The Trump Card: ‘Stranger Things’ about the heroics of Stephen Rogata

It is easy to become disheartened when the reality of the battle is revealed to us to see in its ominous entirety. For a lot of people, the Trump campaign has been a kind of waking up. Some of us have been there all along—but most are just now seeing the depth of the madness. The national media is connected to the world media in ways nobody thought possible. The political class within the United States on all sides are strongly inclined toward global billionaire visions of a one world government for which they control the strings. And the moral decline of our culture is astonishingly present. Many are finding the new Netflix show, Stranger Things refreshing in that it takes our culture back to a time when it was clearly better—where Steven King had a movie based on his books two or three times a year, Steven Spielberg made great movies, and John Hughes made wonderful coming of age stories like The Breakfast Club. Like the sheriff in that chilling story set in the early 80s, through Trump, our culture is waking up from a nightmare to find us placed on our couches wondering if the dream was real, or a self-induced coma brought on by prescription drugs and other chemical intoxicants designed to corrupt our minds. Did we really see that? Did that really happen? As we ask the question a new round of corruption hits the airwaves and like they always have the Clintons wave their hand and expect it to all go away—and the media mysteriously complies—and we have been accepting that behavior—until now. And out of the ruins of such turmoil in the middle of a hot week in August, 2016 a mysterious young 19-year-old kid named Stephen Rogata climbed a third of the Trump Tower hoping to garner Donald Trump’s personal audience with a special message. And I likely know what it is—and hopefully it proves to be authentic—because if so, we are about to see something in politics that we’ve never seen before—and we are right on the edge of it. That’s right ladies and gentlemen. That nightmare you’ve been having about the decline of our country is real, and you have been lulled to sleep by a kind of hypnosis induced by a media that is completely controlled by powerful forces seeking global insurrection—and you have a front row seat. But like all good stories, heroes are rising to meet the challenge, and their means of conduct must naturally be unconventional, because that is how you beat a monstrous enemy. Behold, Stephen Rogata’s cryptic message and a glimpse behind the curtain of a reality some are just now seeing for the first time.

We’ve allowed this ominous enemy against our individual rights to grow too big, and now we are dealing with it—unfortunately from behind. I can’t say that I believe the poll numbers reflecting Trump being so far behind Hillary Clinton. Conditions are different from the primary election where conventional rules of voting applied, and the media had a need to see a competitive Republican primary—so the information was reflected without tampering. But now, Hillary Clinton is the drone of the political left and many of those millennial journalists employed today mixed with the beltway types who have enjoyed a posh existence within the loops of power gaze at Trump and his followers with the same disdain that the RINOs gazed at the Tea Party just a few years ago which lead to the ousting of John Boehner, the removal of Eric Cantor and a Republican takeover of the House and Senate in both 2010 and 2014. The actual polling data is missing several demographic types because the media itself has chosen to ignore those people in their reporting. The same polling that missed the Bernie Sanders surge in Michigan and the Brixit vote in England recently are the same declaring Hillary Clinton the winner of the November elections in August—before there are any debates, and before Trump’s second convention in Washington D.C. in October. Oh—you didn’t know about that? Well, we’ll get to that in a minute. Sit tight.

Trump has slugged through extremely difficult weeks and his individual polling really hasn’t fell out—which is terrifying the political left. They’ve thrown everything at him—and it hasn’t phased Trump in the least—and now panic is starting to set in. There is enough clear evidence—including the hacked emails from Nancy Pelosi’s computer, to bury the Democrats forever. There have already been resignations within the DNC, but we are just talking about the tip of the iceberg here. These people are bad in the Democratic Party, and they’ve been caught red handed—with blood literally dripping off their fingertips—and the media is in the odd position of trying to explain those events away—which in turn is proving the point Trump has been making all along. If the election were held today, I think Trump would win because of the uncounted masses showing up to vote—similar to the Brixit vote in Europe recently. Even with all the bad press Trump has been receiving, there is so much energy behind the Trump movement—that the media has no real way to account for it. But we’re just getting started here. There is more to come.

