Summer Day Corn Dogs: Reflections from Annie Oakley 2015 at York Woods

For the first time in over a decade the Annie Oakley event of 2015 almost didn’t happen. Gery Deer who did a radio show with me about the annual event back in June had a brother who had been through brain surgery just a few days prior, and a sick father who was difficult to leave alone for an extended period. I had a few broken bones left from a recent motorcycle crash. The trip up to Darke County, Ohio to celebrate the birthday of Annie Oakley—America’s first real female celebrity, was plagued with voluminous predators known as police trying to write traffic tickets to pay for their wages, trains that kept stopping our journey from Southern Ohio and cancellations at the last-minute by several of the big names that usually come out. It was a rough year getting started and it took everything we had to get there and do the event. But as usual, I was happy to have gone. I made a point to not film everything as I usually do so I could just relax and enjoy the festivities, but I did manage to take some interesting 250 FPS footage of some of the variety to show why I typically use the event to restore my ambition for the American philosophy of freedom. The Western Arts of American specificity are unique to the world, and below are four examples of the day’s events to illustrate how wonderful, and dangerous they can be in slow motion.

Even with the cancellations a good number of people still came up, most notably Lash Luke from Alabama—he’s the one doing the bullwhip volleys around the little girl. David Crain was back, as well as several other long timers, so the competitions we usually do were fun and a fan favorite. I did my usual thing, and we all had a lot of fun. One thing that I thought was interesting is that it was the first time in all these years of doing these events that I won competitions with both of my treasured Terry Jacka bullwhips, one that is 10’ long and the other that is 6’. I have won with the shorter bullwhip lots of times, but never the two together. Even more ironic was that I won a contest for the first time with a snap whip holster that my wife had bought me way back in 2003.

The reason for the long whip win with the old holster was that Gery just for fun introduced last year a new contest called the Indiana Jones fast draw which simulated the opening of the famous movie, Raiders of the Lost Art. Being whip guys, we of course all love that classic movie so were keen to pay tribute to it with a contest that fans seemed to love. The way Gery designed it was really hard, you must have a coiled bullwhip of over 8’ in a holster with your back to the target, just like Indiana Jones did at the opening of Raiders. The event is run against another bullwhip artist just like in the regular fast draw competition so you have to race against another competitor. It’s tough to un-snap the holster, uncoil the bullwhip, find your target after turning around to spot it, then hitting it with a precise cut. Last year when we tried this for the first time, we all stumbled through it. But this year, we were all quite a bit better. I had to use my 10’ whip because it was the best one I had at that length. I have two 8’ whips, but they are not as accurate as my Jacka so I took the 10’ whip considering the extra time it would add to gain the accuracy. Indiana Jones was using a 10’ whip anyway, so it worked out for me. It was fun and gave us all a series of laughs we all needed after several hard weeks.

I spent some extra time this year watching the Single Action Shooting guys conduct their competition. I’m planning to add that new skill to my present activities in the upcoming years as part of my promotional efforts to preserve the Second Amendment. There is so much talent present at the Annie Oakley event that I consider it a real treasure to be among them. Not just in the portion that Gery Deer puts on, which takes considerable effort, but in the Ohio Fast Draw Association and the Cowboy Mounted Shooters, which was the first clip on the above video. I purposely went to relax a bit more this time than in years past, but couldn’t resist capturing some unique images with some high-speed tricks. Once I watched the mounted shooters a bit doing their thing against a corn field ready for harvest I fell in love with the images and the photographer in me demanded to gather up some footage. The move to York Woods as I said last year allowed for an expansion of their talent pool all gathered in one place. At the fairgrounds in previous years there were a lot more restrictions which prevented the creative shooting events that were so open to the public now. The mounted shooters were just a very short walk from the area where Gery was set up to conduct his western showcase. The single action shooting guys were just a bit of a walk between both events, so visitors had a lot to look at for free. It was quite an event to say the least.

David Crain the whip maker from Middletown, Ohio offered up most of the prize money for the whip competitions, as he has now for several years. He gives a gift certificate of $50 to his shop for each winner which is a significant improvement over the $5 to $7 dollar trophies we used to give out. Having a little gravitas to the competitions brings out the best in people because there is something worth fighting for. So after the competitions David came to find me to find out how to settle up with some of the certificates I had pending and added to after the day’s events.   It was his idea, and we couldn’t get it done before this year’s event, but we certainly will before next year, to get my firewhips back into working shape. I had destroyed through heavy use my firewhips from year’s past, so I have been in need of replacements, but wanted something more robust. David and I talked for a bit last year about just such a project. The declaration by him was that we’d get it done before next year’s show. He has a number of very nice whips but for the winnings that he issued, there really isn’t a better way to spend the money than on firewhips—especially since the new location at York Woods is a lot more conducive to fire, explosions and live gun fire. Next year’s show should be a new step up from all our vast experience.

We ate at the Fairlawn again, and shared stories in the back of the room like we usually do after a hot day of sweaty efforts spent.   My wife and I had a delightful Bud Light beer at the bar as we waited for the rest of the group to arrive. After all the heat of the day it tasted wonderfully. Just a few hours before as I watched Gery’s bullwhip show as a spectator I had a couple of corn dogs as I sat in the back of the crowd and just enjoyed the festivities for a while—those corn dogs might have been the best tasting corn dogs that I’ve had in decades. They were absolutely delicious. I don’t know if it was because I was really hungry or if they sprinkled them with gold, but they were delicious. Just a few days prior I had a hundred-dollar steak at a premier establishment—which was good. But the corn dogs at Annie Oakely far exceeded that otherwise fine dining. There just isn’t anything better than cowboy hats, bullwhips, six guns and the prance of horses in front of a corn field filled with product ready for the picking. This particular year did more than just inspire me to another year of American patriotism. It unlocked several new doors which dared me to go in—which I think I will do—gladly. I’ve never been so glad to just barely make something with all the opposition involved in a very busy life. But more than that, I’m glad Gery was able to pull it together to perform effortlessly in spite of the grim realities that book ended the event with an ominous cloud. For just a little bit the corn dogs tasted better and the sun sets were just a bit more spectacular, all because a bunch of us clawed our way to Annie Oakley’s birthplace once again to celebrate Americana in all its wonderful glory.

