Erasing History: Glenn Beck’s vision of sheer terror

I had a nice talk with Doc Thompson the other day about some really cool things that are on the horizon—which ironically corresponded to some of the really good work that Glenn Beck has been doing. Beck on December 18th 2014 did a very dystopian video playing himself as a man 40 years older thinking back on this time and the events of our day. His message corresponded perfectly with the contents of the discussion Doc and I had just hours earlier. In a lot of ways the reason I write this blog every day, and produce the other creative content that I do is that I know we are entering a new age where collectivism will be the new open mantra and it is my responsibility as an individual to speak out against it. The revisionists are already hard at work steering the world in the direction Beck alluded to in his video just as they did with the Christopher Columbus voyage—declaring that Europe had discovered America—even though that was very far from the truth.

I have watched and learned over the years how diabolical the church aligned with politics can be in destroying history. In order to maintain the theory that the North American Indian was “native” to the New World and that Columbus discovered them the government has virtually destroyed those nomadic people so to remove the evidence of their very lives, and destroyed numerous archaeological sites that proved human beings had advanced cultures in America thousands of years before Christopher Columbus ever thought of sailing across the Atlantic. In America there were of course Vikings who moved as deep into the country as Oklahoma and Minnesota. There were also Chinese who apparently mated with a giant species of man possibly from the lost tribes of Israel. There were Aztecs and Mayans who traveled up the Mississippi to exchange goods with Cahokia and other large population centers with advanced knowledge of astronomy and mythology. And likely there were advanced cultures in America before any of those groups came to be—well before Europe was even a land of kingdoms. But to maintain the illusion that Europe had discovered America—much evidence had been destroyed on purpose.

So Beck’s video drama is not far off the mark. Revisionist history is hard at work in the present trying to erase events only decades old—let alone centuries so that an order centered around collectivism can rise to power. And if that assault is not met with aggression, Beck’s apocalypse will come true. So I write my postings, my books, and do whatever I can to preserve the history that I have witnessed personally through a colorful life full of experience. I have first hand witnessed the world before the revisionists put their hands on fate—so I’m dedicated to that preservation.


The history erasing is mostly happening by the public school system followed closely by the media. The most current evidence of historic revision is the Cuban issue of Obama reopening ties with the southern communist country. In my lifetime I watched the Cold War struggles between America and Cuba and have watched how during the Obama presidency that slowly the anger toward communism has abated with full support of the media culture to watch the revision of a former enemy to a friendly southern neighbor occur virtually overnight. Within a few years the dark days of the Cold War will be wiped away.


Ironically the best way to study revisionist techniques comes from the attempted passage of local school levy issues where public relations professionals spin reality often and hide crimes to gain tax increases by public vote. They will cheat any way possible to acquire their funds. The same basic Alinsky methods have been used by the Obama White House to cover their many scandals. Once that game is understood it is easy to see how history is being erased right before our eyes as fast as it is created.

Beck’s apocalyptic vision is quite realistic if taken at the value of true observation. Those who might call it conspiratorial or paranoid are the type of people erasing history presently. And this cannot be allowed to occur. So in a lot of ways I have dedicated my life to the preservation, and resurrection of the proper history before it is gone forever—wiped clean by the revisionists trying to hide their tracks. And that was the content of the talk Doc and I had. 2015 should be a very interesting year.

Rich Hoffman

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ISIS Price List for Trading Modern Slaves: UN workers at Club La Sirene hanging with prostitutes

Here is the essence of how the terrorists of ISIS have used religion as justification to satisfy their sexual fantasies with underage girls by an endorsement of evil from Allah himself. For every hypocrite who points to former slavery in America and still expects guilt, every domestic terrorist who demands more national debt to operate a monstrosity of a government which deserves to be defunded, and every loser who thinks that the human race should be depopulated so to save “Mother Earth” and her terrestrial gods and villains designed purely from the vantage point of its ridiculously confining elliptical orbit around the sun in a mediocre solar system in just one silly little Milky Way galaxy among millions in the known universe—the new ISIS pamphlet is an excuse to ruin the lives of women and girls on the grounds of a religion that satisfies the urges of men to disguise the advancement of pure evil into the human race. To learn more about this “pamphlet” check the links below—especially this one.

It is clear what’s going on and it is truly a tragedy that the United States no longer has the moral authority to do anything about it. With an $18 trillion-dollar national debt which for the first time exceeds our nation’s GDP Americans have much more severe things to worry about than whether innocent young girls are being raped and maimed by Middle Eastern terrorists under the protection of a religion. And that was always the design—to keep America busy with racial fires, a collapsing education system serving the institution itself instead of the children it was created to help, and an undercut economy hand strung by political red tape to prevent new businesses from being created under capitalism. The goal was to ruin America from within—destroy its sense of family and morality so that it would not be prepared to look at the rest of the world which is an armpit of sweaty and unkempt hair and pass judgment on the vile behavior witnessed there. ISIS doesn’t care about Sykes-Picot, they only care about using Allah as an excuse to have sex with underage girls. Here is the proof as indicated from the recently released pamphlet instructing those terrorist insurgents how to conduct their lives in the presence of women. It says, for those who are not virgins, their uterus must be “purified” first and it even says that it is legal to have sex with a child, providing she is “fit for intercourse”.

