Celebrating Black Friday’s Capitalism: Fidel Castro dies while Donald Trump becomes a true “fountainhead” in The White House

I was enjoying the celebration of capitalism as news broke that Fidel Castro was dying in Cuba. It was after all Black Friday—an official holiday to celebrate American Capitalism so it was appropriate that the Cuban communist dictator died on that particular day.  With Trump now president there is finally an American president who could properly defend capitalism from all the socialists seeking to topple the capitalist system with overbearing altruism for the benefit of finishing what Castro started bedeviling seven American presidents during his lifetime.  Largely the immigration issue around the world, especially on America’s borders is the fault of poorly managed countries leaving dreamers with no place to go but into the United States to escape the oppression of communism, and Marxism.  The strategic goal of those global oriented governments was to deliberately overwhelm America’s financial power while forces within our government unnaturally restrained capitalism so that economic growth would be stunted for collapse.  Fidel Castro didn’t just command a Marxist regime just a few miles off the coast of Florida, but inspired communist revolutions all over Mexico, Central America and South America leaving to this very day a border surge for which the intention was always to topple our American republic during the early years of the 21st century.  So as one of my daughters was with me partaking in the festivities of American capitalism I turned on the radio to see what my old friend Doc Thompson was doing filling in on Glenn Beck’s national radio show which had been suffering because Beck had failed to get behind Donald Trump for president.  I was relieved to hear Doc promoting capitalism on the big show and with great enthusiasm.  For a change, it was good to hear something very optimistic about capitalism without the pretense of some dream–if only America could climb out from under the oppressive hands of the socialist Barack Obama, or the southern border menace Fidel Castro—the Marxist revolutionary which has been suppressing the lives of millions for most of a century.  Finally, capitalism was in fashion once again and this time America would be better prepared to defend it, and sell it to the rest of the world.  Truly, a new day was upon us, and it was something to be thankful for.

I know Doc Thompson is a lover of Ayn Rand’s novels, as I am, and for years we have promoted them over the radio and in any other way possible.  Donald Trump is really the first of his kind to ever enter the White House.  He has built an attractive brand around the world with an unyielding love for capitalism—and finally here was an American president who would defend our economic system from the Oval Office without being disarmed by Marxists and agents of Socialist International to apologize for our great economic success.  I will never forget the fine spring day on April 12th 2016 while I was having breakfast at the West Chester, Ohio McDonalds and reading USA Today which I had picked up at Barnes and Nobel with an actual hard copy paper which I was browsing through as the sun was coming up to its noon time apex.  It was an opinion article from the very liberal Democrat Kristen Powers on Donald Trump where the presidential frontrunner at the time admitted to being inspired by the Ayn Rand book The Fountainhead—which I thought was astonishing. A wild fantasy that evoked in me on that day erupted into excitement as I realized just how close an Ayn Rand type of President of the United States truly was to the White House.   At the time, Trump was easily going to beat Cruz and Kasich leaving him with only the flawed Hillary Clinton standing between him and success.  On that effort, my money was on Trump and that’s how it turned out of course.  But I thought it was astonishing that an America president would actually admit to loving Ayn Rand.



Kristen Powers and many others of course missed the point to Ayn Rand’s great literary classic—which I think is one of the greatest novels written of all time, and I include in that my favorites, such as Finnegan’s Wake by James Joyce and the Magic Mountain by Thomas Mann.  Before any of you Democrats or hard-core Ayn Rand Objectivists cry foul understand that European literature has always been mired by oppressive religious judgment and aristocracy—including Shakespeare.  Ayn Rand as a Russian immigrant was one of the first to look at New York’s sky scrapers and see the beauty of capitalism.  Not even F. Scott Fitzgerald was able to capture that optimism in his Great Gatsby which focused entirely on the paradox of new money versus old money.  Ayn Rand was a standout in thinking.  She truly saw for perhaps the first time in the history of the world that it was the captains of capitalism who were the moral benefactors of justice because it was from their minds that good things happened—the “fountainheads” for which everything came forth.  To be successful, they needed complete independence and unfettered belief in themselves.  Those traits terrify Democrats and progressives from all walks of life so they frequently fail to understand The Fountainhead for all its glory.  And those who do read it, and understand it somewhat so, are the first to put a lid on its message as pre-adolescent fantasies of a superhero adulthood which is unrealistic in the modern world—because we’ve all been trained with the premise that we are all “flawed” characters who must give up such audacity to function properly in the world.  The Fountainhead and its sequel of sorts, Atlas Shrugged, are truly American novels about the American experience and it has taken time to sink into our inherited European thinking—for which most of us adhere to.

