The Future of Politics in America: Conservatives split over philosophy, progressives fade in failure

As I said on WAAM radio with Matt Clark a long time ago, everything is now occurring just as I predicted it would.  The Democratic Party is coming to an official end, the last vestiges of it are dividing and separating themselves out as we speak here on December 4, 2016.  The upcoming Trump presidency will further destroy the party forcing old liberals to join Republicans who defect into a Libertarian Party.  Those who cannot make that leap will then become an extreme minority of old communist relics who no longer have a hook into the political world.  By necessity, the networks will have to adapt to the populism being broadcast from the White House leaving all the current liberal controls needing to adapt or lose their careers to fresh faces not corrupted with the downward looking limits of the Millennials employed by mass media.  The networks will use this change in populism to put fresh faces in front of the cameras so they can get younger and more attractive reporters in hopes of boosting their declining ratings which will continue to slide into new forms of media presentation over the coming decade.  Welcome to the new world in America which will put its stamp on the rest of the world in a uniting way.  But now let’s get more specific in these far looking predictions—because after all, there are tactical advantages in knowing these things that will benefit Republicans if they’ll listen and position themselves accordingly.

A few years ago when radio personalities like Glenn Beck and John Stossel were making it fashionable to call themselves “libertarians” many in the Tea Party movement migrated in that direction because they wanted a live and let live approach to all things in life—which sounds good until you get down into the details.  In Beck and Stossel’s case, both are former liberals who did drugs in their early days, and those aspects of their characters were rising to the surface to essentially form a new political party of people who were financially conservative, but essentially socially liberal.  The Trump administration will further exacerbate this difference by uniting America under the flag of fiscal responsibility and strong economic dollar performance forcing political identities to split along social parameters.  The good thing will be that both political parties will be united on the fiscal matters as Trump reverses the direction of the debt performance.

This is already evident in the sword rattling that is going on between China and America over Taiwan.  China using American debt and jobs invented in the United States to feed mostly capitalist markets have leveraged themselves into a superpower falsely propping up their communist government.  The big secret that Trump and his billionaire friends know is that the great fear China has is in America taking that economy away from them—because the Chinese as a culture do not have the ability to invent.  They can use the “Art of War” to steal other people’s inventions and economic power, but they cannot as a communist country of over a billion compliant souls invent things themselves.  Yet China has supported the communist rule of North Korea and the further stifling of economic activity in Vietnam and Cambodia where great sins in the markets of sex trafficking thrive in the vacuum of civility.

China poised falsely on its booming economy of stolen wealth is the greatest threat of war with Japan which of course costs America a lot of money to defend diplomatically, and literally.  So the way to put China back in its place and renegotiate trade deals, and interest rates is to take away their security and for Trump—that starts by making friends with Taiwan.  That is the first step of many in Making America Great Again starting with trade imbalances between America and China.  To the critics out there who fear war with China if provoked—China can’t afford war with America—so don’t worry about it.

Now with the smoke clear and the type of philosophy that Trump will bring to the Republican Party which he now controls, long time conservatives like Ann Coulter and Sarah Palin are beginning to be critical as their Tea Party libertarian roots prevent them from joining the new Republican Party.  Instead they will join with Stossel and Beck into the new liberal party in America for which many moderates left over from the current Democrats will find refuge. Granted Ann Coulter is not a libertarian but as things evolve, they will be more appealing to her sense of identity in much the way that she dated Andrew Stein a decade ago—a major liberal in New York.  People like Ann who have made their livings as pundits standing against the current administrations needs to be in a rebellion party, so as Trump reaches across the political battle lines that have been entrenched for several centuries and makes deals that puts fiscal conservativism on ground that everyone can agree with, the focus will then move to social big tent government republicanism and small government Constitutionally based philosophy which will pull Ann and those like her more toward the evolving Libertarians.

I’m not a pundit and do not make my living off opinion.  I offer those opinions to help people navigate more appropriately with the challenges of our day, but I don’t have a hook in the swamp of Washington D.C. or its connecting entities in the states.  But I am a manager of many things, and a good one at that, so the means to getting to a fiscally responsible country that broadcasts morality to the rest of the world is my concern.  If government gets too big and wants to suppress me, I have my Bill of Rights to use as a weapon against it, so I’m not afraid of anything when it comes to government.  A few years ago I took a test when libertarians were becoming fashionable because many people wanted to pull me into that tent of political thinking and I wasn’t about to go because essentially I have very hard-line views on drugs and ethical conduct at a national level.  I am not a “live and let live” guy on drug policy.  If a neighbor of mine smokes dope and I smell it, there will be trouble.

