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The Cliven Bundy Standoff: Pacifism versus resistance in response to an aggressive federal government

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Before Doc Thompson or Rusty Humphries was on the radio with Matt Clark I was his first interview while doing a live podcast from the Cincinnati Tea Party Tax Day Rally.  As I was speaking with Matt on his WAAM broadcast out of Ann Arbor, Michigan I felt him cringe next to me as I indicated that I was actually looking forward to the time when the federal government came to my home to attempt to take me away on a train during some future purge.  Saying such things, especially in today’s overly sensitive climate of hyper sensitivity can quickly label you as an extremist—and is the kind of thing that mainstream talk show hosts like Matt Clark, Doc Thompson and Glenn Beck avoid.  But I was being truthful.  As I was giving my interview I had Cliven Bundy on my mind as the federal government and he were involved in standoff over a cattle grazing incident on claimed federal land.  Bundy refused to pay the proper fees for using that land.  The situation came very close to escalating into an armed engagement—and was what I believe to be a sign of things to come.  When that time comes to me, I know how I’ll deal with it—and it won’t be with protest signs and strongly worded letters.  I wasn’t kidding when I said I was looking forward to such a time.  I am tired of having the pretense of civility when it is so grossly obvious that the federal government is using law as a club to impose wealth grabs and redistribution of resources they deem worthy by force—then not expecting anybody to resist them.  Just off the top of my head are the lies of Fast and Furious, Benghazi, the IRS scandal, the treachery of Common Core directly attempting to reprogram our youth into progressive soldiers, the school levies that are defeated in November only to be put back on the ballot in May—because they are  socialist attacks on American private property.  There are serious impositions on American life that are simply inexcusable and eventual confrontation is inevitable between the forces of good, and the progressive parasites intent to social engineer all life on earth to their philosophy.

I am sympathetic to Cliven Bundy, his issue which is explained properly by Glenn Beck below in an interview with him is really about the old Nevada rancher refusing to acknowledge the acquisition of land which has been in his family for a century.  Bundy is refusing to acknowledge the legal power the government has given itself to force him to pay grazing fees for land that it has no real technical right to claim a fee for him to pay.  Bundy is simply not recognizing the power of the federal government in a legal issue which it controls from a legal perspective.

My observations of the federal government, and I’m saying this for future reference, is that it is incompetent and not able to properly manage basic finance, let alone wealth creation strategies or a proper interpretation of justice.  The government as it is today is filled with poorly constructed minds deeply prone to error and cover-up, and they cannot be trusted.  The only way to deal with them on their terms is to surrender logic, and thought to the ease of their appeasement—and I’m not willing to do that.

When I was in the fifth grade a number of bullies surrounded me on the school bus.  The bullies were taking hits of speed in the form of a pill.  They wanted me to participate in that activity with them because they decided to do it in front of my eyes and wanted to make sure that I would not tell on them for their activity.  If they convinced me to also take hits of speed then I would be complicit in their crime—and would not have the moral ground to say anything against them.  So they tried at first to attract me to the drug by telling me how good it would feel.  But little did they know that I had then—and I still do—a very strict anti drug position.  I despise drugs—especially marijuana, speed, meth, and cocaine.  I don’t even like alcohol where intoxication is the goal.   There was nothing that those bullies could do to me to get me to take those hits of speed.  When I refused them, they then turned to violence hoping to convince me to take the path of least resistance and just swallow the speed.

The bullies encompassed the entire rear end of the school bus.  There were at least 8 kids directly involved and about 15 others who were passively supporting the activity.  The school bus driver was not equipped to handle the situation so refused to look at the activity in the mirror because she was also afraid of the boys.  Those same boys had been in trouble with the school principal many times, and had lost their respect for authority a long time ago.  They were unmanageable, and knew it.  So they were taking hits of speed on the school bus right in front of everyone just to prove that they could.  And the more who participated in the activity with them the stronger they became.  So when I refused their attempts to convince me to participate with them in the drug taking, they turned to violence.  They cornered me and tried to force me to take the speed with the threat of violence.  They put the pills in my hand and told me to swallow them otherwise they’d beat me up.  I threw the pills out the window behind me and a massive fight erupted.  I went to personal war with those boys for the next 8 years.  By the time those eight years concluded every one of the boys was in trouble for something and either moved away, or were not able to attend school any longer.  The violence really escalated in junior high school with some of the stories I have told here previously.  But a long story short, I was the last one standing as they collapsed on themselves.  If I had done what they wanted me to, my life would have been much different.  So would the lives of my children, and wife.  Because I fought through that situation, my family legacy is so much stronger—which became very important just ten years after the conclusion of the drug battle which started on the school bus.

The federal government is really no different from those drugged out bullies.  They want complicity in their crimes and use fear of violence to impose people to comply and become part of their zombie cult of mindless tax payers.  Cliven Bundy said no.  Many others are saying no, more and more people every day.  I have certainly said no.  I said no to the ridiculous brainwashing of the public schools, the failed economic policies, the paralyzing federal regulations, the EPA wackos using environmental terrorism to advance socialist politics, the many crimes and lies of the federal government corrupted by the two-party system—both controlled by radical political elements intent on social decay—and I refuse to be complicit in their activity.

I do have a lot of friends and associates who are in well placed positions—who are concerned about the perception of statements in relation to the Overton Window which has pulled the logic of America into a progressive direction. They are not progressives, but are concerned about feeding into a line of dialogue that progressives can twist around to their advantage.  However, the real intent of this strategy is no different from the school bus bullies trying to force innocent spectators into taking drugs.  They wanted to know that some “holier-than-thou” kid wouldn’t rat them out—and the best way to do that was to get the kid to participate in a crime with them.  The federal government has done the same with land grabs, taxation, social policy, and corrupt election procedures so to stay in power and collect the voluminous benefits of public office.  Federal officials like the school bus bullies simply put on suits and obtained law degrees.  They are still scum bags seeking complicity.

When those scum bags try to move me in some way or another against my will, trouble is insured for them.  I have lived my life in a way where I haven’t even allowed myself to be forced to take drugs under coercion.  So a federal government using force or manipulation against me will do no better.  Right now I do occasional radio shows talking about these things, and I write about them here at Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom, but at a certain point, those will no longer be effective outlets.  And I’m looking forward to it.  Because there is honesty in what Cliven Bundy did in Nevada.  It might seem radical or crazy from the perspective of legal analysts, Supreme Court professionals, and sell-out politicians—but it’s the right thing to do.   At a certain point, we all have to come to terms with the fact that most of American case-law has been formulated by corrupt minds who are simply bullies looking for drug consumption complicity.  Drugs aren’t always the kind taken and consumed through the human body—but the kind of thoughts injected into a mind.

Most of my media friends do not have the same kind of background that I do.  They are still trying to play the game of fitting in to the rules of the FCC.  Fortunately for them, they do not have backgrounds in violence..  When Glenn Beck states that Jesus, Martin Luther King, Gandhi and other peaceful pacifists achieved great things in the context of history—he’s right—but they are also all dead, or were unnecessarily jailed with their freedoms removed from them ultimately.  I would prefer that the world work with law, and respect, but it is obvious that the federal government has no interest in either—unless either allows them to confiscate wealth from those who produce it.  My life is more valuable than the greater good of a bunch of parasites, and they don’t have the right to remove me from my family, or my future in their quest for complicity.  I disagree with the pacifist approach, the approach that many who have FCC licenses hanging over their heads, or religions around their necks are imprisoned to.  I seek freedom from those restrictions also, and this is why I look forward to the day where the standoff off with destiny finally arrives.  In many ways I have been preparing for it my entire life.  It won’t be I who provokes it, but it will be my decision to ignore the case-law of thieves who have written laws to enrich themselves at the cost of value in a mindless—collective quest for complicity as they consume the drug of power that rots the human mind worse than any disease, any cancer, or mental ailment of treachery.  The future fight that I yearn for is not the lust of violence, but the defense of a mind, and its ability to think free of tyranny—a trait that cannot be preserved with pacification.

America would have never won its independence with peaceful protests and soft talk.  American independence had to be taken—with force.  And now that it has been seen how corrupt the United States federal government has been, I don’t see peace in the future if independence is to remain.  Elections do not work, and the laws are stacked against common men and women.  Generations of children have been brainwashed into statism and do not have the intellectual capacity to deal with these complicated matters—which is quite on purpose.  American society is surrounded by complicit individuals who may deep in their hearts be good, but are like the kids on that bus long ago afraid to stand up to the bullies, so they took the speed to keep from being beaten up.  But what was taken from them was their minds and moral standing which is forever tarnished by actions which were forced upon them.  That is why Cliven Bundy is right and the federal government is wrong.  It is also why I am looking forward to the future instead of being weary of it—because I enjoy such things.  The Bundy Ranch standoff is only the beginning.

Rich Hoffman



Beating the IRS: The Pride of the Liberty Township Tea Party

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imageOn April 15th, “Tax Day” I woke up with a special sense of pride experienced the night before. Behind the trees of my front yard, seen above, and across the golf course behind them, Jordon Sekulow flew in from Washington D.C. to personally thank the members of the Liberty Township Tea Party for their fight against the IRS. Sekulow is from the American Center for Law and Justice and is handling the civil case against the IRS on behalf of their unjust harassment against liberty groups—specifically the Liberty Township Tea Party. The LTTP had a meeting at The Elks Lodge, which I think is the best golf course in Cincinnati painting a picturesque evening of cold beer with fantastic views out the north windows silhouetting Jordon as he spoke to the large group of Tea Party patriots.

