Trump and Scott Walker: Dealing with bullies, and then some

Yet again Donald Trump shows why he is gaining support. I certainly support the way he conducted himself in regard to the Scott Walker campaign and the Des Moines Register leaving Amalia Nash to issue a statement after being banned from a Trump event, “We are disappointed that Mr. Trump’s campaign has taken the unusual step of excluding Register reporters from covering his campaign event in Iowa on Saturday because he was displeased with our editorial. As we previously said, the editorial has no bearing on our news coverage. We work hard to provide Iowans with coverage of all the candidates when they spend time in Iowa, and this is obviously impeding our ability to do so. We hope Mr. Trump’s campaign will revisit its decision instead of making punitive decisions because we wrote something critical of him.” That something that they wrote was that he was “a feckless blowhard who can generate headlines, name recognition and polling numbers not by provoking thought, but by provoking outrage.” Ahhhh, did the Register get its little feelings hurt? And again from one of Scott Walker’s top supporters who called Trump a “dumb, dumb” in an email—what were they thinking?

What the press is trying to invoke is that silly little game that is taught in all public schools, the peer pressure application of majority rule. The press and these other campaigns can’t fight Trump toe to toe, so they are seeking to build consensus against him with name calling and other insults hoping to paint him a certain way to slow his momentum. This is because their methods of advancement are not built around aggressive offense, but manipulative defense. The Register wants to be able to editorialize with immunity Trump’s campaign, but they don’t want to get an editorial about their behavior back. And Walker’s supporters want their man to stay in front, so they think some peer pressure insult will preserve that. We live in a world that does not expect conflict these days allowing for passive aggressive types to rule in their usual manner—through non confrontation feeding their manipulation abilities. In this way 5’ 5” runts can take down a 6’ 3” billionaire who is obviously more gifted in verbal insults and financial backing—not to mention physical presence. That is the spirit behind their insults. They don’t want peace, or a good campaign ran cleanly by all candidates. They just want to shoot without being shot back.

But Trump engages everyone he can. I’m sure he can’t get to every insult, but he gets to as many as he can, which is refreshing to see from someone who is running for a political seat. We have had to endure many years now of President Obama’s skinny little ass manipulating his way into power unchecked, largely because nobody punched him in the nose directly for the insults he casts out like water over Niagara Falls. That silly behavior goes back to all our school days where if a bunch of kids make fun of you, the implied assumption is that it is your burden to change the behavior to avoid the insult.   But that’s not the right thing to do. When someone challenges you, you have to meet that challenge with either equal force, or greater force. My policy of course is greater force. It works very effectively. When someone takes a shot at me I go well out of my way to make their life a living nightmare. If they do it with passive aggressive implementation, I’ll give it back to them 20 times over. If they do it with force, I’ll match it or surpass it. But I typically answer every insult eventually. Sometimes it’s good to play a waiting game with those challengers, to let them think you’ve forgotten and that they’re off the hook. But that’s part of the game in winning. Sometimes it takes me ten years or more to collect on a debt, but collect I always do—with interest. It’s a policy I’ve lived by all of my life. I don’t go out of my way to make trouble. I live and let live until someone takes a shot. Then the cannons turn toward that target and I’ll hunt them down until I get them and then some. 100% of the time. I’m 47 and have always been like that, and it’s not going to change now. Trump I’m happy to say is precisely the same way, and I LOVE IT!

I understand what he meant regarding Walker when Trump said “Finally I can attack,” now that the rival presidential candidate has openly made a move against him. It’s hard sometimes to know who is doing what. In the passive aggressive world that we live in it’s hard to know friend from foe, so I usually do a lot of checking before making a commitment to hunt someone down. I give them the benefit of the doubt because I know it will be hell for them, and I don’t want to do it unjustly. Walker is a good presidential candidate under regular circumstances and he did a good job in Wisconsin under hard conditions. But now that I know more about his wife, I’ll never vote for him. She’s not the kind of woman I want to see as first lady—that’s for sure. But Walker as Trump said is a fighter so that makes him worthy of consideration, and some respect. That respect can make one pause when a punch in the mouth is needed. So now that the Walker camp has been caught as not being such a nice presidential candidate, Trump can now look beyond that initial respect and unleash his fury on the Wisconsin governor. It’s a very liberating feeling to know who your enemies are, because it gives a clean target to go after.

