Erasing History: Glenn Beck’s vision of sheer terror

I had a nice talk with Doc Thompson the other day about some really cool things that are on the horizon—which ironically corresponded to some of the really good work that Glenn Beck has been doing. Beck on December 18th 2014 did a very dystopian video playing himself as a man 40 years older thinking back on this time and the events of our day. His message corresponded perfectly with the contents of the discussion Doc and I had just hours earlier. In a lot of ways the reason I write this blog every day, and produce the other creative content that I do is that I know we are entering a new age where collectivism will be the new open mantra and it is my responsibility as an individual to speak out against it. The revisionists are already hard at work steering the world in the direction Beck alluded to in his video just as they did with the Christopher Columbus voyage—declaring that Europe had discovered America—even though that was very far from the truth.

I have watched and learned over the years how diabolical the church aligned with politics can be in destroying history. In order to maintain the theory that the North American Indian was “native” to the New World and that Columbus discovered them the government has virtually destroyed those nomadic people so to remove the evidence of their very lives, and destroyed numerous archaeological sites that proved human beings had advanced cultures in America thousands of years before Christopher Columbus ever thought of sailing across the Atlantic. In America there were of course Vikings who moved as deep into the country as Oklahoma and Minnesota. There were also Chinese who apparently mated with a giant species of man possibly from the lost tribes of Israel. There were Aztecs and Mayans who traveled up the Mississippi to exchange goods with Cahokia and other large population centers with advanced knowledge of astronomy and mythology. And likely there were advanced cultures in America before any of those groups came to be—well before Europe was even a land of kingdoms. But to maintain the illusion that Europe had discovered America—much evidence had been destroyed on purpose.

So Beck’s video drama is not far off the mark. Revisionist history is hard at work in the present trying to erase events only decades old—let alone centuries so that an order centered around collectivism can rise to power. And if that assault is not met with aggression, Beck’s apocalypse will come true. So I write my postings, my books, and do whatever I can to preserve the history that I have witnessed personally through a colorful life full of experience. I have first hand witnessed the world before the revisionists put their hands on fate—so I’m dedicated to that preservation.


The history erasing is mostly happening by the public school system followed closely by the media. The most current evidence of historic revision is the Cuban issue of Obama reopening ties with the southern communist country. In my lifetime I watched the Cold War struggles between America and Cuba and have watched how during the Obama presidency that slowly the anger toward communism has abated with full support of the media culture to watch the revision of a former enemy to a friendly southern neighbor occur virtually overnight. Within a few years the dark days of the Cold War will be wiped away.


Ironically the best way to study revisionist techniques comes from the attempted passage of local school levy issues where public relations professionals spin reality often and hide crimes to gain tax increases by public vote. They will cheat any way possible to acquire their funds. The same basic Alinsky methods have been used by the Obama White House to cover their many scandals. Once that game is understood it is easy to see how history is being erased right before our eyes as fast as it is created.

Beck’s apocalyptic vision is quite realistic if taken at the value of true observation. Those who might call it conspiratorial or paranoid are the type of people erasing history presently. And this cannot be allowed to occur. So in a lot of ways I have dedicated my life to the preservation, and resurrection of the proper history before it is gone forever—wiped clean by the revisionists trying to hide their tracks. And that was the content of the talk Doc and I had. 2015 should be a very interesting year.

Rich Hoffman

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Obama’s Illegal Immigrant Executive Order: The violation against a meritocracy

To explain why Obama’s executive order on immigration is so dangerous requires a bit of a deconstruction—then rebuilt education. John Boehner doesn’t understand it, nor does Mitch McConnell or most of Washington D.C. for that matter. Most members of upper management in typical company structures and the typical unionized slug—they don’t get it. Most every member of every college, most members of the various social clubs, most public school administrators—they don’t get it either. The real evil that is the net result of Obama’s executive orders imposed during his particular presidency are lost to most people because they have lost the definition of value and forgotten the importance of merit. Glenn Beck had a wonderful break-down of the post executive order Obama imposition with the following video describing how Obama’s executive order destroys the value of merit among immigrants and why that is so dangerous, and destructive to the American experience.

If you really care about somebody—or some people—the responsible thing is not to rob them of their merit, their ability to earn for themselves knowledge, resources and experience. For instance when raising a child it is better to let them walk than to carry them around, even if there is danger such as crossing a busy street. If you teach the child self-reliance, they will be able to do it without help in the future empowering them to navigate the world safely. Carrying the child might seem compassionate, but ultimately robs them of the ability to function without the assistance of others—and the opinions that come with them. Merit cannot be purchased with a degree from college. A piece of paper on the wall of an office does not make anyone qualified to be one of the “wise ones” as people like Obama believe. The pretense that one can buy a degree with money and time invested into a four to eight year education is a false one. The belief that the pain earned through trials and tribulations could be avoided was the primary reason that post World War II parents sent their children to college only to be corrupted there by left-winged radicals teaching the social safety net of big progressive government—and those kids had kids of their own who are among the laziest and discombobulated yet known to the human race. Too many from that age group have a hard time getting up to go to work let along leading productive lives because they have had merit ripped from their lives by an education process that sought to destroy it with the promise that obedience to organizational charts would solve all the world’s problems.

