Advice for Donald Trump in Ohio: Sheriff Jones is key to winning on Kasich’s turf–where to speak and how before the primary

So who hasn’t been threatened to be killed? Listening to Sheriff Jones talk about it, he makes it sound like it’s an exclusive thing. It’s not. Anyone who tells some faction of the collective society—whether its drug dealers, organized crime trying to dominate a specific region, or just a bunch of thugs trying to impose their will, being threatened to be killed is a common occurrence. Just because someone desires something, doesn’t mean they get it. As far as I’m concerned it’s as common as breathing air, but when you talk about it like some sissy, it diminishes the value of standing against the tide of collectivism. A real man doesn’t babble about it—because it demeans the bravery it takes to stand against such villainy. When bad guys come knocking, you just take care of it. That’s pretty much the end of the story. However, that is just one of the topics Jones talked about in the short piece on Channel 5 highlighting the Butler County Sheriff as a video bookend to a pretty decent career as a cop and sheriff willing to tackle tough national issues.  Most notably the recent attempts of the Donald Trump campaign to bring Jones to New York to encourage a partnership in the fight against illegal immigration. It is on that point that I am writing this—mainly for Trump and his handlers so they can understand the strategic importance of Sheriff Jones and why Butler County, Ohio is a key area to win over—so that they can take the steps to do so.

Sheriff Jones and I think alike on a lot of issues, particularly illegal immigration and drugs. I also like it when he wears his cowboy hat. He and I had very different opinions over the Issue 2 debate—he was completely pro union whereas I was all for the collective bargaining reforms offered by the much debated Senate Bill 5. I was with Kasich on that issue while Jones was speaking against it. Jones and I even debated publicly together on it—but we tried to keep it friendly even though I saw his position as a large contributor to the problem regarding public employee pay and compensation. We were also at odds over the last Lakota levy passage—the large public school that we both share a property tax obligation to. I was against the tax increase, he was for it. Even though we live only a few miles apart in Liberty Township, Ohio we don’t cross paths much these days. He’s been pro establishment Republican supporting Judy Shelton’s Central Committee domination while I lean much more toward Tea Party reforms. But there is a lot I do like about him. We both like John Wayne and we are both a bit extraverted when we need to be. We’ve both been frequent guests on WLW radio in the past so there is more to like than not to. Although my wife thinks he should be personally much tougher on drug busts than he is, her position on drugs is even harsher than mine—so in Jones’ defense, she is extremely hard to please on the matter.

I wasn’t going to rub it in. It’s not a coincidence that Judy Shelton decided to resign on September 14th 2015. Just a few weeks later John Boehner, the third most powerful person in the world also from Butler County who lives right across the street in West Chester, just another few miles from where Jones and I live—stepped down as Speaker of the House. The writing was on the wall, Judy had been protecting Boehner from challengers within the party and now that protection was stripped away. Everyone who knows politics knows that the way to win endorsements and therefore party support comes from the Central Committee—so Boehner had no choice as opposition toward the status queue mounted within those ranks of behind the scenes politics.

Now with Todd Hall running the GOP and the incredibly weak showing by John Kasich during his last trip to Butler County—there is a real hunger for strong candidates to support in what is likely the most conservative area of Ohio—let alone the country. Butler County isn’t just a red area within a purple state—it glows red even when the lights are turned off. It’s undeniably conservative and is currently undergoing a shift even further to the right—politically. Shelton, Boehner, and Kasich have proven not nearly conservative enough for our tastes. Sheriff Jones has taken notice and is following the trend. He has come out against Boehner’s performance—which he can do now that there is a leadership change within the Central Committee and our mutual friend Roger Reynolds is running for Boehner’s old seat. That would be an improvement particularly under a Paul Ryan led congress. Without a Paul Ryan type of House Speaker, Reynolds would be too quiet to be effective in such a boisterous town such as Washington D.C. But with Ryan and the Freedom Caucus, Roger would find friends there. Then he could use that big financial brain of his for good.

Donald Trump recognizing that Sheriff Jones is a friend who could offer testimony in favor of aggressive border control issues wanted the sheriff to come to New York to lend some credibility to the billionaires’ presidential platform. But Jones smartly declined. Trump however should not let the story die there. Rather, one way to win Ohio during the upcoming primary would be to win southern Ohio and to do that, Trump would have to get good numbers out of Butler County. So Trump’s people were sniffing in the right direction—they likely didn’t know how hot they were on the key to securing the nomination in Ohio—which is why I’m writing this. Trump needs to listen to Jones, don’t try to take the sheriff to New York, but bring the presidential campaign to Butler County and put the sheriff on the stage before Trump speaks. Then secure the nomination with Jones rowing the boat. Todd Hall is dealing with a leadership change within the party. I know him personally and think he’s a person who can be friendly to a Trump campaign. He’s a fellow developer so there is plenty of common ground with Trump. I don’t think it would take much for those two to become good friends—and I don’t mean just political friends—I mean real friends which would be useful in the future for Trump. There are plenty of people in the mix behind the scenes now in Butler County who could get behind a Donald Trump/Ted Cruz ticket. I mention Ted because he’s at least enough of an insider within the Senate to know how to dig up the needed bodies to assist Trump in getting bills through the legislative process when the going gets tough in 2018 and 2019. So if Trump wants to be president, he needs to come to Butler County several times—and he needs to make friends with Sheriff Jones. Trump needs to stick hard on the immigration issue plugging into the policy and image of the popular Butler County sheriff—who is currently the senior leadership within the Republican Party that is getting much younger and more conservative by the week.

I knew changes were amiss when I was invited to the GOP Christmas Party in Columbus, which is tempting. But I’m not sure I want to swap spit in the shower with a lot of those people just yet. For me it depends on Trump. If my local GOP could get behind Trump, I could get behind them more openly. But if they are going to support losers like Kasich, Bush or Marco Rubio, then forget it. Todd knows how I feel about things. I want a much more aggressive GOP, one that isn’t afraid to shake things up a bit and won’t dance around the press. So with that said let me name the right places for the Trump campaign to speak at, so that his people can plan accordingly knowing that their contact in Butler County needs to be Sheriff Jones.