But in this passive aggressive world that we’re living in, that’s not how people do things. So they are a little shocked when they get it back when they give it. I learned this method in public school and took those lessons into my adult life. As a kid I resisted joining with group affiliations, which seemed to be the entire point of public school. I think the facts easily support that assumption. Kids picked at me for a number of years as I studied their behavior. Instead of complying I learned how to deal with them through bullwhip training, martial arts and essentially learning to fear nothing. By the time I was a junior in high school I had a reputation of having no fear of anything under any circumstances. And when I fought someone, they didn’t get back up on their own. It started with me actually on the first day of school in kindergarten. I never complied with bullies. In the first grade I actually stabbed the biggest bully in school in the eye with a pair of scissors. He tried again to come after me in the 7th grade, many years later and I fought him in the hall so hard that I actually threw him into the principal’s office. Yes I got into a lot of trouble, but it was well worth it. Once I hit high school starting with being a freshman I was already refining myself into what I would become as an adult. By the time I was a senior, I was untouchable, it didn’t matter who or how many. The only real vulnerability was from close friends who you’d think you’d never have to fight like that, but of course, sometimes you do. By the time I was 19 and married I turned my attention not to individual bullies, but companies and politicians, which is something I’ve been involved with now for almost thirty years. I hate bullies but I love to punish them and I can give it to them any way they dish it. And it feels good to bring justice to their antics.

Trump obviously understands everything I just said and he likely has a similar background. People who avoid being broken as children make much better adults. You can tell who is who based on their behavior. Passive aggressive types are largely those who have been broken through peer pressure in the past, so they resort to those strategies to gain control in the future. They will lie right to your face, and then do something entirely different behind your back. Because they were broken at some point in their past, they resort to manipulation to rise to the top hoping that they can sneak past the other bullies with passive aggressive domination. And it works with most of the world, except for people like Trump. Being an unbroken man he has no idea what failure is, or losing to someone else-not to a level where he didn’t recover his loses in some way or another. It’s true; you can’t win everything all the time. You can’t control the success or failure of other people. They may have luck in their sails and may come out on top in a rivalry with you. But you can control your reaction to it, and if you keep the pressure on and press, and press, and press—eventually they will open up and you can take your shot.

I want a president who will take the shot. I don’t want a wimpy soothsayer, I want someone who will pursue his enemies to the ends of the earth and destroy them utterly if needed. I have no problem with that. I live by the same code and clearly understand it. The world would be filled with a lot more respect if everyone behaved like that. For instance, I don’t bother people until they bother me. I put up with a lot to give other people their individual freedom, even if I don’t agree with their choices. I do not impose myself on others. But when they impose on me, that’s it. They make enemies of me for life. I never forget, or forgive. And the more Trump talks, the more I learn that he is the same type of personality. That is why if the press and other candidates want a civil debate with Trump, they better not fire any shots toward him. He’ll thrive on their attempt and will pursue them forever. It’s in his nature. If they start something the bets are safe that he’ll finish it. If he’s like me he’ll still be thinking about such things 20 to 30 years later and will have the silent checklist in his head that he’ll only erase once they’ve departed the earth in the form of a grave.   For me, not even then. But not everyone wants to carry around grudges that long, so I wouldn’t expect that of every A type personality. But a lot of them do, and it wouldn’t surprise me if Trump isn’t one of them.

Rich Hoffman


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Skycar in the Mainstream: The future has always been now, people are just now learning about it

A long-ago Scientific American article proclaimed:

“The 21st century feels like a letdown. We were promised flying cars, space colonies and 15-hour workweeks. Robots were supposed to do our chores, except when they were organizing rebellions; children were supposed to learn about disease from history books; portable fusion reactors were supposed to be on sale at the Home Depot. Even dystopian visions of the future predicted leaps of technology and social organization that leave our era in the dust.”

I was just a little impressed that Scott Sloan from 700 WLW actually put Paul Moller on his radio show to discuss the exciting prospects of the M400 Skycar. As readers here know, I have been a fan and supporter of the Skycar for many years, going all the way back into the early 90s. I have pitched its benefits to every company I’ve worked with over the last 20 years and included it in my works of Cliffhanger fiction in both The Symposium of Justice and The Curse of Fort Seven Mile. I think it is one of the most important emerging market technologies on planet earth presently. Paul Moller is one of the good guys and has the potential to change the world as we know it. So it surprised me that Sloan put him on a very mainstream talk radio show.

When I talk about the terrible situation of the current American debt and the most primary reason I support someone like Donald Trump for president over a mainstream politician it is due to the extreme danger we are in relating to the creation of money versus the implication of monotonous debt. The only way out of the debacle is to first lower taxes, stop the bleeding in spending, and then create new markets with a global impact to infuse wealth back into our economy. There are no stable markets that can perform this task, such as oil, food, or even aviation as it traditionally is positioned in the marketplace. New wealth would have to come from markets that emerge from the ground up and touch the entire world, such as like what Microsoft did in the 90s and Apple has done in the 2000s. But those emerging markets would have to be even larger, and more profitable. Regenerative growth is one such field, but the growth there would be negated by the pharmaceutical industry decline—kind of a one-for-one trade. Skycar is the type of industry that would be the perfect infusion of a new transportation concept as revelatory as the railroad was in its opening days.