Without the Liberty Township Tea Party sticking up for themselves during the IRS case, it is likely that Louis Lerner would have never been forced to take the “fifth.” The story would have died quickly as it was planned. It was Justin Binik Thomas and The Liberty Township Tea Party who refused to go quietly into the night resulting in the congressional testimony that forced Lerner to implicate herself by default. The primary issue with Lerner is not that she took the “fifth” but that she provided testimony, then took her constitutional right trying to avoid cross-examination. That was a big no, no, and that mistake was forced in essence by the American Center for Law and Justice in its case against the IRS who was able to take the Liberty Township Tea Party case because the issue was pressed. The ACLJ needs clients otherwise they cannot conduct a case—and the Liberty Township Tea Party gave it to them—and the whole battle took place essentially in my front yard. And that makes me very proud.

Without the LTTP this article from Breitbart.com would have never been written: Former IRS official Louis Lerner and her colleagues at the tax agency were under a tremendous amount of pressure from President Obama and other Democrats to scrutinize a Tea Party applicant for public disclosure, despite rules protecting the privacy of unapproved applications, according to a staff report from the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.

For example, in emails regarding how the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision could imperil the Democrats’ majority in the Senate, Lerner wrote that she hoped the Federal Election Commission would “save the day,” apparently by curtailing political speech.

In another email referencing a news article about the businessmen and benefactors Charles and David Koch, Lerner suggested the IRS should begin a “project” to rein in political speech but to craft it in such a way as to avoid the appearance of focusing on political activity.

“We do need a c4 project next year,” Lerner wrote. While she initially said, “my object is not to look for political activity,” later in the exchange she acknowledged that it will examine political activity. “We need to be cautious so it isn’t a per se political project.  More a c4 project that will look at levels of lobbying and pol. Activity along with exempt activity.”

Lerner is the only IRS staffer who refused to testify before Congress, so the report relies solely on information garnered from “e-mails, documents, and other testimony about her cracking down on tax exempt organizations that exercise their rights to free political speech,” the Republican staff on the Oversight Committee says.

One e-mail thread turned to the possibility of whether a Tea Party applicant would challenge the IRS ruling in court. Lerner said that Tea Party groups would litigate because they are “itching for a Constitutional challenge.”

The emails show concern from Lerner about the Citizens United case decision hurting Democrats in the upcoming Senate elections. One document shows Lerner saying the Supreme Court gave the issue to the IRS “to fix the problem.”

She said, “The Supreme Court dealt a huge blow, overturning a 100-year old precedent that basically corporations couldn’t give directly to political campaigns. And everyone is up in arms because they don’t like it. The Federal Election Commission can’t do anything about it. They want the IRS to fix the problem.”

After a senior advisor emailed her about the political danger Democrats could be placed in, she replied in an e-mail, “Perhaps the FEC will save the day.”

The Oversight Committee points out that Lerner mishandled 6103 taxpayer information by dealing with such data from her personal e-mail account. Lerner, however, told Congress under oath in Novmber of 2013, “I have not violated any IRS rules or regulations.” In a November 2013 letter from Daniel Werfel, Werfel writes, “We do not permit IRS officials to send taxpayer information to their personal email addresses.” Werfel stresses that this is the case even if information is redacted.

Ultimately, the Oversight report says, Lerner personally placed all Tea Party applicants through a “multi-tier review.” An IRS employee testified that Lerner “sent [him an] e-mail saying that when these cases need to go through multi-tier review and they will eventually have to go to [Judy Kindell, Lerner’s senior technical advisor] and the Chief Counsel’s office.” A D.C. IRS employee said this level of scrutiny had no precedent.

The head of the IRS office in Cincinnati disputes Lerner’s claim–and President Obama’s Fox News interview with Bill O’Reilly–that the scrutiny on Tea Party cases was only a local issue, saying, “[Y]es, there were mistakes made by folks in Cincinnati as well [as] D.C. but the D.C. office is the one who delayed the processing of the cases.”


All of that investigation started with the same Tea Party group that met at The Elks Golf Course on April 14th, 2014. If not for them, the IRS case would have ended as quickly as it started, and Louis Lerner would still hold her position as an activist for the Obama administration at the front of the powerful government agency the IRS. The evidence shown above that Louis Lerner was corrupt and everything that Tea Party groups feared about their government is extraordinarily clear one year after the story initially broke. Because of the Liberty Township Tea Party, a new day in America is emerging, one where people aren’t so terrified of the IRS and the government—where more people than ever are coming out from hiding and telling their stories of harassment and paperwork terrorism issued against them by the federal government. As usual, such things begin with just a few brave souls who help usher in movements that change the direction of society in general. And for me, I will always live with the pride of knowing that one of the biggest battles in our lifetimes took place in my front and back yard—with my friends and neighbors in a prideful community called Liberty Township who refused to back down when villains presented themselves with overwhelming force, and ever-present determination to impose themselves as the latest dictators in a long chain of human failure. In Liberty Township, those dictators were turned away, and slapped down in embarrassment.

Rich Hoffman  


Glenn Beck’s ‘Agenda 21′: Yes it can happen, because it is

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I didn’t read Glenn Beck’s novel co-authored by Harriet Parke Agenda 21 at first because I was already well versed with the danger of that United Nations strategy, and wasn’t in the mood for another dystopian novel.  Soylent Green, Brave New World, and Atlas Shrugged are quite enough so another one didn’t have much to contribute to my intellectual expansion.  However, as my favorite book store recently closed, and Agenda 21 had been on a list of mine to read for a long time—I picked it up as the last book that I bought at that local treasure.  Recently I had a small window open to read that novel, so I took it and was impressed with the results.  Written from a first person perspective as a teenage girl coming to age behind the concentration camp lifestyle of a possible earth future, the novel attempts to speak at a level that most 15-year-olds understand, and was quite successful.  It was a good novel that tells the masses what is really going on with many of the FEMA camps and conspiracies that are swirling around through very secretive government circles.  Many mainstream pundits believe falsely that the topics surrounding Agenda 21, the novel is conspiracy theory—but they’re not.  They are quite real and have their birth in Europe and have in fact happened in that beleaguered conglomeration of war-torn nations many times.  However, to many Americans, the premise of Agenda’s 21’s concentration camps for United States citizens seems unfathomable.  That is another mistake because the foundations are already established—not as a primary objective, but a failsafe in case everything goes terribly wrong—which it will.

If you have ever dealt with a zoning department dear reader, you have dealt with agents of Agenda 21 so slickly trained; they don’t even know that they are part of the conspiracy.  CLICK HERE TO REVIEW PREVIOUS ARTICLES ON AGENDA 21 PUBLISHED AT THIS SITE.   For instance, many of them receive their training at college universities for their professions and approach their jobs with the same slanted view of the world that attorneys do—people who spend a lot of time in typically liberal institutions are trained to think in the way of the European.  In the case of zoning professionals, the concepts of carbon credits and micromanaged government imposed social living is not a foreign concept—they are often very receptive to progressive sentiments because of their training.  In my community it is the tendency to put roundabouts at major roadways typically found in Europe that is the most dominating giveaway.  Roundabouts are stupid and only slow down traffic—but are concepts quite common in Europe.  Just across town at the famous By-Pass-4 scenario “improvements” are the bright idea of bureaucrats in Fairfield who came up with the foolish concept of preventing no left turns into traffic for safety reasons.  So now east/west traffic wishing to intersect with By-pass-4 have to turn south then do a U-turn at special intersections to turn back north.  The reasoning proposed was to prevent driver’s side accidents—but the traffic flow is an obvious regression of human transportation.  Older people like me hate it, but younger people like it, because they have already been trained at public schools to accept such government tampering, and human micromanagement.   I have many times traveled down that road back in the good ol’ days where I could travel 100 MPH with no problem.  Not anymore.  You can hardly get up to 60 or 70 before there is another traffic light that stops progress.  These are the methods of the highly educated government bureaucrats who often are attracted to jobs that will help them with Agenda 21 type advancement.  They see such “improvements” as being good for society because they “slow” people down for their own good—and save lives.

All anyone need do is take this behavior out several decades toward the logical mathematical conclusion, and that becomes the events of Glenn Beck’s Agenda 21 novel.  Out of a reverence to nature—as an effort to put Mother Nature before the needs of mankind, government has regulated everything that are inventions of a human mind.  The paradox is that government does not yield completely to the forces of nature as they do not consider that man’s mind is a force of nature.  Human beings in the Agenda 21 novel have been essentially placed in cages so that nature can prevail, and all human beings who have not been killed in purges are forced to serve the earth primarily and without question.  This of course is harder for people who remember what personal freedom used to be like.  But for children taught under the new United Nations “Republic” where American sovereignty has long been extinguished—it is no problem at all.  They are essentially taken from their parents at an early age to be raised by the state—the community.  Traditional child instruction by two parents—one male—one female is prohibited because the foundation beliefs of a child must be built on the needs of collective salvation, not the individual’s family connections.

The evidence to this behavior is already present, public schools want parents to admit their children into pre-school classes much earlier than age 5 now.  It wouldn’t take much to mandate that children must attend pre-kindergarten classes from birth.  President Obama has already alluded to this sentiment.  It’s already mandated that children must attend school at age 5, so it wouldn’t take much to continue driving that number the other way until babies are taken from a parent at the hospital upon their birth.   Guns are another Agenda 21 concern; The United Nations does not want to deal with an armed public—because they are difficult to manage.  They want to be the only ones armed, so The United Nations is seeking at every turn to erode away American love of The Second Amendment.  They also seek the destruction of organized religion so that serving Mother Earth becomes the primary concern of earth’s human population.  They fully plan to make earth conservation into a religious cult so that those two values are aligned—this trend is already well underway.  Another big Agenda 21 item that happened overnight really is the switch of light bulbs from the good incandescent light bulbs starting in Europe and being followed closely by America.  At Home Depot yesterday my wife wanted me to pick out new ceiling fans and I looked hard and there was not one incandescent light bulb to be found in the store.  Every light bulb now on the market is the new coiled energy-efficient fluorescent light bulbs that do not come on right away and take a moment to light up.  Who are these light bulbs good for—not the human race?  It only took five years for incandescent light bulbs to become extinct.  They were regulated out of existence and there was barely a whimper among the populations of the world.  People predictably picked up the new coiled Agenda 21 bulbs to use and went back to their televisions and internet porn giving the matter not a second thought.

