The Destruction of Hillary Clinton: Ending the political class finally over a 24 year journey through Hell

Really, the summation of just about everything I’ve written about over the last six years on these pages is coming to fruition at the first debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump on September 26th 2016.  In so many ways Donald Trump is my dream candidate largely because most of my suggestions to America’s large problems have been to have more private sector leadership in government instead of trying to influence government with campaign contributions.  A false aristocracy has emerged over the last two hundred years because of the experiments with democracy and that society of benefactors has been poised for a long time for an overthrow by the governed.  Once people see with their own eyes how much more effective a private sector president is in the White House, they’ll apply the same methods to their school boards, their state seats, and their federal elections and the nature of politics will change dramatically.

The political class cannot compete with the hard-boiled proven executive who has spent a lifetime building a successful existence and that was never more evident than the dismal performance of Hillary Clinton leading up to the record-breaking debate on that famed evening which changed forever the nature of politics.  While Donald Trump was out campaigning across the country and doing interviews with Sean Hannity and many others—Hillary was locked away in her fortress behind thousands of handlers hiding.  The only significant interview she gave over a five-day period leading up to the debates was this pathetic mess below with Zach Galifianakis which was a terrible decision.  Whoever made that decision should have been not only fired, but skinned alive—because it was terrible—even by the standards of that show.  As the leading Democrat and long time connector between Hollywood and politics, Clinton has people like Bon Jovi on speed dial, and friends like Steven Spielberg to help her shape her image—yet under pressure from FBI investigations, obvious criminal conduct in front of Congress, and a political record laced with murders, incompetent accidents, and left-leaning radicalism all she could muster before that big Monday Night Smackdown was an appearance on Galifianakis’ silly show which obviously didn’t go the way she would have liked.  Even on such a friendly production set she was stiff, unlikable, and accident prone revealing that under the pressure of over a billion people watching and obvious health problems that could reveal themselves beyond her control, and an uncompromising opponent who will do anything to win standing next to her—Hillary Clinton is truly in trouble and it’s a dream come true for me.

If Hillary Clinton were just a senile old lady living down the road, I might have compassion for her condition.  But she’s seeking to manage my life with more expanded government and an even further left-winged political agenda that has proven to be a Trojan Horse intent on ending American sovereignty in favor of global governance—and I despise her for it.  What she has done along with her fellow leftist radicals has been a declaration of war against the kind of America that I love—an innovative place full of diversity and tradition.  Hillary’s America, like the recent movie articulated quite well, is a criminal empire guided by corrupt politicians that would make Jabba the Hutt from Star Wars pale in comparison.  So I have no sympathy for her situation.  She has literally painted herself into a corner—everything she has done in her life leading up to this moment in time—and the physical and mental pressure of it, are proving to be too great for her.

She’s in hiding while Donald Trump knows he has her cornered.  He is loose on his feet and ready to seal the deal of his own fate knowing that all he has to do put her away during this upcoming debate and he wins the presidency.  To put it in golfer’s terms, this is a putt under par literally on the rim of the hole.  All he has to do to win is gently tap the ball forward with the slightest of a putt and the ball will drop in.  However, for Hillary she has to hope for a 400 yard drive which will result in a hole-in-one, which is nearly impossible—and those just aren’t good odds.  The media is attempting to make the presidential race look even for their own ratings, but the difference is as I’ve metaphorically described.  Trump has all the high ground, Clinton has nothing but dirty tricks and cheating which will prove difficult on such a large stage—so she’s nervous—even scared—and she should be.

I remember the debates in 1992 when Ross Perot was on stage with George Bush and Bill Clinton and essentially the businessman easily outplayed the politicians earning a lot of respect for the Texas billionaire.  I worked hard for Perot back then even to the point of being at the campaign headquarters in Dallas the night before the election.  There was hope of getting between 15% and 20% of the vote which we all knew would have a lasting impact on future elections and we were excited.  We didn’t think Ross would win, but just being on stage planted the seeds for what would eventually become Donald Trump.  I enjoyed the company of Ross’s family that night.  One of his younger daughters was close to my age at the time which  made for an eventful, and respectable evening—but I remember vividly driving back from Dallas at over 100 MPH to get back to Ohio to vote and work the polls with just a few hours to spare.

Even as I got a speeding ticket in Tennessee for going 110 MPH—obvious reckless operation which I thought was going to put me in jail—the cop let me off with a much reduced ticket of 80 in a 55 zone because he liked the Ross Perot stickers that was all over the car I was driving—we called it the “Perot Mobile” back then.  It was often full of Ross Perot t-shirts, a banner which we hand delivered to the Perot family that they laced across their Texas mansion on election night which was made specifically for a CNN broadcast at a Dallas arena, and occasionally fashion models from Penthouse magazine which we dressed up to pass out Perot pins on Fountain Square during businesses lunches in Cincinnati.  We would pack the girls in the car to the point where there wasn’t any leftover space and when we all got out it was like a clown car of endless bodies emerging which seemed impossible to hold.  I remember vividly the optimism back then and it was nothing like what we are seeing on the cusp of the debate between crooked Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

The Perot watch party was at the Omni Netherland Plaza in downtown Cincinnati and I was horrified literally to watch Bill Clinton win over George Bush.  All along with all the work I did for Perot I figured that Bush would remain president as the incumbent.  Change needed to happen, my protest of Bush was that he was such a globalist compared to Ronald Reagan, and he needed a shot across his bow to bring him back to reality—and the patriotism of nationalism.  But he was a one world government guy and he lost to the criminal drug pusher from Arkansas and Hillary Clinton was within sight of her ultimate goal of the presidency herself—riding on the coat-tails of her husband.  I sat on those steps that evening and felt terrible—and I resolved to fix it any way I could.  What happened next was 24 years of government expansion and a drastic move to the political left and a weakening of American presence around the world—and it has disgusted me.  I thought things were bad after just four years of George Bush the elder—enough so that Ross Perot was a wake-up call for the Republican Party.  What we ended up with was Hillary Clinton—the power climber and corrupt politician whose ultimate goal was to finish what Bush started—ending American sovereignty to the highest bidder—in this case George Soros—and bring America crippled from within to the feet of the world government compliant, and apologetic.

