Is Julian Assange a Hero or a Villian: It’s not too late for justice

Just over the last few weeks there has been a fevered pitch on behalf of justice—much of it obtained under means which borders illegality—to make a case against the presidency of Hillary Clinton before it’s too late and she finds herself in the White House and the American continent under a much more open civil war than it is presently.  FBI agents have leaked documents to the press feeling betrayed that their superiors did not prosecute Clinton for her email scandals and the lies under oath that she utilized to cover up her crimes—which was revealed through many documents, corroborated by the FBI sources.  Then there is Project Veritas where undercover guerilla reporters working for James O’Keefe captured Clinton operatives inciting riots in Chicago and grossly manipulating the 2016 election by means that seemed unfathomable just a month ago.  Then there was Mr. Fixer from the National Enquirer headlined on The Drudge Report that provided a scandalous look behind the scenes of the Clinton marriage which is as far from mainstream American thought as Antarctica is from the Sahara Desert.

But the glue that has held everything together are the John Podesta emails uncovered by WikiLeaks under the guidance of Julian Assange—the anarchist computer hacker trapped in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London.  What he has provided through his organization has proven that President Obama lied about not knowing about his employee at the time, Hillary Clinton’s private email server—that the DNC at the chair level was rigging elections, corralling the media to help elect Clinton, and showed that Democrats in general are horrible people—terribly bigoted, judgmental and view themselves as ruling aristocrats.  When you put Assange’s information with all the other information from rebels seeking justice—it paints a very bad picture of Hillary Clinton and her support staff.  At the very least the evidence shows people of bad character.  At most this information demands investigations that would put a lot of people in jail—including our current President of the United States for abuse of power and dereliction of duty.

So what does that make Assange who is obviously running a rebel operation designed to put power into the rising tide in America that has rallied behind Donald Trump?  Is he a criminal for tampering with an American election or a freedom fighter doing good?  I have withheld my opinion on that until I saw a recent episode of The Circus which broadcasts on Showtime where Mark Halperin went on a quest to interview Julian Assange as he had not made a public appearance since the embassy under pressure from John Kerry cut off his internet connection for interfering with a foreign country’s election.  So Halperin went on a quest that started in a London pub to get the story of how WikiLeaks started and the episode ended with Mark sending a note into the embassy to get a one-word response from Assange himself—who stayed in hiding.  The question Mark Halperin asked was if Assange thought the media was under-reporting the WikiLeaks Podesta, for which he replied, “EVERYTHING.”

Assange is looking at the global chessboard and he has made his bets and his best chance for freedom is that Trump is elected and that under his administration that there is some kind of role in securing the NSA and other government secrets that are vulnerable to internet hackers.  And why not, the United States employed Warner Von Braun for NASA after he had been a Nazi scientist working on their advanced rocket prototypes.  Assange has a lot to offer the United States by ways of security enhancement—but the reason Assange is in trouble in the first place is the more noble issue.  He took a look at what was happening and through his hacking ability saw that the world was in need of justice and he acted on behalf of what’s right.

Many like me have suspected the things that Assange has discovered and now that we all know the truth—we have a responsibility to act on that knowledge.   The Clinton campaign connected through the DNC to the Obama White House have sought to hide their obvious crimes behind their seizure of power through the offices they hold—to control the legal process—so that they could advance a massive global progressive strategy that was born a century ago in St. Petersburgh, Russia.  They always intended as a progressive organization to control the media and the law so they could disguise their actions under the protection of the legal system.  So the only way to catch people like that is to break the law to reveal their actions—which is essentially what Assange and many others have been doing lately with one last hope that major global violence can be avoided with an administration change in the United States.

I can relate to Assange and if this election goes the wrong way in favor of Clinton I can see where it will take America.  Under a Clinton administration a guy like me could instantly be made into a villain and they would have the strength of the law to attack their criticizers, mush like they have done by using the IRS as a harassment weapon.  If criminals control the law from the White House, there isn’t much anybody can do about anything without armed conflict to remove the criminals from office like what happens in Banana Republics.  But by then the only thing standing in the way of global domination of progressive strategies—which seek to enslave every last being on planet earth to big government concepts of a ruling elite—is the United States and they are essentially one election away from knocking over that last domino through the marionette Hillary Clinton.  At that point I know what kind of life is in store for me.  I will not be compliant.  I don’t want to hurt anybody.  But I will not assist corruption and criminal conduct from the White House with a passive response.  What Assange is providing is an alternative before it’s too late and it is the least bloody path that the world could hope for.  So his cryptic message to Mark Halperin was quite appropriate.  He’s providing a service and hoping that the American people can use that evidence to avoid the bloodshed that comes after a bad decision in a final election of hope.

America has dealt with this dilemma of vigilante justice through comic heroes like Zorro and Batman.  Today’s most popular films deal with this very crisis in the Marvel movies that are thriving under Disney’s ownership.  Even though the topics are silly and supernatural in those comic book movies there is a human underlying question that is quite sophisticated—what does mankind do if institutional justice isn’t enough to deal with a crisis.  In those movies, it is always some superhuman threat that populates the topics but that is because the hard questions are well beyond our human acceptance—where we still trust too much in institutions.  We have difficulty comprehending the implication of what might happen if our institutions are taken over with such evil that they are actually used as weapons against us.  That is a subject that fantasy movies can’t even touch because the intellectual framework is just too terrifying.  Yet that is what we are seeing in America and Julian Assange has exposed.  Criminals have hijacked our legal system and are using it as a shield to destroy what’s truly good about the idea of America—and the role it could play in the world.  Only through vigilante justice has this effort come to pass—because we’d have no way of knowing all this information if Assange had not initiated it—and provided the framework for other rebels to come forward. The question then comes to pass—who then checks the behavior of the vigilante.  How are we to know that the intentions of Zorro, Batman, or the real life Julian Assange are on the side of justice and what distinguishes them from a common criminal?

The answer to the age-old question as to what makes a criminal and what doesn’t isn’t rooted in adherence to the laws of a land.  Those laws are there in an attempt to protect the rights of individuals—but they are not perfect.  There are errors in justice and obviously they are prone to complete manipulation from inside by a clamoring aristocratic class always seeking to rule the world.  But for those who behave properly even when they don’t think that God is watching—they are the truly good and for them it is easy to see crime sometimes before it happens because they are functioning from a purity that extends beyond the institutions toward a notion that involves great trust in the human race.  Humans when it comes down to it—as a species–want to do the right thing.  If given a choice, they do what is right not because they fear God, or even the laws of their society—but because they inherently respect fellow members of the human race.  That is how you know you can trust the vigilante because if they risk their safety and comfort on behalf of justice, they aren’t doing it to wrestle control of the institutions themselves—but for the hope that mankind can truly live free and in respect of one another if the true evil that seeks to separate them stand in the way of that justice.  For that reason, Julian Assange is a great benefactor to our society and is a freedom fighter who deserves happier days on the horizon because he stood virtually alone against ominous powers not for fame or fortune—but because it was the right thing to do relative to the rules which govern the universe.

