Butler County GOP in the Belly of a Snake: The slow digestion of a split party

As reported previously the Butler County Republican Party is going through some growing pains. The old political machine seems to believe they can continue winning into the future by just sticking the Republican name next to their titles on election ballots. However, the real Republicans, the boots on the ground types who hit the streets and go door to door are many who find the Tea Party name attractive. Unwisely, the Republican leadership has decided to run the Tea Party individuals away so that they could garner the publicity of positive press. CLICK HERE FOR REVIEW. In an open letter from one of the protestors at the Kasich rally recently in Butler County two incidents of harassment from the party toward Tea Party types has been identified. Because of this behavior it should not be a surprise that nobody is showing up for these political events organized by the party except the type of people who gain financially by their party affiliation. The core of the party has been purposely pushed off to the side with the ultimatum of compliance or abandonment. It is the same reckless option that is given to a child from a parent who is clueless as to what to do next—so they resort of sending a child to their room without supper if they don’t put on a nice smile and behave at a social gathering in the manner the parent deems worthy. Little do the parents know is that the children have a stash of food in their bedrooms and could care less about the punishment. It is the parents who need the children to brag about and show others what good people they are. Similarly, the Butler County GOP needs the activists driven by passion to show Democrats that they can compete against them—and as of now, the party of socialists, the progressive Democrats are drooling at the show of weakness coming out of the Butler Country Republican Party.

Open Letter to Leadership of Butler County Republican Party,The current leadershipoftheBCRP is operating on a personal agenda that damages the Republican name and Republican candidates.  The Republican voters of Butler County deserve better.The Tea Parties of Butler County would like to see the following three things happen. 

  1. Follow the Ohio Revised Code
  2. Follow the By-Laws of the Party
  3. Adopt the National Party Platform


Here are two examples of the behavior of the party leadership.


Here is what happened at VOA Rally for Kasich:


“I went to the Governor Kasich rally last night at VOA. About 30 of us were there in protest of Common Core. After I finished and was going into the building for the rally I talked to Todd Hall. He told me that I could not bring the signs into the building. I took my signs and placed them in my car and returned to the building. When I got inside, I noticed almost every candidate had signs to give away. I re-approached Todd and asked him why I could not give away Pritchard signs; he became belligerent and threatened me by saying that he would physically remove me from the premises. He gave no reason why Mary’s signs could not be given away.”


September visit to Republican Headquarters:


“This afternoon I had an interesting encounter at the Butler County GOP Office.  I went in to get a Condit and Sharon Kennedy yard sign. The older blonde lady did not know me nor did she ask. I told her that trying to get volunteers in an off-year election is hard. She immediately started ripping into All Tea Parties saying they won’t help out and they are obstructing road to success.  Wow!


She also said that the Central Committee will not allow Tea Party to get the majority and they will be extinct in 30 months anyway. ”


THIS BEHAVIOR NEEDS TO STOP, strengthen the many not the few.


So let’s first address the Todd Hall issue involving the signs for Mary Pritchard. Mary is an anti-Common Core candidate who wants to put more conservative voices onto the Ohio State Board of Education—which is something that area Republicans should be happy about. Her candidacy should be supported, yet it’s not the direction that party players want to endorse as they are looking to merge the lines with the opposition—the Democrats who want fundamental transformation of America into accepting more socialism and less capitalism. Republicans like John Boehner and John Kasich under the direct influence of Barack Obama have sought to change the Republican Party from the perceived “party of no” into a party of “consideration and compassion.” Part of that compassion is to accept federal standards for education, open border immigration policies that bring in more voters for the Democratic Party and higher taxes to pay for all these utopian plans. Democrats have not moved even a perceived centimeter into accepting American capitalism as the saving grace of any economy—rather it is only Republicans who continue to move toward the center as it is established by radicals from the political left. Once they have arrived at that left established line, the same radicals who called Republicans names and derided them in the media as “rich,” selfish,” “white men,” will then move that line further to the left forcing the same clueless oafs that they are just big mean capitalist if they don’t move more to the left as a “compromise.” Meanwhile, Democrats will stay on their left leaning positions and will always seek to move further in the wrong direction at the first opportunity. So in their desire to appease the radical Democrats, Butler County Republicans are hand-picking their candidates who will be friendly to these strategic aims of “social compromise.” Mary Pritchard is not considered to be one of those Republicans who will fall in line quietly, so her signs were not allowed to be distributed at a GOP event.

Conversely, Democrats do not have such restrictions in their party. To qualify all one needs to be is a social derelict, a cocaine addict, a welfare promoter, a thief, a prostitute or molester of the innocent. Democrats do not care what kind of person their candidates are, they just assimilate them into their collective blob and call anybody names who might attempt to pass judgment on their individual character. And the media plays their role in maintaining these standards. This is the game that Republican Party leadership across America is dealing with—especially in Butler County.

The other issue is the GOP office where the old blonde lady openly derided Tea Partiers by saying they will be extinct in 30 months and that they were obstructing the road to success. The letter writer was in the office to pick up signs for Sharon Kennedy, who is on the Ohio Supreme Court and quite a fine personality from Liberty Township— a general, class-act, and Margie, who is the same as a House member. She is softer on issues than I’d like to see, but she is a generally good person. And in the office was a low-level mouth-piece for the establishment Republicans who likely hasn’t read a book in years, and conducts her life as a marionette to other people’s concepts of reality by stating that Tea Party types will be extinct soon.

In 30 months at the rate its going it won’t be the Tea Party who is extinct, it is the area GOP who will be forced to move further and further to the left until they are unrecognizable as conservatives, which for many, is already the issue. The path of success that the lady was talking about is not a path for area conservatives; it is for those who have a financial stake in politics who use the Party to make money. For those I know in the Tea Party, this is not something they care about—they do not seek party affiliation to profit from, they are passionate about their beliefs and do not easily yield—which is the real gripe. The Republican Party is feeling the social pressure to change and wish to do so—and they are upset that the rest of the party won’t unite behind them. But the evidence of that same Kasich rally in Butler County is that without the Tea Party types, nobody was left to attend the rally leaving only political insiders and profiteers left to cheer on the governor with a crowd that could have filled a living room, but didn’t come close to making the Ronald Reagan Lodge at the VOA look populated.

Compromise is a dirty word because the other side has no desire to perform the task. Those who beat the drums of modern compromise loudest are those who have an objective of social assimilation by conservatives into socialist mind-numb, knuckle dragging oafs so that they can easily conquer them in future elections. They don’t want to “co-exist” with conservatives—they want to destroy them utterly and completely. They are performing a military objective of domination and destruction—not compromise. So anyone who plays their game is doomed to failure. It will be they who are “extinct.” You can’t “compromise” with a lion, tiger or bear. You can’t reason with at Great White Shark. You can’t sign a peace treaty with a snake. If those creatures are hungry and you are available to eat, they will consume you without regret or warning. Democrats like snakes lay dormant and passive until they need food, then they strike ferociously without an ounce of compassion. And the Butler County GOP including the blonde lady passing out signs are functioning from the belly of a snake called the Democratic/(socialists) of Ohio. The last words of a party and its people who do not realize they are being digested so slowly that they can’t even feel the destruction of their very essence.

Rich Hoffman


The $2,474,520 Home of Lois Lerner: Life as a parasitic government employee

It’s not a problem for a person to have a home valued at $2,474,520 like Lois Lerner does—if they have earned it productively. However, Lerner and her husband have achieved much of their wealth as government parasites—meaning they live off the efforts of government specifically perpetuating the complexity of IRS law so that only they can translate the information to those willing to pay for the service.   Both Lerner and her husband are attorneys who haven’t been discussed in great detail after Lerner was forced to step down from her IRS position in the wake of serious scandal for which she has been caught. As a family of attorneys Lerner understands how to manipulate the system because it was her type who helped shape that same system. For those types of government parasites which Lerner and her husband are but a small part—times are good—so good that they can afford a multi million dollar home essentially living as second-handers. But before understanding why they are such prescribed leeches it is important to study a bit of their background.