Knowing what I do about Trump he feels much the same way that I do. For years he gave money to these politicians to keep them out of his business practices, and to hope beyond hope that something might actually get done.  But he’s watched a lifetime’s worth of failures from the political class and now in his own elderly years he’s ready to just do the job of fixing everything himself.  As a person used to winning everything he does, he gets to debate a wounded radical with a lot to hide which is easy pickings for a guy like him.  It reminds me of the debates I had on WLW radio and in public with the levy supporters of Lakota a few years back when they could do nothing to answer the fiscal facts I presented but provide an emotional argument in favor of children, which was really easy for me—a businessman—to combat.  It was like cutting butter with a hot knife—it took almost no effort because the facts were on my side.  Leading up to those events people asked me if I was nervous because the Lakota people had this big political machine and I essentially had nothing but a few angry supporters—and I replied cautiously that I wasn’t.  I kept wondering if they knew something I didn’t—which wasn’t likely—but I wasn’t sure.  Of course history showed that I had nothing to worry about—and Trump has even less.  Hillary is a wounded animal literally hanging by a thread and after he puts her away Monday night—the media won’t be able to dress up her terrible performance.  The scouting report on her is that she can’t answer questions about her email and she can’t defend her thirty year record—and under stress—she physically breaks down.  Trump is the perfect candidate for the Republicans.  For me he is rectification of that night long ago at the Omni Netherland Hotel where I didn’t want to talk to anybody for several days—not even the friends of our “Perot Mobile” who were staying at the Omni Netherland and wanted to do something to salvage the evening.  I couldn’t think about any of that kind of stuff—I just wanted to fix the situation and I’ve had to wait a quarter century to get the next chance—and Trump is that solution.

I can’t wait for the debate to start—because at that point Hillary Clinton is one step closer to becoming a bad memory and for a change to send the Democrats into the depths that I have been on since 1992.  And when they get there, I won’t forget who they are—and they won’t be coming back.  The debate between Trump and Clinton is about more than just winning that one night—we are seeing the end of a political class that encompasses Republicans and Democrats and ushers in a new era of business men and women who are proven successes who bring to politics the best that they’ve been which will set our country on a completely different trajectory regarding economics, culture, world presence—virtually every category of human endeavor.  Needless to say, I will enjoy watching Hillary Clinton squirm to the bitter end—because she deserves everything that is happening to her for what she has tried to do to our country.  Donald Trump is simply making things right again starting with ending her career in a spectacle which will easily eclipse Monday Night Football.

Rich Hoffman


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Hillary Loses her Mind Again, and her Shoe: Is the presidential candidate looking for a doctor’s note to get out of the debates?

By now dear reader you’ve probably heard, Hillary Clinton nearly passed out at a 9/11 ceremony even losing her shoe as her entourage ushered her into her motorcade before the cameras could capture her despair.  By all appearances Hillary Clinton looks ill—like she’s a very sick person.  And factually, that’s all we have to go on.  But beware of the scheming Hillary Clinton—the criminal—who will stop at nothing to cover her trail and do what she has to do to survive another day.  Consider that just before the Benghazi hearings, it was this same Hillary Clinton who supposedly had a concussion and couldn’t attend the congressional hearings for quite some time delaying the efforts.

Many—such as yours truly—believed she was faking the injury to delay justice—until public sentiment had worn out on the topic blunting the effect on her professional life—which worked to some extent.  I believe this is the same kind of “injury.”  Hillary does not want to debate Donald Trump.  I believe she is looking for a doctor’s note getting her out of the upcoming events and that she is trusting the element of sympathy and a friendly media to carry her over the finish line.

She knows that she has better chances at the presidency if she avoids the debates than if she will if she gets pounded on her emails during them.  The only way she can hope to endure the ridicule of the Wikileaks email releases and the public embarrassments Trump will unleash on her are to avoid the debates all together.  And to get away from that—she needs a doctor’s note and a whole lot of progressive sympathy.  Be very careful of the wounded animal that whimpers until you get close enough for it to swipe at you one last time.  Hillary is a criminal, and nothing she does can be trusted at face value.

Rich Hoffman


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Donald Trump Speaking on behalf of Phyllis Schlafly: Leadership and honor even at a funeral–which is expected

As the world was concerned about other things, conservatives respectfully sent their wishes to the family of Phyllis Schlafly, as the Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump was given a standing ovation at the St. Louis Cathedral Basilica at the funeral for Phyllis Schlafly. The congregation stood to its feet and applauded Donald Trump after his wonderful remarks. I thought it was interesting, and revealing to the type of President Donald Trump will be to show what the press virtually ignored.  Trump even under grim circumstances projected strength and honor in the face of gloom bringing the entire room up a level as we all walk the precipice between life and death.  Nothing is worse than a funeral, yet Trump’s energy for life uplifts everyone, which says a lot in defense of what kind of conservative leadership he possess, which Phyllis believed in.

