‘Quotes from a Teenage Mind': Paul Townsend’s wonderfully honest book

Paul Townsend was born in Canterbury, England. Over the summer of 2004 he fell in love with an enchanting young lady who happened to live in Cincinnati, Ohio. He wrote a book about that experience which is now out and available at the link below. This book contains quotes from notepads he kept between the ages of 17 and 19 years old. The quotes are the thoughts and inspirations he had while maintaining a long distance relationship throughout his teenage years while traveling across vast oceans, transporting himself through mysterious unknown airports, and working his ass off on a journey that required him to leave behind everything he ever knew for a strange mysterious land and the obscure family that housed him during a decade of courting this young lady. I know this story intimately because the young lady he’s talking about is my oldest daughter.


I have a beautiful wife. So I knew when my children who were girls reached that dreadful age of puberty that I would be dealing with an onslaught of boys who would want to stick their whatevers into them as sexual conquests—and as a father it was my job to stop them—so to save my children’s innocence for as long as possible. For young girls innocence is extremely valuable, it is the kind of capital that can get them good mates later in life when they want to start families, so I made it my point to protect them from this corrosive element of human nature. And because of my wife—it was obvious that my kids wouldn’t grow up to look like an elephant’s ass. So I had to come up with something quick to help them help themselves.

On a trip through Spaceship Earth at the Epcot Center in Florida my oldest daughter noticed that intercontinental internet connectivity was just coming online in 2003 and she showed an interest in it. So for the following Christmas I bought both of my girls their very first computers. Of course everyone thought my wife and I were crazy because there was tremendous fear at the time of online predators, but for me I was more concerned about the boys in the nearby neighborhoods who were catting around near our home with increased frequency. So I had to try something radical.

Being an avid video game player I knew how much better those realities can sometimes be as opposed to real-life ones, so it was my hope that my kids would be so interested in that new computer environment that they would stay home and stay safe where I could lean over their shoulder and help explain things to them just a bit longer before the world cast its ugly claws into their virtue. To make sure of it I bought them both a new massive online game called Star Wars Galaxies, which was a world of its own. I knew that my girls would meet people on the game and that they’d play house with other players. But it was safer than the real life so I encouraged it.

It didn’t take long for a parade of young men to begin trying to have relationships with my daughter. In online games if a player just has a feminine name they’ll be hit on constantly. But it taught my kids how to deal with such things in the safety of their own home with their parents close by to advise, so it worked out. My kids learned how to say no to people who were unscrupulous, and how to be politely nice to those who they might have been interested in without over-committing themselves. Soon my daughter had a boyfriend who worked with her on the game to build entire cities, establish a vast economy, and to learn the first of firsts about puppy love.

I felt that such a relationship was harmless because the boy in question happened to live across the ocean so it wasn’t like my daughter was going to climb out of the window at night to jump into a car with him and run off to marry. Two times a year we’d arrange for the boy to come to the United States where we’d entertain him at first for a few weeks. And after a few years of dating, he came for the entire summer and Christmas break. Their relationship was quite pure and old-fashioned, which is exactly how I had hoped it would be. Being from England the young man had a lot of manners about himself, and he had good parents who taught him to be respectful, so I was happy with the kid.

He made it clear that he wasn’t just interested in my daughter, but her entire family and he made a point to learn all he could from me—which I was always happy to oblige. I always teach young people with a non-invasive manner of hands off so that they come to the answers often on their own with only gentle nudges by my hand. That is the best way for things to take when people invest in themselves instead of doing things through coercion and manipulation. And Paul was very receptive, so we had a nice experience with him, and he and my daughter eventually married and now have a nice home in Liberty Township—and are entirely a successful young couple.

 As a couple they stepped over most of the pitfalls that most young people get snared in and they did it because both of them were deeply in love with philosophy at a very young age. Part of that was Star Wars allowed them to live that life. The world of Star Wars was far more important to them than their school day experiences. In fact, my daughter finished her high school early with online classes that she played while doing missions in Star Wars. Now as a couple in their mid to late twenties putting behind them their first decade of a relationship they are everything that a father could have wanted for his daughter way back on that amusement park ride at the Epcot Center. It was a good idea then, and it really in hindsight likely saved my kids from a terrible teenage existence. The kind of values that we taught them prior to that pivotal moment was in stark contrast to the outside world and it would have forced them to compromise themselves—as it does for most young people so that by the time young people become old people, they are only fractions of their hopes and dreams. Paul at the time knew that he was embarking on something very unique especially in a modern context—so he wrote down those thoughts along the way.

The result of this decade long adventure is this very fine little book called, Quotes from a Teenage Mind. It is deceptively simple, and short, but for the price it is a marvel of purity coming from a young man who literally put everything on the line to have the love of his life. Now, many years later, he is an American citizen. He has brought his entire family to the United States and they are also very successful and live in West Chester. He paved the way with sheer willpower and love to do something that is very unique—and he wrote it all down. His story is a remarkable one as he is the modern Atlas in every category. Even when he could have, he never, ever wavered from his goals and carried literally everything upon his back. He took the ultimate hero journey and has survived to share the experience with others. Every young person in the world should read his story for inspiration because it is hard to know such people as they are as rare as the most precious gem. Yet he shares that rarity with the world for the simple cost of a download on Amazon.com.

I am very proud of Paul and my daughter for doing something that many thought was impossible. There are many weddings that hope to capture the sincerity of the type of love that these two have for each other and who so young maintain such a mature relationship. But for them it started under unusual experimental conditions and bloomed into a beautiful thing largely because Paul Townsend was as genuine of a person who currently roams the earth as there is and I can only thank God that it took the vast reaches of the World Wide Web to find him in Canterbury, England living in the shadow of Orlando Bloom. Without the internet neither he nor my daughter would have found each other and all the wonderful things they have done since or in the future would have happened. This book because it captures the moment in time where the hard decisions were made and what types of thoughts lifted Paul from one place to another is important to anyone asking similar questions. Those words have immense value to those clinging for life in a confusing world starving for inspiration. For them—Paul Townsend is the man.

Rich Hoffman

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The New Socialist Republic In North America: Members being taught at your local public school

After talking to a number of young people recently it is unequivocally evident that it is socialism that has been taught to them, not capitalism in public schools. Socialist dialogue is uttered from these youth with nearly every vowel and noun which springs forth from their mouths. Wherever the common belief that tradition needs to be tossed out, that the youth has more legislative influence than the old, and that the young need to rise up against the system of old—what is behind those fantasies are socialist attempts to usher in a communist regime.

I discovered this quite by accident while fighting school levies within the Lakota school system. The evidence points only to that cause. It is also the reason why the media and public schools do not cover the dangers of communism currently as they always point to the Cold War as if that collectivist mentality were somehow outdated and no longer relevant. Not even Fox News will cover modern communism unless it is in reference to modern-day North Korea. The communist attempts to resurrect itself in America are given very little talk even though it is presently everywhere and is the major driver of youth culture. Socialism is the most dominant political belief among the young other than anarchy—which of course leads to socialism, then to communism.