Skycar would be about more than just a transportation system that carried passengers from their homes to work, it would be a complete lifestyle change that would touch many more lives than just the owner of the vehicle. Along the skyways across the United States and throughout the world, industries would rise to support the Skycars flying along those GPS controlled routes. Fuel supply, maintenance, communications, and Skyports would all support a thriving business that presently doesn’t exist. Regular automobiles would still be valid, and used. Truck drivers would still use the American highway system to get products to and from their intended destinations. But the frequency and duration of travel for individual people would increase because of the ease of use.

Skycar initially as I’ve said before would emerge best in resort areas like Disney World where they could shuttle passengers from their hotel chain to their Disney Cruise ships at Cape Canaveral. That would build up the public confidence in the reliability of Skycar to get to and from their destinations without maintenance hazards. Eventually FedEx and UPS would move from delivery vans to personal shuttles making point to point delivery that would be much more efficient freeing up the roadways of heavy traffic by taking the activity to the air. Such delivery would speed up business and thus stimulate the effects of capitalism.

I can foresee a day where for business travel instead of dealing with the cumbersome nature of regional flights at a TSA controlled airport, that I could fly my own Skycar from the local skyport and land within a few miles of my intended destination in hours instead of wasting an entire day of travel. Business in Chicago could literally be concluded from Cincinnati in the same day bringing one home for dinner with time to spare because of the direct travel. If a person wanted to live 100 miles from their work in the middle of the country, they could live that peaceful life and still fly directly into the city to live a productive life. If his family wanted to fly into an urban area to partake in the arts, they could, and return home late by GPS sound asleep without worry of crashing. It would be a complete change in personal transportation and the options created by freedom.

Without an emerging technology that is significantly better than our current forms of travel, there will be no way to create the kind of wealth that will significantly help the United States solve its debt problems. Skycar by itself won’t be enough, but it will be a big help in the right direction. Skycar has been incorrectly considered a fringe science for at least four decades. But it was never fringe science, but instead quite legitimate, and justifiably orthodox. The hint of that legitimacy into the mainstream was what I heard on 700 WLW. I was happy for Paul Moller who has dedicated his life to the Skycar, to see his dream slowly becoming a reality. It’s not the science that is working against him, it’s the fearful resistance of the masses that does. So to that point, Scott Sloan brought the world to Moller’s doorstep in a way that enthusiasts like me have not been able to—because he represents the average and static past of a society spiraling into oblivion based on their own weak philosophies. With the Skycar, those philosophies will expand in ways that the human race craves to go. And with it, a dawn of a new age where Skycars rule the latest edge of transportation innovation.

Rich Hoffman


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Harrison Ford’s Gift: ‘A Force Awakens’ for a new generation

With all the bad things going on, especially the incredible disappointment that Bill Cosby has turned out to be, like anyone else, I like to maintain my sanity with a little good news from time to time. As America was striking a bad nuclear deal with Iran, Donald Trump was calling out the problems of illegal aliens, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton were declaring that the rich needed to be robbed so that their wealth could be redistributed to the poor, I watched closely the events of the San Diego Comic Con where the mythology of the upcoming year’s movies were released to a public hungry for hope. Specifically to that point was a Star Wars panel for the upcoming film, The Force Awakens where all the actors came to speak about the film, and to my surprise Harrison Ford showed up for what I think is the first time since his plane crash in March of 2015.

Harrison Ford has purposely stayed away from the character he made so popular, Han Solo for nearly 40 years now so it was surprising to me to see him promoting the film with a bit of emotion to his voice. Han Solo as I’ve said before is by far my favorite character, so much so that I wore a Han Solo t-shirt that I happen to love the day of his famous plane crash in Santa Monica—much to the down turned mouths of many who deal with me on a daily basis. I personally like Harrison Ford. I don’t like his ear-ring, but I like the actor as one of my favorite all time movie personalities. He has had that ear-ring since he turned 50 years old. I can say now that I’m close to 50 myself, that I have absolutely no desire to get an ear-ring of my own. It’s just not going to happen, under any circumstances. But I think otherwise, he’s a good guy, so I watched his portion of The Force Awakens panels intensely—as a pleasant distraction from the news of the day.