Obama is addicted to the organizational chart of Washington D.C. politics. His Democratic party was destroyed by Republicans in virtually every corner of the nation and they are blaming him for his bad presidency. Democrats still feel that Obama didn’t do enough to help many senators and congressional members win seats during the 2014 Election. Obama was so toxic that many didn’t want his help, but now with clarity of hindsight and the need to blame someone beside themselves Obama is a good person to charge. Obama being the typical improperly educated oaf that he is spent a lifetime of having everything given to him by a mother who was guilty of placing him in bad male company, grandparents guilty of raising a crappy daughter who became a crappy mother—lovers of his mother who were communist revolutionaries, and college professors who wanted to blow up the federal government but instead invested their efforts into the color of Obama’s skin to place him behind American defense and into the White House to undo the Western Imperial evil imposing its will to the rest of the world. Obama as a kid never had a chance. He had merit robbed from him as a kid and has since stood wherever other people told him to and said what they wrote for him to read from. He has no thoughts of his own, he is not his own man—Obama is an imprisoned soul destroyed from birth and raised to be a terrorist bureaucrat using organizational charts to replace merit to rule over others. So when Democrats lost the election of 2014 the powers that move Obama’s mouth—those “Open Border” advocates, those radicals at Think Progress and other ultra liberal organizations demanded that Obama accomplish something in his last two years beneficial to them so to cut their loses. That’s why Obama signed the executive order for illegal immigrants offering protection at the voting booth for Democrats already losing the philosophical debate across the North American continent.

Obama however is a rather typical person even though he gets to maintain the illusion of being a king from the Oval Office. There are too many people now in America addicted to their offices, to their nameplates, to their titles yet they are ineffective as leaders because they lost the value of merit in their lives believing that papers like executive orders and college degrees could be suitable substitutes.   They were wrong. Most businesses across the world now function with complete idiots at their helm because of this treacherous disease taught in colleges of every kind that a plutocracy, bureaucracy, or even a monarchy has more value than a meritocracy. Yet America was founded by those seeking a meritocracy not a democracy which would simply issue by popular opinion who the ruling class would be over those who were supposed to be subjects based on how many years they attended a university. In the Obama way of thinking college professors because they never really leave the education system should rule the world because they put the most years into an education system that creates the democracy which then issues out power through popular elections. In that type of system, giving millions of illegal immigrants the ability to vote for Democrats out of sheer thankfulness makes sense to a person vacant of values.

But the Republicans aren’t any better—they don’t understand anything that I just said because they are functioning from their own plutocracy and bureaucracy view points. They want to be in power too with a belief that they rule over others just because popular opinion placed them into an office. So they foolishly sued a president that actually controls the legal system—and is a snake oil lawyer to begin with—meaning their silly piece of paper will do nothing and go nowhere. There is no merit in Republican actions, so there will be no respect for their actions. Their lawsuit is just another piece of worthless paper passing from one hand of bureaucrats to another.

There is nothing worse than a worthless person who needs their ego massaged and people who function in life like Obama cost more to the organizations that employ them than anything they attempt to productively do. They are worthless because their beliefs cause them to believe in organizational charts over the value of merit so their focus is always to climb higher on that chart so that they can sign an executive order like Obama did, instead of actually performing tasks that require thought and skill in concert with others operating from the same motivations. Worthless people don’t begin that way—but are taught to be that way through their education systems. Most children are wonderful until their parents screw them up with the assistance of 13 years of government schooling. Meet a child at 7 and the world is open to them—their eyes are bright and wisdom is emitting from them by the handfuls. Meet a child ten years later at 17 and often you have a slug—a confused oaf lost, confused, and primarily concerned with satisfying their animal instincts—eating, disposing of their waste, and reproducing through mating customs. You meet a future Obamanation of young fools ill prepared to live in a meritocracy perfectly willing to surrender their lives to rulers—because they are crippled in their educations of how to think with value instead of social structure.

