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THE WOOKIE DEFENSE: Class War is Here, Public Unions against Everyone else

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I was on the air with Matt Clark during his radio show at WAAM and things got out of hand quickly after he played a segment of the Wisconsin Class Warfare chants which took my mind from the serious discussion of what Senate Bill 5 is and why people should vote for Issue 2 on the upcoming November ballot, and become something much more humorous. But after Matt played a segment from a Wisconsin teacher, then the new Firefighter ad put out by We Are Ohio, it brought my mind to something that had first been discussed on the Doc Thompson show just two days before, and was the only way to explain the foolishness of the public sector union position……THE WOOKIE DEFENSE.

When I was on 700 WLW with Doc Thompson talking about a different but similar issue regarding the Lakota School Levy where the union there refused to look at the facts of why they have an out-of-control budget, Doc and I were both frustrated so we started laughing and joking around to blow off steam, and we started talking about THE WOOKIE DEFENSE which came from an old South Park TV episode. It was purely spontaneous and made for some great radio. (There was some trouble with the Podcast of it, so I don’t have it up yet), but it was still on my mind when I was speaking to Matt up in Ann Arbor, Michigan where THE WOOKIE DEFENSE came up yet again, because it was the best way to explain how ridiculous the position of the public unions truly are.

Matt played the clip during our interview, but in case you want to see the video from the show SOUTH PARK you can see it here:

When I first saw that episode many years ago, I laughed for a long time, because I have seen THE WOOKIE DEFENSE all my life. It is used whenever someone is guilty and trying to cover up a mountain of facts against them, to distract attention away from themselves so they can sneak off and hide away from that terrible light of truth. And with the whole public sector union debate, they have been very bad, very greedy, manipulative, and they suddenly see people are finally starting to look in their direction for much of the budget trouble that has been going on. So they are using THE WOOKIE DEFENSE to attempt to deflect that attention.

This ad is the first ad to come out from the group We Are Ohio, which is the primary group established to repeal Senate Bill 5, known as Issue 2. They know they cannot argue the facts of what Senate Bill 5 does, which Matt and I spelled out in the interview above pretty well. So they attempt to misdirect everyone with an emotional ad. Check it out:

That is THE WOOKIE DEFENSE. First of all it is not “illegal” to ask for more employees. That is simply ridiculous, about as ridiculous as talking about Chewbacca living on Endor during a murder case. But the other misleading issue here is that this firefighter makes it seem like they are always putting out fires somewhere, when in fact, fires are pretty rare and could probably be handled very effectively with a volunteer fire department to save staffing levels. Of course when there is a fire or other emergencies you want plenty of firemen to show up to put out the fire, but in all reality there isn’t much to do for these guys. And as far as danger, firefighters aren’t even in the top ten most dangerous jobs. Issue 2 does not dictate staffing levels of employees; it just puts it in the control of localities. So the choice of words from the Firefighter in that ad says a lot, that those public sector employees are afraid that the public might see that they are overstaffed. As it stands now, I don’t know, but their actions seem to indicate that this is the case, otherwise they wouldn’t be so concerned about staffing levels. SEE MY ARTICLE HERE ON WHAT THE MOST DANGEROUS JOBS ARE.


I’m not trying to take anything away from these people, but I know exactly what they do for a living. If you were to go to McDonald’s and ask the workers there how many people they need to run the restaurant, 99% of the time you’ll get an inflated answer. It’s up to management to decide how much staff is really needed. I’m not the type of person who would ever run out of a burning building in danger, I would always run in. I never have been and I never will be the type who runs away from anything, so I don’t carry any guilt in my heart like a lot of people do who look at these people as examples of courage. I’ve been a first responder at every place I’ve ever worked, and have dealt with heart attacks, strokes, seizures, lost limbs, severe lacerations, you name it. And I have personally had such serious injuries myself where my bones have come through my skin and I’ve had to slide them back into place, I have been “degloved” on my finger tips where the end of your finger gets all the skin ripped away leaving only bone and blood vessels. You pick up the skin slide it back on after you clean it, then go get your stitches…….calmly, otherwise you might pass out. I’ve also been in several car accidents, not with myself as the driver, but others, most of them over 100 MPH, so I know something about blood, and carnage. And I’m saying that to me, being a Firefighter is a pretty good job. I would do it if I were retired and didn’t have to be in some “brotherhood.” I’d do it for the fun and service to the community. Every so often you have to go to an accident scene and clean up a mess or attempt to save the life of someone who is bleeding out all over the road and you know they won’t make it. Even more rare is the fire that burns down a house, but they do happen, but not too often. So what is a firefighter doing with the rest of their time? Well, that’s THE WOOKIE DEFENSE. (LOOK AT THE MONKEY)