It was announced recently that there will be future Han Solo movies as well, which I think is wonderful for a new generation of children. Han Solo is one of the most popular Star Wars characters and it will be great to see more of him in the future. My generation grew up on him in just a few movies, really on the strength of A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back. So it will be wonderful for the children of today to see a LOT more of him and The Millennium Falcon even is it isn’t Harrison Ford playing the iconic character. There are a lot of things to be worried about regarding our future generations, but Han Solo, and more Star Wars is not one of them. I can remember how much hope it gave me as a young person growing up, and for millions of children growing up in a confusing time with strangely obsessed adults over sexual relationships, Star Wars is wonderfully free of those types of tensions, and allow the mind to expand with imagination in ways that are entirely healthy.

As NASA proudly did their first ever orbit of Pluto some days after the San Diego Comic Con 2015 I couldn’t help but wonder how many of those scientists and technicians were avid Star Wars fans. It’s just a guess, but I’d bet the number is somewhere around 98%. There’s always an oddball out there who represents the 2%. But without question, Star Wars had some major hand in the recent Pluto mission if not but in inspiring thousands of engineers, astrophysicists and mathematicians to pursue science degrees because Star Wars inclined them to learn about worlds beyond the borders of earth. I’m not crazy about everything that Disney does. I did not appreciate them joining the White House in putting rainbow colors on their famous castle. I do not like their progressive politics, I understand that a lot of creative people tend to lean toward the political left, and Disney as a company has a lot of creative people working within it. I think also that Uncle Walt would roll over in his grave over a lot of things the company Disney does. But……….what they are doing with Star Wars is very powerful and will be absolutely inspiring to a new generation of youth. For many, it may be the most important thing that happens in their lives, and I am excited for the new films for that reason.

After The Force Awakens panel everyone in that hall, Harrison Ford included went over to watch a John Williams inspired concert celebrating Star Wars music, and I loved watching the enthusiasm from thousands of fans of all ages. But most of all it was Harrison Ford who really drove the point home. Here was a man who has been a marvelous personal success. He’s a real life pilot and will always be known as Indiana Jones. But before Indiana Jones there was Han Solo and Harrison Ford gave his fans what they wanted most, an endorsement of these new Star Wars films by the legend himself. No future endeavor without George Lucas being directly involved would be accepted unless Ford put his stamp of approval on the work, and that happened at the San Diego Comic Con in a way that is reshaping movie history as we speak. And the ramifications of that will be incredibly positive for our culture as a human race. So for just a bit I saw a glimmer of hope that I was very relieved to see. At the core of that hope was Harrison Ford, complete with a fresh scar from his crash on his forehead. For a guy who was 72 years old and had every excuse not to, Harrison Ford moved mountains of hope for future children in a way that politicians can never contemplate over thousands of years of attempting. For those children of the future, I was very happy.

Rich Hoffman


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Gun Grabbing Obama: Attacking America from within by first disarming them

The communist oriented Democrats have been “community organizing” vigorously on the heels of the infamous June 2015 Supreme Court rulings going for what they think is the conservative jugular in the final year of Obama’s flamboyant rule as a socialist dictator.  Over the weekend I received several emails from them advocating fundraising and liberal activism.  Below is one such example from the Obama camp specifically targeting guns.  Here’s what it said.

Friend —

We’ve had to come together as a nation too many times to mourn after horrific acts of gun violence. And right now, it’s not good enough simply to show sympathy.

We need to acknowledge that there’s more work to do — that these tragedies have become far too commonplace. This is a conversation that folks need to have, and organizers like you are the ones who will move it forward.

People across the country are stepping up, and OFA supporters and volunteers are working to prevent gun violence state by state and city by city — join their fight today.

As we take the time to heal in the shadow of this most recent tragedy, we have to ask ourselves what more we can do as individuals and communities to prevent guns from getting into the hands of dangerous individuals.

The lack of movement in Congress on this issue is incredibly frustrating. But their refusal to act won’t stop progress. Because of organizers like you, states like Washington and Oregon have introduced successful restrictions on gun purchases, like common-sense background checks.

No single reform will eliminate violence. But we can’t give up, or act like this is some kind of new normal. We have to make progress where we can, and OFA and other groups have a real path forward.

There’s much more to do — so join OFA in working for it:

I’m not giving up, and I hope you won’t either. Every voice is important.

Thank you,

Barack Obama


Remember, progress to a progressive is elimination one by one of the Bill of Rights, and the gun is highest on their priority list.  So defend the gun by sending a nice message to OFA and let them know how you feel.  Communists want a disarmed America for obvious reasons.  It’s your job dear reader to make sure they don’t get their way.  Send this article to everyone you know and make sure to take action and defend your rights—or you will lose them.