Ohio and several American states are sitting on vast reserves of coal, oil, and natural gas, but the government will not allow the exploitation of those resources because their goal is to drive up energy costs pushing people away from traditional fossil fuel sources which pollute the earth instead of viewing such energy methods as a jumping off point for taking human beings to a future of newer cleaner methods.  The governments of the world, trained under Agenda 21 guidelines believe they must micromanage this process so to save the earth from the terrible human being, the entire economy of places like Kentucky and West Virginia have been artificially altered to prevent the extraction of coal as an energy source by government bureaucrats raised by their college institutions to believe in Agenda 21 values.

The new Common Core standards in public schools are confirming all the things I have said about government schools for three decades.  They aren’t trying to teach children to be smarter and good free loving adults—they are programming them to be servants to Agenda 21.  These children compared to traditional pre Agenda 21 children are explored at length in the new Glenn Beck novel.  The government raised children have all types of insecurity issues directly related to the micromanagement by corrupt government institutionalism and have lost the ability to even sexually reproduce.   By the time the events of the Agenda 21 novel take place, human beings have lost every major freedom they ever had—including eating—in trade for the security provided to them by the state—the desire to be universally equal to everyone else.  This is an attractive prospect to the masses who are either not skilled enough, or too lazy to work so to be exceptional, and they are the ones who win democratic elections.  As public schools train kids under Common Core standards to think more and more toward Agenda 21 values, their individuality is less and less valuable to them—until it is eventually gone.  At that point in time, the events of the novel Agenda 21 will be in effect and the governments of the world will go through their purges, implement their concentration camps and enact their next planned phase which has been in place since essentially the 90s, during Bill Clinton’s administration.  Heck, to be fair, it goes back to Bush the Senior really—he was one of the first American presidents to fully embrace these United Nations global desires.   A lot has happened in full support of The United Nations Agenda 21 strategy in just 20 years.  20 more years, America is at risk of being everything contemplated in Agenda 21 the novel.  Virtually every human being trained at a public school and instructed within the liberal university systems throughout the world are at risk of being lost to this new religion of Agenda 21.  We see it presently in our roads, our zoning, our light bulbs, smart meters, and war against coal.  We will see it tomorrow in our brain-dead youth taught through Common Core standards how to be “good citizens” as exhibited in Agenda 21 the novel.

There is still too much private investment that prevents governments from doing exactly what occurred in Agenda 21, the novel.  But that is eroding by the day.  Ultimately, the events in the novel were caused by government mismanagement—which is a mainstay of all their activities so a predetermined conclusion is self-evident.  When they decided to organize society into concentration camps killing those who refused to adhere to Agenda 21, they had lost control and sought to imprison the human race to preserve the earth.  That is not a farfetched proposition when compared to the actions of governments witnessed just over the incandescent bulb controversy.  I have no doubt that FEMA as a contingency plan has all the crazy concentration camps set up all over The United States as Alex Jones fears.  There is one outside of Indianapolis which I’ve seen, and another up in Lima, part of a converted prison.  The masses won’t be at these facilities, only a select few to try to keep society going after the government screws up human kind completely, destroying the economy with Keynesianism, ruling with socialism, and removing religion in favor of worship of the earth.  They won’t have a choice but to attempt self-preservation with the methods described in Agenda 21, the novel.

I know beforehand my role.  I will not be in one of those camps, and I will not be disposed of during the eventual purge.  I will be the organizer of the resistance also described in the novel.  I will be the one wrecking supply chains, harassing government officials in their sleep and driving them insane with worry.  And I’ll enjoy doing it—believe me.  I am actually looking forward to it.  I can build my own stuff; I don’t need them, or their grid to do whatever I want—so the terror of the Agenda 21 novel is not something I can relate to.  I will never walk an “energy board” or support the “Republic” named in the book. I am simply waiting for the eventual screw-up to occur before I pull everyone together.  Legally, obviously, we must wait for the government to cross the line—and when they do, it will be time to go to work—because the writing is on the wall.  Unless people change their behavior, the terrors of the Agenda 21 novel are an inevitable conclusion—which is why Glenn Beck published the novel.  He hoped that it might wake people up in time to at least save America.  However, the rest of the world can’t be helped.  They are too far committed already.  They will suffer for it.  America is still up for grabs.  There will always be resistance in America even if the masses throw themselves before the feet of government officials in trade for security—and ease of work.  But there is a small hope that Common Core will be eradicated, that taxation reduction will destroy the money which these government bureaucrats feed off of, and that our youth won’t be lost to Agenda 21 programming.  I have hope for them yet, where I don’t think Glenn Beck does.  I believe the youth will rise up to revolt, and when they do, I’ll be there to help them achieve their objectives and teach them how to do it.  Because I will never live the life of the people in Agenda 21—heck, I couldn’t stand modern-day Europe for all the same reasons.  It’s just a matter of time—and if you want to know more, then you should read Agenda 21 by Glenn Beck and Harriet Parke.   It is an accurate portrayal of a very possible future projected by the information of our current social path of self-imposed destruction.

Rich Hoffman   www.OVERMANWARRIOR.com 

The Idiots of France: Why Goodyear validates the new Atlas III movie poster

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I have been watching the French labor unions behavior toward the Goodyear tire company for over a year now with excessive fascination.  Anybody who thinks that Atlas Shrugged written by Ayn Rand in 1957 is a farfetched fiction novel is out of their mind, because most everything stated in that dystopian novel has taken place in that openly socialist European country.  Most labor unions believe the same type of things that the crazy French union believes, only they attempt to dress it up a bit.  Now with a socialist French president, the unions no longer feel they must dress up their behavior and are revealing what they have always been—economic terrorists inspired by Karl Marx desiring the end game of communism.  Maurice Taylor – chief executive of Titan International told rightly the France’s industry minister that his country had “beautiful women and fantastic wine” but “no idea how to run a business”. Mr. Taylor added: “Goodyear tried for over four years to save part of the Amiens jobs that are some of the highest paid, but the French unions and the French government did nothing but talk.”  The production at the French Goodyear plant has been stagnant as the striking workers regressed into some type of tribal ritual of belief thinking that the jobs at the plant existed in nature and that it was Maurice Taylor who was keeping those jobs from the people.  In reality it was people like Taylor who made the jobs and that isn’t appreciated by anybody—which was the basic plot of Atlas Shrugged.

Last winter Maurice Taylor frustrated with the French government and idiotic workers at the Amiens plant sent a letter to Arnaud Montebourg, the French Industrial Minister saying “I have visited that factory a couple of times. The French workforce gets paid high wages but only works three hours.  They get one hour for breaks and lunch, talk for three and work for three. I told this to the French union workers to their faces. They told me that’s the French way!”  This set off a firestorm of political theater that extended all over Europe.  Most of the opinions sided with the French workers and were against Maurice Taylor which I found appalling.  It has become grossly apparent during this whole French Goodyear issue why Europe is failing economically, and why America even under a socialist president like Obama is far superior in terms of economic development and innovative surplus.  France is the second largest economy of Europe and they really don’t function well at anything.  Taylor stated a fact, the French workers don’t believe in hard work—long productive hours—or capitalism, which is the creator of jobs.  Some French workers may, but a majority of the people elected a socialist president, and they are getting what they deserve, a terrible economy with a dismal ten-year market forecast.  The situation is so extreme that just a few weeks ago the labor union actually kidnapped two Goodyear executives to force negotiations.Non_Fiction_thumbnail_2__54597.1393006797.120.120

After a court rejected their most recent appeal against the plant’s closure, members of the hard-left CGT union locked up production and human resources directors Michel Dheilly and Bernard Glesser.  France 2 TV showed the Goodyear executives seated at a table staring straight ahead as workers shouted in their ears. One director had a bed pan thrust in his face.  This happened after these same union people were insulted at Maurice Taylor’s portrayal of them as being “lazy.”  And this isn’t the first time.  They did it previously at a 3M plant in Pithiviers when a dispute over severance pay couldn’t be resolved.



The kidnappings in France appear to be a normal type of behavior for them as most of the French people were not outraged at all by the incident.  Even after the kidnappings the news slant out of Paris focused on the CEO of Titan Maurice Taylor, and his comments from the previous year.  Here are just a few:

France’s Communist Party expressed outrage at Taylor’s letter to the French government, calling it “an appalling provocation coupled with xenophobia against French workers.”  In France the communist party actually gets quoted in the paper which doesn’t happen at all in The United States–openly—even though many reporters lean toward communism as opposed to capitalism.  Another statement pontificated–”this is an insulting letter,” said Mickael Wamen, the CGT union’s representative at the Goodyear plant, saying it showed Taylor “belongs more in an insane asylum than at the head of a multinational corporation.”  But that same guy supported taking Goodyear executives hostage.