Rich Hoffman


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“The Snow is Warm”: A gift from Matt Clark and Rich Hoffman to America

Dear reader, you should know by now that I do all this to make things easy to understand in a world that from afar looks very complicated.  But it’s really not  Much of what’s happening to us as a country is directly blamed on tricks that soothsayers are conducting to put us to sleep so they can inspire an insurrection against capitalism.  Both political parties are involved, perhaps unaware of the scope of the trouble, but there is nowhere to turn for the American voter, because the system has been corrupted by soothsayers.  So to make it easier to understand the recent Iranian deal, the reason that Donald Trump is so popular, and to what extent Saul Alinsky tactics are used to drive collective culture toward evil ends—I have put two hours of radio programming together done with Matt Clark at WAAM, Ann Arbor that specifically breaks down these topics so they are easy to understand.  On the clip below, the first 30 minutes or so, it is Matt and a lit up phone bank of callers who wanted to talk about Donald Trump.  At the end of that show I was one of the callers and we put a book end on that segment.  Then Matt and I did a show together as a direct continuation of the previous show and dug deep into the Donald Trump issue as well as the Iranian deal struck recently by the White House.  I would suggest you take a break from the text, hit play and just listen to the entire clip for a while, and enjoy a summation of these epic events on some of the finest talk radio you will hear anywhere.  Also included in this article are short video clips from the extended show to make summations a bit easier.  You should watch these and share them with as many people as possible.

About 50 minutes into the clip I tell the story of four mountain climbers from an Akira Kurosawa film called Dreams released in 1989.  It is one of my favorite films from the famed director and is a direct metaphor for how Saul Alinsky tactics are manipulating the politics of our day.  I used this story once on this site to explain how a local politician who worked with me in the Republican Party to fight taxes turned under pressure to support a tax increase at Lakota.  CLICK HERE to review.  Whether we are dealing with the microcosm, or macrocosm, the metaphor is the same.  It is directly applicable to the events of our day.  The four mountain climbers are lost in a blizzard high atop some mountain not disclosed, but I imagined it to be something like Everest.  They have lost their base camp in the storm and are losing their strength.  Three of the climbers are passing out due to fatigue and have turned their attention toward death. 

The leader of the four realizes that the situation is hopeless so he too joins his friends in embracing death.  An angel shows up above him and whispers him to sleep—ultimately death.  She tells him, “the snow is warm.”  The leader complies for a little bit, but soon realizes that something isn’t quite right.  He knows better.  The snow is not warm—it’s freezing cold.  He wonders why she would tell him something like that because if he did embrace the snow and its cold, the remainder of his body heat would be extinguished and he’d die.  So why would she tell him something obviously not good for him?  He pushes back a little, and then she pushes him back down into the snow.  At first he tries just a little, but after she refuses to let him get back up he gets angry and pushes back harder.  Soon a struggle ensues and she gets angry and her beautiful face turns into a skull and she dissipates into the storm taking the elements with her.  She was a Grim Reaper type of character and had caused the entire ordeal hoping to rob the four men of their life.  He quickly rallies his friends back to life and they soon discover that the base camp they had been searching for is only twenty feet away.  They were that close, yet so far.

Saul Alinsky dedicated his Rules for Radicals to Lucifer and is a book designed to convince people that the “snow is warm,” essentially.  He was an evil man committed to evil deeds, and Hillary Clinton was a huge fan, even doing a college paper on him.  Barack Obama taught Saul Alinsky tactics while in Chicago, so the roots of this evil man are in our current political system.  When it is suspected that evil is at work, the best way to think of it is with the Akira Kurosawa story.  Donald Trump has made himself the lead mountain climber pushing back against death only to discover that the chaos of our condition is a cleverly disguised assault designed to destroy America—pure and simple.  After listening to the Matt Clark broadcast with me as a guest we spelled it out quite clearly for you.  It is beyond debate at this point.

Even the way that the media attempted to pit leading Republicans against Trump when they realized the billionaire could have cared less about the criticism he received over the immigration issue, or the ban from the Huffington Post to treat him as a serious candidate.  Most of the leading presidential candidates were pulled into the trap of defending John McCain as a war hero when in Trump’s world, getting caught is a sign of failure.  But in the Beltway it makes you “honorable.”  So the machine of politics showed its fangs as Trump has pushed back and forced all to look at where we stand with certain issues, like blind appreciation of anybody who is a service member, or this constant push to get candidates to apologize for something as if to force them to admit that they are guilty of going against the collective consensus of our media culture.  They want us all to apologize for knowing that the “snow is cold,” when they try to tell us it’s warm.

