Who is the Alt-Right: Historical observation about behavioral Democratic insanity

Twenty five years ago while other people my age were just getting out of college and spending their nights in nightclubs looking to get drunk and have pleasurable entanglements with the opposite sex I was literally fighting city hall in Cincinnati learning the depth and nature of the type of corruption that presently keeps the vile Democrat Hillary Clinton not only out of jail, but as a front running candidate for president of the United States. My experience involved the Hamilton County commissioner Todd Portune—back when he was just a city councilman, Mayor Dwight Tillery, councilman Roxanne Qualls, Nick Vear and many of the most powerful developers in Cincinnati at that time.  I was literally at war with the most powerful people in the city from the organized crime elements to the people who thought they were the smartest people in the entire world and I only had a handful of friends to help me in that endeavor—and we learned firsthand how the world really worked.  Those who learn some of that truth are those whom Hillary Clinton recently called the “alt-right” which to her mind is a major fringe threat to normalcy.

But to my experience, that “normalcy” that she refers to is a corrupt position full of really bad people who deserve to not only be defeated, but punished until their very souls cry for mercy—because they are evil collectivists hell-bent on the destruction of the human race—and that is no exaggeration.  I’ve been there and witnessed it firsthand.   Looking back, I have a lot of pride in my experiences because first of all, most people never even dare to do some of the things I have done in their lifetimes—let alone, before they even turned twenty-five years old.  And if they do, they certainly don’t live long enough to become a middle-ager like I am now.  So I can speak from experience that what Hillary and her Democratic criminals truly are represent the embodiment of evil on earth and that they must make people believe that any investigation into their lives is a conspiracy theory because they must defer people away from the truth.

I was with a small group; really it was me and two friends when we gave a presentation about the Banks Project in Cincinnati long before what was most recently built.  One of those friends was a certified genius who had spoken to a special session of politicians, developers and wealthy donors at city hall in Cincinnati on ideas planting the seeds of what has now two decades later become a proper use of the riverfront properties.  Covington, Kentucky was developing their skyline and Cincinnati was falling behind and wanted to catch up.  My friend gave a presentation that was literally twenty years ahead of its time, and nobody back then wanted to hear it.  His presentation far outshined any other presentation that evening and all the news stations were there to record it.  When he was finished we expected that we had changed the world and everyone would beat a path to our door from then on.  But what we found is that at the conclusion of the event, not one reporter, not one politician—even though they all knew us—and not one developer—even though one of the most powerful in the city at the time was personal friends with us and his Penthouse playmate wife was a little addicted to me at that time—not a single person approached us for a handshake or a kind word.  To prove a point I purposely sat in the middle of the room as all the hobnobbing was going on afterwards and sat in a chair between Mayor Tillery and then councilwoman Roxanne Qualls.  They pretended like I wasn’t there the entire time.  Even when I spoke loudly to my other friends about how fat Roxanne Qualls ass was, nobody acknowledged me or any of us because as collectivists they found individual behavior reprehensible and against their foundation philosophies—and their only defense was to pretend that we didn’t exist because our presence threatened their reality.

We were all shocked a bit because in movies when people did heroic things like we had to even get to that meeting, there were celebrations and fanfare.  But that’s not what happened.  Actually that was the second time I had experienced that situation.  The other occurred a year earlier at my five-year Lakota school class reunion.  My wife and I both went to Lakota and had been married at that point for four years.  We were mature for our age and planned a family right out of high school while I pursued very ambitious entrepreneurial activities.  I was going to college, but it was dreadfully boring, and I hated it.  So at the same time, I was developing myself in ways that gave me a lot of life experience.  In my early years, during high school I pushed the limit on everything including life and death.  I was in trouble with the law a lot not because I was a bad kid, but because I wasn’t afraid of anything and when you are a teenager—especially a male, there are a lot of challenges that come your way to put you in a peaking order that society dictates.  Well, I rebelled against that with an insistence on my individual freedom, so I made a lot of enemies—let’s just say that.  I had spent a lot of time in court and had trouble with the law in every county in southern Ohio.  I had a special friend who was a judge in Sharonville who kept me out of jail because he understood that I was too smart to be a criminal and that my behavior wasn’t delinquent; it was resistant to the imposition that society sought to inflict, so he kept me out of legal trouble, even when things got bloody.  When my name was involved in the death of people, he took care to keep me out of the details, which looking back I appreciated.  I think I was living an authentic life that he wished late in life that he had—so there was a mutual admiration.  (I’ve told the story of meeting him while filming a Channel 19 commercial when I was only 16.)  So when I met my wife, I was ready to get married and focused on building a family because I had already done and seen anything and everything a young man needed to.  When I was 18 I felt like I was already 50 in life experience so there wasn’t any question and my wife and I started having kids.

