Dueling Needs to Make a Comeback: The American tiger in a cage being poked by “social justice warriors”

Anyone can see what the root cause of the problem witnessed in the following Alex Jones video was.  In it there was a group of people that we might call, “social justice warriors” who have grown up in a society deliberately softened to allow for their rise by a political class hell-bent on staying in power—no matter what.  These kids, and the adults that they will grow into, have been empowered by essentially removing the ramifications of their lunacy—the consequences of their personal assault against individual liberty.  The blame clearly falls on our global education system and the forces which gathered to perpetuate their stated curriculum. It has made me realize that a practice long forgotten for its perceived barbarity needs to be dusted off and inserted back into our American culture—the gentlemanly practice of dueling.  As radical as that may sound, we must find some version of it to emerge in this modern century otherwise we won’t make it into more advanced stages. To see why, watch this video then all of the following for substantiation.

A version of dueling still existed in the Old West as towns erupted across the vast frontier of North America guided by flimsy laws enforced by even flimsier sheriffs.  I practice that type of dueling nearly every day with a group I’m involved in called the Cowboy Fast Draw Association.  A friend of mine made a comment that I was thinking of while shooting that day and it was, “if dueling made a comeback, people these days would be a whole lot less offended.”  That’s when I thought of those snot-nosed, liberalized socialist losers in that Alex Jones video.  What was missing from their lives was the respect that comes from asserting an insult at individual integrity.  What those kids have been taught in that video—and anywhere these days that “socialist justice warriors” gather under storm clouds of collective effort—is ramifications for their individual mistakes.

The duel as it was inherited from Europe was widely practiced within the United States for quite a number of years by our early presidents and was a declaration of individual honor.  In that society from which our Constitution was written, an individual’s honor was required to have a civil society.  If some rogue threatened that sanctity then ramifications just outside the grip of the law were required to keep the peace and maintain an orderly society.  We all know about the famous Alexander Hamilton duel with Aaron Burr—which I think about quite a lot.  I was born in the Ohio city directly named after Hamilton who lost his duel with Burr and died.  I also think of President Jackson a lot when I think about duels and the kind of attitude which formed the country of America.  Dueling and honor went hand-in-hand which provided a foundation for our laws.

When I was growing up the Department of Education had just been enacted, so they didn’t have time to drive this trend out of our culture.  Even one hundred years after the Wild West, dueling was still a common practice among kids in my school of Lakota in Liberty Township, Ohio which was essentially settled by war heroes of the Revolutionary War.  When something which insulted individual honor fell outside the established law of the school or the society outside which controlled it, boys would settle the issue with a fight after school—which I found myself in a lot.  Failure to show up to one of these fights would lead to extreme scorn and a loss of respect up the pecking order of male influence among both sexes.  If you were challenged to one of these fights, you didn’t fail to show up.  I always did, and most of the time, just as it was when the dueling action was pistols—handshakes and respect were given out and sometimes friendships were forged.  People respect courage and when two people faced down each other over a dispute that couldn’t be legally worked out by putting a hand on the Bible and letting God sort through the details—individualized respect was the only real option which bound our society together.

Think about it, when you are in the grocery check-out, what keeps you from belting the person in front of you in the head and taking their place in line—is it fear of the law—of being arrested for assault?  Perhaps for most, that is their first reaction—but these days people have a lot less respect for the law as police officers and their methods of control have come into question.  So what is the next layer of defense which prevents you from acting—you look the person over and decide that you could physically overpower them and take their place in line.  What keeps you from doing it?  Essentially, fear…………….fear of what that person might do if you challenged them in some way.  If you push them they might turn around and clobber you, or they might have a gun and shoot you.  That threat forces you to respect their individual boundaries at a primal level which then paves the way for respect at the legal level.  Without a foundation of respect for individual integrity, no laws in any land can have real influence.

And that is the primary issue, public schools are in the business now of teaching collective rights, not individual ones.  As seen in that video, the Donald Trump supporters represented individual values whereas the social justice warriors represented collective values—and our society has put its priorities on the collective effort over the individual ones and that’s how we find ourselves in this current mess.  Those social justice warriors have no fear of individual retribution so they are free to attack anything, anywhere over anything.  They have grown up lacking respect for individual property or sanctity and are acting on behalf of collective efforts for achievements which extend beyond their personal gains.  The way to fix that whole problem is by empowering the individuals to defend their positions with actual respect–and unfortunately that means with all human beings—an imminent fear of being removed from the face of the earth so that a proper dialogue between two parties can emerge.

Years ago I was with a group that was buying a mechanical bull for a nightclub I was involved with and we were at one of those honkytonks to see it in action.  I had on my customary cowboy hat as I have since I was a little kid and I was standing in front of a couple of guys at the bar who were obviously drunk and looking for a quick ego boost to their reputations.  As I watched people ride the bull in question I felt something rub against the brim of my hat from behind, so I turned quickly and saw the hand of some sappy looking bastard removing his hand quickly hoping that he wouldn’t be caught.  Of course I confronted him angrily and I told him that if he did it again I’d beat the rat piss out of him.  He and his friend were two tobacco chewing rednecks who thought they were more authentic than me, and they didn’t need to wear hats to country bars—which essentially was what they told me.  My response was to take them outside and show them that they weren’t “shit,” both of them.  Of course they headed for the door to protect their honor as they were with women who were both at the bar urging them not to fight.  When we got outside they saw the anger on my face and realized that the fight was not going to go well for either of them.  A bouncer stood on the porch and watched, letting things play out respectfully.  Suddenly the two guys apologized for touching my hat and they were quick to want to make friends.  I accepted and we returned inside where they bought me a beer and were nice to me for the rest of the evening.  Their dates were grateful and everyone had a pretty good time the rest of the night.  When I left they even went out of their way to say goodbye and shake my hand.