I have an affinity for Trump.  I told the story in The Magic 100 article (CLICK HERE TO REVIEW) of my similar experiences that Trump is going though now where I refused to apologize for calling fat-assed levy supporters prostitutes for their motivations even though there was a lot of pressure to do so.  I held my ground and many people thanked me for it.  I explained four years ago to Republicans who read this site that in the future they needed to maintain some testicular fortitude in the face of such tactics, and so far, only Donald Trump is applying that discovered strategy, so I am rooting for him to hold tight.  Because what the soothsayers don’t want us to discover is that the snow is not warm and that our base camp is right next to us. And we don’t need the advice of demons from hell trying to rob us of our life.  They certainly don’t want us to fight back.  But if you listen to the broadcasts above dear reader, it will become very obvious that we are under attack in America, and that if we want to survive, now is the time to push back and make them retreat back to the hell they all came from.

Rich Hoffman


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The Strategic Necessity of Donald Trump: Overcoming Glenn Beck’s opposition

I gave up a long time ago in hoping that there would be people as ethical as I am in public office.  I personally believe that Glenn Beck’s desire for a modern version of George Washington as president is ridiculous, because Washington was too nice for this political climate—he’d be chewed up and spit out quickly only to be lost to history like Calvin Coolidge.  Washington was fortunate enough to have lived at a pinnacle time in American history where valor and faith were considered attributes.  Our present time is much different and I find myself at odds with my friends at The Blaze, where Glenn Beck is not a supporter of Donald Trump for President, and I am becoming more so each day.  I have for a long time believed that successful businessmen needed to be in political office—people who don’t need the money and are proven in their fields of endeavor as opposed to community activists who would have a hard time having a job if they were not directly connected to politics.  Over the weekend, Donald Trump gave a speech to a packed house in Arizona which is seen below in its totality.  It is speeches like this that are winning me over as opposed to politicians like Ted Cruz and Scott Walker.  The current political climate in America is in such a shambles right now that I don’t think anybody but Trump could pull it from the brink because everything is so divisive and fragmented right now.  I support Trump because of speeches like this where he is willing to talk about how stupid our current politicians are and is offering himself as a proven solution in negotiating good deals for America’s position in the world.

I listen to Pat and Stu every single day from 5 pm until 7 pm, on The Blaze Radio Network and I like their opinions very much.  Below Stu breaks down several reasons to be cautious of Donald Trump, which are reasonable arguments—but rather than rehash the position of Glenn Beck at The Blaze, I must offer some tactical information in support of Trump for the sake of strategy that must be considered.  In 2010 Glenn Beck while he was at Fox News begged his audience for a character like Henry Reardon to emerge from the pages of Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged–a successful business tycoon who would be willing to stick up for business and capitalism.  Since that time Beck himself has become rather wealthy, largely because of his Fox show, his friendship with Bill O’Reilly, and his personal connections to the billionaire John Huntsman.  The second-hander connections have helped him go from a successful radio personality to a reasonably successful business person.  Beck also had a sickness that threatened his life, so he sought more and more spiritual counsel with religious people like David Barton and is more evangelical now than he was when he first started his work toward dusting off American Excepetionalism.  As a former drug abuser Beck has went as far as he can and now preaches to his audience ways of changing people for the better, which is a similar message that one might expect from church.

That message of daily change for the better is not attractive to me.  I was never involved with drugs, alcohol abuse, cheating with women, political corruption or weakness in spirit in any way.  I have always been a good person strong on my personal beliefs and physically very resolute.  I’ve been that way from my earliest memories to my present time with no gaps in between where I can point to and say, “God, please forgive me—I want to be your humble servant to rectify my past behavior.”  So when Glenn Beck starts talking about that kind of thing I turn him off these days—because he’s going too soft for my liking.   When he tries to answer his past critics over his divisiveness with this present group hug mentality that is more appropriate in a church congregation I hear a broken man who is still the alcoholic from years past still trying to suppress their demons with faith.  The part of Glenn Beck that I always enjoyed was the entrepreneur who loved the novel Atlas Shrugged and the strong business personalities of that wonderful book.  On that we have common ground.  On being a spiritual advisor, I don’t take advice from former drug addicts.  I don’t belittle them for their past conduct.  I give them the ability to live better lives, but I will personally hold it against them as far as spiritual counsel.  I root for them to be better people, but I can’t relate to their quandary.

Donald Trump as I’ve said before is not a perfect person.  He’s been married too many times for me.  He’s not up to my moral standards.  But, he is a strong and proven leader.  Where Beck made his money in a second-hander fashion, Trump made his as a primary—in the context of a Henry Reardon type of character.  I think Trump over the years has worked the system to his advantage and used government to get what he wants because he knows that they are generally very stupid.  I know he has personal friendships with major Hollywood personalities including Oprah, and that doesn’t bother me at all.  I am sick of Republicans and their sissy slapping antics.  I despise Democrats politically—they are fundamentally socialists.  And I don’t like Libertarians, which is what Glenn Beck calls himself these days.  They are way too permissive about drug use for me.  There isn’t a candidate out there who represents me properly, morally, ethically, or spiritually.  I don’t need a leader to show me how to conduct my life because nobody is qualified.

What I do need is for people in our government to know what they are doing.  Our current federal government has screwed up the position of America around the world to such a devastating degree that it will take a very radical shift to right the faults of decades of political ineptness.   The best platform to fix America’s ship right now is in promoting the morality of capitalism over the encroaching socialism that is crushing the world presently under its feet.  And there isn’t a better person available who knows money better or the art of negotiations more dynamically than Donald Trump who is a billionaire fully in control of his own destiny.  I can see having moral discussions about the direction of America with future candidates like Cruz and Walker in 2024, but America must survive that long to get there.  Right now the most pressing issues that there is on the radar is the $18 trillion in debt that America currently has, and how to stop that bleeding before the situation is irreversible.

