An Insulting Budget Proposal: What happens when you let a drug abuser become president

What happens when you take a former drug abuser and put them in the White House and ask them to come up with a budget? Well, you get the 2015 budget proposal by president Obama who brought out his budget this week with great fanfare only to essentially reveal it as a word for word utterance of the preposterousness shown in the recent Greek election. In Greece the communists are now in control of the economy which swore to reject the austerity measures there. In the United States, Obama declared the same with an insane budget against austerity as reported by USA Today:

WASHINGTON — President Obama submitted his $4 trillion budget wish-list to a Republican Congress Monday, calling for a return to increased domestic and military spending to be paid for in part by higher taxes on the wealthy.

The plan includes a $478 billion public works infrastructure program for roads, bridges, and transit systems, to be financed by taxes on overseas earnings. The budget calls for new tax credits and other initiatives devoted to education, child care, paid leave, and infrastructure, with tax hikes resulting from the closure of tax loopholes. The president also wants to put an end to the automatic across-the-board spending cuts known as sequestration, calling for a 7% increase in spending over the budget levels he agreed to in a 2011 compromise with Republicans.

“I want to work with Congress to replace mindless austerity with smart investments that strengthen America,” Obama said in a speech at the Department of Homeland Security. “I’m not going to accept a budget that locks in sequestration going forward. It would be bad for our security, and bad for our growth.”

For those who don’t know, austerity by definition is a severity of discipline, regime, expression, or design—a saving, economy, or act of self-denial, especially in respect of something regarded as a luxury. Obama instead of austerity applied to an out-of-control government suggested even more debt, spending, and taxation. It really is amazing that he even could conceive of such a proposal as to actually put it in printed form, because in reality, it amounts to the blithering of an intoxicated drug addict. It is amazing that this kind of nonsense even gets print in USA Today without a complete castigation for the mere proposal. Who is going to pay for all this stuff—the “rich?” That’s the plan, just increase taxes on people who create wealth? He’s kidding right?

Well, apparently taxing the rich and bitching about austerity is the essence of Obama’s entire budget proposal which is as ignorant as giving the keys of a nice new car to a slithering drunk barely conscious. It’s not even in the realm of viable possibilities, let alone considered seriousness. Yet Obama put out the proposal and the media covered it as if it were a legitimate attempt which was only laughable to those who can actually read.

Obama is an embarrassment to the United States and is a functioning communist based on the type of values he expresses. “Laughable austerity” means he doesn’t think there should be financial restrictions that are confined to a budget at all—his world view is simply beyond consideration of any legitimacy. It is as loony as the slap stick Greeks believing that their debts can be forgiven without payment and that the social spending they are all addicted to can continue forever. One might expect such stupidity in a country like Greece, or some Middle Eastern armpit of a world where economic activity is traded in goats—but in America—such budgets as Obama’s 2015 anti-austerity proposal doesn’t even count. Congress should have stopped the delivery of the proposal right at the door without even wasting further time—and sent them back to the White House unopened. Unless the President’s budget included budget cuts—and a reduced deficit plan—there isn’t any worth to it. It was disrespectful to the American people to even print such foolishness on actual paper.

Corporate taxes are already too high, yet Obama proposed a 14% one-time tax on overseas profits. He proposed $478 billion over six years for roads and bridges and he suggested a $38 billion dollar increase in defense spending over sequestration levels due to his mismanagement of the conflicts in Syria and Iraq. Obama’s numbers don’t even come close to balancing out; he expects to increase the national debt to 26.2 trillion dollars by 2025. That is insane!

Look, if someone put such an insult on my desk I would have likely blasted them out of a canon in less than a second. So I have no personal tolerance for that kind of thing. Congress should deal with this recklessness appropriately and set an example that future losers in the White House will never forget. Because if they don’t, more attempts like this one will be tried—and its about time that Americans learn the hard truth about our economy rather than through politicians who are obviously mentally deficient and seek to hide it by giving away other people’s stuff.   Obama is a spending addict—just as he needs to chew gum to keep from smoking cigarettes, covering up his drug abusing past, and his Marxist teachers who made him the person he is today.  He has an addictive personality. He needs an encounter group to help him with his various addictions. He doesn’t need more enablers in his life. He needs to hear the word “NO” much more often and to be treated like the louse that he truly is. Obama is a reckless loser who happened to talk himself into winning elections by giving things away to those too lazy to work. It doesn’t make him capable of putting together a budget—obviously. So his proposal deserves the ridicule measurable to the insult of even trying.

Rich Hoffman

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Worship of Mumbadevi and the Almighty Dollar: What traffic patterns in India say about their culture

One of the great miracles of our day is that communication is now easy for the world, and global commerce is now an assumption. That is good for people who have lived far away from capitalism for far too long stuck to the old village mentality of communism which has plagued most land masses around the world into poverty. For as much as modern politicians hope to relieve the poor of their misery, by standards compared to the rest of the world, even the dead broke in America are far better off than they are most anywhere else. So it is hard to explain to people generations taught into the follies of collective endeavor why American concepts of good living should be adopted elsewhere in the world.

I am certainly not one to impose my culture on others. I have a generally live and let die attitude toward the rest planet earth except in my writing where it is obvious that I care a great deal for the success of every living human being. So for that success to work certain conditions have to be in place to allow the human race to flourish. The general rule is that the more authoritarian the government whether it be a business or a country—the less creative input that citizens have toward the fulfillment of national GDP. For instance, in America, creative companies like Apple, Pixar, Lego, Microsoft, and the Hollywood studios produce more personal wealth and opportunity than most GDP economic purchasing power in most countries, such as Iraq, Iran, India and everywhere else where theocratic religion and communist philosophy are holding back the intellectual power of the people inhabiting those economies.

