Trump and Child Care: Making families great again

Remember dear reader that I predicted the end of the Democratic Party on Matt Clark’s radio show early in the 2016 election.  I specifically said far before Hillary Clinton became the train wreck that her campaign has become that the Republican Party would split into two and that Democrats would cease to be and that the overall nature of the entire country would move to the political right.  Once that happened Trump, who as of now is considered one of the most radical right winged candidates in the history of the presidency, will be considered a liberal and that the critics of Trump’s recent child care rebate speech launched brilliantly at just the right time in the campaign, would launch themselves into a new conservative party yet named and headed by the likes of Glenn Beck and Ted Cruz.  I said on WAAM radio that I thought it would take a few years to occur but that the foundations were already present—the end of the Democratic Party is coming. Trump is about to destroy them and I love him for it.  Good riddance!

I am of the mind that Trump’s proposals greatly benefiting women and their child care expenses isn’t just another giant government program spreading big brother even more to the far reaches of our country—it’s the first step of a master negotiator to begin walking back the massive damage progressives have done to the American family.  I was just a little stunned by Trump’s proposal for the first time in our nation’s history that a tax credit the value of yearly child care would be provided to women who stay home with their children as well as those who decide to enter the workplace.  Whereas Trump’s proposals led by his daughter Ivanka look like the type of policies a Democrat would propose, the heart of the effort is distinctly conservative.

I’ve been saying it for over 40 years—women who stay home with their children are taking on the most difficult occupations of our society and the most important—the raising of our youth.  My mother was ridiculed to hell and back for being a housewife who was always home while I was growing up and my wife had it even worse—because she did the same.  Now my kids are staying home with their children.  They have professional occupations, but they work from their homes and they put their children first—which is hard to do.  Being a mom—not a neurotic mess like most school levy supporters are—not a panicking soccer mom or busy body latté sipper—but a mom is the most important job in the entire world and it’s about time that “government” recognize it as such.

Government run by progressives have been at war with the American family for the last seventy years—likely longer—and the quality of our people shows the negative results dramatically.  I can spot a person who had a stay-at-home mom a mile away—even as old shriveled up raisins themselves playing golf.  You can tell when a person was loved as a child by a mother.  It shows in how they walk, talk, and process information.  You can also tell who had chaotic childhoods that were raised in day care facilities.  Their minds are scattered messes—and sadly, many people reading this are of this experience.  This has been the fault of government.  It has attempted through public education to replace the parent at home with big government ideas that perpetuated lifelong entitlements—for which the paternal government would provide through wealth confiscation and redistribution.   Many years of this behavior has essentially destroyed our nation intellectually.  The starting point for fixing this problem is to incentivize the American family to remain intact and to nurture each other toward prosperity—because the top down government model has failed miserably. 

Not exactly a friendly crowd in that clip, but he handled things unusually well–unscripted, informal, and competent.  So it was quite a statement to acknowledge that stay-at-home moms would qualify for a tax credit worth the cost of child care.  That I think is huge, and extremely conservative.  For a change, a Republican is taking a conservative idea and dressing it up to appeal to moderates and Democrats and selling it in an appealing way.  But in so doing Trump is putting the American family first in a way that I’ve never seen done in politics before—and this is very encouraging.  Under Trump’s proposal, both of my daughter’s would qualify for a tax credit because they have stayed home to care for their children in a traditional way—instead of being penalized the way families have been in the past.  

These Trumps mean business—and continue to show what kind of Executive Branch they’d maintain every day while in the White House.  Nobody has worked harder on more hard policy innovation than they have just during this campaign—and given Donald Trump’s track record—I have no doubt that he will work even harder knowing that history is judging him—because he seems to really care about those types of things.  Trump from every direction seems to be doing exactly what I have been dreaming of in a presidential candidate all my life—and he expects himself to actually do the things he’s talking about.   Trump, he is a hard worker, he’s innovative, and he expects to accomplish things.  He also has the establishment scared to death—which is wonderful for a change.   He is a sign of real change and ultimately, I think the biggest impact will be on the two-party system.  When that happens, remember you heard it from me first, the Democratic Party is about to become extinct.  