I know quite a bit about nonverbal communication—and likely even more about implied verbal manipulation—in both good and bad ways. So it was very beneficial to me to have met Donald Trump recently and watched him speak to large crowd from only ten feet away—where I could watch him and then watch the audience reaction. Trump is an expert communicator. He’s had success as a developer using those skills. He has had a top television show for over a decade using those skills. And he’s a bestselling author using those same skills. He’s also broken some heads and hearts along the way and what I see in Trump is a man possessed to do the right thing at 70 years old so he can earn a ticket to the afterlife—from his perspective. He truly wants to do good, and he wants to fight evil—and that’s pretty much it—and I love him for it. I respect him much more now after meeting him than I did even a year ago when I thought his candidacy might fix our many problems in government. Trump wants to fix the soul of America which will in turn lead the world back to health by example. The secret to Trump is in empowerment—he empowers those around him to succeed with a leadership skill that isn’t taught in any university or military installation anywhere in the world. He has it, and literally nobody else does. Trump knows it when he speaks and people unconsciously understand it. So I knew when he said recently to a crowd in Sharonville, Ohio that within the room we were all in, that there was likely some genius who could hack those lost Hillary emails and reveal what was destroyed—what he was really doing. Trump is talking about individual intelligence which “trumps” collective understanding and he is calling out to them to undo the mass collective with sheer genius. Recently he did the same at a press conference where he dared the Russians with the same empowerment. The media must take things literally because as a static organization institutionalized for the benefit of mass hypnosis—they must keep the beats of our society steady—like a hypnotist needed a mechanism of rhythm to lull its beholder off into a slumber where their individual will is surrendered to the instigator. Trump is breaking that rhythm with noise and the result is that slowly, like the sheriff in Stranger Things who snuck into the Energy Department secret facility and discovered an interdimensional portal used to spy on people—who was captured then thrown drugged back into his residence covered in pills and booze meant to make him think he dreamed it all—our society is waking up–and they are pissed off. It is nice to see them finally join the club. Welcome! You were sleeping hard!

Trump and his daughter Ivanka—along with the other kids running the business are planning to open the Old Post Office luxury hotel they have been renovating on Pennsylvania Avenue right before the November election. Trump will have a press conference and tour of the renovated wonder right down the road from the White House and the world will marvel at what they achieved there. This will happen after Trump beats up on Hillary Clinton through three debates with the evidence produced in all these email releases is talked about aggressively, and the media will have no choice but to cover it all. The hotel will be a proper metaphor for what Trump can do with our nation and he’ll get at least a similar poll bump like he did at the RNC convention heading into the election in November. That is Trump’s secret card and it really doesn’t matter if I reveal it here because what Trump is doing is rooted in achievement—whereas Hillary clearly can’t match him. He knows it. They all know he knows it—and nobody can do anything about it. Trump as an explanation point to his entire political campaign for president will point to the Old Post Office and say—that is my resume and why you should vote for me. It will be spectacular and will be one of the finest hotels in the entire world.

Meanwhile from now until then, Trump has a silent army that he has empowered to break down the veil that has been hung to conceal the truth from our eyes and one of those was the young eccentric genius Stephen Rogata who carried with him a message for Trump’s eyes only, scaling Trump Tower for the world to see and the media to shutter at the possible implication of what the kid found. Of course the kid was arrested, and he hasn’t talked to anybody about what he found. Even so, the information he provides must go through proper channels. It isn’t exactly right to dump information into a rival campaign’s lap and expect justice. The FBI should get a crack at the information for proper administering of justice—if possible. But the important thing is that there are geniuses like this kid out there and they want Trump elected. They are the unsung heroes who will do a lot of work over the next three months and once the smoke clears—we’ll see what is still standing. But the heroics cannot be ignored. We are fighting a monster which is eating the entire world and those of us supporting Trump are trying to stop that mass consumption. And the fight is hardly over. Fret not.   There is a lot to be hopeful about—so keep your spirits focused on the sky and those who climb towers with secret messages—because hope is far from lost.

Rich Hoffman


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How to Beat the Political Left: Breitbart sticks it to The Daily Show–watch how they did it

This is how you deal with the political left—you have to get in their face and let them know that you are smarter than they are.  Their favorite—and really only weapon is that they feel they have the masses behind them trained through academic institutions that they currently control.  They behave with all things with an aristocratic air that they use as a club to shut people up and push conservatives into the corners reeling for help.  But just study what one guy from Breitbart did to The Daily Show crew at the RNC convention.  This is how you defeat lefties ladies and gentlemen.  Way to go Breitbart!

