Airbus Committing to Skycars: The future is now the reality I’ve been telling you about

It was interesting to hear Tom Enders from Airbus speak about flying cars—his recent article published by Reuters shown below sounds exactly like the things I have been saying for many years—almost word for word. (CLICK HERE TO SEE FOR YOURSELF) And that is exciting.  It brings me great joy to see many of these ideas coming to fruition.  Here is what Tom Enders said:

Airbus Group plans to test a prototype for a self-piloted flying car as a way of avoiding gridlock on city roads by the end of the year, the aerospace group’s chief executive said on Monday.

Airbus last year formed a division called Urban Air Mobility that is exploring concepts such as a vehicle to transport individuals or a helicopter-style vehicle that can carry multiple riders. The aim would be for people to book the vehicle using an app, similar to car-sharing schemes.

“One hundred years ago, urban transport went underground, now we have the technological wherewithal to go above ground,” Airbus CEO Tom Enders told the DLD digital tech conference in Munich, adding he hoped the Airbus could fly a demonstration vehicle for single-person transport by the end of the year.

We are in an experimentation phase, we take this development very seriously,” he said, adding that Airbus recognized such technologies would have to be clean to avoid further polluting congested cities.

He said using the skies could also reduce costs for city infrastructure planners. “With flying, you don’t need to pour billions into concrete bridges and roads,” he said.

Enders said Airbus, as the world’s largest maker of commercial helicopters, wanted to invest to make the most of new technologies such as autonomous driving and artificial intelligence, to usher in what amounts to an era of flying

As I’ve said many times, I write all these articles because you just never know who’s reading them, and I get many hundreds of hits every day even though I am blacklisted as a conservative writer on all the search engines and most of the social networks. It doesn’t matter.  Smart people find me, and they read these articles and they act on what they learn—and that is a wonderful thing.

So it is very exciting to see what was just an idea a few years ago coming to a reality and soon, within just a few years—because Airbus means business—let me tell you that—we’ll have point to point flying cars and they’ll be reliable and easy to use—and that will open up a whole new realm in complex history of personal transportation systems. Just remember where you read it first.  I’m more interested in seeing ideas born—getting paid is secondary.  Because all the money in the world doesn’t matter if our world is stuck in the past so it becomes the task of the creative mind to put the first thought in the mind of people who can actually do something about it.  Which is how things are supposed to work.

Rich Hoffman


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Thus Spoke Zarathustra at the Trump Inauguration: Protests from Michael Moore and Mark Ruffalo–why China is cutting money from Hollywood

Here is Mark Ruffalo, Michael Moore, and Meryl Streep protesting outside of Trump Tower during the Donald Trump Inauguration.

It is interesting to see the effect Donald Trump has had on all the shadow aspects of our culture which I have to say—I warned you all about many years ago over many millions and millions of written words.  First is this interesting little article from the Hollywood Reporter seen below where the communist country of China is now squeamish about making the kind of investments into the motion picture industry?  Do you really want to know why so many movies have sucked over the last decade—even longer, and why very good filmmakers have went from good to bad in their choice of projects?  (Tell me a film like Always could be green-lit today even with the power Steven Spielberg possesses—it won’t happen because communist China doesn’t understand those types of topics–they are American ideas)  Just follow the money and you’ll see that Beijing has had a very active interest as a communist country in controlling the message of social discourse in America and their mechanism of choice has been Hollywood.  This is why crazy liberals like Mark Ruffalo have jobs in Hollywood—to spread the communist message in favor of the people who write their checks—and is why the entire industry is so incredibly liberal.  It didn’t used to be, but it has now for quite some time as China has sought to leverage the industry under their financing allowing communism to have a voice behind actors sympathetic to their cause.  It has been disgraceful, but finally things are changing.

But that is just a footnote to the story of the Trump impact on just about all affairs.   As Michael Moore and Mark Ruffalo hold a protest rally outside of Trump Tower on Thursday evening just ahead of the inauguration of Trump—we have to look at what has been revealed since the soon to be president was elected on that now famous election of November 8th 2016. I remember how it was most of last year, and I lost a lot of friends over it.  Most people during the primaries thought Trump was a joke, yet I never did.  From day one I was eager for the Trump run because he promised to expose another little secret in our American culture—that is even more pronounced than the efforts of the Chinese to take over our Hollywood industry—our intelligence community was weaponized politically to achieve the same aims.

At the end of their strategic rope just a week prior to this writing, Chuck Schumer—the cousin of that disgusting actor Amy Schumer—let his last progressive hope loose on the Rachel Maddow show on MSNBC when he warned that Trump should not pick fights with the intelligence community—because they knew things about all of us that we should fear.  And thus, just a few days later a dossier was produced which had been in circulation for a long time and it was floated through CNN into the liberal blog site Buzzfeed and dumped into the public with great and embarrassing fanfare.  The embarrassing details of a supposed Donald Trump paying prostitutes to piss on a bed to his delight were meant to invoke the historical recollection of Adolf Hitler doing similar things—thus hoping to control the minds of America into throwing Trump into a similar appraisal.  What’s funny about Trump is that the story wasn’t true allowing him to emphatically deny the rumors and attack the sources with vigor which revealed the true level of corruption which had seeped into our politicized intelligence community.

So who can say now that we shouldn’t have all along been concerned about those smart meters put on our houses against our will, or the NSA capturing all of our data to be used in some maniacal practice in the future to keep us all in line like animals in a farmhouse pen?  What about the allegations of false flags that I have made in quite a lot of detail.  Where not many of the stories produced to stop Donald Trump from winning of that nature?  And wasn’t the intelligence community doing so with the full support of the White House?  There dear reader you have your answer—liberal politicians and some conservatives have sought to use the intelligence community as a weapon of politics—even John McCain jumped into this latest story by personally advancing the Trump story in Russia hoping something would stick so he could maintain his progressive grip within the liberal sectors of power just a bit longer.

Trump because of his lack of fear, his personal wealth, his age, his experience has been able to take away every weapon of the liberal left and it has forced all these hidden elements of our culture to come forward and show themselves and that is why the Chinese money is drying up in Hollywood.  It’s also why these actors are so worried and screaming to maintain their relevancy.  But with the Chinese money going away in the acting profession, the actors will feel the brunt of that sooner than they’d like, so all they can do is stand outside of Trump Tower on Thursday like the apes in 2001 Space Odyssey and scream at the works of mankind—the giant obelisk in front of them made by a man of ingenuity and determination—and scream at their powerless efforts to change any minds now that the truth has been revealed.