Rich Hoffman


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Hillary Clinton: The Devil

When I was a kid I first heard the below recording of the late, great, Paul Harvey on my grandfather’s farm on Seward Road in Fairfield.  The recording was about five years old when I was two and could start walking and I was in the barn area where the men milked cows and stacked hay in the loft.  I’m one of those people who remember things from way back—between one and two years old and Paul Harvey on AM radio always stuck in my mind mixed with the smells of a working farm’s barn.  I associated Paul Harvey with sweaty hard-working men with great strength who were rewarded for their efforts at dinner time by the women who worked hard to prepare meals for the entire family for a good day’s labor.   From my perspective The Devil that Paul Harvey was talking about was a long way away from that farm of my youth.  He lived in the cities and further in countries not touched by the morality of capitalism—where people were chained to corrupt governments driven by evil to spread collectivism on a highway to Hell that would make AC-DC proud.   But as the years turned and that farm disappeared—and new generations replaced the old ones I have heard that Paul Harvey broadcast many times on WLW—particularly at night during the Truckin Bozo’s show—which I used to listen to religiously.  As a young man for well over a decade I worked two full-time jobs on second and third shift and one of those jobs was seven days a week. If I only had to work 8 hours on a Saturday it was considered a luxury with my family.  And largely it was Paul Harvey’s voice that kept me sane during this very difficult period of my life. Every night at 3 AM he came on for about 20 minutes and several times a year he’d play this recording of The Devil and I soaked it up like a sponge as I always had.

I worked so hard because it was easy for me to see that The Devil was trying to stick its presence into my family as I was trying to raise children and I had learned that the best way to beat that son of a bitch was to make money to fight him off with.  The Devil resides among the poor, the stupid, and the desperate so the best to fight off evil and its foul stench was to make money and be independent of the influence of The Devil.  It took a lot of money to raise a family correctly, to keep my wife home with our children the way my farmer grandparents had done in their generation, so I worked hard to make a lot of money so that evil would stay away from my home.  Evil itself tried hard through movies, television shows and the nightly news to tell people like me that working too much was “selfish” and that I should be home more often.  It also said that my wife should have a job outside of the home and that my kids should be in pre-school being raised by government employees milking the time clock for a pay check and a pension for their inherit laziness—compared to the farmers I knew growing up. But I didn’t listen because Paul Harvey had sunk into my mind at an early age and was my best weapon against the incursion of evil that was spreading like a wildfire across the America I inherited from those more gullible people before me who didn’t see it coming. 

I realized what a powerful weapon honesty really was backed by the kind of financial security that was earned through hard work and not back slapping deals formed through social collectivism.  It paid big in many ways to be your own man, and to have the ability to walk away from people trying to spread the message of The Devil because my life wasn’t chained to theirs—therefore, evil was never allowed to come into my house.  Oh, it tied, but it never made it because I had an indomitable work ethic and a will to spread goodness to the people I dealt with, particularly those in my family.  I also read a lot of books over a twenty-year period so the influence of The Devil never was able to turn my mind around on any subject.  And that is who I am today as a Donald Trump supporter who sees in that presidential candidate many of the hard-working traits I learned on that farm at two years of age with Paul Harvey playing in the background. 

And that is how I also know that Hillary Clinton is the embodiment of evil on planet earth, for all the reasons Paul Harvey described. With her, good is bad—bad is good.  Perversion of the sexes is celebrated—not chastised.  And government corruption is ignited centrally to spread to every corner of the world by taking down the only weapon modern man has against it—capitalism which empowers individuals to live free and to act gracefully to their fellow bipedal caricatures of flesh.  The difference between a village in Africa beholden to a chief who runs the entire community and a farmer in Ohio who works from sun up to sun down every day is that one is free while the other is connected like a slave to a central power ruled by the limits of the philosophy which governs them.  Having limited financial means enslaves the masses to seek safety for their families by doing what a leader tells them to do—and if that leader is acting on behalf of The Devil everyone is vulnerable.  Most leaders around the world are gullible to the whispers of The Devil and they hook their star to evil because honestly they are scared to act on their own accord and because they usually come from collectivist backgrounds The Devil becomes their secret source of power—because when they are alone in the dark, Evil responds to their prayers not to be alone, and not to be insecure about their decisions through drugs, music and pornography and it corrupts everyone they touch during their waking hours.

I’m at a point in my life where I have quite a lot of power and I know what temptations come with it.  I understand when Melania Trump says women throw themselves at her husband for sex even in front of her.  When people are near powerful, self-reliant people they are seeking the same level of security that The Devil promises and they will trade their bodies and their pride for a steady paycheck in less than a heartbeat.    That is how evil spreads—through desperation born from a lack of self-reliance.  That is why socialist plots are evil and capitalist ones are moral—and why the United States of America is the last bastion of morality on planet earth, and if it falls, the world plunges back into a medieval love of aristocracy chained to religious theocracy—for which The Devil controls.  Speaking for myself and others that I know who could literally do whatever they want whenever they want to—it takes the kind of courage and stamina I built in those hard years of work 16 hours a day, seven days a week to fight off the temptations of The Devil—so it’s easy for me.  But it’s not easy for those who arrived with that kind of power through government redistribution of wealth, or favors between one scoundrel and another in a booth at a restaurant over drinks.  When you first obtain that level of power as Donald Trump spoke about on that famous bus with Billy Bush it can be a little overwhelming to learn that women, and men will literally strip themselves of pride to be near you—just because they sense something powerful in such monstrosities of individualism that often comes from celebrities.  If you’ve ever seen how people behave with a backstage pass at a rock concert, you’ll understand what I’m saying.  Greasy, sweaty, smelly rock stars literally have women offering any kind of sex they could dream of in exchange for the bragging rights to have been near an individual free of the rules of a society controlled by The Devil.  The entire episode might appear quite evil when observed with the free flow of drugs and nudity—but what people want in exchange for the sex is to be near independence even if it means trading away their very innocence for the rest of their lives.  A good leader who functions with the bravado of a “rock star” has to master that last temptation—not to abuse that power and destroy the lives of those around them.  Most people when faced with this kind of enchanting power yield to it.  What I see in Trump is a man who has mastered it and is now at 70 years of age functioning beyond the limits of such a temptation to abuse his great power through his celebrity and his financial prowess.  I have had that power under control for a long time but I don’t meet many people who ever master it.  Trump has reached that point in his life and once they do, then they are able to fight the spread of evil for which The Devil is always keen to advance. 

