The Fox News Magic Freak Show: How the Murdoch kids are screwing up and why Bill O’reilly will survive

I was doing some work so I loosely had on Tucker Carlson’s show in the old O’Reilly time slot on Fox News and it was terrible. I like Tucker, but the show just wasn’t working for me and when Bruce Jenner came on dressed in drag to show his wrinkled up old ass on my giant 4K television I turned it off and went into the garage to do some reloading of ammunition.  I have much better things to do with my life than watch that kind of crap.  If that’s what Fox News thinks is going to work now that the sons of Rupert Murdoch have pushed out Bill O’Reilly and Roger Ailes of Fox so that they can make their own way in the world.  I predict they will go out of business pretty fast.  The show The Five is just terrible—because Bob Beckel is like listening to a sick old man complaining about a toilet being clogged up, when he was the one who did all the clogging.  It was just an intolerable line-up and Fox News should be ashamed of themselves as an organization.  O’Reilly’s exit had nothing to do with women or sex—it was all about moving the station toward a more centrist position politically by the Murdoch kids and it was clearly not my taste.  I have a busy life and I don’t have time to waste on Bruce Jenner and a Fox News freak show.

I wasn’t planning to but I turned on O’Reilly’s podcast while I worked at my workbench pressing bullets into their casings and you know what—Bill’s little radio show was much better than anything I had seen on Fox News from 4 pm until that 8:30 pm moment where I turned it off at the site of Bruce Jenner’s wrinkled mug complete with a wig that looked like he snatched it from a Key West street whore from lower Duval. O’Reilly is after all the only connection our present society has to honest old-fashioned news the way the networks used to strive to deliver it.  Even PBS back in the day had a much better journalistic approach—I didn’t even know that Bill Moyers was a liberal until the late 90s.  O’Reilly knows how to deliver the news and that’s all I want.  I don’t want dudes dressed in drag and I don’t want to hear Bob Beckel’s anti-Trump rhetoric all the time. Honestly, I don’t care if the other political socialist loving liberal side of our society falls off the face of the earth—when I’m relaxing at home I don’t want to hear from them.  I see them enough around town and in daily business.  Roger Ailes understood that which is how Fox News became so popular to begin with.  The Murdoch kids—they haven’t got a clue.  They are typical second-handers who have no idea why their dad was successful.  They just know they are rich and that they can dump people like Bill O’Reilly and change him out with other people and everything will just work out.  Clearly, that was wrong after only one night.

I had my suspicions about the sex allegations against O’Reilly and Ailes, but when Sean Hannity’s name was tossed in the mix over this past weekend I knew the whole thing was a well-planned, and coordinated attack against the conservatives at Fox News. The Murdoch boys played along with the New York Times because they wanted to fulfil their dream of building their own legacy—but the attack was meant to destroy Fox News and indirectly the Trump administration. Hannity is about as clean of a Boy Scout as there is at a celebrity status—there is no way he was asking women to his hotel room.  I don’t think those words could ever come out of his mouth.  That’s just not in the realm of possibility and he can defend his position—so when the claim was made it was obvious what was happening.  I’ll listen to O’Reilly from my garage and won’t waste my time with Fox News.  That actually helps me with my shooting hobby so I have no complaints.  I’m just happy to see O’Reilly get back on the horse so quickly.

It has now been revealed that during the campaign of 2016 Hillary Clinton didn’t understand why she was losing to Bernie Sanders and ultimately why Donald Trump did so well. The world had changed and Hillary didn’t see it coming with all her liberal friends.  The old tricks were no longer working—suddenly she was the magician on stage pulling rabbits out of a hat only people could see all the hidden mechanisms designed to sell the illusion and people were laughing at her, not mystified by her acts of illusion.  People could see someone off stage handing her the rabbit under a table and she was exposed trying to sell the trick as majestic when it was at that point just a clown car scheme gone bad. Hillary played as much as anybody at exposing all the back-stage secrets of the magic show and now the American public was aware of everything and it wasn’t working.  Only really stupid people were willing to continue accepting the illusion.  But people with half a brain were laughing at her and moving on politically.

Getting rid of Fox News of course won’t put the skirt back around the table to hide the assistant hiding the rabbit for Hilary’s hat trick. As polling showed yesterday, if the election were held now—100 days into the Trump White House—Hillary would lose worse than she did in November.  And Elizabeth Warren will fair far worse when she is matched up against Trump in 2020.  Those people on that side of politics have no idea what country they are in or what Americans thank about things—they just have their ideology and hope that if they avoid looking too deeply at things that they can continue the illusion of the magic show to their base of stupid malcontents.  They think that Bruce Jenner dressed in drag will replace Bill O’Reilly because honestly they never really understood the simple brilliance of the Talking Points Memo and why nobody in news has been able to duplicate it’s success even after 20 years of trying.