During Doc Thompson’s short stay in Cincinnati on WLW radio he and I formed a friendship which essentially centered around Ayn Rand.  The Tea Party movement was reading Atlas Shrugged and enjoying the independent film version that began showing in theaters around the country.  It was those readers who essentially put Donald Trump into the White House because it paved the way for the type of thinking we wanted as a president—and Kristen Powers had confirmed it on the pages of USA Today.  It was one of the few rays of light that many of us in the Tea Party movement had during those dark days.  When Mitt Romney picked Paul Ryan to be his VP many of us were excited that Ryan was an Ayn Rand fan—but he quickly distanced himself from that title afraid that the media would label him as a “radical.”  Interesting that liberals see Ayn Rand concepts as “Radical” yet Saul Alisnky is someone to be followed who actually wrote a silly little book that you can read during a lunch break called Rules for Radicals.  Even at the foundation of Marxism was a silly book that is even smaller called The Communist Manifesto.  Ayn Rand was writing these monstrous novels full of passion and challenges to a philosophical mode of thinking spanning back thousands of years, whereas Karl Marx was simply completing the work of Immanuel Kant—which our federal government through the imperfections of our education system had adopted as a security blanket from European literature.  While reading that USA Today article on Trump’s love for Ayn Rand I thought back even further to the time I lived on the campus of U.C. in Cincinnati.  I’d grab breakfast over in Clifton almost every day and read my books at a booth in the corner as literary students would come in and recite quotes from Ulysses pretending to be masters of the literary universe.  I’d ask them if they understood Finnegan’s Wake and they’d laugh proclaiming—“nobody did.”  But I did, and I say it’s an inferior work to Ayn Rand’s beautiful dedications to American capitalism and the morality which sprang forth.  I never thought I’d see it in my lifetime that a President of the United States would actually be in the White House who “identified” with Ayn Rand’s heroes.

At the start of the Trump campaign I was pretty good friends with quite a few die-hard Objectivists straight off the pages of Ayn Rand’s novels, and to them, Donald Trump was a monster who proposes to use the power of government to build roads, bridges, and a military which could then be turned back on us.  By the time I saw the USA Today article in April of 2016 we had stopped speaking to each other just as Doc Thompson and I stopped speaking, simply because Glenn Beck had not seen what I did in Donald Trump and it made it very hard to have conversations.  I turned completely away from The Blaze Radio because of Glenn Beck.  I saw an Ayn Rand character very similar to Howard Roark in Donald Trump.  Others saw Gail Wynand and they were freighted of such a man entering the most powerful office in the world.  But I had the opportunity to meet Trump a few times and I am a very good judge of character—extremely good in fact, and I see a Howard Roark type who shields himself from the prying eyes of the world by living like Gail Wynand.  His public persona is a Gail adoption, but in his heart, he’s certainly Howard Roark.  Trump has very nearly blown up several projects because they don’t conform to his innate vision.  But in some ways Trump has stepped beyond Rand, which as a 70-year-old man, I would expect.  We are observing a government led by a man who is accomplished and is truly a “fountainhead” in his own undefined way—and history will present that definition through actuality.

