‘They Live’s’ Rowdy Roddy Piper: Kicking Ass in the afterlife

Rowdy Roddy Piper died in his sleep at his home on Thursday July 30th 2015 at the relatively young age of 61. He was a popular wrestler and media personality who starred in one of my favorite movies, They Live by John Carpenter. He had one of the best lines in cinema history in that film where his character declared to the half human insurgent aliens taking over the human race, “I’m here to chew bubble gum and kick ass—and I’m all out of bubble gum.” Piper in his older years began to take on a personally more of a world outlook similar to the character he played in that cult classic speaking out openly against the Illuminati and the elements of the New World Order that are so evident. When I found out he died that was the first thing I thought of—was that “they” killed him. In all actuality he was a wrestler who lived a fairly hard life. Cardiac arrest is not all that uncommon for older men, so it’s a valid way to exit the world, but given his anti-Illuminati stance of late—particularly the work he was doing with Alex Jones—it is the first thing you tend to think of if you have knowledge of these types of things.

Rowdy Roddy Piper died in his sleep at his home on Thursday July 30th 2015 at the relatively young age of 61. He was a popular wrestler and media personality who starred in one of my favorite movies, They Live by John Carpenter. He had one of the best lines in cinema history in that film where his character declared to the half human insurgent aliens taking over the human race, “I’m here to chew bubble gum and kick ass—and I’m all out of bubble gum.” Piper in his older years began to take on a personally more of a world outlook similar to the character he played in that cult classic speaking out openly against the Illuminati and the elements of the New World Order that are so evident. When I found out he died that was the first thing I thought of—was that “they” killed him. In all actuality he was a wrestler who lived a fairly hard life. Cardiac arrest is not all that uncommon for older men, so it’s a valid way to exit the world, but given his anti-Illuminati stance of late—particularly the work he was doing with Alex Jones—it is the first thing you tend to think of if you have knowledge of these types of things.

If a body is in a weakened state due to cancer or other illnesses, then it is prone to the micro attacks by ultraterrestrial insurgents under fairly normal conditions. If those insurgents were purely fictional, like many claim them to be, I think Rowdy Roddy Piper would still be alive today. But, experience says there’s something to them, and when you make a stand against their strategies, they do impose their manipulations. So if an older man finds themselves in a weakened state health wise, they are prone to dying in their sleep. Healthy people might find themselves in car wrecks or in an avalanche of stressful circumstances designed to throw the curious mind off track, but for a pro wrestler who spent their life abusing their bodies, cardiac arrest in the quiet of night is the best option for removing a mouth piece against their tyranny.

Then again, sometimes people just die. There’s not always a conspiracy in everything. Often however, things are not always as they seem. Given Piper’s stance against the Illuminati of late right in the heart of the communication center of its activity–Hollywood, my suspicions are quite properly placed. I thought the same thing about Andrew Breitbart, where microbots were probably used to destroy his cell structure hoping his publishing empire would collapse in his absence. Piper wasn’t anywhere near as a threat compared to Breitbart was, but his pop culture status did make his opinions dangerous to those who desire control.

As I’ve said before, I don’t think the Illuminati or the globalist types are such scary people. To me they are just more parasites in competition for life on planet earth. They have their point of view which they seek to impose on others. What makes them evil is that they have no respect for the rights and thoughts of other individuals whom they seek to pull under their control and manipulation. In my judgment, any group that has to hide their intentions is weak, and what makes them ominous is their strategy of subtle subterfuge—as they often say one thing, but intend totally different things.

When Carpenter wrote They Live, he meant it as a cry against Reaganomics, which I emphatically support. He’s not completely right about all things, but his concept behind They Live is very interesting, and quite valid. There is more at work behind the efforts of the political elite, and it is attached to crony capitalism and socialism—which are methods of control. I am a supporter of laissez-faire capitalism and management styles, which is a totally different kind of capitalism from the crony kind. Reaganomics was more of a “let do” approach than the tightly controlled government regulation that we saw before and after Ronald Reagan, so I’m a supporter of the type of economics that allows for more people to participate in the creation of GDP. John Carpenter saw elements of crony capitalism under Reaganomics and deemed it part of the problem of economic inequality. So the context of his articulation was wrong as to the villain of the New World Order, but his concept was correct. It was the fictional mechanism of the Hoffman Lenses, the sunglasses that Rowdy Roddy Piper wore in They Live, which showed the true nature of the hidden world within society.