That is what Obama did with his executive order aimed at amnesty for illegal immigrants. It is also why everyone is missing the point in the aftermath. A nation cannot survive if it does not function from merit—that desire to earn things instead of being given them. Too many kids today expect to just show up for something and be given money, or a piece of paper telling them they are good, or smart. But they lack the merit in actually earning it. Obama has spent his life in this way, so he sees no reason to just make it easy for illegal immigrants to become citizens—after all his party all along wanted to overload the system so to bring down the financial power of Imperial America from the inside anyway—and amnesty helps them do it. Yet, Obama just put another nail in the coffin of merit showing millions of young people that the organizational chart is more important than earning a living the honorable way. Obama has demonstrated that if you can get to the top of the organization chart with lies, deceit, and even corruption that you can literally write laws that control the lives of millions of others. That is where the failure in Obama’s executive order for illegal immigrants is of an utmost travesty in justice—not because it breaks the law in so many ways—but takes aim at merit in America and suppresses it even further than it was before Obama’s demoralizing presidency.

Rich Hoffman

Hollywood’s Lost Opportunities: Bo and Luke Duke return to the General Lee

I once had an interesting discussion with Skip Press, the author of several books on screenwriting and an instructor of the topic in Hollywood. He was even kind enough to put me in touch with Steven Spielberg’s manager but in my endeavors I hit a brick wall of opposition there centering on the ridiculous progressive belief that characters written for the screen needed to be flawed. Skip Press is a good guy and a very helpful and generous person—but he and I disagreed fundamentally about the very nature of character narrative. He will tell writers that the best way to get a screenplay funded and made for the big screen in Hollywood is to write a comedy, a vampire flick, or a story filled with flawed characters that mass audiences can relate to. I on the other hand have no interest in such topics, my characters are always strong—nearly flawlessly strong, and they take life very seriously—certainly not a comedic flair for the irrelevant. There are no fart jokes in my material—so Skip tried to advise me where I was wrong and needed to correct my approach—which I was not interested in resulting in the referred to “wall.”

Over many years I stand by my argument, there are many vampire flicks that have come and gone, many comedies that have drifted off into irrelevancy—but the kind of films I have always loved and are still loved by millions even if the quality of the originals are cheesy–have stuck around. To that consideration, I wrote my novel Tail of the Dragon which stayed sold-out at nine months of the year my publisher carried it as a direct tribute to the Dukes of Hazzard and Smokey and the Bandit violating every modern law of content writing—because I still love those stories and wanted to update that type of content. And I’m not alone. Recently as an ad for Auto Trader illustrated with great spectacle the Duke boys returned to their famous car the General Lee to film a two-minute commercial that featured a good old classic car chase. Bo and Luke Duke were looking for a faster, more updated General Lee to outrun the more modern police cars in hot pursuit. It was a lot of fun, and a very clever campaign which can be seen above. To see how that commercial was made—which I found more interesting, see the making of it below.

The Dukes of Hazzard was a dynamic slapstick comedy and each of the characters was an exaggeration of a real life counterpart. Boss Hogg was the epitome of the crony capitalist corrupt to his very core with a name resembling a pig. Daisy Duke, who still has an impact on our modern culture with Daisy Duke shorts was a dream girl who was nice, loyal, beautiful, feminine enough to be everyone’s favorite mother, sister, or wife, but strong enough to hold her own with the guys. Then of course there were the Duke Boys, Bo and Luke. Both of the guys looked like male models and were good clean people who didn’t drink too much, did not smoke, did not curse, and always—always helped people who were in trouble. They were the closest thing to perfect human beings that there was on television and at the end of each show they always won. They always overcame any obstacle and achieved their objective without being hateful monsters.

Now, over 35 years later people still hunger for that show. They still want Bo and Luke Duke as the Auto Trader commercial eloquently displayed. Their popularity is so intense that there is even a 2014 Christmas album coming out featuring the characters from the Dukes of Hazzard. That old television show is still popular, even with young people who weren’t even born when it originally aired. It was nice to see Tom Wopat and John Schneider playing the Dukes again. Wopat was (63) in that Auto Trader commercial and still in fantastic shape. Schneider was (54) and has even been successful as a song writer and performer—after all he became a born-again Christian while living with none other than Johnny Cash. They are just good dudes who have spent their careers making decently clean entertainment. But for all of their lives no matter what they do elsewhere, they will always be known as the Duke Boys which they embrace openly.

That returns us back to the premise that Hollywood screenplays should feature, comedies, vampires, or some other emotional travesty to become a viable seller–and the answer is a resounding NO. Hollywood is losing massive amounts of money by producing that kind of crap as opposed to more of the material represented by the Duke Boys. Movie audiences want bold, flawless characters as much as possible. If they want flaws, they’ll look in the mirror for free. They go to the movies and watch television to see something greater—not to revel in mediocrity.