I personally think Trump stands to double or triple his money if he could return the American economy back to the Reaganomics of the 80s, which is how he made his money to begin with.  Ronald Reagan had a nice run as president selling capitalism until the assassination attempt on his life which caused him to back off his former strength considerably.  He was never the same man after that shooting, and progressives solidified their position for a gradual assault of the American economy as soon as George Bush Sr. was in office by 1988.  That’s why I as a strong conservative worked on behalf of Ross Perot in 1992 against the Republican Party, and why now in 2015 I am siding with Donald Trump.  I want businessmen in the White House who know what they are doing.  I don’t want activists or social appeasers.  I want people who will represent American capitalism stoically to the rest of the world, and who better to do that than an arrogant self-centered man who has made a fortune on his own and has the world eating out of his hand.

I can tell you want I don’t want, I don’t want more Mitch McConnell, John Boehner and Jeb Bush types ruining the Beltway with their addiction to easy money.  I want an American president who is wealthy beyond the reach of a lobbyist, who knows where the bodies are buried, and actually wants to become even wealthier by doing a good job.  And when the leftists in Hollywood want to criticize his wealth, he knows how to handle them—because most of them have worked with him in the past, or want to work for him in the future—and will keep their mouths shut so we can get this done.  There isn’t anybody else out there capable of performing the intellectual task of selling capitalism back to a world in desperate need of it than Donald Trump.  I want him to take his Art of the Deal to the world and get them to buy into it for their own sake, because the other options are simply off the table.  I think Ted Cruz could be a good president, but the establishment will fight him at every turn.  What we need now is someone who knows how to disarm the enemy from behind the scenes and there is right now nobody better than Trump.  When it comes to money and finance, there is nobody better and that’s what we need most.  Faith is fine for everlasting life.  But first we must care for the here and now—and capitalism is needed to maintain a morality that the world is starving for with an opposition poised to destroy it forever blasting humanity back to the stone age of intellectual aptitude.

Rich Hoffman


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Save Lives: Don’t put Hillary in charge of anything

Oh, did you hear that Hillary Clinton gave an official interview with a real reporter? Forget that it was tightly scripted and that the reporter herself is an old pal of the Clintons, it was a microcosm of what to expect out of a potential Hillary Clinton White House—excuses, victimization, and deceit—and she still screwed up. Not even a Clinton lap dog could handle the incompetence of the soft ball questions designed to make Clinton look good—but betraying logic to such an extent that she lost patience several times with the evasiveness of the presidential wanna’ be.

Honestly, the interview was hilarious. I laughed most of the way through it. It is unbelievable that she has people who are paid good money to screen her responses, and she still sounds so much like a scheming politician. Her past is something that she can never get away from, and why would she be able to? She operates in government like an Al Capone mobster following Saul Alinsky to the letter, and seems surprised when anyone associates her with corruption. Would Al Capone be seen as anything but a mobster even if he managed to save a bus full of innocent children from a burning bus? Of course not, but Hillary hasn’t even done that—the more offices she holds, the more people who end up dead due to her incompetence. The latest are the victims of the Benghazi debacle during a presidential campaign.   She’s just an idiot who causes the deaths of people around her.

Not even assuming that she and her husband have called out hits on people to purposely kill people, the body bags which follow in her wake is undeniable. Who would ever want to put her into an office where she’s in charge of the lives of so many people—given her track record? The more responsibility she traditionally has, the more people who end up dead. CLICK HERE TO REVIEW how many body bags follow the Clintons through their career. Granted they know a lot of people, but then again, so do I, and I don’t know of any circumstantial deaths following in my wake. Let alone the multitude that follows her and her husband directly from their inner circle.

Yet here is a 70-year-old woman giving an interview to a CNN reporter trying to appeal to the masses, the left over sixties hippies she grew up with thinking that she can put as much make-up on her reputation as she does her face to look like someone somebody would want to vote for. She can’t even admit that she’s a socialist. And she wants to be president of a United States that just had the New York Stock Exchange shut down trading at 11:30 AM on July 8th 2015. China is tumbling toward an economic crises and Greece is already there, so markets around the world shut down their markets to prevent massive sell-offs. Didn’t I tell you all this dear reader? Sure I did. It was just a few days ago. CLICK HERE TO REVIEW.

This knuckle-dragging scum of a career politician, who wears the mask of democracy to hide her socialist tendencies, wants to be at the head of a nation that will need its absolute best to navigate through the next few years of crises that are global and truly scary. And she has the gall to utter once again that the attacks against her are part of a “right-winged” conspiracy. And to even subtly suggest that her qualifications for such an important office should happen because she has a vagina.

The CNN reporter walked away from the interview visibly frustrated, because even she couldn’t put a happy face on the obvious debacle that is Hillary Clinton. For the socialist leaning Democrats—which is most of the media—they have to be frustrated with their lack of choices to vote from. If Hillary is their best—can you imagine their worst? Obviously the reporter wasn’t so delusional not to notice the weaknesses of Clinton in her epic interview that should have made great headlines for her. Instead, it just reminded people of what a fool she really is. And that if they want to save lives, they should keep her away from any position of responsibility.

Rich Hoffman


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“Onward Christian Soldiers Marching as to War”: The communists are coming……….

