Betsy DeVos: A person I am truely thankful for

So yes, I’m feeling pretty thankful, do you remember dear reader when I was at the center of this I-Team Report for Channel 9 seen below?  Auh, the memories.  I had spent a lot of political capital and personal reputation to challenge that premise of runaway costs in public education especially at the top, with the superintendents who were making more than the governors of most states.   I was taking them on as phony CEOs and the heat was on.  The Cincinnati media had a story they could get their teeth into.  Shannon Jones and Governor Kasich trying to ride the ground swell of opposition generated by these news stories signed Senate Bill 5 which provoked the powerful Ohio public sector unions to riot in the streets and the long hidden con game that is public education was exposed.  Yet there wasn’t really a solution, only the identification of the problem.  Of course the solution I supported seemed like a far-flung one, School Choice was presented only nobody at the level of The Department of Education would dare adopt such a controversial innovation in the field of public education.  Major changes at the very top were needed to brings costs down while increasing the results and the unions had all the politicians scared to even try leaving us all to fight it out on the ground without an end in sight.

I supported Donald Trump for president for many reasons, but the top of my list was the end game of public education innovation which I had been advocating for during many years, including that I-Team report which was quite alarming to regular people who otherwise didn’t know. When people wonder why I do a show from time to time with Matt Clark in Ann Arbor, Michigan they have to understand that I have been doing more than just looking for attention on the radio.  I can get attention and make money in many different ways—so my interest in doing radio and television has been for one primary reason, to inspire political addicts and those able to take the necessary action to position themselves for the needed changes.  In Cincinnati, we had things covered very well but we needed other regions also and Michigan was high on my list for tactical reasons.  Casual people fascinated with mainstream topics don’t normally listen to a program on WAAM radio, but those who run Republican Party activity in Michigan often do and one voice I hoped to reach directly or indirectly in that rust belt state was the Chairman of the Republican Party Betsy DeVos and wife to billionaire Dick DeVos—who were sympathetic to public education changes—such as School Choice.  I had heard that several years after that I-Team report into Ohio school superintendent pay that Betsy was warming up to School Choice as a public education option in 2013.  That stood the hairs up on the back of my neck—and she wasn’t the only one warming up to the idea—now if only we could somehow get those types of people into a position that mattered.  Obama certainly wasn’t open to the idea—so a major change would be needed at the top to free up the ground forces ready to implement innovation and competitive forces in public education because that was the only hope of an end game started by all of us public education reformers.

The day before Thanksgiving 2016 newly elected President Donald Trump announced that Betsy DeVos was going to be his pick for Secretary of Education and the teacher union of the NEA said this:

“Every day, educators use their voice to advocate for every student to reach his or her full potential. We believe that the chance for the success of a child should not depend on winning a charter lottery, being accepted by a private school, or living in the right ZIP code. We have, and will continue, to fight for all students to have a great public school in their community and the opportunity to succeed no matter their backgrounds or circumstances

“Betsy DeVos has consistently worked against these values, and her efforts over the years have done more to undermine public education than support students. She has lobbied for failed schemes, like vouchers — which take away funding and local control from our public schools — to fund private schools at taxpayers’ expense. These schemes do nothing to help our most-vulnerable students while they ignore or exacerbate glaring opportunity gaps. She has consistently pushed a corporate agenda to privatize, de-professionalize and impose cookie-cutter solutions to public education. By nominating Betsy DeVos, the Trump administration has demonstrated just how out of touch it is with what works best for students, parents, educators and communities.

“The National Education Association advocates for investing in smart strategies that we know help to improve the success of all our students, including creating more opportunities and equity for students, classes small enough for one-on-one attention, modern textbooks and a well-rounded curriculum for every student. We also know that the voices of educators — those who know the names of the students they educate — should always be present at the table when making decisions that impact student success. Educators will continue to focus on raising their voices in support of their students and against any effort by the Trump administration to undermine the educational opportunity of all public school students.”