Rich Hoffman


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“I Am Cosmo”: Get to know the former Nation of Islam Baton Rouge assassin, Gavin Long


I believe I was the first person in the world to affiliate the police murderer Gavin Long to the Nation of Islam the moment that the name was released to the media in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  CLICK HERE TO SEE THAT ARTICLE, which suddenly is a lot more relevant—because guess what—the assassin was a member of the Nation of Islam.  You can listen to the type of person he was in the following videos from his “I AM COSMO” YouTube account.  If you are reading this in the days after 7/17/2016, I cannot guarantee that the video will still be up.  It’s just a matter of time before these videos are taken down.  But, while we can, jump into the mind of a killer and see what Barack Obama didn’t want you to see when he warned against it in his press conference today. Long uploaded the following video to YouTube just three days before he murdered police officers in Baton Rouge.

Long, who was reportedly carrying a rifle and wearing all-black attire when he confronted police, posted several videos within recent weeks discussing various police-involved shootings.

“If I would have been there with Alton — clap,” Long says in a video posted on July 14.

“If anything happens with me, because I’m an alpha male, I stand up, I stand firm, I stand for mine, until the end,” he said.

“Yeah, I also was a Nation of Islam member. Don’t affiliate me with it. Don’t affiliate me with anything.”

Law enforcement officials have reportedly said that Long was a member of a sovereign citizen movement.

Read more:

Of course he was smart to paint himself as a lone wolf prior to the assassinations of the police in Louisiana, but if you trace his actions to the preaching of Louis Farrakhan the murders are clearly projected by that religious/political movement.  You can of course hear the words of Farrakhan on a radio show I recently did with Matt Clark during the forty-two minute mark of the broadcast shown below.  Listen to that again for reference.  Don’t say nobody told you what was going on.  Because I did, even though it is incredibly politically incorrect. I don’t always like being right, but we need to start facing facts.

Rich Hoffman


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Door to Door for Trump in Ohio: How you can help


It was nice to see Robert Scott again at the Donald Trump rally in Sharonville.  I’m happy to see that he is still the point person for the Trump campaign in Ohio and that he is putting together a game plan to create a ground game in this critical battleground state.  I get a lot of email wanting to know how my readers can help with the Trump campaign, so let me point you in the direction of Robert Scott.  Below is a message from him, contact info and direct links to ways you can help in whatever region of Ohio you happen to reside in.  And if you know someone who would like to help, send them the link to this site and let them have the information so they can act on it.

By the way, I know many of the people who were at the $2,700 a plate dinner which was conducted before the Sharonville rally, and take heart that it was well attended.  Trump has no trouble with either large or small dollar donations.

Rich —

Ohio Trump Victory is rolling in the Buckeye State and we will be participating in the National Day of Action. We will be Walking TOMORROW at various locations throughout Ohio. Please click the link to sign up for the nearest location or where you would like to walk tomorrow:

Allen County



Fairfield County

Hancock County

Highland County

Lake County

Licking County 

Lorain County

Lucas County

Marion County

Medina County

Pickaway County

Portage County

Scioto County

Seneca County 

Stark County

Summit County

Warren County

With your help we will Make America Great Again!

Robert Scott
Deputy State Director for Ohio
Donald J. Trump for President, Inc.

Rich Hoffman


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James Comey’s Testimony: The most important aspect of determining “intent” and the neglect of FBI prosecution

Watching the special session of congressional investigation into the James Comey FBI ruling on the Hillary Clinton email problems the essence is this—Comey felt that the Attorney General history over 99 years of patterned behavior that a case of this nature would not have been taken under the presumption of “intent.”  Everything else said is irrelevant.  It was obvious that Comey felt that Clinton had done a bad job of protecting her secure emails as Secretary of State and that she seriously jeopardized her credibility. Yet he did not advance the recommendation of prosecution because he felt the case was too flimsy for an AG at a Department of Justice to proceed with.

