The Cincinnati Tablet: B.L. Freeborn’s answer in mathmatics

One of the great miracles of our day, as I have stated often is the decentralization of intellectual aptitude. Although it’s nice if sound science comes from some intellectual at Harvard or Oxford, it’s no longer necessary. In fact, most of the time it’s a handicap because most colleges teach to an agenda shaped by the political currents of our day—which is not the way college was ever envisioned. It is however a grim reality. So not having to move through gate keepers in the industry any longer–adventurers, scientists and armchair archaeologists are now able to behave as fortune hunters did at the turn of the last century—with open ability not limited by anything but their personal dedication and imagination. On the downside the quality of presentations and research typically go down, but on the upside, the proposals of theory driven by imagination have increased dramatically. This is certainly the case for B.L. Freeborn who wrote a very interesting book, The Deep Mystery: The Day the Pole Moved.

Even though the book has the obvious sign of self-publishing—lacking the fine finish of a good editor, there is a genius to it that is worth noting. I would say that B.L. Freeborn is functioning from intelligence that few have the sentiment for— brilliance in the beauty and patterns of numbers. Freeborn sees patterns in numbers that might be purely speculative, or formed around a mythology of his choosing just because of his sheer mastery of them. It is probable that some of his assumptions are incorrect. Likely, with some of his proposals, perhaps only 15 to 20% could be assumed as a likely theory backed by scientific evidence. That does not mean that everything he says should be discounted just because his average is not 100%. Unfortunately, his competition, the orthodox science of the university system is reluctant to discuss 15% of a truth surrounding a theory because they are not motivated to extend themselves beyond the previous claims of the establishment without 100% of the truth being confirmed. Because of the way science is often funded—through grants and donations—it is unlikely that any university would desire to reverse a previous opinion such as what is demanded by the obscure relic found in Cincinnati, Ohio called The Cincinnati Tablet—which is on display at the Museum Center just a few miles to the west of its discovery location.

Few know it today but in the location of the current Fountain Square area within the city was a gigantic burial mound common to Ohio. It was part of the massive and mysterious mound building culture so prominent in the area typically attributed to the Adena Indians. Before one building was ever erected upon the founding of the Queen City, the mound was there and excavated around the middle of the 1800s and within it was found parts of a skeleton and The Cincinnati Tablet. The Tablet was very intricate for a hunter and gatherer culture leaving many to speculate that it was a hoax. However, time has declared that there is something more to it, and if it is added to the many other discoveries from the Mound Builders emerging it appears that the culture that made The Cincinnati Tablet was part of a vast society with very intricate and advanced mathematics. B.L. Freeborn is one of many new age archaeology enthusiasts who commit vast amounts of time and energy to uncovering the past with new tools available to them. They often don’t get paid, they occasionally write a few self-published books that sell a copy or two, and spend most of their time in obscurity digesting vast amounts of information trying to puzzle through the mysteries left behind by a historical record that was carelessly erased through institutional arrogance. At first cities were built and archaeology was destroyed without any real desire to understand the cultures that came before—because that was the way that things were done prior to the 20th century—mainly for religious preservation. The religions of previous cultures were destroyed to enable a new cult to hold the minds of their societies—sort of like what ISIS is currently doing with Christianity. When a city like Cincinnati was erected, or Lexington for that matter—which has been built on the remains of an entire ancient city—settlers didn’t look at relics like The Cincinnati Tablet and declare themselves to solving the riddles of the forgotten culture. Typically they donated the findings to a museum or historic society for others to figure out—and if the relics were really, really lucky—like The Cincinnati Tablet is, it ended up in the dark corner of a nice museum like the one at Union Terminal. Typical professionals in academia would take such a find and attribute it to their published findings on the Adena culture. In the case of The Cincinnati Tablet, mounds had been associated as strictly burial mounds built by the Adena and Hopewll Indians and any further inquiry might cost grant money for further research. So it was much easier for archaeologists and anthropologists to consider the case closed, and head to the next charity event sponsored by their funding structure.

People like B.L. Freeborn aren’t motivated by any of those concerns so most of their energy goes directly into solving the puzzles. And one thing is clear about Freeborn, he has put a lot of thought into The Cincinnati Tablet—and similar archaeological discoveries. His theories are as good as anybody’s and in my opinion better. Much of what he declares below I would consider a reach—but he presents a strong enough case to indicate that he’s on the right path. The only way to really understand history when so much of it has been erased and destroyed by politics and religion is to turn toward mythology and decode what the past has to tell us. And with that, B.L. Freeborn has a marvelous theory that deserves attention. As a reminder, this tablet can be seen in the Cincinnati Museum Center currently and indicates that there was much more to the people who lived in North America than anyone previous accepted.

  1. L. Freeborn’s report on The Cincinnati Tablet and understanding the forgotten culture that made it—click the link at the end to learn more.