Doc Thompson’s broadcast on Glenn Beck’s Black Friday show was inspiring.  It’s something I’ve dreamed about for a long time and it was the old communists like Fidel Castro which prevented us from enjoying America’s economic system without guilt.  Our education institutions had also failed to teach capitalism and Ayn Rand to their students choosing instead to preach the virtues of Marxism to a bunch of drooling students who recited Ulysses during breakfasts at Clifton on the U.C. campus thinking they were masters of the literary world when in fact they were just unwashed college kids just learning to shave looking like bums hitchhiking for a ride during the drug induced 1970s.  They were taught the wrong things about most everything in life leaving those of us who knew better to be like Socrates being blamed for corrupting the youth of Greek society—with real innovation and a pre-Aristotelian concept of what a powerful Republic should be—as opposed to Plato’s pre-Kantian altruism.   I could have saved NASA a lot of money as directed by Barack Obama to study the contributions of Muslims to the sciences of the world and why they failed today to live up to those early promises—it was because Islam gave up Aristotle and embraced the self-sacrifice of Mohammed’s so-called visions.   And America had been failing in much the same fashion moving from a capitalist society that had built great sky scrapers in New York and across the United States and bent to the will of communists like Fidel Castro who represented the lazy intellectual needs of the worst of our society—who desired to be equal to the best only without doing all the hard work of a “fountainhead.”  Trump is a true fountainhead and the world will soon see that—and everyone will be a lot better off.  Howard Roark for President—yes, it actually happened.  Now a great novel never yet published will unfold before our eyes—and it will be very exciting.

Rich Hoffman


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Great New Businesses in the Liberty Center Area: The wonders of capitalism in Butler County, Ohio

I continue to enjoy the Liberty Center shopping complex a year after it opened intensely.  It has been great for business, and wonderful for personal recreation.  Recently my wife and I saw Hacksaw Ridge at Cinebistro at Liberty Center which was fabulous.  The movie was great and it was wonderful to see Mel Gibson directing movies again.  Hollywood is a lot better off with Mel Gibson in it—unquestionably.  But the experience at Cinebistro is just fabulous and continues to be something I always look forward to.  If you are going to see a movie in the Cincinnati area—there isn’t anywhere better than at Cinebistro at Liberty Center.  Just a marvelous experience.  I enjoy it so much that I’d recommend coming from out-of-town to engage in the experience.

However, after a year and in speaking with a variety of vendors around the complex it appears that the public hasn’t quite figured out just how cool the Liberty Center experience is.  Most obvious is a few new places that opened recently, Go! Calenders, Games and Toys which is located near the food court on the second story of the internal mall area and Degs Flame Grilled Chicken which is adjacent to the food court near Dillards.  I think both places add needed diversity but the drawback is that people haven’t figured out that there is whole interior portion of the shopping complex.  A similar development up the highway in Dayton, The Greene Town Center is entirely an outside shopping experience, which most of Liberty Center is.  But unlike The Greene, the interior portion of the development offers a typical mall experience to accentuate the outdoor offerings.  So for a destination entertainment complex with dining and shopping as the primary drivers of interest—Liberty Center really offers diversity from one end to the other.

Just yesterday my daughter and I had dinner at BD’s Mongolian Grille across from the Rave Movie Theaters at The Greene Town Center and it was all very nice.  But Liberty Center is much better because the movie theater of Cinebistro is clearly superior to any other cinema chain.  Around that theater are four really good dining experiences, the Kona Grill, Cantina Laredo, The Rusty Bucket and Cooper’s Hawk—which is very classy and right next to the Cinebistro.   And honestly, I love the food at Cinebistro as a dining experience by itself so if you like dinner and a movie like I do, Liberty Center is just a dream.  But the indoor part of the complex at the other end combines a traditional mall experience to all the other dynamism.

So when visiting Liberty Center remember that there is an inside portion to the complex, and you should visit it.  The more foot traffic that moves into that part of the development the more businesses like Go! Toys will move in.  And that is a good thing which makes a great place ever better.   My personal aim for Liberty Center is for a bookstore to move in, which is a tall order given that Amazon makes brick and mortar stores difficult to operate.  But the one at The Green was doing very well on a Saturday afternoon giving needed intellectual presence which is missing at Liberty Center.  That could change if we support the little businesses with big dreams in a wonderful place called Liberty Center.

In addition, across the street from Liberty Center are several new restaurants that are quite good.  One is Freddey’s which is like a supped up Steak and Shake.  They have great food!  Great burgers and shakes.  They are in the parking lot of Cabela’s and at the entrance to the Wetherington residential area—which lucky for the kids living there have access to such a wonderful place.   It is just another development addition to an area that is booming with wonderful capitalist endeavor.  And that is always a good thing.