Rich Hoffman


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Rich Hoffman is Running for President: The bad is no longer protected from the good

I made the announcement during my show on the Clarkcast over the weekend that I am running for president of the United States, along with a little single cell creature newly discovered on the Jupiter moon of Europa. Of course I was using a little metaphorical humor to convey how ridiculous it is that there are so many people running for president in 2016, and the number is still growing. I’d say the cause of that effect is that president Obama has been so terrible, and lowered the bar so low, that now everyone believes that they too could be president and gain the ability to rule the world.  That’s what happens when a standard is lowered to a level where common people with an average background gain an ability that should only encompass the best and brightest minds produced within the United States. Also during the June 20th show I covered Matt Clark’s secret mission which he called in to surmise. I then spoke about my history with bullwhips a bit, gave some statistical analysis about the perceived gun violence in the wake of the South Carolina church shooting, and introduced my friend Gery Deer to talk about the upcoming Annie Oakley Western Showcase in Darke County, Ohio. It was an entertaining radio show that can be heard in its entirety below. Following the clip is the rough script of the show to make navigation easier for sections you may want to hear again.

Radio Show WAAM Saturday June , 2015 1 PM WAAM Talk 1600  734-822-1600

5 min — Matt Clark’s secret mission update

8 min – Nice to hear from Roy Hill at Brownells as the extreme left seeks to exploit the Charleston, South Carolina church.  After nine people were killed by Dylann Roof, Obama immediately sought gun control.   The progressive elements of our society were quick to point out statistics from the United Nations indicating that 81,300 nonfatal injuries and 31,672 deaths a year involve guns, which are 308 shootings every day. That sounds truly terrible—yet context is conveniently left vacant. There are approximately 32,000 deaths a year by automobiles and yet nobody has a press conference that declares that we should get rid of cars.  What’s worse is that a whopping 44,000 people die every year from some form of drug overdose and the president supports more of that type of behavior even getting behind efforts to decriminalize it. Isn’t that hypocritical? Of course it is. The drama around the latest shooting rampage has nothing to do with the loss of innocent life—it’s all about building a case against guns so that Americans might be convinced to give them up in favor of some measure of safety. The Fanned Flames of Racisim: Barack Obama’s role in the South Carolina shooting” at Overmanwarrior’s

10 min – My history with bullwhips

17 min — Soft break

20 min – 30 years of history with bullwhips including movies, business instruction, and self-defense.  Lead in to my relationship with Gery Deer and the Annie Oakley Western Arts Showcase—home of the bullwhip fastdraw—invented in Ohio.  2015 event on Saturday July 25th.

30 min — Hard break

35 min – Introduction to Gery Deer – Gery Deer is the closest person I’ve ever met to a real life Bronco Billy. He has a background that is white-collar; he’s a writer, a television producer, a computer technician, a college graduate well versed and quite comfortable in professional settings. He’s been on America’s Got Talent and done films as a material supplier for projects like The Rundown. He also runs the only bullwhip studio in America from his home where he teaches the art form to students. He’s also a bit of a geek, and attends sci-fi conventions with boyish enthusiasm. But at his core he’s a western performer and vaudeville musician.   His band the Brothers and Company performs most weekends of the year and is a throwback to yesteryear with their compositions. He’s a very unique person who fits best in a motion picture screen rather than real life.

38 min – Gery conversation on the phone.

47 min — Soft break

50 min – Stories of the Annie Oakley Western Showcase and roots back to the stuntman great Alex Green.  Talk about the 2015 event, who, what, why, when, and where.

58 min — Exit to the top of the hour

imageAfter the show Matt sent me a picture of his view as he listened to the show from his hotel balcony in Hawaii at 7 AM in the morning. He had a nice little beverage there along with his laptop listening to the live broadcast from WAAM in Ann Arbor, Michigan over the Internet which I think is far superior to the old days of raw tower power. You get a much better signal over the Internet that goes much, much further. In this case the reach of WAAM was easily heard halfway around the world in real-time. As a host for Matt’s show I did it from my personal radio studio at my home while Derek at the home studio several hundred miles to the north worked the dials. All three of us worked together to put on the show you just heard from different places separated greatly by distance which I thought was a powerful breakthrough in radio. I know that The Blaze Radio is also doing something similar—and this is opening up a new frontier along the lines of talk radio. No longer are regional limitations necessary in talk radio. That means that those with the best message can now get it out no matter where they live and can reach audiences in every corner of the world without any restriction so long as they have Internet access. That is exactly why the FCC is trying to stick its nose into the Internet. It’s a very powerful tool for the crafty—and government hates it for that reason. Government intended to use the Internet for the opposite reason—as a population control mechanism—and yes porn is a form of population control. But people like Matt and the good people at WAAM are using the Internet to save the republic one broadcast at a time, which is why they put me on for a few weeks to advance the cause. It won’t be the last time I host a show—I’ll just say that.

