Cam “Millennial” Newton: The destruction of sports and next generation reliability

If there was any doubt about what I said about Millennials, CLICK HERE TO REVIEW, Cam Newton after the Super Bowl confirmed it for all time.  Watch his press conference below, the dynamic Superman character who sold himself all this years as an invincible indomitable spirit sat slouched and pitiful near tears and pouting about his embarrassing loss to the Denver Broncos.  The kid learned a hard lesson at Super Bowl 50—something he should have learned by his parents many years earlier.  But as a coddled Millennial, he used his natural ability, and his race to advance through the ranks of life and he arrived as the MVP at the Super Bowl haughty and having fun.  He should have known that the Denver players would want to knock his head off, yet he thought he was going to cruise to a win.  And instead of taking it like a man, stoically, he pouted like a child who had just been told by him mom that he couldn’t have candy at the grocery store check-out line.

I’ll admit that I was rooting for the Broncos to win, but to my family I had been talking Cam Newton up as one of the best players in the NFL.  I watched many of the Carolina games this year and thought they were the best team in football.  Honestly, I wanted to see Cam Newton do well in the Super Bowl.  Really, Carolina hadn’t been tested much until they played in the Super Bowl and the Denver D decided to blitz the hell out of Newton to throw him off.  That’s part of the game and the young Carolina quarterback clearly wasn’t prepared.  He showed up at the game planning to dominate and cruise to a victory—because everyone seemed to be telling him that he was the greatest gift to mankind.  And he obviously believed it.  Cam didn’t account for the fact that everyone on the Denver defense wanted to personally mount the MVP’s head to their headboards.  For Newton, it was easy for him to appear dominate when his team was winning, but he didn’t have the same swagger when they were losing and that’s the heart of the problem.

When he lost he didn’t stand up and take the licks.  Everyone understands how hard it must be for him to lose such an important game, but what he did was reprehensible.  Rather than take responsibility for the loss, like he should have—because he had lost the will to fight by the fourth quarter, he blamed others.  That much was evident when he lost the last fumble of the game, when he didn’t dive into the pile to retrieve it.  Newton had spent the entire season playing with the mind of every player that opposed him with audacity and magnificent aggression.  But he couldn’t show the same confidence when it came to working from behind.  The Denver Broncos noticed that and turned Cam’s tactics against him—thoroughly embarrassing the MVP of 2015.

If you are going to wear the Superman symbol, you better be super even in the worse possible circumstances, otherwise people who want to knock you off your pedestal will crush you at the first opportunity.  I can sympathize with how Cam feels.  I’ve felt that kind of disappointment for other things.  On a different stage, but very similar circumstances—Donald Trump went though it over the results of the Iowa election.  Even though many might say he acted poorly after that defeat, his first reaction was to be gracious and maintain a mountain of security.  Supporters of such people want to see confidence in the people they admire.  Cam didn’t give his supporters confidence that he’d be back and better than ever.  He just pouted because things didn’t work out in his mind the way he wanted and somewhere in his past someone taught him that sobbing like a child wasn’t disgraceful—it was acceptable.  He didn’t look like a 6’ 5” Superman; he looked like an eight year old child who had been told no by his mother.  Granted, at only 26 years old, that wasn’t that long ago.  In many ways, Cam Newton is still a child—he is compared to me.  I remember being his age and having the screws of life turned down on me so hard that it was hard to lift my hand to put food in my mouth, the pressure was so great.  I understand.  But I never cried about it.  I put on my inner Superman and took on the world, and eventually won time and time again.

Cam the Millennial should have known that what makes you a legend is not just winning.  Payton Manning is a legend, and he has not always won.  It’s about getting back on the horse and fighting harder, and harder, and harder until you wear out and dominate everyone against you.  Honestly just sitting at home I was thinking like Wade Phillips.  My thoughts were that if the Broncos could knock Cam on his ass that they’d gain leverage on the young kid and take him out of his game.  The dabbing that Cam does after a touchdown has become the leading news story of the 2015 NFL year.  Phillips obviously used that motivation to drive his players to a froth of aggression.  Watching Phillips body language during the game it was obviously he said something.  He confirmed it after the victory by saying to Newton on Twitter:

“A little too much Dab will undo you!” Phillips tweeted from his @sonofbum Twitter account before the Broncos headed to the airport in San Jose.

His defense was tired of the Panthers’ dancing antics and wanted to shut them down.

Broncos coach Gary Kubiak was asked about Phillips’ tweet during his Monday morning news conference. While a reporter read the text of the tweet aloud, linebacker Von Miller nearly fell off the chair he was sitting in just off the stage.

Kubiak said he had not seen Phillips’ tweet but acknowledged it was not out of character for Phillips.

“He gets carried away with that Twitter sometimes,” Kubiak said.

Cam built up that anger against him and when it mounted, he couldn’t deal with it.  Instead of saying something bold, he simply retreated into a petulant child.  It will be really difficult for Cam Newton to return to his former glory now that the scouting report is out on him.  Hundreds of NFL players saw the same thing I did in the young man at his press conference.  Cam surrendered his swagger, which is part of his game, and it will change him for the worst.  I felt bad for the kid, but the blame falls on his parents.  Cam Newton has obviously been a spoiled child given most everything in life because of his natural ability and skin color.  Once he gets older and losses some of that natural ability he’ll have to rely on his mind, and that is obviously something the kid will struggle with.  The wise old Wade Phillips exposed it.  Next year, everyone else will too.

What is kind of scary is that a decade and a half ago, Payton Manning would have never done something so immature.  He’s been disappointed and short with the press, but he never acted like Cam Newton.  I can’t think of anybody who ever has pouted like that who was considered great.  There are personalities who lose it, and get aggressive when they lose from the anger they feel, but they never just sit there and pout like a child.  What we are seeing is a new breed of grown-up, a generation of Millennials who have been told all their lives they are great, and that they are the best—without ever really being tested, or working hard to become great.  Life isn’t about dominating with physical attributes and dabbing to intimidate opponents who are not so gifted.  It is about still being great even when you don’t feel like it.  Because sometimes that’s the hardest thing to do, and the most important ingredient to greatness that there is.  Cam Newton obviously doesn’t have it.