Protests are getting out of control in our country as socialists, communists, and various anarchists raised in our public education system to not respect private property, personal integrity, or any level of valor have no fear of the law or the individual integrity for which laws were written to protect—and honestly, they need their asses kicked.  They are the result of what happens when you don’t retaliate for someone touching your hat, or insulting your personal name in a newspaper.  Without that basic respect for other human beings, there is no society to build from and everything plunges into chaos, which is exactly the goal of liberalized social justice warriors.  They aren’t warriors at all, only instigators who don’t expect to be punched back in the mouth once they’ve leveled their insults.  We live in a society now where they can touch my hat yet don’t expect to be punched in the mouth for it.  Once you do, they want to retreat to the law to settle their honor—which is essentially what has been happening at Trump rallies.  The society which created these losers doesn’t want to acknowledge that individual liberty is the key to holding all of society together.  They want to believe that it is the acceptance that the tapestry of a global society brings that will garner respect for each other—and they are miserably failing in their psychological assessment.  Just because they have de-clawed a tiger and removed its teeth, and even castrated it of its aggression, a tiger is still a tiger.  You can’t put a bunch of snot-nosed communists into a cage with it and let them poke it with a stick and not expect the tiger to attack those idiots.  At some point the individual temper of the tiger will break through the social constraints placed upon it.  And in many ways, there are a lot of people in this country who have been treated as such, castrated intellectually, and tied up individually to make the collective masses feel equal.  This has given rise to a period in our history where just about everyone is offended at something that somebody else says and that is leading us to a disaster—legally.  But, if the practice of dueling were to make an official comeback, and even become legalized again as it once was—then people these days would be a whole lot less offended, so easily.  And then, we might just find a way to work together toward achievements that require teamwork. First however, a respect for other individuals must be established, and that only occurs when acknowledgement of those other people is based on a foundation of integrity.  That is what the old duels established and that necessity is every bit as strong today as it was 300 years ago.  Only now we see what happens when we outlaw the mechanisms for achieving that respect—we have a mad, runaway society full of losers, imbeciles, and malcontents.

Rich Hoffman


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Thank You Merle Haggard: Saving lives with the wisdom of lyrics learned from hard living

I have a lot to thank Merle Haggard for and I’ve been thinking about them all since his death on April 6th 2016.  He had a lot of great songs, but for me the most important and my personal favorite was ‘Misery and Gin.’  I was 12 years old when I saw the movie Bronco Billy by Clint Eastwood for the first time.  It was and still is one of my favorite movies.  It hit me at just the right time in my life.  Like the Clint Eastwood character in that movie, I was socially awkward up to that point, so I could easily relate to his quirkiness.  But the tenacity for which the Bronco Billy’s character stuck to his beliefs even in spite of a changing world held a lot of appeal to me—so I watched it often.  One particular time was as a late teenager, I had just been in a serious car accident running around with friends.  The driver crashed in a manner that should have killed everyone.  I had blood running down every part of my body, and every bone hurt.  It was probably the most fun I had ever had watching a movie was that particular time.  I had taped Bronco Billy on a new VHS tape off television and enjoyed watching it when I needed a lift—and as I  breathed a sigh of relief at still being alive, the Bronco Billy message resonated intensely with me at that particular time.  And of all the good songs in that movie it was ‘Misery and Gin’ which had taught me the most about life.  Clint Eastwood wisely allowed Merle Haggard to have an extended section of the movie to sing his new song and rolled it nicely into the events of the movie—and I never forgot it.


‘Misery and Gin’ was everything that I didn’t want to be in life. It was a parody of itself, a country song that espoused all the misery that drinking, picking up loose women, and bars filled with cigarette smoke entailed.   It was an extremely honest song and was one that I decided very early on that I wanted nothing to do with relating to lifestyle choices.  It reminded me of several uncles I had who lived that life, and I thought they were losers.  It gave me more conviction to turn away from that kind of life well before I was deep into puberty—and I am thankful for it.  Regarding the night of the car accident, I was with a friend in a hot rod car after a Christmas party for the place we worked.  That friend and I had a rival relationship; we would continually outdo each other on daring deeds.  We took outlandish risks to satisfy the inner daredevil in us—such as playing high-speed chicken with cop cars, fighting the biggest bullies in whatever number they presented themselves and performing any risk of physical manner that opportunity allowed like jumping across high-rise roof tops.  We did some really crazy things that should have killed us several hundred times over—and neither of us ever backed down from anything.  But you can only push things so far.  We both had a knack for coming out on top no matter how deep in trouble we got ourselves.  I think I was around 17 at the time.

One thing I had on this friend is that he had difficulty with talking to girls and women.  I was never afraid to talk to any girl anywhere about anything.  It was very easy for me, but for him it was extremely difficult.  He could never find the right words for the right girl.  So I’d hang that over his head whenever I could.  He’d respond by showing off more to compensate for his inequity.  I had arranged for three very attractive girls to race us back to his house after this Christmas party so he was showing off in his hot rod car to do his part in impressing them.  He let them get on the highway in front of us by nearly a mile and his plan was to blow by them at over 150 MPH—to show them how fearless and how powerful his car was—because we all know that girls like that kind of thing—the naughty side of them anyway.  That’s when his angle was wrong and there was too much traffic on the road and his Chevy, Nova had too short of a wheel base to maneuver quickly in any kind of evasive action so he fishtailed wildly into a retaining wall after blowing by the girls and the car spun endlessly through the heavy traffic before going airborne then flipping end over end down the highway.  Of course we didn’t wear seat belts in those days.

