The Trump Press Conference of February 16th: A world watching and learning what a tough American looks like

How big was the noon day press conference with President Trump announcing his new labor secretary and answering questions about Michael Flynn, the Russians, Iran, Fake News and the state of his White House? Well, I am writing this from the United Kingdom and I can report that it was carried live for the entire duration and the faces of Europe melted off in horror.  It was just wonderful.  In fact, it was another game changing press conference that altered the way presidents act toward the media in the future. It was a new standard of unprecedented aggressiveness and confidence that pushed back against a global media that had been ankle biting Trump constantly over the last couple of weeks fully expecting the president to do nothing but take it. The media, as a whole had been caught poking the dog too many times and now it had finally turned around and bit them in ways they never expected.

The honestly was refreshing. Obama administration left overs from the intelligence community had been spying on Donald Trump and his people then leaked news about Michael Flynn to the press in a highly illegal endeavor in order to utterly destroy the new administration.  The action was vicious, so they had what has been coming.  Trump had every right to do what he did and hold such an unusual press conference.  He had every right to stick it to the media.  Who did they think they were to lash out at him and not get it back?  That’s not what we elected Trump for.  Trump was elected to prevent a civil war, not to create one.  Trump is our offering to prevent armed conflict—or did the media already forget that?  The old way was never acceptable.

And in the wake of the press conference the media was aghast. In England it was all the talk of the day, it was on the front cover of every newspaper and served as wall to wall coverage on every channel.  In Europe, they had simply never seen anything like what the American Donald Trump had done to its media.  When Trump lacerated the BBC you would have thought that all of England was insulted—at least those progressive holdovers who didn’t understand that France was about to be overtaken by a conservative party—just as what was happening in the UK.  They were oblivious as to the lack of protocol Trump exhibited and it obviously scared the world who had learned to take it for granted that American presidents were paper tigers—and never followed up with anything.   When Trump indicated that he wasn’t going to tell the media what he was going to do to Iran, and North Korea for their recent hostile actions—the press seemed shocked that Trump had actually been thinking about it—and wasn’t waiting for some advisor to tell him what to do.  The thought that Trump wasn’t clamped to some advisors of the old world was more terrifying to them than what was actually said.

I was on a train to London watching the people reading the papers on the Friday after the press conference. It was my wife’s birthday and I had something really special planned for her and we were on our way.  The conversation on the train was curious disdain.  Many of the people riding were obviously people who supported staying with the European Union.  Some who sat quietly reading the newspapers with Trump’s image blasted on the covers digested the information quietly, perhaps they were supporters of Brexit.  But to the un-American minds of the world, they simply were shocked by Trump’s audacity which brought a smile to my face.  The impact wasn’t just in America, it was clearly a press conference that changed the world.  Normally presidents of the United States don’t command live coverage on foreign networks, but Trump had and the results had shocked everyone.

Everywhere I have gone in Europe Trump’s name has come up. People would ask me what I thought of the Yank and when they learned that I was a supporter they would shortly respond—“well, you can keep him then,” then change the subject to something more friendly.  But Trump was on their minds and he was making news in ways that most people just weren’t used to.  This was exactly why I voted for him—because honestly, I wanted to save people from the potential of armed conflict by putting someone like us in the White House who would never back down, would never yield to the media or the political machine and had a mind to utterly destroy the established order if it stood in his way.  In England the people have never had such personalities in their life, and if they ever did, they killed them during the many rebellions that had previously been crushed by the kings and the churches.  The English people who had survived were nice compliant people who didn’t like to disturb established orders.  They just simply overlooked the power-hungry and put up with them as a nuisance, so what was happening in America was simply unfathomable to them.  As a country, they have chosen a more passive aggressive course through life—so they aren’t used to people saying what they mean then acting on it.

Yet it made me proud to see President Trump fighting back the way I hoped he would all those months that I picked him to win and supported his candidacy, even when it was unpopular. Nothing against Ted Cruz and some of the other Republicans running—but it should be clear to them by now that they didn’t stand a chance in hell at standing up to these forces.  Only someone like Trump can do it—when you have your own spy agency eavesdropping on you working hand in hand with the mainstream media while hostile countries around the world tested the new president with pressure that would destroy any normal man—I always knew the game that had to be played to win, and Trump was my pick from the outset—and it’s nice to see everything coming together in my mind.   It was even better to see the reaction on foreign soil to really get a sense of the changes happening across the world as a result of Donald Trump.  Trump is pushing all these negative forces to their own collapse and that is better than any armed conflict.  What Trump is doing is the most humane way to preserve that beacon that the world looks to in America.  Even though they secretly resent America because they aren’t in the United States, most people around the world are better off because of America.  Even as foreigners in Europe snarl at American life as too fast paced and loose—they enjoy Kentucky Fried Chicken which is everywhere and the golden arches of McDonald’s.  Without American capitalism, most of the people in Europe wouldn’t have much to do but wait for some king to give them some land or a court appointment to raise their station in life.   Even on the trip to London, the people critical of Trump secretly rooted for him because he was the great underdog they dared not to be themselves, but hoped would stick his thumb in the eye of the world that suppressed them—yet they dared not admit such a thing publicly.   For their ancestors swung by the gallows for such thoughts—or were burned at the stake.  Not in America.  And especially not this American president.  Trump was something special, and I am so glad we have him—and it won’t take the world long to join me in that sentiment.

