New Ideas From No Lakota Levy: The Pretentious Education Empire

I made a major announcement on the Doc Thompson show just before Thanksgiving where the No Lakota Levy group is making plans to work with a local foundation to help kids in the Lakota School District with their pay-for-play fees, brought on by the school because they cannot balance their budget and is using the same old extortion methods to wring money from the residence and business owners of Liberty and West Chester Twp. The reason we are getting involved in this business of helping the students is we want to help take the edge off the kids who are being used as a tool of combat by the school system to drive up the enormous labor costs brought on by a radical union element while the school levy battles look to continue well into 2012. Listen to that announcement here:

The final straw with many of the business owners who have associated with No Lakota Levy were the threatening letters and nasty emails we received after the third levy defeat. After the election, as they did last time, radical employees of the school system who we employ to perform a community task show what they are really about. Below is one such letter from what appears to be the husband of Lindsey Schmidt the Lakota West English teacher. The man wrote the letter by signing it, and he addressed all the teachers of Lakota, so he is obviously invested and is seeking to provoke the teachers into a radical froth of anger. I show his letter the way he sent it so that you can see for yourself dear reader, what these employees are really all about and how they think.


To the teachers of Lakota,

It is obvious that, with the continued rejection of school levies in
Lakota, schools will need to make further cuts to streamline
operations. I believe it is incumbent on the teachers of this district
to be sure that the next round of cuts be initiated by the labor force.
It is time for teachers to stop giving their labor away for free.
Make gone the days of 50-70 hour work weeks. Work only to the hours
stipulated by your contract. Take the hours you used to devote to
grading papers, offering extra help, and improving your presentations
and put them toward the attention of your families. To make up for the
loss of step increases, use the extra time you have previously given to
your district for free to seek out a second job. Contract out any
remedial help to struggling students. To take pride in your work, you
must realize that your labor is valuable. Stop giving it away for free
when clearly the times of public support have changed. When the public
can no longer afford the system of the past, it is the public, not the
labor force, that will have to decide how to counterbalance the

William Schmidt



It is because of people like this, that more and more people are deciding that they don’t want to give money to prop up the wages and benefits of this very protected class of pretentious education employees. Members of the community want to help the kids, because that’s why we send them to school in the first place, but more and more people are sick and tired of throwing money at people like the man who wrote the above letter. People like that are standing in the way real education improvement.

The No Lakota Levy group is going to help provide that bridge for those who want to help the kids without giving the money to the school itself in what is becoming known as a black hole of investment. No Lakota Levy as a group has also tried to help the administration balance their budget by telling them how to do it. The situation is simple. The superintendent should instruct the teachers union, (the LEA) that it needs to lower their labor costs by 5%. What that means is that the average salary which is currently $63K per year would need to be $59,800 per year. For teachers who make $85,000 per year would have to take a wage cut of $4,250 making their yearly wage $80,750 per year, hardly a severe hardship. If the LEA would agree to this, Lakota would balance its budget for the next 5 years. It’s pretty simple. If some of the teachers don’t want to agree to the reduction, they are free to shop themselves around the open market, but any school district they might go to will be going through the same cost adjustments that Lakota is going through so it’s a move at their own risk. They might be out of a job in those districts in a few years anyway if they refuse to bend on their pricing.

That would take care of the financial problems at Lakota and if the LEA cared one bit about the community they work in, they’d come up with the idea on their own. After all, even at $80K as opposed to $85K, they are still WAY over the average income of the tax payers who pay for the teacher salaries. But the LEA won’t make such a move, and the superintendent won’t even ask. The school board won’t even put the idea on the table, because they are all part of the same money-making system and are made up of the kind of people like William Schmidt. Mr. Schmidt is actually encouraging the teachers to do less, because the community is not willing to throw more money at them. In my opinion the cuts should be 30%. No teacher should make $80K per year and only work 9 months a year. They aren’t doing any service that is all that incredibly valuable. They are simply doing the work that lazy parents don’t want to, and they are charging a killing to do it.