Miraculously we landed with the car pinned up against a retaining wall, nose down and pieces of the car strewn all over the highway.  We were both alive and hadn’t hit any other cars somehow.  But we were all sliced up from broken glass and the violence of the impacts.  The police came and arrested my friend for reckless operation, endangerment and a whole host of other violations.  I was free to go to the hospital.  Instead, the three girls took me home and helped me get all patched up.  I put duck tape on the deep cuts to hold the skin together and applied maple syrup to clot up the blood that was still dripping everywhere.  After all that was over, I watched Bronco Billy after popping some popcorn and having a nice cold Coke.  That is when I realized that life didn’t get any better than that.  A good movie, a nice drink, and the thrill of being alive—all I needed was a nice woman to share that kind of thing with. I met my wife about 9 months later—and obviously now I live a lot like Bronco Billy did in that movie—by choice largely because I decided to after that night.  It was a little more complicated than that, but looking back, it’s pretty easy to see.

Of that movie it was actually Merle Haggard’s song ‘Misery and Gin’ which communicated strongest to me.  I decided I wanted no part of living anything like that life.  While most everyone I have known before and since find appeal to that lifestyle—it doesn’t have to be a country honky-tonk, it could be a BW3s or a nightclub—drinking and hanging out with women who have made bad decisions in their lives and living a life of perpetual misery just wasn’t something I was going to do—and I never have.  Even that night in the car, it was my love of life which was the secret ingredient that the girls liked so much and why it was so easy to get them to come along and do whatever I wanted—including patching me up.  Of course nobody understood that—but I knew it was the promise of getting away from the misery and gin lifestyle that the girls had been trained which was their ultimate fate by a society stuck to that fate by their own bad decisions.  I offered a release from that, something of a lottery ticket.  It was very appealing to both the opposite sex, and the guy friends I had who clearly wanted to be a part of it whenever possible.

I used Bronco Billy to bond with my wife.  We watched it several times a month during our early marriage and she came to understand the words of Merle Haggard very well.  Without Bronco Billy, it might have been too difficult to convey to her what kind of life I intended to live.  She wouldn’t have understood.   But the mood of the entire movie was captured so nicely in that old Merle Haggard song and I have to thank him for it.  It put my life in a positive direction very early.  Without it, I probably would have still found a way, but it might have taken me a decade or two more to figure it all out.  Because of his song, I was able to accelerate the process and apply it much more quickly than if it hadn’t of ever been made.  So I’ll miss Merle Haggard. He made my life better in a lot of ways. He was certainly one of the greats and I’ll always be thankful.  Listen to the words and maybe it will help you too.

Rich Hoffman


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Matt Clark and Rich Hoffman on WAAM Radio: Trump will be better than Ronald Reagan or Teddy Roosevelt

You might have heard the show live, but if you didn’t, you can catch it again by clicking the video below–Matt Clark had me on his WAAM radio show in Ann Arbor, Michigan essentially to defend Donald Trump’s statements about the three functions of government.  As far as I’m concerned, Milton Friedman was the advocate who last did the best work of clarifying such things for our Constitutional Republic and he defined it like this; “Government has three primary functions. It should provide for military defense of the nation. It should enforce contracts between individuals. And it should protect citizens from crimes against themselves or their property. When government– in pursuit of good intentions tries to rearrange the economy, legislate morality, or help special interests, the cost come in inefficiency, lack of motivation, and loss of freedom. Government should be a referee, not an active player.” I explained to Matt that I thought Donald Trump was trying to get to this definition under pressure, but could only manage to say “security, security, security.”  He went on to say that health care and housing were functions of government which of course erupted a controversy from the #NEVERTRUMP people.  Of course those #NEVERTRUMPs think they are the gatekeepers of conservatism, so they lashed out against Trump.  After the radio show a listener sent Matt and I a tweet reminding us that the three responsibilities of government are the duty of the Fed Gov and its officers to “preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the USA.”  So obviously there was no answer Trump could have uttered which would have pleased everyone.  Listen to that broadcast here:


I personally don’t care if Trump understands Milton Friedman’s philosophy on the role of government.  As I have said previously, I don’t look for a leader in a president.  I don’t need anybody to lead me around; I just need someone to manage things in the government.  Trump I know will hire someone like Friedman to guide him once he’s in office—that’s how Trump is able to do all the things he does.  He doesn’t sit around studying constitutional law and all the details of number crunching—he hires that stuff out in his companies.  Trump relies on gut instinct after others present him with information to navigate through tribulations and his potential presidency will be unlike any other in American history—and I’m fine with that.  I see Trump as the anti-Teddy Roosevelt—as a means to undo all the trouble that the original “Rough Rider” unleashed so many years ago from the White House.