The great American novel Atlas Shrugged dealt with this whole second-hander notion that is now destroying Fox News—a half a century ago.  It’s no mystery—just like any right-minded person knows that rabbits don’t just come out of an empty hat.  At some point you have to suspend your rationality to accept that magic tricks are actually more than just an illusion, and the political left are masters of tricking themselves into believing that everything they see is real. But the magic tricks have been exposed by the left and next generation second-handers like Murdoch’s spoiled brat children don’t understand how things really work—because they are afraid of the work involved in the process.  They are used to sitting in the audience, not working the stage—so they think they can put anything up—and people will be entertained.  But there is a huge difference between David Blaine and some street hustler just doing card tricks.  The news as it has evolved over time is all about selling the magic tricks of the political left and a lot of people—(half the country) are tired of it.  So they want a throwback to an old dinosaur that tells things with as little spin as possible—to just stand on the stage and tell us the news without the rabbit tricks and the empty hat on top of a table covered with a cloth designed to conceal the rabbit hidden underneath.  American society is more sophisticated now, and those old tricks just aren’t working.

And people want more than a freak show on Fox News.  They can get Bruce Jenner anywhere, MTV, E News, ABC, CBS, NBC—everywhere.  But people tune into Fox to step beyond the magic show.  And if they can’t get it there they’ll turn to the Bill O’Reilly podcast like I did and forget about Fox News all together. People aren’t as dumb as the Murdoch boys think and if they don’t know what they are doing—which they obviously don’t—they need to get back into the audience and let people who know what’s going on run the show again.  Because they are really screwing things up.  No skin off my back, but Fox News won’t just run itself.  If that network dies, something else will take its place.  But what their dad built will be lost forever—and I’m sure that’s not their intention.

Rich Hoffman


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The Art of a President: Donald Trump’s brilliance is the best gift I could ask for

Donald Trump must have known that it was my birthday because I couldn’t have received a better gift. After all, the world has been poking the fences since his election.

China has been advancing in the South China Sea against Taiwan and Japan.  North Korea is threatening to lunch missiles into America with their constant tests—Russia has continued to buzz American naval vessels in contentious waters.  Iran is sponsoring terrorism everywhere they can, Democrats are fighting everything Trump tries to do in the White House including trying to block the Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch.  Supposedly Steve Bannon and Jared Kushner are fighting it out in the Oval Office in front of Donald Trump and we’ve discovered that Susan Rice under Barack Obama’s direction had spied on the Trump transition team—illegally. The CIA, FBI, and all connecting intelligence agencies have been caught in a DEEP STATE scheme that has them all looking horrible and in the face of all that—Trump launched an airstrike against Syria while hosting the Communist Chinese President Xi Jinping at his Winter White House in South Florida.  After the press conference announcing the strike you could almost hear Trump say (nonverbally) “Xi, if you don’t straighten out North Korea—you’re next.  And by the way—I’m going to tax your exports.  Have a nice day.  Would you like some more wine?”  This was the art of the deal at its finest and I can say that this is my most satisfying birthday in my life—because I’ve been waiting to live in a country with this kind of winning record since the beginning.

PALM BEACH, Fla. — North Korea’s nuclear ambitions and the U.S-China trade imbalance as well as other points of tension between President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping are being overshadowed by the U.S. missile strikes on Syria.

Nonetheless, the two leaders are meeting for a second day at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate as planned Friday. Their first-night summit dinner wrapped up shortly before the U.S. announced the missile barrage on an air base in Syria in retaliation against Syrian President Bashar Assad for a chemical weapons attack against civilians caught up in his country’s long civil war.

  • The US military fired more than 50 tomahawk missiles at al-Shayrat military airfield at 8.45pm EDT Thursday
  • Moves comes just hours after Trump said ‘something should happen’ following Tuesday’s gas-attack atrocity
  • Trump took action after more than 80 were killed and many more were injured in the sarin poison gas attack
  • ‘Even beautiful babies were cruelly murdered in this very barbaric attack,’ he said after launching the strike
  • Russian President Vladimir Putin has issued a furious response calling airstrike an ‘illegal act of aggression’ 
  • US says airfield was used to store toxic weapons and was the base for the aircraft involved in the sarin attack
  • Claims that nine were killed, and more were injured, in the strike which has severely damaged the airbase 
  • US told Moscow it was launching an airstrike about 30 minutes in advance – but did not ask for permission

I know Constitutional purists like Rand Paul are upset at the Syrian airstrike—but when America is the only country in the world capable of taking an authority position against bullies—there is an ethical obligation to act when we see poor little children suffering under the failures of politics—and that’s what happened in Syria. It was the right thing to do under any circumstance.  But, if Trump had to pick a target to pull the world in behind him and dispel the rumors of his alliance with the Russians—Syria was it.  Even as Gorsuch was nominated to the Supreme Court even Chuck Schumer was singing praises for Trump’s decisive move.  It was rather astonishing.

Trump has not suddenly become a globalist. He’s not about to become an interventionist.  But he needed to take a shot to set the stage for all the challenges going on around the world—especially with China and North Korea.  And he had to set up the relationship with Russia.  Nobody ever thought Trump was going to eat out of Russia’s hand—as I have been saying for a long time.  It will have to be the other way around—and this was the first step.  Trump had the moral high ground and he took it—and now the world is wondering how they didn’t see it all along.

