Tim Klaine is a “Weird Little Dude”: The DNC is a complete joke

This is classic Trump and why he will make a great negotiator around the world as President of the United States.  While there was chaos at the DNC convention in Philadelphia, Trump and his vice presidential nominee, Mike Pence were campaigning in Roanoke, Virginia.  Trump gave his opinion of Hillary Clinton’s pick for VP, Tim Kaine.  He called him a “weird little dude.”  If you missed it you can see it at that 1 minute 50 mark of the following video.

Hey, Tim Kaine is corrupt, his track record is the proof—and yet that is the best the democrats could come up with—which is extraordinarily pathetic.  All last week democrats and the press that are their surrogates did nothing but make fun of republicans—and honestly, I took it personally.  So I love a guy who says what I’m thinking, and Tim Kaine is a “weird little dude.”  The DNC is a complete joke, and they are showing the world why they suck.  And I love it.  Republicans traditionally are much better managers and the conventions show it—and this displays why republicans and democrats just don’t belong in the same country.  I’m just glad that Trump is the kind of guy who isn’t afraid to call people crooked and weird little dudes—because they are.

Rich Hoffman


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The Many Sides of Trump: Beating global liberalism with sheer tenacity

For those who are starting to think that Hillary Clinton is invincible, that the media is in the tank for her, and that the pendulum of political temperament is still swinging in favor of global liberalism—FEAR NOT!  Donald Trump has shifted gears and is starting to show the vastness of his talents.  Hillary really doesn’t have a chance.  She can’t do what Trump did on June 28th 2016.  First Trump gave a policy speech to a group south of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Listen to that speech here:

Soon after Trump went to the border town of Ohio called St. Clairsville and gave one of his loose off the cuff speeches he has become known for.  The house was packed and very excited.

The media wants to think that Trump is in trouble and they are telling outright lies about his campaign.  Trump is raising money—a lot of money—which will directly benefit the Republican Party.  Trump really doesn’t need it, but its part of the game.  Trump showed in a single day that he could answer the best that Hillary can offer.  And it’s a long time to the election.  This is going to be fun.

If you’d like to be a part of the fun, then read the message sent to me from Paul Manafort below.  It will give you the links so that you can contribute to the Trump campaign and let the liberal media know that Hillary is in trouble.


This was a HUGE week for Team Trump.

On Tuesday, Mr. Trump sent out the very first fundraising email of this campaign. It was a record-shattering success. If you were able to help, thank you.

And if you just haven’t had a chance to yet, please take a moment to chip in today.

Our goal was to raise $2 million in 48 hours, which Mr. Trump committed to match $1 for $1. It took just 12 hours to hit this mark – stunning the Clinton campaign and the liberal media!

On Wednesday, Mr. Trump hit it out of the park when he delivered a scathing indictment of world-class liar Hillary Clinton’s disastrous record and dangerous agenda.

It has been hailed as the speech conservative Republicans have been waiting decades to hear from their presidential nominee.

Rich, will you stand with Team Trump at this critical stage of the campaign with a $10, $25, $50, or $100 contribution, or more if you can?

On Thursday we launched the “Lying Crooked Hillary” campaign – a new website and series of videos detailing Clinton’s Legendary Lies. The first video has already received an amazing 2.5 million views, and nine more videos will be released in the weeks ahead.

Rich, Team Trump is taking the fight to Lying Crooked Hillary like nobody has ever done before.

And on Friday, Mr. Trump released a powerful statement commending UK voters for taking a stand for freedom and independence. They voted to take their country back and determine their future, just like the American people can do on November 8, 2016.

To win on Election Day we must continue building our momentum. Please chip in today to help us make voters believe in America again.

Please stand with us to make Donald J. Trump the next President of the United States.

Thank you,

Paul Manafort
Campaign Chair and Chief Strategist, Trump for President



Rich Hoffman


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Pictures of Mainak Sarkar the UCLA Shooter: Notice he’s not a “white redneck”

One of the reasons the political left is so obsessed with skin color is because they like to hide their misdeeds behind racism.   But they don’t like to talk about people from other places around the world who come to America but have difficulty merging with the freedom tendencies of our culture.  Failures who come from more collectivist based cultures who don’t assimilate well such as Mainak Sarkar, an Indian guy at UCLA who shot his professor while in class, are typically ignored by the media because they don’t advance progressivism.  So here is a picture of him allowing the image to speak thousands of words of explanation.

Mainak Sarkar Photos: Must-See Pictures of UCLA Shooter

As much as the political left makes fun of people who wear cowboy hats, drive pick-up trucks, and tend to thump the Bible adhering to traditional values–the typically “white” males usually associated with “redneck” culture are not the ones doing all the mass shootings and having a hard time living in America.  It’s creations of the political left who have all the trouble–and thus, the fault for the UCLA shootings resides squarely on their shoulders.