Every now and then you get a haughty glance into the mind of the enemy.  I’m not like Glenn Beck and others from the conservative side of things who seek to emulate Jesus Christ and turn the other cheek when we are persecuted.  Quite the contrary—as I respect Christians as people of value who are the solidifying force behind family structure and social goodness, they don’t make very good warriors as their religion requires them to have forgiveness and to love their neighbors as themelseves.  That’s where they lose me.  That’s also why the Saul Alinsky methods work against them, because while they are being assaulted by a treacherous, collectivist oriented enemy, they are forgiving and surrendering moral ground to a clearly hostile force—and that’s not a good thing.  For a republic that was founded on a Christian premise, sometimes it is required to fight for what’s right instead of turning the other cheek.  Turning the other cheek empowers the enemy, which is not the way to preserve a life of traditional and moral aptitude.  That is essentially what empowered this slug, Mike Caldwell to comment on one of my articles seen below about the socialist city council woman from Seattle.  After his comment you can read my response, and then it will be understood where the assault against tradition is coming from, and how it can be countered.

Mike Caldwell

JUNE 29, 2015 AT 7:25 PM



JUNE 29, 2015 AT 9:11 PM

Guess what Mike, there is a whole country of hillbilly types that live between the cities and they aren’t going to put up with your socialism. They are kind to you people so long as they have guns, ammunition, food, and the ability to go to church. If you take that away from them, they aren’t going to play very nice. But they probably didn’t teach you all that in school did they?

Glenn Beck has said many times, even going back to 2010 that he is tired of fighting.  For a time he became sick and wasn’t sure if he’d be able to continue doing what he does in the media.  I am encouraged by what he is doing at Mercury Studios and I think the Blaze Radio is the new standard of talk radio—its sports free and filled with good traditional dialogue.  It’s a true friend in the darkness.  But the enemy knows that Glenn Beck is tired and when good people who are morally outraged have had their sensibilities assaulted one time too many, they by default turn toward an all-seeing deity in hopes that there is a master plan in the chaos somewhere that makes all this treachery have some kind of meaning at some level.   I don’t feel that way.  I never tire of fighting.  I thrive on it, I often think of my favorite song from my church days where I was a church assistant almost every Sunday during service, “Onward Christian Soldiers Marching as to War.”  God in whatever form made me the way that I am for a reason, and I don’t turn the other cheek, I never have and I never will.  So that doesn’t bode well for the Mike Caldwell types—those who love socialism and want a society of collectivism to dominate the former freedoms of the conservative right.

I get the opportunity quite often to socialize in the cultured areas of Cincinnati, the Mt Adams areas, the downtown districts, the new Rookwood area around Norwood, and other places and I am constantly confounded by the small mindedness of people who are most comfortable in the concrete jungles of civilization and believe that all of society can be ruled from fountain side restaurant tables with a beverage of choice, a laptop, and a Smartphone.  There is a big world out beyond the limits of their understanding and they never seem very interested in understanding it.  The Washington D.C. Beltway is suffering every bit of this problem of being out-of-touch with that big world that exists between the big cities of America.   However, I was born and raised in those cracks and I continue to spend a lot of time still in those kinds of places.  I know very well what the smell of a morning mist in the mountains is like, or the cold muddy water of a cave against your belly feels like, because I’ve been in those places often, and they are a big part of my life.

I know the people well who live in those in between areas.  Some of them are Democrats, some are Republicans, but very few of them are very firmly committed to politics, because it’s something they don’t trust from the scam artists of the big cities.  Most people in America live in these in-between areas and they are like I said to the commenter, tolerant until they lose their freedoms.  So long as they have food and money, they are giving.  The minute they don’t have those things they’ll reach for the guns in their closets, or on a gun rack, and they’ll look for their basic necessities.  And that is what makes most Americans so different from people in the rest of the world who have been conquered many times over by tyrannical regimes and ominous overlords.  Communists in America really think that if they dominate the social life in America’s big cities that they can have similar results as the Bolsheviks did in Russia where essentially they took over a few big cities in that frozen land mass and the rest of the country had to follow.  The same happened in China where communists took over Beijing and the rest of the country followed.  In those regions the cities fed the outlying countryside and were the only means of cultural input.  If a farmer wanted to sell their crop, they had to deal with the cities—so they had to adopt the communism of those cities in order to do business of any kind.  It’s not like that in America.  America is a de-centralized culture by design, and that is a major problem for the communist.

Communists have taken their message to public schools; there is no question about that.  But kids tune them out for the most part doing only what they have to do to get by.  In the rural cultures between major cities, even in spite of the communist influence of the public schools, there isn’t much love for the socialist way of life if the basic needs of those rural dwellers aren’t met.   They are tolerant so long as they are getting their basics in life.  But if those basics are taken away, there will be trouble.  The fantasy of the laptop city communist running the lives of the Darke County religious conservative isn’t going to gain traction—and if those collectivists attempt to bring the suburbs under urban control, there will be violence—and lawlessness.  Because the thin line that holds together the sanity of American civilization is unconstrained freedom that comes with distance.  People are tolerant of other people so long as they aren’t thrown together and expected to adapt to a way of life they don’t agree with.

Since church service on Sunday mornings aren’t what hold my life together I’m quicker to look for the war words than many others might be.  I’m also not tired of fighting, but am actually looking forward to it.  I’m not going to look for it either, but my eye is on the horizon keen on the outline of the communists that I know are coming.  They have been amassing for several decades in American culture on college campuses and large cities, and they need the resources of the productive to sustain their perpetual needs for consumption—and they will try to infiltrate the lands between the cities.  But it will not go well for them because any political map will tell them the story.  Communists are an extreme minority and they are largely concentrated in the big cities.  If I wanted to, I could avoid a big city the rest of my life and never miss anything they have to offer.  I could live happily with a canoe, a gun and a good woman forever and never miss the culture or the bright lights of a big city.  But the communist can’t, eventually they run out of money and have to expand their disease to new territories.  And that is why we have the Second Amendment—and why they want to take it away.  Because they are coming and the Christian soldiers at that time will have no choice but to defend their way of life.  Turning the other cheek won’t make the communists go away—but a well-kept gun will.

