Why Donald Trump will be Great as President: Mankind is growing but the #NEVERTRUMPs are missing a few screws

I wasn’t going to say much about it, but now that Donald Trump is the Republican Party nominee and tempers have abated a bit, proper analysis can finally be possible.  Context is needed before everyone can move forward.  I would think that Objectivists would be happier about Trump than they are.  I would also think that Tea Party types would as well.  Apparently they have in their mind something else that a POTUS is supposed to be which is really too much to ask.  Trump essentially to me is the first Objectivist oriented candidate to ever truly make it to such a high position, and I think the benefits philosophically to our society will be immeasurable.  It really comes down to the public versus private sector ability.  Public sector approaches are too costly and grossly ineffective where private is much more driven by individual performance and that is the world that Donald Trump comes out of—and it will be exciting to watch.

I’m certainly not an Objectivist from Ayn Rand’s camp.  While I admire the work and think it is the best thing the human race has come up with to date regarding management of government resources, it doesn’t go far enough for me.  I make it no secret that one of my favorite books is Thus Spoke Zarathustra yet I would say that my thinking about things is naturally evolved further along than Nietzsche—which is understandable.  That was over 100 years ago, and we’ve learned a lot since then.  Ayn Rand’s work was 50 years ago, so it’s not exactly current.  I have decided that I need to take those types of ideas to the next level before I can have meaning in them which is what I’m doing in the Curse of Fort Seven Mile series.  I can’t just write stories for commercial endeavor.  Even though I enjoy it, there has to be some earth-shaking sense in the work that steers the mind toward the answers for living.  While Ayn Rand denied it, I see clearly that her novels were certainly extensions to Thus Spoke Zarathustra—which was to say, a graduation of mankind from a kind of dependent sacrificial being, into a self-aware, self-sustaining creature capable of immeasurable creation through sheer imagination.

Glenn Beck lost me back when he was on Fox News when he’d speak with ill will toward Nietzsche because Beck needed a “God” figure in his life.  He and a lot of people like him apparently needed to feel that a “god” was guiding them through some divine providence toward some heavenly revelation—as if the plans for America were tied to the plans extracted from Heaven.  To me, that’s lazy thinking—and I deep dive the reasons in my Curse of Fort Seven Mile series.  You can’t just trust something that may not be even concerned with our dimensional reality.  What might call itself a “god” to us may in fact be a disgraceful devil of some kind and we need our intellects to guide us through those decision gates.  Ultimately however, the problem that these types of conservatives have with Donald Trump is that he has certainly graduated in his life away from the need to feel guilt about anything and is living as a self-professed intelligence.  Trump to me is very much the character from Thus Spoke Zarathustra who lived in the mountain cave and came down to the village below to teach the world about the Overman.  Biblically, Donald Trump is not an icon of virtual, but as a graduate from the necessity to sacrifice one’s essence for the benefit of the collective whole—Donald Trump is the first of his kind to emerge into public office.  I say that now because the Hillary Clinton antics with Elizabeth Warren just aren’t going to be able to stop him in a general election.  Yet Glenn Beck in his early days and even as recently as the latest Atlas Shrugged movies was very supportive of Ayn Rand, as was Ted Cruz, Paul Ryan, and Rand Paul.  They apparently don’t understand what makes the characters great in Rand’s books.  It certainly wasn’t a propensity to sacrifice themselves to some “divine providence.”  Glenn Beck actually called on people to “fast” to beg God to keep Donald Trump from winning the presidential nomination.  That is just ridiculous.  Talk about sacrifice—Beck doesn’t understand—he has clearly lost his mind.

I understand that some people need a “god” to hold their life together. You can’t just live a life leaning toward meek sacrifice for 70 years of a life then stop on a dime and say that man has within its mind the power of the universe and that “god is dead,” as Nietzsche did in Thus Spoke Zarathustra.  However, the need for a “god” is in mankind’s intellect, and the need to hold on to that crutch has kept our society in this ridiculously infantile state for far too long.  You will never get to John Galt’s engine of the world by sacrificing bits of yourselves to a being beyond time and space.  Whatever is out there in those folds of time needs to be properly vetted before trust can properly be established—you certainly can’t trust some Roman interpretation of a Christ metaphor passed down to us from the ages of Zoroastrianism.  That’s just stupid.  While I don’t fault people for their needs intellectually, I do when it comes to crossing the streams of proper government.  Thinking is the key to human endeavor, not hoping that a “god” will show mercy and guide us to some Promise Land.  We have to make that Promised Land though our intellectual gifts provided by “god,” but we can’t be passive recipients in our approach.