Alex Jones and many others chronicled for quite a few years were laughed at for their suggestions that a massive global government was seeking to control us all.  I have provided a lot of evidence going all the way back to the Darryl Parks Saturday broadcasts on WLW radio in Cincinnati where he and I warned most of America of the impact of the NDAA—which would allow for the militarization of our local police against us with the flip of the switch.  Additionally I told you the nature of the attacks on those same police by communist insurgents injected into communities of color within inner cities and the works of the intelligence community to overthrow our America system—the same way the CIA has been caught doing within many foreign governments for years—playing one side against the other for a net result not seen by anybody but those working the plans—and people like me creative enough to connect the dots based on the presented evidence where the only ones who could see it.

As I predicted from the beginning, Trump’s nomination process would unveil much of this, but even to a greater degree his election into the presidency has literally caused all the cockroaches to emerge from the shadows because the light has been switched on and so many were caught out in the open doing their work under the cover of darkness.  So now that everything is out in the open what will happen to China and its control over the Hollywood left?  Well, I’ll tell you dear reader that entertainment will continue and that money will shift around and new actors will replace the old communist ones.  After all it wasn’t that long ago that most of the leading actors in Hollywood were all conservatives, such as Mel Gibson, Bruce Willis, Clint Eastwood, Sylvester Stallone, and so one—and most of the top films each year had these guys involved in some way.  Now we have the age of the globalist metro sexual—and that was by choice in Hollywood inspired by the investments made by the Chinese for a greater strategy rooted in communist migration around the world.  It’s not a secret that just a few years ago some motion picture blockbusters were released in foreign markets before America so to tip the scales in the favor of globalist propaganda.  Now when box office projections are expressed, the domestic gross is considered with the global take—for instance, let’s look at Rogue One, the latest Star Wars story.

Domestic:  $488,335,734    52.8%
Foreign:  $437,100,000    47.2%
Worldwide:  $925,435,734

Domestic Summary

Opening Weekend:  $155,081,681
(#1 rank, 4,157 theaters, $37,306 average)
% of Total Gross:  31.8%
> View All 4 Weekends
Widest Release:  4,157 theaters
In Release:  29 days / 4.1 weeks

Rogue One will hit a billion dollars soon, which is great but notice how the foreign markets are nearly equal to the domestic take?  The industry has now become very reliant on that number so movies are now made with a noticeable global twist to their stories to help boost that figure.  But, here is the little secret—two of the Disney films to break that billion dollar mark in 2016 had noticeable American themes to them, Rogue One being one—Captain America: Civil War being the other.  Half of the money a movie makes in the global market comes from the relatively small county of America.  The rest of the entire world—all of Europe, all of Russia, all of China—with over a billion people hosting that population make up the rest.  The measly 300 or so million people in the United States still generate half of all box office takes that movie studios depend on.

The United States intelligence agencies working on behalf of progressives like Chuck Schumer and Barack Obama—taking the lead of Hollywood’s infestation of Chinese money which trickles through the donation contributions indirectly to control our politics have attempted to tip these scales in favor of globalism and they have tried every trick in the book literally, and were turned away at the last—most vulnerable moment.  And for that we all have a lot to be thankful for—and the cockroaches caught scampering across the floor as the light was turned on are all exposed, and will be standing outside of Trump Tower on Thursday and Friday screaming up at the creations of a truly great man who still remain a mystery to them—like those apes in 2001 Space Odyssey.  And the famous piece of music Thus Spoke Zarathustra from the great Nietzsche classic book of the same name couldn’t have been more appropriate for the beginning of that famous Stanley Kubric classic.  Mark Ruffalo and Michael Moore like those helpless apes will be yelling up at the Trump Tower to a superior apparatus which has eclipsed the greatest weapon the political left had prior to November 8th 2016—a weaponized intelligence community and a Hollywood industry willing and able to romantize that weapon to the detriment of a capitalist civilization.  And Facebook functioned as a liaison between the two making most of its money as a collector of personal information for which the intelligence community could use on a personal basis, and as a way to deliver the Hollywood message directly to the public consuming entertainment products—as the originator of “fake news.”  Yet with the simple election of Donald Trump and his inauguration this week, all those contributors to our modern menace of liberalism have suddenly lost power and are left only to scream up at their betters as the world moves on and away without them.  And that is a truly great thing.  But never forget what they tried to do and how they tried to do it.  I warned you for years and now you can see it for yourself.  So guard against it in the future because cockroaches are always a threat if you leave trash out in the open when the lights are not on it.

And during the inauguration ceremonies of Donald Trump just think of Thus Spoke Zarathustra—because such a moment has finally arrived after centuries of thinking about it.

Rich Hoffman


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Meryl Streep’s Pretentious Fat Ass: Hollywood’s tremendious disrespect for theater owners

Meryl Streep got on my last nerve during the 2017 Golden Globe award show recently when she used her speaking time after winning a lifetime achievement award to bash the Donald Trump presidency. As her mouth oozed liberal nonsense I thought of the many theater owners across the nation who are desperate for Hollywood to justify the massive investments they have spent creating venues for idiots like Streep to show their stupid movies—and I witnessed the ultimate in unappreciative audacity from the Hollywood left.

Streep tried to appear that she was reaching out to mainstream America by appealing to the diversity of the popular actors that had all been nominated for some kind of Golden Globe on that January 8th evening. But like the typical blabber mouth suburbanite who rattles off facts they’ve learned on daytime television, like game shows, talk shows like Oprah and Ellen, and the QVC network—Streep had such a terrible grasp on worldly events that I almost felt sorry for her. But, she spoke as if she were an authority on immigration and what it takes to have a successful economy, and NBC let her go on and on wasting valuable airtime bloviating about things she knows nothing about because it fit their political outlook and they assumed that the audiences at home would just put up with it.