At the reunion I was well-known.  Some people were a little scared of me because of my reputation, some were uneasy of me because all through my school years I was never associated with any social groups—which I deplored.  I wasn’t a jock, even though I was really good at sports—I wasn’t a “head” even though I had all the rebellious tendencies of the most delinquent teenager—I wasn’t a geek, even though I loved Star Wars, orchestra music and art, I wasn’t an honor’s student, even though most of my best friends had genius level IQs—and more than anything I had no insecurity about my lack of placement in that matrix.  I never remember worrying about “fitting in” with any of those groups and was always proud of my social and intellectual independence.  So I knew a lot of people, but I wasn’t particularly close to anybody—by design.  That made for an interesting class reunion.  Out of everyone I was the definitely the one who was married the longest, but I also had the most kids and they were running around the podium where the class president was giving out awards to people in interesting categories like that which is customary at those types of things.  I qualified for something like five awards out of the twenty given that day because I had been leading an unusual life.  But guess what?  I didn’t get a single award even though my kids were there for all to see running around playing while the class president was giving her little presentation.  Now I really didn’t care, but I did notice that everyone really wanted to pretend like I wasn’t there because I represented something they didn’t want to admit to themselves and their only defense was to pretend like I didn’t exist.

When the city of Cincinnati turned its back on our offering to turn the riverfront into what the Banks currently is—twenty years before they actually did it—I learned that a pattern was emerging which is exactly the same type of thing going on with Hillary Clinton in 2016.  The people she calls the “alt-right” which is a term I’ve never heard until this past week—are the type of people she and her fellow collectivists have been avoiding all their lives.  Their strategy is to pretend like people smarter than them—better than them—people who don’t need them for anything—don’t exist.   So long as they do that, they protect themselves from the realization that there are people outside their realm of control and that unstable realization is truly frightening to them.

I have been teaching people about these things for three decades now—and I have no inclination to stop.  Over the years, I have watched as more people joined me on the “alt-right” and now the numbers are nearly insurrection level and that is freighting to the Hillary Clinton types who hide their crimes behind collective uniformity and hope that nobody notices.  When somebody does they attempt to isolate those people with fringe labels, but if that fails to domesticate the fringe elements of our society because they don’t care about the opinions of the collectivists, then suddenly people like Hillary Clinton have a math problem.  If too many people fail to fall in line, the entire structure of their orthodox behavior begins to come undone—and that is what is happening to the Democrats just ahead of Labor Day.  The old tricks aren’t working—they do of course on the stupid—the mentally beaten—the compromised individuals who seek to hide their shame in the masses because they lack the courage to stand as an individual in the light of society.  But the tricks aren’t working on those in the “alt-right” movement—those conservatives who have not allowed themselves to be drug into RINO territory because society said that such things were “popular.”

A republic style of government such as what we have requires people to “think” not to bend their lives towards the whims of popular sentiment.  One should not be afraid to express themselves or propose a new idea because you never know if some new innovation of thinking might carry mankind to another step.  But before that can happen, you can’t worry about hurting the feelings of the establishment, or bending your ambitions to the weaknesses of the orthodox.  If acceptance into a “group” is your aim, you are thinking incorrectly.  The whole purpose of your life is to think as an individual.  You weren’t born as a “group.”  You don’t die as a “group.”  You experience the best and most horrifying things in life as an individual, and there is a reason for that.  It is to mold in your brain the proper wiring to expand mankind to an incremental destiny and that never is realized in group associated behavior.  The very notion of a raw “democracy” where the “majority” rule is a faulty concept destined to failure—and a right thinking person can spot such people a mile away—and can defeat them easily.

It gives me great pleasure to see that there are more “alt-right” people now than there were two decades ago when the members of that city hall meeting were trying to suppress a rebellion of young men trying to do big things in the face of normalcy.  Watching Hillary Clinton’s face in these public events she has been giving lately has been fun to watch, because her world is crumbling.  Are there enough “alt-right” people to change things yet—we’ll see?  I will continue to teach people who want to listen how to think in the correct way about things—but I can say this, there isn’t anything that Hillary or her despots could do to prevent me from doing and saying what I do at this point in my life.  What I’ve been through is more than any of these people have in the tank—so I don’t worry about them at all.  They are easy to beat—and the sooner others realize that—the better our society will be. But for now, desperation is beginning to set in and I am enjoying it.  There just aren’t enough suckers anymore willing to overlook the obvious in favor of an illusion—and the Democrats are in real trouble.  And they deserve to be.