If they understood longitude and latitude they should have understood where they were. The longitude and latitude of Cincinnati at the location where the tablet was found is North 39 degrees 6′, West 84 degrees 32′. The sum 39 + 84 is 123. The sum of 32 + 6 = 38. Twice 38 is 76. The sum of the longitude and latitude values of nearby Milford where several complex mounds were built is 123.45. The sum at Fort Ancient is 123.5. The location of the Great Serpent Mound is 83 degrees 25′ 48″ W, 39 degrees 1’31” N and the location of the Newark Earthworks is 82 degrees 25′ 50″ W, 40 degrees 2′ 26″. This is exactly one degree of longitude apart. The location of the Seip Mounds is 83 degrees and zero minutes west and 39 degrees 22′ N. The sum of these two numbers is 122 and 22. Beyond coincidence?

Since we have begun counting we shall continue. Prominently at the top 7 spaces are marked out (or 8 lines). At the bottom there are 6 spaces (or 7 lines). This creates the number 76 and as noted in previous posts, it suggests the period of Halley’s Comet which is 76 to 77 years. This confirms the topic is about comets. Combine the numbers as 77 and obtain another reference to the comet. Combine them as 86 and obtain a reference to the diameter of the Sun (864,000 miles). Combine them as 78 and obtain the diameter of Earth through the pole (7899 miles). Sum the 6, 7, 7 and 8 and obtain 28 or half of 56.

Even more eloquent, notice that there are actually 9 spaces at the top but only 7 within the hash marks and 2 outside. Create 792 easily from them and compare this to the diameter of the planet at 7920 miles. Similarly, count the bottom as 8, 6 and 2 or create 862 which reminds one of the diameter of the Sun

The very edge of the top and bottom are scored with small marks. J. Ralston Skinner counted the marks and reported them in his 1885-1886 report on this stone. He noted 24 spaces/ 25 hash marks on the top and 23 spaces/ 24 hash marks on the bottom. The sum of these numbers is 96 and the average is 24. There are 24 hours in a day. The top has 23 spaces. There are 23.934 hours in a sidereal day. Combining 23 and 96 obtain 23.96 or very nearly this number.


Count out the dots. There are 16. The Earth travels 1.6 million miles in a day. There are 2 bars. The 2 and 16 combined creates 216. The diameter of the Moon is 2160 miles.

There are 8 dots in the upper third. There are 6 dots in the middle third. There are 4 dots in the center. There are 2 dots at the bottom. This creates the series 8642 or it refers to the diameter of the Sun at 864,336 miles.

The upper third has 3 dots left and right and 2 in the center. From the center out then is found 23. Reversing it is 32. The Arctic Circle ends at 23 degrees and 30 seconds. The tilt of the planet is this same value. The square of 5.65 is 32.

The center third provides 222. A square of sides 2222 has a diagonal equal to the constant pi (3.14) times 1000. The sum of 22 and 22 is 44. Divide the circumference of the planet by 44 and obtain 565 miles. Forty-four is found in the center bar as well. Count the 4 dots and notice there are 4 bump outs. Recall also a square with sides of 4 has a diagonal of 5.65.

The dots on each side number 6 which creates 66. The velocity of the planet is 66,600 miles per hour. In the center there are 4 dots. Below this is the one dot in the negative. This creates the number 5. Combine this with the 6 on each side and obtain 56 once again. Or count it out as 1 and 4 which reminds us of the fingers in the Gaitskill Clay Tablet. Combine them and create 14 and then recall there are 4 bumps in the center. 4 x 14 is 56.

The exterior dimensions of the stone and its shape provide numbers that appear familiar. It was measured in 1885 by Skinner to be 3.00″ x 5.00″ x 5/8 inch thick. The width of the narrow middle is 2.5 inches. The sum of these three numbers is 3 + 5 + .625 or 8.625 which recalls the diameter of the Sun. The diagonal of the piece is 5.831 inches. The distance Earth travels in a year is 584 million miles. The thickness expressed as 5/8 repeats this value. The circumference of the piece is 16. The Earth travels 1.6 million miles in a day.

The curved portion on each side recalls the idea of a crater. They are 4.5 inches across and .25 inches deep. The area of the curve on each side is .563 inches. The ratio of the narrow width to the length is 2.5 to 5 or .5. The ratio of the width to the length is 3 to 5 or .6. The ratios are .5 and .6 or a reminder of 56 once again.


2014 B. L. Freeborn

Rich Hoffman


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Joe Biden’s Delusions: Dealing with a Presidential idiot

Apparently Joe Biden was upset with the March 9th letter that forty-seven Republican Senators sent to the Islamic Republic of Iran explaining how the American Constitution works in the United States. The concern is that President Obama is in nuclear negotiations with Iran which anybody with just a few coherent thoughts knows is trouble. Obama has been proven incompetent—so there is no trust in someone like him negotiating anything with one of the biggest sponsors of terror in the world. That’s like asking a 2-year-old child to beat the heavyweight champion in the world in a fight to the death. Hey, anything can happen—but likely, the child will lose the fight. Obama can’t be trusted to organize how much to tip the pizza guy, let alone arms negotiations with Iran, so the GOP had to remind Iran that no matter what they came up with the President, that it would require Congressional approval to make it valid. American presidents are not kings and cannot do anything without the backing of the larger Republic—and for good reason. Past American presidents have overstepped their boundaries, Woodrow Wilson for one and his Treaty of Versailles involvement, along with a host of others who followed who clearly were behaving like part of a monarchy instead of a Constitutional Republic, are guilty of trying to prop themselves up as kings in America. In the past Presidents were given a bit of a pass out of respect to the Oval Office, but with Obama, that respect has been destroyed by his own actions. He didn’t give any respect to Congress or members of the GOP, so he’s not getting any free passes for the sake of the office he holds. He’s clearly an idiot, so it’s important that Iran understand that everyone in America isn’t as stupid as President Obama.