Donald Trump’s harshest critics are those who find it appalling that he is completely a man of his own making, that he seeks only his counsel when making a decision, that he loves himself and isn’t meek, and that he shows an indication toward the complete domination of his enemies.  They can’t understand such a person because Trump is free from the need to sacrifice anything to make something—so they can’t understand how it will be possible as president.  But praying for a god to save a nation is just as stupid as the athlete who scores a touchdown and points toward heaven as though “god” made such a thing possible.  To say that America is great because God is behind it is just as stupid as the Muslims believing that Allah wants them to kill infidels.  America is great because the thoughts of mankind have been free to unleash the gifts of imagination manifested into invention and that is something new.  Donald Trump is a product of the American system.  He is a graduate of individualism and that is what will make him a great president.  I know I can trust Donald Trump because he works by the rules of individual integrity—he doesn’t need the judgment of God to keep him from smoking cigarettes or doing drugs—the way Glenn Beck uses God to keep back the demons from his past.  Trump cares about himself and his family and he doesn’t want to be viewed by history as being bad, tyrannical, or a loser in any way.  He wants to be loved as he loves himself and he wants to give people that feeling that he has when he gets up each morning—it’s the one thing that billions of dollars in the bank can’t buy, and it’s the one thing he wants more than anything in life.  He wants the respect of those around him and the way he intends to get it is by the means of the individualists who have written in literature the foundations of our present circumstances—philosophers like Nietzsche and Ayn Rand.

Trump will unlock through his mouth the potential of America and that is the force behind the movement that is now afoot.  That movement is what these #NeverTrump people are scared of.  They fear that America will head toward Sodom and Gomorra with the inauguration of Donald Trump because they essentially don’t understand the power that drives people on the individual level.  For instance, I was at a baseball game at the Cincinnati Reds home park and my wife and I were having diner in the Diamond Club.  It was all very nice, the food was on the upside and the drinks were flowing all around us.  People were happy, festive and we were all living a life of extreme opulence.  The food was too good and many of us were still enjoying it when the game started.  When the National Anthem came on everyone stopped and stared at the televisions to watch what was happening out on the field. That entire place went dead silent and everyone was enrapt with reverence toward the greatness of our country.  Nobody told anyone to behave that way; it came out of the individual inclination of the collected masses.  That is in essence the Donald Trump life.  Work hard, have plenty so that there is an excess, and be gracious with that excess.  But don’t be a loser, because if you are, you deserve to be bitch slapped into oblivion.  Nobody likes a loser and America isn’t a nation of such people.  It has been made to feel that way, but it’s time to stop feeling that way.  And only Donald Trump can invoke that character once again by returning our nation toward an ideology centered on individual achievement instead of collective salvation.  That is where the psychosis of the #NEVERTRUMPs crosses the line because their judgment of good and evil is in violation of the principles of actual success.  America can’t afford their immature interpretation any longer.  People don’t need to be told to be silent when the National Anthem is playing, and they don’t need to be told to be kind to their neighbor by someone like Glenn Beck.  We certainly don’t need any more preachers.  We need action by individuals to make our county great again—and we need a salesman to resurrect it within our culture.  That is why Donald Trump will be such a great president.  He offers a continuation of the philosophies which have evolved over the years toward individualism and now society can see a fine example from the White House which perhaps will save our nation by unlocking that potential in others.  That is why the Trump nomination is such a big deal, and why so many people are having a difficult time with it.  They don’t have the proper philosophy in their own life to understand–and that isn’t our fault.  It’s their problem.

Rich Hoffman


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The Guilt of Sean Payton: Murder, bounties, and the NFL hiding behind gun control

I don’t like Sean Payton, the head coach of the New Orleans Saints football team, mostly because I’m a Tampa Bay Buccaneer fan. I think he runs a dirty organization as was the evidence of his one year suspension a few seasons ago, and I think he leads a team of thugs.  That could be said of many NFL teams, but when a coach like Payton exploits that thug culture to squeeze out a few more wins for his own personal advancement I think he opens himself up to an extra level of scrutiny when something goes wrong.  And when an ex-star player of his, Will Smith was gunned down in the street on April 9th 2016 Payton didn’t blame the football players involved for their very bad behavior leading up to the tragedy—he blamed guns and took a progressive position socially to camouflage the failure of a culture which he has helped create—and that makes him a scum bag.

Former Saints DE Will Smith and his wife were out for a night dining with friends.  One of those friends just happened to be a cop who was involved in a shooting of the father of Smith’s future murderer—later that evening—ironically.    Smith had friends in law enforcement and he was a star football player and Super Bowl champion—so he had a sense of entitlement based on his behavior.  He was doing good things with his life and looked to be a good family man.  He had celebrity friends and was the star of whatever event he attended.  All was well until he started driving home and accidentally bumped into the very expensive Hummer driven by Cardell Hayes.

