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Rusty Humphries at the Cincinnati Tea Party: Why “WINOs” are in a lot of trouble

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imageI have been extraordinarily busy of late—much, much more than I care to be. My bullwhip friends from the Western Arts had of course my top priority and that occupied most of the last weekend. Then of course there are family obligations, normal career type commitments, a meeting Monday at the Elks Club for the Liberty Township Tea Party which I wrote about yesterday. Then there was the event on Tax Day out in Eastgate, the Cincinnati Tea Party rally which brought out some of the most vigilant patriots of the current liberty movement anywhere. Doc Thompson was there, Ann Becker and all her posse including Chris Littleton, Mike Wilson, Ted Stevenot and Libertarian Girl were there. Rusty Humphries flew in from his Washington Times gig representing the new Atlas Shrugged movie. My friend Matt Clark came down from Ann Arbor to do a live podcast from the event. There were many, many more names—all of them very good—and all of them fighting hard every day for what’s right by way of the American Constitution—but my time was occupied primarily by those names mentioned. To do the event justice, there is no way I can cover everything in a single article, so I’ll start with the Rusty Humphries speech, which can be seen below—and embodied the tone of the entire evening magnificently.

Rusty also did an interview with Matt Clark who was set up outside the main conference hall. The interview was every bit as entertaining as would be expected by Humphries who has a nationally syndicated radio show. He also writes for the Washington Times, and is even acting in the new Atlas Shrugged Part III movie. Watching he and Matt work together was like watching the present and future aligned. Matt Clark certainly has in his future a syndicated talk show as he shares with Humphries the ability to use social media to blast his message to the world. The only difference is that Humphries has been doing it longer, and already went through the kind of criticisms that Matt Clark often inflicts upon himself constantly looking for broadcast perfection.

All evening there was a constant steam of interviews which went through Matt Clark’s WAAM broadcast table, most of which will be featured over the next couple of days. One of the funniest comments made over the course of the evening was Humphries reference to Hillary Clinton. During his speech he talked about the various RINOs in politics, people like John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, any of the Bush brothers, etc. RINO of course means “Republican in Name Only,” which is to say that those so-called Republicans have been terrible at preserving conservative ideals. They’ve been more interested in compromising with people who want to fundamentally change American life, and have done a great disservice to their nation. This is when Humphries said that Hillary was a “WINO,” a “Wife in Name Only.” That drew quite a laugh and it stuck with me throughout the night.

The “WINO” comment was funny because most people feel that Bill and Hillary Clinton have an open relationship where they have simply pulled a ruse on the American public for more than three decades of scandalous crusade. Their mission as Marxist loving young college students was to deliver America to the doorsteps of the Socialist International controlled United Nations and they pretended to be like every day Americans to concoct the ruse. Part of that deceit was to pretend that they are a traditional married, husband and wife–while at the same time advancing LGBT agenda points and a gradual erosion of American sovereignty to the chaos of the world cesspool. Does anybody honestly feel that Hillary would not do anything to become elected into an office, even if it meant committing herself to a loveless marriage in the typical European style of power arrangement? I don’t doubt it for a moment, and it is likely that she cannot even relate to a typical American romantic comedy because she does not have the kind of feelings in her life associated with “love,” “passion,” or “sexual longing,” as her primary motives appear to be exclusively—for her entire life—committed to social reform built on a progressive reference established by Marxism—which she learned in college.

It was good to hear Humphries say what virtually everyone was thinking—it was therapeutic and was the primary reason that most of the hundreds and hundreds of people came to the Cincinnati Tea Party Rally on a Tuesday night. They needed relief from the insanity of a world spinning out-of-control and into perpetual progressive madness. The people present were awake and all aware of the follies around them—and having so many people in such a state gives hope that the world will not degrade into a bottomless pit from which it will never return.

Matt bought a hamburger for me once the event was over at the bar. We barely placed our order before the kitchen closed as the rally went late into the evening. Humphries had already left as many others were leaving, but Matt and I hadn’t had any food all day, so a well-earned hamburger was just the thing. Kelly Kohls and some of her party joined us in the bar for a bit as the waiter brought us our food. Kelly laughed when she saw the incredible size of my hamburger, complete with everything on it, onions hanging over the edge with huge leaves of lettuce, largely cut tomatoes and a tremendously huge bun sprinkled with sesame seeds. Her son happened to be sitting next to me and I took his mother’s comments and expanded on it by saying that this was an example of American food. “You wouldn’t get a hamburger like that in France, or Spain, or Italy. In those countries they give you some silly little noodles and some crappy vegetables off on the side of the plate—and they consider it art. Their food is like their crappy little Fiat cars, their bad breath, terrible economies, and wimpy sports. Here in America, like this hamburger,” which I had to put all my weight on to smash together to fit into my mouth, “we like V-8 engines, fast cars, violent sports, guns and women in thongs.” At that point Kelly called me a few names and took her 15-year-old son away from my bad influence. I told her that her son was a guy, and that he needed to hear those kinds of things. She laughed and hit me in the shoulder and walked off. I didn’t blame her, after all she is running for a Senate seat, and she needed to maintain her respectability in the eyes of the masses. But I don’t. Hamburgers, fast cars, rock music, football and chicks with thongs are the kinds of things I think of when I think of America—and specifically freedom. So after the evening festivities the gigantic hamburger from the hotel bar complete with Coors beer was the perfect night-cap to a busy day.

Much of what was discussed at the Cincinnati Tea Party could be summed up into not apologizing for what Americans are, but rather, being proud of it. It is clearly time to stop feeling sorry for every other country on earth and to make ourselves less just to make other countries feel equal. I know I’m done with such things, and according to Matt, Doc, Rusty, Ann, and all the others, they are too. The biggest difference between those at the Tax Day Rally and everyone outside of that room is that the attendees have arrived first to a conclusion that is inevitable—that progressives like Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and many others, have taken America to a bad place, and people don’t like it. My friends are the first to express that displeasure—and soon, so will the rest of the nation. imageThe old WINO tricks won’t work this time, as an $18 trillion-dollar deficit looms over the richest nation in the world—caused by progressive mismanagement of American resources. And once the rest of society gets to the level of frustration that the people attending the Cincinnati Tea Party rally displayed on April 15th, 2014 in Eastgate, Ohio—WINO’s like Hillary will be in a whole lot of trouble—and I’ll celebrate with an even bigger hamburger. The secret to American excess is not that The United States consumes too many natural resources, but that it has produced so much—because of capitalism. If more nations throughout the world adopted capitalism over socialism, they’d discover excesses of their own and would be a whole lot less miserable.

Rich Hoffman  


Beating the IRS: The Pride of the Liberty Township Tea Party

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imageOn April 15th, “Tax Day” I woke up with a special sense of pride experienced the night before. Behind the trees of my front yard, seen above, and across the golf course behind them, Jordon Sekulow flew in from Washington D.C. to personally thank the members of the Liberty Township Tea Party for their fight against the IRS. Sekulow is from the American Center for Law and Justice and is handling the civil case against the IRS on behalf of their unjust harassment against liberty groups—specifically the Liberty Township Tea Party. The LTTP had a meeting at The Elks Lodge, which I think is the best golf course in Cincinnati painting a picturesque evening of cold beer with fantastic views out the north windows silhouetting Jordon as he spoke to the large group of Tea Party patriots.

