How to Beat the Political Left: Breitbart sticks it to The Daily Show–watch how they did it

This is how you deal with the political left—you have to get in their face and let them know that you are smarter than they are.  Their favorite—and really only weapon is that they feel they have the masses behind them trained through academic institutions that they currently control.  They behave with all things with an aristocratic air that they use as a club to shut people up and push conservatives into the corners reeling for help.  But just study what one guy from Breitbart did to The Daily Show crew at the RNC convention.  This is how you defeat lefties ladies and gentlemen.  Way to go Breitbart!

Rich Hoffman


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Hillary For Prison: Communists outside of the RNC and the media who support them

For the recorded the communists in the following video calling Alex Jones and his entourage “nazi scum” need a history lesson.  Hitler and his Nazis were socialist offshoots of a secret society called Vril based on the book The Coming Race.  Nothing about the Nazi has any relevance to American life other than the fact that many of those Vril inspired Nazis were recruited into NASA’s space program because of what they were working on under the SS during World War II.  Yet, Jones was correct in what he was asserting and a clash erupted between his group and the communist supporters protesting outside of the Republican National Convention.  What you are about to see is what’s happening outside the mainstream news outlet coverage and defines quite well the massive void that currently takes place along political lines.  The obvious determination that is so evident in this exchange is that communist insurgents really can’t assimilate into American culture.  We can’t all live together in one country under the umbrella of two parties.  It’s just not possible.

It is unlikely that the main press outlets will show all the chants inside and outside the convention for Hillary Clinton to go to prison.  This is certainly a first for any presidential candidate to evoke so much passion before they have ever taken an oath of official office.  It is truly astonishing how determined the mainstream press is at avoiding the coverage of such legal demands for someone who is obviously a known criminal running for the highest office in the world.  Currently there are just enough communist sympathizers to give someone like Hillary Clinton a platform that is fundamentally anti-American—but it is truly bothersome to see that many of those sympathizers are in our national media.  Those media personalities are just as ignorant, and activist minded toward communist sympathies as the losers in the video attacking Alex Jones.

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Uncharted 4: A Thieve’s End, the greatest adventure story ever told

The Nathan Drake adventures on the Playstation game systems have reminded me often of my experiences from 1983 through 1988.  I love the games and the character of Nathan Drake.  Up until recently I thought Uncharted 2: Among Thieves was one of the greatest video games ever made.  The video game company Naughty Dog actually did something unthinkable, they are challenging great movie characters like Indiana Jones for the right to be king of the storytelling venue, and up until Uncharted 4: A Thieves End—which just came out in May of 2016 I thought they were scratching the surface.  However, I have given myself some time recently to play the 4th game, with great anticipation on my part.  Even though in my life I have shelved many of the traits about Nathan Drake’s life which remind me so much of my early years I deeply wanted to see how Naughty Dog would end the story of that very likable character—as this is slated to be the end of the series as we know it.  After playing Uncharted 4 let me report that it is jaw dropping great.  I had high expectations but even so, it far exceeded those in every way.  By the time the credits concluded I had a very similar feeling as I did the very first time I saw Raiders of the Lost Ark, only this was better, because the game was much longer and had time to jump into the lives of the characters in a storytelling fashion that I think was Academy Award winning.  The acting and pacing was so good that it rivals the best films Hollywood has ever produced—like Citizen Kane for set design and drama, or James Bond for sheer action and scope of circumstance.  As just an example of how good the game is, how it looks and how magnificent it is the video below is actual game play.  It looks like a movie but I can confirm that everything you see is a playable element.  It is quite astonishing.

If you have not yet played the game you may want to return to this article once you have as spoilers will follow.  I thought there were a number of elements about Uncharted 4 that were quite extraordinary story wise, and those items will be discussed—so if you don’t want to know, stop here.