After Cardell Hayes lost his father to a police shooting the city of New Orleans paid the minor league football player a hefty sum of money for which he purchased a bright red Hummer.  It didn’t sit well with the football player to be rear ended on a late night Saturday while stopped in the road.  Hayes moved toward the sidewalk to get out of the way of traffic and settle the matter with the driver who hit him.  But instead of pulling up behind to exchange insurance information, like what was supposed to happen by law, and call the police to file a report, the car driven by Smith ran off invoking a hit and run incident.  Well, being a young football player who has had to scrap for everything on every play to get what he needs in life, watching that car run from the scene of the accident was apparently too much for Hayes who gunned off in pursuit of the fleeing vehicle.  It was unlikely known at the time that it was the famous Will Smith who had hit him and whom Hayes was chasing.  All Hayes knew was that someone had committed a crime against him and he was going to get the guy.  What Hayes should have done was write down the license plate number.  He would have had his justice and everyone would still be alive.  But instead Hayes torpedoed his car into Smith at a traffic light several blocks up the road and the two drivers met on the street for an angry brawl. One thing led to another and before anybody realized how serious the situation was, Hayes shot Smith in the chest six times killing the New Orleans football star.

Hayes stayed on the scene and admitted what he had done to police and everything was cleaned up and looked to be a pretty straight forward case of road rage. But it was in the aftermath that Sean Payton obviously missing his friend and speaking with a heart rooted in tragedy said that he hated guns, and that New Orleans was like the wild, wild, west.  Payton used the death of his friend to advance a progressive anti-gun stance without addressing the behavior that actually caused the violence in the first place, and that was disgraceful.  It made Payton an even worse person than I already thought he was and he appeared to think as Smith did that his level of celebrity could free him of the burden of judgment.  For instance, if Smith was as smart as news reports obviously wanted to portray him in this tragedy, why did he participate in a hit and run?  Was he counting on making a call to his friends on the police force to resolve the issue and to ensure that he was above justice because of his celebrity?  It certainly looked that way.  Payton seems to think that he can make reckless progressive statements because the people of Louisiana want another Super Bowl win so he calculated that they would just put up with his banter without question.

Most of the people I know in my neighborhood have guns and they often carry them.  Yet we never shoot each other—even when we get into traffic accidents.  It was only a few months ago that a lady hit me on my motorcycle nearly injuring me badly.  I was literally a half-inch away from losing my right leg.  We were both armed with guys, yet even in such a crises it never occurred to either one of us to shoot each other.  I simply yelled at her, and then once I saw how sorry she was, we quickly went to the business of settling the accident.  It was a very civil way to settle a tragedy.  It certainly didn’t devolve into the kind of violence that killed Will Smith.  That is because the problem isn’t guns, its behavioral science.  The football culture that Will Smith and Cardell Hayes lived within is built on primal valor and coaches like Sean Payton exploit that pent-up energy to win football games. For young people like Smith and Hayes—who often grow up fatherless, but find social redemption in popular gladiator sports the ethics on a football field often depend on an eye for an eye mentality.  There is a lot that goes on during a football game psychologically that never shows up on a television screen for which Smith and Hayes have made their livings and it’s not easy to turn all that off for civilian life.  Many football players have a hard time with that adjustment.  Will Smith was apparently attempting to do that and he was mostly successful.  But when you play a game where the alpha male rules the field and that an entire team depends on your ability to assert that dominance over other alpha males—the nature of the game doesn’t just leave the mind on the football field.  It sometimes carries over into the streets of whatever communities they live in.

Will Smith abused his rights as a private citizen when he attempted to roll away from the accident.  When he was challenged by another alpha male for attempting to flee likely they said things to each other that required in their minds an ultimate statement on who was the alpha male.  Hayes not having any other intellectual resources to guide his actions went for his gun and the rest his history.  But it wasn’t the gun that was the problem or that people carry them.  It is that we have a society that doesn’t understand how important alpha males are and how hungry young people are to either become them, or yield to them.  And for coaches like Payton who build alpha males for the benefit of football victories so that the people of New Orleans can feel good about themselves on a Sunday afternoon—he should have known better than to say the stupid things he did about guns.  In a lot of ways Payton was just as guilty of what happened in that murder as the gun was.  He breed and exploited the circumstances for which the violence was provoked in a road rage incident and like a coward—he deflected the blame to an inanimate object—instead of the behavior of the participants.  For a coach that paid players on his defensive teams, which Smith was a part from 2009 to 2011—to physically harm other players to take them out of a game, the morality of gun violence doesn’t hold much water when Payton helped create a culture that inspired violence against others.   