Rich “Cliffhanger” Hoffman


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The Hidiously Stupid Millennials: Tattooed, riddled with piercings, and lovers of socialism–they are detriments to the human race

I have been warning everyone about this for years.  I have been writing about it for over five years now on this blog site.  We now have an entire generation that is completely destroyed intellectually.  Millennials are a disaster and it’s not all their fault.  They have been made to be that way.  But as a demographic age group, they are disgusting.  They are entitled, dependent, and overally parasitic louses.  I was raising kids when all these Millennials were being created.  My wife and I sat through all the parent teacher conferences at school.  We were told by all our family members that we were doing the wrong things with our kids and instead of listening; we turned even further inward and put up stronger defenses.  We raised our kids correctly and they are exceptions of the typical Millennials today.  It isn’t easy for them, but they have done well.  But as for the rest, and we have many in our family and they are all suffering from poorly constructed minds induced upon them by lazy parents and radical leftist public school teachers, the damage is obvious.  Millennials are Bernie Sanders supporters, largely as seen in the Alex Jones videos below.

These Millennials don’t know about the Cold War with Russia and the conflict between communism and capitalism that went on for most of the twentieth century.  They don’t really understand that China is a communist country, that Vietnam is, that  North Korea is, Russia is run by a former KGB agent—that Italy, Germany, France, Britain, Australia, all of Africa, All of South America, all of Central America—including Mexico, is well imbedded with socialism-and Millennials don’t understand why that’s a bad thing.  In America, they were taught in public schools that socialism was good, and that capitalism was bad.  Their parents were idiots, too busy making livings with dual income careers that they dropped the children off at day care to be raised by the system.  The parents divorced, because society told them they should, they remarried, they had sex in experimental homosexual relationships, they broke up the family units and let the courts decide who the kids would see and when, so we now have an entire generation raised by government from their public schools to the child support courts—and they don’t know any better.  Do you remember what I said about the early 80s dear reader, with all the reports of the intention of the Department of Education to move America toward communism?  Well, now you see the implications of that tactic.  Global communism was always the intention and they have been patient.  Once the Generation X American voters ride off into the sunset, the Millennials will only know and understand communism and socialism.  The fact that they so openly support Bernie Sanders tells you how far we have come as a nation.

Most young people now are on some kind of government assistance.  Government has made it so that Millennials don’t understand what self-sufficiency means so that they would accept socialism as young voters.  I have watched so many young people boldly proclaim how “independent” they were by smoking cigarettes, whoring themselves out sexually, covering their bodies in tattoos and piercings and throwing away their entire futures for the glory of those few years between twenty and thirty.   Once they hit 31, most of these Millennials actually think that they are ready for a senior citizen home, because they have been raised to only consider youthful enterprise, and nothing deeper into the future.   They are as lost as a penny in deep space in another galaxy.  There is no hope for their resurrection unless we have a radical change in president of the United States who actually can manage to sell capitalism back to them.  Capitalism is not natural to them; it has been trained out of them.  There will be no gradual switch backs to reality, they are too far gone.

Even as a young man in the middle of the action, in the 80s when everything appeared to be going well, I would sit in restaurants until the crack of dawn contemplating what I was seeing and I knew we were on an unsustainable course.  From the first moments my kids could talk and understand what I said, I told them what was happening.  Those who listened to me have done well.  Those who thought they knew better than me have not.  Family members who refused to listen are now diabolical wrecks and their lives are a constant struggle because they wanted to believe that the system knew what it was doing.  There is nothing that is happening now that I didn’t say was coming twenty years ago.  I predicted all this and it’s happening right on course.  However, I wish I had been wrong.

Millennials have no idea where money comes from and they have no idea that socialism cannot work and still have a society that can allow them to play video games online 24 hours a day.  If they accept socialism their online gaming habits will eventually dry up because the entire video game culture was invented under the freedoms of the United States.  Other countries do play with them online and they are in socialist countries, like England, France and Spain.  Millennials play games with people online from Brazil and Mexico—but what nobody has taught any of those people is that America literally carries the world economically.  The moment that America surrenders to socialism, the whole thing collapses for everyone.  Currently it is Generation X who still invents video games and the media that promotes them.  Millennials won’t care to continue that tradition because once socialism takes all the wealth of Silicon Valley, many of the companies there will shut down and evaporate.  Silicon Valley only toys with socialism now within the proximity of San Francisco because most of the employees are millionaires in a very liberal area.  Take those millionaires away and Electronic Arts doesn’t make new games every year.  Millennials would be lost if Microsoft didn’t put out a new Halo game every so often, or a new Battlefront game.  Right now everyone in the world literally rides on the coat tails of the very few who are actually productive in America.  Once those people are no longer productive-the minority of which I am a part of, the world plunges into chaos.

Bernie Sanders sounds remarkably like Lenin did during the Bolshevik Revolution of 1919.  I would think for the sake of all young people who are currently Millennials, they should be required to read the novel, We the Living.  It is their future under Bernie Sanders.   For those of us old enough to remember, communism is a disgusting thing to have happen to a free people.  As an avid reader, I know history too well.  As a young person I read a lot of books, and I still do.  As readers here know, one of my favorite books was Way of the Fighter by Clair Chennault.  It was about the Flying Tigers defending China from Japan during World War II.  Chennault wanted to prevent China from falling to Japan for American strategic reasons.  But the American government had other ideas.  They wanted Chennault to prevent Japan from taking China—to stop the neighboring country from taking the natural resources there—but even more sinister they wanted communism that was migrating down out of the Soviet Union to take hold and dominate the entire orient.  Chennault who lived in the area for years warned America of what was about to happen.  He predicted in 1949 that there would be more world wars that would come out of the deliberate mismanagement of the communist invasion of China.  Chennault had a plan to stop it after World War II, but the Pentagon refused to listen, because they had other objectives.  The Korean War was born out of the communist incursion, and so was Vietnam.  The primary reason that America did not have decisive victories in Korea and Vietnam was because communists had already penetrated American culture in Hollywood and the media.  Cuba fell to Soviet communism and many of the Central American conflicts during the 80s were to stop communism from settling south of the American border. 