The Trumps and the people of their campaign—some of which I know, are the best of what is produced in America.  Trump is planning to invest in the future not only fiscally, but emotionally by making the family the center of all our values once again—and that is a wonderful thing.

Rich Hoffman


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How to Help Donald Trump in Ohio: Walking, knocking on doors and fighting a vile evil unleashed by diabolical Democrats

 For those in the media who keep their ears to the tracks of my writings for a whisper of happenings coming and going–of trends not yet realized so that forecasts to the winds can be witnessed a fraction of a second ahead of the competition, this posting is primarily for them.  If you want a good political story in Ohio, be at any of the below locations-and you will see a hint of what’s really going on in America’s heartland.    The below message is from the Trump Ohio campaign.  Robert Scott is doing a great job, and things are just getting started.

Ohio Trump-Pence Victory is rolling in the Buckeye State and we will be participating in the National Day of Action. We will be Walking and knocking doors THIS SATURDAY, AUGUST 20 at various locations throughout Ohio. Please click the link to sign up for the nearest location or where you would like to walk tomorrow:


County Time Link
Allen 1:00 PM
Butler 9:30 AM
Butler 9:30 AM
Clermont 9:00 AM
Clinton 12:30 PM
Cuyahoga 9:00 AM
Cuyahoga 9:30 AM
Cuyahoga 9:30 AM
Fairfield 9:00 AM
Fairfield 3:00 PM
Fairfield 9:00 AM
Franklin 10:00 AM
Geauga 10:00 AM
Guernsey 10:00 AM
Hamilton 9:30 AM
Hamilton 9:30 AM
Highland 9:00 AM
Lake 9:00 AM
Licking 9:00 AM
Licking 3:00 PM
Licking 9:00 AM
Lucas 10:00 AM
Mahoning 9:00 AM
Marion 9:30 AM
Medina 9:30 AM
Miami 9:30 AM
Montgomery 10:00 AM
Montgomery 9:30 AM
Muskingum 9:00 AM
Ottawa 9:30 AM
Ottawa 9:30 AM
Pickaway 9:00 AM
Pike 9:00 AM
Portage 10:00 AM
Ross 9:00 AM
Ross 3:00 PM
Sandusky 9:30 AM
Scioto 9:00 AM
Scioto 3:00 PM
Stark 9:00 AM
Summit 9:00 AM
Washington 9:00 AM

With your help we will Make America Great Again!

Robert Scott
Deputy State Director for Ohio
Donald J. Trump for President, Inc.

Rich Hoffman

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Why ‘Stranger Things’ is such a good Netflix series: The reason we can’t find Bigfoot’s footprints

I suppose I’m most surprised that the Netflix show, Stranger Things has done so well, and that so many people continue to demand more of it.  I’m not the kind of guy who looks back a lot and thinks how great this or that was—but the 80’s were great.  It’s not just because I grew up in the 80’s and literally every week a new movie was being made of a similar caliber to Stranger Things.  It was obvious that the show’s creators were deeply inspired by Steven Spielberg, Stephen King and I saw a lot of John Hughes sprinkled around as well.  The good news is that the Duffer Brothers absolutely nailed the optimism and style of the 80s even down to the rebellious innocence—and the style of the music.  I don’t want to be that guy who says that the 80s was the best decade just because I happen to have grown up in that time.  When I was the age that the kids were in Stranger Things, the parents all pointed to the 50s as the magic decade, and before that it was the roaring 20s.

So I take that into account when I say things like that the 1980s was a special time in America—and it shared with those other generations strong presidents in peacetime who guided the nation toward capitalism—raw, unapologetic capitalism—and virtually every industry prospered from art and comics to science and technical innovations.  So in that respect—now that we live in the depressing era of Millennials taught to love socialism—I am surprised they like Stranger Things so much.  But then again—I’m not, because beyond the throwback to the 80’s there is something else going on which I think is much more important.  There is a reality to Stranger Things in the science which is something truly new—and is actually something that I spend quite a lot of time thinking about—because like all good horror—there is a truth in the fiction.  So before continuing on, watch this video on the actual science of Stranger Things.