So as far as the war on drugs and stopping drug cartels in far away lands, the government and its military is something I can get behind if they are managing the finances properly.  After all, you can’t have a good moral country if everything is loose like they might be at a Grateful Dead concert.  Those types of philosophies do not go together.  I am all for advocating strength and military superiority to broadcast the nationalism to the far corners of the world to help them adapt capitalism and that won’t happen smoking dope with John Stossel on a street corner complaining about a long work week.  When I took that test I was somewhere in the range of 98% Republican as opposed to any kind of liberal view.  The manager in me often uses the structure of the rules of the day to tactically outmaneuver people so I can see how a Donald Trump would have success at the federal level where a loser like Barack Obama would become a tyrant.  Likely Donald Trump is probably between 50% and 75% Republican, I’m sure he has much softer views on things than I do, but the future of the Republican Party will be defined by him.  There will be things I don’t like—that are too soft, but I’ll be able to live with those because most people disappoint me anyway.  What I care about in the end are results, and Trump will get them.

Already I can see a huge political change locally in my home town of Cincinnati.  There was a great dinner that many of the leaders of the freedom movement attended several years ago, Matt Clark included.  CLICK HERE TO REVIEW.  Doc Thompson was there too, along with Ann Becker and many other movers and shakers of Southern Ohio politics which has very directly shaped the current political climate over the last eight years.  Of those people who were all united behind the effort to stop the liberalism of Barack Obama—the socialist slide over the abyss–under Trump many of them will soon be at odds with each other because that’s how the new party of conservativism will evolve.  Former friends will become enemies politically and America will hash out that evolving philosophy in a much more productive fashion than they have in the past.  But the old Democrats—those who can bend will join the Libertarians.  Those who can’t will simply break.  The Clintons and their progressivism are out.  Their funeral was the concession speech that Hillary Clinton gave and the faces in that room confirmed it.

The media also knows it.  The Saturday Night Live episode from 12-3-2016 confirms that the political left is lost in European liberalism and as the topography changes there will further castigate liberalism out of Europe.  Remember too what I said about the election of Francois Hollande as socialism took over completely the politics of France.  After just one five-year term which is up in 2017 he is out and the socialists do not have a replacement that can stop the rise of conservativism in France.  So, this is something that’s happening all around the world.  Brexit in the United Kingdom, Trump in America, and now a conservative eruption in France of all places.  The entire European Union is on the way toward dissolution and progressivism is out of fashion and from that new philosophies and political parties will emerge—forever.   

When the smoke clears, I will still be a committed Republican and the party will be stronger than it ever has been.  Many of my friends will be Libertarians and that movement will gain in strength as traditional Democrats simply fade away.  The evidence is already mounting, Democrats have bankrupted cities, schools, and states.  College institutions will have to completely rethink how they go about business because the structure that liberals have committed themselves to is gone.  The last vestiges of their world is chipping away by the second and it’s never coming back.  They are morally and philosophically bankrupt and now that they’ve been exposed in an election, the world is turning away from them for good.  Little do they know, but they’ll all be better off for it and soon former friends will become new political enemies as the story marches on in a chapter of American history not yet written.  And it will be exciting. 

Rich Hoffman


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Trump and the Value of Money: What a history of Europe tells us about why liberals fail

The day Donald Trump announced that he had brokered a deal to keep Carrier in the United States, he also set the unprecedented standard of launching his official “thank you” tour in Cincinnati, Ohio returning to the US Bank Arena to announce that he was nominating Mad Dog Mattis to the Secretary of Defense position.  Never have the rifts between two political philosophies in America and throughout the world been so obvious, because later that same night at Harvard, one of Trump’s top advisors, Kellyanne Conway blasted members of the Clinton team who had lost the election recently when they continued to propose that values long-held since the beginning of human civilization still held merit.

Kellyanne and all members of the Trump team, including his supporters for which I am enthusiastically included proudly sunk the flag of capitalism deeply in the ground represented by the American flag and proposed that there would be no further wavering in the future.  The political left was dead and all that was left of them were these carcasses in denial.  An entirely new way of thinking in the human race was launching and we were seeing the beginning of it essentially in Cincinnati, Ohio.

I had been thinking of Thanksgiving and a lot about European history of late because my family is planning a trip to that part of the world soon—so the definitions presented were well in context. A lot of people don’t know it, but the leader of the pilgrims who came to Plymouth Rock for which we celebrate the Thanksgiving Day rituals and launched our capitalist version of the Holiday season in the states—which for me is always such an exciting time–was James Chilton who was born in the city of Canterbury, where my son-in-law is from in England.  It was he who commissioned the Mayflower to set sail for the New World to flee the politics of the of the Church of England and their rigid rules and ceremonies which were used by the King of England to unite the kingdom behind the great cathedral which loomed large over the town’s skyline.  Like my son-in-law looking for opportunities not tied to the limitations of state sponsored controls, James Chilton fled for reasons of religious freedom toward the unknown destinations of a savage land to be free of the limited scope of kingdom politics spoken through the efforts of the church.  As history well chronicled, it was that same cathedral in Canterbury where Sir Thomas Becket was assassinated by his former friend, King Henry the 2nd for which spawned the great literary classic, The Canterbury Tales.