Hillary Clinton is the living embodiment of The Devil from the Paul Harvey radio broadcast.  The Devil is only using her body for its own advancement and she gladly traded away her very soul to touch the kind of power that she currently has.  The National Enquirer stories of her sexual life with Hollywood celebrities and the orgy arrangements that often happen there—which I’ve seen myself and not participated in, do not surprise me.  But they can be tempting to a person intellectually empty yet seeking to rule the world.  And The Devil is always keen to trade power for obedience to spread his message of collectivism, dependence, and inner stupidity.  The Devil thrives in the lives of the lazy and desperate and seeks to raise armies against strong individuals resistant to his message—for which Hillary Clinton is the current vessel of his vast power.  She’s an old woman now and likely not much of a sexual predator seeking young cinema stars for sex the way she did in the 90s—just to prove to herself that she had arrived at that “celebrity” status where she had the power to undress anyone she wanted anytime she desired.  But that desire for power is what makes her the nimblest vehicle that The Devil has in modern times and she must be defeated so to preserve that last vestige of an independent life that only America can offer through hard work and capitalism.  Hillary wants to end that way of life forever by destroying American capitalism and attaching it to global socialism—and that makes her the embodiment of evil, and the marionette of The Devil himself.

Vote to defeat The Devil on November 8th, 2016.

Rich Hoffman


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I’ll Be Happy to Meet Joe Biden Behind the Gym: Why we can’t accept a Hillary Clinton presidency

Maybe I should have explained in greater detail why I thought what Donald Trump did at the Al Smith Charity Dinner in New York recently was such a cause for celebration.  CLICK HERE TO REVIEW.  Because the next day I listened to essentially everyone tell me that what I saw wasn’t the case—instead, he broke years of tradition and was a disgraceful maniac while also piling on that Trump’s 3rd debate comments about accepting the results of the November 8th presidential election were somehow going to bring down our republic.  The pundits had the opposite reaction to Trump that I did, and I was ecstatic over his comments—because they most accurately described where I am politically.  I patiently have waited for 16 years for a presidential candidate that represents me.  Eight years of Clinton and Obama combined have caused me to reject their presidential platforms.  Clinton because he was a crook involved in that Whitewater land deal obvious from year one.  Obama because of the “Fast and Furious” scandal at the start of his presidency. 

I knew something was fishy when his campaign was launched from the terrorist Bill Ayers’ living room—so I have been waiting without taking up arms for our republic to correct itself through the election process.  I disliked those two Democratic presidents so much that I would never shake their hand if the opportunity arose and in my family that means something.  Recently my wife had a chance to shake Newt Gingrich’s hand and she refused because of the way he handled things in his past and this is the same woman who nearly got arrested at the White House when our children were very little because a Clinton Secret Service employee targeted her in a rope line for being essentially a rambunctious undesirable.  When I say we wouldn’t shake the hand of a president—we mean it in my family because we have higher levels of morals and ethics than most people live their lives by—which is our choice. 

Recently my granddaughter had her first birthday and my daughter has really big parties for her children as a way to build up those events into the warm blanket of knowing that there are a lot of people in the world that love them—as a foundation building tool for their souls.  Obviously since my wife had recently shaken the hand of Donald Trump—which is a measure of quality for her because people in our family understand her reputation toward dishonest politicians with an almost childlike innocence toward purity—family was generally interested in why she was so enamored with Trump.  They asked her what he said to her in their exchange and she repeated that Trump had told her she’s “beautiful” which caused the room to erupt in laughter–because it fed the narrative going on in the media about Trump being a “groper” of women.  I explained that I was right there and that it wasn’t that kind of “beautiful” that Trump was talking about, but the gathering of friends and family didn’t quite get it because the media narrative had sunk into their thought patterns and unfortunately corrupted their opinion with poisoned information. Most of the people at that grand party were voting for Trump, but the media had shaped their opinions of the New York billionaire in a negative way. 

What I saw in Trump at the Al Smith Dinner was a man who refused to play along with the typical elite narrative that we are all flawed people who yield our lives to the brilliance of a ruling aristocracy.  In the top left corner of the room from the perspective of the media cameras was Katie Couric from NBC sitting next to the very liberal senator of New York Chuck Schumer who might as well be the embodiment of some communist insurgent.  It was a seating arrangement that represented perfectly the collusion between media and politics that was hell-bent on taking the entire world to a more progressive set of values—which is code name for the aims of communism that people over forty years of age remember threatened the world for most of the last century.  Trump was supposed to go to the dinner, take his licks and lose the election gracefully while making fun of himself in the process.  Instead, he stood his ground and told Hillary Clinton what a crook she was while standing in a room full of liberals and he had the bold audacity to look her in the eye afterwards and even pat her on the back like a dog being as polite as possible—once he raked her over the coals of corruption for which she has been caught red-handed committing.

On that exact day—of the Al Smith Dinner—a 10th woman had come forward claiming that Donald Trump had accidentally brushed the edge of her breast with his hand some untold years ago—and she was so disgraced.  Seriously—are you people kidding me?  How is that news justifying hours of CNN coverage and even discussed on ABC News over the story of Robert Creamer—the man behind inciting violence at Trump rallies payed for by the Clinton campaign where people were actually hurt.  Creamer had been to the White House a total of 342 times and had met personally with President Obama 47 times.  Want to see how the system is rigged and what is behind Trump’s accusations—there you have it.  That by itself is enough for me to completely reject the outcome of this 2016 election if Trump is not the winner.  I’m not going to accept Hillary Clinton just as I never accepted Bill Clinton or Barack Obama.  And when my guy George Bush the younger was president from 2000 to 2008 Democrats never accepted him.  They claimed that Al Gore had been cheated.  Liberals like Hillary and many others stoked the fires of discontent openly for all eight years of his presidency which ended with a major recession that could best be blamed on polices Bill Clinton started—like NAFTA, trillions spent on terrorism festered by the previous administration and a housing bubble nurtured by Democrats that gave loans to deadbeats who otherwise couldn’t afford homes.  I watched Republicans including this last one between Obama and Mitt Romney lay down like dogs at the feet of these really terrible people and play their role at the Al Smith Dinner only to lose their election to essentially that room full of people—the movers and shakers of New York media and politics. 

At those same rallies that Bob Creamer had incited violence, Donald Trump’s response was to stand up to the bullying and fight back.  The political left had belittled him for that as well—saying that he was inciting violence.  But just yesterday the Vice President of the United States Joe Biden said to a crowd at a campaign event that he would be happy to take Donald Trump behind the gymnasium for a fight.   Really?  I’ve met Donald Trump several times now and even for a 70-year-old man—some skinny ass punk like crazy uncle Joe Biden isn’t going to win that fight.  But I’ll go even further than that—because I’m not running for any office—if those liberal losers want to fight—I’ll be happy to oblige them.  I have a zero tolerance policy for bullies in my life and if any of these liberal thugs like Joe Biden, Barack Obama, or Bob Creamer’s goon squad of communist insurgents want to fight—I will gladly go behind the “gymnasium” with them in less than a New York minute and they won’t be coming back under their own power—I will promise that. If they want to fight—they’ve got one. 