Communists had all the intention in the world of taking over the world and only America stood in the way.  It has been a steady attack that migrated every twenty years starting in 1919 in Russia.  Communism hit the borders of China in the late 30s and once World War II was finished, they made their move once American troops left.  Twenty years later they hit Central America and Cuba.  Twenty years later, the used socialism to move into Europe and all other South American countries—most ever battle involving Islamic radicalism throughout Africa and the Middle East has communist revolutionaries at the heart of their attacks—including the present time.  The damage to our culture is most obvious in the Ben Affleck film Argo, where “imperialist” America was made to be the clear villain in the hostage crises which was at the center of the entire plot.  It wasn’t the communists who were the villains; it was the capitalist pigs of America.  CLICK HERE TO SEE HOW THIS HAPPENED IN HOLLYWOOD.

Communists found their way into American labor unions and particularly our education institutions with the direct aid the Department of Education which was enacted in 1979 to facilitate the development of socialism and communism in American youth.  (CLICK HERE FOR THE PROOF—IT’S QUITE SERIOUS—Ronald Regan knew about the scheme).  The result is the Millennials—the first generation raised on a mixed international economy of socialism, communism and managed government crony capitalism, and they don’t know the difference, because they’ve never experienced anything else.  Now they have desecrated their individuality with body piercings, tattoos, and poor personal conduct.  They have accepted the corrupt hand of government making them not self-sufficient and dependent on others for their daily life—which is by design. 

They are compromised collectivists, steered toward the mass aims of society led by communist oriented governments for strategies intended a century ago.  And now it’s happening.  I understand the anger of Alex Jones.  But like I’ve said, I told everyone long ago this was happening.  People laughed and snickered and called me names for saying such things.  But look who turned out to be one hundred percent correct—hopefully in the future when I say something and tell people how to fix things—they’ll shut up and listen.  CLICK THE LINKS ABOVE FOR MORE FACTS TO SUPPORT THE CLAIMS.

There’s a reason to judge.  Obviously.

Rich “Cliffhanger” Hoffman


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The Illegal Immigration Trojan Horse: Attack in Missoula County, Montana


Immigration is not the problem, where people from other countries come to the United States to live out the American dream of freedom from oppressive government so that the fruits of their labor can be used to purchase private property under a capitalist banner.  The problem is where elements of incompetent American government that seeks to mirror other oppressive nations desires to overwhelm the traditional American values of hard work, and a yearning for that dream, with mass illegal immigration by bringing the values of those faraway places to domestic courthouses fundamentally changing the nature of United States ethics.  That second scenario is the objective of progressives who have been embarking now for decades a military like strategy of a Trojan horse insurrection using a Cloward and Piven tactic to overwhelm and change traditional regions into something the United Nations can’t manage as a result of chaos.  Thus, that is the situation in the remote Missoula County Courthouse in western Montana—a remote outpost far removed from the noise created by progressives in virtually every North American city.

More than 120 people braved the snow and ice Monday to rally in front of the Missoula County Courthouse, protesting an effort by the Obama administration and its army of community organizers to plant foreign “refugees” into small cities in western Montana.

One of the speakers was a woman who moved recently to Montana from Amarillo, Texas, which has been inundated with thousands of refugees over the past 15 years.

“Amarillo is overrun with refugees,” said Karen Sherman, who stood and spoke to the crowd amid blowing wind and falling snowflakes. Sherman just moved to Missoula, a college town that serves as home to the University of Montana.

It’s a far cry from Amarillo, which she described as a city of rampant crime and cracking social fabric, thanks to the heavy influx of refugees sent there by the U.S. State Department in cooperation with the United Nations.

“Our city is failing because of the refugees. We have 22 different languages spoken in our schools. We’ve got 42 languages being fielded by our 9-1-1 call centers, and crime is just through the roof. We need to exercise caution, especially for the sake of our children,” she said.


We are under attack and have been for a long time. Even Fox New’s Rupert Murdoch is a member of an obscure open border network that seeks to devalue American citizenship from behind masks of conservative leanings to collapse national sovereignty.  You have a right dear reader to be upset.  The poor people encouraged to flock these American borders have deliberately been made into an impoverished state so that they could be used as pawns in this scheme, which was never fair to them. Rather than the leaders of the world allowing countries like China, Mexico, all of Africa and other far-flung places to care for their people with capitalism, they have sought to impoverish them so that they’d seek refuge within America and overwhelm the generosity of our nation so to cripple it into eventual collapse.  From there, the United Nations intends to manage the globe in the wake of American dominance—and just about everyone of any merit or power is in on the deal.

Western Montana is not a place of vast immigration.  It is extremely rural, and the intention of the immigrants dumped there is to attack the culture of American tradition so prevalent.  This United Nations inspired insurrection is an aggressive assault on American culture, and it should be repealed with anger, which those 120 people espoused.  The situation is entirely inspired by deliberate mismanagement of people’s lives for the fundamental take-over of a way of life.  It is a stunning effort by some of the biggest stars and wealthiest people within the United States who have decided themselves that they would vote to limit access of their way of life to those seeking the American dream.  People like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are deep in the well of United Nations strategies and Democrats who hope to have those two stars host and supply funds for their political campaigns adopt the values of the Hollywood left, leading a progressive push to destroy the capitalism that made the movie stars rich to begin with.  People like Pitt and Jolie were like lucky lottery winners, so they have a natural guilt about their wealth because unlike people such as Donald Trump, they didn’t have to earn every last dollar they made, they simply were in the right place at the right time.  Yet they are able to command respect because of their wealth, but because they are second-handers by nature, they crave United Nations management and are willing to sacrifice capitalism to have safety and security for their docile minds.

