The Truth About Hillary Clinton: Beaten in every way

Looking objectively at the issue of Hillary Clinton—at just the evidence before us without the speculative motivations—we see a candidate in peril.  As I’m not a Democrat and think that their ideas are inherently un-American leaning too far toward socialist Europe and not the capitalist bastion that is expected out of the North American continent, I can at least observe with bland factuality the reality of the Clinton campaign which just after Labor Day 2016—as I predicted—Trump is ahead in the national polls by two points according to CNN with bit lips and behind the scenes curse words.  On the first Tuesday after Labor Day, just two months before the presidential election Clinton tried to shrug off her botched airplane press conference which ended in a coughing fit seeking water—her health in question, then turned down the invite to Mexico stating that Trump had already tainted the water—and therefor she would not participate.  This after the news dump on Friday revealed in her FBI testimony that she literally couldn’t remember anything pertinent to her case.  As a lawyer we all know that she will not say anything incriminating so to plead the fifth is an appropriate defense in the world of law—but in the court of public opinion it shows clearly that she is either too physically ill to be president of the United States—or she is too deep in a cover-up much larger than Watergate—and should be going to jail, not the White House.

I could see it on her face during the airplane press conference, she doesn’t have what it takes to run for POTUS.  The first question that arises is why couldn’t she find the time on the ground to have a press conference—why in the air on her “new” campaign plane?  She had just partied with Bon Jovi in the Hamptons at several fund raisers—why would she wait to have a press conference on an airplane rather than wait for some point on the ground?  The answer is a simple one, Hillary Clinton doesn’t have anywhere important to really go and when she gets there the crowds are small and unexcited.  If she held a press conference on the ground the background noise would be embarrassingly silent compared to the Trump press conferences where thousands of people show up just to watch him get out of his motorcade.   The Hillary people wanted her to look presidential, and busy so they held the press conference on the plane.  Additionally, they also wanted to control the press, to limit it to a small group which the airplane did for them naturally.  Only a few reporters therefor could get access to Hillary meaning there were fewer opportunities to open her mouth, which the more she does, the less people like her.   Her people know that so they are trying to compete with Trump without showing how weak their candidate really is.  But we can all see it, and its showing in the polls.  Then, to make matters worse, she couldn’t even get through that without having to stop due to her incessant coughing.

On the ground later Clinton tried to explain the reasons she refused the presidential invite to Mexico by stating that Trump had already “choked” in his visit last week and that she didn’t want to make matters worse.  Everyone around the world saw Trump meeting with the Mexican president and the visit was hardly a “choke.”  On the contrary, it was very presidential and backs everything that Trump had been saying we could expect out of his White House—a strong position that puts America first.  What Hillary revealed was that she couldn’t match the effort so her people decided that it would be better not to show up than to look less presidential than Trump rationalizing it would be better to not have an impression than to have a bad one that didn’t measure up to her rival.  That is the clear sign of a team that is already playing from behind.  How many football games have we all watched where a clear team jumped out to a big lead then went to a prevent defense then lost to a team much hungrier.  That is what is happening to the Hillary Clinton campaign and it won’t get any better from here.

She doesn’t have the endurance for a competitive race, and Trump has made it competitive.  She is not creative enough to out-maneuver the lean thinking Trump who is incredibly fast on his feet.  Hillary thinks like a lawyer and runs everything through a huge team and while that process is happening, Trump thinking like a CEO who is always in charge is dancing though fire without sustaining any burns.  She just can’t compete in a toe to toe matchup.  Then there is her health.  She is obviously not the most vigorous person on earth compared to a Donald Trump who appears never to sleep—and if he does—it’s between meetings and activities.  Trump has been putting in 20 hour days on the campaign trail several days in a row, working weekends, Holidays and hosting three rallies a day filled to the brim in cities all across America—whereas Hillary can only do one or two, then has to take a weekend off to recover as her stamina quickly diminishes.  Her running mate Tim Kaine has had to do more heavy lifting than any VP candidate in the history of the United States and there is still two months left in the race.  He can’t continue like that covering for her—without people noticing.  Then there are the obvious criminal misconducts of Hillary Clinton involving her email problems.  At best she can only claim to be not technically savvy enough to understand what “classified” designations are—which should under any logic disqualify her from the POTUS position.  At worst—which is most likely—she deliberately destroyed incriminating evidence, lied to the FBI, and lied to congress—which holds a mandatory prison sentence. This is a lady with big, big problems and as the pressure cooker increases in the coming weeks, things will only get worse for her.