The pamphlet even provides the full ISIS price list for female slaves captured during their terrorist rants across the communist infected desert west of the Mediterranean. A woman aged 40 to 50 can yield – 50,000 dinars (£27) A woman aged 30 to 40 – 75,000 dinars (£40) A woman aged 20 to 30 – 100,000 dinars (£53) A girl, aged 10 to 20 – 150,000 dinars (£80) A child under nine – 200,000 dinars (£106) For every human being who wishes to decry slavery in the world from the past—well, it’s happening in the present and there is the price list. Where is the outrage over this issue? There isn’t any—none what so ever. All the people who might point at the morality of the issue are busy protesting a shooting in Ferguson and still looking to make amends with the slavery issues resolved in America during a Civil War that took place over 150 years ago. Yet right now a poor, innocent young girl is being sold into slavery and is a sex toy to some towel headed, sweaty, smelly ISIS extremist—and nobody cares. Here is more from the ISIS pamphlet, a few questions that the terrorists hope to resolve so that there isn’t any confusion as to what they can do to their captured female slaves that might piss off Allah. For instance, say a nice family wanted to visit Syria to see some of the sites around the Bible Lands. Say they were staying in a hotel in Damascus and the young daughter of the family who is 9 years old goes down to the lobby to get some ice for the cooler in their hotel room. Playing games of chance in the Damascus hotel lobby are some ISIS members just killing time since their aren’t any people to kill for the time being, so they see the young girl and decide they want to take her and have sex with her. Here are the questions they would consult from their ISIS pamphlet.

Question 13: Is it permissible to have intercourse with a female slave who has not reached puberty?

It is permissible to have intercourse with the female slave who hasn’t reached puberty if she is fit for intercourse; however if she is not fit for intercourse, then it is enough to enjoy her without intercourse.

Question 18: May a man use the al-‘azl [technique] with his female slave?

A: A man is allowed [to use] al-‘azl during intercourse with his female slave with or without her consent.

Question 19: Is it permissible to beat a female slave?

It is permissible to beat the female slave as a [form of] darb ta’deeb [disciplinary beating], [but] it is forbidden to [use] darb al-takseer [literally, breaking beating], [darb] al-tashaffi [beating for the purpose of achieving gratification], or [darb] al-ta’dheeb [torture beating]. Further, it is forbidden to hit the face.

The pamphlet, written in Q&A form, was published about a month ago and states, the MEMRI report says, that having sex with non-Muslim slave women is permissible, even when these are young girls, and that one may beat them and trade in them.

According to the pamphlet – which was translated by MEMRI – while the buying and selling of captive women is permissible, there are certain limitations on the allowed “uses” of these women: for example, while the beating of a female slave is permissible, one may not torture them or hit their faces.

Any sexual contact with a female slave owned by another man is forbidden, the pamphlet states – unless one first marries the female slave, at which point she continues to belong to her master, who is henceforth forbidden of conducting intercourse with her, a “right” reserved for her husband only. While permitting intercourse with prepubescent slaves, the pamphlet forbids the separation of such girls from their mothers.

According to Islamic State, female slaves – just like all women – must be fully covered with only their necks, feet and hands visible, the pamphlet states.

While stating that the female slaves who attempt to escape – a “grave sin” – are to be punished, it does not state in what way such punishment should be meted out.

A report published by the United Nations in October charged that ISIS was committing war crimes and charged that the group committed particularly heinous crimes against women.

In August, the report said for example, ISIS took 450-500 women and girls to the Tal Afar citadel in Iraq’s Nineveh region where “150 unmarried girls and women, predominantly from the Yazidi and Christian communities, were reportedly transported to Syria, either to be given to ISIL fighters as a reward or to be sold as sex slaves.”


So there you have it. The young girl who went down to the lobby to get ice for her family never returns and will likely be raped and abused for 5 or 6 years by several different owners traded from man to man like a baseball card until she dies and is thrown in a ditch after she reaches the old age of 15 and is no longer any use to the terrorists of sand-land Iraq and Syria. That hypothetical situation might be considered radical if it wasn’t true and happening virtually every day somewhere in the Middle East to some unsuspecting and gullible tourist.