Hollywood as they currently are for the most part with only a few exceptions—mostly coming from filmmakers like Christopher Nolan and his brother, and a few others—are completely wrong in their selections of cinematic material to purchase and produce. The Hollywood studio system is a rudderless vessel caught in the tumultuous chaos of river rapids. By default their projects will move down river although not very efficiently. They bounce off a lot of rocks in the process and take on enormous damage—and they are slow to get where they want to go. Material like the Dukes of Hazzard may be frowned upon by the social reformers who think it’s better to get wet and banged up in the rapids of life toward humbling imperfection as opposed to just jumping over the river in the General Lee—but they would be wrong. Nobody remembers the loser who chooses to just cruise down the rapids of story telling—they remember the daredevils who seek to leap the gorge and the river all together—and those that survive are always loved and memorialized for their valor in the effort. That is what the Dukes of Hazzard mean to our 2014 American culture.

It is better to have characters who are so larger than life that they are silly compared to reality than to have grimly realistic characters who really aren’t much better than the slugs who often populate the lives of most people. It is in that yearning that Bo and Luke Duke still have star appeal and represent a time when men were men, women were women, and good wanted to defeat evil instead of make friends with it that fuels that hunger for the Duke Boys. Hollywood has missed many opportunities convincing nice screenwriters like Skip Press that they need to bend their projects to the will of movie producers who fall in love with Democratic politicians and feel good social policies. The core of America does not relate—so the lack of box office take and quick life-spans of most modern films—such as 22 Jump Street and Let’s be Cops will always lose their audience before the Duke Boys or a classic Clint Eastwood cop drama like Dirty Harry. Average is not memorable, but super good is—and in the context of television and movies in modern entertainment, there were few better than Bo and Luke Duke. Their short two-minute commercial for Auto Trader was better than most feature films and television from over the last 30 years—and that is truly a sad statement that only Hollywood can look in the mirror and blame.

Rich Hoffman

Malcolm Glazer: The world will miss him–one of the best people on earth

Even though his health had been failing since 2006 after a series of strokes left him partially disabled, Malcolm Glazer’s death is truly a sad loss for the entire world. The Tampa Bay billionaire was instrumental in upgrading the quality of life for the popular Florida city and has poured millions of dollars into charitable organizations that they wouldn’t have had otherwise—if not for his industriousness, and productivity. He is one of the people in the world that I admire the most and I came to know of him through his ownership of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers NFL team. But he was much more than that and is truly a great human being. After his passing Jon Gruden had this to say about the loss of his former boss.

He was a friend and a trailblazer. I’ll miss him and I thank him for believing in me. My condolences to the Glazer family and to the Bucs organization.”

ESPN Monday Night        ✔@ESPNMondayNight

5:44 PM – 28 May 2014

See more reactions from around the world at the following link:

Malcolm Glazer’s history by Bucs Nation Blog The Buccaneers’ announce Malcolm Glazer’s passing earlier today. (May 28, 2014) The Buccaneers have announced that the second owner in franchise history, Malcolm Glazer, passed away at the age of 85. After a period under Hugh Culverhouse’s ownership that was marked with ill feeling between players and the owner, Glazer’s purchase of the team saw a huge turnaround in the team’s fortunes. Under his ownership, the Bucs went from the worst team in the sport by a considerable margin, to Super Bowl champions in just seven seasons. Below is the Buccaneers’ statement in full: The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are saddened to announce the passing of Owner/President Malcolm Glazer earlier this morning at the age of 85. A dynamic business leader, Glazer helped mold the Buccaneers into a model franchise and one respected league-wide. Since being purchased by Glazer in 1995, the Buccaneers franchise has earned seven playoff berths, five playoff wins, and captured its first Super Bowl championship in 2002. Known among his league peers as a pioneering thinker, Glazer infused his team and employees with the determination and dedication to be the best in the NFL. Glazer’s commitment to building a championship organization has provided the foundation for continued success, on and off the field. Glazer’s input was instrumental on the league level as well, as evidenced by his time serving on the NFL’s Finance Committee. He also played a major role in Tampa becoming a host for the Super Bowl on several occasions. In 1999, Glazer launched the Glazer Family Foundation, which is dedicated to assisting charitable and educational causes in the Tampa Bay community, highlighted by the opening of the Glazer Children’s Museum in 2010. In its 15 years of existence, the Foundation has donated millions in programs, tickets, grants and in-kind contributions. In 2005, Glazer purchased Manchester United. Since then, the club captured five Premier League titles (2007, 2008, 2009, 2011 and 2013), as well as the 2008 Champions League title. Born in Rochester, New York as one of seven children, Glazer took over the family watch-parts business at age 15 following the death of his father and then continued his foray into the professional world, investing in other businesses. Glazer owned or was a substantial shareholder of a diverse portfolio of international holdings and public companies, including: First Allied, Zapata Corporation, Houlihan’s Restaurant Chain, Harley Davidson, Formica, Tonka, Specialty Equipment and Omega Protein. A resident of Palm Beach, Florida, Glazer leaves behind his wife, Linda, six children and 14 grandchildren. Mr. Glazer’s long established estate succession plan has assured the Buccaneers will remain with the Glazer family for generations to come. Linda Glazer, along with their five sons and daughter, will continue to own and operate the team as they have throughout the family’s ownership. A private family funeral service will be held for Mr.Glazer. The opportunity for others to remember and celebrate Mr. Glazer’s life will be announced at a future date. In lieu of flowers, donations can be made in his memory to All Children’s Hospital, St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital, and Shriners Hospitals for Children – Tampa.