Well, Meryl, the very economy that you know nothing about is putting the squeeze on the Hollywood industry that you represent. There is some intense competition nowadays against the Hollywood product and people really don’t want to listen to some fat assed old chick lecture Americans about diversity, fairness, and political ethics. We want to watch movies where things blow up, good guys beat bad guys, and women look good and act better. Get it Hollywood. We don’t want films about anti-gun arguments, or some sappy assed Indian floating around in a boat. We want action, adventure and intellectual stimulation—and if Hollywood can’t give it to us, we’ll get it somewhere else.

And don’t think for a moment that the world will continue to put up with an entire industry full of communist leftists. Meryl mentioned that if it wasn’t for them, (the actors) all we’d have for entertainment was football and fighting—otherwise testosterone driven activities. Let me say this to Meryl and all her Hollywood friends—other people can do their job easily. I know I could. I’m not in the business because I refuse to deal with their labor unions. I don’t want to be in the Screen Actors guild, I don’t want to be in the Writer’s Guild—I don’t want to deal with them in any way. But if they weren’t around—a guy like me could write, act, produce, and direct all the best of you into oblivion without even having to work at it. Instead, I do other things because honestly, I don’t want to deal with people like Meryl Streep as part of my occupation. It’s not worth the money that comes with it. And I’m not the only one—let me tell you that. What you do isn’t that hard.

Because of the labor unions the cost of making a movie is just too great and the major studios struggle to make a profit. Most studios don’t make it very long in the industry. Companies like Disney and Warner Bros. make the business model work because they have superhero franchises and science fiction properties that help them balance the books—but for everyone else—there’s not much appealing out there. Like who made the decision to make the movies Christmas Office Party and Why Him? Who in their right mind as a studio head thought that it was fair to the theater owners out there to give them those offerings over the Holiday Season of 2016? Those are movies that could have been made direct to video for Netflix or Amazon Prime for a fraction of the production budget. Why can’t the studios make more films like Star Wars which makes over a billion dollars at the global marketplace during their theater runs. If snotty actors like Meryl Streep didn’t hate money so much they’d understand that the Hollywood product and the theater owners out there in the world are in a marriage—they both need each other—and Hollywood hasn’t been doing their share of the heavy lifting. They make crappy movies about their goofy leftist philosophies then wonder why nobody goes to see them.

Has Meryl Streep went to a movie and paid $20 for a popcorn and one drink lately? I do it fairly regularly even though I can make the same at my home for about a $1.50.   I buy the popcorn at movie theaters to help the owners stay in business with their crazy overpriced food because not enough butts are in the seats watching the movies that Hollywood makes. For instance, when the great movie Raiders of the Lost Ark was made—the filmmakers knew they were making a popcorn movie for fans to support the entire movie business. But that was forty years ago now. Who is making movies like that now except for Lucasfilm? Who? If people want a message story—they can get that on Netflix. Who wants to go to the movies to see a political message except for a very small portion of a potential audience. I’m not saying that films that are shown at Sundance shouldn’t be made—I enjoy them even though I seldom agree with their politics. But a movie at the theater needs to be a big event and Hollywood should always endeavor to make a movie that generates the greatest revenue possible. Most of the movies Meryl Streep makes are movies that anymore should only appear on the cable network Lifetime or an online download service.

For instance, The Crown which did well at the Golden Globes is a far superior product than what the motion picture industry produced for movie theaters. I almost feel like I’m cheating to see such a great product at home on my giant 70” 4K television with popcorn fresh from the kitchen and a whole two liters of pop giving me instant refills any time I want it. And The Crown was around 10 hours of production versus 2 to 3 hours for a typical movie. You get a whole lot more consumer product of the Netflix produced show as opposed to the Hollywood product made for theater distribution. The same with the other major hit from Netflix—Stranger Things—which was a lot better than the 80s films it was meant to tip the hat to—like Poltergeist, E.T., and Goonies. Stranger Things doesn’t need a movie theater—viewers can just watch it anytime they want without the shared experience of other human beings touching their armrest or checking their cell phone in the middle of a movie in a darkened theater.

You see dear reader—the reason Meryl Streep is an idiot who abused her reputation and the entire Hollywood community with her rantings against Donald Trump is because it was all done at the expense of the theater owners of America—whom she might as well have just spit on during the Golden Globes. Guys like me won’t go see Meryl Streep movies which she doesn’t care about either. We can ignore each other and be perfectly happy in life. But, if I don’t go to the movies the theater own doesn’t make back their money for showing one of her stupid movies since there is other competition out there which offers often a far superior product. And Hollywood instead of making the kind of movies they need to make to compete with these changing markets and times—are imprisoned to drama queens like Streep who hide behind their labor unions to make more stupid movies they think are “art” only to sink more production companies who go out on a limb trying to bankroll their film projects.

So while all those idiots at the Golden Globes sat there clapping at what Meryl Streep was saying—the people who really suffer from the Hollywood industry’s lack of focus and business understanding were cringing stage right. And that is where people like Meryl don’t help Hollywood, they hurt it—like an overprotective, manipulative, fat assed mother hen who keeps the potential of a child locked away in a bedroom hoping to preserve her “work of art” from the realities of life. It’s business sweetheart—and you’re hurting it—most notably the theater owners who count on Hollywood to make something people can’t get with free internet porn and Netflix—something epic and truly something people only want to see the first time in a darkened movie theater—with strangers. Get with it—or you will destroy it all. Because the world will move on without your pretentious ass.

Rich Hoffman


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Guide to the Donald J. Trump Inauguration: The reality behind one of the greatest events in history

If you listen to the political left, you’d think that the inauguration of Donald J. Trump as President of the United States was going to be a cartoon combination of Yosemite Sam and Froghorn Leghorn pasted over an old skit of Benny Hill.  However, the reality is quite the opposite, the Trump Inauguration looks to be one of America’s greatest and the talent will be stylish, and the balls taking place after the swearing-in, and the parade are top notch—and expensive.  I have noticed though that it took a little looking around to get information and I’m in the loop—so I’m sure that many of you out there are wondering how you can be a part of this historic event. For many on the Trump website linked below are some really wonderful items that people can get to remember the occasion.  Also below is the inauguration schedule including the various balls so that you can make your plans.  The balls range in price from about $150 dollars a plate to $10,000.  All of them look to be an event of a lifetime and worth the money.  So use this as your guide dear reader to the Trump Inauguration—and—have a good time! trump-inauguration

The inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump features a long list of official and semi-official events and celebrations.