Rich Hoffman


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The Battlefield of Canterbury: Sex, Chess, and Empires

It was a good opportunity that reflected the many challenges we see facing the world. My family had the chance to have dinner in one of those European experiments where the lines between men and women were blurred and the experiment of the nations to blend all the nationalities of the world into one earthly soup was well underway and had found its footing.  It was Valentine’s Day in Canterbury, England and the many fine restaurants and pubs which lined the pedestrian area from Westgate Tower down to the famous Cathedral were surging with activity.  Many couples were walking about doing the modern simulation of a “date,” yet there was something missing—and even worse—there was a lack of interest.  Most of the restaurants were nearly empty when it should have been their best night of the year.  What was going on?  This was obviously the creation of the open border advocates because I could see couples, men and women of different races together, there were open gays, there were young and old people and there were many from east European countries bordering Russia—immigrants drawn to the charms of Canterbury treating the city like a library for which nobody ever checks out the books—but just hangs out to put their feet in a history that has little connection to them.  This is what George Soros wants America to look like and was essentially a glimpse into the world of his kind for America.  And it was obvious to me that it was an experiment going wrong by the second.canterbury

Canterbury reminded me of Gatlinburg, Tennessee in a lot of ways only instead of being a former logging village that had grown into a tourist hub, Canterbury was the religious center of the western world—and linchpin of literature—and had become a kind of Paris just across the Channel into the old battlefields of WWII—the quant town of Canterbury was now the hub of the wheel for European progressivism which would spill over into London eventually. It was obvious to me that the chess board had been laid out long ago—progressivism seeking to alter the very nature of the human race was using the sentiments of European history—namely the religious monuments of our Roman Catholic past to destroy those institutions in revenge for the first Crusades and the might of the English Empire which followed to undo that nation from within.

As I walked the streets of Canterbury the results on the people were obvious. The town itself watched patiently as the people within it destroyed themselves, like the body of a sick person awaiting a cold to be beaten by its immune system.  Canterbury had seen many battles in its lifetime from the slaying of Sir Thomas Beckett to the current European invasion through sexual revolution—it knew where all this was going as I did.  It’s crooked old buildings sagging from years of life almost laughed at the human race’s transitory appeal toward shallow water historical knowledge and it was in that sense that I found myself endeared to Canterbury.  We both knew the secret and where it was taking things and that in the United States it was our fight to prevent such nonsense in the future.  But the battle itself Canterbury was indifferent to.  From the Roman walls of its empire conquest around 400 A.D. to the many reiterations of Dukes and Bishops fortifying Canterbury over the last thousand years—or even the recent wreckage of Hitler’s attacks during World War II, this fight was designed to overtake all the walls known to mankind and attack with the most potent weapon to date—sex.

Landing at Heathrow in London the situation was very obvious—London which was only an hour away from Canterbury by train had become a sex haven for the young and the Trojan Horse of progressivism was sitting there with everything but a sign calling it that. The nightlife of London no longer is reminiscent of a Mary Poppins story—or the utterances of modern literature in Harry Potter—it is pornography that the youth want and there are plenty of sex clubs available to promise a happy ending for the cost of admission.  The obvious goal was to get people of many backgrounds to have sex and merge their biological process together in revenge for the first Crusades in the Holy Land many centuries earlier.  If the people of the Mediterranean couldn’t beat the British Empire with force through literal battle, then they’d do it with sex.  The net result was what I observed in Canterbury on a Valentine’s Day in 2017—passionless dating all headed to the same goal—dinner, sex—then complaining about your mate online while looking for another lover to fill the insatiable appetite and impatient nature of the typical millennial.  There were no great romances going on in Canterbury which was a shame, because the city is one of the most suited places in the world for that kind of thing.  What should have been a night that filled the memories of young couples forever was instead the remnants of war torn progressives who had launched themselves into a future that lacked value and ambition leaving them empty and only going through the motions.  This was what we were fighting in the United States and why most people in England had voted for Brexit.  They saw what I was seeing and they didn’t like it—and they wanted to save their nation before it was too late.canterbury-2

Human kind just can’t build a civilization on these ideas of primal devices—and sex should not be used as a weapon because it’s worse than a nuclear option. At least when a nuclear explosion occurs, you can see the damage and understand the effects.  With sex, you don’t see the damage of porn addiction and the numb hearts that come with it—from men indifferent to the work of sex because the value of it was cheapened.  On every corner is a willing mate to run the bases with any guy willing to step away from their online gaming long enough to remove their cloths.  Not even a romantic night out in a major European city was enough anymore to do the trick because the value had been so grossly cheapened.  Why go to dinner if you were going to get laid anyway?  So many couples didn’t and the restaurants were suffering obviously.

Off in the corners in the second story rooms looking down into the street were the architects of this mess, the globalists who sipped wine and thought they were winning a chess game against the world that would end Anglo Saxon imperialism once and for all, defeating two centuries of rule by first the Roman Empire, then the British Empire—and now the American one. Finally through sex the nations of the world would unite back to what it was—“they think” before the Tower of Babel separated the nations into chaos so we might all be joined as one worshiping the earth as our next goddess—and where better to do it but in the shadow of Canterbury’s famous Church of England?  But like all masterminds—this evil plot is about to explode in their faces and what’s left of sanity is fighting back as the youth find themselves caught between tradition and progressivism which has left them soiled like human waste waiting to be flushed.  Yes, it was a chess game being played by many minds who think of themselves as one—but they aren’t very smart—and it showed.canterbury-3

Yet the town of Canterbury sat poised to wait out the storm as these current human beings destroy themselves with casual sex, kids out of wedlock, and mixed cultures cheapened by religions that have lost their meaning. Literature once encouraged the mind of youth to step beyond their limits, but pornography has replaced it with the promise to dump their biological anxieties with the cheapness that one uses the bathroom to dispose of the waste they gained while eating a meal.  What was happening in Canterbury was projected to happen to the rest of the world if only things could last long enough.  But to my eyes, all I could see was a Trojan Horse being pushed in with insurgents on board, but they were falling out of a hole in the back as they moved along, revealing the contents inside.  What was happening was no surprise.  It was just disgusting and the cities of the world would survive, but the goal of them and their place in the human experiment might not.