Rich Hoffman


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Bathing in the Tears of Hillary Clinton’s Supporters: Sit down, shut up, and let Donald Trump fix it

I know we’re all supposed to be gracious in victory, but let’s not forget that yesterday morning, if Donald Trump didn’t win the presidency of the United State—I was making very real plans for an armed rebellion.  I had volunteered myself to organize a militia to stand against a Hillary Clinton administration—because she has run a criminal empire for decades and I wasn’t going to accept her in that role of POTUS

I said on the WAAM radio just on the Saturday before the big election that I hoped for peace—but for me, it was Trump or nothing because our republic had fallen that far and could not endure two more months of Barack Obama style progressivism.  That election was literally the end of the road and lucky for all those crying on Wednesday when Hillary Clinton had lost—because the next alternative wasn’t a good one, that an election had saved them from violence.

When you can’t trust the FBI, the CIA, and the DOJ, there are no other options but violence.   Ironically Stephen Cobert late at night upon realizing that Trump was going to win and that his style of liberalized government was being recalled understood the magnitude behind the Trump election when he said, “A lot of voters out there said we have 300 million guns and we’re going to change direction.”  Something dramatic was going to happen on Tuesday November 8th 2016 at the ballot box, or violence was our only next unfortunate option.  So let me convey my feelings toward the Hillary Clinton supporters who I noticed were crying on election night once they realized that their candidate was going to lose.  It gave me great pleasure to see it.  I want to take a bath in their tears because they deserve everything coming to them for taking our country so close to a precipice that nearly destroyed it.  I know many of them don’t understand what role they played in that threat, but ignorance is not a viable defense.  They are lucky they are only spilling tears because it almost became blood.  They have no idea how close it came.  But I am happy and proud that law and order saved our nation and gave us one more chance to get America right.

The graciousness shown around the world toward Trump including Obama, and Clinton herself did not surprise me.  Honestly it’s not because of grace in defeat but because they’ve been caught.  Watching the Democrats on November 9th I couldn’t help but think of one of my favorite westerns High Plains Drifter.  Trump was the Clint Eastwood character who essentially took over a town guilty of mass corruption and used their guilt as leverage to evoke the truth.  Everyone knew that with Trump—who isn’t a political hack—that if anybody like him ever did get into a political office that they’d be discovered for the frauds they really are.  So they had no other option but to be nice to Trump and those who voted for him and hope that they won’t be prosecuted for the many crimes they have all committed to acquire and stay in power.

That’s where things get interesting.  With Trump—who is a true leader, actions in Washington D.C. will be swift and furious.  Trump will work everyone in D.C. culture to the bone leaving many of them begging for a break.  Many don’t know just how hard Trump will work to fulfill his campaign promises as opposed to someone like Obama who just says things on the campaign trail then forgets about everything the day after winning office.  Trump will bring a level of competence that nobody has ever seen in government since the founding days of our government because a private sector person is in the White House which will have a trickle down effect that will migrate into every elected office in the country—large and small.

I watched the political left attempt to shame Donald Trump voters over social media on November 9th with the typical attacks that they utilized for many years which nearly destroyed America—and what they don’t understand is that the game is over for them.  Those styles of shaming attacks of guilt that they have thrown at traditional conservatives in American culture are over.  With the election of Donald Trump a new political strategy for beating the Saul Alinsky trained Democrats has been proven with an admirable game plan—and there is no putting that genie back in the bottle. That game plan has been unfolding slowly over the last five years—and I’ve played a part in developing it.  Trump took his celebrity and his independent wealth and took it to a new level and Republicans all across the nation can now see that it works.  Trump broke the so-called blue firewall on the Electoral Map forever winning Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan—then dominating Ohio where it wasn’t even close.  Trump outperformed even the most aggressive polling in Ohio as Democrats crossed party lines by large numbers to vote for the New York billionaire.