Rich Hoffman


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The Hardest Working Presidential Candidate Ever: Trump unleashing the power of capitalism

While Obama and Hillary were off at separate events enjoying life as the world burns—much do to their own mismanagement—the contrast between them and Trump couldn’t be more obvious.  Even for me, a person who has been with Trump since the beginning, the contrast was quite dramatic. There are still 80 days until the election and it was clear who wanted the Oval Office more.  Hillary and Obama are part of an entitled class who thought that it was appropriate to take the weekend off.  In response to Trump’s visit to Louisiana Clinton declared that she made a few calls to the governor of that state out of concern—but the effort would have taken 10 to 15 minutes maximum and Obama stated that he’d clear his schedule for the following Tuesday to visit the flood zone—nearly a week after the tragedy occurred.  It’s not like Louisiana is on the other side of the world from Martha’s Vineyard.  It’s a short flight that could have been conducted in a morning.  Obama could have done like Trump, fly down, tour the zone, talk to the people and be back north before noon and still had the entire day to conduct whatever business needed to be carried out.  Yet all the established politicians got caught napping and Trump outworked everyone and didn’t even break a sweat.

I had a moment of clarity while at Top Golf in West Chester, Ohio which is a brilliant sporting complex that was a lot nicer than I thought it would be.  As I was there for lunch I was listening to Mark Belling cover for Rush Limbaugh.  Belling was a never Trumper during the primary campaign but he has since come around to appreciate Trump and it was interesting to hear him speak about his transition optimistically.   As I looked around the Top Golf facility with Mark’s words in my ears I had one of those flashes of American potential that was extremely refreshing.  It was a nice day.  From my vantage point capitalism was on full display.  NFL preseason games were on the television monitors everywhere, the place was packed and there was a lot of eating going on.  Across the Top Golf greens was the new Main Event complex where bowling, climbing and many other activities were now available next to my favorite regional book store, the Barnes and Nobel of West Chester.  Next to that was a Mitchells where I have been to many business lunches and dinners.  Soon right next to Top Golf will be a Bass Pro Shop.  The entire complex felt fresh and energetic like what you’d expect to experience at Disney World.  It was all top notch vacation destination type stuff and was the result of many great minds thinking creatively as individual contributions to expanding the market economy of West Chester.  And behind the scenes where government belongs, I knew a lot of what I was looking at was the result of two trustees, Mark Welch and George Lang who are pro capitalist entrepreneurs themselves who manage West Chester in much the way that Donald Trump is proposing to run America as a nation.   Once word got out around the United States that West Chester was a hands off—high per capita location, wonderful entertainment companies like Main Event and Top Golf made investments and the result is simply spectacular.

Like all productive people though, Top Golf was only part of my day—a small part at that.  Within an hour or so I was back to my obligations for the day working hard.  A few hours later I did meet my wife at Ikea which was just across the highway from Top Golf to look through some new bedroom options for our guest rooms.  We had dinner there and again I enjoyed the view of West Chester’s new bustling panorama.  Since it was Friday a lot of people were coming in from out of town just to visit Ikea which has become a destination shopping event for many.  New hotels had sprang up to accommodate the demand and it was just another example how capitalism improves the lives of people so dramatically.  Everything I could see was the result of “making money.”  Not redistributing the money that has been made like Clinton and Obama believe in their static hearts to be the root of all government activity—but the Trumpian capitalism of job creation and therefore wealth building.  When you lay the foundation for investment and creativity, good things happen and West Chester, Ohio is a prime example of it.  When Trump says he can bring back jobs and bring back optimism and energy to the country, this is the kind of thing he’s pitching.

Trump is not talking about being a typical president.  Like most successful people, he does many things in a day and lives every day to the fullest.  If he finds he needs to apply more effort, he does and he obtains the desired results through sheer tenacity.  Playing golf in Martha’s Vineyard is just one thing he might do in a day so that’s the reason it is so despicable that Obama wouldn’t take the time to fly to Louisiana to visit the flood victims.  As a president with a private airplane, such a journey is nothing—but it means so much to so many people.  And after nearly eight years in office, Obama still doesn’t get it—that’s because he has never been independently successful—he has only witnessed success as a second-hander.  Hillary is in a lot of ways even worse.  She benefits from knowing a lot of powerful people as the wife of a former president and she actually thinks she’s entitled to the presidency and could take the weekend off.