The best place for Trump to speak would be the Ronald Reagan lodge at Voice of America Park. It’s not big enough to hold Trump’s typical crowds, but it could really show a contrast to Kasich’s latest speech there last year. It’s right in the heart of Butler County and the affluence of the area where donors are looking to bet on a winner. I would also suggest the newly developed Liberty Center. Given the cold conditions that campaigning in Ohio will entail in February and March there are some structures there that could probably do the job of hosting a Trump event. Both of those venues are indoor facilities that could hold hundreds of people not thousands. But, they would look great on television and would be strategically in the back pocket of John Kasich’s money base and support. Kasich couldn’t fill either one of those locations right now if he wanted to. So Trump could exploit that quite dramatically before the election in March.

Then of course there’s a place that would hold the largest crowd and that’s the Marriott North in West Chester, just down the street from Liberty Center. They have 15 event rooms totaling 14,905sf of event space, the largest holding 960 people by itself. If Trump wanted to come to West Chester the government there would like him—enthusiastically. Trump would be in very friendly waters. Then down the road from the Marriott is the wonderful Savannah Center, which has 11 separate event rooms that can hold easily 1700 guests with more that could spill over into other rooms. Trump could land by helicopter at the Butler County Regional Airport just a few miles to the west of the Savannah Center and arrive by motorcade with a very direct path. However, permits to land directly at the point of destination may be an option in West Chester, which is where the Ronald Reagan Lodge, the Marriott, and the Savannah Center all reside.

Trump was right to contact Jones, and the Sheriff is more politically aligned with the New York billionaire than most any other candidate. Nobody else is capable of doing what Jones wants to do with immigration, so there isn’t any downside to the arrangement. The only thing left to do is to come to Butler County and put Jones to work for Trump—and also get the rest of the Republican Party behind him. I’ll say this much. Even though Sheriff Jones is too liberal for me, I would be happy to attend a Trump event with him. And if the Butler County GOP got behind Trump, I might even go to the Christmas Party. I may even support Roger Reynolds for congress. But we are living in times that require vast amounts of courage and the best that we all bring to the table. So let’s give it our best and let the chips fall where they may. I’m ready for a good fight and maybe its time that we stop fighting each other and put a cap on the ass of all these damn Democrats—particularly, Hillary Clinton. Who else is going to beat that lunatic?

Rich “Cliffhanger” Hoffman


Samurai Sword Cuts a Baseball in Half: Warnings about how gun control can destroy a country

One important thing about Japanese society is that they have maintained their connection to their samurai heritage. It shows, they treat most aspects of their life with some reverence toward that feudal period and the disciplines enacted through their history. So it came up while I was complaining to a few of them recently about their excessive necessity toward visual articulation on matters of importance that their tendency was rooted along with the disciplines connected directly to the life of a katana swordsman and the focus and concentration it takes to perform feats with it. I appreciate that discipline to a point. I spent several years studying the seemingly simple, yet philosophically detailed Japanese book on strategy called The Book of Five Rings. However, I’m an American and I have determined that the American gunfighter is much more poised as a national philosophy to release the wonders of capitalism than the sacrificial tendencies of the samurai. About that point in a recent conversation the video shown below was brought to my attention. In the video, a katana sword master cuts a baseball out of the air at 100 MPH. It looks pretty impressive but after watching it, I’m pretty sure I could do the same thing with just a little practice. I wasn’t that impressed, not as much as I am compared to the shooters in my Cowboy Fast Draw Association. Have a look for yourself.

As I pointed out to the propionates of samurai culture versus cowboy arts is that in Japan they wear flip-flop shoes and these little paper-thin robes and focus on applying everything through the sword. George Lucas has been so impressed with samurai cultures that he largely modeled the Jedi Knights after their role within Japan, including knocking away laser bolts from powerful guns. The assumption was that the samurai warriors were functioning so fast that their perception skills were superhuman. But not so much. Actually, the samurai warrior in that video stood next to the pitching machine and timed carefully the rate that the baseball was feeding through the projection unit and was able to measure the point in space and time that the target would move. So essentially the sword master only had to anticipate when the ball would travel through the space that his sword would be. Once the samurai drew his sword and placed it in the path of the ball. The momentum of the projectile carried it across the sharp blade making it appear as if the warrior cut it in half. In fact the momentum of the ball did all the work. It’s the same basic trick in the below video where a samurai warrior chops a BB out of the air. Once the sword master had the trajectory of the projectile memorized from practice and could anticipate the muzzle velocity, it’s not so difficult. I have a katana sword and I could do these tricks with a little practice right now.

That’s all fine for the Japanese. It’s nice that they have something in their culture that they value and connects their modern society with their heritage. But I’m not a big fan of all the paper walls, the thin robes, and the sandals. I prefer the heavy leather of the gunfighter, the large brimmed hats, the heavy jackets, durable pants, and the leather boots. In a fight between the gunfighter and the samurai, the gunfighter wins—100% of the time. It’s not even a contest. Those examples were given to me knowing I’m into the single action quick draw, but they really aren’t comparable. However, it did leave me thinking more about a topic that has bothered me quite a lot lately—how important guns are to American culture and why people like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton want to take them away by watering down the Second Amendment.

You don’t hear much from the world in attacking the Japanese for their love of the samurai sword. Obama when traveling around Asia even wears the little paper outfits to show respect of those foreign cultures—which shouldn’t be surprising I suppose because he was raised in one of them. So he has no problem respecting the traditions of those cultures. Obama would not preach to their Emperor Akihito or the Prime Minister Shinzo Abe that the samurai sword is a weapon of death and that it should be eradicated from their folklore. However, which is kind of the frustration that originated the conversation; the Japanese heavily regulate the ownership of samurai swords. If you buy them, they need to be genuine Nihonto, made in Japan as knock-offs are greatly discouraged. The swords were banned during the Meiji period as the samurai were abolished. After World War II laws were written in a way to disarm the Japanese people as a conquered nation. So they Americanized themselves, but looked fondly back toward their samurai days—for which Obama wouldn’t even consider preaching against. What Obama and Clinton want to do in America is essentially take the United States on the same path. The progressives have attacked the American cowboy in the way that the Meiji period was ushered in to destroy the samurai with the fall of the Tokugawa ruler Edo in 1868.