You see dear reader, the goal of the mediaeval church, which is remarkably aligned with the modern progressive political movement—which is a direct evolution from communism—which descended of course from European mediaeval churches, which descended from the last remnants of the Roman Empire and so on—was to unite the masses behind statist mindsets for which solitary rulers and aristocrats rule over the minds of mankind.  The remnants of that thinking can be found on virtually every college campus, every political order around the world, and it originates in the period of European history where the Roman Empire pushed north to conquered the “barbarians” and “pagans” to leave behind the Catholic Church to institute state sponsored religion—which therefor controlled all aspects of human life.  When bishops developed a guilty complex at the Church of England in Canterbury, the king of the day whomever he may have been, killed the rebel and found a replacement who would do the king’s bidding behind a mask of God.  This is why the puritan James Chilton organized a movement to leave that picturesque town in England with all its security and solidifying ritual and migrated to the wild and woolly unknown of America to sit down with primitive Indians and carve out a new life for themselves.  After a few hundred years the descendants and followers of this puritan movement launched through rebellion the American concept led by philosophy shaped by Adam Smith economics and Thomas Paine’s conceptual thinking.  America was born out of a rejection of the European imposition of statism and the further conquests of the so-called nomads who lived in North America upon the arrival of the Europeans escaping this turmoil from their homeland which was a natural collision of cultures inevitably bound to occur—the West and the East.  The winner was those who followed the philosophy of Adam Smith.  The losers were those chained to collectivist philosophies rooted in statism—which the tribal nomads of North America were limited by through their Chinese and Siberian roots.  Out of anger against statism in Europe the more developed idea of free people evolved and the American culture spawned from that desire clashed with the nomads who had diffused from Asia into North America looking for food—but not inventing much of anything new philosophically—except a new form of religion—nature worship.

Understanding history in this way it is explained why modern progressives have aligned themselves with the crises of the vanquished Indian, whether it is in fighting the trademark of the NFL football team, the Washington Redskins, or the Dakota Access Pipeline where the media has sided with the Standing Rock Sioux Indians.  The real fight is against capitalism—the same capitalism proposed by Adam Smith—the capitalism and need for it which put Donald Trump in the White House.  For generations people saluted the flag and they took for granted the capitalism which made their lives so good in North America—and could solve many problems around the world, but after an increasing statist president in George W. Bush made that way through terrorism and war then an openly socialist president in Barack Obama, the American people had enough, and they turned to an unapologetic capitalist in Donald Trump—a guy who loved his large planes, his golden palace at the top of Trump Tower—and was the commander of the hit television show The Celebrity Apprentice who understood capitalism and how to make it work for America again.

Those on the other side, those against Trump in this election, are those who hate the value of money.  They don’t dislike what money can buy them, such as power, or luxury, but they despise that money represents value.  They hate what money means to an economy of individuals in the same way that the kings of England hated common people who dared to challenge their social status, or when the church dared to deviate away from being a voice of the state toward individual conciliation.  Progressives are against individual value and thus they hate that money is a means of representation of that value.  Trump’s ultimate audacity is that his wealth was built on “value,” as opposed to someone who gains wealth through an inheritance or through a state sponsored lottery.  If you put a million dollars in the pocket of a loser, they will lose all that money in a few years—which is how so many star athletes end up bankrupt a few years after their careers are over.  Money can’t give someone value, but it is a product of value.  For instance, a person of value can never be poor even if they lose all their money many times over.  But a person of little value can only camouflage their value with money to hide what losers they really are.  This is unfortunately from our European heritage—the progressive viewpoint—has been the dominate view of money and how it’s made.  It comes from those days where bishops held up the values of the kings and queens of England—and other places around Europe—until they fell out of favor with those monarchs.  The bishops thought they had power because they held the keys to religion.  The kings thought they had value because of some royal bloodline or social station when people like James Chilton and Sir Thomas Becket just wanted to be left alone to worship their God in peace and pursue their own prosperity—free of statist controls.

Trump standing on a stage in Cincinnati for the second time in two months was a direct product of that bold Mayflower move by Chilton so many years ago—and for the first time in human history was living free of any guilt generated by the state to control behavior.  Instead, Trump was growing beyond the state and the people of Ohio attending that rally were there to prop him up beyond those ancient limitations for the first time in any human being—to be in such a high office of political power.  So in the context of history, what Trump did on Thursday December 1st 2016 was remarkable.  There was a lot of effort which came before him and it culminated essentially with his long-needed election.  And now, from that poised platform we have a man who understands the value of money and how it builds a nation of people—and that the power comes from them, not the state.  Like the Bishop Becket from the long ago medieval Canterbury Cathedral he’s a rebel against the thrones of Europe.  He has transcended from a royal bloodline, or a religious leader into a creation of Adam Smith himself—and he is now in the most powerful high office in the world, and he’s not afraid to use it for good—as opposed to evil–defined by the values which govern money.

