Trump’s Check Mate: The O’Keefe Tapes proving vast voter fraud perpetrated by Democrats

Hillary, Hillary—how do you feel right now?  You’ve been busted by Wikileaks for massive corruption much larger than anything Watergate destroyed the presidency of Nixon over.  The Drudge Report unleashed a massive sex scandal involving you and your exploits over many years with gay lovers and married exchanges by a formally trusted friend—your “fixer.”  But you’ve been busted giving money to the DNC to attack people at Trump rallies and that same investigation uncovered the very voter fraud that Obama stood foolishly in front of the world today and said wasn’t happening.  Well, it is happening and James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas uncovered it rather valiantly and broke the story on Breitbart—who happens to run Donald Trump’s campaign.  And that man—Donald Trump—fearless as he is will be your opponent during the last debate of the 2016 election season.  What do you think is going to happen to you during this debate?  Are those palms sweaty yet?  How about that breathing?  Because as you look in the mirror and try to figure out what to do, how to look, and what you could possibly say the words of your friend David Axelrod are screaming through your mind.  Nothing good can come to you during this debate.  You can only lose.  But if you don’t show up, you will validate quicker all these detrimental stories like a fire over dry grass.  If you do go, you will be slaughtered by Donald Trump who has nothing to lose and knows that he has the facts on his side—and he has a history of making it count when he needs to.  So—how do you feel when you see this video?

The corruption is very real everyone and it always has been.  The difference now is that there is proof.   That lack of evidence which Obama foolishly said didn’t exist is right here.  You can see it, hear it—it’s very real and vile.  Real people risked their lives to bring forth this information and now it is well-known why Trump changed his tune once he learned about these tapes from his campaign manager.  The corruption is epic and it all falls in the lap of Democrats who have been exposed in the largest scandal in American history.  The American media is just beginning to get their arms around this and by the time it all settles in—it will be election day.  Can you say—“check mate?”

Congrats to James O’Keefe and his team involved with Project Veritas.  It took real courage to expose some of the deepest corruption the world has ever seen, including the regimes that brought down the Roman Empire.   Trump is right about Washington; the swamp needs to be drained so we can rebuild it.  Because only scum is there now—in both parties.  Vote proudly on election day and do your part to drain that swamp.

Rich Hoffman


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The Destruction of Hillary Clinton: Ending the political class finally over a 24 year journey through Hell

Really, the summation of just about everything I’ve written about over the last six years on these pages is coming to fruition at the first debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump on September 26th 2016.  In so many ways Donald Trump is my dream candidate largely because most of my suggestions to America’s large problems have been to have more private sector leadership in government instead of trying to influence government with campaign contributions.  A false aristocracy has emerged over the last two hundred years because of the experiments with democracy and that society of benefactors has been poised for a long time for an overthrow by the governed.  Once people see with their own eyes how much more effective a private sector president is in the White House, they’ll apply the same methods to their school boards, their state seats, and their federal elections and the nature of politics will change dramatically.

The political class cannot compete with the hard-boiled proven executive who has spent a lifetime building a successful existence and that was never more evident than the dismal performance of Hillary Clinton leading up to the record-breaking debate on that famed evening which changed forever the nature of politics.  While Donald Trump was out campaigning across the country and doing interviews with Sean Hannity and many others—Hillary was locked away in her fortress behind thousands of handlers hiding.  The only significant interview she gave over a five-day period leading up to the debates was this pathetic mess below with Zach Galifianakis which was a terrible decision.  Whoever made that decision should have been not only fired, but skinned alive—because it was terrible—even by the standards of that show.  As the leading Democrat and long time connector between Hollywood and politics, Clinton has people like Bon Jovi on speed dial, and friends like Steven Spielberg to help her shape her image—yet under pressure from FBI investigations, obvious criminal conduct in front of Congress, and a political record laced with murders, incompetent accidents, and left-leaning radicalism all she could muster before that big Monday Night Smackdown was an appearance on Galifianakis’ silly show which obviously didn’t go the way she would have liked.  Even on such a friendly production set she was stiff, unlikable, and accident prone revealing that under the pressure of over a billion people watching and obvious health problems that could reveal themselves beyond her control, and an uncompromising opponent who will do anything to win standing next to her—Hillary Clinton is truly in trouble and it’s a dream come true for me.