Japan once they allowed the samurai to fall and collectively united the nation under one ruler disarming their common citizens then became an evil empire that was defeated by the United States. Then to eliminate the potential threat of restructuring back into a hostile state, the public was forced to have strict weapons confiscation and laws preventing their use. With American help, they thrived as a culture for a number of decades succeeding well in electronics and automobile manufacturing. They embraced capitalism for the most part and took a tiny island and turned it into a respectable economy at just over $4 trillion GDP. But they have their limits. Currently they are in a deep recession. At the conclusion of the third quarter of 2015 the Japanese economy shrank .8 percent. It’s not because Prime Minister Shinzo Abe ordered quantitative easing to jolt the economic back from the brink that is the cause, it’s likely because Japan’s unemployment is so low and there is no room to accommodate new growth to cover the debts of the past. That leaves the Japanese people looking back toward their most prosperous and structured days, before the Constitution of 1890 to their successful samurai days for pride which they apply to much of the work they perform. Only for them it has become a kind of Don Quixote story, and it shows. At least to me—cutting a baseball in half isn’t that impressive. It’s a trick, not a feat of great skill.

That is the primary reason I am moving more each day toward fighting the gun grabbers of our modern time. Obama, Hillary and their progressive infusion of maniacal anti-gun diatribes want to write a new constitution in America—one that reflects the global trend toward centralization of authority and disarming the public. Likely the goal behind the current Syrian immigration is that within those young people will be insurgents who will invoke violence within the decade that will mandate gun control in the future. Those three-year olds that Obama is talking about today will likely be like he was as a boy which is why he’s sympathetic to them. Orphans who lost their fathers to ISIS, or because they joined ISIS and were killed in an American air raid, or some other activity will be at risk of seeking revenge through jihad at some unfortunate date—then with each act of violence will be progressive activists seeking stricter gun control laws until finally the Second Amendment is abolished and progressives can get a constitution more like what Japan currently has.

That would be a mistake. They are nice people, but they are obviously disconnected from their heritage and can only touch it through daily tasks. The swords that grandparents used to keep on the walls passed from family to family are now gone and collected by a mass confiscation program started first by the Japanese government then by American occupying forces. In many ways I feel sorry for them that they think cutting a baseball in half with a samurai sword is a big deal. It’s not. America would be wise to avoid the fate of the samurai. They need to stand by their guns in the face of the gun grabbers to avoid the stalemate that Japan finds itself in, largely due to their government centralization of their micromanaged society. America really is the last place on earth that is still free, and weapons are a large reason why. When the samurai were banned, the government took control and World War II happened. And the country never really has recovered since. They have enough pride to keep trying, but they have a limit on their abilities because of their micromanaged society.

Thankfully, because of my hobbies and personal experience I can see through the haze of fascination. The sword cutting trick appeases the people of that country for their heritage by also making it look so difficult that nobody could possible achieve such a thing except for a “specialist.” But in the United States I know about two dozen people who could practice with me in an afternoon and do exactly the same thing. And that’s because we play with weapons all the time, and collect them as well. And when it comes time to solve real problems in real-time, we know how to fix things without falling for the simple tricks. We know better largely because we are an armed society and under those conditions, we are still free to think. Which is the key to all things in life—it is the Second Amendment that sits at the roots of American exceptionalism—and we better start protecting it a whole lot better than we are now. We are currently $19 trillion dollars in debt on an economy that only produces slightly over $17 trillion. The gun grabbers who have mismanaged the situation don’t want you to have guns when you realize that the only way they’ve staved off complete financial breakdowns in the United States is through quantitative easing. History tells us where all this leads and when it happens, you’ll want your guns on the wall and in your closet, because you’re going to need them. We don’t want to lose our gunfighters the way that Japan lost their samurai. Because you may never get it back again. They certainly didn’t.

Rich “Cliffhanger” Hoffman


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Cinebistro at Liberty Center: How it works and why you should go

imageThere isn’t even a close second in my opinion; my first movie experience at Liberty Center’s Cinebistro was the best I’ve ever had in my long movie going history. It was fabulous on all fronts. Couple that experience with the opening of one of the most wonderful James Bond intros—a several minute tracking shot from what had to be a really sophisticated drone camera system involving thousands of extras in and out-of-doors in one take and I have to thank the filmmakers and Cinebistro for the most memorable theater experience that I’ve ever had 47 years. I’ve written on these pages before of my love of the Newport on the Levee theaters by AMC. I’ve went on about the Regal in Mason. I’ve described the IMAX screen at Springdale as the best in the city of Cincinnati.   I enjoy little things from all those places, so I was eager to see just how good the Cobb group was in putting together a theater experience in my hometown, and I can only say it was a stunning example of everything I’ve ever dreamed of regarding a journey out to the movies—which is a favorite pastime of mine. So that you dear reader can experience it for yourself let me describe how it works coupled with a bit of background for context.

I have lived in the area of Liberty Township most of my life. I’ve traveled and lived in other places, but I stayed in Liberty Township because I consider it one of the best locations in the United States. I get involved in the politics of the area to some extent to protect my investment both fiscally, and philosophically. Forty years ago when I was a kid in the area the best place to see a movie was the Showcase Cinemas in Springdale. I considered it a luxury experience to go to the Dayton Mall which had a movie theater inside the mall. I also years later thought it was a luxury to see a movie inside the Kenwood Mall. Going to the movies was always and continues to be an exciting thing to do in my life. I enjoy it most of the time. Around the country there is a really nice movie theater I like at Cocoa Beach inside the mall there. One of the neatest that I’ve seen was at the Americana complex in Glendale, California which caters to the wealthy in and around the television industry which shoots a lot of footage nearby on a daily basis. It is not uncommon to see movie stars and television stars seeking downtime at the Americana, it’s where they go to get away from the public and the movie theater is naturally nice. Another great movie theater is the one at Universal Studios in Florida at the City Walk. So it is within the context of those exotic destinations that I can say that Liberty Center and the Cinebistro within it are among the best that I have ever seen—anywhere. I could go so far to say that Cinebistro is the best movie theater currently in the state of Ohio—and yes that includes theaters in Columbus and Cleveland. It was the best—here’s why, and how it works.image

Cinebistro is actually a separate theater experience from the Cobb Luxury theaters. It has its own little section off to the left of the main entrance at the top of the escalator. Tickets for both theaters are bought in the downstairs, street level ticket booth. Simply take the escalator up into the main auditorium and the Luxury theaters are off to the right with the Cinebistro off to the left. Ahead is Cobbster’s kitchen which services the Luxury theaters. Behind, to the right is the bar and restaurant which by itself is a great experience. It has a fantastic view up the street into the heart of Liberty Center from a nice balcony that protrudes off the building. It’s all very dramatic and wonderful. But things really get cool when you step into the doors to the Cinebistro. The tickets themselves look like they are for a high-class affair; they are not your normal movie ticket. When they are purchased downstairs you pick your seats for the presentation. So when you step into the doors of Cinebistro you are good to go. You should arrive about 45 minutes before your feature, but 30 minutes are recommended. At 30 minutes until the feature they call your showing and you proceed inside just as you would a normal theater, only an usher will take you to your seat the way a hostess would at a restaurant complete with a full menu of their offerings.