I have seen the new movie poster from the film Atlas Shrugged Part III: Who Is John Galt and it is controversial.  The filmmakers don’t wish me to reveal it at this time, so I won’t, but I’ll say this much.  It features John Galt standing up in front of the labor union at 20th Century Motors and telling them that he (Galt) will not go along with their socialist plans—and that he refuses to join them.  This happens against the backdrop of an American flag, and to me it is very exciting.  I actually love it—because when you pay attention to things like this whole issue in France, it becomes obvious very quickly why the entire continent of Africa is poor, why India is overcrowded and destitute, why China has the living conditions of an insect, why Russia is deceitful and broke, and why all of Europe is a cesspool of jealously toward The United States.  It is because they have behaved with collectivist, socialist corrosion which John Galt wisely divorces himself from in the upcoming movie.  The movie poster may not be exciting in the way a new superhero picture would be, but it is exciting in a way that people who understand capitalism need to see and hear.  Maurice Taylor will like the poster.  The French labor unions will hate it—but who cares what they think.  That French plant has sat idle during their entire strike.  They didn’t create a job to rival Goodyear, they just stood around like a bunch of idiots waiting for Taylor to “give” them a job they were somehow entitled to.

The new Atlas film based on the great American novel Atlas Shrugged looks like it will be fantastic.  Socialists, communists, labor unions, and scum bags won’t like the film.  They won’t like the new movie poster because John Galt is rejecting their premise in the movie–so who could blame them.  The French cannot understand American capitalism.  They have ruined their minds and as much as people like Maurice Taylor have tried to help them, they don’t get it.  In Atlas Shrugged, John Galt tried to help everyone, and they rejected him, so he packed up his efforts and left leaving the world to them—and the “workers” were unable to do anything with it.  The 20th Century Motor Company in the movie went out of business just as the Goodyear plant in France is doomed to failure.  The jobs and the wealth it created doesn’t rain from the sky the way the primitive labor union workers seem to believe based on their national philosophy shaped by Karl Marx, but is provided by people like Maurice Taylor and nobody else.  That is why the new movie poster to Atlas Shrugged Part III is so appropriate and for every reviewer who proclaims that the film is hateful, vitriolic and unrealistic—those same idiots are the people who have sided with the doomed French at the Goodyear plant in Amiens.  At the end of the book, the same thing that happened to the Goodyear executives was attempted against John Galt and the results were not pretty for those involved.  The French have proven Ayn Rand wise beyond belief and Atlas Shrugged more fact than fiction.Rand1

Rich Hoffman



The New Jeep Renegade: A vehicle marketed to high school girls and repressed Europeans

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High school girls, gay guys, and European men with way too much cologne appear to be the target of Fiat’s newest Jeep, Renegade.  Fiat’s acquisition strategy of the Jeep brand from Chrysler was on full display at the 2014 Geneva auto show.  They revealed what they intend to do with the automotive line nurtured in America and recognized throughout the world as a symbol of rugged individuality and toughness—they turned it into a mini.   Fiat is quite boastful of their skyrocketing sales after their Jeep acquisition.  The new Renegade will be built in some of the former factories crushed by socialism in Italy, and targeted for sale in Europe.  From their stand point, this is a brilliant move, Europe’s roads are too small, the people too tightly packed, and their governments are corrupted by the ghosts of communism.  Because of their mystical beliefs in global warming, Europe’s fuel costs are too high, and their expectations for personal freedom are very low.  For them, Jeep, as it has been marketed out of America under the Chrysler Corporation was representative of American independence, so Fiat has taken that image and smashed it down into something that the rest of the world can enjoy in order to boost sales.  For tightly packed Europe, the dirt roads of India, the washed out trails of China, the forever college students of Germany sung to social sleep by radical professors, the drifting yuppies of Brazil, and the up and coming drug dealers in Mexico, the Fiat version of the Jeep is perfect for them.  But for the American, the new Jeep will be one of those throwaway cars that dads buy for their daughters, or men lacking masculinity will purchase because it’s so “cute.”  The new Jeep Renegade by American standards looks like it might be capsized during a head-on collision with a bicycle.

One of the best vehicles my family ever had was a Jeep Grand Cherokee that we drove all over The United States.  Its powerful inline 6 cylinder engine could pull boats with no problem; it could handle the Appalachian Mountains with ease, and perform well on the highway for long trips.  One specific year my wife purchased a bike rack for the back of our Jeep and we took a family vacation down to Hilton Head Island.  Once we arrived we biked all over the island.  It was my wife, and two daughters with me on that trip and the Jeep had no trouble carrying a bike rack that could haul so many bicycles and still have the girth to plow through the wind, rain, and inclement weather from Ohio to South Carolina.  Inside that Jeep there was plenty of room for all of us to comfortably travel and still pack more than enough supplies for a week of vacationing.  Shortly after that trip, my wife was in a car accident that the insurance company totaled meaning we would lose the Jeep.  She had been hit by another vehicle taking my kids to school as another car slid on the wet pavement during the heavy traffic mornings.  Because the Jeep sat so high off the ground, and was so large, the vehicle took all the impact leaving my family safe inside.   The airbags all deployed and they walked away without any harm.  Initially, looking at the Jeep, I thought the damage was pretty minor.  The bumpers had held up, the fenders where hardly wrinkled, and the lights remained completely intact.  But, since the airbags deployed, the cost of repair was up over $10,000.  It was a 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee and the accident was in the mid 2000s, so the vehicle was getting up in years exceeding the technical value of the vehicle.  However, if not for that wreck, we would still be driving that Jeep to this very day.  If my wife had been driving a Jeep Renegade instead of a Grand Cherokee, my family would have been seriously hurt.

The Jeep brand was fostered by American car companies and spoke to the world of a lifestyle forged from capitalism that they simply couldn’t enjoy.  When Fiat bought the brand from the financially strapped Chrysler Corporation it was clear that the Italian company had plans to use that image to saturate a starving world with a mirage of American freedom represented by the Jeep brand.  Chrysler and General Motors specifically have major labor problems in America largely due to socialism driven by their unions, and could not live up to their own image, leaving them vulnerable in the global marketplace to Fiat.  Fiat has so far sought to shrink down the Jeep vehicles catering to the European market but dressing them up to look like the old Jeeps.  The Fiat Jeep is a kind of Angry Birds version of a Chrysler Jeep; it’s purely gimmicky but has compromised itself to fulfill a larger global strategy of wealth redistribution copying off Americans without the commitment to freedom that comes from such places.  Common in the discussion of economics these days is the “global marketplace” and behind that discussion there is always socialism driving the dialogue. Deep in the hearts of the rest of the world is the belief that America’s wealth should be redistributed to them, and in the case of brands like Fiat’s Jeep, the image is used and repackaged as a version more compatible with countries wrecked with socialism.  The subtle goal is proclaiming that another American brand is now in control of that global marketplace—known as “the public.”  No doubt that President Obama celebrated when Fiat bought up the majority of shares of Jeep stock showing a “partnership” with Italy and America that would resonate with the long-term plan academia has always fostered—a large federation of countries working together instead of being at war with one another.  It is similar to the reasons why men often want to sleep with the attractive wives of men they consider their intellectual and physical superiors—so that they can take something from their rivals that they don’t have in the first place.  Fiat, from Italy is taking from Jeep the American ruggedness and putting their stamp of softness to it so to reap the short-term profits while destroying the brand right in front of America’s bankrupt face—while The United States continues to pour billions of dollars in aid to such European nations through financing The United Nations, military support and intellectual property.  How many global film blockbusters have been produced in France, Italy, or Germany?  What was the latest billion dollar film made in Spain?  ………………………Anyone……………………………………………………………………………….anyone at all……………………………………………………………………………………….I’m still waiting………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………there isn’t one and never will be.  Because books, movies, music that achieve such status are created by free people—Americans—and that isn’t an accident.

The Fiat Jeep is wealth redistribution, not just in jobs that might otherwise have been created in America, but of the essence of American creation, the Jeep as it was conceived by Chrysler.  The Jeep I spoke so highly of, the Jeep Grand Cherokee from 1996 was conceived by Detroit automakers during the Reagan era before Detroit collapsed under the weight of their labor unions.  The Fiat Jeep Renegade is a vehicle conceived by a Detroit that just filed bankruptcy and had to sell off assets to an Italian company who traditionally makes small cars, for small people and their philosophic grip on history.  Surely the new Jeep Renegade will sell well in all the armpits of the world, the minds of Europe still recovering from the Dark Ages, the tribal hunters fresh off the Serengeti who have just spent the day hunting Gazelles because the grocery store had its food shipment confiscated by socialist radicals in charge of the country, or some hut dweller in Cambodia who is working 5 full-time jobs trying to pay for the broken leg his wife incurred during a traffic accident between two bicycles.  The Jeep Renegade will be a treasured vehicle in places like that.  But here in America, they will be driven by 16-year-old girls who think they are cute little “mini” cars, and will fill the parking lots of San Francisco gay nightclubs with air fresheners hanging from the mirrors to cover the odor of their clubbing activities.  But on the road across America these little Fiat Jeep’s will be road bumps equivalent to pot holes for the larger vehicles which are part of a culture which embraces freedom and individual liberty with size, space, and horsepower.  And all those things are missing from the new Fiat Jeep which is an insult to a brand that was built with rugged American history and a yearning for freedom that is unmatched anywhere  in the world—and under assault by yet another foreign company driven by socialism to consume anything and everything that has value.