Roosevelt and his descendent Franklin brought the emerging stages of communism to America through progressivism, a movement that ironically started in Wisconsin through the labor unions.  Roosevelt didn’t understand how money was made as he was born into a wealthy family and was a second-hander who was a sickly kid.  He fought through his limits and empowered himself to be a larger than life personality who ended up on Mt. Rushmore.  His achievements were unparalleled and he turned out to be one of the great presidents.  His contributions didn’t fall neatly into conservative and liberal, but he managed to get a lot done that was both good and bad for our nation.  Teddy really started the whole trampling all over the Constitution thing showing all future presidents how to by-pass congress and do whatever they wanted without the natural checks and balances that are present for a reason.  Of course Barack Obama is the latest rendition of that original corruption over 100 years later—it’s the kind of stuff that has made the Netflix show House of Cards so compelling—because it provides insight into the kind of thinking our modern presidents utilize when dealing with Capitol Hill.  Frank Underwood is a combination of Bill Clinton, Barack Obama and even George W. Bush—but all this precedent was essentially started by Teddy Roosevelt—the path to hell is always paved with good intentions—from the point of view of whoever is doing the paving.

Watching Trump over the years he has been very successful at taking failed government projects and returning them to private sector influence—cutting costs, and shortening delivery times in the process.  He has done this kind of thing many times actually, and it is obvious to me when hearing him speak, such as the night of the CNN Town Hall talked about in the WAAM discussion, that Trump intends to return many of the tasks of government currently to the private sector.  When talking about health care—which is out of control—our national debt, our jobs, our infrastructure—just about everything really, it started with Teddy Roosevelt and his war against monopolies.  Government has stuck its nose into virtually everything since dramatically paralyzing our economic growth and overall national effectiveness.  For instance, I have said many times that the executive order that Kennedy signed making public sector jobs able to unionize is one of the largest drivers of cost that is out there consuming our national resources.  A simple recantation of that one executive order would save billions of dollars in potential financial loses and performance effectiveness.  Of course Trump can’t talk about anything like that on the campaign trail and when people try to extract specifics out of him, he certainly can’t say things like “I’d like to rescind Executive Order 11491.”  Right now, some labor unions are actually backing Trump, and they really need to—for their own good.  But when it comes time to make the hard cuts and do the job the correct way—undoing over a century of mistakes effectively by the executive branch and the congress which has eaten out of its hand like royalty, there will be a lot of angry people.


Whoever the president is in 2016 will have to make major cuts to the way business is done in Washington while hoping that a crack team of Carl Icahn types can renegotiate trade deals around the world to keep programs like Social Security floating into a new America growth period—where the United States has GDP growth between 7% to 15%.  That is what Trump has in mind, but he certainly can’t say it to anybody—because somebody in the world will be severely pissed off at him.  There is no way to make everyone happy.  So it’s best to be obscure and to let the chips fall where they fall.  Whoever is president will face criticism that is unparalleled and I’ve only ever seen a personality like Donald Trump who could endure the pain of it.  That’s why I think only he can do the job.

The White House is a step down for Trump.  It will be hard for him to live in a box and to be under the constant scrutiny that being president will entail, and he knows that.  The guy is a deal addict, and it just so happens that the best job in the world for someone like him is POTUS.  At his age after doing everything that he’s done around the world and all the success he’s managed to acquire; only a job like POTUS poses a challenge to him.  I don’t think he wants to be a king, and I am confident that his egomaniac persona is an invention of his to provide insulation to a soft center that he lets few people see.  He promises to essentially undo what Teddy Roosevelt started using the same methods only going in the opposite direction.  I would hope that by the end of the Trump years that America would have the same opportunism that it did as a capitalist society in 1880.  1980 for my money wasn’t that great.  Reagan did dust off the hat of capitalism, but he was hardly a bastion of conservatism.  He contemplated communism for a time and most of his social positions were an act.  I would not point to Ronald Reagan with the reverence of the second coming.  He did a good job, but for me—not good enough.  Trump could do better. 

But it will take a leap of faith from the American electorate to get there.  Trump is a unique opportunity that we should not pass up.  He requires us to think differently about what the POTUS means to us.  Trump I don’t think cares one bit about the pomp and circumstance of White House life.  He’s been there and done it.  I really don’t think he’ll waste time entertaining European and Canadian socialists posing for pictures to maintain an executive branch image.  Trump has all that now, he doesn’t need the White House to give it to him—and that makes me trust him even more.  I think a Trump White House will be the hardest working in history.  Everyone can say what they want about Trump’s conservatism, but prior to Wisconsin, being down ten points to Ted Cruz, Trump did seven rallies over three days there trying to win.  The guy works his ass off, and I’m certain that he will put in 12 to 15 hour days in the Oval Office seven days a week.  I really don’t think we’ve ever seen anybody like Trump even trying to get into the White House.  He will work hard and he’ll hire the best people that’s out there to fill the details of what he needs.  So as I said on Matt’s show, I don’t care if Trump knew by definition the three functions of government.  He was close enough—it’s all about security of individuals and their property—from either foreign or domestic enemies.  He passes my test—everything else is a formality.  I’m ready for a Trump White House because I don’t think we can afford anything less.  The next POTUS has to have the courage and personality to undo all these progressive mistakes and it has to happen now.  We are beyond second chances.  Really, it’s already too late.  Trump is the only hope we have.  Argue with me now—that’s fine.  But I really don’t want everyone to tell me twenty years from now that they should have listened to me.  Because by then it will be too late—and I will have been right—of course.  Listen now, save your nation, tell me later that I was right—cry at your country’s funeral.  Watch the videos above for full context.

Rich Hoffman


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The Good Women That Support Donald Trump: Who said that Ted Cruz didn’t have “game?”

These are my kind of girls.  Who said Donald Trump didn’t do well with women?  Ted Cruz does well with women, but not in the right way—sounds like he has serious problems—which Diamond and Silk do a wonderful service to break down for their viewers. 