There is a reason that creativity and personal freedom are utilized in those flourishing American companies because the intention of that strategy is to allow minds to think without the pretense of authoritarian concerns. The end result is a much more robust workforce that directly contributes to the wealth creation of any given enterprise. The more restrictive that minds find their society—the less innovation and wealth that will be created there. It is a very simple formula really. Even in the United States where freedom of thought is taken for granted, not all companies understand this concept, and many still attempt an old approach to job creation that embodied the top down approach so common when America was much more theocratic.

But with the communication barrier down due to the Internet, people from those far corners of the world are able to read the things I say, and they have been up in arms in anger at me in India recently—because of my articles against Obama’s fundamental third world country upbringing and obvious view of humanity that was shaped in that region. The primary reason that President Obama is so messed up intellectually is that he wants to turn America into the type of people he was raised around in Malaysia which means a theocratic society mixed with Hindu and Muslim influence along with small “C” communism so common in most third world economies.

To measure success, which has only recently been readily available to the world because of social media—web sites like this one for instance—much can be learned by looking at how other cultures live. Their lifestyles are directly applicable to their fundamental beliefs. For instance, take Dallas, Texas as an example. When landing at an airport there vast spans of wealthy homes can be seen from a West to East approach complete with swimming pools and large yards. Oil fields are also seen as well as sprawling industry and much economic activity. The highways below are orderly, and speedy—because people have places to get to quickly and without bringing harm to their vehicles.   The airport itself is a sprawling complex with four basic terminals spread over a great distance. The only way to get around from one to another is with a tram system because the terminals are not connected all together to allow room for all the planes coming and going to maneuver. In Dallas to deal with all the economic activity, the airport is spread out to handle all the business there.

Now do the same in Mumbai, India, the wealthiest city in that theocratic country. For centuries the Indians blamed the English for their imperial grip on the people there and thought their freedom gained in 1947 would cast them onto the world stage, but like China and the city of Hong Kong—also a British territory—the best things economically related to Mumbai were put there by the “invading” country. These days landing in that city involves miles and miles of slum neighborhoods that look like children building forts out of cardboard boxes and the economic activity looks like the blood stream of a patient dying on an operating table—its chaos and dysfunction. The traffic patterns are random and impulsive assuming that nobody is more important than anyone else in the mass collectivism of that ancient civilization still struggling to climb out of the Stone Age intellectually without the capitalism attempted by the British.

The highways have lines on them separating traffic, but nobody follows the rules. Some drivers drive right down the middle of a lane that might be four wide, yet there are six lanes of traffic crammed into it—with everyone going their own way. In the city it is even worse as seen in these accompanied videos. There is no order in their approach to traffic, just like their rudderless economies. Without help from the capitalist West, India would slide back into the pre-deluge days of Biblical apocalypse. However, the Indians reading my statements about their country have become angry and have taken insult blaming Americans for having a third world view of their country by looking down our noses at them. Well, it is a third world country that is currently restricted by collectivist oriented religions and political philosophy. Sure I like Indian food, and I like their history—but as for having a dominating economic force—they are sadly behind the times and are a world liability to growth throughout the planet.

It is not enough to surrender modern life to the gods of theocracy then complain when other cultures out-perform them with sheer economic power. In Mumbai they can pray to Mumbadevi all they want, but it won’t fix their nation. Only by accepting the success of the West and putting their own spin on it can they hope to do that, because to date America is the most successful country on the planet taken as a whole, as to culture, racial dissemination, and raw GDP. And the lesson for Americans is to stop apologizing to the world for being so good. It would be excellent to help India become more American, but it would be bad to ask people in the United States to become more like those in India. That would be morally reprehensible.

The traffic patterns in India tell the whole story. Yes, they ride tricycles, motorcycles, small little cars and even animals that can keep up on the highways of India and they don’t crash into each other as much as you would think. But they don’t get where they need to go in a hurry either. This system works just well enough for the Indians because they are a society functioning from collectivism in their religions and political systems. Thus, they carry the same limits to their businesses. This is the primary flaw in their thinking. They can be angry that somebody points it out to them, but it doesn’t make them better by default if they eliminate a superior culture to their eyes and ears. The fact remains that compared to the West, India does not produce enough GDP on their own to care for their people and that is a major tragedy—which then feeds the theocratic nature of their entire national consciousness. 

The key to any endeavor whether it is a small business, or a massive national economy with one of the world’s largest populations—is that freedom of individual thought provokes positive economic growth. This basic psychological emphasis can be seen in the traffic patterns of any society. In India, its chaos and slow, In America it’s orderly, and quick. It’s quick in America not because we’re all godless heathens, but because we have things to do and buy. Theocratic cultures might state that such consumerism is false material worship, but then again, look at the living conditions between the freedom driven culture and the theocratic one–then declare such a thing to be a sin. American standards are only demonized because the rest of the world can’t compete based on their false ideologies which limit economic activity. And now that the world is so small, and those in India can now see how people think in the West—they of course will feel bad. The question is, what do they plan to do about it? Will they just bow down and pray to the Koli goddess Mumadevi, or to the almighty dollar. They all have value in the eye of the beholder—but which one makes lives better, and which one worse? The answer is easy—but the admission is not for the culture that is failing.