Watching her I find it astonishing that the Democrats actually thought they’d get away with putting Clinton up for the POTUS job.  Evidence of this trouble showed two years ago—and now that house of cards is not just falling down—but the entire deck is burning by self-inflicted fire.  It was terrible judgment by lot of people to even think that Hillary Clinton could run against the Republicans and win.  It just goes to show how little respect they had for Republicans.  But the Republicans for a change—not by party consent, but by the people who vote for conservatives in general, decided to make a major change in direction and they nominated Trump.  The Democrats did not have an answer, and now they have to pay for that debacle.  They destroyed their answer with a massive scandal that rocked their party in a cover-up which they still haven’t recovered from.  Now they are stuck two months out with an unhealthy, self-entitled, criminal with a checkered past and an unlikable personality and the doom is clear as a glass window freshly cleaned.  Hillary can’t win unless there is massive election fraud and that is the last great hope for Democrats—that Homeland Security will protect them from reality and rig the election.  And that is the state of the Democratic Party—on the cusp of extinction.  Remember—you heard it first from me on Matt Clark’s radio show several months ago—and it’s all coming true—right on schedule.

Rich Hoffman


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The Good Old Star Wars as Opposed to the New: Battlefront and the new stepdad

I was with a VIP catching a flight at O’Hara International Airport toward a destination that would take me along the coast of Russia and a spit in the wind from North Korea when I was asked about my thoughts on The Force Awakens, the Star Wars movie Matt Clark and I had brutally reviewed on his radio program just a few weeks prior.  CLICK TO REVIEW.  Along the concourse that headed toward the big oversea flights was a lit up advertisement for the new Star Wars movie and the man with me knew I liked Star Wars and wanted a referral.  I pointed him to the podcast of the WAAM radio show which he could download before we took off on what would be a very long flight because I didn’t really want to talk about it more than I had on that broadcast.  Star Wars was always something my family enjoyed together and this new generation felt like a family with a new step dad in it that wanted to replace our old dad.  The new dad was much more progressive than the old traditional dad and I found I didn’t like him, even though he was full of good intentions.  They were intentions that didn’t feel conducive to what Star Wars meant to my family—so I put it out of my mind.

As I sat with that VIP at a bar having a 9:30 AM beer and some nachos we looked through the big window onto our big 747 that was being prepped for our journey and he thought it was funny that probably for the first time in my life, I didn’t want to talk about Star Wars or the importance of its mythology upon the world stage, which I tend to do.  Our conversation drifted off onto other things happening at that time, the NFL playoffs, whether or not Trump would make the Republican nomination, and the goals of our travels.  But lingering in my mind was that bad feeling about the direction Star Wars was taking—a much more Huffington Post—Star Wars, as opposed to the dystopian THX-1138 version that I feel in love with as a kid—the small government, pro-freedom imagination fueling engine that really changed science, mechanical engineering, and philosophy for the human race under the guidance of George Lucas.  For kids, Star Wars was great because it combined two of their favorite things—guns, and cool machines into one movie.

The new Star Wars writers, directors, and producers were more concerned about social inclusiveness—ethnic diversity, sexual empowerment, and a hippie like love of the “Force” than the hot rod inspired George Lucas had been as a former race car driver who took his love of mechanics and applied them directly to an unlimited free market tapestry of a galaxy functioning as a Laissez-faire capitalist bastion which was carrying that society toward a type two evolutionary threshold.  After all, that was what made the original trilogy such a tragedy was that the oppressive Empire was seeking to control the entire galaxy from a central government through force.  Even as George Lucas become more progressive the older he became, that original essence stayed with him on every Star Wars project he worked on through The Clone Wars animated series.  Noticeably in the Rebels television show and now with The Force Awakens, it was obvious to me that George Lucas wasn’t calling the shots anymore, it was now a bunch of progressive San Francisco residents with body piercings and tattoos who had much different values in life than I had, and it bothered me.  It was like our metaphorical mother—Star Wars—had married an old hippie with a bald head except for a long ponytail of fringed gray hair stained with the smell of pot smoke informed us that he was our new dad—and I didn’t like him.

