Don’t Worry about World War III with North Korea: Its about economics, not firepower and that stupid fat kid doesn’t have any money

It didn’t surprise me at all that the North Korean missile test blew up just off the launch pad.  There is technology that allows for that kind of thing. Kim Jong-un’s military show that was on display during the 105th birthday celebration looked like just that, a 30-year-old grandson who didn’t know what century he was in.  As a country North Korea is about as far behind as anyone on earth.  The people of North Korea are essentially victims of the movie, The Village where through their educations and state-run television have no idea what’s going on in the outside world they or what the abilities other countries around the world might posses.  They are taught to worship the ruling family of North Korea with a cult-like effort which looks incredibly pathetic when it is shown on full display.  Strategically speaking, North Korea has already lost this new war with the world—particularly the United States, and I said so yesterday which provoked a comment from a person who had some thoughtful things to say.  This commentator shown below holds a belief that many people around the world continue to entertain—that the United States is on the precipice of war and that World War III could break out at any moment.  So Instead of answering that guy directly, I’ll do it below to share with the class.

Attacking North Korea would potentially start WW3 and that would not be good for anybody let alone the USA. Not all dope smoking Americans are progressive liberals looking to destroy America from the inside out but instead hardworking, free thinking individuals that want to see America thrive and prosper all the while not always meddling in things that do not concern us. Just an outsiders opinion


Here’s the big secret that nobody wants you to know dear reader—including China and Russia who are the supposed super powers in today’s world.  Socialism and communism have destroyed most of the world’s economies—particularly in North Korea which is completely dependent on foreign resources.  China has used North Korea as kind of a barking dog to keep tensions high for a throwback war so that they would have negotiating leverage with other countries who didn’t know any better.  North Korea in such circumstances is like having that sign in your window that says “beware of dog.”   But really, the dog is a toothless, lazy concoction of flesh when you get to know it—and in North Korea’s case, this isn’t the same country that America fought during the early 50s.  The only thing that will happen is that Korea will try to bolster its world profile and America will keep embarrassing them to the point where the people on the inside of the country will begin to lose faith and North Korea will collapse from the inside out.  There won’t be a World War III—so don’t worry about it.

Like most things in life the entire issue comes down to capitalism and socialism.  America is a rich country not out of luck—but because it has an economic philosophy that is conducive to wealth creation.  But nobody else on the world stage has anything close—so they can’t fight a war.  Wars are expensive and the most terrifying aspect of the MOAB which was dropped into Afghanistan last week is not its raw power to create a blast radius that was a mile wide—it was its cost to manufacture.  It was circulated by Glenn Beck and many other anti-Trump pundits that the MOAB cost $314 million each—which of course the Trump White House allowed to circulate.  The actual cost is $170,000 but Kim Jong-un doesn’t need to know that because his country or any other around the world wouldn’t be able to produce one—so by the time he could buy one, it would end up costing him almost the entire GDP of North Korea.  So let them think it cost that much because the psychological warfare is much more potent than the actual blast. Even if they wanted to, North Korea doesn’t have enough GDP to fight a war with one American state—let along the entire country.  So there won’t be any fighting, because nobody can afford it—but the United States.

The world wants to still think they are all relevant at the United Nations and on the stage of world affairs—but they aren’t because they have artificially limited their economies over the last five decades to the point where they have nothing to fight with.  It was part of a global strategy of disarmament that all countries participated in to some extent, but the end result has been extreme limits on financial excess and that is what Trump’s White House is able to exploit now.  We promised to defend Japan from North Korean aggressions, so Trump moved in a naval fleet between the two countries which allows for countermeasures in case of another North Korean missile launch.  But honestly, it is possible now to win such a war without even firing a shot—because science thrives in rich countries—and the USA has a lot of science.  We could make it so that North Korea might never fire another shot outside their country with science.

Kim Jong-un never had to face such an embarrassment and his country really can’t endure a public relations challenge from the United States.  The old tricks simply won’t work.  Nobody is afraid of the toothless dog, or the sign in the window.  Everyone knows that North Korea could easily be wiped off the map just by cutting off their resources from China.  Trump played the right cards and will force China to cut off North Korea—so there will never be a World War III.  All North Korea has is some missiles and ground troops that are totally irrelevant in today’s fighting.  They have no money.  North Korea’s total GDP for 2015 when Kim Jong-un was in his hey-day of 28 years old was a measly $25 billion dollars.  Donald Trump himself has a personal worth of half that—and there are many other billionaires in the United States worth more than that.  North Korea is that little distraction that would-be hostile nations like to hide behind.