I either have personal experiences similar to that of most of the main character in Stranger Things or I know someone close to me who has—so many of the themes hit home for me in a way that other viewers might not have experienced.  Being a kid from the 80’s and having no apprehensions yielding to fear of any kind, I actually went and did similar things as was seen in Stranger Things when I was young which migrated into my adulthood.  When I was a kid I explored every cemetery and haunted spot that I could under the scariest conditions.  I carried that curiosity into a period where I had kids of my own.  For my youngest daughter’s birthday—who was always naturally interested in paranormal activity—even before she could talk, I took her to Moonville, Ohio which is one of the most haunted spots in North America.  And we did witness paranormal activity.  My conclusions are that the ghost there isn’t the “brakeman” who worked the railroad when that ghost town was fully functioning in the late 1800s, but is actually something like what the monsters are in Stranger Things–where that region acts as a kind of portal from a reality existing within a quantum fluctuation of our current state of being—and waves of time stored within those sub space patterns emerge to our vision.  That is why I believe there are so many Bigfoot sightings in that part of America—which extend all the way up into Pennsylvania—because that entire area from the Serpent Mound to the Point Pleasant, West Virginia region of the famous “Mothman” all the way up the Ohio River to Pittsburg is a very haunted land dotted with ancient mounds, Illuminati activity and the presence of a lost race of people who certainly predated the American Indian—and were well versed in science.  Bigfoot sightings are common, yet there are no footprints really to speak of, and nobody is really able to capture the images on video.

That is because the beings exist within quantum fluctuations that only a part of our brain can see.  They don’t exist in our current time as we think of it, but they are there in a form mutually understood.  They may be aware of us too, but we are prevented from interacting with one another most of the time due to the limits of understood physics.  For more on the mysterious lost aspects of this particular region, Fritz Zimmerman is doing great work on uncovering the past so we can see what might be coming back to us through the folds of time.  Just read some of his books and take some day trips to visit the hot spots that he lists and a whole new world will open up to you.  Religion has attempted to simplify that science into something it can understand.  Unfortunately, most religions require curiosity to be put into a lock box and to never come out again.  That is of course why shows like Stranger Things hit a nerve with us, because deep down inside, we know there is something more going on, but our social limitations placed on our own minds prevent us from seeing it.

In the 80s government conspiracies were actively part of many plots which covered up paranormal activity.  It was very present in Spielberg movies and it was of course the driving force of the X Files which was really a 90s thing, but it started as a product of the 80s.  I grew up down the road from Wright Patterson and all the U.F.O. phenomena associated with that airbase—and the cover-ups.  So it wasn’t such a shock to me to experience actual government harassment when I found myself as a young 30-year-old with two little kids and a wife fighting drug distribution in my community and having the wrath of God unleashed on our small family for daring to interject ourselves into those activities.  My hatred of government expansion running out of control is due to real life experiences where my house was bugged and monitored constantly. It was easier on me than my wife.  The pressure was hard on her.  While I was at work the family was defenseless and those who wanted to scare us away from our observations harassed her openly.  White vans, fire department personal, and police followed her everywhere for several years.  Spies and malicious characters were sent into our lives to rock the very foundations of our lives—actually to destroy my family because I was raising it in a traditional way and the powers running things didn’t like that.  The more they attempted their attacks and harassment, the more I dug in and fought.  Those attacks are always designed to make the victims look crazy, but when you are clear-headed and have the ability to connect the dots under duress, you can break through.