Schlafly was a constitutional lawyer, conservative activist, author, speaker, columnist and founder of the Eagle Forum.

Phyllis was active promoting conservative agenda until her passing. She wrote a weekly column for over 50 years. Schlafly released a book in August, “The Conservative Case for Trump,” with co-authors Ed Martin and Brett Decker – The Conservative Case for Trump.

In March Phyllis Schlafly endorsed Donald Trump for president at the Peabody Opera House in St. Louis.

Rich Hoffman


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Send in the Clowns: Hillary Clinton’s coughing secret revealed–a coded message to her base supporters

I honestly don’t think things are as close as the media wants to believe things to be in the 2016 presidential race.  That doesn’t mean that we can all take things for granted, the forces against us are tremendous, but the bottom line of the Hillary Clinton run for POTUS is that she is damaged beyond repair—no matter how much you like her or don’t.  She lost her moral authority a long time ago to serve in that position whereas Donald Trump is at least a fresh face worthy of a chance.  In the end, people will rationalize their vote accordingly—but take nothing for granted—because “The System” will do whatever it has to do to protect itself.  That was the premise of a rather comedy driven hour of radio on WAAM in Ann Arbor, Michigan on September 10th just 60 days out from the upcoming election in November. Matt Clark brought me on to provide color commentary as we covered a number of topics and actually took several calls.  But even more importantly, we broke a story that may be the biggest of the entire election season—that Hillary Clinton’s coughing fits—which were a huge part of our show—is actually a coded plea to her progressive followers.  Her coughing message is one that only radical insurgents like Barbra Streisand and George Soros understand.  Listen for yourself and pass it along to a friend who needs to hear it.  If you translate her coughing message it says—“HELP ME OR I WILL GO TO JAIL.”

With what we knew about Hillary Clinton before the DNC convention it would have still been hard for the old Washington insider to be president of the United States—because people on my side of the political aisle would reject her by default.  Clinton is too divisive of a figure to represent most of America and there would be a continuation of the hatred that seeps out of the progressive left which would further erode away the stability of our country—culturally.  But after, after the resignations at the DNC and the evidence provided from the hacked emails regarding Hillary’s private server, her conduct with the FBI—the FBI’s role in assisting with her cover-up—the Iranian payoff—the inability to think on her feet during debates or press conferences because as a candidate, she is so carefully scripted that her campaign can’t afford to have her any other way—her candidacy is doomed.  It would be impossible for Clinton at this point to be POTUS even if the political left and the media that supports them managed to push her over the top at the Electoral College.  These same dirty tricks put Barack Obama in office and in a lot of ways there is more hatred of him by the politically conservative right after eight years of his efforts because the evidence of our suspicions actually came to fruition.  Many have been counting down the days until his exit—which has kept the peace.  But with Hillary—who is the only selection of the Democratic Party—the evidence is quite clear before the election that she actually committed crimes to be there and those same people simply won’t stand for the potential of another eight years of Democratic presidential rule—because they’ve reached their limit.

I’ve never had much faith in our institutions—like the FBI, the CIA, Homeland Security and those associated government branches—but many were willing to give them the benefit of doubt for the security of the county.  Those people willing to turn the other cheek are much like the caller Sheri who appeared on our radio show to give Matt a piece of her mind regarding the fun we were making of Hillary Clinton’s physical and mental health.  They have been happy to pray for the political left and hope that God would show them the light.  But others like me increasingly have been taking matters into our own hands—like the song “Onward Christian Soldiers Marching As To War” suggests.  There is a reason we have the Bill of Rights in our Constitution and it is for when government ultimately fails us—like it is presently—most notably when the FBI dumps important case documents about Hillary Clinton to the media on the Friday before Labor Day—a trick that would have worked just a few years ago. But now, with the 24-hour news cycles and the 7 day a week coverage of talk radio—things like that don’t get buried anymore.  The fact that they tried to bury the story is the worst evidence yet—it’s actually a bigger story than when the IRS personally targeted conservative groups a few years back—and that story still makes conservatives extremely angry.  There is no way that people will forgive the FBI or Hillary Clinton within the possible eight years of her presidency. Rather, more and more people will use the Bill of Rights to stand up to an obviously corrupt government to change it—and that level of anger was never covered by Saul Alinsky in his leftist guide to tyranny and control, Rules for Radicals.  His book on strategy was aimed at nice people like Sheri, but when they stop praying for people like Hillary Clinton and join the Rich Hoffmans and Matt Clarks of the world with a sword in hand “marching as to war”—Saul Alinsky’s methods disintegrate—which is exactly what is currently happening to the entire progressive movement globally.  Hey, even Al Capone went to jail—which is the figure Saul Alinsky modeled his strategy on.  Like Capone—who had the media, the legal system, and the public eating out of his hand—Hillary has been caught and she knows it.  Everyone around her knows it, and they hope that their old tricks will work one more time to at least get her in office so she can earn the power of the pardon.  But even if she did manage such an act—there are too many people ready for action that won’t put up with it.  If the political left thought the Tea Party movement was hard to deal with—wait until they have to deal with what comes next.