Those problems are not the greater problem of the community. The public schools are part of the community, but they are not the hub of the wheel that everything else revolves. They are according to them however. The pretentious school employees behave like some only child from a wealthy family, who has no perspective on life but to scream like a baby and have the parents shut them up by giving them things to appease them temporarily. Well, finally the community is learning to stick up for itself and not allow themselves to be pushed around by these spoiled brats. And the No Lakota Levy announcement of working with the foundation is in the spirit of the community taking back control of the education system little by little from these radical union types.

Taking control of our schools again from these pretentious academics is probably the most important thing we can do during the year of 2012. Little by little, if the community begins to inject itself upon the empire of public education, the dictators who rule those scholastic hallways will retreat back into the abysses from which their minds belong. But it starts with honestly answering the questions, “Is this the best we can do in public education?” “Are we happy with an ‘excellence with distinction’ rating that means virtually nothing to the outside world except those who sell real-estate, because the kids are coming out of the meat grinder of public education far from being self-reliant, but instead seem destined to be forever dependent on government in some fashion or another, deeming the education received to be a perilous failure?” Well my answer is that I’m not happy with it. It’s too expensive, too liberal, and too pretentious. Take those elements away and the education system could operate with half the cost, and produce much higher results. Don’t believe me……..give it a try. You’ll never know unless you try.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

38 thoughts on “New Ideas From No Lakota Levy: The Pretentious Education Empire

  1. it seems that lakota is missing out on the best fund raisers around- there is 45% of the voters that LIKE the idea of the levy and obiviously have the means and desire to give money to the strapped schools. why dont the school board merely ask those supporters to send in the amount of money the levy would have generated. also ask people that normally send money off to different charities around the world- keep the money local where its needed and send it to schools?

    • I love your idea! But……..your idea requires thought. For the school if the idea is not inside the box, they won’t do it because to them, anything outside the box is too scary.

      Have a great Thanksgiving Wayne!

    • I dont mean that idea as a joke,, because the 56% voted against it for very good reasons and not that they hate kids… in my case I live solely on SS since I lost half my investments in the crash. and I think im representive of many in the area. also a glaring fact is that 77% if the budget is for SALARIES that have DOUBLED in ten years. if the school board is serious about cutting expenses they need not scratch thier heads and wonder- just look at the facts and listen to the number of residents that voted it down.

  2. Your idea to help fund the pay for play is brilliant, thoughtful and generous. I agree with Wayne that perhaps the parents who would vote for the levy, or who are fearful of another failure will happily contribute- such a win-win!
    I also think that the no lakota group will appear less “radical” to those who are being threatened into submission, because you are attempting to help, not “hurt” their kids. Brilliant.
    Count us among your first contributors.

    • Really, the kids do get caught in the cross-fire, and they shouldn’t. As of Tuesday we had over 10K committed, which sounds like a lot, but once you divide it out to all the kids who play sports it’s not very much since the fees are $500 per sport. It goes pretty fast……………….BUT, we think this is a huge step in the right direction, and it sends a powerful message to the administration who has been conducting this very elaborate scam designed to conceal the wage structure of these education employees.

      Anyone reading here who wants to help out, feel free to contact our treasurer Dan Varney over at He can get everything started so things are on the up and up.

  3. I think it’s a brilliant idea. It’s great from the philanthropy angle, but as you said sometimes the best way to educate someone or make them think about an issue is not to “hit them over the head with it”. Maybe some of those who voted for the levy based on emotion will look at the situation more carefully and realize what’s really going on. As Wayne stated above, salaries don’t increase like that in the private sector. I’ve been at my private sector job for 23 years now and my salary sure hasn’t come close to doubling. When you factor in my health care costs which have doubled in the last few years I’m actually going the other way.

    • I think everyone has went down a bit in private sector. The reason is the bubble decreases depending on what the economic conditions are that propell the economy. Only the public sector hasn’t paid attention to the memo.

      • I think teachers have become to think more highly of their jobs as they should. that being rooted in thier thinking, think they should be compensated more than everyone else. a good friend of mine is a teacher and was complaining that she pays 20% toward her health plan- my response to her was that I could not even afforde nor was it offered in the places I worked since 1987- when that employer (black clawson) went out of business. from that point places in my trades never could offer it.

  4. Just sent Dan an email. Will you consider a door to door campaign? I’ve done a lot of fund raising for Kiwanis and this could be fantastic this something everyone can feel god about!