There is no need for the cumbersome listening devices the government used in those days now, and video cameras are so small that there is no way to see them.  The NSA has technology that makes those old days look prehistoric.  They can listen to everything we say to each other any time they want through our cell phones and other devices.  The government already has nanoprobes and drones much smaller than the electronics in an iPhone and they can use them at will.  Living with me because of my beliefs, my wife was made to suffer with a slow mental torture that lasted for a long time.  It didn’t affect me, because I knew the game from a lot of experience.  When the constant harassment didn’t scare us off our social stances—which actually started within the Mason school system when they failed to address a drug trafficking problem in grade school, and attempted to force unwanted sex education on our children while in the fourth grade.

So we pulled the kids from school and homeschooled them to save their minds from statist incursions—which to some seemed extreme.  In a lot of ways, my wife became the Winona Ryder character in Stranger Things and to the outside world; she sometimes looked like she had lost it.  At that time, I was a lot like the sheriff—a guy who knew something was wrong and wasn’t afraid to peel back the layers—but also knew that there were legal limits to dealing with the thugs causing the harassment and that I had to find a way to outmaneuver them intellectually—otherwise they were going to kill my family.  In Stranger Things the sheriff, actually broke into the Department of Energy building to discover their secret so he could gain leverage over the problem with knowledge, and once he did—he gained the upper hand on “them.”  Lucky for me, I didn’t drink, smoke, or have any secret girlfriends that they could use to extort me into inaction, so I eventually forced them into hiding instead of them pushing us to the brink of insanity.  But it wasn’t easy.

The gist of the experience was that some government authorities who were supportive of the drug trade into Mason, Ohio had acquired technology that evolved from the cumbersome old electronics to actually manipulating quantum fluctuations and could inspire thoughts disguised as “heavenly advice.”  These sometimes come in the form of dreams, sometimes as that trusted “whisper” that religion can call the “voice of God.”  What it was actually were a bunch of government pinheads trying to shake a traditional family off the trail of their social experiment by attacking the heart of that family, the mother, and plunging them into self-destruction.  Well, it didn’t work.  I’m smarter than they are and they had to grudgingly admit that to themselves.  I also have more willpower and the willingness to grind away at them until their complete destruction—which is something they hadn’t experienced before.  My wife’s solutions to the problems involved attacking these things within the quantum fluctuation fields where false images and paper enemies could provide the illusion of a menace.

My solution was to attack the source, not the result.  We had some disagreements as to that strategy, but eventually, we outlasted it.  There is a reason I go by the tag “overmanwarrior.”  Once you survive the things I have, and we have as a family, you’ve evolved beyond the limits of a normal human being.  I don’t know anybody who has went through what we have and come out on the other side sane or optimistically healthy, emotionally—yet we are.  Those government agencies aren’t nearly as pompous as they used to be.  Now they are drowning in debt and their employees are so lackluster that they lack the ambition to engage in that kind of activity.  The difference between the 80s and the 2000s is that the Millennials who now hold these jobs have much less ambition and patience.  They don’t even want to think about a traditional family let alone attack and harass them—because to do so means they have to get to know them through spying and monitoring.

That’s why I was surprised that so many people loved Stranger Things.  It’s not just the pleasant throwback to the 1980s—the characters themselves are all generally positive and trying to do good things—and that is really unique in this modern age.  Perhaps people are ready for something positive again, maybe they’ll vote for Donald Trump to unleash once again a new age of capitalism that will have a positive influence for us all.  Maybe entertainment companies will take notice and make more stories like those of the Uncharted 4 video game and the Netflix series Stranger Things.  Hollywood is obviously out of ideas and it is from of these new entertainment sources that two of the best stories I’ve seen in years has come forth—and people are responding.  That is truly a good thing.  But remember, there is often truth to the best horror—at least on a conceptual level.  Obviously Steven King was inspired by the 1920s pulp writer H.P. Lovecraft, who inspired the Batman Arkham stories, which has deeply inspired the current table top game phenomena seen at modern Gen Cons which has advanced the old Dungeon & Dragon concept to new levels—and all of that inspired obviously the Duffer Brothers—and this all makes up our modern culture in 2016—with bits of this and that thrown all over the place.  But—and I discovered this the hard way, Lovecraft had his pulse on the quantum fluctuations which produced monsters which came to him most nights in the form of terrible dreams.  Governments do try to manipulate those monsters in those quantum fluctuations to enact their strategies of statism—and 80s movies touched on the level of interest which we responded to as audiences with a level of shock and awe.  Yet those monsters are real.  We may not be able to change our mass and interact with them like they did in Stranger Things by crawling through a slimy tunnel—but we do sometimes catch them in the sides of our vision, or in our nightmares.  And they do mean us harm which is one more reason why we should have a smaller government that doesn’t attempt to use them to harm us as we live our lives under a banner of freedom and capitalist enterprise.