Rich Hoffman



Cindy Carpenter’s Resume Issues: What alleged violations against ORC 3517.21 really mean

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In a tight race for Butler County Commissioner during the 2014 primaries where the current Commissioner Cindy Carpenter is defending her seat against two strong and highly educated challengers, the temptation to cross the line and break the law is ever-present.  Even though such law breaking is considered fashionable these days because our prosecutors and Justice Department officials are essentially shills for corruption—nobody enforces the 6 months in jail for candidates who mislead the public with campaign literature—to “pad” their credentials.  Carpenter after one term as commissioner has proven to be a Democrat with a Republican name and has sought to cover up the fact with a hostile presentation of herself toward those who disagree with her.  That kind of nonsense is seen on her resume.  Knowing she is being challenged by George Nafziger who is highly educated and loaded with a professional past and Christine Matacic who is essentially a well-connected crony career politician from Liberty Township, Carpenter apparently  felt she needed to beef up her resume to stay relevant—and she appears to have violated the law.  Credentials are supposed to be important, which is why there is a law to prevent such temptations from occurring.  That law is Ohio code 3517.21 specifically section (B) item (2), but who’s being specific.  Politicians work in generalities and prosecutors are terrified to enforce such laws.  If Cindy keeps her seat then retaliation is quite possible against them.  In fact right now there is quite a lot of turmoil between Butler County Republicans.  Do they throw their money behind the current commissioner in Carpenter because if they are caught trying to defect, there will likely be reprisal against their projects—which government is embedded in at every corner.  If they support Matacic, they might as well support another big government liberal as Matacic’s brand of Republican office occupation is essentially the same.  To complicate matters both career politicians are women—and nobody wants to be called a sexist for supporting George Nafziger over two potential women—even if they aren’t really conservatives.  So typically what happens is inaction, which is why it appears that Cindy Carpenter violated ORC 3517.21 knowing nobody would likely call her on it.

A big alarm for any women that one might meet is how many times she’s been married.  Sure, that’s old fashioned, but I’m that kind of guy.  If you go back beyond the four husbands that Cindy Carpenter has had back through the years to her high school year book, searching for the information found on her campaign literature indicating that she is a member of the Fairfield High School National Honor Society; her original name of Cindy Sears is not listed.  If Cindy was in fact a member of such a society, there would be some mention of it—but there’s not.  It is possible that there was a misprint in the yearbook during her senior days at Fairfield, or that she was an Honor Society member in some other period of her life, but typically this isn’t the case.  It is likely that it looked good on paper, so she put it on her resume.  Now if that was the only issue we might call it a mistake, but it’s not.

Carpenter listed also on her current campaign literature for County Commissioner that she “attended Miami University” which is different from her 2000 election literature for Clerk of Courts where such a credential wasn’t mentioned. So a simple investigation into the Miami University records and its branch offices under all her possible names has revealed that she never attended the university.  Checking under her various married names, giving her the benefit of doubt that she may have taken a class in basket weaving or something during the last 14 years still no mention that Cindy attended Miami University.  The Miami University Office of the Registrar has searched under all her names, Cindy Sears, Cindy Vogel, Cindy Ertel, Cindy Carpenter which was her previous husband’s name.  She is now married to a guy named Baker, so Cindy Baker was searched, and still nothing.  This means one of two things, the Miami University Office of the Registrar made a mistake and lost the records of Cindy’s attendance, or Cindy is counting the times she drove through the campus as having attended there.  That wouldn’t surprise me because reading through her resume it is certainly padded.  She lists virtually every time she attended a meeting for something as a credential.  For instance, she lists things like, “collaborated with Lt. Governor Mike Dewine to bring Federal Medicaid Waiver programs to Ohio,” and “presenter of Advocacy Session at the Ohio Department of Health Annual Conference.”  You get the point. At least her more recent resume is a bit more concise.  On her 2000 literature she literally listed every time she stepped into a federal government bathroom.  The only reason its relevant is that it shows the lady is desperate to prove her “social value” and will literally report every time she interacted with a public official as a credential, so going a step further and making things up isn’t beyond belief—especially when the records can’t be dredged up from the past.

If the local media had any testicular fortitude, they would do these investigations themselves—but they dare not because if Carpenter retains her seat, they don’t want to be “blackballed,” by her.  So they stick to the powder puff stuff.  There are also a lot of  respected Republicans—like her good buddy Sheriff Jones who are well aware of what ORC 3517.21 means because his jail is supposed to house its violators.  But his rational will likely be that this is just politics and there isn’t any harm in these things.  Everybody is doing it—so what’s the big deal.  But the same could be said for traffic violations, or drug sales—or even immigration issues—everybody is hiring illegal immigrants who are funneling drug money up and down the I-75 corridor destroying children’s lives right in our own back yard—but hey—everybody is doing it—so it’s all good.  See no evil—no foul no jail, no problem.  What are rules anyway, especially if nobody follows them?

Cindy’s many husbands, her altruistic tendencies, and willingness to push legal boundaries as she has had a recent tiff with the Butler County Prosecutor and was even caught lying on 700 WLW radio with Bill Cunningham demonstrate a pattern of behavior that is dangerous to any elected office.  CLICK HERE FOR REVIEW.  Her behavior paints a picture that is not favorable to Cindy Carpenter who is using her previous husband’s last name because of the name recognition.  (THE AUDIO THERE PROVIDES THE EVIDENCE).  Even if she doesn’t go to jail for her apparent ORC 3517.21 violations she certainly shouldn’t be re-elected so that Butler County has four more years of her chaotic management style.  Better people are available for her commissioner seat, and they should get a crack at the job without her infusion of manipulation seeking to preserve some deep rot in her mind running from three decades of misplaced priorities.  The list of husbands behind her is a record that no padded resume can hide—and is a more important indicator of her priorities as a person than the time in 1999 when she attended a Fred Pryor Seminar on conflict resolution and confrontational skills, or the time in 1998 that she attended a class at Solar Comp to learn how to use Windows 95, or the time in 1994 where she attended the Ohio Republican Party – Nuts and Bolts Seminar.  All that and more is on her past resumes explaining her work history and value for the seat of County Commissioner.  All that and apparently even things that didn’t happen.  Cindy Carpenter is the kind of politician that nobody wants once they see beyond the glitter and the charm to the person who is really sitting in that seat.  Worse is the reason that she’s there—to provide meaning to a life that has loads of personal issues hidden behind altruistic intentions at the expense of tax payers.  And that is the real crime behind her actions.  It’s not so much that Carpenter should go to jail for violating ORC 3517.21 as much as she should be punished for using a government office to mask her own deficiencies.  And if the padded resumes and conflicting presence is looked at beyond the thin veil of social courtesy, a person who should not hold public office is revealed.  A person who uses the office to bring meaning to a life that is otherwise void of it, and a person who seeks such a seat to fill themselves at the expense of everyone else.

Rich Hoffman



Attack Against the West Clermont School Board: The antics of Plunderbund and other characters of detriment

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So what is going on in the videos below where the new Tea Party majority school board at West Clermont is running up against the heavily entrenched education union establishment?  If you watch the videos provided you will see what appears to be three Tea Party oriented school board members being exposed openly for their lack of internal understanding by the two entrenched pro labor union supporters.  The primary issue of contention is the desire of the three to change district attorneys who are protested by the two and a majority of the radicalized audience.  What is most telling is the insistence by the two pro union school board members to mire down the management process into a collective unity where minor decisions are discussed by the group at large.  This of course is how it is supposed to be, but these types for decades have used such red tape to advance government expanding agendas by wearing down their opposition arguing over little things when the big things get lost in the details.  The argument over preserving the current legal counsel who is in tuned to “education” interest as opposed to a new attorney firm that is rooted in business and commerce tells the entire story.  The education attorney obviously represents the union interests to the appeasement of the collective mob.  The business oriented law firm obviously leans in the direction of management—which is the school board.  That single issue articulates the entire debate and makes the two pro union supporters on the school board obvious violators of the public tax revenue.  Watch the videos for yourself.

Obviously there are fellow school reformers in that district which I am affiliated with and I inquired about this with them for clarification—which they provided.  There is a large organized effort to defame, demonize and dethrone the three conservative board members now in majority there.  This started before they even were sworn in literally once the election results were finalized, by the prior board and school administrator’s that may have broken the same Sunshine Law they claim current board members have in that video.  This is the way it always is with these government employees, they cite the law when they want something and ignore it when it works against them.

The woman on the far right of the screen doing most of the talking is Tammy Brinkman.  Jim Lewis who is one of the Tea Party school board members should take “action” against her as she went around the school district slandering Jim’s name indicating that he was convicted of domestic violence, when in fact it was not true. She said so much to many people on election day, even right next to a lawyer for the county who by reaction should provide testimony.  Jim should take that action otherwise that Brinkman lady will continue to be corrosive to the process of reform.

The man next to her is even stranger. His name is Steve Waldmann, and he is a member of Jim Lewis’ church and is a supposed friend of his. He was promoted by Jim, and endorsed by the PAC run through local conservatives to elect conservative candidates. What occurred next, however, was a political Benedict Arnold move. The guy showed up at a gathering to plan their coming agenda and told the three conservatives that he hates the Tea Party, and indicated that he wanted to be president of the board. He verbally abused all these people.  At that point, he formed an alliance with Ms. Brinkman. It was also known that he was good friends with the former superintendent, Gary Brooks, but Jim didn’t think (and regrettably still doesn’t think) Steve would break ranks.  If Jim wants to be smart, he’ll not trust this guy any longer as he has revealed his cards in the video.  The betrayal is obvious against the three school board members who spent most of the meeting speechless and floored—but they should expect this.  These education people are crazy—deeply entrenched and are using the same old tricks that they always have to drive up their labor costs, their ridiculous vacation schedules, and maniacal work hours.  The only way to deal with them is to crush them spiritually, and by process—otherwise they will seek to crush the conservative school board members the other way.  There won’t be any hand holding with these pro-government school people.  They won’t compromise, yield, or be reasonable—so the only move against them is to crush them.  Jim and the gang have to possess the heart to do so—otherwise more meetings will occur just like the one seen above.