If Hillary Clinton were just a senile old lady living down the road, I might have compassion for her condition.  But she’s seeking to manage my life with more expanded government and an even further left-winged political agenda that has proven to be a Trojan Horse intent on ending American sovereignty in favor of global governance—and I despise her for it.  What she has done along with her fellow leftist radicals has been a declaration of war against the kind of America that I love—an innovative place full of diversity and tradition.  Hillary’s America, like the recent movie articulated quite well, is a criminal empire guided by corrupt politicians that would make Jabba the Hutt from Star Wars pale in comparison.  So I have no sympathy for her situation.  She has literally painted herself into a corner—everything she has done in her life leading up to this moment in time—and the physical and mental pressure of it, are proving to be too great for her.

She’s in hiding while Donald Trump knows he has her cornered.  He is loose on his feet and ready to seal the deal of his own fate knowing that all he has to do put her away during this upcoming debate and he wins the presidency.  To put it in golfer’s terms, this is a putt under par literally on the rim of the hole.  All he has to do to win is gently tap the ball forward with the slightest of a putt and the ball will drop in.  However, for Hillary she has to hope for a 400 yard drive which will result in a hole-in-one, which is nearly impossible—and those just aren’t good odds.  The media is attempting to make the presidential race look even for their own ratings, but the difference is as I’ve metaphorically described.  Trump has all the high ground, Clinton has nothing but dirty tricks and cheating which will prove difficult on such a large stage—so she’s nervous—even scared—and she should be.

I remember the debates in 1992 when Ross Perot was on stage with George Bush and Bill Clinton and essentially the businessman easily outplayed the politicians earning a lot of respect for the Texas billionaire.  I worked hard for Perot back then even to the point of being at the campaign headquarters in Dallas the night before the election.  There was hope of getting between 15% and 20% of the vote which we all knew would have a lasting impact on future elections and we were excited.  We didn’t think Ross would win, but just being on stage planted the seeds for what would eventually become Donald Trump.  I enjoyed the company of Ross’s family that night.  One of his younger daughters was close to my age at the time which  made for an eventful, and respectable evening—but I remember vividly driving back from Dallas at over 100 MPH to get back to Ohio to vote and work the polls with just a few hours to spare.

Even as I got a speeding ticket in Tennessee for going 110 MPH—obvious reckless operation which I thought was going to put me in jail—the cop let me off with a much reduced ticket of 80 in a 55 zone because he liked the Ross Perot stickers that was all over the car I was driving—we called it the “Perot Mobile” back then.  It was often full of Ross Perot t-shirts, a banner which we hand delivered to the Perot family that they laced across their Texas mansion on election night which was made specifically for a CNN broadcast at a Dallas arena, and occasionally fashion models from Penthouse magazine which we dressed up to pass out Perot pins on Fountain Square during businesses lunches in Cincinnati.  We would pack the girls in the car to the point where there wasn’t any leftover space and when we all got out it was like a clown car of endless bodies emerging which seemed impossible to hold.  I remember vividly the optimism back then and it was nothing like what we are seeing on the cusp of the debate between crooked Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

The Perot watch party was at the Omni Netherland Plaza in downtown Cincinnati and I was horrified literally to watch Bill Clinton win over George Bush.  All along with all the work I did for Perot I figured that Bush would remain president as the incumbent.  Change needed to happen, my protest of Bush was that he was such a globalist compared to Ronald Reagan, and he needed a shot across his bow to bring him back to reality—and the patriotism of nationalism.  But he was a one world government guy and he lost to the criminal drug pusher from Arkansas and Hillary Clinton was within sight of her ultimate goal of the presidency herself—riding on the coat-tails of her husband.  I sat on those steps that evening and felt terrible—and I resolved to fix it any way I could.  What happened next was 24 years of government expansion and a drastic move to the political left and a weakening of American presence around the world—and it has disgusted me.  I thought things were bad after just four years of George Bush the elder—enough so that Ross Perot was a wake-up call for the Republican Party.  What we ended up with was Hillary Clinton—the power climber and corrupt politician whose ultimate goal was to finish what Bush started—ending American sovereignty to the highest bidder—in this case George Soros—and bring America crippled from within to the feet of the world government compliant, and apologetic.