I didn’t have a history with this new dad.  I did with the old one, I had read every book, every comic and followed most everything that happened in the Star Wars storyline for thirty years and now this new dad was throwing out a bunch of stuff that reminded him of the old dad so that he could have sex with our mom and not think of what was there before him.  For me the final straw was when Disney tossed out the expanded universe books which my wife and I had read for two decades and proposed that their future stories would “borrow” from those books, but that from now on, the new dad would be calling all the story shots—which was noticeably less exciting and filled with original thoughts.  This new dad was not better than the old dad—he was different—and I have been rejecting him.

About a month before The Force Awakens came out the videogame Battlefront was released to the PlayStation 4 counsel and it was reportedly a dream for Star Wars fans.  I love Star Wars games for all the reasons little kids love the movies and toys—because there is a lot of energy, strategy, and imagination in them which I find is like a personal vacation for me to visit those places to step out of the daily pressures of my life—it has become for me kind of stress management.  I enjoy visiting big concepts in that boundless universe–conceptually.  Star Wars has always given me hope that mankind can step away from the limitations of our past into a future full of opportunity.  The games always make it easy to visit that world—especially through the Fantasy Flight Games products and the video games that have been produced over the years.  But with Battlefront, I wasn’t sure I was going to accept this new dad in Star Wars who was throwing out all the things I had spent time getting to know over several decades.  So even though my kids, and Matt Clark along with many others were pushing me to get the new Battlefront game so they could play it with me online—I was being very stubborn about it.

Shortly after that oversea trip my wife and I bought a next generation entertainment system with a 4k 70” television that is as crystal clear as anything I’ve ever seen.  Since we’ve had it we have purposely watched anything filmed or created to fulfill the market parameters of the 4K technology except the new Star Wars products.  I didn’t buy The Force Awakens at first when it came out on Blue Rey, I gave up on the Rebels television show, and I refused to buy Battlefront even when our television salesman offered to give it to me for free for spending so much money with him.   I said no because I didn’t want to deal with the new ponytail hippie dad that Star Wars had become to me.

After a few months of dancing around the issue the news that Battlefront was releasing a VR experience for on their upcoming PlayStation VR system made me look seriously at what was going on with Star Wars Battlefront.  I had already become used to what the 4K television experience could provide and I consumed all the media I could without any of it being Star Wars—but finally knowing that I was going to participate in the VR PlayStation release, I decided I wanted to pick it up Battlefront and learn to play.  Softening my position on Star Wars also was my grandson who has discovered all my old collectibles that I have from nearly four decades ago, and they are his favorite toys to play with bridging generations with some common ground to work with.  So I purchased the game and was just a little blown away by the experience.

I last remembered Battlefront 2 on the old Xbox so it’s been about five years since I really paid attention to what’s going on in the platform video game market.  As I have said before, my wife and I played The Old Republic online for a few years and I have been into the Fantasy Flight Games tabletop releases—so I haven’t had much time for other things.  I have a busy enough life; I have to pick my leisure events carefully.  So I never picked up a PlayStation 3, as I stated when recently discussing the Uncharted games.  I went from watching the PS2 graphics to essentially the latest and greatest in PS4—which is essentially 7 years of technical development.  I really never thought a game like Battlefront would have been possible.  Some of the levels such as the ATAT Attack in the Endor forest where an All Terrain Armored Transport makes its way down a creek bed to destroy a Rebel Transport before it can take off complete with rich vegetation, slowing running water and insects flying around were simply astounding—bewildering good graphically.  Then there was a moment at the Rebel Depot where a Millennium Falcon was sitting in a hanger and the battle takes place around it where I had to catch my breath and just think how cool that ship was sitting there.  The vehicle was nearly photorealistic and was something that was a childhood dream for me.  Essentially, after those two battle modes my position on Star Wars softened a lot.  Not completely, but I found enough value in those experiences to heal some of the betrayal I felt for the abandonment of the Extended Universe to essentially reboot for a new generation that was noticeably much more politically progressive.  Yet what I was seeing on Battlefront was something I observed on the multiplayer modes of Uncharted, a very laissez-faire capitalist economy that rewards the best and most hard working and provides equal opportunity for everyone who wants to be the best they can be.  That is why I found myself enjoying that environment and seeing a new level of benefit in the Star Wars franchise that certainly wasn’t available when I was a kid.  It’s not just about movies anymore, but the extended experience that takes place in our everyday lives.

