The Hardest Working Presidential Candidate Ever: Trump unleashing the power of capitalism

While Obama and Hillary were off at separate events enjoying life as the world burns—much do to their own mismanagement—the contrast between them and Trump couldn’t be more obvious.  Even for me, a person who has been with Trump since the beginning, the contrast was quite dramatic. There are still 80 days until the election and it was clear who wanted the Oval Office more.  Hillary and Obama are part of an entitled class who thought that it was appropriate to take the weekend off.  In response to Trump’s visit to Louisiana Clinton declared that she made a few calls to the governor of that state out of concern—but the effort would have taken 10 to 15 minutes maximum and Obama stated that he’d clear his schedule for the following Tuesday to visit the flood zone—nearly a week after the tragedy occurred.  It’s not like Louisiana is on the other side of the world from Martha’s Vineyard.  It’s a short flight that could have been conducted in a morning.  Obama could have done like Trump, fly down, tour the zone, talk to the people and be back north before noon and still had the entire day to conduct whatever business needed to be carried out.  Yet all the established politicians got caught napping and Trump outworked everyone and didn’t even break a sweat.

I had a moment of clarity while at Top Golf in West Chester, Ohio which is a brilliant sporting complex that was a lot nicer than I thought it would be.  As I was there for lunch I was listening to Mark Belling cover for Rush Limbaugh.  Belling was a never Trumper during the primary campaign but he has since come around to appreciate Trump and it was interesting to hear him speak about his transition optimistically.   As I looked around the Top Golf facility with Mark’s words in my ears I had one of those flashes of American potential that was extremely refreshing.  It was a nice day.  From my vantage point capitalism was on full display.  NFL preseason games were on the television monitors everywhere, the place was packed and there was a lot of eating going on.  Across the Top Golf greens was the new Main Event complex where bowling, climbing and many other activities were now available next to my favorite regional book store, the Barnes and Nobel of West Chester.  Next to that was a Mitchells where I have been to many business lunches and dinners.  Soon right next to Top Golf will be a Bass Pro Shop.  The entire complex felt fresh and energetic like what you’d expect to experience at Disney World.  It was all top notch vacation destination type stuff and was the result of many great minds thinking creatively as individual contributions to expanding the market economy of West Chester.  And behind the scenes where government belongs, I knew a lot of what I was looking at was the result of two trustees, Mark Welch and George Lang who are pro capitalist entrepreneurs themselves who manage West Chester in much the way that Donald Trump is proposing to run America as a nation.   Once word got out around the United States that West Chester was a hands off—high per capita location, wonderful entertainment companies like Main Event and Top Golf made investments and the result is simply spectacular.

Like all productive people though, Top Golf was only part of my day—a small part at that.  Within an hour or so I was back to my obligations for the day working hard.  A few hours later I did meet my wife at Ikea which was just across the highway from Top Golf to look through some new bedroom options for our guest rooms.  We had dinner there and again I enjoyed the view of West Chester’s new bustling panorama.  Since it was Friday a lot of people were coming in from out of town just to visit Ikea which has become a destination shopping event for many.  New hotels had sprang up to accommodate the demand and it was just another example how capitalism improves the lives of people so dramatically.  Everything I could see was the result of “making money.”  Not redistributing the money that has been made like Clinton and Obama believe in their static hearts to be the root of all government activity—but the Trumpian capitalism of job creation and therefore wealth building.  When you lay the foundation for investment and creativity, good things happen and West Chester, Ohio is a prime example of it.  When Trump says he can bring back jobs and bring back optimism and energy to the country, this is the kind of thing he’s pitching.

Trump is not talking about being a typical president.  Like most successful people, he does many things in a day and lives every day to the fullest.  If he finds he needs to apply more effort, he does and he obtains the desired results through sheer tenacity.  Playing golf in Martha’s Vineyard is just one thing he might do in a day so that’s the reason it is so despicable that Obama wouldn’t take the time to fly to Louisiana to visit the flood victims.  As a president with a private airplane, such a journey is nothing—but it means so much to so many people.  And after nearly eight years in office, Obama still doesn’t get it—that’s because he has never been independently successful—he has only witnessed success as a second-hander.  Hillary is in a lot of ways even worse.  She benefits from knowing a lot of powerful people as the wife of a former president and she actually thinks she’s entitled to the presidency and could take the weekend off.