Liberals, those descendants of European statism, will claim that it is evil to not equally distribute wealth to the populations of the world—because to them, everyone has “equal” value as under the premise of collectivism for which kings rule, nobody is more powerful than their kings or queens be them President Obama or Hillary Clinton.  But in a free society, value is determined by merit and that is represented in a moral culture by money.  Not money stolen from someone else or given as a gift by someone else—but money earned through something produced—by being a productive citizen of the world. To those who work hard and long every day channeling their values into their efforts, they typically are wealthy if they do it long enough.  But the bum on the street will never be their equals if they spend their days chasing primal effects such as food and sex.  Such people will never be the equals to the captains of industry like those filling Donald Trump’s cabinet seats.  And he knows how to pick them, because he is like General Mattis—people who don’t understand what the word “failure” even means.  Trump’s White House team are the types of people ostracized by a progressive society pushed to the corners with rules and regulations in the same manner that Sir Thomas Becket was murdered for falling out of favor with King Henry the 2nd.  The hidden fear of all progressives is that the great secret of value will spew out revealing their belief in blood lines and aristocratic connections ruling the masses to be a hoax.  This is largely why my son-in-law left Canterbury as James Chilton had centuries before, for the hope of opportunity through freedom.  And it’s taken thousands of years to get their wish, but finally on a stage in Cincinnati on a cold December night—their dreams came true.  It was an extraordinary event.  Mankind will be changed forever.  Just watch!

Progressives and other liberals know what happened and they are in a state of panic because for the first time—ever—the rules of human conduct have changed and they no longer have anywhere to hide, and that’s a good thing.  The human race needs money to determine value and those who have stood in the way of that value need to be removed so that history no longer repeats itself in favor of aristocratic rule—but through the rule of the individual and the massive amount of work they produce when free from tyranny.  Work after all isn’t bad—it’s what happens when people are productive and for America to be Great Again, this long-held truth in North America must be instituted for all time—wrestled from the tight grasp of the progressives from history who are terrified of merit—because as a people—they know they have no real value without the mask of looted wealth to conceal their valueless traditions.

Rich Hoffman


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Rich Hoffman’s Bold Prediction: The radio show that called accurately the 2016 Election

If you don’t toot your own horn sometimes nobody else will—so let me say that during the radio show that I did filling in for Matt Clark on 1600 WAAM radio Saturday November 5th I predicted accurately the results of the 2016 election.  I not only predicted clearly the Donald Trump election when everyone else had serious doubts, I predicted the downfall of the Democratic Party.  You can hear that broadcast here. 

Democrats did not make gains of any measure in the House and Senate and they lost more governor seats around the country.  When Hillary Clinton gave her concession speech on November 9th the people in that room were the leaders of the Democratic Party and the look on their faces acknowledged that they might as well have been at a funeral.  Once Trump takes office President Obama will have his legacy removed from history and with the fragmented Democratic Party already weakened by the corruption exposed in the WikiLeaks emails releases—the party will come to an end—just as I predicted at a time when everyone thought otherwise. 

I take a lot of pride in having the ability to see things way over the horizon.  And according to Rush Limbaugh nobody foresaw what would happen on Election Day November 8th 2016.  But I did.  I called it a long time ago and if Rush had been listening to WAAM in Ann Arbor at 1 PM on a Saturday afternoon while I was substituting for Matt Clark—he would have heard my accurate prediction. 

I’m just ribbing you Rush.  You are great in your EIB network.  But—I did call it when nobody else in the world did.  And that wasn’t my only prediction.  As usual, people should listen.  They’d be a lot happier—and smarter, if they did.

Rich Hoffman


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Special thank yous

This is a very good article thanking all the fine people who helped elect Donald Trump for president. Trump did a great job, and I’d add Kellyanne Conway to this list, but Paul does a good job of thanking many of the unsung heroes of the Trump campaign. Read it and pass it along in celebration of this very great day in America.

Abundant Truth

Thank you to everyone who has fought over the last few years for freedom. To every blogger, every video maker, all the brave people who came out, recognized and endorsed Donald Trump as the leader we needed.

So many millions of people will never understand how close to the abyss we came. This election really was the difference between good and evil.

The mainstream media really did poison the minds of the electorate. They really did defend Hillary’s every evil deed and they really went after Donald Trump.

