Hillary Loses her Mind Again, and her Shoe: Is the presidential candidate looking for a doctor’s note to get out of the debates?

By now dear reader you’ve probably heard, Hillary Clinton nearly passed out at a 9/11 ceremony even losing her shoe as her entourage ushered her into her motorcade before the cameras could capture her despair.  By all appearances Hillary Clinton looks ill—like she’s a very sick person.  And factually, that’s all we have to go on.  But beware of the scheming Hillary Clinton—the criminal—who will stop at nothing to cover her trail and do what she has to do to survive another day.  Consider that just before the Benghazi hearings, it was this same Hillary Clinton who supposedly had a concussion and couldn’t attend the congressional hearings for quite some time delaying the efforts.

Many—such as yours truly—believed she was faking the injury to delay justice—until public sentiment had worn out on the topic blunting the effect on her professional life—which worked to some extent.  I believe this is the same kind of “injury.”  Hillary does not want to debate Donald Trump.  I believe she is looking for a doctor’s note getting her out of the upcoming events and that she is trusting the element of sympathy and a friendly media to carry her over the finish line.

She knows that she has better chances at the presidency if she avoids the debates than if she will if she gets pounded on her emails during them.  The only way she can hope to endure the ridicule of the Wikileaks email releases and the public embarrassments Trump will unleash on her are to avoid the debates all together.  And to get away from that—she needs a doctor’s note and a whole lot of progressive sympathy.  Be very careful of the wounded animal that whimpers until you get close enough for it to swipe at you one last time.  Hillary is a criminal, and nothing she does can be trusted at face value.

Rich Hoffman


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The Sexless Exsistence of Reincarnation: Maybe there is hope for ‘Star Wars’ yet

One of the issues that most angered me about the obvious deviation from the Expanded Universe in Star Wars regarding the new movies was the betrayal of some really good science fiction written particularly about the nature of the Force as it was pressed in the gravitational anomalies within the region of space known as the Maw.  It’s not perfect, but there were some high concepts concerning life and death in those novels that were what I’d consider significantly important.  The Force Awakens avoided all that and went in a new direction which as presented was a much more watered down entry.  Jaina Solo was in the books one of the greatest heroines of the saga, and Rey obviously wasn’t her and it just made no sense to me that she was excluded.  I still think it was a huge mistake not to utilize those very good stories as canon.  But, obviously Lucasfilm under Kathy Kennedy with the input of George Lucas felt the stories were getting away from the core Skywalker family lineage so they wanted to make a change in the new movies—and that didn’t seem justified—unless this recent rumor of Rey’s origin turns out to be true, which I am inclined to believe.   The answer is in the link below.  Click on it only if you want to know.  Having the answer isn’t really necessary for what I have to say about it.


Most religions believe in some form of reincarnation around the world—where the spirit of an entity returns to the world of the living in some other form, whether it’s a dog, cat, or another human being—it is something that is heavily revered around the world.  Even George Patton believed that he was an ancient warrior from days long gone and that he had been on earth before.  One of the things I have always liked most about Star Wars is that they took kid’s topics and wrapped them very carefully into modern religion.  The nature of the “Force” is an unusual concept that combines many world religions into an updated moral grounding that I have always thought was healthy.

Star Wars for me was the gateway to Joseph Campbell’s teachings which I discovered during my college age days.  I was so affected by Joseph Campbell that traditional college lost its meaning and it sent me into a five-year deep dive from about 19 to 24 years of age reading all his books, particularly The Hero with a Thousand Faces and The Masks of God series from his work in Transformations of Myth Through Time.  When I wasn’t reading Joseph Campbell I was listening to him.  I had about twenty hours of lectures by Campbell on tape which I listened to at my various jobs for several years to the point where I knew the material backwards and forward.  For another five years I spent reading all the supplement books which inspired Campbell—books like Finnegan’s Wake and Thus Spoke Zarathustra and studying great artists like James Joyce and Thomas Mann so that I could understand Campbell much better.  I did all this essentially because Star Wars had inspired in me a desire to deep dive the material of myth and how it informed the human mind about the world we live in and the world that exists beyond four-dimensional living.

I probably could have become something of a museum curator or some world traveler doing work in this field of mythic interpretation—but instead I wanted to turn even further inward and read more and think more.  I took jobs that would give me time to read and write yet still take care of my growing family.  For me—for about twenty years—from age 20 to 40 years of age I was in my own version of Luke’s Dagobah—working hard, but intellectually developing myself rather intensely and I loved it.  My mother told me that when I was one and two years old that I said strange things about the world around me as I was learning—as if I had always known certain things.  I don’t think it had anything to do with reincarnation but instead being able to understand what pours forth from the eternal spring of life essence which is at the heart of everything—call it God, call it the “Force” it is beyond human definition.  I’ve described my teenage years as being extremely fearless—because I felt I understood that the universe wanted me to live and I pushed my limits to the extreme to see how forgiving it was—and I turned out to be right—it wanted me to live.  This evoked in me a strong sense about individualism because it takes such people to tap that well.  So this life spent over the subsequent twenty years was designed to figure out the essence of that well the best I could—mostly through literature and artists from the previous 2000 years and a study through Joseph Campbell of comparative religions around the world.  I felt that the Star Wars novels were some of the greatest explorations into the nature of life beyond life that I had come across and they were great contributions to the tapestry of mythology.  The plot lines in some cases could have been better but the explorations into the “Force” were important in my view—and it was a shame to eject all that for some Disney commercial tripe.