This is how it is different having a real executive in the White House as opposed to a typical politician always sticking their hand out looking for campaign donations. Trump doesn’t care if Steve Bannon and Jared Kushner want to kill each other.  He’s more interested in the result of their conflict—he needs different points of view to flush out a truth.  That’s what good leaders do, they don’t necessarily want everyone to get along.  They want a competition of ideas and through conflict truth justice and reality are defined.  So the Trump White House thrives in conflict.  It doesn’t want everyone sitting around a campfire singing songs and giving each other reach-arounds.  It wants action, and when it comes time to make hard decisions, Trump can make them because he can see the truth through the combat of opinion.  He has a wife for the softer times in his life.  But at all other times, he loves the battlefield of conflict because that’s where life thrives and honesty, bravery, and valor emerge.

I’ve been waiting for this all of my life.  The closest I’ve seen to this kind of American decisiveness was when Ronald Reagan sent an airstrike against Libya—and I remember the effect that had on the world. Trump has had his moment and now he can negotiate with everyone from a position of strength.  It had to come sometime and now that he has done it there are many more opportunities for peace than there was before the attack.  Without this bombing the chances for violence by North Korea against South Korea is much greater.  The threat of China moving against Japan has much larger odds.  And Russia would continue to buzz American ships without wondering when or if Trump would react.  Now he has and even considering more aggression against America might provoke war.  So Trump has captured the high ground against every single one of his global rivals including his political ones with one swift stroke.  And it was just a brilliant time and place to do so.

I’m sure this won’t be the last time and I’m also sure that all this new power won’t go to Trump’s head.  Why—because he is used to being at the top of everything he does and he’s battle hardened to the perils of success.  Out of all the people in the world who could do this very difficult job as a modern American president with all the factions that are ankle biting out there, only Trump presently is qualified to perform the tasks.  This is precisely why I voted for Trump and I am very proud to see him doing such a very excellent job.  I feel very sorry for the kids involved in all the evils around the world who are suffering under bad people.  And this bombing in Syria won’t save them all.  But many more will be safe because of it—and like all good things in life—there are many more positives than negatives with the action.   For us in America—it’s good to see a president who finally knows how to juggle all these bananas—because it’s long overdue.

Being Fearless: What the Democrats are truly terrified of–people who don’t need them

I’ve already provided all the reasons that the Democrats are losing ground and how they are making themselves into an extinct political party. I have also covered how the Trump administration is innocent as to charges of collusion with Russia and how it is actually the Democrats who are guilty of that action as they were the party that was in power and had the relationships with Russia.  But at this point all of that is irrelevant because something much deeper is going on for which everyone is missing.  The great desperation of the Democratic Party that they are revealing presently—that last gasp of the dying donkey as I’ve described it, is the realization that their methods of incursion have forever been vanquished and as I look back on it—I’m very proud of the role I played in it.

I was a very “rambunctious” little boy in grade school. Don’t ask me how or where I got it from but I had a rebellious streak that was extremely mature, even at a very young age.  I’ve told some of these stories before, but I’ll put them together for context—in kindergarten I went toe to toe with my teacher in a way that was sometimes excessive.  I hated her and she set a pace for my entire public school experience—right out of the gate.  She threatened my mom to fail me from kindergarten after just a few months of attending Liberty Elementary School on Princeton Road way back in 1973 and all that started because I dressed up a bear for a class assignment in jeans when the pants were supposed to be corduroys.  She literally went insane over the issue and was institutionalized shortly after I moved on through her class.  In first grade I poked the class bully in the eye with my scissors because he threatened me.  He was a lot bigger than me and much stronger—so I did whatever I had to do to win that fight.  It was in class in front of everyone, including the teacher.  For the next four years I was constantly in trouble and getting “swats” from the principal’s office—but my behavior and love for fighting never changed.  In fourth grade a pack of kids tried to shove the drug “speed” down my mouth on the school bus and I spit it out of the window causing a massive fight on the bus.  I have always had a policy of no drugs in my life which holds to this day.  There were many fights after that as I had a reputation with the druggies and they wanted to conform me.  At this point I was good with the jocks because I was the fastest kid in school and I won the pull-up category in the winter Olympics in my fifth-grade year.  But in sixth grade I had many more problems with several more teachers and was in constant fights with 7th and 8th graders. One eighth grade kid who was a lot bigger than me by almost half jumped me at my locker and I literally shoved the kid through the principal’s office door and the fight ended up in his office.  Since the kid was again bigger than me and a lot stronger I had to find some leverage point, so I took the fight into the principal’s office literally with blood everywhere which was really the only way to win that one.  I gained a reputation for being crazy which suited me just fine.  My nickname back then was “Animal” from the Muppet’s character—because that’s how my peers saw me.  In high school is where I started to pull out ahead of my classmates in every category.  No longer were kids bigger and meaner than me and I had learned martial arts so I could block anything anybody threw.  I started winning everything I did and some people on the other side ended up dying through these actions and I went into my senior year pretty much invincible.  Nobody at Lakota challenged me to anything so the fights went over into other school systems at drive-ins, arcades, and just about anywhere I went.  My reputation was such that I was hired several times as a body-guard and a bouncer in places where I wasn’t even old enough to attend.  I was employed by the Chinese mob from Chicago and my next job after that was at a car dealership where I sometimes did repo work for the bank—and they sent me to all the ugly jobs—because I was the only one crazy enough to do them.  Luckily, I met my wife about this time and she gave me a reason to evolve into a different direction.  Most of the people I know from that time are dead or are in jail—so meeting my wife was a very positive experience for me.  Anyway, the sum of that little story is that I was never afraid of anything—and I’d fight anybody anywhere on any terms—and I’m still like that. Schools are places where they pound you into conformity.  The places were never about learning—they were about learning your place in society and I was one of those rare people who came out of it unbroken. If you add to all these experiences my expert use of bullwhips and a love of guns I really don’t worry about any threats to my person, or my loved ones.  I have a long history of keeping the bad guys at bay and looking back on it I’m a little shocked that I managed through it all from my earliest years completely pure as to my resistance to bullies.  I never liked them or bent over backwards to yield to them no matter where they were in our society—adults, mean kids, druggies—thugs, killers, dead beats—anybody.  And at almost 50 years old, I’m pretty proud of that—and I’m certainly not going to change now.