What’s that I hear from your thoughts dear reader…….you don’t believe me? Oh, you want proof do you? Well, that is understandable. I would too. After all, if I didn’t spend considerable time researching topics like this, I might think such an allegation would belong in an insane asylum among a babbling idiot huddled in the corner alone with their thoughts. So proof I have for you. Lots of it in fact, and a link to a major backer of the Ferguson riots in New York—after all, who do you think printed all those protest signs against the police there? Surely you didn’t think that those kids protesting had the idea on their own did you? They were nudged along by their school teachers, their college professors, and their online social groups to click the link found at the end of this article and print off their own sign to protest the Ferguson issue in the streets of New York City where a progressive mayor and a progressive governor are friendly to their cause—and the media is located on virtually every block to cover the effect—but not the cause.

What you are about to read is a document from only a few years ago which announces the intention of the Revolutionary Communist Party in the United States to usher in a New Socialist Republic of North America. Now that may sound like fiction to the busy mom ushering her kids to and from soccer practice, or the dad out for watching a football game with his buddies at BW3s, yet it is real, and they have made their national presence known in the riots of Ferguson. They even have a constitution which is shown below. They are quite serious in their intentions. In fact they are so serious that the media has helped them with their cause with silence on the issue—to help them get their footing socially. Nobody is talking about the backers of these riots. The only mention is that they are occurring. Why do you think that is dear reader? Well, read the constitution of the Revolutionary Communist Party of the United States below and I’ll explain it to you at the conclusion. Enjoy!


Revolution #216, November 14, 2010


CONSTITUTION For The New Socialist Republic In North America (Draft Proposal)

From the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA


The New Socialist Republic in North America could only have been brought into being as a result of heroic, self-sacrificing struggle carried out by millions and millions of people who had been forced to live under a system of exploitation and oppression in the former United States of America; who could no longer tolerate the continual outrages and injustices perpetrated by the system of capitalism-imperialism and the structures and institutions of power and repression which enforced all this with violence and brutality as well as lies and deception; who refused to any longer accept that this was the best possible society and world, and were increasingly aware of and inspired by the possibility of a radically different and better society and world; and who therefore rose up, with the leadership of the Revolutionary Communist Party, to defeat, abolish and dismantle the imperialist system in the former USA and its institutions and apparatus of repression and violence. At the same time, this new socialist state could only have resulted from a whole process of revolutionary work and struggle, in the realm of theory as well as practical-political activity, by the Revolutionary Communist Party, acting as the vanguard of the revolutionary process, to enable both the Party itself and growing numbers of broader masses to prepare for and then to seize on the emergence of a revolutionary situation, to defeat and dismantle the forces of the old, oppressive order, and establish the new socialist state. In this whole process, the interaction and mutual reinforcement between the vanguard role of the Revolutionary Communist Party–with its theoretical basis in the science of communism and the further development of this science through the new synthesis brought forward by Bob Avakian–and the growing consciousness and increasingly determined struggle of masses of people, constitute a decisive element in the success of the revolution and the founding of the new, revolutionary socialist state. The Constitution for the New Socialist Republic in North America continues and gives further expression and initiative, in the conditions of the new society, to the fundamental principles and motive forces that constitute the basis for the establishment of this new socialist state.

In contrast to the way in which the capitalist-imperialist state serves and enforces the interests of a small ruling group of exploiters, the New Socialist Republic in North America, with the continuing leadership of the Revolutionary Communist Party, bases itself on, and proceeds from, the fundamental interests of those most bitterly exploited and oppressed under the old system, and the masses of people broadly, and provides the means for them to play an increasingly widening role in the exercise of political power and the functioning of society in accordance with those interests–in order to carry forward the struggle to transform society, with the goal of uprooting and finally eliminating all oppressive and exploitative relations among human beings and the destructive antagonistic conflicts to which these relations give rise.

This is a process and goal which, fundamentally and in the final analysis, can only be achieved on a global scale, with the advance to communism throughout the world. The orientation and principles of this state, as embodied in this Constitution, are internationalist: While giving due emphasis to meeting the material, intellectual and cultural needs of the people within this state, on a continually expanding basis, and to promoting the further transformation of this society to continue uprooting social inequalities and remaining aspects of exploitation and oppression, the socialist state must give fundamental priority to the advance of the revolutionary struggle, and the final goal of communism, throughout the world, and must adopt and carry out policies and actions which are in accordance with and give concrete effect to this internationalist orientation.

Regardless of differences, even very great and qualitative differences, in their political structures, institutions and guiding principles, all states have a definite social content and class character: they are an expression of the prevailing social relations, and most fundamentally the economic relations (relations of production), which have a decisive and ultimately determining role in regard to how the particular society functions and is organized. The state serves to protect and expand those relations and to enforce the interests of the social group–the ruling class–which holds the dominant position in society, as a result of its role in the economy, and in particular its ownership and control of the major means of production (including land, raw materials and other resources, technology and physical structures such as factories, and so on). In capitalist society, it is the capitalist class which holds this dominant position: the government structures and processes–and above all the organs of the state as an instrument of class rule and suppression (the armed forces, police, courts and prisons, the executive power, and the bureaucracies)–are controlled by this capitalist class as a means of exercising its rule over society and its repression of forces whose interests are in significant opposition to, and/or which resist, its rule. In short, all states are an instrument of dictatorship–of a monopoly of political power, concentrated as a monopoly of “legitimate” armed force and violence–exercised by, and in the interests of, one class or another. Any democracy which is practiced in this situation is democracy on the terms of, and fundamentally serving the interests of, the ruling class and its exercise of dictatorship. And it will remain the case that there will be a state, and that the state will constitute a dictatorship of one kind or another, serving the interests of one ruling class or another, so long as society is divided into classes (and other groups) with interests that are fundamentally antagonistic–a division rooted in the underlying social relations, and above all the production relations, which predominate in the given society.

The New Socialist Republic in North America is, like all states, a form of dictatorship–the dictatorship of the proletariat–which means that, in its essential character and its basic principles, structures, institutions and political processes, it must give expression to and serve the fundamental interests of the proletariat, a class whose exploitation is the engine of the accumulation of capitalist wealth and the functioning of capitalist society and whose emancipation from its exploited condition can only be brought about through the communist revolution, with its goal of abolishing all relations of exploitation and oppression and achieving the emancipation of humanity as a whole. In accordance with this, the governing bodies and processes of this socialist state, at all levels, must be vehicles for the furtherance of the communist revolution; and, as a key dimension of this, they must provide the means for those who were exploited and oppressed in the old society–and were effectively locked out of the exercise of political power and the governance of society, as well as the spheres of intellectual endeavor and working with ideas overall–to increasingly take part in these spheres, with the aim of continually transforming society in the direction of communism. All this is given expression through the principles and provisions, and the institutions, structures and processes which are set forth and provided for in this Constitution.