Yet Vice-President Biden knowing full well the mistakes of the administration that he’s a part of came to the defense of his President saying, “this letter, in the guise of a constitutional lesson, ignores two centuries of precedent and threatens to undermine the ability of any future American President, whether Democrat or Republican, to negotiate with other nations on behalf of the United States. Honorable people can disagree over policy. But this is no way to make America safer or stronger.” Well, the VP is wrong. The White House’s defense on this matter is to basically say, “but other presidents overstepped their authority, so we should be allowed also.” That type of behavior has made the United States weaker, so any action that pulls these renegade presidents back under control of the Constitution needs to be implemented to build again the strength of the American Republic.

Biden continued, “In thirty-six years in the United States Senate, I cannot recall another instance in which Senators wrote directly to advise another country—much less a longtime foreign adversary—that the president does not have the constitutional authority to reach a meaningful understanding with them. This letter sends a highly misleading signal to friend and foe alike that our commander-in-chief cannot deliver on America’s commitments—a message that is as false as it is dangerous.” Well, the reason is that at no point in those thirty-six years was there an American president as bad and incompetent as Obama is. The guy went from a community organizer with a questionable background who spent his personal and professional time with open terrorists, and America is supposed to sit back and let him negotiate with a country with known terrorist support against the West. Obama was elected because of the color of his skin, and he lied about a lot of things to get into office. Once there, he changed his positions and covered his tracks at every juncture, and this is the person Biden thinks should have unfettered ability to strike a treaty with a terrorist loving nation wanting nuclear technology? Sorry, that’s not how logic works.

Too many people enjoy the pageantry of monarchs. It’s one of those ridiculous European fantasies where kings and queens ruled with absolute authority. But that’s not how it was ever to be in the United States. Over time, our roots to Europe have pulled our society back into the ritual of tabloid worship of leaders and royalty, but that doesn’t change the fact that those assumptions are incorrect. America doesn’t have a king or a queen and if the Constitution is followed, it never will. Many presidents have pushed their Constitutional limits, particularly the progressive Republican in disguise Teddy Roosevelt when he attacked the railroads with his anti-trust busting antics and built the Panama Canal with deals that clearly violated the Constitution. In the end, the masses supported those endeavors so it was easier to ask for forgiveness than permission, and Presidents have been openly violating the Constitution ever since. American Presidents with the exception of Calvin Coolidge and maybe a few others have pushed the limit more and more expecting the other houses of government to just sit back and let them do anything they wanted—as a global statesman on par with kingship. Finally, the radical activist lawyer and community organizer Obama has went too far, and the Senate is doing their job of pulling him back to reality.

The fact that Biden stated in all his vast history of government work that he’s never seen such a thing take place only speaks to how long the Senate has not done their jobs properly in checking the power of a White House President—no matter who they are. Pleading ignorance is not a viable strategy to eliciting treaties from foreign rivals like Iran, and essentially Biden is fighting to maintain the right of a fool to do massive destruction to American foreign policy just to maintain the façade of kingship at the White House. Sorry, Joe. With all your years in government, you should know that’s not how things are supposed to work. And given how stupid the VP’s statements are, I’d at least trust him to tip the pizza guy. But as to the president, absolutely not—I don’t care how stylish it is to have a man of color in the White House—I can think of a lot of dark-skinned Americans who I’d vote for as president in less than a second. But Obama is not one of them, because—he’s an idiot.

Rich Hoffman


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The Miracles of Silicone Valley: Why labor union employees will be part of the 50% unemployment rate

It is well worth your time to listen the Glenn Beck podcast from Friday, March 6th 2015 shown below.   He just returned from a trip to a speaking engagement in Silicone Valley and reported a bit of what is coming from their perspective. The technical innovations coming online in just the next couple of years will revolutionize the world with invention that is inconceivable to the rest of society—and it will be stunning. But, with change comes a falling away of the old way to make way for the new, and it is what that new looks like that is of concern—and why you should listen closely. Please do so now.

The most stunning portion of the radio commentary was the report that it is likely there will be periods of unemployment up over 50% in our various market sectors coming soon—which is often the by-product of technological breakthroughs. Jobs that serviced the old world will be eliminated as new technologies emerge and hire. The gap in that process is something that government fantasizes it can control and manage. However, all they can do is drag out the process with protections from the Department of Labor to hold on to the old ways with mandatory union protections for government workers. Even as the innovators in Silicone Valley are building the technology that will shape the future the National Labor Relations Board on April 14 will begin to require businesses to surrender lists of their employees’ phone numbers and personal email addresses to union organizers in an attempt to spread the cancer of collective bargaining and lack-luster productive effort. It will be those kinds of jobs that will be in that 50% reduction as technology will eliminate their need.