What few people have acknowledged is that if Glazer had just been happy with the family watch parts business at the age of 15 and had not moved into other investments and risky business ventures, it is likely his family would have struggled all their life to make ends meet, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers would still be looking for a winning season, and the city of Tampa would be an armpit of strip joints and seasonal condo owners serving a fishing community. Glazer literally put the city of Tampa on his back and carried it with his innovation, and self generated wealth.

He will be missed………………………………..

Rich Hoffman


INTOLERABLE: How the TEA Party was started and why

It took me a few weeks to get around to it, but I finally had the opportunity to watch the new documentary by my old friend Doc Thompson featuring the origins and validation of the TEA Party movement which began during the Bush administration and exploded under President Obama. Now 14 years of deficit spending that is a train wreck in American history the TEA Party has risen as a direct response to the irresponsible nature of government. The documentary is very good and even better, it is free. Doc and his producer Skip LeCombe put a lot of effort into the enterprise and are offering it for mass viewing. They are asking for donations, but the heartfelt documentary can be seen in its entirety at the following link:

Or, you can see the movie right here:

Written and produced by Matt Roman, along with Doc Thompson and Skip LaCombe, Intolerable was released on Tuesday May 6th featuring original music and material marking the inaugural project of File 55 Productions. It was an ambitious effort that certainly caught the eye of Glenn Beck and was featured on his radio show.

Glenn had been encouraging his audience to stop thinking and start acting when it comes to following through on various passions and projects. The Blaze Radio Network’s Doc Thompson and Skip LaCombe personified that advice.

Glenn asked Doc and Skip to talk a little bit about the purpose of the documentary.

“You know the misconceptions about the TEA Party that’s been pushed out there. I got really frustrated after our tour, and I said, ‘Let’s tell the truth about the TEA Party, so people can share it and save their friends and neighbors,’” Doc explained. “[That] is what it really is: It’s good, hard-working Americans that share your same values… You’re going to watch this. You’re going to get good information. And you’re going leave feeling good. You’ve going to have some direction for the future.”

“We offered it for free because we want as many people to see it as possible, but we’re also capitalists,” Doc said. “And then from here, some of the donations we get, we’re going to put the money toward a whole lot of other projects that we have rolling out. We have about 15 things we’re going to do in the next couple of years… We’ve got a bunch of good stories.”

As I watched the film I thought back in time a bit and remembered how the Republican Party tried to cozy up to me during this TEA Party rise. Actual candidates and the people who finance them expected me to be pulled into their web. The Republicans rode the wave of the TEA Party making it their own, and around 2012 turned on it all together. The establishment began taking drastic steps into the other direction, back toward the progressive middle. I remember well the difficult conversations I personally had with high level local Republicans in my town who hoped and prayed that I would play along nicely—which of course I didn’t.

Of course this is how they play the game in Washington and why people like John Boehner and Mitch McConnell are such bad people—at least as politicians.   They talk tough on the stump speeches, but behind the scenes, where the money gets raised—it’s a different story and they expect that the friendships established will make good people overlook bad things for the good of the Party. TEA Party supporters of course didn’t go for this and stood against the establishment which is the cause of a kind of civil war in modern America. The result is that only the strongest people of the TEA Party movement are still actively involved. Gone are the crowds shown in Doc’s documentary, but we all knew even back then that the momentum would not last.

My personal crises came as Judge Napolitano was pulled off the Fox Business Channel, and my friend Doc Thompson was fired from 700 WLW radio within days of each other. Doc was being attacked for his beliefs and the company he was working for hid the termination behind a ratings drain—which wasn’t the case.   And my Republican friends wanted to pull me into their world of charity events and careful politicking that was sensitive to progressive issues—which I personally have no sympathy for. I made my stand, pissed off a lot of people and relationships were fractured forever. When the smoke cleared, I was still a TEA Party supporter and my friends were left without the benefits of my friendship. It was foreign to them that a man would stand on principles and that realization made me very angry.

Many people have pointed out that my articles from the start to the present have changed over time. I can understand that. In the beginning I had hope for people like Governor Kasich, Governor Christy, Paul Ryan, even John Boehner—but after just a few years, they have all failed to hold their moral ground. They proved to be a lot of talk, but way too willing to make a deal just to stay in power. I have watched the NDAA get passed in the middle of New Years Eve, and watched Obamacare shoved down people’s throats. I have watched the Justice Department commit crimes and get away with it because they are the law. With each story, my hope for the preservation of the system as it is currently has evaporated. So the tone of my articles has evolved with that sentiment.