His strength and ability to brush off all the attacks is something to be admired. He is the leader we need right now and we wish him all the best.

I want to thank in particular groups that I have followed for a while now and whom I think really swayed the battle in our favor.


I would like to thank Alex…

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Hillary Clinton: The Devil

When I was a kid I first heard the below recording of the late, great, Paul Harvey on my grandfather’s farm on Seward Road in Fairfield.  The recording was about five years old when I was two and could start walking and I was in the barn area where the men milked cows and stacked hay in the loft.  I’m one of those people who remember things from way back—between one and two years old and Paul Harvey on AM radio always stuck in my mind mixed with the smells of a working farm’s barn.  I associated Paul Harvey with sweaty hard-working men with great strength who were rewarded for their efforts at dinner time by the women who worked hard to prepare meals for the entire family for a good day’s labor.   From my perspective The Devil that Paul Harvey was talking about was a long way away from that farm of my youth.  He lived in the cities and further in countries not touched by the morality of capitalism—where people were chained to corrupt governments driven by evil to spread collectivism on a highway to Hell that would make AC-DC proud.   But as the years turned and that farm disappeared—and new generations replaced the old ones I have heard that Paul Harvey broadcast many times on WLW—particularly at night during the Truckin Bozo’s show—which I used to listen to religiously.  As a young man for well over a decade I worked two full-time jobs on second and third shift and one of those jobs was seven days a week. If I only had to work 8 hours on a Saturday it was considered a luxury with my family.  And largely it was Paul Harvey’s voice that kept me sane during this very difficult period of my life. Every night at 3 AM he came on for about 20 minutes and several times a year he’d play this recording of The Devil and I soaked it up like a sponge as I always had.

I worked so hard because it was easy for me to see that The Devil was trying to stick its presence into my family as I was trying to raise children and I had learned that the best way to beat that son of a bitch was to make money to fight him off with.  The Devil resides among the poor, the stupid, and the desperate so the best to fight off evil and its foul stench was to make money and be independent of the influence of The Devil.  It took a lot of money to raise a family correctly, to keep my wife home with our children the way my farmer grandparents had done in their generation, so I worked hard to make a lot of money so that evil would stay away from my home.  Evil itself tried hard through movies, television shows and the nightly news to tell people like me that working too much was “selfish” and that I should be home more often.  It also said that my wife should have a job outside of the home and that my kids should be in pre-school being raised by government employees milking the time clock for a pay check and a pension for their inherit laziness—compared to the farmers I knew growing up. But I didn’t listen because Paul Harvey had sunk into my mind at an early age and was my best weapon against the incursion of evil that was spreading like a wildfire across the America I inherited from those more gullible people before me who didn’t see it coming. 

I realized what a powerful weapon honesty really was backed by the kind of financial security that was earned through hard work and not back slapping deals formed through social collectivism.  It paid big in many ways to be your own man, and to have the ability to walk away from people trying to spread the message of The Devil because my life wasn’t chained to theirs—therefore, evil was never allowed to come into my house.  Oh, it tied, but it never made it because I had an indomitable work ethic and a will to spread goodness to the people I dealt with, particularly those in my family.  I also read a lot of books over a twenty-year period so the influence of The Devil never was able to turn my mind around on any subject.  And that is who I am today as a Donald Trump supporter who sees in that presidential candidate many of the hard-working traits I learned on that farm at two years of age with Paul Harvey playing in the background. 

And that is how I also know that Hillary Clinton is the embodiment of evil on planet earth, for all the reasons Paul Harvey described. With her, good is bad—bad is good.  Perversion of the sexes is celebrated—not chastised.  And government corruption is ignited centrally to spread to every corner of the world by taking down the only weapon modern man has against it—capitalism which empowers individuals to live free and to act gracefully to their fellow bipedal caricatures of flesh.  The difference between a village in Africa beholden to a chief who runs the entire community and a farmer in Ohio who works from sun up to sun down every day is that one is free while the other is connected like a slave to a central power ruled by the limits of the philosophy which governs them.  Having limited financial means enslaves the masses to seek safety for their families by doing what a leader tells them to do—and if that leader is acting on behalf of The Devil everyone is vulnerable.  Most leaders around the world are gullible to the whispers of The Devil and they hook their star to evil because honestly they are scared to act on their own accord and because they usually come from collectivist backgrounds The Devil becomes their secret source of power—because when they are alone in the dark, Evil responds to their prayers not to be alone, and not to be insecure about their decisions through drugs, music and pornography and it corrupts everyone they touch during their waking hours.