However, in my view this revelation about Rey is something I think advances Star Wars properly—let me just say that.  It’s a fairly high concept that will conceivably provoke in many young people hopefully a similar journey as I have been on over most of my life.  I will say that if it turns out to be the case, that I will be impressed—which is likely why the information was leaked in the first place.  I have been very down on Star Wars since The Force Awakens.  Like I said, I haven’t played any video games, or even watched the television show Rebels since seeing The Force Awakens on December 17th 2015.

The mind bender which is pretty important and contrary to our lives is that a soul in whatever configuration that it entails isn’t necessarily the sex it was while it resided in a body during what we might call “life.”  When first thinking about the possible direction of the next Star Wars movie, Episode 8, I thought it was a Disney attempt to appease gay rights advocates.  But, it is deeper than that—and that’s important.  I think it’s so important that I’d consider giving Star Wars another chance because it just might advance the human race—not into the sexual rolls that we play as human beings but into the essence of what we are all made of in the eternal aspect.

However, the roles we play as a culture is important too.  Men are men, and women are women—nobody would think to walk into a Navajo tribe and start telling them to make sand paintings different or to rearrange their culture in some disrespectful way—and nobody should attack traditional American culture in a disrespectful fashion the way that progressives do.  I would argue that only American culture could produce something like Star Wars in this modern age—because it requires freedom and financial resources to extrapolate from the depths of imagination and to put it in front of the masses in such a spectacular fashion where literally the Internet was buzzing around the globe at the leak about Rey’s parentage.  So forcing gay subject matter down the throats of Disney fans is not what I’m talking about.  But a sexless existence that is eternal is something I can get excited about.  If Star Wars is knocking on the door to heavy mythic representations—then I will go in the door behind it.  If not, I’ll be done with it forever.  This news about Rey is encouraging to me.  I could get on board with that.  There may be hope for Star Wars yet.

Rich Hoffman


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Rich Hoffman Hosting WAAM Radio: Most of our problems summed up in an hour

Matt Clark needed to head out-of-town so he asked me to host his WAAM radio show at 1 PM on Saturday, which I accepted.  For just such occasions I now have a home studio to broadcast from since with my busy schedule, it is nearly impossible for me to actually do so from a fixed location.  It had been a very busy Saturday morning—so busy that there wasn’t even time to eat breakfast, so as I was doing show prep about a half hour before going on the air my wife brought me some Chick-fil-A to eat.  While I ate I was watching the news on a studio monitor.  This is what I saw:

WASHINGTON — Saudi Arabia has told the Obama administration and members of Congress that it will sell off hundreds of billions of dollars’ worth of American assets held by the kingdom if Congress passes a bill that would allow the Saudi government to be held responsible in American courts for any role in the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.

Once I got on the air I unloaded all the connecting events that had happened just during that particular news week and finished off with the conclusion that America was at the end of its rope.  We needed to take action right now to correct our treacherous conditions otherwise we wouldn’t get a second chance.  This is what it sounded like.  Click the link, sit back and listen—then share it with a friend.

First I spoke about the Russian jets buzzing American ships in the Baltic.  Putin has been openly challenging American interests around the globe.  He calculated that under the Obama presidency that the military would not fire on his pilots and that he could flex his muscle in the Baltic region.  He was right much to all of our embarrassments.  America should have shot down those Russian jets.  It is hard to take the life of other people, but the Russians shouldn’t have provoked our military.

Donald Trump is about to win New York big, which shouldn’t be a surprise.  Running a populist campaign Trump is at a severe disadvantage to other political candidates who know the system better than him, because they helped create the rules.  Trump needs a very dominating victory in New York otherwise this whole election process will linger on needlessly.  Kasich is going nowhere, and neither is Cruz.  For the sake of the Republican Party, it needs to get behind Trump.  Otherwise Trump will need to start his own party so that the focus can shift to a general election victory instead of all the party oriented politics.

Hillary Clinton is running for president even though she’s under investigation by the FBI.  Think about how amazing that is—we actually have the first woman running for president with a barrage of scandals on her coat tails—and she’s the expected front-runner.  This would have been the story of the decade in the 80s or 90s, but with all the topics of our day, it’s just one element that is almost background noise.

We have over 19 trillion dollars in national debt which to me is the biggest story of all.  We are actually talking about 21 trillion dollars within a few years of now, and that is unfathomable.  On the radio show I proceeded to talk about all the regions of the country planning to file for bankruptcy to get out from under all this massive debt—but there is nowhere to run.  At the current 19 trillion-dollar deficit it exceeds our national GDP and is big trouble for having any hope at actually paying it off in our lifetimes.  This is the clear exhibition of incompetent management of our government and it demands immediate action to avoid default.  The only way out is massive economic expansion of 7% to 10%–to have a chance at surviving with our national sovereignty.

The NFL player Will Smith was shot in New Orleans and his coach Sean Payton used the tragedy to call out for gun control.  This infuriated me greatly, CLICK TO REVIEW.  Payton ran his Saints organization under a bounty system the year they won a Super Bowl in 2010 and Will Smith was one of his star players doing his part.  Smith obviously thought that he was above the law as he was dining out with members of law enforcement then had a small wreck on his way home.  Instead of stopping to exchange insurance information, Smith ran off and the victim hunted him down a few blocks down the road and shot him dead.  I put the blame on the kind of system that Sean Payton has created with his football players which spilled over onto the streets of New Orleans.  So it was disgusting that Payton sought to deflect blame away from himself and blame guns taking a very progressive position against them.  It was pathetic to use the murder of his friend to advance a political cause that deflected away from his own bad behavior.