I wasn’t the biggest fan of George W. Bush but I thought the way the political left behaved during his presidency was disgraceful and people like me have rejected their guy—Barack Obama now with equal disdain.  There won’t be a peaceful transition of power if Hillary Clinton wins the White House.  Do these idiots at the Al Smith Charity Dinner really think that on November 9th people like me are just going to sit down and shut up saying—“well, golly gee wiz, we lost another election to a crooked system?  Let’s open up our pockets and give that system more of our tax dollars for doing such a terrible job.”  No, If Hillary wins the only right thing to do would be to impeach her for all the crimes she has committed on her road to get to the White House.  I’ll never view her as “legitimate.”  And I won’t honor her Supreme Court picks either. 

I’ve been at this stuff a long time, I’m not ever going to accept the election results of a Democrat again anywhere in this country and there isn’t a political strategist among them smart enough or tough enough to change my mind.  If they come at me with debate—I can easily slaughter them.  If they come with violence—I’ll happily make a flag out of their hides.  They can have it either way they want it—but they won’t change my opinion of them.  So why are they so bothered by the candidacy of Donald Trump, because he represents a portion of the nation that thinks like I do?  Trump supporters are sick of being lied to and they are tired of watching crimes be committed by employees of our tax money only to be told that some chick from some untold years ago was upset that Trump accidentally brushed the edge of her breast.  Anyone who works with women—especially in close proximity—knows that this kind of thing happens all the time.  Context is everything yet every media station covered that 10th accuser and the fact that Trump wouldn’t say if he’d accept the election results if he lost to Hillary. 

Trump won at least two of the three debates—I think he won all three—but most scientific polls show that Trump beat Hillary Clinton in two of three debates and even as I write this, Trump is tied in most of the polling.  But the night after the Al Smith Dinner where Trump made such bombastic news, even Bret Baier on Fox News painted a dire picture for Republicans on his electoral map completely ignoring an IDP/TIPP poll that showed Trump was +1 over Hillary Clinton nationally.  Baier was at that Al Smith dinner and he wasn’t impressed with Trump and the slant of the reporting certainly favored Hillary Clinton.  Yet for a so-called honest reporter that Baier claims to be—the collusion between Hillary Clinton, President Obama and Robert Creamer is enough to eliminate her from the race—and that should have been the focus of his entire broadcast.  She has been shown to be so corrupt through just Wikileaks that there is no way we could nominate her into the White House.  I’m not going to accept those election results because history tells me that it’s pointless.  There is no playing nice with those people and when the shoe is on the other foot, they don’t accept the results when people I support win elections.  So why would anybody think that I’m going to or any supporter of Trump is going to support Hillary Clinton in our White House? 

Trump either wins, or I will work to unseat Clinton and her parade of progressives.  Doesn’t anybody think it’s a little interesting that there was a major cyber attack yesterday that shut down huge portions of the internet—which has just been turned over to the world to manage at the start of October.  How about that—already a major cyber attack under global management.  Yesterday was the first day that Wikileaks didn’t get out another email dump and outside the Ecuadorian embassy in London an armed vehicle sat at the ready to let the occupants inside know that dark forces were gathering to shut them down.  

Nobody is talking about the information being proposed because the attendees of the Al Smith Dinner are more concerned with formality than essence.  The evidence provided by Wikileaks is enough to destroy the Clinton presidency before it even gets started and those dark forces want to put a stop to the bleeding before it’s too late for them—so there was a cyberattack—to redirect attention since the Trump sex allegations are no longer working. 

These are crooked, bad people running our government and I will never accept them as legitimate.  The only hope I have is that Trump wins and a level of performance expectation can reenter politics because of him.  Short of that I have little hope.  There certainly won’t be a “peaceful transition of government.”  The Democrats ruined that possibility a long time ago.  And if Crazy Joe wants to fight behind the gymnasium—all he has to say is where and when.   I’ll be happy to kick the shit out of him if that’s what he wants.  I’m not going to be pushed around by a bunch of pansy politicians who are ineffective and up to criminal enterprise.  And I’m certainly not alone.  Trump is our candidate because there have been too many Bob Creamer stories over the years and we’re sick of it.  There is either a change in this election in our favor—or else.  But there won’t be a peaceful transition—and there certainly won’t be any shaking of the hands of Hillary Clinton.  In my house we’ve rejected people for far less than she’s done—so she doesn’t stand a chance.  And if they get the funny idea of sending an armored car to my street to harass me into submission be prepared to lose it.  Because it won’t be coming back.  That’s where we are folks.  For the sake of peace—those idiots in that room at the Al Smith Dinner better hope that Trump wins. 

Watch and listen to the included video for more validity.  The evidence is quite overwhelming—and unfortunately, we have to “drain the swamp” before we can build anything good in Washington D.C. again.

Rich Hoffman


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Trump’s Check Mate: The O’Keefe Tapes proving vast voter fraud perpetrated by Democrats

Hillary, Hillary—how do you feel right now?  You’ve been busted by Wikileaks for massive corruption much larger than anything Watergate destroyed the presidency of Nixon over.  The Drudge Report unleashed a massive sex scandal involving you and your exploits over many years with gay lovers and married exchanges by a formally trusted friend—your “fixer.”  But you’ve been busted giving money to the DNC to attack people at Trump rallies and that same investigation uncovered the very voter fraud that Obama stood foolishly in front of the world today and said wasn’t happening.  Well, it is happening and James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas uncovered it rather valiantly and broke the story on Breitbart—who happens to run Donald Trump’s campaign.  And that man—Donald Trump—fearless as he is will be your opponent during the last debate of the 2016 election season.  What do you think is going to happen to you during this debate?  Are those palms sweaty yet?  How about that breathing?  Because as you look in the mirror and try to figure out what to do, how to look, and what you could possibly say the words of your friend David Axelrod are screaming through your mind.  Nothing good can come to you during this debate.  You can only lose.  But if you don’t show up, you will validate quicker all these detrimental stories like a fire over dry grass.  If you do go, you will be slaughtered by Donald Trump who has nothing to lose and knows that he has the facts on his side—and he has a history of making it count when he needs to.  So—how do you feel when you see this video?