How guilty was Payton, well, for the NFL they came down on him hard—a $500,000 fine and a year suspension.  Considering the problems the NFL has had and how much they’ve let go over the years—Payton must have been pretty guilty.  If Payton had been a better coach and mentor, it is highly unlikely that Will Smith would have run away from a hit and run accident, or ran his mouth when cornered down the road by the victim.  We are all products of our environment and in the world of professional football; the head coach is the judge, jury and executioner of environmental influence.  Will Smith was a product of Sean Payton’s professional football teams and that product showed itself most when he crashed into Cardell Hayes then left the accident scene expecting to be relieved of the guilt.  Why shouldn’t Smith have expected to not be punished when he watched so many of his friends and fans forgive his head coach and push behind justice just so they could witness one more win in New Orleans on any given Sunday? The answer is, Smith didn’t know better and that was the fault of a culture who made him that way—and the guilt for most of what shaped that culture for Will Smith led right into the office of Sean Payton.




Rich Hoffman


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God Bless Dolly Parton: Send this to all the socialists, cross-dressers and detriments of liberty

Sometimes it can feel pretty overwhelming what’s against us.  So for a little refreshment watch this from Dolly Parton.  God love her.

Do us all a favor and send this to your favorite socialist loser and cross dressing bastard.  They have a right to live, but not to change our nation from what it was, to what it’s becoming.

Rich Hoffman


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Donald Trump’s Visit to the Savannah Center: West Chester becomes the center of a new day in American politics

Trump4Of course it was a spectacular day in West Chester when Donald Trump came to speak at the glorious Savannah Center.  The whole event was born while I was getting yard signs down at the Cincinnati office and happened to meet Robert Scott who is the Ohio State Director for Trump’s campaign.  It should be noted to those who were there how the elements came together the way I suggested they would many months ago—even down to a local Sheriff Jones endorsement and opening speech.  CLICK HERE TO REVIEW.  But it wasn’t so smooth to get it started—there was a lot of looseness of feet needed to make it all happen and I can only say that I was very proud of all the people it took to pull the event off, starting with Robert Scott.  I don’t normally get very excited about these kinds of events, and I hate the security, and formality—but for this occasion I was willing to put that all aside so that Donald Trump could make one last big impression in Ohio prior to the March 15th vote where he is poised to beat Governor Kasich..  

It was surreal all day on Saturday, just 24 hours ahead of the big town hall with Trump. John Boehner had come out with an endorsement of Governor Kaisch, which was understandable.  After all, that was John’s golf buddy who famously lost to Barack Obama and Joe Biden in that now illustrious golf game in 2011 where the four played each other in the way that the game is really played.  It wasn’t so much about who hit the ball in the hole with the fewest strokes—it was who gained leverage over all future deals between Obama’s desires and Speaker Boehner’s.  Obama clearly won. Boehner became a lapdog for the president while Kasich betrayed us all, including the Ohio legislature and chained our state to Obamacare ignoring the Health Care Freedom Amendment that was passed just a few years prior by the same people who put the governor in power in 2010.  The day was surreal because area republicans were obviously not supportive of the arrival of Trump to their bastion of conservativism—Butler County.  Area GOP leaders would have rolled in the mud like pigs at the trough if Mitt Romney were coming, but Donald Trump represents all the things that they fear.  For instance, when Trump plays golf with whomever in the future as President, you can bet that the GOP won’t be losing on the deal the way Boehner and Kasich did. That is precisely why with only 24 hours of advanced notice the venue at the Savannah Center filled to a bulging crowd without any official backing by area GOP members.  I get emails from the GOP about every time some politician sneezes–looking for money or time—but there was nothing about Donald Trump put out by the party ahead of the Savannah Center Town Hall.  If I had not been close to the situation—I wouldn’t have known until after it happened.  Even so there were lines over a mile long in the drizzling rain and most people couldn’t get in–and those people showed up three hours early–and still couldn’t get inside. Trump3

It was a big deal years ago when Mitt Romney came to speak in West Chester roughly just a mile south of where Trump spoke.  I was not excited about Mitt Romney in the least, and I did not attend—even with VIP invites to be there.  I thought he was a lot of what was wrong with politics.  He was another do nothing guy who would show up and speak, then turn away from the microphone and do nothing about anything.  During that speech Kasich was there, Boehner was there, and several popular Republicans from all across the country came to show their support of Mitt Romney.  With Donald Trump—there wasn’t the same type of establishment enthusiasm—and that was precisely why I went out of my way to attend—because this speech from Trump was different.