At the same time, the New Socialist Republic in North America is a continuation of the strategic orientation of United Front under the Leadership of the Proletariat, in the conditions of the new society which has been brought into being through the revolutionary struggle. This means that, while it must be recognized that the essential nature, and the basic principles and processes, of this Republic are oriented in accordance with the interests of the proletariat, as a class, in the most fundamental and largest sense–abolishing all relations of exploitation and oppression through the advance to communism throughout the world–the struggle to achieve this goal cannot be, and will not be, carried out simply by PROLETARIANS, as some idealized “perfect embodiment of communist principles,” and in some uniform and linear sense. As the new synthesis brought forward by Bob Avakian has given emphasis to, the process of making revolution, and then continuing the revolution in the new socialist state toward the final goal of communism, must involve the active participation of broad ranks of the people, of different strata, and will proceed through many different “channels,” involving many diverse forces among the people in many different spheres of human endeavor, not only those more directly political or relating more directly, at any given time, to the functioning and objectives of the leadership of the revolution and the new socialist state; and the orientation and aim, consciously taken up by growing numbers of the people, must be to work so as to enable all this to contribute, in the final analysis, to the struggle to further transform society in the direction of communism.

In keeping with this orientation and these objectives, the principle of “solid core, with a lot of elasticity” must be applied. This means that, on the one hand, there must be a continually expanding force in society, with the revolutionary communist party as its leading element, which is firmly convinced of the need to advance to communism and deeply committed to carrying forward this struggle, through all the difficulties and obstacles; and, on the basis of and at the same time as continually strengthening this “solid core,” there must be provision and scope for a wide diversity of thinking and activity, among people throughout society, “going off in many different directions,” grappling and experimenting with many diverse ideas and programs and fields of endeavor–and once again all this must be “embraced” by the vanguard party and the “solid core” in an overall sense and enabled to contribute, through many divergent paths, to the advance along a broad road toward the goal of communism. This orientation and approach is embodied in the Constitution for the New Socialist Republic in North America.

The New Socialist Republic in North America is a multi-national and multi-lingual state, which is based on the principle of equality between different nationalities and cultures and has as one of its essential objectives fully overcoming national oppression and inequality, which was such a fundamental part of the imperialist USA throughout its history. Only on the basis of these principles and objectives can divisions among humanity by country and nation be finally overcome and surpassed and a world community of freely associating human beings be brought into being. This orientation is also embodied in the various institutions of the state and in the functioning of the government in the New Socialist Republic in North America.

The oppression of women arose together with the emergence of exploitative class divisions among human beings thousands of years ago, has been carried forward and become deeply entrenched in all societies ruled by exploiting classes, and was a marked feature of the imperialist United States of America and its domination and influence in the world. Abolishing and uprooting all this is one of the most important objectives of the New Socialist Republic in North America. This is expressed not only in full legal equality between women and men, but beyond that in the declared orientation and policy of this Republic to overcome all “tradition’s chains” embodied in traditional gender roles and divisions, and all the oppressive relations bound up with this, in every sphere of society, and to enable women, as fully as men, to take part in and contribute to every aspect of the struggle to transform society, and the world, in order to uproot and abolish all relations of oppression and exploitation and emancipate humanity as a whole.

In an overall sense, and in accordance with the principles and provisions of this Constitution, the Revolutionary Communist Party provides leadership to the state and its key institutions. Members of the Party, at all levels, dedicate themselves to upholding, propagating and implementing the Constitution of the Party as well as the Constitution of the New Socialist Republic in North America. While there are differences between these two Constitutions–as aspects of the viewpoint, objectives and responsibilities of Party members, embodied in the Party Constitution, extend beyond what is set forth in the Constitution for the New Socialist Republic–there is a fundamental unity between the principles of the two Constitutions; the Party, and all its members, are accountable to and may not act in violation of, and on the contrary must consistently act on the basis of and in accordance with, the Constitution for the New Socialist Republic in North America.

As historical experience has demonstrated, socialist society will–for a considerable period of time–contain, and in fact regenerate, elements of exploitation, social inequality and oppression, which have been, unavoidably, inherited from the old society and cannot be uprooted and abolished all at once, or soon after the establishment of the socialist state. Further, there is likely to be a protracted period in which new socialist states come into existence in a situation where they are, to one degree or another, encircled by imperialist and reactionary states, which will continue to exert significant influence and force, and may even occupy a dominant position in the world for some time. These factors will, for a long time, repeatedly give rise to forces within socialist society itself, as well as within the parts of the world still dominated by imperialism and reaction, which will attempt to overthrow any socialist states that exist and restore capitalism there. And historical experience has also demonstrated that, as a result of these contradictions, forces will emerge within the vanguard party itself, including at its top levels, which will fight for lines and policies that will actually lead to the undermining of socialism and the restoration of capitalism. All this underscores the importance of continuing the revolution within socialist society, and of doing so in the overall framework of the revolutionary struggle throughout the world and with the internationalist orientation of giving fundamental priority to the advance of this worldwide struggle toward the achievement of communism, which is only possible on a world scale–and the importance of struggle within the party itself, as well as in society as a whole, to maintain and strengthen the revolutionary character and role of the party, in keeping with its responsibilities to act as the leadership of the continuing revolution toward the final goal of communism, and to defeat attempts to transform the party into its opposite, into a vehicle for the restoration of the old, exploitative and oppressive society.

With the final abolition of class divisions and all other exploitative and oppressive relations among people, throughout the world, there will still remain a need for government, in the sense of providing an organized framework for decision-making and the administration of the common affairs of the human beings who make up society, on its various levels, and for the pursuit by individuals and groups within society of their particular inclinations, preferences and concerns within the overall cooperative functioning and ethos of society. But the need and the basis for a state–as an organ of class rule and of suppression of classes and groups antagonistically opposed to the ruling class–will have been eliminated, and the state will have been abolished. In these conditions, the basis and need for an organized group of people exercising a disproportionate influence in the sphere of government, and in society overall, will also have been surpassed, and vanguard parties, with a special role in the governance of society, will have been eliminated. Advancing to such a communist society, bringing into being the conditions that make that possible and achievable–through continuing revolutionary struggle to transform all spheres of society, within a particular socialist state and in the world as a whole–is the fundamental aim of the socialist state and of the vanguard party which plays a leading role within that state. While recognizing the complex and protracted nature of the struggle to overcome the relations and divisions which make a state and a vanguard necessary, the socialist state and its leading party must, at every stage in this process, not only propagate this goal but promote and give effect to concrete measures which lead in this direction.

The preceding constitutes the basis and foundation for the Articles that follow in this Constitution for the New Socialist Republic in North America.



To prove how massive this conspiracy is here is how you can obtain validation for your own benefit. Print off the above socialist constitution and take it to virtually any public school superintendent and ask them to refute it. Most public school superintendents and teachers for that matter will decline comment. Now why do you think that is? If they had fierce convictions about protecting the capitalism which drives the American economy they would say so—but not wanting to offend anybody or take a position on anything, they will not come to the aid of capitalism in the face of an opposition. It is the same tactic used to spread communism through the minority neighborhoods, paralyze any opposition then force them to accept things they otherwise wouldn’t under quiet coercion. Then take the same document to your local media outlet—you will discover the same effect. Then take it to your local politicians, and they too will decline comment—mostly. All of them will deny that communism is a threat even as the riots in the streets occur and the website to the source is printed at the bottom of many of the protest signs. The evidence is right in front of everyone’s face, yet the powers that be refuse to even acknowledge it. Isn’t that amazing?

