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The Closing of Holy Cross: Pelicans of European lore

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In “The Dream of the Virgin,” by Christoforo Simone dei Conrocefissi—a painting of Jesus Christ emerging from a dead body in the form of a tree–a bird atop the crucified figure of Christ has bothered me for a number of years—since the early 90s when I first saw it.  The bird is a pelican which according to the nature lore of the European Middle Ages nourishes its young on blood drawn from its own breast.image  It is used in the painting to show the proper metaphor of how Christ through the giving of his Holy Blood has nourished mankind into Salvation.  About that same time the pastor of my Lutheran Church of Holy Cross in Fairfield, Ohio was suffering from a divorce where his wife ran off to find freedom from the rigidity of being a pastor’s wife.  She wanted to live a free life away from his judgmental existence and bicycle across the earth free of God’s appraisal.  As I looked up at the lit up cross in that church my parents helped keep alive for many years it was a measure of a 20 year journey into philosophy that leaped well beyond the good foundations provided by my years there. Holy Cross for me was my first exposure into a journey that would outgrow the little church starting at the point of time mentioned.  Over the next two decades I would only return a handful of times that would finally end on March 23, 2014.  It was the last service of that church, my parents were the ushers and a substitute pastor headed the service which would be the last one.  There was no new generation to take over, and the church was finally closing.   It first opened in 1957, my parents were married there, my wife and I were married there, we were all baptized there, some of my nieces and nephews and most of my first acting and public speaking was done there.  Prior to the 90s, I performed every job at the church except conduct the actual ministry and play the organ.  The church had played a huge part in my life which put me on a path to fight evil with a foundation started during my youth.   Now during this last service as we all readied to take communion one last time that painting was coming back to me resurrecting the ridiculous role of the pelican.  That was what I thought of as I was handed bread representing the body of Christ.

I have told people who didn’t understand why I stopped attending Holy Cross that it wasn’t that I was becoming an atheist or had lost “faith.”  I had just outgrown the church which of course nobody understood, particularly parents who had given so much of themselves to it.  For me, the failure of the church was not in its message of goodness, in helping people and having spiritual value—it was in the ideal of sacrifice.  I had continued to study literature well after my Bible study days and moved into comparative religion heavily from 18 to 19 years of age.  I learned that it wasn’t just Lutherans and Catholics who had these stupid concepts about sacrifice—it was all religions to some degree or another—and I saw clearly that politics was exposing this weakness taught to the masses of humanity for their own exploitation of power.  Now a pastor I had studied with closely over many years had a wife leaving him and it was obvious that God wasn’t coming to his rescue.  Bowing on his knees to a savor wasn’t going to bring the woman back.  The situation was much more complicated and I needed to understand the answers for my own life.  Blind trust into some mysterious beings behind a curtain was not enough for me.  For many of the people I knew, it was—and I saw that as an intellectual limitation that would not be sufficient for my family.

I left the church unofficially because of the false premise that sacrifice was needed for human life to move forward.  Creativity is the real driver of advancement, not pouring the blood of Christ into a cup and drinking it on Sunday.  Softened rituals of human sacrifice which is what Lutheran communion was only served in providing basic childlike foundations into living a life of goodness.  It did not help a person live a life where they are in control, where they are accountable, and they dictate the fate of their own existence.   So I continued on and only returned for big family events until this last service.  I couldn’t help but notice the tears from the audience, listening to the organ from the balcony, the lit up cross I had spent so many Sundays and years helping keep the place alive.  I looked out the window at the same trees I looked at growing up.  They were a little bigger, but mostly still there.  During sermons I had stared at every line of every brick in the front wall of a church that was quite a popular place in the 70s and 80s.  Many of my first girlfriends came out of the church.  Even during some of my most rebellious years mentioned prior, I still attended church at Holy Cross almost every weekend.  It had become a sanctuary of goodness for me over the years that I had a lot of value for.  But not enough value to sacrifice my life to, or the lives of my children.  The church was not more important than me and my family and that is a tough concept to explain to people who have not taken those steps.

The drastic difference in thinking was that sacrifice was a concept which should be abandoned—the ideal that something must be given up so that something can come to be.  I was not going to teach my children that sacrifice was needed to live—but that it was creativity that brought everything into being and that God was the factor behind inspiration and drive.   The ideal of someone sacrificing their life so that I could live was something I decided to reject and would spend my life going forward living from my own spontaneity and creativity and I would teach everyone who wanted to listen to do the same.   That way of thinking is not for everyone.  It requires a firm footing upon a foundation of goodness, and I gained that foundation at Holy Cross Lutheran Church and my parents did a wonderful job introducing it to me.  Many of my first books, which I still have and treasure are Bibles and Bible Encyclopedias.  In my pastor’s office when I was personally instructed by him I always admired the books on his shelves—literature was very important to him. But at a certain point you outgrow it if growth continues, and for me I could have stayed stagnate and thrown myself at God’s mercy the way the pastor did when his wife left him, or I could take control and move past him—well past him and shape my own destiny through creativity—not sacrifice.

One last time I took communion out of respect for the ceremony and I felt sorry for those who were still confined to the ideal of sacrifice.  They were good people, but they were stuck—and happy to be there.  Like the pastor from two decades prior, who was now deceased, it was easier to pray to God, trust in the wisdom of His benevolence than to take personal responsibility through personal creativity to lead one’s own life to a conclusion of self motivated destiny.  It is far easier to bow and eat bread, drink wine, and pray and leave the responsibility for living to the universe.

As I put the communion cup down for the last time alongside the northern windows I felt the heat of the building pushing warm air through the heating system. I would miss this church—because I wouldn’t be able to come back ever again.  It was closing, and at the end of the service, it would finally be gone forever, and it was a sad moment.  The building was alive and had been since 1957.  I had grown up and felt that heat most of my life but now I felt not just sad that it would be over—but that it was now like a pair of shoes that I wore when I was a child which I could no longer wear—and I felt bad that I couldn’t teach everyone to also outgrow their shoes.

Holy Cross closed with the stripping of the alter—with no music and the slamming shut of the church log, sniffles permeated the vaulted ceilings, the classic lights, the candles which were now extinguished and the gentle rumble of the heating system pushing warm air into the congregation.  The church had cared for its people attending worship for so many years, and now it was over—and it was sad.  But the ultimate failure was not the changing demographics of the area, the declining morality of society, but the concept that sacrifice was needed for a fruitful existence.  Every institution which subscribes to those types of theories ends just like the lives which give shape to them.  Sacrifice is the wrong approach to everything because in the end things just end, like marriages, churches, lives, and minds.  For something to live on, it requires creativity because without that—nothing happens—and that is the secret to success, love, and life.    The only pelican in my life are the ones I feed in Florida when I visit Tampa, who wait for me to feed them a fish.  They don’t give me back anything in return except for the joy of watching them eat it.  The European lore was wrong and all those who followed it.

Rich Hoffman


The Kroger Marketplace: West Chester Trustees say no

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What is expected out of politicians?  Well West Chester, Ohio is becoming the epitome of good government and correct management.  Traditionally, local politicians eat out of the hand of power players, developers, and social-climbing national politicians—but not this time when one of the most financially solid communities in all of Ohio rejected a developer submission for a Kroger Marketplace. 