Rich Hoffman


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The Greek Economic Collapse: Coming to America with EPA control droughts and refused mining permits to save fish

This is what happens when you attach yourself to the weakest links, whether its business or global markets—what is happening in Greece right now is the result.  Now don’t say you haven’t heard it before dear reader.  Don’t tell me you didn’t hear the show on WLW years ago with Darryl Parks that I put on this very site showing that the financial game was crumbling—that we are all effectively broke even if the bills haven’t quite caught up to us in the United States yet.  Because I’ve been giving the warnings for some time—socialism does not work, strong leadership is absolutely necessary for capitalist endeavors to succeed, and group consensus in either business or politics is worthless—because it weakens leadership instead of strengthening it.  But when all those warnings are ignored and an insistence on socialist/collectivist behavior is promoted—you get Greece.  The United States is not far behind.  Already most of the money paid in taxes goes exclusively to Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid leaving money for nearly nothing else.  The United States is the only country on earth with opportunities for economic growth so lenders are still willing to provide low-interest loans, which are consumed daily.  But at some time very soon, that will dry up, interest rates will raise, and at that point billions become trillions and there will be no way out—just like what Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is facing now in Greece, either complete relief of the austerity measures—or Greece will have to leave the European Union.  In essence, Greece must be relieved of its financial burdens otherwise a major block of the Eurozone will be lost with Great Britain soon to follow.  The European Union like all unions is rooted in socialism and allows the bad to hide behind the good and the more bricks that fall out of that union—the fewer places there are for the bad to hide.  Bad in this case is economies too rooted in socialism to make themselves buoyant.

These are the types of people we were told in the United States we needed to be more like.  Obama lectured Americans about the moral veracity of Europe early in his presidency even as Cyprus was the first to visibly fail economically.  Behind that small island in the Mediterranean was of course Greece, which few wanted to acknowledge around the world as a real crisis.  They even had an election where the socialist Alexis Tsipras won power promising no austerity to the Greek people, so they could continue to live under the safety of socialism—the protection of other people’s money.  Now they have capital controls of 60 Euros per day.   There are lines at Greek banks for people to get small amounts of cash that is supposed to belong to them. But because there is no money, everyone has to sacrifice their monetary levity and take what is available.  Tsipras proposed that Greece have a July 5th referendum on how to deal with the financial crises making many very happy at the prospect of Greece defaulting on its debts.  Since 2009 higher taxes and steep government cuts in exchange for bailouts have caused austerity measures that have unemployment at more than 25% on average and 60% among its youth—guess how they vote in elections…………………socialism because they have no opportunity otherwise which was always part of the plan.

Meanwhile in the United States as the nation continues to borrow around $100,000 every second leaving a current public debt of over $18 trillion Obama’s EPA is standing in the way of any further capitalists endeavors—most alarmingly the Pebble Mine in southwestern Alaska.  The EPA with Obama has done everything it can to deny a mining permit because of the largest sockeye salmon run in the world which traverses the area.  The mine is thought to potentially produce $120 billion dollars in new gold, but in just the time it takes the average person to pay their house payment from month to month, all the potential wealth that mine could have created would have been spent on the national debt.  So it’s just a drop in the buckets, yet when even a drop would help, the Obama administration is more committed to the religion of global environmentalism. The dreadful cost of socialism has far-reaching impacts.  For instance the cause of the current California water shortage as explained by Shannon Grove, Republican assemblywoman in Kern County is the EPA that created regulations that is literally dumping water into the sea to save a three-inch fish which resides in the area.  The crisis is completely artificial because the environmentalists have used the EPA as a kind of inquisition where nonbelievers are tortured if they do not believe in the deity of Mother Earth.  But behind the green hate for capitalism are roots that extend into various communist groups that have infiltrated our government for the purpose of halting capitalist activity—all the while increasing spending so that the economy will topple.

Yet nobody has heard much about this California drought, other than they need rain.  It was a completely manufactured crises created by an intrusive EPA without proper priorities dedicated to human innovation.  Capitalism likes the little three-inch fish from California, and the salmon in Alaska—and if left to their own devices will find solutions to have both, the wealth and the food supply, but there is more at work, a hatred of capitalism driven by rooted communism that is using sympathy for earth’s creatures to sabotage the American economy.  The strategy will run dry sooner or later and when that happens America will be faced with the same options as Greece is now, regulated resources, lines to get gas, food, water and most of all—money.  Confiscated assets will be the new word of tomorrow as tax increases and high interest rates will soon follow.  All this will have been caused by excessively reckless spending and intentional sabotage of American assets and potential productive enterprise—all in the name of saving a few fish.

Look hard at Greece—I told you it was coming, and it’s on its way to America.  It will have been caused by progressives for reasons that extend well behind a veil of conservation—directly into the foundations of communism which this country has fought many wars to prevent.  Yet it’s in the United States in our schools, our government, and especially in our EPA.  And it’s crippling our economy one regulation at a time.  Greece didn’t have a choice; their economy was basically some ancient ruins and the sales of gyros to cruise ship tourists.  America’s economic collapse is self-imposed, but intended by the same strategy as the radical Alexis Tsipras—to default on the debt and force social changes under a reset clock.  Those behind the communist push want America at the same level as Greece and the other countries in the Eurozone who will also eventually fall under economic collapse as well.  The restrictions on the economy are strategic to advance progressive political objectives.  In the mean time, Americans will have to do something they are not used to, which they are just beginning to feel in California—restrictions to services to train them how to comply with central authority.  The economic collapses are self-imposed both in the European Union and in the United States and those with their foot on the brakes are those who want global power for the sake of control.  And that is something that nobody on the nightly news is willing to admit to anybody—especially since they have played their part in the debacle.  But I can tell you this—people like me will remember how all his happened and I will be there to remind people what occurred and who was really  at fault.  That I will promise.