Over the 2014 Holiday I heard from a number of youth—most of them I have known for many, many years and watched grow up. I heard things come out of their mouths that sounded remarkably like that socialist constitution—particularly in reference to people of means being “aristocrats,” otherwise known to communists at the bourgeois class. There is no question to my mind that the goal of these communist revolutionaries wish to marginalize the older generation so that when they die off, or are too old to fight—that all these budding socialists will be ready to rise up to fight away capitalism in America and usher in The New Socialist Republic in North America. Their premier strategy has been to infect the public schools with indecision and to lay the foundation of socialist revolution without naming the evil precisely, and then use issues such as racism to polarize the population into inaction. Then when the time is right……………….SPLAT. Ever wonder why public schools have been so obsessed with “fairness” instead of the competition that drives capitalist economies?

I am so certain of this accusation that I’d give my odds of accuracy to be somewhere around 100%. The evidence is clear. All you have to do dear reader is look at it. If groups like this communist group were fringe, there wouldn’t be such media silence surrounding the issue. Instead, the silence says everything. Just listen to the silence and the evidence will spring forth. Do you hear it now?

Yes, it is much easier to continue on with your lives, to shop at Wal-Mart, to eat out on a Friday night, to continue shopping for Black Friday deals every Thanksgiving season and to make sure that you catch your favorite television shows—none of which ever deal with communism, socialism, or any “ism” for that matter. Television shows just deal with feelings for the most part and thus everyone turns off their minds and goes to sleep while this storm brews on the horizon—and has for many years. But you will find not too far off that as these radicalized, lazy youth deliberately bred by our education system not to be productive capitalists—but parasitic revolutionaries for “social change” that it is that above constitution that they are fighting for—not the one that started America. They fight for a constitution dedicated to ending it.

Rich Hoffman

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The Way of the Fighter: American rebellion against rigidity, command structure and orthodox behavior

Please watch at least this first video for context and background on Claire Lee Chennault:

This isn’t the first time I have revealed a personal passion that I have for the American Volunteer Group who fought in China under Claire Lee Chennault. CLICK HERE TO REVIEW. What the A.V.G. did in just a few months in China against the vastly superior Japanese is the epitome of American ingenuity and exhibits the true benefits of capitalism. There is a reason that the A.V.G was so dramatically successful against the Japanese airforce and made the allied Royal Air Force seem like stumbling fools in comparison. The A.V.G were soldiers of fortune who were unorthodox and despised authority. They were not only in China for the right and ability to fight an enemy against all odds, but they were there to get rich. The Chinese government attacked by the Japanese from the East and the communists coming out of the North paid American pilots flying outdated hot rod P-40’s $500 per kill—unofficially—making some of the best A.V.G. aces quite wealthy. But that wasn’t all, it was the mechanics and ground crew which kept the planes flying using innovation that only America had shown an ability to perform that eventually tipped the scales of war toward the A.V.G. There are very important lessons that were on display over China during the early days of World War II that were every bit as real as the John Wayne classic—and favorite film of mine, The Flying Tigers. It was in this film that I first learned about Claire Chennault. But as heroic as the Flying Tigers were portrayed by Wayne in that film, the reality was actually much more spectacular. One of my most treasured books is the rare one written in 1949 by Chennault himself called Way of the Fighter which went into great detail about the A.V.G. and how eventually General Stilwell would screw everything up in Asia—after World War II.

Chennault as leader of the A.V.G. produced a group of fighting men who were charismatically over-the-top with valor, but were deadly accurate as fighting men. Once America officially entered the war, Stilwell was in charge and the A.V.G. was dissolved into official military control, and their kill ratio declined rapidly. Chennault was so critical of Stilwell, and the American government that the book Way of the Fighter was removed from print quickly and to this day is very rare. To get a copy, it costs anywhere from $150 to $300 dollars for a beat-up copy. The book is a treasure of American spirit and is a key to the kind of talent and drive which makes The United States so unique.

The Flying Tigers, according to the Way of the Fighter was predicted by military experts to not last three weeks in combat against the Japanese. Instead over a 7 month period over Burma, China, Thailand, and French Indo-China the A.V.G. destroyed 299 Japanese planes with another 153 most likely destroyed but unaccounted for. All this with just 12 P-40’s lost in combat and 61 on the ground from Japanese strafing missions. Only four A.V.G. pilots were killed in air combat; six killed by antiaircraft fire; three by enemy bombs on the ground; and three were taken prisoner. Ten more died as a result of flying accidents. The Flying Tigers were so hated by the Japanese because of the tremendous kill ratio against them that they promised on their radio broadcasts to shoot A.V.G. prisoners as bandits on sight. But the three captured pilots were treated with respect indicating the enemy’s genuine admiration for Chennault’s organization.

There were two keys to this success, the first of which was capitalism. The pilots were the best there was and wanted to make a lot of money shooting down Japanese planes. The money attracted the best pilots that were available during the prewar times leading up to World War II. The other of course is Claire Lee Chennault himself. He would eventually become a military general but during his A.V.G. days he was simply a hired strategist for the Chinese who desperately needed a creative, “western” mind to protect them from the invading Japanese. Chennault was extremely unorthodox. In some respects he was very strict; in others he was very lenient. He knew when to apply pressure and when not to, which is a distinctly American trait that military leaders all around the world scoffed at—including The United States. But it was because of Chennault’s manner that the A.V.G. was so incredibly good.

Chennault would train his soldier of fortune pilots relentlessly saying, “You will face Japanese pilots superbly trained in mechanical flying. They have been drilled for hundreds of hours in flying precise formations and rehearsing set tactics for each situation they may encounter. Japanese pilots fly by the book, and these are the books they use.” Chennault would then dump the books into the laps of his star pilots. “Study them, and you will always be one jump ahead of the enemy.” Chennault would stand still for effect, peer at the pilots ruthlessly then say, “They (Japanese) have plenty of guts but lack initiative and judgment. They go into battle with a set tactical plan and follow it no matter what happens. Bombers will hold their formations until they are all shot down. Fighters always try the same tricks over and over again. God help the American pilot who tries to fight them according to their plans. The object of our tactics is to break up their formations and make them fight according to our style. Once the Japanese are forced to deviate from their plan, they are in trouble. Their rigid air discipline can be used as a powerful weapon against them.”

Chennault would present charts, graphs, maps, and hours upon hours of practice flying personally mentoring each of his pilots drilling them, building them up as individuals—treating each of them as though they were the star quarterback on a football team, and they performed for him spectacularly. Once he had their trust, and their ears he would say, “You must use the strong points of your equipment against the weak points of the enemy. Each type of plane has its own strength and weakness. The pilot who can turn his advantages against the enemy’s weakness will win every time. You can count on a higher top speed, faster dive, and superior firepower. The Jap fighters have a faster rate of climb, higher ceiling, and better maneuverability. They can turn on a dime and climb almost straight up. If they can get you into a turning combat, they are deadly.” Chennault would then pull his finger across his throat to drive home the point as the heat of the Toungoo airfield poured in from a tent flap letting in the summer sun, sweat dripping off the fighters as they listened attentively.

“Use your speed and diving power to make a pass, shoot and break away. You have the edge in that kind of combat. All your advantages are brought to bear on the Japanese deficiencies. Close your range, fire, and dive away. Never stay within range of the Jap’s defensive firepower any longer than you need to deliver an accurate burst. You need to sharpen your shooting eye. Nobody ever gets too good at gunnery. The more Jap’s you get with your first burst, the fewer there are to jump you later. Accurate fire saves ammunition. Your plane carries a limited number of bullets. There is nothing worse than finding yourself in a fight with empty guns.”