Trump is independently wealthy—has his own luxury airplane so flying all over the country is like sitting in his private office. It’s not hard—and that opportunity is something he built for himself through a lot of hard work. So when he needs it, Trump can apply his hard work to maximum benefit and be all over the country and still have dinner with his family on Sunday while running for presidential office.  And when he really needs to lock down an issue, he can have the kind of week that he just had, because as a private sector guy, he is familiar with hard work and he simply outworked the Hillary Clinton machine which is filled with second-handers and have no idea how to match the effort.  But what Trump is fighting for is not to be a dictator like Glenn Beck fears or any of the other pro Hillary supporters.  Trump is talking about a completely different kind of government—one where those who run it take a back seat to optimism and empower those best positioned to do the right things to unleash the power of capitalism—which is really what Hillary and Obama fear most.  Because once people get a taste of that—really for the first time in America—they’ll never go back to how things have been.  And that is something to really get excited about.

Rich Hoffman


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How to Help Donald Trump in Ohio: Walking, knocking on doors and fighting a vile evil unleashed by diabolical Democrats

 For those in the media who keep their ears to the tracks of my writings for a whisper of happenings coming and going–of trends not yet realized so that forecasts to the winds can be witnessed a fraction of a second ahead of the competition, this posting is primarily for them.  If you want a good political story in Ohio, be at any of the below locations-and you will see a hint of what’s really going on in America’s heartland.    The below message is from the Trump Ohio campaign.  Robert Scott is doing a great job, and things are just getting started.

Ohio Trump-Pence Victory is rolling in the Buckeye State and we will be participating in the National Day of Action. We will be Walking and knocking doors THIS SATURDAY, AUGUST 20 at various locations throughout Ohio. Please click the link to sign up for the nearest location or where you would like to walk tomorrow:


County Time Link
Allen 1:00 PM https://www.eventbrite.com/e/super-saturday-allen-county-tickets-27046067516
Butler 9:30 AM https://www.eventbrite.com/e/make-america-great-again-national-day-of-action-butler-county-tickets-27047907018
Butler 9:30 AM https://www.eventbrite.com/e/make-america-great-again-national-day-of-action-west-chester-tickets-27057587974
Clermont 9:00 AM https://www.eventbrite.com/e/make-america-great-again-national-day-of-action-clermont-county-tickets-27054498734
Clinton 12:30 PM https://www.eventbrite.com/e/make-america-great-again-national-day-of-action-tickets-27057551866?utm-medium=discovery&utm-campaign=social&utm-content=attendeeshare&utm-source=strongmail&utm-term=listing
Cuyahoga 9:00 AM https://www.eventbrite.com/e/national-day-of-action-for-donald-trump-westlake-tickets-27069467506
Cuyahoga 9:30 AM https://www.eventbrite.com/e/national-day-of-action-for-donald-trump-rocky-river-tickets-27063487620
Cuyahoga 9:30 AM https://www.eventbrite.com/e/national-day-of-action-for-donald-trump-brecksville-tickets-27063333158
Fairfield 9:00 AM https://www.eventbrite.com/e/make-america-great-again-national-day-of-action-lancaster-morning-tickets-27049325260
Fairfield 3:00 PM https://www.eventbrite.com/e/make-america-great-again-national-day-of-action-lancaster-afternoon-tickets-27054592013
Fairfield 9:00 AM https://www.eventbrite.com/e/make-america-great-again-national-day-of-action-pickerington-tickets-27049985234
Franklin 10:00 AM https://www.eventbrite.com/e/national-day-of-action-tickets-27059998183
Geauga 10:00 AM https://www.eventbrite.com/e/geauga-county-trumprepublican-national-day-of-action-tickets-27059989156
Guernsey 10:00 AM https://www.eventbrite.com/e/make-america-great-again-national-day-of-action-cambridge-tickets-27049133687
Hamilton 9:30 AM https://www.eventbrite.com/e/make-america-great-again-national-day-of-action-cincinnati-east-side-tickets-27047143735
Hamilton 9:30 AM https://www.eventbrite.com/e/make-america-great-again-national-day-of-action-cincinnati-west-side-tickets-27015392767
Highland 9:00 AM https://www.eventbrite.com/e/make-america-great-again-national-day-of-action-tickets-27057218870
Lake 9:00 AM https://www.eventbrite.com/e/national-day-of-action-in-lake-county-tickets-27060535791
Licking 9:00 AM https://www.eventbrite.com/e/make-america-great-again-national-day-of-action-newark-morning-tickets-27051771577
Licking 3:00 PM https://www.eventbrite.com/e/make-america-great-again-national-day-of-action-newark-afternoon-tickets-27054745472
Licking 9:00 AM https://www.eventbrite.com/e/make-america-great-again-national-day-of-action-reynoldsburg-tickets-27054085498
Lucas 10:00 AM https://www.eventbrite.com/e/super-saturday-lucas-county-tickets-27046275137
Mahoning 9:00 AM https://www.eventbrite.com/e/door-knocking-for-donald-trump-tickets-26826428570
Marion 9:30 AM https://www.eventbrite.com/e/doors4donald-tickets-27082190561
Medina 9:30 AM https://www.eventbrite.com/e/national-day-of-action-for-donald-trump-medina-tickets-27063616004
Miami 9:30 AM https://www.eventbrite.com/e/make-america-great-again-national-day-of-action-tickets-27074734259
Montgomery 10:00 AM https://www.eventbrite.com/e/make-america-great-again-national-day-of-action-tickets-27047356371
Montgomery 9:30 AM https://www.eventbrite.com/e/make-america-great-again-national-day-of-action-tickets-27076449389
Muskingum 9:00 AM https://www.eventbrite.com/e/national-day-of-actionmaking-america-great-again-tickets-27047869907
Ottawa 9:30 AM https://www.eventbrite.com/e/doors4donald-tickets-27081842520
Ottawa 9:30 AM https://www.eventbrite.com/e/doors4donald-tickets-27082058165
Pickaway 9:00 AM https://www.eventbrite.com/e/make-america-great-again-national-day-of-action-circleville-tickets-27049278119
Pike 9:00 AM https://www.eventbrite.com/e/make-america-great-again-national-day-of-action-piketon-tickets-27049054450
Portage 10:00 AM https://www.eventbrite.com/e/portage-county-trumprepublican-national-day-of-action-tickets-27059973108
Ross 9:00 AM https://www.eventbrite.com/e/make-america-great-again-national-day-of-action-chillicothe-morning-tickets-27049160768
Ross 3:00 PM https://www.eventbrite.com/e/make-america-great-again-national-day-of-action-chillicothe-afternoon-tickets-27054680277
Sandusky 9:30 AM https://www.eventbrite.com/e/doors4donald-tickets-27081938808
Scioto 9:00 AM https://www.eventbrite.com/e/make-america-great-again-national-day-of-action-portsmouth-morning-tickets-27046599106
Scioto 3:00 PM https://www.eventbrite.com/e/make-america-great-again-national-day-of-action-portsmouth-afternoon-tickets-27054898931
Stark 9:00 AM https://www.eventbrite.com/e/national-day-of-action-in-stark-county-tickets-27060118543
Summit 9:00 AM https://www.eventbrite.com/e/national-day-of-action-for-trumprepublicans-in-summit-county-tickets-27060195774
Washington 9:00 AM https://www.eventbrite.com/e/make-america-great-again-national-day-of-action-marietta-tickets-27053639163

With your help we will Make America Great Again!

Robert Scott
Deputy State Director for Ohio
Donald J. Trump for President, Inc.

Rich Hoffman

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How to Help Trump: Fighting ‘The Walking Dead’ Democrats in Butler County, Ohio and everywhere


These polls against Donald Trump, I don’t believe.  There have been so many aspects of this 2016 election that are obviously wrong, that I am suspect of all news currently.  What I do know is that Donald Trump’s speech in Detroit was magnificent—and is rally call to the last remnants of American life—and if you still love our country you need to make sure you are registered to vote and that you have to show up for the polls in November.  There are a lot of really stupid people these days, and most of them are voting for Hillary Clinton—and they don’t like our country—and they are attacking.  We are living The Walking Dead in real life but this time the zombies are Democrats. They’ve already destroyed Detroit.  Now they want to do it to the rest of America.


Trump is doing his job of saving our country, of keeping what happened to Detroit from happening to every city and county in America.  But it won’t be enough.  Trump needs a ground game and he needs money.  So below you will find ways and contact information to help him with both.  Specifically, if you live near me in Butler County, Ohio and you have time and energy to be part of Trump’s ground game, then here is a way that you can help.  My good friend Ann Becker is the main contact—get with her and do your part.