My favorite mode is Fighter Squadron where players can fly Star Wars ships in combat over ground targets, through smoke, clouds and vicious firefights.  Graphically, everything is very photorealistic. It reminded me of the countless flight simulators I’ve played over the years—but it was by far the best.  It didn’t take me long before I was flying against other people—many who seem to always be playing the game 24 hours a day—and I was on the top of the leaderboard with 34 ships shot down in one match and I was only a level 11 at the time.  It was a lot of fun for me to get into something that was so familiar, yet so new and polished that I saw the great benefit that was happening intellectually, and philosophically.  As I was shooting down other pilots from all over the world at 4 AM in the morning with a vicious firefight that only history pointed to as a similar experience, and I noticed how some players tagged onto my wing to provide assistance without being asked and people were working together to achieve objectives because it was in everyone’s best interest to do so—I saw many good things happening to people that they aren’t learning in school.  Thinking of the other players online with me, some who were very good showed that a new evolution was clearly taking place and it was a global phenomenon which transcended traditional political parameters—and it centered on laissez-faire capitalism as a foundation.  Video games by their very nature are very free market entertainment options, and based on the behavior of that very vibrant world, it was working and people were enjoying it in every time zone on earth—together.  A lot of people have come to take this kind of thing for granted, but for me, it wasn’t that long ago where I was on the Spaceship Earth ride at Epcot Center in 2003 when my daughters and I first learned about the possibility of global communication through web browsers.  I think at that time we still had to pay a usage fee for internet use.  Gaming with all the information that travels over the various internet connections involves a tremendous amount of information that a 4K 70-inch television that can be bought at Costco for the price of a house payment, can show.  I wouldn’t say that I’m old, but I certainly have had a front row seat to all this development both on the Star Wars front, and on the technological part—and the mythology, and the philosophy of economy was certainly inspiring.

It doesn’t feel like it was that long ago that I was playing the very first computer game, X-Wing which was a DOS based game which came out in 1993.  In 1994 I bought my very first powerful PC which could play the game, and I was in love with it—I really never forgot the experience.   I stayed up many nights playing it with my nephews and we had likely some of the best times of our lives with that game and some of its sequels which started toying with the idea of online play which was attractive to us since they lived in Florida at that time.  But it was nothing like the smoothness of Battlefront—so I was a little bit enchanted with my experience and maybe not so critical of the new step dad.  I don’t think the new makers of Star Wars are even close to being able to make movies as original as George Lucas did.  At best, they may copy elements of the original series and the films will be enjoyable.  But if that’s the best that we get, it’s still a lot more than a world without Star Wars—which is changing the philosophy of the human race a little bit each and every day in a positive way.

Star Wars Battlefront is just one online experience—there are in fact hundreds of possible titles all fighting for attention in a very exciting marketplace.  Battlefront has the advantage of being associated with a popular space saga that has already captured the imaginations of several generations and speaks a universal language that transcends established trends, even religion—which is why to me it is such a nice vacation for my mind.  When time prevents a real vacation, I have for years vacationed in the world of Star Wars and enjoyed it for all that it brings—primarily the fighting and hot rod space ships.  For others, they like the philosophy of the Force.  For me, that is too much kid’s stuff.  I like the strategic combat that is involved in the wars of that galaxy far, far away.  I’m not ready to give the step dad a hug, but I’m at the point where I might not leave the room.  We’ll see how good the new Rogue One movie is.  That will decide a lot.  But for now, Battlefront was just spectacular and a real treat of a sandbox video game that I found I liked a lot more than I would have thought.  I not only enjoyed it for what it is—a technical marvel, but for the evolution of philosophy that it offers players on such a grand scale.  There are some very special things going on in that gaming industry and it is fun for me to not only watch, but to participate in.  I enjoy sharing those experiences with my kids, people like Matt Clark, and even my grandson who spent most of the weekend mesmerized by the images on the screen.  I have gotten used to the big television now, but to him it was like looking into another bright world full of energy and excitement.  It was fun for me to just see the excitement coming from him.  So in that regard, I’m liking Star Wars again.  Hopefully the people at Lucasfilm and Disney don’t screw it up any further.  Because there is an opportunity here to do something very special—and I hope they don’t blow it.  If Battlefront is a sign of things to come—that looks to be a concern I don’t need to have.