Without the Liberty Township Tea Party sticking up for themselves during the IRS case, it is likely that Louis Lerner would have never been forced to take the “fifth.” The story would have died quickly as it was planned. It was Justin Binik Thomas and The Liberty Township Tea Party who refused to go quietly into the night resulting in the congressional testimony that forced Lerner to implicate herself by default. The primary issue with Lerner is not that she took the “fifth” but that she provided testimony, then took her constitutional right trying to avoid cross-examination. That was a big no, no, and that mistake was forced in essence by the American Center for Law and Justice in its case against the IRS who was able to take the Liberty Township Tea Party case because the issue was pressed. The ACLJ needs clients otherwise they cannot conduct a case—and the Liberty Township Tea Party gave it to them—and the whole battle took place essentially in my front yard. And that makes me very proud.

Without the LTTP this article from Breitbart.com would have never been written: Former IRS official Louis Lerner and her colleagues at the tax agency were under a tremendous amount of pressure from President Obama and other Democrats to scrutinize a Tea Party applicant for public disclosure, despite rules protecting the privacy of unapproved applications, according to a staff report from the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.

For example, in emails regarding how the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision could imperil the Democrats’ majority in the Senate, Lerner wrote that she hoped the Federal Election Commission would “save the day,” apparently by curtailing political speech.

In another email referencing a news article about the businessmen and benefactors Charles and David Koch, Lerner suggested the IRS should begin a “project” to rein in political speech but to craft it in such a way as to avoid the appearance of focusing on political activity.

“We do need a c4 project next year,” Lerner wrote. While she initially said, “my object is not to look for political activity,” later in the exchange she acknowledged that it will examine political activity. “We need to be cautious so it isn’t a per se political project.  More a c4 project that will look at levels of lobbying and pol. Activity along with exempt activity.”

Lerner is the only IRS staffer who refused to testify before Congress, so the report relies solely on information garnered from “e-mails, documents, and other testimony about her cracking down on tax exempt organizations that exercise their rights to free political speech,” the Republican staff on the Oversight Committee says.

One e-mail thread turned to the possibility of whether a Tea Party applicant would challenge the IRS ruling in court. Lerner said that Tea Party groups would litigate because they are “itching for a Constitutional challenge.”

The emails show concern from Lerner about the Citizens United case decision hurting Democrats in the upcoming Senate elections. One document shows Lerner saying the Supreme Court gave the issue to the IRS “to fix the problem.”

She said, “The Supreme Court dealt a huge blow, overturning a 100-year old precedent that basically corporations couldn’t give directly to political campaigns. And everyone is up in arms because they don’t like it. The Federal Election Commission can’t do anything about it. They want the IRS to fix the problem.”

After a senior advisor emailed her about the political danger Democrats could be placed in, she replied in an e-mail, “Perhaps the FEC will save the day.”

The Oversight Committee points out that Lerner mishandled 6103 taxpayer information by dealing with such data from her personal e-mail account. Lerner, however, told Congress under oath in Novmber of 2013, “I have not violated any IRS rules or regulations.” In a November 2013 letter from Daniel Werfel, Werfel writes, “We do not permit IRS officials to send taxpayer information to their personal email addresses.” Werfel stresses that this is the case even if information is redacted.

Ultimately, the Oversight report says, Lerner personally placed all Tea Party applicants through a “multi-tier review.” An IRS employee testified that Lerner “sent [him an] e-mail saying that when these cases need to go through multi-tier review and they will eventually have to go to [Judy Kindell, Lerner’s senior technical advisor] and the Chief Counsel’s office.” A D.C. IRS employee said this level of scrutiny had no precedent.

The head of the IRS office in Cincinnati disputes Lerner’s claim–and President Obama’s Fox News interview with Bill O’Reilly–that the scrutiny on Tea Party cases was only a local issue, saying, “[Y]es, there were mistakes made by folks in Cincinnati as well [as] D.C. but the D.C. office is the one who delayed the processing of the cases.”


All of that investigation started with the same Tea Party group that met at The Elks Golf Course on April 14th, 2014. If not for them, the IRS case would have ended as quickly as it started, and Louis Lerner would still hold her position as an activist for the Obama administration at the front of the powerful government agency the IRS. The evidence shown above that Louis Lerner was corrupt and everything that Tea Party groups feared about their government is extraordinarily clear one year after the story initially broke. Because of the Liberty Township Tea Party, a new day in America is emerging, one where people aren’t so terrified of the IRS and the government—where more people than ever are coming out from hiding and telling their stories of harassment and paperwork terrorism issued against them by the federal government. As usual, such things begin with just a few brave souls who help usher in movements that change the direction of society in general. And for me, I will always live with the pride of knowing that one of the biggest battles in our lifetimes took place in my front and back yard—with my friends and neighbors in a prideful community called Liberty Township who refused to back down when villains presented themselves with overwhelming force, and ever-present determination to impose themselves as the latest dictators in a long chain of human failure. In Liberty Township, those dictators were turned away, and slapped down in embarrassment.

Rich Hoffman  


The Whip Artistry Studio: A tribute to the beginning of cinema and the Wild West

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I wrote yesterday about Richard Best and his Black Lightning Wild West Show.  But the location where we shot the video displayed in that article deserves its own mention, The Whip Artistry Studio of Gery Deer in Jamestown, Ohio is a one of the kind temple dedicated to the art and preservation of the bullwhip.  Gery is currently a freelance television producer and writer in Dayton, but his heart centers on the preservation of Western Arts—particularly the bullwhip.  Like me, he has worked with whips most of his life, and traveled the world providing shows.  Gery and his wife Barb have been on major television shows and have been personally endorsed by “A” list celebrities and stuntmen.  Gery’s Whip Artistry Studio is a museum of old westerns, autographs from Halle Berry, Antonio Banderas and many others, and a tribute to the golden age of cinema.  Gery’s whip holstering systems were used in a film done by The Rock called The Rundown and it was because of that film that Gery specially designed my Cliffhanger quick drawl holster which I wear every day.  My bullwhip holster is the only one of its kind and was made by Gery specifically for my use.

It is sometimes impossible when you know such people to revere them properly for what they are.  I have known Gery for a long time, and we have so many things in common that I don’t often consider how unusual his life and his studio are.  But in a world obsessed with preserving every species of animal that is on the brink of extinction, Gery is fighting to keep alive something that many more progressive modernists hope to force into distant memory, the American cowboy.

As unlikely as it is, Gery’s Jamestown, Ohio studio is all that stands between extinction and advancement of the kind of America that was so beloved by viewers of old Republic Saturday morning matinees, and wonderful silent films like Don Q, Son of Zorro.  As many Hollywood producers these days bulk at such things, it was George Lucas who adopted these very Republic serials and made Star Wars, and Indiana Jones.  Students at Gery’s studios want to learn to crack a whip like Indiana Jones, because those films inspired them.

Gery and I share a great reverence for Douglas Fairbanks, particularly the old film Son of Zorro.  Of course we’ve always loved Indiana Jones, but that character never went to the whip handlers of old, like Douglas Fairbanks, Lash LaRue, and all the Republic Serials—especially another favorite of mine, Zorro’s Fighting Legion.  When I wrote my book The Symposium of Justice I dedicated it to that old Republic serial including naming the restaurant Fletcher Finnegan worked at, “Republics.”