There will be plenty of protests and counter-rallies as well, with a list of some available here.

Here’s the schedule for events that will usher Trump to the White House:

Wreath-laying ceremony, Jan. 19

Arlington National Cemetery

Trump and Vice President-elect Mike Pence will lay a wreath at the cemetery in honor of the nation’s veterans. Details have not been publicly announced.

“Make America Great Again!” welcome celebration, Jan. 19

Ceremony will be held at the Lincoln Memorial

This event will feature “a diverse group of performers” in a concert followed by comments from Trump and Pence. Tickets are required for special viewing areas. Further details have not been publicly announced.

Inaugural Gala, Jan. 19

The country performers Big & Rich plus Cowboy Troy will headline an Inauguration Gala presented by the Great America Alliance, a superPAC that supported Donald Trump’s campaign. Celebrity cameos announced so far include former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, actor and conservative commentator Jon Voight, “conservative star Sheriff David Clarke” and Dr. Dorothy Woods. It’s not clear if Trump or Pence will be present.

Inauguration ceremonies, Jan. 20

Ceremony begins at 9:30 a.m. Eastern, U.S. Capitol Building

Trump and Pence will be sworn in on the west front of the Capitol . Their families and members of Congress, the U.S. Supreme Court, diplomatic corps and other invited guests will be seated on the ceremony platform. Amid tight security and frigid weather, the best seat is likely going to be your couch. The event will be televised and streamed live online, including here on

Security will be tight, with all viewing areas near the event requiring tickets – 250,000 of them – and a security screening beginning when gates open at 6 a.m. Here’s what inauguration ticket-holders are prohibited from bringing: aerosols, alcohol, firearms, ammunition, animals (except service animals), backpacks, roller bags, suitcases, bags larger than 12″x14″x5″, balloons, balls, banners, signs, placards, bicycles, non-ADA chairs, coolers, drones, explosives of any kind, glass, thermal and metal containers, knives or other sharp objects of any length including pocketknives, laser lights and laser pointers, mace or pepper spray, noisemakers like drums or bullhorns, packages, poles and selfie-sticks, spray containers, strollers, structures, supports for signs or placards, toy guns, tripods, umbrellas, weapons of any kind and “any other items that may pose a threat to the security of the event as determined by and at the discretion of the security screeners.”

People who arrive without tickets – an estimated 500,000 are expected – will be able to view the event from the National Mall behind the ticketed areas.

Music begins at 9:30 a.m. Eastern. Performers scheduled so far are America’s Got Talent winner and platinum-selling singer Jackie Evancho, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, the Radio City Rockettes (who also performed at George W. Bush‘s inauguration ceremonies) and the Missouri State University Chorale.

Opening remarks begin at 11:30 a.m. Eastern. Religious leaders who will give readings, benedictions and invocations include New York Archbishop Timothy Michael Cardinal Dolan, the Rev. Samuel Rodriguez of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, Pastor Paula White of New Destiny Christian Center, Rabbi Marvin Hier of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, the Rev. Franklin Grahamof the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and Bishop Wayne T. Jackson of Great Faith Ministries International.

Inaugural Parade, Jan. 20

Begins at the conclusion of the inauguration

Trump and Pence will make their way from the Capitol to the White House down Pennsylvania Avenue as part of a parade that includes high school and college bands; police posse, motorcycle and cavalry units; veterans and active members of the military; and the Boy Scouts of America, among others.

Inaugural Balls

Three official inaugural balls are planned featuring appearances by Trump, including one being dubbed the Big Apple Ball in Washington but with New York-themes dominating under Trump’s personal direction, according to TMZ. Details are still developing.

Here’s a list of other, unofficial balls:

Deploraball, 7 p.m. Jan. 20 A $250 per plate event that takes eponymous pride in Trump nemesis Hillary Clinton‘s claim that half of his supporters are “deplorables” is no joke, though there’s a lot of snark and sarcasm inherent in this event and its promotion. The reception begins at 7 p.m. at the Bolger Center in Bethesda, Md., just outside Washington, with a silent auction to benefit veterans and event host Gays for Trump, followed by dinner and dancing at 8 p.m. This event has publicly illuminated growing fractures among Trump’s most fervent supporters among the so-called “alt-right” who helped create the ball via a social media group known as MAGA-3X. Organizers who hoped for an inclusive “big-tent” event have butted heads with event co-founder Tim Treadstone, who has posted homophobic and anti-semitic remarks via @BakedAlaska on Twitter. Milo Yiannopoulos, a Briton who works as an editor for Breitbart News known for acerbic commentary on and off Twitter where he was recently banned, reportedly is scheduled as a guest of honor.

Sister Cities International Inaugural Gala, Jan. 17: Showcasing citizen diplomats in peace across world peace efforts. $150-$250

Bluegrass Ball:, Jan. 18: Sponsored by the Kentucky Society of Washington with a focus on promoting Kentucky bourbons$300-$350

Black Tie and Boots Inaugural Ball, Jan. 19: Sponsored by the Texas State Society of Washington, D.C. $275

Deplorables Inaugural Ball, Jan. 19: “The Deplorables Nation is invited to celebrate the inauguration of President-elect Donald J. Trump and Vice President-Elect Mike Pence at the largest party of the Presidential Inaugural Season.” General Admission, $500; VIP, $1,000; VIP Table of 10, $10,000.

All American Inaugural Ball, Jan. 19: A {link:tribute to everyday: “” target=”_blank” American heroes. $150-350

Garden State Inaugural Gala, Jan. 19: Sponsored by the New Jersey State Society, it features a Bruce Springsteen tribute band called the B-Street Band.

2017 Inaugural Heartland Ball, Jan. 19: Highlights the sights, sounds, and cuisine of Illinois. $275

South Carolina Presidential Inaugural Ball, Jan. 19: South Carolina State Societyhosts an event at the Smithsonian as part of its mission to link South Carolinians to the nation’s capital.