Was I happy with the ending?  Actually, I was amazed by the ending.  It was so refreshing, that an entertainment company actually produced a story that featured strong characters with healthy relationships.  It was good to see that Nate and his wife actually lived happily ever after—that the events of the previous games were really about Nathan Drake coming to terms with his past and living a healthy future.  And it was nice to see that they gave birth to a daughter who was living a successful life with them.  Nathan Drake managed to also maintain positive relationships with his brother and his father figure mentor Sully as the years after Uncharted 4 progressed.  It was the happiest ending I’ve seen since the conclusion of the very first Back to the Future movie—it was satisfying in every way.  My wife and I kind of looked at each other after the story concluded because honestly it was like Naughty Dog had been spying on our own lives together over the years even down to the characters of the new daughters.  I was certainly able to relate to the ending—to say the least.  I was so pleased that millions of video game players were able to experience these Nathan Drake adventures which featured such positive role models and outcomes.  No wonder the game is so popular—the ending showed me that video games have become the dominate form of storytelling in our modern culture surpassing movies and novels finally.  In a lot of ways Uncharted 4 is the greatest story ever told—it is certainly the greatest treasure hunt surpassing Raiders of the Lost Ark or even Humphrey Bogart’s Treasure of Sierra Madre.  The people at Naughty Dog knew what they were doing and they pulled it off with sheer audacity.  Such a good ending to the story of Nathan Drake—especially for those who have spent the last ten years enjoying the Uncharted franchise.  Hollywood would have never dared to give fans such a positive ending.

What started as a rip off of the Tomb Raider franchise—which was a female rip-off of Indiana Jones, Uncharted had evolved into its own thing by the third video game.  Even the makers of the Tomb Raider games had realized that Uncharted was literally going someplace nobody had thought previously possible.  So by the time Naughty Dog set out to do Uncharted 4, they were truly in “uncharted” territory for any storytelling medium.  The game designers appeared to be aware that they were laying foundations that every video game and movie company in the future would have to live up to and they were enjoying it.  There were times where they were actually showing off their technical abilities just because they could.

For me the moment of ecstasy occurred when Nathan Drake arrived for the first time in Libertalia, the mythical pirate colony established by Henry Avery.  As it may be noted I have a particular love for pirate lore.  Uncharted 4 would have been the greatest video game I ever played taking away the pirate subplot, but adding it for me was just a wonderful bonus.  I have always wondered about the Avery colony which is a kind of Atlantis legend that I first ran across in the old book A General History of Pyrates by Danial Defoe (Captain Johnson).  Ironically, that book is one of my personal favorites so it was paradoxical that it was the centerpiece to the entire Uncharted 4 storyline—it was a slice of heaven for my mind.  It was the story I most wanted somebody out there in the world to tell because it is certainly worth of the attempt.  Libertalia in Uncharted 4 was realistically realized in much the fashion it would have been given Avery’s incredible wealth at the time and the tendency of the world’s nations to want to hunt down those pirates for the looting of all their vast treasures–$400 million dollars worth.

Libertalia was very interesting in that it actually fits politically into the discussion of our times—really the philosophic difference between libertarians, and the Tea Party movement.  What a lot of people don’t know is that the American Revolution was ignited by the actions of these very pirates central to the Uncharted 4 story so I consider the narrative an important one which shaped the actual Libertalia which become America. But for the founders of Libertalia, what a concept, a utopian paradise founded by renegades from all the world governments and all the possible problems that might arise from it.  I found the entire concept extremely compelling.  Then to walk around that environment in a 3D world was really something to behold.  The sense of scale was truly incredible.  These Uncharted makers obviously have experience with real world adventures as their physics through caves, with rappelling and climbing and geography was spot on—nearly real world in their feel.  If not for some of the over-the-top gun battles, and climbing, Uncharted 4 could be a simulation of real life.