Socialists around the country are demanding $15 dollars an hour for minimum wage which is insane.  Money is a measurement of value—if money is just handed out indiscriminately, it loses its value and inflation is invoked.  It is truly pathetic that more people do not understand basic economic concepts.  Fast-food workers are not worth $15 dollars an hour by market measurement.  The government backed increase will only cost jobs because it will force companies to automate their processes to cover their margins.  To the socialists that are causing all these problems globally, they just don’t understand that money is a measurement of values which they don’t see or understand because their emphasis is on equality—which essentially is a unit of measure that throws out all judgment.  You can’t have any kind of functional society without human judgment.  One thing I do on this site is write abundant articles on archaeology, as I am pretty obsessed with the causes of demise regarding ancient cultures.  I would attribute this tendency of demise to the Vico cycle which is a recurring theme given to human inclination hard-wired into our brains.  It is up to us to rewire ourselves to think differently and to make a conscious decision to step away from that destructive cycle.  The $15 dollar an hour minimum wage proposal is a promise to destroy our economy—which has always been the goal of socialists.

John Kasich is an unmitigated, delusional idiot totally out of touch from reality.  Watching him run for president makes you wonder if that guy has actually retained his sanity.  I think he has lost it somewhere over the last few years—he is certainly not the same person I knew back in 2010.  He sounds like a babbling fool and he’s just embarrassing.  He has no moral platform to even consider being nominated for president and he’s functioning under the assessment that he does.  I get messages from his campaign every day talking about how he’s the only guy who can beat Hillary in a head to head election.  Give me a break.  I don’t think he could win at anything against anybody.  He’s a buffoon obviously surrounded by complete idiots.  His type of politician is exactly what has screwed up our government in the first place.  It’s hard to believe that people like him are out there until you hear him talk and realize that he has so much support from the establishment.  No wonder we are in so much trouble.

Bernie Sanders is actually beating Hillary head to head as a socialist—and that points to a radical shift in our country.  Young people like Sanders, they are ready to embrace socialism because we’ve allowed the concept to be taught in our public schools and colleges, and now they are voters.  As of now there is a strong chance that he could be the Democratic nominee and he has half the country at his back.  Remember when Mitt Romney received all types of flack, which probably alone destroyed his 2012 campaign for president when he made the 47% comment?  What he said was true and now just four years later those 47% are looking at an open socialist like Bernie Sanders and thinking hard about voting for him just so they can get free stuff.  That is a serious problem—economically, and ethically.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg asked his employees this week if they should publicly denounce Donald Trump. I see Zuckerberg as just a stupid kid—a little midget boy who is about the same age as my kids who got lucky with some code that he wrote.  His politics are consistent with other Millennials taught progressive ideology in public schools and George Soros activism from publications like MoveOn.org and Think Progress.  Those publications then inspire more mainstream outlets like Rolling Stone and The Huffington Post.  Zuckerberg even though he’s a billionaire is an open border socialist and he is the next great threat to our American Republican after George Soros finally dies off.   The problem with Zuckerberg is that he has name recognition and a product that most everyone in America is using and loves.  He is the Lex Luther of our real world—and he has to be stopped.  For that reason, I am not on Facebook.  As I explained on the radio, the people helping me with my book projects created Facebook accounts for those novels, but I personally don’t have anything to do with them because I reject Mark Zuckerberg in every way shape and form.  He is an American villain.

The Ohio legislature is ready to throw in the towel to pro marijuana activists early in the fight to legalize medical pot before there is a vote in November.  Again, as I explained on the radio, I am against pot in every way shape and form.  I don’t take drugs, not even aspirin, so I’m dead-set against more drug legalization—especially medical marijuana.  In Ohio, the legislators want to get their hands on the tax money that pot could bring to the state, because they are so miserably hungry for another revenue stream which will allow them to redistribute more tax payer money to people who don’t deserve it—that they’ll do and say anything—even create a marijuana bill avoiding tax payers at the ballot box in November.  They are all villains as well, and they are selling out their state because they are lazy fools guilty of mismanaging our government.

And finally Puerto Rico wants to file for bankruptcy, it is $70 billion in debt and there is no hope of coming out of it.  Democrats are against the proposed bill which is in front of Paul Ryan because it prevents a raise of the minimum wage in that territory as they push for socialist increases across America.  If Puerto Rico is granted bankruptcy protection then following will be states like California and cities like Chicago who are all on unsustainable economic paths.  So house Republicans have a major problem on their hands far worse than whether or not Donald Trump is their nominee.  We have major, major, major problems and nobody is talking about it—because the consideration is so unpleasant.

So it was a busy one hour broadcast that rivals anything that you can hear on talk radio.  Since Matt gave me an open opportunity on WAAM’s airwaves and I already had the hour blocked off, I took the time to make the case in a way that connects the dots for everyone listening not only to the live broadcast, but the podcast later.  It’s valuable information that nobody in the mainstream news is able to provide to their supporters, because the complex nature prevents a correct understanding.  But I have a unique background and an ability to tie it all together so I did.  Hopefully you will enjoy the broadcast and will take the time to share it with someone you care about.  Because we all have some hard decisions to make and we need good information to help us make them.