Knowing what I do about Trump he feels much the same way that I do. For years he gave money to these politicians to keep them out of his business practices, and to hope beyond hope that something might actually get done.  But he’s watched a lifetime’s worth of failures from the political class and now in his own elderly years he’s ready to just do the job of fixing everything himself.  As a person used to winning everything he does, he gets to debate a wounded radical with a lot to hide which is easy pickings for a guy like him.  It reminds me of the debates I had on WLW radio and in public with the levy supporters of Lakota a few years back when they could do nothing to answer the fiscal facts I presented but provide an emotional argument in favor of children, which was really easy for me—a businessman—to combat.  It was like cutting butter with a hot knife—it took almost no effort because the facts were on my side.  Leading up to those events people asked me if I was nervous because the Lakota people had this big political machine and I essentially had nothing but a few angry supporters—and I replied cautiously that I wasn’t.  I kept wondering if they knew something I didn’t—which wasn’t likely—but I wasn’t sure.  Of course history showed that I had nothing to worry about—and Trump has even less.  Hillary is a wounded animal literally hanging by a thread and after he puts her away Monday night—the media won’t be able to dress up her terrible performance.  The scouting report on her is that she can’t answer questions about her email and she can’t defend her thirty year record—and under stress—she physically breaks down.  Trump is the perfect candidate for the Republicans.  For me he is rectification of that night long ago at the Omni Netherland Hotel where I didn’t want to talk to anybody for several days—not even the friends of our “Perot Mobile” who were staying at the Omni Netherland and wanted to do something to salvage the evening.  I couldn’t think about any of that kind of stuff—I just wanted to fix the situation and I’ve had to wait a quarter century to get the next chance—and Trump is that solution.

I can’t wait for the debate to start—because at that point Hillary Clinton is one step closer to becoming a bad memory and for a change to send the Democrats into the depths that I have been on since 1992.  And when they get there, I won’t forget who they are—and they won’t be coming back.  The debate between Trump and Clinton is about more than just winning that one night—we are seeing the end of a political class that encompasses Republicans and Democrats and ushers in a new era of business men and women who are proven successes who bring to politics the best that they’ve been which will set our country on a completely different trajectory regarding economics, culture, world presence—virtually every category of human endeavor.  Needless to say, I will enjoy watching Hillary Clinton squirm to the bitter end—because she deserves everything that is happening to her for what she has tried to do to our country.  Donald Trump is simply making things right again starting with ending her career in a spectacle which will easily eclipse Monday Night Football.

Rich Hoffman


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Trump International Hotel Washington:The biggest story of the week–Ayn Rand’s heroes are no longer fiction

The biggest news of the week after Hillary passed out at a 9/11 ceremony ahead of a big election wasn’t her criminal activity involving her emails.  It wasn’t even the start of an NFL season.  It was the quiet and unpretentious trump card that Donald Trump unleashed with a soft opening in Washington D.C. featuring his new hotel and likely one of the most prestigious destinations on planet earth—and that includes the many fine hotels of Abu Dhabi.  Trump and his team delivered in a big way on time and ahead of schedule essentially a masterpiece of modern architecture proving what I’ve said from the very beginning—we are electing into the office of president—finally in America, a hero from one of Ayn Rand’s novels which will perpetually change the political landscape for the better from here on.  While most politicians would be completely focused on their campaigns in these final days Trump was able to perform all those expected functions doing interviews with Fox and Friends—wishing good health to the ailing Hillary Clinton before jetting off to Alabama to a massive rally planned later that night.   In between Trump stopped by his latest building masterpiece to launch the soft opening and speak to his employees with this little speech.