As a matter of fact, much of the technology coming out of the “Valley” now has done nothing but destroy the old means of control. For instance, I spent a good deal of my weekend listening to various lectures on the Biblical Nephilim which would have not been possible a decade ago. Of course not all the information is correct, but it allows me to hear what underground science is trying to present beyond the controls of the mainstream attempting to protect their federal grants. Technology has given many aspiring scholars and adventurers a platform to launch their own investigations deregulating the gate-keepers who used to hold back such information. The Tea Party movement and current pressure on government spending is a direct result of this technological frontier that we are currently riding. Much of what we do as a society now by-passes completely the needs we have for government, especially in Congress and the Senate. The President any more is becoming more of a useless spokesman position from what it once was because news and reaction is available to the world at lightening speed, and it just takes government too long to react to it.

Dynamic presidential candidates now have traction where they wouldn’t have been given a seat at the table in a previous time. Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, and Scott Walker can get coverage because they can sidestep the party bosses for really the first time in history. It is the government losing its control which provoked them to support Net Neutrality—so they could get their foot in the door. But even with that, the door is changing around their foot so rapidly that their cumbersome union driven reaction cannot meet the speed of business, and they are finding themselves drastically left behind.

Much of the trouble of our current age is the remnant mentality of the old hippie world. The next America and its leaders will be my age—they grew up listening to Bon Jovi, Van Halen and Judas Priest and they are impatient. They grew up in the Reagan years with the illusion of unfettered capitalism and expect immediate gratifications. What Glenn Beck reported from Silicone Valley is that those innovators are not crazy liberals, they are something else completely. They aren’t the stuffy old GOP either. They are capitalists, and they expect quick results—they do not have the temperament to deal with a sluggish government and the process of protecting jobs just to keep jobs at the cost of innovation.

My age bracket is coming into leadership. Thus far they have mostly gone along to get along, but now that they are about to be in charge, the old way of the hippie won’t stand much of a chance in this new world of innovation. Americans from my age on down to the modern youth may lack the morality of old, which I value—but they do things fast, and expect instant satisfaction. Companies that survive will have to be light on their feet and quick to respond to market trends—they won’t have the ability to drag out processes infinitely just to keep butts in seats of employment. If a president like Rand Paul or Scott Walker makes it through, it’s likely that entire departments of the government will be eliminated and the current deficit spending that is going on will stop—immediately. Revenue gains in GDP won’t be measured in unemployment numbers; it will be in actual cash, and profit. Riding the wave of next generation of technology with tax cuts and incentives to get government out-of-the-way of innovators is the way of the future—and people better get ready for it.

So there is a lot to be excited about, but there is also a lot to be scared of. The world will change—but in the end, it will be for the better. The bad news for liberals is that their grip on politics is dying quickly. Scott Walker just signed into place a law that makes Wisconsin a right-to-work state—which opens the door for technology and fast-moving companies to move into the Midwest. Michigan is already a right-to-work state, and now the heart of the progressive movement Wisconsin is moving in that direction. It’s only a matter of time before the rest of the country follows—because they’ll have to.

It was great to hear that Glenn Beck has more in common with Silicone Valley than they do with some old politician like Barack Obama. That is something I wasn’t sure about, but hearing from them through Beck means there is some serious hope for the future. They know what that future is, and Glenn Beck had a bit of a preview. That future doesn’t come without pain, but it will be better for us all in the end. And we have a generation presently from a new age that likes to fight, and they will fight for freedom once they understand the argument. The old world has distorted that argument. But once that ruse is discovered thoroughly through technology, they will lean toward Silicone Valley instead of the old politics of the Belt Way. That will be a change dramatically needed, and welcomed by a new age of wonderful innovation.

Rich Hoffman


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Another Abusive Teacher: Good reporting from Karin Johnson and Lauren Pack

There aren’t many media outlets any more that report trouble with the public education system—where employees lose control of themselves and abuse their authority over young students. One reason is that those media outlets have been watching an erosion of trust that voters have toward public education, and it’s scary to them. To many people their school aged years were the best days of their lives, and they want good memories for their children. They want to overlook trouble when it presents itself so that their children can have the nice experience they had when they were young students. Yet, to my experience, I hated my public education years.  It was extremely confining and I always considered it a waste of time. The older I get, the more firmly I feel that the entire system should be completely overhauled so to more properly utilize the natural ambition exhibited by children toward learning—because public education has a tendency to kill that ambition leaving flat, boring adults as a product of that institutional system of learning. Channel 5’s Karin Johnson and I have had this talk before and over time, we have moved in different directions. My experience with advocating for lower tax imposition upon communities is easy for me, because I think the system always needed to be changed. But for her, she had a very good public education experience and it is hard to look back and be critical of it. But to her credit, unlike most reporters in and around Cincinnati—she still does a lot of education news and when something goes wrong, she’s there to sniff it out.

According to a report filed Monday and reported nearly exclusively by Channel 5’s Karin Johnson and the Journal News reporter Lauren Pack, a student at Edgewood Middle School told the school resource officer that a female substitute teacher struck her in the face with a ruler. Two other students claimed the substitute teacher taped their hands to a chair. The incidents occurred between Feb. 16 and Feb. 27, according to the report.