Rich Hoffman


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I Hated ‘The Hateful 8’: A terrible movie by a failing Hollywood industry

There was a lot not to like about Quentin Tarantino’s latest film The Hateful Eight. I personally didn’t see it when it came out in theaters around Christmas of 2015 because of Tarantino’s political activism against police, but I put it on the checklist.  It was sold as a western shot in 70mm traditional wide—just as Ben Hur was many years ago—so I figured it would be worth watching.  My chance came once it was released to the home theater market and I was a little excited about it. But after two hours of movie realizing that the whole thing was going nowhere, I was very concerned that if Tarantino was the best that Hollywood had to offer—that they consider him a “modern” Shakespeare–that there is no wonder their movie industry was in trouble.  At that point there was still about 45 minutes of movie left to show and I was ready to turn it off—but didn’t because I already had too much time invested.

This is what happens when someone becomes so full of themselves—and have been told by hundreds of aspiring actors and progressive movie producers that they are the greatest thing to arrive since fire.  They forget that people actually will see their movies and that those people think very differently about the world than those tucked up against the mountains of California and the Pacific Ocean. The only good characters in The Hateful Eight was the Kurt Russell character.  Samuel Jackson wasn’t the greatest and once he revealed an oral sex scene with another guy—I decided I didn’t like him and didn’t want to invest any more time into learning about him.  Most of the movie took place inside a cabin getting to know all these characters who were telegraphed very early to being all completely killed off.  There was no point to their stories or the interaction between them because it all led to one place—death.

The Hateful Eight is like a person being walked to an execution getting to know all the people spitting on him along the way.  It just doesn’t make any sense because that person was going to be dead soon—so why waste the time?  It was just horrendously stupid.  Beautifully photographed, good soundtrack—most of the time—but just a stupid story—I can’t believe anybody read that script and thought it the work of a genius—and I can’t believe anybody gave Tarantino money to make that movie.

Coming from a guy who shares with me a love for the great movie, The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, Tarantino obviously isn’t at the same level of Sergio Leone, and I went into The Hateful Eight hoping sincerely that he was.  Not even close—not even close to the sincerity of a spaghetti western, which I thought was the point of The Hateful Eight. It ended up being just another sign of a broken and declining culture that doesn’t make anything original anymore—even though all the tools were provided.  To suggest that The Hateful Eight is anything close to the masterpiece Hamlet, just because everyone ended up dead in the end is ridiculous.  There weren’t any sympathetic characters for which to hang a morality on in Tarantino’s movie.  All the characters were villains and none of them were people I’d want to get to know if they sat down next to me at a bar.

Even using the barroom metaphor with The Hateful Eight seems underwhelming.  Typically when a man wants to pick up a girl in a bar he engages in small talk to get her to reveal bits about herself.  Once she decides to talk about herself the conversation evolves into more personal matters.  Then as a climax and some trust won, the girl decides whether or not she wants to sleep with the guy.  It’s a little mating game that our species plays to make the experience not seem so cheap.  The Hateful Eight is like walking up to that girl and just flatly saying, “Let’s have sex.”  Then spending three hours talking about all the things you should have talked about before blurting out the obvious.  It was just despicable as a story—pathetic at every level.

I have liked other Tarantino movies—I thought Pulp Fiction was clever, and I enjoyed his work in other things—but I wouldn’t say he’s a master of anything.  He’s only smart compared to the very stupid people who now make up the Hollywood industry which these days are just a few rungs above raw porn in its creative impulse. I am really glad that I did not go to see this Tarantino western at the theater because I would have been angry at wasting the money. The Hateful Eight wasn’t a western; it was a monstrosity of undeveloped ideas from a director who obviously has personal problems holding back his artistic ability.

As an example of how all westerns should be presented these days, The Revenant is still the featured example.  If you are going to make a western, at least put in the work.  So what if someone stole the script to The Hateful Eight and that’s why Tarantino made it into a feature film.  The material wasn’t so good that an eight year old child couldn’t have written it—so whatever provoked big money donors to give Tarantino money for that piece of crap sadly overrated the ability of the troubled, progressive filmmaker.  The movie wasn’t just bad enough to write a poor review about, it was bad enough that I personally feel like I was robbed just by watching it, because I can’t get back my time.  It would have been a much better movie if Samuel Jackson hadn’t forced a naked man to perform oral sex on him, because in the last dying moments he was the only one left and I couldn’t help but think that he was the last person I wanted to see on the screen in the end.  Given that, he was the best character in the movie after Kurt Russell’s character died of poisoning.  The Hateful Eight was horrendous filmmaking and storytelling at its absolute lowest.  Sadly, it represents a new generation that thinks it’s the work of genius—because people are now so stupid and have such a low opinion of themselves that they don’t know any better.  People now can actually relate to these despicable characters.  And that’s the real problem with The Hateful Eight and the filmmakers who put that trash on the screen.