Here’s the problem with Comey’s statement—attorney generals are extremely political so their prosecution ratios if the charges are leveled toward characters on their political side of the aisle are of course extremely poor.  It is no surprise that Comey made the political calculation that his case was not strong enough to by-pass the politics of the AG, Loretta Lynch.  Yet, on Friday, July 1st Loretta Lynch under pressure from the disgrace of her meeting with Bill Clinton—Hillary’s husband—she stated clearly that she would accept any recommendation that the FBI proposed.  So it goes on July 5th 2016 James Comey held a press conference stating that the FBI would not bring charges against Hillary Clinton because they could not prove that she “intended” to break the law.  (Because all that evidence had been destroyed by Hillary’s team of lawyers)

When pressed by the congressional investigation specially held under an emergency session on July 7th 2016 however, Comey fell on the historical tendency of prosecution under the DOJ over a long period of time as the reason he did not recommend prosecution—even though Loretta Lynch already stated that she would proceed.  So there was no question that the Department of Justice would proceed with the case which is contrary to Comey’s statements defending his position.  That is the key to this case.  Comey in spite of all his declarations about the importance of his integrity lied about his reasons for not moving forward with the prosecution.  The DOJ would have had no choice but to pursue the case because Bill and Loretta Lynch got caught together in an inappropriate way.

Hey, how do I know these things you ask?  Well, I recently stayed at a Holiday Inn Express.  I’ve read a little law and I deal with lawyers more than I’d care to.  Gotta’ watch how they twist the meanings of words.

Rich Hoffman


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Donald Trump’s Visit to Sharonville, Ohio: No more lawyers in the executive branch of government

82ec8f7b-053f-4ca2-bb6b-c9b02ef7d471A lot changed since March 15th 2016, when Donald Trump last came to Ohio for a rally.  Then he came to West Chester in a drizzling rain and was about an hour late arriving from his plane as we all waited patiently from a previous stop earlier in the day.  He was only a primary candidate then with still Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, and John Kasich in the way of the Republican Party nomination.  Just a few months later he returned to a venue just a few miles to the south of West Chester in Sharonville to the Convention Center.  As I stood with my wife shaking the hands and talking a bit with Donald Trump and Newt Gringrich I couldn’t help but reflect that just 30 years prior I had spent many nights working in the exact spot where my feet were standing at the old jewel of Cincinnati, the Chinese restaurant Emperor’s Wok as a busboy.  Not long after I moved on to bigger things the restaurant closed—which had been noted as the best decorated establishment in all of Cincinnati at the time.  It was a first class place that died by the end of the 1980s.  The Sharonville Convention Center was built upon its ruins and years later I was able to return to the spot of my youth to meet two of the most powerful men in the world on a quest to save America from the diabolical menace known as Crooked Hillary Clinton.

As the crowd gathered and I was escorted to my spot at Trump’s answer to a visit by Hillary Clinton a week prior to Cincinnati which was held at Union Terminal (CLICK TO REVIEW) the Attorney General fresh from her secret visit with Bill Clinton announced that she would accept the recommendations of the FBI that no charges would be established against the Democratic presidential candidate after the head of the FBI, Director Comey listed multiple reasons why prosecution and eventual jail time was perfectly justifiable—the temper of the Trump fans was brewing.  We were all being lied to by our government for the purpose of power acquisition and it was happening right in front of our faces.  As we all read the report by the AG on our smart phones, the crowd behind me stirred into a slow boil that would spill over often during Trump’s speech.194b097d-a064-4e1f-b44d-f684b16d6d24

Just a few hours prior I had a meeting with an attorney over a business matter and as I looked over the charges it was obvious that the cost of legal counsel was another rigged system.  In this day and age attorneys are a necessary evil—most of our laws have been written by their kind, and what they put down on paper are things only they understand—which defy conventional reading comprehension.  They do that so that you have to use their services and to me they are all just glorified whores tweaking the legal system to protect their livelihoods.  So I already don’t have much respect for people like Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Loretta Lynch, James Comey, and Barack Obama who are all lawyer types who behave like the lawyer I was dealing with—overpriced scam artists who will charge you for even small talk about the weather.  They are all second handers who make their livings as parasites off industry then seek to take it over once you’ve done all the hard work.  If people didn’t go out there and build things—or do things—lawyers would have nothing to do.  They require others to do things before they can do anything in life.  They don’t produce anything which is why Hillary Clinton has never done anything but suck off other people’s efforts her entire life.  So as I read the report of the AG, while waiting for Trump to come out and talk in Sharonville, the problem was obvious to me, we shouldn’t elect any more lawyers to the Executive Branch of our government.  I think lawyers are OK in the House and Senate where laws are actually written, but the President of the United States should be a different sort of character.  They should not be by the nature of their professions second handers—but people of industry who have made their livings producing things.  And right now, there isn’t a better example of that anywhere but in Donald Trump.0e12c680-6a6f-41c5-8342-9c23b6e8fa05