What we are seeing dear reader is a man of high expectation at the height of his game and he has proven himself a master in the arts of mass utilization.  He’s an unrivaled spectacle of his own making and is the closest thing to the real life Howard Roark from the great American novel, The Fountainhead that we’ve ever seen—only he’s better.  Where Roark was uncompromising and socially awkward—the way Ayn Rand herself was—Trump is confident and can give a little in public to earn people to his side—but in the end he gets exactly what he wants without being a victim to social circumstances the way that the fictional Howard Roark was—where he had to blow up his own building to take ownership of it.  Trump just dominates whatever he does keeping himself from ever being a victim, and that is exactly what we should have as a presidential representative of the United States.   He’s his own kind of man and is certainly a product of American capitalism in a very positive way.

Not since Walt Disney has an American personality essentially taken on the status quo of virtually everything and elevated it for all who follow and Trump has done that in politics by performing the effort so leisurely without taking his foot off the petal of his professional interests.  As I’ve said all along, when Trump has his hard open to this grand D.C. hotel later in October—after the kinks of the soft opening have been worked out—the lead story going into the election will be that Trump can do for America as a country what he did to the Old Post Office on Pennsylvania Avenue—next door to the White House.   With ceilings more than twenty feet tall in some of the rooms the luxury hotel is a testament to excellence—and uncompromising integrity, a symbol of what’s about to happen in Washington D.C.—then across America.

Trump’s plan which has obviously been in the back of his mind for a long time was to use that hotel to raise the bar in the ailing United States capital and to fix policy from the White House that will correct the course America is presently on and bring it to unprecedented levels never before thought possible—and this hotel is the evidence of what can really happen when Trump and his family put their name on something.  The Trump D.C. hotel was essentially a project of Ivanka and she truly did deliver—and I honestly think it will be she who will be the first female president once she’s completed a few more of these massive real estate endeavors stepping out from under her father’s massive shadow.

With the hard opening in October displaying all the glamour and glitz that is expected from a capitalist country awing the media just before the election Trump will get a bounce that will be better than his RNC event and that will be the last impression voters will have going to the voting booth on November 8th.  That doesn’t mean you can stay home dear reader, the Democrats always have a few tricks up their sleeves.  But their act is a tired one—and they can’t hold a candle to Trump and his glorious escapades of which the Trump D.C. hotel is but the latest.  The media covered the soft opening with a focus on a few hairy socialist protesters outside the grand building, but the magnificence of the event overshadowed their efforts valiantly—and that scared the media—such as Reuters and the AP.  Talk about an exclamation point at the end of the most unusual presidential candidacy in American history—there really isn’t anything Democrats can do to compete with the Trumps from New York.  During the soft opening the polls were slightly in Trump’s favor.  From here on out, he will gradually pull ahead and Hillary will not be able to play from behind.  Her health won’t allow her, and she is too top heavy organizationally to adapt.  Trump has beat them with the cards in his deck and the Trump D.C. hotel is the last hand needed to win the presidency—and everyone on the inside knows it.  Once the American voter learns about it—the election will essentially be over.  Do not take anything for granted—show up on that first Tuesday in November and VOTE.  But Trump has essentially played his last card for a victory and it is the Trump Hotel in D.C.  What a masterpiece!  Ayn Rand would be very proud.

Likely such a supposition will fray the skin of people like Glenn Beck, and John Stossel who are big supporters of Ayn Rand’s Objectivism and would point at Trump and declare that he is no John Galt.  But Trump has been his own engine of the world—and he’s done it the traditional way through real, tangible assets and hard uncompromising work.  Objectivists all across the various political philosophies would disagree with me—but I know something they don’t.  Objectivism doesn’t go far enough as a philosophy to carry the human race forward—there are other aspects that need to emerge into practice as foundational principles friendly to a capitalist nation.   Objectivism is fine for foundations, but Trump is in a league of his own—I would call him a sequel to Ayn Rand.  He is an engine, but his definition and integrity are defined largely by him and his value than by what some philosopher has framed for him—and that makes him something truly special, and unique.