Rupert Murdoch is from Australia—which is a socialist country.  Most of the GOP candidates have had to form themselves around his Fox News conservative framework making people like Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio and many others eat from the hand of Republican donors who are submissive to Murdoch’s open border sympathies—and none of them can be trusted—which is why there is a rebellion currently in the Republican party run for the White House.  I trust Donald Trump not because I think he’s a good person—which I do think—but because he is financially independent of “the system” and can operate free of their influence.  I think right now in our history that financial independence is the most valuable trait of a future American president.  Because the United Nations has its claws in American politics too deeply—and it has to stop–it is the most important issue in this coming election.  It will never stop so long as candidates need to raise money and follow a plot that was constructed by the United Nations desire for global socialism. America is under attack with illegal immigration to topple capitalism so that socialism will sweep in and take control of our free market system.  The evidence is already clear in cities like Seattle, which is actually run by socialist city council members, Detroit, which has been managed into bankruptcy and complete restructuring by the same type of minds—and Chicago which is on the edge of bankruptcy and is in serious contention under complete command of irresponsible fiscal Democrats.  These demographic numbers and the wasteland of their imposition were created by floods of immigration meant to topple logic, consume all the financial resources, and change the voting patterns—leaving in their wake the socialism of the places these immigrants came from.

With immigrants usually comes a very hard-working people who are just happy to make an honest wage in a secure country—where war is not ripping apart the fabric of existence and you typically don’t have to worry about bandits coming into your home in the middle of the night and raping the women and killing all the men. But, because they were raised and taught incorrectly, they bring with them a village mentally that loves communism and is skeptical of capitalism.  They tend to vote for Democrats and Bernie Sanders style socialism, which was always the United Nations strategy.  Topple America as an independent nation secure its sovereignty with crushing debt, then restructure it from its defaulted loans into United Nations management.  Celebrities are on board with this strategy as well as most of the establishment politicians.  It’s not a conspiracy, it’s a fact.  Just check out the politics of Rupert Murdoch and the boards he sits on.  I honestly think Murdoch is hoping to shape that future toward conservatism with his media empire, but he is certainly an open border supporter following the United Nations strategy that has been in place since its creation after World War II.

To show how far-reaching this problem truly is, just consider that Missoula County in Montana has been targeted.   The people there know it, and they don’t like it.  So the question remains, what are we going to do about it?  You can’t trust anybody in authority—they have all sold out. There are no modern actors that I know of in the mainstream who stand against this United Nations strategy, and most politicians want the campaign donations of the wealthy Hollywood types so they go along to get access to the kind of money Democratic activists with disposable income can provide.  I propose that we have to think outside the box and cut ourselves off from the corrosion of K-Street lobbyists, because that is the heart of the problem.  And for me, that starts by electing someone like Donald Trump.  The problem is far too severe to think conventionally.  The only way to beat them is by doing the unexpected.

Rich “Cliffhanger” Hoffman


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Ted Cruz is like Light Beer: Donald Trump is the real thing

While I think Iowa blew it by not putting Donald Trump out in front during the recent caucus, the first of the primary season, the game is far from over. Cruz may be able to ride some momentum but in actuality he likely blew his wad.  I don’t dislike Cruz.  I think he would make a good president someday, but he does not have what it takes to run the dysfunctional Oval Office in 2016.  Constitutional purists and other Glenn Beck conservatives are smoking crack if they think he does.  A better framework of a more functional government is needed before Cruz could run the White House. 

However, from the Cruz camp a lot of arrogance was exhibited after the senator came out on top of Trump in Iowa.  Cruz had obviously spent a lot of time and resources in Iowa, and it paid off for him, but there are a lot of states left, and he’s a long way from first place in a lot of them.  So arrogance is not the proper response—in fact it’s disingenuous.  If not for Trump, Cruz would be nowhere.  He would have been crushed by the very large foot of the GOP establishment right out of the gate.  It is only because Cruz has been drafting in the wake of Trump that Cruz is now positioned to be a legitimate candidate.  Don’t ever forget that Cruz fans.  You should be licking the testicular fortitude of Donald Trump and thanking him for Cruz’s first victory in Iowa.  While the GOP fought with Trump, Cruz ducked fire and lived long enough to have Trump destroy everyone else.  Trump likes Cruz and purposely sissy slapped him up to this point.  Consider Iowa a gift from Trump. 

A failure to understand these kinds of things is the reason why Glenn Beck has stalled and Freedom Works in general has not been able to advance their position over the last five years.  They did their jobs and have delivered Tea Party presidential candidates to the top three of the primary season, but really only Donald Trump is able to take the freedom movement to the next level.  Trump is an Alex Jones conservative whereas Cruz is a Glenn Beck purist.  One is better at combat, the other is better at crying.  Cruz as president might be able to give nice speeches and appeal to America’s sentimental tradition, but he will be powerless to reform K-Street, and that’s where the real fight is.  It’s nothing against Cruz, but he’s way too nice and ideological to advance that fight to a conclusion in favor of liberty.

I don’t think a lot of people really understand what is at stake and who the real enemy is.  I think they are blinded by ideology and sentiment.  The most important issue of this election season is the $19 trillion dollars in debt that literally just occurred as the Iowa caucus went to a vote.  There are only two legitimate candidates based on the voting results, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.  Of those two only one is able to tackle the complicated and contentious issue of dialing back the national debt—Donald Trump. There is no other option.  That issue is certainly outside of the Ted Cruz wheel house.  If we were talking about issues of Constitutional law or Supreme Court nominees, Ted Cruz would be the guy.  But the first priority is to organize our finances.  Constitutional law will mean nothing if our economy collapses under the weight of overwhelming national debt.  It’s very, very simple. 