I’ve seen all the fireman in my area show up to put out a backyard brush fire, where the home owner was just trying to clean up debris from some trees he had trimmed and was burning the limbs under controlled circumstances. Some panicky woman nearby smelled smoke and called the fire department and they sent out their two big trucks, an ambulance and three police officers. It was an embarrassing over-reaction to the situation and I told the fireman as much. “You never know the level of the danger, sir.” Yeah, right, it’s called “we were bored and playing cards and had nothing else to do, and this gave us an excuse to justify our existence. Emotional reactions sell. It’s THE WOOKIE DEFENSE.

And that’s the essence of the labor movement, emotional over-reaction to virtually everything. Facts are not the realm they deal with, it’s all about emotions such as fear. Examine this next ad, again put out by SEIU. This We Are Ohio group is estimated to spend nearly 20 million dollars on this kind of thing, some of that money coming from SEIU and other national unions.

That is almost laughable if I didn’t see it with my own eyes; I might not believe that they think people are that stupid! Do they really expect anybody to take them seriously? The answer is yes! They are using fear outright to mask the facts of the matter and achieve their objective. It is in essence, THE WOOKIE DEFENSE.

Now, when the manipulation and heart-strings do not work, as they usually do, the public sector unions do not resort to the facts. This goes with teachers unions which I’ve talked about on the local level, but it also works at the state and national level with virtually every public sector position in existence where the labor leaders are taught the methods of Saul Alinsky which is a “radical force” that can be achieved in mass. Alinsky states that the white middle class was fertile ground and must be exploited to achieve his ends. Alinsky is taught to union leaders all the time, in fact The Delphi Technique is used aggressively. Don’t believe me, well, read this article from Playboy with Saul Alinsky from 1972:

This is why I wrote about Playboy Magazine in yesterday’s article. Be careful what ideas are suggested behind the large breasts and removed panties of women. Sign stimuli can be used to mask the true intentions of an organization. It’s done all the time. Sexy women in ads are just another form of THE WOOKIE DEFENSE.

The result of Saul Alinsky’s penetration of the middle class can be seen now in this rhetoric which is becoming violent. Matt played this clip in his radio interview, but here it is again with the actual visuals.

Clearly whether these people know they are pawns or not, they have been radicalized and are willing to be turned loose on the public if they do not get what they want. And here’s the 100,000 thousand feet public union strategy, the kind of thing that Alinsky, Piven, and Ayers think about; if they were playing a chess game, which they have been, their public unions have captured all the key pieces. They have the police through the FOP. So if violence were called for in the near future, the police would be on the side of the unions, (at least enough of them to divide the force politically) because that is where they think they get their money from. The unions also have control of the fire departments. God forbid a “house were to burn down,” of a political enemy. It happens more than you think it does. And they have control of education which teaches entire generations of young people these crazy radical ideas that are rooted in communism, not directly mind you, but through cultural divergence, in essence, another form of THE WOOKIE DEFENSE. People like Saul Alinsky have “control” of all our public sector positions and have radicalized them against the people who pay their salary. And that army is being called upon to attack anyone who questions the political party of the radicals.

Well, I’m going to forget about being civil for a moment. I chose to write this forum as an offering of peaceful exchange, and as long as I can go on the radio and talk ideas, and write them here to let the voters decide what they want in their country, I’m happy to continue. But……….if a bunch of thugs, my employees in the public sector want to talk about a fight, well now that’s where I draw the line.

You see, Saul Alinsky teaches, because I’ve read all his books, (so I know what he’s thinking) that the middle-class is spongy and can be pushed around. Well, I am not concerned about fighting. I’m not Glenn Beck, or any other peace minded person. I love war. In fact, I crave it! I’ve engaged in war my entire life, most of it behind the scenes, quietly and at all political levels. And that kind of talk about fighting just flat out pisses me off. I don’t care if your public sector workers have 10,000 or 100,000 fools behind your battle cry, numbers do not concern me. I don’t care how many people are behind me, I will fight you if you raise your fist to me and you will be defeated……..handedly. Trust me. Numbers will not matter. (Ironically, this is what my book The Symposium of Justice is all about.  I wrote it way back in 2004, well before there was ever a Tea Party)  So keep talking violence. Play the role of radical to your own defeat. It’s your decision. Because this whole threat of violence is just another page out of Saul Alinsky, and these idiots spouting the rhetoric of it have bought into it, but it’s really just another form of THE WOOKIE DEFENSE.