The media needs this election season to appear close; they need the campaign money spent with traditional advertising, because that revenue is actually part of their budgets.  They have to make this race look close for their own survival.  They can’t afford to say at CNN that the race was over before Labor Day and that only the Republicans have a viable candidate running at this point—so essentially the election is over.  They can’t allow the news cycles to move on to football coverage and the upcoming Holiday Season—because they need the candidates themselves to continue injecting millions and millions of dollars into advertising and commentary into copy for newspapers, television, and talk radio for their own sustainability.  But I’m telling you dear reader that the election is over one way or the other.  Like or hate Donald Trump—he’s the only one running and with him there is a hope that something might change—because he’s a different kind of candidate. But Hillary will be rejected regardless of what happens during the election—and things could get very ugly.

I continue to be proud that I’ve had the opportunity to meet Donald Trump a few times now—and that I was with his campaign from the start.  I am excited that he might actually bring competition to the public school system through School Choice and take the shackles off our economy.  If he did just those two things he’d be a success in my book—and he’s the best shot we have at fixing those two problems.  I’ve had a Trump sign in front of my house for a while now, and just last week I saw a change among my neighbors.  Now they too have Trump signs in their yards.  At the end of my street is a medium-sized manufacturing business and it now has its entire frontage displaying Trump signs eager for his upcoming election.  What has changed over these last few weeks is that normal people have made their decision.  They can’t vote for an obvious criminal, so they will vote for Trump—likely in higher numbers than we’ve seen in any recent election.  And for one last time—we’ll trust the system to get it right.  People like Sheri will vote and pray one more time—and if at the end of that process Hillary Clinton is in the White House, then open insurrection will slowly come to a boil.  Because what Saul Alinsky and his liberal followers never learned about the political Christian right is that their behavior of kindness is rooted in belief that things will at some point get better.  If that hope is taken away from them, then they will fight—and they’ll fight with a desperation that few on planet earth understand—especially George Soros.  People born free and relatively happy know the difference when they are being openly scammed through a massive government insurrection.  There is a reason that committed leftists like Barbra Streisand don’t make movies like The Main Event anymore—because people like my mom wouldn’t go to see her, or buy her albums, because of her political beliefs—which has been destroying Hollywood since the Clintons were first in office during the 90s.

For so many years people like Barbra Streisand on the far left have made fun of us on the right essentially because each time nice women like Sheri heard conservatives like Matt and I giving it back to the left—we listened, and those on the left continued because they didn’t believe in anything.  They have mischaracterized our behavior to believe they have some almighty power of philosophy that entitled them to impose themselves on everyone else.

Yet Streisand even with all her Hollywood friends couldn’t get a movie made today if she wanted to—because she is box office toxic—due to her politics.  And regardless of what Hillary Clinton does or says in the next 60 days, she will not be able to convince any more than half the nation that she has the authority to be in the White House.  And when you take away people’s power of the vote—they will resort to other measures.  As I look at the battlefield, I don’t see that America is quite ready for that—and I believe that when the smoke clears, Donald Trump will be the president and we’ll see what happens—and I don’t think it will be close.  However, if Hillary wins, that anxiety on the political right will increase to a level nobody has yet seen in the history of America.  When law and order no longer matter, and agencies like the FBI actively assist in committing crimes—then bad things will happen—and nobody is ready for that.  George Soros certainly didn’t plan for that, and his kids have no idea.  Streisand has lost touch with the everyday people.

She can sing songs from Hollywood about Trump, but she doesn’t understand what is behind the movement that fuels him.  And neither does Hillary when she made a break from trying to appeal to Trump voters last week to calling them “deplorable” this week—the real fear was revealed.  We are in new territory and nobody knows what to do about it.  But I can tell you this dear reader—Hillary Clinton will never be accepted as president—even if the system names her in such a way.  She’s a criminal at best and she was caught—and we all see it.  She lost the election before the DNC convention when the emails were released—and its only gotten worse since then.  What’s even scarier for her—is that the worst of the evidence has yet to be released.  The only clowns in this issue are the Barbra Streisand types who are so out of touch that they don’t even understand the pulse of mainstream America any more.  They look in the mirror and think they are the righteous ones—when in fact they are part of a criminal class born on the philosophies of a mobster—and their day of reckoning is coming one way or the other—through a vote, or through the violence that follows injustice.  Bring on the clowns—we’re ready for them if they steal this election by inserting a criminal in a position of power—knowingly.

Rich Hoffman


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The Lakota Liberal Joan Powell: Getting her hair butchered and supporting Hillary Clinton

At first I thought the advertisement below was for a new Muppet movie.  The caricature that filled the screen looked outrageously disproportional to reality, like some kid’s puppet meant to emphasize some grotesque villain intended to frighten children—but as it turn out, it was just my old nemesis from the Lakota School Board, Joan Powell.  Joan was at it again, exploiting children as she had five years prior when pushing for more tax increases as the school board president to coddle her friends within the labor union at the government school of Lakota—so to provide cover for her scandalous spending habits which ran at a deficit and exploded property tax rates throughout the eastern part of Butler County.  It was even more horrendous to learn in the commercial that she had just had her hair done—which she stated was one of the reasons she was doing this attack ad for Hillary Clinton—because her friends at the hair salon were concerned about Donald Trump’s rhetoric.  Her hair looked like a rat’s nest.  Whoever did that hit job on her head should give her back the money because whatever she paid, it was too much.  I could have saved her a lot of money with one of those old-fashioned bowl cuts.  Just put the bowl on her head and get out the scissors—and her outcome would have been much more presentable.