Rich Hoffman


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‘Star Wars: Rogue One’: Hope and perhaps a second chance

I was not a fan of The Force Awakens.  I still think it was a rip-off fan film and it wasn’t very good.  It’s obvious to me that Star Wars saw its best days under the control of George Lucas and that it will forever be in a declined state.  I was a tremendous fan of Star Wars because under Lucas they had established a nice storyline that embodied several video games, novels, comics and of course the movies themselves into on giant mythology—and that mythology had a conservative lean to it—rooted in Ayn Rand oriented individualism.  Now it is clear that when Lucasfilm under Kathy Kennedy released The Star Wars comic series about two years before the release of The Force Awakens that they were telegraphing what they were going to do with the many novels that had been written after The Return of the Jedi in 1983—they were going to rip them off and retell many of the stories because they thought they needed to be more Huffington Post oriented progressive stories instead of Ayn Ran.   In that comic series Lucasfilm took George Lucas’ original screenplay and turned into a comic to show how rough the story had been compared to what ended up on screen—as a ploy to justify what they were about to do to the Extended Universe.  Well, that’s all water under the bridge and Star Wars is forever ruined for me—because I had stayed with them through many years—and they let me down.  Now that I know that, I can at least appreciate what telling some of those old stories from the books to cinematic vision can do for a new generation desperate for some positive mythology and after seeing the trailer for the new Rogue One film by Garth Edwards, I am encouraged.  Lucasfilm might earn back a little respect with it because it looks nicely done.

The sad thing about that movie and premise is that it is essentially a retelling of the story of the video game Dark Forces and the name of the female lead is essentially a take on Kyle Katarn’s trusted ship captain.  Dark Forces was the first video game I ever played with my oldest daughter and it was a special story for us, and now Lucasfilm is going to screw that up too—but I think Edwards will do the story justice.  I suppose the sad thing for me is that there won’t be any new ideas coming out of Star Wars.  But the value of what has been told is important and to a new generation that is seeing some of this stuff for the first time—these movies are good for them.  This is consistent with the Disney Company that has taken stories told over time and put a modern take to them for their movies.  There is value in retelling a story, so to that extent I’m glad to see Star Wars doing what it’s doing.

It gives me hope that the future stand alone films featuring Han Solo and Boba Fett will be very good and dramatic—even though the topics have been covered in the novels of the past.  It is still fun to see these things put into a movie even if the story is better in the original novelizations.  Let’s face it, not many people read any more, so at least these stories will get told.   Rogue One, I would say will arguably in that case will be better than the original story of Dark Forces.  So if that’s what Disney is going to do, I suppose it’s better than nothing.  I see Star Wars as just another remake the way that Godzilla was recently retold with an updated spin on a classic story.  I am looking forward to Rogue One because it tips the hat toward the spirit of the original trilogy and I trust that director to do a good job.  It will be fun to visit that universe again by someone who obviously loved the original film as much as I did—if not more.

Still, I can’t help but think how special Star Wars could have been if they had stuck to the carefully planned books.  But Hollywood in general has lost its creative impulse—very few filmmakers these days have any imagination and those that do can’t get funded for their projects because backers are caught in a static pattern that is dangerous to their own industry.  All of Hollywood is stuck in this creative vacuum of copying off old books and comics to update stories for a more visual format.  I had the benefit of seeing Star Wars when everything was truly new and original and I wanted that freshness for this new generation.  But it can still be good.  Just not as good.

Since The Force Awakens I have been pretty staunchly anti-Star Wars.  My brother and kids have been a little sad that I can’t share my enthusiasm for it as I once did.  To me the death of Han Solo was essentially the death of Star Wars.  It will never mean the same to me, especially with the progressive direction that they are going.  I don’t care about the minority roles or the strong female characters—but the collectivism push is something I just can’t get into—stories where the individuals take a backseat for the collective benefit of everyone.  With Han Solo, everything was better, his selfishness epitomized Ayn Rand’s objectivist philosophy wonderfully.  It may have been unintentional by George Lucas, but it was very pro capitalist leaving A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back the best two movies likely to ever be made for the Star Wars saga.  It was exciting to see images of costumes, ships, sounds, and other elements of those two movies in the Rogue One preview—so I’m sure it will be enjoyable.  I may not enjoy it as much as I otherwise would, but Lucasfilm has a chance to win me back just a little.

To put things in perspective, since I was like 10 years old I bought every single video game that was ever released for Star Wars the first week it came out.  I loved every one of them, particularly the Dark Forces games, Force Unleashed, and Rebel Assault.  That lasted until essentially The Force Awakens.  I dropped Star Wars like a rock and pushed it out of my mind completely.  It was so bad that when we finally bought a Playstation 4, I had the option of buying one with the Star Wars: Battlefront option, or with the Call of Duty bundle—I picked Call of Duty.  I don’t want to play that game because I don’t want to play as a bad guy—because they force you to if you want to play online.  And I refuse to play any game that makes me shoot at the Millennium Falcon or Han Solo flying it.  So Battlefront is the first Star Wars video game that I haven’t bought.  I’ve even bought game systems to play specific Star Wars games.  I would love to play Battlefront as the rebellion.  But I have absolutely no interest in playing as the Empire.  To my mind, George Lucas was treading on shaking ground when he attempted to humanize the bad guys in his prequels.  But I thought there were good points to make, and I personally liked Obi-Wan enough to hang with Lucas through those stories.  But without a good guy to hang morality onto, Star Wars falls apart and becomes just another average story.