They have given North Korea resources so that they could use them as a shield to their own aggressions—so long as North Korea was out there rattling sabers, countries like Russia, China and Iran could slide under the radar of attention.  But before Trump’s 100th day in office the threat of North Korea has already been diffused—no country that only produces $25 billion of GDP is going to be in a war with the United States.  There is more value in United States assets sitting in the South China Sea right now than the entire economy of North Korea and in the United States we don’t even notice it. The average person has no idea where North Korea even is—and they certainly haven’t a care in the world about battleships and aircraft carriers stationed there ready to protect Japan from aggressions.  They might if there were steel rations like there were in World War II, but the American economy is so much stronger now than it was back then.  We could have a war with the world and people in America wouldn’t even know it, because the abundance of our production means would keep personal sacrifices off their minds and that’s what’s different now than say 50 to 60 years ago.

Kim Jong-un is fighting his grandfather’s war and back then such displays of military might would have terrified military generals.  But not any more.  “Left of launch” strategies can keep North Korean missiles from ever leaving their launch pads and now that the United States is off the coast, that 30-year-old fat kid who is running North Korea is caught in precarious situation.  Trump will make a fool of the kid and what happens in the wake of that is that the world won’t have any use for Kim Jong-un anymore forcing them out in the open—and the North Korean people will realize that their leader isn’t the “god on earth” that they learned about in their public educations.   He’s just a stupid fat kid who inherited his grandfather’s tiny little communist plot of land on the Korean peninsula—that is bankrupt.  And once North Korea is stripped away, it forces all the countries that have been hiding behind it out into the open.  So there won’t be any World War III.  There is nothing to fear from the American vantage point.  Because this war isn’t about missiles, troops and airplanes—it’s about economics—and North Korea simply doesn’t have the resources to even think about fighting.  And those are the facts.

Rich Hoffman


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When Snowflakes Become a Blizzard: Looking for #FindMike, the New York Teacher and child molester

For seven years and under great public scrutiny for even saying it, I’ve pointed out the extreme travesty of our public education system and the unions that control our tax payer funded teachers. For many years prior to my public exhibition—for over twenty years—I had a very loose tongue about the state of our schools for their inadequacies.  Many people didn’t want to hear it and they were angry at me for even pointing it out—for which I haven’t cared even a little bit—because I do not want to live in a world where the snowflakes so evident today—these soft-minded tacos of ideological indecision born in our public education institutions for over two generations are the ones running everything—because they won’t be able to handle it.  They are not equipped, not because they are stupid, or bad people, but because they have had their minds stolen by the thieves of public education—corrupt teachers living under the protection of teacher unions, who are functioning from the most selfish desires imaginable.  Of course, not all teachers are of this kind, but way too many are and every school has their share—and the kids know who they are.  Yet they stay employed because the unions protect them, and if you ever had any doubt dear reader as to what I’ve been telling you for such a long time—watch the following video from Project Veritas seen below.

In the video we see Mitchell Rubinstein—the New York State United Teacher’s Counselor trying to seduce the interviewer by dazzling her with showers of forbidden information—which of course works to our advantage as education reformers. As enlightened as we are supposed to be as a society—and Project Veritas understands this for their important work at uncovering hidden escapades—hot women will get you a lot more information than a wiretap.  Guys and girls will say anything to a pretty face, and that’s what Rubinstein did—he let the goods loose on some teacher in New York named Mike who abused some of his male middle-school students with oral sex and obvious physical abuse.  The only way we know about it is because of Mitchell Rubinstein’s loose lips trying to pick up on the Project Veritas reporter.  The legal system did nothing for the kids and this bastard certainly didn’t do anything to bring justice to the teacher.  The abuse among teachers in public schools is a major problem and nobody has done anything about it for way too long.

The only real solution to the problem is to break up the monopoly that these teachers have over our children. The reason that “Mike” felt entitled to abuse his students was that he was protected by a powerful union and by a law where kids are forced into his classroom for his consumption.  If the kids don’t go to his school they’ll go to another one where someone like “Mike” is waiting.  The other teachers never say anything because many of them have their own demons—that’s why they are teaching and not doing in the world.  They spew out this crap that they want to “teach others to be better people” but in reality, they typically are timid types afraid of the world—so they hide in academia.  That’s fine for basic instruction, but we are crazy if we allow such people to command our futures without competitive involvement.  Teachers like this “Mike” child molester need competition from the free market.  When there are rumors of such “Mikes” as there always are, parents should have the ability to leave that school for another one and take their money with them.  The school, no matter where it is or what its reputation, should not have dominion over the children that attend there only to be victims to people like “Mike,” which is what has been happening.