 “The problem was not Kroger, it was the developer,” Trustee President George Lang said.  Strong words more reminiscent of a fiscal manager than a political pet sent shock waves through the development community where a clear message of quality emanated beyond the business as usual approach many have come to expect over the years.  Lang knows that West Chester is a lucrative spot for any business to locate, and if they wish to, they have expectations to live up to—and if they don’t—they will be turned away.

Late in January, the township zoning commission had recommended approval of a zone change to allow a 133,000-square-foot Kroger Marketplace store, along with a gas station and space for retail, offices and restaurants.  That was expected as zoning commission officials are often corrupted with Agenda 21 type training, and are willing to bend over backwards for any type of development plan that reflects their world view.  Those same zoning officials denied the development last year after neighbors voiced concerns about safety and traffic issues.


Developer Silverman and Company Inc., of Blue Ash, resubmitted the plan, scaling back some out lots and adding a five-acre green-space buffer in an effort to appease residents. But without firm promises related to the buffer, commissioners wouldn’t sign on.  This was reported here at Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom with the following article.  CLICK HERE TO VIEW

 “They wouldn’t give us a timetable on the buffer — or even if one would ever be built,” said West Chester Trustee George Lang. “The property will eventually develop. It may even be a Kroger Marketplace, but this was not the right plan.”



Lang called the bluff on the developer who did exactly what always happens, they found major resistance to their development plans by local residents–the developer marked up their drawings to show a “compromise” then re-submitted expecting weak-kneed politicians to yield ultimately dejecting the protesters.  In this case a buffer zone was needed between the residents and the development and the developer ignored those needs.  Most trustees would salivate all over themselves to have a shot at a development like what the Kroger Marketplace would bring to West Chester and could pat themselves on the back for years at luring such a thing during their tenures.  But what often gets left out of these types of discussions is a sense of quality that becomes part of the neighborhood instead of an imposition upon it.  The West Chester trustees led by Lang are insisting on a standard that is high, but the results will yield a much higher quality community in the long run.  It is to Kroger’s advantage to build a marketplace in West Chester—but it is up to the management of the area to make sure that when it is built, it is something the community can be proud of for decades instead of being outdated and useless 15 years from now.


Developers are often good people who bring a lot of good things to the table.  Without them, nothing would happen.  But often, because they are more interested in passing their projects through a maze of regulations, financial pitfalls, and political haggling, they are short-sighted by their very nature.  They don’t see very far down the road or consider the philosophical impact of their projects—only the economic ones—and at that, only a few years beyond completion.  However, proper management dictates having the long view in mind as well as the short, and in the case of this Kroger Marketplace the developer was only looking at the short–a nice new grocery store with all the bells and whistles, but without a buffer zone to protect real-estate investment 10 years and 20 years down the road, the negative impact of the development would be detrimental to residents. 


It is refreshing to see that George Lang and his trustees are doing the job as good if not better than any community in America currently.  West Chester, Ohio is the model of how every community across The United States and world should strive to mimic.  The lifestyle of West Chester is robust, the personal wealth is extraordinary, the access to goods and services, job creation, and proximity to everything is as good as it gets, and Lang knows it.  What is different is that the West Chester Trustees are not willing to compromise that quality to make developers happy for the sake of favors down the road.  And for that, the people of West Chester have a lot to be thankful for.  If Kroger wants to build a Marketplace in West Chester and enjoy the profile of the community which perfectly suits their business plan, they need to listen to the management of the community–the trustees like George Lang.  They will find that if they do, they will profit as well as the residents he is protecting, and West Chester will become that much better.  But the other options are simply not on the table, and that is something to be grateful for.

Rich Hoffman



Clone Wars Season Six: Science fiction of the highest order and a real treat

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There are a lot of things in the world more important than the latest Star Wars news…….but then again, maybe not.  I have declared before that The Clone Wars animated series on Cartoon Network is one of the best entertainment venues around.  The work that Star Wars is performing in philosophy, science fiction, political science, and culture building I think is being conducted on an epic scale and is extremely important.  When Disney bought Lucasfilm one of the first things they did was canceled The Clone Wars series because of the contract the show had on The Cartoon Network.  Probably deeper than that, the series had actually become very serious and was dealing with very complicated topics that were clearly not intended for children—but the kind of adults who grew up watching Star Wars.  I’ve watched and read a lot of science fiction over the years.  I was a tremendous fan of the most recent version of Battlestar Galactica, especially the first two seasons.  So I have pretty high expectations when it comes to that kind of entertainment, and I always felt that The Clone Wars was some of the best science fiction being done.  So it was sad to see it canceled by Disney—because the show had gone to a very dark place not really suitable for the Disney Channels. The remaining season 6, called The Lost Episodes remained in limbo until Disney cut a deal with Netflix to release them on March 7, 2014 in 13 episodes which were designed to wrap up many of the story arches created through the first five seasons leading into the film Revenge of the Sith.  Not expecting much my wife and I sat down together over the weekend and watched the new season and let me just say—it was absolutely fantastic.

Season Six of The Clone Wars is just simply some of the best science fiction ever done.  The presentation of the material was just beautiful to look at, the scope of the show was phenomenal, the story lines were deeply complicated, and the content was epic containing many threads of contemporary value.   I personally felt very sorry for the character called “Fives” in the series because I know a lot of people who are in his condition presently—conspiracy theorists that have deep inside knowledge to what is really going on in the world and are unable to communicate those concerns because of the sheer audacity of their claims.  The fate of “Fives” was tragic, but wow, what a way to tell a story.  The whole Kaminio cloning facility plotline was exceptionally beautiful and was science fiction of a top order. It had elements of the old Flash Gordon Republic serials done with modern sophistication and was graphically a thing of wonder.  It was not just good stuff……….but great stuff!  Nobody is making anything close in entertainment as the people at Lucasfilm have been performing on The Clone Wars television show.

It is easy to become overwhelmed with modern problems and to focus too intensely on all the issues of the day.  But I have found that the most effective way to deal with extreme stress and anxiety is with good robust entertainment which is aligned with the things I’m trying to deal with in the real world.  To that end I enjoy Star Wars video games, I simply love the Fantasy Flight game X-Wing Miniatures with a passion, and I of course love the movies—but the television show The Clone Wars is deeply sophisticated and a real treasure.  I often find I have fresh perspectives on real problems after watching them—because the creative minds at Lucasfilm have the liberty to analyze hard problems without the immediacy of political alignments forged by realities.

One complaint that I read about the Season Six Clone Wars was the plotline about the Intergalactic Banking Clan’s financing of the war.  I found that to be the most interesting of just about any aspect of Star Wars in any capacity.  The writers of The Clone Wars were clearly drawing parallels between the real life situation that we have on earth with the Rothchilds, the Buffets, and the Soros types and how they play all sides to their own needs.