What was that Glenn Beck said about Ted Cruz—he’d drop him in a minute if any of these sex stories was true—but that he didn’t believe Ted had any “game” with women?  Hmmmmm, sounds like Ted has more game than he let on.  What are you gonna’ do now Beck?

Rich Hoffman


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Transsexual Wal-Mart Cashier at Bridgewater Falls: The audacity of progressive activists attacking family integrity

I’m not a big fan because often degenerates, welfare recipients, and the type of people who are most at home on the Jerry Springer Show populate the premises—but Wal-Mart in Fairfield, Ohio off Princeton Rd by Bridgewater Falls is finding itself the victim of progressive attack.  In spite of my feelings about the place and the people it attracts, I think what Wal-Mart does is wonderful as a retail outlet.  There are many more good things than bad; I’m just not a fan of the place because of the people who are often there.  Take them all away, and I enjoy going there.  Put me at Wal-Mart on a crowded Saturday to pick up mulch, and I’m not a happy person.  But my wife is, she has shopped there for the entire time it has been in that location and it helped raise our family with food options that made it much easier for her to be a stay-at-home mom.  One thing about my wife, she is intensely loyal, so she loves that particular Wal-Mart because it has been good for helping her raise her family with low-cost options over the many years.  She likes the people who work there and finds their company refreshing—mostly because many of them are older people—whom she typically gets along well with.  Since she is a housewife, she is able to go to Wal-Mart during the day when most people are working—and typically has a good experience.

But on March 29th, 2016 the foundations of her reality were shaken to her very core.  She had been there to spend quite a lot of money, she bought most of our food for the week, some other items and had picked up a $300 pair of glasses from the optometrist.  It was a hefty bill to pay and she was enjoying spending the money at a store she believed in—to her Wal-Mart represents raw American value—red, white, and blue patriotism—getting the most products for the lowest cost—lack of unionized labor and goods and services all under one roof.  You can get your eyes checked, a pharmaceutical order fulfilled and have your tires changed all while you shop for groceries, lawn supplies, and pick-up wonderful toys for the grandchildren.  But to her shock for the first time in nearly 15 years, she stepped up to the check-out and only one lane was open—because it was the middle of a weekday and there wasn’t a need for multiple lanes to be open—and what she found was a transsexual kid dressed in blue lipstick, short black hair, a push-up bra, and a black skirt working the cash register.  She had no choice but to go through his lane and she was very pissed off about it.

For context, we choose to live in an area of the country where we don’t have to deal with derelicts like this.   As a couple, we don’t go to areas of the city where gay bars are prominent; we don’t hang out on college campuses, and we don’t go to music concerts where these kinds of people are increasingly commonplace.  Even though I like Key West, we don’t hang out on Duval Street late at night where transsexuals, homosexuals, and transvestites are populating every street corner on the south end.  We don’t go to Fantasy Fest there—where middle-aged repressed sociopaths with above average incomes can frolic in the decadence of a Romanian orgy.  We don’t watch television shows that embrace those types of progressive attributes outside of male and female monogamous relationships.  We don’t want that kind of crap in our life, and we make choices to avoid it.  So it was quite a shock to my wife to have to deal one on one with such a progressive disaster—a full-fledged transsexual that was so flamboyant about his imposition in our community, that he was audaciously challenging anybody to “judge” him incorrectly—because he was protected by law to be an imbecile.  It wasn’t alright with her.

She endured the experience while transacting with the boy but shortly before leaving she just felt disgusted.  So she proceeded to the customer service area to take back all her items and get her money back because she didn’t want to give money to a company that supported such behavior.  She was appalled utterly.  Of course the manager spoke to her and he basically stated that legally they were paralyzed from discriminating against the kid and that if they did, they feared a lawsuit—which I understand is exactly the case.  The law handed down by Supreme courts both state and federal have given us these impositions and my wife was furious about it because now it was in her own back yard.  The kid knew he was protected by law to harass the sensibilities of normal, average, good-hearted American morality, and she was fuming with anger over it.  She gathered up the contact information to speak to corporate headquarters to complain then she headed to the optometrist to take back her very nice new glasses.

Luckily, the lady working the counter was a levelheaded older person who calmed her down.  I won’t go  into the details of what the lady told my wife—because I don’t want to get her into legal trouble—but the short story is this—the other employees working that day agreed with my wife—only they weren’t allowed to say anything about the kid.  They were forced to put up with the little scum bag.  By law, they have had their First Amendment rights taken away from them—the transsexual was allowed to harass everyone else, but nobody was allowed to harass him—by law.  And Wal-Mart’s hands were tied behind their back while progressive attacks of middle-America punched them square in the face.