The reason that nobody ever does anything about such rumors of child molesting teachers who abuse their students is because it’s so hard to fire or discipline a corrupt teacher. And by watching Mitchell Rubinstein who is pretty high up on the social totem pole—it is obvious that the intellect of these people is not very robust.  As I reported earlier, Rubinstein was bragging about this “Mike” situation to impress “chicks” by his own admission.  What a low-quality person—yet these are the people we are supposed to value—and throw limitless funds at to support.  No wonder our kids are so stupid these days.  It’s not so much their fault—its idiots like this Rubinstein guy and his client “Child Molesting Mike.”

I know by saying this stuff that its inconvenient, and that the trends of the day say to just play along to get along. But, I’m not willing to do that.  I don’t want to deal with all these idiot kids in my old age who are such pathetic snowflakes that they don’t have basic grips on reality because their educations were so terrible, and in some cases they were the victims of abuse themselves at the hands of some teacher like “Mike” at some point in their past.

Recently while my wife and I were in London she was absolutely horrified at several advertisements for sex dance clubs in that city that are becoming quite popular. These are different dance clubs than we all went to as kids in our 20s—at these you don’t just dance close and sometimes grind on each other, you actually have sex in front of everyone—completely uninhibited. And while we were down in the Tube on a Friday night where many of these people were packed like sardines into those underground transportation devices going from club to club I saw some of them—dressed for the act.  It was horrifying to my wife and she just didn’t get it.  I had to explain to her that most of these kids in London came from homes where there were high divorce rates and there were obviously sexual experimentation going on in their lives way too early, whether it came from a trusted adult—who had let them down, or some peer they grew up with.  By the time they were 21 years of age they were not looking to have children yet as housing prices were prohibitively too high, and the prospect of a family just out of the scope of consideration.  And their educations had been teaching them that loose sex with any gender was perfectly fine for many years so here was a bunch of young people piled into a dance club together not looking for serious relationships that lead to buying a house and raising a family—they just wanted to satisfy a primal urge so that they could get back to their Playstations or new Nintendo games which is what they really wanted to do with their time.  Those poor stupid kids will be train-wrecks as adults because the shame of what they’ve done will follow them for the rest of their lives when biologically they do desire to settle down and build a good life with someone.

In a valueless society taking care of a primal urge so that a person can do other things they’d rather be doing is a default mode of conduct.  But the cause is in destroying those values to begin with, and our education systems around the world are at fault.  Letting molesters like “Mike” into our schools harms our children by exposing them to things they shouldn’t even know about until they are well in their teenage years.  But the kids molested by “Mike” didn’t have a choice.  An authority figure abused his power and had kids come to his house and he made them perform oral sex—then this teacher union representative Mitchell bragged about it so that he could get laid by the Project Veritas reporter.

What a bunch of losers, but never ever say I didn’t tell you all about it before. This just confirms what I’ve always said—and that demands action on your part.  This is something none of us can afford to turn away from.  It deserves our highest priority as a society.

Rich Hoffman


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5 thoughts on “The Virtue of Material Acquisition and Spending Money: Defying thousands of years of wrongly framed thinking”

  1. Welcome home. Thanks for sharing your adventures. I enjoyed it. And this blog is right on. I like to mention to my friends who talk about God’s will that God made us in his image and he wants us to USE our minds to advance… that usually gives those who think some pause and some appreciation for those of us who enjoy using our “God Given” talents to acquire things that we want and value. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Keep it up.


  2. Thanks Mike. These are difficult concepts for a lot of people and travel does help sort through things by coming out of a comfort zone to provide new observations. And there is no place like America! That’s for sure.