Lerner is a member of the Massachusetts bar, having earned her juris doctorate degree from Western New England College School of Law, graduating cum laude. She completed her undergraduate studies cum laude at Northeastern University.

Lerner began her career in government as a staff attorney in the Honors Program at the United States Department of Justice. She served as a Special Assistant in the U.S. Attorney’s Office where she was lead counsel handling felony and misdemeanor prosecutions. In 1981, Lerner moved to the Federal Election Commission, serving as the Assistant General Counsel for Enforcement, and ultimately as the Acting General Counsel.[1]

Lerner is a past president of the Council on Governmental Ethics Laws (COGEL) and an active member of the Humane Society of the United States where her efforts in performing pet rescues necessitated by the 2005 Gulf Coast hurricanes were widely acknowledged.

Lerner began her IRS service in 2001 as Director Rulings and Agreements in the Exempt Organizations function of TEGE. [2] In January 2006, she was selected as Director Exempt Organizations. In this capacity, Lerner led an organization of 900 employees responsible for a broad range of compliance activities, including examining the operational and financial activities of exempt organizations, processing applications for tax exemption, providing direction through private letter rulings and technical guidance and providing customer education and outreach to the exempt community.[3]

On May 23rd, 2013 Lerner was placed on administrative leave. Acting IRS Commissioner Daniel Werfel selected Ken Corbin as the acting director of the exempt organizations division. Corbin was the deputy director of the submission processing, wage, and investment division.

In 2014, Lerner was held in Contempt of Congress in connection with the 2013 IRS controversy.[4][5] The resolution, H.Res. 574, was introduced into the United States House of Representatives on May 7, 2014 by Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA).[6] The bill was considered on May 7, 2014, and passed in Roll Call Vote 203 with a vote of 231-187.[6] All of the Republicans voted in favor of the bill, along with six Democrats.[7] The resolution holds Lois Lerner in contempt of Congress for refusing to testify at a congressional hearing.[8] Rep. Steve Stockman filed a motion on July 10, 2014 that, if enacted by the House, would direct congressional police to arrest Lois Lerner for contempt of Congress.[9][10]

Lerner is married to Michael R. Miles, Esq., Partner, Sutherland Asbill & Brennan LLP.


Michael Miles provides insurance companies with creative solutions and tax planning strategies for their corporate, insurance, and reinsurance transactions, including cross-border transactions and corporate restructurings. Michael also advises on consolidated return issues, the general taxation of corporations and shareholders, the taxation of regulated investment companies, and the application of withholding rules (including FATCA). He has substantial experience in advising clients on the tax consequences of proposed mergers and other reorganizations, reinsurance transactions, stock and asset acquisitions, and dispositions, distributions, and redemptions.

Before joining Sutherland, Michael served as an attorney in the Office of the Chief Counsel of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). He has more than 30 years of experience in handling federal tax controversies, first for the IRS and now for the firm’s corporate and individual clients, as well as substantial experience in obtaining rulings for clients on corporate tax and other matters and in practicing before the IRS.


Knowing these things about Lerner and her husband it becomes clear that their combined incomes exist primarily from second-hand sources—living off the efforts of others. They do not build things, or behave in a productive manner—one was an IRS insider while the other provided tax strategies to a complex code. Like many in the Washington D.C. beltway they are a professional couple making vast sums of money as second-handers. They directly benefit from the efforts of others then redistribute those efforts directly into their pockets. This is how they came to own such a nice home in Montgomery County outside of Washington.  It wasn’t earned by productive enterprise—but rather parasitic leverage—(insider knowledge gained by political connections.)

Montgomery County Home:

Owner: MICHAEL R MILES & LERNER G LOIS Total land value: $747,870 Total value for property: $2,474,520 Total assessed value for property: $2,474,520 Base area of building: 6,500 square feet

Read more: http://www.city-data.com/montgomery-county/F/Fernwood-Court-1.html#ixzz37ZfF3700

Lerner only became a household name when she was caught in the current IRS scandal and set up to take the fall so that the rest of the IRS could skate away unharmed as her lawyer husband and past legal experience handled things behind the scenes. Politicians on the Hill benefit from the same second-hander strategies so when the cameras are turned off, there is little will to actually throw Lerner in jail or punish her in any way. The essential reason why is that they are all guilty of the same type of behavior.   All around Lerner’s $2,474,520 home are similar properties owned and operated by carbon copies of Lois and her husband, Michael—professional parasites that live off the efforts of others. Once they extort all they can from those sources they move on to new clients to extract all they can from them—until that too is gone, and this process continues until they either run out of clients, or find themselves in legal trouble and having to flee behind the curtain of protected BAR associations and their congressional friends who reside there with them.

When it is wondered what is wrong with Washington D.C. all one need to do is look at Lois Lerner and her husband to know what it is. They represent a deep fault in the current American political system overrun by lawyers, con artists and general second-handers avoiding any productive enterprise aside from the theft of other people’s money.   Lois Lerner is not unusual—she is common in her neighborhood—there are carbon copies of her on nearly every street.   The only reason that anybody knows about her is that she was the one who got caught. Many of the others are still unseen because their efforts are not so easily detected.   But they all have nice homes like the one that Lerner has because they achieve the wealth to buy them from other people’s money as service to government has paid them a healthy ransom and allowed them to live a pirate’s life only with a suit and tie to hide their true identities.

Rich Hoffman www.OVERMANWARRIOR.com


Why Men Crave BDSM: The long twisted road that must stop–self sacrifice and personal abuse

While researching why the movie Cloud Atlas was so bad, I discovered that the director Larry Wachowski had turned himself into a woman named Lana, and that the film was assembled during his/her transition.  So I’m going to say something here that will likely make some people very angry and hurt some feelings—but so what.  These things have to be said.  As I say them consider this—I have spent over twenty years studying the cause of human sacrifice—most notably from the work of Joseph Campbell.  When I was a kid, I wanted to be something between an Archaeologist and a test pilot—but I have no patience for 6 week digs that take place over decades to find a few pots, or academic politics.  And as far as a military career, I have little respect for authority or chains of command so a military career has always been out of the question.  I have over the years however developed quite an extensive talent for handling bullwhips which has naturally led people to assume that I participate in BDSM practices.  Much to their disappointment when they see my reaction is that I don’t have a single cell in my body which desires a passive role in anything I do—and I have absolutely no desire to rule over others as a dominator.  I have met lots of people who wanted to be hit with bullwhips, who wish to be stripped naked in front of perfect strangers and hit the way only an expert whip handler can—with body wraps that make a violent sound but dissipate their energy while wrapping around the body before tearing away flesh.  When I have been approached by these people to have this done to them by me—I have always declined. 
(Yeah, I know that guy, really well). I was in Hollywood once where an unnamed actress wanted to pay me a handsome amount of money to treat her in this fashion and I tried to explain to her why she wanted to have it done and that she needed to correct that desire.  Of course it angered her and she never spoke to me again—but let me be clear—I have a lot of experience in the how and why people desire BDSM, and I have always been against the practice.  Unfortunately, a majority of the people in the world these days desire BDSM in some capacity and this is extremely unhealthy.  The cause I will reveal at the end of this article, but first we need to understand why people do it—or want to have it done to them.  The best example of course is Larry Wachowski who started messing around in the Dungeon in Los Angeles and his experiences there ruined his marriage and made him realize that he desired submissive sex—and that he was really a woman.  No—that is not the reality—he just took it too far and misread his desires.  So below are quotes from an article on the topic by dominatrixs who are paid professionals whose task it is to turn people into sexual submissives—particularly men—and their observations on why their clients came to them.  Larry Wachowski’s story is actually one that too many people have, men and women and there is no way to solve the many riddles in American culture when these silly fantasies occupy the minds of a society the way that it currently does—so some attention must be given to it.  The part where my opinions on it will enrage people is that it is clearly a mental neurosis built on poorly constructed values which causes it and is the direct result of a failed personal philosophy.  If you dear reader are a man and have submissive fantasies—you are fu**ed up and need to be fixed.  Here is why.