My current love of Star Wars is because Lucas shot those films in the way of those old serials—and that just isn’t done by any other film studio.  And all that harkens back to Douglas Fairbanks and his whip tricks from Don Q, Son of Zorro.  Gery Deer’s whip studio in Jamestown, Ohio is really the last gasp of air holding on to that past attempting to preserve it.  Gery and I both came into our love of bullwhips the same way but he choose to actually move into show business.  At age 46 I have lived my life much the way Don Diego did in Zorro’s Fighting Legion, only I haven’t pretended to be foppish to save my family and reputation from villains.  Gery has taken a non-violent approach to the art, where I’m all about the violence.  Even when I was writing The Symposium of Justice, I didn’t feel comfortable writing about the bullwhip heavy action scenes if I had not done all the stunts in real life to confirm their viability.  And with stories like that, I have never felt comfortable writing about characters like Fletcher Finnegan (Cliffhanger) from behind an author’s stories.  I always felt a responsibility to actually be those characters in real life, otherwise the task was hypocritical.  In that regard, I am a lot more political than Gery.  Gery has made his living often with a whip, as I have not.  But I have used mine to confirm the stunts of Don Q, so that I could write about them knowing what was possible and what wasn’t and what really went on in the life of Zorro in a quest to fight evil.

But in a confusing world where every other influence is competing for attention, that old past ushered in by Douglas Fairbanks is most alive in Jamestown, Ohio, and I love it every time I get to visit.  It is like a farmer returning to his land after plowing a field and smelling the fresh soil, or an artist during a late night epiphany—Gery Deer’s The Whip Artistry Studio is grounding to the roots of cinema, justice, and the genuine pursuit of goodness triumphing over evil.   I never get tired of visiting, and I suspect that I never will.

Rich Hoffman  


West Chester Chickens: The roots of a community built on self-reliance

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Those pesky zoning people are back at it in West Chester, Ohio picking on Danielle Richardson who recently moved to one of the most successful and financially lucrative areas in the Midwest.  Like cowards in the night, they left a message on her door informing her that she would not be able to keep the nine chickens that she has in her back yard because it’s in violation to a ridiculous zoning resolution.  Richardson was told that her pet chickens would have to go because West Chester Twp. does not permit farm animals in residential neighborhoods, according to spokeswoman Barb Wilson. “In our definition, when you talk about farm animals, poultry are clearly identified as such, chickens, horses, cows, sheep, goats would be considered farm animals.”


What Danielle Richardson doesn’t know is that the zoning terrorists who left the note on her door are using zoning to carry West Chester Twp. into a city classification as local progressives understand that before such a measure can be made, references to West Chester’s rural past must be erased.  Farm animals have been a part of West Chester’s past for as long as I can remember.  I remember when cows came up to the fence behind the Wendy’s restaurant by the corner of Cox Road and Tylersville, and half a dozen homes between there and the Lakota high school had farm animals around their homes.  That symbol of self-reliance, of the farmer and country living is what made West Chester attractive for development, because people did not want to live in a city and liked driving by large fields, cows, horses and other farm animals—images that they couldn’t get in a city environment.

But slowly these new residents have changed the nature of West Chester from a rural community to one of a progressive New England suburb, and with that image has come a zoning adherence to ICLEI, (International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives) which is the architect behind the United Nations Agenda 21 strategies.  The eventual goal of Agenda 21 is to pull residents out of the suburbs and back into the cities where their behavior can be carefully controlled through regulation—which is what is happening to Richardson.

Zoning officials do not want residents to be self-reliant, to have chickens where they can produce their own eggs.  In Richardson’s neighborhood she gives her neighbors free eggs as a gift.  This is something the ICLEI people do not want to see—because they want to control the issuance of eggs.  They want Richardson to get her eggs from the local Kroger where regulators have their hands in on the action.  They certainly don’t want to support self-sustaining lifestyles—which is the real message behind their angst toward farm animals.  They certainly aren’t protecting the home values of neighborhoods with such zoning regulations, because the homes were built around the farm culture that is at the roots of West Chester.

My grandparents had a farm on Seward road very close to the Erie Canal which was some of the best farmland in the world.  The valley below Beckett Ridge which flooded often had some wonderful farms which extended all the way to the west into Fairfield.  My grandfather married my grandmother by taking a canal boat to the east where he met her at a dance at Port Union, which was next to the current drive-thru that is diagonal from the United Dairy Farmers at the corner of Port Union Road and 747.  Many people have no knowledge that the Erie Canal ran right along those railroad tracks and is still visible as a relic to West Chester’s past.  I grew up knowing many of the farmers in the region.  They bailed hay, slaughtered cows, had horses, goats and just about every kind of animal imaginable.  At a minimum they had chickens—because that is how they had eggs for breakfast.  Over the last 30 years, people who wanted to be close to these activities moved to West Chester, people like Danielle Richardson.

With the new homes came pretentious progressives and their big government regulations and social tampering trained in the ways of ICLEI.  The far away entity of The United Nations is jealous of American self-reliance, and they certainly find the farmers of North America repulsive—and through Agenda 21 wish them regulated out of existence.  That is how zoning ordinances like the one Barb Wilson cited came to be.  But that is not how it’s supposed to be.  Those ICLEI worshippers desire to change West Chester, not preserve it, and getting rid of chickens in a neighborhood are part of their strategy.

Danielle Richardson made some good arguments in her reasoning for keeping her pet chickens.  She used all the ICLEI buzz words, like “sustainable living” and “green” friendly which are the weapons zoning typically uses to alter behavioral lifestyles.  After all, what is greener than raising chickens and eating the eggs produced by them?  But that is not what zoning has in mind when they talk about “sustainable living.”  They wish to handcuff human beings so that nature can prevail and incorporate all living into city-state control and regulation.  And they plan to pay for their offensive through taxes that adversely destroy private ownership of property.  Danielle Richardson took the spirit of West Chester back the other way—toward self reliance, which is what ICLEI finds so repulsive about American lifestyles.

West Chester has within its zoning administrators, as does virtually every community in America—progressive terrorists who salivate for the opportunity to regulate society into a direction of their strategic choosing.  That choosing was not shaped by the traditions of a community like West Chester but the far away fools at The United Nations and their ICLEI arm of bureaucrats.  It is likely that Richardson had no idea that she would cause so much of a ruckus over her personal desire to have chickens on her property, but ICLEI seeks to regulate how private property owners use their land.   The strategy at ICLEI is to impose themselves on private property ownership to the point where taxation and heavy regulation make investment not attractive.  At that point government will own those properties and control what goes on there—and chickens will be a thing of the past.  Government regulators want to be the one to place eggs on the doorsteps of neighbors instead of Danielle Richardson because they want to gain control over what people eat and when they eat it.  In that way, they want to change West Chester, not preserve it.  They want to remove from its past the image of self-reliance and personal sovereignty and change it into a city of tax producing citizens under the control of petty regulators and zoning officials.

I have a personal recommendation for Danielle Richardson–at the zoning hearing, tell those idiots what you really think of them.  Let them have it, because the next step in that process is in your favor.  There are friendly ears above the zoning bureaucrats who know exactly what is going on, and you’ll get to keep your chickens.  Just don’t yield to the zoning people.  This fight goes far beyond chickens and eggs—but to the heart of what it means to be a property owner in America—during a time when the rest of the world wants to be the supplier of the eggs.  Yet they wish to do so without having chickens to lay them.  ICLEI is about to discover which comes first, the chicken or the egg.  Danielle Richardson already knows that answer—and the rest of the world is about to find out.  They want to control the eggs, but they don’t respect the chickens that make them.