Rich Hoffman


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Enemies at the Gate: CNN and SNL help terrorists by attack Trump women

You know when you are a target when Saturday Night Live goes from providing respectable satire to an outright hit piece lockstep with CNN on their weekly comedy show targeted for pop culture reflection.  People have been talking about it since Saturday, but SNL did one of the ugliest satires on Kellyanne Conway that I’ve ever seen—it was just despicable—not even close to reality as it portrayed her as a psycho.  Kellyanne has went on all the television shows defending Donald Trump for well over a year now and she has stood through the heat—maybe to the point where she needs a bit of vacation time.  When I heard her Bowling Green comments that’s what I thought—she needed a break—maybe a week or two.  Because the media she is dealing with is just hostile.  When Trump declared war with CNN calling them “fake news” which they are, he hit them where it hurt the worst, and that left Kellyanne Conway to stand in a fire that was just impossible to hold back.  Her interviews over the past week with Jake Trapper and other CNN members was rough, as shown below—and Saturday Night Live pounced—because they smelled blood and went for her jugular.  So much for women’s rights, and celebrating a strong female with great access to the president of the United States—from the progressive party platform they want Kellyanne destroyed hoping that by getting to her, they can put a dent in Trump.  And this SNL skit is just how things are done from those villains of the media.  Here is the hit piece on Kellyanne.

The anger was extreme when after all that happened Kellyanne refused to back down and like Trump dug deeper to the extent that she defended the issue of Ivanka Trump’s castigation from Nordstroms cutting off her clothing and jewelry line due to political intolerance.  So Kellyanne defended Ivanka which provoked an ethics investigation from the Utah do nothing Republican Jason Chaffetz who spent four years investigating Hillary Clinton with all the power and evidence sitting right in front of him—yet he failed to do anything to her.  But he promptly cracked down on the personal advisor to the President for an ethics violation when Kellyanne promoted Ivanka Trump’s fashion line because these are women close to Trump and they have been targeted—and Republicans and Democrats both want to destroy Donald Trump and all those attached to him.

Even knowing all that Kellyanne still went on all the shows and performed defiantly even under the hostilities CNN exhibited toward her.  Nicely, Stephen Miller pitch hit for Kellyanne so she could rest her pipes a bit.  But the game they are playing is clear, and it’s for blood.  The Trump administration had hit CNN and SNL where it hurt worst.  Most of the Saturday Night Live broadcast on Saturday February 11th was slanted anti Trump in the extreme including the Sean Spicer skit done by Melissa McCarthy—which was funny, but not even rooted in reality.  What was interesting was that it likely is how the political left does see the Trump administration and reveals just how soft those people really are.

You can learn a lot about your enemy by how they perform under stress.  CNN showed their fangs at Kellyanne Conway—who has given them hundreds of hours of coverage over the last year to discuss Donald Trump.  Without her, CNN wouldn’t be nearly as relevant as they think of themselves now.  If Kellyanne isn’t on their shows, they hurt more than she does.  She can go everywhere else—she doesn’t need them, but they need her.  There is a real fear in them and Saturday Night Live that if they don’t get right with the Trump administration then they have a real possibility of extinction.  I watched SNL very carefully for the first time in over a month, and moments were funny, but mostly they looked and acted scared that the world was leaving the station and they weren’t on the train.  The world was literally changing under their feet and they didn’t know how to deal with it but to lash out like a scared child.

By attacking the Trump women, Ivanka and Kellyanne, they are hoping to disarm Trump’s claims that they are “fake news” because ratings aren’t that great at SNL and CNN needs access to Trump in order to stay relevant for the next several years.  But Trump knows better.  When he talks about “fake news” he’s not just talking about the skimpy coverage that the mainstream provided to the Orlando terrorist attacks as well as many others—it is in the deliberate decision to cover the violence—but avoid identifying the cause—which was radical Islamic terrorism.  The mainstream desire to avoid any reference to Islamic terrorism and apply the actions to “gun violence” or immigrant discrimination is the source of the “fake news” designation, and CNN has certainly been guilty—even if Kellyanne Conway and the Trump administration hurt their feelings by saying it.  The news outlets did cover terrorist events, as Jake Trapper suggested, but they failed to identify the source of the terrorist problem, and attempted to soften the blow of the true reality, which has always been Trump’s point.

The media is guilty of attempting to let villains into our country by way of a Trojan Horse of terrorism hiding among the immigrant communities, and SNL, CNN and many others have been caught red handed.  Their attempt to paint terror with the colors of compassion is their crime for which justice is demanded and to prevent that fate, they are attacking the women close to Trump viciously hoping to barter a truce of some kind.  But that’s not how this story will end.  Kellyanne should take her vacation and rest a bit, because there is plenty to do for her in the coming months.  But in the short run, CNN, SNL, and essentially the entire NBC, ABC, and CBS networks bound together through the New York Times is on the ropes, and Trump knows what to do—and it won’t involve a sissy slap of warning.  They came after his women, so now it’s time to go for their jugular, and they won’t like that.  They need him.  Trump doesn’t need the media.  “They” think that a president like Trump can’t fight on all these fronts, but that’s only because they haven’t seen it before.  Yet Trump can and the way to understand what is happening is to read the ancient book of war written by Sun Tzu.  There we can all see what’s coming—and all SNL can do is hide behind their attack of women who are in Trump’s circle.

Rich Hoffman


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Donald Trump’s Handshakes: Understanding verbal and non-verbal communication on the world stage

There’s a lot of talk about Trump’s handshake with Prime Minister Abe at the White House over the weekend.  Many who don’t know about these kinds of things thought the long photo-op handshake was awkward, which I’m sure it felt that way for Abe.  But you have to understand dear reader that most of what Donald Trump is on purpose.  He is a master communicator and each verbal and non verbal communication method is something he is highly aware of.  So let me explain, and of course I don’t mean anything disrespectful to the Prime Minister—because the handshake wasn’t for the benefit of the two men, but for the cameras and the subconscious communication exhibited—which is to the favor of Japan—especially in the wake of the missile launch by North Korea just a few hours after.  There is an art to the handshake just like there is in most things and if you understand what is going on, you can read a situation based on the way people shake hands.