In Star Wars, according to Darthipedia.com, the Intergalactic Banking Clan, or IGBC, member FDIC, was a commerce guild organization of the Galactic Republic, headquartered on Muunilinst. It was a union of clans of bankers, proving that those anorexic losers managed to get at least three-fourths of their own damn title correct. Sadly for the pasty-faced goths, every single banker had delusions of grandeur the day they decided to name it “InterGalactic”. Honestly, they could be done by the Trades Descriptions Act.  Y’know, the Intra-Galactic Trades Descriptions Act.

During the Clone WarsSan Hill was the leader of the IGBC. Hill became one of the founding financiers of the Confederacy of Independent Systems, then celebrated by “making it rain,” which did not amuse Dooku at all. The IGBC pledged its ships and battle droids to the Confederacy… wait, battle droids? Ah, well, the Banking Clan kept battle droids as part of its, er, collections division. Their most potent weapons were Hailfire droids. The resultant debts forced San Hill into hiding on Mustafar. Reports that he gained access to a Chameleon Arch and rewrote his biology to become a Human[1] during the Galactic Civil War are spurious to say the least.[2]After the Separatist Crisis ended, Palpatine offered the IGBC a massive, quadrillion-credit bailout and ended up controlling them.


The Clone Wars dealt with this whole subplot and I found it fascinating.  A lot of fans of Star Wars just want to deal with the emotional story points, but Lucas years ago established in the face of much criticism why war often occurs and with his Star Wars, the situation is even more complicated than might be found in the real world of earth.  Watching that kind of science fiction allows a curious mind to begin to understand the level of deception that is required to be a villain, which is the first step in solving actual problems.  But before that can happen, a mind has to grasp the problem.   The politics in Star Wars was always something that I found infinitely fascinating and the Season Six content is nothing short of amazing.  If it was not an animated film set in a galaxy far, far away, but here on earth dealing with the Bilderbergers, it would likely win an Academy Award.  It was that good.

I could go on and on, but the short of it is this, the Season Six Clone Wars: Lost Episodes are worth watching for a lot of reasons.  They are great entertainment, they are involved science fiction, and they are commentary on many contemporary problems.  They were a real treasure that took me quite by surprise. But more than anything they were food for inquisitive minds well worth the time to watch.  If you have access to Netflix, there simply isn’t a better choice available than that show—so you should watch it and enjoy a work of modern art that is quite healthy and robust for its sheer quality and complexity.  That is a series that I will forever miss, but am very glad to have seen the last 6 years worth of wonderful material known as The Clone Wars.

The ending of Season Six, the last three episodes featuring Yoda were deeply touching–and extremely bold.  They will give great hope to people everywhere who desperately need it.

Rich Hoffman



America in Decline: Why the white guys are angry–a progressive travesty

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There is no question that Bill O’Reilly is the best news guy in the business today. However, for my tastes he is way too close to the progressive point of view.  He is too cozy with the kind of people who are wrecking our country so I usually watch him the way I would a disconnected parent from another generation who is out of touch with the reality of our times.  The reason I do is because he is simply the best that there is—which says everything that needs to be determined.  Bill O’Reilly tells the truth without spectacle and fanfare.  So it should be quite shocking to many to watch his Talking Points Memo shown below from a few days ago titled, “America in Decline.” I understand the reason he does what he does with the progressive left, he wants to be a good reporter just after the facts, and he feels he will reach more people if he’s fair and balanced.  Largely he is right, he is a bestselling author, he has excellent ratings on his top rated news program on Fox and his stage shows around the country routinely sell out.  By most people’s definitions Bill O’Reilly is the epitome of American success, so they should listen to what he has to say.  If you have not seen this, please do watch it and send it along to a friend.  If you have, watch it again, and again and again.  It’s all true and then some and every point made must be corrected in American culture within the decade, otherwise, we will not survive.  It is that simple. 

To those who say that Bill and those who think like he does is just a bunch of angry white guys spewing hate, it’s time to can it.  Those are exactly the kind of people who have delivered us to this precipice.  The angry white guys are “angry” because they have been kind, and fair, and open—and progressives have done all of the above to our country—and we don’t like it.  It is kind of like telling a teenage kid not to have a party while we go on vacation, but while gone, the kid does just that, and when we returned, the house is destroyed.  We will be angry!  It only adds insult to the injury when the stupid kid tells us not to be angry!

All the things Bill mentioned have been done either intentionally, or through severe corruption and outright stupidity.  This is where Bill and I are very different; he is willing to give progressives the benefit of the doubt where I think they have been quite purposeful.  Bill being a strict Catholic guy believes in turning the other cheek to those who vilify him—where I do not.  I think it is more appropriate to cut off the cheek of the villain and feed it to them for what they’ve done.  But we both agree that things cannot continue as they have.

America has been attacked in the same manner that it was during the Pearl Harbor invasion, or the 9/11 World Trade Center terrorist plot.  It has been threatened in a similar way as the Cuban Missile Crises was designed to invoke and has been quite literal.  The trouble is that most Americans did not define what was happening as an attack because guns and hostilities were not openly declared in the traditional sense—so much of what took America to the place it currently is, went unchallenged.

Now we are part of a country that has had its wealth redistributed to unproductive corners of the world, where fairness has been used as a club to crush enterprise, and stylish feelings have overtaken logic.  Probably the biggest sign of the foul play which is amiss is the concluding statements in Bill’s Talking Points, where Lois Lerner testified before Congress yet again and took the Fifth multiple times so not to implicate herself.  Lerner being a high-ranking member of the IRS has refused to answer questions as to Washington’s involvement in the IRS scandal that is at this point much, much, larger than Watergate ever was—and nobody in the media, or the Beltway culture have the courage to face down the obvious evil which is taking place.  If the IRS will do what they have done to conservative groups, they’ll do it to anyone who stands in their way in the future no matter what the political affiliation.  The Lerner corruption at the IRS is testimony in its own way and confirmation that everything so-called radicals like Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and many others have been saying is 100% true.   It is true until people like Lerner proves otherwise.  They can’t have it both ways, use American laws of innocent before proven guilty, and then use the cover of bureaucracy to commit crimes against America.  That is nothing short of terrorism and the evidence has proven that Lerner is guilty of it.

But what’s worse than what Lerner has done with the IRS, or the major newspapers who refused to cover the story out of ideological commitment to the kind of change they are trying to impose on the rest of us—is that we’ve let them do it.  We’ve been kind, accommodating, and docile allowing them to take the “Fifth” when we know they are hiding something, or lying to us over Benghazi, or the reasoning that energy prices are so high, or taxes are going up, or our health care system has been tampered with, or our jobs are shoved overseas so to “redistribute” them to the gutters of Italy to balance things out with the European Union which has mismanaged itself to the brink of oblivion.  We’ve been nice, and we have been taken advantage of.

O’Reilly isn’t inflating the situation in his broadcast on Fox. He’s point for point being excessively factual. The situation is every bit as bad has he stated and if corrections are not made, we are done as a nation—and it will have been on purpose by the enemies of the nation working within our system of government.   We have been compromised, and we have a right to be angry about it.  Very angry!