Thirdly, there is a person who came in dead last in the election that is involved in all this as well. His name is David Schaeff, an IRS employee with young kids not yet in school. He is allegedly furious at the election results and is working in tandem with these people, and the group West Clermont United–more or less levy supporters who are more rabid than usual because of their sudden loss of control. He wants to embarrass the new school board members as much as he was embarrassed on Election Day.  He  appears to be out for revenge.

Lastly, the three people in the majority are not strong people.  They are common everyday people and are in fact the type of people who should be school board members.  They represent the interests of their school district and are far from polished professionals.  They are unprepared, and outmatched in this fight. These people are nice and mean well, but ill-suited for the job. There is little focus and not one of them has the ability to speak with authority on any matter. They deserve some of the criticism, but this stuff would not occur if they were better organized.  So they need to get organized and polish themselves a bit into more sharpened edges, because things will only get worse and they need the resolve to do what they need to do.  They have the majority, and the high ground, so they need to use it with confidence.  The fact that they are not polished is a strength of theirs, and they need to use it to bring in people to the process who are otherwise too intimidated by people like Brinkman to participate.  Their naïveté is an asset, and they need to utilize it in direct contrast to the entrenched union machine and all their cronies.

The site Plunderbund (left-wing union site) has put a target lock on West Clermont.  This Sunshine law alleged violation is being put forth via those 2 board members, and David Schaeff.  Schaeff looks to have  filed a FOIA request for district documents and communication related to the matter.  Regardless they will allege what they can and will for the foreseeable future until one of the three, or all of them punch the pro-government school people square in the nose metaphorically. The two losers are upset that they aren’t in control and really wanted to be Pres./Vice-Pres.   It really does come down to power and what gets lost in all of this is any effort to care for the “children.”  It’s all about the teachers, administrators and their control of the education funding for their own interests and nobody else.


So there is a lot more going on than meets the eye—of course.  But the summery is that the Tea Party oriented school board members need to prepare themselves better for a fight and not just assume that their majority will give them the ability to solve problems.  The other two school board members have openly advocated that they intend to mire the board down in processing regulation and inaction so to embarrass the three and regain the majority protecting the union solidarity of West Clermont.  So my advice to them would be to stop playing so nice and treat them accordingly.  And show up for the meetings ready for the kind of nonsense they saw in the start of 2014, because it will only get worse unless the challenge is met head on.  There is a reason that the Plunderbund site has a fist as their symbol.  That isn’t for hand shaking—it’s for fighting—and is the only way to beat those people.  If they don’t get their way, they intend violence legally or illegally—so provoke them into making the first move so that the media can finally see what they are all about. 

Rich Hoffman



Jack Parsons and the Occult: The birth of NASA, government looters, and sexual sacrifice

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This is Part V of a series, CLICK HERE TO REVIEW PART IV:

This is the comment of Jack Parsons who was a leader of the O.T.O temple in Pasadena, California and the primary driver of the Cal Tech rocket program that would compete directly with Robert Goddard for NASA’s journey into space.  He was also a very close friend of L.R. Hubbard—so close that they often shared women sexually.

“The dictatorship of the proletariat is merely temporary—the state will eventually wither away like a snark hunter, leaving us all free as birds. Meanwhile it may be necessary to kill, torture and imprison a few million people, but whose fault is it if they get in the way of progress?[146]

From early on in his career, Parsons took an interest in socialism and communism,[143] views that he shared with his friend Malina.[144] Under the influence of another friend, Sidney Weinbaum, the two of them joined a communist group in the late 1930s, with Parsons reading Marxist literature, but he remained unconvinced and refused to join the American Communist Party.[37] Malina asserted that this was because Parsons was a “political romantic,” whose attitude was more anti-authoritarian than anti-capitalist.[145] Parsons would later become critical of the Marxist-Leninist government of the Soviet Union led by Joseph Stalin, leading to the above quoted comments.

During the era of McCarthyism and the Red Scare, he was questioned as to his former links to the communist movement, by which time he denied any connection to it.  Instead he described himself as “an individualist.”[147]

Influenced by Thelema, which holds to the ethical code of “Do what thou wilt,” in the 1940s Parsons became a vocal social libertarian. In his article, Freedom is a Lonely Star, he championed the libertarian social views of some of the Founding Fathers of the United States, which were enshrined in the American Constitution, claiming that by his own time these had been “sold out by America, and for that reason the heart of America is sick and the soul of America is dead.”[148] He proceeded to criticize many aspects of contemporary U.S. society, particularly the police force, remarking, “The police mind is usually of a sadistic and homicidal trend” and noting that they carried out the “ruthless punishment of symbolic scapegoats” such as African-Americans, prostitutes, alcoholics, homeless people and socio-political radicals, under the pretense of a country that had “liberty and justice for all.”[149] To bring about a freer future, Parsons believed in liberalizing attitudes to sexual morality, stating that in his belief, the publication of the Kinsey report and development of the psychonautical sciences had as significant an influence on Western society as the creation of the atomic bomb and the development of nuclear physics, and that in the future the restrictions on sexual morality within society should be abolished in order to bring about greater freedom and individuality.[150] In this context, Colin Bennett of the Fortean Times cites Parsons as one of the instigators of the countercultural movements of the 1960s.[151]

In January 1939, John and Frances Baxter, a brother and sister who had befriended Jack and Helen Parsons, took Jack to the Church of Thelema in Winona Boulevard, Hollywood, where he witnessed the performance of a Gnostic Mass. Parsons was intrigued, having already heard of Thelema’s founder Aleister Crowley after reading a copy of Crowley’s Konx om Pax (1907). Parsons’ formative interest in esotericism was developed through his reading of The Golden Bough (1890), a work in comparative mythology by Scottish social anthropologist James George Frazer.[39] With Helen he had attended a lecture on theosophy by philosopher Jiddu Krishnamurti, but was “nauseated” by its sentiment of “the good and the true.”[40]

At the mass Parsons was introduced to leading members Regina Kahl, Jane Wolfe, and Wilfred Talbot Smith. Feeling both “repulsion and attraction” for Smith, Parsons continued to attend the Church’s events sporadically for a year.[41] He continued to read Crowley’s works, which increasingly interested him, and encouraged Helen to do so too.[42] Parsons came to believe in the reality of magic as a force that could be explained through quantum physics.[42] He tried to interest a number of his friends and acquaintances in Thelema, at one point taking the science fiction authors Jack Williamson and Cleve Cartmill to a performance of the Gnostic Mass, and although they were unimpressed, Parsons was successful with a young Caltech student whom he had befriended, Grady Louis McMurtry, as well as McMurtry’s fiancee Claire Palmer, and Helen’s sister Sara Northrup, who was known as Betty.[43]

Parsons and his wife would finally be initiated into the Agape Lodge of the Ordo Templi Orientis on February 15, 1941, with Parsons adopting the Thelemic motto of “Thelema Obtenteum Proedero Amoris Nuptiae”, a Latin mistranslation of “The establishment of Thelema through the rituals of love”. The initials of this motto spelled out TOPAN, also serving as the declaration “To Pan.”[44] Commenting on Parsons’ errors of translation, in jest Crowley remarked that “the motto which you mention is couched in a language beyond my powers of understanding.”[45] Smith wrote to Crowley, claiming that Parsons was “a really excellent man … He has an excellent mind and much better intellect than myself … JP is going to be very valuable”,[46] while Wolfe wrote to the Thelemite Karl Germer to comment that Parsons was “an A1 man … Crowleyesque in attainment as a matter of fact.”[47] Crowley concurred with such assessments, informing Smith that Parsons “is the most valued member of the whole Order, with no exception!”[45]

Soon, science fiction writer and former United States Navy officer L. Ron Hubbard moved in to 1003; he and Parsons became close friends, with Parsons informing Crowley that Hubbard was “the most Thelemic person I have ever met.”[83] Although Parsons and Sara had always had an open relationship, she became enamored with Hubbard, causing Parsons intense jealousy.[84] Parsons began to devote increasing amounts of time to the ‘dark side’ of magic, becoming interested in the iconography of witchcraft, something that concerned many fellow OTO members, who believed that he had invoked troublesome spirits into the Parsonage. Parsons reported paranormal events in the house resulting from his rituals including poltergeist activity, sightings of orbs and ghostly apparitions, and disembodied voices. Pendle suggested that Parsons was particularly susceptible to these interpretations, and attributed the voices to a prank by Hubbard and Sara.[85] One ritual allegedly brought screaming banshees to the windows of the Parsonage, an incident that disturbed Ed Forman for the rest of his life.[86] Deciding to use magical means to attract a new lover, Parsons performed a series of rituals based in Enochian magic during which he masturbated on to magical tablets, accompanied by Sergei Prokofiev‘s Second Violin Concerto, using both his own semen and blood for this purpose. He allowed Hubbard to take part, believing that he was particularly sensitive to detecting magical phenomena.[87]

Their final ritual took place in the Mojave Desert on 18 January 1946, and on return to the Parsonage Parsons discovered that a woman named Marjorie “Candy” Cameron had come to visit. Believing her to be the “elemental” woman that he had invoked, he began performing sex magic rituals with her. Describing this as the Babalon Working, he hoped to bring about the incarnation of a Thelemite female messiah, Babalon, onto Earth, with Cameron acting as the “Scarlet Woman” in these rituals.[88] Although Crowley warned him of such an endeavor, Parsons was committed, and retreated to the desert, where he came to believe that a preternatural entity spoke to him, to provide him with Liber 49, which he believed to represent a fourth part of The Book of the Law, the primary sacred text of Thelema, as well as part of a new sacred text he called the Book of Babalon.[89] This accomplished, Parsons set about trying to sell the Parsonage for $25,000, on the condition that he could continue to live in the coach house, and he appointed Roy Leffingwell to head the Agape Lodge, which would now have to meet elsewhere for its rituals.[90]


What Parsons had in common with present day President Obama and the very evil Aleister Crowley is that he had a failed relationship with his father.  Parsons’ father had carried on a sexual relationship with a prostitute causing him a divorce.  Little Jack’s mother was so angry that the father’s name was removed from her son’s referral and the situation never really alleviated.  Jack found replacements for a father figure in communism where the “state” was the parent, and he found a more literal father figure in Aleister Crowley and the head of the Agape Loge Wildfred Smith.  Smith would comfort Parsons first wife after Jack decided he desired sexually her sister. But when that more sexual appetizing sister began bedding L.R. Hubbard Parsons went into the desert to perform the Mojave ritual giving him Candy Cameron whom he would stay married to until his death while trying to fulfill an explosives order for a Hollywood movie.  But those weren’t the only women Jack slept with—he carried on openly sexual relationships with many other women coming full circle to far surpass his father’s womanizing.  The big difference is that Jack Parsons had found a mechanism through religion which allowed him to justify the conduct.