People like Glenn Beck have let down a lot of people over just this last year.  When he pleaded on Fox News over nearly six years ago for the world to unleash its real Hank Reardons he really didn’t mean it, because Trump is now before us.  His hotel in Washington D.C. is a shining example of what America can do if it unleashes its best and brightest, and in this case it is the Trump Organization which shines brightest in the dimming light of the Washington skyline.  And it’s about time that we have an engine of the world in the White House to unleash all that pent-up potential so that a decade from now, the Trump D.C. will look rather average for America—and not so exceptional—because the level of expectation will finally be raised to where it should be.

Rich Hoffman


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The Real “Right-winged Conspiracy”: Hillary Clinton only has herself to blame–she is as corrupt as her ass is fat

It’s not going to work this time.  That vast “right-winged conspiracy” Hillary Clinton is talking about in a scripted speech she gave on August 25th 2016 is nearly a verbatim cry made by her after husband Bill was impeached by congress in the late 1990s.  A lot of the Millennials who are supporting her now were just babies back then, so they don’t remember.  Many of those Millennials are now members of the media that is covering her, and they are seduced by the black magic of the Democratic Party—a mass theft of wealth for global aims.  But there are a lot of people who have seen this story before and they aren’t falling for this second attempt at the same old Clinton scam—and that’s trouble for fat-ass Hillary.

Forget about what anybody thinks of Donald Trump and his views.  When it comes to the Clintons, they are criminals who have been caught in so many terrible actions—and they aren’t even in the White House.  Just the Clinton Foundation issues are enough to sink Hillary Clinton—because it points straight to direct corruption.  But then there is the private server and her destruction of evidence, the lying to congress, the perjured comments, the mishandling of Benghazi which actually led to deaths—and all that is before we even start considering the conspiracy theories—like why so many people end up dead around her, or that she and her husband are terminally ill—because they look like death awakened.  All by herself, Hillary Clinton is a disaster.  She has burned bridges and cut out hearts and all that is finally catching up to her, and she has nowhere to hide.

In desperation, Hillary Clinton can only try to divert attention away from her diabolical record.  But we’ve all been burnt before by her, and we remember.  Now the blood is clearly in the water.  After her speech today, she revealed that she knows she’s vulnerable because she had to revert to a shot in the dark strategy she attempted many years ago, which stuck on a much more naive nation.  But we’re not so naive now.  Only drug abusers, welfare recipients, MTV viewers and social losers are supporting Hillary Clinton’s progressive agenda—in spite of her obvious criminal conduct, and that means that Democrats are in for a harsh reality on election night.

I’m sure they are planning to steal the election just like they do our money through taxation—but the country of America isn’t falling for this scam a second time.  The press may be slow to cover the issue—but they can’t hide from this.  The conspiracy that really matters is that Hillary has managed to stay out of jail, because that’s where she belongs.  For her, it’s only a matter of time.  She crossed the line a long time ago.

Rich Hoffman


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Visit the NRA Election Headquarters: A special night at Right 2 Arm Firearms

I am very proud to have Mike Reed and his family at the end of my street at Right 2 Arms.  In fact, I spent my 48th birthday this year in the basement of his facility using his “Gunfighter” simulator which we rented for an afternoon.  Since he opened last year I have bought two guns and a very good knife there—along with a lot of ammunition.  For self-defense I buy my .500 gr, .500 Magnum ammunition from Right 2 Arm Firearms so I am extremely pleased to announce the following event:

On Thursday, August 11th from 6-8:30pm the NRA will be holding a Grand Opening for its Ohio Election Headquarters.

The NRA Election Headquarters is in the suite next to Right 2 Arm Firearms located (Route 4 next to the Highway Patrol Post) at 4879 Mercedes Drive, Liberty Township, OH 45011. This is one of only a couple of these NRA Election Headquarters in the country and will be open until the November Presidential Election.

Everyone is invited to this event so spread the word on email and social media letting all of your friends and family know about the event.  Let’s get as many people at the event to show your support for the Second Amendment.