Rich Hoffman  www.OVERMANWARRIOR.com  

Glenn Beck’s ‘Agenda 21′: Yes it can happen, because it is

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I didn’t read Glenn Beck’s novel co-authored by Harriet Parke Agenda 21 at first because I was already well versed with the danger of that United Nations strategy, and wasn’t in the mood for another dystopian novel.  Soylent Green, Brave New World, and Atlas Shrugged are quite enough so another one didn’t have much to contribute to my intellectual expansion.  However, as my favorite book store recently closed, and Agenda 21 had been on a list of mine to read for a long time—I picked it up as the last book that I bought at that local treasure.  Recently I had a small window open to read that novel, so I took it and was impressed with the results.  Written from a first person perspective as a teenage girl coming to age behind the concentration camp lifestyle of a possible earth future, the novel attempts to speak at a level that most 15-year-olds understand, and was quite successful.  It was a good novel that tells the masses what is really going on with many of the FEMA camps and conspiracies that are swirling around through very secretive government circles.  Many mainstream pundits believe falsely that the topics surrounding Agenda 21, the novel is conspiracy theory—but they’re not.  They are quite real and have their birth in Europe and have in fact happened in that beleaguered conglomeration of war-torn nations many times.  However, to many Americans, the premise of Agenda’s 21’s concentration camps for United States citizens seems unfathomable.  That is another mistake because the foundations are already established—not as a primary objective, but a failsafe in case everything goes terribly wrong—which it will.

If you have ever dealt with a zoning department dear reader, you have dealt with agents of Agenda 21 so slickly trained; they don’t even know that they are part of the conspiracy.  CLICK HERE TO REVIEW PREVIOUS ARTICLES ON AGENDA 21 PUBLISHED AT THIS SITE.   For instance, many of them receive their training at college universities for their professions and approach their jobs with the same slanted view of the world that attorneys do—people who spend a lot of time in typically liberal institutions are trained to think in the way of the European.  In the case of zoning professionals, the concepts of carbon credits and micromanaged government imposed social living is not a foreign concept—they are often very receptive to progressive sentiments because of their training.  In my community it is the tendency to put roundabouts at major roadways typically found in Europe that is the most dominating giveaway.  Roundabouts are stupid and only slow down traffic—but are concepts quite common in Europe.  Just across town at the famous By-Pass-4 scenario “improvements” are the bright idea of bureaucrats in Fairfield who came up with the foolish concept of preventing no left turns into traffic for safety reasons.  So now east/west traffic wishing to intersect with By-pass-4 have to turn south then do a U-turn at special intersections to turn back north.  The reasoning proposed was to prevent driver’s side accidents—but the traffic flow is an obvious regression of human transportation.  Older people like me hate it, but younger people like it, because they have already been trained at public schools to accept such government tampering, and human micromanagement.   I have many times traveled down that road back in the good ol’ days where I could travel 100 MPH with no problem.  Not anymore.  You can hardly get up to 60 or 70 before there is another traffic light that stops progress.  These are the methods of the highly educated government bureaucrats who often are attracted to jobs that will help them with Agenda 21 type advancement.  They see such “improvements” as being good for society because they “slow” people down for their own good—and save lives.

All anyone need do is take this behavior out several decades toward the logical mathematical conclusion, and that becomes the events of Glenn Beck’s Agenda 21 novel.  Out of a reverence to nature—as an effort to put Mother Nature before the needs of mankind, government has regulated everything that are inventions of a human mind.  The paradox is that government does not yield completely to the forces of nature as they do not consider that man’s mind is a force of nature.  Human beings in the Agenda 21 novel have been essentially placed in cages so that nature can prevail, and all human beings who have not been killed in purges are forced to serve the earth primarily and without question.  This of course is harder for people who remember what personal freedom used to be like.  But for children taught under the new United Nations “Republic” where American sovereignty has long been extinguished—it is no problem at all.  They are essentially taken from their parents at an early age to be raised by the state—the community.  Traditional child instruction by two parents—one male—one female is prohibited because the foundation beliefs of a child must be built on the needs of collective salvation, not the individual’s family connections.

The evidence to this behavior is already present, public schools want parents to admit their children into pre-school classes much earlier than age 5 now.  It wouldn’t take much to mandate that children must attend pre-kindergarten classes from birth.  President Obama has already alluded to this sentiment.  It’s already mandated that children must attend school at age 5, so it wouldn’t take much to continue driving that number the other way until babies are taken from a parent at the hospital upon their birth.   Guns are another Agenda 21 concern; The United Nations does not want to deal with an armed public—because they are difficult to manage.  They want to be the only ones armed, so The United Nations is seeking at every turn to erode away American love of The Second Amendment.  They also seek the destruction of organized religion so that serving Mother Earth becomes the primary concern of earth’s human population.  They fully plan to make earth conservation into a religious cult so that those two values are aligned—this trend is already well underway.  Another big Agenda 21 item that happened overnight really is the switch of light bulbs from the good incandescent light bulbs starting in Europe and being followed closely by America.  At Home Depot yesterday my wife wanted me to pick out new ceiling fans and I looked hard and there was not one incandescent light bulb to be found in the store.  Every light bulb now on the market is the new coiled energy-efficient fluorescent light bulbs that do not come on right away and take a moment to light up.  Who are these light bulbs good for—not the human race?  It only took five years for incandescent light bulbs to become extinct.  They were regulated out of existence and there was barely a whimper among the populations of the world.  People predictably picked up the new coiled Agenda 21 bulbs to use and went back to their televisions and internet porn giving the matter not a second thought.

Ohio and several American states are sitting on vast reserves of coal, oil, and natural gas, but the government will not allow the exploitation of those resources because their goal is to drive up energy costs pushing people away from traditional fossil fuel sources which pollute the earth instead of viewing such energy methods as a jumping off point for taking human beings to a future of newer cleaner methods.  The governments of the world, trained under Agenda 21 guidelines believe they must micromanage this process so to save the earth from the terrible human being, the entire economy of places like Kentucky and West Virginia have been artificially altered to prevent the extraction of coal as an energy source by government bureaucrats raised by their college institutions to believe in Agenda 21 values.

The new Common Core standards in public schools are confirming all the things I have said about government schools for three decades.  They aren’t trying to teach children to be smarter and good free loving adults—they are programming them to be servants to Agenda 21.  These children compared to traditional pre Agenda 21 children are explored at length in the new Glenn Beck novel.  The government raised children have all types of insecurity issues directly related to the micromanagement by corrupt government institutionalism and have lost the ability to even sexually reproduce.   By the time the events of the Agenda 21 novel take place, human beings have lost every major freedom they ever had—including eating—in trade for the security provided to them by the state—the desire to be universally equal to everyone else.  This is an attractive prospect to the masses who are either not skilled enough, or too lazy to work so to be exceptional, and they are the ones who win democratic elections.  As public schools train kids under Common Core standards to think more and more toward Agenda 21 values, their individuality is less and less valuable to them—until it is eventually gone.  At that point in time, the events of the novel Agenda 21 will be in effect and the governments of the world will go through their purges, implement their concentration camps and enact their next planned phase which has been in place since essentially the 90s, during Bill Clinton’s administration.  Heck, to be fair, it goes back to Bush the Senior really—he was one of the first American presidents to fully embrace these United Nations global desires.   A lot has happened in full support of The United Nations Agenda 21 strategy in just 20 years.  20 more years, America is at risk of being everything contemplated in Agenda 21 the novel.  Virtually every human being trained at a public school and instructed within the liberal university systems throughout the world are at risk of being lost to this new religion of Agenda 21.  We see it presently in our roads, our zoning, our light bulbs, smart meters, and war against coal.  We will see it tomorrow in our brain-dead youth taught through Common Core standards how to be “good citizens” as exhibited in Agenda 21 the novel.