Rich Hoffman


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How Second Call Defense Works: Defending yourself from left-leaning scum bags and why the world should follow American examples

If you’ve been paying attention to the crises in Venezuela, and most of the South American countries, you would have noticed that they are experiencing a complete breakdown in civility and decent respect for other members of the human race.  What all of Venezuela is experiencing presently in 2016 and beyond is similar to what American inner cities are experiencing, a degradation of the human population into a failure in all aspects and the cause is the mismanagement of whatever governments imposed socialism upon those sovereign territories.  When morality is gone from a society looters and thugs are born and they will think nothing of stealing from others to satisfy their immediate animal desires for survival.  This is especially a risky condition in any society that has many active drug abusers who will do anything to achieve their next “high” to relive them from the pressures of reality—which they obviously can’t handle.  These mismanaged and treacherous conditions can then push these scum bags, losers, and openly diabolical human wastes into well managed areas complete with good families and hard-working Americans.  It is then that the only defense good people have against bad people is a gun, and that is why every competent American should learn to use a firearm and carry it.  At a minimum gun owners should be in every home and they should be prepared to defend their “castle” from any incursion by one of those failures of left-leaning political philosophy.  Hopefully it never happens, but if a gun owner has to shoot a desperate attacker who would rather steal and harass a good person with a firearm, then Second Call Defense is the best opportunity to quell the aftermath.  The founder of Second Call Defense, Sean Maloney explains how the legal process works during such a shooting and how Second Call Defense can protect you after you’ve had to shoot an assailant in self-defense.

I have loved Second Call Defense long before I became a recruiter.  It’s a great service and is something I think everyone should have.  At my home, I have enough firearm ability to stop an army of such insurgents, so I sleep well at night.  But that armed contest is just one step in the process.  It’s not enough to just stop bad guys who intend harm with a gun.  There is a legal process ran often by the same left-leaning idiots who caused all the trouble in the first place—who have mismanaged the legal system to such a degree that you could go broke defending yourself from their stupidity.  The political left has created the criminal class and they essentially run the legal system—so the gun is really your only defense against both, and you need something like Second Call Defense to defend yourself from the legal assaults which follow defenses involving firearms.

It is a right and a privilege to own a firearm.   Our American society is great because of the gun and I would suggest that every country on earth adopt the same kinds of laws favoring gun ownership that we have in America.  All over the world, left leaning philosophies create scum bags, losers, malcontents, welfare recipients, Democrats, socialists, peace sign wearing hippies, pot smokers, Grateful Dead concert goers, Jimmy Buffett fans, drug dealers, slum dwellers, and second-hander insurgents.  For those lost souls, they have no other intellectual recourse for their failures in life but to steal and harass good people, and the only thing really that keeps them at bay is firearm ownership—which is precisely why the left wants to ban them all the time.  Unfortunately around the world, many good people have been crushed because they haven’t had the opportunity to own firearms to defend themselves and their economies show the result.  Hopefully in the United States we can defend our own laws from the political left and show the world why they should follow our lead—and Second Call Defense is a huge part of that strategy.  So I’d advise you to sign up.  Use my name and you’ll get a free first month.  It is the best thing you can do aside from buying and owning a firearm.  I’d advise you to do it today.  You can join by clicking the link below.

Rich Hoffman


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Thank God for Wayne LaPierre: Charles Bronson’s words of American wisdom

What kind of world do I want to live in?  Well, let me provide the example Charles Bronson provided at the end of the great western The Magnificent Seven.  In the clip below, Bronson lectures three children who idolize him because he’s a gunfighter on the merits of parental responsibility.  Why can’t Hollywood make movies that good now?

The answer is that our country has been invaded by diabolical scum bags who use the Democratic Party to destroy all that is good in the world—and they are on a global crusade to literally ruin the lives of everything that calls itself human through their mass collectivist philosophies.  They are horrible people and it was great to hear the individual speech of Wayne LaPierre at the NRA meetings in Louisville, Kentucky.

The type of America that Charles Bronson and Wayne LaPierre stand for is the only kind of country I am interested in living in.  I’m fine if people from other countries want to come to the United States and enjoy our freedoms.  But they are not allowed to come to our county and make in it into the garbage they left behind.  They have to respect our culture and at the heart is our love of guns.  Listening to LaPierre speak makes me very proud to be a member of the NRA.  Those values which Charles Bronson represented so well in that great movie classic are not dead.  They are alive and well within the type of people who belong to the NRA.  But they should be present in every American.  So if you are not an NRA member and worse yet—you vote for Democrats—you are on the wrong side of history.  And like those spoiled kids in that movie—you need a spanking.  Too bad that Charles is no longer with us.