Doc Thompson could have just given up after he was terminated from 700 WLW and his home station in Richmond, Virginia. But he didn’t.   After a lot of fighting, he become employed by Glenn Beck and has excelled from there. Most people would be happy with just a gig like that—but Doc is taking things several steps further and this new documentary is just the start. I am proud to see the documentary Intolerable be released. There is a defiance in it that is healthy for America. Anyone who watches this film and thinks the TEA Party is a bunch of racist radicals is the actual villains of society. Nobody can watch Intolerable and then turn around and say the TEA Party is not the last beacon of light for the freedom that is unique to America—unless they are part of the undoing of it.

Doc and Skip did a great job of representing the TEA Party and getting to the truth of the movement and providing context to the rhetoric that is against it. It is a documentary that has been needed, and now it can be seen by anyone anywhere who has an internet connection. So there is no excuse to not see it. So watch it, learn from it, and spread the word around. Doc Thompson has done the hard work of making it. The least you can do dear reader is give it an audience.

Rich Hoffman


Ann Becker and Libertarian Girl: New weapons of the freedom movement……….sex

Ann Becker has been President of the Cincinnati Tea Party and was at the core of arranging the Tax Day Rally in Eastgate, Ohio on April 15th 2014. As is typical of her position she is heavily involved with the liberty movement and has teamed up with another powerhouse for freedom—Libertarian Girl. The two of late have been inseparable, and are deeply involved in a carefully planned strategy which has establishment Republicans terrified. It is unlikely that there is anywhere else in America where the types of people who Ann and Libertarian Girl are reside together toward the strategic goals that is resonating throughout the world. It is for that reason that Matt Clark of WAAM radio came down from Ann Arbor, Michigan to cover the event organized by Ann. I knew that putting these two girls on the radio would be a great interview—and it was. The radio segment featured below is a battle plan that should be shared with every member of every liberty front member throughout the country. Matt did a good job of getting out of the two girls a very concise interview that has some real power to it. Have a listen.

You can see part of how that interview looked in person with the next video. The audio wasn’t very good, but you can see what Ann and Libertarian Girl looked like so that there are faces to go with the voice. Essentially what the girls said was that they are currently involved in a similar movement of infiltrating the Republican Party in the opposite way that communists infiltrated the Democrat Party back in the 1950s. Libertarians are attacking the foundations of Republicans with conservatism pulling it away from the progressive middle ground from which it currently resides—and there really isn’t anything machine politics can do about it. A few years ago, Ann likely wouldn’t have been so loose with her tongue, and Libertarian Girl was just creating her online persona. But now, it’s too late. Sure machine politics will still win in the short run, but over time, people like Ann and Libertarian Girl are pulling Republicans away from the middle, and back to the right. The current middle has been established by progressives who allowed communists to pull the political left so far in that direction. The new middle is where hard Democrats used to be in the 50s and 60s and the old political “center” is now considered extreme radical right-winged. What Ann is talking about doing is pulling the political right back to the old center where the current left would be forced to place their centrist views at the current right.

And how will this be done? Well, that’s no secret either. Libertarian Girl uses sex to bring people to her message, and she doesn’t apologize for it—and why should she? Sex sells, and Libertarian Girl is selling freedom. How many men would follow Libertarian Girl just to have a chance to talk to her? For the answer, check out her Facebook page.

She has a lot of fans, and they often hinge on her every word. She is smart, she knows how to explain things simply, she is very articulate, and she has Barbie Doll proportions that simply melt men like a stick of butter on a hot ear of corn at an August picnic. If she is selling freedom, 8 out of 10 men are buying it—and 6 out of 10 women also buy it just because they don’t want to appear insecure. Libertarian Girl is dangerous to the political left. Watch this video by her explaining beer—which reaches over 80% of the population with a political metaphor that makes sense.

What the freedom movement is doing now has been done in a similar fashion. It doesn’t happen over night, but often takes generations to pull off. After all communists began their infiltration of the Democratic Party as far back as the 1930s—it wasn’t until the 60s that they recruited Jane Fonda to be their spokeswoman. It is incalculable how many men became young socialists because they admired Jane Fonda’s breasts and enjoyed her nudity in the film Barbarella. The political left has been using sex appeal for years to convince testosterone driven men to the voting booth and setting the social parameters for other women. It was a smart strategy; after all, a lot of men are perfectly willing to squander their values just to get laid. Heck, many middle-aged men who are very successful still spend most of their time making money, buying cars and trying to hide their baldness exclusively to have opportunities to bed young 22-year-old women—so sex is a powerful ally in politics. Communists in America used sex to take of the political edge in the 60s and now most young Hollywood actresses advocate worship of Mother Earth—which is essentially the new version of communism—large government managing virtually everything—for the good of “nature.”