There is still too much private investment that prevents governments from doing exactly what occurred in Agenda 21, the novel.  But that is eroding by the day.  Ultimately, the events in the novel were caused by government mismanagement—which is a mainstay of all their activities so a predetermined conclusion is self-evident.  When they decided to organize society into concentration camps killing those who refused to adhere to Agenda 21, they had lost control and sought to imprison the human race to preserve the earth.  That is not a farfetched proposition when compared to the actions of governments witnessed just over the incandescent bulb controversy.  I have no doubt that FEMA as a contingency plan has all the crazy concentration camps set up all over The United States as Alex Jones fears.  There is one outside of Indianapolis which I’ve seen, and another up in Lima, part of a converted prison.  The masses won’t be at these facilities, only a select few to try to keep society going after the government screws up human kind completely, destroying the economy with Keynesianism, ruling with socialism, and removing religion in favor of worship of the earth.  They won’t have a choice but to attempt self-preservation with the methods described in Agenda 21, the novel.

I know beforehand my role.  I will not be in one of those camps, and I will not be disposed of during the eventual purge.  I will be the organizer of the resistance also described in the novel.  I will be the one wrecking supply chains, harassing government officials in their sleep and driving them insane with worry.  And I’ll enjoy doing it—believe me.  I am actually looking forward to it.  I can build my own stuff; I don’t need them, or their grid to do whatever I want—so the terror of the Agenda 21 novel is not something I can relate to.  I will never walk an “energy board” or support the “Republic” named in the book. I am simply waiting for the eventual screw-up to occur before I pull everyone together.  Legally, obviously, we must wait for the government to cross the line—and when they do, it will be time to go to work—because the writing is on the wall.  Unless people change their behavior, the terrors of the Agenda 21 novel are an inevitable conclusion—which is why Glenn Beck published the novel.  He hoped that it might wake people up in time to at least save America.  However, the rest of the world can’t be helped.  They are too far committed already.  They will suffer for it.  America is still up for grabs.  There will always be resistance in America even if the masses throw themselves before the feet of government officials in trade for security—and ease of work.  But there is a small hope that Common Core will be eradicated, that taxation reduction will destroy the money which these government bureaucrats feed off of, and that our youth won’t be lost to Agenda 21 programming.  I have hope for them yet, where I don’t think Glenn Beck does.  I believe the youth will rise up to revolt, and when they do, I’ll be there to help them achieve their objectives and teach them how to do it.  Because I will never live the life of the people in Agenda 21—heck, I couldn’t stand modern-day Europe for all the same reasons.  It’s just a matter of time—and if you want to know more, then you should read Agenda 21 by Glenn Beck and Harriet Parke.   It is an accurate portrayal of a very possible future projected by the information of our current social path of self-imposed destruction.

Rich Hoffman   www.OVERMANWARRIOR.com 

The Socialism of a Doctor Note: How doctors and lawyers seek power to start and stop the world

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One really stupid misconception that modern American workers have is this nutty notion that doctors and lawyers run the businesses that employ them.  They do not.  Doctors may wish they did run business, but they don’t.  A doctor’s note may legally get an employee off their job for some sniffle, but the desire for the productivity needed by the job vacancy while that excused employee is recovering from their illness persists in spite of whatever a doctor puts on a piece of paper.  A doctor’s note does not make productivity go away, just the responsibility that an employee has to fulfill the parameters of employment.  This is a situation that has been compounded by attorneys for many years that have successfully brought law suits to companies trying to employ people, but finding that they have employee rebellions driven by public school socialism that believe jobs exist in nature and that people have a right to them.  Ambulance chasing lawyers have proven in sympathetic courts that jobs should be protected and have inadvertently brought about a situation of catastrophe in American business—mountains of paperwork compliance and armies of employees protected by law for every sniffle, sore muscle, and mental anguish that unproductive human beings can concoct so that they can sit on a couch and watch tabloid daytime television.  Lawyers and doctors have very nearly destroyed American productivity.

I am reminded of this trend as the arguments for higher minimum wages are cast forward by the same foolish politicians who gave rise to lawyers manipulation of the medical industry—who handed to doctors the power to write a note to excuse unproductive behavior.  Advanced by activists lawyers looking to make a name for themselves and their eight years of study to be accepted into a BAR association of similar such parasites, the intention has never been protection of capitalism, individual sovereignty, but collective salvation and the slow spread of socialism through trusted doctors to insecure patients.  Those parasites have taken American ingenuity and strangled it into a nearly lifeless corpse and they could care less as they travel for month-long vacations to Bahama vacations destinations—oblivious to their detrimental impact of their legal activism.

Government regulations of every kind from zoning to safety compliance officers trained also with six to eight years of college socialism believe they are doing the American worker good by defending their lives and limb from the evil tyrannies of the employer.  But all they have really done is destroy the desire to hire extra employees and replace those they do employ with machines to avoid the pain-in-the-ass of providing a job to an employee planning to sit home under a doctor’s excuse.

A machine does not show up after five days of missing work with a doctor note excusing their adventures on the couch expecting the work that needed to be done to still be sitting there waiting on them.  It was attorneys who painted companies into corners with lawsuits giving doctors so much power over modern productivity.

Every company in America is now terrified of the pharmaceutical stooges known as doctors—those drug dealers who pass out treatments in the form of “medication” to keep large lobby groups in Washington rich and well equipped for District of Columbia strip joints.  These same doctors get kids addicted to methylphendate (Ritalin), adults onto high blood pressure and thyroid medication, and older people onto regiments of pills that their tattered relics of bodies depend on for substance once addicted.  Most doctors are agents of a slow death making every ailment seem like a catastrophe that will bring the world to a close if their advice is not followed.  Who gave these people this authority–lawyers and sympathetic socialist courts.

About six years ago I had ACL surgery to repair an injury I incurred playing basketball.  The torn ACL was something that caused me all kinds of issues.  The loose knee gave out on me when I’d run up and down stairs and one time while I jumped through a wall of fire with my bullwhips my feet slipped in the wet grass.  My knee popped out of socket so badly that my Femur drove directly into the ground where my knee was supposed to be leaving a strange dirt stain in the middle of my thigh from where the skin stretched.  We wrapped the knee to hold it together and I finished the stunt anyway, but shortly thereafter I sought out the latest in ACL surgery methods—the kind that was putting professional athletes back on the field within a year.  I eventually found a good one and had the surgery done.  That doctor was so proud of his work that he told me I’d be able to walk out of the hospital—technically, but legally, I’d have to stay off it for a few days—which I did.  I was assigned to 12 weeks of physical therapy at a cost to my insurance company of around $200 bucks a visit.  I went for two weeks, learned all the exercises they were having me do and I made a tremendously quick recovery.  At 9 weeks I was ready to stop wasting my time on physical therapy but of course the technicians were giving me all the reasons I needed to continue coming.  Little did they know I wasn’t taking any of the drugs they were prescribing to me, and I was doing extra work on my knee at home against their advice.  They were perplexed that I had gotten better so rapidly.  At 9 weeks I told them what I had been doing and it would seem that I had thrown Holy water on a demon from the 10th dimension by the recoil of revulsion that they exhibited—and keep in mind that this was a very highly respected organization that works on professional athletes—not some hole in the wall in a second-rate establishment.

I stopped attending therapy and they hassled me to no end once I canceled the rest of my appointments over the next 8 weeks.  They had been counting on that money coming in three times a week for that duration. They were terrified of law suits in case my knee regressed and used this kind of dialogue as a way to make me cast doubt on my decision.  But I was done, I could walk and run fine and I knew better how to manage my body than they did.  I could do what the physical therapists were doing to me at home—but faster.