Otherwise, what the NEA is saying is that they are scared to death and know that changes to their power structure are imminent and with Donald Trump giving unwavering support to someone like Betsy DeVos, who is fearless in her efforts, competition is coming to public education and they will be powerless to stop it.  Betsy DeVos was my dream pick for solving this public education nightmare short of completely shutting down the DOE.  The scam the unions had worked out with the superintendents of these public schools was that boards of education who were just citizen members elected by the community to manage school affairs hired professional educators to perform the executive action of school management.  The unions through manipulative tactics ensured that the flow of money to those superintendents was extraordinary and they fed the egos of those people in an attempt to make them believe they were “real managers” when in fact there were just figureheads protecting the union activity of the teachers.  The large wages that the superintendents were making were essentially payoffs by the system to preserve it from reform—which is why the NEA is upset because “they” control politics locally, which must stop if public education is ever going to be fixed.  Running for school board isn’t enough—otherwise I would have done it.  You must change the priorities of the entire institution decentralizing it and putting an emphasis on competition.  That is the only way to break the monopoly the teacher unions have on public schools using children as human shields to prevent action.

Betsy DeVos is the end game I have been wanting to see and thankfully Donald Trump made that decision early.  Being independently wealthy, the DeVos family is free from the temptations of corruption since they don’t need money from back room deals meaning Betsy is free to act 100% on her consciousness, which genuinely cares about this public education issue—and she is not the kind of person who will accept failure.  A lot of things had to happen to make this possible.  I can’t say that while we were doing any of the television and radio broadcasts identifying the vast evils shown in public education that real solutions were more than a pipe dream.  But always in the back of my mind was the hope that if enough people learned of this problem, that they’d be inspired to do something about t.  And Betsy DeVos is the perfect type of person to take on the challenges presented in public education. 

That makes this particular Thanksgiving perhaps the one I am enjoying most.  For maybe the first time in my adult life—I am truly thankful that there are solutions to the many things that have held my country imprisoned behind stupidity and a lack of conviction.  Betsy DeVos is the kind of pick for Secretary of Education that would alone seal the fate of a successful Donald Trump presidency, and for him its only one thing.  But for me, it’s the biggest thing.  Happy Thanksgiving! 

Rich Hoffman


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The Trump Brand: Making America Great Again starting at The White House

As I look at the electoral map of the last Presidential election, I see a lot of red. While the blue areas are high population density zones, they certainly don’t constitute a majority of the real estate within the United States, so it makes you wonder who in the world Rachel Maddow thinks her audience is on MSNBC when she had a melt down over the Trump family brand and how it will inevitably carry over into Donald Trump’s new role as President of the United States. America is a capitalist country which has made it the most powerful nation in the world and soon it will quickly outgrow communist China in GDP production because of a friendly pro business president in the White House. The evidence is that the Dow continued to close at record highs each day after the dust settled from the election results of 2016 as investors realized the lasting implication of a Donald Trump presidency. It’s OK and good to make money, and even to be rich. Excess is a wonderful thing and its back in fashion which will turn out to help everyone the world over. Yet progressives committed deeply to the name change philosophy of communism hate wealth, personal enrichment, and self-pride to the extent that they have dangerously stifled growth in America and that has been rejected quite spectacularly with the election of Donald Trump. So who does Maddow think her audience is?

I see the Trump presidency to the be the most positive thing that has ever happened to mankind. Reflecting back on history I think of the optimism that came from the Eisenhower administration which carried over into the early Kennedy years—until his assassination which plunged America suddenly into bitterness by the end of the 60s with communist insurgents dressed up as hippies on college campuses. Kennedy with his sheer optimism made NASA into a force to be reckoned with and took mankind to the moon. Trump is all about the power of positive thinking. In his Trump hotel in Las Vegas it says on the wall of the lobby, “If you’re going to think, it might as well be big,” which is from his bestselling book, The Art of the Deal.

As a bestselling author of at least 10 books on essentially the power of positive thinking it is stunning to consider what influence Trump will have on world markets especially within the United States with his message uttered from the White House. Kennedy had a fraction of that positive thinking ability likely undeveloped because of his youth, but Trump spews it like sweat from a champion athlete. I think that alone is the most exciting prospect of a Trump presidency. The residual effect of a champion of positive thinking speaking to the American people essentially every day.