Don’t bother calling the U.S. Embassy—their hands are tied. Don’t bother calling the international media—while on assignment, they are dipping their wicks in those poor young girls as Muslim sympathizers initiated into siding with ISIS through sex—until they are captured and used for ransom themselves. And for a news organization who sends female reporters to the region—they are lucky if they ever come back. They too will end up gang raped and tossed to the side of the road like a used up condom. That is life in the ISIS dominated Middle East. There is nobody there to offer protection and help to females in the region both foreign and domestic. And certainly don’t call the United Nations—that is a useless group more interested in preserving the earth with carbon credits disguised as taxes, and building sidewalks in America to stop urban sprawl. And do you know why dear reader—because the comb over bureaucrats who want to regulate everything for every country in the world are spending their nights at the Club La Sirene having sex with all kinds of sex trade workers—so who are they to judge ISIS except with some strongly written letters. They cheat on their spouses every week that they are away from home and experiment with all types of sexual perversions routinely—because it’s legal there—legal just as the ISIS pamphlet makes it legal to have sex with underage girls—because somebody wrote it down and put a stamp of approval on it. Read the link below to learn more from the perspective of the sex industry workers in Geneva who are having a tough time making ends meet due to the declining economy in Europe. The Geneva Convention certainly has a lot to say when it comes to American torture techniques, like waterboarding. But have little to say when it comes to sexual slavery other than to defend the legalization of prostitution as a way to regulate the sex trade.

Sex crimes against innocent girls are happening in great abundance in Europe and the Middle East—not to mention in the areas around the South China Sea. Too many people want to exploit the weakness of a defenseless child purely for sexual means which forever tarnishes their judgment on all other matters leaving them paralyzed to pass ridicule toward the ISIS pamphlet properly. Once they are paralyzed to make judgment calls on something so obviously evil, they are unable to make any management decisions on any topic throughout the world and this is why virtually everything everywhere is so screwed up. And this time—there is no America coming to the rescue. Obama has defanged the only nation in the world capable of doing anything about these problems and has threatened to topple the free nation all together with a national debt that is nearly beyond hope without collapse. And you know whose guilty dear reader of spreading modern slavery to every corner of the globe? Every person who sat back and did nothing to lift a finger in judgment—likely people like you.  Oh, and you stuffy wives of New York who have husbands who work at the United Nations headquarters there summoned to Geneva to discuss ISIS and the trouble in the Middle East. Guess where he is at during dinner time EST—deep into the innards of a Geneva whore at the Club La Sirene with his buddies—working hard on the ISIS problem and the crimes against young girls who have nothing better to do with themselves after they’ve been ruined for life if they survive in the Middle East—but to immigrate into Geneva to subject themselves to future employers at the United Nations. That is why nobody helps the young girls in the Middle East—because they want a crack at them at some future time and that is the vile truth of the matter.

Rich Hoffman

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‘The Force Awakens’ Preview: Canon versus fan boy reinvention–concern on the horizen

I am one of the few people who saw the new Star Wars preview for Episode 7 and did not get all that excited. My daughter and I were at the Barnes and Nobel at Newport on the Levee as she was catching up on the New Jedi Order books and we were talking about the new preview which saw millions upon millions of views depending on where it was seen on YouTube in just 24 hours. Some sources had 24 million views in that time frame whereas the official Star Wars site had over 8 million. I’m not that excited about the new story because for one, Han Solo will likely be killed and unless Lucasfilm follows the story line they have been on for over twenty years with their expanded universe I will not be able to accept a new story canon—as I’m too invested. It just won’t work for me. Once Han Solo is out of the picture, there won’t be anything for me in Star Wars any more. Even if there are the planned Han Solo stand alone films, if they do not follow the storyline of the six novels I have read about the origin of Solo, I will likely reject the movies and stick with the books. The whole thing will only work if Lucasfilm keeps everything in continuity with each other.

I told my daughter to get the New Jedi Order books and continue reading them, because there is some great stuff in that series. It is quite possible by watching the trailer that the Daisy Ridley character is Jaina Solo and that the X-Wing pilot is Jag and that the Sith story line that was built up in the Legacy of the Force novels will be the jumping off point for these new movies. It would make sense. But she reminded me that most franchises—particularly Marvel are mixing and mashing story lines with revision and under those circumstances, Star Wars would be making a huge mistake. I told her that I didn’t think they were that stupid—and I don’t think they are. I think most of the story lines leaked out are false ones meant to keep fans in the dark and in doubt. But, there is the part of me that has been so let down by bad decisions made by other people in the past, that it wouldn’t surprise me if my daughter was right. In that case this next Star Wars film will likely be it for me—and I’m sure I’m not alone.

I just don’t see Lucasfilm isolating all their long-term fans with revisionist history in the overall Star Wars mythology. Scrapping the stories of several New York Times best sellers just doesn’t make any sense for anybody. There are many fans who have been with Star Wars through the lean years so taking away the story arcs that they fell in love with would not give the franchise the fuel to carry the kind of numbers Disney needs out of this mythology. Without question the new Star Wars film, The Force Awakens will do great initial numbers—but realistically—it needs to be a two billion dollar money-maker at the global box office to hold up to the aims that Disney has for it—and if people like me jump off the ship—I don’t see how they get there. There are obviously a new generation of people who will enjoy them but Star Wars just doesn’t benefit from having a split fan base of people who liked Star Wars before Disney took ownership and those after.