But some of us are keeping the fires of freedom burning—and LaPierre is certainly one of them!

Rich Hoffman


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The NRA Endorses Donald Trump for President: It’s about more than just sending Hillary Clinton to prison

Things are happening even faster than I thought they would a few weeks ago.  In case you missed it, the NRA endorsed Donald Trump right before the presidential candidate spoke at the meetings in Louisville, Kentucky.  The speech was very good not only by Trump but by Wayne LaPierre and Chris Cox as well.  I would encourage you to watch the whole thing and to share it.  The trio of leading speakers did a very fine job of articulating the situation we are facing and for a change, there was justified ferociousness to their urgency.  The progressive political left has shown their cards clearly and it’s time to answer them.

For me the “Hillary for Prison” tag line is more than just politics.  She represents a vile future of open sex, drug worship, corruption, stupidity, and betrayal for our nation’s future.  What she calls compassion and “civil rights” are in fact chains of further enslavement—not literally, but mentally.  Her brand of politics furthers the destruction of the human race from the level of the soul, and it’s about time for us to stand up for ourselves.  One of the best ways that you can do that dear reader is to join the NRA, by clicking the link below.  Additionally, join Second Call Defense by using my name to get a first free month.  Do your part in protecting freedom, join the NRA, carry a gun, and be one of the good guys sending bullets in the opposite direction when a diabolical menace presents their ideological corruption through terrorism.


Rich Hoffman


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Cliffhanger’s Exopolitical Theater: Giants, a galactic alliance, and human immortality coming to ‘The Curse of Fort Seven Mile’

While I was on the air with Matt Clark during his WAAM radio broadcast recently he wanted me to talk a bit about my latest Curse of Fort Seven Mile series.  However, time ran out and we couldn’t get into the details.  Actually, I don’t think I could cover all the details in an hour show, or a 10 hour show.  For me, what started as a simple pulp fiction series has evolved into something I would term as a philosophy for the 22nd century.  The below videos will help with the context but essentially what I’m doing is this: over the next one hundred years we are going to discover that we are not alone in the solar system, let alone the galaxy.  We will learn to defy death.  We will unlock all the potentials of a Type 1 civilization and that will require us to completely revisit our current political and religious philosophies—because the present ones just won’t be sufficient.  That’s not a knock on anybody, but the discoveries of the next century will just unlock a massive amount of potential that isn’t even forecasted on the horizon as of yet—and people will need some means of thinking about those things if they want to survive.

I have been pretty adamant about my hobbies and positions.  I essentially grew up studying mythologies and religious cultures, but I like to make money, so I chose professional endeavors that I could raise a family on—but there is a lot about me that is very sympathetic to the Nathan Drake video game character.  The people I most admire these days are people like Josh Gates and his friend Erin Ryder.  If I did not love family as much as I do, I would have loved to live the life that they have—and believe me I have no regrets.  But I do read and watch a lot of what those fantastic people have put out as far as discovery over the years.  When they tackle some crypto mystery much of it comes out to nothing, but it’s the asking of the questions that I find absolutely amazing.  There are a lot of people, many whom are featured in these videos who have committed enormous amounts of time and resources to asking hard questions about mankind’s origins—and I’ll be honest—I love each and every one of them.  When I listen to their lectures and read their books I think in the best case scenarios, they may be getting 50% of any given idea correct.  But even 1% of what these people are saying they are major game changers for the entire human race and the world at large.

In spite of my love of guns, capitalism, business entrepreneurial activity, innovation and pop culture, I am most at home with books, museums, and very smart people.  One of my best friends growing up had an IQ of around 170 so I know those types of people excessively well, and I love being around them.  Some of the people in these videos like Steve Quayle remind me of that friend.  They are too smart for mainstream society, and they are usually defined as lunatics by a society which embraces too openly—sheer stupidity.  As long as I’ve been on earth, I have asked similar hard questions and sought the answers and I have a general theory about the reason that ancient cultures collapse—actually all cultures including recent ones.  I published my thesis in a screenplay, which won a few awards along the way called The Lost Cannibals of Cahokia.  While most archaeologists and anthropologists will point to environmental conditions and say that the reason that a culture fails is related to a loss of water, or of food supply—usually those opinions are corrupted by their left leaning educations.  My theory is that cultures fail because of the human inclination to the Vico cycle—where they just can’t seem to get off the treadmill—and they have been like that for their entire existence.  That screenplay would probably make a good movie and I should probably push it more toward production—and maybe I will.  My goal in writing it was to get the thesis down in an entertaining way that people could enjoy—but come away from the story asking hard questions like—what is the primary driver of a successful culture—then offering the answer as the climax amid the usual expectations of exciting storytelling.  After I shopped that script around it became obvious that I’d have to produce the picture myself to do it right, and honestly, I didn’t have the time or patience to “collaborate” the way it takes to make a movie.  So I shelved it and offered it as a legitimate thesis about the rise and fall of civilizations.  On the surface, it was an action adventure horror story, underneath was something that meant a lot to me which was based on many thousands of hours of reading and personal discovery—traveling all over the world checking things out for myself—a little the way Josh Gates has—only with fewer frequent flyer miles.