Wisely school Principal Alesia Beckett removed the substitute teacher from the school and took measures to have her removed from the county’s substitute teaching list, which is facilitated through Warren County Educational Service Center.

“I was made aware of the situation on Thursday afternoon. The sub was not in the building on Thursday, so I met with her prior to the start of class on Friday morning. After our meeting, I let her know that her time here was over and that she needed to get her things and leave. At that point, our school resource officer and I confirmed that she had exited the building,” Beckett said. She added the woman was a long-term sub for a teacher on leave.

I admire Karin for doing these stories, because there is a lot of pressure not to do them—because people generally want to feel good about public education. But……they want and need to know about teachers substitute or otherwise who let the power go to their heads to the point where they are abusive. My accusation is that most parents use public education as a baby sitting service and could care less what really happens to kids in public school because they are too busy to think about it. Acknowledging that there are serious flaws in public education takes guts, and to her credit, Karin has it. She doesn’t see the demonizing that I do, because our perspective was different, but the results are something that the truth will ultimately carry everyone to eventually. I would have loved to have graduated from high school in the third grade. Some people never want to graduate, and wish to always remain 15 years old. So differences will always be present. But what matters most is overcoming those types of handicaps to tell the truth about a situation so that the voting population can take measure.

If Karin Johnson didn’t do stories like this, there would be no reason for administrators to take swift action to stop bad behavior. In this case Principal Beckett acted correctly and the Journal News and Channel 5 was there to apply the needed pressure from the media to keep everyone honest. But many of the local community papers are so dependent on local school advertising that they have lost their objectivity in reporting the bad news surrendering their integrity to only report the good touchy feely stories that keep levy money pouring in.

Without some level of competition the power-hungry and abusive types find it irresistible to dominate individuals thrown under their command by the power of a position. There are certainly a percentage of police officers who are drawn to the field of police work because it gives them power over other people. There are others who enjoy being in control at the front of a class room and having power over others. It is a powerful experience for someone who craves power to stand in front of a class of 30 people and hold their fates over the fires of judgment. Being the type of person who hates authority with nearly every cell in my body, I had my fill of this behavior in kindergarten. It was a real struggle to not get into trouble because I never allowed myself to yield to any authority figures. Teachers were the first I was exposed to and I never yielded and am extremely proud of it. That trait does me very well currently. I used to make the lives of people like this Edgewood substitute teacher a living hell, and I enjoyed it—because I knew they enjoyed having power over little kids. I still enjoy seeing people like that fall from grace, because I think of them as bad people to begin with. But, it’s not easy to accept by those who want the system to work.

But be assured, this is not an isolated case. It’s just an under reported one. Government schools are filled with these personality types and there just aren’t enough Karin Johnston’s out there, or newspaper reporters like Lauren Pack who ask the dive down questions that are hard for public relations professionals to step around. If not for those two, there might be no public education stories of any honest assessment left in traditional Southwestern Ohio media. Everyone else has pretty much given up and fallen in with the feel good sentiment that keeps levy money pouring in from voters and feeding the corruption and destruction of minds built so negatively in public education. Thankfully, everyone hasn’t given up. Karin may want to preserve the current system with honest reporting, but at least she’s not a sell-out. And that makes her a very good person.

Rich Hoffman


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Why Obama and the Democrats Protested Netanyahu: The real source of hatred in the Middle East


If Obama wanted to dispel the belief that he was not a closet advocate in favor of ISIS, the Muslim Brotherhood, and a radical communist insurgent from Indonesia aligned with domestic terrorists to undo America—he certainly didn’t help his case when Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke to Congress on March 3, 2015. Democrats at large boycotted the speech, which is strange onto itself, but even VP Biden gave up his seat as a leader of the Senate to protest the speech by the Israeli leader. Why? I can understand that Obama thinks he’s the leader of the free world and is something of a king, but to take matters to this extent is fishy—to say the least.

Netanyahu doesn’t want to get blown up by Iran. Given the radicalism present in the Middle East and considering that he is in a position to know specifically where the threats come from in that region, America should listen to Bibi if the concern was truly peace in the Middle East. But, witnessing the inaction against Syria, the troop withdrawals in Iraq, the continued soft policy regarding ISIS, the support of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, the Benghazi scandal—the strangely aggressive objective of killing Muammar Gaddafi without congressional approval, there is something very radical about the Obama White House that is beyond refute—and now when the most peaceful country of the region is begging for our help—the President and his Democrats are taking a position much more akin to the Palestinians as opposed to the Israelis. Obama’s relationship with Netanyahu has always been strained in the same manner that Obama utters the word “Christian” as if it pains him—which his actions seem to confirm. Why?