Many men who turn to submissive fantasies do so for precisely the sort of vacation from responsibility that Roiphe suggests women are seeking.  Olivia Severine, a transsexual dominatrix living in San Francisco, says most of her clients were “very high-powered” men weighed down by responsibility. “They came to see me as a brief escape when no one was looking at them for direction or leadership,” she says. “The time with me is when they were told what to do, what to feel and how to act … and all the weight of their careers, families, lives, is lifted from them for a cherished few hours.”

Mistress Shae Flanigan, a Los Angeles dominatrix, says her clients are “CEOs, high-ranking managers, lawyers and wonderfully brilliant men from all over the business spectrum.” What they have in common is “that they come to me to create an environment where they don’t need to think,” she says. “Where they can trust me to keep them safe while I weave together an enticing, thrilling, euphoric and painful world where it is literally impossible to think.”

It isn’t that these guys wish they had less real-world power — it’s just, power is stressful, and submission provides a release. “BDSM is a hell of a lot more affordable of a vacation than the Bahamas, I promise you,” says Flanigan.

Melissa Febos, author of “Whip Smart,” a book about her time as a pro-domme, tells me, “As someone who spent nearly four years catering to the submissive fantasies of men, and who eventually had to acknowledge her own submissive fantasies, I can say with some certainty that I think all people experience anxiety about power,” she says. “Aren’t our objects of eroticization often the things we feel unreconciled about?”

Most of Febos’ clients “experienced an imbalance of power in their lives,” she says. For some it was “extreme disempowerment,” like child abuse, racism or poverty; for others, it was “an overwhelming burden of power,” related to everything from wealth to politics. (“During the Republican convention, business at the dungeon boomed,” she says.) All of that is to say that “eroticization stemming from anxiety is not gender-specific,” Febos explains — nor is it specific to the relative power one has in the real world.

“Everyone, regardless of career choice or level of importance, is saddled with the burden of making important decisions about their own lives and the lives of the people around them,” Domina Nyx of New York City points out.

While Natasha Strange, who has worked as a domme for almost 20 years, has had plenty of “men who are powerful and want to give up control for a bit,” she’s also had tons of “musicians, cab drivers, pharmacy reps, teachers and your basic blue-collar workers who are just kinky and want to feel desired for an hour or three.” Interestingly enough, she says, “The very first female client I had was a housewife and a mother of two.”


All of my creative written works up until this point have been focused on human sacrifice.  It is a topic I have long been obsessed over.  When I realized that becoming an archaeologist would not answer the questions I was asking I turned to comparative religion and philosophy to understand.  In my 1997 screenplay The Lost Cannibals of Cahokia I directly explored the horror of this topic and the work bounced around Hollywood for a number of years.  When I showed apprehension in joining the Writers Guild when directed by a Wilshire Blvd agent—the story died because with the promise of developing the script was a reworking of the sacrifice plotline and a refocus on the horror aspects.  Well, the point of the story for me was to understand why human beings felt they needed to sacrifice themselves to other people.  So I continue to retain the rights, but development died on the vine.  My 2004 novel The Symposium of Justice was essentially about a vigilante who protects people from the desire of an “evil system” to sacrifice the good for the many at the expense of the individual.   My 2012 novel Tail of the Dragon was essentially about a man who refused to allow himself to be sacrificed in any manner at all socially.  His refusal caused the greatest car chase in American history—it became a kind of Vanishing Point type story except much more intense.  But the central thesis was on sacrifice.  I have had many publishers, agents, actors, financiers and the like convey their appreciation of my works, but there is always something left out of our dialogue which goes unsaid and prevents further interaction and development. 

From 2006 to 2009 I conducted a number of onsite visits to areas known for their human sacrifice to understand better the cause.  I visited the site of Cahokia outside of St. Louis and the subject of my 1997 screenplay.  Based on some new information from that visit The Lost Cannibals of Cahokia screenplay won an award at the Indie Gathering Film Festival in the horror category.  Shortly after my wife and I visited the Chichen Itza archaeological site in the Yucatan Peninsula to study the actual location of many human sacrifice examples.  I had thought that the Mel Gibson film Apocalypto was actually one of the best Anthropological/Archaeological films done on the Mayan culture and on human sacrifice.  So out of all the world’s sacrificial sites—Chichen Itza held the best example of the practice that was the most fully preserved.   I had my thesis which was put into my books and screenplays and ironically, Mel Gibson was destroyed as a filmmaker after that film which came out during this period.  There was something about the subject matter of sacrifice which made people feel uncomfortable.  On one level they agreed—the Mayan practice of human sacrifice was terrible, and barbaric.  On the other, human sacrifice still occurs; it is just much slower and doesn’t necessarily mean that a person must be killed—literally.  Just metaphorically—the cause of most BDSM is to reconcile that metaphorical death within an individual life.

While helping Doc Thompson promote the first Atlas Shrugged film over AM radio, I discovered Ayn Rand and read all her books and found that she had already been down the road I was going in regard to human sacrifice.  She had approached the problem philosophically where mine was archaeological, but the conclusions were similar.   This helped me refine the argument from a big general thesis against sacrifice to a more pointed one backed by her previous work in Objectivism.  So this lead me to establish the proper background in declaring that I have spent a lot of time on this notion of sacrifice and explored its nature as a corrosive social element and am fully capable to speak on the matter with authority.

The reason that men desire to “not think” and to surrender themselves to a dominatrix is because they have been taught that not everyone is a superman—that not everyone can support the world—and that weaknesses are virtuous.  It is inconceivable to me that a “powerful” man responsible for the jobs of many people and the fiscal merits of a company he works for—or owns, would desire to have his pants pulled down like a child and be spanked—harassed, and dominated by another human being because they want a vacation from making hard decisions.  The cause is a failed philosophy at the heart of their very minds.  But the cause of the belief that not everyone can be a superman is that the notion of self-sacrifice has been embedded into such men from the time that they were children.  If a man is too successful, he feels guilt about it and seeks to reconcile that guilt by being dominated—the way he dominates others.  It’s a silly belief that a social balance must be maintained and that it can only be found through masochistic pain.  That is the start, and like Larry Wachowski who went from zero to a 1000 after the success of his Matrix film—he did not have the mental capacity to deal with the success other than his instruction of self-sacrifice by a society still functioning like the now extinct Mayans.

When the actress asked me to beat her with one of my whips, I understood what she wanted.  She sat with me at the catering truck talking about how tough it was to get roles in Hollywood, how relationships were tough to maintain, that everyone expected you to be one way or another and that if you didn’t fit those molds—you didn’t get parts.   She went on and on about her father’s expectations, her mother’s feminist declarations—her agents typecasting—I don’t think I said a word during the entire lunch hour on set.  It was like nobody had listened to this girl for a decade and for whatever reason she felt she could talk to me.  At the end she put a stack of ten $100 dollar bills on the table and asked me to hit her with my whip the way I had been doing on set—only privately.  She talked about the culture of Los Angeles and how much money I could make providing such a service to the frustrated actresses in Beverley Hills, the confused house wives of the studio executives up in the hills around Burbank and the cultural immigrants of Glendale looking for the kind of abuse they received in the countries they came from in the safety of a person they could trust would not hurt them permanently.  She told me about places like the Dungeon where Larry Wachowski lost his mind and manhood.  Apparently this nice clean-cut girl who was married to one of the producers with several of her children on the set spent a lot of time in those kinds of places.  I told her I didn’t do that kind of thing—that my interest in bullwhips was inspired by Douglas Fairbanks and the old serials of the 30s, 40s and 50s.  I hoped that by mentioning old Hollywood, we would find common ground—but instead she went cold and got up embarrassed from feeling so vulnerable in what she revealed to someone who wouldn’t jump to the dark side with her.  “Fu** Douglas Fairbanks” she said as she took her tray back to the truck.  She left the bills on the table, angrily dispensed her tray, then came back to retrieve the money and sat down next to her husband who had been doing his best to avoid my gaze—until his wife sat back down next to him.