Seeing her again after so many colorful battles took me back to some good times.  I remember when Doc Thompson and I did a radio show about her behavior on 700 WLW, which can be heard below.  The best parts are at the 10:30 mark.  That broadcast was just a week before the November 2011 election for which the Lakota levy went down in flames just like I predicted it would.  School board member Lynda O’Conner along with Superintendent Mantia met with our No Lakota Levy group privately under the cover of darkness and great civility—hoping to quell our resistance.  Joan as president didn’t like it, so she openly sought to have Lynda knocked off in the next election with two potential rivals.  Lynda was hardly a staunch conservative type, but she had good intentions and was reasonable earning a No Lakota Levy endorsement for the election.  Of course Joan couldn’t have that so she put out a political hit on Lynda which I brought to the WLW airwaves.

My proposal was that Lakota in the future could offer mud wrestling between Joan and Lynda and save the tax payers the burden of higher taxes through revenue generated by the event.  It was a comic metaphor of course, but it symbolized what was really going on in Lakota politics at the time.  After that levy defeat just a week later, Joan tried a different strategy.  She joined with Lynda and worked her liberal friends at the hair salon to trash my name all in the name of “children.”  Of course that led to a rather ruckus exchanged which ended with me blasting Joan’s friends as “latté sipping prostitutes” with asses the size of car tires—and by the video above, you can see that I wasn’t exaggerating.  The exchange got so heated and contentious that Lakota called off all levy attempts for an entire year while they spent voluminous amounts of money hiring a progressive activist to pass a tax increase.  Even then, the election a year later passed with less than 1% of the vote—so it was hardly a slam dunk for Lakota who had to attach their issue to the recent school shooting of Sandy Hook to win enough sympathy to garner votes for passage.  Every dirty trick in the playbook was used by the pro tax people—led by Joan Powell’s tax and spend activists, including a bogus letter found in the girl’s bathroom stating that a school shooting may occur on election day found mysteriously the day before.  I offered that the note was a plant from one of the union activists because after the election, everyone forgot about the threat and no police investigation advanced.

After that Doc Thompson broadcast followed by the levy defeat it was clear to me that Joan and her pro tax people had no interest in civil discourse or rational thinking—so I met their intimidation games with my own methods—which they didn’t like and things got ugly fast.  In many ways I was doing five years ago locally what Donald Trump is doing now nationally—and if I had to guess why Joan put her name on a Hillary Clinton campaign ad against Donald Trump—it is because of her memories of that time and how she lost control of the situation essentially because for the first time in her career as a school board member, she had resistance to her tax incursions that could give it to her worse than she could dish it—and for liberals—that is their worst nightmare.  So much of what liberals do is rooted in fear and when their opposition doesn’t fear them—they are lost as to what to do next.

In the video, Joan Powell called herself a lifelong Republican—but that simply isn’t true.  She might have called herself a Republican because in Butler County if you want to be in elected office, you need to be a Republican.  If Joan lived in Hamilton County, she would clearly be a Democrat.  Her tax and spend positions are synecious with Democrats—they use the guise of Republicans to pollinate themselves as Democrats.  For Joan, in her liberal circles, they have always been up to big government expansions under the guise of Republican politics using children as their personal shields hoping to shake off skepticism for their actions.  Joan of course resorted to that method in her Hillary ad—that group producing the video is a Clinton super PAC—she used her grandchildren as political weapons exploiting their innocent lives for her political ambitions.  Joan these days is quite lost in her quests for power.  She had attempted to lead the charge in making West Chester a city—for which she could serve as an administer of some kind.  Well, that’s not going to happen.  I am proud of the role I’ve played in stopping that action because West Chester is doing wonderfully these days without being a “city.”  Joan then lost her state central committee seat run to my friend Mark Haverkos.  So she’s on the out politically.  Politics have change around her and she has not met that challenge with change of her own—but instead has stuck to the same old playbooks that haven’t worked in over a decade—because people like me have changed the game over the years.  I along with many others planted the seed which has sprung up to be Donald Trump.

What Joan really fears is not what Donald Trump might say as president that might scare her grandchildren—or the children of her liberal friends—it’s that Trump represents the kind of change in government that will make nosy power climbers like Joan Powell irrelevant in future political endeavors.  If you listen to that WLW broadcast I gave many examples of a very broken public education system and its unconstitutional funding and Trump is offering the silver bullet to end them all—School Choice—which will bring competition to public education and drive costs down, not up.  The bottom line which I realized after that election of 2011 was that the only way to beat the tax incursions proposed by big government supporters like Joan Powell was not by just saying no at the ballot box, but by taking away the monopolies for which she had the ability to build a small empire of pro tax advocates who could readily attack anybody in the community who dared to stand in the way of their government money.  It’s not Trump that Joan fears, its change—change that must happen so to break that insane cycle Doc Thompson and I outlined on that rather important 700 WLW radio show a long time ago.  Trump is a solution to that diabolical public education funding issue that big government liberals like Joan Powell helped create, and she’s scared of it—for all the same reasons that Hillary Clinton is afraid to be on the debate stage with Donald Trump.  It’s not that he’s scary to her, or that he might use language insulting to her sensibilities—it’s that he might pin her down with the truth which is what all these liberals from Joan Powell, to Hillary Clinton fear so much.