It’s really hard to pick a favorite part of the game for me, because after I was finished, it seemed like a really long journey.  I took my time getting through the game—spending about three weekends completing it.  Ironically, I think the chapter where Nathan and his brother break into the old mansion to get back their mother’s personal possessions was the most compelling, which I didn’t expect.  Nathan’s mother supposedly committed suicide when he was very young forcing him to grow up in an orphanage run by nuns.  Uncharted 4 opens with Drake and his brother in a Panamanian jail and it is very gritty.  Through the series Drake is in many jails yet he’s highly intelligent walking a very fine line between ghetto thug and world-class traveler.  So it was interesting and realistic to learn that Nathan’s mother was a genius scholar who had obviously brushed elbows with powerful people and something bad happened to her.  Her absence in the lives of her children obviously sent them down a dark path leaving them with relationship troubles later in their lives as they had been a relatively happy family.  As young children that happiness was ripped from them and they spent the rest of their days trying to get it back which culminated around the secret treasure of Henry Avery—a character of obsession for their mother.  I thought that the Naughty Dog team went so much further than Spielberg could in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade in taking such an interesting globetrotting adventurer and grounding him into something internally driven by overbearing parents and childhood disappointments.  Even in the Panamanian jail, Drake and his brother seem too smart for their circumstances, but psychologically damaged by their upbringing.  Apparently they got just enough from their mother to be smart and inquisitive young people, but not enough to stay out of trouble.  The story was to me, deeply intelligent.

And that is the triumph of Uncharted 4, not just as a Playstation only video game, but as a mechanism for storytelling.  It is a shame that such a magnificent story doesn’t have the ability to reach everyone, but it certainly does justify the expense of buying a PS4 just so that people can play this video game.  It is worth every penny the cost of not only the game at $60 dollars, but the $300 cost of a PS4.  I haven’t played many of these types of games over the last five or six years.  Previous favorites were Red Dead Redemption and of course Star Wars: The Old Republic.  But this Uncharted game is just another step in creating virtual realities and telling stories in those realms.  Recently after buying a Samsung 4K 70” television the first thing I wanted to do was get an updated gaming system so I could catch up on some of the new titles that have been produced in the video game world.  The highest on my list was Uncharted 4 which was coming up at the time.  With that said, the game was gorgeous blown up big and in 4K—nearly flawless.  It really was a game that hit every mark on a high note and was something truly to behold and enjoy.  If you get the chance, take the adventure.  It’s not the only reason I spent 5K on an entertainment system, but I would do it again just to play Uncharted 4 once.   It will last in your mind for a lifetime.  It is my new favorite video game, and one of my most beloved adventure stories.  It has the depth of an adventure novel, the action of a summer blockbuster, and the romance of an Academy Award winning motion picture.  I really don’t think Douglas Fairbanks or Errol Flynn could have ever imagined the type of storytelling exhibited in Uncharted 4.  It is a new gold standard that will certainly stand the test of time and is one of the greatest adventure stories EVER told.  What a great experience Naughty Dog!  Thanks!

Do yourself a favor and watch the videos included above.  The effort put into Uncharted 4 is just incredible, and it certainly shows—an A+ in every single category.

Rich Hoffman


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Door to Door for Trump in Ohio: How you can help


It was nice to see Robert Scott again at the Donald Trump rally in Sharonville.  I’m happy to see that he is still the point person for the Trump campaign in Ohio and that he is putting together a game plan to create a ground game in this critical battleground state.  I get a lot of email wanting to know how my readers can help with the Trump campaign, so let me point you in the direction of Robert Scott.  Below is a message from him, contact info and direct links to ways you can help in whatever region of Ohio you happen to reside in.  And if you know someone who would like to help, send them the link to this site and let them have the information so they can act on it.

By the way, I know many of the people who were at the $2,700 a plate dinner which was conducted before the Sharonville rally, and take heart that it was well attended.  Trump has no trouble with either large or small dollar donations.