In reality it’s not so simple as aliens running around among us looking like skeletons under the view of Hoffman Lenses. The real villains are within the quantum realm and share space with us. They are not visible because they live in the very small realm of the 5th dimension and higher. They have their motives and they are in competition with the human race for attention within the context of life. They are not our friends or helpers. Religions have been concocted to appeal to them, but they do what they want when they want to do it. Fiction like They Live and vibrant personalities like Rowdy Roddy Piper are threats to them as the art of humanity can sometimes intrude on those ultraterrestrial plans—but its all fair game. “They” do no have a right to rule us, just as we don’t have a right to rule them. But they try to we have a right to fight back. But before you can fight them, you have to understand who “they” are—because they hide themselves from us for a reason.

In his closing days Piper was quite vocal about the hidden rulers of our planet. Some might think it was the ramblings of a former pro wrestler who wasn’t very smart and had endured a hard life to emerge a little crazy in his elderly years. But I think he realized that there was a genius in his John Carpenter movie role that he embraced more and more as he become older and more aware of the way the world really worked. Young pop icons like Miley Cyrus do not think about such things in their 20s. They just know that if they sell sex, drugs and music, that they become wealthy, which is a typical sell-out approach to those who rule over us all. When I was a kid my dad told me that if I didn’t start learning to “play” the game that “they’d” get me. He didn’t realize at the time what he was telling me, because I was the same kid who used to sing the song in church, “Yes Jesus Loves Me” but would refuse to sing the line, “because we are weak and he is strong.” I fundamentally challenged the concept of control within the church, even as a 7-year-old. So I certainly wasn’t willing to surrender my personal integrity to any human control mechanisms if I was challenging universal order. You see dear reader, I was born with Hoffman Lenses and I started viewing the world with them from the very first moments of my life. I always needed to know who “they” were, and I was always intent to refuse submission to them. To do that, you have to know who and what you are fighting.

Towards the end, even though it was a lifelong journey, I think Rowdy Roddy Piper was learning who “they” really were. But his real heart wasn’t as big as his intellectual heart, and if failed him in the middle of a night within his home. Age, lifestyle, and of course ultraterrestrial pressure likely did him in. Doctors will say it was natural causes—cardiac arrest. But their science ignores the 5th, 6th, and 7th dimensions, so that’s all the further they can go for diagnosis. But Hoffman Lenses say otherwise, and I will miss the Piper. He was a good dude, but he will live on. In the future, as silly as some think They Live was as a movie, it may become one of the most important things Rowdy Roddy Piper ever did. And I will be forever grateful that he played his part. Where he is now, he may have no need to chew bubble gum, but he can still kick ass.

Rich Hoffman


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Quality on a Golf Course: Why being “rich” is valuable

I hope it doesn’t happen, but I support it if it does–if Donald Trump goes third-party, I will support him. I am likely much more conservative than Donald Trump. I’m probably more conservative than every Republican in the party. I’m probably more conservative than even the most Bible thumping conservative–anywhere. Yet I would in less than a heartbeat support Donald Trump for president if he leaves the Republicans for a third-party. I would do so because I support a business man over a politician almost every time, particularly one who is as independently wealthy as Trump is. I think economic understanding is the paramount issue of the 2016 election because without money, there is no value—no morality, no understanding of quality, no measurement of worth. Wealthy people are typically a measure of productivity. If they have money, their hands touch the creations of wealth in positive ways. Money has been so ridiculed by the political culture that they forget that it is the only way to really measure value in our society. That is the premier reason I support Donald Trump even if he leaves the Republican Party. Here is how he put it during an interview with The Hill:

“The RNC has not been supportive. They were always supportive when I was a contributor. I was their fair-haired boy,” the business mogul told The Hill in a 40-minute interview from his Manhattan office at Trump Tower on Wednesday. “The RNC has been, I think, very foolish. I’ll have to see how I’m being treated by the Republicans. Absolutely, if they’re not fair, that would be a factor.”