A few years ago Darryl Parks at WLW radio told me that this was where radio was going, which meant that big stations owned by Clear Channel were in trouble. Back then there was some talk about me doing some weekend work at the Cincinnati juggernaut WLW—but there were some management changes, and reluctance on my part to get involved in that kind of thing. I am a very busy guy, and taking time out of my weekend to go down to the station to broadcast from a studio is just too great of an imposition. When they fired my friend Doc Thompson I had no choice but to pick sides against management and the rest is history. The station has been reducing its employees since then, and Lisa Wells filled the spot that I might have covered on Saturday mornings—hoping that a female might expand the station’s reputation from less of a sausage fest. But it really doesn’t.

Matt Clark asked me to guest host for him months ago and took measures to set me up at home with a complete studio so I could do the show from my home in Liberty Township, Ohio. That meant that I could do all my normal tasks and only block off an hour and a half to do Matt’s show—which was fine with me. I didn’t even have to live in Ann Arbor to be in the studio. Matt helped me set up a room in my house with a remote studio that worked just fine to produce what you just heard. Back in the day, such as at WLW, you’d have to drive to the station which is in a big building in Kenwood, park the car, go up one of the two elevators to the top floor, go through the sales office, walk down a hallway that is at least a 100 yards long, then camp out in the studio to do the show as the producer gave cues from behind the glass. It took me about a half hour to drive to the station, and an additional 15 minutes to park the car just to get to the studio. Then after the show it was the same amount of time to get back home. That in itself is an hour and a half of dead—unproductive time that I don’t have. Then you have the actual radio show which can be anywhere from 1 hour to 3 hours. A good part of the day would be completely consumed.

With the Clarkcast I was able to do my normal activities right up until the moment of the show. I went to my personal home studio, contacted the station producer, and he piped me in and off I went. After the show, I was back to what I was doing immediately. The total time was nothing more than a long telephone conversation and of a very little time impact. And Matt was able to monitor in real-time from the other side of the world. That is the power and reach of modern radio. It was fun, informative, and successful. We’ll definitely do it again. Because the world needs saving—and due to the power of the Internet, we can reach further more often than we’ve ever been able to before—and you can bet dear reader that we will continue to use those tools to preserve our republic well into the future. These tools allow the best and brightest to be heard so in a lot of ways, the bar has been removed so that many vindictive producers who control radio broadcast towers can no longer monopolize the airwaves protecting the bad from the good. In a lot of ways modern radio is seeing the opposite effect of the presidential race. Obama is so bad that he now has many challengers to his legacy because he has made the job look all too easy. Radio too is now decentralized—but now the very good can step around the big stations and get their message to the public without small-minded programmers getting in the way. And thanks to WAAM, we have all taken our first steps into a larger world.

Rich Hoffman


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How to Defeat ISIS: Pay American Soldiers of Fortune

I stated rather emphatically what I thought was behind the ISIS terrorism and the inability of the world’s government to deal with them in yesterday’s article. CLICK HERE TO REVIEW. I have no confidence in any government body to deal with many of the contemporary problems of our day. In the United States there are a lot of lawyers who enter politics to enhance their legal profession, but they lack something very important to the management of tax payer resources—actual experience in management. All of them should have at least at some point in the past managed a McDonald’s at some point so that they might develop a basic ability to manage resources—which they obviously lack. Needless to say that if ISIS and any foreign entanglements are to be dealt with, it must come from the private sector. Governments are by their very nature incapable.

With that said I can think of a few times in the past where mercenaries were hired to handle instances of violence. Ross Perot during the late 1970s hired a mercenary to get his employees out of Iran during the communist led hostage crises. The American government was not up to the task, so Perot took it upon himself to finance the effort with his own special forces. The other time was prior to World War II. America had not officially entered the war but Roosevelt wanted to do something to help China fight off Japan. The AVG was set up where mercenary pilots were hired with an unofficial bounty to shoot down the enemy and defend China from invasion without America being officially involved in the activity. Guess what, it worked marvelously well. CLICK HERE FOR MY STORY ON THAT. I propose that the best way to deal with ISIS is to turn to the private sector. There are obviously plenty of gung-ho Americans looking for cash and justice against ISIS. ISIS has declared war on America including the assassination of our president—who even if we don’t like his politics and communist roots—is still our president. It’s unacceptable and many of us take such threats very personal. So ISIS has asked for a good punch in the mouth in return.

For this particular ISIS problem the best strategy would be to funnel money through some corporate sponsor—perhaps a face organization just for the paper trail accounting and offer $100,000 a head for each proven ISIS member turned in to an assessor for review. Before the bounty could be collected proof of ISIS affiliation would have to be made, but once displayed a nice healthy check for $100,000 would be issued to the solider of fortune. For many young warriors up to the task and armed with a nice .300 Winchester Magnum Accuracy International all decked out with the $20,000 goodies, they could become millionaires in a simple afternoon with no problem. It would be easy money for a few weeks and would make many people very rich in the process. It would only take a few weeks for ISIS to evaporate into thin air. The hunting would be easy starting in Mosul then chasing them down into the outlying countryside. The problem would be over before congress could get together and figure out what they’re going to have for lunch.