There was nothing in the new trailer that told me that my thoughts weren’t the case, so I am still hopeful. But from the new preview I wanted confirmation that Lucasfilm didn’t decide to take the revisionist route in the story arc.   They didn’t give me that assurance—so anxiety toward the new film was my reaction. In many ways my concerns stem from the new cartoon Rebels—which is alright, but you can certainly tell that George Lucas is not a part of the stories anymore. The content in the new Star Wars cartoon is good, and fun—but much too light. The program is being made by fan boys essentially—like myself and that’s fine so long as it doesn’t screw up the overall story lines of the greater mythology. If it does, and these new filmmakers stray off the path—then there is trouble ahead for Star Wars.

It is possible that Rebels will come around once these filmmakers get their teeth deeper into the story and become more comfortable with the characters—but so far I see Lucasfilm and Disney painting themselves into a corner they don’t need to. Without George, I have my doubts that the whole thing will work because of what I’ve so far seen in Rebels and what they didn’t show in the new Force Awakens movie trailer.

Pablo Hildago who is part of the new story group said in his book The Essential Guide to Star Wars that it was possible that Lucas might revise the canon around the films—that the movies were the establishing parameters. Yet Pablo is the essential guide to the expanded universe and with him a major member of the story group—I just can’t see them making decisions that ruin years of publishing from the guide books to the novels. To do that would be a disaster for the Star Wars franchise. For families like mine where we own every single Star Wars book that there ever was—making them suddenly irrelevant would isolate our investment. So from a business perspective, I just don’t see a rejection of the expanded universe canon. It would be the dumbest thing to do in entertainment. I am a die-hard Star Wars fan and the prospect of a change in canon from what I’ve invested twenty years into to suddenly accept something a bunch of fan boys came up with second-hand is not possible. I would lose my enthusiasm for the upcoming films instantly.

But for now the new film looks great from the preview. Basically, if the female lead is Jaina Solo I’m good for a new generation. If it isn’t, then my love of Star Wars essentially stops now and it will become like a James Bond franchise for me which I’ll watch for fun, but cannot buy into the character since Sean Connery stepped away from the movies. Sean Connery was James Bond canon whether or not anybody likes it. Accepting someone else in that role just never worked. Star Wars is even more sensitive to this issue.

So we’ll see. I told my daughter to stick with Star Wars, read New Jedi Order and all the other books because they perfectly set up another movie by the time a reader comes to the end of the Legacy series. But the new preview didn’t do anything personally for me because I wanted to see assurance that Lucasfilm didn’t screw the pooch. In some ways they gave cryptic indications, such as the Ridley character with a lightsaber mounted to the side of a strange vehicle, and the X-Wings flying in formation with someone who could easily be Jag leading. But if those characters aren’t present—then it would be impossible for me to accept a substitute. It would just be too much to kill off the most beloved character in the series and accept a bunch of new characters not part of the twenty plus year canon formed by the novels. Until that confirmation is materialized, I will be skeptical and not all that enthusiastic to see something very good come to a bitter end.

Rich Hoffman

“Interstellar” Epiphany and Soundtrack Review: A 50th Anniversary at Virgin Galactic’s first space resort

I had an epiphany that my wife and I were stepping off a Virgin Galactic vessel into the first hotel of their design floating above the earth with the horizon spinning outside of a massive lobby window. It is Virgin’s first hotel in space established as a resort location rivaling the Atlantis vacation destination in the Bahamas complete with an indoor water park covered with large glass windows looking out into the vastness of space. The lobby was lush and expensive with exotic restaurants all offering outrageously epic views out every window. The moon is always full and casts a constant—haunting shadow through every object and mixed with the brilliant light shining off the earth is a bluish hue that has never been replicated by any light on the home planet. It’s our 50th wedding anniversary and we have a $5000 bottle of wine to mark the year of this writing to celebrate our first week-long vacation in space. We have worked hard and deserve to pamper ourselves with a very expensive outing that will mark many years of persistence. In the lobby is playing the old soundtrack to the classic 2014 movie Interstellar, which has by then become the standard of music referencing space. It was that award-winning Christopher Nolan movie that changed it all and set the tone for the second world-wide space race causing Hilton, Marriott and Virgin Galactic to build the first space stations catering to tourism. Virgin was the first to achieve it.

The majestic views out of the multiple windows demand the music of Interstellar because nothing else would be sufficient. The hotel operators just play constantly the old Hans Zimmer soundtrack to help alleviate the shock of being grounded so firmly to the floor as the view outside swirls around like a marry-go-round. It takes some getting used to for some people; some actually throw up with the disorienting effect of the earth’s horizon spinning around so rhythmically. There are trash cans stationed along the pathway toward the check-in counter large enough for visitors to dump their stomachs in the most graceful way possible. A cleaning crew quickly removes the contents so not to alter the smell of space—that rusty metal odor mixed with the fragrance of lobby vegetation that is intended carefully to greet guests as they step off the shuttle from their journey below.