In the future, my wife simply won’t buy anything if she has to deal with people like that kid.  He shouldn’t be anywhere that customers have to interact with him.  This whole episode reminded me of a trip my family took to the Mellow Mushroom in West Chester.  I like the pizza there, but often find the environment too progressive for my tastes.  Now since Pies and Pints has opened at Liberty Center we choose to go there for fresh pizza instead of the Mellow Mushroom just because that Liberty Center environment is much more conservative.  To be honest, when I am spending $70 to $100 dollars on food I expect an attractive waitress—and by attractive, I’d like her to be a young college girl with good hygiene, speaks in complete sentences, isn’t covered in tattoos and body piercings and is well within the appropriate weight for her height.  If I end up with a guy, he needs to look well-groomed, have short hair without dandruff, and speak respectively.  Usually it’s not a problem, and it’s certainly not sexual—it’s just that beat up old wrecks are not pleasant to be around.  Younger people are like new cars off the assembly line, and when you are going out to eat, you want to see new cars, not vehicles ready for the junk yard.  If we wanted to see that, we’d just stay home.   Chili’s is particularly good about having a nice mix of such people—their recruiting is obviously successful.  They can’t discriminate, but they manage to create a competitive environment to weed out the undesirables. But at the Mellow Mushroom of course they get progressive kids applying because the environment attracts those types of people—and that is the biggest turn-off for me.  On one occasion, we had an openly gay waiter and he drove me nuts.  He was so flamboyant that I almost left—he was really pushing the whole gay thing commenting on my daughter’s clothing along with sucking up to my wife.  Of course, by reading this, you can get a sense of her state of mind.  She hasn’t wanted to go back there since.  I have under professional circumstances, but she hasn’t.  We tend to vote with our feet, so these progressive trends have an impact on a company’s bottom-line.  I considered the $150 dollars we spent there that day to be completely wasted money.  We would have had much more fun popping in a frozen pizza into the oven at home—because at least then we wouldn’t have some gay guy hitting on us and doing who-knows-what to our food between the kitchen and our table.

That is precisely why progressive activists have pushed to have protected legislation allowing kids like that Wal-Mart transsexual to come into our neighborhoods and assault our sensibilities, but they expect not to receive any fire back in return.  They—being the progressive activists deliberately dressing up in blue lipstick and a skirt with a push-up bra to work as cashier at Wal-Mart—intend harm to the lifestyle my wife and I have chosen for ourselves.  They will of course say that we are being “judgmental” and are advocating “hate speech” because the law has empowered them with such beliefs.  What the legal system and the politics that has shaped it neglect is that being “judgmental” is one of the greatest attributes of living as a human being.  Progressive activists and the legal system are demanding that we stop thinking and just accept these incursions against tradition, and in my family, that is not acceptable.  Not at all.  If scum bags like this transsexual kid want to flaunt themselves in front of our faces, there will be consequences.  They don’t have a right to impose themselves on our sensibilities.  If they want to do what they do, they have a right—but through competition, we must have options to avoid them.  I suggested to my wife that she not shop at Wal-Mart, that she stay in places where the prices are higher and along with them, the expectations of the clientele.  But honestly, the Kroger Marketplace in Liberty Township has more than its share of these degenerates shopping there—the situation is endemic to the progressive incursion cast upon us by a political class that wishes to destroy the American family.  She loves that particular Wal-Mart, so she wasn’t open to that idea.  In the future if she doesn’t have options to avoid people like that transsexual employee, she just won’t shop that day.  And that’s the way it’s going to be.  When we go out to dinner, we don’t want a bunch of silly boys prancing around like girls expecting a 17% tip with their hands all over our food—and we don’t want to exchange money with people who look like their hands are disgusting—because if they dress that way—god only knows where their hands have been.  We don’t claim to be modern or hip, we don’t like these changes to the family structure of American society and short of invoking an Amish privilege toward tradition—we certainly won’t be endorsing such lifestyles under any circumstances—especially, with our hard-won money.  It is a shame that companies like Wal-Mart are so terrified of the legal implications of such justified discrimination based on sound judgment.  Because if there were any justice in this world—those types of things wouldn’t happen in our town.  I can see them happening in places writhe with filth, like Las Vegas, Key West, and the various swingers clubs around the world—but not in a family rich environment like Butler County.  The legislators who allowed such things to happen should be ashamed of themselves for not having more courage to stand against progressive activists.  Because that leaves the dirty work to people like me—which is not what we hired you politicians to do in the first place—cave to the worst among us, so that the good would have to just endure the folly.


Rich Hoffman


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The Socialists of California: Porter Standsberry was correct–and the west coast is the first to fall

During the last Republican convention it was a big deal that the debt clock hit $16 trillion dollars.  At the time it seemed like an insurmountable number to overcome.  Yet in four years since, and a Republican controlled house and senate, nothing has been done to even slow it down.  Now as we approach the 2016 Republican convention, the number is $19 trillion and looks to jump to 20 to 21 trillion within a very short time—it is quickly escalating out of control and is my number one concern.  You might remember the article I wrote five years ago about Porter Standsberry.  CLICK HERE TO REVIEW.  Well, it’s all happening now.  Corporations are moving overseas to avoid the high corporate taxes, socialists are running for president, and capitalism is about to be sentenced guilty by the looter Washington class of public officials and know-nothing politicians.  All these things have been quite deliberate—the communists and socialists have infected our political system and made decisions that are directly designed to topple our capitalists system of government with debt and excessive expectations while on the other end they have destroyed the means of production.

This has never been more evident than in the city of Detroit—utterly destroyed by socialism.  Chicago is not far behind and is currently propped up exclusively by debt incurrence.  Chicago doesn’t have the wealth building ability to pay their debts at the rate that they are acquiring them.  But they are small potatoes compared to California—which was once one of the great economies of the world.  Now it’s quickly on its way to becoming an empty husk of what it once was and now they have delivered to themselves one of the final nails into their coffin—they approved an increase in the minimum wage with a plan to get to $15 dollars per hour within a few years.  Without question, based on the strength of the Bernie Sanders campaign in the West, the entire coastline has been destroyed by progressive politics greatly crippling the American economy.  Now with the minimum wage hike they have fully committed to socialism which of course will deplete their once great state of its wealth quickly.