  3. Very Interesting.
    I definitely see your side and have always bought what we wanted but always with cash. No payments. We have a nice house, 10 cars including a vette, a farm and 18 other properties in different states. (investment)
    All payed for. My sister lives in the UK so I know what you’re experiencing.
    Since my parents came home from Florida and caring for them, I have a serious new appreciation for what it will take for retirement and that’s if you’re healthy! We were thinking 4 million. It’s always been our goal. We are WAYY off! And with this screwed up healthcare, it’s harder to gauge.
    You’re young. I have 9 years on you. As you get older (and after your 50’s) things move at lightening speed. You’ll process differently after 55. I’ve had conversations with friends and they did as well. I suppose it’s a wonderful natural progression. My husband is also a financial genius, but we curved our wants for the future a couple years back. We are completely happy and financially solid, until we’re not. That’s universal.
    Our strategy has always been to buy things that will value us later.
    As for the Iphone….I don’t want to own anything smart. I don’t have a smart meter anymore )i payed dearly for that), got rid of my Samsung smart phone, no smart car, no smart gun, refrigerator, thermostat, or anything else like that. Unlike others, my life is more interesting and better without those things.

    Keep it simple~


    1. You are still a young woman, and you’re right about retirement. I wouldn’t even think about it with less than $10 million dollars in the bank and not spoken for anywhere. Because the health care costs are just out of control. Ridiculous!


  4. I meant to mention because it’s important to my point…that I have complete POA of my parents financial and medical. We do not pay a dime as of now to care for them. But handling all of their affairs is a real eye-opener and an experience most children don’t get. He did a great job of providing for themselves, but you have to make sure those investments keep paying. Very scary and completely changed our strategy.
    Another difference is that we’ve been savers…always. As have they. Most people my age have not. Even scarier.
    Mind your pennies and the dollars will take care of themselves.
    True that!


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We Are Lucky to Have Trump: Draining the swamp one inch at a time

This is what I have been saying would happen, Trump is out working everyone else in politics and within two weeks of the new president living in the White House the politicians around him are gassing out—exhausted. Behind the protests over immigration policies and women’s issues are the progressive left who aren’t used to working—let alone working hard—and to keep up with Trump—they have to put forth an effort they are not comfortable with.  Even Republicans are drag-assing because they don’t want to live like this for the next four years—God forbid eight.  They don’t want to work around the clock the way Trump does—who hasn’t taken any time for himself except for this last Sunday afternoon to watch Finding Dory with his family at the White House.  Everything else has been work, work, and more work—and an intolerance for stupidity, laziness, and elitist leanings from federal government positions.  When Sally Yates used her position as back-up AG and set out to defy Trump’s immigration plan—she and the rest of the progressives in that department actually thought they would get away with it.  So there was tremendous shock when Trump fired her in a moment late Monday evening on the 30th and replaced her with another person—who would also be fired in a moment’s notice if he didn’t do what he was supposed to.  The message had been sent, if people didn’t do things Trump’s way—he’d fire them.  What else did they expect from a man who became a celebrity on television for firing people?  Did they think he wouldn’t do it?  I never thought that.

So now the political left is melting down in a huge way boycotting cabinet appointments, taking to the streets to protest Trump—screaming like a bunch of lunatics at every Hollywood awards ceremony as if people actually cared about the opinions of those idiots in the California valley of the southern part of the state. But behind the fury is a secret menace—they are afraid of work and of the standard that comes with Trump—in the same way that women were terrified of the new standard that Melania brought to the White House.  This work standard from Trump is something that the swamp in Washington D.C. can’t live with—so they are doing everything they can to resist it.  But it won’t work this time.

Trump didn’t miss a beat after all the airport boycotts and the threat by Democratic senators and even the Republicans John McCain and Lindsey Graham in attacking every one of them in some manner or another leaving the media baffled. This isn’t how presidents were supposed to act.  They were supposed to be easy to run over and be more concerned with raising money to appease their donor base than in doing anything while in office.  Trump as a self-financed man of great experience in the hot kitchens of Hell knows how to dance in the fire and at this particular stage of his life he does so effortlessly.  Who has ever heard of one man taking on so many adversaries at one time, from the screaming protesters outside the White House, to defiant federal employees, to the senate games from both parties—some coming from longtime friends—to an openly hostile media—to world leaders condemning him from every turn—and he dances through the fire like a finely tuned ballerina bulging with testosterone elegant in a way human kind has never considered before.  I love it! This is why I fought HARD to get Trump elected and why I am proud of him now.  He is doing everything I expected and then some and the light at the end of the tunnel of our republic can now be seen for the first time in my lifetime.  Even when Ronald Reagan was president I worried about these types of issues—and with Trump—I don’t worry.  He is more competent than anyone ever to hold the Executive Office.

The Democrats are in real trouble and they are further imploding by the moment. Cincinnati Mayor John Cranley (another loser Democrat) announced Monday that the city would remain a sanctuary city for undocumented immigrants.