Rich —

Ohio Trump Victory is rolling in the Buckeye State and we will be participating in the National Day of Action. We will be Walking TOMORROW at various locations throughout Ohio. Please click the link to sign up for the nearest location or where you would like to walk tomorrow:

Allen County



Fairfield County

Hancock County

Highland County

Lake County

Licking County 

Lorain County

Lucas County

Marion County

Medina County

Pickaway County

Portage County

Scioto County

Seneca County 

Stark County

Summit County

Warren County

With your help we will Make America Great Again!

Robert Scott
Deputy State Director for Ohio
Donald J. Trump for President, Inc.

Rich Hoffman


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Hillary Clinton Committed Perjury: The Dallas massacre is just a distraction

Don’t take your eye off the ball ladies and gentlemen.  The story of the day on July 8, 2016 is that Hillary Clinton committed perjury in front of congress which was revealed during the James Comey hearing the day before.  The media seeking to help their candidate hide in the shadows of an offense that has jail time attached to it responded by playing the murders of two African-American men by police in graphic detail which stirred up the Black Lives Matters communists into a predicted froth which exploded in downtown Dallas by nightfall, leaving 5 police officers dead and many others wounded.  But make no mistake about it–that is not the lead story of the day.  It is Hillary, because once again it was the political left’s mismanagement of government resources that has caused all these problems in the first place—so don’t become distracted by the sadness of the tragedy in Dallas.

Cops are not the bulk of the problem here, and believe me, I’m not an open apologist for them.  I think the mistake that police departments make during their recruiting is that they all too often put young men hungry to prove their manhood in positions of infinite authority—and often the cops don’t handle that responsibility very well at all.  Let me provide two recent examples that I observed firsthand.  On the Fourth of July I had a massive fireworks display that went on for over an hour.  For me, the 4th is all about celebrating defiance and reminding those in authority that if they get out of control, that we will remove them from power with force if needed, and take back our country from the clutches of tyranny.  So I could care less if the fireworks I had were legal or not.  With that said, I was firing them off and they were loud.  Near my home is a trailer park which I consider to be an eyesore to the fine community that I live in.  Not everyone, but most of the people living there are drug fueled losers doing the bare minimum in life that is required and they live pathetic existences.  When I see them at the local gas station where I often get fuel and meet them at the cashier’s counter they often stink–they smell like cigarettes and undeodorized sweaty malcontents.  As I pay for my gas they pay for cigarettes, beer for breakfast, and lottery tickets.  I don’t like them and they don’t like me.  With that relationship in context, they called the cops on me over twenty times during my firework display and after the big climax which filled up the sky with fire; a young cop came into my backyard asking if I was done yet.

It’s a really stupid idea to walk into my backyard unannounced—in fact, it’s dangerous. That cop should have known better, he should have come to the front door–very dumb to walk on a man’s property in the dark and to come up behind him—especially at my house.   But the young kid thought he had the right as a cop to go anywhere he wanted and if we weren’t so happy with our firework display he might have caught me in a bad mood.  Smartly, he read my face and didn’t push the issue.  He said the right things about the idiots who called the police which took off the edge and the exchange was friendly.  But I could tell the kid was ready for a fight until he thought differently about the situation once he met my family—and probably Googled my name.  He left trying to make himself sound important by saying that he hoped he wouldn’t have to come back out again.  My thoughts were—what better thing did he have to do—really?  Play on his phone in his police car?  He was a cocky little guy untested and looking to use his badge as a way to show his social status of authority to others.  If I had been a different kind of person, a different color, social class, or even just a little less legally knowledgeable, that exchange would have been much different.