Notice that when Trump shakes Abe’s hand he pulls him into the president’s big body.  Then Trump often puts his other hand on top to fully embrace the hand of Abe as a sign of compassion, friendship—but more importantly, control.  It’s a kind of wrestling move that lets the person whose hand you are shaking know that you are in control—you decide where the hands end up, and when the hand is released dominating the other person the way an animal marks its territory. It’s an alpha male trait.  Notice in some of the clips shown here that other men do understand what Trump is doing and they try to take charge by pulling away before Trump lets go of their hand.  When we were kids we called it thumb wrestling where harmless children show their dominance over other boys by capturing their thumb under their own to exert control.  It’s usually a meaningless game to the outside world, but among young boys it does establish dominance.  Boys who are routinely captured by other boys tend to follow those who control them in the pecking order games of our civilization for their entire lives.  So for Trump, who is a master salesman and dealmaker, handshakes are a huge part of why he’s been successful, and will continue to be.  The political class of second-handers don’t understand these games of the private sector, so they will easily be beaten by Donald Trump—and that of course scares them.

It is also important to note that Trump doesn’t really like to shake hands—it’s something he forces himself to do.  So it comes out a bit contrived which actually helps the reason for his emphasis.  If the goal of the hand shake is to tell other males that he is the dominate person in the room, then all these contributing factors help him achieve that end, even if things get awkward.  Because long after the handshake the people who had their hands controlled by Trump think about how big he is, how strong he is, how enthusiastic he is, and they start thinking of caving on whatever issue is being debated because they reflect back to the childhoods when they were dominated by other alpha males and realize that it is futile to resist.

I am an extreme alpha male, so I purposely downplay my handshakes when they are with other alpha males.  When they hold your hand too long I usually let go and give them the wet fish hand shake taking control back toward me instead of feeding the power play with the other male by squeezing harder for longer.  My reason for doing that is to create doubt in their minds about how long I can wait out an issue and let them know that dealing with me has different rules than anybody they have ever met before—giving me the leverage of the conversation.  And to that point I’ve shaken the hand of Donald Trump before and it was of the kind involving a couple of quick test jabs to measure the strength of the other person, then a quick release after assessing the alpha maleness of the other person.  If he needed something from me like a photo-op, or a signature on a deal he would have held on longer and tried to pull me into him whereas I would have went wet fish and let go forcing him to realize how awkward holding my limp hand was denying him the benefit of domination.

Another frequent trick use to assert domination over another person is to put your hand on their shoulder or on their back shoulder-blade when walking behind them.  Such movements let other men know that they are being led about by a dominate male and it is a power move designed to take the mind of the recipient back to their childhoods when their parents walked them across the street, or in and out of countless dangers.  With men it can be insulting, but it does force them to recognize the other person as their superior.  With women, they tend to welcome it because biologically they are conditioned to accept such recessive actions from dominate men.  When dating it is customary to put the hand further down into the small of her back when going through a door, or when walking toward a reserved table for dinner—because it is a first step toward the mating ritual for the evening.  It opens her mind to your touch while forcing her to yield to your desires.  With a man, you would place the hand in the center of his back and nudge him along like you would a horse or a cow in the pasture—for the same effect—to assert control.

By the reaction of most of the media regarding the handshake with Abe the anxiety first was to make fun of it to cover what they subconsciously know about the situation.  But the cause of their hostility was the understanding that there was more going on and that Trump doesn’t give a lick about how it looks to the world, he only cares how it feels to the person he’s handshaking.  This dominance works for both men and women, once it is accepted that one person is the dominate figure the other will serve the needs of the dominate figure without question, and that is how Trump goes about making great deals, or satisfying a beautiful wife like Melania.  Most of the communication is raw biology, but what’s terrifying to Trump’s critics is that the president understands these things far better than they do, and they can see it, feel it, and humorize about it—but they don’t really understand it.  Because they are not alpha types themselves and therefore are always the ones controlled, and never the ones who control.

What I’ve spoken about here are basic sales techniques that most really good salesmen and women understand and use on a daily basis as fundamental communication techniques to their craft.  One of the hardest jobs I’ve ever had in my life was a telemarketing job I had years ago where you had to call people at dinner (before cell phones) and convince them to accept your credit card offer during their meal.  We had to use all kinds of key words to get them to stay on the phone with us and to sign them up within a five-minute conversation as their food cooled and their spouses angrily told them to hang up the phone in the background.  If you could learn to dominate the other person, you could get the sale most of the time—and I did.  I applied the same types of techniques at another sales job I had while selling cars where I learned all these handshake tricks from the best in the business including the famous pull the hand of your target into the side of your body and leaning into their ear to whisper something you want to them to think about later—like—“buy today and I’ll have your floor mats cleaned,” or ”I bet your wife will have sex with you more often if you buy the black car.”  Those types of things—these are the ways of living in the private sector and politicians don’t understand or the press that follows them.  The media doesn’t typically cover real estate agents, car salesman, or Wall Street tycoons, so they have no idea what Trump is doing—as he’s a master of all those techniques.  So all they know to do is make fun of him.  But with Abe and the world watching—like Putin, like North Korea, Iran and all the tyrants of the Southern Hemisphere—they see a powerful person who is in charge and they wonder if when they meet him they can do as well as Abe did.  Because half the battle of winning a fight is in winning in the mind of your opponent before they even meet you.  Then when they do, they are at your mercy.  That’s why Trump is Trump and everyone else wishes they were—deep down inside.

Rich Hoffman


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Dominique Francon: What happened at Mar-a-Lago on the weekend of February 12, 2017

As I looked at the Trump guest table dining with the President in Mar-a-Lago and noted the Prime Minister of Japan, Trump’s wife, a former supermodel sitting on one side who is an immigrant turned FLOTUS, then on the other is a president who just won the most dramatic election in American history—something unusual was taking place.  Across from them was Bob Kraft, owner of the New England Patriots who had just won one of the biggest events in sports history in a dramatic fashion that rivals few great moments in any sport and I couldn’t help but think of Ayn Rand.  All those people were accomplished individuals who are the engines of the modern world of their own professions reminding me of the scene from The Fountainhead—the classic American novel where the nude statue of Dominique Francon was revealed and the greatness that can be of mankind showed itself without fear.  Outside of Mar-a-Lago were protesters and conniving politicians looking at every turn to destroy Donald Trump and his family for essentially the reasons identified in that great American novel, The Fountainhead.