The Vettys Inaugural Ball and Awards, Jan. 20: The Hay-Adams, 800 16th St NW, Washington, DC. The event is hosted by the Coalition to Salute American Heroes, Military Order of the Purple Heart and Disabled American Veterans with Paralyzed Veterans of America as a non-partisan celebration$350-$1,250

Inauguration Day at the Newseum, Jan. 20: An all-inclusive “Presidential Inauguration Celebration Experience” from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Newseum, located on the inaugural parade route on historic Pennsylvania Avenue. $350-$500

Native Nations Inaugural Ball, Jan. 20: This event launches a campaign to build the National Native American Veterans Memorial.

Dardanella: The Great Gatsby Presidential Inaugural Ball, Jan. 20: National Portrait Gallery & Smithsonian American Art Museum hosts “a non-political political event!”offering a step back in history with an orchestra, vintage paper moon photo sets and more. $150-$450

Salute to Heroes/Veterans Inaugural Ball, Jan. 20: American Legion and Veterans Inaugural Committee host a tribute to America’s Medal of Honor recipients and Trump. Drew Carey emcees with performances by Rascal Flatts’ vocalist Gary LeVox, and songwriters Neil Thrasher and Wendell Mobley. $300

Washingtonian Inaugural Ball, Jan. 20: The Washingtonian hosts a nonpartisan dinner and ball$275-$350

Rich Hoffman


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Don’t Fear War with China, They’ve Already Lost: Understanding history, the nature of economics and human spirit

You can tell who the communist sympathizers are in the United States based on their positions on the upcoming Trump/China feud that is percolating as it should between the free western world and the largest communist country on planet earth.  American publications warning that Trump is pushing the world into World War III are obviously socialist and communist sympathizers who are advancing the humanist theories of Sir Thomas More and his 1516 novel Utopia—only instead of the Roman Catholic Church being the center of the society—it would be the religion of Mother Nature which drives modern communist sympathizers toward dystopia through their sheer ignorance on matters of the human heart.  In fact, many in Europe simply failed to ever get the point of the human condition and those in the East often fell even shorter.  Their only saving grace was to live minimalist’s existences as they do in Tibet, Nepal, India, and even Japan to a large degree so to avoid the hard question—that China fell to communism under Chairmen Moa and nobody knows how to deal with it.  The real fear that leftists have laced through modern Hollywood, political insiders on Capital Hill, the European Union at Brussels and virtually every village hut throughout Africa, the Middle East, Vietnam, Australia and South America is that Sir Thomas More was wrong—Plato was wrong—Immanuel Kant was wrong—and thus—Karl Marx.  They have all been wrong and Donald Trump is the change in direction that could have only come from America or the threat of the freedom the United States projects around the world as a last hope against dystopia under the church, the state, and Mother Nature herself.  China essentially is a propped-up state by the world which will soon be exposed by the presidency of Donald Trump—and he knows it—as do the people in his cabinet who are millionaires and billionaires.  They have pushed through those invisible social barriers which Thomas More warned about—and the true light of a world outside of Plato’s cave from the great book, The Republic has been revealed to them—and the world is also about to learn what makes the shadows on the cave walls—and it isn’t China’s “powerful” economy.

These are not the days for stupid people—and presently, I don’t have much patience for them.  Here are the facts of the matter—China is on a power grab to spread communism throughout the world, they hold great influence over North Korea, Indochina, and openly claim Taiwan and Tibet as their territories.  My feelings about China were solidified in the great Joseph Campbell books, The Masks of God where the communists took over China in 1949 and the world turned its back on the poor people of that great land where America had fought to protect them during World War II against the Japanese to great effect.

We had fought to defend those good people of their human rights against the Japanese imperialism only to surrender those people to the communism of Mao and his Russian backed insurgents making that entire region one of a communist utopia with the ghost of Thomas More smiling from the afterlife.  After all, it took roughly 400 years to arrive at that moment in China where the war-torn people weakened by a decade long fight with their eastern neighbor submitted to terrible human rights abuses under Chairman Mao—which wasn’t any different from Thomas More burning heretics at the stake serving at the time King Henry the VIII.  See the pattern, and I can promise you dear reader—90% of the so-called educated in the political and media establishments reading this don’t know any of this history.  They simply studied at Yale, at Oxford, and places like Princeton—read the mandatory reading of Thomas More’s Utopia, Marx’s Communist Manifesto, and the Quran—got drunk, stoned and had illicit and embarrassing sex with people they’ll never meet again and justify all their mistakes and stupidity with a social philosophy that got them a good job at The New York Times, and MTV—then assumed they were right blinding defending China’s communist muscle flexing.  If they really want to know what happened in 1949 to China read the last chapter of the great American general Claire Lee Chennault’s book Way of the Fighter—then dear reader you’ll “get it.”

The government of China deserves to have its ass kicked and its people freed—and deep down inside, Trump seems to know all that I’ve said above.  As a billionaire who speaks to other billionaire friends they know real power when they see it—and they know from what their observations of history have revealed through finance that China really isn’t a powerhouse economy—just a propped up global menace by what’s left of Sir Thomas More’s utopian socialists.  The Dali Lama of Tibet should not have to live like a refuge from his own country where he’s the rightful ruler based on their traditions.  Yet China has imposed itself on those peaceful people for no other reason than to dominate them for China’s own benefit.  China’s only claim to power is due to a world that has resigned its dignity to the crimes of collectivism—and much evil has followed in the wake—the United States included.

But that has now changed and Trump has a mandate by voters like me—and millions and millions of others to set things right in the world with open and free markets—true freedom of religion, sexual preference, and economic upward mobility—and it all essentially starts with China.  Bitch slap China back to the Thomas More Utopia that it was inspired from concocted by medieval Europe—and what falls from it will be countries like North Korea, Iran and the war in Afghanistan.  One tactical victory against China and Trump’s administration wins victories around the world—and the American economy begins once again to out-produce the world with the sheer power of capitalism.

So don’t be frightened dear reader that China might go to war with the United States under Trump—or that a trade war will cripple the American economy.  China is only a peacock fluffing out its feathers with naval harassments in the South China Sea and blank threats of hostility toward United States offers of friendship to Taiwan.   There can be no peace in the oriental regions of the world, or elsewhere as long as communism is at the center of the government in China.  And under Trump the weapon of capitalism will do battle with the weapon of communism and that story has been told before.  The ultimate answer is can America live without China—or can China live without America because that determines who has the advantage in the fight and will determine the victor.  And using China’s own book on strategy The Art of War—for which I am extremely familiar—I spent 10 years studying that relatively simple book peeling back all the layers sentence by sentence until the layers were understood—and the victories of Donald Trump are already clear.  China will lose in this upcoming great battle, and it won’t even be close.  Beating China has already happened—it is just the world that has refused to accept it because they still believe in that stupid Thomas More concept of utopia through socialism and communism.