Trump is independently wealthy—has his own luxury airplane so flying all over the country is like sitting in his private office. It’s not hard—and that opportunity is something he built for himself through a lot of hard work. So when he needs it, Trump can apply his hard work to maximum benefit and be all over the country and still have dinner with his family on Sunday while running for presidential office.  And when he really needs to lock down an issue, he can have the kind of week that he just had, because as a private sector guy, he is familiar with hard work and he simply outworked the Hillary Clinton machine which is filled with second-handers and have no idea how to match the effort.  But what Trump is fighting for is not to be a dictator like Glenn Beck fears or any of the other pro Hillary supporters.  Trump is talking about a completely different kind of government—one where those who run it take a back seat to optimism and empower those best positioned to do the right things to unleash the power of capitalism—which is really what Hillary and Obama fear most.  Because once people get a taste of that—really for the first time in America—they’ll never go back to how things have been.  And that is something to really get excited about.

Rich Hoffman


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How to Help Donald Trump in Ohio: Walking, knocking on doors and fighting a vile evil unleashed by diabolical Democrats

 For those in the media who keep their ears to the tracks of my writings for a whisper of happenings coming and going–of trends not yet realized so that forecasts to the winds can be witnessed a fraction of a second ahead of the competition, this posting is primarily for them.  If you want a good political story in Ohio, be at any of the below locations-and you will see a hint of what’s really going on in America’s heartland.    The below message is from the Trump Ohio campaign.  Robert Scott is doing a great job, and things are just getting started.

Ohio Trump-Pence Victory is rolling in the Buckeye State and we will be participating in the National Day of Action. We will be Walking and knocking doors THIS SATURDAY, AUGUST 20 at various locations throughout Ohio. Please click the link to sign up for the nearest location or where you would like to walk tomorrow:


County Time Link
Allen 1:00 PM
Butler 9:30 AM
Butler 9:30 AM
Clermont 9:00 AM
Clinton 12:30 PM
Cuyahoga 9:00 AM
Cuyahoga 9:30 AM
Cuyahoga 9:30 AM
Fairfield 9:00 AM
Fairfield 3:00 PM
Fairfield 9:00 AM
Franklin 10:00 AM
Geauga 10:00 AM
Guernsey 10:00 AM
Hamilton 9:30 AM
Hamilton 9:30 AM
Highland 9:00 AM
Lake 9:00 AM
Licking 9:00 AM
Licking 3:00 PM
Licking 9:00 AM
Lucas 10:00 AM
Mahoning 9:00 AM
Marion 9:30 AM
Medina 9:30 AM
Miami 9:30 AM
Montgomery 10:00 AM
Montgomery 9:30 AM
Muskingum 9:00 AM
Ottawa 9:30 AM
Ottawa 9:30 AM
Pickaway 9:00 AM
Pike 9:00 AM
Portage 10:00 AM
Ross 9:00 AM
Ross 3:00 PM
Sandusky 9:30 AM
Scioto 9:00 AM
Scioto 3:00 PM
Stark 9:00 AM
Summit 9:00 AM
Washington 9:00 AM

With your help we will Make America Great Again!

Robert Scott
Deputy State Director for Ohio
Donald J. Trump for President, Inc.

Rich Hoffman

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The Wisdom of Sheriff Clark: What makes black people poor

Sheriff Clark in Milwaukee is someone I thought a lot of before the riots broke out in that poor infested city over the weekend of August 13th 2016.  His answer after the riots made me like him a lot more.  Thank goodness he said what he did—which was essentially what I and many other conservative voices have been saying for a long time.

 It was good to hear him speak properly on the matter and is worth remembering.  So here are the words of Sheriff Clark.  Listen to them and pass this along to a friend who needs to hear a little wisdom as we all endure the massive storm of progressive failure nationwide.