So when it has come time to make a stand for something I’ve always done it and in politics I knew what I was doing. Like for instance with the teacher’s union at Lakota when I put myself on the front pages of the Cincinnati newspapers over that issue way back in 2010.  My dad was very concerned when I went on WLW radio and called out the teacher’s union at Lakota for driving up the costs of running the school forcing property tax increases.  Like I told him—“what are they going to do to me?”  He knew what I was talking about but he thought I went overboard—because he had trouble with unions in the past even over unimportant things.  Unions like most liberal concepts always use the threat of force to sell their “altruistic” ideas.  My strategy on the Lakota issue from the very beginning was to take that threat away from my opposition—like I do in most things.  I mean I’m not a maniac who runs around threatening people all the time.  Generally, I’m pretty nice and can use many forms of communication to convey a thought.  I don’t have to threaten to kill people all the time to get my point across.  But I do have a reputation, and that gets around when people start checking you out.  And I knew that the union wouldn’t be able to do anything to me that I couldn’t easily swat away—so I got involved and my presence changed things.

I only tell that story because it takes a certain kind of person to break through the ice of fear that usually governors people in their daily lives because unfortunately they learn in their public schools to keep their mouths shut and not to stand for much of anything. You are taught what to think and when to think it and the peer groups form to be the enforcers—and those categories usually last a lifetime.   I’d say that Donald Trump likely could tell a similar story as I just did.  I’m not saying I should get an Eagle Scout award or be put on a pedestal of Christian orthodoxy—but if you want someone who will stand up to bullies solving problems, then a background like mine is probably the kind of person you want for the job.  As I did things I wrote down the why and how and other people started utilizing the same strategies.  Other people started sticking up for themselves and the liberal advocates out there were seeing for the first time that their Rules for Radicals book wasn’t working anymore on conservatives.  Really, for the first time since Al Capon’s mobsters in Chicago, Democrats were being challenged in ways they weren’t used to and panic began to set in.  All this opened the door to Donald Trump’s run for president in 2016.  I may have started the snowball rolling along with other people.  The net gains from the conservative movement that was no longer afraid that union leaders would show up to their houses and string up their family in the dead of night was beginning to embolden politicians to throw John Boehner out of the Speakership and to put a wide field of Republicans into the race for the White House starting in 2015.  Since conservatives were no longer afraid of the Democratic bully, they put their support behind Donald Trump as a way to finally strike back.

And that’s where we are. As people observed some of us early pioneers challenging the establishment and standing up to the threat of physical violence—it emboldened more people to fight back as well.  At Lakota when the union tried to impose fear against me—the results were not favorable.  It was laughable really.  Nobody is going to attack me to my face and get away with it.  And once people saw that on a mass level, more people realized that they too could fight back—and that the liberals weren’t so scary. Now, today, Trump is in the White House and he doesn’t put up with anything and Democrats literally don’t know what to do because their only playbook is the Rules from Radicals approach by Saul Alinsky.   The way to beat liberals is to take away their threat to violence.  Once you do that, they are lost.

I don’t go out of my way to be tough. I don’t work out obsessively or watch my diet to the point where I need to maintain a certain image.  I just do my thing and enjoy my life and I seldom think about fighting other people.  However, I internally know how to deal with anything that someone imposes on me and I have a long history of not taking any crap—and I’ve had it all my life.  I never remember a time when I didn’t behave this way so the best I know is that I was born this way.  That made me into an adult who was completely free of ever yielding to another human being under any condition.  I can honestly say that I’ve never been coerced to do something against my will at any point in my life and I’m sure Donald Trump is the same kind of person.  And now that those kinds of people are now involved in politics, it completely defangs the Democrats because they have nothing else in their arsenal but the use of fear to recruit members to their political philosophy.  When they don’t have the tool of fear, they are lost.  And that is what they really fear now that Trump is taking the White House—and America, to places they can’t follow.  That is the air behind their screams as their party dies, and to me, it is music to my ears.

Being free is not something any government can give you dear reader. You can only give it to yourself.  There is no law that can make you safe.   Only you can learn how to be essentially invincible protecting yourself from the intentions of others.  If you are the smartest person in the room, nobody can beat you.  You don’t have to be the biggest, the smartest by IQ, or even the best—you just have to have the skills to keep anybody else from getting at you—strategically.  And once you master that you can promise yourself success 100% of the time.  You can’t promise that you can win over others 100% of the time, but you can keep them from beating you 100% of the time.  For a liberal to be successful they must get at you and if you deny them of that—they are utterly powerless, which is exactly where the Democrats find themselves in 2017.  The best way to make yourself free is to make it so that in your life nobody can attack you—and once you’ve done that you can begin to taste a life without fear—and adversely, a life without Democrats.  With Trump, his polling numbers won’t drop below 35% and when all this first started—say back in 2010—it was much lower as to those who were willing to stand tall and live fearlessly in the voting booth.  And four years from now that 35% will be even higher and that is the indication which is terrifying those who live off the fear of good people everywhere.