The reason you should arrive an additional 15 minutes to the recommended 30 minutes early is so that you can relax in their lounge which is very nice and has also its own balcony overlooking the square outside. At the bar a striking young woman was very knowledgeable about drinks and provided an assortment of exotic beers, wines and just about every other drink on the market. I brought along some of my family so we had a group of four and relaxed for a moment with some drinks. I listened to the bartender take additional orders from other customers and her manner was what you would expect at the bar of a very nice hotel. She was very professional and competent speaking without any slang—fully prepared to deal with people who are used to speaking with proper grammar and complete sentences. She and I spoke a bit about a suggestion she had on that cold November night in Ohio for a fire pit outside on the balcony for her guests to warm up next to, similar to what the Kona Grill had across the square in full few of the bar. The view was quite nice outside the windows and I couldn’t help but think of some prime location in a downtown area anywhere in the country. I actually forgot that I was in my hometown—because it felt like being on vacation someplace very expensive.

The prices however weren’t that expensive. The ticket prices for a primetime film were around $14.50 and the beers and martinis weren’t all that expensive, reasonably priced in fact. The balcony was very inviting so we spent some time there sipping drinks and looking down the street toward the other end of Liberty Center where they were assembling a Christmas Tree for their Holiday exhibit. It was very comfortable and premier. The entire staff obviously received the memo that guests were to be treated with great attention because it wasn’t just that bartender who behaved with a level of competency. When our movie was called the people working the information desk, the ticket taker, our usher, our server, and the runners were all very respectful, which was refreshing for a change. You have to be over 21 to even go to the Cinebistro so you can forget about kids of any kind. They aren’t even admitted. That might be rough if you have a family with young kids, but for them, the other theater is the best option. Cinebistro is off limits—its adults only. The biggest downside to other regional movie theaters is the kids and teenagers. Nobody wants to around a bunch of teenage kids in a movie theater, especially on a Friday and Saturday night. They are loud, they are always on their cell phones, and they are entitled. At Cinebistro, you don’t have to worry about them in any way. That was wonderful.image

When you step into the theater it’s like stepping into another world. The theaters really look like the screen rooms of a Hollywood studio. They are extremely well done and the seats are known for their comfort. I’ve personally only sat in a seat that comfortable at Brookstone or in a private home theater done with extreme luxury in mind. The Cinebistro theaters are a bit smaller than average not built to pack as many people in a theater as possible, but to make those people as comfortable as they can, even down to tiny details like pairing them up couple specific. For instance my daughter and her husband couldn’t see my face, only my wife could because the seats were arranged in a way to provide a zone of privacy for couples. That really impressed me.image

Just like in a restaurant a server comes to your seat to take your order after you’ve had a few minutes to look over the menu. That’s when you notice how much space there is between rows. The seats are arranged in a way that allow for the waitress to walk down the aisle even if the seat’s footrest is fully extended into the reclined position. If you wanted you could recline the seats back enough to sleep in. But the distance between rows of seats is more than enough for servers to attend you without having difficulty. It was a surprising distance that I’ve never seen in any movie theater, even private ones. Your server takes your order during that 30 minute seating period. The objective for them is to get all the orders into the kitchen so that the food can be delivered to a table which folds out over your seat by the time the previews start. Preview times are set at 18 minutes. The runners bring your food from the kitchen to your seat during this time. They do not want to be standing in your way when the movie starts, that is why they need to get your order as soon as possible once you sit down. It takes just a bit of planning on your part, but it is well worth it.

Gone from the Cinebistro are those stupid ads that show on the screen before a movie’s previews begin—while people are sitting. Cinebistro is like watching on the screen a fine novel as opposed to the classifieds in a newspaper. Both actions fall under the heading of “reading” but one is certainly better than the other. At Cinebistro during our film they were showing IMAX images of nature films that are available on DVD. But there was no narration, only nice sound effects of nature elements and some mild music that played continuously during the entire 30 minutes of seating, ordering, and awaiting for its arrival. When the previews began, the food started to come out. I was in the mood for a hamburger so I tried their Bistro Burger, which was very fresh and along the lines of something from the Rusty Bucket or Red Robin.     imageThey advertise that everything is made fresh each day, and from my perspective it was. My wife had the veggie burger. My daughter had a more refined taste as she had the Shrimp Mac and Cheese which was really a nice looking dish for $17. My son-in-law had the Smoked Pork Chop at $20.50. It looked like it came from Jags—which in Cincinnati is one of the premier steak houses in the Tri State. That impressed me. He ordered another martini, and my wife a beer. I had a Coke so we had a nice sampling of all their various food options at degrees of etiquette and all were quite immaculate. If I was impressed with everything up to that point, which I was, the food really put it over the top. It actually far exceeded my expectations. I assumed it would be a bit gimmicky, but it was genuinely extremely good.

Thank goodness the movie itself was really good as well, because it just put a period at the end of that sentence for the night. The sound system was fabulous. The visual quality of the picture was what you’d expect from a high-end place—everything was top shelf—which I’m finding is a theme at Liberty Center. I’m sure there are issues somewhere with all the new establishments coming on-line with all the new hires, but so far my experiences have been wonderful. I have been very happy with the Rodizio at the other end of Liberty Center—they are an extremely good dining option. Of course I had high hopes for the Cinebistro so it is not often when reality actually exceeds high hopes, but they did in this case. By the time the James Bond movie was over and we all looked at each other after the movie, we realized that it was the best film going experience we had ever had—which is saying a lot. We’ve had some good times at movies, but never anything like what we had at the Cinebistro.image