That is not to say that Trump didn’t have GOP support from winners within the party.  Sheriff Jones endorsed Trump, which wasn’t a surprise.  But so did George Lang, the area hero who has managed to create a wonderful business environment in West Chester making it one of the finest communities in the nation with such a large demographic population.  Lang did it with all the means that any defender of capitalism should, and it shows.  The Savannah Center is a representation in many ways of Lang’s rise within the Republican Party.  It is a practical place built during his tenure as an area trustee—yet it’s opulent to best represent the community it is in the center of.  It has a feeling of hope within it—and in many ways Donald Trump and the Savannah Center were made for each other.  After a series of hard rallies where communist insurgents sought to derail Donald Trump ahead of securing the presidential nomination, the Savannah Center and the crowd was an obvious relief for him—and a chance to really put a period at the end of the sentence as to why he should win Ohio ahead of Kasich.  It looked great on television and represented our community to the nation in a really spectacular way,  and the GOP leaders who normally run everything didn’t play a part in its fruition at all.  Which is why they win a lot of elections but do absolutely nothing once they obtain the seats—and is why such a large venue was able to fill up just by word of mouth in favor of Trump.Trump 2

The crowd which gathered up to well over a thousand inside for a “small” town hall experience was poised with so much pent-up energy that I hadn’t seen such a thing since I was at the football game where the Cincinnati Bengals beat the Seattle Seahawks in OT during the regular season.  In Cincinnati with regard to the Reds baseball team and the Bengals football team, we have become all too accustomed to losing in critical moments.  The GOP in southern Ohio reflects that trend unfortunately.  People get excited about things, but often get let down at the end—just like the quadruple overtime game that the UC basketball team played against UConn on Friday—where the Bearcats just ran out of gas. 

Cincinnati fans of politics and sports have witnessed so many near misses that they get rapturously excited when they begin to taste victory—but are always a bit reserved expecting to be let down at the end.  For them, seeing Donald Trump in person was just too much to handle—and they were obviously emotional about it.  Trump is a winner and that in itself is something to behold.  He may not win every single time he does something but what’s different about him is that he “expects” to win.  That presence was even more intense in person than it was on television.  Trump loves to win, and gives off an impression that he expects it in everything he does—which is very unique for any person over 60 years of age.  Trump at nearly 70 has the energy of a teenage kid—and the swagger of one who has never yet lost and learned to accept it.  Trump is obviously an unconquered soul who has not yielded in life to defeat—and the crowd knew it.  They went way out of their way to be near such energy—and that enthusiasm was certainly on full display at the Savannah Center.Trump 1

It was a good day for West Chester not only because a presidential candidate came to our town to solicit votes—but because Trump is a massive celebrity who is on the front of a movement against traditional politics for the preservation of our country.  For a community and Cincinnati in general, it was a chance for our friends and neighbors to actually be near a person who expects to win in everything he does—and that was exciting.  I remember the Kasich rally that was conducted at the Ronald Reagan building just a few miles to the north from where Trump spoke.  That was a fairly small room and Kasich couldn’t even fill that—and he is the current governor.  I was at another event with Kasich in 2011 and the fields of Carriage Hill in Liberty Township were filled with cars eager to hear him speak.  But Kasich lost a series of important issues starting with that golf game with Obama—and the writing was on the wall.  Governor Kasich was just another do nothing politician who talked a good game, but couldn’t deliver in the end.  Kasich in the same area couldn’t fill up a McDonald’s let alone the Savannah Center—and that is precisely why Donald Trump coming to West Chester was such a big deal. 

Because even with a skeptical crowd used to hearing a lot of tough talk but always being let down at the very end—Trump is different.  People were able to be near him—which they needed.  And by the look on his face—I think he needed it too.  For a few short hours during an emerging spring a battered warrior candidate for President of the United States and a skeptical public fed off each other for the better.  And a new dawn for America broke just above the horizon—and we all had a sense that soon that bright sun would be high in the sky with a scorching heat and that America would be great again—because Donald Trump for a change would be at the front to inspire victory where nobody previously thought it was even remotely possible.

Rich Hoffman


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The Facts About Trump University: Ambulance chasers and political hacks trying to stop history at the expense of truth

Many people from the Republican establishment hope and pray that the legal issues surrounding Trump University will sink Donald Trump as a presidential candidate.  However, unlike them, Trump has put himself into contact with thousands and thousands of people who want to sue him at the slightest provocation—because he is so incredibly wealthy.  Public sector politicians really don’t understand that kind of risk—yet Trump has thrived in spite of that treacherous trend.  Even so, it is hard to find people out of literally the many tens of thousands who have been in direct contact with him as either employees, or customers who can say anything bad about him.  I’m a really good person and it would be easy for people to find two or three hundred people who hate me and would love to bury me anyway they could.  Trump runs an even greater risk of that kind of attitude, yet even on such a large stage, very few can actually step forward and say anything against him.  Those that do are obvious ambulance chasers and that is the situation surrounding Trump University.  Here is Trump explaining the situation with evidence to provide clarification to the controversy. 