Trump himself is like visiting Disney World—he is his own product of positive thinking and the reason the Trump brand has value is that people want to purchase a piece of it hoping to evoke the same fortune to themselves—even if it’s only a token of representation that one can look at on a shelf. When Ivanka or Melania sell jewelry it’s so that women can have a piece of the glamour represented by those two Trump women. From the Oval Office, the products of the Trump family bring people closer to the experience of the euphoria exhumed by President Trump—where anything is possible if only one can dream big enough to have it. That is precisely why Disney World has a special feeling once a visitor enters the property. The brand of Disney represents dreams coming true mixed with old fashioned American optimism. Trump as an organization represents possibility and reward and they have cultivated that image over several decades. Now as president, their Trump brand will escalate into a similar euphoric feeling when people see it even more than it has.

During the campaign at my house we bought some Trump gear from the official website, and I was quite surprised by the quality of them—extra steps had been taken to ensure that normal campaign apparel was certainly better than the typical paraphilia. My MAGA hat is actually a thing of beauty, it’s one of the best hats that I’ve ever had—it’s very well made. Trump over the years has nurtured that sense of quality in everything he does and that is now part of the Trump experience, whether it’s the Trump hotel in Chicago, Las Vegas or his buildings in New York. The Trump brand and everything that goes with them exhibits quality—and possibility. The Trump experience is a reward for hard work done and the euphoria of success. If you can afford a suite at a Trump hotel, you know as a customer that they appreciate you and they treat you as such. They do want your money, but the entire exchange is a mutual transfer of value that I’ve only otherwise seen at Disney World, or other Disney owned properties. Trump and Disney both sell the same type of brand—positive American philosophy rooted in financial reward.

Rachel Maddow and other progressives like her want men and women to assimilate into a blob of human flesh where the sexes no longer matter and primal urges are highly celebrated. They want money to be redistributed to the lazy and wish to halt the progress of mankind behind a new religion of “global warming” as a means to fulfil their destinies toward the age-old hindrance of the Vico Cycle taking us all back to a beginning of rule by theocracy and aristocracy after anarchy slaps down the hopes of human kind toward that progressive reversion to a world the elites know so well since it is a cycle that’s been repeated from the dawn of history. (See the great book Finnegan’s Wake for reference) To progressives human achievement is to be ridiculed and the money they make hated. So the Trump brand is something that melts them like a demon under the influence of Holy Water. The Trump brand alone is enough to rock America into an age of enlightenment unlike anything ever seen in its short history—and progressives know it—that’s why they are freaking out so epically.

Glenn Beck knows it too, I watched a truly pathetic interview with him on Anderson Cooper trying to be a voice of moderation toward the newly labeled “alt right” where progressives are outraged over the political advice of Steve Bannon and his professional access to a President Trump. For a man who once took on George Soros he clearly has yielded to the Soros power of manipulation over not only American politics, but also Europe.

Trump knowing Soros from the New York billionaires’ club is clearly sending a signal to his rivals of which Buffett is a part, that he now will command American policy shielding it with the Trump brand for its own good—and Beck found himself suddenly a diminished soul after the election. In the way that Karl Rove and Dick Morris were knocked out of political punditry for years after the Mitt Romney loss of 2012, Glenn Beck and his dwindling media empire has no choice but to crawl back to CNN, where he started, and reinvent himself as a progressive, hoping to be a voice against Trump the way he was a voice against George W. Bush. Because the “alt right,” otherwise known as John Wayne conservatives, hardly radical, have abandoned him.

And what is this “alt right” of what progressives call racists and xenophobes but people who behold the same type of values seen at Disney World—which Uncle Walt himself sold to America through his movies and television shows. Progressives have attempted to hijack the Disney Company with liberal micromanagement most evident recently in the Angelina Jolie film Maleficent where they re-wrote the story of Sleeping Beauty into a progressive mess of confusion making the villain the victim and the good the villain. It wasn’t the masculine prince of romantic love that awoke Sleeping Beauty, but now the villain herself out of love for her “adopted” daughter. The trend continued it the animated film Frozen where the sisters love transcended the romance of a suitor showing that Disney is attempting to plant the seeds toward less family value and more collective unification with the world of all sexes and races as their primary value system espoused in their motion picture projects. Young college kids growing up under this more progressive Disney Company were baffled when Donald Trump won the presidency because their progressive entertainment culture and progressive educations in public schools and colleges had not prepared them for such an experience. They thought the world was like what Rachel Maddow espoused—and the NBC network as a whole. But what all progressives learned on Election Night 2016 was that their sphere of influence was really only regulated to a few highly populated blue areas where illegal immigration and criminal conduct are most pronounced.