“We have put the whole world on notice that we intend to live up to the Statue of Liberty ideals,” said Cranley, adding that being a sanctuary city is “a badge of honor.” Little does the liberal mayor know but the “Stature of Liberty” ideas were part of a poetry contest and weren’t part of our “Constitution.” Because of the high taxes of his city and Hamilton County in general all the good people have left the city leaving behind the kind of idiots who voted for Cranley and others like him—which further pushes out people who might otherwise invest in Cincinnati. I should know—it’s my town and I only go to Cincinnati for football games, baseball games and an occasional dinner these days, but that wasn’t always so. I would never spend real money in Cincinnati like buying a condo, or investing in a business within the I-275 loop—because Democrats like Cranley have spent the city into oblivion. And their answer was a streetcar which is under performing and is enormously over budget, just like I said it would be in 2010 and 11.

Cranely and his politics have pushed out good productive people into the suburbs leaving behind liberal trash and losers who sip tea on the hills of Clifton and look down into the city with reverence about the foils of the world. Most of them have cushy jobs at the Universities nearby or at the hospitals and are otherwise out-of-touch of what really goes on a few hundred feet below their homes. I should know, I have known many people who live on that ridge all of them homicidal liberals who couldn’t scrape together two pennies to make two cents unless they had the government pouring money into them like a bottomless pit. The most normal people I knew who lived on that ridge was a professional couple who begged for a three-way sexual encounter like dogs barking for table scraps. They had Penthouse magazines in their bathrooms and considered themselves very sophisticated—which of course they weren’t. They had the best view of the city I think in all of Cincinnati on either side of the river. After a polite decline of their sexual fantasies our friendship declined into nothing—because in reality that’s all they wanted—to satisfy their sexual perversions at the animal level like most liberals do. I have also known many people who lived in Mt. Adams who were even worse—and those are the people who make John Cranley think he’s normal. But outside those two little areas is massive poverty and derelict conditions. And to hide the mess, Cranley want’s immigrants to come in and fill all his vacant buildings with bodies that make his electorate not look so bad—until those immigrants start tapping the system dry like the welfare recipients who keep the Democrats in power in Hamilton County. There is much more to the story of Cranley wanting to be a “sanctuary city” than just politics. He hopes to rally his base to keep the bleeding from killing Cincinnati—but it’s too late. Cranley compared to the past Cincinnati mayors looks conservative. But Cranley is as liberal and dirty as all the losers in Washington D.C. standing against Trump for all the same reasons. Because they are too lazy to deal with their real problems and only know to complain about the world around them because they don’t understand what’s happening. Cranley doesn’t understand that business and residential investment has fled his city to the suburbs—or why, and the liberals in D.C. along with all these airport protesters are of the same understanding. They are lost from some other time in the age of Trump and they really don’t know what to do.

Trump is an extension of a lot of us who are just sick and tired of the way these liberals run their lives and how it spills over into our existence. It is one thing to be a loser, a drug addict, or a diabolical idiot like many liberals are—it’s quite another to ask other people who do manage their lives productively to put up with the losers. Trump is our answer to years and years of this mess, and it’s not the president that has to be defeated if liberals want to remain, it’s people like me. I would think they’d prefer Trump to what I was planning before election day in 2016. Nothing they are doing now rivals where I was going—so they should consider themselves lucky. But putting up with them isn’t an option. We are just fortunate that Trump is willing to do this hard task—and that he seems to like it—because this is the job we sent him to Washington D.C. to do. And liberals better get used to it because this is what it looks like to drain the swamp.   All the little swamp creatures will be angry and displaced. And soon we will build a nice, beautiful condo on their land that is a far better use than they have managed with their swamp. And people will forget about the alligators, snakes and countless insects of liberal persuasion that once was there—because America is going to be great again—and to do that liberals will have to be defeated—utterly—and they are right now with Donald Trump.

Rich Hoffman


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Donald J. Trump: The Hardest Working Man to Ever Hit Washington D.C.