Rich Hoffman



The New Jeep Renegade: A vehicle marketed to high school girls and repressed Europeans

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High school girls, gay guys, and European men with way too much cologne appear to be the target of Fiat’s newest Jeep, Renegade.  Fiat’s acquisition strategy of the Jeep brand from Chrysler was on full display at the 2014 Geneva auto show.  They revealed what they intend to do with the automotive line nurtured in America and recognized throughout the world as a symbol of rugged individuality and toughness—they turned it into a mini.   Fiat is quite boastful of their skyrocketing sales after their Jeep acquisition.  The new Renegade will be built in some of the former factories crushed by socialism in Italy, and targeted for sale in Europe.  From their stand point, this is a brilliant move, Europe’s roads are too small, the people too tightly packed, and their governments are corrupted by the ghosts of communism.  Because of their mystical beliefs in global warming, Europe’s fuel costs are too high, and their expectations for personal freedom are very low.  For them, Jeep, as it has been marketed out of America under the Chrysler Corporation was representative of American independence, so Fiat has taken that image and smashed it down into something that the rest of the world can enjoy in order to boost sales.  For tightly packed Europe, the dirt roads of India, the washed out trails of China, the forever college students of Germany sung to social sleep by radical professors, the drifting yuppies of Brazil, and the up and coming drug dealers in Mexico, the Fiat version of the Jeep is perfect for them.  But for the American, the new Jeep will be one of those throwaway cars that dads buy for their daughters, or men lacking masculinity will purchase because it’s so “cute.”  The new Jeep Renegade by American standards looks like it might be capsized during a head-on collision with a bicycle.

One of the best vehicles my family ever had was a Jeep Grand Cherokee that we drove all over The United States.  Its powerful inline 6 cylinder engine could pull boats with no problem; it could handle the Appalachian Mountains with ease, and perform well on the highway for long trips.  One specific year my wife purchased a bike rack for the back of our Jeep and we took a family vacation down to Hilton Head Island.  Once we arrived we biked all over the island.  It was my wife, and two daughters with me on that trip and the Jeep had no trouble carrying a bike rack that could haul so many bicycles and still have the girth to plow through the wind, rain, and inclement weather from Ohio to South Carolina.  Inside that Jeep there was plenty of room for all of us to comfortably travel and still pack more than enough supplies for a week of vacationing.  Shortly after that trip, my wife was in a car accident that the insurance company totaled meaning we would lose the Jeep.  She had been hit by another vehicle taking my kids to school as another car slid on the wet pavement during the heavy traffic mornings.  Because the Jeep sat so high off the ground, and was so large, the vehicle took all the impact leaving my family safe inside.   The airbags all deployed and they walked away without any harm.  Initially, looking at the Jeep, I thought the damage was pretty minor.  The bumpers had held up, the fenders where hardly wrinkled, and the lights remained completely intact.  But, since the airbags deployed, the cost of repair was up over $10,000.  It was a 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee and the accident was in the mid 2000s, so the vehicle was getting up in years exceeding the technical value of the vehicle.  However, if not for that wreck, we would still be driving that Jeep to this very day.  If my wife had been driving a Jeep Renegade instead of a Grand Cherokee, my family would have been seriously hurt.

The Jeep brand was fostered by American car companies and spoke to the world of a lifestyle forged from capitalism that they simply couldn’t enjoy.  When Fiat bought the brand from the financially strapped Chrysler Corporation it was clear that the Italian company had plans to use that image to saturate a starving world with a mirage of American freedom represented by the Jeep brand.  Chrysler and General Motors specifically have major labor problems in America largely due to socialism driven by their unions, and could not live up to their own image, leaving them vulnerable in the global marketplace to Fiat.  Fiat has so far sought to shrink down the Jeep vehicles catering to the European market but dressing them up to look like the old Jeeps.  The Fiat Jeep is a kind of Angry Birds version of a Chrysler Jeep; it’s purely gimmicky but has compromised itself to fulfill a larger global strategy of wealth redistribution copying off Americans without the commitment to freedom that comes from such places.  Common in the discussion of economics these days is the “global marketplace” and behind that discussion there is always socialism driving the dialogue. Deep in the hearts of the rest of the world is the belief that America’s wealth should be redistributed to them, and in the case of brands like Fiat’s Jeep, the image is used and repackaged as a version more compatible with countries wrecked with socialism.  The subtle goal is proclaiming that another American brand is now in control of that global marketplace—known as “the public.”  No doubt that President Obama celebrated when Fiat bought up the majority of shares of Jeep stock showing a “partnership” with Italy and America that would resonate with the long-term plan academia has always fostered—a large federation of countries working together instead of being at war with one another.  It is similar to the reasons why men often want to sleep with the attractive wives of men they consider their intellectual and physical superiors—so that they can take something from their rivals that they don’t have in the first place.  Fiat, from Italy is taking from Jeep the American ruggedness and putting their stamp of softness to it so to reap the short-term profits while destroying the brand right in front of America’s bankrupt face—while The United States continues to pour billions of dollars in aid to such European nations through financing The United Nations, military support and intellectual property.  How many global film blockbusters have been produced in France, Italy, or Germany?  What was the latest billion dollar film made in Spain?  ………………………Anyone……………………………………………………………………………….anyone at all……………………………………………………………………………………….I’m still waiting………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………there isn’t one and never will be.  Because books, movies, music that achieve such status are created by free people—Americans—and that isn’t an accident.

The Fiat Jeep is wealth redistribution, not just in jobs that might otherwise have been created in America, but of the essence of American creation, the Jeep as it was conceived by Chrysler.  The Jeep I spoke so highly of, the Jeep Grand Cherokee from 1996 was conceived by Detroit automakers during the Reagan era before Detroit collapsed under the weight of their labor unions.  The Fiat Jeep Renegade is a vehicle conceived by a Detroit that just filed bankruptcy and had to sell off assets to an Italian company who traditionally makes small cars, for small people and their philosophic grip on history.  Surely the new Jeep Renegade will sell well in all the armpits of the world, the minds of Europe still recovering from the Dark Ages, the tribal hunters fresh off the Serengeti who have just spent the day hunting Gazelles because the grocery store had its food shipment confiscated by socialist radicals in charge of the country, or some hut dweller in Cambodia who is working 5 full-time jobs trying to pay for the broken leg his wife incurred during a traffic accident between two bicycles.  The Jeep Renegade will be a treasured vehicle in places like that.  But here in America, they will be driven by 16-year-old girls who think they are cute little “mini” cars, and will fill the parking lots of San Francisco gay nightclubs with air fresheners hanging from the mirrors to cover the odor of their clubbing activities.  But on the road across America these little Fiat Jeep’s will be road bumps equivalent to pot holes for the larger vehicles which are part of a culture which embraces freedom and individual liberty with size, space, and horsepower.  And all those things are missing from the new Fiat Jeep which is an insult to a brand that was built with rugged American history and a yearning for freedom that is unmatched anywhere  in the world—and under assault by yet another foreign company driven by socialism to consume anything and everything that has value.