These broken thoughts—these desires to be abused don’t just regulate themselves to the bedroom.   They come out in voting booths where voters secretly desire to be dominated by a Barack Obama, or commanded around by a Harry Reid, or lied to by Nancy Pelosi.  Men and women want to be seduced by Bill Clinton—they know he is a scum bag liar, but they have this notion of wanting to be abused by him to satisfy the internal need they have for insult—pain, and suffering.  The more comfortable their lives are, the more they feel they must pay someone or something back to the universe to balance out existence.  And non-thinking pain and abuse accomplishes two things, it does give them a retreat from responsibility, but also it equalizes the guilt they feel from being successful and having the ability to get their nails done, or play a round of golf at 1 PM in the afternoon until 5 PM while most people in the world are working.

Chances are dear reader you have these same thoughts and feelings and they were given to you by a failed society and its ridiculous philosophies built upon crumbled civilizations from the past.  If you desire to be spanked, slapped around, have your hair pulled—to be called disgraceful names, to be handcuffed, raped, or have things clipped to your skin by someone else until it hurts—you are messed up.  You are broken and need to be fixed.  What you are feeling are ancient thoughts that should be eradicated.  They are not healthy thoughts given to you outside of your control by some deity living in the hereafter.   They are screwed up philosophies given to mankind by the past which always lead to failed societies.  In the case of Larry Wachowski he destroyed his life and is seeking justification in the form of being a woman to excuse his mistakes.  It is only because he is a progressive that the studio bosses keep him employed hoping that one of his films will be the next Matrix—which was a fluke—a one shot wonder.  But the entire nation of America is seeking a similar punishment through self-sacrifice and under such a belief system nothing can endure.

Consider the absolutely stupid notion that we are supposed to thank our troops for their service to their country.  The popular phrase—“some gave all” implies that giving one’s life to the freedom of everyone in the country is the noblest thing anyone can do—and that is just stupid.  The sudden appreciation of our troops over the last decade of treacherous debt (nearly $18 trillion and counting) only confirms to individuals everywhere that the state is the highest authority and its continued preservation must be endured at any cost—even if it means death.  Therefore, with that basic premise intact success is believed to be reconciled through pain and suffering.  And because sex is a major part of every adult life, punishment has entered the bedroom to align the minds of warped individuals with the insanity they are being forced to contend with due to massive mismanagement and poor philosophical choices of the world’s governments—particularly America.  It is worse in America not because it is a bad nation, but because there is a pretense of freedom which is assumed, but the old diabolical need for abuse still persists in the human mind forcing the behavior underground on a massive level.  This duality causes many of the problems we are seeing.

In Asian countries where the governments are communist and abusive, the old desires to be abused by an authority figure satisfy their innate impulses so the sexual deviancy does not go underground the way the cultures of Los Angeles or New York conduct their affairs—living one way in the open, another when nobody is looking.  But the causes are all the same—mankind has not grown up and away from the self-sacrificial nature of their ancestors and are still just as primitive.  Until a mind grows up and away from such a desire of sacrifice—the evils of personal destruction through masochistic abuse and internal hatred will continue.  And that will cause more movies like Cloud Atlas to be made instead of films about people who have overcome self-sacrifice—like in Atlas Shrugged.

Rich Hoffman www.OVERMANWARRIOR.com


“Our Universe Explained by the God Rich Hoffman”: The anger of those grounded by stupidity and arrogance

When I first started this blog, it was just prior to a planned visit to a popular radio station where it was intended for me to release the salaries of the local school administration pay rates causing a tax levy increase request.  I knew the type of people working in education, and understood the people who ran the labor unions controlling those “educators” anticipating clearly that I would be a target of their antagonism.  So I started this blog as a way to attack those pretentious people and to educate those kept in ignorance by tyrannical antics.  For an example of this behavior click here see a bit of what I am referring to.   What many didn’t know was that I knew exactly what I was getting in to, and that by criticizing a local school wanting to raise taxes I was putting a target on my back which would extend right into the White House—so I had to be willing to take on virtually anyone and everyone all at the same time who attempted to use democratic intelligentsia to intimidate critical thinking of their diabolical schemes—because up until this blog in 2010—people outside of the education industry, and progressive politics behaved as though they lacked the intelligence to question these con artists of public education.

I have a long history of dealing with people who believe that they are the smartest people in the room—people who work very hard to be masters of a specific field of endeavor—no matter what it is.  I have dealt with some of the worst people imaginable—from actual killers of men hired for the task so to suppress competition—and those who just believe that they are smarter than everyone else hiding their true intentions behind a veil of confident mastery over specific fields of endeavor.  However, I have always had since the age of a very small child the unique ability to see through any level of bullshit into the soul of the perpetrator and know exactly what they are up to and why.  Some might call it a gift from God—my unique skill which sets me aside from virtually everyone.  Some people can run fast, some can calculate complicated mathematics without a calculator, some can read pages and pages of legal documentation and actually retain the knowledge—etc, but almost nobody who I’ve ever met had the ability to see into, and through people the way I do.  Some might think it a curse—but I wouldn’t trade that ability for all the gold in the world and a life of ease and immortality on a paradise island with only pleasure in the forecast—I enjoy my ability that much.

So I started this blog as a way to address the crimes that I was seeing and challenge the premise that those same crimes were committed under—specifically by a class of people who sincerely believed they could get away with harming intellectually others while hiding their maliciousness behind a superior intellect.  They can’t.  To demonstrate my effectiveness, I have now written millions of words in this blog, virtually every article is over 1200 words each, and I’ve done it every day since 2010.  It has changed the lives of many people for the better and shattered the once confident hiding places of those most vile in our society—who hope to perpetrate their ill will toward mankind in obscurity.  They have tried every trick imaginable—but have failed utterly to shake me off their scent—which to me was never in question.

The good thing about the blog is that with all those words and the public forum of it—where anybody can answer my comments and pick holes in my theories, to date they have not been able to do so.  They can certainly insult—but they cannot answer or refute my claims and they’ll never be able to—and they hate it.  The proof is in the vast swath of articles I have produced in such a short time—relatively speaking.    At this point in this blog’s history I could take all the books of Ayn Rand and Leo Tolstoy and combine them—and I have written more than they have specifically targeting the crimes of our modern age.  I will certainly not proclaim that these works are as well edited—most of the articles are raw, and from the heart, the way a writer’s notes would be when formulating an idea for refinement—but that doesn’t take away the results which are enormous, and likely only rivaled over the entire Internet by a few outlets.

I mostly deal with excessively smart people who universally believe they are the smartest people around at any given time.  It is my task to show them that they are not—so that their efforts do not become a detriment to an enterprise—but a contributor and this often causes resentment.  This has been my task for four decades now, so I knew that by taking on the established thinking especially in regard to politics and education, what I was getting into.  That is the history of this blog to this point.  It has evolved away from the more specific task of identifying education industry crime—and has evolved more into a philosophic analysis of mythology and how it impacts the static patterns of the human race.    Because it is within that phrase that my special gift shines most brightly—when I go into long tirades about Star Wars, or some new game, literary work, or musical effort, it is because I see the impact of those achievements well before the rest of society does.  What I say today, will become the standard of thought approximately 15 years from now.  I am so confident in my assertions that I write these things audaciously for free on the Internet for future testimony without revisionist deflection.  People may not always understand why or what I’m doing, but if they did—they’d be the ones writing about them instead of me—but they aren’t, and they can’t.