In case there are people who haven’t figured it out yet, Donald Trump often puts out controversial comments—such as talking about the number of illegal immigrants who voted against him in the popular vote—or discussing that he will send the feds to Chicago if they don’t get their homicide rate down—when he’s really about to do some big thing such as launch construction of the Keystone Pipeline or committing resources to building the border wall between Mexico and the United States, as he did today. He is the absolute opposite of Obama who used to say nice things in public then do bad things behind the scenes with sinister intentions.  Donald Trump says crazy things in public getting everyone to discuss those adolescent topics in a frenzy as he does very carefully planned strategic activity behind the scenes.  What has resulted, and what we can expect going forward, is fury of executive activity that will put to shame any previous president.  What we have now is a president whose primary hobby is working and he’s in a dream land of his own making—he’s retired from private sector life, he has infinite resources to work with virtually, and he literally has a pile of work to do that will never run out. While the press is still stuck on things Trump might have said three days ago or three weeks ago, they miss the details of the latest big action he is now taking daily and not even a multi-station 24 hour a day news cycle can keep up with him.  The Trump administration is running circles around the media and the established politicians and there is absolutely no sign of slowing down.  And Trump is just getting a feel for the job.

I was surprised to learn that I played during 2016 on the Playstation 4 game system 784 hours’ worth of gaming—344 alone on the popular Star Wars game Battlefront. I also read several books in 2016, played with my grandkids a lot—binge watched many Netflix series with my wife—traveled—worked with my many hobbies which included Cowboy Fast Draw.  I didn’t think I played Playstation so much, but as you can see the hours do add up.  The reason all that is remarkable is that I work an average of 12 hours professionally every day, sometimes even on the weekends—and I do quite a lot of work from home.  I’m a very busy person and I squeeze out of every day as much as possible.  I don’t sleep much.  On weekends for instance I get up around 4:30 AM to start my day and I usually don’t go to bed until around 11 PM or even midnight.

I point all that out because honestly I love to work—and I love to play—and my days are full and I get a lot done. With Donald Trump I don’t think he has many hobbies—I don’t think he plays Playstation—or reads many books—but I think he loves to work and is willing to do it 18 to 19 hours a day which adds up to a lot of productive endeavor.  I also think that in the private sector he got bored a lot.  His company started jobs and finished jobs and in between there were things to do, approve and scrutinize plans, zoning problems and other issues.  Occasionally he would be able to attend court and sue somebody or defend a lawsuit against him—but after 30 years of this ebb and flow he was looking for the ultimate challenge since he had mastered all that other stuff—and something where the workload never diminished.  So he ran for president.

Now Donald Trump is in a dream job, he has a good office to work from, resources where the American people have assumed the risk, and he can do what he loves to do most—his ultimate hobby—making deals each hour on the hour if he wants to—and the work never goes away. While some men of 70 might retire to the basement to work on model trains or build ships inside a bottle—Trump just wants to make deals because that is his hobby and it just so happens that being president of the United States requires lots of deal making.  So he’s very happy and truly in his element perhaps for the first time in his life—and he’s done pretty well up to this point.

So here Donald Trump is with a pile of work to do and seven days a week, 24 hours a day to do it, and he’s looking across his desk already in the Oval Office and he sees politicians like Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer winded by the increased activity—and he knows how to play this game with all the joy of a young boy. Only this work needs to be done on behalf of the American people.  He is quite literally catching America up on over 200 years of neglect.  So everyone is happy except for the people who got into politics to have an easy job.

I would dare say that most elected representatives on Capitol Hill only do about 5 hours of work per day and the same holds true for their various staffs. Even with the interns who do most of the bill reading, there are lots of opportunities for leisure, so there are many lost production hours each week that go unfulfilled in Washington D.C.  By the time they arrive at their offices—get their coffee—read a few emails—have a few meetings then take an hour or more for lunch, then return to their offices for whatever they have planned in the afternoon—5 PM comes quickly and everyone goes home uneventfully only to return the next day to do it all over again.  They get used to things taking a long time in Washington D.C. because nobody really expects to ever do anything.  But Trump isn’t like that.  He expects to accomplish things and he expects to do new things the next day.

It will be very interesting to watch how long the media and the politicians will try to keep up with Donald J. Trump. This horse race just started and Trump is already pulling way out in front and he continues to throw things back at his boot lickers and social parasites to divert their attention away to easily digestible topics suited for their limited intellect while he works on his infinite pile of blissful work unencumbered by their lack of understanding.  It is neat to watch for a lot of reasons.  It’s nice to see a president who truly loves to work for one—but it’s nice to see that pile that’s been sitting there for decades of things that needed to be done actually getting attention.  There is no way to know what happens next—but at least work is happening—and that’s always a good thing for a productive country full of people in need of that necessity for output.