“I’m not in the gang. I’m not in the group where the group does whatever it’s supposed to do,” he said. “I want to do what’s right for the country — not what’s good for special interest groups that contribute, not what’s good for the lobbyists and the donors.”


Much of what Trump said in that little interview was exactly how I feel about machine politics. I don’t like it. For something I don’t like, I spend a lot of time thinking about it, but my thoughts are always on how to break it up, not in how to play along to get something. I despise that system, because it gets in the way of pure capitalism and find it repulsive. If Trump will take a stand against it, I’ll fight with him against that system.

I was at a golf course the other day with my favorite pair of jeans on. I’m not one who cares much for orthodox behavior, or the rules of society, but at golf courses there is an understanding of how one dresses and acts. Just like business meetings typically involve suits and ties. You don’t show up covered in tattoos and torn cloths and expect people to take you serious, because the dress is an expectation of quality. Once all parties meeting with that basic agreement of quality in place, then discussions about important topics can begin. Golf courses are all about quality. They are about nice greens, golf clubs, amenities, and nice casual cloths along with quality time with yourself, or friends. Golf is about the swing, shooting under par, and getting the most out of the various tools among the assortment of golf clubs. The distinct ping of a driver hitting a golf ball squarely and with greatly controlled force is a sound of extreme beauty. That is because there is quality in the action. So I was aware that I would get some sideways looks when I showed up in my favorite jeans that have the knees torn out completely with holes. They look really bad. But I love them; they are comfortable and represent my lifestyle. And after spending several straight days in business suits, I wanted to be in my favorite cloths as I stopped by this particular course on business. Not to play, but to do some other activity.

As I walked around the clubhouse many golfers looked at me with disdain, which I understood. I was clearly not dressed for a golf course, so I didn’t take any offense. The value system of the golf course dictated that people conduct themselves with proper attire. It doesn’t matter the sex or race—only that fellow golfers conduct themselves with a sense of “quality.” In addition to the holy pants, I had on a loose-fitting button-up shirt that wasn’t tucked in, which is normal for me around the house. At a golf course, it was frowned upon. And I understood and accepted that. Life on a golf course is supposed to be slightly luxurious and otherworldly. People go there to get away not just from the world for a bit, but to be around quality. If people show up expecting that culture of quality to change just because they want to wear holy pants, they are the one in the wrong. Now, I was in the mood to not care what people thought, so I dressed the way I wanted. But never did I expect them to change for my benefit.

Similarly, money is a measurement of quality. Those who have lots of money have usually done something in their life that reflects excessively productive output. The money is a measure of that productivity. People can be jealous of that productive output and hope that they might acquire a lot of money without the work of being productive, but usually they would be wasting wishes—unless they happen to win a lottery ticket or inherit a lot of money for someone else’s effort. But they do not have a right to demand that productive people refuse to put a cap on their efforts just to make others feel better about themselves.

The Republican Party as an organization doesn’t do much but consume resources. They solicit money from people like Trump to keep them funded and continuing to win elections which then provokes the question as to why they are even needed if they serve no other purpose but to appeal to people who have money so they can stick themselves between the productive and the needy to barter the relationship with their con-artist appeal. If they aren’t going to manage resources, then the politicians are useless, which is what Trump’s campaign is shaping up to illustrate. He doesn’t need them and neither do voters, which begs the question as to why we have such a ridiculous system to begin with.