I have watched quite a few Trump speeches—including the one that had been in West Chester months prior—and this one in Sharonville was different.  Trump had shifted into a new gear and was much more casual than usual.  His jokes and free flow style of talking was much more exacerbated as I found myself laughing openly.  The secret service in front of me have a responsibility to be absolutely stoic as they scan the audience for trouble and even they a couple of times looked as if they were struggling to avoid cracking a smile at Trump’s utterances.  We all know how corrupt Hillary Clinton is so the writing was clear to see and Trump hit the perfect stride in exposing it.  It was obvious to everyone that Trump was the right person to be the next President of the United States.e82fe6e4-4da8-4d62-88fd-16d77ad215e2

I have to thank the people who made it possible for my wife to meet Donald Trump.  I don’t get too wrapped up in celebrity, and neither does she.  But she wanted to thank him for giving our nation this opportunity for a different kind of president and she and he actually exchanged a few nice words to each other which is something I know she takes quite serious.  We both know the implications of this 2016 election.  Being married to me she can’t help but get the spillover of my life into hers so she sees things that are certainly uglier than normal people might experience. She also knows how tough it is to put yourself out there the way Trump has.  She felt compelled to tell him that she was thankful that he was willing to do the job—because honestly, he could choose to do what everyone else in his position does—enjoy the good life and retire into the sunset.e122de1c-acba-4b21-8040-5171abc8b754

Trump however is a warrior at heart—and I understand that.  It is even more obvious in personal meetings.  Comfort is not how warriors are wired.  They like conflict and they insist to be involved in the action wherever trouble reveals itself.  Trump was in his element in Cincinnati because Hillary had spent the entire day deflecting away from her FBI troubles attempting to show business failures in Trump’s Atlantic City investments.  She came out sounding like a lawyer defending a murderer with blood still on their hands in court.  She sounded like an idiot and it provoked Trump into attack mode where he is most happy.  Trump as a producer in life employs lawyers to do work for him.  Lawyers don’t hire Trump.  That is the biggest difference in this campaign for a change.  The biggest problems with Hillary and her gang of corrupt government thugs is that they are all second handers attempting to look like producers.  Trump obviously understands this discrepancy and it was reflected in his speech.  The campaign for presidency shifted gears in Cincinnati on June 6th, 2016.  By the time I was able to shake Newt’s hand the body language of everyone around Trump shifted dramatically from the last time I saw them.  They acted like a football team with a big lead in the fourth quarter who knew they could win against an inferior opponent.  Hillary is an incredibly flawed candidate who just got caught under a FBI probe not only in criminal conduct but in helping rig the system in her favor through lawyerly tricks—and that is easy prey for Donald Trump.5d2a413c-48d9-448d-9360-f753ab3dcb4e

By happenstance of fate—because of my days of working at the old Emperor’s Wok I knew a few tricks in getting around that part of town.  Where I had parked was in the back of the convention center and down the road a bit.  I remembered that one of the cooks who had been a friend of mine in the 80s straight from China was apprehended in the apartments behind the old Wok and deported as an illegal alien.  Even though I liked the guy, he was here illegally and I never questioned what happened to him because he knew the risks.  But because he was always hiding from the law, I knew of a few places that still existed where I parked.  Ironically, that took me right to the route the Secret Service had mapped out for Donald Trump’s exit so I was able to get a picture of the car he was leaving in.  It was very surreal for me because I remember how it looked when my friend was arrested; there were police cars everywhere and helicopters flying overhead when immigration officers raided his apartment.  And now exactly 30 years later it looked pretty much the same—the street was shut down, helicopters were positioned above looking for trouble on the ground and police were everywhere.  But while my friend was sent to jail, then deported, Trump was going toward a different kind of fate.  Sometimes change is for the better.  The Sharonville Convention Center is better than the old Emperor’s Wok.  One was a building in gradual decline; the other represents the resurgence of economic viability.  And my friend from back then was here as an illegal alien mismanaged by years of lawyerly conduct by politicians.  Now Donald Trump is volunteering himself as a supermanager to go to the White House and fix all these messes once and for all—as a producer.  As Trump drove by he waved—not as a politician, but as a guy who looked as though he appreciated that people valued what he was doing.  My wife certainly made it clear to him that she did.  We are all ships that pass on the open waters of productivity—and now we are at war for our very lives.  We all have a job to do and it was truly nice for a change to see real people doing it—as opposed to the political hacks created by lawyers to suck off the system until there was nothing left. Trump’s visit to Sharonville was wonderful.