The corruption is very real everyone and it always has been.  The difference now is that there is proof.   That lack of evidence which Obama foolishly said didn’t exist is right here.  You can see it, hear it—it’s very real and vile.  Real people risked their lives to bring forth this information and now it is well-known why Trump changed his tune once he learned about these tapes from his campaign manager.  The corruption is epic and it all falls in the lap of Democrats who have been exposed in the largest scandal in American history.  The American media is just beginning to get their arms around this and by the time it all settles in—it will be election day.  Can you say—“check mate?”

Congrats to James O’Keefe and his team involved with Project Veritas.  It took real courage to expose some of the deepest corruption the world has ever seen, including the regimes that brought down the Roman Empire.   Trump is right about Washington; the swamp needs to be drained so we can rebuild it.  Because only scum is there now—in both parties.  Vote proudly on election day and do your part to drain that swamp.

Rich Hoffman


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Retaking the Republican Party in Ohio: What’s at the heart of the Robert Paduchik and Matt Borgess seperation

CNN quickly jumped on the feud between Ohio GOP chairman Matt Borgess and Trump State Director Robert Paduchik as a notification was put out severing ties between the two for poor performance.  Borgess had put all his eggs in the Kasich basket from the start and is one of those Republicans represented by the article below from The Business Insider who believe that the Republican Party needs to become much more progressive or to essentially die.  In the days leading up to this severing of the relationship initiated by the Trump camp—Borgess was using the NBC tape of Trump expressing “locker room talk” to turn over high-powered Republicans in an attempt to steer the party toward the tone of this article by John Kasich.  Borgess went so far to say that he had never been in a locker room where guys spoke that way to one another which of course led to many perplexed gazes.  Of course nobody wanted to hurt his feelings—just like learning that a young man is in his twenties and is still a virgin—but when he cleared the room the talk was—what kind of locker room was Matt talking about—a dressing room at Target?  Because that is how guys talk and women do the same when they are in their circles and if leaders at the top of the Republican Party in Ohio didn’t know that—how could they understand basic things about the direction of the party moving forward after November 9th?

Here is the letter from Robert Paduchik explaining what happened  (Click here and the link below)  scc-letter

(And here is the evidence of what Borgess did which caused the separation) sccc-clips

Let me just say this—which is something I’ve been wanting for decades in politics—the Trump people are business oriented and they don’t fool around.  When they hear things that others in political circles might disregard as part of the culture indicative to political systems, which point to poor performance, they take action quickly and that is precisely what Robert Paduchik did on October 15th 2016.   CNN wanted to make a story out of it because to their eyes it looked bad that the presidential candidate Donald Trump would dare to cut off the ties to the political establishment three weeks before the election of the century in a key battleground state.  It was unfathomable to them.   What was Trump thinking?  To the minds of CNN, if a candidate doesn’t have the support of the establishment, they would surly lose.

But here is where things get interesting.  Trump and his team from Ohio on up feel they can take Ohio without the official support of the Kasich controlled GOP and they are willing under enormous pressure to win, to still do what is the right thing even when the move might appear devastating.  Because we are dealing with business people who have seen this kind of thing before, and not some political hack who entered politics to have a use for their law license because private practice is too scary for them—they are keen to root out passive aggressive attacks behind the scenes like what Matt Borgess was caught doing.  That passive aggressive attack is to utter little quips to big donors when they think nobody will notice or say otherwise—“can you imagine speaking that way about women.  I’ve been in many locker rooms and I’ve never spoke that way.”  The passive aggressive attempt here by Borgess was to undermine the Trump camp from the inside out—to sway members of the State Central Committee and the finance rollers that this wasn’t proper behavior for the GOP.  Then that same person to appease the Trump camp—politically—would change their tune and show how they have opened their offices to phone banks and door to door contacts.  Most people hearing such passive aggressive utterances quickly think of Borgess—“what a pussy.”  Because that’s what people like that are.  If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything and claiming moral indignation over comments Trump said on a bus to an Access Hollywood reporter 11 years’ prior is only a revelation of extreme naiveté or carefully planned political attack which favors the enemy—the Democrats.

I said to Rob Portman just the other day that I thought he was being a wimp on his lack of endorsement of Trump.  I knew Portman in the beginning when he was attending Reform Party meetings which I was at the heart of organizing back then at places like Longworth Hall, and the big debate that probably won him his first big election on WLW on that Sunday night long ago.  Rob and I got along very well and for about five years—he held the line as a Reform Party Republican.  I was one of the founders of the Reform Party out of Cincinnati and helped move things along until Pat Buchanan and Donald Trump tried to run for president of the United States in 1999 after Ross Perot decided to step aside from another run after a poor performance in 1996.  The official start date for the Reform Party was 1995, which Ross Perot created to launch his second run for the presidency but it really began right after the election of 1992 born in the winter of 1993.  Rob Portman was one of the first to embrace that type of conservatism.

But the years in Washington have changed Rob.  Instead of fighting the game—like he did back then—he now actively plays it which I don’t necessarily blame him for.  I think it says more about term limits than anything.  Nobody should be in politics for more than a few years—hiding from the rigors of the private sector on the comfort of the public dime.  Most of Portman’s positions were solid Republican until he discovered that his son had come out gay, which forced Portman to change his stance on that issue.  Like Kasich who around that same time lost his fight against the collective bargaining issue with public sector unions in Ohio both men moved more to the center to realign their political life to the realities around them.  That is the time when a politician has to say that they are no longer effective and they need to retire from public life and reenter the hard realities of private sector existence.  Once a Republican or anybody for that matter starts looking at seats in a house or senate as a score—they lose the tactical advantage of maintaining their ethics to preserve that seat at any cost—even if it means coming out in support of gay marriage, or in caving to the public sector unions because of a lost election in 2011.

To recover from those embarrassments, they look around for some passive aggressive target to defer their shame to—like a Donald Trump.  They whisper to their boot likers, like Matt Borgess, that they have moral indignation about some Access Hollywood tape hoping to hide their shame in bending too far to the political left over the years with a shot of adrenaline red meat representing conservative value—hoping to reposition themselves as “rock solid Republicans.”  What they fail to realize is that the rules for these engagements were written by the other side and so long as they adhere to them, they empower the Hillary Clinton types and they lose always.  Saul Alinsky, because he didn’t believe in a God or have any strong roots to a religion—and was trained by the mob of Al Capone, knew that he’d always have a strategic advantage over Republicans if you could shame them into the behavior he desired.  That is what his Rules for Radicles book was all about—which Hillary wrote her colleges thesis on.  The Democratic Party has used those strategic tactics to shame Republicans for years—and to move them more and more to the political center distancing politicians like Portman, Kasich and bootlickers like Borgess far to the center of where they politically should be.  This gave rise to the Tea Party to correct—and that process has been happening for the last six to seven years.  Trump as a presidential candidate was born out of this movement—he is free of the confines of the Republican Party and that is on purpose.  Trump couldn’t have run in 2012, only in 2016 after Republicans have let down voters so much over such a long period of time.  Trump is a self-correction of the Republican Party and he’s the perfect vehicle of the people to defeat Hillary’s Saul Alinsky strategies.  That is why Trump is the presidential nominee.  People understand these things.