Trump would be wise to change-up his message and to focus on issues that Cruz cannot compete with, such as The Donald’s abilities with financing and international trade.   In those areas Trump flourishes and no other candidate can compete.  With a healthy lead in New Hampshire and South Carolina, Trump can only lose ground by getting angry at the media for not respecting his platform and his Iowa results.  He comes out of Iowa with one less delegate—big deal.  If he can maintain his lead after the next two primaries, it won’t even be a competition any longer.  But Trump has to make sure his poll numbers translate into voters—and to do that, he needs to refine his message to the centerpiece of economic Armageddon, which is very real, the national debt.

But as for Cruz, the supporters of him should be bowing at the feet of Trump.   If not for the New York billionaire, there would be no Cruz—and that includes Glenn Beck.  How ungrateful have he and Stu been on their radio show on The Blaze—something that I once very much supported but can now no longer listen to.  Trump paved the way for Cruz and delivered the Washington newcomer with a legitimate win in Iowa, and Beck should be grateful.  When Cruz announced his presidency at Liberty University Beck was very happy, but the senator had no chance then of becoming a front-runner until Trump entered the race and forced people to look at Cruz as a “moderate,” it’s the overton window trick in the favor of Republicans for a change.  Cruz supporters are simply people too chicken to vote for Trump.  He is the soft version of a true outsider candidacy. 

They try to hide their cowardly behavior by declaring that Trump is not a true conservative, or that he had the Clintons at his wedding.  Heck, Glenn Beck worked at CNN, do people want to hold that against him in the same fashion?  What they don’t tell you is that they are just too chicken to support Trump so they lean toward Cruz as an “outside” candidate that still feels to them like a traditional politician.  Cruz is the safe second choice hiding in Trump’s wake as he mows down opposition toward the liberty movement.  Like a NASCAR racer drafting behind a faster stronger car during a race, Cruz has hidden in the aerodynamics of the frontrunner, and now his supporters cheer as if he were always a champion.  No, he was just hiding like a snake in the weeds waiting for opportunity rather than shaping it himself.

Ted  Cruz is like light beer, and a lot of people like light beer.  Trump though is the good stuff.  The issue really comes down to what people want, but with $19 trillion in debt and rising quickly, there isn’t much time to play around.  Ted Cruz just doesn’t cut it for the problems of our times.  He might make people feel good, but he is a light weight.  He could have never survived the primary process without Trump, but Trump could easily survive without Cruz.  And that tells every voter everything they need to know. 

Rich “Cliffhanger” Hoffman


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The Declining American Work Ethic: Pray for Donald Trump to fix this detrimental problem

Another aspect for president that nobody has really captured in the mainstream media is one that I am most concerned about—and that is addressing the deplorable American work ethic so prevalent today.  So far only Donald Trump has really shown that he has some understanding of this trouble and has managed as a successful person to recruit hard-working people into his organizations that embrace his vision.   In general across the nation, Americans have lost their drive to work and be productive—and this is one of the most epic crises that we have to face immediately.  The next president will have to step beyond the boundaries of political correctness and address this very dire crisis quickly—before it’s too late, as if it weren’t already.  Things weren’t always like this in the United States.  But after years of public education failure and poorly managed governments encouraging weakness in American work forces, the effects are now quite dramatic.  To see how much, just do a little bit of travel—particularly to an Asian country.

I was very concerned recently while landing in Tokyo that it would take forever to get through customs, get my bags and head to the next flight with only a few hours to spare.  I was basing my experience on American work forces at airports.  Up to that point the entire crew of the ANA Airlines had been top-notch.  The stewardesses were attractive and attentive.  After a 13 hour flight they were just as engaging as if it had just started. They were beautiful not so much in a sexual way, but in the way that a flower might catch your eye with a natural appeal that comes from unfiltered existence.  Everything they did on the airplane was fast, efficient, and purposeful.  I doubt any of them were over 30 and they looked in your eye when they spoke to you.  The downside was that as an Asian culture, they were collectivists.  Most of what they did was for the greater good of their country—so they lack the ability to really communicate on an individual level.  But when it comes to focusing on a task that requires teamwork, they are the best.

Landing in Tokyo I was shocked to see that everything happened very quickly, as if the entire airport had rallied to the task of getting everyone to their next stop.  Their security was extremely professional and did not want to hamper business in any way.  Most of the people were attractive.  Employees actually ran if they felt they needed to, to keep everything flowing.  The result was that my security check and bag acquisition took all of about 45 minutes.  15 minutes after that I was at the next gate waiting for the next leg of the journey.  Everyone and I mean everyone was very helpful and that attitude prevailed just about everywhere I went in the country—from restaurants to hotel staff.

Compare that to the United Airlines flight back.  Most of the employees were over 40 and looked like beat up pickup trucks that had been hauling concrete for twenty years.  Some of them were even guys.  Let me be very politically incorrect because it’s necessary—and this is no fault of the employees of United Airlines—its just human tendency—I don’t want some dude handing me drinks or tending to me in and out of sleep during a long oversea flight.  I want a female—and I think other females prefer it too most of the time.  We want a maternal type not some dude covered in whiskers with hairy forearms reaching across our faces.  Airplanes are tight and you really don’t want some guy’s junk touching your arm as they walk by you.  A girl is fine of course, but a guy is not.  The females on that United flight were however taking up way too much real-estate.  They were overweight and old.  For those flying into America from somewhere else, this was their first impression.  Then you get to Chicago.

There the elements of progressivism were obvious—the standard unionized slugs of mixed ethnicity acting like you owed them for their lives standing around uselessly.  Everything took too long and the shift of focus obviously moved to them as opposed to customer service.  Security took nearly three times as long in Chicago as it did Tokyo.  Tokyo is a larger city than Chicago so they are comparable examples.  In Japan they don’t put up with a lot of crap from other countries.  There is a reason we don’t hear about terrorist activity in Japan—that’s because they aren’t concerned with political correctness in that culture.  They screen for trouble makers and they don’t allow for the disruption of productive enterprise in their society. In America, it was more important to hire minorities, handicapped people, and everyone’s grandmas to get them out of the kitchen making cookies and into the “workforce” so that they could be taxed on incomes that they probably didn’t need. They whole thing was a disaster to my eyes.  It was embarrassing.