As Trump entertained the Prime Minister I checked on my Hollywood news to note the status of The Fountainhead movie that Zach Snyder is working on with Warner Bros.  The tricky business of movie making has Legendary Studios now owned by China so they are changing up the types of films that had been on their ledger.  For instance Ayn Rand parables such as those found in Batman films, and clearly in the Superman films under Christopher Nolan and Zach Snyder are beginning to lose ground.  The Great Wall starring Matt Damon comes out in the states on February 17th, but it’s not going anywhere yet, the media press for the industry are talking it up hoping to disguise the lack of public enthusiasm.  The film will be lucky to do half a billion in business around the entire world—yet in communist China that will be considered a success whereas last year’s Batman v. Superman fell just shy of one billion globally, and was considered a failure.  (That film had heavy Ayn Rand themes)  The reasoning is essentially the same as those outlined in The Fountainhead novel.  Since Legendary Studios took ownership the second Justice League film was canned awaiting the results of this summer’s Wonder Woman and then the Justice League later in the year.  There have been a group of rebels at Warner Bros. who obviously love Ayn Rand and that has shown up in their superhero movies quite obviously—so my curiosity was whether or not Zach would be able to get a remake of The Fountainhead movie off the ground—because he’d be the guy to do it. But I wouldn’t hold my breath.  After the violence and hatred exhibited toward the Donald Trump presidency, Warner Bros., who owns the script rights for The Fountainhead will likely shelve the project until the world is ready for such a thing—which under Chinese ownership of much of Hollywood these days—will be a while.  Regardless, to understand why the dinner in Mar-a-Lago with the Prime Minister of Japan reminded me of The Fountainhead, here is the way that one of the main characters from the novel is described in synopsis former, Dominique Francon. Let me just say that I know a lot of women—and I know my share of Dominiques.  In fact, guys—as you think of Valentine’s Day and what to get the woman in your life—yet she gives you all kinds of mixed messages—it would serve you well to read The Fountainhead to understand her.  You’ll learn a lot more about women reading The Fountainhead than you will Fifty Shades of Grey.  There are more women like Dominique than there are not—and Melania Trump is clearly one of them.  Here is a bit about Dominique.

Dominique Francon

Dominique’s beauty and strength of spirit make her a perverse, unusual woman and the perfect complement to Howard Roark. At the beginning of the novel, she is convinced of the world’s rottenness and believes that greatness has no chance of survival. She surrounds herself with the things she despises to avoid watching the world destroy the things she loves. Dominique instantly recognizes Roark’s greatness, but she does not initially believe that he can survive in a selfless and irrational society. The thought that a man like Roark needs society in order to build pains Dominique, and she tries to destroy him before the rest of the world can. Yet Dominique wants to fail in her bid to destroy Roark, because if she fails it means absolute good and genius can survive even in an evil world.

Dominique is Roark’s lover and later his wife. An ardent idealist, she observes Greek sculpture, Roark’s buildings, the music of Tchaikovsky and Rachmaninoff, and she understands the human potential. Dominique recognizes man’s capacity for achievement, and this is the only thing she loves. Because she reveres man at his highest and best, she necessarily loathes most members of the human race, who fall below man’s potential. When she sees the manipulative Peter Keatings, the power-hungry Ellsworth Tooheys, and the masses who prefer Keating’s work to Roark’s, it fills her with despair. Dominique believes that the majority of men have no interest in living up to man’s highest nature, and that this unthinking herd wields the power in society. Dominique is consequently a philosophical pessimist, holding that the good have no chance in this world, that only the corrupt (Keating) and the evil (Toohey) will ultimately succeed. She is a major example in Ayn Rand’s writing of what the author terms the malevolent universe premise, the belief that the world is closed to the aspirations of good men, that only evil holds power.

Because of Dominique’s reverence for man’s noblest and best, she must love Roark; but because of her pessimism, she must hold the despairing belief that he has no chance to succeed in a world utterly hostile to him. She joins forces with Toohey, in an attempt to wreck Roark’s career, as an act of mercy killing. Roark must die at her hand — that of the one who loves him — rather than by the hand of a society that envies his greatness. “Let us say we are moles and we object to mountain peaks,” she admonishes the court and gallery at the Stoddard trial, stating that the temple must be torn down in order to save it from the world, not the world from it.

Because of Dominique’s fear that the world will destroy the noble men and works that she treasures, she refuses to pursue any values. Because the only worthwhile goals could never be reached, Dominique refuses to pursue any goals. She withdraws from active involvement in the world, pursuing neither career nor love, until the events of the story, over a period of years, convince her that Roark’s benevolent universe premise is true. Only when she sees the good succeeding on its own terms, and the evil powerless to stop it, does she realize that she has been mistaken regarding the world. Then she is free to help Roark and take her place by his side.

It is important to understand that, despite the error of her pessimistic philosophy, Dominique is independent in the use of her mind. The obvious examples of her first-handed functioning are her evaluations regarding architecture. Dominique understands that, despite some positive qualities, her father’s career is essentially phony and not worthy of admiration — and she is not reticent about stating her beliefs openly. She displays the same ruthless honesty regarding her father’s protégé and eventual partner, Peter Keating. Her independent judgment is equally apparent in regard to positive architectural appraisal — for despite society’s rejection of Henry Cameron and, later, Howard Roark, she understands that these outcasts are the greatest builders in the world. Perhaps the most telling piece of evidence supporting Dominique’s first-handedness is her assessment of Ellsworth Toohey. Though society regards Toohey as a paragon of moral saintliness, Dominique recognizes him for what he is — a viciously evil power-seeker.