The political class is attempting to demonize Trump because he has money. Because he has money, he doesn’t have to appeal to any donors, so there is nobody to pull out the rug from under his campaign. The political class knows they can’t compete with that, so they have no other move but to castigate him from their circles of associations. They want him as a donor; they don’t want him as a contributor to the philosophy of Republicanism. That makes them leeches in need of sustenance. It also makes him the body they need to suck off of, and with all this name calling they have embarked on, they are trying to put him in his place with force—whether it’s John McCain calling Trump’s supports “crazies,” or Lindsey Graham calling Trump himself a “jackass.” They actually expected him to take the ridicule which is why politics is so screwed up in the first place. The emphasis among the political class is that the individual must subject themselves to the greater good of the group—those who are most served have the value over the least. But that assumes that everyone involved is of the same quality. And people are not all of the same quality. That is the lesson one learns at a golf course, or based on the size of one’s bank account. Some people do more and are worth more than others. In the world of politics, Trump has done a lot more than all the politicians on Capital Hill put together. Yet they expect Trump to fall in line to maintain their illusion of value behind a group consensus. They do the same to us all, which makes them completely worthless to the task at hand.

If Trump leaves the party behind, I will as well to help him accomplish his task. I’ve pulled for Republicans before; I still do with a hope that some of them aren’t a bunch of screwballs. After I was burnt by John Kasich personally as I was one of the Right to Work leaders in Ohio during a time when the governor wanted to attack those types of people using the party to try to eliminate them, I will never give anybody a chance to do that to me again. So I have no love for the party, they are too liberal for me. They can point to Trump and declare that he was a Democrat, and that he was friends with the Clintons, and that he isn’t a strong conservative. But he’s rich, and he has made a lot of money, and to me that means something. I’d put my bets on him over any politician, so if the party paints him out of the party, it will be their loss—yet again.

Rich Hoffman


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John Kasich Running For President: All the good things I have to say about him

As many know I have a lot to say.  Every day I write multi thousand word articles about topics that are on my mind.  So of course I have to comment on John Kasich, whom I once awarded as Warrior of the Week right here on this site.   He just announced he’s running for president of the United States.  I’ve met the guy personally, and he’s from my state.  So let me articulate all the reasons he should be president with my voluminous command of the English language and prodigious writing ability.

………………………………………I can’t think of a single good thing to say in support.  He lost Issue 2.  Gave Obama everything he wanted.  And he was one of the first to tag Ohio to Obamacare.  He shouldn’t be running for president…………………he should be running from angry voters.

Only in Washington!

Rich Hoffman


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Kicking El Chapo’s Ass: Standing up for America against drug cartel scum bags

If El Chapo and his band of thugs came to my neighborhood ready to perform one of their famous hits, I’d gladly toss a piñata at those midgets to get them all gathered in one place and then introduce them to my Smith & Wesson. Then I’d call my friends at Second Call Defense to work out the details and scoop them up into a wagon headed for the local dump. I’ve had hits called out on me so I know what its like to live with that kind of thing, and it’s not nearly as scary as people might think. Scum bags like these drug dealers are accustomed to making people scared of them because they largely outgun the people they terrorize. But when you have guns too, it is easy to see that these kinds of people are just thugs seeking to terrorize people as bullies so that they can line their pockets with stolen money lifted off of cowards. It drives me crazy at how many people who have the rights of the Second Amendment at their disposal as American citizens allow themselves to be intimidated by these drug cartels. Fear empowers these scum bags and makes them much worse. This topic is in fact the plot of my Cliffhanger story, Sacrifice to Santa Maurta—heavily inspired by real life drug dealers and their worship of Santa Muerte—the goddess of death so popular in Mexican culture. I despise drugs of all kinds, and I despise the scum that deals in drugs, including most beer manufacturers. They make poison for the human mind—so the context of my hatred for drug dealers should be considered.   Progressives will call such talk a hunger for the times of the Wild Wild West—where guns and shoot-outs are the measures of valor. I would call it a proper identification of the elements of our times. When people like this Guzman escapee who runs a major drug cartel are allowed to roam freely throughout the world, running his cartel from his prison all this time and the authorities of the world fail to contain him for his crimes, we are living in a world where the gun rules the day, and Americans better keep their Second Amendment rights as close to them as their purses and wallets because of it.