Some black guy who was obviously trying to look busy as a TSA agent singled out my bag for further evaluation wanting to look at some gifts I bought for my kids in Tokyo.  I was very tort with him because I knew he was just wasting time.  He wasn’t looking for anything.  He just wanted to show that he had authority and could waste my time—it was strictly a power thing with the guy.  Of course I wasn’t going to give him the satisfaction, so my answers were disrespectful and snooty on purpose.  He was wasting my time so I was going to get my worth one way or another.   But I shouldn’t have even had to deal with it.  The problem is cultural with an emphasis on all the wrong things.

Needless to say, being back in America was wonderful. There is nothing like the good ol’ American flag to greet you after a long trip—that and the golden arches of McDonald’s.  But the American work ethic as it is today just sucks.  Our young people don’t want to work and our hiring practices encourage the worst and weakest instead of the best and most attractive.  I’m not saying that we should have a “Hooters” airlines, but there needs to be a conscious effort to put our best people where they are the face of whatever organization they are employed by.  We don’t need a bunch of union slugs holding up productive output and acting like you owe them something for their job.  They need to recognize that productive output is the measure the world judges us all on, and you either have it or you don’t, and right now, the Asian countries are beating the crap out of America with sheer work ethic.  Where are the good-looking American girls who want to fly around the world for free as an airline employee?  Well, they don’t make it through the screening process because those companies are encouraged to hire minorities and senior citizens due to government activism toward progressive objectives.

Worst above all, American workers these days seem all too intent to tell you what “cannot be done.”  If you ask them a question, they’ll find a million reasons to tell you why it cannot be accomplished.  Rather than try, they just throw up their arms in surrender from the outset.  They are too lazy to try.  Because our government has made it too easy to get free money from the government too many people are just fat and lazy—they invest more time in watching stupid television shows as opposed to actually accomplishing something or earning money for themselves.  The good-looking girls who should be working our airlines are thirty pounds overweight and covered in body piercings.  They don’t know if they are lesbians, bi-sexuals, or if they want to have kids or even get married.  So they eat, make their asses fat, and they rot away into uselessness.  That fault isn’t necessarily their own, it comes from a poor national strategy of putting emphasis on all the wrong things.

A President Trump knows that people like gold sinks and supermodel receptionists.  He knows that men like other men who are strong and bold.  A President Trump knows that the way to win in the world is to work harder and do so more often than everyone else.  It also starts by hiring the best people for the best positions.  If a girl wants to be a stewardess to see the world during her twenties before she marries and is a knock-out to look at, she should get the job over the 50-year-old two-time grandma who is going back to work because she’s been made to feel socially that she’s useless at home baking cookies for her family.  If some gay guy is competing for an airline job over a girl who belongs on the cover of a magazine, the girl should get the job because the customers on the airline will enjoy her company on a long flight a lot more than the uncomfortable presence of a person who might accost you during a nap.  And as for TSA agents, the fast guy who sees everything but is still polite and focused on getting everyone to their next destination should get the job over some thug who was given the job by a government program to keep the fatherless bastard out of a gang on the streets of Chicago.  The only way to solve these problems is to first acknowledge that they exist, then to have the fortitude to do something different with an eye toward productive output.  And the first step on that path is to be politically incorrect and declare that a lot of the things we do now as a nation are just stupid—and embarrassing.  We need a president who will put once again an emphasis on the most productive out-put possible for all the right reasons.  Then not be afraid to tell it like it is—because somebody better fast, otherwise every other country on earth will beat us because they are not politically correct.  You can’t compete with a culture if you intentionally hold your hands behind your backs with political correctness.    That practice has to stop for all our good, and we need a president who understands how to communicate that through the power of the Oval Office.

Rich “Cliffhanger” Hoffman


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The Embarrassment of Detroit: Watch Steve Crowder demonstrate what could be next for America

It is a small radio station but it is doing some of the best work in talk radio that’s out there.  I used to do a lot with WLW radio in Cincinnati, but over time I’ve found WAAM radio in Ann Arbor, Michigan to be much more positioned to do the good work of conservative contemplation.  I’d say it is far superior to 55 KRC in Cincinnati largely because WLW and KRC are both Clear Channel stations run by a large corporate board and WAAM is still family owned and managed by good, solid people.  Of course I have been complimentary of The Blaze Radio but I have stopped listening to them because of their anti-Trump stance.  That has left me guest hosting and serving as a guest on WAAM nearly exclusively, because I like the owners.  It’s not so much the initial broadcast that matters these days, it’s the international reach that comes from the podcasts.  People are able to listen online months after the original airing, and more people listen that way these days than they do live. So given that as the factor in a changing marketplace, WAAM is a considerable heavy hitter nationally as they carry Glenn Beck in syndication and Alex Jones—but they have legitimate on air talent like Matt Clark and Steve Crowder who are young guns that show great promise for the future.  I’ve talked a lot about Matt, but if you’ve never listened to WAAM you should check out a contemporary of his, Steve Crowder.  He has a unique comedy conservativism that is very unique and specific to his generation empowering him to do work like he did below in Detroit.  Watch this.

Without people like Crowder, and talk radio in general, nobody would really know the truth about what’s really going on.  Regarding Detroit—which used to be one of the most successful cities on earth—television used to be a big exporter from that city in the Midwest.  Now it looks like the ruins of an ancient Mayan civilization.  It is literally a city of an ancient past.  Crowder exhibited this fact by driving into the center of the downtown area and driving out into the outer parts of the city to show how quickly things degraded.  It truly is a shocking video shown above to see the facts as Steve Crowder presented them.  By turning on the camera and just letting it run until they were in the slums and areas so depleted with population that there was already grass growing where there used to be buildings, Steve Crowder proved his point.   The modern city of Detroit is already looking like a lost city in need of archaeological discovery.   It is truly amazing to see the effects of a bankrupt city and its impact on the world around it.