The Flying Tigers would become part of the official American military under the United States Army Air Forces’ 23rd Fighter Group. The effectiveness of the A.V.G. pilots declined quickly under the regimented military life insisted upon by Stilwell. However some ace pilots like Tex Hill would stay on and help train other American pilots in the ways of the famous A.V.G. and Chennault’s battle tactics would migrate from aircraft carrier to carrier throughout the entire Pacific allowing America to gradually beat back the Japanese and eventually dominate them. The victories in the Pacific theater were not a result of General Stilwell or MacArthur, but rather because of Clair Chennault. Without Chennault, America would not have won in the Pacific and Japan would have taken China months before the bombing of Pearl Harbor. This would have given them access to numerous natural resources that would have allowed them to dominate the entire continent of Asia. World War II really came down to two generals who broke official rules of orthodox command, Patton in Europe took Trier with only two divisions sarcastically replying to his furious commanders who instructed him otherwise that he would “give it back,” if they didn’t approve of his methods, and of course Chennault’s epic battles with Stilwell—Stilwell obviously jealous of Chennault denied him of supplies and manpower secretly hoping it would end the winning reputation of the former A.V.G. commander. The victories in the Pacific and in Europe were won by soldiers of fortune, and unorthodox command. It was not just won by bravery, or equipment, but by people who knew how to use the strengths of their equipment against the enemy and were not afraid to upset the command structure of their superiors. That is the “American” way!

On the other hand the allies, particularly the R.A.F. out of England with their Spitfires had a much more difficult time. For instance, in the battle over Rangoon, the R.A.F had losses comparable to the Japanese while the American A.V.G. had a 15 to 1 kill ratio fighting right alongside them all. This is because the A.V.G. were unorthodox freedom fighters combating for money and adventure while the R.A.F and Japanese pilots were regimented military fighters who would follow orders to a fault, and could be counted on to die if needed for the greater good.

After America defeated the Japanese, Stilwell, foolishly advised command that there was no other need for America to guard China from any hostile threat in that region even though Claire Chennault was practically jumping up and down begging America to stop the push by communists into China from Russia. Chennault warned that there would be more war, likely in Korea and Vietnam if America did not continue to defend China. Truman, and American military command ignored Chennault with the same institutionalized swagger that they professed that the Flying Tigers would be destroyed within three weeks. They blew off Chennault’s warnings, blacklisted his book, Way of the Fighter, and assumed that they had won the Pacific war based on their West Point educations. They were wrong. Within a few years America was back at war with Korea, then a few years after that with Vietnam. But at that point communism had already affected the collective based cultures of Asia and had even gone to work in America under the counter-culture movement starting at colleges within The United States.

Few people would believe that the slow slide into such an abyss of global communism and socialism began when America won World War II and stopped listening to General Claire Lee Chennault. But it did. Too many Americans at the time did not see communism as a threat but did see Japan as a threat because of their obvious hostilities toward the outside world. However, as Chennault published his book, Way of the Fighter, Chinese communists were taking over the country violently torturing the kind of people the A.V.G. fought so valiantly to defend, leaving them alone and defenseless. Communist China then moved against Tibet and America did nothing about it. Just that fast the entire land mass of Asia was under communist control and quickly seeping into all of Europe through the less offensive term of socialism. Communists did to the world what Chennault did to the Japanese pilots, they exposed the rigidity of American politics and picked off their enemies one by one over a long period of time—just as Chennault had warned.

The lessons should be clear, freedom, capitalism and innovation beats rigidity, command structure, and orthodox behavior. And it isn’t group consensus that wins wars and defends nations, but ultimately solitary minds, valor, and raw courage that is more unpredictable then structured. And thus, that is the Way of the Fighter, and the way that nations prosper.

Rich Hoffman



Matt Clark Beats Glenn Beck: The Perestroika Deception and the similarities to college basketball

I have to give Matt Clark credit, he beat Glenn Beck to a story based on the release of my article, “The Pronoun “I”: Communist infiltration of America by Perestroika Deception.”  Beck covered the Perestroika Deception on The Blaze during the week of March 22nd a few weeks after several of my readers sent it to contacts at Beck’s network.  But without knowing that, Clark was booking me on his show the night before The Blaze released their research into the long time conspiracy theory turned true.  When I wrote my article it was my hope that media outlets like Beck’s and Clark’s would cover the story and get the message out to Americans quickly so that they could understand what was happening on the world stage between Russia and Ukraine.  Matt Clark had me on his radio program today to talk about the Perestroika Deception during his 1-3 PM show on WAAM Ann Arbor, Michigan and the impact to the world that deception has had.    You can see the hour-long interview at the two videos below.

Also during this week was the start of March Madness, the gigantic NCAA basketball tournament in The United States.  I watched several games, particularly the University of Cincinnati against Harvard.  UC was a (5) seed playing the underdog Harvard who was a (12), so the game shouldn’t have even been close.   Cincinnati should have been able to destroy Harvard, but once the game began it was obvious after the first two minutes that Harvard would win the game—and I declared so much to many people—which is what ended up happening.  Cincinnati made a close game of it for a little while, but never led, and was never able to stop the momentum of Harvard.   Cincinnati was known for its great defense, and Harvard countered by shooting 3-pointers from behind the arch crushing the Bearcat zone, and taking control of the game.  Anyone who is involved in either a military maneuver or a sporting exercise understands that momentum is of utmost importance during strategic engagements, and the way to gain momentum is to keep an opponent from knowing what’s coming.  This is why coaches cover their mouths when they call out plays to their teams, and why secrecy is very important.

Most people understand sports, they understand why deception is needed to achieve victory, and they understand the nature of a late game rally to attempt to capture momentum.  Human beings design their games after their very lives, so on a perceptual level, it is understood why such strategic implementations are important.  Yet for years many thought that the Perestroika Deception from Russian was a conspiracy theory, and that the former U.S.S.R really wanted to be friends with America.  American politicians foolishly dismantled the main offensive weapon of the Cold War—NASA and turned their research into memos about leftist global warming concerns and decommissioned the Space Shuttle forcing American astronauts to hitch a ride to space with the Russians—their former enemies.  The move by the Obama administration seemed stylish at the time but little did anybody know that the seeds of deception planted by the KGB in America through the education system, through commitment to the United Nations, and a massive debt racked up playing caretaker to the world was all part of the plan—and that Obama was a creation of that deception during the 60s when all his primary mentors were communist advocates—where his college friends were communist revolutionaries and his wife would even work closely with the known American terrorist Bernadine Dorn.  All those elements were results of seeds planted by the Russian KGB in the late 1950s, and by 1989 Russia essentially changed their defense against The United States from a zone to man-to-man.  The defense called by the KGB was the Perestroika Deception and it allowed them to climb out from under American capitalism and capture the momentum of their strategic engagement with the West.