A chance to work on the Trump Campaign

Thank you for the huge response on the training on Wednesday.  Here is an updated link to register for the training. http://butlercountyfortrump.us8.list-manage2.com/subscribe?u=13b1cc23a2b621211cfc4d18e&id=bc7e600370

You are invited to help Make America Great Again with the Trump Victory Campaign in Butler County. Join us for training on Wednesday, August 10th.   You must RSVP below to be allowed in the training room.

Precinct School for Trump Victory Butler County

When: Wednesday, August 10th. Doors open at 6pm. Training begins at 6:30

Where: Tori’s Station – 74 Donald Dr, Fairfield, OH 45014

RSVP – http://bit.ly/ButlerCountyVolunteer

Training is Free.  Pizza and pop will be on hand.  First 100 people registered get a free Trump/Pence shirt.

Join the Butler County for Trump campaign and the Butler County Republican Party as they present Precinct School on Wednesday, August 10th at Tori’s Station in Fairfield. Doors will open at 6:00 pm, and the training will begin at6:30.  You must RSVP to be allowed in the training room.  http://bit.ly/ButlerCountyVolunteer 

You will be trained on how to talk to voters in this important elections.  We will look at how to go door to door – tips and tricks for making the best impact with voters. You will also be trained on the tools that that Trump campaign will use to secure victory.

This training is a must if you want to be a part of Making America Great Again.

Yours in Liberty,
Ann Becker, State Central Committeewoman, 4th District Ohio
Email – beckerae@gmail.com
Social Media @annbecker1999

Additionally, Eric Trump—who is the younger son of Donald Trump, is hosting an incentive opportunity to raise money for the Trump/Pence campaign.  I’ve met Eric, he’s a great young man and when you look into his eyes, you can see a person of great sincerity, so a lunch with him at Trump Tower is worth something.  I can promise that it would be the trip of a lifetime.  So send three dollars at the link below and you will automatically be registered to win.  Three dollars isn’t much for a chance of a lifetime.  Here is the message from Eric on how to send money and why:

How would you like to get…

  1. A free flight to New York City;
  2. A private tour of our campaign headquarters at Trump Tower, and
  3. A lunch with me – where we’ll talk about our strategy to defeat Hillary Clinton and Make America Great Again!

Just contribute $3 now to automatically enter for a chance to win it all.

Ever since my father officially accepted the Republican nomination for president, our campaign has surged with momentum, and more and more Americans are joining the Trump Train to help us win.

And right now is the perfect time for you to sign on.

Your contribution will push us closer to victory. And you will also get the chance to have an insider’s look at the Trump-Pence HQ in the heart of Manhattan and provide YOUR feedback on our campaign.

Contribute $3 to automatically enter to win.

I’m sure Hillary Clinton’s campaign is setting up fundraisers with high-powered lobbyists as we speak. But those are the people who have rigged the economy against you, left our borders wide open, and refuse to take the threat of Radical Islam seriously.

Those are the people my father wants nothing to do with. His campaign is about you, and that’s why I hope you will take action today.

I’ll be happy to meet you and hear your thoughts on our campaign one-on-one.

Thanks – good luck!

Eric Trump


Hillary Clinton is part of a vile machine that we are all up against.  In July she raised $90 million dollars which Democrats are using to attack Trump—and all of us really—and to hide the many crimes she has been a part of.  Trump and his team raised $80 million dollars which is very competitive, and that will help a lot.  But you can’t take anything for granted.  If you are reading this, you need to help in some way possible, in either of the two ways discussed above, or both.  Most of that $80 million was raised with small contributions like the link above.  Meeting Eric at Trump Tower is just an added bit of fun for whoever wins it.  But you should do it for the patriotic contribution to saving your country.  I don’t mean to be melodramatic, but the situation is serious.  The money is the most important thing.

The second most important thing is to get involved in the ground game.  If you don’t live in Ohio, Ann might even be able to point you in the right direction, so contact her anyway.  But if you do live in Ohio and you want to beat Hillary Clinton….call Ann—have some free pizza and learn how you can help by hitting that pavement.  Make some calls and help Trump out.  Ohio is a crucial battleground state and we don’t have Kasich’s Republicans helping—because they are still crying about their lost dream of having their guy in the White House.  We are literally talking about fixing America or destroying it—and you have to make a choice.  So make the right one and don’t sit on the sidelines.  Your country can’t withstand a lost election in November.