Before the speech Netanyahu explained his reason for the visit, “I plan to speak about an Iranian regime that is threatening to destroy Israel, that’s devouring country after country in the Middle East, that’s exporting terror throughout the world and that is developing, as we speak, the capacity to make nuclear weapons – lots of them.” Sounds reasonable enough–as a world leader, America should be concerned about a country that wants to blow everyone up from with a warning from the mouth of a direct ally.   Where’s the controversy? Why would Democrats not show up to listen to such a warning—even if they thought it was overstated? By attending, they’d be in a position to give press interviews later criticizing Netanyahu. But by refusing to attend they discount themselves from the debate since as representatives, that was their exclusive reason for being in government. Even if they don’t like the direction of the discussion they still have an obligation to participate. That’s what they’re paid for. As public servants, that is their obligation. But they boycotted which indicates an open disdain for Netanyahu himself and a support of Iran’s position.

During the speech Netanyahu stated toward the Obama administration knowing they were watching on television, “When it comes to Iran and ISIS, the enemy of your enemy – is our enemy.” Meaning, no matter what kind of games Obama and his people think they can play to align good Muslims with bad Muslims who share in common a hatred for capitalism, or even peace on earth because they have their focus on the everlasting damnation of death—they are all enemies if logic is used to determine value. The battle lines between one culture and another demands that a choice be made—that there is no middle ground on the matter. Boycotting a meeting because Obama wants Netanyahu to lose the next election in Israel won’t make the boogiemen go away in the Middle East—it will simply empower them.

My in-laws recently returned from a trip to Israel and the Sea of Galilee region. It was clear to them where the boundaries between the two countries were and the religions in general. The Muslim based Palestinians were living a massively impoverished collectivist existence, the Jew based Israelis were living a largely capitalist lifestyle complete with irrigation and plentiful measures to obtain food. It was clear to my in-laws and the pictures they showed to us during a family gathering just how different the two cultures were—and that was at the heart of the modern trouble. The Old Testament and the Quran have similar beliefs and characters from their religious doctrines which should be a uniting factor among those people in the Middle East. But the hatred that the two sides have for each other has roots that extend into essential philosophy as opposed to religious belief. That much was clear from the values exhibited by the two cultures shown in the personal documentation of the region by my family members. Israel is prosperous, whereas the rest of the Middle East not associated with sales of oil to the West is essentially an armpit of intellectual decrepitude and they are prone toward economic and political socialism—as opposed to capitalism.

I wouldn’t call Israel a capitalist country, they have labor unions, social discrimination that leads to success or failure, and a government that holds way too much property in its possession. But, they do embrace much more capitalism than anywhere else in the Middle East except for maybe the United Arab Emitras. The rest of the entire Middle East is suffocating under socialism and hard-core communism and it uses the religion of Islam to mask that reality. This causes an income inequality readily apparent between Palestine which feeds the anger of the aggressors against Israel with jealousy instead of actual religious differences. If the root cause of the hatred is sought after honestly, the big hatred for Israel, America, and the West in general is that their economies are driven more by capitalism as opposed to socialism, not that Christians believe in the Old Testament over the Quran.

Thus, the same could be said for Democrats and Republicans in American politics, the Democrats identify with their collectivist brothers and sisters in the Palestinian movement, and Republicans identify with those in Israel because the country’s general economic philosophy is more aligned with the GOP. The protest by so many Democrats toward the Benjamin Netanyahu has a lot more to do than hurt feelings, or even fears that it will violate their arms negotiations with Iran—it’s a fundamental philosophy over socialism and capitalism and to them—Israel represents a love of money and the value it represents which they despise—personally.

There is no other explanation for Obama and his Democrats for their desire to protest the Netanyahu speech than to illustrate their innate hatred for capitalism. There is no other rational explanation for the amount of hatred aimed at Israel in general in the modern world. Arabs see the creation of Israel by a deal made by the French and English after World War I as a western intrusion of their homeland, and I can understand anxiety over it, but not the hatred so prevalent today which provokes a sitting president and his political party to boycott such an important event. Even now, England and France are so openly socialist that they are no longer the countries that they once were—as imperialists global empire builders—so the Arabs have largely forgotten about them. There are currently large sectors of both societies in both England and France who will support the caliphate that is brewing around the Mediterranean and support terrorist activity on behalf of ISIS—so it is Israel and America that holds the most attractive targets for their hatred, not because of a deal made during World War I, but because one side of the Gaza Strip leans toward capitalism and has vibrant gardens and a flourishing economy, and the other side is a dirt pit of impoverished conditions and backwards thinking. It is in that understanding where the whole picture suddenly becomes very clear—Obama and his Democrats have in common with ISIS, HAMAS, and the radical Muslim Brotherhood a hatred of capitalism and money in general—and lean toward the theocracy of belief as opposed to the facts of value. And that is the primary reason for their hatred of the visit by Benjamin Netanyahu.

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An Insulting Budget Proposal: What happens when you let a drug abuser become president

What happens when you take a former drug abuser and put them in the White House and ask them to come up with a budget? Well, you get the 2015 budget proposal by president Obama who brought out his budget this week with great fanfare only to essentially reveal it as a word for word utterance of the preposterousness shown in the recent Greek election. In Greece the communists are now in control of the economy which swore to reject the austerity measures there. In the United States, Obama declared the same with an insane budget against austerity as reported by USA Today:

WASHINGTON — President Obama submitted his $4 trillion budget wish-list to a Republican Congress Monday, calling for a return to increased domestic and military spending to be paid for in part by higher taxes on the wealthy.