Rich Hoffman

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This is What Democracy Looks Like: Greece falls to communism

I was at Barnes and Nobel in West Chester purchasing my usual weekly necessities when I happened to notice the Wall Street Journal behind the counter. It stated “LEFTISTS TAKE OVER GOVERNMENT IN GREECE.” I had to take a minute to consider that severe world problem. As I read it a major snow storm was bearing down on the North East and President Obama was in India back slapping authorities there hoping to open up trade with that nation—for some reason—as if that would solve some major economic hurdle in the United States. I bought the paper and found the following information scrolled upon the pages:

Alkman Granitsas

Updated Jan. 26, 2015 6:17 a.m. ET

ATHENS—Greek voters handed power to a radical leftist party in national elections on Sunday, a popular rebellion against the bitter economic medicine Greece has swallowed for five years and a rebuke of the fellow European countries that prescribed it.

With nearly all votes counted, opposition party Syriza was on track to win about half the seats in Parliament. In the wee hours of the morning, it clinched a coalition deal with a small right-wing party also opposed to Europe’s economic policy to give the two a clear majority.

“Today the Greek people have written history,” Syriza’s young leader and likely new prime minister, Alexis Tsipras, said in his victory speech late Sunday. “The Greek people have given a clear, indisputable mandate for Greece to leave behind austerity.”

That night I watched Fox News Special Report at 6 PM and the Greek tragedy wasn’t covered at all during the entire hour-long episode. I watched the next night and discovered the same apathy. The snow storm sucked up the entire news cycle. CNN covered the story a bit, and Fox News covered the Greek story on other programs to a lesser effect and did an online article about it for their website. Glenn Beck and Alex Jones did some radio on the topic—and MSNBC was dancing in the streets over the news, but certainly didn’t cover the story from the perspective of the extreme negative connotations that are directly implied by the Syriza party. It was the biggest news in the world and nobody was talking about it—relatively speaking.

Essentially Greece voted to default on their debts to Germany and the European Union. The danger is that other countries a few years away from the present Greek situation will follow. It was clear that this is what democracy looks like; when the mob of ignorant masses decide they collectively didn’t want to deal with the ramifications of their austerity measures, that they could just vote against reality in the hopes that the debt would just be wiped away. This is a very dangerous precedent.

Greece spent themesleves into economic ruin with their vast amounts of socialism introduced to their culture without an economy to even begin to support it. The only proper thing for them to do is to tuck up their belt and thin down their financial expectations dramatically. That is what Greece has been doing over the last 5 years, which was originally covered here at Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom. I said this event would happen even way back then, but I didn’t think the Greeks would be so arrogant to not even pay their bills.   After all, they incurred the debt, so they have to be the ones to pay back the obligation. Nobody else is going to pay for it—because they have their own problems. Italy is suffering from nearly the same problem. Spain is as well. France has an openly socialist president who seemed gleefully relieved that the Paris terrorist attacks took the focus of the world off his dismal economy and onto something that people can unite behind—which is terrorism. Greece stated that their reasons for supporting the Syriza party was to restore their sense of national pride. The falseness of their assumption is that eliminating debt through the forgiveness of the lender of the value lost can do that—which is an extremely scary proposal.

The Greek people have lost their way and think that their ability to maintain their pensions, long vacations, and trips to the beach with a lifestyle that is above the means of their GDP will restore their pride when they have essentially filed for bankruptcy against the European Union. This trend will have a domino effect with ever other nation within that union struggling against the same excessive legacy costs from a generation gone by. The youth of Greece does not want to pay for the sins of their parents—and that is why they voted toward communism—and relief of their financial obligations. The same issue is headed for America.

More and more young people are turning toward socialism and communism to give them relief against the massive debt incurred by their parents. Under president Obama the national debt will be $19 trillion on an economy that only produces $17 trillion per year. The path is unsustainable and reckless, and Obama knows it. When 9/11 occurred the national debt was $5.7 trillion and it is presently over $18 trillion in just that very short time. It has grown by over $2 trillion since I first wrote about the Greek financial crises just a few years ago. It is a mess and spiraling out of control in full view of Washington D.C. Obama knows very well how bad the situation is, yet he won’t stop proposing measures that inspire more spending. Because he knows what happens in a democracy and it favors his politics. Not the politics he shows to the world. But the politics he was committed to when he started his political career in the living room of Bill Ayers.

The United States was built to be a republic. It is supposed to vote wise representatives to their state and federal appointments to act as caretakers of the tax payer resources. The quality of those representatives is directly attached to the value of the republic. And the culture that produces those representatives dictates that the voters behave in an intelligent fashion so to preserve the republic. A democracy is where popular elections occur by the masses toward a contest where raw numbers determine the outcome allow for poor quality people to gain power, which erodes value. Obama and the rest of the current Beltway know that as America has eroded away from a republic and more into a democracy that the chosen mode of politics in the future will be the same as there is in Greece currently. When given an option between debt relief and austerity a democracy will choose bankruptcy over paying back the sins of their fathers. So communist sympathizing politicians like Obama know what they are doing. They are purposely toppling our economy right before our eyes to fulfill their promises to the communism popular within intelligentsia circles on college campuses and Marxist fan clubs. The desire for global communism is what is fueling this recklessness. In that respect, because Greece had very little GDP to sustain it, they are the first to hit the communist insurgency. But America is not far behind. For us, it is within a generation to reach the same mark—and it’s by design.

