are really mad at is that Lang is against tax increases for West Chester—and this law suit is designed to rough him up—based on my history with such things and the characters involved.  Lang said nothing slanderous about the three officers—he stuck strictly to the facts which are how it should be done.  He has a responsibility to the community which he took seriously.  The police may not have liked it, but they shouldn’t have screwed up on that late night beating of a helpless drunk—just because they had the “law” at their back.

At the beginning of that same video Lang also mentions the things I have said on this site—and that oddly enough didn’t make it into the Enquirer either.  A lot of people read my blog, probably a lot more than who read the Enquirer every day, or the Today’s Pulse, by Cox Publishing.  I can understand that they’d be jealous, or upset.  But they’d find they’d have more readers if they’d stop pandering to the villains and stand behind the righteous—like Lang.  People like good people, and Lang is a good person.  They don’t like suck asses and boot lickers—and too often the Cincinnati Enquirer asks their reporters to be both and the casualty is not George Lang, or myself—it’s the readership of the newspaper.  Lang isn’t the only politician who reads my work, and they are reading me because they can’t get the facts anywhere else.  And it is also why my video is at the center of this case because the Enquirer was too busy kissing ass to film it on their own.  And they don’t even have the guts or courtesy to acknowledge that their source material came from Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom.

But they had no problem taking credit.

  Rich Hoffman  www.OVERMANWARRIOR.com 


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