Rich Hoffman


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Why Pope Francis is an Idiot: God loves guns and their manufacturers

This is exactly why I am weary of organized religions.  It’s not because they espouse values and kindness toward other people—it’s because they wish to be just like the governments of the world, yet another force that controls the minds of mankind.  Enter the idiocy of Pope Francis and his recent proclamations in favor of progressive political platforms directly against capitalist forms of government—specifically the United States.  It must not be forgotten that the Roman Catholic Church is all that remains of the former Roman Empire, and in the wake of that ominous force in Europe under the banner of the cross, many deaths occurred and the Dark Ages were created.  So no, I don’t think religion by default is a wonderful thing.  Rather it holds back society into the limitations of the past within the framework of sacrifice—which is archaic and foolishly rooted in scientific ignorance.  It is within such a tapestry of ordainment that the Pope made the proclamation that gun manufacturers—especially those in the United States—were hypocrites if they call themselves Christian.  It is that kind of stupidity and radical detachment from reality that has led churches in general to declining memberships.  To put a foolish focus on the afterlife rather than the here and now is the mainstay of religion implying that one life defended with a gun has less value than the collective whole of civilization and that we should all be willing to sacrifice ourselves to the “greater good.”  That is why I no longer attend church—because of those kinds of teachings.  It’s not just the Catholic religion which I have roots in—it’s the entire industry of sacrifice that I have a problem with.

The Pope backed up his attack on weapons manufacturers by saying, “if you trust only men you have lost.  It makes me think of…people, managers, businessmen who call themselves Christian and they manufacture weapons.  That leads to a bit of distrust, doesn’t it?” That was followed by thunderous applause by thousands of ignorant young people raised under socialism in the economically bankrupt Italian city of Turin.  In essence the Pope was saying that weapon manufacture is anti-Christian.  He is implying that we should all turn our minds toward a God—which he is the representative on earth—and give up our needs for aggression by eliminating weapons of war from society.  The Catholic Church, just like every communist and socialist government around the world wants to be in the business of ruling our lives and the product of their endeavors is a flock of sheep that mindlessly puts their faith in a religion that can’t keep their hands out of the pants of little boys.  Take away the ability to defend ourselves and what kind of evils might swell from such trust?  Well, history tells us quite a lot on the matter—which was one of the reasons for the creation of the United States in the first place—freedom from religious persecution.  People had the right for the first time to worship what they wanted decentralizing the authority of churches into spiritual advisors instead of just another competing government.

Frances attempting to place his radical words of worthlessness into a world stage filled with like-minded thugs and social parasites declared during his speech—“duplicity is the currency of today—they say one thing and do another,” referring to people in his congregation asking for forgiveness during confession who then turn around and commit the same sins the moment they leave the confessional. That is because most human beings don’t give much thought to the church or the “men” who run them as self-proclaimed representatives functioning on earth on behalf of an all-seeing deity.  I know a bit about history and in America when the church becomes so bold as to come to my house to take what I have to give it to the so-called poor under church authority—there is ammunition on my shelf intended to stop that action from occurring.  I know better than the church what leads to the “poor.”  I don’t trust the Pope or his clergy of pedophiles and social collectivists to define it for me.  God has not come to my home and told me that Pope Francis is his representative on earth. Men have made that self-designation—and if you really get to the heart of what the Pope is saying it is that the world should trust the church and give up their guns in surrender to the global unifying force of the Christian religion.  Sorry, but no.

Years ago I had to make the hard decision of using rational thought to determine that the religion I grew up with was lacking something important—logic in their assertions.  I was at a communion ceremony at the front of the church watching all the people coming to the front to worship.  I used to be an assistant to the minister and would hand bread to the people in the congregation who waited for their sacrament.  As I held the plate of bread thinking about what it really meant I realized that the body of Christ sacrament was essentially just a watered down version of human sacrifice as it had been passed down to us over thousands of years of incorrect spiritual belief.  Now for context, be advised that I read the Egyptian Book of the Dead at the age of 13, so I was thinking heavily about such things during this period.  I saved up my lawn mowing money to buy the book which was a real treasure to me—it still is.  The wine representing the blood of Christ was no different from the cultures around the world that drink the blood of a sacrificed victim in the belief that a deity would be appeased by the action.  It took me about five years of this activity to finally admit to myself that it was within the framework of sacrifice that many evils around the world were committed—that the church itself was what Pope Francis attempted to paint against the gun manufacturers—a “duplicity is the currency” not only of today—but of the church itself.  Not just Catholics—but virtually every church.  It was under the Roman Catholic Church that many people died in the past and vast evils were committed needlessly against others.  Religion is not a mechanism for peace unless you happen to be a member of that particular congregation.  I determined this as many people who were supposed to be socially successful and smart would sit bowed before me awaiting the “body of Christ, prepared for you” that I’d hand them.  They went from the leaders of the community that I knew they were to willing sheep within the context of the church hoping that God might notice and give them everlasting life when they died.