Rich Hoffman


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The Real “Right-winged Conspiracy”: Hillary Clinton only has herself to blame–she is as corrupt as her ass is fat

It’s not going to work this time.  That vast “right-winged conspiracy” Hillary Clinton is talking about in a scripted speech she gave on August 25th 2016 is nearly a verbatim cry made by her after husband Bill was impeached by congress in the late 1990s.  A lot of the Millennials who are supporting her now were just babies back then, so they don’t remember.  Many of those Millennials are now members of the media that is covering her, and they are seduced by the black magic of the Democratic Party—a mass theft of wealth for global aims.  But there are a lot of people who have seen this story before and they aren’t falling for this second attempt at the same old Clinton scam—and that’s trouble for fat-ass Hillary.

Forget about what anybody thinks of Donald Trump and his views.  When it comes to the Clintons, they are criminals who have been caught in so many terrible actions—and they aren’t even in the White House.  Just the Clinton Foundation issues are enough to sink Hillary Clinton—because it points straight to direct corruption.  But then there is the private server and her destruction of evidence, the lying to congress, the perjured comments, the mishandling of Benghazi which actually led to deaths—and all that is before we even start considering the conspiracy theories—like why so many people end up dead around her, or that she and her husband are terminally ill—because they look like death awakened.  All by herself, Hillary Clinton is a disaster.  She has burned bridges and cut out hearts and all that is finally catching up to her, and she has nowhere to hide.

In desperation, Hillary Clinton can only try to divert attention away from her diabolical record.  But we’ve all been burnt before by her, and we remember.  Now the blood is clearly in the water.  After her speech today, she revealed that she knows she’s vulnerable because she had to revert to a shot in the dark strategy she attempted many years ago, which stuck on a much more naive nation.  But we’re not so naive now.  Only drug abusers, welfare recipients, MTV viewers and social losers are supporting Hillary Clinton’s progressive agenda—in spite of her obvious criminal conduct, and that means that Democrats are in for a harsh reality on election night.

I’m sure they are planning to steal the election just like they do our money through taxation—but the country of America isn’t falling for this scam a second time.  The press may be slow to cover the issue—but they can’t hide from this.  The conspiracy that really matters is that Hillary has managed to stay out of jail, because that’s where she belongs.  For her, it’s only a matter of time.  She crossed the line a long time ago.

Rich Hoffman


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The Hardest Working Presidential Candidate Ever: Trump unleashing the power of capitalism

While Obama and Hillary were off at separate events enjoying life as the world burns—much do to their own mismanagement—the contrast between them and Trump couldn’t be more obvious.  Even for me, a person who has been with Trump since the beginning, the contrast was quite dramatic. There are still 80 days until the election and it was clear who wanted the Oval Office more.  Hillary and Obama are part of an entitled class who thought that it was appropriate to take the weekend off.  In response to Trump’s visit to Louisiana Clinton declared that she made a few calls to the governor of that state out of concern—but the effort would have taken 10 to 15 minutes maximum and Obama stated that he’d clear his schedule for the following Tuesday to visit the flood zone—nearly a week after the tragedy occurred.  It’s not like Louisiana is on the other side of the world from Martha’s Vineyard.  It’s a short flight that could have been conducted in a morning.  Obama could have done like Trump, fly down, tour the zone, talk to the people and be back north before noon and still had the entire day to conduct whatever business needed to be carried out.  Yet all the established politicians got caught napping and Trump outworked everyone and didn’t even break a sweat.