Rich Hoffman


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The Trump Card: ‘Stranger Things’ about the heroics of Stephen Rogata

It is easy to become disheartened when the reality of the battle is revealed to us to see in its ominous entirety. For a lot of people, the Trump campaign has been a kind of waking up. Some of us have been there all along—but most are just now seeing the depth of the madness. The national media is connected to the world media in ways nobody thought possible. The political class within the United States on all sides are strongly inclined toward global billionaire visions of a one world government for which they control the strings. And the moral decline of our culture is astonishingly present. Many are finding the new Netflix show, Stranger Things refreshing in that it takes our culture back to a time when it was clearly better—where Steven King had a movie based on his books two or three times a year, Steven Spielberg made great movies, and John Hughes made wonderful coming of age stories like The Breakfast Club. Like the sheriff in that chilling story set in the early 80s, through Trump, our culture is waking up from a nightmare to find us placed on our couches wondering if the dream was real, or a self-induced coma brought on by prescription drugs and other chemical intoxicants designed to corrupt our minds. Did we really see that? Did that really happen? As we ask the question a new round of corruption hits the airwaves and like they always have the Clintons wave their hand and expect it to all go away—and the media mysteriously complies—and we have been accepting that behavior—until now. And out of the ruins of such turmoil in the middle of a hot week in August, 2016 a mysterious young 19-year-old kid named Stephen Rogata climbed a third of the Trump Tower hoping to garner Donald Trump’s personal audience with a special message. And I likely know what it is—and hopefully it proves to be authentic—because if so, we are about to see something in politics that we’ve never seen before—and we are right on the edge of it. That’s right ladies and gentlemen. That nightmare you’ve been having about the decline of our country is real, and you have been lulled to sleep by a kind of hypnosis induced by a media that is completely controlled by powerful forces seeking global insurrection—and you have a front row seat. But like all good stories, heroes are rising to meet the challenge, and their means of conduct must naturally be unconventional, because that is how you beat a monstrous enemy. Behold, Stephen Rogata’s cryptic message and a glimpse behind the curtain of a reality some are just now seeing for the first time.

We’ve allowed this ominous enemy against our individual rights to grow too big, and now we are dealing with it—unfortunately from behind. I can’t say that I believe the poll numbers reflecting Trump being so far behind Hillary Clinton. Conditions are different from the primary election where conventional rules of voting applied, and the media had a need to see a competitive Republican primary—so the information was reflected without tampering. But now, Hillary Clinton is the drone of the political left and many of those millennial journalists employed today mixed with the beltway types who have enjoyed a posh existence within the loops of power gaze at Trump and his followers with the same disdain that the RINOs gazed at the Tea Party just a few years ago which lead to the ousting of John Boehner, the removal of Eric Cantor and a Republican takeover of the House and Senate in both 2010 and 2014. The actual polling data is missing several demographic types because the media itself has chosen to ignore those people in their reporting. The same polling that missed the Bernie Sanders surge in Michigan and the Brixit vote in England recently are the same declaring Hillary Clinton the winner of the November elections in August—before there are any debates, and before Trump’s second convention in Washington D.C. in October. Oh—you didn’t know about that? Well, we’ll get to that in a minute. Sit tight.

Trump has slugged through extremely difficult weeks and his individual polling really hasn’t fell out—which is terrifying the political left. They’ve thrown everything at him—and it hasn’t phased Trump in the least—and now panic is starting to set in. There is enough clear evidence—including the hacked emails from Nancy Pelosi’s computer, to bury the Democrats forever. There have already been resignations within the DNC, but we are just talking about the tip of the iceberg here. These people are bad in the Democratic Party, and they’ve been caught red handed—with blood literally dripping off their fingertips—and the media is in the odd position of trying to explain those events away—which in turn is proving the point Trump has been making all along. If the election were held today, I think Trump would win because of the uncounted masses showing up to vote—similar to the Brixit vote in Europe recently. Even with all the bad press Trump has been receiving, there is so much energy behind the Trump movement—that the media has no real way to account for it. But we’re just getting started here. There is more to come.