I have no doubt that Trump ran for president for all the right reasons—and likely he gave so much money to political candidates over the years as an insider only to get nothing for it.  But I believe the turning point for him came in 2011 when President Obama shammed him publicly during a press correspondence dinner.  Trump likely decided during that event to run for president to get revenge on the political class who took money from billionaires like him to fuel their lifestyles—then thought they had a right to humiliate those private sector types with IRS audits and public humiliations like spoiled aristocrats.  When Trump announced in 2012 that he was thinking of running I quickly jumped on the Trump train because I thought it would be great to have a real businessman in the Executive Branch.  Earlier in my life I had supported Steve Forbes and Ross Perot.  Trump was my dream come true as a political candidate, so I was quick to endorse him.  But Trump decided to help fund Mitt Romney who flopped like a dead fish in the closing days of his 2012 run where he lost to Barack Obama.  Trump did a few more years of The Apprentice on NBC then decided during the summer of 2015 to run for president and now he’s won and he’s not going to sit back and do nothing with the effort.  With the same grit that Trump looked at Obama in 2011 and decide to knock the president’s legacy completely off the map of history.   Trump will work to be the best president of the United States because he comes from the private sector where performance matters and he will bring that to the Washington D.C. culture likely for the first time in the history of any republic throughout the world.

On Wednesday people were shocked because they had never seen anything like what Trump did—but I wasn’t.  I predicted almost everything that happened because I understand Donald Trump.  I like and enjoy people like him and the only way to solve many of our modern problems in America, come from people who think like Donald Trump.  A lot of things contributed to Trump’s victory—there were a lot of activists like WikiLeaks, Project Veritas, Alex Jones, The Drudge Report and many others who were trying to caution people to avoid voting for Hillary Clinton—and Trump never backed down off what he was doing.  The election was a massive rebellion that involved characters all around the world hoping that America could be once again a beacon of justice that all could look to for guidance.  Trump expertly navigated through the natural circumstances of the events of our day with hard work, courage, and bull-headed effort that has everyone who will deal with him in the future from the Oval Office understanding that he’s the real deal and that he won’t be a person that will be messed with.  Trump closed the deal late Monday night—actually Tuesday morning at 1 AM with a last-minute rally in Michigan to a packed crowd.  Trump did the extra work to win because that’s what he does and now he will be in our White House to save it from the disgrace that the political class abused to the point of ruin.  So if I want to bathe in the tears of my vanquished enemies please understand that it’s better than painting my face with their blood—because it almost came to that.

Now, sit down, shut up—and let Trump fix all the garbage that the idiots on the political left wrecked so that we can all have a functioning country once again.  We have for the first time an “overman” in the White House, and it will be a wildly positive experience that the world has never yet seen.

Rich Hoffman


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Jesse James and Alex Jones Discuss a Trump Presidency: NO MORE BULLSHIT!

trump22The lines in southern Ohio are long and the Trump people are passionate.  My wife and I got into trouble wearing Trump gear to our polling place, so if you don’t want to get into a scuffle, be cautious of that.  When you show up to vote, be prepared to wait in line, and while you are there, you might want to listen to and watch the following video between Alex Jones and Jesse James.  Among those two people is many of the reasons that people want to vote for Donald Trump.  If you need confirmation of your beliefs during a day of anxiety, you’ll find comfort in this interview.  So VOTE.   And enjoy this historic moment.  Then pass it along to a friend who is going to vote for TRUMP. 

Rich Hoffman


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Hillary Clinton and Child Pedophilia: Remember, Remember the Fifth of November

On this fifth of November 5, 2016 it is a national holiday for the people of the hacking group Anonymous—which is a kind of millennial rebellion.  I don’t agree with them on everything, or some of their methods, but they did some good work with the Steubenville rape case so I give them credit when they put an emphasis on a story.   As I was on the air at 1600 WAAM covering Matt Clark for his 1 PM radio show members of Anonymous were protesting in major cities all over the world.  They had a pretty crazy protest march in Washington D.C. which I noticed wasn’t getting any press

They also uploaded a file of collected evidence on the Hillary Clinton child pedophilia case that is building in the wake of the FBI and NYPD confiscation of Anthony Weiner’s computer which apparently contains links to sex with underage kids involving the Clintons.  The problem with covering such a thing is that the law is controlled by Washington politics in the Beltway and there are just too many high-level officials involved to get a fair shake in the media.  But NYPD officers who have seen the evidence are very unhappy and are looking to break the case loose so arrests can be made.  That prompted them to release the collection of evidence connecting Hillary Clinton to child pedophilia in the following data report.