I’m at a point in my life where I have quite a lot of power and I know what temptations come with it.  I understand when Melania Trump says women throw themselves at her husband for sex even in front of her.  When people are near powerful, self-reliant people they are seeking the same level of security that The Devil promises and they will trade their bodies and their pride for a steady paycheck in less than a heartbeat.    That is how evil spreads—through desperation born from a lack of self-reliance.  That is why socialist plots are evil and capitalist ones are moral—and why the United States of America is the last bastion of morality on planet earth, and if it falls, the world plunges back into a medieval love of aristocracy chained to religious theocracy—for which The Devil controls.  Speaking for myself and others that I know who could literally do whatever they want whenever they want to—it takes the kind of courage and stamina I built in those hard years of work 16 hours a day, seven days a week to fight off the temptations of The Devil—so it’s easy for me.  But it’s not easy for those who arrived with that kind of power through government redistribution of wealth, or favors between one scoundrel and another in a booth at a restaurant over drinks.  When you first obtain that level of power as Donald Trump spoke about on that famous bus with Billy Bush it can be a little overwhelming to learn that women, and men will literally strip themselves of pride to be near you—just because they sense something powerful in such monstrosities of individualism that often comes from celebrities.  If you’ve ever seen how people behave with a backstage pass at a rock concert, you’ll understand what I’m saying.  Greasy, sweaty, smelly rock stars literally have women offering any kind of sex they could dream of in exchange for the bragging rights to have been near an individual free of the rules of a society controlled by The Devil.  The entire episode might appear quite evil when observed with the free flow of drugs and nudity—but what people want in exchange for the sex is to be near independence even if it means trading away their very innocence for the rest of their lives.  A good leader who functions with the bravado of a “rock star” has to master that last temptation—not to abuse that power and destroy the lives of those around them.  Most people when faced with this kind of enchanting power yield to it.  What I see in Trump is a man who has mastered it and is now at 70 years of age functioning beyond the limits of such a temptation to abuse his great power through his celebrity and his financial prowess.  I have had that power under control for a long time but I don’t meet many people who ever master it.  Trump has reached that point in his life and once they do, then they are able to fight the spread of evil for which The Devil is always keen to advance. 

Hillary Clinton is the living embodiment of The Devil from the Paul Harvey radio broadcast.  The Devil is only using her body for its own advancement and she gladly traded away her very soul to touch the kind of power that she currently has.  The National Enquirer stories of her sexual life with Hollywood celebrities and the orgy arrangements that often happen there—which I’ve seen myself and not participated in, do not surprise me.  But they can be tempting to a person intellectually empty yet seeking to rule the world.  And The Devil is always keen to trade power for obedience to spread his message of collectivism, dependence, and inner stupidity.  The Devil thrives in the lives of the lazy and desperate and seeks to raise armies against strong individuals resistant to his message—for which Hillary Clinton is the current vessel of his vast power.  She’s an old woman now and likely not much of a sexual predator seeking young cinema stars for sex the way she did in the 90s—just to prove to herself that she had arrived at that “celebrity” status where she had the power to undress anyone she wanted anytime she desired.  But that desire for power is what makes her the nimblest vehicle that The Devil has in modern times and she must be defeated so to preserve that last vestige of an independent life that only America can offer through hard work and capitalism.  Hillary wants to end that way of life forever by destroying American capitalism and attaching it to global socialism—and that makes her the embodiment of evil, and the marionette of The Devil himself.

Vote to defeat The Devil on November 8th, 2016.

Rich Hoffman


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Trump’s Check Mate: The O’Keefe Tapes proving vast voter fraud perpetrated by Democrats

Hillary, Hillary—how do you feel right now?  You’ve been busted by Wikileaks for massive corruption much larger than anything Watergate destroyed the presidency of Nixon over.  The Drudge Report unleashed a massive sex scandal involving you and your exploits over many years with gay lovers and married exchanges by a formally trusted friend—your “fixer.”  But you’ve been busted giving money to the DNC to attack people at Trump rallies and that same investigation uncovered the very voter fraud that Obama stood foolishly in front of the world today and said wasn’t happening.  Well, it is happening and James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas uncovered it rather valiantly and broke the story on Breitbart—who happens to run Donald Trump’s campaign.  And that man—Donald Trump—fearless as he is will be your opponent during the last debate of the 2016 election season.  What do you think is going to happen to you during this debate?  Are those palms sweaty yet?  How about that breathing?  Because as you look in the mirror and try to figure out what to do, how to look, and what you could possibly say the words of your friend David Axelrod are screaming through your mind.  Nothing good can come to you during this debate.  You can only lose.  But if you don’t show up, you will validate quicker all these detrimental stories like a fire over dry grass.  If you do go, you will be slaughtered by Donald Trump who has nothing to lose and knows that he has the facts on his side—and he has a history of making it count when he needs to.  So—how do you feel when you see this video?