Because they can’t, this leaves critics bitterly resentful, and constantly plotting and scheming so that they can return to the safety of their cloaked behavior within society.  Most people from the perpetrators of injustice currently sitting in The White House to the local labor union leaders within the education industry spend large amounts of their time trying to stay hidden—and they despise anyone who can see what they are really about—so they plot, scheme, and manipulate any way possible to return to that status.  But in regards to this blog, it makes it impossible for them.  Readers here have taken my words and used them as tools to change behavior and flush out the pretentious thugs of their localities in much the same way and embolden their efforts at justice—which is all I want.  But those motives still elude the most dastardly terrorists of the mind and within their circles of self-imposed exile have begun spreading reference to me in the following fashion:

“Our universe explained by the god Rich  Hoffman”

On my blog I can see the site stats hour by hour of the kind of terms people use to find it online—and that phrase has been coming up more often by different origin IP addresses lately.  This is an indication of the temperament of the critics out there and how they view this blog.  It is unfathomable to them that any individual would attempt to declare that they unshakably know facts, and can see into their hearts unless those individuals were supernatural.  So this is their new derogatory term used to confront the light which shines into their lives grudgingly preventing them from hiding in plain sight.  We live in a time where information is easier to get than ever before in human history—yet people are expected to be dumber than at virtually any point since the dawn of man.  People are expected to remain stupid so to prevent inquiry into the nature of crimes that those who think they are smarter than everyone else, wish to commit upon the innocent—and genuinely good-hearted.

Referring to me as a “god” in their context is not a compliment—but I take it that way—because it shows me more about them than they wish for me to see.  At the start of this blog I knew I was challenging people who thought they were the smartest people in existence, and the shattering impact that they were not has often proven too much for them to handle—which serves them right.  It is ultimately best for them to learn that they cannot use their intelligence for evil—but should utilize it for good, productive ends—and they’ll only do that if they are not allowed to hide behind an industry that does not question their merit for what it is.

A “God” is universally accepted as one who can see everything at all times—they are omnipotent.  Does that accurately describe me?  That is for me to know, and nobody else.  But my enemies do see me that way—and that is because they have been unable to match my assertions which leaves them metaphorically stripped naked for all to witness—and the sight is not a pleasant one.  But it is one that makes society and all endeavor better—which makes me sleep better at night knowing that I did the work that was required—and if some see that as the work of a “god” well—so be it.  I may be a lot of things to a lot of people depending on the context—but one thing I am not is humble.  Humbleness is a waste of time when the only goal of it is to make others feel better about their life decisions and ultimate fall from grace.  And that is not a business I want to be a part of.

Rich Hoffman



Why Pay For A Public Education System That Doesn’t Work: The evidence of a ‘Water’s World’ segment

I blame public education and modern colleges for many of our contemporary problems because they deserve it. They have not earned such high wages for teachers and college professors as they are currently receiving because they are failing at their jobs.  I hear all the time from teachers who think I am being unfair to them, and should show respect for their professions.  They also continue to state that they are overworked and underpaid which is completely ridiculous at this point—as I have labeled most teachers in public education as very expensive baby sitters.  Kids are not learning anything in public schools and colleges.  They are only learning how to take directions, they are not learning to think, and that is a massive failure in any education system.  For proof, this segment of Water’s World done during the Bill O’Reilly show shot during Memorial Day Weekend provides all anyone needs to confirm my statements.  Those poor children featured are the future of America.  They are future voters and decision makers—and they will as shown—fail at life.  They aren’t able in their present form to even raise a child let alone run a nation with the massive wave of problems coming at them.   Watch the segment for yourself.

That is just disgraceful, and most of those kids are proud of their stupidity.  It’s cool to them to be so dumb.  Hey—I remember what it was like.  Even when I was in school the way to pick up girls was to act like you didn’t know anything.  It was like putting on a muzzle and within a few weeks of dating, they learned quickly that I knew a lot and it scared the crap out of them.  No matter how good-looking you might be, if you were smart, they were not interested.  I remember specifically, even though I was married there was a very pretty girl who wanted desperately to date me.  She practically threw herself at my feet every day I saw her.  Being loyal to my wife, I kept her at arms bay which was sometimes difficult—until one day she told me that Jurassic Park was the dumbest movie she had ever seen.  She said to me, “who wants to watch a bunch of dinosaurs running around?”  Then she laughed as though I would follow her lead in the conversation.  I told her I would.  We never spoke again.   Those are common experiences with people and I have seen it all my life, and it starts in public school at the kindergarten level.  I don’t think any teacher believes they are contributing to such stupidity—but the system they teach mandated by the state creates such a lack of curiosity in young people as shown in young women like the attractive seductress mentioned.

People wonder why I married so young when so many pretty girls were available and there was so much fun to be had.  When my wife and I married I was 19 and she was 18.  Parents on both sides thought we were suffering from a mother/father complex where we found in each other extensions of our home life as we were moving out into the world on our own.  Well, that was an inaccurate assessment if there ever was one.  What my wife and I shared was a love of thinking.  She loved to think, and so did I and neither one of us wanted to waste our time on stupid people, and playing stupid just so we could date members of the opposite sex.

Public schools breed a lack of curiosity about life.  This behavior extended into college which we both detested—obviously in the case of the Water’s World segment it was the University of Maryland that was failing.  Any child who arrives at age 18 to 19 as those kids are and is still that stupid about the world—it is not their fault—it is the fault of their parents and teachers who failed to inspire in them a love of learning and curiosity about life.    I have never forgotten the Jurassic Park comment from the attractive girl.  She went on to have a series of bad relationships and ended up being a stripper at New York New York in Franklin, Ohio.  What I knew of her was that her father left her mother when she was very little for another woman and she barely knew anything of him.  As a result of that unhealthy relationship, she had a father complex.  She was filling her life with people who filled the father role in her life—but she was ultimately attracted to abuse.  She was not able to even consider a healthy relationship due to her unfortunate past leaving all her contact with other males to be superficial.  At the time Jurassic Park came out and I mentioned it favorably she didn’t understand.  I have heard the same kind of comments from people about Star Wars, Star Trek, and most films and books that inspire thinking.  Because I didn’t look “geeky” girls would seek me out as potential company, but after just a little inquiry, they learned that I’m not like them and they’d move on to someone else.  My wife and I got married not just because we fell in love, but because neither of us wanted to play that stupid game.  We are both the kind of people who would expect to be five for five if interviewed by Jesse Waters and would expect nothing less.  It would ruin our day to miss one of those questions—because we care about knowing things.

Without a curiosity about life, there cannot be any success and the kids interviewed during the Water’s World segment have no chance at success in life.  The girl in that thong who giggled at all her missed questions—she will not raise good kids and have a good life.  She may manage to snag some rich slob who will leave his old wife for a new younger one, and the thronged girl may live in a big house, drive a big new car and have diamond jewelry—but she will look like a dirty rug by the time she’s 35, and she’ll be alone and bitter—no longer giggling her way through life—because the elements to her future failure are already in motion provided to her by her education up to that point.  It is a serious problem.

Women are taught as young girls in their public schools to seduce young boys.  Because teachers are teaching everyone to be the same, the only way to lure boys to girls once puberty kicks in is to give them bits of sex—which is taught in sex education as early as the fourth grade these days.  Once that happens the neat little children who had been building cars and airplanes out of Lego blocks and watching lots of educational television on Nickelodeon and Disney Channel begin learning to shut down their creativity and channel their energy into dumbing themselves down for potential sexual partners.  By the time children turn 10 to 11 years old, most of them find their minds destroyed by public education methods that have only taught them the basic low-level ambitions such as food acquisition, sexual release, and general social skills—which are already instinctual.