Most men once they’ve spoken to Libertarian Girl strive to read books so they can converse with her and vote for Libertarian candidates to win her approval and have a chance to talk to her again.  I’ve been around her while this process was happening, and it is truly amazing. People want to have their picture taken next to her, and when it comes to voting, they will listen to her 100% of the time over some stuffy square-faced progressive. Once other pretty people see how successful Libertarian Girl has been, they will copy off her and thus join the party of freedom. Within the next couple of decades more mainstream beautiful people will join Libertarian Girl, and her mission will then be fulfilled. It’s actually happening right now—there are several actresses and spokeswomen who are jumping away from the progressive establishment and onto the freedom loving bandwagon. After all, Fox News set its roots in the media by hiring attractive women. They do have the highest ratings of all cable news—and it’s not because people want to look at Bill O’Reilly.

Ann and Libertarian Girl are at the heart of Southern Ohio politics and there isn’t a damn thing progressives from the Right and Left can do about it. They don’t have a similar offering in their established parties to match Libertarian Girl so all they can do is curse her—and Ann for their effectiveness. Because the secret is not just that Libertarian Girl is just another pretty face—she’s also smart—very smart. Once she gets older—and not so pretty—she will still have her mind and that is a dangerous combination. She’ll have years of experience by then and will only get better over time.

The point is that freedom lovers aren’t going to surrender ground to progressive big government types any longer. We’re going to hit back, and we’ll do it more often and better than the left has now for five decades. They have pretty much had unfettered access to America during that whole time—until about five years ago when the Tea Party groups began popping up—and with them Ann Becker and Libertarian Girl who came up with an approach to politics that would swing the pendulum the other way. And one proven way to do such a thing is through long legs, platinum blond hair and flawless female features—with a mind behind it–that combination is more powerful than millions of rounds of ammunition at the point of a gun. Progressives have lost the ability to appeal to average people, because they have lost the sexual edge. Madonna kissing Brittney Spears no longer raises eyebrows, Jane Fonda is an old lady, and Hillary Clinton looks like somebody’s 60 year old alligator purse lost as luggage in a Brazilian airport. In a game of beauty where Hollywood puts up their latest topless A-List actresses against people like Libertarian Girl, voters will follow the later over the former because in the end brains trump stupidity when breast sizes and long legs are equal.

Rich Hoffman


The Emcee Doc Thompson: Future film and documentary production

It was kind of a funny story that took place at the 2014 Cincinnati Tea Party Tax Day Rally in Eastgate, Ohio.  Doc Thompson was brought in to perform as emcee, however, when the event began he was outside the crowd filled room on the radio with Matt Clark leaving Ann Becker standing at the podium waiting.  So I had to get Doc off the radio and fill in for him during the broadcast so he could begin the ceremony.  You can hear that exchange below as Doc and Matt were involved in an interview for WAAM Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Doc as usual came in and did several segments of ad lib, with no notes to speak of.  He didn’t even know that he was emcee for the event as he had just returned from Dallas, Texas where he was hanging out with Glenn Beck’s group at The Blaze—where they are moving into film and television production.  Doc and his radio partner Skip LeCombe had just finished the post production duties for a new documentary they are producing about the effectiveness of the Tea Party over the last five years—and are planning many more projects.  Glenn Beck is in production on three motion pictures at his Dallas studios, so things are moving quickly for Doc Thompson.  He came to the Cincinnati event on a whirlwind fresh off an airplane and didn’t know that Ann had slotted him to be emcee.  When I told him that he was the emcee he was surprised, but happy to fill the role.  Then he forgot about again it during his radio segment with Matt Clark.

As can be seen below, Doc doesn’t need notes.  He does so much radio every day from 6 AM to 9 AM on The Blaze Radio Network that he can just rattle off statistics and current events from memory.  He occasionally does television on The Blaze, so he has become very proficient at public speaking.  He was always good at it, but now it’s effortless for him.

During Doc’s radio segment with Matt he hit on something that is at the core of a huge modern problem.  Doc is moving beyond just providing radio commentary.  If you are a conservative, there are not film production venues out there that can currently represent our viewpoints.  Not that long ago in Hollywood conservatives like John Wayne and Clint Eastwood were openly attending Republican conventions in Los Angeles—but now, a Republican cannot be found in mainstream Hollywood—until very recently.  One of the reasons the Atlas Production Company had to be formed was to actually produce the novel, Atlas Shrugged—because Hollywood was not interested.