The plan includes a $478 billion public works infrastructure program for roads, bridges, and transit systems, to be financed by taxes on overseas earnings. The budget calls for new tax credits and other initiatives devoted to education, child care, paid leave, and infrastructure, with tax hikes resulting from the closure of tax loopholes. The president also wants to put an end to the automatic across-the-board spending cuts known as sequestration, calling for a 7% increase in spending over the budget levels he agreed to in a 2011 compromise with Republicans.

“I want to work with Congress to replace mindless austerity with smart investments that strengthen America,” Obama said in a speech at the Department of Homeland Security. “I’m not going to accept a budget that locks in sequestration going forward. It would be bad for our security, and bad for our growth.”

For those who don’t know, austerity by definition is a severity of discipline, regime, expression, or design—a saving, economy, or act of self-denial, especially in respect of something regarded as a luxury. Obama instead of austerity applied to an out-of-control government suggested even more debt, spending, and taxation. It really is amazing that he even could conceive of such a proposal as to actually put it in printed form, because in reality, it amounts to the blithering of an intoxicated drug addict. It is amazing that this kind of nonsense even gets print in USA Today without a complete castigation for the mere proposal. Who is going to pay for all this stuff—the “rich?” That’s the plan, just increase taxes on people who create wealth? He’s kidding right?

Well, apparently taxing the rich and bitching about austerity is the essence of Obama’s entire budget proposal which is as ignorant as giving the keys of a nice new car to a slithering drunk barely conscious. It’s not even in the realm of viable possibilities, let alone considered seriousness. Yet Obama put out the proposal and the media covered it as if it were a legitimate attempt which was only laughable to those who can actually read.

Obama is an embarrassment to the United States and is a functioning communist based on the type of values he expresses. “Laughable austerity” means he doesn’t think there should be financial restrictions that are confined to a budget at all—his world view is simply beyond consideration of any legitimacy. It is as loony as the slap stick Greeks believing that their debts can be forgiven without payment and that the social spending they are all addicted to can continue forever. One might expect such stupidity in a country like Greece, or some Middle Eastern armpit of a world where economic activity is traded in goats—but in America—such budgets as Obama’s 2015 anti-austerity proposal doesn’t even count. Congress should have stopped the delivery of the proposal right at the door without even wasting further time—and sent them back to the White House unopened. Unless the President’s budget included budget cuts—and a reduced deficit plan—there isn’t any worth to it. It was disrespectful to the American people to even print such foolishness on actual paper.

Corporate taxes are already too high, yet Obama proposed a 14% one-time tax on overseas profits. He proposed $478 billion over six years for roads and bridges and he suggested a $38 billion dollar increase in defense spending over sequestration levels due to his mismanagement of the conflicts in Syria and Iraq. Obama’s numbers don’t even come close to balancing out; he expects to increase the national debt to 26.2 trillion dollars by 2025. That is insane!

Look, if someone put such an insult on my desk I would have likely blasted them out of a canon in less than a second. So I have no personal tolerance for that kind of thing. Congress should deal with this recklessness appropriately and set an example that future losers in the White House will never forget. Because if they don’t, more attempts like this one will be tried—and its about time that Americans learn the hard truth about our economy rather than through politicians who are obviously mentally deficient and seek to hide it by giving away other people’s stuff.   Obama is a spending addict—just as he needs to chew gum to keep from smoking cigarettes, covering up his drug abusing past, and his Marxist teachers who made him the person he is today.  He has an addictive personality. He needs an encounter group to help him with his various addictions. He doesn’t need more enablers in his life. He needs to hear the word “NO” much more often and to be treated like the louse that he truly is. Obama is a reckless loser who happened to talk himself into winning elections by giving things away to those too lazy to work. It doesn’t make him capable of putting together a budget—obviously. So his proposal deserves the ridicule measurable to the insult of even trying.

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Worship of Mumbadevi and the Almighty Dollar: What traffic patterns in India say about their culture

One of the great miracles of our day is that communication is now easy for the world, and global commerce is now an assumption. That is good for people who have lived far away from capitalism for far too long stuck to the old village mentality of communism which has plagued most land masses around the world into poverty. For as much as modern politicians hope to relieve the poor of their misery, by standards compared to the rest of the world, even the dead broke in America are far better off than they are most anywhere else. So it is hard to explain to people generations taught into the follies of collective endeavor why American concepts of good living should be adopted elsewhere in the world.

I am certainly not one to impose my culture on others. I have a generally live and let die attitude toward the rest planet earth except in my writing where it is obvious that I care a great deal for the success of every living human being. So for that success to work certain conditions have to be in place to allow the human race to flourish. The general rule is that the more authoritarian the government whether it be a business or a country—the less creative input that citizens have toward the fulfillment of national GDP. For instance, in America, creative companies like Apple, Pixar, Lego, Microsoft, and the Hollywood studios produce more personal wealth and opportunity than most GDP economic purchasing power in most countries, such as Iraq, Iran, India and everywhere else where theocratic religion and communist philosophy are holding back the intellectual power of the people inhabiting those economies.