We walk to the counter as track 7 on that enchanting soundtrack plays with organs chiming to the tempo of a clock’s second hand—the earth still swirling, the light from the moon and sun moving around the room casting shadows in all directions hauntingly. Bright overhead lights on the ceiling between more large windows cast stabilizing light so that the lobby looks to be the only stable element of a universe in chaos outside—which adds to the otherworldly sensation of a species raised on a planet where the sun rises and falls every 12 hours and the horizon is always fixed. Here, the sun is always out, the moon is always full, and the horizon never stills—it spins perpetually so to provide an earth like gravity for the visitors—some who are already in their swimming suits and heading for the massive domed Water Park behind the check-in counter.

My wife and I aren’t sick; the music brings our minds to ease with a familiarity that we know well. We have listened to that soundtrack every week for the last 25 years and know its notes by heart. Before checking in we just listen to it while we sit in one of the lobby seats and watch the Virgin Galactic shuttle pull away from the docking station and head back to earth with its navigational thrusters silently pushing it back into a declination orbit to Spaceport America—our home launch point. In another three hours that same ship will be back with more visitors and within 30 minutes another ship will arrive from Spaceport America and fifteen minutes after that, one from Space Port Japan, then one from Spaceport Europe. Because Virgin Galactic has brought the Internet to Africa—they now have one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Soon they will have their own spaceport in right in the middle of the Congo.

My wife and I head to our rooms and prepare for dinner. We spend five solid hours drinking our expensive bottle of wine sitting on our hotel bed watching the world turn—literally. And we cherish that this event has finally been made possible after many years of dreaming. The whole time we listen to our well-played soundtrack for the several hundred thousandth time—Interstellar, as we have always loved it and likely always will.

That soundtrack actually only came out a few days ago, on November 17, 2014, so my son-in-law rushed to Barnes and Nobel to get it for he and my daughter the moment it was unloaded from the delivery truck. They spent their evening listening to it while eating Chinese food from their favorite restaurant—and they gave me a copy. They have already seen the movie twice and are looking for ways to see it many more times. In what’s being touted as a first-of-its-kind promotion, Paramount and AMC Theatres are offering movie patrons in North America the chance to see Christopher Nolan‘s Interstellar as many times as they want, for one price.

As with any deal, there are rules. Those who want to participate must be members of the AMC Stubs program, which has an annual fee of $12.

The unlimited tickets will be available for sale to AMC Stubs members at 330 AMC theater across the country, including AMC Imax locations. The price will range from $19.99 to $34.99, depending upon the location (currently, the average cost of a movie ticket price in the U.S. is $8.08.

Interstellar requires for most people many viewings just to understand everything that is happening. Many critics of the film on their first viewings were used to a more conventional film experience and didn’t know what to make of some of the sound issues. As I said in my review—I think I was the first and only one to date to point it out—the sound in Interstellar was entirely on purpose. Christopher Nolan wanted there to be times where the events overwhelmed the sound made by the actors—because in real life—that happens often.

“I’ve always loved films that approach sound in an impressionistic way and that is an unusual approach for a mainstream blockbuster, but I feel it’s the right approach for this experiential film,” Christopher Nolan said, speaking for the first time in detail about the use of sound in his new film.

It is because of this approach to sound that the Interstellar soundtrack was so exceptionally good—and is why it will become the inspiration for all that I described above. When my kids gave me the first copy of the soundtrack and I played it for much of the day on Tuesday and Wednesday listening to it many, many times—it was easy to conclude that it was a masterpiece. I remember the music being great during the movie, but listening to it by itself, it was simply phenomenal as it steps up and well beyond anything that’s ever been attempted. The closest that I can think of is Philip Glass—but the Hans Zimmer approach comes with a much bolder, and narrative link to the future by drawing so historically on the past.

Blasting through the track on the soundtrack titled “S.T.A.Y” all that I began this writing above occurred with the epiphany. Many of the world’s problems seemed so miniscule and the minds that made them that way even less relevant. I could literally reach out and touch that future space station/hotel as if I were there, as if I could smell it, taste it and walk across its vast floors with Richard Branson still alive and standing in the corner welcoming his guests with long flowing locks still beyond his shoulders with a smile from ear to ear.

At dinner in my epiphany there was a guest who played in the center of a vast dinning hall with a clear picture of the moon out the distant window—again spinning around with rhythmic precision upon a large glass piano lit from beneath with blue lights that made it look like it was made out of ice. That guest was an elderly Hans Zimmer playing the Interstellar soundtrack live with a deeply personal concert, graced too with a smile from ear to ear knowing that it was his soundtrack that helped build this palace of achievement in defiance of the earthly stupidity which attempted to shackle man’s ankles to earth forever. His music helped free those shackles to usher in this entirely new age of dreamers, fortune hunters and lovers of science and possibility. It was and would be the best dinner of our lives. Happy 50th Anniversary to us—and it was.