Ayn Rand’s work in the mid twentieth century overstepped the European works of philosophy by challenging the essential premise of thinking foundations which emerged from Plato.  Most European philosophy goes back to those beginnings and if not for the origins of Islam, we wouldn’t even have those—for they took the works of Aristotle and created the foundations of their religion—which started off prosperous until many years of war took them away from their core ideas and sent them into Plato’s abyss during first the Crusades, then the Sykes Picot treaty after World War I.  When Roman barbarians destroyed the Library of Alexandria in Egypt the philosophical work of many superior thinkers was destroyed—and if not for the early Muslims they all would have been including Aristotle and Plato.  So as you can see dear reader, this crime in China goes back a long way and to be honest—only smart people understand it—and Trump is one of those smart people.  There is more going on than the media committed to socialist utopias might guess—or even know from their European inspired college educations.  To that effect, it was Henry the VIII which launched Oxford University effectively when his father Henry the VII forbid English students from attending the University of Paris.  And it was in this period for which Thomas More who served directly Henry the VIII wrote Utopia was written establishing the essential philosophies of our modern world through the university system which essentially spawned off those to Roman Catholic inspired colleges.  Things really aren’t that complicated if people read and understand history.  But unfortunately, they don’t—especially our media and entertainment culture—which currently dominates public opinion—because it’s easy to listen to a Hollywood leftists who are attractive and entertaining us.

It’s hard to read thirty years of books often written hundreds of years ago and to work through a comparative analysis—like I have.  So you can trust me when I say that China’s communist government needs to be eliminated from the world stage and the people freed under the philosophy of capitalism.  Ayn Rand’s works simply touched on concepts which were explored before Roman barbarians destroyed the Library of Alexandria and as much as modern liberalism doesn’t like to think that their philosophic foundations were built on religion—they are all products directly of the forces which rejected the Protestant Reformation in Europe during the early 1500s.  Trump is a man of Ayn Rand’s mode of thinking—and that will set the world on its head—deservedly so.  The media of course won’t understand—because they don’t know history.  But I do, so I’ll be happy to explain it as we move along in 2017.  Don’t worry about China.  They have already lost.

All communist and socialist countries lack imagination–the ability to think individually–where all creative input is first spawned.  Imagination is the one thing that Sir Thomas More completely ignored in his utopian society and is why ultimately, Europe currently is in a state of failure, and all countries that have adopted their various brands of socialism.  China is the epic example of a society that had its imagination robbed from it in 1949–and is now the biggest weakness of their entire society.  They are vulnerable.  Where they have tried to hide this by holding the debts of other nations–so that they could justifiably steal the intellectual work of other nations–they can easily be exposed–and Trump knows it.  Therefore, their end is near and they did it to themselves.

Rich Hoffman


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Atlas Shrugged, the Sequel: The Trump Way

The best way to describe the situation now transpiring in Washington D.C. politics is as a sequel to the famed American novel Atlas Shrugged—where the engines of the world came down from their mountain hideaway to save society from the depots of statism—once of course that those politicians had surrendered their authority to John Galt at the climax of the novel.  As Rex Tillerson the CEO of Exxon was announced as the next Secretary of State as kind of bookend to the previous week’s nominations it was clear that what was about to happen under the Trump administration was a new classic American novel being written before our very eyes which would change the nature of politics and human philosophy for all time.

Watching the very good series The Crown on Netflix it captures wonderfully the problems of our thus far human history.  We most define our human existence with the thousand years or so of domination from Great Britain and how that island country shaped European history.  But essentially, they are a carryover of the Roman Empire which was a spawn of Greek, Egyptian and Mesopotamian life.  Then of course is the orient and their variety of god-like kings and queens who have ruled in much the way of the British monarchy—so by watching that one Netflix show—a novice viewer can get quite a grasp which was displayed I thought brilliantly during Queen Elizabeth’s coronation, of the trouble between religion, aristocracy and the management of government with the “commoner” stuck in the middle.

Communism was a philosophic invention along the lines of Immanuel Kant and had appeal to the “commoner” who simply wanted to be free of that impossible situation stuck between monarchies, state governments and religious institutions so they sought to level the playing field—justifiably so.  Governments of the day, at the end of the 19th century into the 20th recognized that communism would cripple the economies of their enemies, so they purposely shipped it to Russia to keep them out of future world wars and the land acquisition that came with kingdom building.  Then they sought to spread it around the world to pull free countries like the United States back into that control of the state, religion, and a society of aristocrats acting as “fighters for the people” when in fact they were just another royal class of despots seeking power on the backs of the “commoner.”  Atlas Shrugged was essentially an argument against this behavior whereas this new sequel under a Trump presidency is a proposal going forward for how things should be.

Of course people who sympathize with the communist philosophy do not like Atlas Shrugged or Donald Trump—but that’s good—because it has been their thinking which has threatened to throw the world backwards—essentially to the European middle-ages all along.  The new religion of their control is not Catholicism this time, but “environmental regulation” which is the modern term for religious control and statism typical of the monarchy driven European mentality so evident at the end of the Roman Empire and the start of the Inquisition.

In that context the political nomination of Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State is quite extraordinary.  As demonized as oil executives have been over the years, largely by the communist/environmentalist movement, to put one in charge of such an important diplomatic role from the Executive Branch is one of Donald Trump’s boldest picks yet.  Tillerson is one of those “engines of the world” a person who makes things happen and for the first time in known history—these kinds of people will be running the affairs of the United States—a young country that has deliberately turned away from the statism of Europe for an opportunity under capitalism to evoke a new philosophy utilized by the human race rooted in freedom.  In America aristocratic concerns don’t matter as merit defines worth and that is largely the type of people who are making up Trump’s cabinet.