Drug cartels must have an environment of fear to function otherwise they cannot control their sales regions. Just like gangs must enforce their turf with terrorism, cartels are just larger examples of collectivist philosophy, where individuals are required to yield to an organized crime establishment with silence. To maintain that silence and the movement of illegal goods under the noses of the masses, fear must be utilized to prevent thoughtful contemplation of the evil involved. So when Donald Trump called out the corruption of the Mexican country and their alliance with these drug dealers, I cheered him on, because he was speaking the kind of things I want to hear other Americans say. My position as an American is not to yield to the fears of Mexican drug cartels, it is to fight back. I don’t want to accept their terrorism. I want to take the pain they are imposing on our country and send it back to Mexico—with love. But when Donald Trump brought up the issue of Guzman during a speech, either El Chapo himself, or one of worshiping thugs said this to Trump.

“If you keep pissing me off I’m going to make you eat your words you f****** blonde milks*******,” read the tweet from Guzman’s account, according to an online translation.

Trump then tweeted an answer saying that he’d kick Guzman’s “ass,” unlike other presidential contenders who are softer on immigration.

“Keep f–king around, and I’ll make you eat all of your godd–n words, f–king whitey f—-t @realDonaldTrump,” an account claiming to be Guzman’s official Twitter presence tweeted at Trump’s account in Spanish.



That kind of thuggish insult is completely beyond tolerance. Guzman’s thugs don’t have a right to make such comments directly implying a threat to a person running for president without some ramifications. Trump didn’t threaten to kill Guzman or even imply violence. He just said that authorities were stupid for letting Guzman go—which is obvious. Trump did nothing to provoke such a threat. And here’s the worst of it, Twitter knows who has what account and how to track that kind of activity. Trump smartly did call the FBI about the threat, which is the correct thing to do. Through the NSA and various other agencies, they know where the threats were made, what IP address posted the comment. So where is the arrest for such a threat? Even if it was someone pretending to be El Chapo, where are authorities in arresting such a character for making such a threat?

That’s why we have the Second Amendment. Scum bags like these drug cartels are used to buying off authorities with looted money and having immunity from prosecution. Even when they are in jail, they are allowed to live their lives in relative luxury. So they don’t fear anything, and they make their livings harassing people who do live good lives and play by the rules into fear so the thugs can control their actions. The threat allegedly by El Chapo was intended to shut Trump up from his highlight of the Mexican border issues. Guzman knows that if the border is tightened up, that it will be much more difficult to flow drugs across the border, so he threatened Trump—and that deserves action on behalf of the United States.

We live in an age where a satellite can watch a turtle cross a road in some remote region. Nobody can convince me that they don’t know where El Chapo is. We know who his wife is, we know his children, we know where his cartel hangs out, we know how to watch the traffic to and from his various compounds, and it really isn’t that hard to find him. If he can find Trump, or anybody else for that matter for the purpose of physical harassment and fearful instigation, then the same can be done to him. It is an outrage that just one day out of jail his supporters felt so cocky to actually put a Tweet out against Trump in an attempt to shut him up without having any fear of arrest for the behavior.

When Trump said that he’d kick El Chapo’s ass, it was precisely the kind of language I wanted out of a presidential frontrunner. I want a guy who isn’t afraid of drug cartels. Heck, if you’re president, people will threaten to kill you every day, so candidates might as well get used to it. Even better than body guards is a candidate who uses the pronoun I when declaring violent action when threatened. When that candidate is armed with their own guns to take care of the matter, you have a guy who can be president of the United States in this volatile climate. We need a guy who won’t back down when challenged to a fight, because when you are dealing with thugs, that is the only language they understand.

The main issue is to understand why people like El Chapo even think that such threats are effective. What they are advocating is non-thinking compliance to a collective order, and force is the way they crush individual opinion. They are essentially stating, cast an opinion about what we are doing, and we will hurt you, or worse yet, end your life. So go along with us if you don’t want to get hurt. Well, that is not acceptable. I certainly don’t live that way. And I am sooooooooo very happy to see that Donald Trump—isn’t that way either. What a refreshing change in the political landscape!