The less obvious example of Dominique’s independence is how she changes her mind regarding her pessimistic worldview. She observes the lives of Howard Roark, Gail Wynand, Peter Keating, and Ellsworth Toohey. She sees that despite every obstacle that society places in Roark’s path, it cannot stop him. She witnesses the life of Gail Wynand, observing that, in the end, Wynand’s pandering brings him destruction, not joyous success. She sees that Keating’s career does not merely collapse, but does so because of his lying manipulativeness, which leads to his public exposure as a fraud. She notes that Toohey’s power-seeking is utterly defeated in the two major attempts of his life: He can neither gain control of Wynand’s Banner nor prevent Roark’s artistic and commercial success. Dominique observes that the facts of these men’s lives contradict her belief that the good will inevitably fail and the evil triumph. Based on the facts, she changes her mind, realizing that Roark’s benevolent assessment of life’s possibilities is true and her own malevolent view is mistaken. Her ability to change a fundamental component of her worldview is both rare and a testimony to her independence. She is committed to the facts, to truth, to her mind’s most honest judgment — not to the opinions of others. Dominique is a thinker. The willingness to think for herself is what enables her to change her life, and demonstrates that though independence is not a guarantee of arriving at the truth, it provides an individual with a self-regulating method of correcting her errors.

Clearly, this is the fundamental philosophic debate of our time–that under Trump the world will be cleared of its villains so that The Fountainheads can emerge into the world under a friendly flag of understanding from the American White House.  The great fear that the political left has in America as well as everywhere in the world, is that mankind will learn of this attribute and they can’t hide it from people any longer.  Some people are fountainheads of human achievement and most everyone else baths in their greatness by default—and that our education system should help all those little Dominiques emerge with her male counterparts, the Howard Roarks and the Gail Wynands—into the light of day without being destroyed as 1st grade children in a public school to become little Peter Keatings.  The protestors of Trump, the current owners of Legendary Studios, and every head of all news departments—including Fox News are filled with Peter Keatings and Ellsworth Tooheys.  It really isn’t that complex.  When we try to view the world without these points of references, obviously nothing makes sense.  But when we take art—American art in this case—and apply it to the world around us we see a pattern where the Vico cycle has constantly reverted mankind back to the origins of theocracy once democracy was toppled by the parasites of their day—and it has happened over and over again.

To that conclusion such claims require evidence, so over the coming weeks, I will provide it with articles here revealing a truth that has been hard for mankind to comprehend.  But I must do it because we finally have people in the White House who understand all this, and they are acting authentically for perhaps the first time in all of human history and that includes Marcus Aurelius from the Roman Empire and Aristotle from the Greek.  It includes every British monarch, every king of France, every great philosopher from the orient to the debate.  It is time to wake up the eyes of the world and put them onto the potential of the human race which hatched quite spectacularly in Mar-a-Lago on the weekend of February 12, 2017.

Rich Hoffman


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The Weakness of Judge James L. Robart’s Position: How to beat that bow tie wearing loser into oblivion and protect Trump’s E.O.

As we look around to the villains who have caused so much destruction to the American way of life over the last few decades the mechanisms of tyranny have certainly showed themselves publicly after Donald Trump’s inauguration.  Many of us who voted for Trump suspected the depth of the situation, but I think we are all surprised at how radical and openly anti-American they truly have been—and the case of Judge James L. Robart is a perfect example.  As an appointed U.S. District Judge from the socialist utopia of Seattle, Washington he took great pride in thumbing his nose at the civilian appointment of Donald Trump to the Executive Branch stopping the Executive Order temporarily that aggressively investigates refugees from terrorist inspired countries to prevent their border transfer like a Trojan Horse into our domestic concerns.  And to read his reasoning as objectively as possible the only determination that can be made is that he’s simply a radical left-winged loon that has a sole function protecting the open border concerns of the globalist left-leaning insurgents who have targeted the United States as the last bastion of freedom. Two sources that talk about this issue are listed below to provide some backdrop along with some specific text to explain why the Department of Justice was blocked by an appeals court preserving the Judge’s attack on Trump’s Executive Order. Then I of course outline how this case can be won since the Department of Justice wavered in its oral arguments on February 3rd.  Since they can’t figure it out on their own I tell them how to win this case in favor of Donald Trump.  (Get with the program people, these losers are easy to beat)

Judge James L. Robart did not have to actually rule on the legality of President Donald Trump’s executive order barring people from seven countries from entering the United States.

In granting a temporary restraining order, the judge essentially had to decide that the plaintiffs (the states of Washington and Minnesota):

  1. were likely to succeed at a later date
  2. that people in those states could suffer irreparable harm if the ban continued
  3. that blocking the President’s order was in the public interest.

In other words, he decided there was more harm letting the ban continue than there was blocking it until the full case could be heard.

He questioned Department of Justice lawyer Michelle Bennett, who was representing the Trump administration, asking, “How many arrests have there been of foreign nationals from those seven countries since 9/11”?

The Sept. 11 attack was one of the rationales behind the executive order, according to the Trump administration.

“I don’t know the specific details of attacks or planned attacks,” said Bennett, who is from the DOJ’s Civil Division.

“The answer to that is none, as best I can tell,” said the judge.

“The rationale was not only 9/11,” Bennett said. “It was to protect the United States from the potential for terrorism.”

Congress gives the president wide latitude in foreign affairs, which includes granting visas.

“The court doesn’t get to look behind those determinations,” she added.

But the judge answered: “I’m also asked to look and determine if the executive order is rationally based. And rationally based, to some extent, means I have to find it grounded in fact instead of fiction.”

Temporary restraining orders generally last up to 14 days. They can be extended, but the idea is to hold a full hearing on an injunction instead. Of course, a higher court can overturn the restraining order in the meantime.