Movies like Jurassic Park are not one of the most beloved blockbusters of all time because people didn’t like it.   That girl who spoke despairingly about it to me likely would have enjoyed it as a little girl—before her puberty years when there was still a curiosity about the world.  She probably did like it when she saw it with her eventual children.  But during the mating game, which her life was so much about—she couldn’t let herself enjoy such things because the guys she had been talking to up until that time, and after also played stupid with her—and got so good at it after 10 years that they just stopped thinking.  They do such a thing to themselves because sex with young girls like the girls in the Water’s World segment is impossible if they show too much ambition of thought.

Finally, I raved yesterday about my positive experiences at Yottaquest where I played in an X-Wing Tournament.  One thing that was missing in those places was women.  There were no pretty girls coming in and playing X-Wing.  But the guys who were playing had already decided in their lives that they didn’t care for such things.  Most of them were married for much the same reason my wife and I married.   They don’t want to play the game of being stupid to have sexual partners.  Once you are married, you can share your intelligence with your partner and be free of the foolishness of single life stupidity which is staged during the public education experience.  I have two daughters and they are very attractive—but they enjoy places like Yottaquest because as a father I always taught them how not to be like that poor girl who hated Jurassic Park.  Such girls will never land a good guy in her life which she can share her real thoughts.  It’s not a mystery, I taught my children to be curious and full of lifelong learning—and Jurassic Park is one of their favorite movies—and their husbands are grateful for it.  Stupidity is shackles for the mind—and is just as limiting as literal shackles on arms and legs.

The seeds for thought are planted in children very young by their parents.  If the parents are not very good, the children will suffer.  But even parents who do plant the seeds of lifelong curiosity find their children have those seeds extracted by the public education process and destroyed.  By the time kids reach 12 to 15 years old their minds are gone—mentally and destined to be like the kids from Maryland College.  There are a few kids who escape and I find them in places like Yottaquest on a Saturday afternoon, or at an X-Wing Miniatures event—or playing Magic the Gathering in a booth at Trader’s World.  But for most people, they are destined to be like that poor girl who didn’t like Jurassic Park—who had lost the adventure of learning too early in her life to save her from future tragedy.  Not that liking Jurassic Park would have helped her with me, my wife already had me, but she could have met another good-hearted person who could have enriched her life.  Instead, she is old and bitter, and all used up as just another former has been for a series of dimwitted males crippled in their minds from an insufficient public education that destroys most of the people it processes.

So why are we paying for such a stupid thing to happen with tax dollars?

Rich Hoffman



The Cost of Passive-Agressivism: Overcoming major attacks against GDP productivity

One of the unspoken reasons which I discussed in yesterday’s article of why communism fails is a trait that I am intimately aware of.  It might be said that it’s my specialty and most practiced attribute—defeating passive aggression in rivals and allies for strategic objectives.  I can spot passive aggressive behavior 4 million light years away, and I have no sympathy for it when I see it.  I also have no patience for it—and it is a growing trait taught in our public schools, advocated by our political system, and embraced by our business methods.  It is wrong and must be changed as a fundamental behavior pattern in modern society or the GDP of all the nations on earth will struggle and collapse under the burdens placed upon their social expectations.

For the proper definitions of passive-aggression disorder I will turn to Wikipedia, because they have a nice concise definition there that is easy for a layman to understand.  Without question, this is the number one attribute threatening modern business, and is the nail in the coffin for those advocating communism.  Even though the push for communism in public schools has perpetuated passive -aggressive behavior in society at large, it has formed in the human mind as a natural rebellion toward authority figures.  The more authority figures try to assert their domination over others—the more control those authority figures have over others, the more that passive-aggressive attitudes will form as a line of defense in the human mind.  It is a trait that I understand as I despise authority figures myself.  But when passive-aggression is coupled with other human frailties, such as sexual addiction, financial irresponsibility, obesity, various psychological insecurities, drug addiction, and other acts of personal liability—they are devastating to the act of productivity which makes them a national threat of epic proportions.  When passive-aggressive trends are allowed to fester up like lava under the earth only to be released through a volcanic explosion, the politics of our day and economic order of all involved are threatened.  So for those who are not aware of what passive-aggressive behavior is, the below definitions will begin to cast a light upon everything you knew was always there in the darkness—but lacked the vision to see clearly.

Passive-aggressive behavior is the indirect expression of hostility, such as through procrastinationsarcasm, hostile jokes, stubbornness, resentment, sullenness, or deliberate or repeated failure to accomplish requested tasks for which one is (often explicitly) responsible.

For research purposes, the DSM-IV describes passive-aggressive personality disorder as a “pervasive pattern of negativistic attitudes and passive resistance to demands for adequate performance in social and occupational situations”.

Concept in different areas

In psychology

In psychology, passive-aggressive behavior is characterized by an habitual pattern of passive resistance to expected work requirements, opposition, stubbornness, and negativistic attitudes in response to requirements for normal performance levels expected of others. Most frequently it occurs in the workplace where resistance is exhibited by such indirect behaviors as procrastination, forgetfulness, and purposeful inefficiency, especially in reaction to demands by authority figures, but it can also occur in interpersonal contexts.[1]

Passive-aggressive may also refer to a person who refuses to acknowledge their own aggression (in the sense of “agency”), and who manages that denial by projecting it. This type of person insists on seeing themselves as the blameless victims in all situations.[citation needed]

According to Living with the Passive-Aggressive Man, a self-help book, a passive man does little to get what he wants as it is too much effort to do so, and ranges from the inept “loser” type to the conformist who does anything to be liked, avoids making waves and rarely says what he feels.[3]

In social protest

Passive-aggressive behavior is not the same as nonviolent resistance exhibited in groups by social protesters. The nonviolent campaigner is working to defeat demands for social behavior required by others as a method of defiance of authority figures. The person characterized by passive-aggressive behavior is not working with others toward a defined social goal.

In conflict theory

In conflict theory, passive resistance is a rational response to demands that may simply be disagreed with. Passive-aggressive behavior can resemble a behavior better described as catty, as it consists of deliberate, active, but carefully veiled hostile acts which are distinctively different in character from the non-assertive style of passive aggression.[4]

In the workplace

Main article: Workplace conflict

Passive-aggressive behavior from workers and managers is damaging to team unity and productivity. Warner in the ad for his online ebook says: “The worst case of passive-aggressive behavior involves destructive attitudes such as negativity, sullenness, resentment, procrastination, ‘forgetting’ to do something, chronic lateness, and intentional inefficiency.” If this behavior is ignored it could result in decreased office efficiency and frustration among workers.[5] If managers are passive-aggressive in their behavior, it can end up stifling team creativity. De Angelis says “It would actually make perfect sense that those promoted to leadership positions might often be those who on the surface appear to be agreeable, diplomatic and supportive, yet who are actually dishonest, backstabbing saboteurs behind the scenes.”[6]

Passive-aggressive personality disorder was listed as an Axis II personality disorder in the DSM-III-R, but was moved in the DSM-IV to Appendix B (“Criteria Sets and Axes Provided for Further Study”) because of controversy and the need for further research on how to also categorize the behaviors in a future edition. According to DSM-IV, passive-aggressive personality disorder is “often overtly ambivalent, wavering indecisively from one course of action to its opposite. They may follow an erratic path that causes endless wrangles with others and disappointment for themselves.” Characteristic of these persons is an “intense conflict dependence on other and the desire for self-assertion.” Although exhibiting superficial bravado, their self-confidence is often very poor, and others react to them with hostility and negativity. This diagnosis is not made if the behavior is exhibited during a major depressive episode or can be attributed to dysthymic disorder.[1]

Millon’s subtypes

The psychologist Theodore Millon has proposed four subtypes of ‘negativist’ (‘passive-aggressive’).[7] Any individual negativist may exhibit none or one of the following:

Subtype Description Personality Traits
Vacillating Including borderline personality disorder features Emotions fluctuate in bewildering, perplexing, and enigmatic ways; difficult to fathom or comprehend own capricious and mystifying moods; wavers, in flux, and irresolute both subjectively and intrapsychically.
Discontented Including depressive personality disorder features Grumbling, petty, testy, cranky, embittered, complaining, fretful, vexed, and moody; gripes behind pretense; avoids confrontation; uses legitimate but trivial complaints.
Circuitous Including dependent personality disorder features Opposition displayed in a roundabout, labyrinthine, and ambiguous manner, e.g., procrastination, dawdling, forgetfulness, inefficiency, neglect, stubbornness, indirect and devious in venting resentment and resistant behaviors.
Abrasive Including sadistic personality disorder features Contentious, intransigent, fractious, and quarrelsome; irritable, caustic, debasing, corrosive, and acrimonious, contradicts and derogates; few qualms and little conscience or remorse. (no longer a valid diagnosis in DSM)

Children who sugarcoat hostility may have difficulties being assertive, never developing better coping strategies or skills for self-expression. They can become adults who, beneath a “seductive veneer,” harbor “vindictive intent,” in the words of US congressman/psychologist Timothy F. Murphy, and writer/practicing therapist Loriann Oberlin.[9] Alternatively individuals may simply have difficulty being as directly aggressive or assertive as others. Martin Kantor suggests three areas that contribute to passive-aggressive anger in individuals: conflicts about dependency, control, and competition, and that a person may be termed passive-aggressive if they behave so to most persons on most occasions.[10]

Murphy and Oberlin also see passive aggression as part of a larger umbrella of hidden anger stemming from ten traits of the angry child or adult. These traits include making one’s own misery, the inability to analyze problems, blaming others, turning bad feelings into angry ones, attacking people, lacking empathy, using anger to gain power, confusing anger with self-esteem, and indulging in negative self-talk. Lastly, the authors point out that those who hide their anger can be nice when they wish to be.[11]

Passive-aggressive behavior was first defined clinically by Colonel William Menninger during World War II in the context of men’s reaction to military compliance. Menninger described soldiers who were not openly defiant but expressed their aggressiveness “by passive measures, such as pouting, stubbornness, procrastination, inefficiency, and passive obstructionism” due to what Menninger saw as an “immaturity” and a reaction to “routine military stress”.[13]

According to some psychoanalytic views, noncompliance is not indicative of true passive-aggressive behavior, which may instead be defined as the manifestation of emotions that have been repressed based on a self-imposed need for acceptance.

In the first version of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, DSM-I, in 1952, the passive-aggressive was defined in a narrow way, grouped together with the passive-dependent.

The DSM-III-R stated in 1987 that passive-aggressive disorder is typified by, among other things, “fail[ing] to do the laundry or to stock the kitchen with food because of procrastination and dawdling.”[13]

Increased public exposure to the term has led to websites like Passive-Aggressive Notes, which uploads purportedly passive-aggressive emails, notes and signs, although many of the examples are not correctly passive-aggressive in nature.


It might be said accurately that my experiences with passive-aggressive disorders are the number one reason I have turned against public education institutions and colleges.  They have bred more of this behavior in society not less of it—because of their authoritarian approach to education.  This has taken America’s workforce and infested their minds with the disorder making doing business with them nearly impossible.  I have done well in my life stepping around the disorder in a way that does not destroy the people suffering from it—but it takes a lot of work.  I sincerely wish more people would have success in overcoming it, but the problem is so pervasive that I only know of a handful of people anywhere who can accurately diagnose the effects and can side-step the attacks without destroying the opportunity at productivity.

Passive-aggressiveness is a direct result of the rise of communism in the 20th Century.  It was the human mind’s defense against such a social intrusion upon their individual sanctity. The way to counter it is to respect the free will of those victimized while at the same time helping them find objectives in their lives which align their true goals with the needs for productivity.  When dealing with people who don’t truly know what they want in life—it is really too much to ask to do the work for them, but often that is what is required—and it can be taxing.  However, when the cause and effects are understood it is possible.  Human beings and their brains are simply computer programs.  If there are errors which occur during the uploading of data throughout their lives, their minds become fragmented and a simple defrag of their mental processing will get them pointed in the right direction.  Ultimately, people simply want all the same things; they want shelter, food, love, and a sense of purpose.  Once you can help them achieve those things, the negatives of passive—aggressive behavior can be overridden.

Social engineers, climate terrorists, over indulgent managers, power-hungry politicians, and all addicts of authoritarian regime are the causes of passive aggression because they attempt to manipulate the basic needs of human beings.  If the basic needs of a human being are threatened in some way, passive-aggression will raise up to counter the effect.  There are no drugs that can help this condition—they can only turn the mind off to the pain of duality.  The problem is one of social context where others wish to impose upon individuals their needs—which threaten the basic needs of human beings.  For instance, the social reaction to the Michael Sam kiss with his boyfriend on ESPN after being drafted by the St. Louis Rams NFL team was negative and is the cause of much passive-aggressive anxiety currently.  ESPN owned by the Disney Corporation overplayed the situation because they want the political groups backed by the LGBT community to not attack their parent company.  ESPN feels they must demonstrate the proper level of “progressivism” to keep lawyers representing parasitic social groups from attacking their productive assertions.  Society at large wishing to find love, have babies and grow old with a spouse see such a thing as gay “love” as a threat to their core wishes, yet they cannot express their frustration because the media has stated that accepting gay activity is needed for an advanced society forcing individuals to relieve their aggression toward their anxiety—in a passive—acceptable way.  Progressives have set the table in every instance, making Disney fearful of lawsuits for not embracing same-sex demographics, teaching society through public education to repress their behavioral judgment and critical thinking to accept social advances advocated by progressives.  This has changed surface behavior, but not the core desires of human beings.

As an example, an obese young woman in her late twenties functioning through life without a boyfriend and a houseful of cats may say publicly about the Michael Sam kiss—“good for them.  They are in love, and happy, and now Sam can play on an NFL team.”  But that same young woman may look at Sam’s boyfriend and find him attractive and be resentful that there is one less man in the world available to her to marry and have babies with.  She may have considered adoption, but it’s not the same as giving birth to a genetic child of her own born from the love she longs to share with a husband.  She is likely to develop a severe passive-aggressive attitude toward gay sexuality that she will mask in public, but act out against in private.  She would be the one to spit in the drink of a gay couple if she was a waitress in a restaurant they were attending, or short change them in an exchange of currency at a movie theater—just to rectify her deeply hidden anxiety over not having a mate in a society that is 50% male.  She will find it personally devastating that two men would rather be with each other than for one to pick her as a mate.   She could become a lesbian, but that won’t help her have a biological child of her own—so instead she spits in the drink of the gay couple and smiles inwardly to herself at her revenge.

After years of such passive-aggression people become very good at it, and soon they are performing it whenever their boss  asks them to perform a task, or their parents demand a family get together when they have an otherwise overwhelming busy schedule, or a spouse wants sex when the partner isn’t in the mood.  Soon, people’s lives are consumed with passive-aggressive disorder and they lose sight of strategic goals that might actually help them because they can’t see the forest for the trees—because their minds are so rotten with anxiety due to too much authority in their lives, which they act against their own needs without realizing it.

The problem of passive-aggression was created by the academic elite because of their love of communism, yet it also prevents communism from ever working—because communism is not aligned with the needs of the human mind—it does not provide shelter unless trust in the state can be maintained—which will fail because of the faulty nature of bureaucracies.  It cannot deal with individual needs as communism is focused on collective salvation—so personal relationship issues are completely neglected.   And any kind of Gross Domestic Product produced under a communist regime will be under performed because of the passive-aggressive disorders of their society.  Why do people think that even with the GDP of China about to overtake the United States that Chinese workers are committing suicide off the top of iPhone factories and still seeking anyway possible to leave that country and come to America—because they want freedom first—over economic vitality.  The GDP of an individual in China means nothing because it goes toward the collective and there isn’t enough passive-aggressive behavior in such places that can offset such a reality without destroying their very lives.  At least in America passive-aggression can still gain traction because individual freedom is still entertained as a viable option.  But communism will not end passive-aggression; it will make more of it—and in America we are already dangerously close to perpetual inaction in virtually every productive field of endeavor.