Then there is the debate about the Electoral College where progressive want to walk back the election results taking the presidency away from Donald Trump because Hillary Clinton won the popular vote. What progressive fail to realize is that it was illegal aliens who had not yet pledged their allegiance to America through the immigration process that gave her a lead over Trump. It was also convicted felons in Virginia given that right by her friend Terry McAuliffe to just squeak out a win in that state. Then there is the cheating that was recorded and the dead people who voted as reported by Project Veritas and suddenly Hillary didn’t do nearly as well as Democrats were suggesting. Trump easily beat her even with the Democratic cheating, and that is telling considering she had two American presidents campaigning for her, a current first lady, the entire media culture and most of the entertainment industry. She still lost—handedly. Once the smoke cleared, it wasn’t even close.

The Trump brand already represented a winning attitude before the Election of 2016. But now it will go down in history as one of the best brands in the world and people will want a piece of it. It’s only natural. Likely it will become bigger than the Disney brand and will last for hundreds of years and Donald Trump’s personal wealth will grow proportionally. But that’s not bad—it’s a very good thing—because that Trump brand will all by itself take America to a place it’s never been before through the sheer power of positive thinking.   And Trump hasn’t even done any of his policy work yet. People like Rachel Maddow and all those progressives like her are now a dying breed—thankfully, and they know it. People will flock to the jewelry of Ivanka and Melania Trump, they will spend fortunes in Trump hotels and golf courses, and they’ll buy Trump ties and anything they can get their hands on because they’ll want a piece of the American dream that Donald Trump has helped resurrect.

What progressives know is that their grip into American politics just came to an end—the Trump brand is enough to kill their manipulation of American culture. Branding allows people to invest in an idea created by something, whether it be the NFL, Disney or The Trump Organization. With Trump’s branding in place well before he was ever elected President he gives voters for the first time ever an opportunity to “invest” of themselves into what is going on at the White House making it the people’s house more than it has ever been. A few years from now there will be a lot to feel good about and people will be able to own a piece of that through Trump branding whether it is a hotel room in Chicago or a piece of jewelry from Ivana Trump. Or perhaps the same dress that Melania wore at a large event.   For the first time people will be able to invest into the culture of the White House and feel a part of it and that is the first step in making America feel good about itself once again. Branding is something that Donald Trump uniquely brings to politics which will have a uniting effect taking us all into positive, yet uncharted waters. Rachael Maddow realizes it.

All progressives do. Their branding through the media and Hollywood has been rejected by those vast red spaces on the American map, and they don’t have anything that can compete with Trump. Soros has had his day, Mark Cuban and the Silicon Valley billionaires are behind on branding and they can’t help the Democrats out now—so they are out of luck. Republicans now have Trump leading the party and through the branding that was in place for decades, people can join the Republican Party and feel good about participating in its successes, just like they do with their favorite football teams in the NFL. This is truly a new thing that will have a dramatic impact on the future of electoral maps. As Trump says the future belongs to the dreamers not the cynics and what his brand sells are dreams—a piece of inspiration that might carry one through to something greater. And those cynics—like Rachael Maddow and many others are part of a world that will be left behind.

Rich Hoffman


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Special thank yous

This is a very good article thanking all the fine people who helped elect Donald Trump for president. Trump did a great job, and I’d add Kellyanne Conway to this list, but Paul does a good job of thanking many of the unsung heroes of the Trump campaign. Read it and pass it along in celebration of this very great day in America.

Abundant Truth

Thank you to everyone who has fought over the last few years for freedom. To every blogger, every video maker, all the brave people who came out, recognized and endorsed Donald Trump as the leader we needed.

So many millions of people will never understand how close to the abyss we came. This election really was the difference between good and evil.

The mainstream media really did poison the minds of the electorate. They really did defend Hillary’s every evil deed and they really went after Donald Trump.

His strength and ability to brush off all the attacks is something to be admired. He is the leader we need right now and we wish him all the best.

I want to thank in particular groups that I have followed for a while now and whom I think really swayed the battle in our favor.