As I’ve said before, I have worked in fast food for a number of years as a second job.  I understand the nature of it—and how hard it can be—and at no time did I ever consider that those positions should be paid any kind of “living wage.”  Nobody should seek to make a long career out of a fast food job.  They are entry-level jobs that should encourage people to improve their skills and value to the capitalist marketplace.  For instance—when I worked in fast food, while other people goofed off on their breaks, I read books so that I could become smarter for better things to come.  I worked many odd jobs for essentially the first 15 years of my adult life—up until about 35 years of age.  Some of those odd jobs were at fast food places—like Wendy’s, McDonald’s, Frisch’s and so on.  During that entire period I never wasted one single break on needless exercises.   I was always reading books and trying to improve myself—and there isn’t one person from my past who could step forward and say otherwise.  I learned a lot of things in these jobs which obviously helped me later on in life.  No, I didn’t get paid much, but the wealth I took away from those jobs was invaluable.  But always there was a hunger to do better for my family which pushed me to continuously improve.

Without that motivation to step away from fast food, a lot of talent in America is sure to be wasted.  Getting paid so much money for the entry-level workforce weakens all the market mechanisms which make capitalism so successful, which of course is the point of progressives who have been advocating the $15 dollar an hour minimum wage.  Of course if the minimum wage is set at $15 then all the jobs upstream from fast food will have to increase which is how the socialists have always planned to attack the American economy—by striking at the profit of corporations for the good of the “people” as if they had equal ownership of the means of labor.

The unintended consequence is that companies like McDonald’s will either downsize and further automate their operations lessening their reliance on labor, or they will relocate to some other area of the country that does not have such hefty financial burdens toward their profit margins.  Every video game player should understand this concept.  Without some measure of profit—whether its points gained, or trophies won in competition with others—there is little incentive to play a game or open a business—if there is no profit.  Human beings are driven by profit.  As an example—I am a big fan of the Assassin’s Creed video games.  There are lots of ways to “profit” in those games—as you succeed you get to open up new areas to explore, you get achievement trophies to share online with the friends in your network, and of course you earn upgrades to your playable character.  Every Silicone Valley geek understands how this works—yet they have a hard time applying these lessons to real life—such as in politics.  The same young people who will play an online game for 24 straight hours trying to grind it out to earn bonuses—will stand on a street corner protesting McDonald’s for a minimum wage hike without understanding that they are weakening the game of life for which we all live by.  In their minds the two worlds are separated by fantasy and reality—but in the human mind—they are one in the same.

No video gamer wants their achievements and hard work penalized so some newbie can just come into a game like Assassin’s Creed and instantly be as good as everyone else.  They are expected to work hard to earn the right and respect of everyone else.  Well, the same holds true in a capitalist society.  No top executive wants to see some snot nosed kid step directly into a corner glass office in a high-rise firm who hasn’t fought and earned the right to be there.  And no straight out of college kid should earn $6 figure salaries unless they’ve done the work to be the top of their field of endeavor.  By giving fast food workers an instantly high minimum wage—they are penalizing all those in life who play the game of capitalism hard and create all the jobs for which socialists are so eager to give away for free.

The net result will be fewer jobs in California, higher prices because of the lack of competition, and a general gradual lessening of their global economic prowess. The benefits that so many Californians take for granted today, such as having a McDonald’s down the road for a quick coffee and a breakfast will evaporate the higher that the minimum wage increases rise.  McDonald’s will automate and implement those new devices into their stores to protect their margins—which is the lifeblood of their company—it’s not to serve society—it’s to make money—to earn points in the capitalist system.   Then what California will end up doing along with socialist Seattle is force McDonald’s to reduce their staffing levels all across the country minimizing job opportunities—not increasing them.  For the guy like me who just wanted to earn a little extra money and experience—those jobs may not be available if McDonald’s has to drop their minimum staffing levels from 6 or 7 employees to 3 or 4 to maintain their current margins.  Once they develop a formula in California for dealing with the increased costs—they’ll implement that strategy to every store they have around the world.

So it is very sad to see that California took the plunge further into socialism.  But I did tell everyone a long time ago that all this was coming—and we know what it looks like—and what impact it has—yet they did it anyway. It further prevents our national GDP from ever having a chance to overtake our massive debt with increased productivity.  It certainly puts us all further in the hole—which was always the strategy.  How does that make you feel America?  It should make you VERY angry.

Rich Hoffman


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America Needs to Abandon the United Nations: Donald Trump’s AIPAC speech and a short history freedom’s experiment

It was the type of speech that made you want to stand up and cheer within your own home, and I did.  It was just my wife and I but it felt so good for somebody in politics to finally say it.  Donald Trump while speaking at the AIPAC Policy Conference in Washington DC on March 21st 2016 trashed the United Nations especially in reference to enforcing safety for the nation of Israel.  I have been saying for years that the United States should withdraw support of the United Nations because of the lack of personal sovereignty that it intends to apply toward our own history—and given the amount of financial resources that America provides just to keep that token government operating with any kind of authority—it is clear that the UN has not appreciated it, and it has instead embolden them to believe that they are equal to the United States in global respect.

Most of the countries within the United Nations are functioning from a position of socialist or communist economic systems and thus bring very little to the table regarding financial input leaving the United States alone in providing the foundation that the entire concept rests upon.  Without America, there would be no United Nations and many believe as I do—that Roosevelt and Wilson should have left the whole concept alone and listened to the electorate way back to the two World Wars and stayed out of European affairs and their reckless warlike escapades.  The United Nations does very little good for anybody and has become a giant wealth distribution scam mainly consuming the resources of America just to survive.