Passive-aggressive disorder is a byproduct of too much authority and not enough attention to individual sanctity.  In America it is the result of a failed education system and a nation that has lost its values for individual liberty.  Socially, the politics of our day have forced people with social castigation, financial hardship, and perpetual punishment if they show displeasure at two men kissing on national television—but deep down inside are a whole range of human emotions that are fighting to defend themselves from such an intrusion.  And thus…………….that is the beginning of passive-aggressive disorder and the destructive events which fall in its wake.

Rich Hoffman



Harald Zieger Author of ‘Freedom’s Nightmare': How modern education is like the Berlin Wall

One of the best interviews at this year’s Cincinnati Tea Party was author Harald Zieger who wrote the book, Freedom’s Nightmare, which is about how he escaped communist oppression to come to America. In the book he discusses some of the threats to our current liberties which remind him of his life behind the Iron Curtain. Matt Clark from WAAM radio sat down with Harald at the event and had a fantastic interview with him. Harald actually brought up during the interview something that I have been saying for a long time—American education has been taken over by the state and is intent on programming young people into the goals of statism—and less directly, communism. This is the natural byproduct of a government-run education system which often begins with good intentions—like most things—but quickly becomes a path to Hell. That Hell, is the current state of education in our country and is probably the most alarming aspect of the various facets of modern culture. For Harald Zieger, who grew up behind the Iron Curtain—specifically Soviet controlled East Germany—he has seen all this before which was revealed during this riveting interview with Matt.


Even I am surprised how many people to this day know nothing of the Berlin Wall in Germany or its history which has been lost to academic ideology. The same policies which put up the Berlin Wall so many years ago, just seven years before my birth are happening in America today—only at a much slower rate. The slow rate is quite on purpose so not to shock the world into rejecting the communist plight—as happened in the standoff between West and East Berlin at the height of the Cold War.

The Berlin Wall (German: Berliner Mauer) was a barrier constructed by the German Democratic Republic (GDR, East Germany) starting on 13 August 1961, that completely cut off (by land) West Berlin from surrounding East Germany and from East Berlin.[1] The barrier included guard towers placed along large concrete walls,[2] which circumscribed a wide area (later known as the “death strip”) that contained anti-vehicle trenches, “fakir beds” and other defenses. The Eastern Bloc claimed that the wall was erected to protect its population from fascist elements conspiring to prevent the “will of the people” in building a socialist state in East Germany. In practice, the Wall served to prevent the massive emigration and defection that marked East Germany and the communist Eastern Bloc during the post-World War II period.

The Berlin Wall was officially referred to as the “Anti-Fascist Protection Rampart” (German: Antifaschistischer Schutzwall) by GDR authorities, implying that neighbouring West Germany had not been fully de-Nazified.[3] The West Berlin city government sometimes referred to it as the “Wall of Shame“—a term coined by mayor Willy Brandt—while condemning the Wall’s restriction on freedom of movement. Along with the separate and much longer Inner German border (IGB), which demarcated the border between East and West Germany, it came to symbolize the “Iron Curtain” that separated Western Europe and the Eastern Bloc during the Cold War.

Before the Wall’s erection, 3.5 million East Germans circumvented Eastern Bloc emigration restrictions and defected from the GDR, many by crossing over the border from East Berlin into West Berlin, from where they could then travel to West Germany and other Western European countries. Between 1961 and 1989, the wall prevented almost all such emigration.[4] During this period, around 5,000 people attempted to escape over the wall, with an estimated death toll of over 100[5] in and around Berlin, although that claim is disputed.[6]

In 1989, a series of radical political changes occurred in the Eastern Bloc, associated with the liberalization of the Eastern Bloc’s authoritarian systems and the erosion of political power in the pro-Soviet governments in nearby Poland and Hungary. After several weeks of civil unrest, the East German government announced on 9 November 1989 that all GDR citizens could visit West Germany and West Berlin. Crowds of East Germans crossed and climbed onto the wall, joined by West Germans on the other side in a celebratory atmosphere. Over the next few weeks, a euphoric public and souvenir hunters chipped away parts of the wall; the governments later used industrial equipment to remove most of the rest. The physical Wall itself was primarily destroyed in 1990. The fall of the Berlin Wall paved the way for German reunification, which was formally concluded on 3 October 1990.


The reason for the wall was to actually contain the people who were fleeing from East Germany into the West—essentially from communism to capitalism. The race of which the Soviets were attempting to outpace was an erosion of world-wide support of communism by infiltrating the education institutions of all capitalist oriented countries. This is exclusively why there are so many liberals to this day in colleges and drive teacher unions in public schools. But the Soviets were too late. They implemented their plan, and did infiltrate the world’s education institutions but they ran out of other people’s money rather fast and bankrupted themselves. In East Berlin the situation was so dire that people actually risked being shot dead to even have the opportunity to live under capitalism as opposed to communism.   One of those people was Harald Zieger.

A liberal media cannot criticize Zieger’s experiences as blind rhetoric because unlike them, Harald actually lived through these hard times, so he is a unique authority on the subject in historical context. And Zieger says in his interview that the education system in America today is dangerously close to what the Soviets where using against their people in the times of the Berlin Wall. The fate of such education methods and the people under their instruction will be no different—yet progressives believe that if the approach to communism is different—slower, and more globally inclusive, that finally their massive plan of social collectivism will work. They are functioning from the same level of ignorance that the idiots who put up the Berlin Wall were functioning under. Their belief is that if capitalism is destroyed or people are denied access to “capitalist greed” then communism for the good of the people will be able to come into bloom. Yet if such a thing worked so well, it would be able to compete with capitalism and clearly in Berlin it wasn’t even close. Just a few years after World War II West Germany was thriving, while the Soviet controlled East Berlin was a hollowed out city that lacked any kind of economic vibrancy. The advocates of communism as they do today, believe that if people were forced into communism away from capitalism that all people would benefit. It’s the same foolish notion that believed that a giant wall would actually contain people from wanting to leave one political ideology for another. One represented oppression and overly micromanaged government control of everything—the other was freedom, and economic stimulation driven by human desire. The two mentalities couldn’t be further apart from each other and there isn’t any middle ground between the two—as many progressive believe today—when they speak of a “managed economy.”Ayn Rand

Today there isn’t a Berlin Wall, but there is a deep divide in America—there are people who believe in communism and people who believe in capitalism. They call both different names today than they did in the times of the Berlin Wall, but the differences are essentially the same. Communists otherwise known as progressives still believe that if they gain control of the media, the education system and the money supply that they can suppress the human desire for freedom. But they can’t. People just like Harald Zieger fled from East Germany into West Germany in search of freedom and opportunity. People still flee the government at every opportunity—and they always will no matter how many laws are created, or how much the government thinks it can tamper with an economy. The bottom line between capitalism and communism is one of initiative. Communism strives to control initiative, where capitalism rewards it. And there is nothing academia can do to alleviate that essential human trait—even though they have tried. The horror stories discussed by Harald Zieger actually happened, and are happening right now—only differently. Today the wall isn’t so easy to see, but the mentality is still present—and the intentions of the communists are just as real, and dangerous. They can be seen most effectively at your local public school. It is there where the modern Berlin Wall is built brick by brick—child by child—labor union by labor union consuming tax payer money in a war against private property that is fueled by a hatred of capitalism. It is happening not in some far away land from a different time—but in our own back yards, to our children, and our very lives.

Rich Hoffman