Rich Hoffman


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  1. Well said. One baby momma said she had three babies at home. I would bet she is on full welfare. She had no business being in that cesspool. She should have been home taking care of her babies.


    1. What a pathetic mess that whole story is. These idiots behave like this then wonder why we don’t want to associate with them. They call us racist just for having values. Just pathetic. Watch the videos of those people and you can see the cause of all their problems.


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The Crimes of Susan Rice: How to prosecute the people who are supposed to enforce the law when they are guilty

The way that the Obama White House worked, “legal” meant anything that could be manipulated between the Executive Branch and the Department of Justice—both of which he controlled.   There has been much evidence to the obvious coercive tactics used by the Obama administration to pull America further to the political left and the wake of that effort has caused the present civil war in the United States where half the nation refuses to join the other half that is now openly socialist leaning. Those legal lines were manipulated during Fast and Furious, Benghazi, the IRS scandal in targeting conservative groups for their 5013C status, the way in which Obamacare was created and implemented, and worst of all—the Hillary Clinton deleted emails which were obviously designed to destroy evidence so that they could never get caught—which of course they were caught—destroying evidence. The evidence itself didn’t reveal the crime, but the destruction of evidence did reveal the Obama administration’s motivations.

And with the dependability of a German clock they did it again—under the guidance of Susan Rice the Obama administration spied on Donald Trump using the power of government to attempt to secure the fate of their political party. But who could blame them—after all, Wikileaks had just made them look like the fools that they were and they knew they needed some dirt from the other side to recover—which they never found. So now they went out and committed a crime to get information that turned out to be nothing. Their plan would have worked if they had found something—but instead all they really found was that General Flynn spoke to a Russian ambassador and neglected to inform Vice President Pence about it—which in the scheme of things is a small technicality. But the crime of the cover-up and the abuses of power are immense and might surprise people, except for readers who frequent here.

Former President Barack Obama’s national security adviser Susan Rice ordered U.S. spy agencies to produce “detailed spreadsheets” of legal phone calls involving Donald Trump and his aides when he was running for president, according to former U.S. Attorney Joseph diGenova.

“What was produced by the intelligence community at the request of Ms. Rice were detailed spreadsheets of intercepted phone calls with unmasked Trump associates in perfectly legal conversations with individuals,” diGenova told The Daily Caller News Foundation Investigative Group Monday.

Read more:

The word “legal” when it’s used by thieves like this is dangerous—because what it implies is that nobody did anything wrong. Make no mistake about it—what Susan Rice did obviously under the guidance of the president of the United States was unethical and it could only be made legal by the means that Hillary Clinton destroyed evidence with her email server—by denying prosecutable evidence the way any lawyer might defend a client.  Their client might be guilty as hell—but if there isn’t DNA or something that links a murderer to a crime, then they can’t be convicted. That is the grand danger of allowing people who worked in the legal profession to also work in such a powerful position as can be found in the Executive Branch of our government.

Based on the Clinton years and now the Obama years we may want to rethink ever doing such a thing again—because they actually used the law as a weapon to cover their crimes—which is never good.  And that is what they have done to Donald Trump.  They created a “legitimate” cover story—such as spying on Russian connections—which is why the political left is pushing that story so aggressively—because they were caught doing it.  Obama could justify the order because of comments Trump made tongue in cheek about Russians finding Hillary’s deleted emails.  But the real target of the spying wasn’t spies to Russia—it was Trump’s political strategies so that they might be able to counter them and win the election.

Thankfully Trump was smarter than they were and most of his campaign strategies were done on the fly literally from his Trump airplane where he spent most of his time in the last three months of the presidential campaign. He came home every night and the employees of the campaign chattered the way that employees do, which is what the Obama people were listening to—but Trump had his team on his plane flying all over the country and most of the arrangements regarding strategy were made there giving the Democrats very little to go on.

Yet the Obama people led by Rice intended to commit a crime hidden behind a legal precedent. And like the IRS case, many people should go to jail—but they probably won’t because the same people who are supposed to enforce the law are the ones who committed the crime.  The only thing this time that’s different is that we have a president and an attorney general who will see it as I’ve just described it and they are inclined to action.   The constant reminder from the political left that Russians hacked our American election process is to provide a cover story for this legal argument when the courts finally catch up to everything—once the smoke has cleared.

Now we know why Obama was so nice to Trump on the first days of the White House transition and why he hasn’t had much to say about Trump unraveling all the Obama era policies—for which only health care remains. Because he’s guilty and he needs the Russian story to stick to keep his administration out of hot water. And under those conditions, you don’t want to get caught providing further testimony on the matter—good or bad.  Without proof that the Russians actually did anything—their cover story is pretty thin which Tucker Carlson on Fox News started to uncover during his show on 4/3/2017.  The truth is, there isn’t any proof that the Russians hacked the American election process.