Rich Hoffman


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Why Donald Trump will be Great as President: Mankind is growing but the #NEVERTRUMPs are missing a few screws

I wasn’t going to say much about it, but now that Donald Trump is the Republican Party nominee and tempers have abated a bit, proper analysis can finally be possible.  Context is needed before everyone can move forward.  I would think that Objectivists would be happier about Trump than they are.  I would also think that Tea Party types would as well.  Apparently they have in their mind something else that a POTUS is supposed to be which is really too much to ask.  Trump essentially to me is the first Objectivist oriented candidate to ever truly make it to such a high position, and I think the benefits philosophically to our society will be immeasurable.  It really comes down to the public versus private sector ability.  Public sector approaches are too costly and grossly ineffective where private is much more driven by individual performance and that is the world that Donald Trump comes out of—and it will be exciting to watch.

I’m certainly not an Objectivist from Ayn Rand’s camp.  While I admire the work and think it is the best thing the human race has come up with to date regarding management of government resources, it doesn’t go far enough for me.  I make it no secret that one of my favorite books is Thus Spoke Zarathustra yet I would say that my thinking about things is naturally evolved further along than Nietzsche—which is understandable.  That was over 100 years ago, and we’ve learned a lot since then.  Ayn Rand’s work was 50 years ago, so it’s not exactly current.  I have decided that I need to take those types of ideas to the next level before I can have meaning in them which is what I’m doing in the Curse of Fort Seven Mile series.  I can’t just write stories for commercial endeavor.  Even though I enjoy it, there has to be some earth-shaking sense in the work that steers the mind toward the answers for living.  While Ayn Rand denied it, I see clearly that her novels were certainly extensions to Thus Spoke Zarathustra—which was to say, a graduation of mankind from a kind of dependent sacrificial being, into a self-aware, self-sustaining creature capable of immeasurable creation through sheer imagination.

Glenn Beck lost me back when he was on Fox News when he’d speak with ill will toward Nietzsche because Beck needed a “God” figure in his life.  He and a lot of people like him apparently needed to feel that a “god” was guiding them through some divine providence toward some heavenly revelation—as if the plans for America were tied to the plans extracted from Heaven.  To me, that’s lazy thinking—and I deep dive the reasons in my Curse of Fort Seven Mile series.  You can’t just trust something that may not be even concerned with our dimensional reality.  What might call itself a “god” to us may in fact be a disgraceful devil of some kind and we need our intellects to guide us through those decision gates.  Ultimately however, the problem that these types of conservatives have with Donald Trump is that he has certainly graduated in his life away from the need to feel guilt about anything and is living as a self-professed intelligence.  Trump to me is very much the character from Thus Spoke Zarathustra who lived in the mountain cave and came down to the village below to teach the world about the Overman.  Biblically, Donald Trump is not an icon of virtual, but as a graduate from the necessity to sacrifice one’s essence for the benefit of the collective whole—Donald Trump is the first of his kind to emerge into public office.  I say that now because the Hillary Clinton antics with Elizabeth Warren just aren’t going to be able to stop him in a general election.  Yet Glenn Beck in his early days and even as recently as the latest Atlas Shrugged movies was very supportive of Ayn Rand, as was Ted Cruz, Paul Ryan, and Rand Paul.  They apparently don’t understand what makes the characters great in Rand’s books.  It certainly wasn’t a propensity to sacrifice themselves to some “divine providence.”  Glenn Beck actually called on people to “fast” to beg God to keep Donald Trump from winning the presidential nomination.  That is just ridiculous.  Talk about sacrifice—Beck doesn’t understand—he has clearly lost his mind.