That leaves the next question, how much would it cost to dispose of $50,000 ISIS scum bags in such a fashion? Well, only about $500 million dollars, which is a bargain considering how much other occupations have cost in the past as shown below.

Estimated War-Related Costs, Iraq and Afghanistan

According to the Center for Defense Information, the estimated cost of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan will reach $1.49 trillion by the end of fiscal year 2013.

  In billions of budgeted dollars
Operation FY 2001+ 2002 FY 20031 FY 20042 FY 20053 FY 2006 FY 2007 FY 2008 FY 2009 FY 2010 FY 2011 FY 2012 FY 2013 Total
Iraq $53.0 $75.9 $85.5 $101.6 $131.2 $142.1 $95.5 $65.9 $45.0 $9.6 $2.9 $808.2
Afghanistan $20.8 14.7 14.5 20.0 19.0 39.2 43.5 59.5 104.9 113.9 105.7 85.6 641.3
Enhanced security $13.0 8.0 3.7 2.1 0.8 0.5 .1 .1 .1 .3 11.24 8.24 48.1
Totals $33.8 $81.2 $94.13 $107.6 $121.4 $170.9 $185.7 $155.1 $171.0 $159.4 $126.5 $96.7 $1,497

Read more: Estimated War-Related Costs, Iraq and Afghanistan

It’s pretty evident that the capitalist approach is far cheaper than state sponsored occupation. It’s not even close. There are plenty of volunteers in America perfectly willing to sign up for that kind of thing including myself. Who doesn’t want to make a year’s worth of wages in a few days? The ISIS terrorists are armed, but they don’t have an infinite supply of ammunition, so they are not very deep on the bench. Their knives won’t do much good against American soldiers of fortune.

So why not do it. It’s not like anybody would have to officially sanction it within the American government. Just get the money funneled to the guys, and don’t prosecute them once they re-enter the United States border. The entire ISIS problem would be gone and the world could return to peace—if that’s really what anybody wanted. It’s been done before and it will be done in the future. It’s being done right now by somebody somewhere, just on a much smaller scale. So hire the money guys to take care of the problem so the American government can have clean hands and deniability. It wouldn’t cost anything significant given the implications of further inaction.

The lesson to the story is an old one, state sponsored efforts like what we typically associate with in war, such as World War II and WWI, Vietnam, Korea—are inefficient ways of dealing with conflict. Loyalty, honor, and sacrifice are ridiculous when associated with service to a collective entity. What works best, and most honestly, is capitalism—making it profitable to win a conflict. That’s when problems get solved, when there is a financial gain to be achieved in resolving an issue. Right now the money is on the financiers of the fear that comes from ISIS, so the conflict is poised to linger for years. Only when it becomes financially viable for individuals to profit from the conflict will the situation end. It is then that governments will no longer feed conflicts from under the table allowing groups like ISIS to flourish that the well of support will dry up and end the sieges seen so prevalent today. Once individuals can profit the financiers of terror will have to hide in the cracks leaving ISIS alone to run for their lives, and the roots of this vast evil will be pulled away from their nourishment. The solution is a no-brainer, so why aren’t we doing it? That is a question for you to ask and answer dear reader. That answer will also prove what I have been saying all along. Governments will never be able to solve such complicated problems like ISIS. But to the private sector using capitalism as wind in its sails, the problem becomes suddenly very easy.

Rich Hoffman


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The Hero Toya Graham: Villains of progressive failure collide on the streets of Baltimore

Toya Graham is being branded “mom of the year” by the same media who spent much of last year trying to ruin the career of Adrian Peterson for essentially the same thing. The NFL football player nearly had his life ruined for hitting his child with a switch—a practice common in the south, and among the older generation. Yet an intrusive society guiding an intrusive government that has stepped in and taken over as the parents of children has directly created the kind of situation that can be seen so eloquently in Baltimore—a per capita population without two parents in the home, hoards of children raised on the government tit dependent forever on tax payer resources for basic sustenance, and a severe lack of understanding of basic economic principles. The government with all its intrusiveness created the inner city problems seen in Baltimore so it was a bit odd to see that so many were so quick to praise Toya Graham. If there were not riots in the streets threatening to destroy the city, she’d likely be arrested and thrown in jail. Kids know that about their parents these days, so they have lost respect—because government has superseded—and eroded the authority of parents.