I said it back then, and I say it even more today, sometimes when it comes to people like Joan Powell—and she’s certainly not alone—Hillary Clinton and her have a lot in common—you have to knock them on their ass to make your point.  I don’t mean that literally, but figuratively and the best way to do that is with the truth.  These progressive types steal our money through government power, then redistribute it to their voter base for the simple act of popularity.  They are like school girls who want to be the class president and most of what they do in life is to impress their little circle of friends down at the hair salon—so that people say hi to them and thank them for some act only government could give to those looking for an easy way into something—whether it’s the baby sitting service a government school provides parents, or welfare benefits to the lazy and destitute who typically are Hillary Clinton supporters.  When you call these people out on their activity they reach for the nearest child and hide their crimes behind the wonderful faces—and they call that “compassion.”  I call it a crook—and we should call them what they really are.  I’m proud of the role I have played in calling out Joan’s past actions of aggression.  The Lakota School Board turned out the better for it.  School Choice is the ultimate solution to that lingering school funding problem and I am proud to have been at the cutting edge of the discussion doing whatever I could to plant the seeds we are now seeing sprouting up everywhere and ruining the lives of people like Joan Powell’s quest for relevancy, and power at her hair salon.  It is appalling that people like her call themselves Republicans when they are actually tax and spend liberals, and that they expect to not be questioned on the matter because they hide their behavior behind children.  Hillary Clinton does it and so does Joan Powell—they are one and the same.  So it’s no wonder she did a commercial for Hillary Clinton.  Because Joan Powell, Hillary Clinton, and all those hair salon levy supporters are one and the same and the architects of the school funding problem.   Trump is the solution.   And those who put themselves between us and the solutions deserve at the very least to be called some strong names to let them know they are out of line.  Better yet, they should be removed from office and Joan Powell has been.  Thankfully voters rejected her in favor of Mark—and that is a sign that things are finally improving,

Rich Hoffman


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Who is the Alt-Right: Historical observation about behavioral Democratic insanity

Twenty five years ago while other people my age were just getting out of college and spending their nights in nightclubs looking to get drunk and have pleasurable entanglements with the opposite sex I was literally fighting city hall in Cincinnati learning the depth and nature of the type of corruption that presently keeps the vile Democrat Hillary Clinton not only out of jail, but as a front running candidate for president of the United States. My experience involved the Hamilton County commissioner Todd Portune—back when he was just a city councilman, Mayor Dwight Tillery, councilman Roxanne Qualls, Nick Vear and many of the most powerful developers in Cincinnati at that time.  I was literally at war with the most powerful people in the city from the organized crime elements to the people who thought they were the smartest people in the entire world and I only had a handful of friends to help me in that endeavor—and we learned firsthand how the world really worked.  Those who learn some of that truth are those whom Hillary Clinton recently called the “alt-right” which to her mind is a major fringe threat to normalcy.

But to my experience, that “normalcy” that she refers to is a corrupt position full of really bad people who deserve to not only be defeated, but punished until their very souls cry for mercy—because they are evil collectivists hell-bent on the destruction of the human race—and that is no exaggeration.  I’ve been there and witnessed it firsthand.   Looking back, I have a lot of pride in my experiences because first of all, most people never even dare to do some of the things I have done in their lifetimes—let alone, before they even turned twenty-five years old.  And if they do, they certainly don’t live long enough to become a middle-ager like I am now.  So I can speak from experience that what Hillary and her Democratic criminals truly are represent the embodiment of evil on earth and that they must make people believe that any investigation into their lives is a conspiracy theory because they must defer people away from the truth.

I was with a small group; really it was me and two friends when we gave a presentation about the Banks Project in Cincinnati long before what was most recently built.  One of those friends was a certified genius who had spoken to a special session of politicians, developers and wealthy donors at city hall in Cincinnati on ideas planting the seeds of what has now two decades later become a proper use of the riverfront properties.  Covington, Kentucky was developing their skyline and Cincinnati was falling behind and wanted to catch up.  My friend gave a presentation that was literally twenty years ahead of its time, and nobody back then wanted to hear it.  His presentation far outshined any other presentation that evening and all the news stations were there to record it.  When he was finished we expected that we had changed the world and everyone would beat a path to our door from then on.  But what we found is that at the conclusion of the event, not one reporter, not one politician—even though they all knew us—and not one developer—even though one of the most powerful in the city at the time was personal friends with us and his Penthouse playmate wife was a little addicted to me at that time—not a single person approached us for a handshake or a kind word.  To prove a point I purposely sat in the middle of the room as all the hobnobbing was going on afterwards and sat in a chair between Mayor Tillery and then councilwoman Roxanne Qualls.  They pretended like I wasn’t there the entire time.  Even when I spoke loudly to my other friends about how fat Roxanne Qualls ass was, nobody acknowledged me or any of us because as collectivists they found individual behavior reprehensible and against their foundation philosophies—and their only defense was to pretend that we didn’t exist because our presence threatened their reality.