Those same academics are also saying that this situation in Greece will be good for them. How ironic. Clearly a wave is coming; it is hitting Europe as we speak. It is going to wash across the Middle East—also as we speak. It currently has all of Africa under its spell. It has China, presently with the exception of Hong Kong, parts of Malaysia, and Japan. From there it will sweep across old communist Russia and meet in the middle by the Black Sea. Communism within a few short years from this very moment will completely dominate all the land mass from Europe to Asia. Then it will be coming to America and when it arrives it will find a youth in the same situation as modern Greece. And they will vote the same way because nobody wants to pay for the sins of their parents and at over $19 trillion dollars, and a debt of over $60,000 per person, nobody will want to work hard through austerity to communist China to pay all that money back. So they will vote the same socialism/communism that brought Obama to the White House in the first place and it will be too late for historians to say they should have seen it coming. Because the youth will vote in favor of communism—which was always the plan. Democracy will flourish to wipe away capitalism and usher in the darkness of communism—and just like in Greece it will be done to waving red flags and lots of partying. That is what democracy looks like—and it’s coming to a neighborhood near you soon.

You would have thought that the news outlets would have covered this tragedy more vocally, because it is much more serious than a simple snow storm. However, the more I thought about it, the more it was obvious that many in the media are actually hoping that what happened in Greece will in fact happen in America. And unlike a snow storm, it won’t melt away when spring hits. Instead, it will linger for the rest of our days, and will destroy many lives. So for television ratings, such an inevitable destruction is pretty scary if reported correctly. So they stayed away from the story hoping for some miracle that will never come. And even Fox News didn’t have the courage to look at the terrible fate that is before us all. So they just turned toward the next presidential election and a New England snow storm for relief and did as most everyone else is—just looking away and hoping that they won’t be around when the next wave of communism hits. But sadly—they will be. In many ways—its here already.

Rich Hoffman

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Fairfield Township Tax Increase: The signs of a declining community

No matter where you are in the world articles like this one are something you should pay attention to. Even though the story is a local one, gradually its contents will find you in whatever corner of the world you happen to reside. When I was a kid, Fairfield Township was one of the booming areas around the City of Cincinnati. With Jungle Jims bringing international attention to the area as one of the most unusual grocery stores in America, General Motors operating a parts plant off RT 4 and a number of other developments, Fairfield Township was the rising star of Ohio. I lived in neighboring Liberty Township and used to think the people who lived in Fairfield were rich and very lucky. Well, years of mismanagement and sheer stupidity have brought to the Township a promise of bankruptcy by 2018 unless the trustees put a 4.9 mill levy up to pay for their fire and police protection on the May 2015 ballot. Here are the numbers provided by the Journal News:

The problem stems from the fact that since 2012, the township has transferred more than $1.7 million from the general fund to the police and fire departments to cover budget shortfalls. Expenses have been outpacing revenues in both departments since 2011, Geis said. (Ken Geis,is the township’s interim administrator.)

Police expenses, including salaries and equipment, were just short of $3 million in 2013, while revenues were about $2.2 million. The fire department had similar figures in 2013, Geis said. The township transferred about $350,000 from the general fund in 2012 for the fire department, $1.1 million in 2013 for fire and police combined and about $300,000 so far this year for the police department.

The township’s finances are strong now, with a Aa2 bond rating from Moody’s, the second highest rating possible and an indicator of good credit risk, and a projected balance of nearly $4 million this year after expenses. However, that’s down from the 2011 balance of $6 million. Projected balances show the general fund gradually diminishing until it dips near or below $1 million in 2018.

The smart thing to do would be to restructure the contracts and staffing levels of the police and fire departments to reflect the declining community that Fairfield is. Let’s face it; Fairfield Township is not the best place to live anymore. It is mired with the same types of challenges that most big cities face with a demographic population overly dependent on government services as the more self-reliant types have picked up and moved on to places where people think more the way they do. It was easy to keep adding fire departments as part of a gigantic international labor union and expect massive wages for mostly sitting around all day doing nothing while Fairfield Township was experiencing its economic boom that lasted for several decades during the 60s through the 80s. It’s not like the roughly 18,000 residents around Fairfield Township were having houses burn down every day. There is the occasional arson case, the occasional pot bust, and domestic violence calls that come when you put stupid young people with no money and addictions to alcohol in conflict together near a bowling alley—but other than those issues, Fairfield Township is grossly overstaffed with police and fire department employees—and the trustees know that the fight to reduce those positions will likely be more unpopular than filing bankruptcy—which is just fine with the labor unions behind the police and fire departments. For instance, the Township in the fourth quarter of 2014 hired Lawrence Barbiere to replace Jack Grove as the township law director. Guess what, Grove was charging the township for his services–$315 per hour. Barbiere only charges $150 per hour. If the trustees look at their fire department and police payrolls they will see a lot of officers pushing over $100,000 per year with their overtime roll-overs. Those employees should be cut—or put on a RIF so that newer—cheaper employees could be implemented so not to force residents to vote for a tax increase. You can still have your police and fire departments sitting on the side of the road playing on the internet all day—but at least they’ll be there if some delusional drug addict has a bad drug bust or ends up burning down their home to collect insurance money so to pay off their gambling debts.