I know quite a bit about nonverbal communication—and likely even more about implied verbal manipulation—in both good and bad ways. So it was very beneficial to me to have met Donald Trump recently and watched him speak to large crowd from only ten feet away—where I could watch him and then watch the audience reaction. Trump is an expert communicator. He’s had success as a developer using those skills. He has had a top television show for over a decade using those skills. And he’s a bestselling author using those same skills. He’s also broken some heads and hearts along the way and what I see in Trump is a man possessed to do the right thing at 70 years old so he can earn a ticket to the afterlife—from his perspective. He truly wants to do good, and he wants to fight evil—and that’s pretty much it—and I love him for it. I respect him much more now after meeting him than I did even a year ago when I thought his candidacy might fix our many problems in government. Trump wants to fix the soul of America which will in turn lead the world back to health by example. The secret to Trump is in empowerment—he empowers those around him to succeed with a leadership skill that isn’t taught in any university or military installation anywhere in the world. He has it, and literally nobody else does. Trump knows it when he speaks and people unconsciously understand it. So I knew when he said recently to a crowd in Sharonville, Ohio that within the room we were all in, that there was likely some genius who could hack those lost Hillary emails and reveal what was destroyed—what he was really doing. Trump is talking about individual intelligence which “trumps” collective understanding and he is calling out to them to undo the mass collective with sheer genius. Recently he did the same at a press conference where he dared the Russians with the same empowerment. The media must take things literally because as a static organization institutionalized for the benefit of mass hypnosis—they must keep the beats of our society steady—like a hypnotist needed a mechanism of rhythm to lull its beholder off into a slumber where their individual will is surrendered to the instigator. Trump is breaking that rhythm with noise and the result is that slowly, like the sheriff in Stranger Things who snuck into the Energy Department secret facility and discovered an interdimensional portal used to spy on people—who was captured then thrown drugged back into his residence covered in pills and booze meant to make him think he dreamed it all—our society is waking up–and they are pissed off. It is nice to see them finally join the club. Welcome! You were sleeping hard!

Trump and his daughter Ivanka—along with the other kids running the business are planning to open the Old Post Office luxury hotel they have been renovating on Pennsylvania Avenue right before the November election. Trump will have a press conference and tour of the renovated wonder right down the road from the White House and the world will marvel at what they achieved there. This will happen after Trump beats up on Hillary Clinton through three debates with the evidence produced in all these email releases is talked about aggressively, and the media will have no choice but to cover it all. The hotel will be a proper metaphor for what Trump can do with our nation and he’ll get at least a similar poll bump like he did at the RNC convention heading into the election in November. That is Trump’s secret card and it really doesn’t matter if I reveal it here because what Trump is doing is rooted in achievement—whereas Hillary clearly can’t match him. He knows it. They all know he knows it—and nobody can do anything about it. Trump as an explanation point to his entire political campaign for president will point to the Old Post Office and say—that is my resume and why you should vote for me. It will be spectacular and will be one of the finest hotels in the entire world.

Meanwhile from now until then, Trump has a silent army that he has empowered to break down the veil that has been hung to conceal the truth from our eyes and one of those was the young eccentric genius Stephen Rogata who carried with him a message for Trump’s eyes only, scaling Trump Tower for the world to see and the media to shutter at the possible implication of what the kid found. Of course the kid was arrested, and he hasn’t talked to anybody about what he found. Even so, the information he provides must go through proper channels. It isn’t exactly right to dump information into a rival campaign’s lap and expect justice. The FBI should get a crack at the information for proper administering of justice—if possible. But the important thing is that there are geniuses like this kid out there and they want Trump elected. They are the unsung heroes who will do a lot of work over the next three months and once the smoke clears—we’ll see what is still standing. But the heroics cannot be ignored. We are fighting a monster which is eating the entire world and those of us supporting Trump are trying to stop that mass consumption. And the fight is hardly over. Fret not.   There is a lot to be hopeful about—so keep your spirits focused on the sky and those who climb towers with secret messages—because hope is far from lost.