The corruption is very real everyone and it always has been.  The difference now is that there is proof.   That lack of evidence which Obama foolishly said didn’t exist is right here.  You can see it, hear it—it’s very real and vile.  Real people risked their lives to bring forth this information and now it is well-known why Trump changed his tune once he learned about these tapes from his campaign manager.  The corruption is epic and it all falls in the lap of Democrats who have been exposed in the largest scandal in American history.  The American media is just beginning to get their arms around this and by the time it all settles in—it will be election day.  Can you say—“check mate?”

Congrats to James O’Keefe and his team involved with Project Veritas.  It took real courage to expose some of the deepest corruption the world has ever seen, including the regimes that brought down the Roman Empire.   Trump is right about Washington; the swamp needs to be drained so we can rebuild it.  Because only scum is there now—in both parties.  Vote proudly on election day and do your part to drain that swamp.

Rich Hoffman


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The Destruction of Hillary Clinton: Ending the political class finally over a 24 year journey through Hell

Really, the summation of just about everything I’ve written about over the last six years on these pages is coming to fruition at the first debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump on September 26th 2016.  In so many ways Donald Trump is my dream candidate largely because most of my suggestions to America’s large problems have been to have more private sector leadership in government instead of trying to influence government with campaign contributions.  A false aristocracy has emerged over the last two hundred years because of the experiments with democracy and that society of benefactors has been poised for a long time for an overthrow by the governed.  Once people see with their own eyes how much more effective a private sector president is in the White House, they’ll apply the same methods to their school boards, their state seats, and their federal elections and the nature of politics will change dramatically.

The political class cannot compete with the hard-boiled proven executive who has spent a lifetime building a successful existence and that was never more evident than the dismal performance of Hillary Clinton leading up to the record-breaking debate on that famed evening which changed forever the nature of politics.  While Donald Trump was out campaigning across the country and doing interviews with Sean Hannity and many others—Hillary was locked away in her fortress behind thousands of handlers hiding.  The only significant interview she gave over a five-day period leading up to the debates was this pathetic mess below with Zach Galifianakis which was a terrible decision.  Whoever made that decision should have been not only fired, but skinned alive—because it was terrible—even by the standards of that show.  As the leading Democrat and long time connector between Hollywood and politics, Clinton has people like Bon Jovi on speed dial, and friends like Steven Spielberg to help her shape her image—yet under pressure from FBI investigations, obvious criminal conduct in front of Congress, and a political record laced with murders, incompetent accidents, and left-leaning radicalism all she could muster before that big Monday Night Smackdown was an appearance on Galifianakis’ silly show which obviously didn’t go the way she would have liked.  Even on such a friendly production set she was stiff, unlikable, and accident prone revealing that under the pressure of over a billion people watching and obvious health problems that could reveal themselves beyond her control, and an uncompromising opponent who will do anything to win standing next to her—Hillary Clinton is truly in trouble and it’s a dream come true for me.

If Hillary Clinton were just a senile old lady living down the road, I might have compassion for her condition.  But she’s seeking to manage my life with more expanded government and an even further left-winged political agenda that has proven to be a Trojan Horse intent on ending American sovereignty in favor of global governance—and I despise her for it.  What she has done along with her fellow leftist radicals has been a declaration of war against the kind of America that I love—an innovative place full of diversity and tradition.  Hillary’s America, like the recent movie articulated quite well, is a criminal empire guided by corrupt politicians that would make Jabba the Hutt from Star Wars pale in comparison.  So I have no sympathy for her situation.  She has literally painted herself into a corner—everything she has done in her life leading up to this moment in time—and the physical and mental pressure of it, are proving to be too great for her.

She’s in hiding while Donald Trump knows he has her cornered.  He is loose on his feet and ready to seal the deal of his own fate knowing that all he has to do put her away during this upcoming debate and he wins the presidency.  To put it in golfer’s terms, this is a putt under par literally on the rim of the hole.  All he has to do to win is gently tap the ball forward with the slightest of a putt and the ball will drop in.  However, for Hillary she has to hope for a 400 yard drive which will result in a hole-in-one, which is nearly impossible—and those just aren’t good odds.  The media is attempting to make the presidential race look even for their own ratings, but the difference is as I’ve metaphorically described.  Trump has all the high ground, Clinton has nothing but dirty tricks and cheating which will prove difficult on such a large stage—so she’s nervous—even scared—and she should be.

I remember the debates in 1992 when Ross Perot was on stage with George Bush and Bill Clinton and essentially the businessman easily outplayed the politicians earning a lot of respect for the Texas billionaire.  I worked hard for Perot back then even to the point of being at the campaign headquarters in Dallas the night before the election.  There was hope of getting between 15% and 20% of the vote which we all knew would have a lasting impact on future elections and we were excited.  We didn’t think Ross would win, but just being on stage planted the seeds for what would eventually become Donald Trump.  I enjoyed the company of Ross’s family that night.  One of his younger daughters was close to my age at the time which  made for an eventful, and respectable evening—but I remember vividly driving back from Dallas at over 100 MPH to get back to Ohio to vote and work the polls with just a few hours to spare.