F.B.I. Director Comey blundered the whole case himself when he uttered during testimony before Congress intentions that the Russians had without bringing forth any evidence to support it hoping that his spectral access to intelligence might be enough to sell the story—but it wasn’t.  It was embarrassing testimony for which Trey Gowdy challenged him on—politely.  Gowdy knows that there is no evidence that can be produced that the Russians did anything to get Trump elected.  The fault for the Democratic loss is squarely on the Hillary Campaign and the failed policies of the Obama administration.  They had lied, cheated and manipulated their way to the top only to crash and burn once caught—which at this point they all have.

The Susan Rice news is huge, and the only reason it’s not Watergate level big is that our media is in on the act. The story is actually too huge to cover because so many people who present the news and temperament of our times to us are guilty.  It will likely take decades for it to settle into the American consciousness because all the people involved will deny everything for the rest of their lives and only fresh faces will have the courage to deal with these massive tragedies.  But it all starts with Trump and without him, we wouldn’t have this much.  That’s why I elected him—and so far he’s doing exactly what I want him to do—including golfing with Rand Paul to make a deal on health care.  When Obama played golf he was scheming.  When Trump does it, he’s making deals for America—and that’s all the difference in the world.

The Two Ingredients All Successful Societies Must Have: Guns and Books

As I spoke yesterday about the faults of James Comey’s speech on personal security within the United States now I feel I must identify the real answer to what is required for a free society.  I’ve been working out this little problem for a while now and it really took my recent trip to Europe for me to confirm with more than theory the proper contents of what it takes to have a self-governed society functioning healthily in a constitutional republic.  As I’ve said before on other topics, I wish sometimes that life could be so simple for me to have one solitary occupation which I could throw myself into that I could say—I am this—or that.  Such as someone who works as an engineer might say upon introductions—“I’m so and so and I’m an engineer,” my life is a lot more complicated.  And if given the opportunity to be a historian I would do it, because I have an unnaturally complicated relationship with history.  I pursue it for fun and often find myself thinking about it all hours of the day.  Given that, I know much more about history than the average person, so when I say that the two big drivers of misery in Europe throughout the Dark and Medieval ages was the absence of personal protection—weapons—and the ability to read—I would be saying specifically how we can solve these problems going forward and take mankind off the track of the Vico cycle which has plagued us all for tens of thousands of years.  With those two elements absent from those historic societies—for which much of the known world of today is based—battles between church and state dominated the lives of everyone leaving individuality to sacrifice itself to national security many times over.

One thing that astonished me about the many English people who I met during my travels was how literate they were and proud of it.  They like to read in England and they should, the concept was born there.  It’s only been fairly recently that the printing of individual books was even possible for common people.  It was from 1400 AD to really the reign of King Henry VIII that Bibles were printed for individual consumption bringing the word of God to every household and leaving the Church to feel very insecure about their ability to usher mankind through the gates of Heaven for the good of the State.  I felt quite privileged to walk among the ruins of various monasteries in England, such as the great St. Augustine’s Abby because in 1536 AD they were destroyed out of a need for money by the regime.  That left the monks who had previously provided all the intellectual work of translating the scripture to the people who attended their churches to be the symbols of thinking in the medieval world.  After destroying the various monasteries, a power vacuum occurred and the Reformation effort spread as people started to question the relationship between an often corrupt Roman Catholic Church clergy, the various kings, and God.  By the time the first Welsh Bible was published in print during 1567 a lot of discussion regarding the Mathew’s Bible printed in 1537 had taken place.  King Henry VIII was very anxious about letting the lower orders of society read the Bible for themselves because it had severe political and social consequences.

It was only a few years later that Robert Cushman commissioned the Mayflower to flee to America to escape the church’s ever increasing losing grip on the “commoners” such as what happened in Canterbury quite explicitly as Henry’s children struggled with the social changes that reading Bibles had introduced to their society.  This explosion of thought advanced to the days of the pirates over the next hundred years as the exploits of the great Henry Morgan came back to England from the Caribbean region as countries used privateers to rob other countries of the loot they were stealing from the Meso American region.  Democracy was invented on pirate ships as they were functioning governments far removed from the countries of their origin and mankind was turned loose for the first known time in the history of the world—and writers like John Locke were there to record the observations for people like Thomas Jefferson and Ben Franklin to expand upon later.  Secret societies like the Illuminati and the Scottish Rites developed a line of philosophy divorced from the English crown as the publication of books began to create a new kind of human being among the would-be intellectuals who could afford books that in previous centuries were either monks or members of the king’s court.

During the 1750s those inspired by the new books of Europe to flee to America to live as frontiersman erupted into westward expansion.  During the years of the French and Indian War then eventually the Revolutionary War—then the War of 1812, then the Civil War the full fruition of knowledge shared through books were matched with the possession of personal firearms which allowed for the kind of self-reliance that Ralph Waldo Emersion and his friend Henry David Thoreau contemplated as Transcendentalists.  It is important to remember that as of all the events that lead to the Civil War in America books had only been present for reading among human populations for about 250 years.  Personal books were not available outside of state-run institutions until this present time and it was books that led to the explosion in even contemplating individual liberty.