On the way out the staff was as friendly as they were on the way in. All in all, we spent $207 on four people for a prime time first run movie and a really good meal.  The tip is set at 17% and is added to your bill automatically. So you don’t have to worry about leaving one at the end of the film.  We could have spent a lot more, and we could have spent less, especially if we hadn’t had any alcohol. You don’t have to get food, but it’s almost impossible not to because the atmosphere begs for it. So I thought of it as a bargain. The couple next to my wife and I ordered a bottle of wine halfway through the film. If you want something refreshed once the movie starts there is a concession area right outside the theater that you can go to for additional items. They do that so servers don’t bother you while watching the movie. The serving team every 30 minutes travels from theater to theater which is why they have their movies timed the way they do. It’s a very slick operation. But if you want more, they have those options too. Next to us the couple sipped on wine after their dinner and were enjoying themselves quite a lot. It was a bizarre experience to me. I had to remind myself that in my wildest dreams when I was a kid that something as nice as the Cinebistro would be built on ground I used to play on. Back then all the nice, fancy stuff was downtown in Cincinnati or Dayton. Most of the time it was out-of-state. Now Liberty Township was an instant tourist destination which was fine with me. It still has many of the things I have always loved about it. But now it has some things that I used to only get while traveling to far away places. After the Cinebistro experience it became clear to me that now people would be coming from thousands of miles away to come here—and that gave me a bit of pride in my hometown that is always under the surface, but was easier for me to access.

On the way out I spoke to the bartender again and we talked about her idea for the fire pits. She was right, that was the only thing that could really improve Cinebistro. From down below on the street it would look like a temple of exotic paradise. Above it would provide warmth to romantic couples waiting for their movie while having a nice drink and enjoying the weather no matter how cold it was. It’s really the only thing that could be done to improve the place. Because otherwise, it was exquisite, extremely memorable, and much more affordable than you’d think. I’m already looking for a good excuse to see another movie just to experience the whole thing again. My only hesitation was that Spectre was so good that another movie might take away from my memory too soon.

Rich “Cliffhanger” Hoffman


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President Trump: Not sweating the small stuff

Based on the Saturday Night Live skit, not the Fox Business Debate that took place on November 10, 2015, Donald Trump should be president. Of course I liked a little of what most of the candidates talked about during the debate—which was much, much better than the CNBC debate. (I’m still surprised that there is such a channel as CNBC.) But the real test of a modern president was not shown during the debates, it was on Saturday Night Live which I think was far bigger of an impact on the future of politics than anybody really has put forth in an analysis. If Bill Clinton had his saxophone moment to show he was a unique politician that launched him to victory in 1992, Donald Trump had his just a few days before the big Fox Business debate on SNL. The skit where America was a few years into the Trump presidency was bold, and powerful. Then for Trump to declare that all that was a mild forecast underplayed meant that America has to give the billionaire a chance at the big chair—if for anything else but to call his bluff. Trump is thinking big—really big, and that is exactly what we all need right now after 28 years of really small-mindedness coming from the Executive Branch.

As much as I like to deal straight with things to make objectives happen, most of the time I have to use every tool in an intellectual tool box to accomplish the intended task—whatever it is. Sometimes you have to be forceful, sometimes very diplomatic. Most of the time nobody understands what you are doing because they all have their own time frame of accomplishment built around their perspective—which is often limited. I find I have to do a lot of maneuvering around people to get anything done, and I take into account the weaknesses of the people I’m dealing with to accomplish it. I often view these occurrences like I would talk to someone who does not speak English as a primary language. I talk to them nice and slow almost like a child not to be demeaning, but because they can’t possibly understand what I’m thinking or my passion to accomplish the task. So you find that you have to talk to everyone in their language on their terms so that they can understand what it is you want to accomplish. Other groups of people watch this behavior and assume that you are catering to the wishes of others over what they want to do and conflicts often ensue. However, in the end, everyone eventually sees what I saw in the beginning, and everyone ends up living happily ever after. But not without a lot of back stabbing, squabbling, and social manipulation—and this is true within family structures as well as multi-million dollar business transactions. I never worry about the small stuff because it’s the big stuff that matters and by the time we get there, the small stuff naturally aligns with the overall strategy anyway. So getting stuck on the details will only stop the objective.

We have been taught in our education systems that the “devil is in the details,” and often he is. Small things can kill big things if allowed to manifest in such a way that they sicken the intention with stagnation. But often, that devil can be killed with sheer will and speed. Most of the time an intense approach to a problem will overcome those details quickly unifying everyone under a common cause—even though their viewpoints are radically different—it’s a bit of a trick that time and experience can teach. It’s not a good idea to get stuck on the details when the overall objective is the target. I think of the process comparable to target shooting. You don’t think about the detail of the bullet, or the workings of the gun. You just aim and shoot, and the best way is to do it quickly with muscle memory the way I have learned in bullwhip work—because most of the time there is no luxury of aiming and shooting to hit a target. The marketplace of life demands speed and accuracy. Not just one or the other. Life requires both to be successful.

Out of all the candidates on that stage at the Fox Business debate, only Trump understands the process of thinking big and getting people of many different backgrounds and political approaches to buy into his overall strategic objective. Here’s why, Trump was able to walk onto a very liberal show like Saturday Night Live and get a bunch of very liberal writers to put together a skit like the one shown above, which contextually showed a potential Trump presidency which answered all the questions that people have been asking about him. Trump as a big thinker doesn’t sweat the small stuff, so he can’t answer those questions in a way that people who worry about every little thing will be satisfied with. But in the context of a popular progressive show on NBC which is very mainstream, Trump was able to bend everyone to his will. That’s the kind of president he will be, and he essentially made a promise that put the burden on America to take him up on the challenge. It was an irresistible proposal.

No other person on the debate stage has that kind of power, or confidence. There really isn’t any other competition on the Republican side. You can pick the nice guy in Ben Carson, or the overachiever in Donald Trump. Everyone else is just more of those 28 years of lackluster executive office presence, and the United States likely won’t survive. It won’t hold four more years let alone another decade. The debt clock is ticking up to nearly $20 trillion and there is no way to recover from that. America has to give Donald Trump a chance or else. There is no more time for hopes, dreams and details. The next president will have to be a person of epic personality to pull all the radical elements together to achieve a strategic objective only they can see. Trump revealed what was in his head on Saturday Night Live and he connived the writers and producers to help him sell that vision.

I can only imagine how Trump would behave if he were in the White House and were wheeling and dealing with congressman, senators, foreign dignitaries, and business leaders every hour on the hour. I honestly think he’d be in heaven and the net result of his joy might just carry over into the results joked about in the Saturday Night Live skit. It’s a dare our country must take. All the issues of theory are now out the window. The Democrats only have socialists to offer and the typical conservatives only have more of the same that has allowed under their watch $19 trillion in debt and loss after loss on the global stage. At some point a leader within the Republican ranks has to be willing to call that behavior stupid and Trump is the only one really poised to do that without losing his ability to negotiate.   If Trump can unite the entertainment community which is crazy leftist in their approach to all social problems, then he can do it with the world at large. I see no downside to a Trump as president. I only see positives.