In my entire life I have never used a medical condition as an excuse to not do a job.  I have never taken a doctor’s note to an authority figure hoping to get out of a task I was responsible for.  I have had major surgeries, dislocated bones, plastic surgery and major illnesses—and I have never used a doctor note to get out of work or even excuse a day off.  Never.  Based on my experience most diagnosis, most prescriptions, most excused days off, are needless.  Yet they occur because of activist lawyers trained in socialism from their law schools who gave doctors power that they couldn’t get any other way.  Lawyers interpret the law given by the political system and have directly been a conduit to destroy American individuality in favor of collectivism.  Free market doctors have been pulled into government control through regulation, their long periods of training within socialist institutionalism, and enticed with the power to stop or start the world with a doctor note.  That power was given to doctors by the legal system for the purpose of gaining control of the workplace by government. Lawyers write and interpret the law which feeds government growth.

The result has been catastrophic for American productivity.  Too many people believe falsely that a doctor has authority over a company, or the need to produce or not produce.  That power has been protected by lawyers as agents of greed in full support of government growth and economic statism.  Aside from the corrosive labor unions who expect to be paid for sitting on their unproductive asses, the doctor note is the next greatest contributor to American inefficiency and lack of job creation.  No employer in their right mind wants to hire more people who expect to be paid a $10 dollar minimum wage only to take off several times a year because a doctor excuses them.  Usually, minimum wage workers tend to take full advantage of doctor notes to get them out of work—which they are being paid to do.  Their position as an employee means that an employer has a need for their labor.  If they are at home with a doctor note, they are not able to perform that task.  But that doesn’t make the necessity for those tasks to wait for the employee to get better and return to work.  This isn’t France.  People do not get paid unless production occurs, and it doesn’t occur if nobody shows up for work to do it.  And a doctor’s note and the lawyers who protect them with the arm of government at their back do not trump the strategy and needs of the American job creators—the businessmen.

Rich Hoffman   www.OVERMANWARRIOR.com 

Obama’s April’s Fool’s Day Joke: Obamacare is a “success”

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Miraculously, there was a “surge” of enrollment in the closing days of Obamacare March 31st 2014 leaving President Barack Obama to announce a total of 7,041,000 during a Tuesday April’s Fool’s Day a press conference, heralding it as proof that the Affordable Care Act was successful and here to stay. Only Obama never said………”April’s Fools.” He actually expected to sell that line to the public and to not be questioned about it. After months of avoiding hard numbers, the moment The White House got the figures they were looking for they took them expecting as all Keynesians do, to use belief and faith to make fiscal assumptions.

The White House had not provided answers to key questions about the numbers, including how many enrollees were previously insured, how many Americans have actually paid their first month’s premium or how many Americans have seen their costs increase. They just took the target number of enrollees off their website, held a press conference and declared victory without having any idea if they had in fact had a victory of any kind.

The big problem for Obamacare is that the numbers from the RAND Corporation study reportedly has suggested that just 23 percent of enrollees had no insurance previously. Further, the study reveals about just 53 percent of previously uninsured Americans have actually paid for their new plans. If the numbers hold, the actual net gain of paid policies among Americans who lacked medical insurance in the pre-Obamacare days would be just 858,298, the Daily Mail reports. That is hardly a victory considering that for such a system to work, more people have to pay into it for it to be sustainable. It’s not hard to give away free things. But it is hard to get people to pay money so that other people can have free things—and The White House has simply ignored the hard task and taken the figures off the easy task. What the Obama White House has done is essentially give away health care on a street corner and considered that everyone who took it was a viable vote in favor of success—and the truth is far from it.




What is more troubling is that people operating at such a high level of authority with so many eyes about the world watching them are so easily willing to deceive the public. The press conference about Obamacare on April’s Fool’s Day was quite aligned with the spirit of that Holiday, but had nothing to do with the truth—and that should be troubling to everybody. Obama and his supporters wanted to see good news about their socialist health care mandate so they did everything but give away the kitchen sink to get people to sign up for it. Their hope is that by preserving the law, future presidents and congressional houses will restore the portions of the law that Obama had to give up on in order to get the numbers where they wanted them.

The goal of The White House was not to provide a health care system, but to enroll enough Americans so that repeal of the law would be difficult. Their entire goal in this whole fiasco has been to make the law stick and let future law makers figure out how to make it viable. Their goal was to simply change American culture toward socialized medicine, not to actually fix health care. That is the deceitful application of their manipulative forecast numbers and why they have been so disingenuous.

If Obama and his supporters will lie and cheat on such small and obvious issues—just imagine what else they are lying about. When it comes to really big topics that are much murkier, just imagine the level of manipulation they are willing to pursue to preserve themselves. That is why it is so shocking that obvious con artists are in such positions of power and voters are so apathetic to it. Obama believes, because he does not respect the electorate—that he can give press conferences on Obamacare and nobody will question him—because nobody really has the courage to stick to the real issue of their intentions—the alteration of American culture further down a path of socialism at the expense of economic viability. And it’s no April Fool’s joke.

Rich Hoffman  www.OVERMANWARRIOR.com 

Defiance is Key to American Success: Why history should remember Claire Lee Chennault

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A few days ago I introduced you dear reader to a book that is very close to my heart, Way of the Fighter by Claire Lee Chennault, the famous World War II general and leader of the valiant Flying Tigers.  There are times when I go to Wright Patterson Airforce Base just to sit next to the P-40 on display there.  It reminds me of what America should be, instead of what it has become.  I am also glad to report that the Tri State Warbird Museum down the road from my house have successfully restored a P-40 from New Zealand.  They restored the P-40 to the paint scheme of the ace pilot that had flown it, which does not have the famous mouth on the front.  But that P-40 to me is special to behold.  Every morning that I ride my motorcycle in the cold putting on my U.S. Wings leather jacket to battle the elements it reminds me of the old fighter pilots from the early days of aviation, which was a specifically American invention.  The Germans, the Japanese, and the British copied off American designs and tried to improve upon them, but it was America that developed aviation, and pushed each new technical break-through.  The P-40 is a representation of this early period between the old bi-planes and the much faster and durable planes like the Mustang and Corsairs that would follow.  On a previous article that I did on this topic there is video of the Tri-State Warbird Museum firing up its big Allison 1,12 hp 12 cylinder V-1710 engine.  My wife and I had the privilege of being inside this aircraft early in its restoration, and it is delightful to see it completed and functional.  Of the 13,738 P-40’s of all variants produced between 1938 and 1944 only around 85 exist today—one at Wright Patterson and one at the Tri-State Warbird Museum.  I am so proud to live within 40 minutes of those two famous planes.

The plane represents more than military service, reliability, and World War II patriotism.  It was how the plane came about, and how it was used in tactics developed by Claire Chennault which reached every corner of the world by 1942 that tell the largest story and point to a particular secret of American ingenuity and the benefits of capitalism.  Chennault as a military commander had in common a trait that I love in the NFL football coach Sam Wyche of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Bill Gates when he left college to start Microsoft, George Lucas when he moved out of Hollywood to create Star Wars, and Steve Jobs in pushing to create Apple—what they all have in common is that they got where they did not by complying to authority, but by challenging it—and often defying it.  The P-40 is more than just an airplane; it is a symbol of why America was so superior to other cultures, and why defiance is the American way over blind compliance to ridiculous authority.

When General Stilwell came to China where Claire Chennault was the proven authority—yet outranked the Flying Tiger leader, the expectation was one where Chennault was expected to bow to authority and respect the chain of command, which of course didn’t happen.  If Stilwell had his way America would have lost in China and Japan would have occupied and dominated Asia.  When Chennault was called from China at the end of the war it was then that communists overtook the country.  Chennault wanted to stay and fight the communists after the Japanese were defeated but American command wouldn’t allow it—and their folly cost America its soul from the Korean War to present.  Of course the Soviet Union was pushing the Vietnam War advancing communism which was overtaking all of Asia and was also feeding the counter-culture movement at American schools through KGB subversive penetration.  The “hippie” was a KGB creation and they are largely forming American foreign and domestic policy to this very day as they are now of age to be in senior management positions.  The pinnacle mistake that sent America on a downward spiral was when the defiance of Chennault was removed and the bureaucrats got their way.  That is when the problems started for The United States.  The key to American success is in defiance.  When that defiance is suppressed, America is just as worthless as every nation that does exactly what they are told by pinheaded fools and worthless politicians.