I had a little fun with Matt at beating Beck to the story, but in all fairness, conspiracy theorists have known about the Perestroika Deception for a long time and have been labeled as “tin hat loons.”  I remember a UC basketball game against Duke in the great Alaskan Shootout where UC was down by one point with only seconds to play.  Duke was the number one team in America and had something like 5 McDonald’s All Americans sitting on the bench, let alone playing the game.  UC obviously had to hit a quick basket but they had to deceive Duke to get an open shot.  Bob Huggins positioned Kenyon Martin the future NBA player at half court to draw the attention of Duke players who would try to foul the big man once he cut to the basket.  The Duke players anticipated that it would be Martin who would take the shot.  Instead Melvin Levett was shadowing the sideline opposite court as far away from Martin as possible.  When a long pass was thrown across the court football style to Martin—Kenyon then tossed off the ball to a cutting Levett who was wide open for a dunk that Duke never saw coming.  UC had beaten the titans of college basketball, Duke and the headlines littered every newspaper in the country.  The only way the play worked was with deception, misdirection, and strategic implementation.  People understand these things when it relates to sports, but it is inconvenient to apply the same perceptual knowledge to the world of global politics.  So they often don’t see the signs of such strategies, such as what Russia had done with the Perestroika Deception.

The reason that Vladimir Putin is not afraid of Barack Obama is because he knows that as a child of the 60s, Obama was built from the ground up by the KGB infiltration of communism into the American education system.  As I told Matt during our interview one of the reasons all these things are so clear to me now is because I was an extreme rebel during my school days and never accepted any instruction that would cause my mind to acknowledge such deceptive strategies.  Obama, who is only a few years older than I am—did.  He was raised by flower children hippies and old people who loved collectivism.  His strongest father figures were all communist revolutionaries and those were direct creations of the KGB at the time.  Putin knows exactly what Obama will do and when he will do it, because it was Putin’s KGB which shaped the mind of Obama—so there is nothing to fear from America when it is led by such an easily controlled mind.

I knew Obama picked Harvard to win over Cincinnati, and during the whole game Cincinnati attempted to win by being conventional—by putting the ball in the hands of their best player.  Unlike the game against Duke, where it was deception that won the game, UC tried to play against Harvard straight-up.  Harvard defended against those best players, and they won the game.  Putin is playing the same game against Obama, and he knows the American president is not intellectually capable to deal with Russia as it has been disguised under the Perestroika Deception.  Now Americans are angry that they cannot compete with Russia, we are intertwined with the world in ways that prevent capitalism domination of the global marketplace, leaving us all stuck together like free spirits glued to a first grade student’s art class project.  Putin is making a move against the world knowing that military action cannot happen, because America is too far in debt to China, and China as a communist country was formed by Russia.  Who controls the strings to China—it isn’t the United States?  You can read more about Glenn Beck’s coverage of the Perestroika Deception at the following link:


After a reader tipped me off to the Perestroika Deception and I did some extensive research on my own, I wrote “The Pronoun “I”: Communist infiltration of America by Perestroika Deception” to take it out of the realm of conspiracy into a serious discussion of military, and social strategy.  I count on people like Clark and Beck to then take the next leap forward with their massive platforms on talk radio.  Beck often has a 15 million listener footprint, so it is good when he talks about the Perestroika Deception to the millions of uninitiated masses who wouldn’t otherwise know about it.  Those people who read here and sent it to The Blaze have yourselves to thank.  You did a very good thing.  Beck is often way out ahead of everybody, but this time it was Matt Clark who beat him to the story of the century, and put WAAM radio in the town of Ann Arbor, Michigan square in the sites of Vladimir Putin—which is quite an honor.  Because the thing that Putin doesn’t understand and the reason his KGB had to use the Perestroika Deception in the first place is due to people like Matt, Beck and my readers here at Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom who are clearly superior to Russia, Europe, China and everywhere else that there is collective salvation driving their social and economic trends.  It’s not Obama who Putin ultimately has to fight, it is us—and he cannot beat us in a straight fight.  He and his Russian counterparts must rely on deception—and once that deception is known, their plan is ruined.  On Saturday March 22, 2014 at 1-3 PM Matt Clark played his part in ruining that strategy against Putin, and the world is better off because of it.  YouTube is more powerful than the Voice of America was back in the Cold War days, and our interview will be on it for as long as YouTube exists in cyberspace—where people from all over the world can see it.  As the Ukrainians stockpile their rocks and sticks to fight the Russian military, Americans are sharpening their knives, loading their guns and also preparing for the inevitable failure of our own puppet politicians controlled by Putin and his Perestroika Deception.

And people like me are chomping at the bit for a chance to do more than just talk on the radio…………………………….  I would love to see Putin try to ride his horse down my street with his shirt off displaying his massive stature of 5’ 2” or whatever trying to look bold and regal.  He wouldn’t last long—which is why he must use the Perestroika Deception against America.

Rich Hoffman  www.OVERMANWARRIOR.com


Lakota Told Lies To Everybody: Charts that prove teachers make WAY too much money

Of course now that there has been an election where Lakota schools by the narrowest of margins won the ability to steal money from property owners in the form of a higher taxation, the impact is manifesting and it is time to analyze the situation.  Now that we are all into the 2014 year, those taxpayers are paying the higher rate all in the name of the “children.”  Thousands and thousands of dollars were spent by Lakota to diffuse the argument that I had been making—that the employees at Lakota expected too much money which was the direct cause of the tax increase—but the media, and the pro tax addicts with their East Coast mentality of tax and spend economics cried foul and pandered to the sentiments of a parade of feminist despots writhing with guilt over their life decisions primarily constituting in putting career over family.  Since most in the professional world could relate and needed to feel good about their own situations—particularly news anchors on the main networks, and the radio people who live in fear of their spouses anti-sexual sentiment desired with their very heart and souls to believe the charade that Lakota was promoting.  Well, the facts are the facts, and I am about to present them to you.

Below is a ten-year trend compiled by the Ohio Department of Education and the Ohio Department of Taxation—along with other sources.  These trend charts show how teacher salary grew compared to resident incomes who pay the taxes over the period of 2000 to 2010, when No Lakota Levy put aside some of our personal problems with each other and joined to fight Lakota’s out-of-control spending.  This information has been presented previously in different forms, but not quite so concisely now that hindsight is 20/20.  These charts show a devastating application of greedy Lakota employees pillaging the community for which they are employed.  The salary increases at Lakota are just erroneous—and are quite clear by the evidence below.TenYearTrend461104

TenYearTrend461101TenYearTrend461102TenYearTrend461103Everyone behind the scenes knew this information—yet pro tax supporters purposely lied to the tax payers to conceal it.  Lakota lied to the tax payers.  The public relations professionals employed by Lakota lied to the tax payers.  The media lied to the tax payers, and the politicians lied to the tax payers.  They all lied because they attempted to connect out-dated arguments about real estate value, and the importance of centralized education to America’s youth to their innate—and unchecked desire to stuff their pockets with money they are clearly not worth.  I said it back then and I’ll say it again–$62,000 dollars a year is too much money to pay a glorified baby sitter—which is what most of the teachers are at Lakota.  The charts below show how bad the situation really is, as they also compare State of Ohio teacher pay averages—which are already high in my opinion—to Lakota teachers.  Lakota compared to them are off the charts high.  Have a look carefully at the data.  And if you don’t believe these charts, pull Jenni Logan aside who is the treasurer at Lakota and have her confirm them.  It’s not difficult.  If not her………..ask Roger Reynolds.  He won’t lie to you…………so ask him………go ahead media…………ask the f**king question.  I dare anyone to poke holes in this data.  Because nobody can.