Around this time I went on a youth camping trip with members of our church.  I had a girlfriend in this group so it was a chance to sneak over to her tent once everyone went to sleep. She was three years older than I was so there was much to learn.  I think I was fourteen at the time, and she was a hot-to-trot 17-year-old about to graduate from high school.  You might wonder dear reader why she was interested in me when she had access to so many older kids—well, that was because of my bullwhip which I had with me much to the anger of our minister.  Well, she wasn’t the only one who had a crush on me.  The minister did as well, and he conveniently had me sleeping in his tent on this trip.  It was a joke in my family how much the leader of our church liked me.  I was defiantly his favorite member of the congregation.  I helped during every service before and after, and my family helped set the church up on Saturdays.  It was a good wholesome experience, but at times was a little creepy.  He was a good person in most aspects of his life, but something about him made me weary.  At that time I had a reputation for fighting quite a lot, and my bullwhip use was known by everyone—and was a little scary to them.  But it kept me safe.  I felt—it kept everyone at bay, and gave me access to the kind of girls I wanted to know—so I was very obvious about it and even brought it on our youth church camping trip.

Once we all turned in for bed and were all in our tents, girls of course were matched up in their own tents, the boys in tents of their own, and I was of course paired up with the minister in his tent—just him and I.  The minister told me as we zipped up the tent that I didn’t need that whip in the tent with us—that it was a weapon of violence and that he found it offensive while laying his head down for a peaceful night’s sleep.  I told him I slept with my whip every night and that I couldn’t sleep without it. He then shrugged it off for the true motive of why he organized this whole field trip.   He took off all his cloths and encouraged me to do the same.  Without his ceremonial robes, or even the jeans and t-shirt he wore on the camping trip, it was clear to me that he was just a man of flesh and blood hungry for a physical sexual experience. He was married, but obviously in need of relationships with young people both intellectually and physically. I told him I couldn’t sleep in the nude.  I was still wearing the same camouflage pants I had worn all day and they were stinky from sweet, and he complained that they were stinking up the tent—all while he sat there in the nude trying to convince me to get undressed.  When I still didn’t, he persisted to criticize my false trust in clothing—that if I were a true Christian I wouldn’t feel I needed to hide behind my clothing.  What the minister didn’t know was that I had no intention of such a thing—that as soon as he was asleep I was going to sneak over to the tent my girlfriend was in.

That went on for about an hour.  Eventually he turned out the light; he stayed nude for some reason even though it was chilly that night.  When I heard he was asleep, I snuck out and did what I came to do on the trip.  I told the girl about my experience later that night and we laughed about it the next day. It was obvious that the minister had known I had left the tent because he had been waiting for me to go to sleep as well.  I didn’t come back to the tent until the first light of daybreak.  But he couldn’t say anything to me about it because he was guilty of bad thoughts and malicious intentions.  The girlfriend never saw the minister the same way again.  When she graduated high school and left for college she became something of a godless heathen and went dramatically in the opposite direction. I never saw or spoke to her again.  In a lot of ways the minister let her down most of all.  He became all too terrestrial that night and the guilt was clearly on his face the next day.  She lost her faith in religion never to recapture it again.  I told my parents about it as soon as I saw them.  They had a hard time with the information and never felt they could talk to the minister about it—because they were concerned that being a man of God, that it might reflect badly on them somehow.  I continued to help with the church for the next four years.  That guy married my wife and me but there was always a tension between us that remained. I wouldn’t say that he was a bad person because of that particular weakness for flesh, but it certainly diminished him in my eyes forever.  And my experience tells me that his behavior is the norm in a relationship where someone has authority over another whether it’s in a marriage, a government relationship, or a religion.  Honestly, what kept me safe from molestation was that I had my whip with me and everyone knew what I could do with it.  It is why I can tell this story now without a history of molestation in the wake.  Weapons keep us free from those who want to harm us due to their internal demons and weaknesses.

If anything gun manufacturers are saintly practitioners of goodness because they keep the bad thoughts of the power-hungry at bay.  Just because a religious leader is supposedly the representative of God on earth—it does not mean they are free of corruption.  Even those who are self-proclaimed non-sexual types have their weaknesses that come out when they think they are safely within the confines of an object of their desire.  I knew that guy really well until he pulled off his pants. That’s when you realize that you never really know anybody until you get that close and I hold those lessons adamantly to this day.  The world is full of freaks, punks and creeps, and within it we need ways to protect ourselves from intellectual and physical molestation.  My story came out alright because I had the unique abilities with the bullwhip to keep me safe.   But not everyone has such a luxury.  For them, it’s good to have a 9mm in their purse, or an AR-15 in their duffel bag.  It keeps the bad guys on their side of the tent you might say.  And it keeps decisions and responsibility for them in control of your mind—because you don’t have to yield to force under any condition.  That is why guns are a moral safeguard in America for the capitalist form of government.  The Pope may not like guns as he is trying to unite the world around his church and personal ideology of soft socialism.  But in America, we are different because we have the right to protect ourselves from people like the Pope.  He may not be as inclined to act poorly as my childhood minister, but the Catholic Church has a long history of molesting young boys—so they are not to be trusted.  The Catholic Church is responsible for more death and war than all the shootings in America added up over the last century.  They are hardly worthy of political advice, and I would argue spiritual as well.  They don’t understand “God.”  The churches of our world are focused too much on sacrifice to be truly relevant.  And it is in their error of focus that we need guns to protect us from their fallacy.  Guns give us the right to be wolves of our own design instead of sheep sent to slaughter under the poor philosophy of a church built on foundations of improper focus on worship to history interpreted by men more than the reality of actuality.

Rich Hoffman


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