Fortunately, it looks like Garth Edwards understands what makes Star Wars good, so I am encouraged, and will likely see the new Star Wars film when it comes out in December.  I’ll give it a second chance to win my respect.  I think it was pathetic that The Force Awakens only made a bit over 2 billion dollars—it could have made more.  I’m sure Disney executives are happy, but they are obviously unaware of their short-sightedness.  So we’ll see.  We were so serious about Star Wars that my family had been planning to go to London this upcoming summer to attend the Star Wars Celebration there in 2016.  Those plans changed after Force Awakens quickly.  We’re not going.   It remains to be seen how good Rogue One turns out to be.  If it is respectful to Dark Forces, then I might be able to like it.  If it craps all over it, then that will likely be it for me.  My opinion is pending successful implementation.

Rich Hoffman


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‘Pee Wee’s Big Holiday’: We have a lot to thank Paul Reuben for–see it on Netflix

This might seem strange to some, but I love the concept of Pee Wee Herman.  It was quite a lot of fun for me to watch the first Pee Wee film in over twenty years on Netflix called Pee Wee’s Big Holiday.  It’s an exclusive for Netflix but has shown in a few theaters across the nation.  Pee Wee to me is such a wonderful character.  I get a lot of joy out of watching Paul Reuben play an adult who essentially never entered puberty.  His Pee Wee character is a fantasy look into what we all might look like if we never stopped being children—which most of the time I think is a shame—that we all do grow up.  I can say that my first daughter was literally born while watching Pee Wee’s Playhouse at the hospital in 1989, which my wife and I never missed together.  We looked forward to every Saturday so we could watch it together.  During that particular episode she laughed really hard.  There were no doctors in the room at the time as they were waiting for her to dilate, and my daughter was born.  I actually had to hold my daughter’s head to keep her from falling out into that little bag that is supposed to capture all the afterbirth.  Ironically it was that same daughter who was doing a photo shoot of me and we were finished for the day and had a rare afternoon together with only me, my daughter and my wife all in the same place when I noticed a Hollywood Reporter article about the new Pee Wee movie. So we sat down and literally watched it the moment that Netflix put it on their site.  It was one of the rare joys I have had in a number of years, I simply loved it!

I suppose this little proclamation requires a back story.  It has become a consistent observation that when a major social character who has the public eye out-lives the requirements of whatever system they are a part of, strange stories emerge to destroy their careers.  For instance, when Brett Favre was having a hard time retiring from professional football, stories about him sending pictures of his penis to females emerged to force him into retirement following a scandal to knock him off his pedestal.  Payton Manning was going through something similar; he was on the fence as to whether or not to retire when a story emerged from his college days attacking his squeaky clean image with sexual imposition.  The clear message to Payton was, “get out while you are on top so we don’t have to tear you down.”  The college story which had been kept under wraps for over two decades was a warning shot, and Payton wisely listened.  Paul Reuben had dominated 1980s comedy during a vibrant Reagan era and had outlived his shelf life.  This will just let you examine how much things have changed in just a few decades dear reader. 

After the movie that essentially got Tim Burton his big directorial break, Pee Wee’s Big Adventure came out in 1985 both Paul Reuben and Tim Burton launched themselves into successful careers that were wildly imaginative—and boyishly playful.  Reuben from 1986 to 1990 did a children’s show on Saturday mornings called Pee Wee’s Playhouse which featured Laurence Fishburne and many others on the smash hit—which was the show that my first daughter was born to.  In 1991 Paul Reuben was noticed by a sting officer masturbating at an adult movie theater and was arrested.  Paul Reuben offered to do a charity spot for the local police to make the whole incident “go away” but the press got a hold of the story and it essentially destroyed the career of Reuben and his Pee Wee character thereafter.

Toys “R” Us dropped the Pee Wee Herman toy line and CBS stopped airing immediately Pee Wee’s Play House and the character was effectively wiped off the map. Within months Paul Reuben was forced into hiding disgraced.  Of course over the next ten years as the Clinton’s moved into the White House that same media effectively destroyed the office of president by letting out all the sexually charged secrets of Bill and Hillary Clinton.  By the end of the 1990s masturbation in a movie theater was the least of our worries and with the advent of the Internet and home video markets, pornography exploded into virtually every home.  Masturbation was normalized and no longer taboo—in fact it was encouraged by teachers of progressive society. If Paul Reuben had been arrested just five years later, his story would have died before it ever got started, but forever after Pee Wee Herman had been established as a pervert dangerous to children.

Boldly Reuben appeared in Batman Returns which of course was one of the original superhero films that launched this modern era we see today from Warner Bros and Disney. Tim Burton loyal to Reuben because of their friendship from the set of Pee Wee’s Big Adventure cast the actor to play the father of the villain “The Penguin.”  Ironically on the modern television show Gothem, Reuben reprised his role from that 1992 film playing the father of the modern Penguin.  One thing that I greatly admire about Reuben is that he has been very tenacious—he has stuck around and fought his way through obvious discrimination to make a living for himself—even though the parts offered to him were greatly limited ever since that original arrest.  Reuben tried for years to get his Pee Wee character up off the mat and back out into the media world and he just couldn’t get any takers.  Nobody would touch it.

However, in 2015 because of the wild success of video streaming to give Hollywood a run for its money in production values, Netflix announced that they would take on the Pee Wee character once again giving Reuben a second chance.  They shot the short picture which I’d call essentially a remake of Pee Wee’s Big Adventure—only without all the special effects—and it was released in 2016 as an exclusive on Netflix.  So I was quite proud to be one of the first to sit down and watch it.  I have not laughed that hard in a long time.  Even at 63 years old Reuben played the eternally youthful Pee Wee perfectly.  It was a wonderfully innocent film full of fun and laughs.