During the election of 2013 most of the Cincinnati media had decided to ignore the cause of the problem which was teacher salaries and declare that it had been a long time since Lakota had been granted a tax increase and that the teachers had taken a “pay freeze” which expires during the summer of 2014.  The district at that time wanted to throw money at those teachers to keep them happy but anyone with half a mind could look at these charts and wonder why they weren’t already happy.  Lakota teachers were making quite a bit more money than even average teachers in Ohio.  Some of these teachers were the same ones who were sexting their students in class, or sexually molesting elementary kids which the media also glazed over with minimum coverage so that the illusion of teacher quality could be maintained.  Lakota teachers were making more money than the state average, and they should have been very happy about it.  But the Pulse Journal, the Cincinnati Enquirer and even my old allies at WLW radio had decided that the “poor teachers” had taken a sacrifice for the good of the community by accepting a three-year pay freeze—which only occurred because No Lakota Levy had applied illumination to these very statistics.  Now with these ODE reports, context to just how bad the situation was can be seen clearly.

If you are a tax payer in Lakota who voted for the 2013 school levy—you are clearly an idiot.  Do you see now what you signed up for?  You were scammed and are just plain stupid.  If you voted against the levy—you have been validated.  You were right and history will be on your side.  If you are upset about the money you are now paying, and are against the levy, but did not vote—now you see that you should have gotten off your ass and cast a ballot.  Because you didn’t these same teachers are about to get an even larger pay increase when the new LEA contract is negotiated in a few months.  None of the newspapers will cover this issue—the “West Chester Buzz” won’t touch it with a 100’ pole, and the nightly television news will avoid it completely because they are as complicit as the teachers in the scam.  Bill Cunningham from 700 WLW will continue to exploit the dregs of our society on his television show and hope for redemption by supporting school levies because he can’t admit to himself that he is as responsible as a typical theft who provides watch for that thief when he assists in the open looting of massive amounts of tax payer wealth into the pockets of Lakota teachers.  The charts work against every one of their collective arguments and illuminate how terribly bad they have all behaved.

Of course Lakota will grumble to each other within their palatial halls of sinister left-winged intention that Rich Hoffman is cherry picking data again—because they can’t face the notion that they are looters, scum bags and deceitful, maniacal, tax payer funded dregs upon society who contribute nearly nothing to the theater of the human race but expelling carbon dioxide into the air for trees to consume for sustenance.  My feelings about these people were molded by their continued insistence that reality is not what I am looking at—which is an insult—because I know better.  Whenever it is advocated that things are not as they appear—when I know otherwise—that person—or people, are insulting me in a way that is not forgivable.  If Lakota wanted to have a fight about the value of a teacher—that would have been a valid debate—but what they chose is to hide the information and behave in a deceitful manner—then waste even more tax money to hide the crime.  That is not forgivable, and is properly listed as a crime because the deception has led directly to the theft of personal wealth—mine and yours.  And that is not something to take lightly over tea and cookies.

Check the reference links mentioned to validate the information on the charts.


The reason they told so many lies, Lakota, the media, the public relations people, the unions, and the pundits is because they said that the tax increase was “for the children.”  What they neglected to declare was that the real reason was to pad their pockets with voluminous amounts of money–and they USED the children to do it.   The proof is above.

Rich Hoffman



Doc Thompson Dismantles John Boehner: “Gotta do whatever I can to save the children, the puppy dogs, and the rainbows,’ dirt bag in congress.”

According to Doc Thompson on The Blaze Radio Network John Boehner is a “pinko, commmie, bed wetting, mambie pambie, hand wringing, crying, orange tinted, ‘I’ve gotta do whatever I can to save the children, the puppy dogs, and the rainbows,’ dirt bag in congress.”  It should have been clear from the outset that John Boehner had been bitten by the progressive bug of statism when he took the gavel of House Speaker from Nancy Pelosi, then immediately started crying.  Boehner was crying because he had gained enormous power the way he perceived it–3rd most in the entire world behind only the President and Vice President of The United States, and he was proud of himself for being elected into that position.  He was proud that his peers had just voted him in congress the equivalent of the Homecoming King of a big high school football game.  They had enough faith in him to protect their lobby interests on K-Street, to look the other way while they made millions off insider trading on Capitol Hill,  but worse of all, did exactly what Doc and his producer Skip established during the following broadcast,  use Cloward and Piven methods of overwhelming financial systems in order to create havoc allowing for massive changes in American philosophy through case-law to bring about “progressive changes.”  This is what Congress led by John Boehner is guilty of doing by adopting methods of making illegal aliens legal so that they can vote in upcoming elections.   Listen to that epic Doc Thompson broadcast from The Blaze Radio Network at the video below.  (CLICK HERE TO LISTEN LIVE)

John Boehner recently sent Barack Obama a birthday present knowing full well that America is burning on several fronts, many inspired directly by those same Cloward and Piven strategies designed to invoke progressive changes.  In the world of Capitol Hill the idiots there believe that they are royalty and actually rule over the population, and in order to stay in such power they must continuously find new ways to “game” the system in order to increase their voting blocs, and they do this by giving away the wealth of others, confiscated through government, and literally buying votes in elections based on their wealth redistribution.  The Democrats have done this kind of thing for years, and now the GOP is doing the same once they suffered a stinging defeat after Barack Obama was elected for a second term.

The GOP lost the last election because they played by the rules against an opponent where anything goes.  The GOP did not respond accordingly.  Fewer voters participated in that election on their behalf than did in 2008 showing support for John McCain and the first possible woman vice-president Sarah Palin.   Palin was publicly dismantled by attack through every branch of the media ruthlessly, even though she was a woman—because she was a conservative and had been a successful governor.  McCain was simply too much of a “nice guy” to respond to any attacks from the left believing that he and his party were above such a fray.  Republicans under McCain’s leadership routinely believed incorrectly that they were “above” such fisticuffs while Obama and his minions ruthlessly attacked all their political opponents with blood in their eyes and a knife behind their backs.  The GOP has failed to respond to progressives in American government since Ronald Reagan was in office three decades ago.  Instead, they have taken up the mantra, “if you can’t beat them—join them.”

This is how Republicans have invested so much of themselves in the new Gang of Ocho Bill that seeks to give amnesty to illegal aliens.  While the budgets across the nation collapse under progressive strain, the GOP seeks to find voters for 2016 among the illegal aliens hoping to beat out the Democrats in giving away more stuff to earn those voters.  Meanwhile they have surrendered ground to their old base of support assuming that they will always vote for the GOP instead of the lowly Democrats.  But they have been wrong.  Instead of holding their nose and voting or people like John McCain in 2008, then Mitt Romney in 2012, they just stayed home to watch sports, play video games, or went shopping.  People have stopped being interested in politics because of all the crookedness that is going on in Washington, surrendering their voting rights to the illegal immigrants who mean well, but often come from statism controlled governments and see nothing wrong with taking all the free stuff the American government wants to give them to earn their votes.