The Clinton investigation is now connected to a massive child trafficking and pedophile sex ring operating within Washington, D.C. Over the next few days, and this November 5th, we will be referencing evidence and exposing the Clinton foundations for multiple incidences of child trafficking and sex scandals.


Hillary Clinton is being investigated by the FBI for involvement in an elite Washington pedophile ring, according to veteran State Department official Steve Pieczenik. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=12zVlaZyX3Q

Billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, his relationship with Bill Clinton, Alan Dershowitz, Prince Andrew and other famous names, and their connection to a high-level sex scandal is exposed by Conchita and Cristina Sarnoff. http://bit.ly/2eH3ELq

Anthony Weiner Talking to FBI about underage Sex Island (Lolita)

The FBI wants to know everything about the Lolita Island that Jeffrey Epstein owns. Lucky for them Anthony Weiner knows a lot about the Underage sex Island that Bill Clinton would visit and Weiner is ready to Talk. http://bit.ly/2f4u9xv

Hillary has a LONG history of interest in Ms. Silsby. Wikileak emails dating back till at least 2001 have been found in her archives discussing Laura’s NGO. Laura had claimed she planned to build an orphanage in the Dominican Republic, but authorities in the country said she never submitted an application for this purpose. They instead located to Haiti.





The reason I give credence to this bizarre report is because of what I witnessed in the documentary film on Anthony Weiner called, Weiner.  It’s currently playing on Showtime if you’d like to see it.  In that film Huma Abedin’s reaction to her husband sexting other women on Twitter was strangely remote.  She seemed to care more about the run for mayor of New York than the fact that her husband had an obvious sex addiction problem.  The information didn’t seem unusual to her in the least as the documentary covered their life behind the scenes from their New York apartment.

Even when Weiner was recently caught sexting a 15-year-old girl Huma and Hillary Clinton were strangely silent on the behavior considering the close proximity that the sex pervert was for a person running for president of the United States. There does seem to be a secret veil that this Clinton group of people are hiding from us all in broad daylight and the only reason we don’t see it is because we think it’s too outrageous to be real.  But given the collection of information collected by Anonymous, perhaps it’s not.

This election isn’t just about the management of our country.  It’s about the fight between good and evil and as it seems quite evident—evil is deeply entrenched in Beltway culture.  At this point, before the election—it’s not too late to act.  But soon, it will be.   These are really bad people and none of them should be in any elected office.

Rich Hoffman


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Hillary Clinton Stinks: Podesta says she smells like “a combination of boiled cabbage, urine and farts”

I know a lot of people think the choice of Hillary Clinton as the Democratic nominee for President of the United States stinks—but apparently, she quite literally does.

According to ClashDaily, newly leaked email from Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Manager John Podesta is titled “Hillary actions / unpleasant odor.”

“People tell me that Hillary is acting ‘like a retard’ since her head injury,” wrote Podesta on March 22, 2015. “Frankly, considering her normal behavior, I’m surprised anyone noticed! (this is a joke!) Have someone talk to her doctor and see if there’s anything he can give her.”

“Also, I’ve noticed she’s had an ‘odor’ lately,” he continued. “It reminds me of a combination of boiled cabbage, urine and farts. I’m guessing it’s either connected to her fall or simply the fact that she rarely bathes.”

“Outside of encouraging her to take a shower once in a while, I don’t know what to do about this. — any suggestions would be appreciated.”

Read more:

That is the kind of thing that Hillary’s friends say about her.  What does that tell you–beside the fact that she smells like boiled cabbage, urine and farts. 

Rich Hoffman


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The Top 100 WikiLeaks From Podesta: Making it easy to understand the vast depth of Hillary Clinton’s criminal empire

While on the air with Matt Clark during his radio show on WAAM in Ann Arbor, Michigan he covered the below list of the top 100 revelations from Podesta WikiLeaks and what we learned about Hillary Clinton and the people she surrounds herself with. This list is continuously updated and can be accessed at the end of the listing.  But the below list is quite bad enough taken as it was on October 29th 2016.  Just the first one about Obama lying regarding his knowledge of Hillary’s server is enough to cause major trouble—and the ones that follow are equally damaging.   At the link, there is much more detail for each of these headlines that can be referenced for authenticity and further research.  One of the problems with WikiLeaks is that there is just so much information that people are having a hard time digesting all the material.  So simplifying the vast information in this way should help.