Just a few days later I was with my wife at the Donald Trump rally in Sharonville, Ohio.  Of course there were police everywhere, Hamilton County sent out a lot of troopers as did Butler County and the Highway Patrol.  Most of the cops were nice people who were trying to help.  But on the way out after the event was over I happened to have parked near the route where the Secret Service was planning to take Trump and his assembly back to the airport.  So the Highway Patrol shut down the road while the motorcade prepared to go by.  A little 5’, 5” kid dressed in a Highway Patrol outfit with the typical buzz cut on his hairline was very animated in the road yelling at people to get out of the road otherwise Trump’s Secret Service people would run “their asses over.”  The kid was drunk on power and using the circumstance to justify his ego boost acquired by the position his badge gave him over others.  He was using the power granted to him by the state to abuse people under a crises situation.  If someone around me had even looked like they were going to pull out a gun they would have been shot dead in less than a second because cops like that kid are looking for any excuse they can get to prove their valor in the face of danger.  It’s a real problem these days in a culture that has shit all over masculinity pushing insecure little guys like that into serving as a Highway Patrolman so that he might get the opportunity to prove that he’s not a little pussy. Once Trump went by all the cops got into their cars and cleared the road, and we all moved about our business.  I know better around timid types like that little cop than to scare them in any way.  They are jittery and trigger happy and they shouldn’t be given so much authority.  But the management of our Highway Patrol actually recruits these types of people, so that’s what we get on the roads.  Most of the time I’m glad the cops are there, because they prevent outright social anarchy, but in times of crises—or the hint of crises, they use their acquired power to prop themselves up in psychological stature.

As an intelligent, cultured white male, I know how to deal with timid cops.  I don’t challenge them while they have the power position—I know when dealing with them that I have thousands of other ways to skin a cat, and after talking to me for a little bit they realize it, and back off their eagerness to draw a gun and shoot someone to prove that they are men.  It might be remembered that we had an issue of police violence in good ol’ West Chester, Ohio—one of the nicest communities in the world—and even there, several cops took the opportunity to beat up a drunk guy after hours at a local sports bar.  It’s in the nature of other human beings when they have power that they abuse that power.  When dealing with cops, because most of them are not intellectual giants, the most powerful weapon you can have is intelligence.  But if you challenge them power to power—they will kill you, because they have the authority of the state to do it.  Even that kid who came into my backyard.  If I had threatened him in any way he would have seized the opportunity to abuse his authority in less than a second.  Like I said, there are other ways to skin a cat, and I use them all.  But you just don’t challenge police directly—because they’ll shoot anybody at the slightest provocation.

Black Lives Matters protestors and the culture of inner city people community organized by people like Barack Obama over the years actively have created a culture that wants to challenge the police with physical violence.  Like that trailer park trash I spoke about earlier they often live despicable lives making bad choices and getting a bunch of silly arrests on their records so when police show up to investigate a disturbance, the cops are already fingering their triggers.  All the cops need is an excuse, and all too often, these Black Lives Matters communists give it to them viewing the killings as a sacrifice for the greater good.  The whole problem is a creation of the political left’s incredible mismanagement.  On the side of the cops, the progressive labor unions have given police a feeling of entitlement and unity when one of them goes rogue.  Then on the side of the Black Lives Matter protestors, the political left has made many of them into dependents on the government and kept the intellectually ill equipped to deal with the world.  So when the two forces are brought together bad things happen—like they did in Dallas on 7-7-2016.

Yet notice how quickly the liberalized media even as the Comey testimony revealed that Hillary Clinton had lied to congress during the Benghazi hearings that they played the obvious murder of two black males by cops at point black range.  Those types of videos are filmed every day—and while they are bad, they are actually expected.  Yet the media played them graphically halfway through the Comey testimony and the lead story of the day due to the stoked media fires that had been heating up all day, became the Dallas massacres by morning.  Do you see dear reader how this game is played?  So be sure not to take your eyes off the ball.  Don’t fall for the laser light on the wall like some dog barking at nothing.  Keep your eye on the prize and ensure that Hillary Clinton not only isn’t elected president, but that she go to jail for her crimes—because that’s what she deserves.  Shootings between cops and the citizens they are supposed to protect happen every day.  Statistically, blacks challenge cops more than whites because of the cultures they are raised in.