Wikileaks proved that the Hillary Clinton people promoted the Trump presidency to knock out all the field of Republicans forcing them to come more to the center to combat him.  They planned all along to use shame to tear down whoever became the presidential nominee—it wouldn’t have mattered who it was—and under normal conditions, it would have worked.  But Trump proved to be more resilient than the Hillary people ever thought possible.  Just like their strategic mistakes made in Libya and in Syria they promoted rebellion within the Republican Party only to end up with something they couldn’t deal with and now they have a Trump campaign that is using the genius of business to truly challenge the inefficiency of government for what is really the first time in a high-profile election.  It’s a plan that blew up in their face because Trump doesn’t know shame.  That makes him the perfect Saul Alinsky killer in politics and the ideal person to take on all this political corruption once and for all.  Trump may not be a perfect person, but he is a person who expects results and he knows how to achieve them.  That’s why people like Robert Paduchik are in charge of the campaign in Ohio to begin with.  Borgess is just a bootlicker, and everyone knows it.

Matt had to come up with a letter to respond to Paduchik citing that he’d continue to support Trump’s campaign even though he had essentially been fired.  Nobody wass surprised by this move.  Trump can win Ohio without the GOP—because he’s been doing it now for months.  But the GOP cannot stay in some form of power without attaching itself to the star of Donald Trump—because if he wins—they don’t want to be seen on the wrong side.  If he loses they can always then play the blame game which is normal for them.  But if Trump wins people like Matt Borgess needs to be near a boot so he can lick it—because that’s what he does.  Borgess was caught playing both sides in pure preservation of his political ambitions—and the Trump team came down hard on him for it—which is something that should happen more often.  Borgess bad mouthed Trump to important people away from the reporters and cameras and he figured he’d be safe.  But word got back to Paduchik and they severed ties even with the implications of a major election looming on the horizon.  And that is the difference between a decisive leader and a pussy—a person who is open to being screwed by anything and everything.   Here is the letter Borgess sent out to the GOP in response to Paduchik’s termination notice.

From: Matthew Borges <> Date: Sat, Oct 15, 2016, 2:40 PM Subject: ORP Support for Trump Campaign To:


Committee Members:


By now you’ve surely seen the letter being circulated by the Ohio Trump organization.  You should know exactly what the Ohio Republican Party has done, is doing, and will continue to do to support the efforts of the Trump campaign.  Here are just ten examples:


1)    In early May, Donald Trump called me, as he continues to do regularly, and asked me to help him get organized in the state.  


2)    I worked with Jim Murphy, Trump’s National Political Director, to identify an Ohio State Director.  He suggested Bob Paduchik, with whom he’d had a previous business relationship and gave me full veto power.  I enthusiastically recommended that he hire Bob.


3)    The majority of their staff members are on our payroll and we handle all of their HR matters so they can remain focused on their primary mission.


4)    We offered to endorse Donald Trump at our September State Central Committee meeting where we appointed Trump’s recommended presidential electors.  The endorsement would have been nearly unanimous.  The Trump campaign declined our offer to endorse.


5)    The Ohio Republican Party has assisted in their coalition building.  ORP’s Executive Director serves on the advisory committee for Women for Trump.  Even this evening we are partnering with RNC’s African American Advisory Council, Trump’s Mahoning County Chair, and the Ohio Black Republican Association to host a phone bank making calls to support our Republican ticket.


6)    We have been chasing their early and absentee voters with a slate card on which Mr. Trump and Governor Pence are prominently featured.


7)    Members of the Ohio Trump staff work in the Ohio Republican Party headquarters.


8)    We are working in total coordination in Election Day Operation preparation.  ORP staff and the Party’s outside legal counsel have been in lock step with the Trump organization in this undertaking.


9)    The Ohio Republican Party has sent GOTV and Early Vote mail and phone calls to bolster support for the top of the ticket.


10)  I speak and meet with Bob Paduchik and Trump team members regularly.  Interestingly, none of Bob’s concerns were voiced until he shared them publicly today.


Let me be clear, I am never going to allow the bruised ego of a staffer to get in the way of my duty as the Ohio Republican Party Chairman.


Please contact me if you have questions on this matter.


I told Rob Portman through Twitter yesterday that a vagina (a pussy) is something that brings forth life—but in the process it gets screwed over first.  That is its biological function and pussies are the key to all life—so they are important.  But who does the screwing and who gets screwed is the major distinction here—and what comes forth from that process is what’s at stake.  Liberals have done all the screwing of Republicans because they have been pussies, and we have the world we are currently observing.  But Republicans—and I mean the kind of Republicans who understand that kind of locker room talk—men and women—are sick of getting screwed and for the sake of the human race understand that its time that the screws get applied to those who have been doing the screwing.  It’s time to stop being the pussy and time to be the aggressor in that relationship—and Trump is the vehicle to do such a long overdue task.

I knew the situation clearly when I was at the Trump rally at US Bank Arena and I noticed several women around my age wearing t-shirts saying “Trump can grab my pussy anytime.”  They were of course with husbands and friends and they were in the pit around Trump’s stage.  Some of them pressed up against the VIP area trying to get as close to Trump as they could.  If I had to guess, I’d say at that rally which occurred six days after the Access Hollywood story, was fifty/fifty men and women.  But my gut told me that women actually were more abundant than men and there were a lot of young people around age twenty there—and they were really into the event.  People like Matt Borgess failed to take note of the slow increase in Tea Party representation of the State Central Committee and he failed to understand what was at the heart of this conservative movement in Ohio.  And he was fired like a dog—because he acted like one.  He’ll stick close to the campaign because he’s a bootlicker by nature, but Republicans like him such as Kasich and Portman just don’t get it—and they need to be out of office.  They need to be out of politics because their time has come and gone.  I’ll vote for Rob, because Strickland is an idiot, but over the next term, Rob needs to phase himself out and let some new blood take over.  Kasich is dead wrong about the state of the Republican Party.  He should be a Democrat the way he thinks, and we aren’t changing into his liberal version of where he wants to take Republicans.  And that is how things stand in Ohio.