It was all the way up to the beginning of the 20th Century that personal firearms were the keys to American life.  After all, frontiersman and cowboys were able to hunt and forge a life for themselves anywhere in the world so long as they had a gun and a Bible to read by the firelight to their families to pass the time—and human consciousness expanded rapidly.   The American Indian didn’t have a chance against these European escapees armed with personal firearms and the knowledge they had acquired from books printed in New England and shipped west to markets emerging along the many rivers of the new nation.  Indians were a collective based society and they were much like the oriental forces that had been crushed under the expanding French and English empires that were dominating the world driven not by the great military leaders of Napoleon and the likes Wellington—but of those societies having access to the ability to read for the first time.  They were smarter than their opponents and the North American Indian may have been living in accord with nature, but mankind was conquering nature through contemplation derived by reading—and the Indians lost because they couldn’t think as individuals.  Reading is a very individual oriented type of activity.

That gave birth to the American Western—of the cowboy gunslinger, which represented to the world something new—an individual human being protected by their gun and functioning as a self-reliant entity that didn’t need a church for their spiritual awakening—because they could read—and they didn’t need a government to protect them because they had a gun.  It was those two things that created the American cowboy and which eventually led the rest of the world to contemplating personal liberty.  As of the present, the world has not yet accepted the superior philosophic position of the American gunslinger because there is a lot more to it than just having the ability to take the life of another human being, or being able to read a book on their own without the interpretation of a church clergy to tell them what it said.   This is why socialist statists deeply concerned about this wave of personal freedom happening in American like Barack Obama were so weary about the electorate holding on to their “God and their Guns.  They know that it is those two elements that prevented a society from falling in behind the old European model where political elites controlled the commoners through ignorance and superior might.  Modern progressives desire deeply to take society back to the time right before Henry VIII where people could be managed between the church and the state which is why they support so vehemently the introduction of Islamic radicalism into Europe and America because they desire to use that religion to reduce intellectual capacity and drive society back to a theocracy instead of an intellectual republic without central controls.  That is also why liberals are all about gun control regardless of what the stats say on the matter.

It is therefore the ability to read and the ability to own a personal firearm and even to carry it around with you that decentralizes all governments and puts the power truly into the people—and it’s really a new idea which has only flowered in America.  As I said, the English people are very literate and that was refreshing.  But they don’t have guns, and so as a result they still live much the way they did during the Middle-Ages. Currently it’s not the Catholic Church or even the monarchy which drives their society, but their history in those activities still bind their society to that foundation just as Japan still fashions itself to their samurai period.  That leaves them all with one ingredient toward personal freedom, but not the other.

Only in America and only with both the gun and the books of our culture has freedom advanced.  America actually is on over saturation because not only do we have books, but we have 1000s of channels of cable television, 100 years of motion pictures to watch, endless books and countless things to entertain ourselves with—so literacy isn’t as high of a priority as it should be in our society—but there is no way to go back.  Mankind will never surrender their freedoms back to the security of state-run centralized society such as those envisioned by Henry VIII’s friend Thomas More in his book Utopia.  Those days are gone forever because just the act of reading a book like Utopia, or The Communist Manifesto, lead eventually toward a human mind craving freedom.  It’s the Catch 22 for progressives who want to revert back to a theocracy they control whether it is Islam or environmentalism that is worshipped.  Human beings once they get a taste for it won’t go back and if you look at history, you can see clearly a trajectory of thought that leaves us either destroying ourselves or settling space—but we won’t go back.  And societies around the world will not advance on just books and knowledge alone.  They have to allow for personal firearms in order to truly unleash the potential of the human beings in their societies.  You cannot have the good intellectual stuff that comes from a free society without doing the things it takes to have a free society and owning personal firearms is just as important as literacy.  And those are the facts.  You need two things to have a society of free people thriving in a country—any country—they have to be literate with plenty of books and a desire to read them, and they must have guns—lots and lots of them.

Rich Hoffman


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The Deep State is in Deep Trouble: How Wikileaks is actually saving lives in America

Yes, the “Deep State” is in deep trouble, and now you know why dear reader that I was so proud to stand beneath the Wikileaks headquarters at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London to have my picture taken. I don’t normally pose for pictures like that but for Wikileaks I was happy to make an exception.  As Wikileaks provided a platform for someone within the United Sates intelligence apparatus to leak thousands of pages of very damaging reports as to what the CIA and FBI can do with our smart televisions, gaming consoles, and smart phones.  Many thought that revealing such information was traitorous—and that Wikileaks was acting in a hostile way toward the American government.  Well, let me tell you what’s hostile—a rogue government working behind the scenes of our election process trying to destroy a duly elected representative of the American people and attempting to start World War III with Russia as a scape goat to preserve their own power as a shadow government.  Yeah, that’s much worse of a crime against the constitutional republic that we have in America than the treachery committed by the leakers. I was proud to know that just above my head behind those windows in those small little rooms was Wikileaks doing real good in a very dangerous world by showing those Deep State insurgents that technology can work both ways.  Sure they can spy on us—know everything we do and build a profile on each of us to destroy everything that we hope to become with the push of a button at their discretion—but we can also spy on them and know where they are and what they are up to as well.  If they want to play that game—which they have been willing to do—then the tables can turn on them and Wikileaks has provided a platform to those who dare use them to undo these shadow governments around the world—and in this case one that is actively working against Donald Trump—who is sincerely trying to reform the way business is done in Washington D.C. for the better.  If John McCain is against Wikileaks you know you are on the right side of justice.  Better yet, if Facebook is against it—you really understand the magnitude of this new information which not only pulls away the cloak of deception that has hidden this Deep State in America—but it tears it away to reveal grotesque nudity.