But of course the fire department will inflate their numeric needs because it must always be remembered; they are an international labor union first—servants of the local citizens second. Chief Matt Fruchey said this of the trustees decision for a tax increase in May—“I am very pleased that the trustees have aligned with our assessment of current and future needs of the township.” What that means is that Fruchey believes staffing levels need to be increased to some magic number consistent with the number of people living in the area. Increasingly Fairfield Township is filled with people like Barbara Holland who said to the Today’s Pulse newspaper that she’s not worried about her taxes, as her property is not of a great monetary value. “They’re (trustees) going to really have to get out there and push this….it’s the people with these big houses that are going to fight it.” So essentially what Barbara said is that she wants the services of the police and fire without paying for it, and wants wealth redistribution from those “big houses” to give her community resources that she isn’t equally contributing to.

It is that kind of mentality that tells the money to leave Fairfield Township because the trustees failed to protect them from people like Barbara Holland and Chief Matt Fruchey. Fruchey knows that his guys need a few more players in their Call of Duty network down at the firehouse, so he’s protecting their interests by exploiting the stupid in Fairfield Township. So guess what happens, the people in those big houses get up and leave Fairfield Township and move next door to Liberty and West Chester where personal wealth and property value is still appreciated somewhat leaving the community who just passed the high tax rates filled with people like Barbara, and without people in those big houses. Guess what happens to the revenue stream of a community when value leaves and poor value stays? The community dies.

Yet in a different newspaper Barbara Holland spoke a different note about the upcoming levy when the trustees split the vote on a May ballot or a November vote during a special Friday meeting on January 23rd. Suddenly Holland stated to the Enquirer that “I think you need to have another town meeting roundtable. Tonight was not informative. I’m going to be cutting something out if this goes through.” So in one paper Holland doesn’t care about the tax, the next she’s undecided. What is going on is that the trustees know they have to come up with more money to pay for the police and fire services and they don’t want the pain of lawsuits if they force staff reductions to balance the books. Wishy washy residents like Holland they need to speak out in favor of the levy to put peer pressure into the community to support the next levy—they just can’t decide when the best numbers will be that will work toward their advantage. These are the decisions of a declining community—because no matter what the trustees do, failure will follow. If they pass a tax increase more money will leave the township for friendlier districts. If they don’t pass the tax increase the international unions connected to the fire and police departments will put the screws down on the trustees in ways they aren’t equipped to deal with financially or emotionally. So either way, Fairfield Township loses and will further go down in value. There will become more residents like Barbara Holland demanding more taxes on properties of little value and less in those “big houses” who will pay a lot more just because people like Holland ended up voting for the increase.

The same struggles are coming to your front door dear reader. It’s just a matter of time.

Rich Hoffman

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Fire Fighting Murderer Made $130,000 Per Year: Sixteen others placed on paid leave having sex on firetrucks

So what happens when you give a worthless slug a $130,000 salary to sit around the firehouse bored out of his mind protected by a labor union and encouraged by mediocrity to do as little as possible? You get sixteen California firefighters placed on paid leave for having sex with prostitutes on top of their fire trucks and the death of a prostitute turned seductress girlfriend by a brutal stabbing and strangling which lead to a massive manhunt. Yet when the California Highway Patrol was asked to find evidence of a video tape to prove the misconduct which existed according to the ex-wife of the alleged murderer Orville Fleming, they came up empty. Imagine that? The state labor unions circled the wagons to protect their members and clear them of any wrong doing. Orville himself would have been cleared as well had he not been terminated from his job because he failed to show up for five days after the stabbing and murder of his 26-year-old girlfriend Sarah June Douglas.

Sarah had been a moderately priced escort service girl who had been spending a lot of time at the firehouse entertaining the bored fire department officials working there. Just two years prior there were several news reports of increases in fire fighting incidents around the Sacramento area where this murder took place blaming the defunding of the fire department due to budget cuts. Yet here was a mustache bearing battalion chief who made $130,000 per year off the taxpayers willing to bring in Sarah as a pass-around while he watched sixteen other fire department saplings have their way with her—then he showed the really poor misjudgment of falling in love with her, leaving his wife, letting Douglas move in when she was 30 years his junior. Then he was surprised when the relationship didn’t work out?

In her last moments of life Douglas was on the phone with her sister complaining that Orville had left the gas on in the home they were sharing accusing him of trying to kill her pet birds. Then like a maniacal lunatic, Orville broke into the conversation from the background surprising Douglas, hanging up the phone while she had been talking and proceeded to stab the young girl to death so violently that her blood splattered on the walls and drowned her sheets with life essence. Then to top it off, he strangled her with a bed sheet. Talk about really poor judgment—where does anybody start with that one?

But this is not an isolated incident. As seen by the videos on this article, these crazy sexual shenanigans are persistent all across America at fire houses in virtually every demographic area. It is so persistent that perhaps they should be opened as part-time brothels when fire fighting isn’t at play—so to justify the cost of the structures and employees housed there. Undoubtedly, these stories are what you get when you throw good money at really poor quality people.

And who is really at fault for all this bad behavior? Well The International Association of Fire Firefighters, who has protected these slugs of humanity with a value perception that clearly doesn’t match their public behavior, holds most of the responsibility. After the tragedy of 9/11 there was much public relations effort to show that people like Orville Fleming were worth any amount of money that they demanded through union brotherhood—and that if the money was paid, that all would be right in the world. But in reality, there really isn’t much to do around a fire station when everything is working well—so foul play often becomes the default mode of operation. Matters get much worse when public employees are paid so much to do so little.