In our family there was a guy who was not the sharpest tack in the box, who married into the family through a divorce situation to raise children who weren’t his own. He had anger issues and lots of little psychological problems, but he at least tried to instill in the kids a sense of right and wrong—some structure to live their lives by. One of his step daughters started wanting to cat around with boys and pushed the limits of the rules for a few years, like many kids do—and he got physical and smacked her around too much so to show her where the limits where. She was sneaking out at night putting her in much more danger. The kid told teachers in the school who then called human services and soon the police came and arrested the guy—and put him in jail. He was at the time a six figure earner who was socially, a successful person. After his stint in jail over his daughter, he quickly declined as a person over the next several years and eventually lost his job, and his family. He never really got over that embarrassment. The state had intruded on his family and ruined his authority and the cost was enormous—basically another family destroyed because the male figure from within it was neutralized.

Government has positioned itself to be the end all in all debates domestic or economic. In the workplace they’ve made it so that employees can run the asylum just through threats of discrimination, abuse or a lack of fairness. In some cases employers like the clueless father do sometimes abuse their authority, but when such mistakes are made, the family often sorts out the issue better than the government does. The end result of government intrusion is inaction—so nothing happens to correct bad behavior. That’s far worse.

I never really had to punish my kids. I viewed discipline as being at wit’s end with children, and I have plenty of wits. Sometimes anger is needed, when children push things too far. But most of the time the respect they have for you is enough to leverage them into doing the right things. Generally, at their basic foundations, people want to do what’s right by people they respect. If government interrupts that respect process, they are ruining the relationship of the parties involved which ultimately creates massive neighborhoods of poor people like what was witnessed in Baltimore.

Adrian Peterson, the NFL running back, one of the best in the game, a star on the field and a pretty good person off the field came under fire beating his four-year old son with a switch and breaking the skin. For that action Peterson was rung through the media wringer for a year as commentators suggested that he should lose rights to his son, lose his career and go to jail with all the other miscreants. Likely, Peterson was trying to establish in his son the type of discipline that was enacted upon him when he was a boy. Its learned behavior in how the parent establishes themselves in the dominate position within the family. Kids need that framework so they can identify who they need to listen to. When government sweeps in and puts the parent in jail all they are doing is replacing in the child the dominate authority figure. The government uses force as well as the parent. When the guy in our family was arrested they weren’t nice about it—they stripped him down, did cavity searches and if he resisted in any way at all they threw him about like a rag doll—in front of his kids. That guy essentially lost his authority with those children that day under the force of government. The government could pretend they were helping the kids, but in all reality, they were hurting them by destroying in their lives the symbol of authority they were supposed to look up to. The violence still happened, it was just transferred from the child to the parent showing the family that dad didn’t know best–that government did.

So it was quite shocking to have so much praise thrown at Toya Graham for beating the living snot out of her son during the riots on national television. For government, they were out of answers; they created the slums of Baltimore, they made the people overly dependent and they were out of answers as those thugs, miscreants, and diabolical loons burnt down their city. When a parent actually went out into the street with violence on her mind to apply some discipline to her out of control son they suddenly praised her, because they were out of answers. Arrests and abuse of prisoners is all the authority of the state can muster, and in this case they killed the kid, Freddie Gray while he was in custody. Police often beat their prisoners just like out of control parents beat their kids—because they can. They lack the wits to apply any other method. When Gray died, a bunch of people lacking wits acted out angrily and the monster that the state of Maryland had created had no other recourse but to destroy the world around them. Toya Graham to her credit was trying to being some sanity to the situation because at least she had enough personal value to know that what was happening was wrong.

Yet Adrian Peterson was trying to instill in his son those values before that kid ever ends up on the streets, and that’s what the switch was all about. I wouldn’t have done it, because I have developed other tools to deal with kids besides hitting them, but for those who don’t have those tools, it is better to have something, than nothing. Because the nothing is worse than the violence of the state in destroying families and the values built within them. Toya Graham is a product of the state, a single mom of six kids who has trouble stinging together complete sentences—more a product of her environment than of her intellect. Yet in spite of those handicaps she at least tried to do the right thing by her son when the rest of society was trying to give him a license to destroy the world around him. But if she had been Adrian Peterson, a celebrity NFL player, instead of being placed on national television as a star she would have found herself submissive to the dominatrix tendencies of the state and the perpetual desire of it to exert control. This whole event is a progressive nightmare brought to reality by a lot of really stupid people. But, at least in Toya Graham’s case, her child might actually have a chance at life, because kids need their parents. The state is not an adequate replacement—and in their desperate hour, the police of Baltimore were crying out for more parents like Toya Graham when on any other day they’d likely be the ones arresting her for abuse.

Rich Hoffman


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