I would like to thank Alex…

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Bathing in the Tears of Hillary Clinton’s Supporters: Sit down, shut up, and let Donald Trump fix it

I know we’re all supposed to be gracious in victory, but let’s not forget that yesterday morning, if Donald Trump didn’t win the presidency of the United State—I was making very real plans for an armed rebellion.  I had volunteered myself to organize a militia to stand against a Hillary Clinton administration—because she has run a criminal empire for decades and I wasn’t going to accept her in that role of POTUS

I said on the WAAM radio just on the Saturday before the big election that I hoped for peace—but for me, it was Trump or nothing because our republic had fallen that far and could not endure two more months of Barack Obama style progressivism.  That election was literally the end of the road and lucky for all those crying on Wednesday when Hillary Clinton had lost—because the next alternative wasn’t a good one, that an election had saved them from violence.

When you can’t trust the FBI, the CIA, and the DOJ, there are no other options but violence.   Ironically Stephen Cobert late at night upon realizing that Trump was going to win and that his style of liberalized government was being recalled understood the magnitude behind the Trump election when he said, “A lot of voters out there said we have 300 million guns and we’re going to change direction.”  Something dramatic was going to happen on Tuesday November 8th 2016 at the ballot box, or violence was our only next unfortunate option.  So let me convey my feelings toward the Hillary Clinton supporters who I noticed were crying on election night once they realized that their candidate was going to lose.  It gave me great pleasure to see it.  I want to take a bath in their tears because they deserve everything coming to them for taking our country so close to a precipice that nearly destroyed it.  I know many of them don’t understand what role they played in that threat, but ignorance is not a viable defense.  They are lucky they are only spilling tears because it almost became blood.  They have no idea how close it came.  But I am happy and proud that law and order saved our nation and gave us one more chance to get America right.

The graciousness shown around the world toward Trump including Obama, and Clinton herself did not surprise me.  Honestly it’s not because of grace in defeat but because they’ve been caught.  Watching the Democrats on November 9th I couldn’t help but think of one of my favorite westerns High Plains Drifter.  Trump was the Clint Eastwood character who essentially took over a town guilty of mass corruption and used their guilt as leverage to evoke the truth.  Everyone knew that with Trump—who isn’t a political hack—that if anybody like him ever did get into a political office that they’d be discovered for the frauds they really are.  So they had no other option but to be nice to Trump and those who voted for him and hope that they won’t be prosecuted for the many crimes they have all committed to acquire and stay in power.

That’s where things get interesting.  With Trump—who is a true leader, actions in Washington D.C. will be swift and furious.  Trump will work everyone in D.C. culture to the bone leaving many of them begging for a break.  Many don’t know just how hard Trump will work to fulfill his campaign promises as opposed to someone like Obama who just says things on the campaign trail then forgets about everything the day after winning office.  Trump will bring a level of competence that nobody has ever seen in government since the founding days of our government because a private sector person is in the White House which will have a trickle down effect that will migrate into every elected office in the country—large and small.

I watched the political left attempt to shame Donald Trump voters over social media on November 9th with the typical attacks that they utilized for many years which nearly destroyed America—and what they don’t understand is that the game is over for them.  Those styles of shaming attacks of guilt that they have thrown at traditional conservatives in American culture are over.  With the election of Donald Trump a new political strategy for beating the Saul Alinsky trained Democrats has been proven with an admirable game plan—and there is no putting that genie back in the bottle. That game plan has been unfolding slowly over the last five years—and I’ve played a part in developing it.  Trump took his celebrity and his independent wealth and took it to a new level and Republicans all across the nation can now see that it works.  Trump broke the so-called blue firewall on the Electoral Map forever winning Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan—then dominating Ohio where it wasn’t even close.  Trump outperformed even the most aggressive polling in Ohio as Democrats crossed party lines by large numbers to vote for the New York billionaire.