Rich Hoffman

Hollywood’s Lost Opportunities: Bo and Luke Duke return to the General Lee

I once had an interesting discussion with Skip Press, the author of several books on screenwriting and an instructor of the topic in Hollywood. He was even kind enough to put me in touch with Steven Spielberg’s manager but in my endeavors I hit a brick wall of opposition there centering on the ridiculous progressive belief that characters written for the screen needed to be flawed. Skip Press is a good guy and a very helpful and generous person—but he and I disagreed fundamentally about the very nature of character narrative. He will tell writers that the best way to get a screenplay funded and made for the big screen in Hollywood is to write a comedy, a vampire flick, or a story filled with flawed characters that mass audiences can relate to. I on the other hand have no interest in such topics, my characters are always strong—nearly flawlessly strong, and they take life very seriously—certainly not a comedic flair for the irrelevant. There are no fart jokes in my material—so Skip tried to advise me where I was wrong and needed to correct my approach—which I was not interested in resulting in the referred to “wall.”

Over many years I stand by my argument, there are many vampire flicks that have come and gone, many comedies that have drifted off into irrelevancy—but the kind of films I have always loved and are still loved by millions even if the quality of the originals are cheesy–have stuck around. To that consideration, I wrote my novel Tail of the Dragon which stayed sold-out at nine months of the year my publisher carried it as a direct tribute to the Dukes of Hazzard and Smokey and the Bandit violating every modern law of content writing—because I still love those stories and wanted to update that type of content. And I’m not alone. Recently as an ad for Auto Trader illustrated with great spectacle the Duke boys returned to their famous car the General Lee to film a two-minute commercial that featured a good old classic car chase. Bo and Luke Duke were looking for a faster, more updated General Lee to outrun the more modern police cars in hot pursuit. It was a lot of fun, and a very clever campaign which can be seen above. To see how that commercial was made—which I found more interesting, see the making of it below.

The Dukes of Hazzard was a dynamic slapstick comedy and each of the characters was an exaggeration of a real life counterpart. Boss Hogg was the epitome of the crony capitalist corrupt to his very core with a name resembling a pig. Daisy Duke, who still has an impact on our modern culture with Daisy Duke shorts was a dream girl who was nice, loyal, beautiful, feminine enough to be everyone’s favorite mother, sister, or wife, but strong enough to hold her own with the guys. Then of course there were the Duke Boys, Bo and Luke. Both of the guys looked like male models and were good clean people who didn’t drink too much, did not smoke, did not curse, and always—always helped people who were in trouble. They were the closest thing to perfect human beings that there was on television and at the end of each show they always won. They always overcame any obstacle and achieved their objective without being hateful monsters.

Now, over 35 years later people still hunger for that show. They still want Bo and Luke Duke as the Auto Trader commercial eloquently displayed. Their popularity is so intense that there is even a 2014 Christmas album coming out featuring the characters from the Dukes of Hazzard. That old television show is still popular, even with young people who weren’t even born when it originally aired. It was nice to see Tom Wopat and John Schneider playing the Dukes again. Wopat was (63) in that Auto Trader commercial and still in fantastic shape. Schneider was (54) and has even been successful as a song writer and performer—after all he became a born-again Christian while living with none other than Johnny Cash. They are just good dudes who have spent their careers making decently clean entertainment. But for all of their lives no matter what they do elsewhere, they will always be known as the Duke Boys which they embrace openly.

That returns us back to the premise that Hollywood screenplays should feature, comedies, vampires, or some other emotional travesty to become a viable seller–and the answer is a resounding NO. Hollywood is losing massive amounts of money by producing that kind of crap as opposed to more of the material represented by the Duke Boys. Movie audiences want bold, flawless characters as much as possible. If they want flaws, they’ll look in the mirror for free. They go to the movies and watch television to see something greater—not to revel in mediocrity.

Hollywood as they currently are for the most part with only a few exceptions—mostly coming from filmmakers like Christopher Nolan and his brother, and a few others—are completely wrong in their selections of cinematic material to purchase and produce. The Hollywood studio system is a rudderless vessel caught in the tumultuous chaos of river rapids. By default their projects will move down river although not very efficiently. They bounce off a lot of rocks in the process and take on enormous damage—and they are slow to get where they want to go. Material like the Dukes of Hazzard may be frowned upon by the social reformers who think it’s better to get wet and banged up in the rapids of life toward humbling imperfection as opposed to just jumping over the river in the General Lee—but they would be wrong. Nobody remembers the loser who chooses to just cruise down the rapids of story telling—they remember the daredevils who seek to leap the gorge and the river all together—and those that survive are always loved and memorialized for their valor in the effort. That is what the Dukes of Hazzard mean to our 2014 American culture.