I have been to film festivals and at those events, there are seldom openly conservative films because it is well-known that projects with those kinds of messages will not get play—there is nowhere to distribute those types of creations—until now.  Prior to Glenn Beck’s Blaze television station, there was not a single conservative distribution outlet for a conservative project.  Anyone who wanted to make such a thing these days had to invent not just the product, but the production company as well, making funding of those types of projects even more difficult.  For instance, when my novel Tail of the Dragon hit the market the people who read it all agreed that it would make a great movie, it had product placement tie-ins, a strong NASCAR type storyline, and had its roots in traditional American film.  I would thank them, but in the back of my mind was—who would make it—Warner Brothers, 20th Century Fox, Paramount……………Amblin, would Harvey Weinstein at Miramax make a movie of the novel—of course not.  As a progressive Harvey would be repulsed by my material.  Not even Jerry Bruckheimer was able to overcome the hatred of conservative values in Hollywood with the Disney backed The Lone Ranger starring Johnny Depp.  The Hollywood machine hated the ideal of a modern western taking America back to the good ol’ days, so they attacked the film out of the gate.  It is nearly impossible to produce conservative projects like movies and documentaries unless a production company is created to make them.  Even then, distribution outlets are even scarcer—until now.  Perhaps Depp’s heart is changing with time and wisdom, his new fiancé is Amber Heard, who is a bisexual and would otherwise be touted among the Hollywood elite with welcome arms—except that she is a huge Ayn Rand fan.  That represents part of an emerging undercurrent that cannot be stopped and Hollywood is not happy about it.

Among conservatives like Doc, Beck, the Atlas Shrugged guys, and me we are all approaching our projects from the ground level.  The Steven Spielberg’s of our day are not able to provide the kind of mentorship that he had learning from Hitchcock and other notable directors from the past, because they are afraid to be associated with conservatives—for fear of blacklisting.  Some great filmmakers like Gerald Molen have broken loose from Hollywood and are now associating with Glenn Beck’s studios—and more are on the way.  But things are now changing because technology has given power to conservatives to bypass the studio system if they can figure out the distribution issue—and now that Doc has The Blaze at his back, he is making his move.

A few years ago I had the very grim realization that only I could make a project I had written into the kind of movie I wanted to see.  I had worked with selling to Hollywood for years but they never understood what I was trying to do.  I was sitting with some very notable Hollywood types at a restaurant in Glendale where belly dancers were performing and everyone wanted to think of themselves as very worldly.  The women were dressed in the latest fashion all perfumed up, and the men looked cut from the pages of GQ.  I had on camouflage pants and my outback hat with Gargoyle sunglasses and they accepted me well enough.  I cracked my whips in front of a movie theater on Brand Blvd and cut targets out of people’s mouths and everyone was having a delightful time—until someone brought up politics.  I voiced my opinion and that was the end of a productive evening.  They didn’t want to understand my Midwestern sensibilities, my position against public education, my views on small government, my hatred of Marxism, and my love of traditional westerns.

It’s not that people didn’t agree with me—often they do—but in a town run by progressive labor unions, and Hollywood is, it is hard to get work unless you are properly politically aligned.  And it is nearly impossible to even make a movie unless Hollywood is backing the project at least through distribution.  I have never known a single independent filmmaker who didn’t enter a film at Sundance or some other place like the Cannes Film Festival and hope that Hollywood picked up the project for distribution.  A Tea Party documentary is not the way to get distribution in Hollywood, and neither is a western.  Even though Disney has the power and money to produce a film like that, and even distribute it—the town of Hollywood attacked it through their critics and trade magazines to preserve their industry.  The same thing happened to the Atlas Shrugged films.

When I watch the Atlas films, or the Dinesh D’Souza’s documentaries, or even Glenn Beck’s documentaries there is something unpolished about them—even though the filmmakers are often industry professionals.  I attribute a lot of this to the fresh perspective of conservatism being represented once again in the film industry more than any lack of experience in film production.  But the key to reaching a public is through those methods and unless conservatives retake the film industry, the plight of traditional values returning to mainstream America is nearly impossible.

Doc is now moving into that realm.  His Tea Party documentary is just the first step.  He and I are planning to work on a project together, and I am planning things of my own.  It has taken time for me to assemble my thoughts on the matter, but I’m nearly there.  Like a lot of things, I had to go through a process of unlearning what was taught to me and that is matching up with the magnificent tools that are now at the disposal of anybody who dares to use them.

As usual, it was good to see Doc, and this year had a different feel to it than in times past—where a sense of desperation was ever-present.  This time we all had a presence of veterans who had been around and done most everything before.  Like I said on the air with Matt while sitting in for Doc Thompson as he went to emcee the Tea Party event, conservatives are getting better at putting our message out—and that is something that the other side is significantly terrified of.  In the future, there will be a lot more conservative competition in visual arts than there has been, and that is something to be very excited about.

Rich Hoffman