As vibrant as Chicago looks today—it is headed in the same direction—as is the United States in general.  Two decades ago only the most conspiratorial science fiction writers predicted that Detroit would become a bankrupt city hemorrhaging population and selling homes at a price of $100 dollars.  Just one mile out of downtown the once great city of Detroit looks like the ruins of Troy or Giza—only a few religious monuments and fortunate homes have survived the vandalism and destruction of a declining population.  You can’t operate at a deficit for so many years and expect to hold value for property.  The United States at a nearly $19 trillion deficit as of this writing is where Detroit as a city was two decades ago.  It wouldn’t take much for the United States at this phase to resemble Detroit within a decade of now.  Nobody back in the heyday of Detroit ever believed it would look the way it does today.  They assumed that all the prosperity would go on forever—but it didn’t.

I have a fascination with old western towns.  At the time of their construction the residents could never imagine that those towns would ever become in decline.  Yet most of them did.  Residents of Rome and Egypt during the days of their powerful empires felt the same way; they never could imagine that there would ever be a society where their city or country was not the supreme in the world.  The same could be said of modern England which only one hundred years ago had an empire across the whole of the world.  Now they are a fraction of their former power and teeming with socialism as a changed society with only their roots into history as mere sympathy.  Nothing stays the same if bad management is applied to the maintenance of it.  In a car, if it is not maintained properly, it will decline in condition rapidly.  In a marriage, if care is not given, it will die.  Children require love and attention.  Companies require good management to maintain their status as job creators.  And for cities to survive, they must have good management.

Most of the failing cities around the world are run by liberals, because the demographic circumstances of mass populations make it so through democratic elections.   Needy, dependent people tend to migrate toward each other as rugged individualists like elbow room.  So cities tend to have people conglomerated into small areas who all share a level of human bonding and collective social services—and they elect people into office who think the way they do.  Now that liberalism is a proven intellectual failure regarding proper management of resources and people—there is a track record to identify—whereas a few decades ago, there wasn’t.  Detroit is the evidence of that failure—dramatically.  But it’s not alone.  As Steve Crowder drove the lonely crime ridden streets of Detroit in the above video, where a vast amount of the population was functionally illiterate—in spite of the free education provided to them—liberalism and its effects were on prolific display.  Years ago I wrote a screenplay that made several Wilshire Blvd agents very animated with anger called The Lost Cannibals of Cahokia.  That script featured a modern horror adventure story about discovering the mysterious reason that the ancient city just outside of St. Louis was suddenly abandoned of its culture and resources. The story was fiction but the premise of the characters was based on my observed opinions.  My reason of course was one that certainly went against the Hollywood mentality and just about every academic back then.  My proposal was that it was a form of liberalism that destroyed Cahokia and many other ancient cities from Chichen Itza to Ankor Wat.  Liberalism centered on self-sacrifice for the greater good in whatever variation of it was presented was my proposal for the destruction of most ancient cities.  Detroit is only the modern version of that destruction.  Washington D.C. is headed along that path as is all of the state of California.  They are on unsustainable paths that are closing in on them rapidly.

Many around the United States however don’t know much about places like Detroit.  If they visit, they only see the immediate downtown and not what’s one mile outside the city.  So radio guys like Steve Crowder are doing a great service to all of society and their political spectrums.  Detroit is a disgrace and people really need to see it, because those problems are coming to a neighborhood near you dear reader.  And if you really love something like I think Steve Crowder really loves Detroit—because he was born there—then the best way to save it is to tell the story in a truthful way—not just in tight television shots during a Detroit Lions football game.  People need to see what’s just beyond downtown—artificially propped up by federal money and corporate sponsorship to attempt to not make things appear as bad as they really are.  That’s the story in Chicago right now.  It’s a dead city with only the mask of a living entity on its face. If you want to prevent further casualties from the same fate, it’s time to identify the liberalism that has caused those deaths.  And if you want to hear Steve Crowder live on WAAM radio, check him out from 6 am to 9 am on Friday mornings.

I challenge anyone reading this article at any point in the future to give me one example of a liberal society that is successful.  And that includes Scandinavia.  Give me one example of success.  I bet you can’t.  They are all future Detroits in the making.

Rich “Cliffhanger” Hoffman


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Quick Cal on WAAM Radio: The strongest argument in favor of guns

It had been a week of attacks against the Second Amendment, Obama had enacted executive orders against the right to maintain firearms within American society then he held a CNN town hall to justify his imposition.  It was clear to me that Obama was functioning from extreme ignorance—not all of it his fault.  Growing up in Indonesia as a boy, then in Hawaii by communist sympathizing grandparents he didn’t understand guns and how they applied to American Exceptionalism.  Obama doesn’t even believe in American Exceptionalism so he wasn’t close to understanding the role that guns played in maintaining that high measure of quality.  But, most people around the country—especially those who work with guns away from the largely democratically run cities in the United States—understand, and I felt it necessary to teach anti-gun people why they were wrong in their basic thinking—especially the president and his radical city dwelling progressive insurgents.  Since I was hosting for Matt Clark on 1600 WAAM in Ann Arbor, Michigan over an early weekend in January 2016 I thought it would be a good time to do a show about how guns benefit society and specifically American Exceptionalism.  So I invited on Quick Cal, who is the director of the Cowboy Fast Draw Association and champion shooter of four professional shooting categories and a multiple world record holder to talk about the benefits of firearms training and how it helps nurture an obscure philosophy that is the key to American Exceptionalism called the Cowboy Way.  Listen to that epic broadcast here:

Cal and I told several stories from both of our perspectives regarding our value of the Cowboy Way, which as Cal said is a philosophical definition that is minimalist in nature but  exemplifies the type of decency typically associated with Christian values—civility toward others, honor, hard work—essentially “do onto others as you’d have others do onto you.”  Cal stated that as a young man in the 1960s it was the Cowboy Way that kept him straight and off drugs and alcohol during that turbulent decade and I told a similar story.  I have worn a cowboy hat since I was in the fifth grade or some variation of it. When I was very young I recognized a need to distinguish myself from the rest of the world with some kind of hat that said my values were different from the mainstream of society—which appeared to my juvenile eyes to be headed in the wrong direction.  People always made fun of it and I learned to have a very thick skin about my hats.  Often I would wear a cowboy hat in public knowing and hoping that it would anger the mainstreamers—and I took inward joy at their anger.  Twenty years ago wearing such a hat during the post Reagan years took a lot of confidence especially for a young guy like me.  I wore it around the U.C. campus when I used to live there and would walk right down Vine Street with it on even though it went against the urban culture so prevalent there.  I knew the anger came because unconsciously people knew it symbolized the Cowboy Way which was viewed by progressive society as a backward “unenlightened” approach to living.  By wearing my cowboy hats, it was my public affirmation of values and traditional belief—and it distinguished me from my peers in a way which certainly preserved me to my current age.