There will be free pizza and refreshments, NRA items and Free use of the Right 2 Arm Firearms Gunfighter simulator. There will be raffle tickets for sale for you to win a gun at the event and a few RT2ARM door prize Drawings for Freedom Seeds (ammunition) as well.

NRA representatives will be there to answer questions about the upcoming election and the serious threat to your Second Amendment Rights and help you get involved if you would like to.

Right 2 Arm Firearms will be open during the event to allow the Gunfighter Simulator to be used for free.  This is a great opportunity to see what the simulator is all about and have some fun.

I hope to see all of you at this Grand Opening to Support your gun rights and the Second Amendment. 

It’s a great place ran by great people.  I was impressed to learn that the use of that simulator was free that night—it’s usually pretty expensive.  So if you like guns, pizza, and want to support the NRA and pick up some great Donald Trump election supplies—do yourself a favor and stop by.  You can’t go wrong.  It is not a coincidence that this particular location is one of the few places in the country opening one of these establishments.  If you live in the region, you are ground zero in the war against the left—and many on the right side of things surround this location.   So do you part, and Stand and Fight—and join some wonderful NRA supporters into the night!

Rich Hoffman


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The Brilliance of the Trump Kids: Why you should never, ever, ever–ever–apologize

By now you’ve seen dear reader why I have been supporting Donald Trump’s run for presidency.  He’s my kind of guy, I love the way he fights, he’s smart—and his kids are actually better than he is.  The evidence of that is in the interview below where Eric Trump came to life under very difficult circumstances during CBS This Morning.  The liberals on that show revealed a lot, and Eric handled them extremely well.  Of particular note, they tried to pin him down on Warren Buffett’s recent campaigning with Hillary Clinton.  Eric said what I told all of you years ago, that Buffett owns railroads that transport oil to markets from Canada and his alliance with Democrats is to prevent the Keystone Pipeline from giving him appropriate competition.  Eric Trump actually presented the evidence on television in a way that never happens in politics—and it was refreshing to see.

The point of the interview and of the DNC strategy of using the Khan family against Trump was to trap the presidential candidate into an apology.  It is a completely contrived story created to attack the staunch individuality of Trump—which works for every other person in the world.  But it isn’t working on Trump.

I have said many times that there is a lot that I understand about Trump.  Like him, I am a patriarch who fully intends for his children to be better than he is—and he sets the bar high forcing them to reach a long way to get where they want to be–better.  The net result is that his children are all very good in all ways, they are smart, nice to look at, and respectable.  They are the result of a Donald Trump upbringing—a way of raising children that mirror very close to my own methods.  And I have had similar results.  But additionally, like Trump, I have fought the pressure of the masses to apologize when the strategies of peer pressure apply the screws.

What those three interrogators on CBS This Morning were fishing for was the admission of some guilt from Donald Trump–because once the admission of being wrong is confessed, the political left owns you.  That is how they spread much evil around the world—and they have been doing it for a long time.  Like Trump, I understand this very well.  The political left uses guilt to advance their brand of mass collectivism because once you admit to a fault, or an error—you admit that the power of the individual is flawed and the only redemption for such a character is to migrate into the compassion of the masses.  When Charlie asked Eric Trump who tells his father he’s wrong, the premise has no correct answer—because the assumption is that Donald Trump—like everyone else is flawed.  Once that admission is revealed, then collectivism is the only redemption.  That is the trap.  I have fought it all my life and it is such a relief to see that other people, in this case the Trumps, understand the scam and are fighting back finally against it.

It is possible to arrive at a place in your life where you don’t make mistakes.  When a man, or a woman, gets into their late thirties and forties—especially by the time they are in their fifties and sixties, a human being should be pretty good at things in their lives.  I think it is entirely possible to go for decades without mistakes and to function as a flawless human being.  Trump has obviously pushed himself hard for many years, just as I have of myself, and likely seldom if ever makes mistakes.  It is a good place to be in life to wake up in the morning and know exactly what you are doing and why you are doing it.  Donald Trump is the first person that I have ever seen or heard of who has sought an elected office and has reached these levels in life.  He can fight like he does because he does not surrender his individual integrity to the prevalence of guilt and it obviously has President Obama and many other progressives, spooked.  It even has conservatives like Glenn Beck spooked because like Obama, he cannot fathom the concept of a flawless guilt free human being.  Even religion in most cases sinks its roots in the concept of flawed human beings who can only find redemption in religion.  One puts its fate in a “god” the other in government.  Both sides are uneasy about individuals like Donald Trump who are just happy being who they are and function in life without the need to apologize for anything.