Rich Hoffman



Socialists are Lazy: Meet the new German Progressive Alliance

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It has become obvious that most Americans do not understand the politics of the rest of planet earth.  They believe that countries like Germany, England, Australia and Brazil are functioning on an economically equal playing field as America.  But this would be a false assumption.  The situation in the Ukraine where those people wish to break away from the so-called conservative statism of Russia and join the European Union displays the confusion epically.  Ukraine is essentially seeking to leave a country run on one hand by the old hard-line communists who are currently in the minority in Russia and the United Russia party of Putin who is a former KGB agent from the days of the U.S.S.R.  Many members of the European Union are openly socialist and are members of Socialist International, which has been covered here extensively.  CLICK HERE TO REVIEW, (check out the map there.)  Many of the countries being governed by Socialist International, which is essentially the entire European Union resent American freedom and the wealth generated under capitalism and they feel entitled by their corrupt Kantian philosophy to steal that wealth so that all people everywhere are equal.  In short, socialists and their supporters are by their very nature on average, lazy and seek use the argument of equality to justify stealing from the productive and calling the process “fairness.” This argument was presented to the world during the 20th Century and every nation but America accepted it—as seen in the animated short below.  Because America said no to socialism and communism, is why The United States is a wealthy nation. 


Out of the European Union Germany is currently one of the strongest countries economically, but they are hardly bastions of capitalism.  They have had a very strong presence in Socialist International but in that country a new socialist movement began starting in May of 2013 which considers itself a rival group–a group called the Progressive Alliance.  This group intends to take the hard name of socialism away from debate so that members around the world are not so turned off by the old connections to communism.  The Progressive Alliance is a global organization intent to spread socialism to every world government.  They are not supporters of capitalism—in fact they are not even close to supporting such a thing.  But if a careful analysis to their internal works were examined what they all have in common is that the members are essentially lazy people who look to the ambitious to carry them through life—just as the European Union, the United Nations, NATO and even the International Space station look toward American ingenuity, American money, American productivity to carry them from one day to the next.  If America were removed from their alliances, they would perish quickly as their members are unproductive and looking to be carried through life on the backs of those willing to support them.  So far, America has done so without complaint. 


The Progressive Alliance is a political international founded on 22 May 2013 by political parties, the majority of whom are current or former members of the Socialist International. The organisation states the aim of becoming the global network of “the progressive“, democratic, social-democratic, socialist and labour movement”.[1][2]

The first step towards the movement’s creation was the cancellation of the £100,000 yearly membership fee payment by the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD) to the Socialist International in January 2012 by SPD Chairman Sigmar Gabriel. Gabriel had been critical of the Socialist International’s admittance and continuing inclusion of undemocratic “despotic” political movements into the organisation.[3][4]

At the initial Conference of the Progressive Alliance was held in Rome, Italy on 14–15 December 2012 with 42 political parties attending.[5][6] Attending the founding meeting was Democratic Party of Italy leader Pier Luigi Bersani, French Socialist Party chairman Harlem Désir, Argentinean Socialist Party chairman Hermes Binner, Governor of Vermont Peter Shumlin of the US Democratic Party, and Mustapha Ben Jafar, secretary-general of the Tunisian Democratic Forum for Labour and Liberties.[7] Also present were representatives of the Indian National Congress, Brazilian Workers Party and Greek PASOK.[8][9] The Dutch Labour Party also supports the formation of the organisation,[10] as does the Swiss Socialist Party[11] and the Social Democratic Party of Austria.[12]

During the 4–5 February 2013 spring Council of the Socialist International in Cascais, Portugal, 50 political parties discussed on the sidelines the formation of the Progressive Alliance, including the Movement for Democratic Change of Zimbabwe.[13]

The official foundation of the organization was held on the 22 May 2013 in Leipzig, Germany, on the 150th anniversary of the formation of the General German Workers’ Association (ADAV), the predecessor of the modern-day SPD.[14][15][16][17][18] It was reported that approximately 70 social-democratic political parties from across the world attended the event.[19][20][21][22] The Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats European parliamentary group joined the organization upon its official foundation.[23] In September 2013, the Democratic Party (DIKO) of Cyprus announced that they were negotiating to join the Progressive Alliance, and were scheduled to attend a seminar of the international in Stockholm on 24 October.[24]


If the land mass of Europe all the way to the east across Russia, China spinning around through the South China sea to Australia is considered, there is a vast swath of population that is in open support of either socialism or communism and they are all looking toward the wealth of The United States and want it redistributed to them.  What they really want is the theft of the productive in America to their lazy, hands.  In the case of the East, they are not lazy, but they lack imagination and ingenuity, and need American thought to carry them through their technical innovations.  China can build an iPhone, but they cannot “conceive” of an iPhone from scratch.  Only a free people, functioning under a capitalist country can do such a thing. This leaves a massive section of the world under the lazy influence of socialism, statism, or open communism.  South America and Canada are not much better.  Most countries in South America are left-leaning socialists and Canada is under the influence of European socialism.  Only America and Japan economically stand on the side of productivity. 


So why do any of the people function under Socialist International, or the Progressive Alliance have an equal seat at the table with America if they are not equally productive?  The answer is that they shouldn’t, because they are essentially lazy next to the productive and are not equal by any measure.  And that is a hard truth that the socialists of the world do not wish to consider because it forces a hard truth about themselves which they are not willing to consider. And the truth hurts.  There are some of these progressive groups in America, groups like Progress Ohio and the Texas Progressive Alliance, (CLICK THE LINK BELOW), who seek to destroy capitalism to fulfill the intentions of global socialists.  They are the cause of the current ideological civil war currently underway in America as they have captured the sympathies of the media and are in virtually every public school and labor union.  It is the lazy against the productive and the productive are in the minority—extremely.  And they still carry the economies of the world on their back in spite of the ingratitude of the socialist and progressive groups—which is testimony which confirms the truth in all its glory. 



If you watched the videos above, you will have noticed that the American Howard Dean was at the Progressive Alliance event.  In case you forgot who he was, here’s a reminder. 

Rich Hoffman



Ann Becker in the Wall Street Journal: Southern Ohio is the heart of the new civil war

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“’What got everyone re-energized was the debt ceiling,’ said Ann Becker, president of the Cincinnati Tea Party, who attended a meeting in Mr. Boehner’s district of more than 200 people Saturday to discuss a long-shot challenge to him for the GOP nomination.”  That was a quote out of the Wall Street Journal where Cincinnati Tea Party President and personal friend Ann Becker made nationwide news following the straw poll results in Eaton, Ohio trying to determine who will run against John Boehner in the upcoming primary.  Traditional big government oriented Republicans like John Boehner, John Kasich, Mitch McConnell and many others specifically in the Ohio and Kentucky region are facing major challenges—which is how things are supposed to be.  The Wall Street Journal is one of the last of the respectable papers in America, so it was wonderful to see Ann make the news.


Click the link below to read the article:



A lot of people throughout the country do not know that Southern Ohio is ground zero for the heart and soul of the country.  The primary resistance to public education solidified in this region, it is the front yard of major GOP Republicans and is the heart of a current civil war within the Republic Party situated specifically in Butler County, Ohio where old school cronyism is meeting up head on against the new rebels of the party who are insisting on Constitutional purity.  At the heart of many of those activities in many different capacities has been Ann Becker.   So it was good to see her mentioned in the Wall Street Journal. 