Orville Fleming even at such an extraordinarily high salary was married formerly to Meagan Fleming—who is a public school teacher. So it was a household fully under the protection of the state labor unions. This brought the household income for the couple at a very disproportionately high rate compared to their actual industrious worth. It’s a similar type of behavior that one might find when they give a lottery ticket to the typical Sunday afternoon buffet dweller fresh from their dwellings in a trailer park—they blow the money on foolishness because they didn’t have to earn the money—and have very little value for it. So they behave recklessly. In Orville’s case, he was considered one of the elites and was actually in charge—which is difficult to imagine. Anyone who would show such recklessness in bringing prostitutes into the fire house under his command in the presence of so many other public employees and expected to not have ramifications for his behavior is an idiot—and shouldn’t be given the responsibility of washing a fire truck let alone being in charge of a whole battalion of them. Yet it wasn’t murder which caused Orville Fleming to lose his job eventually, it was because he didn’t show up for work for five consecutive days. That’s how entrenched the labor unions are in the process of employee management of state workers.

The tragic case of the Sacramento Fire Department is just one of many. Orville showing terrible midlife crises judgment fell in love with a woman he knew was a prostitute then grew hyper controlling when he realized that like his job, he didn’t have the stuff to keep a young girl like Douglas interested. Unlike his actual job, there wasn’t a labor union to protect him from a broken heart, or a prostitute turned girlfriend who lost interest in his decaying body when he wasn’t showering her with gifts to keep her interested. After all, if a 26-year-old girl wants sex, she can get it from a much younger man who is in better shape and connected to less baggage. Ultimately what appears to be the final straw that broke Orville Fleming’s heart was that there was no labor union to give him the false premise of value for a lover as he had received in his state backed employment. He was coddled with false value from his labor union, but that didn’t translate over into his love life. So he freaked out at the obvious lack of control there was to protect him from competition. He thought that being a sugar daddy with a comfortable income would be enough to protect him from hardship. Well, it wasn’t.

The International Association of Fire Firefighters gave Orville Fleming a false value through their collective bargaining agreement that did not translate over into other parts of his life. Living with his school teacher wife for so long, Orville had become so accustom to being peppered with accolades granted from the state that he lost touch with reality. Having so much household income between the two well above the typical household Sacramento median income of $57,000 per year empowered the small-minded man to believe he was something he wasn’t. So long as the labor union granted him that illusion—he was fine to order up prostitutes to be the big man on campus as a fire house legend among his peers. But when he fell in love with one of those prostitutes, there was no union to protect him from his own stupidity—so he folded under the pressure and committed a horrendous murder. And that is the result of what happens when people who don’t deserve such ability and finance are given it just for showing up for work over a thirty year period. They didn’t achieve their wealth by merit, skill, or effort—but rather it was just given to them because they were in a labor union. So when the same tactics didn’t work with a young 26-year-old he didn’t know what else to do—because he had an intellect that didn’t give him the answer. So he turned to the ultimate control there was—murder. All this is of course conjecture, but is based on direct experience. We’ll never know more of the story than this, because all parties involved from the police to the court system are also state employees—most of which is protected by the same type of labor unions. Thus, there are a lot more potential Orville Flemings out there—just waiting to snap.

Rich Hoffman

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Spengler’s Decline of the West: Stepping out of a cycle that promises social destruction

So, what is the task for the overmanwarrior, those who look at the world and think that a cycle of stupidity and irreverence is long overdue for a severed divorce from the human race? Well, the effort of these many writings, my books and general approach to the meaning of life is to rebel and achieve through that escape velocity the perilous grip of Oswald Spengler’s great book, The Decline of the West—published in 1932. in that monumental work Spengler illustrates properly, and with the blow of a hammer upon the head, the fourfold cycle of history which forever repeats itself over and over again with a birth, death and resurrection that is holding mankind to an infantile state of development perpetually. Spengler’s four part cycle is derived from Goethe which is a developed idea from the Greek mythological sequence of the Four Ages–Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Iron, which in turn is a counterpart of the Hindu Round of the Four Yugas, Krista, Treta, Duapara, Kali. For western civilization specifically through global attempts at kingdom building—the fourfold cycle of phases of society is theocratic, aristocratic, democratic, and chaotic.

An example of a theocratic society would be that of modern Islam. After the Sykes-Picot agreement in the waning days of World War I the societies of Arabia moved from a democratic society united under the Lawrence of Arabia and fell after the betrayal into a chaotic society that is currently seeking to reinvent itself. There is now a mild obsession with Allah and the concepts of a theocratic society—which is to say that the leaders and official policy is divinely guided. The Middle East is attempting to give rebirth to itself as Europe, which is still in an attempt at democracy, is trying to reverse the cycle and drag that part of the world backward on their psychological path of self-destruction and resurrection. Europe itself is slanting quickly toward chaos as the psychosis of the typical resident is hell-bent like moths to a flame to renew their society in the same manner.

In the United States the chaotic period in a mild way accelerated in the 20th century jumping through the cycles at lightening speed with the help of technology, radio and television as new inventions. The typical progressive and New England Victorian was much in love with the aristocratic notions of a small privileged few who ruled over all others. But quickly as the enchantment for the masses of socialism and communism spread across America during the “Red Decade” of the 1930s a strong sense of democracy blasted its way onto the scene for the second time in America’s young history. The first time was after the War of 1812 as the settlers from aristocratic Europe brought a mentality with them that quickly quelled the fires of revolution sending adventurers and those of religious persecution westward to flee from the oncoming social parasites. After several failed presidents and a basic philosophical battle with the notion of freedom, the Civil War was fought which plunged America into chaos. It was reborn as a mild theocracy at the turn of the 20th century then moved quickly through Spengler’s four cycles once again. After the labor unions had their destructive result with democracy, the nation was once again plunged into chaos only to now seek to become a theocracy–again. This is the fundamental desire of the Tea Party message—to be a nation divinely guided, and why the Glenn Beck message resonated so strongly as the national debt under presidents Bush and Obama spiraled out of control.