Rich Hoffman


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Save Lives: Don’t put Hillary in charge of anything

Oh, did you hear that Hillary Clinton gave an official interview with a real reporter? Forget that it was tightly scripted and that the reporter herself is an old pal of the Clintons, it was a microcosm of what to expect out of a potential Hillary Clinton White House—excuses, victimization, and deceit—and she still screwed up. Not even a Clinton lap dog could handle the incompetence of the soft ball questions designed to make Clinton look good—but betraying logic to such an extent that she lost patience several times with the evasiveness of the presidential wanna’ be.

Honestly, the interview was hilarious. I laughed most of the way through it. It is unbelievable that she has people who are paid good money to screen her responses, and she still sounds so much like a scheming politician. Her past is something that she can never get away from, and why would she be able to? She operates in government like an Al Capone mobster following Saul Alinsky to the letter, and seems surprised when anyone associates her with corruption. Would Al Capone be seen as anything but a mobster even if he managed to save a bus full of innocent children from a burning bus? Of course not, but Hillary hasn’t even done that—the more offices she holds, the more people who end up dead due to her incompetence. The latest are the victims of the Benghazi debacle during a presidential campaign.   She’s just an idiot who causes the deaths of people around her.

Not even assuming that she and her husband have called out hits on people to purposely kill people, the body bags which follow in her wake is undeniable. Who would ever want to put her into an office where she’s in charge of the lives of so many people—given her track record? The more responsibility she traditionally has, the more people who end up dead. CLICK HERE TO REVIEW how many body bags follow the Clintons through their career. Granted they know a lot of people, but then again, so do I, and I don’t know of any circumstantial deaths following in my wake. Let alone the multitude that follows her and her husband directly from their inner circle.

Yet here is a 70-year-old woman giving an interview to a CNN reporter trying to appeal to the masses, the left over sixties hippies she grew up with thinking that she can put as much make-up on her reputation as she does her face to look like someone somebody would want to vote for. She can’t even admit that she’s a socialist. And she wants to be president of a United States that just had the New York Stock Exchange shut down trading at 11:30 AM on July 8th 2015. China is tumbling toward an economic crises and Greece is already there, so markets around the world shut down their markets to prevent massive sell-offs. Didn’t I tell you all this dear reader? Sure I did. It was just a few days ago. CLICK HERE TO REVIEW.

This knuckle-dragging scum of a career politician, who wears the mask of democracy to hide her socialist tendencies, wants to be at the head of a nation that will need its absolute best to navigate through the next few years of crises that are global and truly scary. And she has the gall to utter once again that the attacks against her are part of a “right-winged” conspiracy. And to even subtly suggest that her qualifications for such an important office should happen because she has a vagina.

The CNN reporter walked away from the interview visibly frustrated, because even she couldn’t put a happy face on the obvious debacle that is Hillary Clinton. For the socialist leaning Democrats—which is most of the media—they have to be frustrated with their lack of choices to vote from. If Hillary is their best—can you imagine their worst? Obviously the reporter wasn’t so delusional not to notice the weaknesses of Clinton in her epic interview that should have made great headlines for her. Instead, it just reminded people of what a fool she really is. And that if they want to save lives, they should keep her away from any position of responsibility.

Rich Hoffman


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The Case of the Clinton Confederate Flags: Attempting to put the sins of their evil on political enemies