Because of the vast information involved it is very difficult to browse the multitude of topics, so we’ve made it easy for you dear reader.  Knowing the truth possesses a lot of power.  Be sure to use that power wisely and begin your journey below.   What you will discover will be deeply disturbing.  Be sure to share it with a friend before they vote—especially before they make a mistake and vote for Hillary Clinton who has proven below that she has no business managing anything—especially the most powerful office in the world. After reading these, she should be put into a rubber room with a locked door—because she is incompetent even under the most optimistic appraisal of her actions.  At worst, she is a vile criminal running a vast empire of corrupt dealings that span the world over.  And she does not have the United States interests as her foremost thoughts.  That much is quite clear.


  1. Obama lied: he knew about Hillary’s secret server and wrote to her using a pseudonym, cover-up happened (intent to destroy evidence)
  2. Hillary Clinton dreams of completely “open trade and open borders”
  3. Hillary Clinton took money from and supported nations that she KNEW funded ISIS and terrorists

                     4.  Hillary has public positions on policy and her private ones

  1. Paying people to incite violence and unrest at Trump rallies
  2. Hillary’s campaign wants “unaware” and “compliant” citizens
  3. Top Hillary aides mock Catholics for their faith
  4. Hillary deleted her incriminating emails. State covered it up. Asked about using White House executive privilege to hide from Congress.
  5. Bribery: King of Morocco gives Clinton Foundation $12 million to have meeting with Hillary, 6 months later Morocco gets weapons 
  6. State Department tried to bribe FBI to un-classify Clinton emails (FBI docs)
  7. Latinos are “needy”. Latino outreach is “taco bowl engagement”
  8. Clinton campaign was in direct communication with DOJ regarding Hillary’s investigation
  9. Bill Clinton receives $1 million “birthday gift” from ISIS-funding Qatar while Hillary was SoS, Qatar receives arms flow increases of 1,482%
  10. Hillary campaign prays for shooters in news stories to be white
  11. Rigging the primaries against Bernie Sanders (DNC favored Hillary)
  12. Rigging the primaries against Bernie Sanders (Hillary’s team)
  13. Hillary was hateful, neglectful, above the law, “contemptuous” to her security detail, and “blatantly disregarded” security, (FBI docs)
  14. Clinton Foundation schemed with Big Pharma to keep the price of AIDS drugs high in America and cheaper generic versions out
  15. CNN leaked primary debate question to Hillary through head of DNC
  16. Democrats created fake Trump “grope under the meeting table” Craigslist employment ad in May 2016
  17. Hillary’s camp excited about a black teen’s murder (to help her agenda)
  18. Rigging media polls through oversampling
  19. Hillary is still privately against gay marriage
  20. Acknowledging radical Islam is a real threat and a “serious problem
  21. Admitting terrorists will infiltrate the Syrian refugee program
  22. Hillary sends U.S. intelligence and war plans to Podesta’s hacked email
  23. Hillary took money from foreigners for campaign (illegal)
  24. Hillary says climate change activists should “get a life”
  25. Hillary is pro-fracking, calls it “a gift”, despite what she publicly says
  26. Referring to a “Shadow Government” that protects Hillary (FBI docs)
  27. List of reporters that Hillary wined and dined, including biggest journalists and pundits of CNN, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, NY Times, and a lot more. Off the record.
  28. Democrats using American lobbyists to money launder foreign donations illegally
  29. The New York Times is colluding with Hillary, allowed quote edits
  30. Racist remarks about Blacks and Muslims
  31. Hillary’s poor health (collapsing, memory loss, drug research)
  32. Tipped off by the State Department regarding Benghazi emails
  33. Hillary’s staff admitting she is “tainted” and “really vulnerable” on corruption and bribery
  34. Hillary camp using “propaganda”
  35. Hillary Clinton bragged about being invited to Putin’s ‘Inner Sanctum’
  36. John Podesta’s password was p@ssw0rd