This brings everything around to Doc’s statement about Boehner.  Boehner was supposed to use his power to bring about justice, and enforce righteousness, yet he has refused choosing instead to defend government statism.  Boehner has chosen to “get along” with a president who has openly been hostile to the American way of life.  Obama is a devoted radical of the left and ran an administration that will go down in history as one of the most corrupt and secretive in the history of presidents.  From the questionable origins of Obama’s birth and education background to the Benghazi scandal, to the IRS attacks against conservative groups the Executive Office has openly used Cloward and Piven methods to “progress” society to the left by yanking the Overton Window dramatically in that direction.  John Boehner has stood by like a weeping child and let him do it believing incorrectly that Americans don’t want a fight in politics.  He and all those who think the way he does are wrong.

I was proud when a politician from my area took the third most powerful position in the world in 2010.  However, watching what he’s done with it, I am deeply ashamed of the man.  If I saw him or a member of his family around my town, at the grocery, or other social event, I would not seek to shake his hand, or even acknowledge his existence.  A year ago I was invited to a breakfast occasion with John Boehner which I turned down.  Now I would be insulted if I even received such an invite.  I wouldn’t simply refuse due to time constraints, but because it would be an assumption that the host considered me cut from the same cloth of such a weak-kneed, wussy, of diabolical character, soft will, and corruptible spirit.  I would consider such an invite today in late August of 2013 to be equivalent to an invite to fight in a parking lot—because the invitation would be one of disrespect.

Doc was right to call John Boehner all the things he did because the guy has not only done a bad job as House Speaker, but has caved into the enemies of America as defined by logic.  Capitol Hill is a land infested by peasants not of financial demeanor, but of moral aptitude.   They are lacking minds capable of leading anybody anywhere, and to cover their deficiencies, they seek to redistribute wealth to maintain office.  This is what John Boehner and his GOP supporters are after with their support of illegal aliens.  In America foreign immigration is part of what made The United States great, and there is a process for earning the honor of citizenship.  But that path does not involve free phone apps telling immigrants how to “game” the system with welfare abuse and parasitic living.  Anyone who supports such methods deserves to be called everything that Doc called them, and much, much more.

Rich Hoffman


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Dan Varney and No Lakota Levy Defend Lakota Community: Extortion from the school superintendent

Recently Dan Varney, the treasurer for No Lakota – accused Lakota officials of trying to manipulate voters by enticing them with $2.8 million of possible restorations of some budget cuts. “It’s how they play the game and they are trying to instill some passion in the school parents” to drum up votes for the proposed property tax increase,” Varney said.


Dan Varney, who appeared with me several years ago on WLW radio for an in studio broadcast about the Lakota tax increases (CLICK HERE TO REVIEW), did a wonderful job of speaking the truth of Lakota’s 2013 levy attempt.

Recently the Lakota school board approved a recommendation by Superintendent Karen Mantia that would allocate $2.8 million of the levy’s annual funds to partially restore some services that have been cut and also preserve the district’s current programming and operations. The school district reduced its annual spending by more than $20 million over the last three years.  I broke the issue down into specific detail in another article, but Lakota needs to continue cutting their costs much further than they have already.  CLICK HERE TO LEARN WHY.  The cuts are not over because declining enrollment is forcing the issue.

According to school officials if the levy is passed, bus service will be reinstated for grades 2-6, for students who live farther than one mile from school. This is simply an attempt by Lakota schools to purchase votes in the next election using tax payer money to do it.  Currently, bus service is issued only to students in those grades if they live farther than two miles from school. This school year, the district supposedly identified some routing efficiencies to provide bus service to all K-1 students at no additional cost.  (Isn’t that amazing, just in time for a school levy attempt?)

“We value the community’s feedback that we heard in our Community Conversations last year,” said Mantia. “We heard this would be a tremendous help to our families, and will also help us regain lost instructional time.” Superintendent Mantia noted that the change would provide busing to an additional 2,200 students, helping minimize traffic congestion on some of the district’s busiest roads.


  • Students in grade 4-6 will be offered one additional day of art, music or physical education. Currently students take classes in art, music or P.E. one time per week.
  • Student participation in after-school clubs and extracurricular activities will be encouraged by increasing opportunities and reducing fees from $550 to $400 at high school and from $350 to $300 at junior high.
  • Students in grade 9 would be offered a seven-period class schedule, instead of six periods per day.
  • Part of the funding was allocated for advanced technologies and modernized coursework to further individualize learning, a focus area of the district’s current strategic planning work.

The school board voted June 24 to place a levy on the November ballot for the community’s consideration, and announced at that time that a major component of the levy would be for technology, including a $13.5 million multi-year upgrade to the district’s instructional technology infrastructure. School building security will also be bolstered across the district. The decisions made by the board Monday evening finalize the plans for how the levy funds would be allocated.

Here are the source articles from above:



Of course all these things that Lakota is “giving” to the community are contingent on the passage of a tax increase.  The arrogance displayed by these public workers is astonishing; they will give back to the community what is already theirs “IF” they vote to pay more taxes on their properties—which is simply amazing.   So in that context what Dan Varney said in the paper was dead on, if all too polite.  Lakota schools think that the votes are suckers, and stupid.  Lakota has no respect for the average tax payer in the Lakota district, as their behavior displayed grotesquely in evidence.  The definition of Lakota’s actions is pure extortion.  They stated that if tax payers gave Lakota more money, they would restore services that were only lost because the school board did not manage their costs under the leadership of Superintendent Mantia.  If a levy is not approved by the voting public, then those items listed above will not be granted.  It is a low down dirty trick that belongs on one of those television commercials advertising products for $19.99.  It’s a scam disguised as education.  Its corruption disguised as community benefit.  It’s wrong, detrimental, and socially corrosive.

In such a time when bandits rule our school system using our children as shields against justice, thank God there are people like Dan Varney of No Lakota Levy out there fighting the good fight defending those same children with honesty from the looters wishing to exploit them for personal gain.  Without people like Varney the extortion scams advocated by public education institutions like Lakota would have no representation in the press, leaving the sinister schools to dance upon community innocence with immunity from righteousness.  No Lakota Levy is an organized resistance that is all that stands between open extortion by public schools and the out-right looting of the “rich,” so-called “wealthy” property owners who will lose millions if the Lakota levy of 2013 passes.

For idiots, diabolical nut cases, open progressives and Obama voters, they enjoy the Lakota levy position of attacking the rich and giving to the poor, the silly, childish levy supporters who purchase half million dollar homes, pay over $5000 per year in property taxes still desiring more, then turn around and ask the rest of the community to give their children a “free” education at Lakota which is run by the kind of people shown above who openly believe that extortion is an acceptable campaign strategy.  I’m glad there are people like Dan Varney who can hold their tongue in the face of such a travesty, but he does, and is a good man for the job.  Every homeowner should be thankful that there is a group like No Lakota Levy out there defending them from higher taxes by government looters like Lakota’s administrators and their band of education thieves.  In that group there are people like Dan Varney who stand as pillars of stone against the winds of chaos in a battle for the heart and soul of Lakota–the residents who pay the taxes versus those who wish to steal them.

Rich Hoffman


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