I have no doubt that Trump ran for president for all the right reasons—and likely he gave so much money to political candidates over the years as an insider only to get nothing for it.  But I believe the turning point for him came in 2011 when President Obama shammed him publicly during a press correspondence dinner.  Trump likely decided during that event to run for president to get revenge on the political class who took money from billionaires like him to fuel their lifestyles—then thought they had a right to humiliate those private sector types with IRS audits and public humiliations like spoiled aristocrats.  When Trump announced in 2012 that he was thinking of running I quickly jumped on the Trump train because I thought it would be great to have a real businessman in the Executive Branch.  Earlier in my life I had supported Steve Forbes and Ross Perot.  Trump was my dream come true as a political candidate, so I was quick to endorse him.  But Trump decided to help fund Mitt Romney who flopped like a dead fish in the closing days of his 2012 run where he lost to Barack Obama.  Trump did a few more years of The Apprentice on NBC then decided during the summer of 2015 to run for president and now he’s won and he’s not going to sit back and do nothing with the effort.  With the same grit that Trump looked at Obama in 2011 and decide to knock the president’s legacy completely off the map of history.   Trump will work to be the best president of the United States because he comes from the private sector where performance matters and he will bring that to the Washington D.C. culture likely for the first time in the history of any republic throughout the world.

On Wednesday people were shocked because they had never seen anything like what Trump did—but I wasn’t.  I predicted almost everything that happened because I understand Donald Trump.  I like and enjoy people like him and the only way to solve many of our modern problems in America, come from people who think like Donald Trump.  A lot of things contributed to Trump’s victory—there were a lot of activists like WikiLeaks, Project Veritas, Alex Jones, The Drudge Report and many others who were trying to caution people to avoid voting for Hillary Clinton—and Trump never backed down off what he was doing.  The election was a massive rebellion that involved characters all around the world hoping that America could be once again a beacon of justice that all could look to for guidance.  Trump expertly navigated through the natural circumstances of the events of our day with hard work, courage, and bull-headed effort that has everyone who will deal with him in the future from the Oval Office understanding that he’s the real deal and that he won’t be a person that will be messed with.  Trump closed the deal late Monday night—actually Tuesday morning at 1 AM with a last-minute rally in Michigan to a packed crowd.  Trump did the extra work to win because that’s what he does and now he will be in our White House to save it from the disgrace that the political class abused to the point of ruin.  So if I want to bathe in the tears of my vanquished enemies please understand that it’s better than painting my face with their blood—because it almost came to that.

Now, sit down, shut up—and let Trump fix all the garbage that the idiots on the political left wrecked so that we can all have a functioning country once again.  We have for the first time an “overman” in the White House, and it will be a wildly positive experience that the world has never yet seen.

Rich Hoffman


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Jesse James and Alex Jones Discuss a Trump Presidency: NO MORE BULLSHIT!

trump22The lines in southern Ohio are long and the Trump people are passionate.  My wife and I got into trouble wearing Trump gear to our polling place, so if you don’t want to get into a scuffle, be cautious of that.  When you show up to vote, be prepared to wait in line, and while you are there, you might want to listen to and watch the following video between Alex Jones and Jesse James.  Among those two people is many of the reasons that people want to vote for Donald Trump.  If you need confirmation of your beliefs during a day of anxiety, you’ll find comfort in this interview.  So VOTE.   And enjoy this historic moment.  Then pass it along to a friend who is going to vote for TRUMP. 

Rich Hoffman


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The Women of Trump: Making America Great Again with wonderful role models

It is amazing that the potential presidency of Donald Trump has been considered to be so anti-women—because I can never recall a time where so many women looked so great and served as such wonderful role models for young girls.  Just look at the women connected to the Trump campaign starting with Kellyanne Conway—his campaign manager.  Then of course Melania Trump, the former supermodel turned domesticator of Donald Trump taming the New York billionaire in ways that nobody could have imagined.  Ivanka Trump—the oldest daughter of the presidential candidate appears to be a living Barbie Doll who can do everything—be a successful entrepreneur and a first-class mom and wife at home.

She appears to be a perfect person which would be a great example for every young girl in the world giving them hope that they could be something besides objectified participants in a pornographic society.  Then there is one of the greatest surprises in Lara Trump—Trump’s daughter-in-law—the wife of Eric Trump.  Lara in her own right has shown herself to be the leader of the Women for Trump movement coming to her own in North Carolina helping hurricane survivors through their ordeal of mass flooding and a lack of fresh water.  Lara has been gracious, intelligent, loyal, and confident under fire.  Then there is women like Dimond and Silk, the Viewers View girls from North Carolina who have been advocates for Trump from the beginning showing that African-Americans might just turn to Trump for answers.