When my family visits the family condo down in Florida my wife is greatly disturbed by the number of strip houses erected to attend to the NASA scientists working at the Kennedy Space Center.  While she despises those places in spite of the beauty surrounding the Cocoa Beach area I feel the same level of disenchantment for the Merritt Island Lodge #353, which is the local Mason hall near the condo.  I see them one in the same by level of depravity.  Both are reminders that the rocket program ushered into NASA had its roots by two primary people who both had a mutual relationship with Wernher von Braun—Robert Goddard and Jack Parsons.  Of the two, Goddard was certainly my kind of guy.  When diagnosed with tuberculosis and told that he would soon die, he sat on the front porch of his cold New England home and stared death down daring it to consume him.  Miraculously, he beat death to live on for a number of years and eventually carry mankind into space after the federal government tried to steal all his patents for “national security” to build their own rockets.  It is likely that many of the UFO sightings from this early period of rocketry were government experiments into Robert Goddard’s designs which failed.  They would eventually settle with Goddard’s widow finally giving her husband credit and using his name as propaganda against the U.S.S.R during the space race. Jack Parsons however turned to magick instead of self-reliance leaving Goddard to reject the collectivism demonstrated by the Caltech rocket boys from California.  Goddard continued to his dying day to work in relative isolation while Parsons pursed his rocketry passion with the assistance of supernatural aid and making special effects for Hollywood studios sleeping with half the women of Southern California.  The seed of darkness planted into the movie and music industry began there at the Agape Lodge by Parsons and his mentor Smith.  Ironically, even though the Kennedy Space Center is now in heavy reverence for Robert Goddard, it is the old Caltech members of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory who primarily established the foundations for those rocket engineers.  They had been developed by Jack Parsons as well leaving the modern-day rocket scientists of NASA to live the same kind of double life that Jack did.  By day they were brilliant scientists—by night they sought sexual fulfillment in the strip joints of Cocoa Beach and their Mason’s Lodge down the street told them that it was the right thing to do.

The difference between Jack Parasons and Robert Goddard are essentially the rift which modern America is currently experiencing.  One was a rugged individualist which was uniquely positioned as a genius that a whole army of government scientists couldn’t duplicate even with his stolen patent notes right in front of them.  The other in Jack Parsons who didn’t live very long, but did a tremendous amount of damage to the industry of film and early jet propulsion, and had roots in communism with the above opening quote which I’ll repeat here for emphasis:

“The dictatorship of the proletariat is merely temporary—the state will eventually wither away like a snark hunter, leaving us all free as birds. Meanwhile it may be necessary to kill, torture and imprison a few million people, but whose fault is it if they get in the way of progress.”

Jack Parsons was a smart man who helped carry America into the golden age of jet propulsion.  He conducted right out in the open a duel life, one of legitimate science, and dark sinister commitment to the occult—and he was a devoted communist—he believed in “collective salvation.”  Because of his success more people than fewer picked his path over that of old Robert Goddard—and that has brought a terrible realization of treachery to modern rocket science which is quite evident in the parking lot of the “gentlemen clubs” of Cocoa Beach at 1:30 in the morning an hour and a half past Sunday.

As I go to the store late at night at times to get milk, or soda for my wife, the cars in that parking lot are proud—they are NASA employees away from their families on 6 month assignments.  They come to the “gentlemen clubs” to see naked women who are often the age of their daughters and deep down inside they have the misguided belief that they are doing something for the greater good by participating.  Some of those proud cars have “Trust America” on their bumpers—or “Made in America,” referring to the NASA program.  Most of them are married, but like Jack Parsons, they feel that their participation in extramarital affairs is justified by some rationalization that we are all “one and the same.”  The 19-year-old girl dancing on the stage topless is the same as the obese wife bitter and unhealthy back home—they are both female and aspects of the Mother of Abominations.  Any high degree Mason from Merritt Island Lodge #353 knows what that is—and if they don’t, they haven’t been invited to the initiation ceremony yet.

I often sit on the balcony and watch those girls of the night come to the beach during early morning sunrises to wash off the sins of the previous evening.  I read my books and eat pistachio nuts while listening to their mutterings.  Without the seductive lure of the “gentlemen clubs,” the g-strings and the seductive lights and music, they are just girls a few years away from the innocent minds of a typical 9 to 10-year-old.  They are not yet ruined—that comes two or three years later when those same new bodies become irreparably tarnished with wrinkles from too much sun bathing, too many drugs, and too many gross old men wanting to caress them sexually.  By the time those girls are 25 they are destroyed for life and the NASA scientists from the Kennedy Space Center have helped take them there.  Every year from the balcony it is always a new crop of girls who come to the beach in their thin bikinis so to get tan lines that will assist them during their pole dancing routines.  I met one of these girls when I went to Ron Jon’s to purchase a new Frisbee to throw on the beach with my family.  A joke emerged with the female cashier leading me to believe that she was about my age—from the 1980s.  She looked at me sadly when she realized I assumed she was in her forties—she was missing all her front teeth probably from too much “meth” her skin looked like an alligator that had been soaked in vinegar to preserve its dead flesh and her breath was in desperate need of a breath mint.  Her eyes were sunken and very tired.  She was only 31.

The evils aren’t always as extreme as Jack Parsons experiments at the Agape Loge.  They are seldom so outrageous—and few people go to such extremes as Jack did for the reasons he did.  Even with all the broken families, there are still a lot of people who have healthy relationships with their fathers and don’t go to the extremes that Jack did, or Aleister Crowley to rectify a need for father atonement.  But what does sink in is the notion of collective sacrifice—the idea of dying for one’s country, or dedicating ones career to country, or dedicating oneself even to a family—the permeating belief is that sacrifice yields benefit for the collective will of humanity—and it doesn’t.  It simply destroys them, and leaves them empty husks of human flesh grossly undeveloped.

I have no doubt that the same type of people who hung out with Jack Parsons at the Agape Loge in Pasadena, California are the same type of people who raised Barack Obama during the height of the counter-culture movement which was directly influenced by Jack Parsons.  The ideal that the dictatorship of the proletariat would only be temporary are the musings of an incomplete mind deeply harmed by the lack of a strong father in their life to impart wisdom, and goodness to a hungry young mind.  Without that important element in their life, they sometimes turn to the supernatural for assistance, and once they do—it’s over for them. But what makes them dangerous to others is that they start churches like the O.T.O to help people find their individual paths—but in essence the real motive is to sacrifice the purity of many people to the collective will of the supernatural—and whose fault is it if they get into the way of progress?

Tomorrow, we will discover why these types of people yearn to sacrifice women in such a way.  You will learn about the Babalon Scarlet Women.  It is likely that you know some.

Rich Hoffman



Payton Manning’s Remarkable Comeback Story: Why the FDA is against stem cell research

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For the Superbowl this year, even though I like and admire both teams, the defense of the Seattle Seahawks, and the offense of Payton Manning on the Broncos—it is the Broncos that I will be rooting for.  During the football year of 2011, Manning was forced to sit out the entire year and watch from the booth in Indianapolis as his football career appeared to be over with a neck injury that appeared irreparable.  Yet Manning, with the same resiliency he shows in all of his football games was determined to never say die even when the odds were very much against him.  He calmly made arrangements to have his injury fixed with stem cells returning a year later to a new team with the Denver Broncos having a strong season.  The very next year, he has taken that franchise to the Superbowl—a feat they would not have achieved without him.  Payton Manning singlehandedly cared the team on his back and with leadership that is very unique.  He took a team that would otherwise be average—to the most coveted sports event of the entire year—a Superbowl.

There was a wonderful article on this stem cell procedure which I thought was of interest to my readers here at Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom.  As my frequent readers know, I am very excited about the cures for cancer, the regenerative growth technology that is happening in the medical industry, and other exciting developments in stem cell research that are currently underway.  If Manning had followed the rules in The United States dictated by the FDA, Payton would have found his NFL career over two years ago.  He would not be playing in a Superbowl, and Denver would still be struggling to find an identity after their experiments with Tim Tebow.

The entirety of that article can be found at the end of this article for cross-reference but the gist of it is this–Peyton Manning, first injured his neck in a game against the Washington Redskins on October 22nd, 2006 after his helmet was ripped off by Andre Carter. Manning played relatively pain-free the next few years but reinjured the neck in 2010 and soon found himself without his characteristic arm strength. Ultimately, Manning decided to go under the knife in May of 2011 to have surgery on a herniated disk that was thought to cause the pain and weakness. In the weeks following the operation, the NFL’s most marketable player appeared to be on the road to recovery1 but he suffered another setback in the summer of 2011 necessitating a second, far more serious operation: cervical spinal fusion.2 But before he had the procedure, Peyton Manning did something truly bizarre.