Rich “Cliffhanger” Hoffman


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Yes there was Life on Other Planets: NASA reveals a truth I told you was coming all along

I’m not writing this for today, but for about twenty years in the future so that I can point back to it and declare how correct I was, before anyone else was ready to admit it. This is not science fiction, or just inflammatory speculation—but a hypothesis based on observed facts, a study of history, mythology, and political tendencies around cultures nurtured through human necessity. Of course I plan to explore this concept in much greater detail in my Curse of Fort Seven Mile stories, but for the sake of future validation, this is to say I told you so. To begin, please consider what Ellen Stofan said early in 2015 about alien life. Ellen is a bleeding heart progressive at NASA, who is a bit of a political advocate on behalf of women and global warming, but she is pretty smart. She loves science and the possibilities of things beyond the orbit of earth. With that I share quite a lot with her. In reaction to her activism on global warming I would tell her to forget the earth and to use space to move humanity to another place. Earth is like that apartment you had in college that is dirty and used up. Its time to build a home in space for mankind—so who cares about global warming. It would only take a sustained solar wind to strip away earth’s atmosphere, as it appeared to have done with Mars, so let’s take our technology and ambition and head for the stars. But first, here’s what Ellen Stofan said:

“I think we’re going to have strong indications of life beyond Earth within a decade, and I think we’re going to have definitive evidence within 20 to 30 years,” NASA chief scientist Ellen Stofan said Tuesday in a live webcast.

 “We know where to look. We know how to look,” Stofan added. “In most cases we have the technology, and we’re on a path to implementing it. And so I think we’re definitely on the road.”

For a long time my family has vacationed at Cape Canaveral and opportunities to speak to NASA employees off the record present themselves at local restaurants and shopping complexes. Most of the time they only know what their classifications allow, but a lot of them look at the stars now with a changing emphasis. Add to that the free market push to commercialize space and the government realization that they can’t keep a lid on the topic any longer is materializing quickly. NASA is a victim of budgets, so they have to ride the line of politics to keep their funding flowing. When Obama announced that NASA should study Islamic contributions to science, of course there was more to the story. NASA stopped going to the moon after the Apollo missions. The space shuttle was cancelled, and the proclamation of returning to the moon by George W. Bush was nixed. Meanwhile rovers have been exploring Mars as the news coverage of those adventures have been scaled back—considerably. The reason is that there is far more than enough evidence discovered in just our infantile attempts to explore space just outside of earth’s atmosphere to confirm that our Biblical history is incomplete. Mankind did not start with Genesis, but with prequels of other stories long since lost.

Evidence of those early chapters are all over the moon and Mars where monuments of achievement similar to Teotihuacán, Ankor Wat, Giza, and many other places seen across the earth are visible to cameras and early space explorers.   On earth there is plenty of commercial development that has occurred that has destroyed much of our pre-Biblical history, and religious radicalism through inquisitions from most major religions have forced millions to deny what their own eyes can see. But on the moon their history was frozen in time. It has not been paved over for a new housing development or destroyed by religious conquistadors, leaving NASA in the precarious position of being an eager gatekeeper stuck between a rock and a hard place. They want to go and study those relics with the cold, emotionless eye of science, while their political funding wants to prevent humanity from the fragile realization that we are not, and never have been, alone. That our religions are but the childhood stories of the true reality—maintaining a grain of truth while leaving out vast amounts of the details.

When the Spanish Inquisition was issued by Pope Sixtus IV on November 1st 1478 the intention was to push out Jewish heretics from the country. The job of the Inquisition was to find such people, torture them until the admitted their crime, then kill them. Columbus found himself in lots of hot water once he discovered America for Europe as the Catholic Church wanted to maintain their control over what Columbus was seeing and keeping their flock from fleeing to shores beyond and learning of events occurring in the outside world—such as that the Chinese were already there and had been trading around the world for many years. The Church wanting to maintain authority over their people had a nice little Inquisition to keep loose tongues quiet and to maintain their control over their region—politically. They wanted people to believe that the world was flat, and that if people strayed too far from the Church and its control, they’d fall off into some hell below. This wasn’t the first Inquisition in history—earth has experienced many of them. The Spanish Inquisition was just one of the more recent ones that successfully destroyed tremendous amounts of archaeology not just in Europe, but in the New World as well, most spectacularly when Henan Cortes and a legion of Tiaxcalan warriors captured the emperor Cuauhtemoc at the city of Tenochtitlan. The Catholic inspired city of Mexico City was built onto top of the ruins of that once great metropolis preventing any real excavation of its history. In present day Iraq and Syria where much of human civilization started as an advanced concept erupting suddenly from the previous hunters and gatherers that we had been—ISIS is running around destroying everything that isn’t historically connected to Islamic faith—which as everyone knows is not all that ancient of a religion. Historically speaking, it has a pretty shallow past and if not for Aristotle, would not exist at all. Historically speaking, Muhammad only founded Islam in the 7th century. Human history likely went on for many thousands of years prior. Possibly because of the Vico Cycle, it may have risen and fallen many times every few thousand years prior—but much of that history has been erased by modern religion.

However, on the moon and likely quite spectacularly all over Mars are untouched relics of the distant past that shows a civilization that was jumping all over the solar system, even to the point of traveling along the arm of the Milky Way galaxy we live in, to other colonized planets. We’ll discover that Mars wasn’t alone, but was to galactic explorers similar to a McDonald’s along our own highways where societies stopped, did their work and moved on. That there were connecting societies in South America directly trading with the Martians and that the Indus Valley was another popular stop. Modern day China is littered with evidence showing a tremendous amount of archaeology that is overgrown and points to a prehistory that is completely uncharted. But nobody is exploring those regions because communism prevents that knowledge from getting out of state controlled governments. Instead they keep the funding cut for further excavations because they don’t want the information getting out to their public. The same could be said in Siberia. Russia was a communist country, now it’s an impoverished one—and they don’t have the extra money for such excavations and since they are a closed country mostly, they won’t allow for foreign permits to do research in their country without strict oversight.