And one of my favorites was the wonderful 13-year-old girl named Faith Graham who stood before a rally in Arizona recently and declared that she was going to be the first female president as she spoke with an other-worldly confidence to a ruckus crowd for Trump with a twinkle in her eye that I haven’t seen since Walt Disney made movies.   Yet it was Kellyanne who really put the icing on the cake just a few days away from the most important election of our lifetimes appearing in hostile territory on the ABC program, The View.  I watched Kellyanne sit under fire of those four hosts for nearly 20 minutes as the hosts and the audience was clearly in favor of Hillary Clinton.  Kellyanne didn’t even break a sweat.  She showed an indomitable spirit that I would love to see more of.  My daughters could look at Kellyanne, or any of these Trump women and find hope for all females.  My granddaughter could find inspiration in just this Kellyanne Conway defense of Donald Trump on The View and my friends and neighbors who happen to be female could discover role models that might elevate their lives beyond the limitations imposed on them by a society committed to sheer stupidity.

If anything has come from Donald Trump it has been the empowerment of very good and strong women to have a seat at the table of American politics in ways that nobody thought possible.  Kellyanne Conway has emerged as a fearless yet optimistic figure untouched by skepticism typically associated with Beltway politics.  She is the evidence of what a Trump administration would unleash across the country as president.  Women who might otherwise be trapped in a progressive stereotype suddenly have found the shackles of their lives unleashed and freedom to be themselves loose without a catch.  For a man who supposedly is the worst thing to happen to women, a lot of very good women have been put on a national stage to inspire young girls everywhere.

And perhaps that’s what progressives like Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, and Whoopi Goldberg fear the most—is young women wanting to grow up to be like Lara Trump, or Kellyanne Conway—instead of some victim to government waiting for a federal check.  I suspect that is what’s really at the heart of criticism of Donald Trump and the women around him, is the fear that the bar of expectation will be raised to a level that many would find uncomfortable.  Yet perhaps that is exactly what women and young girls around the world really need.  Maybe it’s not Donald Trump that America really wants, but the women that come with him.  Speaking for myself—I would love to see a lot more of Kellyanne Conway, Lara Trump and Faith Graham from Arizona who wants to be the first female president.  I would vote for any of them—because they are good people given a platform in the wake of Trump’s celebrity presence, and that is a wonderful thing for America.

Rich Hoffman


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The Democrats Can Only Blame Themselves: Specific Laws likely broken by Hillary Clinton and why it matters

 Let’s explain something very important.  When Hillary Clinton and her Democratic supporters suggested that the FBI reopened its investigation into the presidential candidate just 11 days from the most important election of our lifetimes because of politics, they were and are missing the point. The Top 100 WikiLeaks From Podesta, make it easy to understand the vast depth of Hillary Clinton’s criminal empire. Democrats rigged the election against Bernie Sanders even though he was winning and when FBI Director James Comey gave his congressional testimony which showed that Hillary broke the law on any of the following federal codes: 18 U.S. Code § 2 – Principals … 18 U.S. Code § 3 – Accessory after the fact… 18 U.S. Code § 1001 – Falsifying statements or entries generally …. 18 U.S. Code § 1621 – Perjury generally … 18 U.S. Code § 1956 – Laundering of monetary instruments …. 18 U.S. Code § 1952 – Interstate and foreign travel or transportation in aid of racketeering enterprises … 18 U.S. Code § 2071 – Concealment, removal, or mutilation generally …. 18 U.S. Code § 793 – Gathering, transmitting or losing defense information …. 44 U.S. Code § 3106 – Unlawful removal, destruction of records—It was only July 6th—three weeks from the DNC convention.  Because of WikiLeaks the DNC was wrecked by scandal during the convention and it was proven that Bernie Sanders never had a chance.  But the DNC made a choice given what was known about Hillary Clinton, to push their other alternatives off to the side and throw themselves behind Hillary—do or die.  At that point they could have even put Joe Biden at the top of the ticket and have been better off.  But they took a chance and played with fire—and now they’ve been burnt.