Rich Hoffman


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Airbus Committing to Skycars: The future is now the reality I’ve been telling you about

It was interesting to hear Tom Enders from Airbus speak about flying cars—his recent article published by Reuters shown below sounds exactly like the things I have been saying for many years—almost word for word. (CLICK HERE TO SEE FOR YOURSELF) And that is exciting.  It brings me great joy to see many of these ideas coming to fruition.  Here is what Tom Enders said:

Airbus Group plans to test a prototype for a self-piloted flying car as a way of avoiding gridlock on city roads by the end of the year, the aerospace group’s chief executive said on Monday.

Airbus last year formed a division called Urban Air Mobility that is exploring concepts such as a vehicle to transport individuals or a helicopter-style vehicle that can carry multiple riders. The aim would be for people to book the vehicle using an app, similar to car-sharing schemes.

“One hundred years ago, urban transport went underground, now we have the technological wherewithal to go above ground,” Airbus CEO Tom Enders told the DLD digital tech conference in Munich, adding he hoped the Airbus could fly a demonstration vehicle for single-person transport by the end of the year.

We are in an experimentation phase, we take this development very seriously,” he said, adding that Airbus recognized such technologies would have to be clean to avoid further polluting congested cities.

He said using the skies could also reduce costs for city infrastructure planners. “With flying, you don’t need to pour billions into concrete bridges and roads,” he said.

Enders said Airbus, as the world’s largest maker of commercial helicopters, wanted to invest to make the most of new technologies such as autonomous driving and artificial intelligence, to usher in what amounts to an era of flying

As I’ve said many times, I write all these articles because you just never know who’s reading them, and I get many hundreds of hits every day even though I am blacklisted as a conservative writer on all the search engines and most of the social networks. It doesn’t matter.  Smart people find me, and they read these articles and they act on what they learn—and that is a wonderful thing.

So it is very exciting to see what was just an idea a few years ago coming to a reality and soon, within just a few years—because Airbus means business—let me tell you that—we’ll have point to point flying cars and they’ll be reliable and easy to use—and that will open up a whole new realm in complex history of personal transportation systems. Just remember where you read it first.  I’m more interested in seeing ideas born—getting paid is secondary.  Because all the money in the world doesn’t matter if our world is stuck in the past so it becomes the task of the creative mind to put the first thought in the mind of people who can actually do something about it.  Which is how things are supposed to work.

Rich Hoffman


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Insults from the Cast of Hamilton: Why liberal thinking is a form of mental illness

It was horrendous that the cast of the Broadway play, Hamilton felt compelled to dress down newly elected Mike Pence while attending on Friday November 18th.  Pence was just looking for a night out and was trying to enjoy a play on Broadway like everyone else, yet because he is now a member of the White House, progressives in New York felt “entitled to lecture the man from Indiana on how he should govern in the years to come.

The Hamilton stage play has become a success story on Broadway and I’ve thought that it was a good thing.  After all, what could be wrong with telling a story about the Founding Fathers told in a modern way with rap songs and a very diverse set of cast members?  I didn’t have a problem with it even though it was easily way too progressive for my taste.  However, when the play comes to Cincinnati’s Aronoff Center at some point, I probably would have gone to see it—because I don’t have a problem hearing from people on the other side of political thought.  I’m not a big fan of Alexander Hamilton as he was a Federalist in a big way, and I am of the mind reflective of the Jeffersonian Anti-Federalists.

I was born in a city named after Hamilton, but I am not fond of him as a Founding Father—so it tells me a lot that progressives in New York used him as a launching point for telling modern Broadway audiences about life after the Revolutionary War and how America was formed.  Notice in the clip below that the emphasis was placed on immigration which evoked claps from the audience which is a revisionist view point—because back then, everyone was an immigrant.  America wasn’t and isn’t a nation of diverse colors and genders—that is a progressive value—it is a nation united by ideas which exceed those terrestrial observations—and the producers of the play Hamilton obviously missed that element.  So now that they’ve chosen to lecture Mike Pence in the way they did, I certainly won’t be seeing that play at any point in the future.  I normally don’t propose boycotts—but in this case not giving those progressives from New York money is a vote against their product and that’s what I’d encourage you to do also dear reader.