    • Yes, if we could find some ground troops who are good at that kind of thing. That would be a great way to go about it. We still have to get all the legal stuff out of the way, which we are currently engaging in. Once that is done, we can do something like that. Nice idea.

  5. I wouldnt even consider helping support football. its time to really just look at the dangers of the sport. even retired pro guys are saying they wouldnt let their kids play due to the problems of TBI later in life. im thinking that iff you take that game out of the mix the rest would be more affordable. (by the way I love football and is my fav sport, but fact are facts)

  6. “Excellent With Distinction” is not a term that should be thought of as seriously academically superior. This award is given by members of the “educational establishment.” Only four local schools landed in the elite ranking on the Ohio Graduation Test. Only one, Walnut Hills, was a government school. In the case of Walnut Hills, they only accept students through a test.

    In the case of Lakota, remember that the majority of the students in the district are from families where one or both of the parents have a university degree. People have moved from areas where the crime rate etc. forced them into the suburban area. My point is that the LEA cannot take all of the credit for any success attained. (If you call EWD an award.)

    Through the years, I have noticed that the students that have their parents highly involved in their life and their education, are the students that succeed. It is a statistical fact that the kids that come from a single parent, fatherless home often have too much time left to their own devices. That situation often leads to an unsuccessful future for the child. PARENTS HAVE TO CARE.

    As far as I am concerned, the government cannot do anything right.

    • Great post Sandra! I agree on all points. I’m still shocked at my jaded age by how some parents hold education is such low regard. We have a family that is very good friends with ours who have two kids, 12 and 9 years old. Both parents are educated, smart and successful and their kids seem bright and full of life when you interact with them. I asked my daughter about their younger child the other day and she replied, “He doesn’t do very well in school”. This shocked me. I asked my wife about it and she said that they don’t push their kids to do their homework or do well in school. Sad, sad, sad.

      • People seem to think it just happens, like putting money in a juke box. You insert the money, push the button of your musical selection, then the music plays predictably and on que. Of course that’s not how it works.

  7. Sandra
    i totally respect your view on football and parental involvement, I tend to agree, but what is so brilliant about this idea is how its going to disarm people who think a no levy voter is evil–noone wants their kids to lose programs, and the kids are the ones who suffer. I think a lot of people will be happy to give to this, and it will take away some of the threat that the “move forward” people have over parents.
    I still want to know–move forward means what? Move forward without a plan? Move forward with no solution? sheesh.

  8. Wayne, I agree that there is nothing stopping all of those people that worked so hard, that invested so much time and money, that got out the vote for the levy; they should just go ahead and send the cash to the teachers union for more raises and better benefits. Now that we have “the facts” we do know that 75 to 85 per cent of the budget is for union salaries and benefits. Cutting bussing is EXTORTION.

    When you pay your tax bill remember that the union got election day off in order for them to man the phone banks, check the voting lists and use our schools and our tax dollars to work for the levy. Remember too that Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday was a nice long weekend off for our union members. Coming up will be the LONG Winter Break (NEA made sure we can no longer call the time off Christmas Vacation). Then comes all of the other “off” days that they get off until summer and then the “summer vacation.”

    These people do live in the “educational bubble” that simply hasn’t a clue to the reall world. They never grow up because they are around immature children all of their lives. So I say let the people who are for GIVING more just DO IT!!!!

    • thats what people forget- even tho I escaped the levy this time I STILL have to pay well over a thousand bucks for previous levies to the school. we have indeed created a privigled class in our so called civil servants, who have become the head and we the tail… for years I worked for a plce doing maintenance for the city of hamilton including the aweful waste water system- even tho the city had a full staff and complete tools tgo do any job- I asked the superintendent why they call us in when their people sat on their butts and watched and he said it was impossible to get them to do anything unless they wanted to do it. now why in the world anyone would vote for them to have a union to make matters worse is beyond me

  9. Yes, Wayne and the latest news about the West Chester detective alerting the drug dealer to the investigation. Really!! Nice loyal union member? Not!

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  20. Hmm… Manipulating families, cutting programs that actually ENGAGE students, cutting teachers that actually KNOW how to teach and do it well, slice your highschool periods down to six… Great job Lakota. I’m proud.

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