When it comes time to vote for Trump in your state—do it!  It’s not just a vote for a really good guy who doesn’t say enough about all the people he’s helped.  It’s a shot in the hull of a really corrupt band of pirate outlaws holding the GOP hostage—and they need to be driven out.  Trump is our best shot at doing it—so don’t waste the opportunity.  Send this to someone you know who wants to learn more about Trump University and Donald Trump in general.  If they are on the fence—get them off it and into a voting booth to vote in for Donald Trump.

Rich “Cliffhanger” Hoffman


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In Ohio Democrats are Switching to Republican to Vote Trump: Defining real conservativism during an important primary

This is a pretty important story.  Republicans have a severe “branding” problem.  People like me who are very conservative find people like George Will, Karl Rove, Mitt Romney, John Kasich, Marco Rubio, John Boehner and even locally, Patti Alderson, Don Dixon, Cindy Carpenter and many others terribly flat and unable to win contested issues against Democrats.  They are what make up the Republican “establishment,” these days and it is their fault that the Republican “brand” has declined, and even failed in most cases.   As I’ve discussed before conservatives won’t get everything we need in just one election.  There has to be a multiyear plan enacted to repair the massive damage done to the party by Republicans moving left of center to attract new voters.  And just for the record, Ronald Reagan was not conservative enough for me.  He is not the benchmark of conservativism as far as I’m concerned.  When Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz say they want to be the new party of Reagan, I cringe.  Reagan actually toyed with joining the Communist Party and was a union leader for a time.  Only late in life did he learn to speak like a conservative and very late—become one.  I liked him-but when it comes to conservatives I am often very let down—because few people are as conservative as I am.

However, in this election I am emphatically supporting Donald Trump.  He by far has the most conservative views on the stage currently, and he has a track record of accomplishing things.   The fact that many people are making it fashionable to point out things that he has not done so well is laughable.   I’d ask to see their track record—which they have nothing to compare to.  Trump’s airplane is worth more than most of the critics of him put together.  As Trump stated recently, just one of his stores in New York is worth more than Mitt Romney.  I’d rather deal with a person who has a thousand failures and two or three blistering successes than a loser who sits on the sidelines and is afraid to do anything because they are the overly timid types.  That describes most of the people I know in the Republican Party.  Trump brings a lot to the Republican Party—particularly when it comes to “branding.”  He also is attracting fence-sitting Democrats—which is exactly what the Republicans need if they really want to “expand” the party.  When people say that Trump is not a conservative then where is the anger at actual Democrats like Butler County Commissioner Don Dixon who switched parties to win in a conservative Ohio county—and the many thousands across the nation just like him.  Trump is much more conservative than Don Dixon, or the Ohio Central Committee representative Patti Alderson who makes the fundraising efforts of Claire Underwood from the Netflix series House of Cards look like an amateur.  (Ann Becker is running against Patti—VOTE FOR ANN on March 15th.)  Don’t tell me establishment Republicans are more “Republican” than Donald Trump.  Trump is calling himself a Republican in a very liberal part of the country, and that takes guts.  And don’t tell me he’s doing damage to the “party.”  Read this article out of Youngstown, Ohio.  This is where Trump is a lethal weapon for the GOP—if they were smart enough to use it—which they aren’t.

By David Skolnick



About 1,000 Democrats in Mahoning County so far have switched their party affiliation to Republican with election officials saying several did it to vote for Donald Trump, the GOP presidential front-runner.

“We are seeing something this election cycle I’ve never seen before to this degree,” said board Chairman Mark Munroe, who’s also the county Republican chairman. “Every day I take phone calls or get voice messages from people saying they’ve been Democrats all their life and they’ve had it. They want to vote for Donald Trump. I’m surprised at the volume of inquiries we’re getting. It’s remarkable.”

A number of Democrats taking a Republican ballot when voting early at the board “say they want to vote for Trump,” said Joyce Kale-Pesta, Mahoning County Board of Elections director.

About 7,000 Mahoning County voters have cast early votes. Early voting started Feb. 17 and ends March 14, the day before the primary.

Of those 7,000, about 14 percent were Democrats who voted Republican, Kale-Pesta said. That’s about 1,000 so far.

The percentage of Democrats switching parties will grow even more, said board Vice Chairman David Betras, who also is the county Democratic chairman.

And it doesn’t concern Betras.