Rich Hoffman


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Visit the NRA Election Headquarters: A special night at Right 2 Arm Firearms

I am very proud to have Mike Reed and his family at the end of my street at Right 2 Arms.  In fact, I spent my 48th birthday this year in the basement of his facility using his “Gunfighter” simulator which we rented for an afternoon.  Since he opened last year I have bought two guns and a very good knife there—along with a lot of ammunition.  For self-defense I buy my .500 gr, .500 Magnum ammunition from Right 2 Arm Firearms so I am extremely pleased to announce the following event:

On Thursday, August 11th from 6-8:30pm the NRA will be holding a Grand Opening for its Ohio Election Headquarters.

The NRA Election Headquarters is in the suite next to Right 2 Arm Firearms located (Route 4 next to the Highway Patrol Post) at 4879 Mercedes Drive, Liberty Township, OH 45011. This is one of only a couple of these NRA Election Headquarters in the country and will be open until the November Presidential Election.

Everyone is invited to this event so spread the word on email and social media letting all of your friends and family know about the event.  Let’s get as many people at the event to show your support for the Second Amendment.

There will be free pizza and refreshments, NRA items and Free use of the Right 2 Arm Firearms Gunfighter simulator. There will be raffle tickets for sale for you to win a gun at the event and a few RT2ARM door prize Drawings for Freedom Seeds (ammunition) as well.

NRA representatives will be there to answer questions about the upcoming election and the serious threat to your Second Amendment Rights and help you get involved if you would like to.

Right 2 Arm Firearms will be open during the event to allow the Gunfighter Simulator to be used for free.  This is a great opportunity to see what the simulator is all about and have some fun.

I hope to see all of you at this Grand Opening to Support your gun rights and the Second Amendment. 

It’s a great place ran by great people.  I was impressed to learn that the use of that simulator was free that night—it’s usually pretty expensive.  So if you like guns, pizza, and want to support the NRA and pick up some great Donald Trump election supplies—do yourself a favor and stop by.  You can’t go wrong.  It is not a coincidence that this particular location is one of the few places in the country opening one of these establishments.  If you live in the region, you are ground zero in the war against the left—and many on the right side of things surround this location.   So do you part, and Stand and Fight—and join some wonderful NRA supporters into the night!

Rich Hoffman


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How to Help Trump: Fighting ‘The Walking Dead’ Democrats in Butler County, Ohio and everywhere


These polls against Donald Trump, I don’t believe.  There have been so many aspects of this 2016 election that are obviously wrong, that I am suspect of all news currently.  What I do know is that Donald Trump’s speech in Detroit was magnificent—and is rally call to the last remnants of American life—and if you still love our country you need to make sure you are registered to vote and that you have to show up for the polls in November.  There are a lot of really stupid people these days, and most of them are voting for Hillary Clinton—and they don’t like our country—and they are attacking.  We are living The Walking Dead in real life but this time the zombies are Democrats. They’ve already destroyed Detroit.  Now they want to do it to the rest of America.


Trump is doing his job of saving our country, of keeping what happened to Detroit from happening to every city and county in America.  But it won’t be enough.  Trump needs a ground game and he needs money.  So below you will find ways and contact information to help him with both.  Specifically, if you live near me in Butler County, Ohio and you have time and energy to be part of Trump’s ground game, then here is a way that you can help.  My good friend Ann Becker is the main contact—get with her and do your part.


A chance to work on the Trump Campaign

Thank you for the huge response on the training on Wednesday.  Here is an updated link to register for the training.

You are invited to help Make America Great Again with the Trump Victory Campaign in Butler County. Join us for training on Wednesday, August 10th.   You must RSVP below to be allowed in the training room.

Precinct School for Trump Victory Butler County

When: Wednesday, August 10th. Doors open at 6pm. Training begins at 6:30

Where: Tori’s Station – 74 Donald Dr, Fairfield, OH 45014


Training is Free.  Pizza and pop will be on hand.  First 100 people registered get a free Trump/Pence shirt.

Join the Butler County for Trump campaign and the Butler County Republican Party as they present Precinct School on Wednesday, August 10th at Tori’s Station in Fairfield. Doors will open at 6:00 pm, and the training will begin at6:30.  You must RSVP to be allowed in the training room. 