Shortly before the spinal fusion, Manning travelled to Europe to have stem cells harvested from his fat tissue so they could be injected into his injured neck. Upon learning of this unusual procedure, I had two questions: 1) Why did he do this? and 2) Why was it done in Europe?

Stem cells are those undifferentiated cells that, like Daniel Day-Lewis, can seemingly turn into anything. They can be harvested from bone marrow, the umbilical cord, blood, or fat tissue – plucking them from fat happens to be technically easy and relatively painless – and through the secretion of growth factors can aid in cartilage and bone regeneration. There’s no definitive evidence that stem cell injections actually work for the kind of neck injury Peyton Manning had, so when it was leaked that the quarterback had undergone the procedure, there were more than a few skeptics.

A professor of bioethics at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine called Manning’s decision “an act of desperation” and Dr. Lawrence Goldstein, director of the stem cell program at the University of California, San Diego said, “It is impossible to know whether the ‘treatment’ will make Manning better or worse or merely financially poorer.”

Well, at age 37, Peyton Manning just had the best season for a quarterback in the history of the NFL. But was it because of the stem cells or in spite of them or unrelated entirely? It’s still unclear. Proponents of the procedure call Manning a poster child for stem cell therapy, while critics say he required a subsequent neck operation precisely because the stem cells didn’t work. (Manning has not commented.) While that argument plays out, a more interesting question remains: Why did Manning have to go to Europe for the procedure? The answer has to do with the FDA and how one defines risk.

A patient can either be consented individually (by signing a form, typically) for a medical procedure—like neck surgery—or exposed to an unconsented risk where regulatory assurances are already in place, like the FDA ensuring that your painkiller is potent, safe, and pure. But where do stem cell injections fall on the consent/risk spectrum? Is the injection of your own cells more like having a surgical procedure or more like taking a drug? Because there is no mass production or distribution involved, many doctors think the risk of stem cell injections is more like having surgery; it can only be estimated by the clinician who is providing the therapy, and it is up to the patient to weigh and ultimately accept the risk and provide consent. The FDA disagreed with this line or reasoning and in 2006 ruled that a patient’s own cells should be subject to the same regulation as mass-produced drugs. Peyton’s stem cells were essentially no different from a medication you’d pick up at the pharmacy.

The outcry from medical organizations was swift, and included critical statements from the American Red Cross and the American Society of Clinical Oncology, which objected, “in the strongest terms to FDA’s proposed regulation of stem cell transplants. This misguided proposal is unnecessary…and exceeds FDA’s legal authority…stem cell transplants are medical procedures. Their use is the practice of medicine, not the manufacturing of a drug as FDA asserts.”

The FDA’s ruling meant Peyton’s own stem cells fell under the purview of the FDA and were suddenly wrapped in red tape. To avoid any possible bureaucratic delay, he simply went to Europe to have the procedure done there. Manning didn’t have time to wait for the FDA or more testing of the procedure, he needed to get back on the field before he was too old. Now the presumptive MVP may be headed for the Super Bowl after a record-setting season. Was it because of the stem cells? Who knows, but the likelihood is that many more people—not just pro athletes, but weekend warriors—will be wanting to go to Europe to have this done, and Peyton won’t just be the face of junk pizza and DirecTV, but of an unproven medical procedure and skirting FDA regulation abroad.


The American government is killing people because of their intense regulations and causing many millions of others to be ill when they don’t need to be.  The Peyton Manning story should be a lesson to us all of what kind of medical potential exists, but aren’t options because they threaten the power of the pharmaceutical lobby.  As the world watches Peyton Manning in the Superbowl finalize a 2013 season remember that Manning would not be able to play that game if he had followed the recommendations of the American government and the ridiculous rules of the FDA.  Look at your own aches and pains and remember the loved ones who painfully left your life through death and illness and answer your own question………………………..why?

The answer is because the FDA wants people sick—so they can stay relevant and keep everyone buying drugs at a pharmacy protecting the drug companies.  The option of stem cell research threatens those drug companies by making it so that people could be healthy, instead of always sick.  There is more money to be made off sick people than healthy ones.

For all those reasons……………….I am rooting for Payton Manning…………….one more time.

Rich Hoffman



BATKID Saves the Day: The power of fantasy, mythology, and hope to cure illness

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I have heard for as long as I’ve interacted with people how my enjoyment of fantasy is an escape from reality brought upon by a desire to not deal with the facts of circumstance.  People who desire that the earth is only 4000 years old because thinking outside of those parameters wrecks the foundations of their very lives—do not like things that rock their boat of perceived reality.  They are often content to view the world as it has been prepared for them by politics, public relation firms, and religion—and react with disdain toward those who wish to think outside of those boundaries.  I find such people grotesquely ignorant, small-minded, and foolishly reckless to not only their lives, but those who they come in contact with.  The older I get, the more I despise those people.  They are detriments to intelligence.  Fantasy is the vehicle to take the mind out of circumstance and into places where new ideas are born.  In the context of intelligence the need for fantasy, imagination, and out-of-boundary thought is the specific human need for mythology.  Dogs, cats and gold-fish have no need for mythology—they are driven by the basic need to eat, dispose of their waste, and reproduce.  Nothing else.  The human being thinks—giving mythology a much more important role to their vivid imaginations bringing logic and fantasy together to consider “what if.”  This important process was never so brilliantly exhibited than in the Make-A-Wish Foundation story of 5-year-old Miles Scott who is currently in remission from leukemia.  Watch this!

It would be difficult to be alive and not have heard this story as the media blitz on it was ferocious.  The other day during the interview I did with Matt Clark on WAAM radio, I brought up the kind of things that unify people who appear to be radically different.  We talked about the “Tapestries of Ideology” and once they are removed from their lives, common ground can be achieved.  One of the most powerful “Tapestries of Ideology” is the power of mythology to overcome the ignorance of political boundaries.  This is often what happens in a Star Wars movie where I find I have as much enthusiasm for George Lucas’ creations as Arianna Huffington does.  She is a radical progressive, I am a staunch conservative—but we both love Star Wars for many of the same reasons.  We both love the plight of the rebellion against an evil empire.   She envisions that government should be the way that fairness is given to human kind, and I see it as the destroyer of mankind.  That is where the tapestries of ideology come into play where the color, shape, size and all other factors that go into those ornaments are shaped by society, education, and history.   But the mythology of Star Wars has the power to extend beyond those tapestries to the actual truth—which is why I always emphasis the importance of mythology in society.  It is far more important than politics, or reality as it is shaped by orthodox sources like The New York Times, The Cincinnati Enquirer, or the nightly local news.

As much as I despise President Obama, I shared with the guy a love for little Miles Scott.  As much as I think San Francisco is a haven for progressivism, I loved that much of the city turned out to help make Miles Scott’s wish to become a superhero into a reality.  Because of the little fellow’s intense desire to be a superhero like the mythical Batman—this is where fantasy can take the mind out of the grim reality of a situation to take mankind to a higher place.  Reality says to this child that he has leukemia and that he will die.  Mythology says to this child, there is hope if you can become a superhero—so the survival instinct of Miles Scott chose life over death—and to fight instead of accepting his fate.

Thank God for the Make-A-Wish Foundation showing an interest in this child.  But more than that, thank God the politicians of San Francisco joined in the effort with an army of similar volunteers.  I have never seen such a fine example of the power of myth applied to reality.  Out of all the characters that Christian Bale will ever play, none will be more important than his Batman character because none will ever obtain the ability to pull a city like San Francisco together the way that mythology did.  It started with the fantasy of Batman and his ability to overcome personal issues to fight crime in the actual comic.  Then Miles using that mythology to ask the question “what if.”  Then it took the Make-A-Wish Foundation to give the kid a chance at his dream while he is still healthy and alive—before leukemia attacks him again.  Then it took normal every day people to help make that fantasy into a reality for little Miles.  But in this case, Miles Scott was the focus—the reason for the event, and in a metaphorical way, he saved not just San Francisco—but the entire nation.

Make-A-Wish does this kind of thing all the time.  They are a great organization.   Recently they made a child in Anaheim Batman’s sidekick Robin and a Seattle child a secret agent.  But before they can organize such things Make-A-Wish needs creative people to plant the seed of hope into the mind of a child so that something greater than their circumstance can be comprehended—so that they can make a wish.  This is why superheros, comic books, fantastic movies, and big ideas expressed creatively are so important to us all.  For many kids not suffering the way that Miles Scott is, the same power holds for them as well.  Superheros like Batman are good for the healthy as well as the sick and give hope where reality provided none.

The reason I get so damn mad at those who proclaim that fantasy is an escape from reality is that they are essentially saying that the world would be better off without these influences.   They believe that reality was shaped by the politics of the Greeks and solidified by religion 2000 years ago—and that is just stupid.  Those periods were just small steps in human progress toward creating a mythology that pushed up against the limits of reality to seek something more than the world currently provides.  In the case of Miles Scott and the massive world-wide fanfare that ensued from his desire to be Batkid for a day, somewhere a scientist determined that nobody should suffer death by leukemia.  Likely long after Batkid has come and gone from this earth, there will be a cure that was inspired by Miles Scott’s Make-A-Wish dream and the saving of lives won’t just be a fantasy played out on the city streets of San Francisco.  It will become a new reality—inspired by fantasy and a new ceiling of human limitation will be revealed—and we will all be better off for it.

That is the power of myth, and the beauty of defying reality through fantasy.  Miles Scott saved society for a day by removing the “tapestries of ideology” which divide us all, and put the question on the table—why, and how can “I” fix it?

That! Is Christopher Nolan’s next film……………………..and I will be going to see it!  

Rich Hoffman




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