Many traditional Republicans like John Boehner and the money machine that funds him primarily coming from the Carlos Todd Republicans, are bewildered as to what people like Ann have been yearning for.  They thought that all they had to do was come out against abortion, stand for lower taxes with lip service, and present a resistance to same-sex marriage that the religious base of the Republican Party would fall in behind.  The well-known business method which people like Carlos Todd of Butler County—a developer who has used political involvement to ensure the stability of his investments—is that you pay to play ball and if someone wanted to work hard, got to know all the right people, that anybody could make it in America. 

But that’s not how things were supposed to be, and people like Ann have stood against it—and behind her legions of much more radicalized advocates for Constitutional purity are calling for the heads of Carlos Todd’s Republicans. Ann was always level-headed and understood all sides of an argument.  She even ran against me in 2005 in support of the Lakota levy.  By 2010 she joined me in opposition, but we did not always stand together on those battle lines just as now there are many who wish she’d take a sword to the head of the GOP when other methods are already well under way that don’t make such a mess.  But the underlying current to the politics of Southern Ohio whether it is the efforts of the West Clermont School District to stand against organized labor control of the school board, The Liberty Township Tea Party fight against the IRS and being in the middle of the civil war in Butler Country where John Boehner/Todd Republicans are fighting against Tea Party activists, or Ann Becker’s efforts to dethrone the Speaker of the House in Washington D.C., and my overarching attempts to throw a light on all forms of collectivism spanning through all those fields.  There are few places in America where the war wages more vigorously than Southern Ohio, and Northern Kentucky.  Not to be taken lightly, Rand Paul is from the area, and is taking the political message of people like Ann Becker to the front lines of a presidential race.  Paul is too liberal for me, but he does represent the future and I’m rooting for him. 


Few people know it, but the Doc Thompson Radio Show on The Blaze is broadcast from Southern Ohio across the entire nation and they have directly taken on virtually every House and Senate seat up for grabs in the 2014 election.  They broadcast from a secret location and often not in the same place day-to-day.  Other popular personalities from Southern Ohio are Libertarian Girl who is also personal friends with Ann Becker and is bringing a youthful following to the libertarian movement pulling votes from traditional Republicans and activating young people who might otherwise be inclined to vote for a Democrat.   


The landscape is changing rapidly, and the end result will be something different.  It is hard to tell at this time exactly how, but one thing is for sure, the Grand Ol’ Party will not be a bunch of old men protecting their real estate investments in the future, and they will either adopt, or they will become extinct.  They will either get on the train, or they will be run over by it—because going back to the old ways won’t happen.  Too many people are awakened now to return back to those complacent times. 


People are still apathetic, but as Ann gave me a series of very important news reports of which the Wall Street Journal article was only one, this new upcoming generation is different and is not tolerant of stuffy old Republicans like John Boehner.  There are still plenty of people who will vote for Boehner, probably enough to keep him in office, but that is changing quickly.  Two years from now, Boehner may lose his base completely at the rate of change that we are seeing.  Even if he hangs on to win the primary in 2014, the next time won’t be nearly so easy. 


Just four years ago when the Ohio Education Association put out a press release, every newspaper, television station, and news report followed their statements without question.  Now, those same outlets are taking OEA reports far less seriously because there is a lot of scrutiny thrown in the direction of that government based labor union that wasn’t there before.  Southern Ohio has been a place where much-needed gasoline has been thrown on a fire that was already started by Glenn Beck, John Stossel, and many other high-profile commentators who began questioning the status quo.  Like Ann said in the Wall Street Journal, “What got everyone re-energized was the debt ceiling.” It did, and everything mentioned was an offshoot of that issue.   My opposition to public education is driven off the extraordinarily high cost of public education forcing taxes higher on people who may not support the liberal viewpoints of the government schools.  Boehner has done nothing to stop the national debt but use his majority in the House of Representatives to lay down for the President to run him over.  The Republicans have been complicit in the crime of looting the nation, and people like Ann have stood strong against very strong forces who demand the status quo.  But that status is no longer relevant, and the cracks in the system are growing into crumbling supports of a structure that will come crashing down very soon—because there’s no money, intellectual will, or credible aptitude to continue the charade.

I am proud to know Ann Becker.  She has done some great work, and she will always be near and dear to me—because her fight for liberty, justice, and honor started a chain reaction that cannot be stopped now—and she will always be known as one of the first.  It’s a pleasure to know her.

Rich Hoffman



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The OEA “Enemy List”: Welcome to the 1851 Center for the honor

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Congratulations to the 1851 Center for making the Ohio Education Association “ENEMY LIST” as provided on the agenda page of their OEA 2014 Collective Bargaining Conference which can be seen in full at the bottom of this article.  I have been on their enemy list for a number of years and am very proud of it, specifically covered on Session H-1 during this conference and H-4 EXPOSING OUR ENEMIES: ANTI-UNION AND ANTI-PUBLIC EDUCATION FORCES, parts I and II.  It is good to have such social parasites name you as an enemy.  It’s like a cockroach damning your name just before your foot crushes it—it makes you feel good.  As far as education, these OEA members are the cockroaches of our children’s lives.  They are openly destroying their minds with a war against traditional value replacing those values with a progressive education that will doom them for life—and that is something which should anger every single person with a child in a public school. 

Oh, you don’t believe me?  Then dear reader, watch this video.


I have said much on this issue and have been in front of it for a number of years.  So I’d like to welcome the 1851 Center to the position behind the battle lines with me with great fanfare.  Please enjoy the press release from Maurice Thompson from that center covering their response to this new honor.  It is wonderful to learn that these government unions see a group dedicated to preserving Ohio Constitutional Law as their enemy—because it reveals what the OEA has always been about.  The pressure we have applied to them has revealed their true intentions all along—which is confirmation of all the years I’ve made the statements against them.


 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE February 19, 2014 MEDIA CONTACT Maurice A . Thompson(614) 340-9817MThompson@OhioConstitution.org


Teachers Union Places 1851 on “Enemies” List


1851 Center responds to unearthed Ohio Education Association “Agenda.”

Columbus, OH – The 1851 Center for Constitutional Law today issued the following response to news that Ohio’s largest teachers union, the Ohio Education Association, has named it to its “enemies” list:

Today, the 1851 Center learned that OEA invests its time in identifying its enemies, and that deliberating on how to “deal” with them.

The Agenda for the OEA 2014 Collective Bargaining Conference outlines its “Critical Issues Sessions.”