During the last levy campaign police offers under the guidance of the FOP in Lebanon were stealing signs for the school levy. They were caught doing it, but who was the property owner who caught the cop going to call…………………….the police? That’s what we’re talking about here people. These unions have grown entirely too powerful and we are seeing that there is a very real danger of them being turned against all of us. They will attempt at first to appeal to your fears. Then they will resort to violent radicalism. And if that doesn’t work, they will circumnavigate the political system completely and they will use the police and firefighters to do their bidding. At the time that the school levy signs were stolen it was asked, “Why do cops care about a school levy?” The answer is that they are all brothers and sisters of the union, and they look out for each other.

Public unions have no real rights. They shouldn’t even be technically legal, but were made so without congressional approval or validation in the senate, but by President Kennedy signing Executive Order 10988 which made public unions legal by presidential dictate.

Why did Kennedy sign that Executive Order? Well, probably out of pressure from his mobster friends. Kennedy owed them something, and there was a lot of money to be made in government contracts tied directly to the labor unions, of which the mob attached itself. But I believe that President Kennedy, the womanizing, partier, yet articulate speaker made a fatal mistake in not understanding what a progressive labor movement really was. Listen to this speech from him just prior to signing into law his devastating Executive Order 10988.

And there you have it from the man himself. That is why Kennedy signed that order, and from there that’s why we have public sector labor unions, and the trouble we have today. When Kennedy did this he did it thinking he was doing a good thing from his progressive political mindset. But his accident was no different from if he had slept with a woman, which he frequently did, and accidentally got her pregnant, then used THE WOOKIE DEFENSE to hide the “Love Child” from the public.

And since that day when Kennedy signed away a part of America’s freedom, progressives, Democrats, labor leaders, community activists, radicals, communists, Harley Riders, fireman, police officers, teachers, mobsters, and entertainers have all sought THE WOOKIE DEFENSE to hide the “Love Child” of Kennedy’s relationship with the mob, and in doing so they have used enormous sums of money to hide that “Love Child.”

Public sector unions should have never been made legal, but now that we have them you can’t just kill the “Love Child.” But you can’t let the “Love Child ruin your life in guilt either. You have to deal with it, be responsible to it, and treat it fairly. But you do not put up with a threat of violence from it, and you do not just throw money at it to shut it up. We cannot let this “Love Child” use THE WOOKIE DEFENSE to hide the sins of the entire ordeal, the fact that the public labor unions are the “Love Child” of President Kennedy and the Mob, or hide how we’ve let the public labor movement take control of our government in virtually every aspect.

I hope that the exchange in this discussion is a peaceful one. I’m prepared to fight any way the public unions choose however, because I don’t even recognize their right to exist let alone their ability to take money from me without my consent, which they do through my taxes. We can do it the right way with elections, of which the labor movement has so many employees who will vote in their direction, it may already be too late if enough people don’t get it under control right now. Or we can do it with violence, which will happen if those union thugs decide to raise their fists for a fight. But THE WOOKIE DEFENSE will not be allowed to be used. That simply won’t work anymore. We’ve been screwed over by it for too many years now, that we can see it coming.

So as we prepare to vote for school levies, Health Care Reform, and Issue 2, ask yourself why the people who support all those things which equate to an expansion of more government use THE WOOKIE DEFENSE to distract people away from the facts?

Because the facts do not favor them, and they cannot meet those facts on the battlefield of ideas, so they resort to fear and violence to shut down the argument, which are the direct results of the sins of a slain President from a time before many of us were even born, to fight a battle conceived in the smoky back rooms of Las Vegas and that Presidents love of public attention, women, and an adoring Father who sought to build a European Dynasty here in the United States by way of the name Kennedy, at whatever cost. Instead of dealing with all that, everyone just uses THE WOOKIE DEFENSE to hide the truth.

Issue 2 is an admission to that “Love Child” and to figure out how to bring it into our family once and for all, and that means living with the rules that the rest of us have to live by.

For the answer to everything as to why labor unions fail, check out this link:

Rich Hoffman

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