“I knew Donald Trump’s message would resonate with blue-collar Democrats,” he said. “But once they learn about his record – besides him being anti-trade – they will change their minds in the general election. I assure you that come the general election, voters will vote our way once we tell the story of Donald Trump. The more chaos created in the Republican primary, the better Democrats will do in the general election.”

Betras, who backs Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton, said it “would make me happy for Donald Trump to beat John Kasich,” the Ohio governor running for president as a Republican.

About 5 percent of Republicans – 350 voters – cast Democrat ballots of those who’ve voted so far, said Chris Rakocy, the board’s information technology manager.

Munroe, who supports Kasich, said that if the governor isn’t the Republican presidential nominee, “I’ll be glad to support whoever is our nominee.”

When asked about Trump’s various controversial statements, Munroe said, “Should Trump be the nominee, he’ll have plenty of time to rehabilitate himself.”

Trump is the reason turnout will be higher than normal for this primary, Munroe said.

“We’re seeing this all over the country; the Republican vote is way up and it’s because of Trump,” he said. “Now, it’s happening in the Valley. Whatever you think of Trump, you can’t take away his ability to energize the electorate.”

There are 161,009 registered voters in the county, including 40,958 Democrats and 14,663 Republicans. The rest are independents, who don’t vote in primaries, with a tiny number affiliated with third parties such as Green and Libertarian.

In Ohio, party affiliation is basely solely on voting in a primary, Munroe said.

“All you have to do is tell a poll worker that you want to vote for a certain party in the primary and that becomes your affiliation,” he said.

Election officials in Trumbull and Columbiana counties say they aren’t keeping track of how many voters are changing party affiliations.

“But we’ve had some people say, ‘I want to switch to the Trump party,” said Stephanie Penrose, Trumbull County’s elections board director.

“There are a lot of Democrats switching over,” said Kim Meeks, Columbiana County’s elections board deputy director. “We see a trend, but we won’t know details until after the primary.”

– See more at: http://www.vindy.com/news/2016/mar/03/mahoning-co-sees-k-voters-defect-to-gop/#sthash.fKGSZKbz.dpuf

Let that simmer for a bit and think of what that could do for the GOP.  Think about California come November 2016, or New York.  Tell me there is another Republican in the party today who could win in these places.  The answer of course is that there isn’t.  Ted Cruz won’t.  And nobody else will either.

Rich “Cliffhanger” Hoffman


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The ‘House of Cards’ are Falling Down: People voting for Trump and Cruz likely because of the popular Netflix series

I have been asked so much over the last two years which role I played with my blog site here, that was comparable to the popular Netflix series House of Cards.  Well, I couldn’t give an answer because I don’t watch much entertainment television.  Movies haven’t been very good for the last half of a decade and television series have not been a priority.  I can’t relate to most of the plotlines.  I’ve lived too much life to feel sympathy for most plot devices—so the stories are often boring to me.  I do enjoy that type of entertainment from time to time, but it’s not very often.  I watch CSPAN a lot along the various news channels—and typically don’t get very much out of dramatic television.  But the question persisted, what role did I play in the real life House of Cards?  Well, my wife and I recently made an audio/visual upgrade and we were looking for something to watch that could stretch the legs of the new system.  House of Cards was on my mind—it was broadcast in the highest current video format which was very colorful, so we watched the first couple episodes and enjoyed it.  I found it to be pretty realistic, but too simplified to what really goes on in politics.  But still, the writers of the show did something that was very difficult to do; they captured roughly how life in the Beltway really is through the Kevin Spacey character.  And my role with this site was shown in several characters—primarily the conspiracy theorist web writer who was living in a trailer park, and the reporter for The Washington Herald  who broke stories on her blog site that her bosses wouldn’t touch otherwise.  It was an enjoyable experience to watch because it let viewers into a world that I have learned to understand all too well.  And its effect on the popular electorate is quite obvious as the election results from Saturday March, 5th 2016 poured in late at night and the establishment candidates had bombed badly.  Marco Rubio and John Kasich had barely hit the registered vote while Trump and Cruz ran away with the night.

The “Washington Establishment” is defined in the Netflix show.  It’s not just one person leading the nation from a back room, or a conglomeration of bankers running the world from the basement of some ancient pyramid dedicated to gods long-lost to our written record.  It is the Kevin Spacey character—a congressman who is the majority WHIP of his party who is manipulating Washington at every level, from the guy who owns the ribs restaurant in the hard streets of a black neighborhood to the President of the United States.   House of Cards captures the culture of the Washington establishment quite well, and accurately.  Obviously when Mitt Romney was sent out to do several hit pieces on Donald Trump, the scheme didn’t work.  Trump withheld the barrage, although Ted Cruz certainly benefited.  During the unique Saturday election, nobody ran toward an establishment candidate and that clearly baffled the Frank Underwood types.  Fox News was mystified and several guests on the other shows literally looked as if they had been shot out of a cannon.  The establishment and all their tricks were dead, and it may very well be the television show House of Cards that finally killed it.