I’m looking forward to season 2—if they ever get it started.

Rich Hoffman


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Julian Assange Tells All: Setting the record straight on his Wikileaks emails and who he works for

It is useful when contemplating election scandals such as what the Democrats are currently experiencing—for good reason, to understand how the rest of the world sees American politics.  Because, Julian Assange, like it or not, represents how mainstream people view American elections—because he is a true outsider not connected to any governments—like a lot of people are these days.  So listen to the interview he gave recently to Russia Today talking about the first release of Wikileaks emails which erupted the DNC convention at the start and caused major resignations.  He additionally talks about the emails he plans to release and the game Hillary Clinton is playing.  What is interesting about this interview is that unlike what we might see on Fox or CNN, this interview is pretty dispassionate as to the outcome.  It is just focused on the facts of the matter—the emails themselves—the evidence that Hillary Clinton contributed to in the first place.  It doesn’t matter who spied on the issues here, it is that the issues exist.  Wikileaks is just the informant.  The corruption was committed by Clinton and her Democrats.

Rich Hoffman


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How to Beat the Political Left: Breitbart sticks it to The Daily Show–watch how they did it

This is how you deal with the political left—you have to get in their face and let them know that you are smarter than they are.  Their favorite—and really only weapon is that they feel they have the masses behind them trained through academic institutions that they currently control.  They behave with all things with an aristocratic air that they use as a club to shut people up and push conservatives into the corners reeling for help.  But just study what one guy from Breitbart did to The Daily Show crew at the RNC convention.  This is how you defeat lefties ladies and gentlemen.  Way to go Breitbart!

Rich Hoffman


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Ben Carson’s RNC Speech: He was historically correct to tie Hillary Clinton to Lucifer

It is unbelievable that so many establishment types had a hard time with Ben Carson’s speech at the RNC in Cleveland where he tied Hillary Clinton to Lucifer.  I think I was most baffled by Dana Parino from Fox News who thought it was an “over-the-top” comparison.   No wonder Republicans have been losing to the inferior philosophical outlook of the political left for such a long time—because they avoid confronting evil even in words and deeds.  There was nothing “inflammatory” or “conspiratorial” about what Ben Carson said—everything is factually based.  Watch for yourself.

It is true that Hillary idolized Saul Alinsky and wrote here college thesis on the radical leftist who did indeed study his methods of organizing change agents from within the ranks of Al Capone’s criminal empire.  His associations with known mobsters led to his pinnacle work—the Democratic handbook, Rules for Radicals which Hillary was very enchanted with—and on the dedication page, Alinsky did dedicate the book to Lucifer—literally.  The book was forged from evil and organized crime.  Fact. There is nothing “inflammatory” about it such a statement.  It’s all true.  You’d think that even Republican insiders who actually have worked in the White House would know that.  But what they do when they criticize Carson for bringing up such an extraordinary fact about a person running for president of the United States is they play right into the methods Saul Alinsky taught his students—that the best way for evil to thrive is to force good people to shut up and sit down with all known methods of coercion—which is how the mob operated for years—and still does in some places.