In the 1986 film Heartbreak Ridge by Clint Eastwood the film opens with his character in trouble with the law—particularly for urinating on a police car.  This is to establish that Eastwood’s character is defiant, and something that American movie audiences can relate with.  In that film, Eastwood was essentially playing a variation to the kind of leader the real life Claire Lee Chennault was.  For a long time I wanted to write a novel about The Flying Tigers and have Eastwood play the role, but he’s too old now, and I am still working out the story details.  I don’t want to just write another World War II novel, I want to explore this theme of American defiance as the most important ingredient.  I would say that defiance is as important to American success as sugar is to cookies—it is a must have.

The rest of the world struggles because they are too structured, too compliant, and too obedient to worthless bureaucrats.  The reason that communism, socialism and every big government attempt does not work, is because institutional systems produce too many people like General Stilwell and not enough like General Chennault.  If General Patton had done as his superiors had instructed him to do, World War II would have been lost in Europe.  Britain, France, and all of Africa would have been dominated by the Italians and Germans.   It was Patton’s defiance that made him great, not his ability to follow orders.

In American music we like our artists defiant to the rules—that is because it is deeply inherit to the American psyche.  We do not admire compliance.  American heroes are not good soldiers who go down with the ship of sacrifice—but the ones who bark back at their chain of command and do what they think is right as individuals, not cogs in the wheel of society.   There are a lot of competing ideals floating around which confuse the issue, but for me it is quite clear whenever I see a P-40 Curtiss-Wright airplane what the key to American success was, and continues to be.  It is defiance like that of the Flying Tigers who were terribly outnumbered, and up against superior airplanes to paint that gaping mouth on the front of their planes to represent the swagger of American ingenuity, and defiance.  The Japanese would have never done anything like that to the planes of the Emperor.  German pilots would have never conceived of defacing the planes of Das Führer.  And even American pilots under Stilwell would have been frowned upon if Chennault had not let his men express themselves creatively before his arrival.  Chennault had set a standard that carried over into just about every branch of service for the next 60 years, as orthodox military generals frowned upon it.

I have told many stories about the original Pirates of the Caribbean led by Henry Morgan, another personal favorite of mine.  The privateers in early Jamaica were really no different from the Flying Tigers of China, the Henry Morgan pirates were essentially hired guns by the English Crown to prevent Spain and France from acquiring too much Aztec gold.  Morgan let his men be as free as possible and the results were staggering.  America was born on Morgan pirate vessels as Thomas Paine observed the antics first-hand and how much gold the King of England received from Morgan’s adventures.  The key again was in defiance.  The real Pirates of the Caribbean were so bold, and able to win against impossible odds because they were fighting for profit, and spitting in the eye of compliance.

I love the Flying Tigers and specifically the P-40 airplanes they used, because it is the most obvious example of why capitalism, defiance and free thinking destroy the rigid chain of command adhered to by the rest of the world.  There have been other successes since—many, and they all share an element of pushing against authority, not yielding to it.  Statistically, there isn’t any real evidence that any other way of thinking but that of the American is successful time and time again.  It is the only proven method of achievement that has a real track record of success.  So the million dollar question, or otherwise, the $17 trillion, which is the current U.S. debt, is why would America copy off the rest of the  world’s stupid submission to authority—because time and time again those authorities are corrupted with human error and not qualified to make the best decisions at the best times?  Why do we teach our children to follow orders, when they should be taught to give them?  Why would we teach blind submission to compliance when history proves that is the quickest way to personal and national destruction?  And why would we teach military generals to be more like Stilwell when they should be more like Patton and Chennault?  The answer is that we shouldn’t.  We need to rethink our entire thought process in America and start with following what works, while setting to drift that which doesn’t.  Compliance to authority will not take anybody where they need to go and this needs to be embraced openly for the first time in American history instead of around the edges of our movies and music.  It is time that our schools teach defiance, our colleges teach conservative capitalism, and our businesses seek the renegade manager who wears business suits without soaks and has no interest in being in charge—except for the freedom to execute their individual visions and follow their blissful passions to the ends of the earth running over all the opposition that gets in their way.  It is time to admit that this is what it means to be an American, and to embrace it fully for the first time without the shameful judgments by the idiots who run the rest of the world.

Rich Hoffman  www.OVERMANWARRIOR.com 


Save Money by Voting NO on Liberty Township Police Levy: Cops are like weeds in a garden

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Police put out their signs for the upcoming May 6th replacement levy vote trying to convince homeowners to further accept high taxation as an acceptable means of community management of resources. To be honest, I have lived in Liberty Township for most of my 46 years, give and take a decade or so here and there, and have never had to call the police except to file a report. So long as I have the Second Amendment, they don’t do anything for me except show up after a crime is committed. I noticed that the big tax local Rino Republicans like Christine Matacic are supporting this tax along with my old friends the Terrys at the Carriage Hill development. They are conservatives of convenience. Carriage Hill is openly trying to bring in more people to the community so they can make money off them. Those outside investments enjoy police cars sitting around especially if those voters come from California or the New England states—it makes them feel safe. And Matacic is running for Butler County commissioner and wants the backing of the FOP in whatever form she can get it. But that doesn’t mean the rest of us should pay for their desires. This is what I submitted to the Today’s Pulse as a “Letter to the Editor” which should appear in the upcoming weekend edition on the matter.

Save Money; vote “NO” on Liberty Township Police Levy

There have been some complaints about how high the taxes are in Liberty Township especially after the Lakota levy took effect in 2014. Sheriff Jones supported that levy saying that some of the money gained from levy approval would go toward police in Lakota schools. Now just a few months’ later Liberty Township trustees are supporting a “replacemet” levy to pay for those same additional Lakota police officers coming up on the May 6th ballot. The signs from the police are already up.

Of course the argument is that taxes will not increase but will in fact cost $94 per $100,000 in property assessment to fund $2.5 million in projected spending for the 2014 police fund. Clearly the police and the school are double dipping in their projection numbers. The sheriff lives in Liberty Township and since he came out in favor of the Lakota levy, then it should be his task to figure out how to provide police coverage for his community without additional taxes.

This time they won’t be able to say that the tax is “for the kids.” This election is a chance to take back some of the money wrestled away from us during the Lakota election of November 2013. It is a chance to lower our taxes during a time when that’s what most everyone needs. I will be voting a big, “NO.” Elections have consequences and by voting NO, voters have a chance to let the police shoulder that burden instead of the homeowners.

Rich Hoffman

When politicians and developers support more police, they are essentially stating that they want police to sit on the side of the road and write tickets which costs us more money in taxes through fines and fees, so they can get an indirect benefit specific to them. They also indicate that this levy is to pay for the 20-plus detectives who are still looking for the student who left the shooting threat letter in the girl’s bathroom just days before the Lakota levy election of 2013—which they still have not found. CLICK HERE TO REVIEW. The police haven’t been very successful—so what have they been doing?