Even as I got a speeding ticket in Tennessee for going 110 MPH—obvious reckless operation which I thought was going to put me in jail—the cop let me off with a much reduced ticket of 80 in a 55 zone because he liked the Ross Perot stickers that was all over the car I was driving—we called it the “Perot Mobile” back then.  It was often full of Ross Perot t-shirts, a banner which we hand delivered to the Perot family that they laced across their Texas mansion on election night which was made specifically for a CNN broadcast at a Dallas arena, and occasionally fashion models from Penthouse magazine which we dressed up to pass out Perot pins on Fountain Square during businesses lunches in Cincinnati.  We would pack the girls in the car to the point where there wasn’t any leftover space and when we all got out it was like a clown car of endless bodies emerging which seemed impossible to hold.  I remember vividly the optimism back then and it was nothing like what we are seeing on the cusp of the debate between crooked Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

The Perot watch party was at the Omni Netherland Plaza in downtown Cincinnati and I was horrified literally to watch Bill Clinton win over George Bush.  All along with all the work I did for Perot I figured that Bush would remain president as the incumbent.  Change needed to happen, my protest of Bush was that he was such a globalist compared to Ronald Reagan, and he needed a shot across his bow to bring him back to reality—and the patriotism of nationalism.  But he was a one world government guy and he lost to the criminal drug pusher from Arkansas and Hillary Clinton was within sight of her ultimate goal of the presidency herself—riding on the coat-tails of her husband.  I sat on those steps that evening and felt terrible—and I resolved to fix it any way I could.  What happened next was 24 years of government expansion and a drastic move to the political left and a weakening of American presence around the world—and it has disgusted me.  I thought things were bad after just four years of George Bush the elder—enough so that Ross Perot was a wake-up call for the Republican Party.  What we ended up with was Hillary Clinton—the power climber and corrupt politician whose ultimate goal was to finish what Bush started—ending American sovereignty to the highest bidder—in this case George Soros—and bring America crippled from within to the feet of the world government compliant, and apologetic.

Knowing what I do about Trump he feels much the same way that I do. For years he gave money to these politicians to keep them out of his business practices, and to hope beyond hope that something might actually get done.  But he’s watched a lifetime’s worth of failures from the political class and now in his own elderly years he’s ready to just do the job of fixing everything himself.  As a person used to winning everything he does, he gets to debate a wounded radical with a lot to hide which is easy pickings for a guy like him.  It reminds me of the debates I had on WLW radio and in public with the levy supporters of Lakota a few years back when they could do nothing to answer the fiscal facts I presented but provide an emotional argument in favor of children, which was really easy for me—a businessman—to combat.  It was like cutting butter with a hot knife—it took almost no effort because the facts were on my side.  Leading up to those events people asked me if I was nervous because the Lakota people had this big political machine and I essentially had nothing but a few angry supporters—and I replied cautiously that I wasn’t.  I kept wondering if they knew something I didn’t—which wasn’t likely—but I wasn’t sure.  Of course history showed that I had nothing to worry about—and Trump has even less.  Hillary is a wounded animal literally hanging by a thread and after he puts her away Monday night—the media won’t be able to dress up her terrible performance.  The scouting report on her is that she can’t answer questions about her email and she can’t defend her thirty year record—and under stress—she physically breaks down.  Trump is the perfect candidate for the Republicans.  For me he is rectification of that night long ago at the Omni Netherland Hotel where I didn’t want to talk to anybody for several days—not even the friends of our “Perot Mobile” who were staying at the Omni Netherland and wanted to do something to salvage the evening.  I couldn’t think about any of that kind of stuff—I just wanted to fix the situation and I’ve had to wait a quarter century to get the next chance—and Trump is that solution.

I can’t wait for the debate to start—because at that point Hillary Clinton is one step closer to becoming a bad memory and for a change to send the Democrats into the depths that I have been on since 1992.  And when they get there, I won’t forget who they are—and they won’t be coming back.  The debate between Trump and Clinton is about more than just winning that one night—we are seeing the end of a political class that encompasses Republicans and Democrats and ushers in a new era of business men and women who are proven successes who bring to politics the best that they’ve been which will set our country on a completely different trajectory regarding economics, culture, world presence—virtually every category of human endeavor.  Needless to say, I will enjoy watching Hillary Clinton squirm to the bitter end—because she deserves everything that is happening to her for what she has tried to do to our country.  Donald Trump is simply making things right again starting with ending her career in a spectacle which will easily eclipse Monday Night Football.

Rich Hoffman


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