Lately, there has been an explosion, likely because of the Internet, of conspiracy theories and examinations into a hidden past that does not agree with the Leaky evolutionary theories.  The latest revisions are probably driven more by Jurassic Park’s DNA examples and the popular Lord of the Rings movies about Middle Earth—art has helped our society ask new questions from a fresh perspective—and the answers to those questions might just be explosive.  If only 1% is true, mankind is in for some startling revelations.  The best movies and books are the ones that make you ask, “what if,” and as the videos included here surmise, there are some very smart people who are asking lots of questions tainted by their personal backgrounds.  But it is what they agree on that has stimulated my thinking and focused my mind on the hard evidence that is rapidly pouring in.

I wanted to write another Cliffhanger novel but I wanted it to be relevant to the world 100 years from now the way I read Jules Verne, Ayn Rand, H.P. Lovecraft or even Shakespeare.  My favorite play of his is Titus Andronicus.   His use of extreme violence to tell the moral story of love and loss—as well as dedication are the kinds of things I find infinitely fascinating and it doesn’t matter when in history we read such a story—they still communicate a truth which is valuable.  Having these kinds of interests I couldn’t just write some average piece of fiction reviewers of today would like—I wanted to write something that people a century from now would marvel at and would still draw inspiration from.  Yet I also wanted to make the argument that the values America had from around 1870 to about 1900 were the best the world had ever seen, and that those values should be captured in a bottle and examined in actually a scientific way—as having merit on culture building itself.  The economic means of the country was explosive during that period, morality was respectable, and collectivism was being defeated wherever it was encountered—namely during westward expansion.

For about forty years I have had in my mind a really terrible antagonist and a concept for painting it into a story against the ultimate protagonist—but I needed to collect a lot of information to tell that story.  Finally, I feel like I’m there.  Once I had all the details worked out, I went to work writing it—and as I thought, it has turned out to be the byproduct of a hyperactive imagination, a technical background, legitimate scientific investigation and all the life experience learned in every hard way imaginable.

Knowing that over the next couple decades history will have to reflect what we are learning now—and that we will learn that not only are we not alone, but that we are currently in a relationship with thinking beings not from earth’s origin story and that the essential ingredient to a successful society resides within individual behavior as opposed to collective salvation—and that once that process begins—where democracies run by a mob take over the individual input of actual leaders—that all civilizations stop functioning and regress back to their beginnings.

Even as my protagonist, Cliffhanger fights bad guys with flaming bullwhips all in the name of justice—it is important these days to define the merits of that justice.  It is not enough to simply show bad and good—it has to be defined by actual universal rules of engagement as defined by the observable conditions of our cosmos.  To do that we have to step beyond our veil of politics and modern philosophy and take the next step.  Taking that step is what and why I’m committing so much time to this new Cliffhanger story.  Similarly to that Cannibals of Cahokia story—this Curse of Fort Seven Mile has the benefit of an additional twenty years of hard living and earned observation.  Like H.P. Lovecraft I have a love for pulp fiction written in a romantic fashion—and on the surface that is what these new Cliffhanger stories are.  But, my protagonist, Fletcher Finnegan in The Curse of Fort Seven Mile is actually named after one of my favorite literary figures of all time, the giant in Finnegan’s Wake from the James Joyce classic.  My goals with the work are not to reach the New York Best Seller’s list, or even to get reviews from Publisher’s Weekly.  It is to offer a useful philosophy for people grappling with real significant challenges to everything they believed was true for over 10,000 years and to provide them a softer landing philosophically—so to maybe for the first time in human history to provoke a change in mankind’s propensity to always revert back to the Vico cycle.  Thus Spoke Cliffhanger.

If you want a preview of this work they are available on the sidebar.  But the real meat is yet to come and why I am dedicating some specific time and resources to completing it.  To get a sense of it, just watch all these videos and you’ll get your mind ready to read what I’m putting into a story intended for readers of the next century.  I’m not giving up on politics.  But rather it is too small of a shoe for me now.  The next obvious evolution is exopolitical theater and the vast changes it will bring.  Currently it is a bit on the fringe side, but that will change rapidly—and when it does–well, people will want a point of reference and fiction is a good place to begin—by bridging what we know with what we will come to understand.

Rich Hoffman


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