Netflix has around 34 million paid domestic subscribers and roughly 6% to 10% have watched at least one episode of House of Cards which is the flagship show offered by the streaming company that essentially destroyed Blockbuster Video.  That means that at least 3 million people have at least watched some of the House of Cards episodes at some point in their subscription.  However, that is likely a very conservative number.  The numbers are likely higher if the IMDb ratings scores are considered as a statistical sampling.  House of Cards has over 275,000 votes which are much higher than other popular shows on more traditional networks.  Since Nielson Ratings don’t have a good way to account for ratings on streaming services over the Internet all this is so new and game changing that nobody but Netflix really knows how many people are watching their most popular show.


The Tea Party has been around now for about seven years and it has certainly made its imprint on politics.  As I’ve said before, even in the video game industry, anti establishment plot lines which deal with the nuances of corruption at the highest levels are typical.  Assassin’s Creed comes to my mind regarding this topic. The story is a fairly complex one that takes game players to pinnacle moments in history that is being simulated against a dystopian future which makes classic stories like Brave New World and Animal Farm look overly simplified as a result. The world is moving very fast now technologically, and people from my age and older are missing it, because it’s all coming in so fast that classic media is resisting the implication—so they are under reporting it.  If you add all this up you essentially get what voters have decided for themselves–they want to destroy the Washington establishment one way or the other.  The only real difference is whether they want to do it with someone like Donald Trump who represents someone who could out-fox anyone in the Beltway for several years, or a constitutional anchor in Ted Cruz who would say no to everything.  That is what came out of the really pivotal vote on March 5th.

When Mitt Romney came out against Trump just days before the big vote, on a day when Trump was facing down his rivals on the Fox News debate where Megan Kelly for the first time since a major feud with Donald Trump had erupted, would ask the New York billionaire hard questions in front of tens of millions of people—few thought the results would be as they turned out.  The bets were on Marco Rubio to get a spike, followed by John Kasich and that hasn’t happened at all.  In fact, Rubio was literally trounced on Saturday.  With all that was said, Trump not only survived, he won his two targeted states and split with Cruz the other two.  In the delegate count, Trump is just shy of 400 going into the winner take all states which he’s poised to do well with while the other candidates are well behind.  The establishment really doesn’t know what to do because Ted Cruz is the closest to Donald Trump at only less than 100 back.  This was not part of the plan.  If this was the House of Cards, Kevin Spacey would be having a meltdown because these rules of power and politics were not from the world he understands.  Everything has suddenly turned on its head and nobody in the know understands where it came from. 

That is precisely why I have written so much on this topic for years.  People watch these shows, they play these video games and the do research on the Internet to find out for themselves what’s really going on.  The traditional media is not a part of that revolution so all this is happening outside of their control.  But it is clear to me that shows like House of Cards is waking people up to a truth they may not have otherwise considered.  They might come to a site like mine for additional information to validate their suspicions, but House of Cards is bringing the average person a level of insider sophistication that they didn’t know existed before by just watching CNN or reading The Washington Times.  And America has made a decision to pull out the foundation of that house and to let the whole thing just topple down.  They don’t want a House of Cards running their nation-and they have voted to move in that direction.  Even the popularity for Bernie Sanders explains the same on the side of Democrats and other left-winged people.  People are tired of the tricks and the manipulation, and they want to bust up the system at its very core.

This all brings us back to my role in all this.  Well, my job isn’t really covered in the Netflix series.  There are some characters that are similar, but nobody is doing what I’m doing for the reasons that I do within that story.  To get to that, it would require several layers of sophistication more, but that is not the fault of the writers of House of Cards.  They have done a wonderful job putting all these pieces together within Washington culture.  They certainly deserve their Emmy Award victories.  They have brought to life in the Frank and Clair Underwood characters, who unfortunately really do exist in all the viciousness that House of Cards shows, a representation of a truth—and American voters are ready to turn away.  So they watch House of Cards on Netflix, or they play Assassin’s Creed and want to know more.  That’s when they find me and all this voluminous material.  Then they check the sources I list and watch the videos, and they start changing their minds about things because they have source material from several different places starting with art, and then seeking out validation with journalism, then in opinion by measuring their reaction to others.  My job is to be that middle offering.    That element is missing from House of Cards because in that world—not many people are watching television except for the news.  But it’s close enough to make the needed changes that we are witnessing—and that is a very good thing.

Rich “Cliffhanger” Hoffman


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