We also know that Clinton’s people leaned on the Justice Department to avoid prosecution of Hillary through declassification—so they could split legal hairs and survive into the election where hopefully Hillary would be POTUS and in charge of the DOJ.  They also contributed money to FBI investigators directly connected to Hillary’s email case obviously hoping to leverage the investigative unit away from prosecution.   The Democrats made a conscious effort to position Hillary, faults and all, into the situation they are currently in—knowing the risks.  They had choices.  They could have let Bernie be the nominee once it was obvious that Hillary had serious legal problems and that her husband had been caught with AG Loretta Lynch meeting privately on a plane just before the FBI was to announce its findings into the long investigation that they had been undergoing.   But they didn’t.  It wasn’t too late at that particular time.

A lot of people at the FBI worked very hard and Comey tried to make everyone happy—his investigators, his bosses in the White House and at the DOJ—the same one who had met with Hillary’s husband in that plane in Arizona.  The FBI director avoided prosecution hoping he had done enough considering the political tides in Washington were against him.  But then WikiLeaks started bringing out embarrassing information that the FBI should have been releasing to the public and all the rules changed.  Comey couldn’t afford to get caught holding evidence protecting Hillary Clinton once the investigations after the election showed how complicit he had been in helping to keep her out of trouble.  Because the Clintons would just throw him to the wolves like they have everyone else in their life for forty years.  What was Comey supposed to do?  He had one chance to do the right thing while he still could and he did it before WikiLeaks beat him to it.  His investigators were upset with him.  Powers were changing in Washington.  And the legal house of cards was falling down on the Clintons and Comey decided he didn’t want the FBI’s reputation do go down with her.  So he did what he had to do—used the evidence his people had been bringing to him to reopen the investigation before others did the work in the absence of the FBI.  He really didn’t have a choice.  The anger was mounting and he needed to pick sides—because there was no playing the middle. 

The Democrats did it to themselves.  They played the system and forced others to come along kicking and screaming and everything caught up to Clinton—and they were caught with her.  Now just a week ahead of the presidential election they are without a candidate.  Hillary is wounded beyond repair now and there is no plan B, and everyone knows it.  Comey should have stuck with the case back in July with at least a grand jury referral.  Because he didn’t he gave the Democrats false hope and they nominated Hillary Clinton.  The Democrats didn’t give him much choice—but at least he did the right thing before it was too late.  Waiting until the election would have been disastrous. 

Look, the FBI sees all the Tweets in favor of Trump.  They see the Facebook traffic.  They see our emails.  They hear our phone calls and they know how much anger is out there and how much traction Trump is getting and if Hillary wins—they know there is serious talk of a revolution starting in America and they really didn’t want to feed that fire.  They had an obligation to the law.  They failed to hold to that law in July, but circumstances were pointing toward outright anarchy after the election so the FBI needed to do the right thing while they still could. 

But it’s not the FBI’s fault.  It is the Democrats who put Hillary up as their nominee.  It was they who killed Bernie Sander’s campaign and prevented other Democrats from challenging Hillary in the primaries.  So all this is their fault—completely.  It isn’t the fault of the FBI.  It isn’t the fault of Donald Trump.  It isn’t the fault of WikiLeaks—and the Russians aren’t even involved in that—likely the Wikileaks are the result of a hacker group in Romania—not even a government—but an individual who sees themselves as a freedom fighter.  The Democrats created the bad content in the first place and they manipulated all the circumstances to break the laws mentioned above in an effort to put up “their” pick for the presidential election.   All the FBI did was wait too long to do what they should have stuck with in early July, and that was to give Democrats false hope that they might get away with so many crimes.  The collusion shown through WikiLeaks was the game changer and the FBI had to come clean because there were just too many loose ends. 

I want the FBI to succeed as an institution.  I don’t want a revolution after this election.  I personally am not going to support a criminal in the Oval Office.  The laws broken were the ones mentioned above—and likely many others.   The FBI is literally the last line of defense between armed revolution and anarchy—so I’m glad they came to their senses before it was beyond the point of no return.  To the Democrats who worked so hard to get Hillary nominated—even in breaking the law on many occasions to do so—and risk their personal reputations forever—I can see why they’re disappointed.  But they did it to themselves.  They put their energy behind the wrong person for reasons that defied logic.  And now they have to pay for that.  But believe me, it’s a lot better than an armed revolt against those same criminals.  They should consider themselves lucky and be glad that the FBI is finally doing its job—so we don’t have to do it in their place.

Rich Hoffman


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