Given what we know about the Clinton’s it is likely they had a non-official arm of their 1992 and 2008 campaigns making Confederate Flag buttons to appeal to southern voters without having the official union bug indicating “official” campaign backing so that they could always have deniability later if things went bad. That is precisely the position they find themselves in presently in 2015 as campaign buttons from the past show the Confederate Flag prominently featured on political material featuring them. It’s very easy, all you have to do as a candidate is slide some money under the table to some southern supporters and let them take a design to Cafepress to make and distribute without an official capacity being endorsed by the candidates themselves. But the intent is to perform some gorilla campaigning. I know from experience how the game works as I did similar work for the Perot campaign. I dressed up a scantily clad Penthouse model covering her private parts up with Ross Perot buttons and put her on Fountain Square in Cincinnati to pass out campaign literature. Guess what, it worked, we passed out 10,000 items of campaign literature during lunch hour from very eager voters who just wanted to have their picture taken next to the Penthouse Pet, men and women. The campaign office knew what I was doing, but they needed to have plausible deniability. A friend of mine along with me operated like this for three months up to the election and guess what, we received an invite to spend time with the family in Dallas on election night. We acted on our own, but the hard work was recognized in an “unofficial” capacity.

Up until recently Democrats used the Confederate Flag in promotional ways to win the hearts of southerners. The flag is very important to the south. VERY IMPORTANT. It has taken on an entirely new contemporary meaning against federalism as opposed to its original meaning of slavery support. To understand to what effect this takes place just consider the recent NASCAR mandate against the flag and the massive public outpouring that took place over the 4th of July weekend in Daytona at their yearly summer race. The infield was a sea of Confederate Flags provoked by NASCAR’s weak position in the face of progressivism. And this is where southern Democrats and Progressives suddenly find themselves at odds with each other.

The Confederate Flag was never a Republican flag. As I have said in a previous article which should be read by everyone, and if you haven’t yet you need to, the Confederate Flag was the flag of southern Democrats, not abolitionist Republicans. When you read the article you need to send it to all your friends, and make sure you and they watch both videos contained therein defending the Confederate Flag. If you want to know the real story, that guy nails it. CLICK HERE TO REVIEW. The Clintons obviously being from the south understood what the Confederate Flag meant to southerners who they were trying to get votes from, so they “unofficially” endorsed the material to appeal to that base. But they did it in a “black ops” fashion to give them deniability later. That’s why they were so quick to answer the questions about this Confederate Flag paraphernalia with their names all over it, when Hillary can’t tell anybody when or where she illegally deleted all those emails from her private server. They already had a planted answer with the union bug endorsement, or lack thereof.

But the case remains that the Confederate Flag is not a part of any Republican racism. That is an incorrect statement. It is in fact that Republicans have done more to free slaves and integrate them into American society than Democrats ever thought of attempting and those Democrats flew the Confederate Flag at nearly every political rally in the south for over a century now. Of course Barack Obama wouldn’t know all that, because he’s not from America. He may have been born in Hawaii, but his mother carried him off to Indonesia where he was raised as a kid. Then he went to school in the coastal East, and they have no idea what the Confederate Flag is. But the Clintons knew, and they exploited that patriotism in exchange for votes.

It was an unintended consequence that present Democrats demonized the Confederate Flag the way they did hoping to paint white supremacy with Republicans. This is the problem with a failed education system that doesn’t know history—teaching people all the wrong things. Democrats were the white supremacists just like Hitler wasn’t a conservative—he was a dictator minded socialist. Any lunatic like the idiot who went into that South Carolina church worshipping swastikas and the Confederate Flag was not an abolitionist Republican. They are more representative of former slave holding Democrats. That’s why it’s important to be smart, and to know history dear reader. Stupid people get facts wrong like these idiots who have attempted to crucify the Confederate Flag without knowing that it’s the flag of their party. Bill Clinton knew that in 1992 and Hillary knew that in 2008. They gave themselves a back door in case they were ever pressed, but they understood they needed to tap into southern Democrats in a traditional way if they had hopes of winning the White House. And to do that, the Confederate Flag was a sure-fire way to stir up southern votes.

It is insanely stupid how many people actually have believed the tripe about Republicans and the Confederate Flag. The two are diametrically opposed. They don’t even belong in the same sentence with one another. Confederate Flags and Democrats have the long history together and it has been well-known for years. Yet because they have nothing left in their bag of deceptive tricks, Democrats are hoping that Republicans will just take the racist allegations without defending themselves—like they usually do—and give Democrats a get out of jail free card on the issue. This is the fault of brain-dead marijuana smoking losers who call themselves progressives and pretend to have an understanding of the past that was shaped by vile, evil people. They say really dumb things that end up biting them in the ass—as this Confederate Flag issue has. And they really can’t refute it because history is not on their side. Those of us, who know history, know better.