You might remember dear reader the anger I felt when comic book writers proposed that Superman was going to give up his citizenship to fight for the United Nations instead of American ideals such as “truth, justice, and the American way.”  Progressive artists of the new 21st century had decided that Superman needed to be more global and that the new fight for planetary survival needed to focus on the United Nations—as if that would be our next governmental body.  I have additionally said often that the Clintons were positioning themselves to be leaders with the United Nations ushering in a new era of global government led by the socialist participants at the UN who shared membership with Socialist International.  There have been attempts by the United Nations—such as Agenda 21 to impose themselves into American sovereignty with crazy ideas like how to steer communities back into urban environments, degrading the value of private property through increased taxation, and imposing the will of the ‘state’ into the families of our youth through multiple methods, both at home and within their public educations.  The United Nations has been a joke and I urged over six years ago my congressional representative, John Boehner to withdraw American support to teach those presumptuous European aristocrats that without us, they’d be nothing—to learn their place in the global marketplace to position us for a better deal, and more sovereign respect.  I’m all for helping the world so long as they copy America and our system of capitalism.  To weaken American interests so to prop up socialist and communist nations has never been an option to me.

There are essentially three phases which defined the concept of American freedom.   The first was of course the democratic invention of a pirate republic as established between the years of 1650 and 1710.  For really the first time in known history people threw off the cloak of state ownership and declared themselves a free people as they made the hard decision to become pirates.  There was a lot of debauchery that took place, and a lot of blood spilled, but the concept of pirating as it evolved in Port Royal, Jamaica caught the eye of John Locke who wrote down his thoughts which later inspired Thomas Paine and many others to break from England during the American Revolution.  Without the Pirates of the Caribbean—literally, there would have never been a Declaration of Independence.  Pirates had shown the colonists how a free country of sovereign citizens might throw off the tyranny of a king for the opportunity to live as a free people.

Of course the Revolution in America was the result of much contemplation within Scotland and other Illuminati circles that were going philosophically down a path for which the world would never be the same.  Ben Franklin in particular, along with Thomas Jefferson drove much of that European contemplation into the new world to fan the flames of rebellion toward a free republic.  It was hard for many to take up arms against the king of England but the result was a free nation in the New World.  Once the smoke cleared and the frontier opened up mankind for the first time could look West and carve a life out for themselves using a method of economy called capitalism as communicated by Adam Smith into settling a rough frontier and allowing the best of them to become gloriously wealthy—proving the new economic theory to be more than justified by actuality.  But first the European concept of slavery had to be ended and it was by the mid—1800s. Within America a war was fought and the slaves were freed—another first on the world stage.  Only in America could a European inheritance such as slavery be eliminated with an emphasis on freedom for all people no matter what race or sex they might be.

Once the war was fought and the slaves were free the West opened up into what is my favorite period—westward expansion.  The period of the Old West was a time where government was smallest, but the foundations of capitalism were running at its fullest—and the wealth created by this period essentially pushed up the skyscrapers of Manhattan and Chicago as railroads brought back great wealth from the West to the East.  The concept of the frontiersman is a defining element of American capitalism.  Most people failed, and many died of disease and personal misery—but a few managed to give rise to a nation on the backs of individual effort.  The California Gold Rush fueled our young country with great wealth that made it the envy of the world—and it all occurred because individual people were empowered to carve out a life for themselves on the open land of the West if they dared.  It wasn’t always pretty, but it was effective and is something to be very proud of as a period of adventure and honor which evolved on the backs of the American Cowboy.

The Roaring Twenties happened when the great president Calvin Coolidge promoted capitalism with great audacity and massive amounts of wealth generated from this entire American endeavor lifted up all members of society for the first time in human history—even the extreme poor benefited.  Average people everywhere were living the kinds of lives that nobody on earth had thought possible just twenty years prior.   Common people had access to food, jobs, and shelter as the spillover of capitalism from the very top provided a new security for everyone within the American experience.  Several World Wars and other global wars against communism would take place in the years thereafter which were ultimately endeavored upon as a means to share the wealth of capitalism into countries drowning in communism—like Vietnam, Korea, China, Central America, Cuba, Mexico—and so on.

Then the audacious United Nations came in on the tail of all this work done in America—and all the blood spilled on behalf of endeavoring for personal freedom and assumed that it was their role to take control of all this activity and make the world into a melting pot of progressive value—ignoring the hard gains won in America for personal sovereignty—which was extremely disingenuous. Their version of a global government is a socialist one—and they are insisting that America give up its capitalism and embrace socialism so that they can more adequately manage us.  So my hatred of the United Nations isn’t just some flimsy conspiracy theory—it is rooted in a firm knowledge of history and understanding how difficult it was for America to arrive at this point in time.  It is also an awareness of how valuable it was for people within America to reach the kind of freedom that we have as a human rights endeavor.  Americans are the masters of freedom and human rights—nobody else on earth has done as much as we have to make people free—and equal.  People in America are equally allowed to reach as far as they dare.  There is nothing to say that the journey will be easy—but they are free to reach no matter who they are—and that is something very special.  So how dare the United Nations assume otherwise—and they have.  That is why it was so refreshing to hear Donald Trump say what he did on such a large stage.  If that is a hint into what kind of president he’ll be—he should win in a landslide!  If I was a fan of his before—I am even more so now.

Rich Hoffman


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