Ben did a good job in bringing up the Hillary comparison to Lucifer at the RNC because it is relevant to this situation.  The first method of breaking an addiction is in admitting that you have a problem.   Republicans have been addicted to losing for a long time to the sheer face of evil—by not challenging that evil when confronted with it.  Republicans have turned away from the workings of evil like timid varmints about to be consumed by a vile snake trapped on a high perch for which they can never step off to escape.  The snake knows that Republicans cannot step off their high ground so they use that fear to control the thinking of Republicans and have used that strategic imposition to essentially spread evil in the vacancy of justice.  That is essentially what Rules for Radicals teaches and what more could you expect from a book dedicated to Lucifer.

Rich Hoffman


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Gun Grabber Leland Yee Going to Jail over Weapons Trafficking: Why we can’t trust government but down the barrel of a potential gun


On Monday June 20th 2016 a host of senate democrats attempted to use the Orlando shooting to pressure GOP leadership into gun control measures on Capital Hill.  Of course, thankfully because of the Republican majority and the powerful NRA their four proposals are going nowhere.  But they’ll keep trying just like their buddy Leland Yee has for years out in California.  The potential attempt had me fueled into a fired up fissure on Saturday when my friend Matt Clark brought up the topic of gun control up on his WAAM radio show.  I had to call at the 30 minute mark and join the vigorous conversation Matt was hosting.

During the call I brought up the news story shown below, where liberal Leland Yee—a gun control champion in California was busted for trafficking in “foreign firearms” on the black market.  Go ahead, read the article for yourself below from The Washington Post:

On the surface, the story of Leland Yee looks like a precipitous fall from grace.

The 67-year-old had risen steadily in the ranks of Bay Area politics since the late 80s, when he was elected to the San Francisco School Board. He then went on to sit on the city’s Board of Supervisors and in the state Assembly. The latter role saw him become the first Asian American speaker pro tem in 2004, making him the second-highest ranking Democrat in the California assembly at the time.

From 2006 onwards, Yee served as a state senator and was plotting a secretary of state campaign when his political visions were curtailed by a federal indictment in March 2014.

The arrest swept Yee and his associate Keith Jackson, 51, up in charges alongside some of the city’s most notorious characters, notable among them Chinatown gangster Raymond “Shrimp Boy” Chow.

Yee also discussed buying weapons overseas and bringing them to the U.S. with two associates and an undercover agent. He accepted $6,800 and a list of arms for purchase in the Philippines.

The maneuvers were not only illegal, but also in stark contrast to what he had long purported to stand for.

Yee told CBS two years before he was arrested: “It is extremely important that individuals in the state of California do not own assault weapons. I mean that is just so crystal clear — there is no debate, no discussion.”

As a legislator, Yee supported strict gun control laws and was named to the Brady Campaign’s Gun Violence Prevention Honor Roll.

The calamitous epilogue to Yee’s career, then, seems to be an abrupt about-face. During his campaigns, Yee had styled himself as an outsider removed from the corruption that plagued San Francisco governments past.

“My parents didn’t encourage me to go into politics at all,” he told Hyphen magazine in 2011. “There was a stereotype in the Chinese community that sees politics with suspicion. Politicians aren’t honorable, they’re corrupt and unsavory.”

Some members of the public have expressed disappointment over his conviction, but many more think the five-year sentence is fair (if not too light) for someone who has admitted to abusing his position.

Let me just say this much, there are no circumstances where more government equates to more prosperity.  By nature, human beings fail when they have too much power and Leland Yee is a fine example of the same type of corruption we are learning about in Brazil, Venezuela and everywhere that socialism is the political philosophy of the masses.  America must have guns—unlimited guns—so that our society can have the means to keep government from becoming all-powerful and ultimately following in the footsteps of liberals like Leland Yee.  Every gun grabbing politician speaking to federal representatives in the wake of the Orlando massacre are potential Leland Yees.  Many of them may be well-intentioned people, but all of them have the potential to become like Yee.  What makes America different is that we do have guns, and we can if there is no other option; use them to protect ourselves from an out-of-control government.  And by the sound of things now, it would seem that we are almost out of other options.

Rich Hoffman


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