It is better to have characters who are so larger than life that they are silly compared to reality than to have grimly realistic characters who really aren’t much better than the slugs who often populate the lives of most people. It is in that yearning that Bo and Luke Duke still have star appeal and represent a time when men were men, women were women, and good wanted to defeat evil instead of make friends with it that fuels that hunger for the Duke Boys. Hollywood has missed many opportunities convincing nice screenwriters like Skip Press that they need to bend their projects to the will of movie producers who fall in love with Democratic politicians and feel good social policies. The core of America does not relate—so the lack of box office take and quick life-spans of most modern films—such as 22 Jump Street and Let’s be Cops will always lose their audience before the Duke Boys or a classic Clint Eastwood cop drama like Dirty Harry. Average is not memorable, but super good is—and in the context of television and movies in modern entertainment, there were few better than Bo and Luke Duke. Their short two-minute commercial for Auto Trader was better than most feature films and television from over the last 30 years—and that is truly a sad statement that only Hollywood can look in the mirror and blame.

Rich Hoffman

Renaming the Norwood Lateral: The disasterous and toxic memory of Barack Obama


You might have heard that a group of progressive liberals want to rename the Norwood Lateral in Cincinnati after Barack Obama. At first this seemed like a terrible idea–absolutely appalling. Obama will be known in history as one of the most terrible American presidents ever—even worse than the worst. I don’t say that as a racist because I’m not—I would have gladly voted for Alan Keys, Herman Cain, or Ben Carson—skin color doesn’t concern me in the least. Rather it is the content of the character of the public official and Obama is dreadfully lacking. I do sometimes use the Norwood Lateral to get back over to I-75 when visiting downtown. If Obama’s name were on the road I would likely find another way—just because I would hesitate to use a road with Obama’s name on it even if it saved me some time. Channel 12 news reported the attempt this way:

NORWOOD, Ohio (Angenette Levy) — The Norwood Lateral could be renamed for President Barack Obama. State Sen. Eric Kearney has introduced legislation in the state legislature to rename State Route 562 for the nation’s 44rd president. “The Norwood Lateral would be renamed the Barack Obama Norwood Lateral because we have the Ronald Reagan Cross County Highway and so it would be a complimentary type of naming opportunity,” Sen. Kearney said. Kearney was a supporter of President Obama’s during his two election campaigns. Kearney said President Obama deserves the honor because he won Hamilton County twice as President Ronald Reagan did in the 1980’s. State Route 126 – also known as Cross County Highway – was named for Reagan in the 1990’s after he left office. “I don’t have a problem with that. I like President Obama,” said Norwood resident Charles Gatling. Norwood Mayor Tom Williams, a conservative democrat, wants the lateral’s name to stay the same.  “I’m as opposed to it as I can get,” Mayor Williams said.

I am likely even more opposed to Barack Obama having a cat named after him, let alone a tax payer funded road. But, after some consideration, it might actually be appropriate as the Norwood Lateral actually does represent the Obama presidency. After all, the road does run past the parking lot that used to be the Norwood General Motors plant which used to build Camaros. Unions killed the productivity at that plant and now the jobs are gone. Also, the Norwood Lateral runs past the empty lot that used to be the Showcase Cinemas of Cincinnati—one of the largest and best movie theaters in the Midwest—just twenty years ago. Now it’s gone and is an empty lot filled with grass growing between the cracks in the pavement. Also, the Norwood Lateral runs by homes that used to be some of the best in the city, but are now considered Section 8 as government intrusion into the neighborhoods there have built a dependency culture that has destroyed the local economy and crushed future investment. Where the Norwood Lateral begins used to stand Cincinnati Milacron, a vast campus of precision machinery manufacturing that dried up and died by the year 2000, just eight years before Barack Obama became president—liberal policies and a nation of labor unions killed the machining market in America giving no place to go for Cincinnati Milacron but to close. Now the buildings which used to make such technical wonders are gone and replaced by some retail shopping selling shoes and cloths made in China

Perhaps the Norwood Lateral should be named after Barack Obama after all, as it represents what he has done to the nation of America during his tenure. I won’t drive on it any longer, but others who voted for that complete idiot would and could reap the world they helped to create—lost businesses, welfare expansion, and redistribution of wealth. The only thing Obama has created during his presidency was a wasteland. He will be the first president since perhaps the Civil War that has left America less than it was before he was first elected—a depleted place destroyed by progressive politics and old hippie economic philosophy.

There would be nothing worse for the economic development of Norwood going into the future than to remind Americans of such a ridiculously stupid and terrible president than to force them to see his name each time they drive down the Norwood Lateral. Social degenerates will love to see the name of their religious savior who stole from the productive and gave to the lazy, but unfortunately for Norwood the entire community will trend toward the latter and not the former, dooming the city forever. At least the current mayor of Norwood is smart enough to understand just how toxic the name of Barack Obama will be in the future. Obama is still fashionable among radical groups for the time being, but that window is quickly closing as history is about to cast its opinion of the debacle for posterity.

What’s even worse than the possibility of naming the Norwood Lateral after Obama, it is the sheer stupidity of suggesting it in the first place as the news headlines are currently filled with his immense failures. It is a terrible idea brought forth with equally terrible timing. Naming the Norwood Lateral after the diminished president would seal the fate of Norwood forever—because there are people who feel even stronger about the guy than me and just the site of such a name is enough to cause them to go someplace else. It’s not due to race, but the reminder of such a failure. Nobody wants to remember the terrible game their favorite team played, nobody wants to remember the time they did something embarrassing—and nobody will want to remember a president who was such a sheer failure. They will do whatever they can to overlook that failure in the future and those who wish to remember are the types who are capable of nothing short of destruction.