We were all shocked a bit because in movies when people did heroic things like we had to even get to that meeting, there were celebrations and fanfare.  But that’s not what happened.  Actually that was the second time I had experienced that situation.  The other occurred a year earlier at my five-year Lakota school class reunion.  My wife and I both went to Lakota and had been married at that point for four years.  We were mature for our age and planned a family right out of high school while I pursued very ambitious entrepreneurial activities.  I was going to college, but it was dreadfully boring, and I hated it.  So at the same time, I was developing myself in ways that gave me a lot of life experience.  In my early years, during high school I pushed the limit on everything including life and death.  I was in trouble with the law a lot not because I was a bad kid, but because I wasn’t afraid of anything and when you are a teenager—especially a male, there are a lot of challenges that come your way to put you in a peaking order that society dictates.  Well, I rebelled against that with an insistence on my individual freedom, so I made a lot of enemies—let’s just say that.  I had spent a lot of time in court and had trouble with the law in every county in southern Ohio.  I had a special friend who was a judge in Sharonville who kept me out of jail because he understood that I was too smart to be a criminal and that my behavior wasn’t delinquent; it was resistant to the imposition that society sought to inflict, so he kept me out of legal trouble, even when things got bloody.  When my name was involved in the death of people, he took care to keep me out of the details, which looking back I appreciated.  I think I was living an authentic life that he wished late in life that he had—so there was a mutual admiration.  (I’ve told the story of meeting him while filming a Channel 19 commercial when I was only 16.)  So when I met my wife, I was ready to get married and focused on building a family because I had already done and seen anything and everything a young man needed to.  When I was 18 I felt like I was already 50 in life experience so there wasn’t any question and my wife and I started having kids.

At the reunion I was well-known.  Some people were a little scared of me because of my reputation, some were uneasy of me because all through my school years I was never associated with any social groups—which I deplored.  I wasn’t a jock, even though I was really good at sports—I wasn’t a “head” even though I had all the rebellious tendencies of the most delinquent teenager—I wasn’t a geek, even though I loved Star Wars, orchestra music and art, I wasn’t an honor’s student, even though most of my best friends had genius level IQs—and more than anything I had no insecurity about my lack of placement in that matrix.  I never remember worrying about “fitting in” with any of those groups and was always proud of my social and intellectual independence.  So I knew a lot of people, but I wasn’t particularly close to anybody—by design.  That made for an interesting class reunion.  Out of everyone I was the definitely the one who was married the longest, but I also had the most kids and they were running around the podium where the class president was giving out awards to people in interesting categories like that which is customary at those types of things.  I qualified for something like five awards out of the twenty given that day because I had been leading an unusual life.  But guess what?  I didn’t get a single award even though my kids were there for all to see running around playing while the class president was giving her little presentation.  Now I really didn’t care, but I did notice that everyone really wanted to pretend like I wasn’t there because I represented something they didn’t want to admit to themselves and their only defense was to pretend like I didn’t exist.

When the city of Cincinnati turned its back on our offering to turn the riverfront into what the Banks currently is—twenty years before they actually did it—I learned that a pattern was emerging which is exactly the same type of thing going on with Hillary Clinton in 2016.  The people she calls the “alt-right” which is a term I’ve never heard until this past week—are the type of people she and her fellow collectivists have been avoiding all their lives.  Their strategy is to pretend like people smarter than them—better than them—people who don’t need them for anything—don’t exist.   So long as they do that, they protect themselves from the realization that there are people outside their realm of control and that unstable realization is truly frightening to them.

I have been teaching people about these things for three decades now—and I have no inclination to stop.  Over the years, I have watched as more people joined me on the “alt-right” and now the numbers are nearly insurrection level and that is freighting to the Hillary Clinton types who hide their crimes behind collective uniformity and hope that nobody notices.  When somebody does they attempt to isolate those people with fringe labels, but if that fails to domesticate the fringe elements of our society because they don’t care about the opinions of the collectivists, then suddenly people like Hillary Clinton have a math problem.  If too many people fail to fall in line, the entire structure of their orthodox behavior begins to come undone—and that is what is happening to the Democrats just ahead of Labor Day.  The old tricks aren’t working—they do of course on the stupid—the mentally beaten—the compromised individuals who seek to hide their shame in the masses because they lack the courage to stand as an individual in the light of society.  But the tricks aren’t working on those in the “alt-right” movement—those conservatives who have not allowed themselves to be drug into RINO territory because society said that such things were “popular.”

A republic style of government such as what we have requires people to “think” not to bend their lives towards the whims of popular sentiment.  One should not be afraid to express themselves or propose a new idea because you never know if some new innovation of thinking might carry mankind to another step.  But before that can happen, you can’t worry about hurting the feelings of the establishment, or bending your ambitions to the weaknesses of the orthodox.  If acceptance into a “group” is your aim, you are thinking incorrectly.  The whole purpose of your life is to think as an individual.  You weren’t born as a “group.”  You don’t die as a “group.”  You experience the best and most horrifying things in life as an individual, and there is a reason for that.  It is to mold in your brain the proper wiring to expand mankind to an incremental destiny and that never is realized in group associated behavior.  The very notion of a raw “democracy” where the “majority” rule is a faulty concept destined to failure—and a right thinking person can spot such people a mile away—and can defeat them easily.

It gives me great pleasure to see that there are more “alt-right” people now than there were two decades ago when the members of that city hall meeting were trying to suppress a rebellion of young men trying to do big things in the face of normalcy.  Watching Hillary Clinton’s face in these public events she has been giving lately has been fun to watch, because her world is crumbling.  Are there enough “alt-right” people to change things yet—we’ll see?  I will continue to teach people who want to listen how to think in the correct way about things—but I can say this, there isn’t anything that Hillary or her despots could do to prevent me from doing and saying what I do at this point in my life.  What I’ve been through is more than any of these people have in the tank—so I don’t worry about them at all.  They are easy to beat—and the sooner others realize that—the better our society will be. But for now, desperation is beginning to set in and I am enjoying it.  There just aren’t enough suckers anymore willing to overlook the obvious in favor of an illusion—and the Democrats are in real trouble.  And they deserve to be.