What the OEA “considers critical” is identifying and destroying its “enemies.” Session H of the OEA’s annual meeting was entitled “Exposing Our Enemies: Anti-Union and Anti-Public Education Forces.” There, the OEA explains, “Participants will learn the scope and main goals of key local and national anti-union and anti-public education groups pushing the corporate school reform agenda. Participants will explore key major opposition and corporate reform players, including the Koch brothers, Students First, ALEC, Tea Party Patriots, the 1851 Center for Constitutional Law, and the Ohio School Board Leadership Council. Participants will learn how to identify . . . enemies and key players in their own communities. . . “

Equally disturbing, the other “critical” sessions were largely devoted to how these government employees could obtain less accountability and more public funds for themselves at taxpayer expense: Collective Bargaining, Negotiations, Compensation, Teacher Rights and Working Conditions, Bargaining Teacher Evaluations, and ensuring the rights of lesbian, gay, transgender, and bisexual employees.

Not one of these sessions concern how to become a better teacher. That apparently is not considered “critical.”

These are the people who have captured the power to educate Ohioans’ children and intercept Ohioans’ funds. And this is, literally, their agenda.

They did not share this agenda willingly. But we will share ours.

We support defending constitutional rights and limiting government. As to education, this simply means the following:

  • Freedom of educational choice for Ohio parents and children.
  • Fiscal restraint and responsibility, rather than persistently resorting to increasing property and income taxes to fund public school districts.
  • Freedom for Ohioans who are or wish to become teachers to decide for themselves whether to pay a labor union.
  • Transparent ballot language and no use of public resources to pass levies.

Are these principles “anti-union” or “anti-education”? You decide.

But if supporting freedom of choice, educational opportunity, limited taxation, and fiscal responsibility makes us an enemy of the Ohio Education Association, then we proudly stand as an enemy of the Ohio Education Association; and we are honored to appear on this list. Perhaps dissimilar from the OEA, our allegiance is to the betterment of Ohioans and their children; not to the union self-interest that consistently operates to their detriment.

The 1851 Center maintains that Ohioans would be better served with public servants who spend more time concerning themselves with educating Ohioans’ children, and less time attempting to plot political victories and milk already-struggling Ohio taxpayers.

But this won’t happen under our current set of rules; and so it’s time for those rules to change.

We remain committed to protecting you and your family from these people.

Review the OEA’s entire agenda HERE.




Rich Hoffman



Lakota Told Lies To Everybody: Charts that prove teachers make WAY too much money

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Of course now that there has been an election where Lakota schools by the narrowest of margins won the ability to steal money from property owners in the form of a higher taxation, the impact is manifesting and it is time to analyze the situation.  Now that we are all into the 2014 year, those taxpayers are paying the higher rate all in the name of the “children.”  Thousands and thousands of dollars were spent by Lakota to diffuse the argument that I had been making—that the employees at Lakota expected too much money which was the direct cause of the tax increase—but the media, and the pro tax addicts with their East Coast mentality of tax and spend economics cried foul and pandered to the sentiments of a parade of feminist despots writhing with guilt over their life decisions primarily constituting in putting career over family.  Since most in the professional world could relate and needed to feel good about their own situations—particularly news anchors on the main networks, and the radio people who live in fear of their spouses anti-sexual sentiment desired with their very heart and souls to believe the charade that Lakota was promoting.  Well, the facts are the facts, and I am about to present them to you.

Below is a ten-year trend compiled by the Ohio Department of Education and the Ohio Department of Taxation—along with other sources.  These trend charts show how teacher salary grew compared to resident incomes who pay the taxes over the period of 2000 to 2010, when No Lakota Levy put aside some of our personal problems with each other and joined to fight Lakota’s out-of-control spending.  This information has been presented previously in different forms, but not quite so concisely now that hindsight is 20/20.  These charts show a devastating application of greedy Lakota employees pillaging the community for which they are employed.  The salary increases at Lakota are just erroneous—and are quite clear by the evidence below.TenYearTrend461104

TenYearTrend461101TenYearTrend461102TenYearTrend461103Everyone behind the scenes knew this information—yet pro tax supporters purposely lied to the tax payers to conceal it.  Lakota lied to the tax payers.  The public relations professionals employed by Lakota lied to the tax payers.  The media lied to the tax payers, and the politicians lied to the tax payers.  They all lied because they attempted to connect out-dated arguments about real estate value, and the importance of centralized education to America’s youth to their innate—and unchecked desire to stuff their pockets with money they are clearly not worth.  I said it back then and I’ll say it again–$62,000 dollars a year is too much money to pay a glorified baby sitter—which is what most of the teachers are at Lakota.  The charts below show how bad the situation really is, as they also compare State of Ohio teacher pay averages—which are already high in my opinion—to Lakota teachers.  Lakota compared to them are off the charts high.  Have a look carefully at the data.  And if you don’t believe these charts, pull Jenni Logan aside who is the treasurer at Lakota and have her confirm them.  It’s not difficult.  If not her………..ask Roger Reynolds.  He won’t lie to you…………so ask him………go ahead media…………ask the f**king question.  I dare anyone to poke holes in this data.  Because nobody can.

During the election of 2013 most of the Cincinnati media had decided to ignore the cause of the problem which was teacher salaries and declare that it had been a long time since Lakota had been granted a tax increase and that the teachers had taken a “pay freeze” which expires during the summer of 2014.  The district at that time wanted to throw money at those teachers to keep them happy but anyone with half a mind could look at these charts and wonder why they weren’t already happy.  Lakota teachers were making quite a bit more money than even average teachers in Ohio.  Some of these teachers were the same ones who were sexting their students in class, or sexually molesting elementary kids which the media also glazed over with minimum coverage so that the illusion of teacher quality could be maintained.  Lakota teachers were making more money than the state average, and they should have been very happy about it.  But the Pulse Journal, the Cincinnati Enquirer and even my old allies at WLW radio had decided that the “poor teachers” had taken a sacrifice for the good of the community by accepting a three-year pay freeze—which only occurred because No Lakota Levy had applied illumination to these very statistics.  Now with these ODE reports, context to just how bad the situation was can be seen clearly.

If you are a tax payer in Lakota who voted for the 2013 school levy—you are clearly an idiot.  Do you see now what you signed up for?  You were scammed and are just plain stupid.  If you voted against the levy—you have been validated.  You were right and history will be on your side.  If you are upset about the money you are now paying, and are against the levy, but did not vote—now you see that you should have gotten off your ass and cast a ballot.  Because you didn’t these same teachers are about to get an even larger pay increase when the new LEA contract is negotiated in a few months.  None of the newspapers will cover this issue—the “West Chester Buzz” won’t touch it with a 100’ pole, and the nightly television news will avoid it completely because they are as complicit as the teachers in the scam.  Bill Cunningham from 700 WLW will continue to exploit the dregs of our society on his television show and hope for redemption by supporting school levies because he can’t admit to himself that he is as responsible as a typical theft who provides watch for that thief when he assists in the open looting of massive amounts of tax payer wealth into the pockets of Lakota teachers.  The charts work against every one of their collective arguments and illuminate how terribly bad they have all behaved.