The IRS in targeting the Tea Party is simply the same as the modern European at the United Nations hoping to drag the Middle Eastern to the bargaining table—their societies are in different phases of the four-cycle process and human inclination resists greatly going backwards on that scale instead of always forward. The Washington D.C. culture in modern America wishes to think of itself as aristocratic where the labor unions want a democracy. But the Tea Party seeing the chaos of all those failures is seeking to restart as a theocracy—divinely led. However, the secularists still profiting off the previous periods of chaos do not want to move into a theocratic phase since it will mean an end to their particular rule of man’s mind. So the national consciousness of Americans is moving toward a theocracy with the rest of the empowered being drug along kicking and screaming for chaos—which has already occurred—but they wish it sustained.

So where dose all this put us as a society of human beings? Always in a state of birth, death and resurrection leaving most of the world’s problems impossible to solve since all nations of the world are not going through the same periods together. It is important to understand that these phases are not mandated, they represent a deep psychological neurosis that is part of the human evolution process that it has never graduated from. This mentality goes back to the first Neanderthal with their large craniums attempting to construct an organized society from their nomadic existence. They did, and those four cycles emerged and it is within those cycles that much death and loss of progress can be blamed. Spengler’s cycle is like a treadmill to nowhere which takes us always back to the same spot no matter how hard we work—and its rather ignorant.

The only way to stop that train to nowhere, that cycle of stupidity is to emerge philosophically beyond it without going through the death of one type of society and being reborn again like a child destined to always perpetually make the same mistakes as a parent—just because they taught you to make those mistakes. True independence for the human mind insists that this concept be entertained, that human beings step off the treadmill and into a fate of their own making. Otherwise, the cycle of death, destruction and perpetual resurrection will continue on into infinity always bringing with it lost gains re-found as if they were brand new only to discover much later that they were never lost, only covered up by social ignorance and political structures that prevented nurturing.

The overmanwarrior fights to step off that treadmill and emerges as an independent human mind facing destiny for the first time without knowing how the story ends. It takes courage, a lack of desire for power over others, and it takes a love of adventure for uncharted territory. The term overman is intended to take man’s mind away from its anchoring to this childish behavior of Spengler’s and to fight for the right to free will away from the cycle of Goethe.

There is no way to ever advance as a civilization until that cycle of personal destruction is broken. So that is the purpose of all this writing, and the term of the overman. It is truly time to graduate away from the ignorance of our past—to learn from it—but to leave it behind to build something truly new, and not the same old garbage that has plagued us for infinity. It appears even the stories of giants in America that I occasionally write about who clearly had an advanced understanding of mathematics during the Archaic Period in the Ohio Valley built for themselves an elite social hierarchy that resembled the typical European aristocratic society. They failed, died as a culture through their incestuous ways, then were plunged into chaos after democratic attempts only to be born again as the Adena and Hopewell Indian tribes moving back into a theocratic society until they were supplanted eventually by new groups of Indians—also theocratic in their social hierarchy who were then replaced by the building of a new country in America who were leaving behind the aristocracy of Europe to begin a new theocracy under the hand of God to start all over again like a rebellious teenager who eventually grew up to become a fat middle-aged—defeated soul who dies and seeks their resurrection anew in the afterlife.

My argument against all this is that it’s pointless, and its time to view the world in a new way—and our role within it. To comprehend that view, it takes an overman—a mind that overtakes man’s addiction to that cycle of destruction. Only then will the decline of human civilization stop and advancements truly take root.

Rich Hoffman

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Making Omelets: The essence of leadership

Another aspect to the perils of collectivism is the cheerleader for the concept of a “TEAM” especially when great emphasis is placed on the specific terminology. One of the premier drivers of social and economic socialism is the desire to hide one’s cowardly behavior under the blanket of society pointing to the greedy management of some organization to rise up against and overtake. But then there are those who provide justification to the cowardly by becoming abusive tyrants when given authority through position who are clueless and inept attempting to hide their minor dictatorships behind the concept of a “TEAM.”

Many years ago I worked at one of many fast food restaurants and without question I was one of their most productive workers. However, the manager there and I did not get along. She was a raging feminist who was attempting to live all her life’s failures through her career decisions hoping beyond hope that a successful management career would somehow off-set two decades of diabolical personal decision-making mistakes. She looked for respect not by earning it, but simply because she had schemed some executive within the company to give her responsibility and that by simple virtue of a nameplate identifying her as a “boss” she had earned the right to infinite respect. Well, she was wrong.


At this job I was just a grill cook—but I was the fastest in the area and I could work two lines by myself saving the company two staffed positions, sometimes three, four, up to five so I knew the value I brought to the table. I also knew that this manager’s role within the company was purely ornamental; after all she was a young woman who helped their staffing numbers—especially in management, and fit the profile of what corporate wanted to see on paper for their labor statistics. However, she was ineffective as far as official management duties often carrying her store over staffed, under stocked, and ill prepared for dinner rushes. And because she treated everyone like slaves on her personal plantation the workers would lay down on her and refuse to give her a good shift of productive output—because they didn’t respect her. They simply showed up to collect a check.