Rich Hoffman


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The Disqualification of Hillary Clinton for President: What we have learned from Wikileaks

Just today I read an article from The Washington Post illustrating that Trump is setting the stage to never concede the election to Hillary Clinton.  My response was why would he?  Even though at this point the “scientific” polling has Trump in striking distance just about everywhere over the next three weeks, the real issue is that Trump is essentially running without a competitor.  Hillary Clinton, has shown herself to be a criminal on such a magnitude she would make Al Capone blush at this point, which was revealed through the Wikileaks emails of her longtime aide, John Podesta.  No wonder she deleted her 33,000 emails and wiped her server with bleach bit to destroy the evidence that she had on her personal computer.  What has come out from Wikileaks has been absolutely damning, even more so than people opposed to her politics would even consider a possibility.  The corruption is so deep, and so revealing that the current POTUS is even involved.  What we know right now is far worse than what sunk the presidency of Richard Nixon.  The crimes committed by the White House, the Department of Justice, the Clinton campaign, and the DNC are so vast that there simply isn’t any way Hillary Clinton could ever be president.  Here is just a short rundown of those crimes and their enormity.

For those around in the 90s when the Clintons were in the White House this is how it was all the time.  From the time Bill Clinton took office this was the level of deceit and corruption that was blasted on the airwaves daily.  It was essentially the Clintons which gave rise to talk radio as a response to the vast amounts of corruption and death the First Family always seemed to be around.   If it wasn’t White Water down in Arkansas, or the Ruby Ridge Massacre, Waco, Oklahoma City—which given what we know from those emails it is easy to see how such domestic terrorist plots would be created as false flag incidents—or Bill’s multiple sex scandals—which never abated over the eight years they were in office—not by a single week.  The Clintons were corrupt from the start and they only seem to have gotten worse over the years climaxing to the mess they are now.  If Hillary would be elected president of the United States, it would only be to impeach her.  She’s not going to do anything but be a distraction from the inevitable.

The reason Barack Obama and Bill Clinton are hitting the campaign trail for Hillary and declaring her the “most capable” person to ever run for the White House is because that is the only way they can hope to not get dragged through years of court problems as a result of what we have learned about the Clintons emails through Wikileaks—what wasn’t destroyed off of John Podesta’s computer.  That is the reason for the constant personal attacks against Trump—especially by women.  Much to their frustration, none of it is really sticking—because it wasn’t true.  Trump likely flirted with women over his entire lifetime, but to outright assault them—that’s not Trump.  That is the behavior of Billy Clinton whose wife is running for President putting him back in touch with thousands of young girls working around the Washington D.C. area while his wife does daily cover-up making a plot from House of Cards look like a kids cartoon.

Without question Hillary Clinton’s team is considering ways to cheat the election by any means possible and the media is complicit in the action because all their lives depend on her winning—otherwise they’ll have legal trouble for the rest of their lives if Hillary doesn’t control the Department of Justice.  This is massive corruption well beyond the imaginations of even the most seasoned conspiracy theorist, and people are awake to it.

Hillary Clinton at the very least committed perjury when she destroyed her emails under a subpoena from congress—and that carries jail time.   To make matters worse, Obama knew what was going on and lied about it.  His DOJ worked with the FBI to conceal the evidence and keep Hillary on the presidential ticket causing what has turned out to be massive corruption at the highest office.  And the media is involved in trying to steer the American people away from such a damning story—but it’s not going to go away folks.  As things stand today this is far worse than anything we experienced from the Clintons in the 90s.  There will be books, talk radio, television coverage of this election for years and the massive international syndicate Hillary is at the center of will be discussed daily to the point where Hillary won’t be able to do anything as a POTUS effectively—except load the Supreme Court bench with liberal judges.  Otherwise she will be hid away in the Oval Office by her handlers until the inevitable disgrace removes her from office with more fanfare than her husband experienced when he was impeached by congress before his term ran out.

I live in an area with a lot of Trump signs and not many Hillary yard signs.  The ones you do see are in poor neighborhoods where a lot of people are addicted to government welfare programs, or at homes where people work for the federal government and want to maintain the status quo—homes of school teachers particularly who want their teacher unions to continue running up high costs against tax payers without results to back up the expenditure.  Otherwise, there are Trump signs everywhere displayed with a lot of passion—because those people see what’s going on.  But the Hillary people are living in a fantasy world.   For them to not see the criminal empire Hillary has put herself at the center of is for them to just ignore basics of reality in favor of a fantasy which will never come true.  There will never be a third term of Obama—which is what they are voting for.  Obama’s administration has already collapsed; they are just hoping to run out the clock before everyone notices.  Hillary will bring with her scandal that will instantly marry economic collapse on a scale the world has never seen before—and that will literally happen the moment she hits office.  When I see a Hillary Clinton yard sign I know that someone wasn’t very smart who put it there—because nobody with any kind of working mind could rationalize otherwise.  They are people in serious denial.

Hillary is literally running for her life.  Without controlling the DOJ she and all her contributors—including Obama—are poised for years of pleading the “fifth” in courts of law as justice will pursue them for the rest of their living days.  It will take years for people to sort through the Wikileaks documents just released this week and there are even more on the way.  For Clinton, a successful political career is over—there is no prospect of success now.  Stupid people will supporter her for the free stuff—but nobody of right mind will ever look to her for leadership and she will have legal problems for the rest of her life at a minimum.  So when Trump says she should be in jail, he’s not being rambunctiously “politica,l” he’s stating a fact.  She committed perjury that we know of, and likely much worse—and roughly 80% of the media is in on the game.  This is such massive corruption that they hope nobody will believe it—they are trying to hide these many crimes beyond such enormity of violation that people just can’t wrap their minds around it—and that is their only defense.  But with several weeks to go and a very smart Kellyanne Conway running Trump’s campaign—this information is a gift.  It’s also a gift to the American people before an election because it would truly be a tragedy to elect someone to office only to have them removed with scandal just a year later—because that’s what these Wikileaks show—a ridiculously corrupt government that would have to be removed by force if our legal and election system didn’t do the job first.  Trump is the only legal candidate running.  And those are the facts.

I still trust that the election process will allow the American people to perform justice even as our government attempts to hide its many crimes behind the antics of Hillary Clinton.  If it doesn’t then that is why we have a 1st and 2nd amendment—so that we can take possession of our government when it gets out-of-control, like it obviously has under Obama/Clinton over the last eight years.  Four more years just isn’t possible at this point especially given these dramatic revelations.  The information just provided on this article is enough to sink Hillary Clinton forever—by her own doing.  But it’s much deeper than that.  That leaves Trump essentially unchallenged and a media that will have to come around to that reality—or they will go out of business.   Jail or perpetual court cases from law suits is the only future Hillary Clinton has—because she is a criminal who has committed atrocities born from gross negligence.   And by every legal definition, she is disqualified from running for POTUS.  If she were not artificially propped up by the media, she would right now be either in jail, or in the process of being convicted.  It’s that bad folks.