Robart has a history of saying what he thinks. He was nominated for the federal bench by President George W. Bush in 2003. He was confirmed unanimously in a 99-0 vote by the Senate in June 2004.

Before that, he was a lawyer in private practice in Seattle. He has worked with at-risk youth in that city and, before becoming a judge, Robart represented refugees from Southeast Asia.

Last year, Robart presided over a case alleging excessive force by Seattle police brought be the Obama administration’s Justice Department. During a hearing, he used FBI statistics to note that police use of deadly force in cities in the U.S. involved 41 percent of black people, despite them being only 20 percent of the population living in those cities.

Robart took a breath and said, “black lives matter.”

Essentially what all that means is that the swamp in Washington D.C. extends well beyond into every aspect of our legal system and has been corrupted there by many years of liberal instruction in our university system for which our law schools are grossly left-leaning.  So the first step is in forcing radical judges to reveal themselves as this Robart guy has, then taking action to minimize their assault against American interests.  People like this Judge Robart lunatic are like cat people who take in every stray animal on the street then wonder why they piss all over the house, and nobody wants to date them for the odor and narcosis of their bad decisions.  As well-meaning as Robart thinks he is, the ultimate meaning behind his actions is defiance toward national sovereignty with an emphasis on spreading the world’s problems to every crevice of society.  And if the first function of government is to protect the American people from threats foreign and domestic—which is what Trump has done with his Executive Order.  The actions of this judge are a hostile action taken against our Constitutional government.

As is clear from the provided text in the NPR report Judge Robart is a “black lives matters” supporter which is another extreme radical organization sponsored by communist insurgents designed to overthrow order in our cities where the minority population of only 20 percent do most of the damage involving crime, murder, and consumption of law enforcement resources.  So this Seattle judge has “change” in mind, not “order” while making a determination if Trump’s Executive Order is rooted in “fact” instead of “fiction” based on using 9/11 standards as the foundations for determining terrorist patterns of attack. The fact of the matter is that future terrorists will likely come from other places—such as the 7 scrutinized countries identified by Trump’s E.O. and not those from the past leaving strategic assessment to be based on incoming intelligence which Robart doesn’t have and could never have—so his scope of the facts are tainted negating him from even providing a judgment on the matter.

Not to tell Department of Justice lawyer Michelle Bennett how to do her job, but, seriously, Judge James L. Robart based his entire challenge on the foundations of fiction because only the Trump administration had the facts to make such determinations which created the language of the Executive Order mentioned.  Some radical loon from Seattle doesn’t get to decide national security so the argument had nothing to do with an executive order being “rationally based” as determined by the cast of Saturday Night Live for which the Judge is obviously a fan.  (He’s actually funnier)  He has simply overstepped his authority, the appeals process has shown that it is in lockstep with the radicalism of these circuit judges—making decisions on activism desires and not legal necessity.

If the Department of Justice would like me to argue the case for them I’d be happy to, and additionally would enjoy blasting the reputation of this fool Judge James L. Robart into oblivion in the process.  I’m sure Michelle can turn this situation around now that the shock of the arrogance of this ruling has been revealed and the chess moves by the political left have been witnessed-from the press conference to the way outlets like CNN ran with the story.  It is easy at this point to destroy the Robart case for his preservation of terrorist expansion from the war-torn regions of the world and onto our door steps because he’s working from a corrupted mind polluted with liberal values and talking points—like “black lives matters” rhetoric.  Such a person shouldn’t even be on any government payroll because he fails to do the first function of government—protecting the American citizens.  In order to do that you have to define America’s borders and begin from that basic foundation which leftists seek to erase allowing judges like Robart to act in such a way without detection of their true intentions.  But now that this issue has been exposed, President Trump can act accordingly in his future judicial appointments.  After all, we now know that James L. Robart was appointed by George W. Bush so over Trump’s years in office a lot of this radicalism can be undone with his future appointments.  Bush was a globalist and part of the mistakes of the past and Trump has been the answer.  Fixing these issues are part of draining the swamp—but as we can see—that process extends well beyond Washington D.C. into the target audience of the average Starbucks consumer—in Seattle, Washington where they are out of control under a socialist city council and a progressive civil war with the more rural residents of their state.  And we are just getting started.

It is important to understand that Trump’s Executive Order was not unjustified; it was just weakly protected by Michelle Bennett from the Department of Justice.  She obviously got jostled in her arguments by a bunch of radical lunatics.  If she’d like help, just call me.  I’d love to argue the beard off that fat face of a bow tie wearing bitch and disgrace him verbally to such an extent that he’d be haunted into the netherworld of the hereafter. The judge and the state did not base their opinion of the Executive Order based on the facts of the intelligence available to Donald J. Trump and that invalidates their criteria.  So get in there on Monday and give these idiots hell, because they deserve it—and then some.  Additionally, understand that you can never trust a person who wears a bow tie.  Like mustaches, bow ties indicate that something is wrong with the person wearing it—so you cannot trust their sanity. Remember that during the next oral argument.

Rich Hoffman


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We Are Lucky to Have Trump: Draining the swamp one inch at a time

This is what I have been saying would happen, Trump is out working everyone else in politics and within two weeks of the new president living in the White House the politicians around him are gassing out—exhausted. Behind the protests over immigration policies and women’s issues are the progressive left who aren’t used to working—let alone working hard—and to keep up with Trump—they have to put forth an effort they are not comfortable with.  Even Republicans are drag-assing because they don’t want to live like this for the next four years—God forbid eight.  They don’t want to work around the clock the way Trump does—who hasn’t taken any time for himself except for this last Sunday afternoon to watch Finding Dory with his family at the White House.  Everything else has been work, work, and more work—and an intolerance for stupidity, laziness, and elitist leanings from federal government positions.  When Sally Yates used her position as back-up AG and set out to defy Trump’s immigration plan—she and the rest of the progressives in that department actually thought they would get away with it.  So there was tremendous shock when Trump fired her in a moment late Monday evening on the 30th and replaced her with another person—who would also be fired in a moment’s notice if he didn’t do what he was supposed to.  The message had been sent, if people didn’t do things Trump’s way—he’d fire them.  What else did they expect from a man who became a celebrity on television for firing people?  Did they think he wouldn’t do it?  I never thought that.