There is a reason that creativity and personal freedom are utilized in those flourishing American companies because the intention of that strategy is to allow minds to think without the pretense of authoritarian concerns. The end result is a much more robust workforce that directly contributes to the wealth creation of any given enterprise. The more restrictive that minds find their society—the less innovation and wealth that will be created there. It is a very simple formula really. Even in the United States where freedom of thought is taken for granted, not all companies understand this concept, and many still attempt an old approach to job creation that embodied the top down approach so common when America was much more theocratic.

But with the communication barrier down due to the Internet, people from those far corners of the world are able to read the things I say, and they have been up in arms in anger at me in India recently—because of my articles against Obama’s fundamental third world country upbringing and obvious view of humanity that was shaped in that region. The primary reason that President Obama is so messed up intellectually is that he wants to turn America into the type of people he was raised around in Malaysia which means a theocratic society mixed with Hindu and Muslim influence along with small “C” communism so common in most third world economies.

To measure success, which has only recently been readily available to the world because of social media—web sites like this one for instance—much can be learned by looking at how other cultures live. Their lifestyles are directly applicable to their fundamental beliefs. For instance, take Dallas, Texas as an example. When landing at an airport there vast spans of wealthy homes can be seen from a West to East approach complete with swimming pools and large yards. Oil fields are also seen as well as sprawling industry and much economic activity. The highways below are orderly, and speedy—because people have places to get to quickly and without bringing harm to their vehicles.   The airport itself is a sprawling complex with four basic terminals spread over a great distance. The only way to get around from one to another is with a tram system because the terminals are not connected all together to allow room for all the planes coming and going to maneuver. In Dallas to deal with all the economic activity, the airport is spread out to handle all the business there.

Now do the same in Mumbai, India, the wealthiest city in that theocratic country. For centuries the Indians blamed the English for their imperial grip on the people there and thought their freedom gained in 1947 would cast them onto the world stage, but like China and the city of Hong Kong—also a British territory—the best things economically related to Mumbai were put there by the “invading” country. These days landing in that city involves miles and miles of slum neighborhoods that look like children building forts out of cardboard boxes and the economic activity looks like the blood stream of a patient dying on an operating table—its chaos and dysfunction. The traffic patterns are random and impulsive assuming that nobody is more important than anyone else in the mass collectivism of that ancient civilization still struggling to climb out of the Stone Age intellectually without the capitalism attempted by the British.

The highways have lines on them separating traffic, but nobody follows the rules. Some drivers drive right down the middle of a lane that might be four wide, yet there are six lanes of traffic crammed into it—with everyone going their own way. In the city it is even worse as seen in these accompanied videos. There is no order in their approach to traffic, just like their rudderless economies. Without help from the capitalist West, India would slide back into the pre-deluge days of Biblical apocalypse. However, the Indians reading my statements about their country have become angry and have taken insult blaming Americans for having a third world view of their country by looking down our noses at them. Well, it is a third world country that is currently restricted by collectivist oriented religions and political philosophy. Sure I like Indian food, and I like their history—but as for having a dominating economic force—they are sadly behind the times and are a world liability to growth throughout the planet.

It is not enough to surrender modern life to the gods of theocracy then complain when other cultures out-perform them with sheer economic power. In Mumbai they can pray to Mumbadevi all they want, but it won’t fix their nation. Only by accepting the success of the West and putting their own spin on it can they hope to do that, because to date America is the most successful country on the planet taken as a whole, as to culture, racial dissemination, and raw GDP. And the lesson for Americans is to stop apologizing to the world for being so good. It would be excellent to help India become more American, but it would be bad to ask people in the United States to become more like those in India. That would be morally reprehensible.

The traffic patterns in India tell the whole story. Yes, they ride tricycles, motorcycles, small little cars and even animals that can keep up on the highways of India and they don’t crash into each other as much as you would think. But they don’t get where they need to go in a hurry either. This system works just well enough for the Indians because they are a society functioning from collectivism in their religions and political systems. Thus, they carry the same limits to their businesses. This is the primary flaw in their thinking. They can be angry that somebody points it out to them, but it doesn’t make them better by default if they eliminate a superior culture to their eyes and ears. The fact remains that compared to the West, India does not produce enough GDP on their own to care for their people and that is a major tragedy—which then feeds the theocratic nature of their entire national consciousness. 

The key to any endeavor whether it is a small business, or a massive national economy with one of the world’s largest populations—is that freedom of individual thought provokes positive economic growth. This basic psychological emphasis can be seen in the traffic patterns of any society. In India, its chaos and slow, In America it’s orderly, and quick. It’s quick in America not because we’re all godless heathens, but because we have things to do and buy. Theocratic cultures might state that such consumerism is false material worship, but then again, look at the living conditions between the freedom driven culture and the theocratic one–then declare such a thing to be a sin. American standards are only demonized because the rest of the world can’t compete based on their false ideologies which limit economic activity. And now that the world is so small, and those in India can now see how people think in the West—they of course will feel bad. The question is, what do they plan to do about it? Will they just bow down and pray to the Koli goddess Mumadevi, or to the almighty dollar. They all have value in the eye of the beholder—but which one makes lives better, and which one worse? The answer is easy—but the admission is not for the culture that is failing.

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