You will be trained on how to talk to voters in this important elections.  We will look at how to go door to door – tips and tricks for making the best impact with voters. You will also be trained on the tools that that Trump campaign will use to secure victory.

This training is a must if you want to be a part of Making America Great Again.

Yours in Liberty,
Ann Becker, State Central Committeewoman, 4th District Ohio
Email –
Social Media @annbecker1999

Additionally, Eric Trump—who is the younger son of Donald Trump, is hosting an incentive opportunity to raise money for the Trump/Pence campaign.  I’ve met Eric, he’s a great young man and when you look into his eyes, you can see a person of great sincerity, so a lunch with him at Trump Tower is worth something.  I can promise that it would be the trip of a lifetime.  So send three dollars at the link below and you will automatically be registered to win.  Three dollars isn’t much for a chance of a lifetime.  Here is the message from Eric on how to send money and why:

How would you like to get…

  1. A free flight to New York City;
  2. A private tour of our campaign headquarters at Trump Tower, and
  3. A lunch with me – where we’ll talk about our strategy to defeat Hillary Clinton and Make America Great Again!

Just contribute $3 now to automatically enter for a chance to win it all.

Ever since my father officially accepted the Republican nomination for president, our campaign has surged with momentum, and more and more Americans are joining the Trump Train to help us win.

And right now is the perfect time for you to sign on.

Your contribution will push us closer to victory. And you will also get the chance to have an insider’s look at the Trump-Pence HQ in the heart of Manhattan and provide YOUR feedback on our campaign.

Contribute $3 to automatically enter to win.

I’m sure Hillary Clinton’s campaign is setting up fundraisers with high-powered lobbyists as we speak. But those are the people who have rigged the economy against you, left our borders wide open, and refuse to take the threat of Radical Islam seriously.

Those are the people my father wants nothing to do with. His campaign is about you, and that’s why I hope you will take action today.

I’ll be happy to meet you and hear your thoughts on our campaign one-on-one.

Thanks – good luck!

Eric Trump


Hillary Clinton is part of a vile machine that we are all up against.  In July she raised $90 million dollars which Democrats are using to attack Trump—and all of us really—and to hide the many crimes she has been a part of.  Trump and his team raised $80 million dollars which is very competitive, and that will help a lot.  But you can’t take anything for granted.  If you are reading this, you need to help in some way possible, in either of the two ways discussed above, or both.  Most of that $80 million was raised with small contributions like the link above.  Meeting Eric at Trump Tower is just an added bit of fun for whoever wins it.  But you should do it for the patriotic contribution to saving your country.  I don’t mean to be melodramatic, but the situation is serious.  The money is the most important thing.

The second most important thing is to get involved in the ground game.  If you don’t live in Ohio, Ann might even be able to point you in the right direction, so contact her anyway.  But if you do live in Ohio and you want to beat Hillary Clinton….call Ann—have some free pizza and learn how you can help by hitting that pavement.  Make some calls and help Trump out.  Ohio is a crucial battleground state and we don’t have Kasich’s Republicans helping—because they are still crying about their lost dream of having their guy in the White House.  We are literally talking about fixing America or destroying it—and you have to make a choice.  So make the right one and don’t sit on the sidelines.  Your country can’t withstand a lost election in November.

Rich Hoffman

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The Brilliance of the Trump Kids: Why you should never, ever, ever–ever–apologize

By now you’ve seen dear reader why I have been supporting Donald Trump’s run for presidency.  He’s my kind of guy, I love the way he fights, he’s smart—and his kids are actually better than he is.  The evidence of that is in the interview below where Eric Trump came to life under very difficult circumstances during CBS This Morning.  The liberals on that show revealed a lot, and Eric handled them extremely well.  Of particular note, they tried to pin him down on Warren Buffett’s recent campaigning with Hillary Clinton.  Eric said what I told all of you years ago, that Buffett owns railroads that transport oil to markets from Canada and his alliance with Democrats is to prevent the Keystone Pipeline from giving him appropriate competition.  Eric Trump actually presented the evidence on television in a way that never happens in politics—and it was refreshing to see.