There is nothing wrong with looking at the human species and criticizing its evolution—we have minds and were meant to think and question the nature of things.  Saying that, I think it’s a mistake to surrender our innocence as children to the barrage of hormonal ineptitude that we find after puberty—where biology takes over and we become a sexually based species.  I can’t help but think that this world would be so much better if we just took sex out of it and could interact with each other the way children do—innocently and full of inquisitive playfulness.  For context, I approach everything I do in life with playful optimism.  I just steered a multimillion dollar project to completion using a playful approach that kept everyone’s creative juices flowing without pretension through a very hard project with lots of technical complications.  So I clearly understand the benefit of Pee Wee Herman as a cultural character in our complex society and there is something very important about him—which was an invention of Paul Reuben.  We should all thank him for his philosophic contributions to the essence of our very foundations as human beings.

If you get a chance to watch Pee Wee’s Big Holiday, you should do it!  Its great fun, wildly original—and innocent.  I don’t think there was one sexually provocative innuendo within the entire story.  It was very much the kind of movie a 6-year-old child would have made, and I mean that as a compliment.  I wish more youthful innocence would find its way into the adult consciousness because when I look around at my contemporaries I see defeated people—people who gave up their childhoods and retreated into biological entities of procreation and easy marketing for product placement.  What Reuben has done with his Pee Wee character is very hard—he has maintained a youthful playfulness that most people lose at age 11 and kept touch with it well into his 60s.  And I admire him for it.  Now, if you don’t mind “I’m going to let you let me leave.”

Rich Hoffman


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Chicago Teacher Union Protest–AGAIN: How George Lucas has failed by adopting socialism as an ideal society mechanism

It was just a few years ago that the Chicago Teacher’s Union had a strike that lasted for quite a while and now those radical, socialist, ungrateful, overly paid baby sitters are at it again walking off the job completely for one day to protest state funding—which does not exist—and giving 400,000 students no place to go but libraries, churches and other “contingency sites,” while their parents slaved away at a job to pay for college which is often the intellectual final nail in their youthful coffins.  Sadly, as much as teachers—especially those protesting in the streets of Chicago stopping traffic and being an extreme nuisance and burden on society—the kids were let down by every adult in their lives.  Their teachers were socialist activists, their parents too busy to stay home and care for them, and the media missed the entire point of the whole matter.  People wonder why kids grow up so stupid, why they become activists themselves for Bernie Sanders socialism—well, they learned it in their public schools—socialist brothels of intellectual destruction and left-winged propaganda.  The March 2016 one day strike by the teacher’s union in Chicago was one of the most disgusting things I’ve seen this year—and it should be a lesson to all what we’ve allowed to happen.


I say it quite a lot and have for quite a number of years—children would be far better off if parents just left them alone at home playing Playstation or Xbox all day instead of going to the socialist oriented public schools that our nation has given us.  It’s a hard reality most people can’t get their minds around—because it’s such an inconvenient truth—but we should have always known what was coming, as the whole operation was ran by a giant public sector labor union.  The only real goal of the teacher’s union has been to make students into left-winged radicals.  Luckily, not everyone grows up to become a socialist, and not all teachers individually are bad people.  There are many in that Chicago protest crowd who likely have no idea what socialism is, or understand what their role in this whole debacle has been—but history defines it for us and shows the direction we are all headed.

As this protest raged there were some startling statistics about the demographic nature of a future America by 2050 which came out.  Leftists are absolutely addicted to diversity implementation—mixing different cultures together to change the nature of constitutional law within the United States which is how labor unions and other progressive groups always intended to overthrow America without firing a single shot in a second, un-named revolution.  So their emphasis has been on skin color, sex, sexual preference and lots of other superficial aspects not even encompassing the essence of what makes a human being human.  They see public schools as melting pots of diversity raising children to have no barriers to sexual attitudes, acceptance of those who “look” different than they are, and completely ignoring actual behavioral characteristics because they have misidentified the key ingredients of a successful society.

Even though I have said many good things about the filmmaker George Lucas he obviously has lost his way over the years—probably because he attended too many democratic fundraisers and the politics of San Francisco liberalized him over time—but the “bearded one” has called Chicago his adopted second home.  He loves the progressive nature of the city which he considers doing important work toward achieving a more “fair” society.  This is one of the main reasons I no longer like Star Wars.  When Lucas made the first films—back in the 80s, they were quite good and had characters that would have been most at home in an Ayn Rand novel.  This is partly because Lucas believed much about the world at the time that I do now—best exemplified by his truly great film, THX-1138.  But after a divorce that he never really got over, hanging around democratic socialists within the Hollywood community that finally embraced him after many years of trying, then biologically changing in his later years becoming increasingly liberal as his testosterone levels dropped off—he is unrecognizable now and his films reflect his mental status.  Now Star Wars is about “diversity” more than it is about throwing off a tyrannical regime hell-bent on destroying individualism.  As great as Lucas was as a businessman and filmmaker, he now fails to identify attributes that have contributed to the complete failure of Chicago to operate as a responsible city.  As a city it is unofficially bankrupt, living off tremendous debt.  When the current mayor finally leaves—who has been extremely progressive all along—the next person will have a huge mess to clean up and that will likely lead to a similar fate as has been witnessed in Detroit.  The lines between a capitalist society and a socialist one have been blurred to the point that nobody any longer understands—even our most “educated” and most artistic—like Lucas.