Rich Hoffman

Cliffhanger is Coming: A tip of the hat to Johnston McCulley

It is a neat time that we live in, years ago when I first found the old Johnston McCulley novel, The Curse of Capistrano, I considered it a real treasure. Actually, I still do. But these days with the simple click of a mouse you can not only find the book, but you can have someone read it to you, which is the case in the below video. I have always loved that novel for its expressive language and colorful expose of righteousness. I didn’t understand when I was younger why critics ridiculed McCulley so intensely—but have since learned that a progressive push was well underway in the second half of the 20th century to steer society away from tradition and into something else. That something else I simply despise and it has been quite an ordeal for me to find entertainment that I enjoy because of it. So it is a treat to revisit McCulley’s work whenever I can and relish in his pulp fiction.


There was obviously a time in our history when that kind of writing was all the rage and considered masterful. These days it’s out of fashion, and ridiculed so nobody makes the attempt. But in McCulley’s day, many westerns were made to emulate his style which defined early cinema. Being the type of person that I am, a person who loves traditional American western arts, there just isn’t much that impresses me in regards to entertainment from music to movies. My love of the Star Wars films and books could be simplified by attributing that they are simply westerns set in space. The old western values started by Johnston McCulley are there, which is the key reason that they are so popular—because people now are the same people as they were in 1919, 1419, or 0019—they essentially have the same hopes and dreams as they always have and from Johnston McCulley, his character of Zorro epitomized those values.

In recent years those values have been under attack, and those assailants know that people have values in line with tradition—so their solution has been to kill tradition. They have entered publishing, movie making, television broadcasting, music, commercial art—virtually every category with the sole intention of destroying American tradition—an aspect of American life that I enjoy. So I have taken this slight quite personal, as is in evidence by my many words upon these pages

I am in a unique position as opposed to Johnston McCulley to add to these traditions of westerns even in a modern context. Most writers are good with the pen but shrivel up in real life at the slightest drizzle of rain upon their skin. So they tend not to be men of action. I am the opposite; I have developed a writing ability as a natural overflow of my life of action. I have been all over and done virtually everything and associated with people at every level of society. So my perspective on things is unusually hands-on which carries over directly into my writing style and content.

The villains in the old McCulley novels were corrupt governors and big government statists aligned through crony capitalists to exploit the efforts of the innocent. However, times these days are more complicated so a similar story dealing with the same type of material would naturally involve government labor unions, diabolical politicians, and grand conspiracies involving sacrifice to supernatural beings. These will be the types of stories that will flow from the upcoming Cliffhanger stories offered under the banner, The Curse of Fort Seven Mile.

For years I have put up with the political messages with a liberal/progressive slant in movies and music, so I expect the same respect from that sector of the population when they see that the type of villains in my stories are the heroes of theirs. Surely they didn’t expect that the flow of artistic enterprise would move in only one progressive direction? But my hunch says that they did, and they will find Cliffhanger repulsive. I’ve been through the meat grinder of progressive influence in entertainment and am in the very unique position to have never compromised with them—which means that the Cliffhanger stories will have a uniquely authentic attribute that is innocently filled with righteousness—in a similar way that McCulley’s work was when it first appeared. America was a more innocent place then, so people like McCulley were a little more common. But today, there is no innocence left; most people fall in either a category of being intellectually damaged, or naively removed from reality. In my life, I have managed to have neither infliction which gives quite a lot more thrust to my prose. Within that thrust there will be familiar themes that will likely incite the political left. I can only say to them that they’ll have to live with it. Their sensitivities are not something that society should be molded around—and they won’t be as far as I’m concerned

It’s taken quite a number of years for me to solve the riddles of these upcoming chapters in The Curse of Fort Seven Mile. I had a pretty good ideal what Cliffhanger was all about when he was first introduced in 2004, but I had some more living to conduct before I felt comfortable with the philosophical assertions that were to be made. I still had young children at the time, money to make, and political navigation to understand. For those who follow me here at Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom you have seen much of that first-hand. But it was always my desire to take those experiences and place them into a story context involving the character of Cliffhanger.

A lot of people have been patiently waiting for my next Cliffhanger additions, and now is the time. So it will be with great fun and fanfare as soon as we figure out the distribution channels which accommodate all the modern tools that Cliffhanger will return to print quite audaciously. But it should never be forgotten that the tradition of Cliffhanger is a direct tip of the hat to Johnston McCulley and his character of Zorro. Zorro was needed in the 20th century to define values—and he did that. But for the 21st century, a new hero is needed, someone who can deal with all the strange new influences indicative to the modern times. That character is Cliffhanger, and he is coming.

Rich Hoffman