Lt. Morgan Dallman is the division commander for Liberty Twp and stated in favor of the levy that deputies responded to 16,000 calls for service in 2013, so to justify all the needed police activity. That comes out to approximately 43.835 calls per day in little bitty Liberty Township covering every domestic violent episode, every car wreck, every kid who tries to burn down their house with their parents in it, every bomb threat, every vandalism case–everything. What he failed to point out was that many of the calls probably went something like this, “hey Bill, where are you?” Bill answered professionally on his radio leaning in to his left shoulder looking very serious, “I’m at United Dairy Farmers getting a milk shake.” The caller then says, “Hey, some of the fire guys down at the 747 south house have a good game of Call of Duty going. You up for it?” Bill looked at the cashier hoping she didn’t hear, which of course she did, because she told me about it hoping that I’d write a story in Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom. “I’ll be right there,” Bill says making his voice sound urgent and professional. The cashier holding back a smile gives him back his change and the cop leaves as the UDF attendants break out laughing. That is just a sample of the 16,000 calls mentioned by Lt. Dallman. Sometimes the call is for Halo, or Madden football—so it’s not always the same thing—to be fair.

My friends down in West Chester are doing it right. The trustees down there have already told voters not to pass a tax increase for their police department because the cops make too much money. In response, the police are suing the president of the West Chester trustees. CLICK TO REVIEW. In Liberty Township there is no such courage. Instead, they just lay down and let the FOP run right over them making up facts, inflating their statistical numbers to include every cat rescued, and every time a neurotic levy supporting husband and wife fight over the television remote. When it comes to actual crime, there isn’t any because bandits have come to learn that Liberty Township residents—at least the older ones tend to paint their cars with the blood of criminals. Later the police show up to file a report—but they certainly aren’t the deterrent to crime. Gun carrying homeowners are, and there is a LOT of guns in Liberty Township. A lot of GUNS. Enough to equip a small army if needed. Word gets around and it will stay that way unless the police actually drop off criminals hoping to instigate crimes to gain support of a levy. I’ve seen it done in Mason, so it’s certainly not beyond imagination.

I doubt people will vote themselves a tax savings on May 6th 2014. Liberty Township has too many new—weakened, neurotic, insecure parents who are still in their early 30s doubting their ability to handle the Second Amendment the way it was designed, so they look toward the police to protect them. But this is a chance to actually take back some of the tax money stolen from us through past manipulations if enough people would stand up for themselves. We’ll see, I know how I’ll be voting—and it won’t be for more police. Too many cops around isn’t good for anybody but their union numbers. They are too expensive, always behind the action, and simply represent the arm of politics and their authority—which is obviously deeply flawed. Cops are like weeds in a nice garden, the more you water them, the more of them you get until eventually they overrun the beauty of all the nice flowers and trees planted there. One of the reasons that Liberty Township is so nice is that there are fewer cops—weeds. Giving them more money will just make more of them and that isn’t good for Liberty Township’s future, or the people who live here.

  Rich Hoffman  


Why China Must Copy Off America: Creativity represed by collectivism

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The J-20 Dragon fighter jet’s key features from China resemble those of the top-of-the-line U.S. F-22 Raptor and F-35 Lightning.  In fact, the official Communist Party newspaper Global Times bragged about how key technologies used for the F-35 Lightning were “completely obtained” by China and how the J-20 is equipped with these technologies and features.  China admitted that they stole the technology and seemed happy to live under that premise.  In a Jan. 20th article titled “Six of F-35’s Crucial Technologies Have All Been Obtained by China; J-20 Epitomizes All the Six Technologies,” the Global Times confirmed that the advanced designs and features include a diverterless supersonic inlet, an electro-optical distributed aperture system, an electro-optical targeting system, an AVEN nozzle, and a fire-control array radar system—things that were developed by The United States under capitalism.  Does this surprise anyone?  It shouldn’t.

Read more: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2014/jan/23/inside-china-stealth-fighter-revealed

Under communist and socialist regimes, or collective based societies the first casualty is individual creativity, and it is creativity that allowed The United States to develop those six primary technologies mentioned in the Washington Times article.  This is exactly the reason only The United States makes blockbuster films while no place else in the world can even grasp them.  Collective based societies do not freely think—and therefore have their creativity severely limited, which of course destroys their manufacturing base.  Most companies in the orient have as a standard policy the dissemination of western creativity looting those efforts and trying to improve them with collective based manufacturing techniques—which they are quite good at.  But they cannot create from scratch things—they must copy off the West first to show them the way.  Communist countries do not invent because the minds of their people are controlled by the state so there is no incentive to do anything but be a social parasite. 


China as a communist country is helpless when it comes to innovation.  If they want wonderful airplanes to expand their military muscle, they had to steal the technology from the F-22 and F-35.  Lockheed Martin and other American aerospace manufacturers can always go back to the drawing board and develop new technology because they have creative people working for them who are able to do such things—but China with all their billions of minds available cannot—because their people are not free.  Without freedom creativity in arts and science do not flourish. Technology does not advance, and their societies remain stifled. 


Sure its insulting that China so openly copied off American fighter craft designs—but only because China has been considered equal on the world stage. France, Russia, Spain, India, China and many other countries functioning from socialism and communism are creatively stifled yet have been allowed to play as equal partners to the United States within the eyes of The United Nations.  But the equality is an illusion—they are far inferior to American innovation in virtually every economic category because their commitment to communism has destroyed their people’s ability to think creatively.  This is also why Russia is so good at deception because much of what they hope to gain on the world stage is obtained through theft—as their history with communism has destroyed the minds of the Russian people.  In order to do anything from a manufacturing perspective they must copy western techniques in order to have a prayer.  They aren’t doing anything new; they loot off others and use force to advance their cultures. 


Invention is developed under less restrictive government intervention.  Creative minds hope that there is a payoff for their thinking, so they are incentivized to do so.  In communist countries where wealth is stolen from the capable there is no reason to do anything but show up for work and do what some incompetent bureaucrat tells you to do, so nobody makes anything, nobody thinks, and nobody invents.  But to appear equal on the world stage to maintain the illusion of equality Russia and China must steal American technology the same way they steal wealth from their own people—each according to their needs.  They need the technology America has, so they steal it—rather than figure out why they have to steal it in the first place, and lack the ability to generate their own fresh ideas.


Without America, who would Europe, Russia, China, or Malaysia copy off of?  How would they do anything?  The answer is they wouldn’t, instead we would see a gradual inclination of society back to the tribal huts of African villages because that is where communism takes countries.  Anywhere where collectivism is present, social regression will be noticed—in every case.  There isn’t one country where collectivism doesn’t either hold down their culture from making technical leaps forward, or the actual country regresses. The only way countries like China, Russia and other collective based economies from the Orient can prosper is to steal intellectual property from those who have it. Readers here who are outraged by my statements from those other countries cannot dispute this fact.  They can be angry that I brought it up, but they cannot refute it.


This is why Americans should not copy off those ridiculous cultures—they should not attempt to compete directly with the Chinese school children or the socialist European families and their screwed up tendencies.  When I was angry that my local public school of Lakota proud that China was copying off their education methods it was not something to brag about.  It is not a gift when an inferior culture copies off a superior one—it is theft.  What’s even dumber is when that same school of Lakota beat on its chest that it was keeping pace with those idiots.  That is like saying that children are learning to keep pace with turtles instead of horses.  Americans premier attribute is their creativity and their educations should embody large doses of such thinking so to make them better inventors, better job creators in the future, and a better people.  Anybody can be a parasitic copy-cat like the Chinese and Russians, but not anybody can create something from scratch the way we do in The United States.  And it is about time that we stop apologizing for being so good, and stop letting the world copy off us, then lecture America how to conduct their affairs.  That burden rests on them and them alone. 

Rich Hoffman




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