I’ve always believed in authenticity so I never pandered to her authority or the company overall. I let her know that I could see that she didn’t know what she was doing and I offered to help her help herself if she needed proper counseling on how to perform such an elusive task. But of course she thought she knew everything so she refused to listen—instead she chose to pick fights with me at every turn which ultimately sealed her fate.

When a member of corporate came through the drive thru window to check on things and see how the store was operating—he asked how things were going. I told him that the store manager had no idea what she was doing and that she was pushing his margins toward the negative needlessly. Of course he wanted to know more where I proceeded to disassemble her piece by piece which was easy because she had been hiding her ineptitude behind a love for her title and the authority it wielded. When she had to actually be accountable, she was absolutely clueless and had no resort but to fall on her feminist teachings accusing the executive and me of being prejudice against her because she was a woman in a man’s world and all that other nonsense. Of course I told the executive that too, right in front of her which sent her deeper into defense without being able to bring up anything professionally which justified her continued existence as manager of that store. Instead she leaned on her title, her authority, and her sex to shield her ineptitude from further social judgment.

The executive gave her another store after that encounter putting her into a really bad neighborhood where the workforce was much more antagonistic toward management. The store was already performing poorly so she couldn’t screw that up any worse. She had a nervous breakdown within two months and actually ended up in the hospital for psychological treatment. The reason was that she had to actually perform to hold her job and not rely on titles or even her feminism to shield her incompetence—so with no other option to lean on she had a mental breakdown as her only escape from the situation.


I felt bad for the manager only in that she had to take things so far before she actually listened. But she should have known better than to think I was going to let her abuse me and others just to fill her own ego with pride as a second-hander. I used that example of failed leadership because it is one of the easier to explain—and one of the shortest examples of how top down incompetence can fuel the collective desire for communist concepts like socialism, unionism, or committee driven consensus—it is because leaders fail to lead when they place the value of their positions on a nameplate or organization chart instead of the actual performance of the position.   In my past I have so many examples of such conflict with authority similar to that above story that I can’t even remember them all—given that I have an excellent memory, it should provide context to the multitude. Behind me is a dark and bloody river of many such conflicts and people from my past reading this—which of course they do can offer nothing in defense because they know it’s all true. The difference is that I never felt compelled to join with others to solve any of these problems. I simply confronted those targets with the truth about their real desire for power—and exposed them to the people who fund the endeavors.

There have of course been more men than women but in general there are far too many people who enter the work force believing that a title of authority will grant them power they otherwise don’t have. Once they get this power they find they need their egos constantly massaged and instead of their productive effort going into making money for their company’s needs, they use the workforce as their personal playground of boosting their own internal worthlessness. They often use authority to mask their own incompetence which they hope will go undetected from behind their commands. But it never does—people can naturally detect bullshit and immediately set about ways to protect themselves from it—which leads often to collective unification against a tyrant. So in the end both sides end up wrong and the business suffers or goes out of existence all together unable to produce a profit.


I have been in the business of making omelets and to do that you have to break a lot of eggs. In that metaphor of course eggs represent the ego of the type of people who fall in love with power out of their own insecurity. This has been exposed at the Lakota school district, many businesses, and within several organizations and I have behind me a lot of omelets made and eaten by grateful financial interests. And the omelet making will continue wherever I am at the time—because I personally have no tolerance for abuse of leadership. It’s not a mystery that requires collective endeavor to stand up against—all it takes is a good heart, a clean conscience, and a will to do well. If one possesses those traits they will find that they can move mountains and solve the world’s problems just by showing up for work without malice or social gratification.

Most businesses that fail do so because of poor leadership at the top. Most organizations are weak and next to worthless because they have people running them who care more about the nameplates on their desk than in accomplishing the task at hand. And government is filled with poor leaders who seek office not on merit but by popularity allowing them to believe they are important when in fact they are just more examples of detrimental human frailties. The way to fix all these issues is to recognize the attributes of proper leadership as the values are removed from social consensus and instead based upon individual performance. And for the worker who thinks they are at the bottom of the food chain and not able to do anything about the tyrant they work for, take it from someone who knows very well, if you are a superior worker and bring a good heart to your business backed by honesty you will find that your employer will value you far more than the guy with the brass nameplate on their desk. And your counsel will be very valuable because it is so rare these days to have such authentic people on a payroll.   Don’t be afraid to expose an idiot when they present themselves. The cost in not doing so only brings misery to more people for a longer period of time needlessly. In the end, it’s not just you who will suffer, but everyone else.


A TEAM is not something where everyone contributes equally. A “team” is where a leader rallies people behind a common cause not out of duty—but respect. Not everyone is capable of being a leader. Most people are terrified of it. But if you are one of the rare few who are of leadership quality be careful when nameplate lovers start using the word TEAM to describe an enterprise. The reason they do it is to cover their own ineptitude and to piggy back off your efforts so they can use your leadership to mask their own fallacies using the designation of a “TEAM” to perform the task. When a politician says the words, “we did it as a team” look carefully at what is going on behind their words—because there is likely something hidden there they are trying to mask. Likely what it is will be a series of abused people who have done all the work and lost the credit to a politician who seeks to associate themselves with success by gradually taking over the enterprise by putting their nameplate upon it and expecting their authority position to allow them to do it without question. When that happens there really is no choice, its time to make some omelets by breaking several eggs and making something positive out of a bunch of broken shells and the contents which ooze from them once shattered. It takes a leader to do the shattering and to see the need for an ordered up omelet.

Rich Hoffman

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