I understand that some people need a “god” to hold their life together. You can’t just live a life leaning toward meek sacrifice for 70 years of a life then stop on a dime and say that man has within its mind the power of the universe and that “god is dead,” as Nietzsche did in Thus Spoke Zarathustra.  However, the need for a “god” is in mankind’s intellect, and the need to hold on to that crutch has kept our society in this ridiculously infantile state for far too long.  You will never get to John Galt’s engine of the world by sacrificing bits of yourselves to a being beyond time and space.  Whatever is out there in those folds of time needs to be properly vetted before trust can properly be established—you certainly can’t trust some Roman interpretation of a Christ metaphor passed down to us from the ages of Zoroastrianism.  That’s just stupid.  While I don’t fault people for their needs intellectually, I do when it comes to crossing the streams of proper government.  Thinking is the key to human endeavor, not hoping that a “god” will show mercy and guide us to some Promise Land.  We have to make that Promised Land though our intellectual gifts provided by “god,” but we can’t be passive recipients in our approach.

Donald Trump’s harshest critics are those who find it appalling that he is completely a man of his own making, that he seeks only his counsel when making a decision, that he loves himself and isn’t meek, and that he shows an indication toward the complete domination of his enemies.  They can’t understand such a person because Trump is free from the need to sacrifice anything to make something—so they can’t understand how it will be possible as president.  But praying for a god to save a nation is just as stupid as the athlete who scores a touchdown and points toward heaven as though “god” made such a thing possible.  To say that America is great because God is behind it is just as stupid as the Muslims believing that Allah wants them to kill infidels.  America is great because the thoughts of mankind have been free to unleash the gifts of imagination manifested into invention and that is something new.  Donald Trump is a product of the American system.  He is a graduate of individualism and that is what will make him a great president.  I know I can trust Donald Trump because he works by the rules of individual integrity—he doesn’t need the judgment of God to keep him from smoking cigarettes or doing drugs—the way Glenn Beck uses God to keep back the demons from his past.  Trump cares about himself and his family and he doesn’t want to be viewed by history as being bad, tyrannical, or a loser in any way.  He wants to be loved as he loves himself and he wants to give people that feeling that he has when he gets up each morning—it’s the one thing that billions of dollars in the bank can’t buy, and it’s the one thing he wants more than anything in life.  He wants the respect of those around him and the way he intends to get it is by the means of the individualists who have written in literature the foundations of our present circumstances—philosophers like Nietzsche and Ayn Rand.

Trump will unlock through his mouth the potential of America and that is the force behind the movement that is now afoot.  That movement is what these #NeverTrump people are scared of.  They fear that America will head toward Sodom and Gomorra with the inauguration of Donald Trump because they essentially don’t understand the power that drives people on the individual level.  For instance, I was at a baseball game at the Cincinnati Reds home park and my wife and I were having diner in the Diamond Club.  It was all very nice, the food was on the upside and the drinks were flowing all around us.  People were happy, festive and we were all living a life of extreme opulence.  The food was too good and many of us were still enjoying it when the game started.  When the National Anthem came on everyone stopped and stared at the televisions to watch what was happening out on the field. That entire place went dead silent and everyone was enrapt with reverence toward the greatness of our country.  Nobody told anyone to behave that way; it came out of the individual inclination of the collected masses.  That is in essence the Donald Trump life.  Work hard, have plenty so that there is an excess, and be gracious with that excess.  But don’t be a loser, because if you are, you deserve to be bitch slapped into oblivion.  Nobody likes a loser and America isn’t a nation of such people.  It has been made to feel that way, but it’s time to stop feeling that way.  And only Donald Trump can invoke that character once again by returning our nation toward an ideology centered on individual achievement instead of collective salvation.  That is where the psychosis of the #NEVERTRUMPs crosses the line because their judgment of good and evil is in violation of the principles of actual success.  America can’t afford their immature interpretation any longer.  People don’t need to be told to be silent when the National Anthem is playing, and they don’t need to be told to be kind to their neighbor by someone like Glenn Beck.  We certainly don’t need any more preachers.  We need action by individuals to make our county great again—and we need a salesman to resurrect it within our culture.  That is why Donald Trump will be such a great president.  He offers a continuation of the philosophies which have evolved over the years toward individualism and now society can see a fine example from the White House which perhaps will save our nation by unlocking that potential in others.  That is why the Trump nomination is such a big deal, and why so many people are having a difficult time with it.  They don’t have the proper philosophy in their own life to understand–and that isn’t our fault.  It’s their problem.

Rich Hoffman


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