Rich Hoffman


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Obama’s Re-Education Camps: Why to be thankful for The Blaze

Shockingly, Obama essentially reiterated everything I have said about him for the last five years during a recent press conference. He amazingly revealed that he and his party intend to change the minds of their rivals by controlling the media. He pointed to John Boehner and Mitch McConnell as potential targets without considering that in conservative circles those names are considered as liberal as Obama is. But regardless, his statement was very revelatory in its suggestion. It fundamentally declared what the object of public education is, how the media has become so left-leaning, and why big government types are so adamant about putting children in pre-school as soon as possible and extending their educations well into their twenties—it is to re-educate the population into the brand of thinking represented by President Obama complete with a left-leaning communist utopia sprinkled with Marxist camps hidden behind the façade of public schools.

The whole exchange left me once again thankful that the Blaze Radio Network exists. Much of the modern media has been trained in those re-education camps called public school and colleges led by extreme liberals—so they can’t be trusted to accurately report the news. I have come to love The Blaze Radio as I listen to it every day that I can—particularly in the early morning. Doc Thompson’s Police Blotters are hilarious and are the highlight of my morning exercise. They defiantly set the day off in the correct fashion. Then there is Pat and Stu in the evenings, which is deceptively good. They have a unique opportunity to reiterate the talk show they do with Glenn Beck from nine to noon with updated information that is not only funny, but extremely informative.

What makes them so good is that they are very disconnected from the established press, which I trust as much as a puff of smoke. The Blaze Radio is everything opposite that Obama suggested the media should become, and I treasure it for that reason. There is a very fine line that exists between the stated goal of communists during the 1950s to infiltrate the United States media and political parties, and the very nature of a free press like The Blaze. They are always refreshingly disconnected to an established media credential. You won’t find The Blaze Radio with a press pass to the White House, or conducting an interview with the President before the Superbowl, so they are free to spell out the truth however it presents itself. That makes them great in my book.

Clearly the intention all along was just as the conspiracy theorists declared—public education was being used by government as a type of re-education camp as declared by Obama about a means to change the minds of conservatives into having values that are more progressive. The Blaze is about changing minds too, but in the opposite direction of the current progressive tendencies. Obama’s plan can only work so long as there is no other option. The complaint that Obama had about Fox News was that they are not committed enough into the fold of progressive politics—so the party line cannot control the message the way communists from the fifties must to maintain their illusions.   That was the source of his complaint.

Yet Fox News isn’t so conservative. They aren’t all that concerned about the big issues involving America, as they should be. They have been covering the 2016 presidential election for the last two years, which is as of this writing still two years away. They are not conservative enough for me leaving The Blaze alone to cover the topics that are remarkably free of modern political control. The Blaze doesn’t slide into the ocean of conspiracy radio either keeping a nice balance of hometown style that were more at home at the start of radio than the modern takeover which has occurred among mainstream FCC controlled stations.

That’s why it was so remarkable that Obama in a moment of frustration revealed the game plan that has always been present. But we should be thankful that he did, because it’s the media’s job to press public officials, not to fall in line with the party position. Obama would never admit that The Blaze exists—so instead he directed his anger at Fox News. But what keeps Fox News in line is the competition from outlets like The Blaze. Fox News know that if they aren’t conservative enough, they’ll lose their viewers to news outlets like The Blaze. Just the existence of The Blaze keeps the Obama plan of re-education camps stifled. So long as there is a Blaze Radio, there is a chance that at least some media source will still be honest and put the feet to the fire of politicians like Barack Obama. In a world where so much of the government has successfully taken over media operations, The Blaze is not one of them. And for that, we should all be grateful.

Rich Hoffman


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