What’s the point of teaching children anything if what they are learning in public school is socialism?  The argument is from the left that compassion for others is the most important thing in a human society.  They believe as many of those Chicago protesting teachers do, that social equality is more important than individual gains—which is why the teachers are protesting the state to bestow upon them more tax money extracted from private property and thrown in their direction.  They have become happy little socialists in the same way that Bernie Sanders has gained in popularity.  Kids supporting the socialist presidential candidate will tell you that their reasons are to gain access or debt relief from their college tuitions—which they have been told will be free.  Yet the teachers and professors within those professions often push up and over the six figure salary territory after obtaining tenure.  The left-leaning advocates for public schools, including college, have signed up their lives to the cause of socialism because the pay was so extraordinarily good.  Average people like these teachers couldn’t hope to make so much money anywhere else than they do in the teaching profession.  Yet the debate against my position has always been that teachers are valuable people giving wisdom to the next generation and that without them society crumbles.  Well, I’d say with them society is guaranteed to fail—without teachers—strictly on their own—kids have a better chance of succeeding in life.  That is how destructive socialism is to individual minds.

The belief in public schools is that individual achievement is vile and that group associations are vastly more important because equality between all parties is utilized—and taught.  The position of the “left” is that individual conquest is only for the physically, and intellectually strong and that it is a “caveman” mentality which society should overcome.  What they forget is that advancements in society are not induced by “fairness” but by hunger.  For instance, with as much money as our American civilization has poured into public schools and colleges, kids have not statistically become more intelligent.  If you talk to anybody under 30 years old today—you’ll see quickly what I’m talking about.  Most young people have been deliberately intellectually handicapped by the public school system to make the best and brightest no better than the sluggish and stupid.  When you build your society around the weakest links, you obviously will get a weak society—which is why socialism is so detrimental to any civilization.  Teachers have been unable to increase their effectiveness around the world no matter how much money has been spent on them essentially because their emphasis is on “equality and group assimilation” as opposed to individual achievement.  In a capitalist society, not everyone can be rich, smart, and powerful—but everyone has a chance to if they work at it.  The net result of that effort and success then benefits all of society.  There is no way to blend the two together.  George Lucas tried with his Jedi concept in the Star Wars films—but had to rely on mythical superpowers to blur the lines of what any human could possibly achieve.  Essentially Lucas like most on the political left turned toward Plato’s Republic as justification for their philosophic society—in the case of Star Wars, the Jedi are the council of wisdom that governs society without any individual desire.  If a Jedi does let personal desires drive their needs, then their superpower attributes become dangerous to society at large and the organized mass of collective consciousness will desire to have a rebellious overthrow of the renegade individual—that is essentially the message of the movies without the Han Solo element added to the plot.  I always liked Han Solo because he was an Ayn Rand conservative that functioned so well to keep saving everyone and advancing the Star Wars story. But without Han Solo, Star Wars is just another examination into Plato’s Republic—which is the opposite side of the coin of Aristotelian logic for which Ayn Rand associated and evolved her thoughts on the matter.

All this contemplation about how we arrived at National Socialism without realizing it is good for understanding how a bunch of overpaid and ungrateful teachers from Chicago ended up in the streets demanding even more money than they are already being paid to essentially destroy the lives of the students they were supposed to be teaching.  Politicians looked at that protest and shuddered at all the voters who had nowhere to take their children because nobody does the job of parenting anymore—leaving the task of raising children to the state.  So when the teachers wanted to protest to show the world how much power they had through “collective bargaining” they had a monopoly on the children and used them as extortion pieces.  That is the “compassionate” side of George Lucas’ ideal society, and the ultimate failure of the entire political left—especially those who have bankrupted the once great city of Chicago.  I’d encourage you dear reader to watch all the videos shown above for more information and proof.  It’s not an easy admission, but it’s one that we all need to grapple with.  Public schools are not good for our children.  They might someday become that way if the right market forces were applied, but in the state they are now, they are detrimental to our children.  Kids would be safer and their minds kept more intact if we left them alone at home with just a T.V. and a video game system.  They’d learn more about capitalism there than in school, and in American society—that is what they should have always been striving towards.  These problems will continue until our society recognizes the source of the problem—that it is socialism that drives these large teacher unions and they do not have our national sovereignty or our American economy in high regard.  By contrast they wish to continue to extract wealth from the haves, and redistribute them to the have-nots as if the mechanisms of productivity were a finite resource not driven by capitalist invention.

To prove it, each one of those teachers should have been fired from their jobs and replaced.  Children would not notice, and the parents would see no drop in scholastic performance, and that is the big secret that the teacher unions are terrified of.  It’s only a matter of time before we have to call their bluff—because the money isn’t there for them.  Chicago isn’t alone in their debts—most of America is going through the same crises.  Only when we finally do—and break the back of the teacher’s  union and get their left-leaning political influence out of our schools and the Department of Education can we hope to reverse the trends we are seeing today—a nation slipping into socialism at an alarming rate.  Personally, I’m not willing to fund our own destruction.  How about you?

Rich Hoffman


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