Kali Ma Will Rule the World: Why the labor unions are by definition THUGS

Do you know where the word “THUG” comes from? It’s the slang term given to the Thuggee criminal fraternity of Hindu thieves dating from the 17th century and going into the early 20th century. The Thuggee were a cult of maniacs engaged in mass murder. The modus operandi was to join a caravan and become accepted as bona-fide travelers themselves. The thugs would need to delay any attack until their fellow travelers had dropped the initial wariness of the newcomers and had been lulled into a false sense of security gaining their trust. Once the travelers had allowed the Thugs to join them and disperse amongst them—a task which might sometimes, depending on the size of the target group, require accompaniment for hundreds of miles—the Thugs would wait for a suitable place and time before killing and robbing them. (Source http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thuggee )

The film Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom had some fun with the terrible culture of the Thuggee in the popular 1984 film as Matt Clark and I did also in the Sunday November 20, 2011 broadcast on his ClarkCast radio network heard on WAAM Ann Arbor. The subject was comparing the labor unions of Ohio who led a $30 million plus campaign to repeal Issue 2 in Ohio to the human sacrifice aspect of the Thuggee culture which is why I think all labor unions are no different from the Thugs of that old Hindu culture.

I know many of those union “brothers” and “sisters” in the public unions don’t appreciate being called “THUGS” but what else are you? During the whole Issue 2 campaign your side did nothing to argue in favor of the union position. Your union’s arguments relied almost exclusively on “fear” to win people over to your side, which is what thugs do, they “scare” people into action they might not otherwise take. Sure, it’s not murder what the unions participated in, but the idea that everyone else in the world should sacrifice themselves to your honor is what you portrayed, so I’ll repeat what I said to Matt in our interview. In the end after all the votes were cast it was the reign of the mindless Thuggee union lobby that turned out the most votes, not because they were more deserved, but because the votes were cast or not cast based on fear. There were a lot of people who stayed home that night and didn’t vote. Those voters of indecision were simply instigated into terror, which was the design of the Thugs.

The labor unions in the course of the Issue 2 campaign told Ohioans that the earth would open up and swallow whole women and children, that fires would erupt all over Ohio, that thieves would be breaking into our homes and there would be no police to come. We were told that schools would fail, that nurses would not be on staff to care for the sick. We were told that the public employee is similar to a divine entity and that the tax payers owed their lives to their existence and that required a tax sacrifice of not just dollars, but of blood. We were shown that any reform of any initiative connected to the public labor unions would be met with a mob of protestors chanting for more sacrifice, more money spent on their behalf. The unions convinced much of Ohio that the sky would open and the wrath of God would cast itself upon the earth and that in this battle Satan would emerge with pitchforks in hand and armies of demons would bring havoc upon the entire state in a never-ending apocalypse that would go on till the end of time.

We were told that if Issue 2 was not repealed that ambulances would sit idle as our senior citizens grabbed at their hearts in their last dying moments. Fire trucks would sit idle as forests grew across the parking lots and wrapped their roots about the tires. Police cars would sit rusting away in the sunlight of an apocalypse as the sky burned with fire and meteors from thousands of light years away pummeled Ohio into ruin.

We were told that to prevent these things from happening that the gods of public service required more blood sacrifices, more taxes, more support to be successful and that if they did not get these sacrifices then the world as we know it would come to an end with a fury unmatched since the dawn of the human race. The sacrifices required the lives not only of ourselves, but of our children and our children’s children in a never-ending ceaseless debt which would extend into the foreseeable future or as long as the sun continued to burn and that if there was anyone who questioned the validity of this sacrifice, then they would be the worst, most despicable species of human to ever walk the earth………………..they would be big, mean, greedy people who only care for themselves……………selfish beyond refute or excuse, and a menace to all humanity.

And after all that was said and done and the unions had Issue 2 repealed, the problems that brought it into existence still persist, and the fears that the unions uttered will still come to pass. Firefighters, police and teachers will still lose their jobs, because tax increases are not the solution. There cannot be anymore blood sacrifices of our hard-earned money to the cult of the Thuggee band of union workers. Sorry, we are fresh out of blood, human hearts and dollars to give you in your blood thirsty quest to dominate the world with a progressive utopia held in reverence to the great Kali!

“Kali Ma will rule the world!” But not with our money!
(For more on Kali and reference pictures: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kali )

Rich Hoffman

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