These government inspired control mechanisms to conceal actual human history are prevalent across the earth over all regions. It is clear to me that this is the primary reason that NASA stopped going to the moon. And it’s also why delays to Mars have persisted so long. I have noticed that all global governments are supporting the progressive push toward non-religion—whether they pit Muslims against Christians, or Muslims against Jews, or Buddhists against secularists—the intent is to get each to destroy each other and keep the minds of mankind illiterate to the truth, and to assimilate the youth into more of a secular view which government then controls. Only then will governments be comfortable in humanity learning the truth of what’s always been out there—because eventually we will find out. They already know. So far its just relics from the past, half covered by soil, but it won’t be long before the full story gets out and we directly connect those societies to the myths and legends of our own ancient past and learn that they were more rooted in truth than fiction.

The sum of all this surmising is that it will be soon confirmed that earth is not our origin of birth. Our religions do not help us understand that relationship and our governments have been constructed by our religions to keep the book closed on the topic. But science has advanced far enough to let us peek just a bit at the pages inside. And within a few short years the book will have to open by necessity and at least the American government knows that the inevitable is about to occur. They will have to break the story officially very soon to the public, and when they do a major crises will unfold across civilization—history books will have to be re-written, religions will have to cope, and humanity will have to come to some uncomfortable terms with itself. It’s not that we will find life on other planets or the evidence of it that will be the breaking point—it will be that we will have found our long-lost selves in the process. We are already out there—and always have been. The evidence is sitting right there in full view of a powerful telescope.

Rich “Cliffhanger” Hoffman


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‘Secrets of the Demons’: Thank Matt Clark for more of ‘The Curse of Fort Seven Mile’.

Matt Clark from WAAM radio had been encouraging me to release more Cliffhanger stories. There are currently three published and available on the sidebar of this information site, but he was eager to see how the story continues. The Cliffhanger stories embodied in the overall work called The Curse of Fort Seven Mile is an endeavor dedicated to those with conservative leanings who have found themselves left behind in a world plunging toward the political left. For a conservative, music, movies, television and literature is absolutely terrible any more so an organization started with me years ago, Cliffhanger Research and Develop has cast forth the effort to resurrect what we love about classic pulp stories while firmly establishing a philosophy for the 22nd Century.517bSgL-wcL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_

That goal is set so far out because it will take time. We are already a decade into the 21st Century and the temperament of our geopolitics is worse than ever. I have had the fortune to know several entertainment types at all levels of the industry and can report firsthand that it doesn’t get any better. Clearly the fine book The Naked Communist from 1958 has taken full root and is being implemented as we speak, and there is no coming away from that. Once something emerges into your overall culture, it is there to stay until a new static pattern replaces is. At Cliffhanger Research and Development we have no intentions on changing anything quickly. But we do intend to offer a correction to the current paralysis block by block, and of those lofty goals, the fourth Cliffhanger story in the Curse series is a foundation stone. The story is called Secrets of the Demons.

Evil is amok through the police departments, school houses and every political crevice of Fort Seven Mile. Labor unions, secret societies and drug cartels are revealing their deep plans constructed by a global menace; “The System” to unleash complete control over the human race. An era of chaos seems poised to unleash hopelessness into every home throughout the world, except for the emergence of a curse that refuses to submit. From the shadows comes a solitary savior who seems unstoppable and is threatening to shine light everywhere that darkness rules. In the wake of the masked avenger known as Cliffhanger, the town of Fort Seven Mile is uniting around the heroic obscurity. However the greatest mystery of all is the origin of this gallant madman who defies all odds at every turn. A race is on by the forces who wish to maintain control of mankind’s minds, and a lone reporter who is uncovering a carefully concealed secret which has been suppressed since the emergence of ancient civilization. The Curse of Fort Seven Mile is loose and the world will never be the same again.

Paperback edition

Kindle edition

Yes, it is a pretty exciting story. We are very proud of it at Cliffhanger Research and Development and we are also happy to offer it in either a download option or as a printed product. image image imageAdditionally, we are offering several of our books in both formats because if you are like me, you still love an actual printed book. Many people these days download books to their mobile devices, but I’m still one of those old school types who love actual books. Mobile devices go out of date every few years or so but a book you can hold in your hands can last several lifetimes. It’s safe to say that by the time we get to that 22nd Century we will still love books, but the mobile devices we used early in this present century will long be outdated and replaced by something else.

My novel Tail of the Dragon has officially been re-released under full control of Cliffhanger Research and Development now. The new cover design reflects that ownership and is an important step in taking control of its future as a literary work. It is the greatest car chase story in the history of the world. There is no second place contestant. And the story is a classic tale that should appeal to conservatives. Of course these stories are for everyone. I have enjoyed novels and films that were done by bleeding heart liberals. I have been tolerant of their work and even enjoyed it. But they are not as tolerant of conservatives and much of the products of my imagination fall under that category of discrimination by highly radicalized media intent on using art to spread their liberal philosophy.51i5ms0yJvL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_

As a preview of the Cliffhanger 5 story upcoming before Thanksgiving I can say that it has a direct tie-in to Rick Stevens from Tail of the Dragon. These literary endeavors are part of a large philosophy that I have been working on for a long time that step well beyond Nietzsche and Ayn Rand to a new level paramount to the role the individual human being played against the backdrop of the universe. To my eyes Plato opened up Pandora’s Box with philosophy leading all future democracies and republics toward an emphasis on collectivism—including our modern education institutions. But this has turned out to be 100% wrong and its time to address those issues with a future solution. Even though the Cliffhanger stories are pulp in their nature and may have a style similar to H.P. Lovecraft, or Johnston McCulley they are for me Jules Verne types of tales with a scope about them to shape the future—as he did.

Experience tells me that the big book publishers of our day and movie production houses are not equipped to deal with the type of material offered by The Curse of Fort Seven Mile—especially offerings like Secrets of the Demons. That particular installment is a combination of the third part of Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged combined with Robert Jorden’s Wheel of Time novels and their supernatural revelations set against the backdrop of a reality shaped by quantum physics. I am very proud of Secrets of the Demons and the next installment upcoming. It may take readers several decades to accept some of the proposals, but readers here at Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom will find that their minds are prepared for the philosophic expansion they should expect from a paid product.