I personally don’t worry about the spying because I know how to throw off their Deep State profile.   I’m still a guy who reads real books, not online downloads, so if I want to go dark on their profile building, or if I want to contaminate their mechanical data collection with rogue information to corrupt their data—I know how to do that—and I actually do put forth a considerable effort to corrupt their information gathering on me.  I came to that crises when I realized over 15 years ago that everything my wife and I did together—and everywhere we went—we were followed.  It took some getting used to in understanding that a closed door and a locked house didn’t save you from that “deep state.”  And that was well before everything we owned became a spy device for this shadow government.

How bad is it—well let me just elaborate that my daughter and I are probably two of the sanest and nicest people among all who claim such things on earth. We would never be terrorists or dangers to any state government that is legitimate by the standards of decency.  Yet while traveling around Europe and back to America guess who got pulled aside for “extra” security every single time when many more potential people were there to pick from—some of them obviously nefarious characters?  To some extinct I might understand security being concerned about me—but her?  Give me a break.  Yet, our names came up on their lists as people to watch and they let us know in subtle ways that they have their eyes on us.  As if I didn’t already know.  So pathetically small-minded.  But that’s who is on the other side of these listening devices, perverts, losers, people afraid of the real world—those are the types of people who find themselves in those “deep state” jobs to spy on people to preserve the shadow government that has been building itself up for many decades behind progressive policies. Donald Trump’s election for me, and it appears many others as well, was the hope that the “deep state” would finally be challenged and eventually eliminated—and that process is underway as we speak, and I am very happy about it.

It’s not a big deal to reveal to the rest of the world what our secrets are—because these were never secrets. Terrorists in the middle of Syria know that the United States has eyes in the sky that can see everything they are doing—yet they still do what they do.  It’s up to the political resolve of The United States to decide if courageous action will take place and under Obama and Bush—that seldom happened.  Under Trump—such as moving THAAD missiles into South Korea to protect it from North Korea proactive measures are back in style—thankfully.  But remember the terrorist case in San Bernardino where the FBI refused to call the act one of terrorism—until the leaks became too great—and when that same FBI let the media into the crime scene to destroy the evidence—and claimed that they needed Apple’s permission to gain access to one of the terrorist’s iPhones—which they already had—American intelligence has a failing grade at protecting us from terrorists.  With all the spying that is going on with all of us—does anybody believe that the intelligence community didn’t know that terrorist attempts were going to happen as the terrorists bought weapons and discussed the attempt in their house around the crib of their baby in San Bernardino?  I’m sure the Deep State knew.  And what about that loser in Orlando who shot up The Pulse nightclub with an obvious terrorist act?  The terrorist movements would have been witnessed from his phone position as he scouted out the location and discussed it with his wife—who tried to talk him out of it.   Yet the terrorist act wasn’t stopped—why?

All this intelligence gathering isn’t to keep us safe from terrorists—it is to keep the “deep state” safe from possible insurgents so that they can harass them before they become a real danger. It’s not to protect America—it’s to protect their shadow government.  So what Wikileaks did with the submission of an intelligence insider—likely a rogue Trump supporter is an act of patriotism.  That day outside of the Wikileaks headquarters, I thought seriously about bringing some food to Julian Assange who was trapped behind those curtains.  Without question, I’m sure they were inside there looking down on my head wondering what I was up to.  It was strange to be so close, yet so far away from a man at the center of modern history—but I wanted to respect his privacy as much as possible.  I just wanted to see the spot that was so important in shaping our modern world and really the only place standing up against these deep state insurgents around the world.  I am sure as hard as Donald Trump worked to become president, that without Wikileaks, the deep state would have won the election and we’d presently have Hillary Clinton as POTUS and likely there would be steps toward an armed civil war in America this early into 2017.  But because of Trump he’s fighting back from the Executive Branch and Wikileaks is providing the evidence that would otherwise be destroyed before it ever reached the public eye—and for that—we should all be extremely grateful.  Wikileaks has prevented open civil war in America—and that is an act of heroism.  Liberals who are now protesting Trump and his supporters have no idea how close they came to real violence—and perhaps might yet still see.  They better hope that Trump is successful.  The Deep State that watches me in the quiet hours of the morning understand why.  And there are millions just like me out in the plains of American sovereignty.  And the Deep State is afraid—as they should be.

Rich Hoffman


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The New Rebel Fashion: Joy Villa wears Donald Trump dress to the 2017 Grammy ceremony

It took a lot of guts for Joy Villa to show up at the Grammy’s dressed in this fabulous evening wear.  Talk about fashion.  I’m sure the faces of the liberal left of Hollywood melted off.  But hey, for years those American insurgents showed up at these award shows in Che shirts and celebrated Mao openly.  And at parties before the drugs and the orgies, they toasted to Fidel Castro.  So they have it coming—Donald Trump is the new rebel fashion and they have to face the fact that their sun has set and Trump is the new fashion for the rebellious creative types.  And they better get used to it.

Rich Hoffman


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