Rich Hoffman


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The Hardest Working Presidential Candidate Ever: Trump unleashing the power of capitalism

While Obama and Hillary were off at separate events enjoying life as the world burns—much do to their own mismanagement—the contrast between them and Trump couldn’t be more obvious.  Even for me, a person who has been with Trump since the beginning, the contrast was quite dramatic. There are still 80 days until the election and it was clear who wanted the Oval Office more.  Hillary and Obama are part of an entitled class who thought that it was appropriate to take the weekend off.  In response to Trump’s visit to Louisiana Clinton declared that she made a few calls to the governor of that state out of concern—but the effort would have taken 10 to 15 minutes maximum and Obama stated that he’d clear his schedule for the following Tuesday to visit the flood zone—nearly a week after the tragedy occurred.  It’s not like Louisiana is on the other side of the world from Martha’s Vineyard.  It’s a short flight that could have been conducted in a morning.  Obama could have done like Trump, fly down, tour the zone, talk to the people and be back north before noon and still had the entire day to conduct whatever business needed to be carried out.  Yet all the established politicians got caught napping and Trump outworked everyone and didn’t even break a sweat.

I had a moment of clarity while at Top Golf in West Chester, Ohio which is a brilliant sporting complex that was a lot nicer than I thought it would be.  As I was there for lunch I was listening to Mark Belling cover for Rush Limbaugh.  Belling was a never Trumper during the primary campaign but he has since come around to appreciate Trump and it was interesting to hear him speak about his transition optimistically.   As I looked around the Top Golf facility with Mark’s words in my ears I had one of those flashes of American potential that was extremely refreshing.  It was a nice day.  From my vantage point capitalism was on full display.  NFL preseason games were on the television monitors everywhere, the place was packed and there was a lot of eating going on.  Across the Top Golf greens was the new Main Event complex where bowling, climbing and many other activities were now available next to my favorite regional book store, the Barnes and Nobel of West Chester.  Next to that was a Mitchells where I have been to many business lunches and dinners.  Soon right next to Top Golf will be a Bass Pro Shop.  The entire complex felt fresh and energetic like what you’d expect to experience at Disney World.  It was all top notch vacation destination type stuff and was the result of many great minds thinking creatively as individual contributions to expanding the market economy of West Chester.  And behind the scenes where government belongs, I knew a lot of what I was looking at was the result of two trustees, Mark Welch and George Lang who are pro capitalist entrepreneurs themselves who manage West Chester in much the way that Donald Trump is proposing to run America as a nation.   Once word got out around the United States that West Chester was a hands off—high per capita location, wonderful entertainment companies like Main Event and Top Golf made investments and the result is simply spectacular.

Like all productive people though, Top Golf was only part of my day—a small part at that.  Within an hour or so I was back to my obligations for the day working hard.  A few hours later I did meet my wife at Ikea which was just across the highway from Top Golf to look through some new bedroom options for our guest rooms.  We had dinner there and again I enjoyed the view of West Chester’s new bustling panorama.  Since it was Friday a lot of people were coming in from out of town just to visit Ikea which has become a destination shopping event for many.  New hotels had sprang up to accommodate the demand and it was just another example how capitalism improves the lives of people so dramatically.  Everything I could see was the result of “making money.”  Not redistributing the money that has been made like Clinton and Obama believe in their static hearts to be the root of all government activity—but the Trumpian capitalism of job creation and therefore wealth building.  When you lay the foundation for investment and creativity, good things happen and West Chester, Ohio is a prime example of it.  When Trump says he can bring back jobs and bring back optimism and energy to the country, this is the kind of thing he’s pitching.

Trump is not talking about being a typical president.  Like most successful people, he does many things in a day and lives every day to the fullest.  If he finds he needs to apply more effort, he does and he obtains the desired results through sheer tenacity.  Playing golf in Martha’s Vineyard is just one thing he might do in a day so that’s the reason it is so despicable that Obama wouldn’t take the time to fly to Louisiana to visit the flood victims.  As a president with a private airplane, such a journey is nothing—but it means so much to so many people.  And after nearly eight years in office, Obama still doesn’t get it—that’s because he has never been independently successful—he has only witnessed success as a second-hander.  Hillary is in a lot of ways even worse.  She benefits from knowing a lot of powerful people as the wife of a former president and she actually thinks she’s entitled to the presidency and could take the weekend off.

Trump is independently wealthy—has his own luxury airplane so flying all over the country is like sitting in his private office. It’s not hard—and that opportunity is something he built for himself through a lot of hard work. So when he needs it, Trump can apply his hard work to maximum benefit and be all over the country and still have dinner with his family on Sunday while running for presidential office.  And when he really needs to lock down an issue, he can have the kind of week that he just had, because as a private sector guy, he is familiar with hard work and he simply outworked the Hillary Clinton machine which is filled with second-handers and have no idea how to match the effort.  But what Trump is fighting for is not to be a dictator like Glenn Beck fears or any of the other pro Hillary supporters.  Trump is talking about a completely different kind of government—one where those who run it take a back seat to optimism and empower those best positioned to do the right things to unleash the power of capitalism—which is really what Hillary and Obama fear most.  Because once people get a taste of that—really for the first time in America—they’ll never go back to how things have been.  And that is something to really get excited about.

Rich Hoffman


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