Where up to this point the understanding of what built an economy or generated a nation’s GDP was ill-defined as would-be aristocrats hemorrhaging the political class of its ethics hid the truth behind Kantian philosophies—the big switch now is that it will be forever clear who and what those engines are—and there will be no going back. Currently the reaction from the liberal-minded is fear at Trump’s picks because they have been trained to be essentially stupid people—purposely handicapped to play their social roles—in much the way that Queen Elizabeth II in the Netflix show, The Queen was purposely educated only in matters of the Constitution and little else, to keep her properly in check within the various balances of power between the State and the Church.  Millions upon millions of children have been purposely handicapped through their public educations to be enormously stupid adults illiterate in basic functions to essentially prevent them from discovering the truth that the Trump presidency will reveal—that the engines of the world are businessmen and those engaged in commerce from first the creative side, then the ruthless competition which forges only the best to emerge followed by-product fulfillment—the boons it brings to a society are born.

Recently I was on a flight from Tokyo, Japan to Osaka and I sat next to a young Japanese girl who was quite impressed with the suit I was wearing.  You see, in Japan their youth had not been taught to hate business, but instead saw it as an extension of the samurai philosophy from their 1600 A.D. feudal period.  She bowed deeply before sitting next to me and thanked me for bringing business to her country.  She couldn’t have been any older than 21 or 22 years old, so she was just a kid, but I was quite surprised how sincere she was about seeing a businessman on an airplane. That goes a long way to explaining why the Japanese are so successful with a much smaller country than say China or even Korea—because they revere business and commerce as a natural extension to their warrior past, and they value it.  That value is reflected in their culture and young people don’t think anything of bowing to a foreigner on an airplane dressed in a suit because they have been taught that businessmen and women make the world move forward.  It is something to respect.  Now the fool might say the girl was looking for a sugar daddy, which couldn’t have been further from the truth.  People who think like that are stupid and there is no way to salvage their lives for goodness.

Watching Saturday Night Live since the Trump election it has been grotesquely obvious that our youth do not understand Trump, business, or the politics of economic necessity.  All they’ve ever been taught is to hate capitalism and to adhere to the new age religion of global warming—as a backdoor means of communism repackaged for our modern youth.  The jokes on Saturday Night Live have been horrendously flat because the writers and actors clearly do not understand the world revealed to them by the Trump election so they only know to grapple with it through demeaning means.  The root of their failure is that they don’t understand or respect merit—therefor they have no appreciation for value.  For instance, two weeks ago from this writing they proposed a skit about young children who desired a Fisher Price Wishing Well—gifted children who wanted to step over childhood and enter adulthood where they could announce their great achievements to the world perched atop a great balcony, and the wishing well was a toy meant to appease their anxiety at being trapped as children to inexperience.   Honestly, they were essentially attacking my own childhood, because I was living the punchline of their joke only it didn’t come out funny—it was spiteful, even to people who couldn’t personally identify.  SNL was mad at the type of children who know they are too smart and good for the social standard and couldn’t wait to grow up and become great John Galts.

This past Saturday was yet another really pathetic skit about a day in the life of Donald Trump where the writers completely failed to understand the president-elect except through the lens of having deficiencies which portrayed him as an out-of-touch bourgeoisie—the only public education definition given to them to understand wealth.  The sad irony is that before Trump the writers were free to make jokes about the political right because we don’t take things too serious.  After all, we’re used to not being represented in popular media, so we have no choice but to support liberal artists if we want some culture.  But the political left don’t know how to do the same for us because they’ve always functioned from the aristocratic assumption that their way of thinking was in the majority.   It wasn’t and now they are having a hard time understanding how to cope.

The truth of the matter is that it is extreme minorities who make everything in the world work—and those are the best of us determined to be so through intense competition, merit through education, and those who just out-work everyone else.  In Trump’s new world the engines of the world will be free to do their justice and those opponents which have guarded against innovation through statist controls are having their voice taken from them in a social context.  The engines of the world now carry the torch for the first time, and that is quite an achievement.  One that will have lasting, and deep consequences right out of the gate in 2017.  And that is a very exciting prospect.  For those who love the original Atlas Shrugged, novel, finally they get to write the sequel.  This time it won’t come to us through the great American novel, but through the Executive Branch.   And that will be a story that will literally change the world for the better.

Rich Hoffman


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10 Seconds of Sheer Bliss: ‘Star Wars’ transcending politics and the #dumpstarwars movement

Obviously, many of the makers of the new Star Wars film, Rogue One regionally identify with San Francisco politics, because after all, that is where George Lucas moved his Lucasfilm company just prior to selling his empire to Disney in 2012.  They are not Donald Trump fans and have foolishly engaged in a progressive campaign against the president-elect adopting the same slant as Saturday Night Live has—lampooning Trump and the supporters of the new rebellion in America which they’ve associated as racists, bigots, and homophobes.

Where they’ve gone wrong is in assuming—including Mark Hamill, (Luke Skywalker himself) is that the meaning of Star Wars was always about diversity and togetherness in a collective kind of ooze, as opposed to what the masses actually cleave to making it one of the most popular modern stories of all time.  They obviously don’t understand why Star Wars is successful, and they don’t necessarily need to so long as they stick to the formula that George Lucas started so many years ago.   Rogue One is a war movie inspired from the World War II era, and that involved European politics from a time when nations came together to combat the evil of Hitler—and that is a universal theme everyone can get behind.  I personally like Garth Edwards as a director—he did a great job on the recent Godzilla film, and now that I’ve heard the Michael Giacchino soundtrack for Rogue One, particularly the section shown below at the 1:40 mark, I am getting very excited for the new film.  I wish I could have an hour-long soundtrack of just that kind of music because it reflects how I personally think.  If you could put music to my way of thinking 24 hours a day seven days a week—it would sound like that—that’s it!