Obama in an unprecedented move during a press conference with the prime minister of Singapore unloaded on Trump in a way that has never happened in politics.  Obama was obviously rattled that Trump is the first person he has ever encountered in his life who can truly stand on his own without the fear of peer pressure which the political left has used to steer society for over a hundred years toward progressivism.  And true to form, within an hour of Obama’s comments, Trump unloaded on Obama and Hillary Clinton the way only a truly free man could void of any guilt.


This type of self-made human being is the subject of the Ayn Rand books The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged.  Trump is one of those characters in the popular novels and it is scaring the crap out of established politics.  For that reason alone Trump could easily unleash positive aspects of American culture that we’ve never seen before as an executive in the White House.  But what is even better is that Trump’s kids actually exceed their father’s abilities which say a lot.  I understand it, and I’m sure that Trump would agree with me.

What we are seeing is a completely new definition of what the presidency is in America and I would say that the way to understand that direction is within the pages of the great American novel Atlas Shrugged.  Yet that is just the tip of the iceberg—the Trump kids present a new age of political competency.  It is an exciting time and people just aren’t sure what to make of it.  For them, I’d suggest that they start reading some Ayn Rand books, because that’s the only way they are ever going to understand Trump—or why his kids are so great—and why you should never, ever, ever………apologize.   As a human being you should always strive to be flawless—so that there is nothing to ever apologize for—even if there is.

Rich Hoffman


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James Comey’s Testimony: The most important aspect of determining “intent” and the neglect of FBI prosecution

Watching the special session of congressional investigation into the James Comey FBI ruling on the Hillary Clinton email problems the essence is this—Comey felt that the Attorney General history over 99 years of patterned behavior that a case of this nature would not have been taken under the presumption of “intent.”  Everything else said is irrelevant.  It was obvious that Comey felt that Clinton had done a bad job of protecting her secure emails as Secretary of State and that she seriously jeopardized her credibility. Yet he did not advance the recommendation of prosecution because he felt the case was too flimsy for an AG at a Department of Justice to proceed with.

Here’s the problem with Comey’s statement—attorney generals are extremely political so their prosecution ratios if the charges are leveled toward characters on their political side of the aisle are of course extremely poor.  It is no surprise that Comey made the political calculation that his case was not strong enough to by-pass the politics of the AG, Loretta Lynch.  Yet, on Friday, July 1st Loretta Lynch under pressure from the disgrace of her meeting with Bill Clinton—Hillary’s husband—she stated clearly that she would accept any recommendation that the FBI proposed.  So it goes on July 5th 2016 James Comey held a press conference stating that the FBI would not bring charges against Hillary Clinton because they could not prove that she “intended” to break the law.  (Because all that evidence had been destroyed by Hillary’s team of lawyers)

When pressed by the congressional investigation specially held under an emergency session on July 7th 2016 however, Comey fell on the historical tendency of prosecution under the DOJ over a long period of time as the reason he did not recommend prosecution—even though Loretta Lynch already stated that she would proceed.  So there was no question that the Department of Justice would proceed with the case which is contrary to Comey’s statements defending his position.  That is the key to this case.  Comey in spite of all his declarations about the importance of his integrity lied about his reasons for not moving forward with the prosecution.  The DOJ would have had no choice but to pursue the case because Bill and Loretta Lynch got caught together in an inappropriate way.

Hey, how do I know these things you ask?  Well, I recently stayed at a Holiday Inn Express.  I’ve read a little law and I deal with lawyers more than I’d care to.  Gotta’ watch how they twist the meanings of words.

Rich Hoffman


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