Rich Hoffman

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Hillary Clinton Created ISIS: Julian Assange provides the evidence

Of the DNC emails released by Julian Assange apparently among them is the evidence that she was directly involved in arming Syrian rebels and jihadists in Libya to overthrow the dictators in both of those countries.  Now, I told all of you this over four years ago.  The only difference is that now there is proof.  For review, you will want to watch the following video, again showing the horrendous leadership skills Hillary Clinton has displayed time and time again on a range of issues.  Rand Paul nailed her hard on the following testimony and it should be remembered that Hillary resigned after this hearing and that leading up to it to buy some time had a “head injury” delaying her appearance.

Julian Assange: So, those Hillary Clinton emails, they connect together with the cables that we have published of Hillary Clinton, creating a rich picture of how Hillary Clinton performs in office, but, more broadly, how the U.S. Department of State operates. So, for example, the disastrous, absolutely disastrous intervention in Libya, the destruction of the Gaddafi government, which led to the occupation of ISIS of large segments of that country, weapons flows going over to Syria, being pushed by Hillary Clinton, into jihadists within Syria, including ISIS, that’s there in those emails. There’s more than 1,700 emails in Hillary Clinton’s collection, that we have released, just about Libya alone.


During the DNC convention all the attention of the media focused on a Gold Star Muslim family that followed the Democratic narrative, yet similar testimonies from the RNC were completely ignored.  Clearly, the people involved in this coverage are quite guilty of ignoring evidence in favor of their candidate, Hillary Clinton.  We are witnessing a strategic move at all costs to undo the United States from a philosophic foundation rooted in the political left.  Yet the evidence is there for people to look at.  Hillary Clinton’s State Department created ISIS and unleashed the terror it is exhibiting across the world.  And for that alone, she needs to not only lose this coming November election, but she needs to go to jail—Hillary Clinton is so terribly guilty and that evidence is in those 1700 emails which the media in general refuse to look at—because in them is the end of their strategic intentions and dream candidate, Hillary Clinton.

Rich Hoffman


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Debbie Wasserman Schultz is Resigning over another Clinton Scandal: The DNC is sunk before it even got started

Remember all the controversy surrounding the beginning of the RNC event in Cleveland last week?  Remember the fear of the open carry gun laws, and the riots that were supposedly going to occur—and the floor revolts by the #NEVERTRUMPS—and all the disunity that would split the republicans going into the fall election?  By Friday, the party unified behind Trump—those that wouldn’t were pushed out—essentially Ted Cruz and John Kasich.  There wasn’t any violence to speak of and everything came out nice.  Now compare that to the democrats—before the DNC has even started Debbie Wasserman Schultz is resigning—which is an outrageous scandal because the convention is essentially her creation.  On the eve of the nomination of Crooked Hillary Clinton’s presidential run Wikileaks unleashed over 20,000 emails which were so scandalous that Schultz had no choice.  And that is just day one.  Democrats are just terrible people filled with scandal—they simply can’t help themselves.

Remember about six weeks ago when I predicted an end to the Democratic Party on Matt Clark’s radio show.  It’s all happening right on schedule. 

Rich Hoffman


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Watch ’13 Hours’: Hillary Clinton’s epic mistake and the many lives she ruined forever

One of the things you should be thinking about during the Fourth of July 2016 and thereafter is what freedom costs, and what it produces.  One of the best ways to understand the character of Americans produced under the banner of freedom is to watch war movies that are rooted in truth, like We Were Soldiers by Mel Gibson, American Sniper, and of course the very relevant 13 Hours—which has Hillary Clinton’s name all over it as far as a resume.  As we blast of our fireworks and celebrate our independence obviously rooted in sheer defiance I wish that American ideas of freedom were in every home around the world so that other people could produce the type of men that were displayed in Michael Bay’s 13 Hours.

Do yourself a favor, watch 13 Hours and recommend it to someone you care about, no matter where they live in the world.  Without America’s influence in faraway lands like Libya, the world is an armpit.  I’ve traveled around the world and witnessed many cultures, and studied many that are no longer around and without dispute America is the best and the people of the world deserve much better than they have now.