I’ve went to the trouble of warning these modern Star Wars makers, like the Rogue One writer, Chris Weitz to story group leader at Lucasfilm Pablo Hidalgo and the director of Episode 8 Rian Johnson through Twitter that they needed to can their opinions because they don’t understand Star Wars in an ethical way so far as it relates to the world outside of Lucasfilm—by way of its art.  I think they are too young and as natural second-handers to George Lucas, they don’t get the appeal because they live in a filmmaking bubble.  Even George Lucas didn’t understand it for most of his life—if he ever did.  In fact, Lucas may have only understood Star Wars after he survived the car crash that nearly killed him and ever since—he has been losing that understanding year by year.  As an artist, he tapped into something by accident and that became something that changed the world philosophically and when film industry employees seek to bring modern political meaning to Star Wars, they cheapen it.  For instance, as Chris Weitz stated about Trump supporters—foolishly—the empire from the Star Wars movies were racists white supremacists and that the villains from Rogue One were much like those who put the New York billionaire into the White House over the corrupt Hillary Clinton—whom many at Lucasfilm were openly supporting.  I reminded all those mentioned above that Finn was a black guy and that Captain Phasma was a woman and as my friend Matt Clark pointed out recently, all of the Clone Troopers were copied from the DNA of Jango Fett—who certainly wasn’t a “white guy.”  So I told Chris that if he thought that’s what made Rogue One tick as a movie—as the writer—then the film would likely suck.

What those Lucasfilm employees obviously don’t understand is that most of the people I know who ran the Trump campaign on the ground level all loved Star Wars and that from their perspective the evil empire was the Democratic Party and the villains were clearly the Clintons.  The destruction of the second Death Star was election day 2016 and we celebrated by pulling down the statue of the evil empress Clinton in the city square of a metaphorical Coruscant.  So we are clearly at odds with each other and our definitions of things are defined by regional relationships—Lucasfilm by the progressive views of the coastal cities of New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles—and the Trump rebellion from the flyover states like Ohio, Georgia, Texas, Indiana and Michigan.  One thing that Star Wars taught me as a young person, which the modern Lucasfilm employees have not yet mastered is that the space opera is best defined on wings of art—the kind James Joyce participated in—which tapped into ancient roots of human experience and that it is there that the keys to understanding the power and success of Star Wars is best applied.

It was only because of Star Wars that I was inspired as a young twenty-something to read the great European classics like The Canterbury Tales and Finnegan’s Wake.  One of those is actually medieval literature while the other is an attempt at preservation of life before the Catholic takeover of Europe specifically in the British Isles.  Star Wars is all about that kind of thing mixed with oriental cultures.   Lucas properly took all of the world’s mythologies and placed them on an infinite tapestry of galactic magnitude and benefited it even more by setting the story long before our modern human history.  The genius of that was to remove the audience from the here and now and place it comfortably in the past so that reflection was possible without the immediacy of modern troubles.  So I literally have spent the last thirty years reading classic literature from around the world because I was inspired by Star Wars as a kid to do so—and I am far better off for it now.  With these new Star Wars films I am hopeful that the same thing happens to millions of other people over the coming decades because there is a real hope that I have that this art of Star Wars will carry mankind to a new level of understanding even in spite of Kathy Kennedy’s immediate desires to find female directors and stick progressive causes into Star Wars which rips the mind away from the transcendental nature which evokes the magic in the first place.  She and Lucasfilm in general understand I think enough to get by.

For instance, Rogue One is really a classic spin on an old World War II movie.  The upcoming Han Solo film which goes into production at the turn of the year 2017 has the art department looking at old Frederic Remington paintings to get the look of that movie to reflect a classic western, so these guys get it, and I look forward to seeing what they get up on the screen.  I understand that we will see a newer Millennium Falcon with some cool paint schemes on it, which will be wonderful as Han Solo is my favorite character.  He’s a very Ayn Rand type of hero.  I am so excited about that project that I’m planning to visit the studio where they are filming while they are there in the first quarter of 2017—because it’s wonderful as a work of art to see those types of elements being put together in something that will inspire the world.  I’m not saying anything more about the Millennium Falcon because it’s all kind of a secret and I respect that.  We’ll all see it soon enough.

The success of the new Han Solo movie will largely depend on how well Rogue One does, so I am rooting for the film to do well.  I won’t be boycotting Star Wars just because the filmmakers at Lucasfilm don’t understand the presidency or modern necessity of Donald Trump.  They’ll get it in hindsight, but if they don’t see it now—I won’t fault them for it.  They have an important job to do in my mind and they need to stick to it.  I will say that I am encouraged by what I’ve seen so far, like that Michael Giacchino film score, and the recent update to the video game Battlefront where there is a DLC featuring Rogue One events which came out this week.  I’ve been playing it and let me just say—it’s quite astonishing.  Additionally, this past week the new VR Mission for X-Wing came out on Playstation and it was jaw dropping cool.  The neatest video game experience I’ve ever had.  There isn’t even a close second and all this is a result of Star Wars newest film Rogue One which has resurrected the science and ambition those films evoked in the 1980s.  I never thought in my wildest imaginings that I’d be able to sit in the cockpit of an X-Wing Fighter and perform dogfighting with other ships around a massive Star Destroyer on the edge of an asteroid field in the most perfect 3D imagery I’ve ever seen.  I say that from the perspective of working with the RealD 3D guys back in 2008 when they were perfecting their cameras for the revolution we see now in movie theaters.  I can only imagine what kind of technical breakthroughs we will see over the next few years as Star Wars continues to inspire science and art to push human understanding and the Trump presidency opens up the purse strings of capitalism to make those ideas happen.  If everyone can’t yet see the big picture—I can deal with that.  But lack of vision doesn’t make people correct in their assumptions.  Chris would do his project and Lucasfilm a tremendous service if he’d just keep his mouth shut and do his job within that context.

Meanwhile I will be one of the first to see Rogue One.  I ordered the soundtrack from Michael Giacchino based exclusively on that clip.  I will now go listen to those few seconds of music at the 1:40 mark for the rest of the day because it’s that kind of thing which feeds my brain—which is my favorite part of my body—and it likes to eat.  Matt Clark and I are planning a Star Wars special on 1600 WAAM on New Year’s Eve and we’ll review the new Rogue One movie and elaborate on all these topics more, once we have had the benefit of seeing the movie and comparing it to the history of the franchise which are shaped in translation by the politics of our time.  So we’ll see.  I’m hopeful, but will reserve my judgment on the product presented.  And as of now, I’m enjoying the possibilities that come with Star Wars and the hope for the human race that often trails in its wake.  I will say this, thank you Michael for that 10 seconds of music shown in the Rogue One scoring session.  Because I love it!

Rich Hoffman


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