Rich Hoffman


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What We Learned from the Trump Rally in Cincinnati: Pavarotti’s “Nessum Dorma” displayed truely for the first time on earth

The Clintons have built such a strong international syndicate of criminal activity that Al Capone would be jealous for destroying his legacy of vile manipulation and conduct unbecoming.  Wikileaks have provided the daily evidence for a conviction, but like Capone the media, the justice system, and many hell-bound contributors have hidden the evidence from the public lulled to sleep by sleazy tabloid topics designed to fill their brains with overwhelming complacency intent to keep them that way. But Trump is the Elliot Ness of our time, not a perfect person, but a King Solomon like godly vessel embodying an optimism that spans deep into the roots of the human race–a hope that there is life beyond such treacherous figures like Clinton and Capone who would meddle with our lives and drain us of everything to satisfy their quest for unlimited power and fulfil the very primal aims of evil. 

It was on an oversea business call while Sheriff Jones was speaking—which I was watching on a monitor–that I began to get a sense of the epic magnitude of what was happening.  The crowd was ecstatic and it easily spilled over into the corridors for which I was standing making it very hard to hear the participants over my phone.  I knew when I was about to re-enter US Bank Arena in Cincinnati on October 14th just before Donald Trump spoke amid massive controversy unjustifiably leveled at him all day long to eliminate his presidential run against the criminal Hillary Clinton, that there was an unusual amount of energy in the room—it was a wave of optimism and hope that just isn’t found anywhere in politics under any other circumstance.  And at that particular moment the song shown above was playing, as it always does at Trump rallies in Ohio.  It was Pavarotti’s “Nessum Dorma” and it was an epic entry back to my seat where my wife was.  That song I felt, and even more so feel today, represents best the entire message of the Trump campaign from the start of it last year to the election on November 8th 2016 and the audience present understood it too.  Trump wasn’t even in the building yet and they were spirited—even vivacious with hope dripping from their bodies like the sweat of an intense athlete after hard play under an intense sun.  “Nessum Dorma” will forever be to me the embodiment of this freedom movement which currently rests on a precipice of uncertainty.  As I walked down the steps to my awaiting wife, to that song, my suspicions were proved 100% correct—the media has underreported the effectiveness of these Trump rallies.  Even after a week of allegations of sexual impropriety, the people at US Bank Arena which was filled up to the box seats at the ceiling weren’t buying it proving the Pavarotti version of that song to be more than a metaphor for Trump himself.  Nessum dorma translated to English means “none shall sleep” which by the thrill in the air at the rally, tempted by the media to sleep to the facts of all the crimes which wrap the Clinton campaign like a warm blanket—the people were not sleeping and Pavarotti’s lyrics cried out in boldness throughout the 21,000 capacity crowd that in that arena nobody was even weepy eyed.  They were awake and were ready for a fight and no matter what happens on election day—something new was amiss and it was a force to be reckoned with. 

I had picked the spot shown in the videos here for two reasons.  I knew I had to make that very important call before Trump arrived due to the time zone differences with my recipient—so I had to be able to easily get to someplace where I could talk on a phone.  But more than that, I was texting images of the rally to members of the media throughout the event because I wanted to make sure the outside world understood how many people were actually there.  From that seat I could get a good panoramic of the arena from Trump on stage to the people in the highest seats—and I used that vantage point to tell a story which spilled over onto television reporting later that night, and radio coverage.  This was my third Trump rally in Ohio, the first was in March at the Savanah Center in West Chester.  The second was at the Sharonville Convention Center in July.  And now this one at US Bank Arena in downtown Cincinnati—and this one was certainly the most epic.  Metaphorically, the Trump events were no longer about Trump, but about the movement which had percolated from his massive wake and the US Bank rally embodied that with all the gusto for which Pavarotti sung “Nessum Dorma.”  The pictures I had to take had to capture that scope in its totality, and I think they certainly did. 

One particularly stunning aspect of the night was when the media entered the arena just before Rudy Giuliani spoke and was booed as if they were the visiting team of a hated sporting rival.  The last time I heard those kinds of boos was in the heyday of the Cincinnati Bengal rivalry with the upstate NFL team, the Cleveland Browns.  It was a hard wall of opposition for the 26-35-year-old road reporters for the mainstream media.   The men looked like the stereotypical metrosexual representation of their generation, all stood about 5’ 6” and wore those ridiculous “skinny jeans.”  The women looked like people fresh out of line at a Starbucks in Seattle—liberalized, socialists in their sentiments and yearning for their version of the modern “flower child.”   When they came out of the tunnel the crowd attacked them with verbal harassment that was like a wall of hatred—which had been nurtured for months with the media’s deliberate propping up of corruption for which Hillary Clinton represented.   Those media personalities were complicit in covering up crimes the audience was fully aware of and they let those reporters know it when they entered.  It was something I have never seen before—and it was intense. 

The next morning the news was fair in reporting that the US Bank Arena had been filled, but they didn’t say much about the optimism witnessed.  There were literally people cheering for Trump as if their lives depended on it, because in many ways—it does.  The event had a religious quality to it.  As I reflected on the evening and the many rock concerts I had seen in that very arena over the years—I remembered how hard it was for popular bands like Prince and the Revolution, and ZZ Top to fill that place to the brim for songs that all of society generally loved.  I had witnessed a Trump rally where the relatively boring topics of trade deals was discussed along with taxes—but people reacted to it the way they would if KISS were playing “Detroit Rock City.”  When Trump stepped out for the first time, as seen in the videos here provided, it was as if Mick Jagger or Steve Tayler appeared—rock stars well-known to the public for years that many generations experienced.  Nobody I heard from Newt Gingrich to Rudy Giuliani, or even Sean Hannity had properly articulated what was happening in that arena as the world outside spun out of control with revelations of criminal conduct on a global scale that was a first for our species.  Trump and that audience leaned on each other with a hope that only the great Pavarotti had captured with such intense passion with his much beloved “Nessun Dorma.” 

These people were wide awake and they knew the media was trying to put them to sleep.  And with each lyrical climb of that classic Pavarotti song came the consciousness of mankind climbing out of such a slumber into a world of true reality where it was realized that this wasn’t an election between Republicans and Democrats, morality, or even economics—but between the basic fight of good against evil.   Eliot Ness became an alcoholic later in his life and lost a lot in his fight against Al Capone.  King Solomon waged war, had affairs and had many wives living a life that many would consider sinful, yet he was God’s vessel for delivering a people to their righteous place in history and his wisdom came from beyond human endeavor.  And Trump, like so many before is a man who has transcended the limits of human shackles and along the way, there were casualties.  But like the voice of the great Pavarotti—something beyond earth and all its history was born and it appeared on the stage of US Bank Arena as the last hope for the human race, and there was reason to be optimistic, because for some people they were awake for the first time—and they wanted to do something about it.

Rich Hoffman


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