I had a moment of clarity while at Top Golf in West Chester, Ohio which is a brilliant sporting complex that was a lot nicer than I thought it would be.  As I was there for lunch I was listening to Mark Belling cover for Rush Limbaugh.  Belling was a never Trumper during the primary campaign but he has since come around to appreciate Trump and it was interesting to hear him speak about his transition optimistically.   As I looked around the Top Golf facility with Mark’s words in my ears I had one of those flashes of American potential that was extremely refreshing.  It was a nice day.  From my vantage point capitalism was on full display.  NFL preseason games were on the television monitors everywhere, the place was packed and there was a lot of eating going on.  Across the Top Golf greens was the new Main Event complex where bowling, climbing and many other activities were now available next to my favorite regional book store, the Barnes and Nobel of West Chester.  Next to that was a Mitchells where I have been to many business lunches and dinners.  Soon right next to Top Golf will be a Bass Pro Shop.  The entire complex felt fresh and energetic like what you’d expect to experience at Disney World.  It was all top notch vacation destination type stuff and was the result of many great minds thinking creatively as individual contributions to expanding the market economy of West Chester.  And behind the scenes where government belongs, I knew a lot of what I was looking at was the result of two trustees, Mark Welch and George Lang who are pro capitalist entrepreneurs themselves who manage West Chester in much the way that Donald Trump is proposing to run America as a nation.   Once word got out around the United States that West Chester was a hands off—high per capita location, wonderful entertainment companies like Main Event and Top Golf made investments and the result is simply spectacular.

Like all productive people though, Top Golf was only part of my day—a small part at that.  Within an hour or so I was back to my obligations for the day working hard.  A few hours later I did meet my wife at Ikea which was just across the highway from Top Golf to look through some new bedroom options for our guest rooms.  We had dinner there and again I enjoyed the view of West Chester’s new bustling panorama.  Since it was Friday a lot of people were coming in from out of town just to visit Ikea which has become a destination shopping event for many.  New hotels had sprang up to accommodate the demand and it was just another example how capitalism improves the lives of people so dramatically.  Everything I could see was the result of “making money.”  Not redistributing the money that has been made like Clinton and Obama believe in their static hearts to be the root of all government activity—but the Trumpian capitalism of job creation and therefore wealth building.  When you lay the foundation for investment and creativity, good things happen and West Chester, Ohio is a prime example of it.  When Trump says he can bring back jobs and bring back optimism and energy to the country, this is the kind of thing he’s pitching.

Trump is not talking about being a typical president.  Like most successful people, he does many things in a day and lives every day to the fullest.  If he finds he needs to apply more effort, he does and he obtains the desired results through sheer tenacity.  Playing golf in Martha’s Vineyard is just one thing he might do in a day so that’s the reason it is so despicable that Obama wouldn’t take the time to fly to Louisiana to visit the flood victims.  As a president with a private airplane, such a journey is nothing—but it means so much to so many people.  And after nearly eight years in office, Obama still doesn’t get it—that’s because he has never been independently successful—he has only witnessed success as a second-hander.  Hillary is in a lot of ways even worse.  She benefits from knowing a lot of powerful people as the wife of a former president and she actually thinks she’s entitled to the presidency and could take the weekend off.

Trump is independently wealthy—has his own luxury airplane so flying all over the country is like sitting in his private office. It’s not hard—and that opportunity is something he built for himself through a lot of hard work. So when he needs it, Trump can apply his hard work to maximum benefit and be all over the country and still have dinner with his family on Sunday while running for presidential office.  And when he really needs to lock down an issue, he can have the kind of week that he just had, because as a private sector guy, he is familiar with hard work and he simply outworked the Hillary Clinton machine which is filled with second-handers and have no idea how to match the effort.  But what Trump is fighting for is not to be a dictator like Glenn Beck fears or any of the other pro Hillary supporters.  Trump is talking about a completely different kind of government—one where those who run it take a back seat to optimism and empower those best positioned to do the right things to unleash the power of capitalism—which is really what Hillary and Obama fear most.  Because once people get a taste of that—really for the first time in America—they’ll never go back to how things have been.  And that is something to really get excited about.

Rich Hoffman


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The Wisdom of Sheriff Clark: What makes black people poor

Sheriff Clark in Milwaukee is someone I thought a lot of before the riots broke out in that poor infested city over the weekend of August 13th 2016.  His answer after the riots made me like him a lot more.  Thank goodness he said what he did—which was essentially what I and many other conservative voices have been saying for a long time.