Once I was invited to a campus rave party in an abandoned house at 2 AM in the morning.  I knew nothing good could come of the experience but a friend of mine wanted me to go with him in case he got into some physical confrontation—so I went along to protect him.   I showed up dressed in my poncho and a cowboy hat looking like I just stepped out of a spaghetti western—which I have always  enjoyed, and I certainly looked strange next to all the “emo” types dressed in black with all the piercings they had before such things were as common as they are today.  I figured if they could dress in public with purple Mohawks and studded black clothing that looked more appropriate for the movie set of The Road Warrior, then I could show up looking like I belonged in For A Few Dollars More.  To say it was difficult to walk into a party atmosphere with blaring Marilyn Manson music arousing the passions of naked women and drug induced idiots as a perfectly straight cowboy hat wearing traditionalist would be an understatement.  But I did it proudly.  Being a partier was never a priority for me and I thought at the time that during the most tempting years of my life if I held to my values that it would be very valuable to me later, when I was older.  That turned out to be the case and I can understand how following the Cowboy Way kept Quick Cal clean and free of imposition in his life during a similar turbulent period where everyone was wearing tie dye shirts and preaching peace through marijuana smoke and socialism.

Our experience is compelling enough to make a more than reasonable argument against the current tide of fashion.  If the trends of our age lead to such destructive living—bad personal conduct, addictive behavior, unreliability as a spouse or parent, and a general menace to society—then why would we accept such a thing as a fact to our reality.  There is nothing negative about the Cowboy Way—even if a person isn’t particularly religious.  The Cowboy Way is all about having values toward individualized accomplishment which is why the hat always symbolized to me that sentiment.  It was hard to go against such tides, but it felt good to survive.  Being popular isn’t the most valuable trait in the world if the people who like you are poor quality people.  If people made fun of my hat, they were not very high quality people and it made it easy for me to see who was who and why they did what they did.  Did they not like the hat because it reminded them of a parental figure they were trying to push out of their head, or had they bought into the commercial advancement of fashion to the extent where their collective ambitions denied individualized thought?  I learned a lot during those early years because of the public reactions to my cowboy hats.

Another aspect to the Cowboy Way that Cal and I discussed was the difference between shooting sports which are individualized in nature and the collective based team sports of football, baseball, and soccer.  Of course public schools are all about collective based identification.  They don’t want people thinking as individuals because their job as designated by the government is to herd people into a particular direction as determined by Beltway desires.  So team sports are emphasized to advance children into a more socially appropriate stature.  However, individualized sports, like Cowboy Fast Draw, and golf, are all about individual achievement, which is why the current trends are against them.  It’s why golf is largely viewed as a sport for the affluent—those who have achieved individualized success.  It’s also why progressives—who are collectivists by their nature, hate shooting sports.  Shooting a gun is a very individualized endeavor.  Golf and the culture of country clubs already have the stigma of being affluent based endeavors that are individualized in their foundations.  There is a social component but the associations are largely groups of affluent people talking to other affluent people without the noise of the outside world.  I will admit that I enjoy that country club culture.  My wife and I enjoy eating at the Elk’s Club Silver Tee restaurant near our home.  It’s always nice and they treat the guests in an exclusive way.  It’s about being with people who have similar values as you do.  You know when you eat there that the booth next to you is a family that are not knuckle draggers.  They are typically well employed and somewhat successful as individuals—and that makes the food taste just a bit better.  I consider shooting sports to be even more individualized because they serve the dual purpose of being useful in the defense of private property—which is another aspect that collectivists seek to demonize—because it goes against their foundation philosophies.

I made a decision about the Cowboy Way when I was very little, well before I knew why.  I knew I liked The Cowboys with John Wayne over the rock group Kiss when I was in the fourth grade.  I knew I liked The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly more than Pink Floyd’s The Wall.  In general, westerns reflected my values innately, and I was fortunate enough to be stubborn in pursuing those values even though it was against the social grain.  I’m glad that I did—now more than ever.  Obviously my rejection was against liberalism which I determined as a four-year old, didn’t work.  My parents didn’t necessarily preach it to me, and nobody else felt as strongly about conservativism as I did—it’s just something that I’ve always had.  It was just something I observed and decided to pursue—not always with clarity, but as a hunch that it was the right thing to do according to my moral compass.  It was only over a great many years that I learned why.  Most children are afraid of falling and of loud noises because their brains are wired to protect themselves from the unknown.  For whatever reason, I knew from a young age that liberalism didn’t work under any circumstance.  To this very day nobody can present a strong case in favor of liberalism rationally.  When I first started wearing my cowboy hat while still in grade school I knew that the only hope for the human race was to step back to a philosophic period before the progressive era—right around 1890—to those values in American culture. Not the racism, or the limitations against women, but the basic foundations of human decency.  The Cowboy Way was the greatest casualty of the progressive era and it is the thing we most need in our modern society.  And it was important for the nation to hear from someone who embodies that Cowboy Way in very emphatic ways. That is why I had Quick Cal on WAAM during an important Saturday afternoon in the long history of the human race.  People needed to hear an alternative to the madness of liberalism that is destroying America.  And they need it fast!

Rich “Cliffhanger” Hoffman


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