The cop that came to my house wasn’t too keen on the type of people who live in that trailer park which gave us some common ground to work with—because the trailer trash live bad lives that makes his job a lot harder.  Domestic violence, drugs, prostitution and other despicable enterprises are common around people with low intellect and low ambition no matter what color your skin is.  And when such people challenge the authority of the police, they end up shot and that is the way it will always be until we recruit police differently and take away the collective bargaining they enjoy through their FOP unions—which are progressive organizations.  And before we do any of that, we need to put in jail a real criminal—someone at the top of the food chain—Hillary Clinton.

Rich Hoffman


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The Many Sides of Trump: Beating global liberalism with sheer tenacity

For those who are starting to think that Hillary Clinton is invincible, that the media is in the tank for her, and that the pendulum of political temperament is still swinging in favor of global liberalism—FEAR NOT!  Donald Trump has shifted gears and is starting to show the vastness of his talents.  Hillary really doesn’t have a chance.  She can’t do what Trump did on June 28th 2016.  First Trump gave a policy speech to a group south of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Listen to that speech here:

Soon after Trump went to the border town of Ohio called St. Clairsville and gave one of his loose off the cuff speeches he has become known for.  The house was packed and very excited.

The media wants to think that Trump is in trouble and they are telling outright lies about his campaign.  Trump is raising money—a lot of money—which will directly benefit the Republican Party.  Trump really doesn’t need it, but its part of the game.  Trump showed in a single day that he could answer the best that Hillary can offer.  And it’s a long time to the election.  This is going to be fun.

If you’d like to be a part of the fun, then read the message sent to me from Paul Manafort below.  It will give you the links so that you can contribute to the Trump campaign and let the liberal media know that Hillary is in trouble.


This was a HUGE week for Team Trump.

On Tuesday, Mr. Trump sent out the very first fundraising email of this campaign. It was a record-shattering success. If you were able to help, thank you.

And if you just haven’t had a chance to yet, please take a moment to chip in today.

Our goal was to raise $2 million in 48 hours, which Mr. Trump committed to match $1 for $1. It took just 12 hours to hit this mark – stunning the Clinton campaign and the liberal media!

On Wednesday, Mr. Trump hit it out of the park when he delivered a scathing indictment of world-class liar Hillary Clinton’s disastrous record and dangerous agenda.

It has been hailed as the speech conservative Republicans have been waiting decades to hear from their presidential nominee.

Rich, will you stand with Team Trump at this critical stage of the campaign with a $10, $25, $50, or $100 contribution, or more if you can?

On Thursday we launched the “Lying Crooked Hillary” campaign – a new website and series of videos detailing Clinton’s Legendary Lies. The first video has already received an amazing 2.5 million views, and nine more videos will be released in the weeks ahead.

Rich, Team Trump is taking the fight to Lying Crooked Hillary like nobody has ever done before.

And on Friday, Mr. Trump released a powerful statement commending UK voters for taking a stand for freedom and independence. They voted to take their country back and determine their future, just like the American people can do on November 8, 2016.

To win on Election Day we must continue building our momentum. Please chip in today to help us make voters believe in America again.

Please stand with us to make Donald J. Trump the next President of the United States.

Thank you,

Paul Manafort
Campaign Chair and Chief Strategist, Trump for President



Rich Hoffman


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Nigel Farage, The Real Man of Europe: Brutal honesty that the idiots of Brussels needed to hear

I know a lot of people in America don’t pay much attention to politics outside of North America.  Heck, there are a lot of people who don’t even go that far—so they have no idea really what is going on with this whole Brexit issue.  Let me introduce you dear reader to a real man from England who walked into the lion’s den in Brussels over 17 years ago to fight the EU from the outset.  After the British people voted to leave the European Union Nigel Farage spoke to that disastrous body of government here:

Once the speech had concluded he spoke to CNN and compared the situation in England to that within the United States.  Listen and learn.

Now pass this along to a friend and teach them something about the world and what’s coming to us all.  Find your place in history and hang on tight.

Rich Hoffman


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