Of course Lakota will grumble to each other within their palatial halls of sinister left-winged intention that Rich Hoffman is cherry picking data again—because they can’t face the notion that they are looters, scum bags and deceitful, maniacal, tax payer funded dregs upon society who contribute nearly nothing to the theater of the human race but expelling carbon dioxide into the air for trees to consume for sustenance.  My feelings about these people were molded by their continued insistence that reality is not what I am looking at—which is an insult—because I know better.  Whenever it is advocated that things are not as they appear—when I know otherwise—that person—or people, are insulting me in a way that is not forgivable.  If Lakota wanted to have a fight about the value of a teacher—that would have been a valid debate—but what they chose is to hide the information and behave in a deceitful manner—then waste even more tax money to hide the crime.  That is not forgivable, and is properly listed as a crime because the deception has led directly to the theft of personal wealth—mine and yours.  And that is not something to take lightly over tea and cookies.

Check the reference links mentioned to validate the information on the charts.


The reason they told so many lies, Lakota, the media, the public relations people, the unions, and the pundits is because they said that the tax increase was “for the children.”  What they neglected to declare was that the real reason was to pad their pockets with voluminous amounts of money–and they USED the children to do it.   The proof is above.

Rich Hoffman



Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom: A philosophy forged by the bullwhip

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I remember the classes I took in my twenties at the Cincinnati cable access station learning how to edit video tape with all the style and flair of a nightly news broadcast.  The editing room had dual tape feeders and a massive mixing board which made me feel like the power of my imagination was the only limit in communicating whatever I had on my mind.  But there was a limit—you had to book the room by the hour—which was a real pain in the butt.  I used that video room to help out the Ross Perot campaign, and the movement that came directly after called the Reform Party.  Over the years that work has gotten lost in the thousands of home videos that I have of my family, and they certainly aren’t floating around on the internet because it hadn’t been invented yet—at least on the scale that we know it today.  So I can state accurately that one of the greatest freedoms of our modern age is the ability to take that room full of complicated million dollar equipment and compress it down to the size of an iPad—and make it dramatically better.  That is the age we are in.  The imagination is the only real limit as much as government would like to think otherwise.  We have all the power in the world to communicate whatever we want to whomever we want at any time of the day or night.  With that said, I thought it was time to do an actual ad for this blog site of Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom celebrating the heart of it—where it was born—in my back yard practicing with bullwhips. 

The philosophy that I have utilized since the Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom inception is one that is discussed in the ad—one centered around my work with bullwhips.  I have practiced for many hours over several decades with bullwhips and I always think a lot while doing it. Those thoughts translate to unique concepts and strategies in dealing with complicated problems and have helped me do things that seemed impossible to other people.  I have attempted to teach executives how to run their businesses better with bullwhip classes so that they could understand what I do—that the whip is a minimalist effort exerted with great force—which is how business strategy should be conducted.  Too many of these businessmen are concerned about their organization charts instead of the task of executing strategies and team building with those who can help them.   The bullwhip is a lesson in how to take a small amount of force and turn it into something that can cut a pop can in two with just string and leather.  The same force can be applied to the neck of a villain opening the arteries of the neck wide open and killing a man within seconds.  Most people, particularly government try to implement strategy the way a gun works—with great force discharged up front—which quickly dissipates the further way the bullet gets from the muzzle.  This is bad, especially with large organizations.  By the time an intention is expressed, the velocity of that intention gets lost down the organizational chart until the force applied is next to nothing by the time it reaches its target.  This is primarily why large companies like General Motors or the Federal Government fail when large bureaucracies stand between their intended strategies and the target of their implementation.

I have learned through the bullwhip that a small force applied in the right way can turn into a mammoth force by the time it reaches its target because of the tapered design.  The limits are that you are restricted to a close range, but for a melee weapon it is far superior to a club, a knife, or a sword as the reach is greater, and the force applied is much less—and far more flexible.  When wielding two whips at the same time there is no group of people who will be able to close around me with just their bare hands or melee weapons. Firearms are a bit trickier, but not all that difficult to thwart, easier than it might be thought otherwise.  But these are the results of three decades of whip work.  I have tried to teach people how to apply these tactics to their everyday lives but mostly—if they don’t learn to master a bullwhip—the lessons are lost to them.

Needless to say that I do apply these lessons to my life—many cannot understand how I do so much—at so many levels–because they don’t understand the bullwhip.  Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom is just one of my daily tasks and the reason behind this site is very similar to using a bullwhip in a combat situation.  I have witnessed the need to accomplish mammoth tasks on the liberty front—but applying a strategy to those tasks cannot be done properly using weapons of diminishing marginal return—where great effort is applied at the start, but it is greatly reduced by the time it reaches its target.  I know people who have spent their entire lives on the liberty front fighting the good fight only to be continuously swept away by the big waves of machine politics, so I had to approach the problem differently.  I think it is quite clear now after four years of Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom what I have been up to.  Go back and read the newspapers anywhere in the country and read the union talking points and compare them to today.  I have not given a rat’s ass about reaching the masses—the everyday Joe’s and Mary’s.  My targets have been very specific and the force of that momentum has had a great influence on the media, on radio conversation, on television, on the arts—and in politics.  Now I haven’t been the only one—a lot of people have chipped away at that former power structure—but my job has been a support role to those troops on the ground while also striking at targeted cuts out there in the hidden areas—behind the curtain.

It was not an accident when I went on Doc Thompson’s radio show years ago and dared President Obama to put me on his insurgent list.  I knew in doing it that The White House would read Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom every day to see if I was a threat.  In reading every day, they are learning things whether or not they wish to.  It forces their hands to learn what others are learning and takes them away from their game—just a bit.  By seeing this action, others also dare to be so bold—and they add in mass a force sometimes more diligently applied overwhelming our foes.  It is kind of a anti-Saul Alisnky—which is a very good thing.

The work at Lakota displayed on this site has forced a change in public education in general.  That school wasted many hundreds of thousands of dollars fighting me to prevent the truth—and people have witnessed it.  Currently Lakota is pinned down heavily.  They know that anything they do will be heavily scrutinized here at Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom so they are very, very careful.  This keeps them in check enormously.  I don’t mind revealing that strategy now—because it is already too late.  The next part of the strategy is already underway—and they can’t stop that either–and they know it.  This has changed the dialogue in Columbus as many thousands of important people have learned about other education reformers through Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom.  In many ways those people put a lot more work into the effort than I do—most are committed to the task day and night—but the media has excluded them from the discussion and few people know about their web sites because they are blacklisted in the newspapers.  I am very proud to have changed that dialogue.

Glenn Beck is doing some of the best work in the country right now with The Blaze—but being a completely online network it is being shunned by the media.  Sites like Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom, Freedomworks, and other outlets have helped that network get off the ground to what is now a powerhouse of information.  I would call that strategy the way of the “whip,” a minimum up-front force applied to get explosive back-end results.

So it’s time to give Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom a bit of the credit it deserves not just as a work by me which started in my back yard, but for the very subtle path that it has paved behind the curtain the last couple of years.  There are now more sites like it doing the same work and the effect is compounding nicely—just like how a bullwhip strikes a target.  So given the tool availability that is out there so readily available now as opposed to back in the Reform Party days, it’s time to use them for “maximum” effect.  And with that—I hope you enjoyed the first official ad for Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom and the intention I have to unfurl a strategy that has been coiled up for far too long—until just the right moment.  That moment is now………………………………………..

Rich Hoffman




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