 It was good to hear him speak properly on the matter and is worth remembering.  So here are the words of Sheriff Clark.  Listen to them and pass this along to a friend who needs to hear a little wisdom as we all endure the massive storm of progressive failure nationwide.

Rich Hoffman


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Tim Klaine is a “Weird Little Dude”: The DNC is a complete joke

This is classic Trump and why he will make a great negotiator around the world as President of the United States.  While there was chaos at the DNC convention in Philadelphia, Trump and his vice presidential nominee, Mike Pence were campaigning in Roanoke, Virginia.  Trump gave his opinion of Hillary Clinton’s pick for VP, Tim Kaine.  He called him a “weird little dude.”  If you missed it you can see it at that 1 minute 50 mark of the following video.

Hey, Tim Kaine is corrupt, his track record is the proof—and yet that is the best the democrats could come up with—which is extraordinarily pathetic.  All last week democrats and the press that are their surrogates did nothing but make fun of republicans—and honestly, I took it personally.  So I love a guy who says what I’m thinking, and Tim Kaine is a “weird little dude.”  The DNC is a complete joke, and they are showing the world why they suck.  And I love it.  Republicans traditionally are much better managers and the conventions show it—and this displays why republicans and democrats just don’t belong in the same country.  I’m just glad that Trump is the kind of guy who isn’t afraid to call people crooked and weird little dudes—because they are.

Rich Hoffman


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The Many Sides of Trump: Beating global liberalism with sheer tenacity

For those who are starting to think that Hillary Clinton is invincible, that the media is in the tank for her, and that the pendulum of political temperament is still swinging in favor of global liberalism—FEAR NOT!  Donald Trump has shifted gears and is starting to show the vastness of his talents.  Hillary really doesn’t have a chance.  She can’t do what Trump did on June 28th 2016.  First Trump gave a policy speech to a group south of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Listen to that speech here:

Soon after Trump went to the border town of Ohio called St. Clairsville and gave one of his loose off the cuff speeches he has become known for.  The house was packed and very excited.

The media wants to think that Trump is in trouble and they are telling outright lies about his campaign.  Trump is raising money—a lot of money—which will directly benefit the Republican Party.  Trump really doesn’t need it, but its part of the game.  Trump showed in a single day that he could answer the best that Hillary can offer.  And it’s a long time to the election.  This is going to be fun.

If you’d like to be a part of the fun, then read the message sent to me from Paul Manafort below.  It will give you the links so that you can contribute to the Trump campaign and let the liberal media know that Hillary is in trouble.


This was a HUGE week for Team Trump.

On Tuesday, Mr. Trump sent out the very first fundraising email of this campaign. It was a record-shattering success. If you were able to help, thank you.

And if you just haven’t had a chance to yet, please take a moment to chip in today.

Our goal was to raise $2 million in 48 hours, which Mr. Trump committed to match $1 for $1. It took just 12 hours to hit this mark – stunning the Clinton campaign and the liberal media!

On Wednesday, Mr. Trump hit it out of the park when he delivered a scathing indictment of world-class liar Hillary Clinton’s disastrous record and dangerous agenda.

It has been hailed as the speech conservative Republicans have been waiting decades to hear from their presidential nominee.

Rich, will you stand with Team Trump at this critical stage of the campaign with a $10, $25, $50, or $100 contribution, or more if you can?

On Thursday we launched the “Lying Crooked Hillary” campaign – a new website and series of videos detailing Clinton’s Legendary Lies. The first video has already received an amazing 2.5 million views, and nine more videos will be released in the weeks ahead.

Rich, Team Trump is taking the fight to Lying Crooked Hillary like nobody has ever done before.

And on Friday, Mr. Trump released a powerful statement commending UK voters for taking a stand for freedom and independence. They voted to take their country back and determine their future, just like the American people can do on November 8, 2016.

To win on Election Day we must continue building our momentum. Please chip in today to help us make voters believe in America again.

Please stand with us to make Donald J. Trump the next President of the United States.

Thank you,

Paul Manafort
Campaign Chair and Chief Strategist, Trump for President



Rich Hoffman


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