The point of the interview and of the DNC strategy of using the Khan family against Trump was to trap the presidential candidate into an apology.  It is a completely contrived story created to attack the staunch individuality of Trump—which works for every other person in the world.  But it isn’t working on Trump.

I have said many times that there is a lot that I understand about Trump.  Like him, I am a patriarch who fully intends for his children to be better than he is—and he sets the bar high forcing them to reach a long way to get where they want to be–better.  The net result is that his children are all very good in all ways, they are smart, nice to look at, and respectable.  They are the result of a Donald Trump upbringing—a way of raising children that mirror very close to my own methods.  And I have had similar results.  But additionally, like Trump, I have fought the pressure of the masses to apologize when the strategies of peer pressure apply the screws.

What those three interrogators on CBS This Morning were fishing for was the admission of some guilt from Donald Trump–because once the admission of being wrong is confessed, the political left owns you.  That is how they spread much evil around the world—and they have been doing it for a long time.  Like Trump, I understand this very well.  The political left uses guilt to advance their brand of mass collectivism because once you admit to a fault, or an error—you admit that the power of the individual is flawed and the only redemption for such a character is to migrate into the compassion of the masses.  When Charlie asked Eric Trump who tells his father he’s wrong, the premise has no correct answer—because the assumption is that Donald Trump—like everyone else is flawed.  Once that admission is revealed, then collectivism is the only redemption.  That is the trap.  I have fought it all my life and it is such a relief to see that other people, in this case the Trumps, understand the scam and are fighting back finally against it.

It is possible to arrive at a place in your life where you don’t make mistakes.  When a man, or a woman, gets into their late thirties and forties—especially by the time they are in their fifties and sixties, a human being should be pretty good at things in their lives.  I think it is entirely possible to go for decades without mistakes and to function as a flawless human being.  Trump has obviously pushed himself hard for many years, just as I have of myself, and likely seldom if ever makes mistakes.  It is a good place to be in life to wake up in the morning and know exactly what you are doing and why you are doing it.  Donald Trump is the first person that I have ever seen or heard of who has sought an elected office and has reached these levels in life.  He can fight like he does because he does not surrender his individual integrity to the prevalence of guilt and it obviously has President Obama and many other progressives, spooked.  It even has conservatives like Glenn Beck spooked because like Obama, he cannot fathom the concept of a flawless guilt free human being.  Even religion in most cases sinks its roots in the concept of flawed human beings who can only find redemption in religion.  One puts its fate in a “god” the other in government.  Both sides are uneasy about individuals like Donald Trump who are just happy being who they are and function in life without the need to apologize for anything.

Obama in an unprecedented move during a press conference with the prime minister of Singapore unloaded on Trump in a way that has never happened in politics.  Obama was obviously rattled that Trump is the first person he has ever encountered in his life who can truly stand on his own without the fear of peer pressure which the political left has used to steer society for over a hundred years toward progressivism.  And true to form, within an hour of Obama’s comments, Trump unloaded on Obama and Hillary Clinton the way only a truly free man could void of any guilt.


This type of self-made human being is the subject of the Ayn Rand books The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged.  Trump is one of those characters in the popular novels and it is scaring the crap out of established politics.  For that reason alone Trump could easily unleash positive aspects of American culture that we’ve never seen before as an executive in the White House.  But what is even better is that Trump’s kids actually exceed their father’s abilities which say a lot.  I understand it, and I’m sure that Trump would agree with me.

What we are seeing is a completely new definition of what the presidency is in America and I would say that the way to understand that direction is within the pages of the great American novel Atlas Shrugged.  Yet that is just the tip of the iceberg—the Trump kids present a new age of political competency.  It is an exciting time and people just aren’t sure what to make of it.  For them, I’d suggest that they start reading some Ayn Rand books, because that’s the only way they are ever going to understand Trump—or why his kids are so great—and why you should never, ever, ever………apologize.   As a human being you should always strive to be flawless—so that there is nothing to ever apologize for—even if there is.

Rich Hoffman


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