  37. Hillary Clinton had to be told when to smile during speeches
  38. Billionaire George Soros has influence over Hillary, ties to election fraud in systems used for U.S. voting
  39. Clinton campaign refuses to report sexual harassment (then forwards complaint to harasser)
  40. Admitting Hillary did not use private server for security reasons (shows intent)
  41. Hillary Clinton “doesn’t seem to know what planet we are all living in at the moment”
  42. Big media collusion email, working with reporters
  43. Using female senator to conjure fake sexist claims against Bernie
  44. Worried that Bernie supporters and younger women “hate her so  much (they) might even vote for a Republican”
  45. Hillary campaign caught partaking in insider trading (illegal)
  46. Clinton Foundation did not pay for the services they received
  47. Admitting Hillary failed foreign policy
  48. Admitting Obamacare isn’t working
  49. NBC colluding with the Clinton campaign
  50. Coordinating with SuperPACs, which is illegal
  51. Hillary’s team admitting she lies a lot
  52. Avoiding the press because of tough questions
  53. Plotting to attack Obama because “his father was a Muslim”
  54. Colluding over withholding Benghazi emails
  55. Hillary plans to support the TPP
  56. Clinton camp worried that Uranium One deal is being investigated (where Hillary sold 20% of America’s uranium to Russia)
  57. Entire “interview” with MSNBC’s Chris Hayes is staged, reading word-for-word
  58. Hillary Clinton stole furniture from the State Department (FBI docs)
  59. Hillary told Tim Kaine back in July 2015 he would be VP
  60. Hillary tweaks her policies based on donors’ wants
  61. Hillary camp admits it doesn’t support $15 minimum wage
  62. Illegally coordinating with Priorities USA, a SuperPAC funded by George Soros
  63. Racist and sexist remarks: “too white and too male”
  64. Podesta illegally has access to top-secret information
  65. Podesta connects to unsecure network where anyone could access classified files
  66. Hillary’s speechwriters: “I don’t mind the ‘backs of dead Americans’ because we need a bit of moral outrage.” (Benghazi)
  67. The AP colluding with the Hillary campaign
  68. Hillary’s camp says she has a “character problem” and is “arrogant”
  69. Staging fake anti-Trump protest, conspiring with Univision CEO
  70. Meeting to go over Cheryl Mills’ testimony
  71. Iran nuclear deal was “greatest appeasement since Chamberlain  gave Czechoslovakia to Hitler”
  72. Journalist talks strategy with Clinton staff and asks for permission to write article
  73. Bill Clinton admits Clinton Foundation has no “real projects”
  74. Violating campaign finance law
  75. Interfering with the 2008 Republican primary process
  76. Proof that ‘Correct the Record’ (SuperPAC) is directly coordinating with the Hillary campaign against federal campaign law
  77. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg in direct contact with the Hillary campaign
  78. Hillary’s team working with hundreds of MSM news pundits
  79. Katy Perry is a puppet for Hillary Clinton
  80. Hillary tries to hide her tiny rallies
  81. Hillary had a mole working on Biden’s team
  82. John Oliver caught colluding with Hillary’s campaign
  83. Trouble with NBC so they call Chuck Todd to take care of it
  84. Politico’s Glenn Thrush colluding with Hillary’s campaign, admits to being a “hack”
  85. Hillary finds out more debate questions
  86. Hillary wants “successful business people” running for office because “they cannot be bought”
  87. “We are finishing up the next round of TV scripts”
  88. Hillary doesn’t write her own tweets, despite claiming “-H” means she does
  89. On Hillary: “we just keep giving her poll-tested lines that don’t work”
  90. Hillary extremely weak on topic of standing up to Wall Street
  91. “Even a clown like Ted Cruz” could beat her
  92. ‘The Huffington Post’ colluding with Hillary
  93. Clinton campaign memorizing their email cover-up script
  94. Heavy press collusion over Cuba and Hillary’s health
  95. Employment rate – They confirm what Trump says
  96. Obama picked people in his administration from the suggestion list of CiTi bank advisor/Wall St. shill


Rich Hoffman


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