So now the political left is melting down in a huge way boycotting cabinet appointments, taking to the streets to protest Trump—screaming like a bunch of lunatics at every Hollywood awards ceremony as if people actually cared about the opinions of those idiots in the California valley of the southern part of the state. But behind the fury is a secret menace—they are afraid of work and of the standard that comes with Trump—in the same way that women were terrified of the new standard that Melania brought to the White House.  This work standard from Trump is something that the swamp in Washington D.C. can’t live with—so they are doing everything they can to resist it.  But it won’t work this time.

Trump didn’t miss a beat after all the airport boycotts and the threat by Democratic senators and even the Republicans John McCain and Lindsey Graham in attacking every one of them in some manner or another leaving the media baffled. This isn’t how presidents were supposed to act.  They were supposed to be easy to run over and be more concerned with raising money to appease their donor base than in doing anything while in office.  Trump as a self-financed man of great experience in the hot kitchens of Hell knows how to dance in the fire and at this particular stage of his life he does so effortlessly.  Who has ever heard of one man taking on so many adversaries at one time, from the screaming protesters outside the White House, to defiant federal employees, to the senate games from both parties—some coming from longtime friends—to an openly hostile media—to world leaders condemning him from every turn—and he dances through the fire like a finely tuned ballerina bulging with testosterone elegant in a way human kind has never considered before.  I love it! This is why I fought HARD to get Trump elected and why I am proud of him now.  He is doing everything I expected and then some and the light at the end of the tunnel of our republic can now be seen for the first time in my lifetime.  Even when Ronald Reagan was president I worried about these types of issues—and with Trump—I don’t worry.  He is more competent than anyone ever to hold the Executive Office.

The Democrats are in real trouble and they are further imploding by the moment. Cincinnati Mayor John Cranley (another loser Democrat) announced Monday that the city would remain a sanctuary city for undocumented immigrants.

“We have put the whole world on notice that we intend to live up to the Statue of Liberty ideals,” said Cranley, adding that being a sanctuary city is “a badge of honor.” Little does the liberal mayor know but the “Stature of Liberty” ideas were part of a poetry contest and weren’t part of our “Constitution.” Because of the high taxes of his city and Hamilton County in general all the good people have left the city leaving behind the kind of idiots who voted for Cranley and others like him—which further pushes out people who might otherwise invest in Cincinnati. I should know—it’s my town and I only go to Cincinnati for football games, baseball games and an occasional dinner these days, but that wasn’t always so. I would never spend real money in Cincinnati like buying a condo, or investing in a business within the I-275 loop—because Democrats like Cranley have spent the city into oblivion. And their answer was a streetcar which is under performing and is enormously over budget, just like I said it would be in 2010 and 11.

Cranely and his politics have pushed out good productive people into the suburbs leaving behind liberal trash and losers who sip tea on the hills of Clifton and look down into the city with reverence about the foils of the world. Most of them have cushy jobs at the Universities nearby or at the hospitals and are otherwise out-of-touch of what really goes on a few hundred feet below their homes. I should know, I have known many people who live on that ridge all of them homicidal liberals who couldn’t scrape together two pennies to make two cents unless they had the government pouring money into them like a bottomless pit. The most normal people I knew who lived on that ridge was a professional couple who begged for a three-way sexual encounter like dogs barking for table scraps. They had Penthouse magazines in their bathrooms and considered themselves very sophisticated—which of course they weren’t. They had the best view of the city I think in all of Cincinnati on either side of the river. After a polite decline of their sexual fantasies our friendship declined into nothing—because in reality that’s all they wanted—to satisfy their sexual perversions at the animal level like most liberals do. I have also known many people who lived in Mt. Adams who were even worse—and those are the people who make John Cranley think he’s normal. But outside those two little areas is massive poverty and derelict conditions. And to hide the mess, Cranley want’s immigrants to come in and fill all his vacant buildings with bodies that make his electorate not look so bad—until those immigrants start tapping the system dry like the welfare recipients who keep the Democrats in power in Hamilton County. There is much more to the story of Cranley wanting to be a “sanctuary city” than just politics. He hopes to rally his base to keep the bleeding from killing Cincinnati—but it’s too late. Cranley compared to the past Cincinnati mayors looks conservative. But Cranley is as liberal and dirty as all the losers in Washington D.C. standing against Trump for all the same reasons. Because they are too lazy to deal with their real problems and only know to complain about the world around them because they don’t understand what’s happening. Cranley doesn’t understand that business and residential investment has fled his city to the suburbs—or why, and the liberals in D.C. along with all these airport protesters are of the same understanding. They are lost from some other time in the age of Trump and they really don’t know what to do.

Trump is an extension of a lot of us who are just sick and tired of the way these liberals run their lives and how it spills over into our existence. It is one thing to be a loser, a drug addict, or a diabolical idiot like many liberals are—it’s quite another to ask other people who do manage their lives productively to put up with the losers. Trump is our answer to years and years of this mess, and it’s not the president that has to be defeated if liberals want to remain, it’s people like me. I would think they’d prefer Trump to what I was planning before election day in 2016. Nothing they are doing now rivals where I was going—so they should consider themselves lucky. But putting up with them isn’t an option. We are just fortunate that Trump is willing to do this hard task—and that he seems to like it—because this is the job we sent him to Washington D.C. to do. And liberals better get used to it because this is what it looks like to drain the swamp.   All the little swamp creatures will be angry and displaced. And soon we will build a nice, beautiful condo on their land that is a far better use than they have managed with their swamp. And people will forget about the alligators, snakes and countless insects of liberal persuasion that once was there—because America is going to be great again—and to do that liberals will have to be defeated—utterly—and they are right now with Donald Trump.

Rich Hoffman


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