But the most important thing to take away from 13 Hours is the sheer incompetence of the Barack Obama administration and Hillary Clinton’s fingerprints all over it, from positioning Ambassador Chris Stevens in harm’s way to lying about the motivation of the terrorists to the public in the days after.  If Clinton were a normal human being she would retire in shame after the whole Benghazi incident happened on her watch under her guidance.  I don’t think she deliberately stoked the fires of terrorism to kill Ambassador Stevens or anything like that, but she clearly mismanaged the situation.  Even though the film never names her directly, the people at the heart of the storm in 13 Hours were clearly victims of sheer incompetence.  Hillary should have resigned over the incident and Obama should not have been re-elected.  However, to protect their political careers, both Clinton and Obama lied about the motivations and the danger—then attacked anybody who wanted to look into what went wrong as a conspiracy theorist.  They fought against the congressional investigation which just wrapped up this past week, intensely.  Read it for yourself by CLICKING HERE.  Our Fourth of July is a reminder of what makes Americans special to begin with.  When our government goes bad we have mechanisms in place to remove those failures and our fireworks customs are reminders of that back-pocket trait.  The primary reason we all must protect the freedom to arms in America is because we could easily find ourselves in our own version of 13 Hours from our homes under incompetent government led by people like Hillary Clinton.

One thing that really surprised me about 13 Hours was how many people were actually involved, and how many casualties there were.  The firefight between the CIA and the contractors who starred in the film was intense all through the film.  That wasn’t reported on the news.  Much of what happened in Benghazi wasn’t reported by even conservative outlets.  Even Fox News let Hillary Clinton off too easy for her role in the whole event.  It is unbelievable that only three years later that idiot was running for President of the United States.  If she were human, she wouldn’t show her face in public and would stay into hiding for the rest of her life licking her wounds.  After watching 13 Hours, Hillary isn’t qualified for POTUS just because of Benghazi, not to mention the long list of other problems she has.  Over this past weekend the FBI had to have a meeting with her regarding her email server, which was illegally set up and exposed sensitive material to villains while she was running the Benghazi debacle as Secretary of State.  The list is long with Clinton.  She is a reminder of why we cannot trust government blindly and why we must keep our guns close.  We give idiots like Hillary Clinton some power and if she turns that power against us to protect her career—then we have to take that power away from her at some point.  The fact that she’s running for POTUS after her embarrassing stint as a Secretary of State for Barack Obama says everything.

I watched 13 Hours with my family the night before the Fourth of July.  I thought it would be good, but I didn’t expect it to be as good as it was.  Every single American should watch it.  It’s really easy; I rented it off the Playstation Store.  It was only ten years ago when my family would make a similar trip to Blockbuster Video to rent movies we didn’t catch at the theater.  Now we just rent them at home and directly download them to watch without even getting out of our chairs.  13 Hours is also available as a MOD on cable and the DVD/Blue Ray is out anywhere that those types of things are offered, which is just about everywhere.  After watching the movie, I’d recommend buying it for a home collection.  It was good enough.  I will definitely want to watch it again.  Regardless, there is no excuse for not seeing the movie.  It’s easy to get and it’s good enough to block a few hours out of your day to see.  It is the perfect thing to watch as a family before shooting off Fourth of July fireworks.  Freedom wasn’t fought for once over 200 years ago and that’s all we celebrate.  It is fought for every day by you, me, and those fine people in 13 Hours.  Being an American is a special thing and the world does need our influence.  Without that influence, the tribes of losers around the world that wants to yank their people back to the Stone Age is prevalent.  So it’s not just us we protect—we are the beacon of light that the world must yearn for.  Without guns and the bravery of the type of people born and raised under the opportunities that freedom creates—idiots like Hillary Clinton run the world and when they mess up, lots of people suffer as they did from all sides in Benghazi.

I highly recommend 13 Hours.  You should watch it without haste and come to terms with what it says about our modern government—which ended up embarrassing me more than I already was.  The film wasn’t just a story about the six guys featured in the firefight at the Annex, it had a lot of others connected who could have provided contrary information if the film wasn’t true. But they didn’t—because they couldn’t.  If you really want to know how bad it is out there, then 13 Hours is the place to start.  It really was the start of ISIS because once America withdrew from that region after Benghazi the rebels who had been getting weapons from the United States through the black market provided by our government to overthrow all the dictators around the Middle East organized to create ISIS—to perpetuate a global caliphate.  Just two days before the Fourth of July celebrations in America during 2016 ISIS attacked innocent people in Bangladesh.  Hillary’s mismanagement at Benghazi not only unleashed ISIS that evening, but it opened the lid of terrorism that America had carefully been trying to contain for three decades with a naive notion motivated by John Lennon song’s about a global world united by love and pot smoke.  What she and Obama got was a world being pulled back into the Middle Ages once American freedom was pushed out of the region—and many more people suffered.  And it’s time that people understand the situation for what it is.

Watch the videos of this article carefully and consider what is at stake during this upcoming election.  And make sure to share this with someone you care about.

Rich Hoffman


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