Liberals are a hate group and after the election of 2016 they are out of power yet still feel as if they have a right to lecture the rest of us how we should view the world.  Yet anybody with any intelligence understands that liberalism is a form of mental illness because they put their values on things that don’t matter.  They tell conservatives to be color blind and to not discriminate on the sexes—yet they constantly hide behind color and sexism when the value of their ideas fall apart on the stage of public debate.  For instance, all week as Trump was putting together his cabinet positions the criticisms were loaded with an emphasis that it did not represent the “diversity” of the American people in a way that the play Hamilton does—or even modern Star Wars movies where white men are shown to be a minority and women and people of color are sprinkled about like candy on an ice cream cone.  Trump is clearly picking people who he thinks can do the job best and if women and people of color are in that mix—he’ll hire them.  But if they aren’t the best—he won’t.  For progressives, that is an incredibly difficult concept to understand—a rise through merit—otherwise known as a meritocracy.

Since progressives hate business and the art of making money they associate a “meritocracy” as being connected to a monarchy which most companies are to some extent.  That is why they are so terrified about a Donald Trump presidency because they fear they will be left behind in such a world—because their mode of elevating themselves has been through visual elements such as sex and skin color—not by being the best and brightest in their positions.  In that respect, they have reason to be fearful because in the world with Donald Trump as president, merit will be back in style—as it should be in American culture.  But Trump will not fancy himself as a monarch or a dictator.  As any good CEO of a company knows, it is best to surround yourself with people who are highly competent and you don’t want to put limits on their talents just to show that you are in command.  You want them to prosper and to be successful because they will continue to fight to make things better every day so long as there is a chance through merit to rise higher in their life.  That is why the best of our corporations are positive elements of our culture—not only do they produce wealth, but they elevate the lives of the people who work for them in ways that would have otherwise been unimaginable.

Progressives don’t understand this concept of working hard to get things—they expect to move through life under the premise introduced by Karl Marx, that we are all equal and deserve equal pay and that the goal of our society should be committed to leveling the playing field of everything.  The goal of progressives is additionally to make the “worker” equal to the “CEO,” which is of course preposterous.  Yet those are the foundations that progressives are committed to and those values are reflected in the play Hamilton with its emphasis on diversity and immigration—as opposed to the merit of the Founding Fathers to give rise to the concept of American exceptionalism.   To progressives what made America great is that it gave people of all backgrounds and sexes a safe harbor to reside in.  To conservatives what makes America great is a deeper concept, that people of all sexes and races despite their backgrounds can rise to the top and become whatever they want to be.  Progressives get the first part, but they miss the second because the philosophy they have built their foundations upon are limited to visual references and not the quality of the people who acquire good things in life through merit.

What the cast of Hamilton really fear is that their play won’t be so good if the values placed upon it are based on merit and not the progressive celebration of equality through diverse visual references.  That’s why I’m not going to drop $500 to $1000 for a box seat on Hamilton when it comes to Cincinnati.  It doesn’t represent my values as a conservative.  Those values have transcended visual elements like sex and skin color—I’m at a point in my life where those types of things just don’t contribute to my decision-making.  I care about the quality of people not what they look like.  So for that reason, I’m not going to support the Broadway play of Hamilton.  It might do well in progressive New York, but outside of that market I think they just doomed themselves to a larger market that might have otherwise given them a chance.  I certainly would have before they decided to lecture Mike Pence on a simple night out with his family.  But not anymore.  The premise of Hamilton was weak before this controversy, but now it’s just a piece of stupid progressive art that doesn’t represent the values of America—the kind of America that conservatives are fighting to restore from several generations of immature, purely visual progressives who have never understood the concept of value while they pretentiously felt compelled to lecture the rest of us on that topic.  Mike Pence was nice to sit there and be polite, but honestly, he didn’t need to.  Donald Trump was right to defend his VP.  It was tasteless on behalf of the Hamilton cast to do such a thing and they have what happens next coming because of their irresponsible actions.

Rich Hoffman


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Special thank yous

Special thank yous

This is a very good article thanking all the fine people who helped elect Donald Trump for president. Trump did a great job, and I’d add Kellyanne Conway to this list, but Paul does a good job of thanking many of the unsung heroes of the Trump campaign. Read it and pass it along in celebration of this very great day in America.

Abundant Truth

Thank you to everyone who has fought over the last few years for freedom. To every blogger, every video maker, all the brave people who came out, recognized and endorsed Donald Trump as the leader we needed.

So many millions of people will never understand how close to the abyss we came. This election really was the difference between good and evil.

The mainstream media really did poison the minds of the electorate. They really did defend Hillary’s every evil deed and they really went after Donald Trump.

His strength and ability to brush off all the attacks is something to be admired. He is the leader we need right now and we wish him all the best.

I want to thank in particular groups that I have followed for a while now and whom I think really swayed the battle in our favor.


I would like to thank Alex…

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