More than anything I have to thank Matt Clark for constantly reminding me of the importance that Cliffhanger can play in the modern marketplace. Its people from his generation that could most benefit from the efforts of Cliffhanger and the stories of those adventures—the first goal of commercial writing is to entertain. But at Cliffhanger Research and Development, we want to do more than that—and it should be quite clear from these literary offerings of the direction and mode of that effort. They would make wonderful Holiday presents and unique gift giving options for the person in your family who is yearning for something better than what the mainstream sources of film, music, literature, and television are presently offering. They are reflections of that old adage, “if you don’t like the way things are being done, then do them yourself.” At Cliffhanger Research and Development, we are, and we think you’ll enjoy the results and will find a home within their contents that is safe, enlightening, and supportive of whom you are as an individual.

Rich “Cliffhanger” Hoffman


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$18 Trillion Dollars in New Spending: Bernie Sanders and the comedy of a proposed socialist government

I don’t think I have ever laughed as hard as I did when I learned about Bernie Sanders proposed budget if he wins President of the United States in 2016. I know Sanders is a socialist, and I know his usual sales pitch for progressive policies. He is essentially a carbon copy of the typical school levy supporter—so I’ve heard his kind many times. I have been aware that he has been doing well among socialists, communists and progressive Democrats, but I didn’t know the details until Fox News did a little exposé about Sanders and covered how much his programs would cost the United States—and they did it with a straight face. The number……………………drum roll please……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………and remember, this was supposed to be serious……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..$18 trillion dollars!

I don’t know what planet this guy is from nor if he even has a brain. If all the wealth of every billionaire were 100% confiscated it wouldn’t even begin to pay for all of Bernie Sanders proposed projects. Keep in mind that we are nearly $19 trillion dollars in debt now—Bernie proposes to double that amount as President of the United States. The GDP of the entire nation is only around $17-19 Trillion per year so there is no way that the bill for Bernie’s dreams could ever hope to be paid for by any amount of money anywhere. There isn’t enough money in the world to cover his budget—yet nobody even covered it. Like I said, Fox News went over the material “fair and balanced.”

I laughed so hard I lost my voice from straining my vocal cords. It may be the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. I know there are stories of my mother-in-law promising my sister-in-law that she could have the moon in her bedroom if she’d be good when she was a little girl, which I have always thought was a ridiculous promise to make—because kids don’t know better, and they expect you to deliver. This budget from Bernie Sanders is more ridiculous than that and a good part of the nation like a small child thinks it’s actually possible. That is funny!

If that is what the Democrats have to pack stadiums with enthusiasm, they are in a world of serious trouble. I know the political left thinks Donald Trump is just as ridiculous. However, the difference is Trump has an actual track record of creating wealth. Bernie has nothing. He’s just an old hippie from Vermont—a socialist who has slid through the cracks for years and as an old man has the supporters of the malcontents and anti-capitalists losers who want free stuff and an entitlement society. I don’t blame Bernie for being a senile old man drowning in communist ideology—but the people who support him might as well be cast on the television show, The Walking Dead. No brain zombies destined to rot their way through life on the backs of the hard-working.

I know I’ve always stated that liberals are unrealistic, too collectivist in their philosophic demeanor, and are detriments to themselves—but Bernie Sanders indicates that I have understated their vast stupidity. The real answer to this upcoming election is one of two paths, you either go with Trump and hope that he can do as he has with his private wealth and explode our national GDP to 7-20% growth, or you tell Americans that they have to pull up the boot straps and cut, cut, and cut some more. America will have to cut Social Security, welfare benefits, Medicare—everything because the money is going to run out soon and the ambition to make more money will evaporate. Under liberal leadership the “rich” will stop trying leaving fewer opportunities to build wealth that can be taxed to pay for everything. It’s not hard to understand. America is at that point, right now. Politicians either have that hard talk with the American people or some politician—like Trump—will have to put their name and reputation on creating a new day of capitalism that can carry the burdens with excessive economic growth unheard of in the history of mankind. I am rooting for Trump so that America doesn’t have to go through the pain of all those hard cuts. But in the back of my mind, I think it’s unavoidable anyway. Even if Trump were only 50% successful in all that he’s promising, America is still in trouble. The Bernie Sanders method is just unfathomable. It’s not even on the radar scope of possibility.

It has probably been noticed by long time readers here that I have a sudden vigorous interest in firearms. It’s not because I didn’t like them before, but because I see an expanding role in their value. Most of my articles have been about education reform and economic issues up to this point hoping that sense would evolve into action and bad times might be averted. Well, I no longer have that hope. The moral depravity of our society, the terrible work ethic of the younger generations, the debt, the effects of that bad education system add up to a lot of bad things on the horizon. Guns will be a larger part of my life because I see a greater need for the foundations of the original Bill of Rights. If I lived during the days of the Constitutional Convention I would have been an anti-Federalist and would avoid large government involvement in everything. So the Bill of Rights have more power to me than the original Constitution because it is too “pro government” for my taste. The present situation is a perfect example of what happens when there is too much Federal control given to incompetent people. Bernie Sanders would expand that incompetence by thousands of times their present imposition—which nothing could survive. That’s why the situation is so funny.

An anti-Federalist position is much cheaper than a Federalist one—which is a more effective way to communicate the matter since so many Republicans and Democrats are interchangeable in today’s world. They just want big government spending on different things. For the anti-Federalist, we don’t need government to solve child custody issues, we would handle it ourselves. We wouldn’t need lawyer to protect us from immanent domain land grabs. We’d settle it directly with the advocate and either get rich on the deal or erase them from the earth using the protection afforded to us with the 2nd Amendment and perhaps even the 4th and 5th. Everything would be cheaper if only the Bill of Rights were followed—we’re not even talking about the original Constitution here which the Supreme Court has essentially wrecked with watered down case-law. Bernie Sanders is suggesting a lot more of this kind of mess—not less of it which then creates a lot of unintended consequences that are very negative.

With the expansion of government comes directly the expansion of incompetence because when people are well paid for doing mediocre work, the incentive to give more of the same becomes the driving force. So not only are programs like Bernie Sanders suggests too expensive, but they drive down the quality of what is made in the country’s GDP proportionally as an unintended consequence. A hundred years ago, I might have understood that Bernie might have had an audience for his ridiculous proposals—because the ideas were new then, and hadn’t been tried very much. But now they have—we have over a hundred years of progressive failure that just about everything we see in a decrepit state can be blamed on. And now that idiot wants more of that same failure—but in even greater quantities. Now that is hilarious!

Rich Hoffman


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